Big Idea

Copyright May 26, 2007
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

Dedicated to Diamond and Jae.

I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “God, I want you so much.”

            “Mmm-hmm,” Tim vaguely agreed, nuzzling the smooth line of Zach’s jaw.  Aroused by the light scent of crisp aftershave, he inhaled softly and kissed Zach’s neck, one hand sliding down inside Zach’s open fly.  Oh, yeah, “Zach,” he moaned, curling eager fingers around that gorgeous thick hard-on, giving it a little squeeze as it stiffened in his hand.

            “Touch me, yeah, there, yes,” Zach moaned, lashes fluttering as Tim’s teeth grazed his earlobe.  He grunted softly, arousal throbbing in Tim’s hot, stroking hand.  “So good, god, you’re so, oh,” he panted, words trailing into moans as Tim’s tongue flickered sleekly around his ear.  Clutching firm muscle, he dragged Tim to his mouth for a long, wet kiss, moaning as Tim’s fingers, slick with pre-cum, dragged across his taut stomach.

            Stroking his tongue against Zach’s, Tim lay back along the length of the couch, pulling Zach over his body.

            “God, I want this, I couldn’t wait to get over here, I just, I just, I wanted to be with you so much, I…”  Breaking their kiss, Zach raised his head, licking his lips and running his hand down Tim’s bared chest.  “Did I tell you my idea about the delivery service?”

             From the night of their first date, Tim had been intensely attracted to Zach.  Their common interests, their similar backgrounds, had given them a lot to discuss.  But their futures looked nothing alike.  Tim, who kept his short blond hair neatly trimmed and wore a suit to work, expected to move from one desk to another and end up in a windowed office with a tidy portfolio of smart investments.  Zach, who sometimes “forgot” to shave and wore his dark brown hair lightly, messily spiked, put on jeans and sleeveless T-shirts and wide, black leather wrist cuffs for his various jobs as dog walker by day, waiter by night; Zach simply lived anticipating the day that his big ideas would pay off.

            And what big ideas Zach had.  He had plans for how to improve the lives of bowlers, ad execs, auctioneers, shoppers, and anyone who’d ever tried to sell anything on-line.  He just knew that someday, someday soon, one of those big ideas would come to fruition, and then another one would, and so on, until he’d be not only wealthy but partially responsible for improving the world.

            He wasn’t arrogant about his big plans; he was simply enthusiastic.  Zach was a pretty enthusiastic guy.  He was eternally optimistic; he looked forward to everything with bright, excited brown eyes.  He saw the sunny side of life.  Not only was the glass half full, Zach was going to make lemons into lemonade so he could fill it to brimming!

            Tim was drawn to Zach’s happy, ambitious nature, but he didn’t know if he could parlay that into a long-term relationship.  He’d spent too much time and energy laying down the groundwork for his own solid future.  Zach’s goals were nice, but they weren’t realistic.  Did Tim really want to tie himself to someone who would forever await the impossible?

            Zach was really cute, though, in a casual, sexy way that Tim found irresistible.  His bright, happy eyes under dark eyebrows and those energetic smiles that turned up the corners of his naturally pouting mouth made Tim want to kiss him.  He was so sure that he’d make it someday, that Tim, who had a lot of doubts on the subject, didn’t have the heart to burst his bubble.

            Despite his doubts about a real future together, Tim kept agreeing to more dates.  How could he turn down someone so optimistic?  Someone who wore aftershave just for him?  Someone who knew of his love for cheese-laden, fried foods and smuggled appetizers out of the restaurant for him?  Someone who had a sexy, dark laugh an octave below his natural speaking voice, and got aroused by a good foot massage, and wrote Tim’s name on his arm in ballpoint pen when he had time on his hands at work.

            The odd thing was that, although Zach talked a lot about how much he wanted Tim, he didn’t really get very specific about how he honestly felt.  Interestingly enough, whenever the conversation skirted too close to Zach’s deeper emotions where Tim was concerned, all of a sudden one of Zach’s big ideas popped up and diverted attention.  The more frequently that happened, the less coincidental the timing seemed.

            Zach’s enthusiasm for his big plans was honest, though.  Just over a month into their relationship, Tim knew that - - despite the way Zach’s hard-on, rigid and urgent, strained towards the heat of Tim’s body - - fucking was off the table until Zach got this new big idea out of the way.  It would be futile to try.  So, taking a deep, calming breath, he reluctantly lifted his hands from Zach and asked, “Which delivery service?”  There had already been several.

