Eunhyuk and Donghae

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Super Junior
Debut: 2005, SM Entertainment
Fan club: Elf
Name Real name Birth date Role
Leeteuk Park Jungsu July 1, 1983 leader
Heechul Kim Heechul July 10, 1983 variety idol
Yesung Kim Jongwoon August 24, 1984 main vocal
Kangin Kim Youngwoon January 17, 1985 variety idol
Shindong Shin Donghee September 28, 1985 main rapper
Sungmin Lee Sungmin January 1, 1986 vocal
Eunhyuk Lee Hyukjae April 4, 1986 main dancer
Zhoumi Zhou Mi April 19, 1986 Super Junior M
Donghae Lee Donghae October 15, 1986 vocal, dancer
Siwon Choi Siwon February 10, 1987 visual, actor
Ryeowook Kim Ryeowook June 21, 1987 main vocal
Kyuhyun Jo Kyuhyun February 3, 1988 main vocal
Henry Henry Lau October 11, 1989 Super Junior M
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            The music was fast, steady, the beat ticking and popping in Eunhyuk’s veins.  Alone in the practice room with Donghae, he faced the mirrored wall as he danced, watching the way their bodies moved together, hitting the same beats, the same angles.  He loved the way Donghae moved, loved the way Donghae moved with him, how easily their bodies worked together, how naturally they moved as one.

            When Donghae broke the routine and slowly began to dance towards him, Eunhyuk just kept dancing, kept watching.  Maybe it would be nothing; maybe Donghae would mess with him, tease him.  Maybe it wouldn’t just be teasing, this time.  He never knew, could never tell, and that was part of the fun of it, part of the excitement.  Never knowing how far Donghae would go, never knowing how far he’d respond, always having that hope and that uncertainty and that flirtatious little smile that Donghae was so good at, the one that made Eunhyuk blush and smile back, hopelessly, full of need and affection.

            Shit, Donghae was on him now, practically rolling right against him, and Eunhyuk turned until they were face-to-face, his hand rising to the side of Donghae’s neck, almost touching.  He loved being this close to Donghae, loved dancing with Donghae, the way Donghae’s body met his in rhythm, the way Donghae’s soft chuckle and encouraging smile made his body ache with desire.  No one else danced with him like this; no one else shared this with him like Donghae.

            Light, soft laughter.  Donghae’s forehead touched his for a second.  He looked into Donghae’s pretty eyes, let his gaze fall to Donghae’s pink lips, and then Donghae laughed at him again and ground against him, for one beat, two beats, and then Donghae danced back a step and left Eunhyuk aching, burning, wanting that friction again, wanting Donghae just that close, all of the time.

            His hands on Donghae’s waist, he dragged Donghae back in.  Another laugh, light, happy, surprised, right in his ear this time.  Donghae’s hips lined up with his perfectly, their thighs flexing against each other.  Donghae’s T-shirt was worn, simple, and Donghae’s body was warm, and Eunhyuk’s hands flexed on Donghae’s sides greedily, bringing Donghae even closer against his body, even more snugly against his dick.

            Making a sound between “mmmmm” and “rrrrr,” Donghae ran a hand down Eunhyuk’s chest, making his temperature shoot up another ten degrees.  He couldn’t take this, but Donghae was still playing with him, still teasing him with the possibility that he might, might not, might get to have this tonight.  When Donghae’s fingers twisted in his shirt, tugging him closer, he tilted his head, moving in for a kiss - - but Donghae snickered, ducking it, making him burn with lust and frustration.

            The music changed, one song kicking into another, and Eunhyuk’s hands rubbed up and down Donghae’s sides.  He loved how warm and sweaty and familiar Donghae felt, slender and sexy against his palms.  Donghae moved in for a kiss again, and he just kept grinding this time, pretended not to notice how Donghae’s eyes were closing and, mmm…  The soft press of Donghae’s lips against his made Eunhyuk groan, and his hands tightened on Donghae’s sides.  The push of Donghae’s erection was right in rhythm, right where he needed it, and he shuddered as bright, stuttering pleasure twisted through him.  Donghae was nibbling on his lower lip, pushing his pants down a little, making him feel vulnerable and exposed and incredibly fucking ready to do this.

            “Yeah,” Donghae whispered, and his hand was snaking down the front of Eunhyuk’s pants, and Eunhyuk groaned, helpless, knees buckling, heat streaking through him, and Donghae was palming him, jacking him, and it was so fast, too soon, but he couldn’t hold it back, he couldn’t begin to stop it, he just shuddered and clutched at Donghae and mewled in ecstasy and came, and came, and came.

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time