From Spark to Fire

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Rubbing at his eyes, Baekhyun rolled over in bed.  He didn’t get far; asleep beside him, Sehun was taking up all of the space.  Bracing his hands against Sehun’s naked back, he pushed.  With a grunt, Sehun shifted over.  Barely.

            Wondering what time it was, he dug his phone out from under his pillow.  Whoa, almost noon?  Ugh, they shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night.  Feeling guilty, he winced.  But there had been so much to do.  One last desperate binge.

            Seeing that he’d missed a text, he checked his messages.  It was from Xiumin.

            Did you miss us?  See you tonight!

            Yes, he’d missed them!  Smiling, Baekhyun felt a quick tingle of anticipation.  He couldn’t wait to see the rest of the members again.  It had been so long!  They called and texted, but that wasn’t the same as having them around, in person, taking up space and making noise.  It was going to be the best, having everyone together again!

            Beside him, Sehun grunted and rolled over, squinting at him and yawning.  “Why are you awake and not fucking me?”

            Damn it, this demanding, horny brat.  Immediately turned on, Baekhyun climbed on top of Sehun, smiling down at him.  “What are we going to do with you?”

            Sehun gave him an irritated, probing look.  “Fuck me.  Don’t you listen?”

            Stroking his own cock, he kissed Sehun.  As his body heated up and his thoughts devolved into panting lust, one coherent idea drifted across the back of his mind: he was going to miss this.

            D.O kept walking from room to room, poking around.  “What are you doing?” Kai asked as he came into Kai’s room again.

            “Double-checking.”  D.O went down on his hands and knees, peering under the bed.

            Okay.  “For what?”

            “My conscience,” D.O muttered, and got up, brushing off his knees.

            That was a weird answer, and Kai didn’t like how guilty it made him feel.  “What?”

            “What if there are clues?” D.O asked.  “What if we overlook something?  When Chanyeol hyung stashed lube all over the dorm, it was funny, but what if they find it?”

            “Say you masturbate with it,” Kai said.  “What are they going to find?  We didn’t leave hand-written signs everywhere.”

            “They’re going to notice.  There’s something we’re missing.”

            What was there to notice?  “It’s just sex.  Once you wipe up the cum, there’s nothing to see.”  That reminded him.  “Where’s Chanyeol hyung’s…”  He gestured.

            “I threw it away.”

            No!  “What?”  That vibrator was the most valuable thing in the dorm.  “Why?”

            “What if they find it?  How are we going to explain it?”

            “Hide it!”

            “How big is this dorm?” D.O asked.  “They’d find it!  Or you’d find it and use it, and they’d catch you with it.”

            He was turned on just thinking about it.  He couldn’t believe that it was gone.  “You could have told me!”  If he’d known that it was about to disappear, he would have been sure to make the most of it one last time.

            D.O gave him a wary look.  “Your relationship with that thing is unhealthy.”

            Their reunion was a noisy jumble, everyone hugging everyone else.  They sat in the front room talking for hours, and then their managers brought in food.  They ate and talked, telling stories, reminiscing, catching each other up on everything they’d missed while they’d been apart.  When the exhausted M members began to drift off, D.O sent Suho a cautious look.

            Suho waited for a break in the conversation, then asked, “Tao, are you awake?”

            “No,” Tao mumbled, slumping against Xiumin on the couch.

            While everyone laughed, Suho got up and pulled Lay to his feet.  “Come on, go to bed.”

            “Which bed?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Any bed,” Luhan said, pushing himself up.

            “We moved things around,” Suho admitted.  “Is it okay if you’re in different rooms?”

            Lay gave him a puzzled look but said, “Yes, it’s okay.”

            “I just want to sleep,” Xiumin said.  “I’m just glad to be back here with you.”

            Relieved, Suho smiled.  He and the other K members had been worried about how the M members would take it and what they might think.  They’d come up with a whole story about how they’d wanted to make a change and how they wanted to shuffle roommates around so that they could all grow closer.

            Really, the truth was simple.  They were worried about keeping their hands to themselves, and they were trying to separate from each other strategically.  Predicting that Sehun would be the worst at going back to celibacy, Suho was going to room with him to keep an eye on him.  Suho had placed Kris with them, figuring that Sehun was least likely to attempt anything with both leaders around.

            Chanyeol had poor impulse control, so Suho had placed him with Xiumin and Luhan, hoping that he’d behave better around two hyungs.

