Birthday Boys

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Sunggyu’s birthday: April 28

Baekhyun’s birthday: May 6

            Slumped on the couch, Sehun yawned.  Checking the time, he wondered if it was too early to go to sleep.  Lazily, he mulled over which of his members he wanted to go down on him before he went to bed.  His thoughts drifted to Hwanhee, and how incredibly devoted his pet was to his pleasure, and how rewarding it was to slide his cock between Hwanhee’s parted lips.  Those soft brown eyes gazing up at him, so trusting, so-

            “Maknae,” Suho said insistently.  “Maknae!”

            “Yeah, hyung.”  Clearing his throat, he sat up, trying to pretend that he was just casually, naturally plucking at the front of his pants and not adjusting his hard-on.  “Hmm?”

            Suho rolled his eyes.  From Suho’s other side, Chanyeol asked, “What do you think we should do?  One big present from everybody, or not?”

            He had no idea what they were talking about.  “Uh, yeah,” he said, trying to look serious, nodding.  “One from all of us, that’s good, right?”

            “Not if we can’t come up with any good ideas for it,” Suho argued.  “Let’s just get him whatever we want to get him.  One big gift, there’s too much pressure, it would have to be a really special gift, and I already know that we’re not going to think of anything.”

            “If the gifts are going to be bad, then the party has to be good,” Chanyeol said.

            “We’ll invite Infinite and Teen Top, that’ll make him happy,” Suho said.  “He’s so flirtatious these days, I think that I should talk to him about it.”

            “Let’s surprise him,” Chanyeol suggested.  “Where does he like to go?”

            He was asking Sehun.  But Sehun still had no idea who they were talking about.  One of the members, right?  Was it somebody’s birthday or something?  What else would they be celebrating?  Sehun laughed and said, “You’d know better than I would.”

            Chanyeol totally bought it, and started naming places.  Every place he suggested, Suho rejected, and every restaurant Suho named, Chanyeol wasn’t sure about.

            Xiumin shuffled into the room.  “We’re eating out?” he guessed, taking a seat on Sehun’s lap.

            “Trying to decide where to have Baekhyun’s birthday party,” Chanyeol explained.

            “Tell this fool that we should eat at the place with the dumplings,” Suho said.

            “No, we should go to a steakhouse,” Chanyeol argued.

            Baekhyun’s birthday!  Okay, yeah.  That seemed right.  Wait.  Something nagged at the back of Sehun’s brain, some stray, niggling thought.  Wasn’t something important happening around that day?  Wasn’t someone else’s birthday near Baekhyun’s?  Wait, when was Suho’s birthday?

            Using Xiumin’s body as a shield, Sehun checked on his phone.

            No, okay, Suho’s birthday was after Baekhyun’s.  But-

            It clicked.

            Hwanhee.  Baekhyun and Hwanhee had the same birthday.  Didn’t they?  Feeling weirdly embarrassed about looking up info on his pet, he checked.

            May sixth.  The same day.

            Curling his arm around Xiumin, he licked his lips.  His pet’s birthday.

            He thought about giving his pet a special gift, a special privilege, like generously letting his pet suck his cock.  How incredibly grateful Hwanhee would be.  He thought about letting his pet eat a cupcake off of the floor for a birthday treat.  How adorably humiliated Hwanhee might be.  Maybe he would give his pet a nice present, like a new harness.  His sexy pet was so pretty, dressed up.

            Laughing, Xiumin squirmed on his lap.  “Why is it poking me?  Does planning birthday parties turn you on?”

            If it had to do with his pet, everything turned him on.

            “Okay,” Jinhoo said.  They were all on the practice room floor, the meeting almost over.  Hwanhee was toying with his water bottle and trying to concentrate, but he was tired and he kept zoning out for a word here, a sentence there.  The only thing he could really keep his mind on was Sehun, and what it felt like when Sehun tugged on his harness.  Holy shit, did that turn him on.  There was nothing like being under Sehun’s control and - - was Jinhoo smiling at him?  He smiled back, sitting up a little straighter, trying to look alert.  “Someone has a birthday coming up.”

            “Yes, yes, thank you,” Kogyeol said, looking around at everyone, smiling.  “Yes, thanks, I-”

            “Shut up,” Wei laughed, nudging him.

            “We’ll get to you,” Jinhoo said, laughing.  “Everybody gets a turn.  But our Hwanhee’s first.”

            Ooohh, you’re going to be twenty,” Xiao said, winking at him.  “You’re a man, now.”

            “I’ve been a man,” he mumbled, embarrassed.

            “We have that evening off,” Jinhoo said.  “I thought that we should talk about it now before we make plans.”

            “Off?” he asked, perking up.  “I get the night off?”

            “Okay, let’s not count on that,” Kuhn said.  “We might have a night full of schedules by then.”

            “We might,” Jinhoo agreed.  “But if we don’t, is there anything that we want to do?”

            “Ditch the kids and go to Teen Top’s dorm,” Bitto suggested.

            “We can’t ditch him on his birthday,” Sunyoul argued, laughing.

            “Take me along!” Hwanhee suggested.  “I’ll go with you.”

            “Maybe we could meet them somewhere, for a party,” Wooshin said.  “If they’re not busy, a couple of them might show up.  We could ask the 100% hyungs, too.  And maybe we could invite Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun sunbaenim.”

            “Oh, yeah, let’s,” Xiao agreed.

            “Yeah, we could,” Kuhn said.  “Wouldn’t hurt.  They’re probably all busy, but we can at least ask.”

            Prince Sehun?  At his birthday party?  “Do princes come to parties?” he asked.  He felt nervous, turned on; he squirmed a little, looking around at his hyungs’ faces.

            “I’m pretty sure they do,” Wooshin said.

            “Maybe he’ll get you something,” Xiao said.  “Damn, I’ll bet that EXO gives good presents.”

            “I don’t need him to spend money on me,” Hwanhee said, pushing at Xiao, embarrassed.

            “Maybe he’ll get you, like, a dustpan and brush, or something,” Wei suggested.  “Is that a good gift for a servant?  I don’t know.”

            “I don’t even think that he knows it’s my birthday,” Hwanhee said.  “Let’s not tell him, okay?  I don’t want him to feel like he has to do something.  He’s busy, he’s working a lot, I don’t want to bother him.”

            “It’s Baekhyun hyung’s birthday that day, anyway, so he’s probably busy,” Xiao said.  “They probably go to hot private clubs and get drunk and bang really hot sex workers.”

            “Oh, can we do that for Hwanhee’s birthday?” Bitto asked.

            “Can we do that for my birthday?” Kuhn asked.

            “We don’t pay for sex,” Jinhoo said.  “We get it for free from each other, that’s why we have so many members.”

             “Well, then some of you need to work on your technique,” Wooshin said.

            “Sorry,” Gyujin said, and everybody laughed.

            Suho was in his room, changing clothes, when Sehun walked in and sat on his bed.  “What do you need?” he asked, shucking his pants off.

            “Do I have to get your okay every time I give Hwanhee something?”

            “Yes, I think so.”  He tried very hard not to think about that dog harness.  And what it was for, and what it meant, and how all of that worked.  Swallowing, he focused all of his attention on simple, ordinary things like finding a pair of shorts to put on.

            “It’s his birthday, soon.  I want to get him something.”

            “Okay, well, let me see it and I’ll let you know.”

            “I don’t want to get something I can’t give him, so I want your permission first, I just - - I don’t know what to ask for.  I don’t want you to misunderstand.”

            “Maknae, I’m your hyung, we’ve lived together for years now, I already know everything about you.”

            “His leader’s going to see it, too,” Sehun grumbled, flopping back against Suho’s pillow, smushing it against the headboard.  “I probably have to ask Jinhoo before I give it to him.”

            “So make sure that it’s something you don’t care if Jinhoo knows about.”

            “I don’t want him to know anything,” Sehun said.  “He already knows too much.  Should I just get a gift certificate?”

            To a pet supply store?  Suho kept his head down as he dug into his dresser drawer for a clean T-shirt.

            “I want to get him something he’ll remember.  Something that’ll make him think of me.”

            “I think that he’s always thinking about you,” Suho said honestly.

            Sehun’s smile was adorable and cocky.  “Is that because you’re always thinking about me, hyung?”

            Suho rolled his eyes and threw a T-shirt at him.

            “Oh, Hwanhee,” Jinhoo said, closing the microwave.

            “Hmm?”  Hwanhee hung up his new sex schedule on the fridge.  He used the cheerful, “Remember to take your vitamins!” magnets that Bitto had picked up at a pharmacy for him.

            “The Teen Top members can come to your party.  They won’t be able to stay all night, they need to be somewhere else, after, but I invited them and they’ll be there.”

            He smiled, really touched.  “Really?  They’ll come?  It’s okay if they can’t stay, sunbaes have other places to be.  It’d be cool if they can hang out, though.”

            Jinhoo stirred noodles and gave him a careful look.  “I think they’re going to Byun Baekhyun’s party, after.”

            “Oh.  Well, yeah, sure!  They’d rather be there than at my party.  I’d rather be there than at my party!” he admitted, laughing.  “Maybe I can sneak into their van and go along.”

            “We’ll have a good time,” Jinhoo promised him, putting an arm around him, smiling lovingly and getting way too close.  Laughing, he tried to squirm away, and Jinhoo just held him tighter.  “Don’t we always have fun together?”

            “No,” he said, and Jinhoo’s other arm was around him, now, too, squeezing hard.  “Yes,” he gasped, laughing, choking.  “Yes, yes, always, hyung, all of the time, it’s so much fun with you!”

            “Good.”  Jinhoo swatted his ass and let him go.  “Since it’s your birthday, I’ll let you play favorites.  You can take whichever vitamins you want that day.”

            “Really?”  Ooohhh.  Birthday vitamins.  Wei, he wanted Wei, he wanted to get fucked deep and moo like a freak on his birthday.  Wei and, oh, Wooshin?  Wei and Kuhn?  Gyujin!  He wondered if he could ask for a third member, since it was his birthday, just as a special treat.  Sucking off three guys in one day sounded amazing.  That was what he wanted, he didn’t care about presents, he didn’t care about a party, he wanted to spend all day on his knees, getting cock in his mouth.  Dizzy, horny, he leaned against the fridge, breathing through his mouth, lips parted, shame making him tremble.  He felt so hot, and so dirty, he was such a dirty little slut.  Shivering, he rubbed at his face, rubbed at the fridge, the door hard and cool against his skin.  He whispered, “I need to be fucked, now, please,” and he ached with it.

            “Are you getting hard?” Wooshin asked, leaning against the fridge, right beside him, so pretty, so innocent and so wicked, all at once.  “Can I see it?”

            Ashamed, confused, sick with himself, he shuddered away, making a weird sound when he inhaled.  He hadn’t wanted anyone to hear him, he didn’t want anyone to see him like this.  He didn’t even know where Wooshin had come from, hadn’t Jinhoo just been here?

            “Come on,” Wooshin said, the back of his hand nudging Hwanhee’s stomach.  “Show me your hard-on.”

            “No,” he mumbled, shuffling backwards, putting a hand down, covering himself.  Wooshin knew that he was turned on, and that just made him more ashamed of it, and that just made it worse, made his cock even harder.

            “What, are you being rude?” Wooshin asked, plucking at his shirt and pulling him closer again.  “When a hyung tells you to do something, you do it, don’t be a brat.  Show me your cock, I want to see it.  It’s so pretty when it’s hard.”

            It was an order, Wooshin was making it like a command, something he had to obey.  Obedience, yes, he had to obey his hyung.  Making loud, whimpering noises, he undid his fly.  As soon as his fingers brushed his hard-on, it felt so good, he couldn’t stop, and as he pulled it out, he was already masturbating.

            “God, it’s so cute,” Wooshin said, laughing.  “I love your big cock, look how hard you are.  Yeah, keep jacking it, play with yourself.”

            “We’re in the kitchen,” he mumbled.  He wanted to stop, he knew that he should stop, but Wooshin kept giving him orders, and, god, it felt so good.  He groaned, shuddering, his hand quick and tight on his cock.  “Can I come like this?  Is it okay?”

            “Yeah,” Wooshin said, moving closer, stroking his pelvic bone with light, sensual touches.  “Yeah, but kiss me when you’ve shot your load, don’t be rude.”

            “Wait,” Sehun said, startled by his own revelation, falling off of his bed and stumbling out of his room.  “Suho hyung, hyung, where - - Suho hyung!” he called, impatient now.

            “What are you yelling about?” Xiumin asked.

            “He’s in his room,” Kai said.

            “Maknae!  Stop shouting!” Suho called.

            “Hyung,” he said breathlessly, and he flopped onto Suho’s bed.  Already on the bed, Suho grumbled and pushed at his shoulder.  “Hyung.”  Licking his lips, his mind still spinning, he looked down into Suho’s face.  “If it’s his birthday, and everybody knows that it’s his birthday, and it’s like a public thing, and we’re all friends, right, everybody knows that we hang out, sometimes, that doesn’t mean anything, he’s a hoobae, I’m a good hyung, so-”

            Suho squinted at him.  “Are you talking about Hwanhee?”

            “Yes, him, yes, my Hwanhee,” he said, and he licked his lips again, because he didn’t like to just say Hwanhee’s name any old way, it wasn’t something he just dropped into conversation.  “I can get him something people can know that he has, can’t I?  It doesn’t have to be a secret.  It can be a regular gift that people see me buy and people see him with.”

            “Well, it is his birthday,” Suho said, really stopping to think it all over.  “That’s not a secret event, anybody can know about that.”  Sehun tried to be patient and let him reason it out.  “It’s nice to support a hoobae and show some interest.  I could give him a birthday gift, if I wanted, so there’s probably no reason that you can’t.  Should I give something?”  Suho was distracted by this new line of thought.  “Maybe I should.  I didn’t think about that.  What should I get him?  What kinds of things does he like?”

            He liked things like mouthing Sehun’s balls and drooling on Sehun’s cock and being bitten until it hurt.  He liked, god, damn, he was so perfect it hurt, and Sehun closed his eyes, trying to breathe.

            Jinhoo must know his sizes,” Suho mused, and he was stroking Sehun’s ear, toying with Sehun’s hair, petting.  “I’ll ask.  Maybe a shirt?  Or a phone case, the one he has is terrible, it looks so cheap.  I’ll get him a new one.”

            “No, no.”  Sehun grimaced, shifting, trying to keep his cock off of Suho, aching with the need to grind up against Suho and feel good, he knew exactly how good it would be.  “Not a phone case.  Can I get him clothes, can I get him something he can wear, something he can be seen in?”

            “We’ll go shopping together,” Suho decided, fingers idly tapping across Sehun’s shoulder.  “Then we’ll make sure that it’s something appropriate, something nobody will think twice about.  And if we both give him something, it won’t look weird, it won’t be just you.”

            Sehun didn’t need - - really, really didn’t want - - Suho any more involved in this side of his life.  This part of his sexuality.  It was already bad enough.  But he knew how excited Hwanhee would be to have a present from King Suho, and he couldn’t deny his pet a goddamned thing.  “Yeah.  Okay.”  He grimaced, pushing himself off of the bed, needing to get away from Suho.  “We’ll go shopping.”

            Hwanhee had a few really busy days.  Busier than usual, even.  He kept planning and re-planning for which vitamins he wanted to take on his birthday.  He really, really wanted to ask for three, but he was ashamed of how slutty he’d sound.  Not that his members didn’t know that about him, already, but it was humiliating to remind everybody so often.

