Copyright December 24, 2006
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

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A note from the author: Those of you who haven't yet subscribed to the series may not know that a belam is a harem, and a bela is someone who works in the harem; a concubine.  It's not crucial to this story; just remember: bela = concubine.

            Biting his lower lip to hold back a groan, Kotiro pumped his hips lazily, thrusting his rigid erection over and over into Tola’s drooling, sucking mouth.  He was wise enough to stay quiet, but he didn’t see a need to rush, as long as everyone else remained out in the field.  If the gods were generous, no one would find a need to enter the barn or even notice that he and Tola had stepped away.

            He knew that he shouldn’t shirk his duties to indulge his desires, but in the three years that he and Tola had been together, he’d never learned how to say no.  When Tola had crouched down beside him under the cover of the tall daridan plants and whispered, “Meet me in the barn in five minutes,” with that wicked, promising look in those irresistible dark eyes, he’d felt a quick pulse of lust and nodded without hesitation.

            Now, as he felt Tola’s fingers slip behind his balls to push promisingly against his asshole, his thighs tensed, toes curling, and he moaned, bucking a little to-

            Sunlight brightened the cavernous insides of the dark barn, and Kotiro immediately dropped behind sacks of grain, falling soundlessly to his knees and pulling Tola’s face to his chest.  “Ssshhh,” he breathed, one hand groping across the straw-strewn floor for his clothes.

            “No one’s here,” someone said, a low voice, familiar.

            “Poru,” Tola whispered, stilling Kotiro’s hand.  Poru was Kotiro’s servant, one of the men hired by Kotiro’s father to work the fields.  He was roughly their age, muscular, with eyes more black than brown and an unbelievably gorgeous ass, high and round and firm as a melon.

            Kotiro relaxed slightly.  Being caught by his father would be bad; being caught by Poru, well, maybe he could get Poru to join in.

            “Bar the door,” a second voice said.  “I would prefer that we not be interrupted.”

            Frowning, Kotiro suspected that he recognized that voice.  A deep voice, with an undertone of sexual invitation to it, but a little too cultured to be anyone except Prince Desin.  Prince Desin!  Kotiro didn’t want to be caught with his pants around his ankles by one of the Seven Siblings!  What should he do?  Should he announce himself?  Hide and hope that no one noticed him?  Wait?  Try to escape unseen?  There was only one entrance to this barn, and the prince was right by it.

            A clank, a scrape, the unmistakable sound of metal on metal as the door locked.

            Tola’s hand tightened on his.

            “Mmm.”  Faint, muffled, wet sounds.  A few low, appreciative grunts.  Rising up into a crouch, Kotiro peeked above the edge of the sacks he was tucked behind, and risked a glance.

            The barn was dark, but light shone through cracks here and there, providing just enough illumination for Kotiro to realize that Poru was kissing Prince Desin, and Desin was definitely kissing back.

            A tiny gasp at Kotiro’s ear, and then he felt Tola shaking with laughter against his back.  He squeezed Tola’s thigh to hush him, watching, mesmerized, as Poru knelt.

            The silent laughter stopped, suddenly, and Tola pressed more tightly to Kotiro’s back, just as Kotiro strained to see in the darkness.  From this distance in the dim light, it was impossible to make out any real image of Prince Desin’s cock, but Poru’s awed, aroused sounds were clearly audible, as were the wet, slurping noises that followed.

            “Remember everything you see, and tell me later,” Tola whispered, and then Tola slid down, slithering in between Kotiro and the sacks, and, oh, Kotiro bit down on his hand as he felt Tola’s mouth on his cock again.  His other hand cupped the back of Tola’s head, fingers sliding through soft dark hair, as he tried not to echo Prince Desin’s low, vibrating groans.  He and Tola had stolen erotic moments in a variety of places, so he knew how to be quiet during sex, but it was always a challenge.

            “Faster,” Prince Desin said, and Kotiro’s body shook when Tola obeyed, picking up speed, making his knees quake.  Tola was being quiet, but the lewd, wet noises from the other end of the barn were a perfect, obscene accompaniment to the hot need burning through Kotiro’s body.  “Harder,” Prince Desin said, “suck it harder, like that, that’s good, that’s, yeah…”  Whimpering against his hand, Kotiro gripped Tola’s hair, trying to fight back the fierce wave of pleasure as Tola sucked his cock so hard his eyes rolled back in his head.  Oh, yes, that was good, he could feel it building, he could feel it, he-

            A thick, wet popping sound, and Poru panted, “I have oil.  Will you fuck me?”

            The steady, deep suction continued on Kotiro’s dick, holding him there at the edge, while a hand crept across the ground, finding his clothing, reaching into his pockets.  The idea was too delicious.  Kotiro rocked his hips a little, pushing into Tola’s mouth, wanting to fuck, wanting it now.

            Prince Desin pulled off his shirt in one smooth motion, his body gorgeous, muscular perfection.  “Would you be more comfortable on the floor or over one of those bales?”  It looked, through the dim light, that he was stroking himself, slowly caressing his own erection.  Shaken by a new wave of lust, Kotiro ran his hand down Tola’s back, cupping Tola’s gently curved ass.

            “Right here,” Poru said, rising and turning his back, leaning forward over a bale of hay.

