Have You Met Lucas?

Copyright September 2-3, 2005
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “Did Josh call you back?” Lucas asked, feeding quarters into the soda machine.

            “Yeah,” Hayden, opening a pack of snack crackers.  “In my dreams.”

            Ouch.  “Maybe he’ll call tonight,” Lucas said.  “He said he’d get back to you before the weekend.”

            “Today’s Friday,” Hayden said.  “He’s not going to call.”

            “He’ll call,” Lucas insisted, twisting off the bottle cap, taking a long swallow.

            “Hey, Deb,” Hayden said to someone passing by the break room.  “You think she’s going to go ahead and tell Ted that we need three new guys?” he asked Lucas.

            “Not before hell freezes over,” Lucas said.  He and Hayden began a slow stroll back to the time clock.  “She’ll never admit that,” whoa, “we need,” wow, “help.”  He stopped walking, turning around to stare at the retreating back of the guy who’d just walked past him.  “Who is that?”

            “I don’t know,” Hayden said, “but I need to work in his department.”

            Lucas watched the guy disappear around the corner.  “You ask Todd, I’ll ask Julie.”

            “I’ll meet you back at your desk,” Hayden said, clocking in, and they parted ways.

            Julie smiled as Lucas approached the front desk.  “What can I help you with, sweetie?”

            “Any word on Deb hiring new people?” Lucas asked, dropping familiarly onto the chair beside hers at the switchboard.

            “Sorry, no,” she said, and gave him a sly, conspiratorial grin.  “But there is a new guy in data processing.”

            Bingo.  “Really?” Lucas asked, rolling his chair closer to hers.

            She leaned closer, lowering her voice.  “Daniel Tanaka, twenty-six.  Today’s his first day.  Fabulous smile, great cologne.  Graduated from Stonehaven, just left PemberTech.”

            A couple of other employees had come in recently from PemberTech; the company was notorious for lousy pay.  “Single?”

            “No ring,” Julie said.  “When I flirted with him, he was very nice about not flirting back.”

            So, Daniel was either taken, gay, or not susceptible to Julie’s wiles.  “Thanks,” Lucas said.

            “No problem, honey,” Julie said.  “Let me know if he tastes as good as he smells.”

            Lucas met Hayden by his desk.  “Daniel Tanaka,” he said, sitting down and shuffling paper.

            “First day,” Hayden said, picking up a pencil, setting it down.  “Twenty-six, just came in from PemberTech.”  He picked up a pen, twirling it.

            “Lisa’s from PemberTech,” Lucas said.

            “So’s Carl,” Hayden said.  “Back here in five?”

            “Are you ever at your desk?” Lisa asked, collecting a stack of paper from the copier.

            “Sometimes,” Lucas said.  “In between breaks.”  He glanced around; no one was directly within earshot.  “Do you remember Daniel Tanaka from PemberTech?”

            “Tanaka,” she repeated, sorting, stacking, stapling.  “Fastest data entry clerk we had.  Always ate at McDonald’s for lunch.  Didn’t smoke.  Always on time for meetings.  Nice guy.  Changed a tire for me once.”

            So far, so good.  “Do you know if he’s married?”

            “He wasn’t when I was there.  He brought a gorgeous redhead to the company picnic.”

            Lucas opened his mouth to ask-

            “Yes, a redheaded guy,” Lisa said, and thrust the stack of freshly stapled papers at him.  “Now take these to Deb and get back to work.”

            After a quick detour by Deb’s desk, Lucas went to his own desk, checking e-mail and taking a call while he waited.

            Hayden showed up a few minutes later.  “He’s gay.”

            “He was dating some red-haired guy,” Lucas said.

            “They broke up two months ago,” Hayden said.

            “He eats at McDonald’s,” Lucas said.

            “He got the noon lunch break,” Hayden said.

            “Oh, thank god,” Lucas said.  That was perfect.

            “Looks like we’re eating burgers today,” Hayden said with a grin.

            Lucas hesitated.  “Do you-”

            “No, go ahead, you take him,” Hayden said.  “I just want to watch.  I’m waiting for Josh to call.”

            “He’ll call,” Lucas said firmly.

            “Mr. Gaines,” Deb called from her desk.

