EXO and Infinite Go on MT

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            Sunggyu waved to Inspirit and climbed into the van.

            “Come on, come on, let’s go, let’s go,” Sungyeol urged, his hands balled into fists, cheering their manager on.

            “Members,” Sunggyu said, turning around in the front seat as the van pulled away from the curb.  Five of them looked at him.  He waited.  Woohyun nudged Hoya; Hoya looked up, taking his earbuds out.  “This isn’t a day to embarrass yourselves.  Infinite’s pride is on the line.  Don’t make me look bad.”

            Woohyun laughed.  Sungyeol asked, “How is this about making you look bad?”

            Hoya said, “I feel like you’re implying that we’re lousy at sex.”

            “Why are we all here?” Dongwoo asked.  “Aren’t half of you not even doing it?”

            “Wait, this is optional?” Hoya asked.  “Sunggyu hyung said to get in the van, so I got in the van.”  Leaning forward and raising his voice, he asked, “Can you drop me off?”

            “Come on, at least get a blowjob or something,” Sungyeol said.

            “We should all try it,” Woohyun said.  “Key said that some of them are pretty good.”

            “Some of them?” Sungjong asked.  “He at least meant Kai, right?”

            “We should give all of them a chance,” Dongwoo said.  “It’s good to try new things.”

            Woohyun leaned back, pulling up his shirt.  “How are my abs?”

            “Eh, not bad,” Hoya said.

            Dongwoo laughed and peeked down the front of his own pants.  “How’s my cock?”

            L leaned over and looked.  “Aw, it’s cute when it’s sleeping.”

            EXO was hosting MT in a two-story house outside of Seoul, different from the one where they’d met Teen Top.  While Sehun explored the rooms, Chanyeol set out bottles of lube.  Suho stashed his bag in the back room on the first floor, then joined Chen in scoping out the kitchen.  Xiumin and Lay made out in the living room; beside them, Kai relaxed, watching TV.

            “They should be here soon, right?” Baekhyun asked, checking D.O.’s watch.

            “They’re idols,” D.O. said.  “When’s the last time we were on time for anything?”

            “We got here early,” Baekhyun pointed out.

            “But they had a schedule this morning.”

            Baekhyun frowned, nodded to concede the point, and peeked out through the blinds.  There were too many trees; he couldn’t see down to the end of the long drive.

            “I wonder if Woohyun hyung is a good kisser,” D.O. said.

            “Probably.”  Baekhyun grinned at him, letting the blinds snap shut again.  “Are you going to kiss him?”

            “I don’t know.  I might not do anything.  Infinite’s older than Teen Top, it’s different.”

            “Hyungs aren’t scary.”

            “You have a thing for hyungs,” D.O. said.

            “They usually have more experience.  That’s sexy.  When we debuted, Xiumin hyung was so hot, and you had no idea what you were doing.”

            D.O. nodded.  “Do I know what I’m doing now?”

            Baekhyun grinned at him.  “Mostly.”

            D.O. punched him in the ribs.

            “Where else would it be?” L asked as the van drove up a hill.

            “I don’t know,” Sungyeol said impatiently, helplessly.  “Maybe someone moved it.  The cleaning woman, when she was in our room, maybe.”

            “Why would she take my mouse?” L asked.  “She shouldn’t even touch anything on my desk.”

            “I didn’t take it!  Dude, I didn’t steal your mouse,” Sungyeol insisted.  “Why would I?  Who does that?”

            “Was Changjo in your room?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Changjo?” Sungyeol repeated.

            “No.  No, maybe, why?” L asked, leaning forward from the backseat.  “You think he took it?”

            “What, he just put L’s mouse in his pocket and walked off?” Sungyeol asked.  “Why would he do that?  It isn’t even a good mouse.”

            It’s wireless,” L pointed out.

            “Yeah, but it’s not special, it’s not a gaming mouse or anything,” Sungyeol said.

            “Changjo took it,” Sunggyu said, slouched lazily in his seat, sunglasses on.  “Buy yourself a new one and forget about it.  And check his pockets next time, I told you not to trust that kid.”

            “Teen Top’s Changjo is a kleptomaniac?” Sungyeol asked, baffled.

            “Someone should tell Suho hyung,” L said.  Peering out of the window, he saw a house around the bend.  “I think we’re here.”

            “Members!” Suho called, moving into the front room.  “Kids, come on!  They’re here!”

            The EXO members gathered in the front room, Chanyeol and Sehun hurrying down from upstairs.  Xiumin climbed off of Lay, who sat up, rubbing himself through his pants.

            “I want everyone to have fun,” Suho said.  “But let’s remember that these are new friends.  You’re used to Teen Top, but it’s not good to assume that Infinite is the same.”

            Chen smiled.  “Are you trying to say something about our Teen Top sunbaes?”

            “They can be a little free-spirited,” Suho said.

            “They’re like a pack of feral dogs,” D.O. said.

            “Aw, that’s mean,” Chen said, laughing.

            “They do mount anything that moves,” Sehun said.

            “And I love that about them so much,” Lay said.

            “But we can’t assume that Infinite is as free-spirited,” Suho said.  “I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings.”

            “Okay, hyung,” Kai said.

            The doorbell rang.  “I’ll get it,” Xiumin said, hopping up.

            “He opens doors?” Chen asked.

            “Is he also going to start getting his own drinks out of the fridge?” Sehun asked.

            “Bite me,” Xiumin said.  Pulling open the door, he grinned.  “Hey, sexy.”

            Laughing, Dongwoo hugged him.  “Hey, back.”

            Behind Dongwoo, the rest of the Infinite members filed in, bowing, taking off their shoes, greeting everyone, setting their phones by the door, ruffling their hair, taking off their sunglasses.  Sunggyu walked in last, and the others shuffled aside, making room for him to pass to the front.  Suho bowed to him, and he smiled, bowing back.  “Everything’s okay?”

            “Yes,” Suho said.

            “Everybody knows the rules?” he asked, looking EXO over and then glancing back at his own members.  “Sex upstairs, relax downstairs, no phones, don’t hurt yourselves.  Lots of lube, ask for consent, all of that.”

            “I think we know how to have sex,” Sungyeol said.  Sunggyu gave him a look.  “Yes, hyung, we understand.”


            Woohyun drifted to one side, peering into the dining room.  “I thought that was this place.”

            “You’ve been here?” Xiumin asked.

            Mmm.  Nice place,” he said, drifting back.

            “With Key?” Lay asked.

            He chuckled.  “Yes, with Key.”

            “Let’s play a game,” Dongwoo said.  “An ice-breaker game, isn’t that how parties start?”

            “Which one?” Sunggyu asked.

            “What about the kiss it, spank it, come on it game?” Woohyun asked.

            “Okay, I like this game,” Baekhyun said.  “How does it go?”

            “You list everybody’s name, and you list all of the body parts,” Dongwoo said.  “I pick one of each, like, ‘Xiumin’ and ‘arm,’ and then he tells me what he wants me to do to it.  Kiss it or rub my cock on it lick it or whatever he wants.  Then it’s his turn, like that.”

            “I’ll play,” Chanyeol said, grinning.

            “Is it okay to watch and not play?” D.O. asked.

            “Sure,” Woohyun said.

            “Maknae, get some paper,” Xiumin said.

            “I think we all fit in that big room upstairs,” Woohyun said.

            “Want to go first?” Xiumin asked Dongwoo, the two of them heading up together, everyone else falling in behind.


            Sungjong put his arm around Hoya.  “Come on, hyung, play with us.”

            “Eh.”  Hoya eyed the EXO members mounting the stairs.

            “You could at least watch,” L said.  “See some new cocks.”

            Hoya glanced at Sunggyu.  “You coming?”

            “Suho hyung won’t go,” L said.  “You’re leaving Dongwoo hyung in charge?”

            “Ah,” Sunggyu said, scratching the back of his head.  “These kids,” he muttered to himself, heading for the stairs.  L smiled.  Shrugging, Hoya followed.  Happily, Sungjong went after them.

            Alone on the first floor, L and Suho gravitated toward each other.  “Hi, hyung.”

            “Hi,” Suho said.  “A game is a good idea, it’ll start things off comfortably.  Do you want something to eat?”

            “Yes,” L said immediately, and they went to the kitchen.

            Lay loved this game.

            Dongwoo took it for granted that they’d start the game naked, but Woohyun said that it was sexier if they undressed as the game progressed.  Everyone sat in a circle on the floor, close together.  Hoya and Sunggyu were side-by-side on the foot of the bed, watching and criticizing for their own amusement.  D.O. was crouched behind Kai, studying everyone’s movements and laughing and cringing.

            Dongwoo chose first, reading slips of paper from two bowls.  He selected Chen’s cheek, and kissed it.  Chen selected Sungjong’s back, and massaged it.  Sungjong chose next, and shook his head and tried to put the papers back.

            “What is it?” Sungyeol asked, taking them from Sungjong’s hand.  He laughed.  “Too bad, maknae, you have to do it.”

            “This is supposed to be a getting to know you game,” Sungjong said.  “I already know Hoya hyung!”

            “Hoya who?” Hoya asked.  “How did my name get in there?”

            “You’re here, aren’t you?” Dongwoo asked.

            “I’m not playing!”

            “You are now,” Sungyeol said.  “Hoya,” he said, holding up one slip of paper.  His smile was broad as he held up the second.  “Cock.”

            Everyone else burst into laughter, and Lay rubbed himself through his pants.  Oh, he hoped that Hoya agreed to it.

            “Eh,” Hoya said, getting to his feet.  “I guess it can’t be helped.”

            Sungyeol shoved Sungjong toward the bed.  “It’s your turn, you have to.”

            “He’s not even playing!” Sungjong complained, but he got up and went over to Hoya.    “Okay, what do you want?”

            “I’ll take suggestions,” Hoya decided.

            “Blowjob, blowjob,” Sungyeol said immediately.

            “Come on it,” Lay said.

            Ooohh, that’s good,” Dongwoo said.  “Come on it!”

            “No, suck it,” Woohyun said.

            “I wouldn’t mind seeing a blowjob,” Xiumin said.

            “This, um, escalated kind of quickly,” D.O. said.

            “It’s a sex game, let’s see some sex,” Sungyeol said.

            “Ah, a sex game,” Hoya agreed, nodding.  “It can’t be helped,” he said, pushing his pants down.  “On your knees, maknae.”

            “See, I told you we’re allowed to say that whenever we want,” Xiumin told Sehun, slapping his thigh.

            “I’m going to get you all back,” Sungjong warned, kneeling down.

            Thrilled, Lay crawled around behind the circle, wanting a better look.  Hoya pushed his underwear down and sat on the edge of the bed.  “Wow,” Lay breathed.  Hoya had gorgeous thighs, dense with muscle, and a beautiful black bush.  And that cock!

            “Easily impressed?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Ah, can you talk?” Sungyeol asked.  “Show it or shut up, that’s how it goes, hyung.”

            Sungjong wrapped his hand around it, smooth and manicured with long nails.  He started to jack it, and Hoya grunted, watching.

            Lay licked his lips, turned on.  The fact that they were willing to do this right in front of him, live, was incredibly hot.  They probably did this in private, at the dorm, all of the time, but now they were doing it for a crowd!

            “Not a handjob, maknae, a blowjob,” Sungyeol said.

            “Hyung, you should probably go and help him,” Woohyun told Dongwoo.

            “Oh, should I?” Dongwoo asked, giving Woohyun a sincere, questioning look.  Woohyun nodded at him encouragingly, and he got up, going over to Hoya.  Behind his back, Woohyun and Sungyeol exchanged incredulous looks and laughed behind their hands.

            Disbelieving, thrilled, Lay stared as Dongwoo knelt beside Sungjong.  He didn’t want to miss a thing!  The only drawback to live sex was that he couldn’t back up and replay the best moments.

            Sungjong and Dongwoo must have worked together like this before.  They leaned in together, putting an arm around each other, and Hoya slid his hand into Dongwoo’s hair.  Mmm, hello again,” Dongwoo said to Hoya’s cock, and swallowed the whole thing, right down to the base.  It was a quick, sexy move, getting right into it, no shyness, no playing around, and Lay crept closer, captivated.

            Dongwoo slid on and off a few times, spat on Hoya’s cock, and did it again, until that sexy prick was halfway hard and rising up.  Then Sungjong moved in, too, sharing the meat.  Sungjong gave pretty head, like a delicate flower boy, with sexy little licks around the base and soft, adoring kisses down the shaft.  Dongwoo was cruder, messier, making juicy, smacking, popping sounds, alternating hard sucks with wet licks, lapping up pre-cum, spitting it back out onto the head, and sucking it back off.  Sungjong was sweet and pretty, and Dongwoo was dirty and playful, and Hoya looked like the luckiest guy in the world.

            Then Dongwoo cupped Hoya’s balls in his hand, sucking them into his mouth, and Sungjong moved up the shaft to the head.  Whoa, yes, Infinite’s maknae wasn’t so dainty anymore.  With a throaty moan, Sungjong ran his tongue over the head, licking up Dongwoo’s mess, and then he starting deep-throating, sliding on and off with practiced ease, going the whole way to the base.  His hand was on Hoya’s thigh, and he sucked like he really wanted it, moaning, tilting his head from side to side.  Dongwoo had one hand on Sungjong’s ass, groping, and was sucking on Hoya’s balls, one after the other, like he couldn’t decide which was his favorite.

            “Oh, ah, ah, it’s coming,” Hoya said, shuddering like it hurt and pulling on Dongwoo’s hair.

            As if they’d done it a hundred times before, Sungjong and Dongwoo shifted, Sungjong rising right up and crawling into Hoya’s lap, kneeling over him, kissing him, their tongues snaking into each other’s mouths for the world to see.  Down below, Dongwoo said, “Yeah, Ho-baby, give me that filthy load,” and swallowed his thick, meaty rod.  Wrapping an arm around Sungjong, kissing hard, Hoya moaned.  Head bobbing fast, Dongwoo sucked hard, uninhibited and cum-hungry, pulling on Hoya’s muscular thighs like he couldn’t get that meat far enough down his throat.  “Swallow, swallow,” Sunggyu said, and Dongwoo’s cheeks hollowed, and Hoya made this hot, tense cry, a high-pitched, aching sound, and Dongwoo closed his eyes, swallowing.

            Lay slumped, breathless.  Wow.  He couldn’t believe that it was over.  He needed to find a way to rewind real life.

            Raising his head, Dongwoo licked his lips.  Flushed, grinning, he turned to face the others, bright-eyed with happiness.  “Okay?”

            “Good job, hyung,” Woohyun said, and Sungyeol gave him a thumbs up.

            “You gonna do that for me, later?” Xiumin asked.

            “Sure!” he said cheerfully, laughing, and he got up, returning to his spot in the circle.

            Relaxing, Hoya lay back, Sungjong on top of him, still kissing.

            They, wait, they weren’t finished?  They were still kissing!  And they were horizontal!  And Sungjong was making soft, pretty moaning noises!

            “Okay, whose turn?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Hoya’s, but we’ll let Dongwoo hyung choose,” Woohyun said.  “Since he helped on Sungjong’s turn.”

            Xiumin pushed the bowls toward Dongwoo, who wiped at his mouth and reached in.  They were going to keep playing?  The game would just keep moving?  But Hoya and Sungjong were still making out!  They were horizontal on the bed!  Didn’t anybody care?

            Maybe the Infinite members were so used to each other, they didn’t think anything of it.  But for Lay, this was still too new, and he wanted to see everything.  He tore his gaze away from the bed to see how the other EXO members were taking it.

            Everyone looked flushed and distracted.  Chanyeol’s ears were red, Baekhyun was squirming like he was horny, and everybody had a hard-on.  Chen’s hand was rubbing slowly but insistently over Kai’s thigh.  Sehun was watching Sungjong.

            “Park Chanyeol,” Dongwoo said, reading the slips of paper.  “Cheek.”

            “Cheek?” Chanyeol repeated.  “That’s all it says?”

            “Yep,” Sungyeol said.  “What do you want?”

            “Um.”  He blushed.  “Kiss it, I guess.”

            “We know where you’ve been, wipe your mouth,” Woohyun teased, and Dongwoo rubbed his hand over his mouth.  He crawled over and kissed Chanyeol’s cheek, and Baekhyun pushed the bowls toward Chanyeol.

            “Okay, wish me luck,” Chanyeol said, and dove in.  On the bed, Sungjong’s clothes were coming off.  Naked, he was getting naked!  Oh, he had such a soft-looking, round ass.  Glancing over, Sunggyu reached back and squeezed it, and Sungjong groaned, lifting his hips and shaking his ass, asking for more.

            “You want - - eh, we’re here, you want Kai to do it?” Sunggyu asked.

            Sehun choked.

            Mmm.”  Sungjong raised his head and shot a knowing smile over one shoulder.  “All right.”

            Hoya grabbed the lube and tossed it over Sungjong to Sunggyu, who tossed it right down to Kai.  Laughing, Kai said, “Okay,” like he hadn’t expected that but was willing to play along, and got up.

            “What’d you get?” Woohyun asked Chanyeol.

