Dating Each Other on the Couch

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            The dorm was really quiet without EXO-K.

            Chen felt.  Something.  Something subtle and unpleasant.  It wasn’t quite restlessness.  It wasn’t really boredom.  It was just something inside of him that wouldn’t let him sit still.

            He checked on Lay.  Lay was busy writing music.  He tried to hang out, tried to help, but he could tell that he was a distraction.  He felt like he was in the way.

            Xiumin was on the phone with Chunji.

            Unable to shake the strange shadow hanging over him, Chen moved around the dorm.  He tidied up the kitchen, but Xiumin had cleaned it last night, so there wasn’t much to do.  He did some laundry, but as soon as he hung it up to dry, he was out of things to do again.  He texted Baekhyun, but of course EXO-K was busy and he didn’t get an answer.

            After a while, his laundry dried.  He folded it carefully, one sleeve at a time.  He sang to himself while he worked, and that brightened his mood.

            Seeing someone walk past, he looked up, smiling.  He was ready to talk, to play, to interact, to hang out, to make out, something, anything.  But Xiumin was dressed to go out and already heading for the door.  “Hyung?” Chen asked, keeping his smile on, trying not to sound uncertain.

            “I’m going to see Dongwoo.”  Xiumin put his shoes on and flashed Chen a pretty, meaningless smile.  “I’ll be back later.”

            “Okay, hyung.”

            In an instant, Xiumin was gone.

            For a moment, Chen was frustrated.  Couldn’t Xiumin have invited him along?  It seemed selfish of Xiumin to go without even asking.  But maybe it was selfish of him to want to tag along.

            Sighing, he put away his clean, folded clothing.  The dorm was so quiet, it seemed empty, like he was there all by himself.  Moving silently down the hallway, he looked into Lay’s room.

            Lay was staring fixedly at the screen of his laptop, completely absorbed, his eyes wide.  His cock was in his hand.

            Stepping away from the door, Chen looked around at the empty hallway, the still doorways, the silent rooms.

            He finally realized what was wrong.

            He felt lonely.

            Sunggyu dug his phone out of his pocket and answered it.  “Chen-Chen?”

            L gave him a heavy-lidded, bored look and slid off of his lap.

            “Ah, hyung,” Chen said.

            He wrapped his arm around L, dragging L close again.  He tried to give L appeasing looks, but L just looked phenomenally bored with him.  “What do you need?”  Chen almost never called him.

            “Are you busy?”

            He thought it over.  He had L in his lap, but they both had all of their clothes on.  His cock was half-hard, but he hadn’t pulled it out yet.  “I guess not.”

            “If you have time, maybe we could meet somewhere?”

            Chen usually sounded more confident than this.  There was something vulnerable in his tone that worried Sunggyu.  “Yeah.  Why don’t you come to my dorm?”

            “Is that okay?”

            “Yeah.  Come over.”

            “Okay.  Thanks, hyung.”

            He hung up and raised his voice.  “Kids!  Chen’s coming over.”

            Sungyeol popped out of the kitchen.  “EXO’s Chen?”

            Sunggyu glared at the hopeful twinkle in Sungyeol’s eyes.  “He’s not coming for sex.”

            “Yes, he is,” L said, climbing off of his lap.  “He’s scurrying over here all fired up with hope that you have something for him.”

            “Aw, don’t be mad,” Sunggyu complained as L walked away.

            L went into his room and closed the door.

            Sighing, Sunggyu got up.  He pushed Sungyeol toward the closed door and said, “Go cheer him up.”  Then he checked the time, sniffed his underarms, ran his hands through his hair, and decided that he was presentable enough.  He was still turned on, though.  “Ya,” he said, walking into Hoya’s room.  “I have something for you.”

            Chen didn’t know what he was doing here.  He’d never been to Infinite’s dorm before, and he’d never met Sunggyu on his own.  This was probably against the rules.  Xiumin got to do stuff like this, but Xiumin was older and more experienced, more savvy.

            Sunggyu had his own room, one all to himself.  It looked like any other idol’s room, kind of crowded, kind of messy, with too many clothes and not enough space.  The two of them sat side-by-side on the bed, and Chen tried to make small talk, tried to ask how Sunggyu’s life was going.  That went pretty well, or at least it seemed that way, and then Sunggyu squeezed the back of Chen’s neck and asked, “Are you okay?  Are you in trouble with management?  Is Young Money mad at you?”