            “See you at lunch,” Hayden whispered, and went back to work.

            Lucas daydreamed through his next few calls.

            He wrote down what he knew.  Daniel Tanaka.  Hard worker.  Punctual.  Non-smoker.  Fond of fast food.  Knew how to change a tire.  Gay.  Single.  Reported to smell good.  Japanese.  About five nine, maybe.  Wore ties and rolled up his shirt sleeves.  College graduate.  Had enough sense to find a job with decent pay.

            So far, so good.

            At noon Lucas rushed to the time clock, dragging Hayden along.  They clocked out quickly, then hurried out of the building.  As they passed the front desk, Julie said, “You just missed him!  I tried to stall him, but he said he was starving.”

            “Thanks!” Lucas called, racing out through the doors to the parking lot.  “She deserves a raise,” he told Hayden as they got into Hayden’s sedan.

            “Which pick-up line are you using?” Hayden asked, leaving the lot.

            “Pick-up line?” Lucas asked.  “You know I always fumble them.  I was going to start off with a nice, ‘Hi, my name’s Lucas.’”

            “Boring,” Hayden said, ducking through a light as it turned red.

            “Hi, my name’s Lucas and I’m fascinating,” Lucas tried.  “Hi, my name’s Lucas, did you just start at Green Financial?”

            “Hi, my name’s Lucas, I can never get a date,” Hayden said, pulling up in front of McDonald’s.

            “Hi, my name’s Lucas, I’m holding auditions for a new best friend,” Lucas said, getting out of the car.  Walking towards the front door, he hoped that Daniel was in there.  He wondered if Daniel ordered the same thing every day.  He wondered if Daniel went by Dan or Danny.  He-

            “Slow down,” Hayden ordered, catching up with him just outside.  “With you, racing feet mean racing thoughts and a racing heart.  Why do you do this to yourself?”

            “Did you see him?” Lucas asked.  “He’s gorgeous.”

            “Yes, he’s sexy, and I’m sure that he’s very nice and gives great head, but-”

            The door opened, and Hayden stopped talking as Daniel Tanaka stepped outside.  Caught off-guard, Lucas didn’t back out of the way, just stood and stared.

            “Uh, hi,” Daniel said with a quick nervous smile, well-meaning but edging past them.

            “Hey,” Hayden said, coming to Lucas’s rescue while Lucas was still trying to figure out if those cheekbones could possibly be real and why Daniel’s hair was so shiny.  “I’m Hayden, this is Lucas.  We work at Green Financial.”

            “Oh, hi,” Daniel said, pleased, relieved.  “I’m Daniel Tanaka.  Data processing,” he added, tucking his bag under one arm and offering a hand.

            Hayden elbowed Lucas into motion; he shook Daniel’s hand.  “Hi.”

            “Lucas is fascinating, but he can never get a date,” Hayden said.

            Lucas wanted to break something very heavy and solid right over Hayden’s head.  “I’m,” he tried, but he couldn’t think of anything to say.  Daniel was looking directly at him.  “…speechless,” he finally said.

            “You’re here for lunch?” Hayden asked Daniel.

            “Yes,” Daniel said, giving Lucas a worried look and then smiling politely at Hayden.  “It’s pretty crowded in there, so I thought I’d just take this back to the office.”

            “We’re on our lunch break, too,” Hayden said.  “Maybe we could eat together sometime.”

            “Sure,” Daniel said.  “I’ll see you guys later.”

            “Bye,” Lucas said weakly.

            “Bye,” Daniel said, nice enough to include Lucas in his smile.  He walked away, got into a car, and drove off.

            “Remarkable,” Hayden said.  “Truly, truly remarkable.”

            “Shut up,” Lucas said, slumping against the side of the restaurant, miserable.

            “You’re one in a million,” Hayden said.

            “He was too…  He was right in front of me, and he had those eyes and that smile.  How am I supposed to remember how conversation works with him looking at me like that?” Lucas asked helplessly.

            “You’re paying for lunch,” Hayden said, opening the door.

            Sitting in the break room, Daniel poured ketchup over his fries.

