Copyright August 3, 2005
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “You should have seen him,” Adam said.  “He sucked my dick like it gave him life.  He worshipped my cock, he fucking worshipped it.  When he started sucking my balls, I was like, okay, that’s it, he’s coming home with me.”

            “He’s here?” Caleb asked, wide-eyed, looking past Adam and down the hallway.

            “He’s in my bed right now,” Adam said with a casual smirk.  “He’s still asleep.  I think I wore him out.  Poor guy.”

            “Did Elijah ever catch up with Gabe?” Caleb asked.

            “Gabe who?” Adam asked, uncapping a bottle of water.

            “Gabe Bailey,” Caleb said.  “The guy he’s in love with.  The guy he talks about every single day.  The guy he’s obsessed with.  The guy he’s stalking.  The guy-”

            “Oh, him,” Adam said.  “Yeah, I have no idea.”

            “You went to the club together,” Caleb said.

            “We went our separate ways pretty early on,” Adam said, dropping onto the sofa with careless grace.

            “You mean, you took off to pick up guys and get laid,” Caleb said.

            “It’s what I was there for,” Adam said, flipping open the newspaper on the coffee table.  “Did the Raiders win?” he asked, finding the sports section.

            “I hope he found Gabe,” Caleb said.  “I’m sure he did.”

            “I’m sure he’s ass-up in Gabe’s bed right now, having the time of his life,” Adam said.  “Shit, the fuckers won!”  The doorbell rang.  “Get that for me.”

            “Yes, master,” Caleb said, getting up and crossing the room.  Checking the peephole, he said, “It’s Elijah,” and opened the door.  “Hey, how was last night?!”

            “You asshole!” Elijah shouted, storming past Caleb.

            “You had a bad time,” Caleb guessed, closing the door.

            “You self-absorbed self-centered motherfucking asshole!” Elijah shouted, snatching up the newspaper in both hands and smacking Adam over the head with it.  “You selfish bastard!”  Smack!  “How the hell could you-” smack! “-fucking do that-” smack! “-to me?!”  Smack smack!

            “What the hell are you talking about?” Adam demanded, tearing the newspaper from Elijah’s hands.

            “You stole Gabe!”

            “I stole what?!”

            “Uh-oh,” Caleb said, cautiously edging closer.

            “Gabe!  My Gabe!  You stole him right out from under me!”

            “How did I do that?” Adam asked, sitting back and crossing his arms over his chest.

            “You bought him a drink,” Elijah said, eyes full of barely contained outrage.  “You danced with him.  You took him into the back and he gave you head.  Then you took him home.”  The last words were barely out of his mouth before he climbed over the coffee table, reaching for Adam’s throat.  “You sick self-obsessed motherfucker, I’m in love with him!  You knew that I was in love with him and you took him home with you!”

            “Whoa, hey, hey,” Caleb said, trying to drag Elijah back over the table again.  “Let’s not kill each other before noon.”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Adam snapped, fending Elijah off.  “I’ve never met Gabe!  And you fight like a girl!”

            “You motherfucking-”

            “Uh, I’m Gabe.”  Tall, slender, and half-naked, Gabe came in from the hallway.  He had a tousled mop of black curls, and his jeans had slipped down to reveal a decent section of pelvic bone.

            Elijah froze.

            Adam turned to look.  “Oh, that’s your name.”

            “Yeah.  Hi.”  Gabe scratched his elbow, gazing at the three of them with uncertainty.  “I, uh…  Maybe I should go.”

            “Oh, my god,” Elijah whispered, scrambling away from Adam and back off of the coffee table.

            “Hi,” Caleb said, letting go of Elijah now that the situation was calmer.  “I’m Caleb, and this is Elijah.”

            Blue eyes narrowed as Gabe took a step closer, studying Elijah.  “Have we met?”

            “Not, not officially,” Elijah said breathlessly, trying to smile.  “You’ve probably just seen me around.”

            “You go to the same gym,” Caleb explained to Gabe.  “And go to the same clubs.  And shop at the same stores.  And eat at the same restaurants.”

            “And you both give terrific head,” Adam said with a smile.

            “Okay,” Gabe said, disconcerted.  “Adam, I’m just, uh, going to go.”

