Who Knew

Copyright August 17-29, 2005
by Matthew Haldeman-Time

I am writing about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Easing onto a stool at the island in the center of Harrison’s kitchen, Evan accepted the offered glass of wine.  “What are we having?”

            “Cherry-glazed ham, twice-baked potatoes, mint peas, and fruit and walnut salad,” Harrison said.

            Evan took a slow sip, watching Harrison chop walnuts.  “You don’t expect me to help with that, do you?”

            “I know better,” Harrison said.  Evan heard the front door slam shut.  “Gabriel?” Harrison called.  Angry footsteps stormed through the house, stomping up the stairs.  Another door slammed.

            “Is he okay?” Evan asked, glancing overhead.

            “He’ll be fine,” Harrison said, unconcerned.

            If Harrison said so.  Evan hadn’t spent a lot of time conversing with Gabriel.  Most of what Evan knew about him had been through distant observation and Harrison’s conversation.  Evan wasn’t exactly sure of the precise terms of their relationship, although he knew that Harrison was thirty-two, well-paid, and calmly indulgent, while Gabriel was twenty-one, exquisitely beautiful, and spoiled.  Gabriel lived in Harrison’s house without paying a cent for rent, utilities, or food.  Harrison bought Gabriel clothes, paid not only for repairs to Gabriel’s car but also for gas, and gave Gabriel gifts on a fairly regular basis.  Gifts like a DVD player or a laptop.

            They’d been dating for five months.

            Gabriel had moved in four months ago.  He went to college during the day, and either went out to clubs, did homework, or made himself available to Harrison at night.  When he went out alone, he fucked around.  As long as he didn’t bring anyone home with him, and was in bed when Harrison woke up in the morning, Harrison was okay with it.

            “He might be rude during dinner,” Harrison said.  “Don’t worry about it.”

            “What’s wrong?” Evan asked, wondering what kinds of problems Gabriel might have.  Did his friends make fun of him for being a kept boy?  If so, well…good for them; they were right.

            “He got pissed off when I told him I’d invited you to dinner,” Harrison said.

            Evan was prepared not to take that personally, until Harrison added, “I don’t think he likes you.”

            “He doesn’t like me?”  Not that he expected Gabriel to be especially fond of him, but why would Gabriel dislike him?  They barely knew each other.  Well, he knew intimate details of Gabriel’s sex life, but beyond that…

            “I don’t know why,” Harrison said.  “I think he’s jealous.”

            “Jealous?”  This conversation made less and less sense.  “Do gorgeous twenty-one-year-olds with active sex lives and a steady flow of material things have any reason to be jealous of anyone?”  Not that Evan was shabby; he was fairly fit, fairly attractive, fairly middle-class, fairly…dull, really.  Twenty-eight-year-old accountants weren’t exactly refreshingly exciting.

            “It’ll blow over.”  Harrison checked on the ham.  “I’m almost finished here.  Do me a favor and go up and get him.”

            “Me?”  If Gabriel was in a snit because of him, should he be the one to fetch Gabriel to dinner?

            “Make it quick,” Harrison said.  “I’ll get this on the table.”

            Okay.  Slipping from the stool, Evan walked out to the foyer and up the staircase.  Passing a backpack on the landing, he moved down the hallway.

            “-here.  No, right now, he’s here now, downstairs.  I know, that’s what I’m telling you.  No, I don’t know, I tried to talk to him about it earlier but - - yeah, exactly.”  A quiet, troubled sigh.  “I don’t know, I just don’t know, it’s like…”  A muted sound of frustration.  “Yeah, so now I have to sit through dinner.  Dude, it doesn’t matter what I’m going to wear, it matters what I’m going to say!”

            He really should have yelled “Food!” from the bottom of the stairs.  Stepping to the open bedroom doorway, Evan cleared his throat.  “Harrison’s serving dinner.”

            Naked to the waist, jeans slipping down from slim hips to reveal black boxer-briefs, phone in one hand, Gabriel used his other hand to push his hair out of his gray eyes.  “Shit.  Um, I have to go, bye.”  He hung up, tossing the phone on the bed.  “Hi.”