            “Good to see you survived the morning,” Lisa Reynolds said, walking in with a pile of folders in one hand and a mug in the other.  “How’s your first day been so far?”

            “It’s been great,” he said.  “Everyone’s been friendly.”

            Pouring a cup of coffee, she made a sound that could only have been interpreted as, “I’ll just bet.”  Taking a sip, she asked, “Have you met Lucas Farley yet?”

            Lucas?  He certainly had.  “I just did, outside McDonald’s.”  Very, very cute.  Very, very strange.

            “He could stand to work a little harder,” she said, heading for the door.  “But he’s a good guy.  Good to see you,” she said, and left.

            “You, too,” he said, but she was gone.

            That had been odd.  In all of the time he and Lisa had worked together at PemberTech, she’d always been extremely professional and she’d never once made a personal comment.  It had almost sounded like a character reference.

            He respected Lisa, and he respected her judgment, but why would she recommend Lucas like that?  It was like she’d been implying something.  She wanted him to give Lucas a chance?  She wanted him to date Lucas?  Since when would she care?

            “Hey, how’s it going?” Carl asked, walking in, fishing in one pocket for change.

            “Great,” Daniel said.

            “I’m surprised to see you in here,” Carl said, buying a bag of chips.  “I thought you’d be at McDonald’s with Lucas and Hayden.”

            With them?  He must have missed an important memo.  “I saw them there.”

            “Yeah?” Carl asked.  “Did Lucas pull his blushing, fish-mouthed, stammering routine?”

            “He didn’t have a lot to say,” Daniel admitted, wondering what everyone else knew that he didn’t.

            “He’s great eighty percent of the time,” Carl said.  “Everybody here loves him, and I mean everybody.  But get him around a good-looking guy, and he’s a complete mess.”

            “Why?” Daniel asked.  Was it an affectation, or was it sincere?

            “He gets nervous,” Carl said, opening the chip bag.  “I don’t know what he has to be nervous about.  The hotter the guy is, the worse he gets.  It’d be nice if he stammered at me once in a while,” he added with a self-effacing grin.  “But don’t worry about it.  He’s a great guy.  Give him a chance.”

            Daniel watched Carl leave, baffled.  That deer in the headlights look had been a compliment?  Daniel hadn’t been sure how to take it.  Lucas was not only very, very cute but well-liked; that much was obvious.  But so popular that everyone was trying to sell him to Daniel?

            Checking the clock, Daniel finished the rest of his fries and rose, tossing the remains of his meal into the trash.  He didn’t want a lot of office gossip and office drama; he just wanted to do his job and get along with his co-workers.  He was attracted to Lucas, at least physically; he wasn’t sure about more than that.  Dating someone he worked with was risky.  And so far, Lucas seemed mentally unbalanced.

            He’d do his job, and drop the subject of extremely cute, incoherent guys.  He was new to the office now, but in a week or two he’d be just another guy in the halls, and Lucas would forget all about him.  And maybe then everyone would stop trying to fix them up.

            Later that afternoon, on his way to human resources to fill out a few more papers, Daniel passed the front desk.

            “Hey, honey, how’s your first day been going?” Julie asked with a wide smile.

            “Pretty well,” Daniel said.

            “Made any new friends?” she asked, as friendly as could be.

            Warning signs flashed.  “A few,” Daniel answered warily.

            “Have you met Lucas yet?”

            These people were bold.  Daniel wondered if they devoted half as much energy to their work as they did to Lucas’s social life.  “He seemed nice.”

            “He’s a sweetheart,” she said in a perky rush of confidence.  “I just love him.  He’s so much fun, he brings so much life and energy to the office.  He really makes it easier to come to work every day.  I don’t know what we’d do without him.  If I had someone like him at home, I’d just never leave the house.”

            Daniel stared at her.

            This was getting out of control.

            Lucas chickened out halfway down the hallway and veered into the bathroom.  He’d intended to go over to data processing, maybe stop by Daniel’s desk, maybe say hi.  Maybe make up for that earlier fumble.  Maybe make plans for later.

            Why bother?  He knew better.  He knew he’d just come out with something ridiculous like, “Hi…ah…uh…,” and then drool on himself.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

            At least he could practice his mumbling first.  Ducking down, Lucas checked the stalls; he was alone.