            He chuckled, embarrassed to have been caught.  Was his unhappiness that obvious?  “No, no.  It’s nothing like that.”  He flashed Sunggyu a smile.  “To be honest, Suho hyung isn’t even here.  EXO-K is in Japan.”

            “Just K?  What are the rest of you doing?”

            He shrugged, trying to smile again, not doing as well this time.  “Not much.  EXO-M doesn’t have as many activities.  Not right now.  Not together.”

            “Not together?” Sunggyu repeated.  Sunggyu’s hand was still on the back of his neck, resting there.  Anchoring him.

            “We have some individual activities.  But not much as a group, the-” six, five, four, it was like a countdown “-three of us.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “Where are they now?  Xiumin’s with our Dongwoo, isn’t he?  Where’s Lay?”

            “Back at the dorm.  He’s, ah, writing music.”

            “You’re here, he’s there, he’s there.  Isn’t this a time for EXO-M to be together?  Why are you wandering in separate directions?”

            “We spent all day yesterday at the dorm.  I think that we’re getting bored with each other.  We practiced a little, but there isn’t much for us to do right now.”

            “You’re with your other members a lot,” Sunggyu said.  “You annoy each other and you get tired of each other.  Sometimes you just want to get away from each other and be with other people or be by yourself.  But you’re bored and you’re lonely and you’re wandering around coming to me.”

            How could Sunggyu know that he felt lonely?  Were these things written on his face?

            “Don’t come to me,” Sunggyu said, smiling at him and giving him a light shake.  “Go to your members.  Go to Lay and say, ‘Oh, hyung, isn’t it nice to have the whole dorm to ourselves?’  Bring him his favorite food and tell him you love him and spend all night kissing him.  Find out what he wants to do, and then do it together.  Tell him what you want to do, and do it with him.  Blowjobs, shopping, playing a game, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Do the same thing with Xiumin.  Pretend you’re boyfriends.  You have the whole dorm to yourselves, you can play house together.”

            It sounded kind of embarrassing and kind of nice.  “Is that what you do with your members?”

            “Things happen, when you’re together for a long time,” Sunggyu said.  “Sometimes there are problems and you’re not as close as you should be.  Sometimes you come back to each other on your own, and sometimes you need a push.”  Sunggyu smiled at him, squeezing his shoulder.  “It’s been hard on you.  It’ll help if you try to take care of each other instead of just taking care of yourselves.”

            He knew that, but he’d never approached it this way.  They’d done a lot of talking about EXO and about the team and about being committed to the members and what was going to happen to EXO-M, but that all had kind of a professional cast to it.  It was about EXO as a job.  He’d talked to some of the other members about the emotional stuff, about how he felt personally, but that had mostly been with the K members, and some of those conversations had been hard.  What Sunggyu was talking about was dating and lovemaking and being a boyfriend.  “Take care of each other, like, take care of our friendship?”

            “What do you always say?  ‘Let’s love?’  ‘We are one?’  Go and love each other.  Go and be one with each other.  It’s not just friendship, it’s a relationship, and you have to remind each other that no matter what, you’re still here and everything’s going to be okay.”

            Chen smiled at Sunggyu.  “You think that you’re married to your members, don’t you?”

            “Married!  They aren’t that lucky.”  Sunggyu’s thumb rubbed across the back of his neck, and he had to suppress a shiver.  “Pretend that there are candles everywhere, if you want, or call it role-playing, but take it slow.  Tell them that you love them.  Make sure that you get what you need.”

            Lay heard sounds coming from somewhere else in the dorm.  “Hello?” he asked, lowering his headphones.  “Who’s there?”  Was it a manager?  Was Chen back?  Had a sasaeng broken in?

            “Hi, hyung!  It’s just me!” Chen called.

            “Back so soon?  That was fast.”  Pushing his laptop aside, Lay got up.

            “I brought food.”

            “Oh?”  Liking the sound of that, Lay went out to the kitchen.  “Oh!”  Chen had bags from his favorite place!  “Is it my birthday?” he asked, opening containers and greedily inhaling spicy, meaty scents.

            Chen hugged him and handed him a drink.  “No, but I thought that we should eat something nice!  We have the whole dorm to ourselves, don’t we?  Let’s enjoy it.”

            That sounded nice.  “Let’s enjoy it,” Lay agreed, smiling at him.