            “Don’t forget your shirt,” Caleb said.  “You wouldn’t want to start a riot.  Are you sure that you work out at the same gym?” he asked Elijah.  “Your abs don’t look anything like his.  And those pecs-”

            “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to cause severe bodily harm,” Elijah whispered furiously.

            “Why don’t you stay?” Adam asked Gabe.  “Stay and have some breakfast.  Or lunch.  Elijah can show you where the kitchen is.”  He smiled.  “Can’t you, Elijah?”

            “Right this way,” Elijah said immediately, rushing in that direction.

            Caleb watched Gabe move into the next room.  “My god, he’s gorgeous.  I was never that close to him before.  No wonder Elijah’s obsessed with him.”

            “He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Adam asked.  He shook his head, whistled in appreciation, and turned his attention back to the paper.  “Elijah can have him, though.  It’s not worth the aggravation.”

            “I think that I have an errand to run,” Caleb said.  “Why don’t you come with me?”

            Adam gave him a suspicious look.  “You must be out of your mind if you think-”

            “Why don’t you,” Caleb repeated with odd emphasis, gesturing towards the kitchen, “come with me?”

            “Oh.”  Rolling his eyes, Adam stood.  “Gabe!” he called.  “Caleb and I are going out for a few minutes.  Thanks for last night!”  Picking up his wallet and keys, he added, “You’re welcome, Elijah!” and left with Caleb.

            With a shy, nervous smile, Elijah set the milk on the table.  “Would you like an orange?  A banana?”

            “A banana sounds good,” Gabe said, pouring milk over his cereal.  “Thanks.”

            “You’re welcome,” Elijah said, getting a banana for him.  He couldn’t get over way Gabe’s muscles rippled casually with each movement.  He couldn’t get over the shine of Gabe’s thick curls.  He couldn’t get over the sexy curve of Gabe’s lips.  “So, I guess you had a good time at Collective last night.”

            “It was a great party,” Gabe said.  “Did you go?”

            “I was there,” Elijah said, gazing at his lashes in admiration.  So black, and so curly…  “I went with Adam.”

            “He’s a great guy,” Gabe said.  “A lot of fun.”

            “Yeah.  He’s one of my best friends.”

            “Really?”  Gabe gave him a curious smile and his heart beat faster.  “Then why were you trying to kill him three minutes ago?”

            “Oh, that was nothing,” Elijah said.  “I’m a little headstrong, I get a little impulsive, sometimes I just react.”  God, he wanted to climb on that table and let Gabe fuck him.  “You painted your nails again.”

            “What?” Gabe asked, and looked at his hands.  “Oh, yeah, I…”  He turned his gaze on Elijah.  “Again?”

            “Oh, I just meant, I thought I saw, before, maybe at the gym, I thought…”  He couldn’t even think straight with Gabe this close.  He was surprised that he was still standing.  Standing, why was he standing?  Elijah took a seat at the table.

            “Oh,” Gabe said.  “Yeah, I painted them before I went out last night.”  His short nails were almost an electric blue.  “When do you go to the gym?”

            “Every day,” Elijah said.  “Except Sunday.”

            “Yeah?” Gabe asked.  “Me, too.  What time?”

            “Before work,” Elijah said, trying to sound casual about it.  “Fix, six, seven o’clock.  You know, to get it in early.”

            “Me, too,” Gabe said.  “It’s so weird, one day I found this note jammed in my locker.  It was kind of like a love note.  At first I thought that it had been put in my locker by accident, that it had been meant for someone else, but it had my name on it.”

            “Really,” Elijah said.  Maybe he’d faint.  Would that be too dramatic?  Too embarrassing?

            “I’ve gotten some others, too,” Gabe said.  “At my job, under my apartment door, in the mail.  I don’t know who they’re from.”

            “What a mystery,” Elijah said.  He watched Gabe unpeel the banana.  He wanted to ask Gabe to fuck him.

            “I asked my friends about it.  They didn’t know anything, but they said that probably it was just a joke, or else it was some lonely gross old guy who couldn’t get a date on his own.”

            “Probably,” Elijah said.  His voice sounded ridiculously casual, fake.