            With a last swirl of tongue, Tola lifted his head, handing Kotiro the oil and twisting around, sliding his body fully between Kotiro and the sacks, his ass rubbing right against Kotiro’s throbbing erection.  Muffling his groan against Tola’s shoulder, Kotiro uncapped the tiny jar, hips already rocking to slide his swollen cock against Tola’s hot flesh.

            Poru dropped his pants, baring his firm, round ass.  Making an aroused, pleased sound, Desin squeezed it, then gave it a quick, light spank.  Poru moaned, arching his back and pushing into Desin’s touch, and Tola squirmed in Kotiro’s lap as Kotiro slid two slick fingers in.

            Desin was quick with the oil, making Poru groan on every stroke, and then he was thrusting in, his moan making Kotiro ache while Poru made ecstatic, encouraging, hurts-just-right noises.  Kotiro followed Desin, sliding into Tola’s eager, welcoming ass, intoxicated by Tola’s shuddering breath as Tola’s body accepted his cock.  His hands on Tola’s hips encouraged writhing, rocking movement, trying to match Desin’s pace.  Desin fucked hard, shaking Poru’s muscular body, pounding in with harsh rhythm, while Poru grunted and panted and asked for more, his voice raw with need.  Tola rode Kotiro’s cock with familiar ease, arching and tightening around him but breathing softly, not giving them away.

            Lost in the rhythm, in the sound of flesh on flesh, in Poru’s demanding cries and Desin’s sporadic grunts of pleasure, in the throbbing of his need and the slide of Tola’s body, Kotiro rose up to meet Tola’s speed, rocking upward, curling his hand around Tola’s swollen erection.  Tola’s fingers dug into his thigh as Poru made a harsh, whining sound, and then semen splashed over Kotiro’s hand while Poru moaned and gasped.

            Easing off of him, Tola rotated around to face him, fitting their bodies back together and leaning back against the sacks, panting softly and wriggling to get comfortable.  Aching, Kotiro leaned forward over him, fucking into him slowly, kissing his neck and watching Prince Desin’s powerful thrusts.

            Prince Desin’s perfect stroke was a thing of beauty.  The way he rolled his hips and popped at the end of each forceful thrust made hot, broken moans well up and cluster in the back of Kotiro’s throat.  Staring, needing, matching Desin’s constant rhythm, Kotiro could only wonder in desperate, awed envy what it would feel like to have all of that big cock deep inside.  Poru was exceedingly fortunate, and, from the sound of it, felt very lucky indeed.

            Soft gasps in his ear were controlled echoes of Poru’s desperate and heartfelt moans.  As Tola arched up against him, legs up around his ribcage, Kotiro stroked Tola’s chest and chewed on his own bottom lip, fighting back the ecstasy of climax as Desin rocked Poru’s body, hand working between Poru’s thighs, on and on, fucking and thrusting until Poru made that harsh, whining sound again, bucking furiously.  He sounded like his body was being torn apart by pleasure; the noise tingled all the way down Kotiro’s back and licked its way to Kotiro’s straining cock.  He paused for a moment, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to control himself.

            Breathy laughter from Tola; Kotiro’s eyes snapped open and he continued on, fucking Tola harder, hips rocking desperately, the end pushing in closer, closer.  He wanted to wait for Desin, but his dick ached and his balls felt tight and his thighs shook and orgasm was pressing on him from all sides, trying to get in, trying to get out.  He couldn’t take it anymore, he just couldn’t bear it, and he came, holding his breath, shuddering through it, pleasure and heat and satiation chasing each other out of his skin.

            “Uuhh, oh, yeah…”  Groaning, Prince Desin came, making satisfied sounds at the end of a job well done.  “Mmm…”  Popping his dick out, he cupped Poru’s firm ass, giving it a few squeezes.  “You have the ass of a bela.”

            “You have the cock of a god,” Poru said, turning around but sagging limply against the hay, his tone exhausted.

            A pleased chuckle; Desin kissed Poru for a moment.  “I must return.”  Another few kisses, another satisfied sound, and Desin pulled his clothes back on.  “Thank you for your company.”

            “Thank you,” Poru said.

            Desin left; the door closed.

            Kotiro shivered when Tola’s hands slid over his back.  He kissed Tola, quietly, stroking the sweat from his warm skin.

            A low, worn-out groan from Poru, who straightened and dressed.

            “Prince Desin made him come twice,” Tola breathed into Kotiro’s ear.  “You must try harder to please me next time.”

            “I pleased you plenty enough last night,” Kotiro whispered.

            “There is a great deal of work still to be finished today,” Poru said.

            Kotiro froze.  Who was he talking to?

            Running his fingers through Kotiro’s hair, Tola kissed his cheek.

            “If you join us within the next few minutes,” Poru added, pushing open the door, “I won’t tell your father where you’ve been.”  The door closed again; they were alone.

            In shock, Kotiro stared across the barn.  Poru knew that he was there?  How long had Poru suspected?  What had-

            Laughing, Tola pinched him.  “Why do you think I suddenly wanted to come in here?  I heard Poru proposition His Royal Highness, and I-”

            “You knew?” Kotiro demanded, stunned.  “You knew that Poru was bringing Prince Desin in here?  You conspired to-”

            “Of course I did,” Tola said.  “I’d never let you miss out on this sort of opportunity.”

            Grinning, Kotiro kissed him.  “Come home with me tonight, and I’ll make you come as many times as you want.”

            “I deserve that,” Tola agreed, arms twining around his neck.

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