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            “Only one outfit,” Jinhoo explained as his members spread across the costume shop.  “Just one!”

            “Where are the animal costumes?” Bitto asked, heading towards the back.

            “Why, do you want to be a frog?” Xiao asked.  Bitto turned on him and he skittered away, laughing.

            Hwanhee looked around, eager and intent.  He knew exactly what he wanted, he just had to find it.  They’d come to this costume shop especially because this was where his special outfit was.

            There were racks and bins all over, and nothing seemed to be in any order.  He didn’t want to ask a salesclerk where his special outfit was, though.  He didn’t want to draw too much attention to it!

            Around him, his members fanned out across the store, calling to each other, joking around.  It was nice to hear his hyungs having fun, but Hwanhee was on a mission!

            Hanging on one wall was a whole rack of maid outfits.  Pretty black dresses with fluffy skirts and white aprons.  He licked his lips, fingering the hem of one.  He wanted to wear this for Sehun.  He wondered what it would look like on him.  Wondered what Sehun would think of it.  He really, really wanted to get it, but Jinhoo had said only one outfit, just one.

            The strange, blooming heat sweeping over him made him wince.  God, he was getting a hard-on over a maid’s outfit!  Embarrassed, he ducked his head, messing with his bangs.  He tried to shuffle away normally, like nothing was going on.  Pushing away his shame, fighting it off, he forced himself to refocus.  He was here on a mission.  No distractions.

            “But I don’t want to be a cowboy,” Wei was saying, one aisle over.  “I want to be a bunny.”

            Hwanhee walked deeper into the store.  His outfit had to be here somewhere!  He’d shopped around on-line and found the very best one, the one he thought Sehun would like the most.

            “No, I want to be the dinosaur,” Sunyoul was saying.  “You can be the mouse.”

            “Oh, this is pretty,” Xiao said, holding up a schoolgirl’s outfit.  “I always wanted to wear this to school, instead of those ugly pants.  This would look way better on me, right?”

            “I don’t know, how good are your legs?” Gyujin asked.

            Hwanhee tried to weave past his members to get to the next rack.  Then Gyujin said, “Hey, Hwanhee.  Isn’t this your uniform?”

            He turned to look at the rack as Gyujin pushed hangers out of the way.  His heart leapt.  There it was!  “My outfit!” he exclaimed, grabbing for it.

            As he lifted the hanger from the rack, his gaze swept over the outfit.  This was it!  This was exactly the one he’d chosen.  A bellhop’s uniform.  Dull red with big, shiny, gold buttons.  In a little plastic bag, dangling off of the hanger, were a matching cap and gloves.  He’d been obsessing over this outfit, imagining what it would look like on him, imagining what it might feel like on him, imagining what Sehun might think of it and how Sehun might treat him if he wore it; he’d pulled up the store’s website and stared at this uniform a dozen times a day, just to get another look.  And here it was, in his hands!

            “Try it on,” he said, spinning, scanning the store for a fitting room.  “I have to try it on.”

            “The little hat is cute,” Xiao said.  “The fitting room’s over in the back.”

            Hwanhee hurried to the back corner of the store.  In cat and dog costumes, his hyungs were posing and jostling each other in front of the doorway to the fitting rooms.  He ducked past them, clutching his uniform to his chest.  He went into a little stall and pulled the curtain shut.

            When he put the hanger on the peg, his hands were shaking.  Breathing through parted lips, he pulled his shirt off.  Staring at the red fabric, at the gold buttons, he swallowed, rubbing his palms on his thighs.  This was it.  His servant clothes.

            He felt hot, his skin prickling.  He felt disoriented, like none of this was real.  He couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this, that it was really happening.  He felt really bold, like he was doing something incredibly daring.

            He took the jacket off of the hanger.  As he slid his arms into the sleeves, his heart pounded.  The jacket was lined with cheap satin, and it felt hot, clinging to his skin.  The big, shiny buttons slipped in his nervous fingers.

            It felt a little snug.  A little tight.  And it was shorter than he’d expected.  He was too shy to meet his own eyes in the mirror, but when he looked at the jacket’s reflection, it looked right.  It was exactly what he’d wanted.  Just, it was awfully short.  He’d chosen this particular style because it stopped at the waist, where the other uniforms had longer jackets, but now that it was on him, he saw exactly what that meant.  Without pants, everything below the waist would be completely exposed.  The jacket wouldn’t hide a thing.

