Akanos Best Shot
Copyright October 14, 2006

by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

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            Voices and sudden bustle broke the morning’s calm.  Clerks scrambled to their desks, assistants leapt to their feet, and lawyers smoothed their robes.  Prince Selorin had entered the building.

            Running nervous fingers through his hair, Akano took a deep breath.  He’d been biding his time for weeks.  He’d planned to make his move several months ago, when Selorin had parted from Haloni with the explanation that he’d only become royal high judge a year and a half ago and needed to devote more time to his position than to a serious relationship.  Before Akano had found his chance, men had lined up at Selorin’s door to help him fill the lonely nights.  First Torika and then Butaden had followed in Haloni’s footsteps, but Selorin had broken up with both of them with the same excuse: while he was distracted by Orinakin’s absence and trying to focus on his work, he simply couldn’t give a long term relationship the necessary attention.  He’d thrown himself into his duties, but he still loved having boyfriends at his side - - at least, for a short time.  He’d recently entered into a brief fling with handsome and cultured Kitede, but three days ago, even Kitede had been politely set aside.

            Yesterday, the royal diplomat had finally returned. This was Akano’s best shot.

            Lingering in the hallway, Akano waited while a series of assistants, clerks, and lawyers passed through Selorin’s office doors.  Most of them came out in a hurry to do Selorin’s bidding; many of them came out smiling.  A few of the younger, newer ones emerged looking stunned and rather overwhelmed.

            Eventually, Topano, Selorin’s cousin and primary assistant, stepped out, glanced briefly at Akano, and said, through the half-opened double doors, “Yes.”  The murmur of Selorin’s smooth, low voice was followed by a nod from Topano, who held open one of the doors for Akano and said, “You may see the prince now.”

            Jittery from nerves, Akano walked forward, entering the royal judge’s office.  The doors closed behind him; Topano had gone.

            The office was a large space, its high ceiling decorated with symbols of, and praises to, Sutanoka and Itanoka, the gods of justice and wisdom.  White and blue, the room boasted a massive desk, a conference table, a sitting area, and a dozen tall bookcases with a sliding ladder.  Behind the white desk sat Selorin, pushing a stack of books aside with one jeweled hand and greeting Akano with a smile.  “Hello.”

            “Prince Anosakim Inanodat Selorin A Diki,” Akano said with a bow.  Selorin’s smile was noticeably brighter today, and his gaze was warm and welcoming, less distracted and harried than in recent days.  “I hear that your brother has come home.”

            “Yes,” Selorin said, sitting back in his chair, pleasure lighting his eyes.  “It has been wonderful to see him again.  Please, have a seat.”

            “He, ah, brought some suitors for the pharaoh?” Akano asked, settling into one of the cushioned chairs opposite the desk.

            “Yes, another five,” Selorin said.  “We dined with them last night.  They’re excellent candidates.  They would make fine kings.”  His gaze drifted down Akano’s chest.  “You look well,” he said, his tone speculative.

            As a judge, as a prince, Selorin was very wise and very kind.  He was intelligent, learned, decisive, and generous.  As a man, he was a bit busy; he gained and lost boyfriends frequently, taking and dropping lovers the way some people changed clothes.  He wasn’t callous, wasn’t crude; he simply enjoyed men, enjoyed having a boyfriend, enjoyed embarking on a new relationship with a new lover, and exhibited a notorious inability to commit to anyone for longer than a few weeks.

            Everyone understood that Selorin’s relationships were brief, and no one who became his boyfriend ever expected to stay for more than a few weeks.  He averaged about one boyfriend a month, and gossips generally referred to his lovers as his “monthly indulgences.”  Every twenty-eight day cycle brought a new boyfriend, a new love affair, a new handsome young man emerging from Selorin’s office with bright eyes and rumpled clothing.  Akano wanted to be that young man.  He’d met Selorin in the Royal House of Art, where his uncle worked, several months ago, and immediately had been utterly captivated.  His heart beat faster whenever Selorin was near, and his nights were filled with hot, wild fantasies.

