Best Friends and Kissing

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Niel had a new best friend.  Lee Sungyeol’s cock.

            They got along great.  They were always happy to see each other.  They liked all of the same things.  It was a perfect relationship.

            He’d always liked Sungyeol, and they’d always gotten along well.  Even when their teams had been avoiding each other, they’d still tried to be friendly.  But now that all of that nonsense about feuding had been shoved aside, he liked Sungyeol even better.  So, so much better.

            His members could be annoying sometimes, telling him that they were tired or busy, but Sungyeol never said no.  Just laughed and asked, “What, again?” and let him do whatever he wanted.

            He went over to Infinite’s dorm whenever he could, to see his long, hard, handsome best friend.  They spent hours playing together.  And sometimes Dongwoo or Woohyun would want to play, too, or he could blow Hoya or Sungjong.  He still couldn’t get near L’s cock, and that was kind of annoying.  No one would even tell him what it looked like!  Changjo said that it was great, but he needed details.

            And then there was Sunggyu.  Now that he’d had Sunggyu’s cock, he was going to need a lot more of it.  The problem was, Sunggyu was being stubborn about not letting him near it.  He didn’t understand why someone with such a big cock was so shy about it.  He didn’t want to do anything weird with it.  Just suck on it all day and ride it all night.  That was what it was for, wasn’t it?

            He was in Infinite’s dorm one night, getting spit-roasted.  Sungyeol and Dongwoo took turns on him, over and over again, giving it to him from every angle.  Reveling in it, urging them on, he took as much as he could get.  After the last cum shot, he slid off of Dongwoo’s lap and rolled across the floor, splaying out, exhausted.  Happy, covered in cum, he just lay there for a while, blissfully satisfied.  Best night he’d had all week.

            Sungyeol pulled him to his feet and walked him to the bathroom.  Dongwoo washed him, and Sungyeol kissed him, and he didn’t really get it, but it was kind of nice, anyway.  He wondered if this was some kind of new sex play, but they didn’t take it anywhere, just made out with him and cleaned him up.  The Infinite members were too touchy-feely like that, too kissy and lovey-dovey.  Kind of awkward and embarrassing, sometimes, but that night, it felt good.

            Naked and sleepy and feeling really content with everything, he followed Sungyeol out of the bathroom.  As they passed Sunggyu’s room, he peeked in.  Empty.  He went in.

            He was crawling onto the bed when Sungyeol laughed and said, “Hey, get out of there.”

            “Why?  The door’s open.”  Such a big, comfortable bed.  He wished that he had a bed like this.  He flopped onto his back, stretching his legs out.  “When’s he coming back?  Let’s sleep here.”

            “You can’t just be in here like this,” Sungyeol said, leaning over the bed and trying to pull him up.

            It was way easier than it should’ve been to drag Sungyeol down onto the bed with him.  Laughing, Sungyeol crashed down against him.  They wrestled for a minute, and he liked it, liked the fight, liked the challenge, liked Sungyeol’s long, lanky body and flushed cheeks and happy laughter.

            “Come on,” Sungyeol said, trying to drag him off of the bed by his ankles.  “You can’t stay in here.”

            “You’re too afraid of your leader.”  It was a big problem.

            “I’m not afraid of him.  Why do you want to be in here, anyway?”

            He twisted, grabbing at the side of the bed.  “I want him to fuck me.”

            Sungyeol’s grip relaxed.

            He kicked out of Sungyeol’s hold and rolled back across the bed, sitting up near the pillows.  “He’s too selfish.  Keeping his cock all to himself.  He should be more generous.”

            “What are you talking about, keeping it to himself?  He puts it everywhere, he shoves it on me all of the time.”

            Gazing at Sungyeol, Niel shook his head.  “So lucky.”  He wished that he had that much access to Sunggyu’s cock.  He’d live well.  “Tell him to give it to me, then, sometimes.  I’ll take care of everything for you.”  While they were at it, “And tell L hyung to give his to me, too.  I don’t know what he has for me to work with, but I’m not picky.  All cocks are welcome here.”

            Sungyeol kind of stared at him for a second, then sat on the edge of the bed.  “L’s cock would look amazing in your mouth.”

            Mmm.  Most guys felt that way.  “Let’s find out,” he suggested.  “And Sunggyu hyung’s cock would look great in my ass, too, so let’s try that.”

            Sungyeol grinned at him, sliding a hand up his calf to the bend of his knee.  “My cock looks pretty great there.”

            “You should fuck me on top of a mirror or something so I can see.  I’d like to see my ass stuffed full of your cock.”  There was nothing sexier than a slick asshole stretched wide around a hard cock.  Damn, he really wanted to see Sunggyu ram somebody raw.  “If Sunggyu hyung won’t fuck me, I’ll just watch him give it to you.”

            “Me,” Sungyeol said, and started turning red.  “Dongwoo hyung won’t care, you can watch Sunggyu hyung screw him.”

            “Yeah, okay.  Let’s do it.  Go ask Dongwoo hyung to come in here, we can lube him up and get him all nice and ready for it.”

            Sunggyu walked into his room and stopped short.  What-?  There were people all over his bed.  Dongwoo and Sungyeol and Teen Top’s Niel, naked and passed out.

            Annoyed, he went to Woohyun’s room.  The room was dark; Woohyun was in bed, asleep.  He undressed and pushed at Woohyun.  “Roll over, make space.”

            “Hyung,” Woohyun mumbled.

            “There are people in my bed,” he complained, pushing Woohyun out of his way and sliding in.  “What are they doing, holding parties in my room when I’m not here?”  He hated these tiny beds, there was no room to do anything.

            “I’m asleep,” Woohyun said, pushing at his chest.

            “So sleep, I’m not bothering you.”  He teased up Woohyun’s T-shirt.  Such soft, taut skin.  Woohyun’s muscle definition fascinated his fingers.  So gorgeous, this dongsaeng.  “Sexy,” he whispered, kissing Woohyun’s cheek.

            Nnn, stop it,” Woohyun said, but he was laughing, his hands running over Sunggyu.  “I’m already sleeping, you can’t just come in here and start things.”

            “Not starting anything,” he whispered, and Woohyun’s mouth met his in a kiss.

            Mmm, not starting anything, right,” Woohyun said, kissing him.  “You have all of those guys in your bed, go bother them.”

            “You want me to go?” he asked, caressing Woohyun’s back, tugging Woohyun’s shirt out of his way.  “But I have something for you.  Something I’ve been waiting all day to give you.”

            Grinding against him, Woohyun moaned.  It was a low, musical sound, and it turned him on, pleasure pulsing through him.  “God,” Woohyun breathed, kissing him more passionately now, urgency building between them.  “Yeah, give it to me.”

            Woohyun slept in.  After being thoroughly, soundly fucked by Sunggyu, he always slept hard.

            When he finally got up, he padded out to the kitchen in his boxer-briefs.  He poured himself a glass of juice and slumped over the counter, trying to wake up.  L came in and leaned against him for a moment, then wandered away again.