            “I,” Chanyeol said, looking from Woohyun to Kai, and from the slips in his hand to the bed.  “Are we just?”

            Kai stripped naked.  Pumping his cock with one hand, he climbed onto the bed.

            Sungyeol took the papers from Chanyeol’s hand.  “Baekhyun, hand.”

            “High-five me,” Baekhyun said, holding his hand out.  “I’m not wasting my time on you.”

            Chanyeol high-fived him.  Kai was lubing up Sungjong, his fingers sliding in and out of Sungjong’s body.  Lay got up, walking over to the bed to watch.  Sungjong and Hoya were making out, Hoya rubbing Sungjong’s ass with both hands and spreading him open so that Kai and everybody could get a good look.  So pink, and so wet, now, all slick and shiny with lube.  Kai was completely erect, that meaty rod all red and swollen, and Sungjong was moaning and shimmying and kissing Hoya fervently.

            “Woohyun hyung,” Baekhyun said.  “Yes, yes.  Ya!”  His tone went from urgent and hopeful to frustrated and fed up.  “Foot!  What the hell!”

            Woohyun laughed, leaning back on his elbows and raising his bare foot into the air.  “Smear your pre-cum on it.”

            Oh, damn, yes.  Torn, Lay looked between the bed and Woohyun.  Kai was about to fuck Sungjong, but it was so hard to get any good foot action outside of porn!

            “Smear, you mean, with my?” Baekhyun asked, stuttering.  Turning pink, he laughed.  “God, you play a get-to-know-you game with Infinite, and you really get to know somebody!”  Going up on his knees, he pushed his shorts down, looking eager but shy.  “Should I just-”

            Xiumin pushed him forward.

            “Okay!  Okay!”  He got up, pulling his cock out.  He was rock-hard, and he moaned as he took himself in hand.  Shuddering, he said, “Okay, here I go,” in an aroused, breathless voice that Lay heard every night at the dorm.  Grinning, Woohyun still had one foot in the air.  Moaning excitedly, Baekhyun rubbed his leaking cockhead against the sole of Woohyun’s foot, painting a wet stripe.

            Woohyun laughed, pulling back.  “It tickles.”

            “Oh, god,” Baekhyun said, falling back into his spot in the circle, rubbing himself.  “Oh, it’s hard.”

            “Go on, hyung, help him out,” Sungyeol said, patting Dongwoo’s back.

            “Shouldn’t Woohyun do it?” Dongwoo asked.

            “But you’re so good at it, it’ll be over nice and quick,” Sungyeol said.  “And Woohyun has to take his turn, we don’t want to hold up the game.”

            Nodding, Dongwoo crawled across the circle.  Seeing him coming, Xiumin pulled on Baekhyun’s knee, tugging his legs wider apart, exposing him more fully.

            On the bed, Kai was inside Sungjong now, thrusting, his meat plowing that hole, Sungjong’s round ass jiggling.

            On the floor, Dongwoo had Baekhyun’s erection in one hand, his head bobbing steadily.

            “Ah, ahh, oh, oh, god, I’m gonna come,” Baekhyun said, gripping Xiumin’s shoulder for support.

            “Oh, whooooo, mmmm, don’t stop,” Sungjong purred, arching his back.

            “Unh, hyung, it’s so good,” Kai moaned, dropping his head back and panting at the ceiling, slamming in harder, his hips pumping rhythmically.

            “Help, oh, god, it’s here, I’m coming,” Baekhyun cried, trembling, staring down at his crotch.

            “Swallow it,” Sunggyu said.

            Rrrrnnnnrrr, that’s so nice, faster,” Sungjong moaned, kissing Hoya’s chest.  Eyes closed, Hoya shivered and stroked Sungjong’s hair.

            “Shit, shit, yes,” Baekhyun moaned, collapsing backward.  He groaned and pawed helplessly at the air, then shivered and fell still.

            Rising up with a juicy pop, Dongwoo wiped at his mouth again.  Laughing, he crawled on top of Baekhyun, peering down.  “You okay?”

            “Oh,” Baekhyun said breathlessly.  “My ribs hurt.”

            Dongwoo laughed and kissed him.  Right on the mouth, right away, tongue pushing in without a second thought.  Making a surprised, enthusiastic sound, Baekhyun kissed back, gripping his waistband to hold him in place.  Settling in like they’d been lovers for years, Dongwoo moved sinuously against him, hips grinding, and Baekhyun moaned his deep, raw, fuck-me moan.

            Kai was still thrusting steadily, hammering deep, and he had one hand wrapped around Sungjong’s stiff, pink rod.  Hoya was kissing Sungjong’s neck and toying with his nipples, and Sungjong was crying out in bubbling, high-pitched tones.  “Ah!  Ah!  Kai, oh, oh, you’re making me come, you’re making me come!”

            “Fuck, yes,” Chanyeol moaned from the floor, watching.

            “Do it, hyung, I want you to,” Kai panted.  Sungjong threw his head back, crying out, and Kai milked the cream right out of him, spraying Hoya down.

            “Oh, oh, that’s it,” Sungjong cried.  Ooooohh, Kai, finish it, come in me.”

            Cupping Sungjong’s face in his hands, Hoya kissed him.  Kai groaned, biting his lip, and came, thrusting into Sungjong hard, giving that ass a quick, rough pounding.  Sungjong moaned blissfully, and Kai said, “Fuck, fuck, yes,” and Hoya smiled at Sungjong, caressing his cheeks and whispering, “You look so pretty when you’re being screwed.”

            With a sudden, bright laugh, Sungjong smacked Hoya’s shoulder.  He shimmied, popping right off of Kai’s dripping meat, and slid off of the bed.  “I’m going to the shower,” he announced, pulling Kai after him.  Hopping as Sungjong dragged him off of the bed, Kai followed.

            Hoya sat up, then slid slowly off of the bed and pulled his clothes back together.

            Clearing his throat, Woohyun yanked on the back of Dongwoo’s shirt.  “Come on, hyung, we’re still playing.  You’re interrupting the game.”

            “No, no, no, awwww,” Baekhyun moaned, sounding heartbroken, as Dongwoo crawled off of him.  “Oh, hyung.”

            “Whose turn is it?” Dongwoo asked, groping himself shamelessly and looking around the circle.

            “Mine,” Woohyun said.

            Baekhyun wriggled back into his pants.

            “Nope, no,” Sungyeol said, reaching over and tugging them back down.  “Once it’s out, it’s out, that’s how the game goes.”

            “But Hoya hyung,” Baekhyun said, gesturing as Hoya, fully dressed, resumed his spot at the foot of the bed beside Sunggyu.

            “Hoya’s not playing,” Sungyeol explained, like that should be obvious.

            “My turn,” Woohyun said.  Lay made his way back to his spot in the circle, not wanting to miss anything.  This game was way more busy and intense than he’d expected!  “Chanyeol.”

            “Again?” Xiumin demanded.  “Is my name even in there?”

            “I put it in,” Sehun promised.

            Woohyun checked the second paper.  “Asshole.”

            “Aw,” Chen said.  “What a waste.”

            “I don’t, um,” Chanyeol said self-consciously.  “You can touch it?”

            “Lube?” Sungyeol asked, and Sunggyu tossed it to him.

            “You won’t need lube,” Chanyeol said with a nervous laugh.

            “Come on, show it to them,” Xiumin said, nudging him.

            “I - - does everybody have to look?” he asked, clutching at his pants as he got up.

            “Yes,” Sungyeol said.

            “Aw, he’s shy,” Dongwoo said, laughing.  “Don’t be scared, everybody’s nice.”

            “I’m not shy,” Chanyeol said, blushing brightly as he lowered his pants.  “It’s just, this is awkward.  What do I, how should I, uh.”

            “Come here and bend over,” Woohyun suggested, gesturing him closer.  With another nervous laugh, he shuffled over, turning his back to Woohyun and sticking his ass out.  Smiling, Woohyun stroked his ass, thumbs separating the cleft.

            “Aw, it’s cute,” Sungyeol said, leaning in.

            Woohyun stroked it with a finger, then laughed.  “So sensitive!  Watch how it twitches.”

            “His legs are even longer than yours, Yeolie,” Dongwoo said, tilting his head to one side and examining Chanyeol’s legs, petting the back of one knee.  “I want to get all wrapped up in them.”  Then he laughed.  “Now we have two Yeolies!  Ooohh, I want to see you have sex.”

            “Are we basing our partners on whose name rhymes?” Baekhyun asked.  “Because I get Woohyun hyung.”

            Woohyun was still caressing Chanyeol, and Chanyeol was starting to breathe funny, his hands braced on his thighs, his knees wide apart.

            “Does that mean that D.O. hyung gets L hyung?” Sehun asked.

            “D.O. and L,” Dongwoo repeated.  Then he laughed.  “Oh!  Kyungsoo and Myungsoo!  That’s cute!”

            Moaning, Chanyeol squeezed his eyes shut, gripping his knees.

            “Sorry, Sunggyu hyung,” Sungyeol said.  “No Gyus here.”

            “Oh, but my real name,” Chen said.  “It’s Kim Jonggyu.”

            While everyone laughed, Chanyeol groaned.  Suddenly he wobbled and staggered, unsteady on his feet.  “Whoa, don’t fall,” Woohyun said, grabbing his hand and cupping his ass to keep him from tipping over.

            “I’m okay, I’m okay,” he panted.  “I need to come, is it okay if I come?”

            “Not on me,” Baekhyun said, scooting aside.

            “Since when?” Xiumin asked, and Chen laughed.

            “Dongwoo hyung,” Sungyeol began.

            Ya, is he your hyung or a vacuum cleaner?” Sunggyu asked.  Chanyeol’s members can do it.”

            “Here, I’ll do it,” Lay said.  Immediately, Chanyeol stumbled toward him, and he reached up, wrapping his hand around Chanyeol’s long rod.  He only had to suck for a minute before Chanyeol exploded in his mouth with a relieved groan.  It felt so good to have a hot slab of meat in his mouth again that he nursed it tenderly, making sure to catch every drop.

            “Whew, thanks, hyung.”  Chanyeol dropped down beside him, and he rubbed Chanyeol’s back.

            “Baby Yeolie’s turn,” Dongwoo said, sliding the bowls in their direction.

            “Whew,” Chanyeol said again.  He picked up two slips of paper.  Lay read over his shoulder.  “Chen - - sorry, Jonggyu,” he said, and Chen laughed.  “Arm?”

            “Ah, don’t waste my time,” Chen said.  “Here, touch it.”  Chanyeol poked it.  “Good.”  He reached into the bowls.  “Sungyeol hyung.”

            “About damned time,” Sungyeol said.

            “And, ah, leg,” he read.

            “I’ve got this,” Sungyeol said, already kicking off his pants.  “Lick it.”

            “Lick your leg?” Chen repeated.

            “Nice and slow, the whole way up, ankle to hip,” Sungyeol said, leaning back on his elbows.  “Don’t rush it, I have all night.”

            “You’re good at this game,” Sehun said.

            “He usually loses,” Woohyun said.

            “How do you lose this?” Baekhyun asked.

            “You lose when you go for the cock voluntarily,” Woohyun said.  “Dongwoo hyung always loses, too.”

            “Did I already lose?” Lay asked, surprised.

            “Yeah, but it’s okay,” Dongwoo said.  “Losing’s fun.  The more cock, the better, isn’t that how it goes?”

            “You’re so right,” Lay said.  He really felt like he and Dongwoo understood each other.

            “Chen-ah,” Sunggyu said as Chen crawled toward Sungyeol.  “Don’t let it be awkward just because it’s Sungyeol.  Pretend it’s someone you like.”

            “You aren’t playing,” Sungyeol reminded him.

            Chen cupped his hand over Sungyeol’s foot and said, “Okay, I’ll start.”  Everyone leaned in to see as he lowered his face and ran his tongue over Sungyeol’s ankle.

            Oh, he was really good at this.  Maybe Sunggyu’s advice had helped.  He licked slowly, taking his time.  His tongue went back and forth in a seductive, crisscrossing pattern as he progressed upward over Sungyeol’s shin.  Closing his eyes, visibly relaxing, he started to kiss as he went.  In between soft, appreciative licks he slowed down to dust Sungyeol’s skin with tender, loving kisses.  It was really sexy, like he was romancing Sungyeol, and the higher up Sungyeol’s long leg he traveled, the faster Lay’s heart pounded.  Passing the knee, his mouth on Sungyeol’s thigh now, he slowed down even more, like he really wanted to make it last.

            Leaning back with his weight on his hands, Sungyeol looked down at Chen, his red lips parted.  His erection poked out, creating an obvious tent in his underwear, the head clearly outlined, and the closer Chen’s face got to it, the faster Sungyeol breathed.

            Mmm.”  Humming to himself, Chen reached the top of Sungyeol’s thigh, licking at the hem of his underwear.  Then, eyes fluttering open, Chen smiled and sat up.  “Finished!”

            “Not finished!” Sungyeol insisted, laughing and grabbing at him.

            “Ah!  Hyung!”  Laughing, Chen scrambled away.  “It said ‘leg,’ and I did your leg!  It didn’t mention anything else!”

            “Shit!”  Exasperated, Sungyeol thumped Woohyun.  “You told them about losing!  He would’ve done it if you hadn’t said anything!”

            “Losing doesn’t mean anything,” Woohyun argued.  “Go ahead, it’s your turn now.”

            “I’m not taking my turn, I forfeit,” Sungyeol said.  “Baekhyun-ah, come on, let’s go in the other room.”

            “Me?” Baekhyun asked.  “For the - - yes, okay.”  Hurrying to his feet, he said, “I’ll be leaving now,” and left with Sungyeol.

            “Can we just do that?” Chen asked.

            “Sure,” Dongwoo said.  “You can go whenever you want, if someone wants to go with you.  If you don’t have a partner, you have to stay until the end.”

            “Chen-ah,” Sunggyu said.  “Let hyung know when you’re ready, and I’ll go with you.”

            “You?” Chanyeol asked, looking surprised.

            “Is it okay if I’m ready now?” Chen asked.

            “Wait, Sunggyu hyung’s not playing,” Xiumin said.  “You can’t go with him, does that count?”

            “I’m going,” Woohyun said, getting up.  He held his hand out to Chen.  “Ready?”

            “You’re kidding,” Sehun said.

            “Tell me everything,” Lay said.

            Chen looked from Woohyun to Sunggyu to Woohyun’s hand, and laughed.  “This isn’t a joke?”  Gazing up at Woohyun, he grasped Woohyun’s hand, and Woohyun hauled him to his feet.

            “Not a joke,” Woohyun promised.  Lay watched them head for the door.

            “That little shit,” Xiumin said, shaking his head.

Getting up, Sunggyu warned Dongwoo, “Don’t embarrass me.”  Then he left.

            Lay was left with Xiumin, Chanyeol, Sehun, Dongwoo, and Hoya.  And D.O.

            Ooohh, am I outnumbered?” Dongwoo asked with a delighted grin.

            Kai opened the door, naked and smiling broadly.  “Chanyeol hyung, can you come here?”

            “I - - can I go?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Sure,” Dongwoo said.

            “What about the rules?” Xiumin asked.

            “It’s just for fun,” Dongwoo said.  “Go ahead.”

            Grinning, Chanyeol said, “Thanks, hyung!” and hopped up.

            “You’re going to love this,” Kai said, grabbing his hand and pulling him away.  D.O. raised his eyebrows.

            “Who hasn’t had a turn yet?” Dongwoo asked.  “Sehun!”

            “Me, me, I haven’t had one yet,” Xiumin said.

            “Take out all of the extra names,” D.O. advised.  Lay helped them to pick out names.  “Maknae!  Why is my name in here?”

            “Oh, did I write your name, hyung?” Sehun asked innocently.  D.O. punched him hard enough to make him grunt.

            Lay found Hoya’s name, hesitated, and put it back in, just in case.

            “Mini mini Xiuminnie,” Dongwoo said, shaking the bowl.  “Go!”

            “It says ‘Dongwoo’ and ‘cock,’” Xiumin said.

            “It says ‘Sehun’ and ‘elbow,’” D.O. said, reading over his shoulder.

            “It says someone in this room is going to suck my cock, and I don’t see you volunteering,” Xiumin said.

            “You know, we don’t have to keep playing,” Sehun said.  “We could just take turns with Dongwoo hyung.  That’s okay, right?” he asked Dongwoo.

            “Oh, okay,” Dongwoo said.  “One, two, three,” he counted, gesturing at them.  “Four?” he asked D.O.

            D.O. shook his head.

            “Three.  One in back, two in front?” he suggested, starting to undress.  Lay loved him.  Did he mean one in his ass, two in his mouth?

            “Or, two in the back, one in front,” Sehun suggested, raising his eyebrows.

            “Oh, I love that,” Dongwoo said.  “But Leader Gyu said that’s a no-no.”  With a mock stern expression, he made an X with his forearms.  “On the bed or the floor?” he asked, getting up and taking off his pants and underwear.

            “Floor’s good,” Xiumin said, stripping.  “I’ll start in the front and switch.”

            D.O. sat on the bed beside Hoya.  “Hi.”

