Changjo’s New Sex Life

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            On the stand between beds, C.A.P.’s phone lit up and Shinhwa’s “This Love” started playing.

            On his knees on C.A.P.’s bed, Changjo could have answered it, but he was kind of busy.  L.Joe was arching underneath him, making broken moaning noises, and grabbing his ass.  Rocking into L.Joe in quick, deep thrusts, he stroked L.Joe’s cock, fondling it, kissing L.Joe’s soft, long neck as L.Joe’s head went back.  “Oh, oo-hhuh-ooh, oh-oh, maknae.”

            C.A.P. was fucking Chunji on the other bed, and Niel was going down on Ricky on the floor, so everyone ignored C.A.P.’s phone.  A moment later, or a while later, Changjo wasn’t sure - - it was hard to tell when he was having sex, when one slow, sexy kiss could feel like it went on forever and sometimes the rush of fucking made everything seem sped up and fast-forwarded - - Chunji’s phone lit up and starting playing Shinhwa’s “Venus.”

            “Yeah, give it to me, fuck me so hard,” Chunji panted.  Even while fucking someone else altogether, Changjo couldn’t help but obey Chunji’s sexy demands and started fucking L.Joe harder, putting more power into it.  “Oh, yeah.  Ricky-ah, get my phone.”

            “Oh, oh, oh,” Ricky gasped.  He sounded so excited that it turned Changjo on to think about how close to coming he was and how enthusiastically Niel had to be sucking.  “Yes, hyung.”

            “Ahh, god, that’s it,” L.Joe moaned, fingers sliding over the back of Changjo’s neck.  “Keep, ah, keep going, right there, like that.”

            “Ya, Ricky-goon,” Chunji said.  “Now, my phone.”

            “Right, okay,” Ricky said shakily.  “One second, almost - - ah! - - there.”

            Changjo looked over to watch Niel suck, to see the thick slide of Niel’s lips over Ricky’s cock, Ricky fondling Niel’s ears.  A second later his own phone started ringing.  On impulse, he reached over and grabbed it.  He couldn’t do a thing to shut up Chunji, but he slid his fingers into L.Joe’s mouth.  “Yes, hyung?”

            “No one’s answering,” Andy said.  “Are you all too busy with your own activities to talk to me?  Should I assume that you don’t want to be idols anymore?”

            It was hard to keep thrusting and listen to Andy and keep from panting into the phone like an excited dog.  He wondered if Andy could hear Chunji telling C.A.P. to drill his ass.  “No, hyung,” he said, biting back a groan as L.Joe’s tongue licked between his fingers.  “Sorry, hyung.”

            “Freaky kids,” Andy muttered.  “Give the phone to C.A.P.”

            “Yes, hyung.”  His hips still pumping, he extended one arm, offering the phone to the other bed.  “C.A.P. hyung, Andy hyung wants to talk to you.”

            “Hold on,” C.A.P. said, clamping his hand over Chunji’s mouth.  Taking the phone, he said, “Yeah, hyung.”

            While Chunji squirmed, prying C.A.P.’s hand up, L.Joe moaned again, shuddering as Changjo’s fingers slipped from his mouth.  “Ah, maknae, almost there, mmmm, faster.”

            Changjo had never answered a call during sex before.  There were a million things he’d never done during sex, and he couldn’t wait to get to them.  Now that he could get laid whenever he wanted it, a world of possibilities lay before him.  For example, he’d never made L.Joe come while Andy was listening before, and he was about to cross that off of his list.

            “Maknae.  Ya.  Maknae.”  Someone was shaking his shoulder.  “Up, up, wake up.”  Light slaps at his cheeks.  Groaning, denying it, Changjo rolled away, trying to disappear into his bed.  “Ya!  You’re moving, are you awake?”

            “Not awake,” he mumbled.  It was Niel; what did Niel want?  “Let me sleep.”

            “Come on, wake up, get this thing hard,” Niel insisted, dragging the covers off of him.  “I’m horny and everyone else is asleep.”