            He could ask Xiao to be his third, that would work.

            He was in one of the practice rooms with Xiao and Sunyoul when Wei poked his head in, phone in one hand, and said, “Hey, Hwanhee-ah.  What’s your favorite color?”

            “Black and white,” he said automatically, focusing on his footwork.

            “Black and white,” Wei said into the phone, starting to close the door.

            “No, it’s not.”  Xiao was giving him a weird look.

            “What, no?” Wei asked, leaning in again.

            “He’s not wrong about his own favorite color,” Sunyoul said, laughing.

            “Hey,” Xiao said, giving Hwanhee a little push.  “Your favorite color isn’t black and white.  That isn’t even one color, it’s two.”

            “It’s my favorite,” he said, pushing back.  “Why, are you taking a quiz?” he asked Wei, distracted from choreography enough to be curious now.

            “Suho hyung’s asking,” Wei said.

            His eyes widened.  “King Suho?”  Why was Suho asking about him?  “Tell him that I said hi!  Does he need anything?”

            “Are you running errands?” Sunyoul asked Hwanhee.  “Are you a delivery service?  Do you take requests?”

            “How expensive are you?” Wei asked.  “Do you charge a lot?  Because I have some stuff I need done, but I’m not-”

            Xiao snorted.  “Hwanhee’s cheap as hell.  That’s his concept, isn’t it?”

            “Hey.”  Embarrassed, pissed off, he gave Xiao another shove, harder this time.  “Don’t be a jerk.”  Worried, he remembered the phone in Wei’s hand.  “Are you making King Suho wait?  Get back to your call!”  What was Wei thinking?!

            “Oh, nah, he put me on hold,” Wei said, glancing down at his screen.  “Kings are too busy to wait around for us peasants.”

            “Peasant,” Sunyoul said, laughing.  “Don’t include me in that, I’m not a peasant.”

            Wei pointed at Hwanhee.  “What’s Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun’s favorite color?”

            “Black and white,” he admitted, blushing, grinning wide.

            “Okay,” Wei said, and left, closing the door.

            “Should be black and blue,” Xiao said, stretching.

            It only took Hwanhee a second to figure that out, and once he got it, he pushed Xiao again.  Laughing, Xiao stumbled.  “He’s not like that!  He doesn’t hurt people, he doesn’t bruise anybody.”

            Xiao gave him a sly look.  “Yeah, but you wish he would.”

            “Shut up,” he muttered, and put his head down, focusing on footwork again.

            He did wish it, and he hated - - loved - - hated how turned on that one little comment got him.

            The store Sehun insisted on was way nicer than Suho had expected.  This was where Suho might get a gift for a special sunbae, not for a dongsaeng.  But he guessed that Sehun thought of Hwanhee as a pretty special dongsaeng.

            They milled around.  Suho kept picking things up, poking around the racks, but Sehun didn’t touch anything, just looked.  “What are we looking for?” Suho asked, when they’d made their way halfway around the store and Sehun still hadn’t seemed interested in any of the clothes.  “Any of this would be okay, wouldn’t it?”

            “I don’t like it.”

            “Don’t be picky, maknae.  These are nice clothes.  Did you get anything for Baekhyun yet?  At least get something for him.”

            “What are you getting him?”

            “For Baekhyun?  I don’t know.  I do a lot for him already, don’t I?”

            Sehun smiled for the first time since they’d walked in, chuckling at him, relaxing.  It was good to see, and he grinned back.  “You have to get him something he’ll be impressed by.  Your birthday’s coming up next, and if you get him something good, he’ll do a lot for your birthday.”

            Ooohh, that was true, wasn’t it?  “You’re smart,” Suho said, patting him on the back and turning around, studying their surroundings with more interest.  “What’s the most expensive thing in here?”

            They grabbed a couple of things for Baekhyun, then argued over who was going to give him what; Suho kept changing his mind and liking what Sehun had picked up more, but after Sehun agreed to swap he decided to switch back, after all.  Then they played rock, paper, scissors for it, and he lost, which was annoying.

            Once they’d figured out Baekhyun’s gifts for good, he asked, “Are you getting anything for that dongsaeng here, or should we shop somewhere else?”

            “Everything here’s going to remind me of Baekhyun hyung, now, let’s go somewhere else.”  Then Sehun gave him a close look.  “Do you still like that place you and that guy are always going to?”

            “Which place?” he asked, bewildered.  “Which guy?  I’m not some shut-in, maknae, I get around a lot, I go to a lot of places and I know a lot of people.  What are you talking about?”

            “That clothing store a couple of blocks over with the weird paintings.”

            Weird paintings?  He tried to remember - - oh!  “Yeah, yes, let’s go there,” he said, already bustling out of the store.  “Last time they said that they’d have the new collection in, soon, and I want to get some new pants.”  When they were in the car, he asked, “Were you talking about my L?  Don’t call him ‘that guy,’ he’s a hyung to you, watch yourself.”

            “Yeah, sorry,” Sehun said.

            When they got there, Suho immediately became absorbed in checking out the new merchandise.  He was going to have to get L in there soon; L would look even better in this stuff than he did, and that was saying a whole lot.

            He was paying for everything when Sehun came over and held up a white T-shirt.  It was distressed and it laced up one side.  “Hyung, do you like this?”

            He loved it.  He loved it so much that he’d bought it last month.  He loved it so much that he hadn’t even bought it for himself; he’d bought it for Sunggyu.  It was wrapped up and waiting for Sunggyu’s birthday party.  He didn’t want to say all of that in front of the cashier, though, so he just said, “It’s my favorite thing in the store.”  Wait, was Sehun trying to buy that for Baekhyun?  He didn’t want Baekhyun running around in the shirt he’d bought for his hyung’s birthday.  “Don’t get white, get red or something.  Blue, I don’t know.”  Baekhyun didn’t have the right build for that shirt, anyway.

            Sehun got it in black.  Then he got a really soft, black cashmere top with an asymmetrical neckline and eyelets along the hem.  It felt so nice that Suho got one, too, in red.

            Only when they were in the van again did Suho remember that they were supposed to be shopping for Hwanhee.  He’d only bought stuff for Baekhyun and himself.  Wait.  He gave Sehun a close look.  “Those last two shirts, from the last store, what are they for?”

            Sehun held really still and turned pink.  “They, uh, they’re just, they’re gifts.”

            Suho rolled his eyes.  “He has a name, maknae.  Hwanhee, Lee Hwanhee.”  He needed a gift.  “I’ll get him a phone case, I can pick one up-”

            “No,” Sehun said hastily.  “He likes the one he has.”

            “It’s cheap, it can’t even protect his phone very well.”

            “He likes it,” Sehun insisted.

            “It’s just a random one for kids,” Suho argued.  Why was Sehun being so stubborn about this?  “He’s an idol, now, his fans must want him to have nice things.  I’ll get him something classier.”

            “Get him something else, get him…”  Sehun’s face scrunched up as he thought.

            Suho was impatient now.  “I already came up with a good idea.  Do you not want me to get him anything?”

            “Get him cologne or something, get him earrings, he likes little ones, black studs or little silver hoops.”

            Jewelry might be okay.  “What about bracelets?  He wears those silver ones a lot when he comes over, maybe he needs more variety.”

            Sehun choked, flailing around in his seat.

            Suho stared at him.  “What’s happening to you today?”

            Sehun was weird and horny and distracted for the rest of the day.  Suho gave up on him and just told D.O. to keep an eye on him.  There wasn’t time to finish shopping that day, so Suho ran out to grab a gift a day later, in between a couple of individual schedules.

            He went to a phone accessories store, because he was sure that he was right and Sehun was just being foolish.  A phone case was a good idea!  Why would Hwanhee want to hang onto that cheap case when there were so many nicer options out there?

            Did Hwanhee like that shade of blue, maybe?  Suho could get a blue one, then.  Or maybe he liked it for the characters on it.  Were they cartoons from a specific show or something?  Suho tried to remember.

            Dogs.  They were dogs, weren’t they?  Little puppies playing around.  Did-


            Feeling really, conspicuously embarrassed, Suho wondered if he was jumping to ludicrous conclusions, or if…

            Was he a pervert for making assumptions?  Or was Hwanhee really into this pet store thing?

            Was Sehun really into this pet store thing?

            Did he need to have a talk with his maknae?

            Suho licked his lips, staring blankly at the wall of phone cases in front of him.  They all seemed really normal and really irrelevant.

            He wanted to be a good hyung.  And he wanted to be supportive.  Which maybe was the wrong impulse to have; there were things that he shouldn’t support, weren’t there?  There was behavior that he shouldn’t encourage.

            But Sehun was so much better, lately.  So much happier with Hwanhee.  And he’d learned about himself that he’d go really far - - too far, sometimes - - to make sure that Sehun was happy.

            He turned in a slow circle, gazing around the store, wondering.

            Baekhyun woke up and stretched.  He scratched his stomach and sat up, yawning.

            It was his birthday, today.  He smiled with a satisfied little wriggle.  One year older, one year better.  Wiggling his toes, he checked his phone.  He had a million new messages.  He went through them, deciding which ones to reply to.

            After making his way through that outpouring of affection, he felt pretty good about himself.  He sang his way around the dorm, and then he found each of his members, giving everybody a chance to wish him a happy birthday.  Chen hugged him, D.O. brushed him off, Xiumin teased him, Lay kissed him.  Sehun put the moves on him and sexed him up so right he saw stars.

            He knew that the members were taking him out to some restaurant that night, and he was looking forward to it, because Teen Top and Infinite were invited and he was going to get so, so laid.  He wasn’t supposed to know anything about it, but his members weren’t discreet at all and had talked about it in front of him like a dozen times.

            So when he saw Sehun and Suho both getting dressed, he figured that it was about time to get ready to go out.  It was earlier than he’d expected, but he didn’t want to get left behind, so he got ready, too.  But no one else was getting dressed; the other members were just lazing around, ugly and unkempt.  And then Suho and Sehun tried to leave without him!  “Wait, where are you going?” he asked, catching them at the door.

            “Where are you going?” Sehun asked, laughing at him, plucking at his shirt.

            “Where are you going?” Suho asked, looking disapproving and suspicious.  “You don’t have plans, do you?”

            “Dinner, I’m going to dinner with you,” he said.  “You’re taking me out, we’re meeting everybody, I’m getting birthday sex, let’s go.”  He checked the bag in Sehun’s hand; before Sehun snatched it back from him, he saw giftwrap in there.  Presents!  “What’d you get me?”

            “Nothing,” Sehun said.

            “No one’s having sex with you,” Suho said.  “We’re going to Hwanhee’s party.”

            What?  “Lee Hwanhee?”  Oh, right!  Hwanhee had his birthday, didn’t he?  Well, he was dressed up and everything, so, “Let’s go,” he suggested, reaching to open the door.

            Suho pushed his hand away.

            “What do you mean, no one’s having sex with me?”  That struck him as incredibly alarming, all of a sudden.  “Did you make a pact, or something?  Are you punishing me on my birthday?”

            “I didn’t mean that, I didn’t mean anything,” Suho said.  “Now let us go, I don’t want to be late.  We’re already going to have to leave there early, and Teen Top’s leaving early, too, and if we’re all going to be rude, I don’t want to be rude about showing up late, on top of everything else.”

            What was Suho even talking about?  “Why are you leaving early?”

            “To get to your party,” Sehun said, and then he blinked and pressed his lips together.

            Suho glared and punched Sehun in the gut.

            Wincing, Sehun turned aside.

            “We’re having dinner tonight,” Suho said.  “Later, at a restaurant, maybe, we might meet.  After Hwanhee’s party.”

            He didn’t even know why Suho was pretending not to be planning a surprise for him.  It really wasn’t working at all anymore.  “You two and Teen Top are going to Hwanhee’s party first and mine second?  Why don’t we just have one party?”

            Suho frowned at him.  “Would you want to?”

            “Sure.  The more people, the more fun.  Hoobaes are great, they have a lot of energy.  You’re too old, you get tired too fast, I want to have a real party.”

            Suho looked grim.  “Are you going to embarrass yourself in front of our hoobaes?”

            “Am I going to get drunk and try to go down on Sungyeol hyung in front of everybody?  Yeah.  Yeah,” he admitted, rubbing his nose.  “That’s going to happen.  Great!”  He clapped his hands together, smiling brightly.  “So let’s get everybody together and do this thing!  Where’s Hwanhee’s party, should we tell Infinite to meet us there?  If Teen Top’s there already, it’ll be convenient.”

            “Is Hwanhee going to mind if we double up the parties?” Suho asked.

            Sehun laughed at Suho.  “Are you being modest?”

            “I’ll tell everybody else to get dressed,” Baekhyun decided, turning away.

            “I’ll call Jinhoo,” Suho said.

            Ya!  Put your clothes on!” Baekhyun shouted across the dorm.  Whoo!  Party time!  “Wear something ugly, it’s my birthday, I’m the only one who gets to look good.”  He turned back, running his hand over Suho’s sleeve.  “This was a good choice, hyung, I won’t even have to ask you to change.”

            Suho was hilariously angry at that and held it against him for like an entire half hour.

            Hwanhee was having a lot of trouble believing what he was hearing.  “Is this a joke?”  Laughing self-consciously, he looked around, checking the corners of the restaurant.  “Is this a hidden camera?”

            Ya, just tell Jinhoo ‘yes,’” Bitto urged, nudging him.

            “Don’t rush him, this is a really hard choice,” Gyujin said.  “Okay, now, Hwanhee-ah.”  Brow furrowed, Gyujin planted his hands on Hwanhee’s shoulders, squeezing, and gave him a hard, earnest look.  “We can either share a private room with EXO to meet Teen Top and Infinite, and hang out with hot, drunk sunbaes for your birthday, or we can not do that.  Okay?  Those are your choices.  Think really hard.”

            They were serious?  He could, like, really share his birthday with Baekhyun?  They were going to come here and have their party with him?  Licking his lips, he glanced past Gyujin to Jinhoo.  “Will Sehun hyung come?”

            Groaning, Gyujin pushed him away and walked off.  All around him, his members laughed and made exasperated noises.  Stumbling back a little, he caught himself against Xiao.  “I’m just asking!” he exclaimed.  It was an important point!  He’d say yes, either way, it wasn’t a deal-breaker, it was just something he wanted to know.  He didn’t want to get his hopes up for nothing.

            “I’ll go ask about the bigger private room,” Jinhoo said.

            As Jinhoo left, Xiao elbowed Hwanhee.  “It’s his hyung’s birthday, he’ll be here.”

            “I don’t know, I keep hearing about what a bad maknae he is, maybe he won’t,” Sunyoul said, laughing.

            “Prince Sehun will be here,” Wei said, leaning close to whisper it, teasing, conspiring.  “King Suho, probably.  Prince L, even, maybe, don’t you think?”  Hwanhee blushed, laughing.

            “Wait, who?” Kogyeol asked.

            “How many princes are there?” Sunyoul asked.

            “And why am I not one of them?” Wooshin asked.

            Embarrassed, Hwanhee wondered if he told his members too much.  “Don’t say anything about L sunbaenim in front of Sehun hyung, okay?  He doesn’t like it.”

            “Wait, is your dom jealous?” Xiao asked.  “That’s not how that works, doms don’t get jealous.”

            “He’s a bad maknae and a bad dom?” Sunyoul asked.