            Akano knew very well that, if he gambled and won, he’d still be gently set aside after his month ended, and he was fine with that.  He didn’t want to be Selorin’s lover forever.  He simply wanted to take his place in the string of boyfriends.  He wanted his shot at being Selorin’s monthly indulgence.  The men Selorin chose were handsome, sexual, fascinating creatures, and he wanted to be one of them.

            Selorin had broken up with his last boyfriend a few days ago; his brother was home again, and he was in a good mood.  Akano was never going to find a better opportunity.

            “Thank you.”  Shifting in his chair, Akano let his thighs spread naturally, deliberately flexing his muscles against the clinging mesh of his shirt.  “I’ve been doing my best, and I think that I’m ready.  We should perform very well together.”  He paused, holding Selorin’s gaze, then added, “The team and I, I mean.”

            “You are very…fit,” Selorin murmured appreciatively.  The fingers of his left hand were curled in slightly; he was rubbing his thumb over his fingertips in a slow, circular, repetitive motion.  Akano knew, from weeks of experimentation and experience, that the unconscious gesture was a sign of arousal.  He’d been flirting with Selorin for over a month, waiting for the right opportunity and, he hoped, piquing curiosity.  Selorin had, over the weeks, seemed increasingly interested, especially between boyfriends.

            He wasn’t usually this obvious about his intentions, but he wanted Selorin to understand him, without a doubt.  “I’ve been pretty eager to get back into it, to get out there and score.”

            “You must be exceptional on the field.”  Selorin’s gaze burned through the thin material of his pants, lust gleaming in those beautiful blue eyes.  Growing warm, Akano felt his body begin to respond.  He wanted this, he’d been planning and plotting for it, and now-

            Selorin’s hand relaxed; his expression cleared.  No, no; Akano sat forward, trying to deny it, but Selorin began to move books and shuffle papers.  “It’s been very nice to see you,” he said, his tone kind but polite enough to put distance between them, “but I’m afraid that I have a few matters to take care of this morning.”

            No, no!  Akano adored Selorin’s integrity, but he hadn’t realized that it would frustrate his plans.  He’d done his research; he knew that Selorin didn’t take lovers who worked in the justice system, worked with any of the brothers, worked within the palace, or were uniquely influenced by his official decisions.  But Akano wasn’t in any of those categories.  What was the problem?  “I heard that you broke up with Kitede,” he said, standing and stepping closer to the desk.

            “Yes, I did,” Selorin said.

            “That’s a shame,” he murmured, dragging his fingers across his stomach, stroking his own skin through the mesh.  “I hope that you aren’t too…lonely.”

            “I’m fine,” Selorin said, not raising his gaze from Akano’s abs.

            Planting one hand on the desk, Akano leaned forward.

            Clearing his throat, Selorin sat back.  “I didn’t realize that you had a scar there,” he said, studiously shuffling papers again.

            “I have two,” Akano said, slowly strolling around the edge of the desk, one hand on his belt buckle.  “Would you like to see the other one?”

            “Akano,” Selorin said, his tone insistent, a plea in his eyes as he stood.

            “I know that you want me,” Akano said, giving up even his thin pretense, putting his hand on Selorin’s wrist.  He’d never touched Selorin before, and the incredible smoothness of Selorin’s skin made him pause; his fingers slid beneath the sleeve of Selorin’s robe, fascinated, eager.

            “I don’t-”

            “You want me,” Akano said, moving closer, his voice low and seductive.  “You know that I want you.”

            “I adore you,” Selorin admitted, easing his arm from Akano’s grasp.  “We can’t do this here.”

“Yes, we can,” Akano argued, taking Selorin’s other hand now, needing to touch him again.  If his arm felt this luxuriously smooth, firm, and delicious, then the skin on his chest, on his ass, on his - - Akano’s vision blurred.  “You fuck all of your lovers here, you’ve taken each one of them on that sofa, on that table, right on top of this desk.”