            Rubbing his eyes, he raised his head.  L.Joe was standing in the doorway, watching him.  Watching him with that perfect blend of intensity and shyness that made L.Joe so appealing.  Flattered, he grinned, straightening to give L.Joe a better look.  L.Joe didn’t disappoint him; those eager, hungry eyes skimmed right down his body and back up, taking everything in.

            He took a sip of juice, then nodded at L.Joe.  “What’re you doing here?”

            L.Joe inched a cautious step closer.  “Came to pick up Niel.  How, how are you?”  He bit his lip, his gaze raking down Woohyun’s body again.

            “Good.”  They hadn’t seen each other face-to-face much since they’d gone on MT, but he’d called L.Joe a few times in the days right after, to make sure that everything was okay.  They’d been good calls; L.Joe had been flustered and embarrassed but really happy to talk to him.  He’d liked that; it was really cute, really flattering.  “Keeping your dorm clean?”

            Blushing brightly, L.Joe flipped his hair out of his eyes.  “It’s clean,” he admitted.  His gaze lingering on Woohyun’s chest, he nibbled on his lower lip.  He breathed in, looking fixated.

            Sunggyu came in, brushing past L.Joe.  Blinking, L.Joe looked startled for a second, his reverie broken.  Then, watching Sunggyu, he blushed, shrinking back a step into the doorway again.

            Amused, Woohyun wondered what Sehun would think about that.

            “Kids,” Sunggyu complained, opening the fridge.  He closed it again and turned to Woohyun.  “What’s wrong with everybody?  So horny all of the time.  That Niel’s so grabby, with him around, I’m not even safe in my own home anymore.”

            Woohyun handed him the glass of juice.  “Just give him what he wants.”

            “No.”  He took the juice and drank half of it, then handed it back.  “Are you still seeing Key today?”

            He finished the rest of the juice and nodded.  “We’re meeting at two.”

            “Don’t do anything exciting.  Filming starts at seven, and you have to be styled first.”

            “It’s okay.  We’re just going shopping.”  Then he grinned.  “What are you trying to say, how much styling do you think that I need?”

            “Not as much as yesterday!  How much eyeliner was that, is there any left in the stores?”

            He laughed.  “Look who’s talking!  I saw you putting on more after the stylist left!”

            “She didn’t put on enough!” Sunggyu objected.  “It’s not my fault I had to correct her work.”

            “It’s okay,” he said, grinning and cupping Sunggyu’s face in both hands.  “You were very handsome, really.”

            “Don’t, ah,” Sunggyu mumbled, embarrassed, pushing him away and then pulling him closer.  “So greasy.”

            Woohyun kissed him, and for a second, automatically, he kissed back.  Then he pulled away, making an embarrassed noise, glancing at the doorway.  “Don’t be shy,” Woohyun teased, taking his hand and tugging him in again.  “It’s just L.Joe.”

            “It, oh.  Here.  Sunggyu covered L.Joe’s eyes with one hand, then kissed him again.

            If L.Joe couldn’t see, then Woohyun would give him something to listen to.  Woohyun kissed Sunggyu slowly, wetly, and moaned a little, softly, sincerely.

            Arm circling his waist, Sunggyu backed him against the counter, tongue stroking against his.

            “Why do you care if he sees?” Woohyun asked, kissing him again, both hands running up his chest.

            “It’s my private life.”  Sunggyu’s kisses were slow and sensual, drugging him with lazy pleasure.  “It’s my sex life, it’s not for everyone to see.”

            He moaned again, a genuine sound of arousal, pleasure purring through him.  Pulling Sunggyu more snugly against himself, he deepened their kiss, wanting more.  Long minutes fell away, lost to their desire for each other.  The passion between them was a familiar heat, and there was no need to rush through it; letting their need for each other simmer and mount was part of the pleasure.  When Sunggyu’s hand finally cupped his ass, he groaned, ready for it, grinding himself against Sunggyu’s hard-on.

            Abruptly, Sunggyu stopped kissing him.  “What!  This isn’t a show!  Go, go!”

            He opened his eyes to see a crowd in the doorway.  L.Joe was still there, with Sungyeol, L, and Niel.  Holding up a phone, Hoya said, “Don’t stop now.  Which filter-

            “Filter!” Sunggyu repeated.  “No photos!”  Sunggyu tried to snatch away Hoya’s phone, and Hoya backed up, laughing.  “Give me that!”

            “I was joking, it’s a joke,” Hoya said.  Sunggyu grabbed for it again, and he ran, Sunggyu chasing after him.  “Shit!  Hyung, wait!”

            L smirked at Woohyun’s hard-on and drifted away.

            L.Joe licked his lips, staring at Woohyun’s groin.

            He was turned on, and Sunggyu was gone.  “Leaving now?” he asked Niel.

            “I have time for a snack first,” Niel decided, coming forward.

            In seconds, his hard-on was in Niel’s mouth.  His hand in Niel’s hair, he moaned, aching.  Damn, this was going to get him off fast.  He stared down at Niel’s full, reddened lips, watching them slide up and down the length of his hard shaft.  When he came, he took himself in hand, dragging his dripping cockhead over Niel’s plump lips, dribbling cum down Niel’s chin while L.Joe whimpered.  Best orgasm he’d had since, well, since his last one.  He smiled, rubbing his thumb through his own jizz and then pushing it into Niel’s mouth.  “You should visit more often.”

            When they made their next stop, going to pick up Ricky from EXO’s dorm, L.Joe made Niel stay in the van.  He didn’t have time for Niel to blow everybody in this dorm, too.  He went up by himself and rang the bell.

            Sehun opened the door.

            His heart slammed in his chest.  Stunned, he stared up at Sehun.  Oh Sehun.  He hadn’t been prepared for this, hadn’t braced himself to be face-to-face with his owner.  His need for Sehun hit him with the force of a runaway train, knocking the breath out of him.

            “Sunbaenim.”  Sehun’s hair looked thick and kind of messy, and his lower lip looked so soft and kissable that L.Joe hurt inside from not kissing him.

            “Maknae,” another voice said.

            “It, uh.”  Sehun glanced back over his shoulder, distracted.  “It’s L.Joe sunbaenim.”

            “Don’t leave him outside forever, invite him in,” Suho said.  He pulled Sehun aside and then swung the door wider, gesturing L.Joe on.  It was disorienting, unnerving, to see someone treat Sehun so lightly; L.Joe didn’t know how to feel about it.  “Come in.  Maknae, go and find Ricky, tell him that his hyung’s here.”

            L.Joe entered the dorm, feeling shy and on edge.  Feeling incredibly horny.  Suho closed the door and asked him how he was.  He mumbled something polite and asked how Suho was doing.  Suho told Sehun to go.  “Your sunbaes have schedules to get to.”

            Yeah.  Schedules.  He couldn’t remember what they were, exactly.  He watched Sehun walk away.  He ached inside at being left behind while Sehun went somewhere else.

            Suho was talking to him.  He nodded, distracted by the bright pink of Suho’s lips.  He tried to listen and make conversation, but he was preoccupied.  Suho was Sunggyu’s boyfriend.  Did Sunggyu and Suho make out like Sunggyu and Woohyun did?