            Okay.  He could do this.  Taking a deep breath, Lucas faced the mirror.  “Hi.”

            There was a winner.  He tried again.

            “Hi, I’m Lucas.  We met earlier, you probably remember, I was the one who stared at you like a dumb animal and couldn’t complete a sentence.”  Why could he talk to a mirror and not to a human being?  Just because that human being happened to be super-hot, super-fine?

            “Hi, I’m Lucas.  It’s short notice, but are you doing anything later?  If you have free time this weekend, maybe we could go to dinner or something.”

            Not original, but serviceable.

            “Hey, Daniel, it’s great to see you.  Listen, if you’re not busy later, some of us get together to go out after work.  It’d be great if you came with us.”  Of course, he’d either have to round up a few people to make that true, or else he’d have to explain to Daniel why he’d lied.

            Closing his eyes, Lucas rubbed his forehead and sought something interesting to say.  Should he start with a simple, “Hi?”  A breezy, “Hey, how’s it going?”  A warm, “It’s great to see you?”  He cleared his throat, focusing.  “Hi, Daniel.  It’s great to see you.  I’m sorry about earlier.  I get nervous around hot guys, and you’re so damned sexy,” shit, no cursing at work, “and you’re so sexy I got a little intimidated, but I can be normal, I swear.  Why don’t you come out with me tonight and let me prove it?”  Maybe that was too forward.

            “I’m busy tonight.”

            Lucas whirled around, eyes snapping open.

            “Were you talking to me?” Daniel asked.

            “No,” Lucas said, cheeks reddening.  “Yes, I, no.”

            “I think that we got off to a bad start,” Daniel said, stepping farther into the room.  “You seem like a great guy.”  Everyone certainly seemed to think that he was terrific.  He was extremely good-looking, and Daniel was extremely attracted to him, physically.  Daniel just couldn’t tell if he was mentally unbalanced, and if that was worth working around to get to the wonderful Lucas that everyone else seemed to know.

            “I…”  Lucas swallowed.

            What could possibly make him this nervous?  “I’m not comfortable dating someone I work with,” Daniel said.  “I’m not comfortable having people I work with that familiar with my private life.”  It was irrelevant now, but he wanted it on the record.

            “Uh…”  Lucas looked very unhappy.  His blue eyes were troubled.

            “I quit this job a minute ago,” Daniel said.  “I’m going back to PemberTech.  I type faster than everyone else there, and they know that they need me, so they’re willing to rehire me for more money.”

            Lucas’s jaw dropped.

            “It was nice to meet you,” Daniel said, offering his hand.

            Lucas didn’t shake his hand; Lucas grabbed it.  “You’re leaving.”

            That had been a complete sentence.  Short, but complete.  Lucas really was incredibly cute.  Daniel wondered if, possibly…  No, it would be better to walk away.  Still, “Maybe we’ll meet again sometime.”

            “If you don’t work here, we’re not co-workers,” Lucas said, still holding onto his hand and suddenly lucid.  “Why don’t you come to dinner with me tonight so we can talk about what that means for us?”

            “What that means for us?” Daniel repeated, wondering if Lucas had multiple personalities.  All of a sudden he was not only talkative but also assertive.

            “Have you ever been to Junior’s?” Lucas asked.  “It’s a little restaurant on the corner of Pine and Costa, it’s a great place.  I’d love to take you there.”

            Daniel tried to take his hand back.  Lucas wouldn’t give it to him.  The longer that Daniel stood this close to him, the more Daniel wanted him, but Daniel still wasn’t sure which Lucas was real.  “I’m busy tonight.”

            “Oh, I’m sorry, that’s right, you said that,” Lucas said.  “Why don’t we go to dinner tomorrow night, instead?  We could check out a movie afterwards, or maybe go back to my place and get to know each other.  We’ve only just met, I don’t know anything about you, I’d love to really talk to you and find out who you are.”

            “I don’t think so,” Daniel said, thrown off by Lucas’s shifting attitudes.

            “When you walk out of here I’m never going to see you again,” Lucas said, holding Daniel’s hand too hard.  Nervous panic was visibly trying to take over, but he was valiantly fighting it.  “I can’t let that happen, so I’m doing my best to make sure you don’t walk right out of my life, but I need a little cooperation from you to make that happen.”