            Hoya nodded at him.

            Lay undressed quickly, along with Sehun.  When Dongwoo went down on all fours, Lay moved in behind him, definitely ready for sex.  He had a firm ass, and when Lay massaged it, he tilted his hips, arching his back.  Gripping his hair in one hand, Xiumin said, “You know I’ve wanted to do this for years.”

            “Me, too,” Dongwoo said, and swallowed his cock.

            Loving the way Xiumin groaned, Lay picked up the lube.  He drizzled it sloppily along the cleft of Dongwoo’s ass, letting it drip down messily.  Wiping his fingers in the slickness, he prodded Dongwoo’s puckered hole.

            Rising off of Xiumin’s erection with a gasp, Dongwoo said, “Yeah, get it in there,” and licked his way onto Sehun’s cock, his lips wrapping around the head.

            Lay pushed two fingers into him, then spread them apart.  He groaned around Sehun’s sloppy knob and undulated, his hips rolling fluidly.  Ooohhh, Lay loved the sexy, easy way he moved.  God, sex with dancers was the best.  “I can’t wait to unload my balls in you,” Lay confessed.

            “Yeah, I wanna be your cum dump,” Dongwoo said, and sucked Xiumin’s cock down with a thick, slurping sound.

            Lay was so turned on by that, he went in too fast and thrust in too hard.  Groaning, Dongwoo rocked back against him, switching to Sehun’s cock and licking it all over, tongue snaking up and down the shaft.  Unable to hold back, he fucked Dongwoo energetically, yanking on Dongwoo’s hips and thrusting in over and over again.  Dongwoo felt hot and slick on his cock, the lube creating an easy glide.  He was in paradise, with an enthusiastic bottom and so much more sex on the horizon, and he humped Dongwoo vigorously, thrilled by all of Xiumin’s moaning and Sehun’s groaning and Dongwoo’s happy slurping.

            “Dongwoo hyung,” Hoya said.  “How is it?”

            With a wet, messy sound, he raised his head, one hand still wrapped around Sehun’s cock.  “Good, good.  Do you think that Sunggyu hyung wants me to keep swallowing?”

            “No,” Hoya said.  “He doesn’t care.”

            “Good!”  With a lithe twist, he popped right off of Lay’s cock and rolled onto his back, gesturing the three of them closer.  Come, come on me, all over.”

            “Oh,” Lay said, and Dongwoo’s enthusiastic sexual abandon was so inspiring, he only got a few tugs on his cock before he was coming.  As pleasure flooded him and orgasm hit, he canted his hips forward, milking his cock, his cum splattering onto Dongwoo’s abs and dribbling onto Dongwoo’s black bush.

            Xiumin and Sehun were both coming on Dongwoo’s face, their cum landing in gooey strings across his cheeks.  He laughed, lifting his face for more sloppy jizz, and a few thick squirts landed in his mouth.  His back arched, his hips rising into the air and rotating, his cock bobbing and drawing circles in the air.  He gargled and spat, a wad of cum arcing upward, and then he caught it in his mouth, his teeth clicking together before he swallowed.

            “You’re crazy,” Xiumin said, tousling his hair, and he laughed.

            “You’re so much fun,” Lay said, filled with admiration, completely enthralled.

            “Not bad, hyung,” Hoya said.

            “Okay, who’s ready to sit on this?” Dongwoo asked, tapping at his own cock.  His other hand swiped at his face, and he licked sticky jizz from his fingers.  “And who wants me to rim his ass?”

            Chen hadn’t expected this.  He’d hoped to have sex with Woohyun, but he’d thought that Sunggyu wasn’t interested enough to bother.  It had never occurred to him that he’d have both of them at once.  Why him, specifically?

            While gleeful little bursts of anticipation and triumph bubbled in his chest, he followed Sunggyu into a bedroom.  When he noticed Woohyun locking the door, he laughed nervously.  “You’re afraid I’ll escape?”

            “I don’t want any foolish kids interrupting,” Sunggyu said.

            Woohyun was moving around the room, checking the blinds, turning on and off lights, comparing bottles of lube.  With a chuckle, he set one aside and decisively put the other on the bed.  Then he pulled out an mp3 player.

            While music started, a sultry ballad Chen liked but hadn’t heard in years, Sunggyu looked into his eyes, hands resting warmly on either side of his neck.  “Let’s have fun, okay?”  Sunggyu’s smile was so friendly that he smiled back, relaxing.  “If hyung does anything uncomfortable, just say it’s not right.”

            That was a nice thing to say.  The overhead light flipped off, leaving them in the soft, golden glow of two lamps on either side of the room.  Mood lighting?  Seductive music?  Wasn’t this too romantic?

            Suho was right; this was not the same as going on MT with Teen Top.

            Cupping his jaw in both hands, Sunggyu said, “Just relax and let hyungs take care of everything,” and kissed him.

            Oh.  Oh, oh.  Oooohhhmmm ooohhhrrwwwrr.”  While his knees gave out on him, Chen clutched at Sunggyu’s arms for support, catching up handfuls of Sunggyu’s shirt.  Ohh, ohhmmm, hhhhmmmmhhh.”  His whole body felt weak and aglow and full of sexual promise.  A first kiss couldn’t be this good, god.  Sunggyu’s arm locked around his waist, supporting him, tipping him back, and just when he began to feel off-balance he felt someone behind him, easing in against his back, firm and solid.  Hands slid over his waist, and he felt Woohyun kiss the side of his neck.  It felt so good, he started to melt, returning Sunggyu’s deep, slow kisses while Woohyun’s hands teased his shirt upward.

            Baekhyun was exactly what Sungyeol had hoped for.  Happy, enthusiastic, easygoing.  So sexy, and so cute, and really into him.

            He was tempted to mess around, but this was their first time together, so he went with what he’d been practicing with his own members.  Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, just straightforward sex, tried and true.  And it was fantastic.  It was super hot, and it was really fun, and before it was over, he had Baekhyun squirming and begging and calling his name.

            Shit.  He was good at this.  He’d always wanted to be, and he’d been sure that he could be if people just gave him a chance, but, damn.  This had been their first time together, and he’d lit Baekhyun up.

            Feeling pretty triumphant and pleased with himself, he tried something new.  One of Sunggyu’s moves.  Sliding his hand into Baekhyun’s hair, he kissed Baekhyun’s jaw, brushing soft, tender kisses just under Baekhyun’s chin and then leaving light, sucking kisses on Baekhyun’s neck.  He exhaled hot, moist air right against Baekhyun’s skin and whispered, “I love putting my cock in you.”

            Right on cue, Baekhyun shivered, arms wrapping around his shoulders.  “God, yes,” Baekhyun said, and kissed him.

            Oohhh,” oh, god, “ooohhh,” he was coming again, “rroooooohhm,” ecstasy was crashing through him, shaking and shattering him, “wwwhhhoo-oo-oorrr, ooohhnnn, oh.”  Gasping, Chen clung to Woohyun, heaving for breath as Woohyun brushed kisses over his cheeks and trailed more down his neck.  “Fuck, ah, fuck,” he moaned, his whole body wailing rapturously as Woohyun milked his cock.  As Sunggyu kept thrusting into him in deep, rhythmic strokes that burned all the way to his soul, Woohyun’s slippery hand rubbed over his balls and massaged his inner thighs.  Shuddering, feeling oversensitive everywhere, he buried his face against Woohyun’s neck, licking up sweat.

            “You sound so great when you come,” Woohyun murmured, nuzzling against his cheek, nipping at his jaw.  Arching, he moaned, drunk on pleasure, running his hands through Woohyun’s thick hair as Woohyun kissed his neck again.

            “You sound so musical, so sexy,” Sunggyu said, rocking into him, so deep, so right, every thrust bringing new bliss.  “You sound almost as good as you feel.”

            Mmmm, hoooohhh.”  His eyes rolling back in his head, he hugged Woohyun close, tipping his head back on Sunggyu’s shoulder.  He couldn’t even answer properly.  It was just sex, he’d done it a hundred or so times before, but it was so intense, it was so sensual, it was the intimate and erotic experience movies had always told him that it could be.  He couldn’t stop moaning and he couldn’t stop coming and he couldn’t stop the powerful waves of ecstasy that kept overtaking him, rocking him to his foundation.

            It wasn’t just the magnificent cock plowing his ass that had him intoxicated on sex.  It was everything, all of it.  They kept saying sexy, flattering things in hushed, private voices.  They kept stroking him and petting him and feeling him up like every part of his body was beautiful.  They’d kissed him tenderly all over like there was something special and desirable about being intimate with him.  They moved against him like they couldn’t get enough of him and they gazed into his eyes like they wanted to know everything about him.

            Luscious rapture swept through him with each kiss.  Ghooooah, aahhh, ooh.”  While his body rocked with the force of Sunggyu’s deep thrusts, he combed his fingers through Woohyun’s hair.  Woohyun slid down his body, kissing his chest, and when Woohyun latched onto his nipple, pleasure kicked through him, his hips jerking.  Aah, hhaah.”

            “Sexy Chen-Chen,” Sunggyu murmured, licking his earlobe.  Sunggyu’s hand slid up his torso, rubbing over his chest, pinching one nipple while Woohyun sucked on the other.  “I knew I was going to like fucking you.”

            “Ah, aahhhh, yes.”  On his feet, weaving and undulating, Sungjong put a hand out, scratching at the wall for support.  On their knees, Chanyeol was behind him, Kai in front of him, and the things they were doing to him had wicked flames licking up between his legs.  “Unh, aahhh, don’t stop, don’t stop, ah!”

            “Yeah, ummph.”  Staring up at him, Kai slid to the base of his cock.  Kai looked so happy down there, so cheerful around a mouthful of his cock, that he moaned, tilting his head back, unable to watch anymore.

Oh, it looked too good, felt too good, he’d had no idea that they’d be so good at this.  Shit, “Oohhh, yes, yes,” they knew what they were doing.  He couldn’t hold still, but he was caught between them, his hips trapped between their licking, sucking mouths.  Every time he rocked back and forth, his hips eagerly thrusting, he only moved closer to one source of pleasure or another.  Kai’s hands were on his thighs, Chanyeol’s holding him open, but he felt unstable, felt as if he’d collapse or tip over.  Ahhh, oh, I want to come, I’m going to come.”  Tilting against the wall, he shuddered as pleasure ratcheted upward.  Putting a hand down, gasping, he grabbed hold of a handful of hair, his nails catching on Chanyeol’s ear.  Chanyeol moaned, and Kai sucked harder, and Sungjong’s world exploded in a burst of light.  “Oh, ahh, ah, whhaaa!”  Pulling on Chanyeol’s hair, he came hard, staggering unsteadily as ecstasy rocketed through him.  “Ah, uh.”  Gasping, he blinked, sagging against the wall.

Kai kissed his bare thigh and smiled up at him, hands sliding over his waist.  “There you go, hyung.  I promised that you’d like it, right?”

“Shit.”  Sinking down between them, he sat in Chanyeol’s lap.  Studying Kai’s reddened lips, he shifted comfortably, enjoying the way Chanyeol hugged him.  He wondered what else these two were good at.

            On his back, Chen gazed up into Woohyun’s eyes and melted.

            Woohyun smiled at him, eyes crinkling slightly at the corners, and his heart flipped over.  “Was it fun?” Woohyun asked, smoothing his hair away from his face.

            He nodded, just breathing, absorbing everything that had just happened to him.  Then, flooded with happiness, he laughed.  “Yeah.  Thank you.”

            “Thank you,” Woohyun said with a wink.

            Sunggyu leaned over Woohyun’s shoulder and kissed him, a too-fleeting press of lips.  Not satisfied with that, he tugged Sunggyu down for more, and Sunggyu kissed him until he was breathing raggedly and his toes were curling.  Then Sunggyu kissed Woohyun and climbed off of the bed, stretching.

There were red scratches on Sunggyu’s back and thighs, and there were dark, bruised suck marks on his chest and pelvis.  Some of that was from Chen, but some of it had been there already.  Chen wondered which of his members had done that to him.  He didn’t seem at all self-conscious about it.

“Going to shower?” Woohyun asked, stroking Chen’s chest and glancing back at Sunggyu.  “Want me to wash your back?”

“No, stay with Chen-Chen.”  Sunggyu yawned, scratching his pubes.  Gah, I need a nap.”

“So lazy,” Woohyun whispered to Chen, eyes sparkling with conspiratorial fun.

Sunggyu kicked Woohyun’s thigh, connecting solidly enough to startle him into laughing and tipping onto his side.  “A man who’s worked hard deserves rest.  I put in earnest effort here.”

“Yes, you did,” Chen agreed, smiling at the vivid, provocative memories.  “Thank you for that.”

            Baekhyun had learned from his orgies with Teen Top that showers weren’t just a good way to clean up in between rounds.  They also gave his body a break.  It was tempting to go nonstop, but he knew that he needed to pace himself.

            He was drying off when Sungyeol came in and kissed him.  Infinite kissed a lot more than Teen Top did.  More than his own members did, too, actually.  He liked it.  “I’m going to see if the other members want to switch.  Anybody specific you want?”

            “Uh, Woohyun hyung?  Or anybody, I’m not picky, I want to try everyone anyway.”

            Sungyeol nodded and kissed him again.  “Okay, I’ll check.”

            Alone, he finished drying off.  He studied his reflection in the mirror; Sungyeol had left a light love bite on his shoulder.  He smiled, running his fingers over it.  Suho was going to hate it; he’d better remember to cover it up.

            “Hello?” Woohyun called.  “Any pretty bottoms in here looking for a good time?”

            Grinning, he peeked out of the bathroom.  “Me?”

            Laughing, Woohyun knelt on the bed.  C’mere, let hyung take care of you.”

            Ah, he loved hyungs!  In his towel, he went over, climbing onto the bed.  Woohyun ran both hands over his hips, drawing him close, and kissed him.  It was a great kiss, seductive, slow, gradually getting deeper, the intensity building, his temperature rising.  Moaning, he ran his hands over Woohyun’s shoulders, over Woohyun’s ass and thighs.  God, this hyung had a fantastic body.

            Mmm, so many pretty flowers in EXO,” Woohyun murmured, breaking away from his mouth and gazing into his eyes.  Woohyun’s smile was intimate and appreciative and a little bit wicked, and it made him smile back, it made anticipation tingle through him.  “I’m going to take my time enjoying you,” Woohyun said, and kissed him, and then he was sinking back against the pillows like he was in a movie, and Woohyun was on top of him, kissing him slowly, and he felt like he was being seduced, and he loved it.

            Suho really enjoyed this time to sit and talk with L.  When L relaxed, he was so comfortable and cute that it felt good just to be around him.  They ate at the kitchen table, and everything felt so natural between them, Suho forgot to be tense about what was happening upstairs and just talked to him.

            They’d finished up a surprising amount of the food when Sunggyu came in and ruffled L’s hair.  Getting up, Suho asked, “Have you eaten?”

            “In a minute,” Sunggyu said, as L shook his hair back into place.  “Can we talk in private?”

            Surprised, Suho nodded.  “Yes, okay.  We’ll be back, you can eat anything else you’d like, and there are videogames in the front room,” he told L.

            L smiled at him.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            Personally, he’d rather stay with L than go talk with Sunggyu, but if something was wrong and Sunggyu needed to speak with him in private, then he wanted to know what was going on so that he could handle it.  He led Sunggyu to the back bedroom where he’d left his bag.  Assuming that Sunggyu would take the chair, he sat on the foot of the bed.

            Sunggyu closed the door and sat beside him on the bed.

They weren’t usually this close to each other.  In the silence, his clean, bare face interested Suho.  So this was what he looked like without make-up.  Hmm.  He was handsome.  More handsome than Suho had expected.  He had nice, pink lips and a cute nose.  An oval face with soft, smooth cheeks.  His eyes-

            “What?”  Frowning, Sunggyu leaned away from him, looking comically suspicious.  “What are you staring at?”

            “Nothing,” Suho said quickly, smiling.  “It’s nothing, hyung.”

            A long, suspicious look, and then Sunggyu relaxed.  “Okay.”  He rubbed his nose.  “This is going to seem like a personal talk, but it’s not.  It’s a leader talk.  One leader to another.  About what you can do to help EXO.”

            Oh, that?  Suho didn’t exactly look forward to someone telling him what he was doing wrong, but, “If you have advice, I’ll be glad to hear it.  You’ve been a very good leader to Infinite for a long time.”

            Sunggyu shifted on the foot of the bed, turning to face him more completely.  He did the same.  “You won’t want to hear this,” Sunggyu said frankly.  “But listen.  It’s important.”

            “The least I can do is hear what you have to say.”  Idols tended to be cast according to certain criteria, and Suho hadn’t spent time with many idols with such tight eyes.  With his expression so relaxed, and behind the shield of his long lashes, the whites on the outside corners of his eyes were barely visible, even this close.

            And then he scowled, and his eyes disappeared entirely.  “What are you staring at?!”

            “Nothing,” Suho said.  He was so tickled that he was laughing; he couldn’t help it.  “Nothing, I promise.  Please, give me advice.”