            God, now?  “Hyung, I’m sleeping, too.”  But the idea that someone wanted sex from him had caught his attention, and he was starting to perk up, both mentally and physically.  Rubbing his cock, he rolled onto his back.  Deciding that this might be worth waking up for, he looked at Niel.  Kneeling naked on the side of his bed, Niel was ogling his cock and masturbating, already halfway hard, hair tousled.  Yeah, he was willing to miss sleep for this.  “Be quick, okay?”

            “Got it,” Niel said, grabbing the lube.  In seconds, Niel was astride him, sinking down onto him.  Fuck, it felt fantastic.  Grunting, Changjo thrust upward, and Niel moaned, riding the wave of his bucking hips.  “Oohhh, maknae, yeah, that’s it.”  First thing in the morning, Niel’s voice was low and husky, like sexual smoke in Changjo’s ears.

            Still tired, Changjo let his eyes slip shut.  “Hhuuuhhh.”  He squeezed Niel’s taut thighs, encouraging, but he didn’t have to do anything.  It felt terrific, god, “Uuunnhh,” he was so hard, “hyung.”  Digging his nails into Niel’s thighs, he groaned.  His erection throbbed, pleasure pulsing between his legs.  Niel was bouncing on his cock, filling the room with low, rapturous, smoky moans.  “God, hyung.”  Niel was about to get off on this, he was about to get off on this, god, this was so much better than waking up hard and having to jack himself off alone.

            “Oohhh, feels, it feels, feels so good,” Niel moaned.  “Best, oh, maknae, you have the best c-c-cock, oh!”

            The up and down motion of Niel’s hips, the rocking clench and slide, had Changjo aching with pleasure.  Panting, feeling like he’d explode if Niel didn’t get him off soon, he pulled on Niel’s thighs, gripped Niel’s waist, tried to direct the action.  Smacking his hands away, Niel sped up, riding him hard and jacking himself, bouncing up and down with rough energy.  They were both gasping, and the throbbing of Changjo’s cock was unbearable, and it was all so quick, so intense, pleasure whipping through him, “Oh, hyung, oh!”

            “Here, it’s here,” Niel moaned, “oh, it’s here.”

            There was a light, warm rain on Changjo’s stomach as Niel came.  “Hyung, please, please,” he moaned, and Niel’s hips bucked again, and that was it, ecstasy was flashing through him, he was coming.  “Oh, oh.”  Gripping Niel’s ass, he held Niel down against himself as he came.

            “Mmmm, oh.”  Niel shuddered.  “Oh, that was it.  That’s what I needed.”

            Eyelids too heavy to lift, Changjo moaned weakly.  He felt drowsy, felt dreamy lassitude sinking deep into him.

            “So good,” Niel mumbled, climbing off of him.

            Niel’s next mumble sounded distant; Niel was leaving the room.  Without bothering to open his eyes, Changjo fumbled for the covers, dragging his quilt over his head.  Rolling over, he burrowed in.  He’d just been used for sex, and he was totally content with that.

            As the six of them piled into the dorm, they started pulling off clothes as soon as they were through the door.  Shoes came off first, jackets were dumped, shirts were tossed, and then they were grabbing at each other, kissing and grinding, L.Joe pulling Niel onto the sofa, Chunji shoving Ricky into the wall.  One second Changjo was rubbing himself through his pants, and the next he was pushed up beside Ricky, crowded in, facing the wall, C.A.P. breathing down the back of his neck and fondling his ass.  Groaning, turned on by the aggression, he shoved his pants down, and a second later quick, experienced fingers were pressing into him.  Being penetrated made him gasp, electric need firing in his veins, and his hips rolled, encouraging C.A.P. deeper.

            Beside him, Chunji was kneeling down and Ricky was making soft, ecstatic noises.  While Ricky moaned at the ceiling, Changjo slung an arm over his chest, gripping his shoulder.