            “He’s the best, come on, don’t tease,” Hwanhee said.  If Sehun was going to be there, then he had to get ready!  “I need my bag, I don’t have anything.”

            “You don’t have to do that tonight,” Kuhn said.  “You’re the birthday boy, it’s your night to be the prince.”

            “But I-”

            “You get to celebrate and open presents,” Kuhn said.  “You don’t have to do anything for anybody.  He’s not going to expect it tonight.”

            Torn, he squirmed, not sure about that.  “Are they coming like right now?  Do I have time to change or anything?”  He wasn’t dressed right.  His owner liked for him to look sluttier than this.

            “Change into what?” Kogyeol asked.  “Are you planning to run around the street trying to buy something?”

            “Hwanhee-ah,” Kuhn said, squeezing his shoulder and giving him a reassuring smile.  “It’s your birthday, not Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun’s.  A bunch of sunbaes are coming over to tell you ‘happy birthday.’  Just enjoy it.”

            “Yeah.”  He tried to smile.  But Sehun owned him no matter what, no matter which day it was or who was around.  He had to get ready.

            “Members!” Suho yelled from the other room.

            Shit.  Sehun grimaced, listening to the phone ring.  From their bedroom doorway, D.O. gave him a look, and he said, “One second,” trying to make an earnest, “Be right there,” expression.

            “Hyung?” Hwanhee’s voice asked, breathless.

            Ooohhh, that felt good.  “Yeah, hey,” he said, putting a hand on his dresser to keep from touching himself.  D.O. rolled his eyes and walked out.  “I just wanted to check in before I show up.  You okay with me being there?  I was just going to stop by, I didn’t think it was going to be this big thing.”

            “You were stopping by?”

            “Yeah.”  Did he not know that?  “Didn’t Suho hyung clear it with Jinhoo?  We were going to stop by to say hi, to tell you ‘happy birthday.’  Baekhyun hyung found out like half an hour ago and he thought that if you were having a party and we were already going and Teen Top was going to be there, we could just all hang out together.  But I don’t want to make it weird.  I can just stop by and leave early.”

            “You and Suho hyung were already coming?”  He sounded amazed.  Before Sehun could reply, he said, “But yeah, yeah, no, you don’t have to stay.  It - - it would be great to see you, I always like to see you, but you - - you don’t even have to come, if you don’t want to, it’s just, like, it’s not even a great restaurant.”

            Sehun closed the bedroom door.  “Hwanhee-ah, I’m not offering to leave because I don’t want to be there, I’m just trying to make you comfortable.  Don’t worry about what I want, tell me what you want.”

            “But I want what you want.”  His laughter was soft and self-conscious.  “That’s all I want.  I just want whatever you want.  That - - that’s how this works.”

            God, his pet was so fucking perfect.  “I want you to have a good birthday.  I want you to have a good time.  Your members and your favorite hyungs are going to be there.  It would mean a lot if I could be there, too, so I can see you enjoy yourself.  But I’m just going to be there as a hyung.  Not as anything else.  Just a hyung who cares about you.”

            “Things that are true are always true.”  His voice was quiet but determined, really insisting on the point.  “Things that are true don’t change just because it’s a different day of the year.”

            “God, why the hell do you listen to everything I say?”  He was so happy and so frustrated and so fucking charmed, he sat on the edge of his bed and didn’t even know what to say.  “I love that you think that way, but stop it.  Today’s about you, not me.”

            “Everything’s about you.”

            “Maknae!” Suho yelled.

            Sehun wished that he could have this conversation face-to-face.  “Listen to me.  I want you to be a happy dongsaeng having a good birthday with some fun guys.  I want you to focus on just being Up10tion’s Lee Hwanhee who’s hanging out with a bunch of annoying sunbaes.  I want you to pretend that I’m just some random guy in the room like Kai and Niel.”

            Cosplay,” Hwanhee said.  “Hyung, can I see you tonight?  After?”

            Shit.  He fucking hated saying no to that.  “I don’t think so.”  Baekhyun was definitely going to invite Infinite and Teen Top over after the party, so he’d have to go to Up10tion’s dorm if he wanted to see Hwanhee.  But Suho would be busy with Sunggyu or something and wouldn’t be able to go with him.  Maybe he could figure out something else.  He’d talk to Suho about it.  “I’ll try, but if we can’t, don’t worry about it.  Tonight’s about you, not me.”

            “Maknae!”  Baekhyun pushed the door open.  “We’re trying to leave on this birthday, not my next one.”

            “I gotta go,” Sehun said.  “I’ll be right there, we’re leaving now.”

            “Okay,” Hwanhee said.  “I’ll be here.”

            He hung up.  “Can you go over to Infinite’s dorm, after the party, so I can invite Hwanhee over here?”

            “Why can’t we all be here?” Baekhyun asked.

            “I don’t think that Suho hyung wants Up10tion to see everybody in Infinite taking turns on your ass.”

            Baekhyun punched his arm.  “Don’t talk like that about your best hyung.”  Then Baekhyun grinned at him.  “Besides, what are you talking about?  There isn’t anybody who doesn’t want to see that.”

            While the members moved into the bigger private dining room, Hwanhee slipped into the bathroom.  Leaning over the sink, peering into the mirror, he flipped his hair this way and that, trying to get his bangs to do something decent, but he couldn’t really do anything with hope and his bare hands.

            When Wooshin came into the bathroom, he pretended to be busy washing his hands.  When Wooshin finished peeing and joined him at the sinks, he asked, “Do you have on a tank top under that?”

            Wooshin chuckled, giving him a wary look.  “Yeah.”

            He grinned, embarrassed but hopeful.  “Can I borrow it?”

            Wooshin’s smile was suspicious.  “For what?”

            “To wear it.  Please?”

            Crossing his arms over his chest, he smirked.  “Tell me why.”

            He couldn’t be too honest in public.  “I want to look nice.”

            “Nice?  What’s wrong with what you have on?”

            “It’s for something, it’s for somebody, it’s - - it’s for you-know-who, it’s for that, for him.  Come on, please, don’t tease me, can I just have it?”

            “Okay, okay.”  He gave Hwanhee a skeptical look.  “But you owe me.”  Then he reached over and turned the faucet on.  “You gotta be able to tell the hyungs why you had to change.”  Gesturing Hwanhee closer with one hand, he cupped his other under the faucet.

            Oh.  Yeah, smart.  He let Wooshin splash his shirt with water.  “Oops,” he said, laughing.

            Chuckling, Wooshin did it again.  Then he stripped out of his shirts, handed his black tank top over, and put his other shirt on again.  “I want it back.”

            “Thank you.”  Hwanhee changed quickly, happy to put on his new top.  Turning to the mirror, he rubbed his arms, his chest.  “Is it okay?”

            “It’s a tank top, it’s not good or bad, it’s just…that.  What look are you going for?”

            He didn’t want to say “slutty.”  That felt like too much to confess to.  “Sexy?” he asked, awkward and shy.

            “Your face doesn’t really do sexy,” Wooshin said, pinching his cheeks.  “What does he like about you, does he like it when you’re cute?”

            “Hyung,” he complained, squirming out of reach.  “I don’t know.”  He was getting too stressed out to remember anything.  Sehun was going to be there any minute, and he wasn’t ready at all.  He was going to be so boring that Sehun was going to realize he was too dull for this.  He didn’t want to let his owner down!  What if he seemed too normal and Sehun didn’t want to see him anymore?  There were going to be a lot of guys around, and they were all going to seem way more interesting than he was.  There were going to be sexy sunbaes and hot hyungs and freaking visuals at the party.  Chunji was all three of those things, and he was way better than Hwanhee at being slutty, too.  Damn it.

            “What were you saying about cosplay on the phone?”

            What?  He was distracted; it took him a second to realize what Wooshin was asking him about.  “Oh, that.”  He guessed that he could explain; it didn’t seem very private.  “Sehun hyung wants me to pretend that he’s any hyung, tonight.  He doesn’t want me to treat him differently from everybody else.”

            Wooshin nodded thoughtfully.

            Sehun felt tense as they entered the restaurant.  He was full of anticipation and that knotted-up, frustrated feeling he got whenever people ignorantly refused to acknowledge how completely he owned his pet.

            The hostess showed them to a private room in the back.  He let his hyungs walk in first, and he brought up the rear, his gaze sweeping the room.

            Two long tables, a bunch of Up10tion members standing around smiling, and his pet.

            Hwanhee’s soft bangs were falling into his eyes.  He had on ass-hugging jeans and a black tank top that showed off his wiry upper body.  He was wearing a bright smile and hugging Baekhyun.

            Sehun hung back, grip tightening on the handle of his gift bag.  At any second, Hwanhee would look up and see him.  They’d make eye contact, and it would be electric.  As far as Hwanhee was concerned, for that instant, he’d be the only thing in the room, the only person that mattered.  He couldn’t wait for it; he loved seeing that look on his pet’s face.  Nothing was as addicting as his pet’s complete devotion to him.

            Baekhyun finally stopped hugging Hwanhee; they were laughing, joking together about whose birthday party it was.  Hwanhee’s gaze ran over the other members and landed on Suho.  He smiled, greeting Suho politely.

            Sehun felt impatient.  Hwanhee had just seen him, right?  The room wasn’t that crowded; he was pretty hard to miss, especially since he was the most important thing in Hwanhee’s life.

            Hwanhee was thanking them all for coming, and Suho and Jinhoo were competing to see who could be more polite, and Baekhyun was already hitting on Wei.  “I don’t know what everybody likes to eat,” Hwanhee was saying, “but we ordered all kinds of food, there’s going to be some of everything.  They’ll bring it in when the Teen Top sunbaes get here.”

            “We have some presents for Baekhyun and some for Hwanhee,” Suho said, “but I don’t want to get everything mixed together.”

            “Oh, yes,” Jinhoo said, looking around.  “How much is there?  We can put Baekhyun hyung’s on this chair, is that okay?  And then - - I don’t want to use up too many chairs, everyone’s going to need a place to sit.”

            “You didn’t have to get me anything!” Hwanhee said.

            “It’s just something I picked up, and - - maknae,” Suho said, looking over at Sehun.  “Stop hovering in the doorway, do you need a separate invitation?  We’ll put Hwanhee’s presents over here, is the floor okay?  I don’t want to be rude.”

            “It’s not rude, the floor’s great!” Hwanhee said.  “Thank you so much, it’s really nice of you.”

            “Well, I don’t know if you’ll like what I got you,” Suho said.  “But Sehun got you good presents, so that should make up for it.”

            Hwanhee looked up at Sehun with the same bright, pleasant smile he’d shown Suho and Baekhyun.  “You got me something, too, hyung?  Thank you.”

            The same smile.  The same happy expression.  Nothing different, nothing unique to Sehun, no shiver of pleasure, no recognition of their bond.  “Yeah,” Sehun said vaguely, staring at him.

            Hwanhee turned his smile back on Suho.  “Can I get you anything, do you want to sit down?  You’ve been traveling back and forth so much lately, maybe you want a nap before everybody else gets here?”

            Suho and Hwanhee wandered over to the table together, joking.

            Sehun stared after them, flummoxed.  What the hell?  His pet hadn’t responded to him.  His pet always responded to him.  Couldn’t help responding to him, and that was what he found so irresistible in the first place.

            For a second, he compared his needy, submissive, eager pet to the cheerful guy talking to Suho, and he felt a horrified twist in his gut.  He didn’t know Hwanhee at all.  He’d completely misjudged-

            And then he remembered what they’d said to each other over the phone.  How he’d told Hwanhee to do exactly this, to treat him like he was anyone else.

            Was that what was happening?  He hadn’t expected it to go so smoothly.  He’d thought that Hwanhee would struggle with it, at least a little.  Or maybe even a lot.  This performance was a little too convincing.

            But he’d asked for it.  He’d told Hwanhee that this was what he wanted.  And Hwanhee was dedicated to giving him whatever he wanted.

            Then Hwanhee was acting this way for him.  Treating him like there was nothing between them, because that’s what he’d asked for.

            Shit.  He’d set himself up for this.

            He thought about how eager his pet always was to please him.  How happily his pet responded to him.  And suddenly, as he watched Hwanhee laugh and talk with Chanyeol like he wasn’t even there, he didn’t feel ignored at all, anymore.

            Sehun put his gift bag down beside Suho’s.  Then he strolled across the room and sat down beside Kai.  Just another guy in the room, just another hyung.

            A minute later, Teen Top came in.  It was obvious, from the way that everybody greeted everybody else, that Teen Top and Up10tion were close.  Really close, judging by the way Chunji and Wooshin immediately started flirting with each other and C.A.P. got a handful of Kogyeol’s ass.  They all said hi to Baekhyun and Hwanhee, but Sehun didn’t care about that; Hwanhee liked Teen Top, sure, but he was off-limits to them, so-

            Did Hwanhee always smile at Chunji like that?  So flustered and so happy?  He knew that Hwanhee mentioned Chunji sometimes, but what was that look about?  So hopeful, so…eager to please…

            Shifting in his seat, Sehun rubbed his thumb over his lower lip, trying to cover his expression as he watched Hwanhee glow under Chunji’s careless affection.

            “Hey, what are you doing here?” Changjo asked Hwanhee, brushing at his bangs, messing them up.  “What, are all of the members here?”

            “It’s my party,” Hwanhee said, laughing.  He ducked Changjo’s hand, trying to fix his bangs.  “It’s my birthday.”

            “What, birthday?” Changjo asked, grinning.  “Yours?  Oh, I didn’t know.”

            “That’s what the party’s for!” Hwanhee exclaimed.  He looked really touched that his sunbae was teasing him, looked bashful and thrilled to have Changjo’s attention.

            Sehun couldn’t believe that he had to watch his pet stand around having a crush on goddamned Changjo.

            “Happy birthday, I guess, then,” Changjo said, and grabbed him in a hug.  A way too tight hug, so he was plastered right up against Changjo’s body, so Changjo could feel every plane and contour.

            Laughing, Hwanhee hugged back like it secretly meant the world to him and he was privately soaking up every bit of the contact.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            Sehun was okay with Hwanhee not responding to him, especially if by not responding to him Hwanhee was actually putting him first.  But he had not agreed to sit around watching Hwanhee not respond to him while also responding to everybody else.

            Did Hwanhee actually like these guys?  Okay, so Sehun liked these guys.  He was incredibly close to them and he’d shared huge parts of his life with them.  But he didn’t blush and giggle when Chunji smiled at him.

            This was a great birthday party.  This was the kind of party that Hwanhee had abstractly dreamt of having, someday.  A bunch of hot idols hanging out together, laughing and flirting and having fun.  He had EXO at his birthday party!  He didn’t even care that this was really Baekhyun’s party with his tacked on; what mattered was that Prince Sehun and King Suho were at his party, and Baekhyun was willing to share the night with him, and all of these amazing guys were hugging him and saying nice things.  He loved getting to spend time with Teen Top, and for once he wasn’t all gross and sweaty from hours of practice.

            The waiters brought the food in, one big platter after another, and Suho said that they couldn’t start eating until Infinite got there, and Baekhyun said that yes, they could.  Suho said no, and Hwanhee would’ve let it go, then, but Baekhyun said that they could split into two tables, and one table could eat, and the other could wait for Infinite.

            “Okay, then, which one is the rude table, because I’m starving,” Xiumin said.

            “I’ll take this table, and Hwanhee can have the other one,” Baekhyun said.