            To separate Kai and D.O., he’d put Kai with Baekhyun and Lay.  That left D.O. with Chen and Tao.

            He would’ve felt better if he could put Kai and Baekhyun in separate rooms and put Sehun inside a locked vault, but it was better than the way things had been before.

            “Sleep well!” Suho was saying.

            In the bathroom, D.O. was pacing back and forth while Sehun squatted beside the sink, frowning.  “Oh my god,” Chanyeol whispered.

            “I know,” D.O. muttered, running his hand through his hair.

            “Is it going to be like this?  I didn’t think it was going to be like this,” Chanyeol whispered.

            “It wasn’t like this before,” D.O. said.  Then he stopped short and stared at Chanyeol, wide-eyed.  “Was it?”

            “I don’t know,” Chanyeol whispered.  “The last time you hugged Tao, did you get a hard-on?  I didn’t.”

            “Shit, shit, shit,” Baekhyun whispered, walking in and sitting on the closed toilet.  “Shit, shit.”

            “I know!” Chanyeol whispered.

            “Did you - - oh, god,” Baekhyun moaned, rubbing his hands over his face.  “Why did you leave so early?”

            “Because Luhan hyung was taking off his clothes and asking which bed he should use and I was about to say something really stupid,” Chanyeol whispered.  “Like ‘mine’ or ‘mine’ or ‘mine.’”

            “What did we miss?  What happened?” D.O. asked.

            “In your room,” Baekhyun said behind his hands.  “Tao was too sleepy.  Chen.  Undressed him.”

            D.O. walked into the wall, leaned his forehead against the tile, and closed his eyes.

            “What are you doing in here?” Kai asked at a normal volume, walking in with a puzzled look.

            “Freaking the fuck out,” Chanyeol whispered.

            “This is so weird,” Baekhyun moaned.  “I feel like such a lecherous pervert.  They don’t even know.  They think we’re just members.  Just friends.”

            “So let’s tell them and get laid,” Sehun suggested impatiently.

            “We can’t just spring it on them,” Baekhyun whispered.

            “We talked about this,” D.O. told Sehun.  “We’ll tell them when it seems like they’re ready.”

            Sehun rolled his eyes and glared at the floor.  “My ass is ready now.”

            “Is he going to be like this all of the time now?” Kai asked.

            “Not if you fuck him,” Chanyeol said.  “Did you see Chen undressing Tao?” he asked Kai.

            Kai nodded, then grinned.  “Tao hyung kept whining about how tired he was.”

            “It sounded so much like moaning,” Baekhyun whispered.  “It sounded like sex.  Chen was smiling the whole time, like it was really cute.  I can’t believe how much I want to fuck them.”

            “I know!” Chanyeol whispered.  “I didn’t think that I was going to want them this badly.  I expected it to be like it was with us in the beginning.  Friendly.”

            “We started off friendly, but we’re far past that now,” D.O. said.

            “Maybe our bodies don’t know the difference?” Baekhyun asked.  “I used to look at members and feel a little spark.  You know the spark?  Now I look at members and it’s not a little spark anymore.  It’s more like a fire.”

            Chanyeol nodded.  “My cock thinks that the other members are for sex.  It doesn’t care whether they’re K or M.”

            “We’re not for sex,” D.O. said.

            Chanyeol smiled and shrugged.  “My cock says you are.”

            “Your stupid cock is what got us into this,” D.O. whispered.

            “Into this?  Into what?” Chanyeol asked, grinning.  “Your mouth?”

            While everyone burst into laughter, no one noticed Sehun slip out of the room.

            Luhan felt a hand on his thigh.  Opening his eyes, he remembered that he was back on Seoul, back with K, back in the dorm.  Smiling, he looked up and saw Sehun.  “Hi.”

            Sehun tugged at the hem of his boxer-briefs.  “Can I sleep with you?”

            Luhan grinned.  “You never asked before.”  Scooting back, he made room.  He was so tired that they’d barely snuggled up before he was asleep again.

            Seated on his bed, Suho clasped his hands and watched Kris sleep.

            He was so glad to have the whole team back together.  He was so happy to have M home with them again.  Everything felt so right when EXO was one.

            But he’d been dreading this reunion, because it meant facing up to what they’d done.  It meant confessing the truth they’d been hiding.