            “Hi,” Evan said.  He didn’t think that Harrison would mind if he discreetly ogled the merchandise.  Gabriel had smooth, pale, creamy skin.  A wide, full, sensuous mouth.  Striking eyes.  A mop of disheveled black curls.  A sleek, toned body.  A diamond in each earlobe, thanks to Harrison.

            “Can you go so I can get changed?” Gabriel asked.  “Or are you here to watch?”

            “Oh,” Evan said.  Even if Harrison wouldn’t mind if he ogled, apparently Gabriel would.  “Sorry.”  With a brief, apologetic smile, Evan went back downstairs.  He didn’t have enough information to decode Gabriel’s phone conversation, but it didn’t bode well for a pleasant evening.

            Why would Gabriel not like him?

            Why would Gabriel be jealous of him?  Because of his friendship with Harrison?  They’d been friends off and on for most of their lives; their mothers were best friends, so even though they were four years apart in age, they’d been forced together a lot.  They’d vacationed together, taken acting classes together, come out together…  Yes, they were close, and they shared a lot of memories, but they’d never even made it past sloppy kissing.  To be jealous of Evan, Gabriel would have to be insecure.

            And Gabriel didn’t seem insecure.

            “Everything okay?” Harrison asked, cleaning up cooking debris.

            “Yeah,” Evan said.  “He knows exactly how sexy he is, doesn’t he?”  Sexy didn’t even fit; Gabriel was so much more than that, it was hard to find one appropriate word.

            “He knows,” Harrison said.  “And he makes sure that everyone else realizes it, too.”

            Footsteps on the stairs; Evan turned as Gabriel entered the kitchen.  He was tempted to ask, “How was school?” but that sounded like a patronizing adult questioning a third-grader.  Gabriel had on jeans and a fitted black T-shirt, no shoes.  Evan wondered what he’d worn to class that necessitated a change for dinner.

            “How was psych?” Harrison asked, as the three of them sat around the table.  “Did you get your test back?”

            “Yeah,” Gabriel said, passing Evan the peas.  “I got a 91.”

            “Evan wanted to be a psychologist,” Harrison said.

            “I also wanted to be a fireman,” Evan said.  “And Madonna.”

            “Evan’s desire to be a fireman was not altruistic,” Harrison told Gabriel.

            “I just wanted to carry cute guys out of burning buildings,” Evan said.

            “So they could give him ‘thank you’ sex,” Harrison said.

            “There’s nothing like a grateful blowjob to make you feel like a hero,” Evan said.

            “Do accountants get a lot of head?” Gabriel asked.

            His tone and expression made it thoroughly unclear as to whether he meant the question as a joke, insult, or honestly curious question.  There was no doubt in Evan’s mind that Gabriel got head whenever he wanted it from anyone he approached, but Evan wasn’t quite that lucky.  “Most of my grateful clients just give me money.  Although I don’t refuse sexual favors.”

            “I guess you can’t afford to,” Gabriel said.  His smile was a perfect replica of good-natured amusement; his eyes were hostile, the gray like a threatening storm cloud.

            “And what do you want to be when you grow up?” Evan asked.  “A productive member of society?  Or would that be expecting too much?”

            “Fuck you,” Gabriel said, dropping the mask of a smile as the phone rang.

            Rising from the table, Harrison kissed the top of Gabriel’s head.  “Get over yourself,” he said, and went to answer the phone.

            “So,” Evan said, cutting a slice of ham.  “Harrison didn’t tell me that you’re as obnoxious as you are oversexed.”

            “Harrison didn’t tell me that you want me,” Gabriel said.  “Maybe he doesn’t know.”

            Evan laughed.  Was that supposed to be a threat?  “Everybody wants you.  I’m only human.  I have bad taste just like everyone else.”

            Harrison drifted out of the kitchen, still on the phone.  It sounded like business.

            Evan and Gabriel ate in silence.

            Gabriel licked a trace of cherry sauce from his lush lower lip with a sexy flick of pink tongue.

            “Do your parents know you live with a thirty-two-year-old?” Evan asked.

            “My mom’s just glad I’m getting money somewhere so I won’t ask her for any,” Gabriel said.

            Nice.  “What about your dad?”

            Gabriel barely reacted.  “I don’t have one.”  He took a sip of wine, then tossed his head to get his hair out of his eyes.  “Do your parents know you lust after college kids?”