            Daniel didn’t know what was going on with Lucas, but it was getting weirder by the minute.  “I’m sure that you’re a nice guy, but-”

            Lucas kissed him.  A hard, fast, aggressive kiss that got his attention.  A deep, wet kiss that stole his breath.  A hungry, demanding kiss that he returned, and when Lucas put a hand on his chest, he put a hand on Lucas’s waist, fingers curling in.  An assertive kiss with a lot of sleek tongue that made his body hot and his dick hard.  Slow sucking, and then sweet, clinging sensuality, and Daniel finally twisted his hand free to cup the side of Lucas’s face, bringing him to a new angle to get deeper, hotter.

            Lucas drew back about an inch.  Parted lips, red cheeks, aroused and dazed eyes.

            Daniel had never felt more heat from a first kiss.  The intense natural chemistry burning between them sent urgent arousal through his blood.  He didn’t have to wonder who the real Lucas was anymore; he’d just met the real Lucas in that kiss.  Tasted him.  Learned to need him.

            Daniel licked his own lips, then Lucas’s, going in for another kiss, making Lucas moan and grind against him.  The press of Lucas’s hard-on made the hand on Lucas’s waist travel down to-

            “Wait - - oh god.”  Lucas pried Daniel’s hand off, wincing with pleasure.  “I still have to work here.”

            “I don’t,” Daniel said, kissing his neck, sucking gently, making aroused pleased sounds as Lucas’s arms wrapped around him.  His hands slid over Lucas’s hips, squeezing Lucas’s ass, as he licked the pulse fluttering in Lucas’s neck.

            “God, you smell so good,” Lucas moaned.

            Someone opened the bathroom door, then shut it again without entering.

            “I want you so much,” Daniel said, kissing up from Lucas’s neck, “but you’re so damned crazy,” and he kissed Lucas’s mouth, needing it, moaning at the erotic welcome of it.

            “I’m not, I’m not,” Lucas promised, kissing him back with such desire that Daniel had to moan again.  “God, you sound so good,” Lucas whispered, and when Daniel pressed him back against the sinks, he groaned, arching, giving in to it.  Daniel slipped a hand between their bodies, cupping and squeezing his erection, and Lucas started to moan a lot of “fuck me” and “please, yes please” and “we can’t, we can’t do this here.”  His kiss was hungry and desperate, and his hips rolled with sinuous need, and when Daniel unbuttoned his collar to get more access to his neck, he groaned Daniel’s name and dropped his head back and curled one hand around Daniel’s wrist and came right there in Daniel’s hand, in his pants, moaning, jerking, groaning in shock, shuddering with pleasure.

            Daniel gazed at his flushed face, his wet lips, his glazed expression.  Wanted him.  Kissed him, softly, gently.

            “Oh, my god,” Lucas whispered, gazing at him.  Daniel relaxed his hand; Lucas stroked his bared forearm, staring into his eyes.  “You’re as crazy as I am.”

            “I want to fuck you,” Daniel said quietly, kissing him again, rubbing his thigh, rock-hard and lusting after Lucas’s mouth, Lucas’s smooth skin, Lucas’s hungry and responsive body.  Lucas’s slow, lingering caress just on his forearm made his body temperature rise, made his dick strain angrily against his fly.

            Lucas submitted eagerly to each kiss, open and accepting.  “You won’t,” kiss, “date someone you,” kiss, “work with,” slower kiss, “but you just,” kiss, kiss, moan and several more kisses, “made out and jacked me off in a public bathroom.”

            “I want you,” Daniel said, hands sliding greedily over his hips.  “I don’t work here.”  Daniel wanted to fuck him, wanted to get inside him, wanted to thrust into his hot ass and feel good and make him come again.

            Moaning with each kiss, Lucas slid his fingers through Daniel’s hair, hips picking up on Daniel’s subtle rocking motion.  “We can’t do this here,” he whispered, making absolutely no move to stop.

            The door opened.  “It’s five thirty,” Hayden said.  Lucas’s eyes opened; Daniel kissed his neck.  “I clocked you out.  Call me,” Hayden added, and left them alone.