            “This one’s for restaurants,” Zach said, running his hand through his short, spiky hair and giving Tim’s naked upper body a distracted look.  “Taking food, large orders of food, to hospitals and hotels and businesses.”

            “If restaurants want to deliver, they usually do it themselves,” Tim pointed out.

            “Yeah, but most of them don’t,” Zach said, eyeing Tim’s nipples.  “They don’t think that it’s worth it to hire drivers, keep cars, and pay for the insurance.  But people don’t always have time to run out to a restaurant.  If we delivered from several restaurants, for orders of maybe three or five people or more, we’d get a lot of business, especially from businesses holding meetings, hospital employees who want a change from cafeteria food, and people staying in hotels who don’t want to rent a car to get around but are tired of pizza.  Plus, hotel-”

            “But how would that make you any money?” Tim asked, sitting up, his back against the armrest.  It was a nice service to provide, but not a profitable one.

            “We’ll charge a delivery fee.  And we could cut a deal with the restaurants,” Zach said, bright-eyed, sliding an arm around his neck.  “If we could prove that we bring in business, maybe on an official-looking chart, you’re so good at drawing up graphs, and-”

            “Me?” Tim asked, startled.  That had been an incredibly specific way of including him in Zach’s fantasy.

            “Well, if…  If you’re my boyfriend, by then, if our relationship’s, you know,” Zach said, turning a deep pink but continuing to meet his eyes.  “It would be nice if you’d help me.  With my projects.”

            “Right,” he agreed casually.  There was no way.

            “Would that be okay with you?” Zach asked, kissing him a little and stroking his chest.  “I’d like to have you as my partner.  Someday.”

            He didn’t know if Zach meant “life partner” or “business partner,” but big dreamer Zach probably meant both.  The idea of committing himself to Zach’s uncertain, unrealistic future scared him, but the softness of Zach’s lips and the caress of Zach’s thumb on his nipple didn’t give him much room to argue.  Hearing Zach finally bring up words like “boyfriend” and “partner” was a surprise; putting off that conversation and letting their bodies take over was an easy escape.  “Yeah,” he said, sinking back as Zach pressed in against him, immediately hot from the slide of skin against skin.  “Yeah…”

            Moaning, Zach kissed down onto Tim’s chest, licking at the hard point of his nipple, sucking at it and cupping him through his jeans.  Hot from the attention, dick stiffening with need, Tim let his head fall back as he pushed up into Zach’s touch.  “Do you want it?” Zach asked, massaging his dick and kissing, licking, sucking his skin, down his chest, down his stomach, down to where he ached.  “Do you want me to get you off?  Do you want me to,” kiss, squeeze, hot moist exhalation over his skin, “suck you?”

            “Yeah,” Tim breathed, running his fingers through Zach’s hair as he shifted restlessly and wished Zach would undo his jeans already.  “Yeah, yeah,” yes, oh, good, that was good, that felt good, “ah, oh…”  Opening eyes he couldn’t remember closing, he looked down his body and watched Zach pop the button on his fly and slowly unzip.  The hot stimulation as Zach began to mouth him through his boxer-briefs, sucking and licking as his dick strained heavily against the blue cotton, made him moan and buck; as he twisted, his gaze went to the hardening arousal rising from Zach’s open fly.

            He wanted it.  God, he wanted it.

            “Zach,” he said, his voice low and unsteady.  Oh, ah, “Zach,” he tried again, tightening his grip on Zach’s hair as his erection begged for more.

            Pulling his underwear down, Zach nuzzled his dick, mouthing his balls and making pleased, humming sounds that vibrated into him.  “Love your cock,” Zach murmured, kissing his dick and rubbing his hip, making him ache, “I love your huge, hard cock, I love sucking your big, gorgeous cock.”

            Zach was willing to talk right through anything, including movies and sex; Tim had trouble forming coherent syllables when his blood was pumping hot like this.  “Come here,” he panted, muscles tensing as Zach took his dick in hand and began to suck at the head of it.  “Give me, your, oh, god, ah…”

            Letting Tim’s dick go with a wet pop, Zach grinned up at him, caressing his balls with lazy fingers.  “You want my cock?  You want to give me head?”

            “Yeah,” he breathed, seeing no reason to be shy about it, wishing it were already in his mouth.