            “Not the first time,” Selorin said.  “I spend time with my boyfriends here, yes, but only after they’re my boyfriends.  I don’t make first contact here, not in my office, not in this building.”  His words were insistent, but his gaze was hot with lust as it explored Akano’s body.  Seeming to remember himself, shaking his head yet not stepping back, he said, “It’s not appropriate, it doesn’t-”

            “Then pretend that we’ve already had sex, last night, decide that we’re already together,” Akano said, and kissed him.  Oh, oh yes, oh, mmm…  Moaning, he wrapped his arms around Selorin’s shoulders, pressing himself to the firmness of Selorin’s body.  The growing thickness of Selorin’s arousal against his hip made his blood run hot, his own dick stiffening quickly as Selorin’s slow, knowing, erotic kisses mastered him down to his soul.

            “Is that what you want?” Selorin whispered, kissing up the side of his neck, fingers exploring the swell of his erection through his pants.  “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

            Groaning, Akano buried his fingers in long, silken strands of blue hair, kissing Selorin hungrily, burning with need.  “Yes, yes, oh,” more kisses, more need, urgency building, “I want you, I want to be with you,” his body was on fire, “I want to be yours,” he couldn’t stop moaning, “I need you,” he could barely get the words out, “yes, now.”

            “I want you,”  Selorin said, quick fingers making short work of Akano’s fly, “I’ve wanted you,” his palm warm and smooth and glorious against Akano’s rigid, aching erection.  “Your sweet red lips,” he said, kissing, nibbling, making Akano pant from wanting him.  “Your pretty dark eyes, your muscular thighs, your entrancing smiles, when you’re near me, all I can think about is pushing in deep from behind and watching your gorgeous ass rise up to meet me.”

            Groaning, Akano shoved his own pants down with one hand, “Yes, yes, do it,” his other hand scrabbling across the buttons of Selorin’s robes. “Fuck me here, I need it,” he panted, feasting on possessive kisses.

            “Leave your shirt on,” Selorin breathed, shedding layers of blue with quick grace, robes spilling over the chair.  Kissing him hungrily, hot with anticipation, Akano groaned as more skin was finally revealed, the exposed flesh flowing like silk under his fingers.

            Under the last robe was a simple sleeveless shirt of dark, dark blue and skimpy matching shorts of soft cotton.  Akano was on his knees before another heartbeat passed, peeling those shorts down with a soft, aching moan.  Selorin’s engorged erection throbbed against his lips as he pressed sweet, hungry kisses to it, the exquisitely smooth head making his own dick pulse with adoration.  As he ran his hands over firm thighs and slender hips, he licked up and down the long shaft, closing his eyes and sucking gently as Selorin caressed his cheeks.

            Groaning, “Yes, oh, oh, “ Selorin pushed into his mouth a little, “ah, yes, like that, like that, oh,“ rocking slightly, moaning his name as he sucked harder.  “Akano…”

            The soft thrust and slide of Selorin’s dick made Akano unbearably hard, made him drool and moan.  He’d never been with a man so beautiful, so sensual, or so well-endowed as Selorin, and his body ached with lust.  He’d fantasized about this moment, dreamt about it, and now the reality of it consumed him, the soft rug under his knees, the sound of Selorin’s rough, passionate breath, the stroke of Selorin’s erection against the back of his throat.

            “Oh, Akano, mmm, yes,” Selorin panted, pulling him to his feet, kissing him with fierce need, pinning him against the desk, body to body, erection to erection, grinding against him, rocking against him, making his back arch and his eyes roll back in his head.  “Show me,” Selorin whispered, stroking his nipples through the mesh of his shirt, “give it to me.”

            With a desperate moan, Akano twisted to face the desk, offering Selorin his ass.  Hot from Selorin’s low, appreciative groan, he shuddered at the cupping and squeezing from Selorin’s hands.  “Take me,” he begged, arching back into that possessive touch, spreading his thighs.

