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            Suho sat on the coffee table.  His members gathered in front of him, crawling onto the couch.  Chen and Lay were talking, Baekhyun on the phone, Chanyeol yawning.

            D.O. started to get up.

            “Members!” Suho said, annoyed.

            Chen shut up.  D.O. sat back down.  “Uh, I gotta go,” Baekhyun said, glancing at Suho.

            “What’s going on?” Lay asked.

            “It’s about Sehun,” Suho began.

            “Are we ganging up on the maknae?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Yes, great,” Baekhyun said.

            “He’s been okay, lately,” Xiumin said.

            “The sex is amazing,” Lay said.

            “Not everything is about sex!” Suho exclaimed.  “It’s about Hwanhee.”

            Baekhyun snorted.  “Not everything is about sex, guys, damn, chill.  It’s just about his sex slave, get a grip.”

            “Don’t call him that,” Kai said.

            “What are we supposed to call him, anyway?” Xiumin asked.

            “I just call him ‘that rookie’ and ‘that hoobae,’ because it pisses Sehun off,” Chanyeol said.

            “I call him a puppy,” Lay said.  “That’s the word Infinite uses.”

            “Aw, he’s a cute puppy,” Chen said.

            “He’s important to Sehun,” Suho said, forcing the conversation forward.  “He’s going to be around a lot, from now on.  That means that he’ll be here, in our dorm.  We have to decide what to do about that.”

            “Um…  What to do about what?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Do we need to hide the heroin and our gun-smuggling operation?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Do we need to hide our secret identities?” Xiumin asked.

            “No, everybody already knows that we’re aliens with superpowers, it can’t be that,” Baekhyun said.

            D.O. punched him.

            “Oh!  Ow!  Super strength!  Augh!” Baekhyun cried out, falling across Kai’s lap.

            “Get off of me,” Kai said, pushing him away, laughing.

            Suho wondered if this would go a lot faster if he’d send Baekhyun out of the room for five minutes.  “It’s important for Sehun and Hwanhee to see each other.  Not always for big visits, sometimes for check-ins.  Shorter visits.  I think it’ll be good for them.  Now, I’ve been thinking a lot about that, and I think that short visits will be more convenient, sometimes, because it’ll be less disruptive.  Hwanhee can just come over here and you won’t all have to leave.  But that means that he’ll see more of us and learn more about us.”

            “And we have so much to hide!” Baekhyun exclaimed, pantomiming fear.

            “We do!” Suho insisted, not amused.  “Baekhyun-ah, think.  What if Chen has Hoya over?  What if any of our friends visit?  What if Dongwoo hyung’s here?  We should be comfortable here, together, in our dorm, but if we’re too comfortable, what will he see?  And when he comes, Jinhoo comes, too, so we’ll have Up10tion around our dorm even if Hwanhee stays in Sehun’s room.”

            “So every time Hwanhee comes over, we have to be monks?” Xiumin asked.

            “Or leave,” Lay said.

            “Or Sehun can meet him at Up10tion’s dorm and we can do whatever we want?” Chanyeol suggested.

            “I want things to be fair,” Suho said.  “If you can have your friends over, Sehun should be able to have his, too.  It was just easier, before, because when Sehun got close to L.Joe, we all got close to Teen Top.”

            “So we’re having sex with Up10tion now, right?” Baekhyun asked.  He clapped his hands together, nodding.  “Great solution!”  He turned to Chen, said, “Dibs on Wei,” turned to Kai, said, “Don’t start with me,” and turned back to Chen.  “I already called it!”

            “Who says that Wei even wants you?” Kai asked.

            Baekhyun blinked.  Putting his hand to his chest, he looked wounded.

            “I want us to decide how close to Up10tion we’d like to get,” Suho said.  “This has to be a group decision.  I want you to think a lot about it before we discuss it as a whole group with Sehun.  It’s a big commitment, it’s a big risk, opening up our private lives to another team.  We’ve been really, really lucky with Teen Top and Infinite, but we’ve had a lot of really bad moments, too.  It’s a risk.”

            “They’re from a company we already trust,” Lay said.  “They’re not complete strangers.”

            “But they are complete strangers,” Kai said.  “We know their company, but we don’t know them.  Jinhoo’s nothing like C.A.P., this is a whole different set of guys.  I don’t know what they’re like.”

