Copyright January 9, 2005
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

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            Veering around a couple holding hands and a guy walking his dog, Danny came to a quick halt in front of McKinnis, flipping his board up into his hands.  “Excuse me,” he said to a passing student.  “What time is it?”

            “Seven thirty,” she said, hurrying down the stairs.

            He was half an hour early.  This was what happened when none of his friends had a reliable watch.  Danny blew on his cold fingers, considering his options.  He could go get something to eat and come back at eight.  Or, he could just be early.

            He grinned.  Getting to see Ryan half an hour early sounded good to him.  Skateboard under one arm, Danny walked into the university library.  Ryan was usually on the fourth floor somewhere, so he took the stairs, his footsteps echoing in the otherwise silent stairway.

            Stepping onto the fourth floor, he was surrounded by somber silence.  Libraries were too quiet for Danny, too serious, and he moved self-consciously toward the stacks, trying to keep his sneakers from squeaking as he left the carpeted area, passing students absorbed in their work.

            Danny tended to do most of his research on the Net or by borrowing books from other students.  Whenever he used the library, he did it as quickly as possible, in and out, a man on a mission.  He preferred a little more action in his life than the library provided.  But Ryan was an English major, always reading and studying, and Ryan liked the library, the quiet, the structure, the books, the overwhelming volume of knowledge.

            They’d actually met in the library.  Danny had been looking for a book on Eskimo mythology or something, and Ryan had been standing right there in front of that section.  He’d been cute as hell, just Danny’s height with a mop of brown curls, really dark brown eyes, and the sweetest curve to his ass.  When Danny said hi and Ryan said hi back, flashing him a nervous smile, and Danny saw dimples, it was game over.  Nothing got to Danny like dimples, and Ryan’s were a mile deep.

            That had been months ago, and Danny was still hooked.  Roaming the stacks, he spotted Ryan searching the shelves.  Grinning to himself, Danny propped his skateboard at the end of the aisle and approached his prey with caution.

            Ryan sighed, running a distracted hand through his curls, reaching for a book.

            Danny snuck closer, closer, closer.

            Ryan opened the book, flipping through its pages.

            Danny pounced.  Ryan’s back hit the shelf; the book hit the floor.  After a moment’s struggle, Ryan moaned, giving in, wrapping his arms around Danny’s waist.  Danny cupped Ryan’s jaw with one hand, making love to Ryan’s mouth with his kiss, his other hand splayed against Ryan’s chest.  The warm welcome of Ryan’s embrace invited Danny to settle in and stay, and Danny kissed with a little more aggression, rubbing Ryan’s chest through layers of clothing.

            “Mmm.”  Ryan pushed him back slightly, breaking their kiss.  “You’re early.  And your nose is cold,” Ryan added with a smile, brushing a soft kiss across his cheek.

            “It’s cold outside,” Danny said.  “What’re you looking up?”

            “I’m working on my Copperfield paper,” Ryan said, taking his hands and rubbing them.  He was wearing fingerless gloves, which weren’t the warmest thing in December, but the way that Ryan kissed his fingers made up for that.  “I can’t find a book that I need.  Where’s Red?”

            “Back there,” Danny said, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that his skateboard was still waiting for him.  “You want me to help you find it?”

            “Find what?” Ryan asked, now kissing his knuckles.

            “Your book,” Danny said, grinning.

            “Mmm,” Ryan said, and kissed him.  Danny wrapped an arm around Ryan’s waist, guiding Ryan closer to his body, sliding a hand up into thick curls.  “What book?” Ryan asked around his tongue.

            “It doesn’t matter,” Danny said, because the way Ryan was rubbing high inside his thigh made everything else seem really unimportant.  “Let’s go.”

            “Where?” Ryan asked breathlessly between kisses, hand so close to his dick that Danny wanted to squirm.

            “Anywhere we can suck dick,” Danny said.  He knew that Ryan wouldn’t try it in the library; he’d asked, often.

            “Okay,” Ryan said.

            Danny couldn’t take it any longer; he grabbed Ryan’s wrist and pushed Ryan’s hand over a few inches.  Ryan’s hand closed firmly over his dick, and Danny groaned, head smacking back into a row of books.  God…  Ryan kissed his neck, cupping his dick, squeezing rhythmically, rubbing him down.  Moaning, Danny caught Ryan’s mouth in a greedy kiss, need rising fast.  If they didn’t get moving soon-

            “I hate to bother you, but I need one of the books right behind you.”

            Danny flashed her a quick smile, wiping his mouth with the back of one gloved hand.  “Go ahead, I think we have somewhere else to be,” he said, taking Ryan’s hand and pulling Ryan along.

            Ducking back for his bookbag, mumbling embarrassed apologies, Ryan followed.  Danny picked up his skateboard and tugged Ryan towards the stairwell.  “My room or yours?”

            “Where’s Jeremy?”

            “What day is today?” Danny asked, starting down the stairs, one hand holding Red, fingers of his other hand lacing through Ryan’s.