            “Good, because Hwanhee has manners and he respects his sunbaes,” Suho said.

            “This looks bad, but just ignore it, they’re not actually fighting,” Chen said.

            “Are we not fighting?” Baekhyun asked.  He pointed at Suho and yelled, dramatically, “You suck!”

            “Baekhyun-ah, not in public,” Suho said, and he sounded kind of bored and tired, like he was kind of over it and just chastising on automatic now, like somebody’s mom who’d been scolding the kids all day and didn’t really care what they did anymore, and it reminded Hwanhee so much of Jinhoo that it surprised a laugh out of him.

            That was when Infinite showed up.  While everybody said hi to everybody else, Hwanhee hung back, just happy to stand there and watch a bunch of sunbaes interact.  Sungyeol hugged Baekhyun, and Dongwoo had cake, and Sungjong had presents, and Hwanhee really wanted to see Woohyun and Sehun hang out so he could figure out how much of a prince Woohyun really was or not.

            And then L walked into the room looking like a magazine cover.  He was so handsome that it made Hwanhee’s heart pound, and his gaze skimmed across the room like he was looking for someone.  It had to be Changjo, he was probably looking for Changjo, and Hwanhee wanted to look, too, to find Changjo for him just to help him out, but it was hard to look anywhere else but at L.

            But then L’s gaze found him and instead of sliding right on past, it stopped.  Stopped right on him.  L’s eyes were really warm, like L was really happy to see him, like L had come here just for him.

            And then L walked right up to him and said, “Happy birthday,” and hugged him.

            Oh, god.  L was hugging him.  He couldn’t get himself together enough to know what to do with that.  He kind of mumbled something like, “Hey, hyung-sunbae,” all garbled, and then he realized that he was missing his opportunity to hug L and he raised his arms, half patting at L’s ribcage.

            L’s hands rubbed up and down his back, and then L pulled away, smiling at him, still holding onto him.  He couldn’t believe that L was smiling at him like that, directly at him, just for him.  It made him feel special.  Made him feel like he was somebody important.  “Having a good birthday?”

            “This is the best birthday,” he confessed.  He felt drunk.  He really wanted to offer L something to drink.  Offer some food, or a seat, or something.  Couldn’t he just-

            “L hyung,” Changjo called.

            L was looking right into Hwanhee’s eyes, his hand sliding over Hwanhee’s waist.  “When-”

            “Hyung!” Changjo said.

            L blinked, and then he blinked hard, and then he looked across the room, towards Changjo.  He nibbled on his lower lip, and then he smiled at Hwanhee again.  “I gotta go say hi.”  He lightly squeezed Hwanhee’s hip, then let go.  “Happy birthday.”

            Hwanhee felt flattered and bashful and really warm inside.  “Thanks.”

            “Can we eat now?” Xiumin asked.

            While Baekhyun answered, Hwanhee felt a touch at his back.  He turned to see Woohyun smiling at him.  Blushing, he said, “Hi.”  Why were these sunbaes so good at looking right into his eyes like they knew all of the best parts of him?

            “Thanks for letting us come to your birthday party.”

            “Oh.”  He laughed, blushing again.  “It’s Baekhyun hyung’s party.  But thanks for coming.  Or, um,” god, was he making sense?  “It’s good to see you.”  He was laughing and cringing, helplessly flustered now.  There were so many hot hyungs here, so many important sunbaes, all in one room, and he wanted to make a good impression on everybody, he was going to be mortified if he messed this up.  “How are you?”

            “I’m good,” he said.  “I’m glad you’re having the party here.  We used to come here all of the time, but it’s been a while.”  Woohyun’s smile was friendly.  “We had a lot of fun in here.”

            “Okay, my table, Hwanhee’s table,” Baekhyun announced.  Hearing his name, Hwanhee looked up.

            “Great, so we’ll all sit here,” D.O. said, moving towards Hwanhee’s table.

            “Yes, good,” Baekhyun said.  “All of the EXO members, over there at that table.  All of the leaders, over there at that table.  Not you,” he said, catching C.A.P.’s arm.  “You’re with me.  And not you,” he told Kuhn.  “But the kids, the little ones, Gyujin and Xiao, you sit with the leaders.”

            “Do we need adult supervision?” Gyujin asked.

            “I’m tired of eating with you,” Xiao told Jinhoo, laughing.

            L was sitting beside Suho.  Hwanhee waited for Baekhyun to call him back, too, but Baekhyun didn’t even seem to notice.  Somebody wanted to sit with Kuhn and C.A.P. but not with L?  Hwanhee couldn’t understand that.

            Everybody was sitting down.  Sehun was at Hwanhee’s table.  He tried not to notice.

            Sunggyu looked at him.  “It’s your birthday, you’re Hwanhee?”

            Surprised, feeling suddenly put on the spot, he made a weird noise.  “Lee Hwanhee,” he said, embarrassed.

            “Kim Sunggyu,” Sunggyu said, and shook his hand.

            He laughed.  “I know who you are.”

            “What, I don’t know what kids are into these days, I’m not trendy.”

            “You’re a talented sunbae, of course he knows who you are,” Suho said.

            “Everybody sit, let’s eat,” Chen said.

            “Let’s talk about the other table behind their backs,” Xiumin suggested.  “I can’t stand that Byun Baekhyun.”

            “God, neither can I,” Chanyeol said, busy with a platter of pork.  Then he looked up.  “Wait, were we joking?”

            The table was already crowded.  Hwanhee slipped in between Chen and Gyujin at the middle of the table.  Sehun was on the other side of the table from him, down at the end.  He wanted to sit over there, beside his prince, so that he could make sure that Sehun had enough to eat and drink.  He wanted to sit directly across from his prince so that he could stare directly, right into Sehun’s face, so that he could catch every detail.

            But he didn’t do that with his other hyungs, so he wouldn’t do that with that hyung over there, either.  He’d just focus on dinner and have a good time.

            He couldn’t ignore Sehun.  But he could do, would do, anything that his prince wanted.  Anything that his prince asked him for.  He was capable of anything, if it was for Sehun.

            He smiled across the table at Suho and pretended that nobody else interesting was around.

            Sehun had seriously screwed this up.

            Hwanhee was terrific.  He was adorable.  He was cute and happy.  He smiled at everybody and he laughed easily and he was so squirmy that Sehun wanted to grab at him to make him wriggle.

            He was ignoring Sehun.

            He talked to Suho over dinner, and he drank up every one of Suho’s stories like they were all fascinating, and he watched Suho with wide, hungry eyes, like he’d never met somebody so great.  He smiled at all of Sehun’s members like they were the smartest, funniest, most talented people around.  And he ignored Sehun.

            He had a serious crush on every goddamned member of Teen Top.  He lit up around them, he was desperate to keep them happy, he blushed constantly, and he laughed at their stupid jokes like they were hysterically funny.  And he ignored Sehun.

            He was super humble and super polite and super respectful to the Infinite members, like he was awed to be around such important sunbaes, like goddamned Lee Sungjong was anybody special.  He was incredibly concerned with their happiness and comfort, and he listened to every word they said like it was great wisdom.  And he ignored Sehun.

            He worshipped Suho.  He was in love with Teen Top.  He was Infinite’s humble servant.  And he was ignoring Sehun.

            But he was so cute.  He was so happy, Sehun wanted to watch him all night, just to see how his eyes lit up when he smiled, just to hear his excitable, husky voice.  He was so responsive, his energy was electric.

            He was so earnest, it was kind of terrifying.  He was so easy to hurt, so easy to crush, Sehun was constantly on edge, ready to defend him against a careless word, ready to comfort him if one of these assholes disappointed him.  He wanted so desperately to be liked, Sehun wanted to shield him from the world, wanted to fill him up with so much affection that he never had to worry.

            But he was ignoring Sehun.

            He sure was all over goddamned Chunji, though.

            Sehun wasn’t used to being ignored.  Not at all, really, anymore.  He was kind of famous.  People tended to get excited to see him, wherever he went.  Crowds of thousands roared at the sight of him.  Fans tracked his every move.  There were fans outside of that very restaurant, at that very moment, spending hours out there, just waiting for a glimpse of him walking past.  And his own fucking pet wouldn’t even look at him.

            He told himself that it was proof of his pet’s dedication.  That his pet wasn’t interested in him because that was what he wanted.  That he’d asked for this.

            But he didn’t want this anymore.  He didn’t want to be ignored by his own pet.  And he sure as hell didn’t want to watch his pet eagerly, selflessly fetch drinks for every jackass in the room but him.

            He loved the sound of Hwanhee’s laughter but goddamn it, Chanyeol was not that funny.

            Seated beside Baekhyun, Chunji pulled Hwanhee down into his lap.  Laughing, Hwanhee watched as Chanyeol and Gyujin piled presents on the table in front of them.  “Wait, don’t get them mixed up!” he exclaimed, reaching out to separate the piles as they slid into each other.

            “Why, is something wrong with them?” Baekhyun asked him.  “Do your members give bad presents?”  He was about to answer when Baekhyun said, “Because mine do, so if you want to switch, I’m okay with that.  Yeah, let’s switch.”  Baekhyun started taking presents from Hwanhee’s pile.

            Laughing, Hwanhee asked, “Can I have whatever EXO gave you?”

            “Sure, they never get anything good.”  Baekhyun was actually opening up one of Hwanhee’s gifts!  Laughing, he watched, wondering what was inside.  Tossing aside wrapping paper, Baekhyun uncovered a book.  One Clean Home in Ten Easy Steps: A Complete Guide to a Happy Household.  Baekhyun stared at him.  “Are you a housewife?”

            Oh, god.  Fever-hot with embarrassment, he tugged the book out of Baekhyun’s hands.  “It’s, uh, it’s a joke.”

            “Inside joke,” Bitto said.  “Just a - - I’m bad at presents.”

            “God, your members are worse than mine are,” Baekhyun said, hastily separating their piles, leaving a wide gap in between.  “You keep your housecleaning tips.”

            Not sure what to say, Hwanhee just laughed and hugged his book and hoped desperately that something would happen to change the subject.  Baekhyun started unwrapping another present, and Hwanhee risked a hungry look down at his book.  Cleaning tips!  Thrilled, he smiled at Bitto.  He had the best hyungs.  He’d never imagined that he could ever tell anybody at all about his weird, secret desires, not really, but his members knew all about him, and they helped him with it.  They supported him, they indulged him, and it really made him love them.

            The sunbaes were teasing Baekhyun about something.  While they were all distracted, Bitto gestured to Hwanhee’s book and said, “It has charts and checklists in the back.”

            He couldn’t wait to read it.  A good servant would have comprehensive knowledge of how to clean anything.  How to get out stains.  Clever dusting techniques.  All kinds of stuff.  Sneaking another look at the cover, he nibbled on his lower lip, feeling self-conscious and turned on.

            Hands slid up his chest, startling him.  Chunji squeezed his pecs and he laughed, squirming.  “Open more stuff, I want to see if there’s anything I want to borrow,” Chunji said.

            He got some really nice gifts.  Clothes and headphones and great stuff.  He also got a little box full of samples of cleaning products.  Little bottles of cleaning sprays and packets of cleaning wipes and all kinds of stuff.

            Gyujin shot a cringing, embarrassed look at Jinhoo and told Hwanhee, “It’s to test with, so you can try different kinds, in case you like some better, or, uh…”  His voice trailing off, he blushed and rubbed the side of his neck.

            Hwanhee loved it.  He didn’t even know what scouring powder was, but he couldn’t wait to learn.  He’d bet that his new book would tell him what it was for!  “Thank you, hyung.”

            Sungyeol reached into the box.  “Why do you have dish detergent?”

            “To go with the laundry detergent,” Baekhyun said.

            “Obviously,” C.A.P. said.

            “Right, obviously,” Baekhyun said.  “You need clean dishes and clean clothes, both, you don’t want just one or the other.”

            “It’s just a really stupid inside joke,” Kuhn said.

            Hwanhee’s stomach twisted and he felt stricken.  He was embarrassing his members, wasn’t he?  He was making Up10tion look bad.  He was making Up10tion look weird in front of three whole sunbae groups.

            Sick with shame, he closed the box up and put other presents on top of it, trying to cover it up.  He was going to give his members a bad reputation, he was an embarrassment.  How long were they going to put up with it, how long were they going to cover for him?  They’d been so supportive, up until now, but how long could that last?  Nobody wanted a weird sex freak on the team, nobody-

            “Let’s open something else,” Jinhoo suggested, nudging the last couple of presents towards him.  “These are from EXO, aren’t they?”

            “Oh, yeah, these will be great,” Chunji said.  The way his hand rubbed over Hwanhee’s chest felt really soothing; leaning against Hwanhee’s back, he rested his chin on Hwanhee’s shoulder and tugged a gift bag forward.  “Do this one.”

            That was his owner’s present.  His emotions doing somersaults, he reached for the bag with eager, shaking hands.  This was a really special moment, a treasure to be savored - - a gift from his prince! - - but he was so excited to get it that he rushed.

            He had the same problem when he gave Sehun head, too.

            He had no idea what kind of present his prince would want to give him.  Sehun’s gifts were usually amazing, but also incredibly private.  His collar.  His harness.  Other things that he couldn’t even think about, here in public in front of Infinite.  This wasn’t a gift from an owner to a pet, or a prince to a servant; this was a gift from a hyung to a dongsaeng.  What kinds of gifts did just-a-hyung Sehun give?

            Oh, it was a shirt.  Two shirts!  Oh, wow.  His mouth falling open, Hwanhee gathered them up, fondling them all over, trying to see them both at once.  They were beautiful.

            “Oh, sweet,” Niel said, taking one from him.

            “Oh, those are pretty,” Sungjong said.

            “Why does that look familiar?” Sungyeol asked.

            Gyu hyung has this one,” Dongwoo said, taking the other one out of Hwanhee’s hands.  “Young Money got it for him, didn’t you?  So sexy.”

            “I love this,” Niel said, holding it up.  “I would look so hot in this.”

            “You would not,” Changjo said.  “It would look great on me, though.”

            Niel smacked him in the back of the head.

            Hwanhee really wanted his shirts back, but he couldn’t just snatch them away.  They were great.  They were, like, real clothes, real fashion.  Not the kind of stuff just anybody bought to wear around everyday life; this was like the stuff stylists put on them for magazine layouts.  According to Dongwoo, this was the kind of stuff that top idol leaders bought for each other.  Sehun had bought him a real gift, like he was somebody.

            “Okay, so we’ll just set that out of the way,” Baekhyun said, tucking the shirts into his own pile of gifts.

            “Hyung!” Hwanhee exclaimed, grabbing at his arm, trying to reach past him to get the shirts back.

            “What, oh,” Baekhyun said, feigning confusion and then just laughing.  “Did you, oh, are these yours?” he asked, offering them.

            “Yes!”  Snatching them up, he shook them out, not wanting them to get all balled up and wrinkled.  “They’re from a nice hyung.”  He glanced in Sehun’s direction, but he was too self-conscious to make eye contact, and he cleared his throat, looking down again, folding the shirts, nice and neat.  No wrinkles.

            “What do you have left?” Changjo asked, reaching past everybody to poke at the last gift on the table.  It was a rectangular box wrapped up in fancy gold paper.

            “It’s from me,” Suho said.  “It’s - - ya, put it down,” he scolded, laughing, as Changjo picked it up and shook it.

            “Why, is it breakable?” Changjo asked, shaking it harder.

            “I hope not,” Chunji said, taking it from him and giving it to Hwanhee.