            He swallowed, doubting.  Maybe he should get a larger size.  Or a different style.

            He examined the plastic bag holding the cap and gloves.  Would they fit?  He couldn’t open the bag without ripping it, and he didn’t want to be a rude customer.  He held the gloves up to his hands through the bag, and they seemed like they’d work okay.  The hat was cute, red and gold, flat on top, no brim, and it had a little chin strap.  He liked that a lot.

            Impulsively, he ripped the plastic.  He wanted to try everything on.  He wanted to see what it would look like.  He didn’t want to guess or wait, he wanted to see it now.  He put the cap on.  Then he had to fix his hair and get it just right, had to smooth his sideburns and make sure that his bangs looked okay.  His face in the mirror was flushed and excited, giddy-looking, and he laughed at himself.  Happiness bubbled in him and he smiled at his reflection as he positioned the cap.  Then he pulled the gloves on, white and smooth.  Flexing his fingers, he felt sure of himself.  This was exactly what he wanted, this was perfect.


            He licked his lips, studying himself in the mirror.  This wasn’t exactly the right look, was it?

            For an instant, he felt panicked and ashamed.  He couldn’t just take his pants off in public!

            But this was a fitting room.  Right?  People undressed in here all of the time.  It would look like he was just undressing to try the pants on.  That would seem normal, right?  No one could see him, anyway, and if anyone was peeping on him, if his hyungs moved the curtain, they’d assume he was trying on the pants.

            “Normal, this is normal,” he mumbled to himself as he undid his fly.  But he couldn’t shake his growing sense of shame.  This wasn’t normal.  Normal people didn’t role-play servants for sex.  Normal people didn’t get a hard-on in the fitting room of a costume shop.  Normal people didn’t buy a whole costume with the intention of skipping the pants.

            He took his pants off.  And he didn’t put the bellhop pants on.  He just stood there in his boxer-briefs, in his jacket and gloves and cap.

            He couldn’t look above the neck again; he was too embarrassed.  His legs looked really strange and bare when everything else, even his hands, was covered up.  Squirming with shame, he tugged at the hem of the jacket, but it was just too short.  It showed everything.  It stopped right at his waist, practically above the waist, so his rear and his junk and everything would be uncovered.

            Whining miserably, he slumped against the wall.  He rubbed at his burning-hot face and moaned for a minute.  What the hell was he doing?

            “Hey, kid, you in here?” Kuhn’s voice asked.  He cringed, hoping that Kuhn was looking for somebody else, anybody else, and then he heard, “Hwanhee-ah?”

            He cringed again, looking down at his huge boner.  “Uh, yeah?” he asked, and his voice shook all over the place.  He cleared his throat, pushing himself to sound normal.  “Hyung?”

            “You all right?”  Kuhn was right on the other side of the curtain.

            He could see Hwanhee’s bare legs.  Dying of shame, Hwanhee said, “Yeah, I’m okay.  Just, uh, trying something on.  I’ll be out in a minute.”

            “Okay,” Kuhn said.

            He wasn’t going away!  Hwanhee cleared his throat again and moved around, stepping back and forth so it would look like he was doing something productive if Kuhn was watching his feet.  He rustled the plastic bag.  Knocked the hanger against the wall a couple of times.

            Kuhn walked away.

            Sagging, he slumped against the wall again.  Whimpered miserably and rubbed at his face.  He was so hot.  He took the cap off and turned it over in his hands.  He could still feel where the chin strap had dug into him.  It reminded him of when Sehun took his collar off and he could still feel an echo of it against his skin.

            He had a collar.  He had a collar and a harness and a dog bowl - - no, two, two dog bowls! - - and now he was buying a uniform and what was he doing?!  Why was he like this?

            He was a slut, that was why, he was a freaky slut and he didn’t even have the sense to hide it.  He was a kinky, sex-starved freak and he’d get off on anything, he’d get off on anything, and he didn’t even control it, he couldn’t get his shit together and act right, he just gave in to it.  Other people had odd sexual urges sometimes, right, they had to, but they got over it, they brushed it off.  Only he was depraved enough and weak enough and freaky enough to go ahead and do it!

            It felt so good, though.  It felt so, so good to wear his harness for Sehun.  It felt so, so good to feel Sehun buckling his collar on.  The scent of the leather.  The weight of it around his neck.  Moaning, he closed his eyes.  God, he was so hard.