            Did Sunggyu and Suho have sex?  What was it like between them?  Unbidden, explicit memories surfaced of Sunggyu kissing L.Joe’s chest.  Sunggyu’s lips brushing over his skin, so tender.  Sunggyu’s fingers easing inside him, sliding deep into his body.  The memory scalded him, shocking, like a forbidden secret, and he shoved his hands in his pockets, hunching his shoulders.  Pleasure and need pulsed between his thighs, hot and urgent, and he bit back a whimper, ashamed of himself.

            He shouldn’t be so horny; he shouldn’t respond so intensely to a simple memory.  It was just sex, everybody did it.  He wondered if Sunggyu kissed Suho’s stomach, too.  He wondered if Sunggyu kissed Suho on the mouth.  Probably.  God, he couldn’t imagine what that might be like.  He stared at Suho’s mouth, fascinated, envious.

            But if they had sex.  Then…  He shuddered, overwhelmed.  Fantasies of Suho bent over, crying out, writhing on Sunggyu’s big cock, took over his brain, hot and obscene.  Ashamed, thrilled, he tried to stop himself, but his imagination worked feverishly, spitting out new ideas, new details, new positions.

            Suho was a boyfriend, not a pet, so what if it was romantic?  Suho on his back, making sweet, grateful sounds while Sunggyu lovingly impaled him on that huge prick.  The way Sunggyu had fingered L.Joe, Suho probably got that all of the time.  Was probably used to it now, probably took it for granted.  He took Sehun for granted, too.

            This lucky piece of shit.  How good could life be to one person?  L.Joe stared at him, hating him, envying him.  Pathetically, painfully attracted to him.

            Sehun and Ricky were coming over.  He bit his lip, trying to calm down, desperately ordering himself to relax, to seem normal.

            “Um,” Sehun said, and he nudged Ricky.  “Can you…?”

            “What, no,” Ricky said.  “Isn’t this your responsibility?”

            “But I can’t just…”

            “Hyung, who did you come here with?” Ricky asked.  “Who’s downstairs?”

            Was he talking to L.Joe?  His hands balled into tight fists in his pockets, L.Joe bit back a whimper, staring at Sehun’s long fingers and remembering the cool smoothness of Sunggyu’s hand covering his eyes.  Niel.”

            “That’s it?  What, he’s useless,” Ricky said.  “You’ll have to do it.”

            “You think I don’t want to?” Sehun whispered.  “I can’t, there’s not enough time, I’ll make it worse.”

            It finally sank in, what they were talking about.  Him, they were talking about him, about - - mortified, he turned away.  The suffering hardness of his arousal made him whimper, and he grabbed at the doorknob, needing to get away.  “Have to go,” he mumbled, feeling weak, needy, humiliated.

            “Sunbaenim, can I talk to you for a second?”

            It was too good to be true.  Whipping back around, he stared up at Sehun, hope surging in his chest.  “Now?”

            “Just for a minute, yeah, if it’s okay with you.”

            He nodded.  Okay with him, yes, it was great with him, it was a miracle.  “Yes.”

            L.Joe followed Sehun right to his bedroom.  When he closed the door, L.Joe moaned.  Whatever happened next, whatever it was, L.Joe welcomed all of it.


            Immediately, L.Joe went down on his knees.  With need churning so intensely inside of him, he couldn’t control himself, didn’t have the self-discipline to assume the right position.  Instead, needing to be naked and vulnerable, needing to expose himself fully to his owner, he undid his fly, pushing down his pants and underwear, baring his ass, his rigid erection.

            “You’re out of control,” Sehun snapped, grabbing his chin and forcing his face up.  Moaning, rejoicing in Sehun’s aggression, he closed his eyes blissfully.  He loved that Sehun treated him this way, loved that Sehun knew him so well.  “What happened, who did this to you?”

            “Nam Woohyun.  Kim Sunggyu.”  He couldn’t call them “hyung,” it was too intimate, too much of a liberty.  Sehun’s grip tightened on his chin and he groaned enthusiastically, rubbing himself.  “They were kissing, they were turned on, they were making out.”  He shuddered, remembering the sound of it.  “I didn’t think that anybody would make Nam Woohyun moan like that.”

            His owner jerked his chin up higher, putting a strain on his neck.  “Did they touch you?”

            The sound of his owner’s fury was a warning, and he whimpered, opening his eyes, eager to please.  “Kim Sunggyu put his hand over my eyes, he didn’t want me to see, so I didn’t watch, I kept my eyes closed.  But they didn’t touch me, Sehun-ah, nothing happened.”

            “We’ll talk about it later,” Sehun decided.  It sounded like a threat, and he moaned, enthralled, fondling himself eagerly.  “I don’t have time to do anything I want to do, but you’re such a freakish slut, I have to stop everything to do this, anyway.  You’re so out of control, I have to drag you in here just for this, or you’ll make a mess all over the floor right in front of my leader.”  Sehun shoved his face away, and he whimpered, dying under Sehun’s scorn, masturbating excitedly.  He felt dirty, worthless, and helplessly horny.  Sehun walked away from him and turned on music, something loud and with pumping bass.

            When Sehun turned back, he watched in awe as Sehun approached him.  His handsome owner was so confident, so powerful, so sexually dominant, that his excitement over being in Sehun’s presence overwhelmed him.  He came, moaning, spurting in his own hand.  Ashamed, shocked by his own boldness, he whimpered, rubbing his cum-splattered hand over his balls, smearing them with his jizz, staring up at Sehun.  His voluntary degradation thrilled him, and he hoped desperately that Sehun would punish him for it.

            “On your feet,” Sehun ordered.  “Hands behind your head.”

            He obeyed, scrambling upward.  With his fingers laced behind his head, he felt completely exposed, his pants around his thighs, his erection jutting out, hard and red.

            “On your toes, up.  Count to fifty.”

            Confused, he rose up onto his toes.  He counted to fifty aloud, not sure how fast to go.

            “Feet farther apart.  Stay on your toes,” Sehun ordered.  “Count.”

            He wobbled a little, but he did it, counting to fifty again.

            “Farther apart,” Sehun commanded, kicking at his feet, forcing his legs wider.  “Up, stay up.  Count.”

            He started over again, and then again, as many times as Sehun told him to.  He had to kick his pants and underwear the rest of the way off.  With his feet too far apart, he had so much trouble balancing, he tipped and stumbled, unable to hold the pose.  He wasn’t used to the position, his failure flustered him so much, he only became shakier, wobbling and falling more often.  He’d only come once, and his stubborn hard-on wouldn’t go down, its angry stiffness distracting him, adding to his shame.  Afraid of Sehun’s displeasure, miserable over failing his owner, he cried, and his tears humiliated him further.  Whimpering, mewling, he struggled to do what he’d been told, but his sense of balance was completely wrecked.

