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"You know how it is between members."

These stories exist in a world where it’s understood that intra-group sex is a matter of course. It’s assumed that, to avoid dating/sex scandals, an idol will confine his sex life to the other members of his group. Most of the responsibility for keeping the members sexually satisfied tends to fall to the maknae.

Between Members
[3,100 words, R] Seungho/G.O./Joon

G.O gave him a level, penetrating stare. “You don’t know what I’m talking about.”
Um. Joon smiled uncertainly. “Dancing?”

Between Members #1
[4,100 words, R] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

This was the one part of debuting that none of them had talked about.

Between Members #2
[1,800 words, R] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

“Cute,” Insoo said, and Seyong realized that Insoo was looking at his naked crotch. Blushing, he wondered what, exactly, Insoo meant by that. Then Insoo’s thumb brushed his hip. “Your hair doesn’t match.”

Between Members #3  NEW!
[2,900 words, NC-17] Insoo/Gunwoo/Seyong

“They need, um, privacy,” JunQ said, nudging Chaejin toward the door.
“For what?” Chaejin asked. Then, with a disappointed groan, he turned around to face them. “Aw, hyungs! Now? Can’t you do that later?”


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