            Hard.  In public.  He had an erection in public.

            Eyes popping open, he gasped.  Oh, god.  Now what, now what was he supposed to do?  “Go away, go away,” he whispered to it.  He hopped a little, but that just made it throb.  Groaning, he pawed at his hair.

            He still had the gloves on.  He’d take the uniform off, that would help.  That was the problem, this stupid outfit, it was bewitched or something, it was doing weird things to him.  He hurriedly took the gloves off, got out of the jacket.  He hung the jacket up and shoved the cap and gloves back into the bag.  Then he raised his arms overhead, breathing deeply, trying to cool off.  He was still so hot!  His erection was killing him, pulsing and aching, demanding all of his attention.

            He tried to think of bad things.  Antis.  His manager scolding him.  What if Kuhn came back?  What if his hyungs found him like this?  He’d die of shame, he’d fucking die, it would be a nightmare.  His members already knew that he was a weird little sexual freak, he didn’t have to prove it this way, too!

            He was so ashamed, he couldn’t calm down.  It was like his shame and his arousal were tangled together, twisted around each other, and the worse one got, the worse the other one was, too, like they were heating each other up.  Burning him up.  His erection was pushing hard against his boxer-briefs, stretching the fabric, and he would’ve given anything to be able to let it out, but that would only make things worse, god, he wasn’t going to whip his cock out in a public store!

            “Nah, I’ll check on him,” Kuhn said.  Whimpering, Hwanhee shuddered against the wall.  “You go check on Xiao, I think he and Wooshin are going to start a fight over that outfit.”

            “What - - maknae,” Jinhoo called.

            The curtain seemed ridiculously flimsy, all of a sudden.  It was practically no barrier at all!  Hwanhee lunged forward, clutching at the edges of it, pinning them to the sides of the fitting room with his hands.  He’d force the curtain shut.  He’d make Kuhn go away.

            Hwanhee, how’s it going?” Kuhn asked.  His feet looked so normal, so ordinary, Hwanhee felt like a shameless freak beside him.

            “Fine, it’s fine,” he said desperately.  “You can go check on Xiao, I’ll be out in a minute.”

            “Thought you were going to be out in a minute the last time I was back here,” Kuhn said.

            “I wanted to try on the gloves,” Hwanhee said.  “The cap.  There are a lot of parts.  I’ll be out soon!”

            Kuhn’s feet shifted.

            He swallowed, sweating.

            “Can I come in?”

            “No!  No,” he said, panicked.  “No, it’s okay, I’ll be out soon, really.”

            Kuhn’s feet came closer.

            He pinned the curtain shut with all of his strength.

            “Not trying to make this a thing,” Kuhn said quietly.  “Level with me, you okay in there?”

            He squeezed his eyes shut.  “I have a problem,” he whispered.

            “Okay.  What kind of problem?”

            “A…  A personal problem.”

            “Okay.  Anything I can do?”

            He had to cool off.  He was so hot, he was boiling.  “Can you get me some ice?”

            “Ice,” Kuhn repeated.

            “I.  I need some ice.”  He swallowed.

            “Shit,” Kuhn whispered.  Hwanhee winced, tears of shame pricking his eyes.  “Yeah, yeah, okay.  I’ll get you some ice, just hold on.”

            Kuhn’s feet left.

            Kuhn knew.  Kuhn knew that he was hot, that he was turned on, that he had a hard-on.  What if Kuhn told Jinhoo?  What if everybody knew?  What were they going to think of him?

            What if Kuhn couldn’t get ice?  What if nothing would cool him off?  What if he just had to spend the rest of the day in here, hiding, with this goddamned erection that wouldn’t go down?

            It was Sehun’s fault.  This kept happening to him, since he’d started seeing Sehun.  His cock would get hard and it wouldn’t stop.  Like he’d spent so much time with a constant erection in front of Sehun, turned on by everything and not allowed to get off, he’d trained his cock to do this.  Something turned him on, he got a little bit aroused by one little thing, and it was boner city.

            What if Kuhn couldn’t get ice and their manager said they had to leave right away?  What was he supposed to do, jack off?  He couldn’t masturbate in a store!  He’d be freaking arrested!