            They ate in the living room, spreading the food out all over and trying some of everything.  When they were finished, Lay was so full that he didn’t want to move.  The two of them curled up on the couch together.  Chen was such a cuddly guy, it was nice to snuggle up.  They talked about the music he was working on, and they talked about the variety show they’d gone on last week, and they talked about all kinds of things.

            They’d been there for a while, and Lay felt really comfortable, really content, when Chen cupped his face and looked into his eyes.  “Lay hyung.  You know that I love you, don’t you?”

            Surprised, he nodded.  “Yes.  I love you, too, Chen-ah.”

            Chen’s expression softened like he was really pleased, and then they kissed.  It was a slow, deep kiss, the kind he just sank into, wanting to stay for a while.  He rubbed Chen’s back, slipping his hand under Chen’s shirt so that he could caress bare skin.  “Lay hyung.”  Chen shifted against him a little, and he moaned at the quick, brief pressure on his cock.  “What if we role-play a little?  What if we’re boyfriends?  It can be our anniversary.  We can do it slowly.”

            He loved roleplaying.  “Like we’re lovers,” he said, to clarify.  He nodded, smiling.  “Okay.  Lovemaking.  Should we call each other something?  Pet names?”  This was a really fun idea!  “Call me ‘sweetheart.’”

            Chen laughed.  “Okay.  Call me ‘sweetheart,’ too, so we match.”

            They kissed again.  It was easy to stay in the right mindset.  They made out slowly.  There was no reason to rush.  They had all night; they could do whatever they wanted.  When they undressed, he took his time kissing here and there, all over Chen’s body, wherever he liked.  Chen moved against him like it all felt good, moaning, “Oh, Lay hyung,” and, “Ah-ooohh, sweetheart.”  It all sounded like pleasure and romance, and those sexy moans got him in the mood.  He wanted to make love to Chen, wanted to make it good, wanted to fulfill the fantasy.  He kissed his way up from Chen’s elbow and whispered, “I love you so much, sweetheart, you’re so sexy,” and Chen kissed him with searing heat.

            Chen went down on him, and he came fast, all turned on and amped up from so much making out.  He went down on Chen, and he did his best to make it romantic.  Most of his favorite porn moves would ruin the mood, so he focused mainly on taking it slowly and breathing, “Oh, sweetheart, yeah.”

            Chen came hard, making the choked, gasping noises he usually only made during really intense anal.  Shuddering, he pulled Lay back into his arms, and Lay kissed him tenderly, stroking his thighs while he wrapped Lay in his legs.

Usually by now, one of the other members would interrupt, wanting to join in.  It was great to have Chen all to himself.  He hadn’t realized how terrific it could be to make love like this, or to have all night alone.  When he fingered Chen open, he took his time, caressing into Chen with slow, tender strokes, watching pleasure and excitement play over Chen’s face.  “My beautiful sweetheart,” he whispered, and Chen kissed him with so much love and desire that his heart thumped helplessly in his chest.

They made love slowly.  He held on for as long as he could, rocking into Chen, gazing into Chen’s eyes and whispering things into Chen’s ears.  Some of what he said was in Mandarin, but it had to sound good, at least, because Chen kept urging him on, rubbing his thighs and moaning in rhythm with his thrusts and panting, “Come on sweetheart, please, please, don’t stop.”  When he finally came, he stayed inside of Chen for it, jetting deep inside Chen’s body.  Chen kissed him, clinging to him, and when he got Chen off in his hand, Chen shook with ecstasy and made musical, mewling cries.

A good lover wouldn’t just hop up, so Lay stayed there, wrapped up with him, and they kissed for a while longer.  It was really nice.  Really intimate.  It made him wish that he had a boyfriend.  “Can we do this again sometime?”

Chen smiled at him.  “Yeah.  Yeah, let’s do this again.  It was fun, wasn’t it?”  Hugging him, Chen snuggled in.  “You made me feel so good.”

They showered together, and they ate what was left of their dinner, and then they went to bed together.  They made love again.  It was a little quicker, but it still felt great, still felt romantic and dreamy.  He’d never give up crude, pornographic sex, but he hadn’t realized how intense and positive lovemaking could be.  Chen was perfect for it, so sexy and responsive.  When they spooned up together, he said, “Thanks for tonight.  I love you,” and Chen snuggled back against him and said, “Mmm, I love you, too, hyung.”