            While everybody was talking, Hwanhee tore open the paper.  A gift from King Suho!  Whatever it was, it was from Sehun’s owner, so it was significant.

            Under the paper was a slim black box.  Curious, he opened it.

            A cell phone case slid out, right into his hand.  A sleek, hard case.  He could tell just from touching it that it was really nice, high-quality.

            As soon as he got a good look at it, his heart stopped in his chest.

            There was a small, diagonal pattern running all over the case.  Little images in black and gold on a white background.  At first glance, it looked really classy.

            The pattern was paw prints.  Tiny paw prints, alternating black and gold, all over the case.  Dog paws.

            Like the bright pink paw print, so cheerful and bold, on the side of a black water bowl.  His dog bowl that he came in and ate out of.

            Holding the phone case in one hand, he stared down at it.  Way too late, he realized that he should control his expression and act normal, but then he had no idea which expression he should have on his face.  Clearing his throat, he shifted his weight.  He tried to make himself look up, but he couldn’t get his eyes off of it.

            Paw prints.  Classy paw prints.  This wasn’t some cheap, throwaway case like the one he already had.  This was a nice, top-of-the-line case.  A real upgrade.

            He didn’t know what this meant.  He didn’t know what Suho knew about him.  But it felt amazing.  The more he thought about it, the more he stared at his new phone case, the more he loved it.

            It might’ve seemed degrading, but no, no, it was too classy for that.

            This was like what his members had given him, cleaning tips and dish detergent.  Only nicer, fancier.  And a phone case was, like, it was a huge part of his everyday life, he carried his phone around with him, his phone case was out, it was something other people saw.  He’d practice washing dishes at the dorm; his phone case was public.

            Suho was supporting him.  In a public way.  Suho knew what he was, and was acknowledging that, telling him that it was okay.

            “Oh, that’s pretty,” Sungjong said, taking it out of his hand.  He watched it disappear across the table, his heart going with it.

            “It’s cute,” Xiumin said.  “Where’d you get it?”

            While Suho answered, Dongwoo took it from Sungjong.  “It’s little paw prints.  Cute.”

            “Oh, that’s way nicer than yours,” Niel told C.A.P.  “You gotta get a new one.”

            “I’m not spending money on a fancy new case when it keeps getting broken,” C.A.P. said.

            “If you had a better case, it wouldn’t keep getting broken,” Sungyeol said.

            “If I had better members, it wouldn’t keep getting broken,” C.A.P. said.

            “Do you have a dog?” Woohyun asked, passing it back to Hwanhee.

            He grabbed it quickly.  It felt so smooth, so sleek in his hands.  “Uh, no,” he said, remembering to answer.  Shy, thrilled, he smiled at Suho.  “Thank you, hyung.  It’s really pretty.”

            “I hope I got the right kind,” Suho said.  “I had to ask Jinhoo what kind of phone you had.”

            “It’s the right kind, thank you.”  He didn’t even care; he’d go out and buy a phone to fit the case, if he had to.  He couldn’t wait to put it on.

            He slipped the case into his pocket, where his phone normally was.  It fit just right.  He rested his thumb on it, stroking it, while he talked.  Chunji’s arm was around his waist, one hand on his thigh, and Lay was flipping through his housekeeping book, asking Baekhyun for translations.

            Suho was talking to L about wherever Sehun had bought Hwanhee’s new shirts.  “That’s the same shirt you got for Sunggyu hyung?” Sungyeol asked.  “Hey, they can play ‘who wore it better.’”

            “Well, Sunggyu hyung has a different build, so,” Suho said.

            L chuckled.  It was such a warm sound, and his smile was so handsome, so charming, that Hwanhee’s heart melted.  He wasn’t even smiling at Hwanhee, he was looking right at Suho, but it didn’t seem to make a difference; it felt amazing, anyway.  “Are you biased?”

            “Sunggyu hyung has really nice shoulders,” Suho said.  “I think you’ve noticed!”

            “L only notices his own body,” Woohyun said.  “He’s not interested in anybody else’s.”

            Sungyeol snorted.  “He’s noticed Changjo’s.”

            Sunyoul laughed suddenly, and Bitto started coughing, and Sungyeol sort of froze, and Hwanhee didn’t know where to look.  Was it okay to talk about that?  Were they allowed to know about that?  Chunji said, “Ya, who hasn’t noticed, he shows it off every chance he gets.”

            “Shows off what, does he suddenly have a body worth looking at?” Niel asked.  “It’s been around for years, and I never noticed anything.”

            “You do have kind of small shoulders,” Chunji said, running his hands up Hwanhee’s arms.

            Startled, he looked down at himself.  “Me?”

            “They’re fine,” Jinhoo said.  “They’re normal.  Chunji hyung just has a thing about shoulders because his are so nice.”

            “I think Sunggyu hyung’s going to wear it better,” Sungjong said.

            “Everybody’s so biased,” Changjo said.  “Show them your abs.”

            Embarrassed, Hwanhee ran his hand over his stomach.  “I don’t have any, I haven’t been working out.”

            “The shirt covers the abs, why do abs matter?” Sunggyu asked.  “Maybe he has pretty toes, that doesn’t mean anybody wears shoes better.”

            “Nobody has pretty toes,” Woohyun said, laughing.

            “Toes are weird,” Kogyeol said.

            Chunji has pretty toes,” Dongwoo said.

            “Oh, god, what?” Xiumin asked, laughing.

            “Oh, pretty toes and nice shoulders, the class of a visual,” Kuhn said.

            Chunji’s hand slipped under Hwanhee’s shirt.  He squirmed, but Chunji said, “Oh, nice,” and pulled his shirt up.  Gasping, he tried to yank it back down, but Niel was reaching over, pulling it back up and peering at him.  All of a sudden the whole room, the whole restaurant, seemed to be staring at his body.  Burning with embarrassment, he wriggled off of Chunji’s lap and snatched his shirt down.  “It’s just, uh.”

            “Tasty,” Niel said.  “I’ll order one to go.”

            “Hyung!” he exclaimed, mortified.

            “What are you working out for?” Sungyeol asked.

            “For the fans,” Jinhoo said.

            “I don’t - - Kuhn hyung works out,” Hwanhee explained, tugging on the hem of his shirt, making sure that everything was covered.  “I just - - sometimes, if I have time.”

            “Which gym?” Dongwoo asked Kuhn, and then attention was off of Hwanhee.  Relieved, he tried to find somewhere to sit that wasn’t on top of Chunji, since that didn’t seem safe anymore.

            “Where’s your phone, with your manager?” Changjo asked, getting up.  “C’mon, let’s see if your case fits.”

            He loved the excuse to go and put the case on, so he agreed.  When they left the room, L trailed behind them, following Changjo but not saying anything about it.  All of their managers were eating in a small dining room together, and they stopped talking when the three of them walked in.  He wondered what they usually talked about.  Was it company gossip?  Idol gossip?  Soccer?

            He got his phone from his manager.  His old case looked really cheap, just some cartoony one for kids.  The new one went right on, and it fit perfectly.  The paw print pattern looked like it was from some high-end designer.

            Changjo took it from him to make sure that it was on right, and then L smiled at him.  “The party’s fun.  Where are you going after this?”

            “Um, going?  I don’t know, just back to the dorm, probably.”  L wandered around behind him, and he turned, watching L lean against the wall like somebody in the middle of a photo shoot.  L was talking to him!  He tried to think of something smart to say.  “Where are you going?”

            “Back to Teen Top’s dorm, probably.”

            “EXO’s dorm,” Changjo said from behind Hwanhee, like he was correcting L.

            L rolled his eyes.  “Back to my dorm, then, alone, I guess.”

            “Just come to EXO’s dorm,” Changjo said.

            L snorted, crossing his arms over his chest.

            Did he not like EXO’s dorm?  Hwanhee thought about Baekhyun not caring which table L sat at for dinner.  Thought about Sehun’s really strange warnings.  L and EXO didn’t like each other?  But Suho and L were super close!  How did that make sense?  “If I could go to EXO’s dorm, I’d be there in a heartbeat.”

            “Are you and Sehun close?” L asked.

            Nobody who didn’t already know about him had asked him about Sehun before.  He didn’t know what to say.  “He’s a really nice hyung.”

            “I guess,” Changjo said.  “Whatever.  He’s annoying.”

            “Suho hyung spoils him,” L said.  He smiled at Hwanhee.  “Does your leader spoil you?”

            “He spoils Xiao, so much,” Hwanhee said.  “And he totally has favorites, I thought that leaders weren’t supposed to have favorites!”

            “Xiao,” L repeated.  “He’s okay.  You’re way more talented.  And you work hard, I’ve seen how much you practice.”

            Flustered, he laughed.  “No, uh, I mean, we all practice, I’m not - - we all work hard.”

            L smiled at him like he’d done something charming, like L was totally won over.

            “You don’t even know which one Xiao is,” Changjo said.

            L’s eyes were so warm.  “I know which one Lee Hwanhee is.”

            He was going to be dreaming about that smile for months.

            Sehun argued with himself for one full second, and then he was up and across the room, heading for-

            “Maknae,” Suho said.  “Sit down.”

            It took a lot of self-discipline to censor his reaction.  Turning, he said, “I gotta pee.”

            “You gotta sit down,” Suho ordered.  “Everybody doesn’t need to be out, wandering around, in all directions.  Wait, you can pee later.”

            Suho knew that he was trying to follow Hwanhee.  He hadn’t even realized that Suho had noticed anyone else leaving the room.  Right, he should’ve guessed that Suho would notice anything that L and Changjo did.  God damn it.

            He slumped down on the bench.  How the hell was he supposed to sit here and wait, while Hwanhee was out there?  His pet was in L’s hands, and he knew what that guy did to people.  And Hwanhee had a crush on L!  Hell, Hwanhee had a crush on Changjo!  God damn it, why did his pet have such horrible taste?

            His pet was fine.  His pet was safe.  L hated Sehun, personally, specifically, for one really specific thing.  L didn’t have anything against Hwanhee.  Unless he tried to hurt Hwanhee to get back at Sehun?  But that was ridiculous.  They weren’t in some over-the-top TV drama; L wasn’t out to get Sehun by any means necessary.

            Changjo wouldn’t let L do anything, anyway.  Changjo seemed pretty protective.  Changjo knew how sensitive Sehun’s pet was.

            Closing his eyes, Sehun tipped his head back, relaxing his shoulders.  He thought about Changjo.  And about his mistakes and his regrets.  And about how vulnerable his pet was.  And about how strong and brave and amazing his pet was.  Hwanhee was so earnest.  When he thought about their first conversation, he was amazed by how innocent and honest his pet had been.  How innocent and honest his pet still was, now.  But so hard to keep up with!  God, his pet was always miles ahead of him.

            He missed his pet’s adorable face.  Those happy smiles.  Those bright eyes.  His pet was always so eager to please.  He wanted to kiss his pet’s face.  Lick his pet’s cheekbones, nice and slow, and feel his pet shiver against him.  Such a sexy, needy pet.  Always so ready for him.

            “Hey, hyung.”

            His eyes snapped open, his sexual reverie derailed.  He turned his head to find Hwanhee sitting down right beside him, all friendly smiles and happy energy.  His pet had come right to him.

            “Thank you for the shirts,” Hwanhee said.  “They’re great.  I’m really looking forward to wearing them.”

            Yes, he wanted to see Hwanhee in his clothes.  No, he wanted his pet naked.  No.  He wanted his pet wearing nothing but him, shuddering under his body, decorated in sweat and cum.  His gaze running over his pet, he wondered where he wanted to come first.  Hwanhee’s face was his favorite spot.  All over those cheekbones.  He wanted to spurt right onto Hwanhee’s cute nose.  Glaze Hwanhee’s soft, pink lips with his cum.

            “You’ve been quiet,” Hwanhee said.  “I hope that you’re having fun.  It was really nice of Baekhyun hyung to let us crash his party.”

            Sehun was going to devour his pet.  He was going to push his pet down on the bench.  Shove his pet across this table and mount him.  He was going to yank that flimsy little tank top up and sink his teeth in.  Nibble his way down Hwanhee’s ribcage.  Scrape his teeth across his pet’s hipbones.  He was going to tease with his teeth until his pet was shaking, and then he was going to bite down, dig in, until his pet was making that desperate, exhilarated, yowling sound he liked hearing so much.

            “I didn’t think that you’d be at my party, or that you’d bring me anything,” Hwanhee said.  He was blushing.  His cheeks were pink with pleasure.  Sehun’s pet blushed so easily, so prettily.  Sehun wanted to lick his face and feel how warm his skin was.  Wanted him not just pink but red and sweating and gasping with excitement.  “It was really nice of you, hyung.”

            Nice.  Yes, he wanted to be nice to his pet.  Wanted to be good to his sweet, tender pet.  He’d even let his pet suck his balls.  He knew how much his hungry pet liked that.

            Still smiling, Hwanhee said, “Okay, hyung.”  Sehun hadn’t said anything, but Hwanhee didn’t seem to need him to.  “I hope that you have fun at the, uh, at the after party.  I hope that you have a good time with everybody.”

            Sehun reached for him.

            Hwanhee skittered up and away, just out of reach.  “Your leader wouldn’t like it,” he whispered, but he looked thrilled.  “Thank you for the presents,” he said again, and then he slipped away, across the room.

            Sehun needed him.

            Chunji was on Dongwoo’s lap, talking to Wooshin, when Sehun came over and sat on his other side.  Sehun’s face was doing a tense, controlled thing that he recognized.  “I need a favor.”

            He was curious.  “What favor?”

            “I need to do something tonight.  Suho hyung likes to go with me, but he’s going to be busy, and he’s not going to want to drop it to come with me.  So I need somebody else to come.”

            Chunji snorted.  “I’m not doing it.”

            Sehun’s jaw tightened.  “Suho hyung trusts you.  He’s used to you being there.”

            “Ask Changjo.”

            Sehun stared at him like he was out of his mind.  “I’m not fucking asking Changjo to sit there while I do that in the next room.”

            Hunh.  His grudge against Sehun lessened a tiny little bit.  He decided to be more helpful.  “What’s Suho hyung going to be busy doing?  Just one thing, or a lot of little things?”

            Sehun frowned.

            Chunji rolled his eyes.  Covering Wooshin’s face with one hand, he pushed, and then he leaned in and whispered into Sehun’s ear, “Just Sunggyu hyung, or Sunggyu hyung and everybody else, too?”

            “Oh.”  As Chunji dropped his hand, Sehun said, “Probably just that one thing.”

            “So the two of them and you can be at your dorm, and the rest of us can go to Infinite’s dorm.”

            “Oh, you’re coming to my dorm?” Dongwoo asked.  “Yeah, come over.”

            “If Suho hyung’s busy doing that, he’s not baby-sitting,” Sehun said.  “He doesn’t like to be distracted when he’s baby-sitting.  And he’s not going to let Jinhoo into the dorm while he’s doing that, anyway.”

            God, why was this so complicated?  “What the hell does he think is going to happen?” Chunji asked.

            Sehun grimaced.

            Chunji’s sympathy vanished.  “If nobody trusts you, you did it to yourself.”

            Changjo grinned when Wooshin sat down beside him.  “Hey.”

            Wooshin shot him a pretty little smirk.  “Hey, hyung.”  Drawing one leg up, Wooshin shifted closer towards him.  “Sehun hyung wants to come over to our dorm after this, I think, but Suho hyung’s going to be busy, so he thinks he won’t be allowed.”