            “If you can’t take this seriously, I won’t say anything,” Sunggyu complained with comic sullenness.

            “I’m sorry, hyung.”  Suho smiled, doing his best to seem cordial.  “What’s your advice?”

            “It’s important for members to be close.  You know that, right?”

            “Yes, of course.  It’s very important.  I’m happy with how close to each other my members are.”

            “Members take a lot of cues from their leader.  The leader sets the tone.  You know that, too?”

            “Yes.  I do my best to set an example for my members.  I want them to be able to follow me confidently.”

            “Having sex together is a good way for members to be close.  It’s important for intimacy and bonding and being comfortable.”

            Suho nodded.  He definitely agreed.  He thought that their sexual activity helped his members to feel close to each other.

            “But sometimes sex is just sex,” Sunggyu said.  “The mechanics of it, you can take your clothes off and hop around on top of anybody and call it sex.  That’s why there are so many terms for it.  Fucking, screwing, and all of that.  And then there are things like making love.  Because when you think about it, banging somebody and making love to him aren’t always the same.”

            Suho was a little on edge now, but he wanted to hear more.  “I understand.”

            “I make love to my members.  It’s not just getting off.  They feel connected to someone and loved by someone.  They feel like I care about them.  They have a lot of stress, there’s a lot of pressure, they’re far from their families, they need to feel loved and comforted.  You feel different on the inside when someone’s held you and made love to you and given you that experience.”

            Suho didn’t like this conversation anymore.  He didn’t want to hear this.  What could he do?  Should he end it and walk away?  Should he suffer through it and pretend to listen?  He’d be a good hoobae, and he’d pretend to accept what Sunggyu had to say, and it was none of Sunggyu’s business whether he really took the advice or not.  “Okay.”  If he didn’t put up any resistance, Sunggyu would finish and leave.

            “Making love makes a difference.  It’s important.  My members are glad for it.  Your members aren’t close enough.  They don’t have what they need.  Chen doesn’t just need someone poking at his ass, he needs someone to cuddle him and kiss him like they care and take care of him.  It’ll be good for all of your members.”

            “I think I understand.”

            “I don’t know why you aren’t giving your members what they need.  I don’t know what you’re hiding from.  Maybe you have serious problems you can’t get over.  But if you can make love to your members, then you should.  You’re the leader, you have to set the tone.  It’s your responsibility to give them what they need.  Are you a leader who lets his members go hungry?  Are you a leader who never lets his members sleep?  Do you want them to be close to each other and to you?  Do you want them to feel like someone loves and cares about them?  Family loves and cares, but family can be far away.  Fans love and care, but fans see you onstage, in make-up, talking from a script.  Your leader knows you, he’s seen you at your worst in every way, and if he still loves you and gives himself to you and wants to make you feel that good, you don’t feel alone or unsure anymore.  We work so hard, it’s easy for the stress to get to us.  When you’re tired and sick and overworked, you can feel uncertain about everything.  The leader should be an anchor and a guide.”

            “You’re saying.”  Suho had to put it plainly.  “You think that it’s a leader’s responsibility to make love to his members.”

            “Yes.”  Sunggyu looked him right in the eye, unblinking.  “It’s a leader’s responsibility to make love to his members.  And you’re failing your team.”

            Suho told himself to let it go, to play along, but at that, he bristled.  “I’m not the best leader, but I work hard for my members.  You don’t know us well enough to make an accusation like that.”

            “Then you’ll give it a shot.  You agree with me on all of the reasons it’s important, don’t you?  Then you’ll try it and see if it makes a difference.”

            Tense, angry, Suho tried to keep his voice level.  “I wanted our teams to become close, but I didn’t ask you to analyze our private lives.  The dynamic between my members and what they do with each other is none of your business.  I hope that you’ll understand that I’m not comfortable talking about this with you.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “Has anyone ever made love to you?”

            Who did this hyung think that he was?  “Again, I’m sorry, but that’s none of your business.”

            “Have you ever had a night with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or a time when you felt really close to one of the members, and you just,” Sunggyu pressed his palms together, “bonded?  Connected with each other and became really intimate and didn’t hold back?”

            “I’m not-”

            “Have you ever looked into Chen’s eyes and told him that you love him and let him know that you’d do anything for him?  Have you ever promised Sehun that you’d be there for him and give him what he needs no matter what?”

            “What I say to my members is none of your business.  I don’t want to be rude, and I’m sorry if I seem ungrateful for your advice, but this is very private.”  Resolutely, Suho got to his feet.  “I’ll go and check on my members now.”

            “You’re not disgusted.”  Standing, Sunggyu faced him.  “You’re not confused, either.  You’re afraid.”

            “You don’t frighten me,” Suho said firmly.

            Sunggyu snorted.  “Not me.  You’re afraid of yourself.  You’re afraid of sex.  I don’t know why, I don’t know what that’s about, but if you want to talk about it, I can try to help you.  You’re no good to your members like this, you’ll never be able to take care of them if you’re so nervous.  But talk to my members, talk to Chen.  There are ways to make EXO a stronger team, and it’s your responsibility to lead them there.”

            Suho was finished with this conversation.  “Thank you,” he said formally, and he left the room.

            D.O. and Hoya stayed on the foot of the bed, out of the way.  The four guys on the floor were like a little spinning circus of raunchiness and cum.  D.O. was curious about what Kai was up to, but he kind of didn’t want to leave this room yet.  Dongwoo fascinated him.  Suho had just described Teen Top as free-spirited, but that didn’t seem right.  Dongwoo was free-spirited.  Dongwoo was natural, and carefree, and wholeheartedly in the moment.  D.O. had seen some uninhibited sex before, but Dongwoo didn’t seem to know what inhibitions were.

            D.O.’s attention was on Dongwoo, because Dongwoo was new to him; he’d seen Xiumin, Lay, and Sehun plenty of times before.  He was interested in how they reacted to Dongwoo - - Xiumin seemed happy to have a friend to play with, and Lay seemed kind of in love, and Sehun kept looking for boundaries to push - - but mainly, he wanted to see more of Dongwoo.  But Hoya’s attention seemed to be on Dongwoo, too.  Hoya smiled sometimes, and cringed sometimes, but always in reaction to Dongwoo, and when he spoke up to tease, he only talked to Dongwoo.  D.O. wondered why he wasn’t more curious about EXO.

            Hooouunnh.”  Smiling loopily, Baekhyun staggered into the room.  He leaned against the doorframe, holding on with both hands, and laughed at nothing.  His underwear was on inside-out and backwards, which was just weird.  “Members.  Members.”  He laughed again.  “Oh my god.”

            “Baekhyun-ah,” Chen said, grabbing at his shoulder and holding onto him.  With a “whoop!” he overbalanced, and they both landed on the floor.  Laughing hysterically, they pawed at each other, crawling over each other.

            “Why didn’t you warn me?” Baekhyun asked, clutching at Chen.

            “You, you!” Chen exclaimed, and collapsed against him, laughing.  “Baekhyun-ah.  Baekhyun-ah.”  Catching his breath, he smiled at Baekhyun.  “It was so good.”

            “Good!” Baekhyun exclaimed.  “What kind of word is that?  It was better than good!”  He grabbed at Chen’s arm, staring into Chen’s eyes.  “Did Woohyun hyung put you on top?”

            “No!  On top?”

            “Oh, god, I was all over the bed,” Baekhyun said.  “I think I was upside down for a while.”

            “Liar,” Chen said, getting up.  “Oh, my legs.”  He staggered toward the bed, Baekhyun following unsteadily, and they landed face-down.  “I need a nap.  I need food.”

            “Food’s too far away,” Baekhyun said.

            Woohyun and Sungyeol walked in.  Rubbing his hands together, Sungyeol smiled widely.  “Who’s next?  Lay!  Are you busy?”

            “I.  Can I come back to you later?” Lay asked Dongwoo.

            “I’ll be here all night!” Dongwoo said.

            Lay nodded at him, then got up.  “Should I shower?” he asked Sungyeol.

            “Sure,” Sungyeol said, putting an arm around him.

            While they left, Woohyun smiled at Xiumin.  “Xiumin hyung.  Do you want to play?”

            “He won’t do any kinky stuff.”  Baekhyun’s voice was muffled by the mattress.  “I asked.”

            “Why would you ask?” Chen asked, laughing, pushing up onto his elbows.

            “I wanted him to spank me!”

            “Why are you so embarrassing?” Chen asked, poking him.

            “I’ll spank you,” Dongwoo said.

            Baekhyun’s head popped up.  “Really?” he asked breathlessly.

            Woohyun shook his head like he thought they were cute.  D.O. found it really hard not to make assumptions about his relationship with Key.

            “I’ll catch up with you in a minute,” Xiumin told Woohyun.  “I want to see this.”

            “Do you want to spank me?” Dongwoo asked Xiumin.

            Xiumin grabbed his shoulders and stared into his face.  He laughed, and Xiumin gave him a little shake.  “Jang Dongwoo!  Do you mean I could have been spanking your sexy ass all of this time?”

            He hugged Xiumin, still laughing.  “We can be spanking friends.”

            “Don’t start without your spanking dongsaeng,” Baekhyun said, falling off of the bed.

            “I’ll see if Kai’s around,” Woohyun said, walking away.

            Sehun opened his mouth, looking after Woohyun, but Hoya shook his head.  “Don’t bother, he won’t do it.”

            “Won’t do what?” D.O. asked.

            “Your maknae,” Hoya said.  “He’s not sure what’s up with him.”

            “What - - nothing’s up with me,” Sehun said.

            Hoya shrugged.  “Tell him, then.”

            “There’s nothing going on with our maknae,” Baekhyun said, crawling toward Dongwoo and Xiumin on his hands and knees.  “He’s totally normal.  Perfectly sexually normal.”

            “Maybe stop talking,” D.O. advised.

            “I can’t think straight,” Baekhyun said.

            Wrapping an arm around Baekhyun’s waist, Dongwoo pulled Baekhyun facedown over his lap.  When he peeled down Baekhyun’s underwear, he laughed.  “Have you been a naughty, naughty boy?”

            “Yes,” Baekhyun said, squirming happily.  “Yes, hyung, I’ve been so bad.”

            “Look at your sexy ass!  I didn’t know you were so cute,” Dongwoo said, groping him.  He wiggled, shaking his ass, his underwear around his thighs.  “Have you been very, very bad, or just a little mischievous?”

            “So, so bad,” Baekhyun promised.

            Sungjong walked in and barely seemed to notice Dongwoo or Baekhyun.  “Hoya hyung, having fun?”  Chanyeol was right behind him with a giddy, wide-eyed expression, looking really, really goofy and happy.

            “Not bad,” Hoya said, tucking his hands under his thighs, his gaze running over Chanyeol.  “Good time so far?”

            Mmm, it’s been fun,” Sungjong said.  “Who should I try next?” he asked Chanyeol.

            “Um, Xiumin hyung?” Chanyeol suggested.  “Or Sehun.”

Dongwoo was squeezing Baekhyun’s ass, pinching and slapping at his thighs, playing with him, and he was twisting around on Dongwoo’s lap, making breathy little sounds, his cock hard.  “Such a pretty baby.”  Dongwoo nipped at Baekhyun’s bare ass, then laughed when Baekhyun yelped.  “A sensitive baby!”

            “Which one does it more like Kai?” Sungjong asked, looking them over.

            “Sehun, I guess.”

            With a smile, Sungjong held out his hand.  “I’ll take Sehun-ah.”

            “Okay, hyung,” Sehun said, getting up with a grin.

            “Is this the holding pen?” Xiumin asked as Sungjong and Sehun left.  “This is where they keep the hoobaes, and they just go back and forth, selecting one at a time?”

            “Apparently,” Chen said.

            “I should’ve gone with Woohyun,” Xiumin said.  He eyed Hoya, and then he smiled, one eyebrow going up.

            “Think I’ll see what’s happening downstairs,” Hoya said, slipping off of the bed.

            “Uh, um, I don’t, I don’t normally do this,” Sungyeol said, on his stomach, clutching at the pillow.

            Lay was having the time of his life.  He loved eating guys out, but usually he could only do it for so long before they wanted him to escalate to the next step.  With Sungyeol, it seemed like it could last forever.  Sungyeol’s muscles were so tense, so tight, no matter what he tried, that sexy ass locked up like a vault.  Some of the EXO members were tighter than others, but he’d never met someone who had this much trouble relaxing.

            But there was no doubt that Sungyeol liked Lay’s mouth.  He was moaning a lot, and he kept shifting positions, spreading his legs, wiggling his hips, drawing a knee up.  And he panted things like, “Yeah, yeah, like that,” in a shaky, breathless voice.

            So sexy.  Lay nuzzled Sungyeol’s balls, then ran his tongue up in a slow, wet stripe, ending at Sungyeol’s asshole and giving it a kiss.

            Breaking their kiss, Sungjong leaned back on the couch.  Dragging his fingers across Sehun’s collarbone, he studied Sehun’s face.  He licked his lips, speculating.  “I’ve never had sex with a male dongsaeng.”

            Sehun laughed.  “What about Kai?”

            Mmm.”  He toyed with Sehun’s nipple, flicking it, plucking at it.  “Kai’s different.”

            “He - - ow.”

            He laughed, kissing Sehun again.  “Are you sensitive?”

            “Your nails are really sharp.”  They kissed, and Sehun asked, “You really like Kai, don’t you?”

            “He’s interesting.”  Smiling, he pushed down on Sehun’s shoulder.  “Get down on the floor and play with my cock.”  This was terrific; he loved being able to issue direct, sexual commands.  “You can kiss and lick it, but don’t suck it, I don’t want to come yet.”

            Sehun hesitated.

            He didn’t feel like coaxing, so he didn’t.  He just waited.  If Sehun decided to be stubborn about it, he’d just go find someone else.  It would be a shame, though.  Sehun was very good-looking and, after handling all of those hyungs in EXO, probably knew a few things.  And it would be nice to have a handsome dongsaeng to give him what he wanted.  Liking the idea, he caressed Sehun’s chest.

            “Okay, hyung,” Sehun said, sliding off of the couch.

            While Sehun knelt in front of him, he lifted one leg, swinging it over the armrest.  Settling in comfortably, he smiled as Sehun’s hands rubbed over his thighs.  “You look so pretty down there.”

            Sehun smiled at him.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            He laughed; he knew that smile and that tone.  He’d been where Sehun was, countless times before.  It was the maknae’s life.  Sex was on offer, so of course Sehun was going to play along, to get laid, to get off, but it was annoying to have to cater to a hyung’s whims and feed a hyung’s ego to get there.

            Yes, Sungjong had definitely been there.  But he’d never been up here, and it felt fantastic.  As Sehun fondled his cock, he smiled, running his hand through Sehun’s hair.  “Isn’t this fun?”

            “Oh, yes, lots of fun.”

            Squeezing the back of Sehun’s neck, he leaned in, smiling.  “That wasn’t sarcasm, was it?”

            “Ah!”  Sehun winced as Sungjong’s nails dug into his skin.  “No, no, hyung, not sarcasm.”

            Right.  He kissed Sehun again.  “Your hyungs spoil you, don’t they?”

            “No.  They’re awful.”

            Mm-hmm.  “You think you’re a top, don’t you?”

            Sehun’s eyebrows did a weird thing, and then he grinned, and then he coughed, cleared his throat, and tried to look normal.  “I can be flexible.”

            “Well, here.  I’ll spoil you, too,” Sungjong said, kissing him again.  “You’re handsome, and I want you to screw me.  So play nice and kiss my cock and get me nice and turned on, and we can have sex, okay?”

            Sehun smiled at him.  “Yes, hyung.”

            “You’d like that?” he murmured, dropping another kiss on Sehun’s pink lips.

            Sehun’s smile widened.  “Yes, hyung.”

            “Good.”  He flopped back, curling his arms overhead.  “So turn me on.”

            Hoya had intended to wander downstairs, but on the landing, he realized that he was surrounded by half-open doors.  It wouldn’t hurt to look.  If they didn’t want to be interrupted, they would’ve done a better job of closing the doors.

            He peered into the first room.  Woohyun and Kai.  Woohyun was giving it to Kai from behind, thrusting in steadily and caressing his body and whispering in his ear.  Kai was rocking against Woohyun like he needed it and making that ecstatic “unh, yeah, do it” face he always made onstage, his eyes scrunched up and his mouth open.  Woohyun shifted over him, thrusting deeper, hand running up his neck and tipping his chin up, and he tilted his head back, groaning like he’d never had it so good.

            He had a good-looking cock, nice-sized, well-shaped, and if Sungjong could be trusted, he knew what he was doing with it.  Fantastic hip movement, good muscle control, and he looked strong enough to be kind of forceful.  Hoya decided to give him a seven out of ten.

            Second room: Sungjong and Sehun.  Sehun was seated against the headboard, and Sungjong was on his lap, sliding up and down on his cock.  He had Sungjong’s soft, round ass cupped in his hands and was kissing Sungjong’s neck, and Sungjong was moaning, eyes closed, hips moving slowly.