            His legs spread wide, on his toes, he only counted up to twelve before he stumbled.  Sehun caught his arm, shoving him back onto his feet.  “You can do it.”  Sehun’s voice was hard, unforgiving, and he moaned, feeling worthless, weak, a useless burden.  Sehun grabbed his chin, forcing his face up, and suddenly their eyes met.  The direct eye contact shocked him, and he froze.  Sehun’s commanding, compelling gaze took control of him, and he felt himself give up, felt himself submit completely to Sehun’s thrall.  “You can do it,” Sehun insisted, “because I’ve said that you can.  I’ve told you to do it,” Sehun shoved him back, releasing him, “now do it.”

            Breathing through parted lips, he moved immediately to obey.  His hands behind his head, he went up on his toes.

            “One hundred,” Sehun ordered him.

            He counted.  Balancing, he kept his gaze locked on Sehun’s face.  Sehun stared at him without blinking, glaring at him, and he felt like Sehun was holding him up through sheer willpower.  Sehun believed that he could do this, so he would do it.  He could do anything for his owner.

            He felt the stretch pull at his legs.  He felt unsteady tremors racing up his back, felt his hips trying to tilt, felt his feet quake.  But Sehun’s hard, merciless stare warned him to stay up, so he did.  He hit thirty, hit fifty, and kept going.  Sixty.  Seventy.  His fingers tightened around each other behind his head as he struggled for balance.  Eighty.  His muscles shivered, and his numbers came out more air than sound.  Ninety.  “Sehun-ah, please,” he gasped, and the sound of his own begging shamed him, reassured him.  Ninety-nine.  One hundred.

            “Down,” Sehun ordered, snapping his fingers.

            Grateful, L.Joe dropped to his knees, his arms behind his back.  He loved this position, so familiar, so submissive.  Some of the best moments of his life had happened here, on his knees in front of Sehun.

            He felt proud of himself for having done what Sehun had wanted.  He’d done it.  He’d failed, but he’d recovered.  He’d done it to please Sehun, and he’d succeeded.  Sehun had made him stronger.  He could endure anything, he could overcome anything, for Sehun.

            Standing over him, tall and commanding, Sehun ordered, “Get yourself off.  Now.”

            Yes, yes.  He gasped, his hand flying to his cock.  The stiff length of it ached, grateful for the sudden attention, and he moaned, jacking himself.  Eager to please for Sehun’s sake, eager to come, thrilled to be able to get off right in front of Sehun’s intense stare, he masturbated quickly.  Orgasm hit him hard, and he welcomed it with a cry, rapturous pleasure exploding within him.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah, thank you, thank you, oh.”

            “Good pet.”

            Sehun’s tone was firm, decisive, and happiness melted L.Joe’s spine, making him weak with pleasure.  Still moaning, “Thank you, Sehun-ah, thank you,” he crossed his wrists behind his back again, gazing dreamily at Sehun’s long, bare feet.  He’d been a good pet.  He’d obeyed well today.  He’d earned Sehun’s praise.

            “You have a lot of schedules today,” Sehun said.  His voice was firm.  Not angry, but commanding.  “You’re going to do something for me.  After every schedule today, when it’s finished and you’re on the way to your next one, you’re going to text me a selca.  ‘It went well, Sehun-ah, I’m working hard.’  Got it?”

            A new order.  A new task to do for his owner.  His heart pounding excitedly, he looked up.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Thank you, Sehun-ah.  I’ll do it for you.”

            “Good.  C’mere,” Sehun said carelessly, walking away and sitting on his bed.  “Sit in my lap for a minute.”

            Scrambling to his feet, he hurried over.  When Sehun reached for him, pulling him down, he moaned happily, thrilled by this treatment.  “You’re too good to me,” he said softly, embarrassed, ducking his head.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            Sehun’s arms wrapped around him, hugging him to Sehun’s chest.  “God, I want to fuck you.”

            “Do it, do it, please,” he said immediately.

            “Next time.”  Sehun’s chin rested on his shoulder.  “You’re a good pet, hyung, you’re the best.  Be good today, focus on important things, listen to your leader.  Take selcas for me and send them with bright messages.  Don’t worry about sex, you can get that later tonight, when everything else is done.  I’ll be checking my phone all day to see if you’re sending everything like you’re supposed to.  If you’re a good pet, I’ll call you tonight.”

            He nodded, hastily absorbing all of these instructions, committing it all to memory.  “I’ll be good, Sehun-ah, I’ll do everything you want.”

            “Good.”  Sehun kissed his cheek, then his temple.  “Good pet.  Television.”

            Relaxing, he leaned into Sehun’s embrace for a second, just for a second, relishing the moment, treasuring the intimacy, the privilege of resting in Sehun’s lap.  Then he got up and put his pants back on.  “It went well, Sehun-ah, I’m working hard,” he said to himself, wanting to be sure that he remembered it just right.

            He felt better.  He felt a thousand times better than he had just moments ago.  Suho, suddenly seeing Sehun, Sunggyu, it had all started with Woohyun and spiraled from there.  His hormones and his need had magnified each other, his shame feeding on his responsiveness, and his awareness that he’d been losing control of himself had made it all worse.  Once he started to feel humiliated by his own desires, once his self-loathing kicked in, once he felt himself start to lose control, all of his worst impulses pushed his buttons, and he couldn’t recover.

            But Sehun had taken over.  Taken control for him.  Taken control of him.  He felt much steadier, felt his equilibrium restored.  He’d be okay.  And if he slipped up, he still had Sehun to think of; he had to be able to check in with good news.  Planning to text Sehun would keep him focused, keep him balanced.

            Sehun walked him out, hand resting lightly on his back.  Suho was nowhere to be seen; Ricky and Xiumin were making out by the door.  “Sorry, hyung,” he said, grabbing a handful of hair and dragging Ricky off of Xiumin.  “Come on, we gotta go.”  Shoving Ricky towards the door, ignoring Ricky’s complaints, he gazed up at Sehun.  Grateful, he said, “Thank you.”

            “Thank you, sunbaenim,” Sehun said, bowing to him.

            Embarrassed, he laughed.  Wanting to reach out and touch his owner, he hugged Ricky instead, staring at Sehun, entranced.  “Bye.”

            Sehun smiled at him, looking friendly and young and harmless, just somebody’s handsome maknae.  “Bye, sunbaenim.”

            He felt fantastic.

            A leader’s responsibility was real.  So was a dom’s.

            Dom.  It still seemed funny to Suho to think of Sehun as a dom.  A dom.  Wasn’t it too strange?  Too extreme.  Doms were part of some shadowy world that had nothing to do with him and his happy members.  The tall, skinny kid he’d known for years who sulked over nothing and complained too often and was irresistibly adorable, what did doms have to do with him?

            After L.Joe and Ricky were gone, he went to talk to Sehun.  But when he got there, Sehun was pushing Baekhyun down on the bed and snatching off clothes.  He went away and did other things for a while.

            Later, Baekhyun came into their room and puttered around.  Guessing that meant that Sehun might not be busy anymore, Suho called, “Maknae!  Maknae!”

            Baekhyun stretched out on his bed, texting someone.

            “Maknae!” Suho called again.

            “Hmm?”  Sehun lounged in the doorway, looking unfairly long.

            “Here, I want to talk to you.”  Suho scooted over, patting his bed.

            Sehun came over and sat beside Suho.  Scratched the side of his neck and gave Suho a curious look.  “I’m in trouble?”