            Yeah, okay.  Changjo nodded; Suho would do pretty much anything for Sehun, but he wasn’t going to let some spoiled maknae get between him and Sunggyu’s cock.

            Wooshin licked his lips and gave Changjo an innocent, direct look.  “Could you do it?”

            Him?  Do what?  Baby-sit Sehun?  Fuck Hwanhee?  Fuck Sunggyu?  Probably he was talking about baby-sitting Sehun.  “What, tonight?”  He snorted.  “Hell, no, I have shit to do.”

            “It would really help Hwanhee.”

            Shit.  God damn it.  Changjo fought it, but he already felt weird guilt overtaking him.  He knew what it meant when somebody needed Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun, and he didn’t want to be selfish if he could help.  “Why does it have to be me?”

            “Suho hyung trusts you, doesn’t he?”

            “He’d probably want somebody from EXO there, though.”  Suho was so weird and insistent about baby-sitting Sehun.  Like Sehun hadn’t done this a million times.  What did Suho think was going to happen, some big emergency?  “I’ll talk to him.  Don’t promise Hwanhee anything, but I’ll try to figure something out.  It’s his birthday, right?  He should get to see his Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun on his birthday.”

            Wooshin smiled at him.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            Hwanhee was irresistible.  So cute.  So wholesome.  Smiling at his sunbaes.  Joking with his members.  One of his hyungs had given him a handheld game, and he and Xiao huddled together in a corner, trying it out.  He looked like any other guy, concentrating on the game, laughing and conferring and complaining with his best friend.  He looked so innocent.

            Sehun watched.  Slumped in his spot behind the table, he tracked Hwanhee around the room.  He cataloged every expression on Hwanhee’s face, analyzed every interaction.  Which guys got Hwanhee to smile the most.  What kind of teasing brought on that agitated, wriggling bounce.  What kind of compliment elicited a blush.

            He had a thing for leaders.  He had a thing for main vocals.  He didn’t notice that he was being flirted with unless it was incredibly obvious, and then he didn’t take it seriously.

            The sound of his laughter made Sehun want to buckle him into his harness and make him moan.

            Suho sat down beside Sehun.  He said something, but the party was so loud, Sehun couldn’t really hear.  He nudged Sehun, and at first Sehun ignored it, absorbed in Hwanhee, intently focused on the way he leaned close and wrapped himself around Bitto to listen to Sungjong talk.

            Another nudge, harder.

            Distracted, Sehun looked at Suho.  Then he remembered the most important thing that had happened all night.  “You gave him a phone case.”

            “Yes.  Maknae, are you even listening?”

            Sehun stared into Suho’s eyes, his fingers wrapping around Suho’s wrist.  “Why did you give him a case with paw prints on it?”

            Suho pressed his lips together, then gave Sehun a determined look.  “Did his old case have dogs on it?”

            Sehun watched him closely.  “Yes.”

            “So does his new one.  That’s all that we need to say about that.”  Suho pulled his wrist free.  “I’m trying to talk to you about tonight.  We’re working hard to arrange things just for you, maknae, you could be a little more appreciative.  Did you hear anything, or do I have to start all over at the beginning?”

            He hadn’t wanted Suho to get a phone case at all, because he’d thought that Suho would disrupt things.  He’d expected Suho to buy some random new case, and then Hwanhee would feel obligated to use it because it was a gift from an important sunbae - - Sehun’s leader - - and then the old case, that little hint at Hwanhee’s private life, would be gone.  But instead of ignorantly dismissing the significance of the old case, Suho had acknowledged it.  Sehun couldn’t even guess at what Suho knew, or thought he knew.  But whatever he thought, he’d chosen to honor that strange little aspect of Hwanhee’s life.  And he really, really hadn’t needed to.

            But he’d chosen to.  Because he loved Sehun.  Enough to be supportive of things he couldn’t understand.

            “I love you,” Sehun said, and hugged him.

            “What,” Suho said.  After a second, he hugged Sehun back.  “You’re so strange tonight.  I love you, too, maknae, sure.”  He patted Sehun’s shoulder and pulled away.  “Now listen to me.  Where was I?”

            “Start at the beginning.”  He really hadn’t caught any of it.

            “We’re all going to Infinite’s dorm.  Jinhoo and D.O. are taking you and Hwanhee over to our dorm.  I don’t know how long Hwanhee can stay, that’s up to Jinhoo, but you’ll have time to yourselves.”

            Hwanhee.  “I can see him tonight?”

            “I should’ve asked before I made plans, but I thought that you’d want to, and it’s his birthday, so-”

            “I want to!  I want to,” he repeated insistently, afraid that Suho would somehow misunderstand.  “I always want to.”

            “Well, okay.  You can see him tonight, then.  But be sure to thank D.O., he doesn’t have to do this for you.”

            “Yeah.  Yeah, I’ll thank him.”  Hwanhee.  He could have his pet tonight.  His happy, needy pet, collared and begging, tonight.

            “Now, it’s his birthday,” Suho said, like Sehun needed some kind of a reminder.  “So.”  He hesitated, looking unsure.  “I don’t know, I’m not - - well, maybe you know what you’re doing.  But make it nice for him, it’s a special day.”

            Sehun was so insulted, all he could do was laugh.

            When everybody said good-bye, Baekhyun hugged Hwanhee.  Chunji kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his ass.  Everybody else was leaving together, going to the after party at Infinite’s dorm, and any other time he would’ve felt bad about being left behind, wishing that he could be a part of that mysterious world between sunbaes.  But tonight, it didn’t bother him at all.  He had somewhere even better to be.

            He wondered, though, how Sehun felt about it.  While everybody else left, he went over to where Sehun still sat on the bench against the wall.  The closer he got, the more he felt eager, flustered happiness fluttering in his stomach.  Sehun was watching him with this really dark, unblinking expression, like they’d been playing badminton and he’d been a bad pet.  It totally thrilled him to see that look out in the middle of the night in front of everybody.

            Leaning forward, he put both elbows on the table and looked across it.  “Hyung?”

            Sehun kept watching him.

            He slid closer, grinning, feeling bold and happy.  “Hyungnim?”

            Sehun growled, crossing his arms over his chest.  “Hyung.”

            Hwanhee was a hundred percent sure that Sehun had hated saying that, and that was awesome.  “Okay, hyung.”  He really wanted to arch his back and promise to be a good fuckhole.  Maybe he shouldn’t be in this position.  He stayed, anyway.  It felt good.  “If you want to go to the after party with everybody else, you can.  All of your members are going to Infinite’s dorm, right?  It’s your hyung’s birthday.  You don’t have to see me, we can do it another time.  It’s okay.”

            Sehun did a for real double-take.

            “I’m just happy that I saw you, tonight.  Thank you for coming.  I got a present and everything!  I don’t need anything else.”

            Sehun glared at him.  The hot intensity of it made him shiver.  This was amazing.  “Do you want to go back to the dorm with me?”

            Yes, god, of course, yes, but, “It doesn’t matter what I want.”  The way Sehun’s eyes narrowed startled a laugh out of him.  “It doesn’t!”  Oh, god, he loved how furious Sehun looked.  “Why are you being so scary?” he whispered.

            Sehun clenched his jaw shut.

            “You know what I want, I want the same thing I always want.  But what matters is what you want.”

            Sehun barely moved.  “I’m going to get what I want.”

            Thrilled, he laughed again.  “Are you?” he asked, sitting on the edge of the table.  “How are you going to get it?  Are you going to ask for it?  Ask for it nicely?”  The dark prince was, like, seething, and he leaned closer, itching to be bitten.  “Or are you just going to take it?”

            The dark prince stared at Hwanhee’s mouth like he was about to eat it.

            Fascinated, Hwanhee reached out, slowly.  He wondered what would happen if he-

            Sehun grabbed his wrist.

            Caught, he shuddered.  Sehun’s grip didn’t hurt, it wasn’t tight, but he felt like he couldn’t escape, anyway.  Breathing through parted lips, he held still, captive.

            “You haven’t had your vitamins today.”

            “You can’t tell that.”

            “Were you going to get anything special for your birthday?”

            “Special vitamins?”  He slid closer across the table, wanting it to be clear that he was a willing captive, that Sehun wasn’t doing anything he wanted to escape from.  “I was just going to - - I thought that maybe I’d take three today, instead of two.  Three right in a row, back to back to back.  The regular way you take real vitamins, you know, orally.”  He didn’t know if that was too much information or not, but Sehun was staring and listening so intently, he’d just kept explaining.

            “Were you looking forward to it?”  Sehun’s expression darkened, like a warning.  “Were they looking forward to it?”

            “I don’t think they know anything about it, I didn’t ask yet.  I guess they’re looking forward to it the way anybody looks forward to, uh, having their vitamins taken.  I don’t know.”  He hoped that they weren’t dreading it, or anything.  He tried not to think too much about that; he tried not to feel guilty for being some weird sexual burden.

            Sehun licked his lips, studying Hwanhee.  He swallowed, wondering what Sehun was thinking about.  “Can you go back to your dorm and take your vitamins, first, and then come over to see me?  Would Jinhoo let you?”


            Sehun didn’t like being questioned.  “Would he let you?” he repeated.

            “I can ask.  But why?”  Oh!  “Do you want time to go to the after party, first?  You don’t have to-”

            “I’m not going to the damned after party,” Sehun said.  “I don’t care about that.”  He breathed in and he looked calmer.  It happened fast, like a trick.  “I want you to go and take your vitamins.”

            “But then you’ll have to wait.  I can be quick, it doesn’t take that long, but we’ll have to drive back and forth.”  He didn’t get it.  “Just let me go with you.”

            “I’ve never seen you right after you’ve had your vitamins.”  Sehun’s thumb stroked across the inside of his wrist, and he felt a warm, fizzy feeling wash over his skin.  “I want to see what it’s like.”

            Three vitamins and his owner?  All back to back?  “That’s a lot,” he realized.  Usually, when he saw Sehun, he skipped his vitamins that day altogether.  He was used to sex being more spaced out.  He laughed, feeling self-conscious.  “What if I overdose?”

            Sehun smiled at him.  Those teeth wanted to bite him, he could see it.  “It’s okay to go a little wild on your birthday.”

            Sehun wasn’t going to interfere.  How Hwanhee interacted with the Up10tion members was up to him, and how Jinhoo ran things was up to him, and Sehun wasn’t going to start pushing people around.  So he tried not to hover.  But he watched their body language very closely.

            Jinhoo put an arm around Hwanhee, smile expectant, like he was asking if Hwanhee was ready to go.  Leaning close, Hwanhee said something, explaining, fidgeting, hopeful but unsure.  Jinhoo listened calmly, then glanced in Sehun’s direction.  They made eye contact, and Sehun tried to look normal.  Jinhoo looked away and smiled at Hwanhee reassuringly.  Whatever he said made Hwanhee happy.


            On his knees, moaning, all Hwanhee could think about was his owner, and what a good pet he wanted to be.

            “Shouldn’t you change your sheets or something?” D.O. asked.

            “Uh, yeah,” Sehun said, like he meant to.

            No.  He was leaving his bed just like it was.  If it smelled like him, good.  He wanted his pet to roll around in his dirty sheets.  His pet would love it, too.  That was why they got along so well together; they agreed on things like that.

            Hwanhee had given head to three guys, right in a row.  He’d used Sehun as an excuse to rush through it.  It was totally true that he didn’t want to keep Sehun waiting.  But rushing his members to do it right behind each other, one cock in his mouth immediately replaced by the next, had made it more intense for him, had given him a serious rush.  Wooshin had pulled his hair a little, teasing him, and Xiao had groaned and gotten a little aggressive with him at the end, and Wei had filled him up.

            He felt loopy, satisfied, drunk on cum.  In the van on the way to EXO’s dorm, he sprawled out in his seat, head lolling, and just relived it all in his mind.  Cum-drunk.  Yeah.

            But being around his owner had made him want, um.  Made him want someone inside him.  He felt this sort of restless, all-over itch.  He really wanted to bend over and take it, and he kind of didn’t care who gave it to him.

            As soon as he was in EXO’s dorm, he hugged Sehun and whispered, “Say it.”  His arms around Sehun, he closed his eyes and breathed in Sehun’s ear.  “Say it.  Checkers, checkers.”

            “We’ll be in my room,” Sehun said, backing up, an arm around his waist.

            As soon as his prince’s bedroom door was in sight, he hurried forward, tugging Sehun along.  “Say it,” he said, already going down on his knees, crawling into the room.

            “Shit, pet,” Sehun said, slipping in after him and yanking the door shut.

            “Pet, I’m your pet.”  It felt so good to be somebody’s pet.  His owner hadn’t said the word yet, so he could do whatever he wanted.  He pushed his pants down and rubbed himself through his underwear.  His special striped low rise briefs that he wore for his owner.  God, he was so horny.  He hadn’t gotten off yet, that was what was wrong.  He’d been saving it for Sehun, in case his owner wanted to see it.

            But he didn’t need to masturbate, that wasn’t the problem.  He needed to get fucked.  Groaning, he crawled over to Sehun’s nightstand.   If his fuckhole was ready, maybe Sehun would want to use it.  “It’s my purpose,” he said, grabbing the lube.

            “What is, pet?”  Sehun was leaning against the door, watching him.

            “Being a good fuckhole.  I’m a vessel for the royal cock.”  He squirmed the rest of the way out of his pants and underwear, and then he started lubing himself.  Pushing his finger in, he moaned, and then he was writhing, working in two fingers now, going deeper.  He needed this, he loved it; just the tease and stretch from his own fingers made him ache with budding pleasure.  He couldn’t wait for the real thing, couldn’t wait for the thick slide of a real cock.

            Open, slick, he groaned.  Thrusting his ass up in the air, he braced a forearm against the floor.  Groaning, lowering his face to his forearm, he wished that somebody would use him.  Use him for his purpose.  Rubbing his balls, he squirmed.  “I’m ready, now, please.”

            “Badminton,” Sehun said.  “Stay just like that, pet.”

            Panting, he held still.  The need that had been driving him felt quiet, now.  He felt so much calmer.  His owner was here.  His owner was in charge.  In charge of him and everything that happened to him.  Maybe he’d be fucked, now; maybe he wouldn’t.  It was okay, either way.  That was for Sehun to decide.

            He smelled leather.  Sehun slipped his collar around his neck.  As Sehun buckled him in, the collar fitting snugly on him, he moaned.  Deep, thrumming pleasure rose up inside of him.  “I’m a real pet.  You own me.”

            “That’s right.  Up on the bed, on your back.”

            He was allowed on the royal bed!  He went quickly, climbing up onto the bed, squirming into position, on his back, hugging his knees.

            “Did you take your vitamins?”  Sehun was undressing, right beside the bed.  His owner’s body was effortlessly sexy, and he watched avidly, not wanting to miss a detail as Sehun’s clothes came off.  Those broad shoulders, those slim hips, the black fuzz of Sehun’s treasure trail.  The sight of Sehun’s bare hard-on made him groan, made him writhe on the bed, helpless in his love for it.

            “Yes, please, your fuckhole’s ready, now,” he said, starting to roll over.

            Sehun snapped his fingers, a sharp, quick sound.  “On your back, pet.”

            Catching himself, he whimpered and settled on his back again.  “I’m sorry, hyungnim, I’ll be good, I can obey you, I’ll do it just how you want,” he vowed, squirming back into place.