            “Unnh, needed this all damned day,” C.A.P. grunted, thrusting into him.  The sudden fullness shocked him, and he moaned, rubbing his forehead against the wall, digging his fingers into Ricky’s shoulder as C.A.P. rocked him forward.  “Unh, fuck.”  C.A.P.’s deep voice was a happy rumble in his ear, and as C.A.P. gripped his waist, cocking his hips back, he squeezed his eyes shut, gasping as each thrust shot off new sparks inside of him.  So hard, C.A.P. was fucking him so hard, hammering into him, so fast, so intense, he wanted to howl with excitement.

            Masturbating, he rubbed his forehead against the wall.  He was panting, Ricky was moaning, and C.A.P. was muttering, “Wanted to screw your hot ass all day.”  When he tipped his head back, C.A.P. kissed his ear, and then he felt C.A.P.’s hand slide between his legs.  Letting go of his cock, he let C.A.P. take over, let the pleasure build.  It was all so quick, so fierce, C.A.P. pounding into him so aggressively, jacking his cock so masterfully, ecstasy mounting relentlessly.  Ricky was already squealing through orgasm, and the smoky moans coming from the other side of the room promised that Niel wasn’t far behind.

            “Love watching you take my cock,” C.A.P. said against the back of his neck, squeezing his dick.  “Gonna fuck you all night.”

            The idea of it, of being drilled all night, of C.A.P. fucking him over and over again in one position after another, pushed him over the edge.  Spurting excitedly in C.A.P.’s hand, he cried out wordlessly, his hips plunging recklessly as he came.  “Oh, oh,” he moaned, scratching at the wall.  “Yes, hyung, do it.  Give it to me all night.”

            Laughing, Changjo smacked Ricky’s bare thigh.  “Stop squirming!”  He was on his knees in front of the sofa with Ricky’s hard, sturdy erection in his fist.

            “Don’t tell me what to do,” Ricky grumbled.  The reddened, smooth head of his cock was wet with Changjo’s spit, and when Changjo kissed it again, he made a soft, hurt sound.  “How can I hold still, why would I hold still?”

            “I’m trying to focus,” Changjo said.  He was using Ricky’s cock for practice.  He wanted to learn how to give amazing blowjobs, not just decent but impressively good.  “Are you paying attention?  Which way do you like it more?  Slower or faster?”

            He started licking Ricky’s erection again, dragging his tongue up the hard, satiny shaft, but Ricky just moaned and pulled his hair.  “Both, I like it both ways.  Suck a little, suck on it, I want to come.”

            Getting Ricky off was better than practicing, but he couldn’t just give in that easily.  “You want me to suck it?” he asked, lightly rubbing his thumb over Ricky’s balls.  “Want me to get you off?”

            Groaning, Ricky squirmed again, thick eyebrows drawn together in a distressed frown.  “Yeah, yeah, now, do it now.”

            “Okay.  Call me hyung.”

            “What?”  Ricky blinked at him in bewildered surprise.  “What, no.”

            Shrugging, Changjo sat back on his heels, his hand dropping from Ricky’s cock.

            “Ya!”  Grabbing at his hand, Ricky tried to drag him forward.  “Do this, do it!”

            Grinning, Changjo brushed the backs of his fingers up the shaft of Ricky’s erection.  “Going to call me hyung?”

            “You - - come on, just do it!” Ricky insisted, taking his cock in hand and scooting forward, aiming for Changjo’s mouth.

            Laughing, he dodged Ricky’s erection.  “Say it once.  ‘Changjo hyung, please.’”

            “I don’t have time to argue!” Ricky objected, his erection stiff in his hand.  “Come on, just - - okay, I’ll say it, I don’t care, please, Changjo hyung, suck it, get me off, do it!”

            Ricky’s desperation was so funny!  Taking pity, Changjo leaned in, licking the flushed head of Ricky’s erection into his mouth.  Humming, he sucked hard, hollowing his cheeks, and Ricky groaned, tugging on his ears and spurting down his throat.  Mmm, getting his members off was always so much fun.  Swallowing, Changjo raised his head, wiping his chin with one hand.

            With an exhausted sigh, Ricky leaned back, melting into the sofa, wearing a broad, satisfied smile.  He looked so spent and yet so proud of himself that Changjo chuckled.  His cheeks were pink and he giggled to himself as his eyes closed.  No wonder stupid hoobaes took so many photos of themselves getting each other off.  Changjo kind of wanted to remember Ricky looking like this forever.