            “They seem really nice, though,” Lay argued.  “I don’t think they’re bad people.”

            “A lot of people are nice, but I wouldn’t trust them with my career,” D.O. said.

            “What do you think?” Chen asked Suho.

            Seven pairs of eyes turned to him, trusting.

            He sighed.  “I want to take it slowly.  I want to talk to the Teen Top members, each one of them, privately, to get an idea of what Up10tion is really like.  I’d feel more confident if I knew more about Jinhoo.  I still feel like I don’t understand him.”

            “Yeah, ask Changjo,” D.O. said.

            “We should just get to know them better,” Chen said.

            “Yeah, we can meet them, talk to them, take them to dinner,” Lay said.

            “God, I’m too tired to start dating ten new rookies,” Xiumin said.  “Can’t we just invite them over to suck my cock?”

            “It’ll be nice to get to know them,” Chen said, laughing.  “It’ll be cute, having a bunch of new dongsaengs around.”

            “Yeah, more guys to order around,” Kai told Xiumin.  “You’ll love that.”

            “Dongsaengs with rookie energy,” Suho added.  “You’ll ask them to get you a drink and they’ll jump right to it.”

            Xiumin grinned.  “Okay, I can get into that.  Let’s take them to dinner.”

            “Ah, Jinhoo’s all right,” C.A.P. said, adjusting his hat.  “He’s a good guy, he’s just protective of his kids.  They’re good hoobaes, they’ve worked hard.”  He grinned.  “Be fun to go on MT with them and EXO at the same time.  Make Lay’s head explode.”

            Jinhoo’s okay,” Chunji said.  “He’s too strict, he’s too careful.  If he were my leader, I couldn’t stand it.  But they all love him.  His members adore him, it’s gross.  But you don’t have to worry that they’d be out to get you or do anything to take advantage of you.  They’re way too nice.”

            “I like them,” Niel said.  “They’re good kids.  It’s not bad, having new hoobaes.  They’re too well-behaved, though, I think they’re making us look bad.”

            “What do you want to know?” Ricky asked.  “You don’t have to worry about most of them.  Jinhoo’s really protective, though, you’d want to make sure that he feels sure about you, because if he doesn’t trust you, he’ll hurt EXO to save Up10tion.  And you should keep an eye on Xiao.  He’s selfish and he doesn’t think ahead about consequences.  But the rest of them are all right.  Some of them are good people, it’s nice.”

                “All Jinhoo cares about is Up10tion, so if his kids are safe and happy, he’ll be okay,” Changjo explained, ticking off members on his fingers.  “Kuhn only cares about two things, if the kids are doing all right and if Jinhoo’s happy.  So, if the kids are happy, Jinhoo’s happy, and if Jinhoo’s happy, Kuhn’s happy, so if you’re good for the rest of the members and things are going well, the leaders will leave it alone.  Most of the members are just nice guys, they work hard, they keep their heads down, they want to do well and get along.  Like Bitto, Gyujin, Wei, Sunyoul, Hwanhee, they’re not going to give you any trouble.  Kogyeol’s prideful but he’s mature, he should be okay.  Wooshin’s trouble, look out for him, you have to win him over or you’ll never be able to trust him on anything.  And Xiao’s a problem.  People say he’s too young but he’s not too young, it’s not his age, he’s just immature.  He just doesn’t have his shit together.”  Changjo blinked a couple of times, gears whirring.  “If you give him to one of your members, he’ll be okay.  If one of them adopts him, and he feels like he’s special to an important sunbae, and it’s someone who can keep him in line, it won’t be so bad.  But it can’t be just anybody.  Baekhyun hyung, maybe.  Keep an eye on him, see who he responds to, encourage them to hook up.  If you keep Xiao in line, and you make Wooshin like you, and you’re nice to everybody else, you’ll be okay.  And nobody’s going to be scandalized if they realize your members are doing each other, they’re already idols, they know.”

            The members split into two groups.  Xiumin took Lay and Chen and Suho, while Baekhyun got stuck with Kai, D.O., Chanyeol, and Sehun.  “I want to switch teams.”

            “We’re not switching teams,” Chen said.

            “Take Sehun!  I don’t want him being creepy all over my dinner.”