            There was a spot on Lucas’s neck right near his collarbone that attracted Daniel’s mouth, and whenever he paid too much attention to it, Lucas moaned and twitched.

            “We can’t stay here,” Lucas said, running his hands over Daniel’s chest, shuddering and groaning as Daniel ground against him.  “God, I want this.”  Daniel kissed him, needed him, sucked on his tongue and lifted his thigh, pulling his knee up to Daniel’s waist, making him moan and balance and whisper, “Not here, not here, come home with me.”

            His dick was so hard and Lucas’s body was so ready for it and every inch of him ached.  He kissed Lucas harder, deeper, making him moan louder, lifting him onto the sink, sucking on his neck and rubbing between his thighs.

            “Oh, god,” Lucas groaned.  “Daniel, please, stop, stop,” he insisted, panting, pushing Daniel back, planting his foot on Daniel’s stomach to hold him at bay.  “We really can’t do this here.  I hate to get mine and leave you hanging, but I’ll deliver, I promise, just come home with me.  Or I’ll go home with you, I’m not picky,” he said, and his voice was close to normal but lust was in his eyes.

            “I can’t,” Daniel said, cupping his hand around Lucas’s ankle, pushing Lucas’s sock down and sliding his fingers up under the leg of Lucas’s pants, stroking skin.

            “You can’t?” Lucas repeated in disbelief.  He sounded like he was insulted, but he slowly brought his knee to his chest, which brought his foot closer to his body, which brought Daniel closer, too.

            “I have to go from here straight to the airport,” Daniel said.  “I have to go to California for my brother’s wedding.  I won’t be back until really late Tuesday night.”

            Lucas stared at him in horror.

            Daniel gently eased Lucas’s foot aside and stepped in between his spread thighs.  “What are you doing Wednesday after work?” he asked, skimming his fingers up Lucas’s neck.

            “Getting fucked,” Lucas said immediately, almost cutting off the last word with a kiss, hungry for him, hands clutching at the front of his shirt before sliding up his neck, cupping his face, fingering through his hair.  “You have to fuck me so hard to make up for this,” Lucas said, kissing him, kissing him.  “You can have my ass as many times as you want it.”

            Moaning, needing, Daniel rocked insistently against him, clutching his spread thighs and grinding, hands sliding back to his ass to keep him in place, groaning, wanting, too hard, too close to stop it.

            “God, yes,” Lucas moaned, kissing him faster, legs wrapping around his waist to hold him there.  “Do it, come on, let me know what you have to give me.”

            Grunting, lusting, so hard and so close, he rocked faster, harder, fucking against Lucas, groaning against Lucas’s mouth.

            “I love the way you sound,” Lucas whispered, his right hand rising to Daniel’s cheek, his tongue soft and hungry in Daniel’s mouth.  “Come on, give it to me, give me something to remember all weekend.”

            He loved Lucas’s kiss and he loved Lucas’s mouth and Lucas’s words and Lucas’s body and Lucas’s hands and uh, uh, so close, he could feel it, it was rising, rising, so close, so hard, god, so, so, so, “Ah, ah, ah, oh,” he groaned, coming as it crested and broke, feeling the wild tremors of it pass through his body, waves and ripples, shaking him.  Oh, god, “Oh, god,” he breathed, still twitching, blinking, leaning against Lucas, bracing one hand between Lucas’s thighs on the edge of the sink.  Oh, god.  He rested his forehead on Lucas’s shoulder, panting, sweating.  Shivering.

            Lucas stroked his hair.  Slowly, Lucas’s legs unwound themselves from around him.  “You have to go right now?”

            “Five minutes ago,” he said, turning his head and nuzzling into Lucas’s neck.  Lucas’s skin was hot, and red with desire, and tasted faintly salty, faintly sweet.

            “You’re killing me,” Lucas moaned, burying unsteady fingers in his hair.  “We have to wait until Wednesday night?”

            “Right after work,” Daniel said, licking, kissing.

            “Today’s Friday,” Lucas said.  “That’s almost a whole week away.”