            Feeling horny and cheerful, Changjo sat beside Chunji on the dressing room couch.  The other members were at the table with their manager, eating.  Busy with a handheld game, Chunji didn’t even glance at him.  Leaning in close, he ran his gaze over Chunji’s profile, over Chunji’s smooth cheeks, over those long, gorgeous lashes.  “Hyung,” he said.  “You’re so handsome.”

            “Mmm.”  Chunji still wasn’t interested.

            Licking his lips, Changjo shifted even closer, lowering his voice.  “You were handsome last night, too.”


            “So pretty,” Changjo whispered.  Resisting the urge to nuzzle into Chunji’s hair, he tried to satisfy himself with just smelling Chunji, inhaling the subtle, sharp scent of Chunji’s cologne.  “So sexy on your knees, gobbling down L.Joe hyung’s cock with your ass spread wide around C.A.P. hyung’s cock.  Taking it from both ends like that, you turn me on so much.  Just thinking about it, I’m so hard.  Don’t you want to see?”

            Chunji sniffed.  “Nope.”

            He really was turned on, and his breath caught in his throat as he adjusted himself in his pants.  Ugh, so difficult to let go, not to rub himself.  Why were their stage clothes always so tight?  “You were so sexy with L.Joe hyung’s cock in your mouth.  He kept coming and you kept sucking and his first load was dripping down your chin and you were still going.  C.A.P. hyung was giving it to you so hard, he was so deep inside you I bet you can still feel it now.”

            “Dying to fuck me, aren’t you?” Chunji asked, eyes still on his game, thumbs moving steadily.

            Honestly?  “Yes,” he admitted.

            Chunji’s eyes cut left, glancing at him.  Eagerness leapt in him, and he inhaled, leaning in.  “Mmm.  Okay,” Chunji said, going back to the game.  “You can have me first when we get back to the dorm.  Now stop drooling on me, it’s annoying.”

            Changjo grinned.  “You want me to do you right now, don’t you?”

            Chunji hummed under his breath.  “I want you to grease up that big cock and throw me over that table and bone me so hard I come in rivers.  I want you to pound me like I’m some desperate sasaeng you found in an alley.  But we can’t now, so go away.”

            God, he loved Chunji.

            It was late, and the hyungs had gone out.  Left behind at the dorm alone, Changjo and Ricky hung out and did nothing.  They watched TV and played games, and then while Changjo texted hoobaes, Ricky went to bed.

            The hoobaes’ obscene stories turned him on.  Out of habit, Changjo reached for his cock, and then he remembered that he didn’t have to masturbate.  He could have sex instead.

            Energized, he hopped up and crawled into Ricky’s bed.  They messed around for a while, making out and getting naked.  In the dark, Ricky’s warm skin and slow, seeking kisses seemed unbearably sexy, and the way Ricky ground against him, rhythmic and insistent, had him rock-hard.  When Ricky started kissing his ear, he closed his eyes and moaned, grinding against Ricky, caressing the shell of Ricky’s ear and breathing hard.  He didn’t know where this was going, and he didn’t care; everything felt good, everything was primed to get him off.

            All of a sudden the light was on.  Startled, he looked up to see Chunji and L.Joe flying through the door.  “What’s this?” Chunji asked, pouncing on the bed.

            “Misbehaving maknaes?” L.Joe demanded, yanking the sheets off of them, leaving them exposed.

            “You’re home,” Ricky said with a polite smile.  Changjo looked from one hyung to the other, calculating, heart already beating faster.  They weren’t necessarily drunk, but they were definitely in a good mood.  Which meant either a lot of trouble or a lot of fun for him.

            “Oh, look at all of this,” Chunji said, drawing Ricky’s knee aside, showing off his erection.

            Ricky squirmed, trying to close his legs, and L.Joe laughed, climbing on top of him and pinning him down.  Shifting out of L.Joe’s way, Chunji crawled onto Changjo.  The hyungs smelled like soju and sweat, and Changjo wanted to kiss L.Joe’s neck, wanted to slide a hand under Chunji’s thin T-shirt.  “What, what are you fighting for?” L.Joe asked, his smile teasing.