            “No, but if they saw you, I think they’d understand,” Evan said.  “How do you pay for classes?”  Was Harrison paying?  What about before Harrison’s appearance in Gabriel’s life?

            “My grandparents left me money for school.  It’s not enough for four years, so I’m saving what I can.”

            Saving what Harrison gave him.  “You could get a job.”

            Bland smile.  “I have one.”

            God.  Something about the graceless admission turned Evan’s stomach.  Setting down his fork, reaching for a glass of water, Evan wondered how they did it, how Gabriel could whore himself out and see it as whoring, whether Harrison saw it the same way.  Was Harrison really jaded enough to fuck someone for money, and think of it in those terms?

            “It’s a decent arrangement,” Gabriel said, unperturbed.  “Harrison’s great.  I have a lot of freedom, but he makes sure I don’t go too far and fuck up my life.  I have money, a great house, good food-”

            “It’s a business arrangement,” Evan said, wanting Gabriel to deny it.

            “Exactly,” Gabriel said, without hesitation.

            Evan was sickened, and he didn’t know why.  He hadn’t exactly approved of Harrison and Gabriel’s relationship before now, but he’d pretended to be cynical about it.  Now it just seemed like a waste, a waste of two good people.  Or, one good person and whatever kind of person Gabriel was, which was still up for debate.  “Don’t you want more for yourself?” Evan asked.  “Better?”

            “Better than this?” Gabriel asked.  “Better than new clothes, a new laptop, all of my needs met, getting everything I want?”

            “Don’t you want someone to care about?” Evan asked.  “Someone who cares about you?”  Not that Harrison didn’t care about Gabriel, but it wasn’t going to blossom into anything deeper.

            Immaculately arched black eyebrows rose.  “Do you have that?”

            He had to be honest.  “No,” Evan admitted.  “But I want to.  Don’t you?”

            “I don’t see love knocking down my door,” Gabriel said.  “I see money and sex and a good place to live right here in front of me.”

            “You sound so much more intelligent than you’re acting,” Evan said.  “You’re smart, you’re driven, you’re strikingly beautiful.  You could have a good life, your own life, not someone else’s.”

            Gabriel gave him a wary, disgusted look.  “This is my life.”

             Harrison came back into the kitchen, briefcase in hand.  “I’m sorry, I have to go.”  He kissed Gabriel’s pale, smooth cheek.  When Gabriel offered temptingly curved lips, he went back for more.  “Be a good host.”  Straightening, Harrison squeezed Gabriel’s hand, said, “I won’t be home until late, so don’t wait up,” and left.

            Evan pushed his food around on his plate, not interested in eating any of it, until he heard the garage door close as Harrison left.  “I think I’ll go.”

            “Now?” Gabriel asked.  “You aren’t done.  There’s probably dessert around here somewhere, too.”

            “I’m not hungry,” Evan said, pushing his chair back.

            “Then sit and watch me eat,” Gabriel said.  “We were in the middle of a conversation, and I want to finish it.”

            “I don’t,” Evan said, standing as Gabriel stood.  “Tell Harrison-”

            “Go sit on the sofa in the living room,” Gabriel said.  “I’ll find dessert.”

            Thick, black curls falling into dark gray eyes framed by curling lashes.  Soft, generously curved lips designed for pouting and kissing and wrapping around dick.  “Harrison shouldn’t have left us alone together.”

            “What is it that bothers you so much?” Gabriel asked, and when one hand rose and began to unbutton Evan’s shirt, Evan swallowed, dick stiffening.  “That I live with an older man who takes great care of me?”

            Slow fingers circled Evan’s nipples through his undershirt.  He knew that he should back up, or push Gabriel away, or tell Gabriel to stop, but his dick was growing harder and harder, and the tiny stiff points of his nipples loved Gabriel’s touch.

            Gabriel’s voice softened.  “Or that I live with an older man who takes great care of me, and he’s not you?”

            This was stupid, this was stupid.  “We don’t even know each other,” Evan said, trapped by Gabriel’s gaze.  His hands settled on Gabriel’s slim hips, then slid up, up slender sides, lifting the fitted black T-shirt as he went, stroking skin like warm silk.  Gabriel’s arms rose, and Evan pulled the shirt off entirely, dropping it without care and immediately pressing his hands to Gabriel’s lightly muscled, naked torso.  Gabriel’s skin was smooth, and Gabriel was unbuttoning Evan’s fly, and Evan’s entire body was hot with desire.

