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Welcome to MatthewHaldemanTime.com!

I write gay erotic romance. All over this site you’ll find stories about guys falling in love with each other, having sex with each other, and generally enjoying a great time together. The men are hot, the sex is explicit, and the endings are happy.

I write both original fiction and fan fiction. If you want to sink your teeth into something long and satisfying, I have novels and some long stories. If you want a quick read, please check out the short stories. If you want to step into a whole world of humor, drama, hot guys, and easy sex, I have a series called In This Land with weekly updates.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you’ll enjoy your stay! You’re welcome to contact me on Twitter or tumblr.

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A Senator’s Tale New!

“It might be nice to wait until after the campaign.” He wanted to trail his fingers along Avur’s smooth neck. “So that I can dedicate myself to you without other distractions.”

A Judge’s Tale New!

“If it would amuse you, you may take your pleasure now. Shall we make our way to your chambers?”

A Vizier’s Tale New!

“I wish,” he said, and he was excited, terrified, hot, shaking, desperate, “not to leave your presence until my performance has satisfied you.”

Another Judge’s Tale New!

Coloring prettily, Gael moved back a step as if disturbed to be near someone who would allude to something so provocative. “I am not interested in perusing something so blatantly sexual in nature.”

Go North New!

“What color are your eyes?”
“Purple,” Orinakin said. “I’m kind of famous for it.”

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How do you like your men? Confident and lusty? Cool and witty? Blunt and brawny? Light-hearted and horny? Ice-cold yet crackling with power? Are you looking for someone who swoons happily at the first sign of romance or someone with a sarcastic retort for every situation? Maybe I could interest you in a politically sophisticated world traveler or a provincial, slightly hairy prince?

In This Land is an erotic romance in a fantasy setting. Enjoy hot guys, fun sex, romance, drama, and weekly updates! You read that right: new fiction every week! Click here for more.

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