            What if Kuhn had to help him?  What if Kuhn, god.  His thoughts spun in a riot of fantasy, and he moaned, his back arching.  God, god, yes, what if his hyungs jacked him off?  Right here?  What if his members came in here, one after another, and did him, just screwed him, right here in the fitting room?  What if they all took turns, what if everybody joined in, what if?  He could imagine it, Kogyeol pushing him against the mirror, thrusting into him from behind, that hard cock ramming into him, yeah, yeah.  Gasping, he dug his nails into his thigh.  He wanted it, yes, god, yes, he needed it, oh…

            “Just stand there,” Kuhn mumbled.  Startled, Hwanhee jumped.  “You saw nothing, you don’t know anything, just don’t let anybody come back here.  Okay, c’mere for a minute.”  His voice was closer.  Hwanhee, I’m coming in.”

            “Do you have ice?” he whispered.

            Kuhn pulled the curtain aside and stepped in.  He didn’t have any ice and Wei was coming in, too, and this was the worst thing that had ever happened.  Dying of shame, Hwanhee backed up, pressing himself into the corner, trying to cover himself with his hands without touching it and making it worse.

            “Yeah, okay, what do we do?” Wei whispered, yanking the curtain shut.

            “We’re going to make this quick, and then it never happened,” Kuhn whispered.  “Nothing to get upset about, happens to everybody, right?” he asked Hwanhee.  “Cover his mouth.”

            Kuhn pulled him out of the corner.  Wei stepped behind him and Kuhn pushed Hwanhee’s underpants down and Wei’s hand clapped over his mouth.  He gasped, horrified, humiliated, but Kuhn’s hand was on his cock and Wei had both hands clamped over his mouth.  He grabbed at the wall, moaning, he was trying to be quiet but he couldn’t help it, god, god, his hyungs were, god, oh!  Shuddering, he clutched at the wall, at Wei, at Kuhn, trying to hold on, moaning again and again, groaning against Wei’s palm as Kuhn wrung ecstasy out of him.  He was mortified and he was coming and it felt so good, god, yes, it was incredible.

            They hadn’t even asked him if they could.  They’d just done it to him.  Shuddering, he moaned, dribbling cum.  “Grateful, I’m so grateful,” he breathed, arching his back, eyes falling shut, head falling back.

            “Shit,” Kuhn whispered.  “Okay, um.”

            “Don’t look at me,” Wei said.

            Hwanhee, can you do me a favor?” Kuhn whispered.

            His eyes opened.  He felt really weird.  Really, really good and really, really awful.  He felt sick with shame but he felt high, too, intoxicated, like he was being gorgeously rewarded.

            Kuhn looked doubtful, glancing from his own hand to Hwanhee.  “Could you…?”

            Kuhn’s hand was streaked with cum.  Hwanhee’s cum.  Shy, eager, he nodded, licking his lips.  Kuhn’s hand moved nearer, and he opened for it eagerly.  Sshhh, quiet,” Wei whispered, one arm tightening around him.

            He’d be good, he’d be quiet, he could be quiet.  He was a good pet.  He licked at Kuhn’s palm, sucked cum from Kuhn’s fingers.  Delicious, yes, he didn’t miss a drop.  He panted, hungry for more, when Kuhn pulled away.  He wished that his hyungs would fuck him.  He’d be a good vessel.

            “Okay.”  Kuhn wiped his hand on his pants and smiled at Hwanhee.  “Who’s on the calendar for tonight, do you remember?  Which members are up?”

            “Me and Sunyoul,” Wei said.

            “Good,” Kuhn said.  “That’s good, right?”  His smile was encouraging.  “Wei’s great, right, everybody likes Wei, that’ll be fun for you.  So let’s get dressed and get out of here, and when we get back to the dorm, you can have a good time.”

            “Hey, hi, did, uh, did Xiao finally choose something?” Bitto asked suddenly.

            Kuhn’s eyes widened.  He grabbed the uniform and grabbed Wei and shoved them both towards the curtain.  “Yeah, we’ll be out in a second, just go take that up to the register,” he said loudly.

            “Yeah, I’ll, uh, go,” Wei said, stumbling out.

            “Is that Hwanhee’s uniform?” Jinhoo asked.

            “Yeah, he’s just getting dressed,” Wei said.

            “Babe?” Jinhoo asked.  “Everything all right in there?”

            “Yeah, great,” Kuhn said.  “If you get the kids in the van, we’ll be out in a second.”