            “All right,” Zach said, eyes bright with enthusiasm.  Rolling to his feet, he shoved his jeans down and stepped out of them before climbing back onto the couch, overtop of Tim, balancing carefully with one foot still on the floor, his head even with Tim’s groin and his dick brushing close to Tim’s mouth.  “Oh, yeah, kiss it for me,” he murmured, groaning as Tim held his dick in one hand and mouthed the head.  “Yeah, oh, uh, I love your mouth, that feels so right, ah, ah, yeah…”

            Moaning around it, Tim swallowed Zach’s erection, sucking as he slid on and off of it.  Wet heat surrounded his own dick, and he groaned deeply, pushing up with his hips as Zach’s rhythmic suction began.  The pace was fast as he kept up with the steady up and down of Zach’s mouth on his dick, and when Zach’s hips began to move, pumping that hard shaft into him, he groaned with appreciation and let it happen, stroking Zach’s ass and sucking eagerly.  When Zach slowed down to lick him like candy, he only sucked harder, wanting to come, wanting Zach to come, toes curling, blood pumping.  Hot with need, squirming with pleasure as Zach’s fingers teased his asshole, Tim felt tension build in his body as orgasm approached.

            Only vaguely aware of Zach’s pleased, “Yeah, Timmy, come for me, come for me, I want to see it, let me see it,” Tim widened the splay of his legs, arching his back and groaning as pleasure thickened around his spine and shuddered through his veins.  Reluctantly, at the last instant, he took his mouth from Zach’s dick, turning his head aside and crying out as orgasm wracked his body.

            Moaning, writhing as he came in Zach’s hand, Tim whimpered as his balls gave up their load.  The quick rush of release left him breathless, but the sight of Zach’s long, thickly veined erection throbbing so close made him moan again with anticipated pleasures.  Giving it one final, lingering suck, he jacked it smoothly with tight, stripping strokes, loving the hard, pulsing weight of it in his hand, occasionally licking the silky, round head with appreciation.  Making money was Tim’s purpose in life, but dick was his passion, and Zach’s dick had already done its part to improve his quality of life.

            “Yeah, oh, mmm, yeah,” Zach moaned, “jerk it, rub it, squeeze it,” his hips twitched, “oh, yeah, more, more, mmm,” his muscles flexed, “uh, uh, so close, so close,” his fingers dug into Tim’s thigh, “that’s it, I’m so close, I’m coming,” he groaned, “I’m coming, oh, god…”  Thick spurts of white cum splattered across Tim’s chest, splashing his neck and dotting both nipples.  While Zach tensed and groaned, moaning and shuddering, Tim milked him through it, jacking slowly until every drop was out.

            When Zach rolled onto the floor with a deeply satisfied grunt, Tim grinned, shifting lazily, idly rubbing a streak of cum on his chest.  Damn, he loved getting Zach off.

            “I could suck your cock for hours,” Zach said, sitting up and kissing Tim’s thigh, rubbing it affectionately.  Then, with a grin, he added, “If you could stand it for more than five minutes.”

            “I could suck your cock for hours,” Tim said, lacing their cum-wet fingers, “if you’d ever shut up and hold still and let me do it.”

            Zach grinned at him.  “I can hold still.”

            Laughing, Tim asked, “But you can’t shut up?”

            “There’s too much to talk about,” Zach protested.  “Like how hard I get just looking at that sexy mouth of yours, and how much I love the way you kiss me.”

            “Yeah?” Tim asked, grinning and licking his lips.

            “Yeah,” Zach agreed, with a heartfelt sigh and a slow, lingering kiss.  “I missed your mouth all weekend.  I didn’t mind picking up the extra shifts, but working all weekend and not seeing you drove me nuts.  Sneaking in those phone calls was great, I loved getting to talk to you, but I really missed you when, hey!”  His eyes brightened.  “I almost forgot!  Did I ever tell you about my idea for the trunk extender?”

            Sated now, relaxed and kind of amused, Tim smiled at him.  “No, you didn’t.  Tell me all about it.”

            Zach’s enthusiasm was contagious, and after spending enough time with him, Tim realized that some of these ideas really did have potential for success.  On his own, Tim began to flesh them out, jotting down notes on how to market them, how to garner local support, how to work with related businesses.  Eventually, he created a number of spreadsheets that demonstrated the feasibility of quite a few of Zach’s plans.