            While Hoya watched, Sungjong tossed his head and bucked a little.  It wasn’t his bored, impatient hair shake, it was his turned-on move, the one that meant that pleasure was hitting him just right and he thought this might make him come.  Ooohh, Sehun got at least a six for that.

            “Yeah, hyung, mmm, it’s so good,” Sehun moaned, his hands stroking up Sungjong’s sides.  Sungjong moaned and picked up speed, hips rolling faster.

            Hoya raised his eyebrows.  Either that was coincidental timing, or Sehun actually knew how to read a partner’s cues and respond.  Taking into account the good look Hoya had gotten at his cock earlier that night, he might get a seven, too.

            On to the third room!  Sungyeol and Lay.  Pressing his lips together, Hoya tried not to laugh.  Sungyeol was spread out face-down on the bed, moaning, and Lay was face-down in Sungyeol’s ass.  Strolling in, Hoya watched for a moment in interested silence.  Lay’s tongue snaked all over Sungyeol’s asshole, licking and probing, and Sungyeol was panting and making eager, frustrated movements, hips hitching.

            Amused, Hoya decided to take pity on them.  He sat at the head of the bed.  “How’s it going?”

            “Hoya.”  Sungyeol raised his face, looking surprised and guilty, his cheeks flushed with arousal.  “It’s not what it looks like.”

            “Right, of course not.”

            Looking up, Lay wiped his mouth.  “Can you help?  He’s so tight.”

            “No,” Sungyeol said hastily.  “Hoya’s leaving.”

            He clapped Sungyeol on the shoulder and got up.  “I’ll give you a hand,” he told Lay.  “Be right back.”

            “You don’t have to, it’s okay,” Sungyeol said as Hoya headed for the door.  Then, desperately, “Don’t get Sunggyu hyung!”

            Going downstairs, Hoya calculated.  Sungyeol had made it through how many members of EXO before bottoming?  Baekhyun, Chen, then Lay?

            He danced over to the kitchen.  Suho and L were there.  Just to check, he asked, “Where’s that old man?”

            “Sleeping.”  L smiled.  “You stayed upstairs longer than I thought.”

            “Have you eaten?” Suho asked.

            “Thanks, I just need to get something.”  Opening the fridge, he found beer.  He grabbed a can, then reconsidered and picked up a second.  He was tempted to get a third.  He was about to ask about the house’s lube options, but L wouldn’t know, and that wasn’t the kind of thing he could ask Suho.

            As he closed the fridge, L took a look at the beer and grinned.  “Drinking already?”

            “Ah, I don’t usually act like this,” he said, and L burst into laughter.

            Upstairs, he found what he needed.  One bottle of numbing lube, one bottle of extra-slick.  No massage oil, but there was some expensive-looking perfumed lotion in one of the bathrooms, so he tucked that bottle under one arm.

            Back in Sungyeol’s room, he set the lubes and lotion on the bed, set one can of beer on the nightstand, and cracked open the second.

            “I don’t,” Sungyeol started to say, pushing himself up.  Then he cast a glance back at Lay, glared at Hoya with naked hostility, and seized the beer can.  Still looking stubborn and annoyed, he drank.

            “Drink up,” Hoya said, tapping the base of the can upward.  Sungyeol choked, sputtered, and hit him.  Laughing, he danced out of range.

            “Oh, this stuff,” Lay said, inspecting the bottles on the bed.

            “I’ll get him relaxed on this end if you distract him on that end,” Hoya said.  “Kiss him, let him blow you, and get him to finish his beer.”

            “Ah, sure,” Lay said, crawling up the bed.

            “You’re so annoying,” Sungyeol told Hoya.

            “But I’m less annoying than the old men,” Hoya said.  He handed Sungyeol a pillow and knelt on the bed.

            Sungyeol finished his first beer, then tucked the folded pillow under his hips.  Hoya pushed at his thigh until he rolled into position, ass up.  Lay handed him the second can of beer.

            Hoya poured the lotion into one palm, then rubbed his hands together.  He started on Sungyeol’s back, and since he didn’t want this to take all day, he massaged hard, digging in.  Sungyeol groaned and cursed at him and finished drinking.

            Lay stretched out beside Sungyeol, caressing his arm.  “How often do you do this?”

            “Not often.”

            “All of the time,” Hoya said.

            “You’re so good-looking,” Lay said.  “Want to make out?”

            “Yeah,” Sungyeol said, and kissed him.

            Good, that would help.  Still massaging, moving down Sungyeol’s long back, Hoya watched them.  Sungyeol was kind of devouring Lay’s mouth, and Lay kept squirming closer, making encouraging, aroused sounds.  Lay was really pretty and seemed to find a lot of happiness in sex, so he’d probably get along great with the rest of Infinite.  He had smooth, soft-looking skin and a sturdy build.  With Dongwoo, he’d come a little too fast for Hoya’s taste, but he definitely knew how to move.  Hoya didn’t want to go around handing out seven points to everyone, but he’d been willing to rim Sungyeol on their first time together.  And that hadn’t been a perfunctory job, either, he’d really settled in there.  All right, seven points for everybody.

            Hoya massaged Sungyeol’s ass for a moment, then went down to Sungyeol’s thighs.  Sungyeol was toying with Lay’s nipple, thumb flicking over it.  The two of them were being not at all shy about sucking each other’s tonsils out.  Hoya glanced down at his own hard-on, decided to ignore it, and massaged up Sungyeol’s thighs.  His hands rubbed back up to Sungyeol’s ass, going in steady, circular motions.  He massaged the left cheek, then the right, then the left again, then back to the right, and then both together.  Really, when he’d met Sungyeol, he’d never expected to be this familiar with the intimate details of Sungyeol’s naked ass.  Not how pale it was, not how baby-soft Sungyeol’s skin was, not how taut it was, not the exact carnation pink shade of Sungyeol’s puckered asshole, not the asymmetrical hang of Sungyeol’s hairy balls.  Yet here he was.  Being an idol was different from what he’d expected.

            As he massaged, he gradually paid more attention to Sungyeol’s asshole, letting his touch drift over it a few times.  At first, at the slightest touch, Sungyeol’s whole body tensed up, but he kept at it, letting Sungyeol get used to it, not escalating, just brushing over it from time to time.  When Sungyeol stopped locking up entirely, stopped jumping like Hoya had jabbed him with a hot poker, Hoya caressed there more directly, paying his asshole more and more attention.  No penetration, nothing invasive, just some caressing, some massaging, a little pressure.

            Gradually, Sungyeol relaxed into it.  Stopped responding entirely, focused instead on kissing Lay and seeing how far down Lay’s throat his tongue would go.  And then started moaning, making aroused sounds, pulling on Lay’s hips and arching his back, moving against Hoya’s hand like he wanted more.

            Ah, that was it.  That was the signal Hoya had been waiting for.  He supposed that he could get Lay to do this next part, but someone new might throw Sungyeol off; at least he knew what he was doing.  Licking his lips, he leaned in, massaging Sungyeol’s thighs wider apart.

            He licked gently at first.  Sungyeol gave him a couple of uncertain squirms, and then he heard a “wait, keep going, that feels good” kind of moan, and then he got an aroused wriggle, Sungyeol’s hips hitching backward, Sungyeol’s skin soft against his face.  He grinned and got more assertive, sucking and penetrating with his tongue, fucking Sungyeol wetly.

            “Oh, that’s so sexy,” Lay moaned.  “That’s so hot, I want to slide my rod right in there, I want to rub my knob around in between your hot ass and his mouth.”

            “Yeah, yeah, okay, I want to feel it,” Sungyeol said breathlessly, grinding his ass back against Hoya’s face.  “Damn, I’m so hard.”

            Hoya hadn’t intended to have sex with Lay tonight, but he was really turned on, and the idea of Lay’s cock in his mouth sounded fantastic.  Grabbing the lube, he squirted some into Sungyeol’s crack, rubbing it in, slicking up Sungyeol’s skin.

            “That looks so hot, I can’t wait to get in there,” Lay moaned.  “Here, here, let’s do it like this.”  He rolled Sungyeol onto one side, back against him, and guided Sungyeol’s leg up, holding it out of the way.

Exposed, Sungyeol groaned, rubbing at his own cock.  He was flushed red the whole way down his chest, and when Lay rocked against him, erection nudging his ass and sliding against his slippery skin, he wrapped his arm around his thigh, holding himself open, grimacing.  “Fuck, yes, get in there.”

“Not yet, don’t rush it,” Hoya said.  While the two of them moaned and humped against each other, he stretched out upside-down on the bed.  Finding himself in the sixty-nine position, he gave Sungyeol’s cock a few licks on the way by, and Sungyeol groaned, trying to shove into his mouth.  After a little sucking, he reminded himself that he had another cock to get to.  Cupping Sungyeol’s balls out of his way, he licked back toward Sungyeol’s asshole.

Everything was hot and slippery, balls in his face.  Realizing that he could be at a better angle, he rolled over, scooting around until his body was up against Lay’s back.  Coming in from behind Lay, he shoved Lay’s thigh out of his way and aimed for that cock.

Oooohhh, sandwich me, yes,” Lay moaned, rocking.  “Lick my hot sausage, lick it.”

Curling around them, his face in between their widespread legs, Hoya got his mouth on Lay’s erection.  He’d been watching everyone have sex all night, and it was about time he got some good cock.  Groaning, he licked at Lay’s erection.  Lay kept moving, cock sliding against Sungyeol’s slick ass, and he ran his tongue over every inch that he could, hungrily trying to capture it.

“Oh, are we fucking Yeolie?” Dongwoo’s voice asked.

“Yes, yes, get him in me,” Sungyeol panted, reaching back and grasping Lay’s cock.

Raising his head, Hoya saw Dongwoo and Chanyeol.  “Hyung, can you finish prepping Sungyeol?” he asked, rolling off of the bed.

“Sure!  Here, Yeolie, let me see,” Dongwoo said, climbing onto the bed.  Ooohh, all wet, let me feel.”

“You mind?” Hoya asked, kneeling down in front of Chanyeol.

“Oh!  Go ahead, hyung, please, yes,” Chanyeol said.

“Don’t touch the hair,” he said, and sucked Chanyeol’s cock into his mouth.  The very first mouthful of it felt like bliss, and he felt pleasure simmer between his thighs.  He jacked it as he sucked, getting it good and hard.  It was a long one, and Chanyeol made a lot of happy, surprised noises, reaching out with one hand to clutch at the wall.

“A little bit of this calms him right down,” Dongwoo said.  Sungyeol made a choked, horny sound.  Ahhhh, yeah, that’s better.  You use the numbing stuff first, and then once he can take your finger like a big boy, he’s ready to be juiced up and dicked.”

Hoya was ready to switch places with Sungyeol.  He’d really like to be juiced up and dicked, himself.  He sped up on Chanyeol’s erection, taking it down his throat, bobbing his head.  It was so hard, he moaned, loving every inch of it.

“Everything is so great, I don’t know where to look,” Lay said.

“Oh-oh, ahh, that’s it, open up, let me in,” Dongwoo coaxed.  “Isn’t that the prettiest thing in the world?”

“It’s beautiful,” Lay said fervently.  “We should get Xiumin hyung, he’ll want to see this, too.”

“Mini mini Xiuminnie!” Dongwoo shouted.  “Where is he?”

“D-d-don’t invite the whole, ah, ah, ah, fuck, world,” Sungyeol panted.  “God, hyung, how big are your hands?”

Eyes closed, Hoya blocked them out, focusing on the bliss of a hard cock in his mouth.  The long, rigid shaft slid thickly between his lips, and pleasure felt urgent inside of him, making him suck harder, fueling his passion.  Sliding off, he ran his tongue over the velvety head and moaned, treasuring the slick feel of Chanyeol’s pre-cum.  With a raw, aching moan, he slid back on, sucking.

“This is, oh, auuuhhh, oh, help,” Chanyeol moaned.  “Hyung, Hoya hyung, oh, hold on, I have to come.”

He considered swallowing, but he was really here for the cock, not the cum.  Releasing Chanyeol’s erection from his mouth, he jacked Chanyeol quickly, getting a good rhythm going.  Clawing at the wall, Chanyeol said, “Oh, shit, shit, that’s it, I’m gonna, oh, it’s here, it’s here.”

At the sudden spurt of cum, Hoya moved out of the way.  It shot in a few erratic pulses, accompanied by Chanyeol’s noisy moaning.  When the show was over, Hoya gave the base of Chanyeol’s cock a couple of soft kisses good-bye, then got up.

“Thank you,” Chanyeol said, red-eared and grinning goofily.  “That was terrific.  I had no idea that you’d be like that.”

He nodded, not sure what to say to that.  “You’re welcome.”  Licking his lips, he turned back to the bed.  Dongwoo was guiding Lay’s cock into Sungyeol, and Sungyeol was moaning incoherently.  Sungyeol tried not to say a lot of actual words during sex, because something like, “Big, it’s so big,” usually popped out.  Hoya and Sungyeol had a private pact not to inflate the members’ egos any more than they really had to, and saying stuff like that could get really embarrassing.

“Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it?” Dongwoo asked.  Letting go of Lay’s cock, he groped Lay’s ass, and Lay’s hips rocked forward.  As Lay sank deeper, Sungyeol groaned, pulling one knee under himself.  “Get the whole way in there, stuff that ass full.  Chanyeol-ah, get the rest of your members, okay?  We’re going to, what’s it called?”

“Run a train,” Hoya said in English.

“Run a train on Sungyeol,” Dongwoo said.  “If anybody wants to top tonight, it would be good if you’d round them up now.  It’s easier if everyone does it in a row, than if he takes a break and tries to start again later.”

“Ah-ah-oh, huuuuuhhh, gguuunnhh, oh,” Sungyeol moaned.  “Let me roll over, I have to roll over.”

“Not yet, later,” Dongwoo said, rubbing his back.

“Oh, oh, oh, why does it feel like this?” Lay asked.  “I’m going to come already.”

“Yeah, let that virgin ass milk you dry,” Dongwoo urged, squeezing Lay’s ass.

“He’s not a virgin,” Hoya said.

“He’s so tight, though,” Dongwoo said.

“Yeah, that’s not what virgin means,” Hoya said.

“I don’t even know what ‘run a train’ means,” Chanyeol said.

Did rappers ever listen to actual rap anymore?  “I’ll get your members,” Hoya said, leaving.  Chanyeol had already come, and Lay was about to come; there were no cocks worth sticking around for here.

            Chen put on pants and went downstairs for snacks.  When he went back up to the holding pen, D.O. was still seated on the bed, and Hoya was talking to Kai and Sehun.  The conversation was apparently over, though, because Kai and Sehun left.

            “What’s going on?” Chen asked, crawling onto the bed.  Feeling great, he collapsed back against the pillows, sprawling out.

            “Everyone’s screwing Sungyeol,” Hoya said.  “You can, if you want.”

            Mmm, no, it’s okay.  Thanks, though.”

            Hoya sat on the bed.

            The three of them looked at each other.

            Chen laughed.  “Is it awkward?”

            Hoya shrugged and moved closer, sitting beside Chen and leaning back against the headboard.  D.O. crawled over and sat on Chen’s other side, the three of them relaxing together.  Hoya folded his hands in his lap.  D.O. nudged Chen’s bare foot with his own.

            “Hyung.”  Chen turned his head and looked at Hoya.  “How are EXO’s members?”

            Mmm.”  Hoya glanced at him.  “Not bad.”

            “What have you liked?” D.O. asked.

            He licked his lips slowly, squinting at the far wall.  Chanyeol’s cock,” he decided.  He shook his head.  “Lay’s cock,” he corrected himself.  “Haven’t tried Kai and Sehun yet.”  He glanced at Chen again.  “Might get to them later.”  Then he glanced down at Chen’s lap.  “What’ve you got in there?”

            He laughed, suddenly feeling shy in the face of such direct interest.  It was flattering, though; he was kind of turned on.  “The usual things.”

            Hoya smiled a little, looking away again.  He rubbed his hands over his thighs, then glanced at Chen.  “My members doing okay?”

            Okay?  “Your members are the best, hyung.  I’ve never felt like that in my life!  Are they always like this?”

            Hoya glanced around.  “I haven’t seen anything unusual.”

            “Sunggyu hyung said some things to me before, about making love, but I didn’t know that it would be so, um, it was intense!  Where did they learn those things?”

            “Oh, they get it all from me,” Hoya said dismissively.  Then he grinned, and seeing him smile made Chen smile back.  “No,” he said, crossing his ankles.  “The old man’s always treated us like that.”  He crossed his arms, then scratched his jaw.  “Woohyun’s sort of…  But everything Sungyeol knows about sex, he learned from us.”

            “He learned a lot,” Chen said emphatically, and Hoya chuckled.

            Xiumin was more than ready to take a turn.  Sungyeol was on his back, flushed, panting, with pillows under his hips and cum on his stomach.  He was sweating and boneless, his arms spread, legs sprawled, with Dongwoo’s fingers buried inside him and gently scissoring.  He looked like a gorgeous, sexual aftermath.

            “Start off gently,” Dongwoo said.  “You can build up to it.”

            “Ah, hyung,” Sungyeol said, wiping sweat from his face with a shaking hand.