            “Not fighting,” Ricky said, his voice tinged with desperation.

            Chunji had settled right on top of Changjo, sitting right between his thighs and reclining on his chest.  Reaching over, Chunji ran light, careless fingers over Ricky’s hard-on, and Ricky gasped.  “What’s this for?” Chunji asked, and L.Joe laughed.

            While they teased Ricky, Changjo took advantage of their distraction.  Peeling Chunji’s T-shirt up a few inches, he exposed taut, silky skin.  When he ran his hand up Chunji’s naked side, Chunji didn’t even seem to notice.  He gazed at the side of Chunji’s face, waiting for a reaction, but Chunji just laughed at whatever L.Joe was saying.  Maybe he could press his luck.  He dropped a kiss on Chunji’s ear, then kissed Chunji’s sideburn, then trailed kisses downward, licking at Chunji’s earlobe.

            Suddenly, Chunji was giving him an amused, puzzled look.  “What are you doing?”

            Sucking in his cheeks and raising his eyebrows, Changjo tried to look innocent.  “Nothing, hyung.”

            “What are these kids up to?” Chunji asked L.Joe.

            “Maknaes these days are so horny,” L.Joe said, plucking at Ricky’s nipples.  He shot Chunji a conspiratorial smile.  “Should we leave them alone so they can finish?”

            “No,” Chunji said.  “That’s no fun.”

            “No, don’t go,” Ricky said.  With an arm around L.Joe’s waist, he tried to pull L.Joe down closer against him.  “Stay, let’s all stay here together.”

            “Together,” Changjo agreed, kissing Chunji’s ear and pulling his shirt up higher, exposing more of his body, his flat abs and smooth chest.

            “You want this one?” Chunji asked L.Joe.

            “Mmm, I’ll keep this one.”  L.Joe started to open his fly one-handed, grinning down at Ricky.  “Going to give me what I want?”

            “As much of it as you want,” Ricky vowed earnestly.  “As much of it as you can take, hyung.”

            Turned on and hopeful, Changjo splayed his hand over Chunji’s chest.  “Is there anything that you want, hyung?”

            Chunji tossed his head, then watched L.Joe kiss Ricky.  Moaning, Ricky slid a hand down the front of L.Joe’s pants.  “Yeah, maybe.”  Pulling on Changjo’s shoulder, he rolled over, shifting them until he was on his back under Changjo.  “Suck my cock for a while and I’ll think about it.”

            Now that they could have sex with him, Changjo’s members took him whenever they wanted him.  C.A.P. bent him over or shoved him onto his knees, Chunji pushed him onto beds and backed him against walls, L.Joe climbed on top of him, Niel pulled his pants down, Ricky groped him.  No matter what time it was or what else he was doing, if he was in the dorm and the front door was closed, he was fair game.

            He loved it.  He loved getting so much sex.  He loved that his members were all over him.  He was all over them, too.  Sometimes all he had to do to initiate sex was stand too close.  Or he could just reach out and touch whatever he wanted.  He’d walk up behind Chunji in the kitchen and run his hand over Chunji’s ass; he’d put a hand out and stroke Ricky’s cock in the shower; he’d kneel down in front of C.A.P. and nuzzle into C.A.P.’s groin.  He’d squeeze Niel’s ass and grin; he’d crawl into L.Joe’s bed and kiss whatever bare skin he found.  Most of the time, they’d start groping him right back.  Sometimes they’d mutter something about how annoying he was, and then start groping him right back.  Once in a while, someone would smack his hand away and say, “Not now, maknae,” but if he replied with, “Come on, I just want to blow you,” they were suddenly interested again.