            He didn’t tell Zach about any of this, however; he wasn’t ready to commit himself to the whirlwind of Zach’s life.  If he mentioned that he was on board for any of these projects, Zach might take it as more than that, as a personal commitment, too, and Tim still wasn’t sure.  Wasn’t ready.

            A few weeks later, Tim opened the door and Zach burst into his apartment with quick energy, pushing him to the couch and climbing right onto him.  “Mechanics!”

            “You want to be a mechanic?” Tim asked, bewildered, as Zach straddled his lap.  His hands immediately settled on Zach’s thighs, familiar and oft-traveled territory.

            “What’s the worst thing about taking your car to a mechanic?” Zach asked, shifting a little under Tim’s hands like he wanted more.

            “Paying for it,” Tim said, firming his grip and rubbing upward, rubbing back toward the curve of Zach’s ass.

            “The inconvenience!” Zach said, his smile wide as his hand came to rest on Tim’s chest, fingers splayed.  “Once you take your car there, you need to find someone to give you a lift, or take a cab, and then you have to solve the same problem all over again when you go to pick it up.  Or you have to stay there the whole time and wait forever, but that’s not always possible.  And you have the hassle of finding a time you won’t need your car.  The whole thing is a mess!”

            “Okay,” Tim said, already able to see where this was going.

            “If you could take your car to work, and have someone else pick it up and drop it off at the shop for you, someone who’d bring it back, too, wouldn’t that be great?” Zach asked.  “Or someone who’d meet you at the shop and drive you home, then drive you back later?  Or-”

            “You’d need several employees,” Tim said, thinking ahead.  “Teams of two drivers, one for the company car and one for the cars being taken to and from the shop.  But if these are cars that don’t work well, you’d need good insurance.”

            “We’d get paid by the car owners, for providing the service,” Zach said.  “And maybe we could work out a deal with the mechanics, too, if we refer business to them and they refer business to us.”

            “If you take cars while people are at work, how do they pay the shop?” Tim asked.

            “They can arrange that on the phone when they make the appointment,” Zach said.  “If there’s any paperwork, maybe we could take it to them when we drop off the car, or something.  We can figure that out.  But this is such a great service, Timmy, people need this!  Everyone hates taking a car to the shop, and that’s why people wait until little problems turn into serious problems!  Think of how much business we could generate!”

            “It is an untapped market,” Tim agreed, already planning ahead.  He’d need to talk with a lawyer and someone in insurance first, then survey local mechanics…

            “What?” Zach asked, studying his face with a grin.  “What are you doing?”

            “What?” Tim asked uneasily, his hands stilling on Zach’s ass.

            “You’re thinking about it!” Zach exclaimed, and kissed him, running his fingers over the cotton of Tim’s T-shirt.  “You’re really thinking about it!  It’s a great idea, Timmy, it really is, people would love the convenience of not having to worry about taking their cars in, they’d love to be able to let someone else take the whole thing off of their hands.  That’s a convenience they’d be willing to pay for!  It’s perfect!”

            “I think about all of your ideas,” Tim protested, distracted by the way Zach’s thumb was rubbing his navel.

            “You think I’m crazy,” Zach said, but it didn’t sound like he minded.  “Timmy, fifty-nine percent of all Americans have big ideas that could pay off, but never do anything to make them happen!  Do you want to be one of the vast majority of people with unfulfilled potential?  Seventy-six percent of all new businesses and products on the market within the past year are based on convenience.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Convenience!  Making people’s lives better and easier!  Giving them what they want, what they need!”

            “You could just get a job as a motivational speaker,” Tim suggested, always entertained by Zach’s sales pitches.

            “I will,” Zach said.  “Once I’ve made my first million, I absolutely will.  But I need to prove myself first, so I’ll have something to show for all of my talk.”

            “And how are you going to make that happen?” Tim asked.  Slipping his fingers under the hem of Zach’s shirt, he slid his hands up Zach’s back, caressing smooth, warm skin.

            “Most of the businesses are duplicable, so once I get them started, they can grow on their own with only supervision on my part,” Zach explained, stroking Tim’s chest and shifting into his touch.  “Once I get enough money from one, I can use that to finance the next one and get something else off the ground.”

            “The sky’s the limit,” Tim said, borrowing one of Zach’s favorite phrases, guiding him closer.  He came easily, meeting Tim in a wet, quickly deepening kiss.