            “We know what we need to know,” Gabriel said, almost close enough to kiss, full lips parted and tantalizingly near, black lashes lowering slowly.  With Gabriel this close, Evan couldn’t breathe; with Gabriel’s hand slipping inside his opened fly to cup and squeeze, Evan moaned, tense and hot and hard, swelling to full erection.

            He knew better than to do this, he knew better, he was more mature than this, he had more perspective, he had more sense.  Harrison was a good, close friend; this was Harrison’s kept boy and Harrison’s house.  Gabriel was incredibly beautiful and indescribably sexy, but Evan could exercise self-control.  All he had to do was back up.  Walk away.  Say no.  Run.

            “Evan,” Gabriel whispered, black curls falling across his forehead, gaze focused on Evan’s eyes, cheeks red with rising heat.  The strained underwear between his hand and Evan’s dick grew wet with pre-cum.  Breathless with desire, rock-hard with lust, Evan explored Gabriel’s naked upper body with fascinated hands.  His pecs were firm, his arms were defined, his nipples were pink.

            Evan wanted to say no, but the word wouldn’t come.  Gabriel was so close Evan could feel his soft breath.  The slow, experienced stroking and rubbing from Gabriel’s hand had Evan curling his toes and moaning helplessly, quietly.

            Why wouldn’t Gabriel kiss him?  He wanted Gabriel to kiss him.  If Gabriel kissed him, he could go through with it and still say that Gabriel had initiated everything.  He wanted Gabriel, his hands couldn’t get enough of Gabriel’s skin, his body ached with hot lust, his cock drooled with eager desperation against Gabriel’s hand.

            But Gabriel wouldn’t kiss him.  Gazed into his eyes and hovered close, but wouldn’t make that move.

            “Gabe,” Evan whispered, sliding his hands over Gabriel’s waist with a light squeeze, drawing Gabriel’s body even closer.

            Gray eyes flickered from Evan’s eyes to his mouth and back up.  The warmth of Gabriel’s hand caressed the side of Evan’s neck.  “I love your cock,” Gabriel murmured, giving him a squeeze that brought him right to the edge.  “You’re so hard.”

            Unable to withstand another second of Gabriel’s hand, driven mad by temptation and desire, Evan grabbed Gabriel’s wrist, dragging his hand out of Evan’s pants and kissing him.  Soft lips parted immediately for Evan’s tongue; Gabriel moaned, pressing himself to Evan’s body.  He was hot, his body firm but his skin smooth, his erection digging into Evan’s hip.

            Moaning aloud at the sensation of Gabriel’s heated body against his, Evan cupped Gabriel’s ass with one hand, squeezing the roundness of it and hearing Gabriel groan in response.  His other hand slid through Gabriel’s hair, burying his fingers in the tangled mop of thick, black curls.  Such silky hair, such hot kisses, such demanding moans.  Gabriel’s hips ground against his with urgent lust, hands getting rid of his undershirt and traveling his flesh, stroking and rubbing and teasing.  The feel of Gabriel’s hands made him groan and shudder at the desire in each caress.

            Gabriel’s kisses made Evan clutch his ass with both hands, kneading, jerking his hips forward against Evan’s erection.  Gabriel’s hungrily panting breaths set Evan’s blood on fire.  Evan had to fuck him, had to do it, had to do it now.  His greedy hands and sucking kisses demanded it.  His hot moans and bucking, rocking hips created such intense need that Evan’s brain shut down, handing over all functions to primal urges.

            Stripping Gabriel naked took seconds.  His body was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, pale skin and black hair and slender muscles and swollen erection.  Looking wasn’t enough; Evan needed more, needed to have and take, needed to fuck.  While Gabriel pushed Evan’s pants down, Evan set Gabriel on the table, kissing his lush mouth, jacking his hard dick and whispering words of lust that made Gabriel moan and shiver and demand.