            Xiumin smiled, crawling into the bed, in between Sungyeol’s legs.  “Hey, you ready for me?”

            “Don’t misunderstand,” Sungyeol said.

            “I know,” Xiumin said, pouring lube over his cock and stroking himself erect.  “It’s not normally like this, you’re just doing something special for hyung, right?”

            “Right,” Sungyeol said, relieved.

            Xiumin stroked Sungyeol’s stomach; his skin was fever-hot.  “I understand.”  Dongwoo’s hand was moving steadily, and that pretty, sexy pink was calling Xiumin’s name.  “I’ll take good care of you, just let me in, nice and easy.”

            Dongwoo’s fingers stroked out and he slid in, replacing them.  Sungyeol groaned, and Sungyeol’s muscles contracted around him, sucking him in deeper.  It was surprisingly hot, and so tight he couldn’t believe it, and his cock throbbed demandingly in that unyielding grip.

            Dongwoo guided Sungyeol’s leg higher up, and Sungyeol hugged his knee, groaning, “Unh, unh, ooh-ooh-mmm,” and then, was it Xiumin’s imagination, or did his muscles relax?

Xiumin nudged forward, testing, and Sungyeol moaned, fingers digging into the bed, but it was actually possible to move now.  Xiumin eased back and thrust deeper, and Sungyeol was so hot and snug around him, he groaned.  This was incredible, it was exquisite, it was compelling, and he rocked in steadily, burying his erection in that clenching, hot grip over and over again.

“Yeah, yeah, ah.”  Sungyeol’s voice was tense and shaky, and he scratched at his own thigh, tossing his head from side to side.  “Shit, you’re inside of me.  More, more.”

He was this hot and this tight and he begged for more?  “I’ve got it, it’s right here, I’ll give you what you need,” Xiumin promised him.  Damn, Xiumin hadn’t expected anything like this from him.  Who would have guessed that Lee Sungyeol was such a fantastic lay?

“Yeah, fuck him deep, he’ll get nice and loud for you,” Dongwoo urged.  “Show my friend a good time, Yeolie, get him off hard.”

“Unh, hoouunnh, gah, uh!  So, yes, yes,” Sungyeol moaned.  His handsome face was flushed, cheeks red, lips parted, eyes fluttering open and shut without any rhythm.  “It’s so, oh, oh, more.”

“Love your tight ass,” Xiumin said, thrusting into him.  This was going to be over fast; Xiumin was used to having a lot of sex, but he was so wonderfully tight and so gloriously hot, there was no way Xiumin could last.

Ooohhh, you should see this,” Dongwoo said.  His hand was all over Xiumin’s bare ass, groping and squeezing, and that only added to the sexual intensity, only sent Xiumin’s pleasure closer to the edge.  “You’re all filled up with Xiumin’s cock.  Fuck, look at the head forcing you wide open.”

It looked incredible, and the tension building in Xiumin felt like explosive pressure.  “Who’s next?” he asked, picking up the pace.

“I am, hyung,” Kai said from behind him.

“Get ready.”

“I have to, have to, roll over,” Sungyeol panted.

“Always trying to change positions!” Dongwoo teased, squeezing his thigh.  “It’s okay, you can roll over when they switch.  Go on, Minnie, I want to see you come.”

It was easy; his body needed it, and Sungyeol’s snug hold on him begged him for it.  Grunting, he gave a few more thrusts, and when Sungyeol’s muscles squeezed down on him, he came.  Pleasure jolted him like electricity, and he gasped at the swift burn of ecstasy, pumping harshly and then slowing down, his heart pounding.  Dongwoo was working a finger up his ass, and he didn’t want to leave the hot haven of Sungyeol’s body.

Ooohhh, you’ve worked hard,” Dongwoo said admiringly.  “How was it, Sungyeol-ah?”

“Unh, oooahhh, not done, I’m not done,” Sungyeol moaned, rubbing his hard-on.

“Okay, roll over,” Dongwoo said.  Pulling his finger out, he slapped Xiumin’s ass.

Reluctantly, Xiumin backed up,  He wasn’t ready to go yet; he still felt drawn to Sungyeol.  Instead of leaving the bed, he crawled forward, up Sungyeol’s long, sexy body, running his hands over all of that flushed, hot skin.  Sungyeol watched him with intense eyes, breathing hard, and when he was close enough, Sungyeol panted, “Kiss me, kiss me, you’re going to kiss me?”

Nothing sounded better.  They kissed, and Sungyeol pulled on him.  Sungyeol’s body heat, Sungyeol’s lust, it was like a volcano, and Xiumin fell into the inferno.  Sungyeol wrapped around him, and he rolled onto his back, spreading Sungyeol’s thighs with his knees.  There was a sudden, sharp smacking sound, the unmistakable crack! of a hand landing on a bare ass, and Sungyeol’s whole body jerked hard against him.  Dongwoo laughed, and Sungyeol moaned, and they were kissing harder now, Sungyeol’s nails dragging down his side just hard enough, just lightly enough, to set off sparks.

“There you go, right on top,” Dongwoo said.  “Don’t squish Xiuminnie.”

“I’ll start slowly,” Kai said.  Angling to deepen the kiss, Xiumin ran his hand over Sungyeol’s back, and suddenly Sungyeol shivered against him, and Kai said, “Oh, fuck, why is it this tight?”

Sungyeol gasped into Xiumin’s mouth.  “Oh, ah, it’s in, you’re in me, oh!”  He panted, his eyes opening wide, and his hand tightened on Xiumin’s ribcage.  He shifted, his erection dragging over Xiumin’s stomach, and he cried out as Kai rocked into him.  “Oh, shit, like that, like that, slower, right there, rr-rr-rright oh-oh-oh there!”

Kissing his gorgeous face, Xiumin smiled.  He was sweating and shaking, his body jostled by Kai’s deep thrusts.  “You’re going to come, aren’t you?”

“No, no, anal doesn’t get me off,” he said, trying to catch his breath, and then he squeezed his eyes shut and moaned, “Yes, yes, oh, god, I’m coming.”

            Sehun was conflicted about going on MT with Infinite.  It was a little too much like being with Shinee.  The sex was goddamned amazing, but there wasn’t enough of it.  Everybody was too much a sunbae and too much a hyung; the sex was completely on Infinite’s terms, like he was a menu item, and they decided whether or not to order him and how they wanted him prepared.  With Teen Top, things were more equal, more of a free-for-all.

            And there were too many limits.  No L, no Sunggyu, no Hoya, no Woohyun.  He could have as much of Dongwoo as he wanted, which was pretty fucking awesome, since Dongwoo was ready for anything.  And Sungjong had been really great and sexy.  And Sungyeol had been amazing.  But three out of seven, that wasn’t even half of the group.

            He waited outside of Woohyun’s door.  When it opened, Lay came out.  “Oh, maknae,” Lay said gratefully, and hugged him.

            “Hi, hyung.”  Wondering what this was about, he hugged Lay back.

            “That was the best.  I saw all of paradise.”  Lay hung on him heavily and purred against his shoulder.  “I love you.”

            Sure.  “I love you, too, hyung.”  He patted Lay’s back.

            Lay yawned.  “I need a nap.  I can’t even get it up anymore.”

            “It happens sometimes, hyung, don’t worry about it.  There’s food downstairs, if you want to eat.”

            “Yeah, I’ll do that.”  Lay patted his shoulder, then finally let go of him.

            What exactly was Woohyun doing to people?  Curious, while Lay went downstairs, Sehun crept into the bedroom.  He didn’t see anyone.  The room looked normal.  The bed looked normal, just mussed sheets and a bottle of lube by the pillow.

            Woohyun walked out of the bathroom in his underwear.  Sehun took the opportunity to admire his toned, muscular body.  “Hey,” he said, pulling on his pants.  “How is it?”

            “Good,” Sehun said.  He wasn’t sure which angle to take.  He didn’t want to seem confrontational, but he didn’t want to seem weak, either.  It was really annoying to be stuck as a hoobae and maknae when he wanted an older, sunbae dom to respect him.  It was also annoying to care what Woohyun thought.  He really shouldn’t bother; it shouldn’t make any difference.

            Woohyun pulled on a T-shirt and ran his hand through his hair.  “Did you want to say something?”

            He said it as neutrally as he could.  “It seems like you’re avoiding me.”

            Woohyun smiled at him, but it wasn’t the sincere smile, lit from the inside out, that Woohyun had given everyone else.  “You’ve heard things about me.”

            Suddenly, he realized what was happening.  He’d been where Woohyun was, with Changjo.  He hadn’t seen it that way before.  But wasn’t that what Woohyun would assume?  That he was some arrogant kid with something to prove?  That he’d heard that Woohyun was a dom and he wanted to screw Woohyun, to get some kind of sexual advantage, to see how he measured up?  Shit.  Woohyun probably got that all of the time.  “It isn’t like that.”  It was, superficially, but there was a lot more to it than that.  He wasn’t just trying to embrace a challenge or prove something; he wanted insight.

            “Okay,” Woohyun said, but he clearly didn’t believe Sehun.  Coming over, he put a hand on Sehun’s shoulder.  “You want to play a little?  See what it’s like?  Dongwoo hyung will play with you, all right?”

            He couldn’t expose L.Joe, and he couldn’t put EXO’s reputation at risk.  Frustrated, he said, “I don’t want anything like that.  You’ve had sex with my hyungs, let’s do that, whatever you did with them.”

            “You’re good-looking,” Woohyun said, squeezing the side of Sehun’s neck.  “But not tonight.  Have you been with Hoya?”

            “I’d rather be with you,” he said plainly.

            Woohyun chuckled.  “So would everybody.  But he’s okay, too.  Hoya,” he called, walking past Sehun and out to the landing.  “Come and entertain Sehun.”

            Frustrated, Sehun tried to think of something else to say, something that would be convincing.  It was too easy for Woohyun to blow him off.

            “Ah, Oh Sehun, right.”  Hoya walked in, stepped right up close to him, and then knelt down and reached for the waistband of his underwear.

            “Not like that!”  Laughing, Woohyun caught Hoya by the back of the shirt, then grabbed him under the arm and lifted him back up.

            “No?” Hoya asked, glancing back as he got up again.

            “He’s a human being, not a cock machine.  Kiss him first.”

            Hoya sighed, then eyed Sehun.  His tongue licked at the corner of his mouth.

            Ya, like this.”  Moving in, Woohyun cupped Hoya’s face in his hands and pressed their lips together.  Releasing Hoya, he smiled.  “Got it now?”

            “Ah,” Hoya gave him a doubtful look, “it wasn’t quite…”

            Smiling, Woohyun did it again, cupping his jaw, kissing him.  Hoya’s lips parted, one hand coming up, catching at Woohyun’s hip.  According to reports, Woohyun was supposed to be a dom and Hoya was supposed to be a bottom, but there was no imbalance here.  They kissed like equals, their tongues snaking against each other, Hoya as assertive as Woohyun was, Woohyun moaning when Hoya brought their lower bodies into contact.  Turning, Hoya leaned back against the wall, right beside Sehun, and everything was hotter, deeper, more intense.  Hoya’s hands were under Woohyun’s shirt, rubbing his lower back, pulling on his hips, and he ran his hands over Hoya’s ass, gripping, squeezing, lifting Hoya against his cock.  “Love you, I love you so much,” he breathed, and then his tongue slicked into Hoya’s mouth again and Hoya grunted, kissing him back urgently.  Their bodies moved together, hips rocking, hands groping and pulling like they couldn’t get close enough, and they were so hot for each other, Sehun expected them to burst into flames.

            Then, without warning, Woohyun grinned against Hoya’s mouth and asked, “You got it?”

            Hoya said, “Eh, it wasn’t really,” and leaned in like he was going to kiss Woohyun again.  Then he shoved Woohyun away with both hands, said, “Get out of here,” and turned right to Sehun.  He had a hand on Sehun’s neck and their lips locked together before Sehun even knew what was happening.

            Catching up, Sehun kissed back.  For a moment, Hoya was in front of him, but then Hoya grunted and moved, tugging him along, and then Hoya’s back was against the wall again.  Hoya already had a hard-on - - shit, Sehun had a hard-on, too - - and Hoya pulled on his hips, lining their cocks up, creating some friction.  Moaning, grinding against Hoya, he wished that there weren’t clothes in his way.  He was in his underwear, but Hoya was still fully dressed.  This was a new guy, a new body to explore, new desires to figure out, and he was turned on by how assertive and direct Hoya was.  He wanted to know more.

            It was a long, intense make-out session, humping each other against the wall.  He ran his hands under Hoya’s shirt, loving the feel of Hoya’s satiny skin and taut, well-defined body.  When he tried to slip his hand down the back of Hoya’s pants, he got his hand slapped, so he stayed on the outside of Hoya’s pants, groping Hoya’s thighs.  Running his hands appreciatively over Hoya’s muscular ass, he got even more turned on.  He wasn’t used to making out so long, so aggressively; usually making out was either not designed to go anywhere else, or it would’ve escalated by now.  He was really into it and really hoping for sex, and his cock was so hard, he couldn’t take a whole lot more of this humping and grinding.  Too aroused to hold back, he grabbed Hoya’s ass hard in both hands, giving it a rough squeeze and jerking Hoya against his cock.

            Hoya grunted, slinging an arm around his shoulders and kissing him harder.

            Sehun was so turned on, he couldn’t think clearly, but he understood on some level that Hoya had just responded to sexual aggression, and that told him to keep it up.  Grunting back, he groped Hoya’s ass with another few rough squeezes and thrust hard, making sure that Hoya felt his cock.  Wanna fuck you hard, right here, against the wall,” he said, and he bit Hoya’s jaw.

            Reaching between them, Hoya rubbed Sehun’s cock.  Then his hand moved from the base to the head, and back down again, in such careful increments that Sehun was pretty sure that he was actually measuring it.  “Yeah, okay,” he said, kissing Sehun again.  “Hand me the lube.”

            Any instruction, ever, to get lube, was worth celebrating.  Sehun went to the bed to get it, using those few seconds to try to clear his head and get his body more under his control.  When he turned back, Hoya was undressing, and, wow, “Hyung, you’re gorgeous.”

            Hoya actually blushed at that, kicking his underwear aside.  “Thanks.”  He took the lube, then gave Sehun a considering look, then held it to his chest, then offered it.  “You want to do it?”

            Honestly, “I’d love to.”

            Hoya smiled a little and let him take it, then turned around.

            “Wow,” he said, tucking the lube under his arm so he could admire Hoya’s body with both hands.  So sexy, so defined, a strong back leading to that muscular ass and then those sculpted thighs, damn.  Eyeing Hoya’s bare ass, he was definitely ready to get in there.

            When he started to lube Hoya up, Hoya made a horny, frustrated sound, so he finished quickly.  He slicked up his erection, lined up, inhaled, and thrust in.  Hoya groaned, slapping a hand against the wall, and he didn’t pause, didn’t take a break, just thrust in again, immediately, and again, again.  Gripping Hoya’s hips, he jerked that ass backward and drove in hard, and Hoya grunted, rocking against him.

            Steadying himself, Hoya shifted his weight, spreading his thighs.

To Sehun, that signaled an invitation, and he sped up.  Pressing forward, moving in right against Hoya’s back, he rested his face against Hoya’s nape.  “How is it, hyung?”

Hoya chuckled breathlessly.  “Kind of,” he grunted, “glad I,” he started panting, “showed up here.”

Sehun smiled, rubbing his side.  “Yeah?  Me, too.”

He kept thrusting hard, wanting to give Hoya a long, satisfying fuck.  It felt terrific to get aggressive, to let go and pound some hot ass.  The longer it went on, the more demanding he became, yanking on Hoya’s hips and getting a little rough, bouncing that muscular ass on his cock, and Hoya just groaned a little and reached back, gripping his thigh, rocking against him.  He tried long, deep, driving thrusts and short, rough, jackhammer quick thrusts, and Hoya responded to everything with indecipherable grunts, moving against him in a way that demanded more.

He was definitely, definitely having a fantastic time, and he was building up to an incredible climax, but he wanted to make sure that Hoya felt great about it, too.  Crowding Hoya against the wall again, he ran his hand up over Hoya’s rigid, slippery cock.  “What do you want, hyung, how can I get you off?”

Hoya rubbed his forehead against the wall, one hand braced against it, one hand still clutching Sehun’s thigh.  “Just keep going, keep going.”

Intent on the forceful driving of his hips, he kept delivering that deep, hard fuck.  His hand slid and stroked over Hoya’s erection, enjoying the feel of a hard cock, and then Hoya grunted, muscles locking up, cum striping the wall.  Hoya’s orgasmic grunt sounded the same as all of those other grunts, and that made him smile.  Now that he’d gotten Hoya off, he was more than ready to come; this had been an incredibly hot fuck, and he couldn’t hold on for much longer.  Moaning, working himself up, he pumped his hips in a few fast, sharp thrusts, really driving in there, and then he pulled back and jerked Hoya’s hips back against himself, burying himself deep.  Ecstasy blazed through him, going up in a fireball, and he groaned, coming.  Unbelievable.  Now that was what he went on MT for.