            “I got a few presents from him,” Gabe said, and licked the banana.  Licked it, just like that, his soft pink tongue flicking over it obscenely like it was, like it, oh, god, Elijah was hard.  “He sent me flowers a couple of times.  And I got this bracelet.  See?”  Gabe lifted his leg, propping his heel on the seat of Elijah’s chair, between Elijah’s thighs.  “I wear it on my ankle.”

            “I’m sure you do,” Elijah said breathlessly, dying to do something simple but bold, like stroke the top of Gabe’s foot.  He’d never touched Gabe, not once, and that seemed tragically unfair.

            Gabe licked the banana.  Slowly.  And slowly, gently, sank his teeth into it, biting an inch off the top.  Elijah’s dick stiffened desperately.  “No one ever gave me a bracelet before.”  He smiled.  “I like it.”

            “I’m so glad you like it,” Elijah said, helpless in the face of that smile.

            Reaching forward, Gabe slid his hand up his own shin, gathering up the material of his jeans, effectively raising his pant leg to show off the gold bracelet glittering around his naked ankle.  Confident fingers, blue fingernails.  Firm calf muscle, dark dusting of hair, trim ankle.  “Do you like it?”

            Elijah curled his fingers in towards his palms so he wouldn’t stroke Gabe’s exposed skin.  “I love it.”

            Gabe’s toes wiggled.  Elijah’s breath caught with fascination.  And then, Gabe’s toes prodded Elijah’s inner thigh.  “How long are they going to be gone?”

            “I don’t know,” Elijah said.  He was too hard to hide it.  There was no way that Gabe could have avoided noticing the bulge of his erection.  It was nice of Gabe not to comment on it, but then again, if Gabe commented on it, Elijah could lead the conversation around to generous offers to provide Gabe with orgasms.  He was too chicken to bring it up on his own.

            “Your name’s Elijah?” Gabe asked.  Apparently, he was perfectly comfortable leaving his foot propped between Elijah’s thighs.  Elijah wanted to make love to it.  His eyes were the most perfect shade of sky blue.  “Elijah what?”

            “Abbott,” Elijah said.  “Elijah Abbott.”

            “That’s cute,” Gabe said, leaning forward, one elbow on the table.  He studied Elijah with interest.  Elijah felt himself turn red under the scrutiny.  “Does everybody call you Elijah?”

            “Usually,” Elijah said.  “Sometimes Lij.”

            Gabe smiled.  “That’s sexy.”

            Sexy?  This half-naked, lewdly licking, gorgeous young man with his naked toes half an inch from Elijah’s erection, thought that calling him Lij was sexy?  “Whatever you think is sexy, has to be,” Elijah said, and wanted to strip for him.  If Gabe didn’t finish that banana, Elijah was going to take it home.

            Gabe licked the banana a little bit, then took another bite.  Elijah’s heart raced.  “Can I call you that?”

            “You can call me anything you want,” Elijah said.

            “Where do you live?” Gabe asked.

            “Grove Street,” Elijah said.  “About a block from the Garden Diner.”

            “Really?” Gabe asked.  “I live really close to there, over on Lime.”

            “I thought you lived on Oak,” Elijah said.  Oh, shit.

            Gabe smiled.

            “I mean, I thought - - I thought I saw you, uh,” damn, there was no way out now.

            “You sent me flowers,” Gabe said, and his smile was sexy, and his eyes were happy, and the arch of his foot pressed gently against Elijah’s hard-on, which made Elijah moan and tense up and moan some more.  “No one’s ever given me flowers before.”

            “Oh, god,” Elijah breathed, wincing and shuddering and caressing the top of Gabe’s foot as his dick strained to get free of his jeans.  Gabe’s skin felt as perfect and smooth as he’d known it would.  “I just wanted to thank you for being gorgeous.”

            “I liked your notes and cards and letters,” Gabe said, rubbing his toes over Elijah’s erection, making him moan and grip Gabe’s ankle and lift up from the chair for a moment in response.  “They were like poetry.”  Unexpectedly, Gabe dropped his foot, leaning even closer, gazing at Elijah with deep interest and evident desire.  “I didn’t think that anyone was romantic anymore.”