            How was he going to explain?  The other members usually phrased it as, “How are we going to explain?” but it really fell to him.  He was their leader.  It had been his responsibility to stop it.  It had also been his responsibility to explain to M, to give them a chance to consider and understand, to give them the opportunity to say, “Yes, let’s do this,” or, “No, this isn’t what we want.”  He hadn’t done that.  He’d put it off and put it off, worried about what they might say, what they might think, how they might feel.  He’d always had excuses: “It isn’t right over the phone.  It’s better in person.”  And time had passed, and things had developed.  And now they were all here, together, in person.  He didn’t have any excuses left.  It was time to tell.

            What could he say?  “We all love each other, and we’re so close…”  What if they didn’t understand?  What if they didn’t feel the same way?

            Maybe it would go well.  Maybe they’d be comfortable with it.  But there was always the possibility that they’d be confused or hurt or disgusted, and Suho couldn’t bear the thought of it.  He couldn’t take the guilt.

            EXO was one, but the K members had become involved in something that the M members hadn’t agreed to.  Had taken the team in a direction the M members knew nothing about.  Something that had been meant to bring the team closer might end up splintering it.

            “Shit.”  Startling him, Kris rolled over in the other bed, pushing up on one elbow and looking at him.  “Are you just sitting over there watching me?  Stop being creepy.”

            Suho smiled.  “Sorry.”

            Kris gestured him over and patted the mattress.

            Such a bad idea, but such a tempting one.  He was mature enough to behave himself, right?  He sat on the edge of the bed.  After having Kris on the other end of a phone for so long, he was glad to be with Kris in person, thrilled to see every gesture, every expression, every little contraction of Kris’ eyebrows.  “It’s good to have you here.”

            “It’s good to be here.”  Kris grinned at him.  “It’s tough, being the leader.  Now I can sit back and leave everything to you.”

            The next morning, Chanyeol dragged Baekhyun into the bathroom.  “Help me, help me, I’m losing it.”

            “You?  I woke up with a hard-on and found Lay hyung on the floor right beside my bed, stretching!  In his underwear!  He had his ass in the air and then he was so cheerful and happy to see me and he wanted to talk.”

            “I had to room with Luhan hyung,” Chanyeol whispered.  “Shut up.”

            “What was Sehun doing in there?  Is he trying to get caught?”

            “That little shit!  We have to keep an eye on him.”

            “Did you talk to Suho hyung?  When do we tell them?” Baekhyun whispered.

            “He wants to wait.  I think he’s nervous.”

            “I’m nervous!”

            “I just want to get it over with,” Chanyeol whispered.  “I just want them to know so we can sort it out.”

            Someone pushed open the door.  Springing apart guiltily, they turned to see D.O. coming in and shutting the door again.  “This has to stop,” D.O. whispered, going over to the sink.

            “What?” Baekhyun whispered.

            “What happened?” Chanyeol asked.

            D.O. splashed water on his face.  “I woke up and fucking Chen hyung was in my fucking bed with me.”  Drying off his face, he muttered into the towel.  “I thought it was Sehun.”

            Chanyeol’s jaw dropped open.

            “What did you do?” Baekhyun demanded.  “What the hell did you do?!”

            D.O. glared at them like it was their fault.  “I kissed his neck and grabbed his ass.  And I might have been grinding against him a little,” he muttered, while Chanyeol staggered back against the wall and Baekhyun sank to the floor.  “I was half-asleep!  He thought I was playing, he laughed it off.”

            “Omo, omo, omo,” Chanyeol breathed, staring at him.

            “What are we going to do?” Baekhyun whispered.

            Xiumin opened the door, paused, and gave them a quizzical look.  “What are you doing in here?”

            While Chanyeol pushed himself away from the wall, Baekhyun stood up and D.O. cleared his throat.  “Talking,” Baekhyun said.

            “Getting a break from Suho hyung,” Chanyeol said.

            Xiumin raised his eyebrows in surprise but nodded.  “Mind if I-?”

            “Oh, go ahead,” Chanyeol said.  “We’ll, ah, I, uh, yeah,” he said nonsensically as D.O. dragged him out of the bathroom.

            Sehun sat at the head of Luhan’s bed, leaning against the wall, watching him unpack.  “When’s the last time you had sex with a guy?”

            “Oh, not for a while.”  Luhan shot him a smile.  “I’m an idol now.  You know that lecture we got on protecting our reputations.”

            “You could have sex with me,” Sehun pointed out.

            “What?  With you?” Luhan asked, laughing.  “Why?”

            “It wouldn’t hurt your reputation.  If we do it here in the dorm, who’s going to know about it?”

            Luhan stared at him with a baffled half-smile.  “You aren’t serious.”