            “No.  But I want to talk to you about your responsibilities.  A leader’s responsibility is real-”

            “You really have to stop saying that.”

            “Don’t interrupt.”

            Sehun sighed and pressed his lips together.

            “A leader’s responsibility is real,” he repeated.  “And it seems like so is yours.”

            Sehun’s eyebrows quirked.  “I’m not a leader,” he said, gesturing to himself like Suho might be confused.

            “I know that, I’m not talking about that.”

            Sehun looked more confused, and Baekhyun looked over from the other bed.  “But you just said,” Sehun said.

            “I know what I said.”  He was exasperated now.  “I’m talking about your responsibilities, your other responsibilities, outside of EXO.  Your responsibilities as a, you know, your responsibility to L.Joe.”  Fed up with himself for not being able to say it, he forced himself to come out with it.  “As a dom.”  There!

            Sehun smiled a little, looking amused.  That affectionate, indulgent smile flustered him.  “Is it hard to say?”

            “Shut up.  It’s a weird thing to talk about.  My own dongsaeng thinks that he’s a dom.”

            “I am one, though,” Sehun said.

            “How is that possible?” Suho asked.  Doms are people in black leather who go around,” he gestured, “whipping people.  They’re scary.  There’s nothing scary about you.”

            “What was that, was that whipping someone?” Baekhyun asked.  Sitting up, he mimicked Suho’s gesture.  “You look like you’re slapping a table.”

            “Hyung, you’re the one who found L.Joe sunbae for me.  You’re the one who had all kinds of wrong ideas about BDSM and who should try it out.  Now you think it’s scary?”

            “It’s not that scary,” Baekhyun said.  “You think Woohyun hyung’s scary?  You think that Sunggyu hyung’s scary?  The maknae’s not scary at all.  Creepy sometimes, but that’s different, you just have to keep him away from string and rope.”

            “Sunggyu hyung doesn’t do those things,” Suho objected.  “Don’t bring him into it.”

            Baekhyun laughed at him.  “He’s a dom, isn’t he?”

            “What?  No!”

            “He is,” Sehun said.  “You know he is.”

            “He’s - - he’s not really, not like Woohyun.  It’s not the same,” Suho insisted.  This conversation embarrassed him.  Uncomfortable, he wanted them both to shut up.  He remembered very clearly how Sunggyu had offered to help C.A.P. with L.Joe, and he remembered having been shocked by it, but that didn’t necessarily mean - - he wasn’t going to make assumptions based on that one moment.  Sunggyu took sex seriously and was too generous, too responsible; it had been one leader helping out another, that was all.  A leader’s responsibility was real.  Sunggyu had been pitching in, helping out a dongsaeng.  “This isn’t what I wanted to talk about, don’t bring up extra subjects.”

            “Your boyfriend’s a dom,” Baekhyun said.  “But go ahead, talk about whatever you wanted to talk about.”

            Studiously ignoring that, Suho turned his back to the other bed and faced Sehun more directly.  “Your responsibility is real.  L.Joe seemed…  It seemed like he…  You can’t just let him go around town like that.  I want you to be more conscientious when it comes to him.  He relies on you a lot.  You should take better care of him.”

            Sehun glared at Suho, then looked away, lips pressed together.  He fumed for a moment, but since he wasn’t talking back, Suho decided to let him get away with it.  Finally he ran his hand through his hair and glared directly at Suho again.  “Then are you going to let me see him more?”

            “I think so,” Suho said.  “You should stop by more often, and he should visit you here more often, too.  Maybe we’ve relied too much on trying to set aside specific time for long visits.  Maybe some more frequent visits would be good, even if they’re short.  Would that help?”

            “Yes,” Sehun said immediately.  “Yes, hyung, are you screwing with me?”

            “I’ll talk to C.A.P.,” he decided.  “Maybe we can work something out.”

            Sehun thanked him profusely, and then thanked him again, and then promised to work harder than ever and be a considerate dongsaeng.  When Sehun finally left him alone, he fixed his hair and texted C.A.P.

            “Okay,” Baekhyun said from the other bed, reclining against the pillow.  “But your boyfriend’s still a dom.”

            L was in the dorm, on the couch, when Suho called.  Hugging his knee, he leaned against Sungyeol’s shoulder.  “Hi, hyung.”

            “Sunggyu hyung won’t answer his phone.”  Suho sounded distracted and irritated.

            “He’s filming.  You okay?”

            “That thing that Sehun and Woohyun have in common.  Do they have that in common with Sunggyu hyung, too?”

            “What, brown eyes?”

            “Not that!”

            “They’re both idols.”

            “You know what I’m talking about!  Do all three of them have it in common?”

            “I don’t know about Sehun,” he said.  No matter what L.Joe might think, L wasn’t convinced.  “But my hyungs, yeah.  Why?  You know that already.”

            “But they don’t.  I mean.  Sunggyu hyung doesn’t.”

            L smiled to himself.  “You’re right, hyung.  Sunggyu hyung isn’t like that.  He doesn’t do those things.”

            You, are you,” Suho said, and then he said, “Good.  Good.  I knew it.  People shouldn’t jump to conclusions, it’s not healthy.  Rumors don’t ever do any good.  Just because he’s a little pushy sometimes doesn’t mean - - well, he’s a leader, leaders have to take charge.  It’s not right to make assumptions.  He’s so funny and so considerate and so good to everybody, he’s not the kind of person - - he wouldn’t do those things.  He takes such good care of you.”

            Mmm.  He’s a great guy,” L agreed.

            “Right.  Okay, okay,” Suho said, and L could picture him gathering himself together.  “He’s a good hyung.  Okay, I’ll go.  We’ll talk later, call me tonight or whenever you want.  Take care of yourself, get some rest.”

            “Okay, hyung.  Bye.”

            Suho hung up.

            Smiling to himself, L set his phone aside.

            “Suho?” Sungyeol asked.

            Mmm.”  He shifted, resting more comfortably against Sungyeol’s side.  “He’s funny.”

            Sungyeol had not seen this coming.

            He and Niel had always been close.  Or, they’d always wanted to be close, but they’d had a lot of angry, bitter, crying members in their way.  But they’d always gotten along well.  Clicked well.  So when their teams had finally decided to give friendship another shot, he’d thought, great!  He and Niel could finally hang out.

            He’d assumed that the sex would be pretty good.  It was sex, after all; there was a lot of leeway before it was so bad it wasn’t worth doing at all.  And Niel was good-looking, and a good dancer.  Young, but probably pretty experienced, after all of Teen Top and EXO.  He’d figured that they’d have a good time together.

            He’d really underestimated Niel.

            The bottoms in Infinite were demanding and picky, but the bottoms in EXO were really friendly and fun.  He’d hoped that the bottoms in Teen Top would be like that, easy-going, a good time.

            “Easy-going” didn’t seem like the right word to describe Niel’s approach to sex.  Insatiable might be a better term for it.  Voracious.  And definitely shameless.  Niel’s sexual appetites were endless.  Dongwoo had called him a “cock-gobbling machine,” right to his face, and he’d said, “But don’t neglect the ass, too, I have two holes.”