            Rock-hard and panting, so full of lust that he couldn’t make his own brain function, Elijah just stared at Gabe in stupid amazement.  The idea of “god, I want you” didn’t make it from a physical need into anything resembling speech.

            “Do you do this a lot?” Gabe asked.  His eyes flickered over Elijah with fascination.  “Leave mystery flowers and love notes?”

            “No,” Elijah said, drawn to him, happy to answer any question Gabe had, happy to fulfill any desire.  He’d never talked to Gabe before today, and he was captivated by every word.  Gabe’s voice was soft and slow with a delicious trace of an accent.  Boston, it sounded like.  Elijah wondered what he was doing so far away from home.  Elijah wondered if he really liked Adam or if it had just been a forgettable one night stand.  Elijah wondered how big his dick was.  Elijah wondered what his apartment looked like.  “You’re the first one.  The only one.”

            “You can’t really be in love with me,” Gabe said, still looking fascinated, like the idea of Elijah truly interested him.  “You don’t even know me.”

            “God, I want to,” Elijah said.  “You don’t have a roommate, do you?  How long have you worked at Cabrera and Cain?  What’s your middle name?  How long have you lived here?  Can I touch your hair?”

            Gabe laughed.  The sound of it made Elijah sweat.  “No, I live by myself,” Gabe said.  “I’ve worked there for two and a half years.  My middle name is Ian.  Gabriel Ian Bailey.  I’ve lived here for,” he scanned the ceiling as he went back through his memory, “five years.”

            Gabriel Ian Bailey.  Elijah planned to whisper it to himself all the way home.

            Pushing back his chair, Gabe stood, reaching out and dragging Elijah’s chair away from the table.  “You can touch my hair,” he said, and knelt.  Looking up at Elijah with a soft smile, he added, “I like it,” and unbuttoned Elijah’s fly.

            “Oh,” oh god, “wait,” this wasn’t happening, this wasn’t happening, this wasn’t - - “Oh, god, please,” and Elijah made a desperate sort of wailing sound as the wet warmth of Gabe’s mouth swallowed his dick.  Hips bucking urgently, driving his erection between perfectly curved lips, Elijah groaned, sliding his fingers into the thick mass of Gabe’s black curls.  Gabe’s hair was soft, and silky, and glossy, and Gabe’s mouth was soft, and wet, and hungry, and Elijah’s dick was hard, and throbbing, and slick with spit and pre-cum, and Elijah’s body was on fire, and needy, and god, he just couldn’t stop moaning.  He wasn’t even saying anything coherent, just making unintelligible sounds of primal want.

            Finally finding the presence of mind to focus his eyes and look down, Elijah watched his own dick rock forward into Gabe’s mouth, watched curly black lashes flutter, saw how pink Gabe’s cheeks were, watched them hollow as Gabe swallowed and sucked and oh, “yes,” oh, “fuck,” oh, “god,” he couldn’t take it, he couldn’t, couldn’t, “oh, yes, yes, Gabe, god, do it, suck it, yes, yes, ah!” and he came, hips stuttering forward as orgasm flashed sharply through his body.

            Oh, god.  Gabe Bailey.  He’d just, he’d, oh, god.  Gabe Bailey had given him head.  His dick, Gabe’s mouth.  Gorgeous Gabe’s gorgeous mouth.

            He couldn’t let go of Gabe’s hair.  He couldn’t unlock his fingers.  Too soft, too thick, too silky.  So, instead of letting go, he slid down, kicking the chair back and sinking to his knees.  He gazed into Gabe’s eyes, and didn’t know what to say.  Thank you.  I love you.  Please oh please fuck me.  Let me go home with you.  Your mouth is amazing.

            Gabe’s gaze fell to his mouth, and dark lashes slipped over blue eyes as Gabe’s lips parted, and Elijah moaned softly just before Gabe kissed him.  Under the influence of Gabe’s lush mouth, Elijah found the strength to slide his fingers through Gabe’s hair one more time before stroking down smooth cheeks, along a strong jaw, down Gabe’s neck.  Gabe made pleased, aroused sounds and deepened their kiss, rubbing an encouraging hand down Elijah’s back, urging him closer.  Closer.  Elijah wanted to climb into Gabe’s lap, wanted to mount Gabe’s dick, wanted to press chest to chest and groin to groin and, oh, when Gabe’s fingers stroked his nape he shivered, moaning again.