            “So muscular,” Selorin murmured, “and so round.”  The drawer beside him slid out, then closed again.  “Mmm, Akano, I could fuck you for hours.”  Gentle stroking down the cleft of his ass, then a slow, slippery push.  Groaning at the sense of penetration, Akano twisted his own nipples, trying not to come just from the tease of Selorin’s skilled fingers.  “I want to be inside you,” Selorin whispered, stroking his prostate, making him rock and burn.  “Do you want it?”

            “Yes, yes, please.”  Needing to come, wanting to climb onto the desk to get away from this torture, wanting to lean back and rub himself all over Selorin’s gorgeous body, “I want it, I need it,” Akano whimpered helplessly, bucking at Selorin’s knowing touch.  “Now, please, please.”

            Those too-experienced fingers slid out, but he felt the blunt pressure of that glorious erection.  “Are you ready?” Selorin whispered, squeezing his hip.

            “Yes, oh, yes…” He felt it, he felt it, oh, stretching, big, “Take me, yes, fuck me, ahh,” stretching, more, oh, “yes, oh, oh.”  Gasping, he felt the heel of Selorin’s palm gently rubbing over the base of his spine, and when he arched for it, Selorin groaned and pushed in one last inch.  “Please,” he whimpered, and Selorin eased back and thrust in again, slowly, sending a thick spiral of heat upward to his brain.

            “So good,” Selorin panted, sliding back and pushing in again, rocking back and thrusting forward.  Each successive thrust brought a new wave of pleasure, and the rhythm of it was so undeniable that Akano began to move with it, move for it, rocking his hips in search of further ecstasy.  “Yes, yes, like that, like that,” Selorin moaned, fucking into him harder, squeezing his ass and rubbing his thigh, guiding one knee up onto the desk.  Akano moaned in time with Selorin’s powerful thrusts, letting the pleasure wash over him. This was what he’d longed for, and listening to Selorin’s delicious moans and feeling that glorious hardness pressing deep inside his body was better than he’d ever imagined.

Selorin leaned forward over him, covering his back, creating an intoxicating slide of skin on skin. When Selorin exploited this new angle, fucking him deeper, surging in hard and fast, Akano cried out, reaching back to grip Selorin’s thigh, wracked by such fierce, ecstatic spasms that when he felt the shocking, unbearable sensation of Selorin’s hand pumping and pulling over his dick, he came with a wild shout.

            “That’s it, that’s it,” Selorin panted in his ear, gripping his inner thigh and riding him hard.  The pleasure continued, untamed and consuming.  Selorin fucked him until he was trembling in every muscle, until he was making desperate, overwhelmed, overstimulated noises even he didn’t recognize, until he simply couldn’t take any more.  Then, with a series of rough, satisfied groans, Selorin came, pumping into him, flooding him with cum.

            Limp, moaning, Akano curled forward over the desk, gasping for breath.

            “Mmm.”  Nuzzling the back of his neck, Selorin rubbed his ass.  “Will you come to the palace tonight?”

            Breathless, Akano panted out, “I will do,” he licked his lips, “anything you want.”

            With a low chuckle, Selorin kissed across his shoulder.  “Do you give it as well as you take it?” he asked, hand sliding around to caress Akano’s chest, teasing a hard nipple.

The powerful, consuming heat of their continued lovemaking had brought that thrilling ache back to Akano’s dick, and now his erection stiffened further at Selorin’s caress.  “Even better,” he promised.

            “Oh, I like that.”  Selorin’s hand cupped his chin, tilting his head back; soft kisses nibbled at his lips.  “I have duties,” Selorin murmured, sounding in no great hurry to tend to them.  “We should part.”

            “We should,” Akano agreed, privately thinking no such thing, twisting around to face him.

            As he leaned in for a kiss, Selorin dropped his gaze and paused at the sight of Akano’s erection.  “Oh,” he murmured, “Akano,” and he slid to his knees.

            Groaning, helplessly aroused, Akano had the delicious realization that this could be the best month of his life.

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