            “Yeah,” Zach murmured, kissing him, stroking his side and slowly tugging up his shirt, “the sky’s…the…mmm…”

            Long minutes of slick, hungry kisses led to groaning, grunting, and groping.  Stripping along the way, they crawled onto the bed, where Tim tugged Zach’s firm, naked body between his thighs.  Fumbling open the condom package, he moaned and shuddered, knees rising to his chest, as Zach’s lube-wet fingers pushed and stroked.  Zach’s enthusiasm for life translated into enthusiasm for sex, and that made Zach a hot, assertive top.  Eager for the kind of fucking he couldn’t get anywhere else, Tim pulled Zach closer and rolled the condom onto Zach’s long, rigid erection, caressing it until Zach moaned and pushed his hand away with a quick, “Easy, Timmy, easy.”

            The first brush of Zach’s dick against his ass sent an electric hum across Tim’s body.  A few more tantalizing strokes of the head of Zach’s dick against his slick asshole made him moan eagerly in hot anticipation, and then, as his nerves sizzled, Zach pushed in, gradually filling him over slow inches, sinking deep.

            The hard fullness kept him moaning with pleasure as Zach began to rock, passing his prostate on each stroke.  Each rhythmic pulse of electricity was a new lick of ecstasy to punctuate Zach’s steady, deep thrusts.  “Oh, yes, yes,” Zach groaned, hips rolling, “yes, Tim, oh, yeah,” sweat beading, “so good, your ass is so good, you feel so good,” hands tightening, “fuck you forever, I could fuck you forever,” pleasure popping, “yes, yes, god, oh…”

            Panting and moaning and making a low, eager sound that accompanied the slap of flesh on flesh, Tim ran greedy hands up Zach’s chest and across his shoulders, wanting to pull him closer, wanting to encourage him deeper.  But there was no deeper that Zach could go, and there was no more that Tim could take; already, he was shaking from each thrust, his dick rigid and swollen from the repetitive pulses of celebratory heat that sparked in Tim’s body.

            “Roll over for me,” Zach said, popping out and kissing his wet, hungry mouth.  “Let me see your gorgeous ass, let me watch it.”

            Erection aching, body unsatisfied and demanding more, Tim rolled over while Zach caressed him with adoring hands.  On his knees, he braced one hand on the mattress and held onto the headboard with the other, dropping his hips to where he knew Zach would want him.

            “Yeah, that’s it, oh, yeah,” Zach murmured, rubbing his ass, stroking his hips.  “Yeah, all right,” pressure, fullness, “yeah, mmm, oh, so good, so good,” and Zach was in again, deep.  Electricity crackled through Tim’s body when Zach began to thrust in earnest, squeezing his hips, making him feel it, and as Zach pounded into him, Zach’s hand slid around to his erection.

            Groaning, Tim let his head drop forward, his knees wide, his back arching as pleasure overtook him.  Zach’s hand fisted his erection in perfect rhythm with those deep, devastating thrusts, and the sound of Zach’s blissful chatter filled his ears.  Throbbing, aching, he gave himself up to it, lived in it, let the ecstasy intensify, until the glory of being fucked and the heat of Zach’s hand became too fierce and erupted, pleasure bursting, orgasm flaring and popping and rippling through him.

            “Gorgeous ass, gorgeous body,” Zach panted, slamming into him, one hand tightly gripping his hip, the other rubbing his cum across his abs.  “Feel so good, so tight, yeah, god,” he could feel Zach’s warm breath on the back of his neck, “take it from me, take it, mmm, oh, oh god…”  Moaning his name, Zach came, fingers digging into his flesh, hips thrusting and rolling.

            Exhausted, Tim waited until Zach finished coming, then collapsed and rolled over onto his side, facing Zach, their mingled groans echoing in his ears.  Part of him looked forward to doing it again, but most of him just wanted to bask in just having been deeply, satisfyingly fucked.

            “You’re so damned sexy,” Zach said, stroking his side and kissing his mouth.  “You’re so hot, I love you so much, did I ever tell you about my idea for the sitcom channel?”

            “What?” Tim asked, eyes snapping open.  Love?  Had Zach just said-

            “The sitcom channel,” Zach said, kissing his shoulder and caressing his hair.  “All sitcoms, all the time.”

            Tim saw the uncertainty in Zach’s eyes and realized that Zach wasn’t ready to talk about it.  He smiled and relaxed against the pillows.  “That sounds great.  Tell me all about it.”
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