            “Did you take your vitamins?” Sehun asked.  Taking hold of his ankle, pushing his foot higher into the air, Sehun climbed onto the bed.

            “Yes, thank you, I took them.”  He licked his lips, remembering.  Three cocks in his mouth, back to back.  So much cock, pushing between his lips, filling up his mouth.  “They used my fuckhole.  My face.”

            “Yeah?”  Sehun smirked at him.  The way Sehun’s thumb was stroking circles around his anklebone made pleasure flit up his leg.  “I think you liked that.”

            “It felt really good.”  He needed to be fucked, he ached with it, but he didn’t say that.  His owner knew what he needed, better than he did.

            Mmm, that’s a real happy birthday for a cockslut like you,” Sehun murmured, and then Sehun was nipping at his ankle, teeth grazing his skin.  Startled, he jerked, but Sehun’s grip was so strong, he didn’t get anywhere.  Sehun was nibbling at his calf.  The prick and sting of Sehun’s teeth felt like pleasure, and he moaned, undulating, arousal heating him up.  “Four hard cocks in one day, pet, that’s just how you like it.”

            Four?  No, that wasn’t right, he’d only had three.  Was - - was he about to get a fourth?  Moaning, thrilled, he writhed, rubbing his hand over his chest, down over his abs.  “I’m a desperate cum slut,” he confessed, knowing that Sehun would understand.  His owner knew exactly what kind of nasty little freak he was.  “They kept coming in me, in my mouth, all down my throat, it felt so good, I wanted more.”

            “What about this fuckhole?”  Sehun’s fingers prodded him gently, down where he was slick and starving.  Circling his hole, Sehun smiled at him, and he groaned, pleasure shimmering over his sensitive skin.  It was a tease, wonderful torment.  “Nobody used you down here?”

            “Yours, it’s yours,” he panted, wriggling in vain, trying to fuck himself against Sehun’s too-light touch.  “All of me, I belong to you.”

            “That’s right.”  The approval in Sehun’s voice was straight out of his fantasies.  “Open up, pet.”  The blunt head of Sehun’s cock was nudging into him, thick and slow.  “Take all of it.”

            “All of it, god, I want everything.”  The slow slide was an erotic invasion, “Oohh-hh, oh,” one inch after another, “yes, yes, oouunhh,” filling him, “all of it, all of it,” sinking deep.  “Yes, god, god, I’m so grateful.”  When Sehun was buried inside of him, their bodies fitted together, he shuddered ecstatically around the hard length of Sehun’s erection.  “You’re inside me, I can feel you.”

            Mmm, pet, your ass feels good tonight.”  Rocking into him, slow and deep, Sehun grunted.  Using him, Sehun was using his fuckhole.  It made him feel so, so special, to be the one Sehun used for this, to be chosen to take Sehun’s hard cock.  “Feels just right.”

            The praise made his head spin.  “I’ll be good for you,” he promised.

            Sehun fucked him with deep, lazy thrusts, filling him slowly, pinching his nipples until he was gasping with the need to come.  The steady rhythm as Sehun rocked into him was hitting him just right, bringing him a shock of pleasure on every thrust, and the careless way Sehun toyed with his nipples made him feel wonderfully, gloriously used.  When his need was so intense that he was writhing and making anxious, eager sounds, Sehun chuckled and said, “Cute.”

            Tormented by pleasure, he clutched at Sehun’s thigh.  “I can’t help it, please, I’m so hard, I have to come, now.”

            Sehun cupped his chin, tilting his head back.  “Don’t tell me, pet, ask me.”

            “Please, Prince Sehun, please, can I come now?”  Sehun forced his chin up higher, and he gasped.  “Please, please.”  His neck was cramping, his cock throbbing, and it all felt like pleasure, his body’s distress feeling like an echo of the ecstasy pulsing through him on every thrust.  “Please, may I come, please, will you let me, please?”

            Sehun pushed harder, forcing more pressure on his neck.  “Beg me.”

            He whimpered, feeling helpless.  Hadn’t he been begging, already?  “Please, hyungnim, please.”  He was writhing, trying to escape the strain on his neck, trying to get more of the deep, rhythmic thrust of Sehun’s cock.  “God, please, I’m begging you, Prince Sehun, I’m begging for it, please.”

            Sehun’s teeth grazed the underside of his jaw, sharp and threatening.  “Please what, pet?”

            Groaning, he couldn’t remember.  “More,” he gasped, squirming, trying to meet Sehun’s steady thrusts.  “More, please, more, I need you.”

            A slow, sinister sound, a soft hiss, and Sehun bit him again, the pressure on his neck gradually easing.  “Play with yourself, get off.”

            Amazed, thrilled, he immediately grabbed his own cock.  “Thank you, hyungnim, thank you!”  The escalation of pleasure was immediate, and he rubbed himself enthusiastically.  Sehun was still fucking him deep.  Even as Sehun released his jaw, cruel teeth dragged over his neck, and the threatening pain put an electric edge on his pleasure.  “So good, oh, it feels so good, thank you, oohhh!”

            “Come for me.”  Sehun’s voice was a whisper in his ear, soft and menacing.  Sehun’s aggressive fucking rocked him, demanding and rhythmic, his pleasure building with every thrust.  Jizz for me.”

            “Oh-hh!  Yes, yes, Prince Sehun, I’m jizzing for you, yes, god, I’m doing it, doing it.”  Shocked by the force of it, he babbled his way through his orgasm.  Even greater than the ecstasy of coming was the rich pleasure of obedience, and he felt proud of himself for doing what he’d been told.  “I did it, I came,” he reported breathlessly, milking himself dry.

            “Good pet.”  Sehun’s tongue slithered over his ear, making him shiver.  Whimpering with pleasure, he turned his face to the side, offering more of himself.  Hissing, Sehun nibbled on his cheekbone, the sibilant sound punctuated by sharp nips, and then Sehun was licking the side of his face, hot and wet.  Getting so much intimate attention put him in a state of bliss, and he dared to stroke Sehun’s hip.  Every deep thrust reminded him of how thoroughly Sehun was using him, of how boldly Sehun was claiming his body, and he moaned in time with each harsh plunge of Sehun’s cock.  Round, rhythmic sounds rose out of him, loud and ecstatic, ringing with pleasure.  It felt so good to cry out, to release some of his excitement as Sehun pounded into him, that he just got louder and louder, shouting urgently, over and over, matching Sehun’s pace.  No one else fucked him this hard, no one used him like this, and he couldn’t thank Sehun enough for it.

            Grunting, Sehun shuddered against him, then fell still.

            Sehun had come in him.  His cries were resonant, celebratory.  There was no rhythm anymore, just his own joy in being owned, in being used for his owner’s pleasure.  Sehun slumped over him, weighing him down.  His hand was still curled over Sehun’s hip, and he left it there, cherishing the moment of stolen intimacy.

            Gradually, his moaning grew softer, until he was crooning to himself, a quiet song of satisfaction and celebration.  His owner had fucked him.  And now his owner was resting on him, right on top of him, pressing him into the mattress, taking him for granted.  It was amazing.

            Finally, Sehun stirred.  Grunting, he lifted his head.

            His song fading to a happy hum, Hwanhee watched his prince avidly, waiting for a cue.  How could he serve, what should he do, what might Sehun want from him next?  A good servant was always attentive and alert.

            A slight smirk.  Sehun looked so smug, Hwanhee felt happy for him, that he was so pleased.  “You look pretty in your collar, pet.”

            Oh!  Thrilled, he blushed.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun.  I want to look nice for you.  You look handsome all of the time, so handsome.”

            A low, thoughtful sound.  Sehun licked his lips, the tip of his tongue gliding over his upper lip, his gaze raking down Hwanhee’s body.  Feeling spotlighted, Hwanhee squirmed, not sure what Sehun was looking for.  Self-conscious, he wished that he could pose more modestly.  But splayed out, naked, with his ass lubed up, he probably looked really slutty.  Proud of that, he drew his knee up again.

            “Get up,” Sehun said, smacking his leg and shifting off of him.

            Immediately obedient, he scrambled off of the bed, tumbling onto the floor.

            Sehun flopped down where he’d been, stretching out.  C’mere, up.”

            Surprised by Sehun’s careless, beckoning gesture, Hwanhee made a questioning sound.  “Hyungnim?”  To show that he was trying to please, he moved towards the bed, putting a tentative hand on the edge of the mattress.

            “Up,” Sehun insisted, beckoning him again.  “Don’t look so worried, pet, I’m not-  He cut himself off with a laugh.  “Okay, I am going to bite you.  But that’s just more reason to get up here.”

            God, yes, it really was.  Carefully, he climbed onto the bed.  Trying not to make forbidden contact, he stuck towards the foot of the bed, where there was more room to navigate between Sehun’s legs.

            “Neck to waist,” Sehun said.  “Do what you want.”

            It was too good to be true.  Amazed, he stared into Sehun’s eyes, needing confirmation.  When Sehun nodded at him, he exhaled, dazed, his gaze drifting downward.  His owner’s handsome, muscular, stunning body was naked, right in front of him, and he was allowed to touch it.

            With a worshipful moan, he crawled forward.  Grabbing up this chance while he had it, he kissed Sehun’s chest.  He kissed enthusiastic trails right and left, up and down, all over Sehun’s pecs.  Sehun’s skin was taut and smooth against his lips, and he rubbed his mouth across it eagerly, groaning.  “Grateful, I’m so grateful.”

            Mmm.”  Sehun rubbed his collar and then ruffled his hair.  “Greedy pet.”

            He could never get enough of his owner.  But when he realized that Sehun wasn’t giving him any new orders, he wondered if he might be allowed to stay here and do this for another minute.  Hopeful, daring, he slowed down.  It was a risk - - he might be interrupted or kicked off the bed at any second - - but his owner deserved to be savored.  He kissed Sehun’s chest more slowly, lingering over every worshipful smooch.  When he worked his way around to a nipple, he moaned, his tongue flicking out.  That hard little nipple was so sexy, so addicting, that he couldn’t move away from it, and he sucked devotedly, his eyes drifting shut.  His owner was perfect.

            Mmm.”  Sehun’s hand ran through his hair, ruffling, tugging, making his scalp prickle until he shivered.  “How old are you now?”

            His mouth pressed to Sehun’s chest, he mumbled, “Twenty,” and went back to licking.  Sehun was delicious.  He felt drunk.

            Sehun tugged lightly on his hair, then harder, pulling his head up.  Seeing Sehun’s handsome face, he grunted softly, instinctively, and reached out, wanting, needing.  Sehun snorted and pushed his hand away, then slapped him across the face.

            Loving that, he moaned, happy.  “You’re so good-looking.”

            “Yeah.”  Sehun pushed his head down.

            Groaning, lusting, thrilled and obedient, he slid down-

            -and Sehun pulled his hair, tugging him northward again.  “Not down there.  Neck to navel, Hwan-ah.”

            He whimpered, scalp aching, but he consoled himself by burying his face against Sehun’s abs.  The clearly defined lines of muscle made a sexy playground.  He licked lovingly across Sehun’s stomach, trying to fuck Sehun’s navel with his tongue.  He felt fiercely jealous of everyone who’d ever been with Sehun, but he felt really good about it, too.  It was right for people to gather up and worship Sehun and give Sehun sexual pleasure.  Of course they all wanted a chance.  He just hoped that they appreciated what they got, and that they gave Sehun their best.  His owner deserved total devotion.

            He couldn’t resist temptation.  Sehun’s naked body was right there, splayed out right underneath him.  He kissed under Sehun’s navel.  Brushed soft kisses across delicious, satiny skin.  Licked Sehun’s treasure trail.  Licked the lines of Sehun’s pelvis.  Kissed his way into Sehun’s pubes, moaning, nuzzling, god, yes, so coarse and furry against his face.  He mouthed Sehun’s hard-on, groaning in shameless joy, aching with pleasure.

            “God, you can’t stay off of it,” Sehun said.  “You’re an insatiable cockslut, Hwan-ah.”

            “It’s so good,” he moaned, licking hungrily, up and down the shaft, all over.  “So, mmm, mmmff.”  Slurping it down, he was in paradise.  He had his owner’s cock in his mouth.  It was a moment of pure joy.

            “Desperate little slut,” Sehun said, pinching his ear.  The quick bite of pain felt so good, he groaned, grinding his cock against the bed.  Sehun did it again, and he whined, hurting, ecstatic.  He blew Sehun enthusiastically, holding nothing back, earnestly committed to Sehun’s pleasure, in worshipful thrall to Sehun’s cock.  It was so long and hard in his mouth, he couldn’t believe how perfect it was, how lucky he was to be allowed to do this.

            When Sehun grunted and came, the splatter of cum felt like a generous reward, a venerated prize he hadn’t earned.  He was just a pet; he didn’t deserve the royal jizz.  Holding it in his mouth for an instant, he groaned helplessly, savoring it.  Then, carefully, reverently, he opened his mouth and released it, spitting it out onto Sehun’s thigh.  He wanted to see it.  Sehun’s cum.

            It was beautiful.  A pale mess on Sehun’s perfect thigh.  He lapped it up slowly, relishing every lick.

            Sehun’s lean, muscular thigh was so handsome, he kissed all over it.  Then he investigated Sehun’s knee, nuzzling and licking.  Then, drawn downward, he kissed Sehun’s irresistible feet.  Sucking on Sehun’s toes turned him on so much that he started whimpering with the need to come.  Denying his body’s urgent throbbing was a familiar sensation in this room, and not being allowed to come only turned him on more.  His own suffering and Sehun’s command over him excited him, and the longer he didn’t allow himself to find release, the more intense his need became.

            Sehun’s foot rubbed over his face, wet toes prodding his cheek.  He nuzzled into the rough caress, loving it.  “Go make love to your bowl, pet.  Give it a good, hard birthday fuck.”

            His bowl!  Whimpering with shame, shuddering with excitement, he licked at the sole of Sehun’s foot.  When Sehun kicked his shoulder, he let the momentum of it carry him, and he fell off of the bed.  He landed with an “oof” and rolled onto his knees.  The big dog bowl in the corner beckoned him and damned him, and he crawled towards it, ass in the air, cock throbbing.  Mounting the bowl was an erotic act, something his mind and body had been trained to find powerfully sexual, and he humped it enthusiastically, reveling in his degradation.  This was how he was spending his birthday, this was how he was ushering in a new year of his life: humiliating himself, debasing himself, proving himself a filthy, shameless freak, naked, on his knees, getting off on a dog bowl for another man’s entertainment.  “Yes, yes, please,” he groaned, jacking himself messily, tugging on his cock in crude, careless strokes.  His erection was big, hard, straining in his hand, and he rubbed the leaking head around the inside of the bowl, smearing pre-cum, aching to come.  “I’m a sick little pet, I’m a nasty little pet, I’m a dirty, dirty, dirty slut, oouh!”  Ecstasy burst in him like a shockwave, and he came.  As he trembled and cried out, a slick eruption of jizz streamed into the bowl.  Staring down at it in triumph, he milked himself dry, mooing softly.  “Good slut, I’m a good little freak, I’m a shameless freak,” he mumbled, glowing with pleasure.  Quietly mooing to himself, he mounted the bowl again, angling his hips until his hairy balls plopped down inside the bowl, squirming to drag them through his messy jizz, getting them good and filthy.  Shuddering, he licked his lips, relishing the moment.  It was so rewarding, filled him with such intense joy, to prove himself in front of Sehun.