            He was always interested in Sungyeol’s cock.  And he only ever bottomed.  He didn’t even finger Sungyeol’s ass during oral.  There was always the risk that with guys like Lay and Xiumin, they might want to flip roles, but that was never on the table with Niel.

            When his energy was up, he was aggressive about going after Sungyeol’s cock, demanding it, complaining if he couldn’t get to it soon enough.  When he was just sort of hanging around, and Sungyeol offered sex, he was always into it.  Sungjong and Hoya said no all of the time, but as long as Niel wasn’t actually working, he was always down for a quick blowjob, if nothing else.

            And he really wanted Sungyeol.  Even with Woohyun and Dongwoo around, he still kept coming back to Sungyeol.  He had fun with the other members, but he didn’t fall for Woohyun’s seduction like everybody else did.

            Teen Top was great.  But L.Joe was skittish and Chunji could be hard to please.  Niel was simple and direct and consistent.

            It was a huge ego boost.  Even when he showed up at EXO’s dorm and Niel was surrounded by all of those hot guys, Niel was on his cock before anybody else, practically before he’d said hi, undoing his fly and kissing his cock like they were long-lost lovers separated for years.

            He’d kind of always wondered what it would be like to be wanted purely for his cock.  What it would be like to pull it out and have people stumbling over themselves to get to it.  Now he knew.  And it was exactly as incredible as he’d imagined.

            When he said that to L, L gave him a baffled, affectionate look.  “Does it seem like I don’t love your cock?”

            It was a more embarrassing conversation that he’d anticipated when he’d started it.  “Yeah, but, you know.  You love all of me, that’s not the same.”

            Mmm.”  They were leaning over the island in the kitchen together, sharing a bowl of pat bing soo.  L poked his spoon in again, then licked it thoughtfully.  “I wouldn’t care about your cock at all if I weren’t in love with you.”

            “That’s harsh,” he said, laughing.  He wondered if L would feel differently if L’s life were different.

            Yeah, L got a lot of unwanted attention, but a lot of people got half of that much attention, or none at all.  And there were enough people in love with him for him to reject the idea of sex without love.  If he didn’t have so many devoted, loyal admirers, would he still be as committed to the idea of having to be in love before getting laid?  It was only because he was so wanted and so loved and so chased after that he could talk like this.

            It was easy to think that love and sex had to go together when half the people who screwed him said, “I love you,” while they were giving it to him.  It was easy to reject the idea of sex with anyone else when he had so many committed partners.  He had so much great sex, he turned down orgies with EXO and Teen Top.  “You’re spoiled,” Sungyeol decided.

            He looked surprised.  “How?”

            “Who else do you know who turns down orgies with EXO?”

            “Sunggyu hyung,” he said.  “People who don’t like group sex.  Lesbians, that’s a big category.”  He waved his spoon for emphasis.  “Straight guys!  Oh, and Hoya hyung,” he added as Hoya walked into the kitchen.

            “Hoya hasn’t turned down anything,” Sungyeol said.  “He was getting laid just like everybody else.  And Sunggyu hyung screwed Chen, that counts.”

            “The man has good taste,” Hoya said, getting a spoon.  “Give me some of that.”

            “No,” Sungyeol said, pulling the bowl closer to himself.

            L smiled and offered a spoonful.  Sungyeol watched him feed Hoya a few bites.  He looked so handsome, so happy, with his satisfied expression, his dimple showing, that Sungyeol just stood there and watched for a while.

            Kind of hard to fault him for only wanting to have sex with people who loved him, when Sungyeol personally adored him, fucking adored him, and would’ve done anything for him.

            Hoya ate pat bing soo and listened to Sungyeol and L talk about sex and love.  When they asked for his opinion, he ate some more, thinking it over.  “Our members are too romantic,” he told Sungyeol.  He didn’t address L; L was part of the problem.  “Sex should be simple.  Get in, get it done, get out.  Like in Teen Top.  Niel’s right, there’s too much kissing around here.”

            Sungyeol blinked at him.  Niel said that?”

            He nodded, swallowing.  “Everybody says it.  Our members kiss too much.”

            “You love kissing,” L said.

            He kept eating, keeping his mouth full so he wouldn’t have to think of a comeback for that.

            “The problem isn’t that we kiss too much,” L said.  “The problem is that Teen Top doesn’t kiss enough.  They think any kind of sex with touching and kissing is ‘relationship sex.’  They don’t even know what foreplay is.”

            The way L was frowning made Hoya raise his eyebrows at Sungyeol.

            Sungyeol raised his right back, then elbowed L.  “They’re not that bad.”

            “They’re untrained animals,” L said.  “They barely take care of Changjo.  They should kiss him more.  How could they not kiss him more?”

            “It’s not like they don’t kiss each other at all,” Sungyeol said.

            L scowled at the bowl and tapped his spoon against the rim of it, looking disgusted.

            “We could send Woohyun over to their dorm to teach them all the art of romance,” Sungyeol suggested.

            Hoya grimaced.  “Don’t encourage him.”

            “You kiss Teen Top, don’t you?”

            “Hmm?”  Stretching on Infinite’s practice room floor, Chen pointed and flexed his toes.  “Sure.”

            “How much?”  Hoya walked around him and sat down behind him, the vee of Hoya’s legs hugging his.

            He leaned back against Hoya’s shoulder, relaxing into it.  “I don’t know, all of the time, I guess.  Why?”

            “L was complaining about them.  They don’t kiss enough.”  Hoya’s arms closed around him, pulling him back.

            He leaned back farther, and they slumped across the floor together.  L.Joe’s a great kisser.  The rest of them.  Ah, they don’t kiss me enough, but I’m spoiled.”  He rolled over, smiling down into Hoya’s face.  “You kiss me too well, I’m too used to it now, I want to kiss all of the time.”

            “They don’t kiss you enough?”  Hoya’s thumb brushed across Chen’s lower lip, a soft, fleeting touch.  “L’s right, they’re a pack of animals.”

            He laughed at that, settling comfortably between Hoya’s thighs, his head on Hoya’s chest.  “They’re fun, though.  And you like it that way anyway, don’t you?  Less kissing, less intimacy.  Get the cock, get off, get out.”  He’d used to hate that Hoya felt that way, but he understood it, now.

            “Well, not with you,” Hoya said.

            Feeling Hoya’s fingers sink into his hair, he smiled.  “No, of course not with me.  But maybe they’re the same way, maybe they just want to get the cock and get out without a lot of extra feelings getting involved every time.  When you’re trapped in one group together, you have sex with the same guys over and over and over.  Sometimes you want to get off, but your members are annoying, and you don’t want to talk and be romantic, you just want to feel good and come and be done with it and be left alone afterward, you know?  I feel that way sometimes, and I have more members to turn to, so if Chanyeol’s pissing me off, I can go to Xiumin hyung instead.  Teen Top has fewer members, and some of them weren’t having sex at all, at first.  So if C.A.P. and Chunji wanted to get off, they had to do it together, even if they were pissed off and didn’t want to touch each other.  They probably had a lot of quick, rude sex, like, ‘just get me off already so I can stop dealing with you.’”