            Something was weird.  Xiumin had walked into the bathroom that morning, yawning and scratching his balls, to find Lay and Chen at the sink together, shaving and giggling and flicking foam at each other.  He’d walked into the kitchen to find them pouring cereal for each other and very solicitously handing each other spoons.  “Won’t you have some milk, sweetheart?”  “Yes, would you like some, sweetheart?”  Now they were spooned up on the couch together, watching a romantic comedy.

            Standing over the couch, he put his hands on his hips.  “Is there porn in this?”

            “No,” Lay said.  Then he blinked and looked at Chen with interest.  “Is there?”

            Chen was laughing.  “No, hyung, no.  There’s no porn.  It’s a regular movie, it’s a date movie.”

            “Date movie,” Xiumin repeated.  “You’re not on a date.”

            “Mmm.”  Lay looked thoughtful.  “It’s kind of a date.”

            “It’s a mini-date,” Chen said.

            “A couch date,” Lay decided, and Chen smiled at him over one shoulder.

            “That’s right, a couch date.”  Chen really approved of the idea.

            Xiumin wasn’t so sure.  “Are you boyfriends?  Did you start a relationship when I wasn’t looking?”

            “No,” Lay said.

            “We don’t have to be boyfriends to have a good time like this together,” Chen said.  He patted the couch.  “Watch with us.  We can all go on a couch date together.”

            Uneasy, Xiumin shook his head.  “I don’t date couches.”

            Chen laughed, and Lay frowned, confused.  “Don’t date couches?  No, hyung, we’re not dating the couch.  We’re dating each other on the couch.”

            Whatever they were up to, they stayed up to it all day.  Whenever he left his room, he found them nose-to-nose, smiling at each other.  They were having such a great time, he expected them to start painting rainbows on the walls.

            He spent most of the day in his room, watching movies by himself and texting guys.

            When he smelled food, he got up.  He expected to find them spoon-feeding each other, but they were in the kitchen, unpacking delivery boxes from his favorite chicken place.

            “Oh, you’re up!”  Chen looked happy to see him.  “We were going to bring you some.”

            “Let’s eat in the living room,” Lay said.

            “Yeah, okay,” Xiumin said.  His stomach was rumbling and his mood was better already.

            “We can watch that bank heist movie you like,” Chen said, and Xiumin grinned, liking this more and more.

            “And then we can make love,” Lay said.

            Xiumin’s laugh was brittle and short.  “We can what?”

            “Make love,” Lay repeated.  “Like last night.  It’s fun, it’s role-playing.”

            “It’s really good,” Chen said.

            Really good.  He didn’t even know what to say to that.  “You go ahead.”  Xiumin piled chicken onto a plate.  “I’ll eat in my room, but you go ahead, watch your movie.”

            “It’s your movie, hyung,” Lay reminded him.  “We can watch it together.”

            “I’ll be in my room,” he said again.  Without looking at them again, he left.

            He ate alone in his room.  In his room that was more spacious now that the third bed had been removed.  He ate all of the chicken, and once he was finished, he couldn’t recall the taste.

            Lay could be insistent, but he wasn’t confrontational, and Chen was young enough not to push an issue without back-up.  So Xiumin avoided them the rest of the night, and no one called him on it.  There were perks to being hyung.

            He woke up early.  It was eerie, how still and quiet the dorm was.  He couldn’t wait for the other members to get back, to fill up the place again.  It could be annoying, having so many people around all of the time, but he preferred that to this silence.

            Lay and Chen were in Chen’s bed, asleep.  Standing in the doorway, he watched them.  He wondered what they even knew about making love, really.  Foolish kids.  Role-playing at something so real.  They didn’t have any idea what they were doing.

            Did he have any idea what he was doing?  Had he ever?

            It was - - he didn’t have a word for it.  It was eerie, painful, awkward, unpleasant in a way he couldn’t pin down, to see Lay and Chen act like boyfriends.  To see them smile and be so happy together and be so fond of each other.  Maybe some of his wounds hadn’t healed as wholly as he’d thought.  Maybe he would’ve gotten over it, gotten used to it, in another day or so.  But making love?  That wasn’t something he could play around with.  That wasn’t something he could just turn on and turn off.  It wasn’t a fun little game to liven things up on a boring night.  He’d been in love and he’d shared that with someone and he’d given himself, opened himself up, let everything in.  He couldn’t do that with someone for fun, on a whim.  He couldn’t just let go like that again.  Not so easily.