            There was a packet of lube under Gabriel’s plate.  Evan didn’t know why and didn’t care why; he took it, and he jerked the tablecloth to spill everything to the floor so he could spread Gabriel out, and he slicked Gabriel’s hot, greedy ass.  With Gabriel’s feet braced on his shoulders, he pushed his erection inside, claiming Gabriel’s body with two thrusts.  He didn’t take it slowly; he couldn’t have.  The need churning inside drove him onward, faster, and he fucked Gabriel quickly, moaning and grunting, slamming in, balls slapping Gabriel’s ass, hands spreading Gabriel’s thighs further.

            “Evan, god, yes, yes, ah, yes,” Gabriel moaned, twitching and jerking, jacking himself, arching and clawing ineffectually at the tabletop.  “It’s so big, it’s so big, fuck me with it, yes, harder, harder, fuck me…”

            He was almost there, he was so fucking close, Gabriel was so fucking hot, he wanted this so fucking badly.  Evan couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t stop, could only fuck and fuck and fuck, staring at Gabriel’s beauty, feeding Gabriel’s need, feeling intense pulses of passion, one after the other, throbbing, rising.

            He was aware that he was groaning, loud aching groans, but all he heard was Gabriel, Gabriel’s voice, Gabriel’s aching lust, “Give it to me, fuck me with it.  Evan, I need it, I need it, give it to me, fuck me, harder, fuck me, please…”

            As Evan pounded harder, faster, Gabriel’s back arched farther, chest flushed with color, neck exposed, head back, black curls falling back from his face.  The pulling and squeezing of his hand over his dick increased, speeding up with Evan’s rhythm, and as Evan fucked his ass and rubbed his thighs and groaned at the perfection of his heat, Gabriel cried out, thick squirts of cum splattering his chest.

            The sight of Gabriel’s ecstasy, the sound of Gabriel calling his name, was the final piece locking into place, and only a few thrusts later Evan came, groaning with pleasure as orgasm spiraled its way through and out.

            As he caught his breath and disengaged their bodies, Evan felt satisfaction settle into his bones.  Satisfaction, and an odd sort of fascination.  He’d just fucked Gabriel.  Just fucked someone utterly beautiful.  Just fucked someone so sexy that the air around him shimmered with erotic energy.

            Gazing at him, rapt, Evan climbed over his relaxed body, stroking his sweat-damp curls, tracing his features with trembling fingertips, touching the sheen of sweat and the streaks of jism on his chest.  His skin was so smooth…

            When Gabriel kissed him, Evan kissed back with helpless adoration.  He’d been ensnared, and he didn’t know how or why, but he didn’t want to escape.

            “Let’s go upstairs,” Gabriel whispered against his lips between kisses.

            Upstairs.  There was a bed upstairs.  Evan wanted to make love to him on a bed.  Pleasure him and watch him writhe.  Kiss him and-

            Harrison’s bed.

            Harrison’s house.

            Harrison’s whore.

            Evan jumped back so suddenly that he almost hurt himself falling from the table.  Scrambling for his clothes, he avoided looking near Gabriel, couldn’t risk a glance.  He’d fucked Harrison’s boyfriend, Harrison’s live-in fuck boy, Harrison’s whatever the hell, it didn’t matter what Gabriel’s title was, what mattered was that Gabriel was Harrison’s.

            “Shit!”  With his clothes gathered in his hands, Evan stared at the floor.  Scattered flatware.  Broken china, broken glass.  Spilled food.  Puddles of water and wine and cherry sauce.  He’d, he’d, “Fuck!”

            “It’s okay,” Gabriel said, easing off of the table with lithe grace, tossing his hair out of his face.

            Beautiful, perfectly beautiful.  It hurt Evan to look at him.  Evan hadn’t felt this way yesterday.  Hadn’t felt this way an hour ago.

            Or had Evan felt exactly this way, and just hadn’t let himself admit it?

            How often had he invented excuses to come over and see Harrison, hoping to catch a glimpse of Gabriel?

            How often had he asked Harrison how Gabriel was, scrounging for news?  How often had he sat, tormented, through Harrison’s detailed descriptions of last night’s sexual adventures?  He’d tortured himself by pressing for more, needing to know, unable to deny himself the vicarious experiences.