            “All right.”

            Kuhn smiled at Hwanhee, handing him his pants.

            He pulled his underwear back up, and he got dressed.  He felt shaky and he felt high and he felt, felt like, felt - - he felt like if he was going to be a cum-hungry slut, he might as well be a shameless cum-hungry slut, right?  He might as well face it and own it.

            Kuhn was messing with his phone.  They were so close together, alone behind the curtain, it would be really easy to touch him.  To rub up against him.  This was a fitting room; nobody would mind if Kuhn took his clothes off.  That was what this room was for, anyway.

            Fitting rooms were for dressing and undressing in.  That was their purpose.

            Hwanhee was a fuckhole.  That was his purpose.  To serve.  To be used.  To get his members off.

            Dressed again, he closed his eyes, breathing in and out, turning in a circle.  He wasn’t a fuckhole, he was an idol.  He was Up10tion’s Hwanhee and he was in public and he had to get his shit together.  He had to-

            He’d just gotten off in public.

            His hyungs had just jacked him off in public.

            His fever was breaking and reality was hitting him, now, it was sinking in.  What he’d just done, how he’d just acted, what had just happened.  Oh, god, god, wait, no, no, he-

            Shame spiked, pure and agonizing.  Cringing, he fell against the wall, moaning in denial.  No, no, what had he done, what was wrong with him, why-

            Kuhn’s phone was ringing.  “Yes, yes,” he said, “hello, hi, sunbae?”

            “No,” Hwanhee whispered to himself, bouncing on his toes, trying to will it away, trying to deny reality.  “No, god, why, why am I like this?” he whimpered, sagging back into the corner.  He wanted to shrink down into nothing, he felt like his own miserable humiliation would kill him.  He felt sick, he felt like he was going out of his mind, he was so fucking horny.

            “Yeah, uh, thanks for calling.  I’ve got a, um, a situation, here.  Could you talk to Hwanhee for a second, do you have time?  Yeah, yeah.  Here,” Kuhn was thrusting a phone at Hwanhee.  “He wants to talk to you.”

            What?  Talk?  Who?  Hwanhee was so confused, he couldn’t make sense of anything.  He couldn’t begin to figure out himself or his desires or his entire life.  Kuhn handing him a phone made as much, as little, sense as everything else.  “Hello?” he asked, baffled.  He didn’t want to be on the phone.  He wanted to be on his knees, sucking on Kuhn’s hard, sexy cock.  Shuddering, he tried to bite back a moan.  He needed it so badly.


            Shock hit him, an electric surge jolting his spine.  He gasped, going down on his knees.  Hyungnim?

            “Where are you?  Tell me what you’re doing.”

            “I’m, I.”  He didn’t know what to say.

            “Hwan-ah,” Sehun said firmly, and he gasped again.  His back was arching, and he splayed a hand against the wall, begging himself not to go down on all fours even while he eagerly thrust his ass out, eager to be fucked, desperate for it.  Kuhn was still in front of him and he whimpered, rubbing his face against Kuhn’s thigh, grateful, desperate, submissive.  “Where are you?”

            “Happy Animal Costume Shop,” he mumbled.

            “What happened?”

            “I found my outfit.  It’s my servant’s outfit, it’s here, I want to buy it, I want to wear it.”  For you.

            “Where are you going next?”

            He tried to remember.  “Dinner.  We’re going to dinner.  I’m so hungry,” he whispered, squeezing his eyes shut.  He rubbed his face against Kuhn’s thigh, whimpering, ashamed.  What he wanted didn’t matter, his needs and desires and pleasures weren’t important.  Only his prince mattered.  It was just that he needed it so, so very badly.

            “At dinner,” Sehun said.  “You should order cola.  Don’t drink it too fast.  You always drink cola well, Hwan-ah.”

            He shuddered.  “Yes, hyungnim,” he breathed.

            “Order whatever you want and eat as much as you want.  I like for you to eat well.  Have fun with your members, it’s good for you to be close.  And then, after dinner, where are you going?”

            “Back to the dorm.”

            “Good.  After dinner, at the dorm, I want you to spend half an hour working on your lists.  Not too long, just half an hour, but I want you to focus.  We’ll see each other soon, and you have a lot to prepare.”

            His lists.  Already anticipating it, he moaned.  “Yes, hyungnim.  I’ll do that.  I’ll work hard, I’ll prepare everything well.”