            But he wasn’t selfish enough to think that he was the only one with wounds to heal.  And he could see why Lay and Chen might want to pull each other close and share something intimate.  It was really, really tempting to pull away and close off and hold each other at arms’ length.  It was a lot, lot more difficult to put their faith in each other and take the same risks over again and hope that it would work out this time.

            Was he going to let them recommit to each other, while he held back?  There were perks to being hyung, but weren’t there responsibilities, too?

            Chen smelled food.  He rubbed at his eyes.  Gradually coming awake, he inhaled, scrubbing his hand through his hair and then squirming out of Lay’s arms.

            “Unh?”  Lay’s arm snaked around his waist.  “Chen-ah, sweetheart,” he mumbled.  “Come back to sleep, come back to bed, hyung wants you.”

            Glancing down at Lay’s hard-on, Chen laughed.  “Later, hyung,” he promised, rubbing Lay’s chest.  “I smell eggs, let’s see if we can get breakfast first.”

            Lay’s eyes opened.  “Eggs?”

            “Eggs,” Chen confirmed in Mandarin, and suddenly Lay was more awake.

            In the kitchen, they found Xiumin making breakfast.  There were eggs and juice and cake?  “Is this cake?” Chen asked, peering at the pretty cake on the counter.  From a bakery, it had white icing and a crown of fresh berries.

            “Celebration cake,” Xiumin said.

            “What are we celebrating?” Lay asked.

            “Us.”  Xiumin pushed a plate of eggs toward Lay.  “We’re celebrating Xiumin and Lay and Chen.  And we’re going to eat this whole cake for breakfast before any of the other members come back.”

            Chen was surprised and a little confused, but it was a really sweet gesture.  “Cake for breakfast,” he said, hugging Xiumin.  “Thank you, hyung.”

            “It’s pretty,” Lay said, and piled into the hug.  “Thank you.”

            Xiumin kissed him and then kissed Lay, and then kissed him again.  “You know what else we’re going to do?”

            “What?” Chen asked.

            Keeping an arm around Chen, Xiumin ran a fingertip down Lay’s nose.  “We’re going to watch my movie.  And then you’re going to take turns on my cock.”

            “Oh.”  Chen smiled, already looking forward to it.  “Is it a long movie?”

            “If I already know what happens in the bank, can I skip the movie and just hop on your cock?” Lay asked, picking up his plate of eggs.

            “No, no skipping the movie,” Xiumin said.  “It’s part of our movie date.  Couch date.”

            “Aw.”  Chen wanted to hug Xiumin again, so he did.  “I like couch dates.”

            D.O. shuffled into the dorm.  Sehun came in behind him, dropping a suitcase.

            “Hey!  We’re back!” Baekhyun exclaimed, bustling in.

            “Honey, I’m home!” Chanyeol called.  While they jockeyed for position and tripped over each other’s shoes, D.O. got out of the way.

            “Hello!  How was it?” Lay called.

            “What’d you bring us?” Xiumin asked.

            They were in the living room.  All three of them were on the couch together in a horizontal pile.  They didn’t look interested in getting up.  “Hi,” D.O. said, and sat on the end of the sofa, by their feet.

            “Did you miss us?” Baekhyun demanded, bursting into the room.

            “Did you miss us?” Chen asked.

            Baekhyun’s smile was broad.  “Of course not!”

            Chanyeol leaned over the couch.  “Hi, hyung.”  He cupped Xiumin’s face and kissed Xiumin’s mouth.  “Hi, hyung.”  He cupped Lay’s face and kissed Lay’s mouth.  “What’s up, you.”  He cupped Chen’s face and kissed Chen’s mouth.  “How was it being alone with the hyungs for days?  Were you a good maknae?”

            “He was great,” Lay said.

            “I was great,” Chen agreed proudly.

            “Our M members.”  Suho came into the room with a smile.  “We missed you.”  Resting his hand on Lay’s shoulder, he looked them over with obvious affection.  “We have a busy week ahead of us.  Did you rest?”

            “We rested,” Chen said.

            “I feel great,” Xiumin said.  The way he smiled at Chen and Lay warmed up something pleasant in D.O.’s stomach.  “We’re ready to work, right?”

            “Right,” Chen agreed.  He looked up at Suho and smiled.  Like someone had cued them, the two of them said it together, cheerfully.  “EXO, let’s love!”

            “Oh my god, so corny,” Chanyeol said, staggering away.  But when D.O. watched Chen and Suho smile at each other, it didn’t seem corny at all.

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