            Hoya made a thoughtful sound, caressing Chen’s hair.  “I can see that, yeah.”

            “Do you feel that way sometimes?  With your members?”

            “No, I mean, I can see how Chanyeol would piss you off.  He’s kind of annoying.  Don’t you think he’s too goofy, sometimes?”

            Laughing, Chen pushed himself up, and Hoya grinned at him, chuckling.  “Don’t tease!  Come on, do you have sex with your members where you want them to get you off and go away?  Or if you’re frustrated with them, do you just avoid them until you’re in a better mood?”

            “Eh.”  Hoya licked his lips, gaze flicking away and then coming back.  “Sometimes one, sometimes the other.  Sometimes I want them all to leave me the fuck alone, and they won’t, and we do it anyway.”  He grimaced, looking incredibly uncomfortable.  “I guess we have healing sex.  Don’t tell anyone that, it’s embarrassing.”

            “Like make-up sex?” Chen asked, fascinated.  What was so embarrassing about that?

            “Yeah.”  He pulled Chen down and pushed Chen’s head against his chest again, his hand splayed over the side of Chen’s face.  Pinned down, unable to see his expression, Chen laughed.  “My members like to use sex to comfort each other and heal each other.  If you have a bad experience or get upset about something, they’ll try to love you out of it.”

            “Does it work?” Chen asked.

            “Yeah,” Hoya admitted.  “I hate that.  I feel like shit, and Sunggyu hyung comes in and says that he wants to be nice to me, and then hours later when it’s over I feel amazing and strong and healed again.  It’s the worst, he really has to stop doing that.”

            Scooting out from under Hoya’s hand, Chen smiled, delighted.  “How is that embarrassing?  That’s great!  Do the other members do it, too?”

            “Yes.  They’re the worst.”

            “But it works!”  How could he be upset about it if it worked?  Adoring him, Chen kissed him, stroking his hair.  “You’re too sensitive.  Does it feel like too much, when they’re being so good to you?  I would love it, I would soak it all up.”

            “Great, so next time they try it, I’ll tell them to take it to you, instead.  You can stand in for me,” Hoya decided.  “Be my black knight and take my punishment.”

            He laughed.  “It’s not a punishment!”

            Hoya made a face.  “‘Oh, Howonie, I love you, I love you.’  Eh, who needs it?  I’m not into it.”

            “Oh, you’re not into it?” Chen asked, grinning.

            “No,” he said decisively.  “Don’t like it at all.”  Then he rubbed his mouth and reached up, his hand sliding over Chen’s shoulder, the back of Chen’s neck, guiding Chen down.  “But, uh, let’s try that kissing thing.  See if you can convince me it’s so great.”

            Mmm.”  All of this making out was great, but Chunji wanted to get to it.  Rolling them both over, he pushed down Chen’s underwear.

            Slapping his hands away, Chen pulled it back up, then kept kissing him.

            Not sure what that was about, he got back into the kissing thing.  But he was horny, and he was turned on, and he wanted sex.  And all of Chen’s kissing and moaning was working him up.  Running his hand over Chen’s thigh, he stroked upward to Chen’s groin, cupping-

            Nnn, no.”  Chen pushed his hand away, barely breaking away from his mouth.

            Were they just going to kiss all night?  “You don’t want it?”  That was new; Chen was always down for it.

            Mmm.”  Finally not kissing him for a second, Chen smiled at him, stroking his chest.  “Let’s just do this for a while.  It feels good, right?”

            “Screwing would feel better,” he said frankly, and he laughed.

            Chen kissed him again.  “Don’t you ever just sit around and make out?  Without sex?”

            “For what?”

            “For what?” Chen repeated, squeezing his waist.  “Because it feels good!  It’s nice, it’s fun.”

            Making out turned him on, and once he was turned on, he wanted to get off.  It was a pretty simple progression.  “Making out is for kids who aren’t old enough to have sex yet.”

            Chen looked pleased.  “Is that what you did?  You and L.Joe, when you were younger?”

            “Us, no.  We weren’t allowed to touch each other, none of us were.  Andy hyung thought that if we started kissing, we’d start doing other stuff, too, so no one got to do anything.”

            Chen looked amazed.  “That’s what happened.”  He shook his head, rubbing Chunji’s hip.  “You skipped a whole step.  Making out with your friends.  Getting turned on and kissing all night.  You never did any of it, you jumped right into the deep end.”

            Oh, god.  Chunji had come over to EXO’s dorm to hang out and get laid, not to have therapy.  He got away from Chen and went to Lay’s room, instead, where he knew the only conversation would be about how hot his cock was and how hard Lay was going to make him come.

            C.A.P. scratched his head and sat down on the couch.  “Did EXO seem weird to you, tonight?”

            “Weird about what?” L.Joe asked, on the floor with Niel.

            “Chen hyung was being annoying,” Niel said.  “So was Chanyeol hyung.  Thank god for Lay hyung and Xiumin hyung or I would have starved to death without my meat.”

            “Annoying?” L.Joe asked.

            “D.O. hyung, too,” Ricky said.  “The three of them must have been talking about us.”

            “Who wants an orgy without sex?” Niel asked.  “It’s a sexual orgy, not a tea party.  I want some cocks, I want to get off.  I didn’t show up just to smooch.  If we’re just going to sit around and look at each other, we could meet in public.”

            “Were they sitting around talking about us behind our backs?” Chunji asked, sitting up on the other end of the couch.  “D.O.’s complaining that we don’t spend enough time sitting around making out?  I don’t complain about him, I let him do whatever he’s into, I don’t start shit about what a weird little freak he is, how the hell is he sitting around talking about us?”

            “He’s not a weird little freak,” C.A.P. said.

            “Yes, he is,” Niel said.  “I like him, he’s a nice little freak, but it’s not normal to have Kai for a boyfriend and not screw all of the time.  It’s Kai.  Kai was a gift from God to all of us, so that we can enjoy hot sex.”

            “I kiss people all of the goddamned time,” Chunji said.  “I even kiss you jackasses.”

            Grinning, C.A.P. leaned towards him.

            Laughing, he put both hands up, leaning away.  “Not right now!  Get off of me!”

            C.A.P. crawled on top of him, still grinning, and he sank back against the arm of the couch, laughing.  Ew!  Hyung!  Stop it!”  He covered his mouth with both hands, so C.A.P. nuzzled his cheek, planting a big, wet one on him.  He shuddered, wiping at his cheek, and C.A.P. kissed his mouth, a soft, quick peck.

            “Gross,” Niel said.

            L.Joe kicked him.  “It’s not gross.”

            “I like making out,” C.A.P. decided, dropping back into his spot again.  “Make out for me,” he told Chunji, gesturing to L.Joe.  “Let’s have a show.”

            Ew, no,” Chunji said.  “The maknaes can do it.”

            “Two shows, then,” C.A.P. said.  “Maknaes first, then the two of you.”  He loved watching Chunji and L.Joe go at it.

            “I’m not your personal porn,” Ricky said.  “And Changjo’s in bed.”