            “Elijah,” Gabe murmured, and Elijah couldn’t stop kissing him, kissed down along his neck, across one naked shoulder.  So much bare skin, so much yet to be revealed, Elijah’s insides were in knots.  “Lij,” Gabe whispered, and Elijah’s fingertips skittered down over Gabe’s abs, daring to cup the hardness between Gabe’s thighs.  Moaning, Gabe’s head dropped back, thighs squeezing shut reflexively over Elijah’s hand before spreading in eager invitation.  “I want,” Gabe said, before groaning with hot need as Elijah rubbed him down.  “I…  Lij…  Oh, damn…”

            Kissing his way back up Gabe’s neck, sucking at warm silken skin, Elijah moaned at the sound of Gabe’s pleasure and desire.  The dick in his hand felt so good, so long, so thick, so hard, that his body ached with need for it.  If they didn’t get to a bed soon, he’d offer his ass right there on Adam’s kitchen floor.

            “Wait, wait,” Gabe said, and grabbed his hand, stilling it, kissing him desperately.  “Just give me, just, wait.”  Panting, Gabe swallowed, clearly trying to compose himself.  “If you really love me, it shouldn’t be like this.”

            “I’ve wanted this too long to be picky about it now,” Elijah said, running his free hand across Gabe’s pecs.  Such hard muscle, such heat underneath such silky skin.  Gently, he stroked a tiny, hard nipple.

            Gabe moaned again, shuddering, capturing that hand, too.  Blue eyes looked into his.  “I want to give you flowers.”

            Maybe he was too distracted by Gabe’s actual presence and Gabe’s obvious arousal to understand language.  “What?”

            “I want to give you flowers,” Gabe said.  “And secret notes.  I want to give you mystery and romance the way you gave it to me.  It’s been an amazing couple of months and I…”  Gabe kissed him without finishing the sentence, kissed him with hunger and lust.  “Come home with me.”  Another kiss, Gabe’s fingers sliding over his wrists, stroking his forearms.  “We can walk home together and talk, and then we can go up to my apartment, and…”  Deep kisses, full of desire.  Elijah could barely breathe through the passion pulsing up between them.  “Tell me if you have a roommate.  Tell me where you work and how long you’ve worked there.  Tell me your middle name.  Tell me how long you’ve lived here.  Tell me I can make love to you.”

            Elijah kissed him urgently, moaning, squeezing his hard upper arms and burning inside.  “Yes…  Dale and Dalton…  Three…”  Groaning, lost in Gabe’s embrace, lost in Gabe’s kiss, Elijah could barely remember the questions, much less the answers.  “Gabe,” he said instead, just to say it, panting it with need.

            “Lij,” Gabe panted back, resting his forehead against Elijah’s.  His skin felt hot.  “Come home with me.”

            Elijah kissed the sweat trickling down from Gabe’s temple.  “Yes.”  Please.  Strong naked arms embraced him.  He closed his eyes.  “You don’t have to give me flowers.”

            “I want to,” Gabe said against his skin, nuzzling into his neck, stroking the back of his head, like Gabe needed to be as close to him as possible, the way he needed to be close to Gabe.

            “You don’t have to give me notes, or mystery, or romance.”  His hands treasured the terrain of Gabe’s back.

            “I want to,” Gabe whispered.

            “Just tell me who you are,” Elijah said, shuddering inside with love.  “Tell me why I can’t stop needing to be with someone I’ve never met.”

            “I didn’t know what you looked like,” Gabe said.  “I didn’t know your name.  I didn’t know who you were.”  His embrace tightened; soft, lingering kisses brushed over Elijah’s neck, making him shiver again.  “But I needed to be with you more with every word you wrote.”

            “I love you,” Elijah whispered.

            “Lij,” Gabe whispered.  His voice was soft and scared and sure.  “I love you.”

            Elijah slid his fingers through Gabe’s hair, unable to break their embrace but knowing that it had to be done.  “Take me home.”

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