            “Thursday,” Ryan said.  “You didn’t go to class, did you?”

            “One of them,” Danny said.  “Jeremy’s going to be at Melissa’s, so my room’s free.”

            “You didn’t go to biology or astronomy?”

            “I read the textbook,” Danny said.  “I used a highlighter and everything.”  They walked outside.  “Now don’t you wish you had a coat?”

            “I’ll walk fast,” Ryan said, unlacing their fingers so that he could tug his sleeves down over his hands.

            “You want my jacket?”

            “You’d freeze,” Ryan said.  “I’m okay.”

            “I don’t get cold,” Danny said.

            “Yeah?” Ryan asked.  “That must be a really warm T-shirt.”

            Danny laughed as they crossed the quad.  “You staying over tonight?”

            “Yeah,” Ryan said.

            Danny smiled to himself.  Cool.

            When they got to Danny’s dorm, they locked themselves into his room.  Danny took off his jacket and nuzzled Ryan’s neck, tucking his cold hands into Ryan’s pockets.  Ryan nuzzled back, and they started kissing, Ryan’s tongue soft and insistent in Danny’s mouth, Ryan’s hands cold and stroking on Danny’s back.  Danny drew Ryan down to his bed, and they made out for a while, pulling the blankets up and burrowing into each other.  They kicked their sneakers off, and when Danny shimmied out of his T-shirt, Ryan started stroking his chest, rubbing his abs, licking the hard nubs of his nipples.  Danny moaned, arching a little, loving the attention, running his fingers through Ryan’s hair.  “You wanna suck my dick?” he asked, a little breathlessly, his dick twitching at the idea.

            “Yeah,” Ryan said against his skin, kissing down over his stomach, already flicking open the buttons on his fly.  Danny helped Ryan to push his jeans down, kicking them off and spreading his thighs.  Ryan started licking his dick, and Danny moaned, twisting his fingers in Ryan’s curls.  Oh, yeah…  God, he loved this.  He loved getting head, it felt so good, and he loved it from Ryan, loved the way that Ryan sucked on him, loved the way that Ryan swallowed, loved the way that Ryan looked down there.

            Watching Ryan’s cheeks hollow like that, the dark line of Ryan’s lowered lashes, the way that his dick disappeared between Ryan’s lips, made Danny dizzy with lust, so he closed his eyes, pushing his head back into the pillow, drawing his knees up tighter, trying not to pull on Ryan’s hair too hard.  God, the…suction…it felt so…good…  Groaning, Danny rocked his hips a little, thrusting just enough to make Ryan suck harder.  God, it was, unh, Danny felt Ryan’s fingers stroking across his asshole and he tensed, toes curling, feeling the pleasure swell past the point of possibility and explode inside him, spitting cum thickly down Ryan’s throat.

            Danny felt his entire body relax, his fingers loosening their hold on Ryan’s hair, his other hand releasing its grip on the sheets, his spine dissolving.  He heard and felt Ryan moving, but he knew what was going on, so he didn’t bother to open his eyes.

            “If you’re asleep, I’m not going to fuck you.”  Naked, Ryan kissed his cheek, fingers trailing across his chest.

            Danny grinned, opening his eyes, admiring Ryan’s dimples.  “You want me to roll over?”

            Ryan’s kiss was deep and urgent.  “No, just scream when it feels good.”  Danny laughed, raising his knees, and Ryan kissed him some more, carefully slipping one lubed finger into his ass.  Danny kissed with a little more tongue, his body starting to send some very happy signals as Ryan stroked his prostate.  Mmm, yeah.  Oh, yeah, that was, yeah, like that, right there…  Danny shivered, tugging Ryan closer.

            He started to get lost in his body’s rising pleasure and Ryan’s hot kiss, but he was brought right back to reality by the slow, thick press of Ryan’s dick.  God, it felt, Danny groaned, trying not to tense, digging his fingers into Ryan’s shoulder while Ryan cursed softly.  The stretch and fullness of it made him ache in the best possible way, and when Ryan pulled back only to thrust in farther, Danny moaned Ryan’s name and dragged his blunt nails across Ryan’s collarbone.  Something about the sight of his own hand bothered him, and the next thrust sparked such a bright flare inside him that some of it reached his brain and he realized that he was still wearing his gloves.

            He made a move to pull them off, but the next thrust had him too busy moaning to remember how his hands worked.

            Ryan ducked his head, licking - - thrust - - across Danny’s wrist, and - - thrust - - unfastened Danny’s glove with his - - thrust - -  teeth - - thrust - - peeling it down - - thrust - - over Danny’s hand and - - thrust - - off, spitting it aside and - - thrust - - moving in for the other one.  Ryan kissed Danny’s palm first this time, sucking on his fingers, fucking him in deep, steady rhythm.  Danny didn’t know what was making him harder, Ryan’s mouth or Ryan’s dick, the steady explosions in his body or the light scrape of Ryan’s teeth soothed by a quick flick of tongue, but he was starting to think that his second orgasm was going to arrive a lot sooner than he’d expected.