            Before Gabriel’s appearance in Harrison’s life, Evan had met Harrison in restaurants, in cafes, in gyms.  Now Evan was in Harrison’s home at every opportunity.

            “This isn’t okay,” Evan said, heart pounding, staring at Gabriel’s smooth, smooth skin.  So pale.  He had to touch it.  Run his fingers over it and kiss it and, god, “This isn’t okay.”

            “Come upstairs with me,” Gabriel said, coming closer, too close, Evan couldn’t resist.  Gabriel’s kiss was slow and deep and opened new pockets of desire deep inside Evan, made him ache in places he’d never known he had.  Gabriel’s skin was hot silk under his hands; the wanderings of Gabriel’s fingers etched need and love across Evan’s body.

            This was why he’d never gotten too close to Gabriel before.  Because it wasn’t safe.  Because Gabriel was dangerous.  Because fire burned.

            “I can’t,” Evan whispered, but even while he said it, his hands slid over Gabriel’s waist and he knew that he would.

            Gabriel kissed him again, and Evan had never been kissed like this, like he was sexy and special and delicious.  When Gabriel began to lead the way upstairs, Evan clung to Gabriel’s kiss, and they made halting progress to the second floor and down the hallway, pausing every few steps to kiss new places and whisper new things.

            They made love on Harrison’s bed.  Gabriel was greedy and shameless and demanding and generous.  Evan fucked him until his hot cries of passion were fevered screams of need.

            Evan wakened to darkness.  A pillow was under his head, but his feet were against a headboard.  A warm, gorgeously sleek body was tucked intimately against him, an arm curled around his neck.

            The digital clock told him that it was 3:19.

            If Harrison hadn’t come home yet, he’d arrive at any second.  He’d see Evan’s car still in the driveway.  He’d see the destruction in the kitchen.  He’d see Evan in bed with tempting, seductive, sleeping Gabriel.

            What could Evan say?  Sorry, I’m in love with him, who knew?  Sorry, he set my body on fire, I had to have him, I can’t imagine leaving him now, mind if I move in?

            Closing his eyes again, Evan tucked his nose against Gabriel’s neck, breathing in his warmth and his scent, fingers burrowing into his hair.

            Evan didn’t know what to do about Harrison.  Didn’t know whether he’d lie.  Didn’t know whether Gabriel would tell the truth.  Didn’t know how to hide the evidence of broken plates and shattered glass.  But the least, the very least he could do now would be to get away from Gabriel’s body and Harrison’s bed.

            He’d go home, and talk to Harrison if and when Harrison demanded an explanation.

            Maybe Harrison would overlook it.  Maybe Harrison would never speak to him again.

            Maybe he couldn’t make himself move even an inch from Gabriel.

            “This is so stupid,” he whispered to himself, but he only held Gabriel tighter.  “It was just sex, he doesn’t even like you, just go home.”

            “If you go home, I’m going with you.”  Gabriel’s hands stroked heat over his skin.  “It won’t take me long to pack.”

            Pack?  Evan stared into Gabriel’s eyes.  He could barely make out the gray in the night’s darkness, but he read Gabriel’s calmly defiant expression clearly.  “What are you talking about?”

            “How do you think that lube got under my plate?” Gabriel asked.  His fingers traced circles over Evan’s nape.  It made Evan’s body prickle with awareness, made Evan’s own fingers twitch.

            “I don’t know.  You put it there?” he guessed, shivering slightly.

            “Harrison passed it to me when he left,” Gabriel said.  “He knows that I’m in love with you.  That was his way of telling me to go ahead.”

            In love - - go ahead - - passed it - - in love - - he knows - - “Is this a game?  Are you fucking with me?”  Oh, shit, oh, damn, Gabriel was fucking with him, Gabriel had seduced him to destroy his friendship with Harrison, Gabriel had-

            “I want you,” Gabriel said.  “I couldn’t get over it and it was messing with my head, so I told Harrison.  We talked about it, sometimes we fought about it, but he said he’d work something out if he could.”

            “You don’t know me,” Evan said.  “We’ve barely spoken to each other.  Even when we’re both here at the same time, you ignore me.”