            Whoooo.”  Hoya exhaled, pressing back against him.  “Don’t go, don’t pull out.”

            Moaning in rich satisfaction, he wrapped his arms around Hoya.  Damn, he felt great.  They stayed like that, snugged up together, leaning against the wall.  He liked being close, and he tried to linger, but he started to go soft.  Finally Hoya sighed and shifted against him, and they moved apart.

            “Still glad you came?” Sehun asked, finding his underwear.

            Hoya pulled up his pants and grinned.  “Yeah, there are worse ways to kill time.”

            Sungjong ran his index finger over Baekhyun’s lips.  “You’re so cute, hyung.”  Baekhyun nipped at his finger, and he laughed.  Tilting his head to one side, he gave Baekhyun a coy look, and then he walked his fingers down Baekhyun’s chest.  “Hyung.”

            “Yeah,” Baekhyun said, and kissed him.

            Mmm.”  He kissed back for a moment.  They were on the couch in the bedroom he’d claimed, and he was astride Baekhyun’s lap, enjoying himself.  He brushed the back of his hand over the front of Baekhyun’s underwear.  “What’s this?”

            With a nervous laugh, Baekhyun squirmed.  “It’s, uh, it’s my cock.  Don’t you know those things?”

            Mmm.”  Biting his lower lip, he gave Baekhyun a sultry look.  “What do you want to do with it?”

            “Do…  Do with it?”  Baekhyun seemed mystified.

            He planted a soft, sweet kiss on Baekhyun’s pretty lips.  “Hyung,” he whispered, and he lowered his lashes, casting a look down at Baekhyun’s hard-on.  Fluttering his lashes, he met Baekhyun’s eyes again.  “Do you want to put it in me?”

            “In,” Baekhyun repeated, blinking at Sungjong like he couldn’t comprehend.  Suddenly, he laughed, his expression full of wonder.  “You want me to top?”

            With his most kittenish disappointed look, he pulled back a little, then pouted.  “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”  Then, swaying closer, he coiled his arm around Baekhyun’s shoulders, smiling like Baekhyun was his sexy hero.  “But you do it sometimes, don’t you?  With Chen hyung?”

            “I - - how do you know that?” Baekhyun asked.  “I, I mean, it’s not like I’ve never done it, ever.”  He looked at Sungjong more closely, getting interested.  “Do you really want me to?”

            Sensing victory, Sungjong smiled and rewarded him with a light, suggestive kiss.  “I’ll suck it a little first, okay?  So it’s nice…and big…and hard.”

            Baekhyun gave him a dazed smile, and he knew that he’d won.  From then on, everything went perfectly.  He slid down onto his knees and pulled Baekhyun’s cock out, and it was just what he’d wanted.  Baekhyun was really squirmy, but that was okay, it told him that he was doing a good job.  He spent a lot of time down there on his knees, masturbating and relishing the feel of a cock at the back of his throat.  When Baekhyun started to sound too desperate, he crawled back into Baekhyun’s lap to kiss for a while, reestablishing intimacy.  When Baekhyun was moaning steadily but not with that too-excited edge, he took Baekhyun over to the bed.  He’d already been on top with Sehun, and he didn’t feel like doing all of the work again, and he wanted to be face-to-face for their first time.  He lubed himself up and lay down, coaxing Baekhyun on top of him.

            “You’re so sexy, hyung,” he whispered, kissing Baekhyun again.  He gazed up at Baekhyun innocently.  “I hope that I can make you feel good.”

            “You, oh, god, okay, should I put it in now?”

            Mmm, let me.”  Taking hold of Baekhyun’s erection, he guided it into place, directing it, “Oooohhh,” right, “ah-ahhhhh,” right inside of him.  “Oh.”  He licked his lips, feeling ecstasy wash over him.  Moaning, he arched his back, raising his arms overhead and shuddering in sweet, glorious surrender.  God, this felt so good, he didn’t even have to pretend anymore.  Hhhouohhh, hyung.”  Licking his lips, he moaned again, shimmying down against that stiff cock.  “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

            “This is, ah, here.”  Baekhyun lunged awkwardly over him at first, and his pleasure began to recede.  Just when he thought that he might have to teach this hyung how to move, Baekhyun wiggled around on top of him, rubbing him at just the right angle and sliding suddenly deeper.  He gasped at the sudden pop of fireworks, and Baekhyun said, “Oh, that’s better, that’s good.”

            Rewarding Baekhyun with a smile, he rubbed Baekhyun’s ass with his foot.  “You’re so good at this, hyung.  I knew you had what I needed.”

            Baekhyun grinned down at him.  Suddenly smug and self-assured, Baekhyun thrust into him more assertively, picking up speed and power.  “You want it hard, right?”

            “Yes, get a little rough,” he said, his fingertip drawing a swirling line down Baekhyun’s upper arm.  “You’re strong enough to make me really feel it.”

            “Yeah, a good, hard pounding, feels so good, right?” Baekhyun asked, moving more energetically now.

            Oooohh, yes, you know just what I like.”  It was cute, how proud of himself Baekhyun was getting.  But he deserved it; he was delivering just what Sungjong had hoped for.  Quick, forceful thrusts, his cock working like a piston, his balls smacking Sungjong’s ass.  Erotic bliss jolted Sungjong in strong, repetitive bursts, like lightning striking over and over again, and Sungjong panted softly, welcoming this rich, carnal heat.

            One nice thing about EXO; they sure were nice to look at.  Sungjong’s hands skimmed over Baekhyun’s chest and up his neck.  Red-faced, working hard, he fucked vigorously, his bangs falling over his forehead.  “Can’t believe I’m really fucking you,” he said, laughing breathlessly.

            “It’s perfect, so perfect,” he panted.  Pleasure mounted with every thrust, but he was greedy for more.  He had to get Baekhyun to last, so he could get as much as he could.  “Ah, hyung, don’t make me come yet.”  He moaned like he was in danger of having an orgasm right then and there.  “Not yet, please, hyung, I want to feel your cock inside of me for a little bit longer.  It’s so hard, it feels so good.”

            “Yeah, gonna make you feel good.”

            Every single thrust, one right after the other, sent Sungjong higher into the sky.  Baekhyun was fucking him harder and harder, and when Baekhyun rocked into him with enough force to jostle him, a soft cry rose from his throat.  “Yes, yes,” he said, pulling on Baekhyun’s hips, gripping Baekhyun’s ass.  “So powerful, hyung, you’re so strong.”

            “Damn, yes, okay,” Baekhyun said, dripping sweat.  “God, this is, like, a workout.”

            Baekhyun’s body felt firm and enticing under his hands, and he stroked up Baekhyun’s sides and back down again.  He was starting to slide up the bed, and he reached overhead again, bracing a hand against the headboard.  “Oh, hooo-ooh-oh.”  Such a good little screw, he was getting exactly what he’d needed.  He didn’t want to let go of Baekhyun - - it was so nice, running his hand over all of that pretty skin - - but this had gone on long enough that pleasure was hitting an intense, fever pitch.  He tried to keep his erotic high, tried to make the ecstasy last, but it kept mounting, pushing his pleasure to dizzying levels, and he couldn’t maintain this anymore, he had to come.  Gasping, he finally let go, dropping his hand to his cock.

            “Yeah, oh, sh-sh-shit, oh, that’s, yeah, ah.”  Baekhyun stared down as Sungjong masturbated.  “Turning me on, I’m so, oh, god.”

            With each thrust setting off another bolt of lightning, he could barely contain the pleasure, and once he had a hand on himself, it was all a sensuous rush to orgasm.  Baekhyun was rocking into him and he was pulling on his cock and then he was coming, ecstasy roaring through him, and he cried out, feeling amazing and wanting everyone to know it.  It was fantastic, it was fantastic, he loved it, he loved sex, he felt like he was high.  Laughing, he smiled up at Baekhyun.  “You can finish.”

            “Oh, yes, thank you, I thought I was going to die.”  Eyes closing, mouth open, Baekhyun thrust into him a few more times, and then groaned, hips jerking in quick little spasms.  Teetering, moaning with adorable helplessness, Baekhyun started to fall right onto him.

He quickly splayed a hand against Baekhyun’s chest, and his other hand caught Baekhyun’s hip as he peppered light kisses up the side of Baekhyun’s neck.  Mmm, thank you,” he whispered.  “That was so nice, hyung.”

Oof.”  Still panting, Baekhyun rolled over, sprawling out beside him.  “I’m the best.”

Mmm.”  He kissed Baekhyun on the mouth, then got up.  Maybe he’d eat something and see what was going on downstairs.  “Let’s do it again sometime, okay?”

            Dongwoo was making out with Chen when he felt someone else’s hand squeeze his shoulder.  “Dongwoo hyung.”  Groping Chen’s ass, he looked up to see Kai standing over the bed.  “Hyung, Suho hyung wants to know if you’ll come downstairs and eat something.”

            Now that Kai mentioned it, he was starving.  “Yeah, I’ll come.”  He hated to leave; he’d been having so much fun!  “I’ll get you off first,” he told Chen.  “Blowjob?”

            Chen laughed and said, “Yes, please,” rolling onto his back.

            He slithered down in between Chen’s thighs and had his fun.  Then they made out and cuddled together.  Chen was so nice!  They got dressed and went downstairs together.  There were some other people down in the kitchen, and he got something to eat.  He hadn’t seen L in a while, and he hugged L, wishing that L would come upstairs for sex.

He hadn’t seen Sunggyu in a while, either.  Curious, he padded around the house.  It was a really nice place.

Woohyun came out of a room, pulling a door shut.  Spotting him, Woohyun whispered, “He’s sleeping.”

Aw.  “Have you eaten?”

Woohyun nodded, putting an arm around him.  “EXO’s cute, right?”

“So pretty, and so friendly.  It’s been a lot of fun.”  Xiumin had such great members.  They were all so sexy, but in different ways.

“What do you think of Sehun?”

Ooooh, our Sehun-ah.”  He nodded, thinking about it.  “He’s pushy.  He likes to push.  He doesn’t go too far, because he’s a good maknae, and he doesn’t want to upset his hyungs.  But if you’re okay with something, then he wants to know, so he can do it.  The others don’t push as much, they’re happy with whatever’s happening, or they’ll ask for the things they want, but Sehun wants to go farther, and farther.”

“He wants to know what he can get away with.”

Dongwoo didn’t like that phrasing.  “No, that makes it sound bad.  He doesn’t want to get away with things, isn’t that manipulative?  He wants to know what’s okay.  Like everybody has limits, right?  He wants to know where the limits are.  He’s not sneaky, he’s,” hmm, “assessing the landscape.”  More satisfied with that wording, he nodded again.

“Has he found your limits?” Woohyun teased.

“No, he’s trying to be subtle, he won’t come right out and ask enough questions.  I don’t know why, he should just ask me.”

Woohyun rubbed his side.  “I don’t think that we should go too far with him.  It’s our first MT, right?  It’s good to have easy, casual sex for a while.”

He grinned at Woohyun.  “There will be time for more fun stuff later?”

“Next MT,” Woohyun said, smiling at him.  “Maybe!  We’ll ask Sunggyu hyung.”

“I hope that he plays with us, next time.  Oh, did he like Chen?”

Woohyun’s smile was devilish.  “Chen liked him.”

            The house was getting quiet.  Everyone was going to sleep.  D.O. decided that someone should check on Suho.

            But Suho wouldn’t like it if he thought that D.O. was checking up on him, because Suho had ideas about it being the leader’s job to take care of the members, not the members’ job to take care of the leader.  So, poking around downstairs, D.O. came up with an excuse.

            A bedroom door was ajar.  He tapped lightly and looked in.

            Suho was seated on the bed, on the phone.  “Ah, hold on,” he said, and gave D.O. a questioning look.  Dongsaeng-ah, what do you need?”

            “Sorry, hyung.  Do you know where any blankets are?”

            Suho gestured.  “The closet across the hall, second shelf.”

            Who was he on the phone with?  “Are you okay in here?  If it’s boring, I can stay.”

            “Go, have fun,” Suho said.

            He backed up a little like he was about to leave.  “Where’s L sunbae?”

            Suho lowered the phone and covered it with one hand.  “He’s sleeping with his leader.”

            Wouldn’t it be lonely for Suho to sleep alone in a house full of people cuddling up together?  Ah, but with all of the sex going on, Suho would probably be too horny and agitated to be comfortable sleeping with someone he might otherwise have sex with.  He’d want to have sex, not sleep.  And he wouldn’t want to have sex with Infinite around.  So complicated.

            “Okay, good night,” D.O. said.  “Sleep well.”  Then, taking a stab, he added, “Say hi to Changjo.”

            “You think you know everything,” Suho said.  Then he smiled and turned on the speakerphone.  “D.O. says hello.”

            “Hi, hyung!” Changjo called.

            Someone really had to talk to Suho about these dongsaengs he was collecting.  But he looked so happy, D.O. didn’t have the heart to spoil it.  “Good night.”  D.O. pulled the door halfway shut and left.

            He didn’t actually want any blankets, so he bypassed the closet.  He wondered if L and Sunggyu were sleeping or having sex.  Had it been Suho’s idea for them to split up for the night, or L’s?  Was Suho relieved or disappointed?

            He went back upstairs and looked in on everyone.  Lay was asleep, tucked up in Dongwoo’s arms.  Dongwoo was caressing him and talking with Xiumin.  In the next room, Chanyeol was spooned up behind Sungjong, who was cuddled up to Kai.  D.O. stayed and watched them for a while before moving on.  Baekhyun and Sehun were asleep on either side of Sungyeol.

            D.O. peeked into the last room.  Woohyun was sprawled across his back on the floor, on the phone.  Was he supposed to have his phone up here?  Ya, sometimes that’s how it is,” he was saying.  His head was toward the door, and he tilted his head back, looking up at D.O.  “Ah, one of your SM hoobaes is here.  No, the quiet one with the big eyes.  Okay.  Okay.  Ya, I’ll ask him nicely.  Mmm.  Sleep well.”  Tossing his phone aside, he gestured D.O. closer.  “It’s late, aren’t all of your members in bed?”

            “Mostly.”  He walked over and squatted beside Woohyun.  “Was that Key hyung?”

            Ya, so nosy.”  He reached up and took D.O.’s hand in both of his.  “Has it been a good time?”

            He nodded.  It had been an interesting evening.  A lot of things had really turned him on.  He liked seeing his members have fun, and he liked learning more about Infinite.

            Woohyun smiled at him.  It was a knowing smile, a little conspiratorial, inviting him to have fun.  “Do you want to kiss me?”

            Yes.  He was still figuring out how the rest of Infinite appealed to him, but he’d been toying with the idea of kissing Woohyun for a while now.  He nodded.

            Woohyun’s thumbs lightly massaged his palm.  It felt good.  “Where?”

            He wondered what Woohyun thought was going to happen between them.  “Places.”  He didn’t want to do any of the things that involved penetration or ejaculation or his own body.  But he was drawn to Woohyun.  Ever since Hong Kong, he’d been attracted.  Woohyun’s sexuality seemed complicated enough or fluid enough or - - no, maybe it was that Woohyun seemed sexually capable, like someone completely comfortable and in control of his own sexuality, someone who didn’t get sexually flustered or overwhelmed or overeager.  And Woohyun seemed approachable.  Confident, easygoing sexuality and a friendly, approachable demeanor and those wide smiles, that easy laughter.  There was genuine warmth in his eyes when he smiled.  He looked so inviting, sometimes.

            It could be really tricky to try to become sexually involved with new people, because they didn’t get D.O. the way that Kai did.  At first, after debut, Chanyeol had trouble with the concept that D.O. might want to touch but not be touched, or might want to lick here but not suck there, or might want to go so far and no farther.  He’d held back a lot, because it had seemed confusing and complicated and hurtful for everyone involved when he’d just wanted to do certain things and not everything.  His members had gotten used to him after a while, and things were way more comfortable now, and he could pretty much be himself.  But Infinite didn’t know him at all, sexually, and he couldn’t assume that they’d be okay with his approach.  And he regretted that, because there were things that he wanted to do.

            “Places,” Woohyun repeated with a smile, like it amused him.  Letting go of D.O.’s hand, he asked, “Do you want to kiss one of them now?”

            D.O. nodded.  He did.  He wondered if he could trust Woohyun.  He wanted to be able to.  He’d been horny all night, and it would be really nice to let some of that out.  “Is it all right?”

            “Go ahead.  Anywhere you want.”  His phone rang.  “So annoying.”  He rolled over, picking it up, then rolled back.  “You can start.  Take off anything you want.”  He answered the phone.  Mmm, hyung?”

            The call was perfect.  It took all of the pressure off of him.  He could do what he wanted, and he could go at his own pace, and Woohyun wouldn’t be staring at him.  He didn’t have to worry about expectations.  He could experience this moment in the way that he wanted to.

            “What do you mean, isn’t Hoya down there?” Woohyun asked.

            Shifting down alongside Woohyun’s body, he moved onto his knees.  Slowly, not rushing it, like carefully unwrapping a gift, he raised Woohyun’s shirt.  Such a sexy, muscular body.  Such gorgeous definition.