            “Why not?  Don’t you like sex?”  Sehun gave him a shrewd look.  “You don’t like me?”

            “I love you, you fool.”  Reaching over, he ruffled Sehun’s hair.  “Stop asking stupid questions.  I don’t need it so badly that I have to get it from you.”

            Baekhyun tried, he really did.  But his body was too used to getting what it needed, and he was surrounded by the other members all of the time.  He kept getting a hard-on at the worst possible moment, like when he was in the shower with Tao, or when he was hugging Xiumin, or when he was sitting on the couch with Luhan.  Chen would try to hug and tickle and cuddle him, and he’d get flustered and pull away, and he knew that he was hurting Chen’s feelings, but what was he supposed to do?  Kris kept walking around the house looking sexy, and Lay kept sprawling around their bedroom half-naked, and there was only so much Baekhyun could take.

            He and Chanyeol started giving each other quick handjobs in the bathroom.  Or quick blowjobs, if they were sure everyone else was asleep.  One night D.O. found them.  Another night he didn’t need Chanyeol, because Kai crawled into his bed, and they got each other off as quietly as they could with Lay in the next bed.

            He didn’t know how long they could keep hiding it from M.  Every day they kept going, they were more and more likely to get caught, but he couldn’t stop.

            Kris was stretched out on the couch, not actually napping but not inclined to get up, when Luhan and Xiumin converged on him.  “Can we talk?” Luhan murmured in Mandarin, glancing toward the bedrooms.

            “Sure.”  Wondering what they wanted, he got up.  When he stepped into his room, he found Lay and Chen and Tao already there, crowded on Sehun’s bed.  “What’s this?” he asked as Xiumin and Luhan followed him in, closing the door.

            “Something’s wrong,” Luhan whispered.

            “With what?”

            “Haven’t things seemed strange?” Tao whispered.  “The K members act so nervous all of the time.”

            “They’re skittish,” Lay whispered.

            Kris frowned.  “What do you mean?”

            “They’re shy about skinship,” Luhan whispered.

            “They’re always in the bathroom,” Tao whispered.

            “Baekhyun giggles and practically runs away every time I touch him,” Luhan whispered.  “Chanyeol’s always getting up and leaving the room.”

            “D.O.’s really tense,” Lay whispered.  “Something’s wrong.”

            “I noticed the bathroom thing,” Kris admitted.  He looked at Xiumin and Chen and whispered, in Korean, “You understood?”

            Xiumin nodded.

            Chen said something Kris didn’t get.

            “They’re what?” Tao asked.

            “He thinks they’re horny,” Luhan whispered.

            Lay smiled.  “I think so, too.  They’re always turned on.  Their eyes wander.”

            “Every time I sit in Suho’s lap, he has a hard-on,” Tao said.

            Kris eyed him.  “Yet you keep sitting there.”

            Tao blushed and smiled.

            Kris thought over what they’d said.  The K members were nervous, skittish, shy, and horny.  “Maybe they just need to get laid.  Maybe things just seem awkward because we’ve been apart for so long.  It’s a little uneasy, getting used to each other again.  Let’s give them some space.”  He tugged at Tao’s hair.  “And stop taking advantage of Suho.  If he has a hard-on, he doesn’t want you squirming against it.”

            The door opened.  Suho looked surprised to see them there.  “Hey.”  He scanned their faces.  “Everything okay?”

            “Just plotting world domination,” Kris said.  “Go, do my bidding,” he told the members.

            Smiling, saluting, they left, Lay hugging Suho on the way out.

            When they were the only two remaining in the room, Suho gave Kris a keen glance.  “Anything you want to talk about?”

            “I was about to ask you that,” Kris admitted.  He studied Suho’s face, wondering.  “If there’s anything on your mind, you can tell me.”

            Suho’s smile was mild.  “I’ll let you know.”

            “Okay.”  Was something wrong between K and M?  Or was it as simple as hormones?

            “Damn, kid,” Xiumin said.  “You really do need to get laid.”

            Stricken, feeling caught, Chanyeol froze.  Slowly, he looked up.  Xumin was facing away from him, looking at the couch.  At Sehun on the couch.

            “What?” Chen asked, sprawled on the floor with Tao.  “What’s wrong?”

            “He’s jacking off,” Xiumin said.

            “What?!” Chanyeol asked, spitting out a mouthful of cereal.  Coughing, wiping at his mouth, he stared at Sehun.

            One hand tucked under the pillow covering his lap, Sehun stared at them.  “What?”