            “The first day we met, I wanted you,” Gabriel said.  “I tried to ignore it.”  His hands rubbed slowly over Evan’s chest, warm and lingering.  He hooked his heel behind Evan’s calf.  “The more I saw of you, the more I wanted you, so I avoided you as much as I could.  I didn’t want to fuck up anything with Harrison by feeling something for you.  Then I heard you on the phone.”

            “What?” Evan asked.

            “I picked up the phone to call somebody while you were on there with Harrison.”

            Evan frowned, his fingers dragging slowly up Gabriel’s spine without his permission.  “You eavesdropped?”

            “The first time was an accident.”

            The first time.  Evan kissed him.

            Moaning softly, Gabriel rolled onto his back, bringing Evan over him, stroking his tongue into Evan’s mouth. When Evan kissed his neck, he moaned again, running his fingers through Evan’s hair.  He talked, in breathy and broken sentences, about hearing Evan on the phone.  About being fascinated and curious about what he’d heard.  About learning who Evan really was.  About breathing carefully so he wouldn’t be discovered.  About covering his hand with his mouth to smother laughter.  About watching the phone like a hawk and catching every conversation he could.  About taking notes.  About falling in love, one phone call at a time.

            Evan stopped kissing his neck and kissed his mouth.

            “Harrison understands,” Gabriel said, gazing into Evan’s eyes, fingers walking over Evan’s cheek.  “He promised me that he’d help me.”

            “He set me up,” Evan said, not sure how he felt about that.  Gabriel’s skin tempted his hands.

            “Take me home with you,” Gabriel said.

            “I can’t afford you,” Evan said.  “Financially, maybe I can, but not emotionally.  Not if you cheat on me.  Not if you run out to clubs and fuck around.  Not if you leave me for the next guy with money.”  He needed Gabriel.  He needed Gabriel all to himself.

            “I mess around with guys who aren’t Harrison because it’s okay with him and because I don’t love him.  You care, and I love you.”  Gabriel kissed him, moving sinuously against him, whispering, “Take me home.”

            It wasn’t that easy.  It couldn’t be that easy.  It was too much, too soon.  He couldn’t just take Gabriel from Harrison’s bed.  He couldn’t just have a college student move in with him on a whim.  His life, his stability, his heart, it couldn’t take this kind of strain.

            “I’ll be yours,” Gabriel promised, kissing him slowly, tenderly.  “I’ll be completely yours and no one else’s.”

            His.  His and no one else’s.  His.

            “I heard you ask Harrison about me,” Gabriel murmured, still kissing him, stroking his face with slender fingers.  “I heard the way you breathed when he told you how he fucked me.  I know you want me.  I know you want to do things to me.”

            His, he wanted Gabriel to be his, he was being emotional and irrational and hormone-driven but he couldn’t imagine how he’d ever been different.

            Gabriel’s kisses made him moan and lust.  Desire twisted in his gut.

            “I’ll give you anything you want,” Gabriel said.  “I’ll keep you happy.  I’ll be so good to you, you’ll feel sexier and smarter and more powerful than you’ve ever felt in your life.  I won’t let anyone else touch me.  I’ll get a job.”  His kiss was edged with need, with desperation, now.  “Just take me home with you and tell me I’m yours.”

            “Equals,” Evan said, the word pushing through a fog of lust and a haze of arousal to surface in his brain.  “We have to be equals.  I don’t want to own you.”  Except that was a lie, because he did.

            “Yes, you do,” Gabriel murmured, licking Evan’s lips.  Evan moaned, licking back, running his hands over Gabriel’s round ass.  “You can own me without owning me.  I’ll show you how.  Just take me home.”

            “You sound so sure,” Evan said.  He wasn’t sure of anything except that he’d fallen in love and couldn’t get out.

            “I know what I want,” Gabriel said.  His voice became quieter, more intense.  “I know what I need.”

            It took another forty-five minutes of trying to work his way inside Gabriel’s skin before Evan could convince himself to let go.  He cleaned up the kitchen while Gabriel packed.  Gabriel left a note for Harrison, and then they left.

            Later, they figured out household chores and who paid for what and how compatible they really were.  Later, they arranged a schedule of club time and homework time and work time and simply being together time.  But those first hours together, as the sun rose and morning dawned, they made love, and Gabriel explored his new home, and Evan found out that having his entire life turned upside-down overnight felt a lot better than it sounded.

Short Stories