            “Good.  Call me when you’re finished with that.  I’ll expect to hear from you tonight.”

            “Yes, hyungnim.  I will.  Thank you.”

            “You know what to do,” Sehun said.  “Have fun at dinner, drink well.  We’ll talk later.”

            “Yes, hyungnim.  Thank you.”

            Sehun hung up.

            Sehun was gone.  But that was okay.  Hwanhee had instructions.  He had tasks, he had plans.

            Dinner.  They had to get to dinner.  He had to drink his cola and enjoy his members.  Sehun had told him to.

            He got up.  He couldn’t meet Kuhn’s eyes.  He handed back the phone, fixed his clothes.  He wanted to wither away into a crispy husk of shame, but he couldn’t.  He had things to do, first.  Important, pressing tasks.  Orders from his prince.  That was more important than anything else.  More important than his anxieties, his feelings.

            He winced, almost meeting Kuhn’s eyes.  “How much trouble am I in?”

            “If Jinhoo finds out about this, we’re all dead,” Kuhn said.  “If he doesn’t?  Let’s just say this never happened, okay?”

            He moaned, grateful.  “I’m sorry,” he said, and he hadn’t thought that he could feel any more ashamed, but mortification swept through him, bringing fresh misery.  “I-”

            “Never happened,” Kuhn repeated, giving his shoulder a firm squeeze.  “Let’s just try to get out of here alive.”

            He nodded.  He would be thrilled to get away from this weird, hellish, wonderful place.

            He had to get to dinner, anyway.

            Jinhoo smiled at the clerk at the register.  “Thank you!  It’s a very nice store.  I hope that you’ll support us!”

            As the members grabbed up their purchases and headed outside, he turned to Kuhn.  “Anything you want to tell me?”

            “Oh?  No,” Kuhn said with a completely unconvincing, beautifully charming smile.  “Which one did you end up getting, the lobster or the cat?”

            “I found something else.”  Outside, he waved to his members.  “Wei, Bitto, Hwanhee, why don’t you ride with Kuhn and me?”

            “Oh, us, together?” Kuhn asked.

            “Sure, why not?”  Smiling, he opened the van door and waved them all onward.  He didn’t see any reason to give them extra opportunities to talk away from him and get their stories straight.

            “Harder, harder,” Hwanhee moaned, rocking with Wei’s deep thrusts.  “God, yes, I need it, oh, ooooo, I need it, ah!”  He couldn’t jack himself fast enough, it was good, it was so good, “Ooohhh, ooohh, mmmooo!  Mmmmoo-ooo-ooo!  Mmooo!”

            Wei kept giving it to him, even after he’d gotten off, thrusting into him nice and deep.  Moaning, quivering, he savored it, stroking Wei’s chest and squirming against Wei’s body and panting, “Use me, use me all night, I’ll be a good fuckhole, I can take it.”

            He went down on Sunyoul eagerly, still starved for cock, and after Sunyoul fucked him, he curled up against Sunyoul, closing his eyes, picturing Sunyuol’s cum mingling with Wei’s inside of him.  Two hot loads of cum, deep inside him.

            “Did you call yourself a fuckhole?”

            He winced.  Um.  “Yeah,” he mumbled, cringing.

            “Is that, like.

            Sunyoul didn’t finish asking him anything, and he was relieved.  It would be super awkward to explain.

            He showered.  Most of his hyungs were getting ready for bed.  Xiao was trying on all of the hyungs’ costumes.

            He still felt restless.  Confused.  Horny.  Strange and miserable.  He took his harness out of the closet.  He laid it across his bed and looked at it for a while.  He wanted to put it on.

            Jinhoo came in.  He resisted the urge to yank his sheet over the harness.  Resisted the urge to ask Jinhoo to put it on him.

            “Seems like a big day,” Jinhoo said.  “Got your uniform.”  Jinhoo held it out.  “Should we hang it up?”

            “Yeah.”  He put the harness back in the closet, then took the bellhop uniform and hung it up beside the harness.  His Sehun things, his servant clothes, together.  He stroked the jacket sleeve.  Toyed with the gold buttons.

            “It’s pretty,” Jinhoo said.  “I don’t know if I like what I got.”

            Surprised, he asked, “What’d you get?”