            “You’re so belligerent lately,” Chen said.  “You’re in such a bad mood all of the time.”

            “Are you saying he’s masturbating?” Tao asked.  “Right now?”

            “I hope not,” Chanyeol said.  “Suho hyung’s going to kill you.”

            “Can’t you do that in your room?” Lay asked.  “Doing that out here, isn’t it a little…”

            “Why are you all like this?” Tao asked.  “You’re always hard, you’re always masturbating, you’re always doing something in the bathroom.  It’s weird.”

            “I’m horny and I’m surrounded by hot guys all day,” Kai said from the other end of the couch.  “Give me a break.”

            Tao grinned.  “You want to make out or something?”

            “Yes,” Sehun said, pushing the pillow aside and stretching a hand toward Tao.

            “No!” Chanyeol said urgently, diving forward and grabbing Sehun’s hand.  “He was kidding,” he told the other members.  “He - - ow!”  Sehun had just punched him in the arm.  “Ya!”

            “Oh Sehun!  What’s going on with you?” Xiumin demanded.

            “I’m horny, damn it!” Sehun shouted.  “If I didn’t have that stupid vibrator, I’d go out of my mind!”

            “You have the vibrator?” Kai asked.

            “Where’d you get a vibrator?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Is that yours?” Tao asked.

            “I took it back when D.O. hyung tried to throw it away.  That stupid thing is the best roommate in this place,” Sehun muttered.

            “You’re so cute when you’re sulking,” Lay said.  “What’s a ‘vibrator?’”

            Tao said something in Mandarin, and Lay’s eyes widened.  “I thought it was Suho hyung’s,” Tao said.  “I found it under his bed.  Kris hyung said we should leave it alone, it’s private.”

            “It’s Chanyeol hyung’s,” Sehun said.

            “Why was it under Suho hyung’s bed?” Tao asked.  Kai was leaving the room.

            “I don’t like using it in my bed.  It’s more fun in someone else’s bed,” Sehun said.

            “Why are you so horny?” Xiumin asked.  “You weren’t all like this before.  I mean, we’d all like to get some, but you can’t calm down about it.”

            “It’s nothing,” Chanyeol said.

            Sehun scowled, sighed, and zipped his fly.

            They were sitting on the floor, eating, talking, passing around food, when Tao said, “Ah, Kris hyung.  The vibrator isn’t Suho hyung’s, it’s Chanyeol hyung’s.  Or Sehun’s.  Or Kai’s.  Not Suho hyung’s.”

            Baekhyun choked, coughing, eyes watering.

            Lay thumped Baekhyun on the back while Suho shot Tao a vaguely puzzled look and asked, “What vibrator?”

            “The one D.O. tried to throw away,” Tao said.  “I thought it was yours because it was under your bed, but Sehun said he put it there.”

            “This is a fascinating story,” Kris said.

            “A vibrator?” Luhan asked.  “We’re talking about a…”  He made a buzzing sound.

            “Can we not talk about it?” Kai asked.

            “There’s nothing under my bed,” Suho said.  “I was just under there, looking for my charger, and there’s nothing.”

            Sehun smacked Kai’s thigh.  “You stole it!”

            “I didn’t!” Kai said.

            “You did!”

            “I need it!”

            D.O. threw down his chopsticks and put his head in his hands.

            “I need it more than you do!” Sehun shot back.  “You don’t even use it right!”

            “I use it fine!”

            “How can you use it wrong?” Luhan asked.

            “Can’t you just get another one?” Kris asked.  “Or learn to share?”

            “Is it okay to share a vibrator?” Xiumin asked.

            Kris shrugged.  “We share everything else.”

            “We can’t get another one,” Chanyeol said.  “We can’t get it ourselves, we had to get it through a manager, and he said one was all.”

            Suho sighed.  “It’s risky, our manager being seen buying that kind of thing.  If he has someone else buy it for him, the more people involved, the more rumors can start.”

            “I don’t even like the stupid thing,” Sehun muttered.

            “Good, I’m keeping it,” Kai said.

            “I still don’t understand how you can use it wrong,” Luhan said.

            “Kai doesn’t put it in,” Chanyeol explained.  “He just rubs it around on his junk.”

            “Oh, that must feel nice,” Xiumin said.

            “It’s fantastic,” Kai said.

            “Nothing feels as good as-”

            D.O. shoved a lettuce wrap in Sehun’s mouth.  “Eat.”