            “Badminton,” Sehun said quietly from the bed.

            Hwanhee stayed where he was for a moment, poised over his bowl.  His emotions were contradictory, pulling him in vastly different directions.  He kept his head down and breathed through it.  This was always the hardest part, when he was horrified by what he’d just done but also desperately wanted to go back and do more of it.

            They weren’t in a scene anymore, so he could do what he wanted.  He lowered his head to his bowl and licked it clean.  This wasn’t for Sehun, this was for him, this was what he wanted for himself, so he didn’t use big, showy licks; he just lapped up his cum.  It felt so good to degrade himself, he hummed happily, running his tongue around the bowl, making love to the black plastic.

            Once he’d finished, he sat up, wiping at his mouth with one hand.  He wasn’t ready to commit to his everyday life again, not yet.  Feeling shy and ashamed about that, he avoided Sehun’s eyes.  He crawled around the floor slowly, thrusting his ass up in the air until his muscles stretched, not going anywhere in particular, just enjoying the sensation of crawling like a pet.  The weight of his collar snug around his neck was a really special reminder of his status, and he fantasized about being on a leash, pretended that Sehun might take him out for a walk later.  He could crawl along at Sehun’s side, down on all fours, on the sidewalk, in the grass, just like a real pet.  In his mind, he heard Sehun’s reply: “You are a real pet.”  He moaned, cherishing the words, remembering how sincerely Sehun had said them to him.  “I’m a good pet,” he whispered to himself.

            Part of him found the words reassuring; he used them to soothe himself all of the time, when he was with Sehun and when he was alone.  Part of him heard those words out loud in his voice and cringed, ashamed.  God, what was he doing?  He was on the floor, naked, on all fours, in some random idol’s bedroom, acting out some kinky sex fantasy, god!  He recoiled, one hand coming up and grabbing at his collar, fingers scrabbling.  Off, off, he needed it off, he-

            “I’ve got it, can I help?”  Leaning forward from the edge of the bed, Sehun unbuckled it for him.  As soon as it was loose, he shook it off, scrambling away.  Gasping for air, he huddled in on himself, ashamed of his nudity, turning his face away so that he wouldn’t see Sehun watching him.  He swallowed, feeling pathetic, feeling used.  Confused, vulnerable.

            Needing reassurance, needing comfort, he went to where he knew he’d be safe.  Climbing up into his owner’s arms, he burrowed in, hard, clinging to Sehun tightly, burying his face against Sehun’s bare chest.  “It’s okay, pet, you’re okay,” Sehun said, hugging him, stretching out along the bed.

            “It feels so good,” he said, clutching at his owner.  “Why does it feel so good, I shouldn’t like it this much.  It’s my birthday, I’m twenty, now, I’m a man, now, I - - I’m this kind of man, is this the kind of man I am?”

            “Do you want to curse at me?” Sehun asked.

            “Yes, you sick fuck!”  He balled his hand into a fist, and he couldn’t bring himself to do anything with it.  Making a broken sound, he rubbed his face against Sehun’s chest.  “God, you fucked me so hard, it felt so good, nobody else fucks me that hard.”

            “You felt incredible,” Sehun murmured, stroking his hair.

            The praise was so unexpected, he moaned, a thrill of pleasure running through him.  “You like fucking me,” he whispered in amazement.  God, what a thing to hear!  From his owner!  Shyly, he snuggled in, brushing his nose against Sehun’s neck.  “You can do it again, if you want.  You can do it whenever you want to.  You own me, you own all of me, my whole body, my ass, it’s yours, you can do anything you want to it.  I’ll always be grateful.”

            Sehun made a soft, hissing sound, right by his ear.  It was so sexy, he shivered.  He stayed there, safe in Sehun’s arms, soaking up skinship.  His owner was so good to him.  He felt protected, and freaky, and cared for, all at once, and it was kind of magical.  “You’re so good to me,” he finally said, nuzzling Sehun’s shoulder.

            Sehun stroked the back of his neck.  “Is there anything special you want for your birthday?”

            He raised his face eagerly.  “Can you hurt me?  You can hurt me really badly, since it’s my birthday, right?”

            Sehun closed his eyes.  Not sure what that meant, Hwanhee hesitated, watching his face avidly.  Sehun didn’t like to go too far, but they didn’t agree on what too far really was, and it would be okay just this once, just as a birthday treat.

            “You can pin me down and fuck me really hard,” he suggested.  “Get really rough with me, like you’re punishing me with your royal cock.  Hold me down like you really have to force me, I love it when you force me.  You - - you never have to force me, I always want it, I love it, I’m always so, so grateful for your royal cock, please?”  He bit his lip, hopeful.

            Inhaling deeply, Sehun opened his eyes.  The dark prince glared at Hwanhee.  “I’m not going to fuck you, we don’t have time for another full scene.  Are you sure that you want me to hurt you?”

            “I always want it.  I’m always sure.”  His owner knew that.

            Sehun smirked at him.  “Badminton.”

            Whimpering, he held very still, not sure what his owner would want from him now, braced to be kicked onto the floor.

            “On your back,” Sehun ordered, sliding away.

            Swallowing, his pulse racing, he squirmed onto his back, his head on his owner’s pillow.  He spread his thighs, offering himself, just in case his owner wanted to use him.

            All of Sehun’s attention was on him, gaze raking over his naked body.  He was incredibly vulnerable, but that was part of the thrill.  He didn’t know what his owner might decide to do to him, but it could be anything, anything at all; that was their agreement, that was the point of this, that nothing was under his control, that everything was up to Sehun.  He loved this sense of being in danger, and he trusted Sehun absolutely.  Savoring the threat in the air, he undulated.  “You own me.”

            “I own all of you.”  Sehun’s hand slid down his side, touring the line of his ribcage.  His back arched as he tried to rise up into Sehun’s touch.  “All of you is mine.  All of this.”  A quick, rough squeeze at his waist.  “Pinch your nipples.  Don’t play with yourself, hurt yourself, twist them hard.”

            Immediately obedient, he grabbed his nipples.  One in each hand, he twisted.  He went to the point of pain, squeezing tight and tugging roughly.  He made it hurt, and he let his owner see that it hurt; he gasped, then whimpered, abusing himself.

            Sehun was watching closely, gaze locked on his chest.  The sound of his own pained whimpers scared him - - it was alarming to hear those hurt, animal sounds coming from his own throat - - and that only made him get louder.  With desperate, broken cries, he twisted and yanked on his own nipples, pinching the sensitive skin, creating two burning points of pain on his chest.  Ow, ow, ahhh, please,” he gasped.  It hurt so badly, it felt like ecstasy, and he writhed, pleasure sizzling through him.  “Please, oh!”  His cock was stiffening, his face hot, his nipples on fire.

            Sehun smiled, patting his thigh.  “Good pet.  Stop it, pet, let go of yourself.”

            Panting, aroused, he obeyed his owner, hands falling to his sides.  Stinging and sore, his nipples stood out bright red against his chest.  The pain, the shameless self-abuse, his owner’s attention, all turned him on, and he whined, needy, his cock rising.

            Sehun smirked at him.  “You look pretty like this, pet.  I like it.”  Sehun was stroking his thigh, petting him, and he shifted eagerly, thrilled by the touch.  “I don’t want you to damage yourself.  Your body belongs to me, and you don’t have my permission to bruise yourself or break your skin.  If you respect me, you’ll respect my property and take good care of it.”

            “Yes, Prince Sehun.  I respect you, Prince Sehun, I’ll take good care of your things for you,” he promised.  “I’m so grateful.”

            “Good.”  Sehun gave him an approving pat, then slid south on the bed.  The way Sehun leaned over his body - - for a split second, it mimicked the way somebody might bend down for a blowjob, face near his groin, his hard-on jutting up.  He knew that wasn’t possible, but for just that instant, he could see what it might look like.  In his shock, he froze, the image incoherent in his brain.

            Sehun ignored his cock entirely, like it wasn’t even there, and he loved that, it really turned him on.  Breathing easier, curious, he watched Sehun angle right past his hard-on, and then Sehun’s lips brushed his hip.

            He shuddered, an intense hum of pleasure racing through him.  Sehun licked him, tongue snaking over his pelvic bone.  And then Sehun bit him.  It was a quick bite, a sting, and he jerked on the bed.  Oh!  It was always a wonderful thing, when his owner bit him, every time, and he moaned, grateful.  Sehun did it again, and the sting of pleasure made him moan again.  His body relaxed, tension dissolving.  He was lolling on the bed, blissfully grateful, when Sehun bit him again.  This third time was harder, sharper, and the blending of pleasure and pain grew more intense.  With his nipples still sore, with Sehun’s teeth testing his skin, everything that hurt felt good, and everything that felt good hurt, and he only wanted more.

            Then Sehun bit him hard.  The shock of pain broke through his bliss, and he cried out.  Sehun’s teeth sank deep, digging in cruelly, and he shook helplessly.  His hands rose instinctively, then grabbed uselessly at nothing.  It hurt so badly that he groaned, hot pulses of pleasure stabbing through him.  Sehun growled, biting down without mercy, and tears filled his eyes.  “Oh, god, okay, okay, yes, it’s okay,” he babbled.  Sehun’s teeth scraped over his pelvic bone and then sank in at a new angle, the pain of the last bite now overlaid with the cruelty of the new one.  He thrashed on the bed, squirming, twisting, but Sehun pinned him down, forcing him into submission.  His sense of helplessness was so deliciously intense that he cried out, “Yes, yes,” kicking futilely to prove to himself that he couldn’t get away.  Under his howls of celebration and pain, he heard Sehun growling, and there was another bite, sharp and relentless.  “It hurts, god, it hurts!”  Anguished tears spilled from his eyes as Sehun latched on.  His throbbing, cresting pain seemed to be doubling, tripling fiercely as Sehun’s teeth dug in, and he surrendered to it with a wild sob.  His hand was on his erection, now; he was desperate for release.  The chaos of pleasure and pain was an unbearable high.  Writhing in Sehun’s grip, bucking helplessly against each bite, masturbating feverishly, he welcomed the pain, embraced the escalation, even as he felt with every instant that he couldn’t take any more.

            His skin was on fire, raw.  Sehun’s teeth dragged over his pelvic bone again, and then there was one more bite.  He howled, coming, orgasm stunning him in a brilliant burst.  Everything hit its peak at once, the pain, the pleasure, the ecstasy of his anguish.  Sobbing gratefully, spurting thick ropes of jizz, he shuddered in helpless joy.  “Yes, yes, thank you.”  Oh, god, it hurt.  “It’s okay, it’s okay.”  Weeping, shivering, he writhed in real pain, rejoicing in it.  With the last beads of cum dribbling out, he whimpered.  “It hurts so much, please, I can take it.”

            Sehun lifted his head.  Hwanhee shuddered involuntarily.  Sehun spat on him, then sat up.  “Greedy slut.”

            The pain at his hip was so intense, he didn’t move.  He just breathed, relishing it.  His owner had jaws like a wolf.

            Sehun poked at his pelvic bone, prodding right where the fire burned.  “Didn’t break the skin,” Sehun said carelessly.  “You’ll be all right.”  Sehun spat on him again.  “Sit up a little.”

            He moved to obey before his muscles understood how to participate, so he was slow and clumsy.  He was only up on one elbow before Sehun slapped him across the face.  He hadn’t seen it coming, and it startled a yelp out of him.  Sehun slapped him again, then again, hard, a bright blaze of pain lighting up the side of his face.  “Greedy slut,” Sehun said again.  “You’re an undisciplined, slutty little pig, Hwan-ah.”  One more slap, an explosive shock, and then Sehun said, “Badminton.”

            He gasped, belatedly, disoriented, relishing the abuse.  His head was still turned to one side from the force of Sehun’s blows, and he stared at the wall for a moment, absorbing the pain.  Gradually, the sting of his face faded, but he still felt the flare of pain at his hip.  Wincing, he shifted, looking down.

            Right there, on his own body, was Sehun’s mark.  He could see the clear imprint of overlapping sets of teeth, one bite crossing over another.  It hurt so badly, he was surprised that he wasn’t bleeding, but there wasn’t a drop of blood.  The only wetness was from Sehun’s spit.  He smiled to see it glisten against his skin.  “It feels so good when you spit on me.  It’s so humiliating, it’s a terrible thing to do to somebody.  You’re so degrading.”  He felt warm all the way through.  Humming with joy, he sank back, curling up.  He was so happy.  In his owner’s bed, naked, hurting, it was like a dream.

            Sehun lightly, very carefully, touched his face.  He hummed some more, basking in his owner’s attention.  When Sehun’s caress skimmed over his cheekbone, right where he’d been struck, he felt a little whisper of sensation, a little reminder of pain, and he felt so lucky, so special.

            “You look like a happy pet.”

            Mmm, so, so happy.  I’m grateful, thank you.”  He rubbed his stomach, a perfectly ordinary patch of skin between the sting of his sore nipples and the vicious ache of his hipbone.

            “This is your body, so you decide what happens to it,” Sehun began.

            “It’s yours, I belong to you.”  The words came out on a blissful sigh.  It was so wonderful, and it was wonderful because it was true.

            “You’re in charge of your body, Hwanhee.”

            He focused his gaze enough to meet Sehun’s eyes.  “You’re in charge of me.  This is your body, you own it.”

            Sehun looked frustrated.

            That didn’t bother him at all.  “You own me,” he said with happy satisfaction.  “Property of Prince Sehun.  Property of Oh Sehun, Oh Sehun, Oh Sehun.”

            “Oh, fuck, why the…”  Sehun’s words deteriorated into incoherent grumbling.  Curious, Hwanhee watched him, unable to hear his mumbling under the loud music playing.  Abruptly, Sehun glared at him.  “You’re in charge of your own body, so you can decide for yourself what happens to it.  But I don’t want you making any of this worse.  You have to let it heal.  Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself.”

            He thought about it, and then he nodded.  “I have to take care of Prince Sehun’s things.  I have to treat his property well.”  He smiled.  “I’ll keep his pet’s body strong and healthy for him.”

            “Your body,” Sehun insisted, looking exasperated.  “Take care of your body because you’re special and you care about yourself.”

            He understood what Sehun was trying to say, but he didn’t care about that.  He’d just been fucked and hurt and degraded, and he felt incredible, and he was thoroughly enjoying being Prince Sehun’s property.  “Do you want to spit on my face?”

            “Yes,” Sehun said frankly.  “But I’m not going to, because I don’t spit on my dongsaengs.”

            “I guess most people don’t spit on their pets,” he mused.  “How do you know how hard to bite me?”

            “I listen to the way you squeal.”  Sehun smiled at him.  “I’m going to be thinking about that a lot when I jack off this week.  You got good and loud for me tonight, pet.”

            He blushed, ashamed and thrilled.  “It really hurts,” he confessed.  He felt shy.  “Thank you.”

            He got dressed slowly.  Once his sore, marked hipbone was covered up, he felt like he had a wonderful, guilty secret.  No one could see it, but he knew that it was there.

            They went to the apartment door together.  He thanked D.O., to be polite, but all he could focus on was Sehun.  He stole a hug, and Sehun hugged him back, and he held on greedily, absorbing all of the affection and reassurance that he could.  “Thank you,” he whispered, rubbing his face against Sehun’s shoulder, kissing it, his royal prince’s sacred shoulder.

            “Thank you,” Sehun said softly, holding him close.  “Happy birthday.”

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