            “It’s not very cute.  Well,” Jinhoo laughed, “it’s not cute on me!  I don’t think it’s the costume’s fault.  It’s not my style.  I didn’t know what to get, and I think I got the wrong thing.  Maybe I should exchange it.  Or,” Jinhoo offered him a wadded-up costume, “do you want it?”

            Puzzled, he took it.  He shook it out.

            It was a maid’s costume.  A little black dress.  A short skirt, a white apron.  With a little cap!  It was a cute, frilly outfit, with a really prim button-up front and a tiny, fluffy skirt.  Loving it, Hwanhee laughed.  “You got this?!”

            “It’s not my style,” Jinhoo said again, smiling.  “Don’t laugh!  Most things look great on me.”  Jinhoo’s gaze softened.  “Do you want to hold onto it for me?”

            He hugged it to himself.  He saw right through this hyung, and he felt really grateful.  Really emotional.  “Okay.  Yeah.  Thank you,” he said, his smile trembling.  “I’ll keep it.”

            Jinhoo nodded and patted his side.  “It’s late.  Try to get some rest.”

            He couldn’t sleep.  He felt too alert, too agitated.  He tried his bellhop outfit on.  He tried the maid dress on.  He walked around the dorm in it, swishing and fluffing the skirt.  He cleaned up the living room in it.  He loved it.  He put the bellhop uniform on again.  Switched back to the maid outfit and cleaned the kitchen.  He got his harness back out of the closet and wriggled into it, yanking on the straps, wrestling with the buckles.  It was hard to put on himself.  He was alone in the dark and everybody was asleep and he poured lube on his own face, wiped it off with both hands, masturbated, came all over himself.

            He woke up rock-hard, sticky, messy, grinding his erection against the sheets.  He felt hazy, disoriented, horny, gritty.

            “Oh,” Wei’s voice said.  “So that’s what that looks like on.”

            Shaking his head, trying to focus, he pushed himself up on one arm.  He felt like he hadn’t slept at all.

            “Hey, uh.  I know it’s not my day on the calendar, or anything.  But I was last night, right?” Wei asked.  “So if today hasn’t started yet, if you aren’t even out of bed, it’s kind of still yesterday, right?  So can I, uh, do you mind if we?”

            “Kuhn hyung sent you in here.”  He wasn’t stupid.  He was a freaky slut, a cum-starved slut, a shameless slut, not a stupid slut.

            “Not like he had to force me,” Wei said.

            “If he thinks I need sex, why doesn’t he do it himself?” Hwanhee asked.  He didn’t bother to look at Wei; he kept grinding against the sheets.  It felt good.  He could be miserable and shameless at the same time, it was kind of his new thing.  “I’m too much of a burden, he doesn’t want me?  You don’t want me.”

            “Hey,” Wei said, sounding upset.  “You’re not a burden.  He asked me because he knows you like me, it’s not a bad thing.”

            “You don’t want me,” he said again, feeling angry about it, wanting to face it.

            “Hey,” Wei said again, concerned this time.  Closer to the bed now.  “Come on, it’s not personal.  I do want you.  You know you turn me on, it’s not like I can hide it.  I don’t get hard and have sex with you every four days because you bore me.”

            “Fine, so screw me, then,” he muttered, flopping onto his back.  He was a fuckhole, it was what he was for.

            “Can we maybe kiss first?” Wei asked.

            He rubbed his hard-on, writhing, getting comfortable.  “My prince doesn’t kiss me.”

            “I don’t know, I think your prince is kind of stupid, then.”  Wei kicked his underwear off and crawled onto Hwanhee.  Having a hot guy climb on top of him pushed all of Hwanhee’s buttons, and he moaned, urging Wei closer, squirming excitedly.

            Wei kissed him, then looked down at his chest, plucking at the harness.  “How does this work?”

            “I have a handle,” he explained.  “You can hold on in back.”

            Wei’s eyebrows went up into his hairline.  “Do you want me to do that?”

            He shook his head.  “You’re never rough enough.  This is okay.”

            The making out was good, and the sex was really good, god, he’d needed this.  He felt like his body had been craving a hard cock, and Wei had plenty of it to give him.  He mooed loud and Wei pulled on his straps and he came so hard, he shook the bed.

            He wanted to show off his handle, so he rolled over, let Wei do him from behind.  He’d already come and his cock was soft and Wei was just rocking into him, thrusting deep, over and over.  It wasn’t rough, but it was thorough, and he started to feel like he was being used, being used for his hyung’s pleasure, and he felt really good about that.  Moaning, intoxicated, he soaked it up, relished being a useful fuckhole.