            Daniel looked into his eyes, then kissed him.  “I won’t think about anything but you,” Daniel whispered, kissing him deeper, deeper, hands sliding over his chest.

            “Promise me you’ll fuck me hard, all night long,” Lucas breathed, making a soft aching noise with each kiss.

            “Your ass is mine,” Daniel whispered, kissing him harder and rubbing his nipples through his shirt and making him moan.  He was hot and he wanted it and Daniel needed to give it to him.  Briefly lifting him from the sink, Daniel set him on his feet, their bodies pressed together the whole way down.

            Lucas’s arms were wrapped around him, and his hands massaged Lucas’s ass, and Lucas’s hard-on nudged him insistently, and the door opened.

            “No, they’re still in here,” someone reported as the door closed again.

            Lucas’s moan held a note of embarrassment this time, as he dropped his forehead to Daniel’s shoulder.

            Daniel held him in a tight embrace, eyes closing, capturing the feeling of him for the nights to come.

            “I can’t believe we did this,” Lucas said.  “I can’t believe you’re leaving.”

            Daniel wanted to take Lucas with him.  He held Lucas even tighter.

            Lucas’s fingers slid through Daniel’s hair.  He stroked Daniel’s nape.  “You are coming back, aren’t you?”

            “I’ll come back,” Daniel promised.  His hands ran over Lucas’s back.  Strayed down to Lucas’s ass again.  “I have to go.”  He had to get to the airport.  And he’d have to change clothes, now that his current pants were cum-stained.  But all of that would mean leaving Lucas’s body, Lucas’s arms, Lucas’s caress, Lucas’s embrace.

            Lucas kissed him.

            He kissed Lucas, gazed into blue eyes, rubbed his thumb across Lucas’s lips, kissed Lucas again.  “This has been a strange place to work.”

            Lucas laughed.  “You’re the best co-worker I’ve ever had.”

            “Why,” he kissed Lucas’s smiling mouth, “were you staring at me like a deer in the headlights earlier?”

            Lucas blushed, kissing him again.  “I used to be kind of a mess, before I found my own personal style.  The first five guys I asked out were way out of my league and turned me down in the most humiliating ways possible.  I was shattered.  It totally destroyed my confidence.  After the fifth one, it was a long time before I approached anyone else, and even then...”  He shrugged, embarrassed, avoiding Daniel’s gaze.  “With other people, I’m fine, I’m great, but around hot guys, I just…shut down.”

            “Those guys were assholes,” Daniel said, stroking his face, touching his mouth again.  “I’m glad that you didn’t let me go.”

            Flattered, flustered smile.  “You’re so hot, I couldn’t just let you leave.”  Sad, frustrated sigh.  “And now you’re leaving anyway.”

            Daniel kissed him slowly, savoring the feel of him.  “I’ll be back next week.”

            Lucas’s kiss wanted him, clung to him.

            Time was passing.  “I really have to leave right now,” Daniel said, telling himself to be firm, not to be drawn back in by his own desire and Lucas’s need.

            “I know, I know.”  Lucas kissed him.  “Bye.”

            He took one last kiss.  “Wednesday.”

            “Wednesday,” Lucas said, kissing him again.

            “Bye.”  Another kiss.

            “Bye,” Lucas murmured, licking softly, sucking sweetly.

            His dick urged him to stay; his hands had much more to explore; his heated blood pumped faster at the possibilities before him.

            Lucas moaned, fingers creeping down over Daniel’s fly and finding-

            “I really have to go,” Daniel said, stepping back while he was still capable of resisting.  “I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

            Lucas kissed him one more time.  “It was nice to meet you,” Lucas said with a smile.

            Daniel smiled back.  “It was nice to meet you, too,” he agreed, and shook Lucas’s hand.  One slow kiss.  “Bye.”

            “Bye,” Lucas said softly.

            Reminding himself that he really did have to go, Daniel drew on his willpower and turned his back, walking away.

            The door closed between them.

            Lucas washed his hands.

            Blotted sweat from his face and neck with paper towels.

            Washed his hands again.

            Stared at the sink where he’d, where they’d…

            He couldn’t believe that they’d actually done that.

            He couldn’t believe how damned hot it had been.

            He couldn’t wait for Wednesday.

Short Stories