            “I don’t know why you keep talking about it every other minute,” Luhan told Sehun.  “We all know you’ve never done anything.”  He turned to Baekhyun.  “Did he get some boyfriend while we were gone?”

            “Yes,” Kai said while Baekhyun said, “No.”

            D.O. sank across the floor, his head in Lay’s lap.

            “Kind of,” Kai said, while Baekhyun said, “It’s complicated.”

            “Is that why you keep saying no?” Sehun asked Luhan.  “You think I’ve never done it?”

            Luhan coughed politely.  “Have you done it?”

            “Yes.  Can we do it now?”

            Luhan licked his lips and glanced at Kris, then at Suho.  “I think that’s something we should talk about first.”

            “Why do you have to talk about it?” Tao asked.  “Go and do it.”

            Luhan laughed.  “We aren’t the only two members.  If we’re going to cross a boundary, we should discuss it.  Everything we do affects each other.  I can’t buy a pizza without causing a problem with half of the members, so we have rules about ordering food.  Maybe we should talk about sex, too.”

            “Yes,” D.O. mumbled against Lay’s thigh.  “Not discussing it with the whole team first would be unconscionable.”

            Kris narrowed his eyes.  “You guys have been fucking.”

            “Yes!” Sehun exploded.  “Finally!”

            “I can explain,” Baekhyun said.

            “It’s D.O.’s fault!” Chanyeol said.

            “We wanted to tell you,” Kai said.

            “My fault?!” D.O. exclaimed, sitting up straight.  “It was your cock!”

            “My cock is just my cock!  Nothing happened until you put your mouth on it!” Chanyeol said.

            “What?” Tao asked.

            “Really?” Chen asked.

            “When?” Xiumin demanded.

            “Why didn’t you say anything?” Luhan asked.  “Why wouldn’t you tell us?”

            Everyone looked at Suho.

            Clearing his throat, Suho smiled.  “Funny story…”

            On his back in bed, Kris laced his fingers behind his head.  “This is the biggest mistake you’ve made as our leader.”

            Beside him, Suho winced.  “I know.”

            “You should probably be punished for it.”

            “I think that dying of guilt every time you asked me what was wrong was bad enough.”

            “Mmm, no.”  Kris let his mind roam.  Punishing Suho…  “We’re going to need rope.”

            Suho looked startled.  “Rope?”

            “To tie you up.  You are sorry, aren’t you?”  Kris raised an eyebrow.

            Suho looked like he was trying not to smile.  “Yes, very sorry.  You want to tie me up?”

            “You made us all suffer so much.  You should suffer, too.”

            Suho grinned.  “You weren’t complaining about suffering a few minutes ago.”

            “Mmm.  Community service.  To make up for what you’ve done.”  Kris nodded.  “You’re going to have to do a lot more of that.”


            Kris nodded.  “Yes.  A lot more of it.”

            Sighing dramatically, Suho crawled on top of him, straddling him.  “All right.  To show that I’m very sorry.  I’ll take responsibility and do my community service well.”

            Kris grinned.  “Work hard.”

            Rubbing at his eyes, Baekhyun rolled over in bed.  He didn’t get far; asleep beside him, Chen was taking up all of the space.  Bracing his hands against Chen’s naked back, he pushed.  With a grunt, still asleep, Chen rolled over and cuddled up against him, snuggling in with a dreamy smile.

            Having Chen’s warm, naked body pressed so closely against him felt so good that Baekhyun wrapped his arm around Chen’s waist to encourage more of it.  Over Chen’s shoulder, he glanced toward Kai’s bed, where Kai slept in a lazy sprawl, bare limbs every which way beside D.O., who was neatly tucked into the fetal position.

            “Unnh.”  Shuffling drowsily into the room, Sehun yawned, scrunching his hands through his hair.  Long and smooth and naked, he walked right over to Lay’s bed, pulling the covers aside and crawling on top of Lay’s slumbering body.  “Lay hyung,” he said, his voice warm, pleased, coaxing.  “Lay hyung.”  He rubbed Lay’s thigh.  “Wake up and fuck me.”

            With a confused, “Hhuuuhh,” Lay patted his way up Sehun’s arm.  “Okay,” he mumbled, pulling Sehun closer.  “Come here.”

            “That kid,” Chen murmured sleepily against Baekhyun’s shoulder.  “Gets it every time he asks for it.”

            “Yeah,” Baekhyun agreed.  “But it keeps him in such a good mood.”

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Copyright August 3, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time