            When Wei came in him, he felt sated.  Truly sated.  It was such a relief, he passed out.

            He didn’t have long, but he slept hard.  When Jinhoo came in to wake him up, it was probably only twenty minutes later, but he felt great.  He felt really refreshed.  He got up, and Jinhoo helped him to get the harness off, and he bounced into the shower, ready to start his day.

            Hwanhee was back.  Back to normal.  Friendly and focused and hardworking and whiny and fun and normal.  Kuhn was so relieved, he kept hovering around the kid to enjoy how well things were going.

            Things had gotten bad yesterday.  The costume thing had upset Hwanhee’s balance, had flung things completely upside-down, and he’d had to throw everything he could at the problem to try to get things right again.  But some part of that combination had worked, somehow, and the balance was back.

            The thing was, when Hwanhee’s balance was right, everything was great.  It was all fun and easy and normal.  He was a really good dongsaeng, a really hard worker, really conscientious and professional.  Kuhn was proud of him, glad to have him around.  When he was stable, he seemed resilient.  It was hard to know exactly what would set him off and what he’d sail right through.

            Always an adventure, being an idol.

            In the dressing room, Kogyeol teased Hwanhee about something and Hwanhee laughed and they did a few steps of choreography together, mocking and playing.

            “Pretty good day,” Kuhn told Jinhoo, smiling, hoping for a good reaction.

            Mmm.”  Jinhoo watched the members, then smiled at Kuhn.  “Your punishment still stands.”

            “I know, I know.”  He sighed.  “Just me, though?”

            Jinhoo nodded.  “I’ve talked to Wei and Bitto about it, but I don’t want to punish them too much this time.  It’s tricky, I don’t want to discourage them from listening to a leader.”

            Yeah.  That was part of the problem, and why Kuhn was in so much trouble.  It wasn’t good for him to get the members to follow his lead when they all knew he was getting them to go against what Jinhoo would want.  The co-leader was supposed to support the primary leader, not march the troops in another direction.  “So, if you gave your costume to Hwanhee, does that mean that I’m never going to get to see it on you?”

            Jinhoo laughed, pushing him away.  “You wish!”

            “Aw, come on, just once?” he teased, trying to draw Jinhoo closer.

            Ya, you’re being punished,” Jinhoo reminded him, nudging him away again.  Then Jinhoo shot him a quick, speculative look.  “Maybe I should try a policeman’s uniform.  Teach you to follow the rules.”

            He grinned.  “Trying to get me to behave?  Maybe you should try a prince outfit, a crown and everything.”

            “Prince.”  Jinhoo drew himself up, looking affronted.  “Excuse me, I’ve been told that the leader is a king.  That makes me King Jinhoo, thank you.”

            “Oh, Your Majesty.”  Kuhn bowed.  “I’m sorry, yes, I’ll remember that from now on.”

            “Um.”  Bitto stood to one side, watching them, eyes shifting from one of them to the other.  “What are you two doing?”

            “Hyung business,” Kuhn said, playing cool.

            “Hyung stuff,” Jinhoo agreed, laughing.  “Go along now, go, uh.”

            “Go be a dongsaeng,” Kuhn said, shooing Bitto away.  “Somewhere else.  Bye, now.”

            Bitto shook his head, then turned away.  “You have weird hyungs,” he told Gyujin in passing.

            “You think I don’t know that?” Gyujin demanded.  “I’ve already noticed!  I’ve definitely already noticed.  The hyungs around here.  The maknaes!  I don’t even know what’s going on half of the time, and when I do, I wish I didn’t.”

            “Stop complaining,” Wooshin said, smacking him in the back of the head and walking on past.

            He sighed, rubbing the back of his head.  “Sure, hyung,” he mumbled, shuffling away.  “I’ll just go hang out with the normal members.  Look, there they are,” he said, approaching a mirror.  “Hi, other normal member, good to see you again.”

            Kuhn laughed, slinging an arm around Jinhoo.  “Who needs normal members?”

            “No, boring,” Jinhoo said, smiling back.  “This is way better.”

            “Ah!  No, ya, stop it!” Xiao shouted.

            The two of them rolled their eyes at each other.  “Your turn.”

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