            Ryan was fucking him harder now, faster, dropping his other glove and putting a hand on his chest, stroking, rubbing, flicking at a nipple, twisting it lightly, making him moan Ryan’s name.  Ryan’s dark eyes were focused on him, watching his face, and Danny felt heat rising, the intensity in Ryan’s gaze building with every deep thrust.  Danny was sweating, his dick aching, his hands rubbing Ryan’s arms with agitated need.  He loved getting fucked, but he could never take it for very long; he always started to get restless, needy, pushy.

            He didn’t know what Ryan was looking for in his face, what Ryan really saw.  Something was starting to burn in Ryan’s eyes, something hot and dark, and Ryan’s hand pushed on his chest, holding him down, while Ryan’s dick fucked into him faster, faster, faster.  Groaning, trying to buck and twist under Ryan’s body, Danny jacked his own dick, forcing the pleasure on faster, pushing himself closer to climax.  He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to come now, he wanted it now, he heard himself moaning things like “now” and “Ryan” and “please.”

            Ryan’s hips snapped hard, Ryan’s dick slamming in deep, and Danny cried out, jacking his dick a little too hard and coming in a wild rush, cum splattering hot and white across his stomach and up onto his chest.  Ryan was moaning a lot of “oh god Danny yes” and coming inside him with one final thrust.

            Danny welcomed Ryan’s full weight onto him, kissing Ryan’s shoulder, wrapping his arms and legs around Ryan and dragging his fingers slowly through Ryan’s curls.  He was glad that Ryan was going to spend the night.  His bed was too small, but that just made them share more personal space.

            Besides, Ryan liked to get off first thing each morning, and Danny liked to be around to help him with that.

            Danny combed his fingers through Ryan’s hair some more.  “Tell me about the first time we met.”

            Ryan laughed against his neck.  It made him shiver.  “You were there.”

            “I like the way you tell it.”

            I was doing research on various mythologies and creation stories, and I was trying to find a certain book in the library, when someone walked up to me and said, “Do you need help with anything?”  I turned and looked at him.  He was about five foot eight, with short, spiky blond hair and bright blue eyes.  He had freckles and a hot, sweet, cute, impish smile.

            I asked him if he worked there.  He just grinned at me and said no, but he’d be happy to help me anyway.  I couldn’t tell if he was flirting or trying to make friends, but when he said, “Hi, I’m Danny,” and offered me his hand, I shook it and said, “I’m Ryan.”

            He had on fingerless gloves and a shirt that said “Punk You” and a tight strand of silver beads around his neck, and he was carrying a skateboard.  Guys like that normally don’t walk up to me and try to be my friend, so I assumed that he'd move along shortly.  He picked up a book as if he didn’t care which one it was, and asked me with a charmingly bright yet casual smile, “You doing anything later?”

            I had no idea what he wanted.  He was very, very cute, and I loved the way that he kept smiling at me.  On the other hand, there were a lot of bizarre people on campus, and it occurred to me that maybe he wanted to recruit me for some religious organization.  “Probably studying,” I said.  “I have a lot of work to do.”

            “Okay,” he said.  “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.”

            “Maybe,” I said.  He gave me another one of those bright, impish grins and left, and I turned back to the books, forcing myself back to my task and trying to ignore the impulse to chase him down.

            About fifteen minutes later, when I was standing at the copier, feeding it quarters, I heard a quick, “Hey, Ryan.”  I looked up, and Danny, still cute, still hot, handed me a folded piece of paper.  “You dropped this,” he said with a smile, and left.  I watched him walk away, and then I glanced at the paper, unfolding it, certain that I hadn’t dropped it.

            It had a phone number, an e-mail address, and “Danny – call me.”

            I had to smile, because there was nothing subtle in that.  He’d been hitting on me the whole time, only I’d been too oblivious to pick up on it.

            I spent a few minutes debating whether I should contact him or not.  I wasn’t interested in a one-night stand, but I didn’t have the time to devote to a relationship.  Whichever he wanted, I didn’t think I could give him.  That smile, though, that smile was irresistible, and I was incredibly attracted to him.

            As soon as I finished with the copier, I went over to one of the computer terminals and e-mailed Danny, telling him that I'd be free the next night.  By the time that I got back to my room, I had an e-mail message waiting for me, telling me that he’d meet me in front of the library.

            “Did you meet him?” Danny asked, on top now, nuzzling Ryan’s neck.

            “Yes,” Ryan said, fingers tracing the line of Danny’s spine.

            “How hot was he?” Danny asked, licking at Ryan’s dimple.

            Ryan laughed.  “Very hot.”

            “Did you get any?”

            “Not the first night,” Ryan said.

            Danny grinned at him.  “What about the second night?”

            Ryan laughed, kissing him.  “That’s a whole other story.”
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