            It didn’t matter what was going on; sex was always a part of it.  And now that they didn’t have to make even a half-assed attempt to leave him out of it, his members had sex even more openly.  While he brushed his teeth, C.A.P. fucked Niel right by the sink.  If he wanted milk for his cereal, he had to wait until Ricky and Chunji stopped screwing against the fridge.  At any hour of the night, he could stumble into a threesome in the living room.  When he sat down to use the computer, L.Joe crawled under the desk and blew him.  C.A.P. and Niel went over their schedule for the upcoming week while they double-teamed him.

            It was nonstop.  It was constant, aggressive, and completely uninhibited.  And he loved everything about it.

            Changjo wanted to have sex with Chunji tonight.

            But if he wanted Chunji first, and all to himself, then he had to make sure that the other members were otherwise occupied.

            They had a pretty loaded itinerary for the day.  When they were at the front door, about to leave for the morning, he said, “Ugh, such a busy day,” to C.A.P.  “We’re going to be exhausted tonight.  I’ll bet that you’re just going to walk in and crash.”

            Later, when L.Joe was texting someone, Changjo leaned in and whispered to Ricky, “Wonder who he’s talking to.  You think it’s Oh Sehun?”  When Ricky gave L.Joe a wondering glance, he added, “It’s funny, isn’t it?  Oh Sehun probably thinks that he’s such a big deal, being a dom and everything, but he has to arrange dates through his leader.  We can have L.Joe hyung whenever we want him.  You could walk right up and fuck him tonight, and he’d love it.”

            Ricky started eyeing L.Joe, paying more attention to him.

            While they were changing clothes, Changjo bumped into Niel.  When Niel hit him, he said, “Sorry, hyung.”  Then he did it again, and when Niel asked, “What’s wrong with you?” he whispered, “Sorry,” and tried to look guilty.  “I was distracted.  Every time I look at C.A.P. hyung I think about how he fucked me last night.  I can’t concentrate, I just want to suck his cock and thank him for fucking me so well.”  Then he looked into Niel’s eyes with a confiding, innocent expression.  “Don’t you ever feel that way?”

            Niel licked his lips, staring at C.A.P.

            A few minutes later, Changjo talked to C.A.P. about how great it was to have a member like Niel in the group, someone so cock-hungry and so easy.

            He whispered into L.Joe’s ear over lunch.  “Aren’t you embarrassed?  The way Ricky looks at you today, drooling over you like a horny little freak.  He was just telling me how much he wants to nail you.  It’s embarrassing, how hot he is for you.”

            L.Joe smiled, looking flattered and interested, and glanced over at Ricky.

            Changjo talked to Ricky about how sexy L.Joe was and how satisfying it was to screw someone who got off twice every time.

            He talked to Niel about how sexy C.A.P. was and how much he loved feeling C.A.P.’s big cock fill his mouth.

            He talked to C.A.P. about what a long, rough day it had been and how he just wanted to go back to the dorm and get off easy and collapse.

            He kept all four of them going all day, letting it build slowly over the afternoon and then ramping it up at night.  Whenever one of them started flirting with Chunji, he interrupted, quickly breaking things up.  After keeping an eye on Chunji all morning, he realized that Chunji was in the mood to top.  Chunji was ogling hoobaes and coming onto Niel and brushing off C.A.P. and being really, unusually friendly with L.Joe.

            Okay, change of plans.  Changjo got cute.  He acted submissive and playful.  He blushed and he gave Chunji his most adorable smiles.  He giggled and he sat on his hyungs’ laps.  During practice, instead of flashing Chunji the knowing, smirking, conspiratorial and predatory looks that always gave him good results, he pretend to be earnest and innocent.

            When they got to the dorm, he hung back.  Had his manipulations worked?  Were his hyungs doing what he’d plotted out?  Or was it all a mess; had all of his work been for nothing?  With anticipation fluttering in his gut, he followed the members into the dorm.  Keeping his head down, he locked the door, then took off his shoes slowly, then finally let himself look.

            L.Joe and Ricky were making out on the couch.  Niel was kneeling, already pulling out C.A.P.’s cock.  And Chunji was right in front of him, smiling and reaching out, tugging on his shirt.  “C’mere,” Chunji said, drawing him forward, backing toward the bedroom, eyes glinting with happiness and danger.  “Let’s do something fun.”


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