            “So go wake him up,” Chunji said.

            “Do I have to do it with Chunji?” L.Joe asked.  “Can’t it be Niel, instead?”

            “No, Chunji’s prettier,” C.A.P. said.

            “If this is about looks, why is L.Joe involved?” Chunji asked.

            After C.A.P. broke up the ensuing fight, he sent Ricky to wake up Changjo.  The maknaes made out on the couch, and C.A.P. got Niel to go down on him while he watched.

            Changjo was still sleepy, so he was lazy and docile.  The two of them snuggled together, kissing softly, slowly.  It was sexy in a sort of sweet way that C.A.P. liked.  It went on for a while, but there was always something good to look at.  The simple rhythm of kissing, the soft press of their lips, Ricky’s hand in Changjo’s hair, Changjo squirming closer.  Changjo made soft, happy noises and Ricky made pretty, encouraging noises, and when they tipped across the cushions, going horizontal, Changjo wrapped a leg around Ricky, keeping him close.  Niel curled up against C.A.P., watching.

            A long time after that, Ricky raised his head and wiped at his mouth.  “Okay, have you seen enough?  I have to screw him now, my cock’s too hard, I’m not waiting any longer.”

            Changjo laughed, and C.A.P. said, “Yeah, go ahead.”  He nudged L.Joe.  “Your turn.”

            “Come on, maknae,” Ricky said, dragging Changjo off of the couch.  C.A.P. swatted Changjo’s ass on the way by.

            “Ugh, this is so annoying,” L.Joe complained.

            “Just come here and do it, you’re not suffering,” Chunji said.  Reaching past C.A.P., he grabbed L.Joe’s arm and pulled.  Sliding across the floor to him, L.Joe whined some more.  “Shut up for once,” he said.  Avoiding the mouth, he kissed all over L.Joe’s face, blowing raspberries against L.Joe’s neck.  Laughing, L.Joe pulled him in for a real kiss, and when his tongue slid into L.Joe’s mouth, pink and sinuous, L.Joe moaned, shivering and pulling him even closer.

            They made out like they meant it, heated and wanting, clinging to each other, grinding against each other, feeling each other up.  Chunji trailed sexy, sucking kisses up and down L.Joe’s neck, and L.Joe moaned at every little touch.  L.Joe kept breathing, “God, Chunji,” and whenever L.Joe veered off in another direction for too long, kissing Chunji’s neck or ear, Chunji would drag him back in for another kiss, the two of them moaning like they were addicted to each other.

            Chunji and L.Joe were so hot for each other, C.A.P. could tell they wanted to be screwing, and, damn, he wanted to give it to them.  Turned on, he reached out and caught hold of L.Joe, hauling L.Joe right into his lap.  Moaning, L.Joe pulled Chunji along, and Chunji didn’t break away for a second, just kept kissing L.Joe, fixated on L.Joe’s sexy, hungry mouth.

            They were completely focused on each other, moaning softly, Chunji devouring L.Joe’s mouth, L.Joe tugging Chunji closer and closer against his body.  Fascinated by how pretty they were, how sexy they were, their desire for each other, C.A.P. ran his hands over them, stroking their lean bodies, their hot skin, nuzzling into L.Joe’s hair.  When he cupped L.Joe’s hard-on, L.Joe groaned, melting back against him, dragging Chunji along.

            L.Joe’s groan was such a compelling sound of raw pleasure that he needed to hear it again.  Grunting, turned on, kissing the back of L.Joe’s neck, he undid L.Joe’s fly, pulling L.Joe’s hard-on out, fondling it.  Shuddering in his arms, L.Joe cried out, kissing Chunji fervently.  The more he groped L.Joe’s cock, the more L.Joe squirmed against him, moaning Chunji’s name.  The needy, responsive way L.Joe moved was so familiar to him, so sexy, that he didn’t care about his own pleasure, he just wanted to get L.Joe off, make L.Joe feel good.  “Come on,” he whispered, jacking L.Joe’s cock.

            “Oh, yeah,” Niel breathed, pressing himself against C.A.P.’s side, staring.  “It’s so hard.”

            “Please, yes,” L.Joe moaned.  Chunji kissed him passionately, fingers threading through his hair, and he ran both hands under Chunji’s shirt, clutching Chunji against himself.  Their bodies were so close that C.A.P.’s knuckles kept brushing against Chunji’s pants, Chunji’s thighs, the bulging hardness of Chunji’s hard-on, and Chunji groaned, grinding against him.  “Fuck, fuck, I’m going to come,” L.Joe panted.

            “Yeah, get off, come on,” C.A.P. urged him, hand speeding up on his erection.

            He shuddered hard, his moans muffled by Chunji’s kiss.  Cum spurted out of him, messy splatters of jizz wet on C.A.P.’s hand.  “Oh, fuck,” he groaned, gripping Chunji’s ass.  Grinding against him, against the back of C.A.P.’s hand, Chunji kissed him hard, dragging his ass forward, pushing his knees up.  “No, no,” he panted, “I want to fuck you.”

            “I’m fucking you,” Chunji said, yanking L.Joe’s pants down.  “God, yeah, give me that ass.”

            L.Joe’s cock was still erect, still thick and hard in C.A.P.’s hand.  Still jacking him, slower now, C.A.P. watched him squirm and kick his pants off.  “I’m so hard, god, I want it,” he moaned, rubbing his own chest, pulling his shirt up.

            “Let me have it,” Niel said.  Still stroking the base, fondling L.Joe’s balls, C.A.P. let Niel suck it.  While Niel’s lips wrapped around the head of L.Joe’s erection, Chunji started lubing L.Joe up.

            Writhing, moaning, L.Joe buried a hand in Niel’s hair.  He was still slumped against C.A.P., right in C.A.P.’s lap, and C.A.P. let go of his balls, letting Niel take over.  He bit at his lips, groaning, arching.  “I’m going to come, ah, ah!”  His lips looked soft, kissed red, and C.A.P. rubbed a thumb over them.  He nipped at C.A.P.’s thumb, licking it, and then he groaned again, tensing all over.  “Ah, ah!  Ah!  God, oh, god, please.”  He was coming, his back arching again, Niel steadily swallowing.

            “You’re not getting out of this,” Chunji warned him, yanking him farther away from C.A.P. and pushing his knee up.  “I still need somewhere to stick it, and, ooohhh.”  Chunji thrust into him, groaning.  A few slow, deep thrusts, hips rocking, and Chunji moaned again, lashes fluttering.  “Yeah, mmm, you feel great tonight.”

            They took turns on each other, blowing each other, boning each other.  C.A.P. drilled all three of them, working them up until they were twisting around begging him for more, leaving them limp and exhausted.  When he was finally finished, all fucked out, he left Chunji and Niel passed out on the floor.  He took L.Joe to bed with him, and L.Joe curled up against him like a sleepy kitten, purring and snuggling in against his chest.  He planted a kiss in L.Joe’s hair and closed his eyes.

            He didn’t know what Chen and the others were so concerned about.  He liked kissing.  He just liked it best when two hot guys were doing it right in front of him while he got off.

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