            “Ah.  What about L, isn’t he with you?”

            D.O. felt desire stir in him, waking up, unfurling.  He felt warm, suddenly.  The ache in his blood spurred him on and he lowered his head, really wanting this.  Pressing his lips to Woohyun’s abs, he closed his eyes.

            “You can’t talk to L about it, then?”

            Woohyun’s body was so firm, so smooth-skinned.  D.O. felt aroused, felt lust take hold of him.  He kissed another spot, and then another.  They were slow, heated, clinging kisses; he couldn’t rush this.

            “Hyung.  Hyung.  Do you really want to talk about the schedule, or is this an excuse so I’ll come down to your bed?”

            D.O. left a wandering trail of slow kisses across Woohyun’s abs, up and down, back and forth.  He was so turned on, he felt like lust was a scorching heat.  Every time he lifted his head, he moaned a little, then muffled the sound against Woohyun’s body.  He saw the curve of a pec peeking out from Woohyun’s rumpled shirt, suggestive and tempting.  On his other side, the black, furred line of Woohyun’s treasure trail beckoned him, promising and seductive.

            Woohyun chuckled.  “Sorry, hyung, yes, I’ll be more professional in the future.  I’ll be glad to talk about the schedule with you.  Yes, I can’t wait.  Okay.”  He hung up.

            Inhaling deeply, D.O. sat back on his heels.  He was finished; he had to stop.  He felt gorged on sex.  All of those sensations, the wonders of a new body, all of that raw desire in his system.

            “Not finished?”  Woohyun sat up, looking at him closely.  “Had enough?”

            He nodded.  He wished that his cock weren’t so hard; the stiffness of it straining and confined in his pants, the sexual need pulsing between his thighs, it was horribly uncomfortable.

            “Okay.”  Woohyun smoothed his shirt back down.  “I have to go downstairs.”  A warm, knowing smile.  “Thank you for the kisses.”

            He licked his lips and wished that he hadn’t; they felt too sensitive.  “You’re welcome.”

            With a bright smile, Woohyun hopped up and walked away.

            D.O. got up, tugged at his pants, and went across the hall.  He studied the bed, decided that there was enough room, and crawled in beside Kai.  He didn’t want any more erotic stimulation, so he tucked in back-to-back.

            Mmm.  Everything okay?” Kai mumbled.

            “Yeah.  Go to sleep.”  His eyes open, he lightly touched his lips and thought about Woohyun.

            Chen was humming to himself and cleaning up the kitchen when Hoya walked in.  Looking around, Hoya said, “Looks different in here.”

            Chen laughed.  “Did I clean up too much?  Do you want to eat?  I’ll get something out for you,” he offered, going back to the fridge.

            “No, no, it’s okay.”  Hoya leaned on the island, rubbing his hands together.  “Just seeing who else is up.”

            “I think we’re the only two left.”

            Ahhh, the tops always wear out first.”

            “Ha!  Well, I think they work hard,” Chen said, closing the dishwasher.

            Hoya scoffed.  “Not hard enough.”

            Chen came over to the other side of the island, smiling at him.  “They didn’t satisfy you?”

            “Eh.”  He licked the corner of his mouth, glancing away.  “They were okay.”

            “You’ve been spoiled,” Chen guessed.  “Your members must take good care of you.”

            He shrugged a little.  Then he sniffed and straightened, patting the island.  “It’s late.  You going to bed?”

            “Do you want to sleep together?” Chen offered.  He hadn’t done anything sexual with Hoya yet, and even if they didn’t do anything but sleep, it might be nice to share a bed.  It would round out the experience and give him a moment with all of the members.

            “Do you snore?”


            Hoya nodded.  “One of the rooms upstairs is free.”

            They went up together.  He pulled back the covers and they got in.

            Hoya settled on his back, then rolled onto his side.  He was only there for a moment before he prodded his pillow and rolled onto his back again.  He closed his eyes, drummed his fingers on his stomach, and looked at the ceiling.

            “Not ready to sleep?” Chen guessed, seated beside him.

            “I usually sleep with music,” he said.  “Or I get off and pass out.”

            “I could blow you,” Chen offered.  “Or I could sing for you.”

            Hoya raised his eyebrows, then gave Chen a speculative look.  “You know any Usher?”

            He thought it over.  “I think I can remember most of the lyrics to ‘Burn.’  If you don’t laugh at my pronunciation.”

            Hoya nodded, then settled in, closing his eyes.

            Smiling, Chen started to sing.  He started off at a normal volume, then gradually softened his voice.  He relaxed on his side, putting his weight on his elbow.  While he sang, he looked at Hoya.  It was nice, to serenade a sleeping sunbae.  It was nice, too, to be able to use his voice to do something for someone.

            He tried another Usher song, then got lost halfway through the lyrics.  Eyes still closed, Hoya smiled, and Chen laughed.  He switched to Michael Jackson and watched Hoya’s shoulders relax.  Lowering his volume, he watched for signs of sleep.  He admired Hoya’s black lashes and pink lips and thick eyebrows.

            Hoya’s mouth softened.  His breathing became even and deep.

            Quietly, Chen started another song.

            Hoya was asleep.

            The final note trailed away.  Chen smiled and whispered, “Good night, hyung.”  He pulled the covers up and carefully settled in, tucking himself against Hoya’s side and resting his cheek on Hoya’s chest.  Feeling very pleased, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

            What.  What, why.  Who, Xiumin?  Grimacing, Dongwoo sat up slowly, got halfway there, and gradually collapsed again.  He wanted to go back to sleep.  He rubbed at his eyes.  He scratched his junk and tried sitting up again.

            “Not awake yet, are you?” Xiumin asked.  He was in his underwear on Dongwoo’s bed.  But this wasn’t Dongwoo’s bed.  Or Infinite’s dorm.

            “No.”  He squeezed his eyes shut and blinked them open again.  He liked Xiumin’s cute blue panties.  He was starting to remember things.  MT with EXO.  Oh, no, had he slept through it?  “How much time do we have?”  He didn’t have a watch on, or his phone.  Xiumin didn’t have a watch on, or a phone.  Shouldn’t there be a clock in this room?

            “A couple of hours, and then we have to go.”

            “Only two?”  Two was better than one, and even better than none!  “Let me go pee, and we can start.”

            “Brush your teeth.”

            Halfway off of the bed, he paused, patting his pockets, but he wasn’t wearing pants, so that really didn’t accomplish anything.  “I don’t have a toothbrush.”

            “There’s stuff in the bathroom.”

            “This house has everything!”  It was so well-stocked!  Toothbrushes, food, lube, hot hoobaes to have sex with.  “I really like this place,” he said, going into the bathroom.  He peed and he brushed his teeth, and he ran his hands through his hair, and he checked on his stubble.  When he emerged from the bathroom, Lay was just coming in from the hallway with bottles of water and juice.

            “Dongwoo hyung!  You’re up!”  Lay looked so happy to see him, he hugged Lay, who said, “Oh,” in a surprised voice and tried to hug him back without dropping any bottles.  He recovered a couple and passed them to Xiumin, then took one for himself.  “I thought that you might want some,” Lay said.  “Something to drink.  There’s breakfast, I can bring food, too, if you want it.  Do you?”

            “No, this is great,” he said, drinking.  “Thank you.  Sex first, I can eat later.”

            Lay smiled at him.  He really liked Lay’s smiles; they were so sincere, really happy and a little bit wondering, sometimes, like Lay was marveling over what a great thing was happening.  “Sex first.  I think so, too.”

            Dongwoo finished his juice.  “Three-way?  Me in the middle?”

            “Dongwoo sandwich,” Xiumin said.

            He laughed.  “My favorite kind!”

            They made out and had sex and played around.  Lay was sucking Xiumin’s jizz off of Dongwoo’s fingers when D.O. tapped at the door and said, “Sorry, hyungs.  Suho hyung wants everyone to start washing up, please.”

            Aw!  Already?  “Minnie, you said two hours!”  Had it been two hours?  That explained his soreness.  “I still have time to suck one more cock, don’t I?”

            “Not with me,” Xiumin said.  “You’ve worn me out.”

            Lay looked down, casting his own lap a disappointed look.

            “Are all of your members worn out?” he wondered.

            “Let’s get in the shower, so Suho thinks that we’re getting ready,” Xiumin said.  “You’ll have time to give head before we go.”

            They showered.  He scrubbed Xiumin’s back, and Lay washed his hair, and they splashed each other and kissed and messed around.  They dried off and went to hunt down their clothes.  Dressed, he went to find one last cock.

            In the first room he checked, Chen and Sungyeol were already at it.  He loved Chen’s cock, but he was too late; Chen had just come.  He went into the next bedroom, and Kai was there, scrubbing couch cushions.  “What happened?” he asked, walking over.

            “Someone came all over it.”  Looking annoyed, Kai was trying to clean it up with wet paper towels.

            “I’ll get soap.”  He checked the bathroom, came up empty-handed, and went into the hallway.  On the floor of the closet, he found a bottle of cleaning spray.  This house really did have everything!  He went back, and they cleaned up together.  “It’ll dry,” he decided.

            “Everyone should be more considerate,” Kai said.  “We don’t live here, other people use this place, too.”

            “It’s okay.  We caught it, so it won’t bother anyone.”  He pushed the cushions solidly back into place, then squeezed Kai’s thigh.  “Want a blowjob before we all leave?”

            “Oh.”  Kai smiled easily, his mood brightening.  “Yeah, hyung, I’d like that.  Here?”

            “On your nice, clean couch,” he said, patting it.  “Don’t worry about a mess, I’ll swallow everything.”

            Kai pushed his pants and underwear down, then sat on a dry corner of the couch.  Dongwoo moved right in between his knees and licked his soft cock.

            His last cock on MT.  It had been a great little vacation, playing with his EXO hoobaes.  He was sad to have to say good-bye.  They’d see each other around, on shows and at festivals, but he wouldn’t be able to do this.  He treated Kai’s cock gently, licking it fondly and jacking it with light strokes, teasing it upward bit by bit.  He admired it as it grew, watching it plump up and lengthen, until it was nice and tall and strong.  Running the backs of his fingers along the shaft, he smiled up at Kai.  “Come whenever you want to.”

            “Okay, hyung.”  Kai looked happy.  “You look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

            “I am.”  He loved cocks.  They were the most fun interactive toy he’d ever had.  He loved his own, and he loved his members’, and it was always terrific to play with a new one.  He ran his tongue over Kai’s, caressing the shaft with long, wet licks, flicking the tip of his tongue around the crown.

            Unnnh, hyung.”  The pleasure and tension vibrating in Kai’s voice turned him on.  Kai rubbed his forearm, gripping lightly.

            “Delicious,” he said, kissing it.  His last cock; he had to savor it.  “Let’s meet again soon.”  He swallowed it and slid off a few times, sucking it down to the back of his throat and then rising up again.  The sensation of a long, hard cock filling his mouth was a huge turn-on.  He groaned and nursed the head, closing his eyes as sexual pleasure buzzed in his veins.

            Guuh, oh, you’re so good at this.  Unnnnhh, damn it, your mouth.”  Moaning, Kai shifted, hips rotating against the cushion, cock sliding between Dongwoo’s lips.  Huuh, hyung.”

            The first drops of pre-cum oozed onto his tongue, and he lapped them up with relish, treasuring their slickness.  How long would it be before the flood came?  Everyone’s body was different, and everyone’s sexual rhythm was unique.  In the mood for a mouthful of cum, he sucked harder, bringing his hand back into it, stroking the lower half while his head bobbed over the top few inches.

            Guunnh, unh!  Ahh-unnnh, oh, oh, hyung!”

            One more good suck did it, and jizz shot right into his mouth.  While thick spurts coated his tongue and splattered the back of his throat, he jacked Kai a couple more times, wanting to take it all.  He held Kai’s load in his mouth for a moment, feeling that sexy trickle as it started to ooze down his throat.  Then, finally, he swallowed.  Beautiful.  He could leave contented, now.

            “Ah, hyung, sensitive, sensitive,” Kai said, writhing.

            “Sorry.”  He let go, then licked his lips and smiled.  “You worked hard all night.”

            Kai laughed.  “That’s not work.”

            Suho slung his bag over his shoulder.  “Members!” he called, moving into the foyer.  L trailed behind him.  “Let’s go!”  He’d delayed as long as he could, to give them more time with their new friends, and he’d really enjoyed spending the morning with L, but it was time to get back to Seoul.

            Sunggyu joined them.  “Kids!”

            L picked up his phone, glanced at it, and pocketed it.

            Suho smiled at Sunggyu.  “If it’s all right, if your members would like, we can do this again sometime.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “I’ll call you.”

            Their members appeared in twos and threes.  Sungyeol started shaking everyone’s hand and saying thank you.  Hoya did the same, mimicking him.  Dongwoo started to kiss everyone good-bye; Suho found other things to look at.

            Everyone seemed happy.  Exhausted, definitely, but bright-eyed and full of smiles.

            Suho started to count heads.  Dongwoo was kissing Baekhyun and calling him a pretty baby; Baekhyun was kissing him back and casting Suho flustered looks like he hoped that Suho wouldn’t notice.  Suho very, very much did not want to notice.  “Xiumin hyung?” he asked.

            “Here, here, we’re here.”  Xiumin jogged up with Sungjong, the two of them red-faced and fixing their clothes and looking very proud of themselves.

            Dongwoo turned, surprised.  “You said that you couldn’t get it up again.”

            “Oh, he could,” Sungjong said with a pleased smile.

            Suho pretended that he hadn’t heard that.  “I’ll text you later,” he told L.

            L gave him a dimpled smile.  “Okay.  Thanks for hosting us, hyung.”

            “Everyone thank Young Money,” Sunggyu instructed, opening the door.

            “Oh, you don’t have to,” he said, but Sungyeol was already shaking his hand and bowing.  He laughed, bowing back.  Hoya followed Sungyeol’s example, then Woohyun, then Sungjong.

            “Thank you,” Dongwoo said, shaking Suho’s hand.  “Everyone had fun.  We cleaned up our messes upstairs.”  He waved across the foyer.  “Bye, Minnie!”  He kissed Baekhyun’s cheek.  “Bye, baby.”

            “Oh, don’t,” Baekhyun said weakly and very unconvincingly, while Dongwoo was already following the others outside and didn’t hear.  Shooting Suho an embarrassed look, he mumbled, “It’s not like that.”

            Suho did not want to know anything about it.  “Go and get in the van.”  While his members filed out, he turned back to Sunggyu.  “Thank you for everything.”

            “For letting your members screw my members, or for giving you advice you aren’t going to take?”

            “For letting him sleep with L,” Xiumin whispered.

            “They didn’t sleep together,” Lay whispered back.

            “What?  Why not?” Chanyeol asked.  “We did all of this and nobody slept with L?”

            Suho looked at them.

            “Van, van, get in the van,” Chanyeol said hurriedly, rushing everyone out of the door.  “Bye, sunbaenims!”

            “Sleeping with you isn’t so great,” Sunggyu told L.  “Say good-bye and come on.”  Sunggyu followed everyone else out.

            L toyed with his sunglasses and smiled at Suho.  The familiar affection in his gaze was so relaxing, Suho’s shoulders dropped.  “Hug?” he suggested.  Then his smile widened and he thrust his hand out.  “Shake?”

            This adorable, handsome dongsaeng.  “We can hug,” Suho said, and embraced L.  “Thank you for coming.  I know that you weren’t sure about it, but I hope that you weren’t too burdened.  I was glad to spend time with you.”

            L’s arms closed around him.  “Thank you, hyung.  I liked all of it.”

            They stayed there for a moment.  Then the feel of L’s broad shoulders and strong build started to register in a way that Suho wasn’t comfortable with, and he pulled away.  L’s adult, masculine body was incredibly appealing.  But he didn’t want his own awkwardness to seem like rejection, so he reached out again, squeezing L’s hand.  “I liked it, too.”

            They went outside together, L slipping on his sunglasses.  “What, no Inspirits waiting for their oppa?” Suho asked, feigning surprise.  “Are you okay, will you faint?”

            “I - - ugh,” L said, laughing at him and giving him a light push.  “Don’t say anything, I know all about EXO-L.”

            Dongwoo was beside EXO-M’s van, tapping at the doors and talking to Xiumin.  Sungyeol was halfway inside of EXO-K’s van, wrestling with Baekhyun.  Watching, Suho didn’t know whether to smile or sigh.  “Your leader deals with a lot.”

            Just then, “Kids!” Sunggyu called.

            “Ah, that’s me,” L said.  “Bye, hyung!”  He flashed Suho a charming smile, then hurried off.

            Dongwoo looked around in surprise, then high-fived Xiumin and ran over to Infinite’s van.  He grabbed Sungyeol’s ass on the way, and a second later, Sungyeol followed him.

            Sunbaes.  2010 had been an interesting year to debut.  Suho walked over and began to climb into his own van.  He was glad that his own members, for all of their energy, were a little more-

            “Young Money!”

            At Sunggyu’s call, he set a foot back down on the ground, turning to look.

            A hand shoved D.O. out of Infinite’s van.  “I think this one’s yours!”

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