            “It won’t help,” D.O. said.  “Even if you get rid of Sehun, you’ll still have me.”  He stared at Baekhyun.  Unblinking.  Unmoving.  Was he breathing?  Creeped out, Baekhyun backed away from him, shivering, and he started advancing, and for a second, Baekhyun’s life was like a horror movie.

            Lay suggested playing rock, paper, scissors for the Up10tion members.  Kai suggested just asking the rookies who they wanted to come to dinner with and letting them decide.  That was no fun at all.  “I want Wei,” Baekhyun announced.

            “You need to focus on other things, for once,” Suho said.  “We’ll take Wei.”

            “Well, if I can’t see Wei, why am I going to dinner?” Baekhyun demanded, laughing.  “I’ll stay home, then, or I’ll go and call Sungyeol hyung.”

            “We’ll take Sunyoul,” Chanyeol said.

            “Wait, what?  You can’t just decide that all on your own,” Baekhyun said.

            “We want Wooshin,” Xiumin said.

            “No, Gyujin, Gyujin,” Lay insisted.

            “We don’t want him, we can’t screw him,” Xiumin said.  “If Teen Top can’t do him, you think they’ll let us?  We’re taking Wooshin.”

            “Then I want Kuhn,” Baekhyun said.  Shit, the good members were going fast!

            Kogyeol,” Xiumin said.

            “Who’s even left?” Baekhyun asked.

            Bitto?” D.O. asked.

            Hwanhee,” Xiumin said.

            “What?!” Sehun demanded.  He’d been standing to the side, not paying any attention, but all of a sudden he was moving right towards Xiumin.

            “Whoa, hey,” Chen said, pushing Sehun back.

            “We’re supposed to get to know Up10tion, right?  I want to get to know Hwanhee,” Xiumin said.

            “We’ll take Jinhoo and Xiao,” Suho said.  “Sehun can have Hwanhee and Gyujin.”

            “What?  We have the leader and the baby?” Xiumin asked.

            “And Wei and Kogyeol and Wooshin,” Lay said.  “That’s good, I’m okay with it.”

            “Great, I’m taking Sehun and Hwanhee to dinner,” Baekhyun said.  “Kuhn had better be really interesting.”

            An hour later, Baekhyun was ready to take Kuhn home and get down to the good stuff.  Was it his imagination, or had Kuhn become more handsome since dinner had started?  Maybe it was all of the smiling.  Those big, happy smiles lit him up.  Kuhn was a really polite hoobae, but really funny, too.  They were getting along so well, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d hit it off with a dongsaeng like this.

            Chanyeol, the embarrassing pervert, was all over Sunyoul.  Sunyoul didn’t even seem to know why.  He probably thought that Chanyeol liked him for his personality, the poor kid, when Chanyeol was totally just perving on his high-pitched voice and fantasizing about “call me oppa” games.  D.O. and Kai were down at the end of the table with Bitto and Gyujin and Hwanhee, having some earnest conversation about something, laughing a lot.

            Sehun was at the opposite end of the table.  Hwanhee had started out down there, beside him, the two of them whispering and giggling together.  Then Bitto had called Hwanhee over for something, and Hwanhee had spent a while over there, on Bitto’s lap, eating with Gyujin, talking to Kai and D.O.  Then the waitress had brought more food in, and he’d scurried back to Sehun, talking, getting Sehun another drink, making sure that the new dishes were all in Sehun’s reach like no one else might want to eat anything.  Now he was back with Kai and D.O. again.

            Baekhyun had expected him to be all over Sehun.  Or to be too self-conscious and flustered to be in public.  But he was acting completely normal.  Cute and energetic, like, annoyingly cute and energetic, but normal.  He was just hanging out with his members, getting to know Kai and D.O., eating a meal like anybody else.  He kept checking on Sehun, and he smiled a lot around Sehun.  But he kind of acted the same around Sehun as he did everybody else.  That eager, cute thing he did, he did for his own members, too.

            Seriously, if anyone looked in this room and tried to guess who was there on a date, Chanyeol and Sunyoul would win.  Sehun and Hwanhee wouldn’t even come up.

            Kuhn’s phone rang.  “Oh, sorry, excuse me,” he said, and he answered.  The other Up10tion members were glancing over.  “Hi, how’s it going?  Yeah, yeah.  Okay.”  He put it on speakerphone.

            “Kids?” someone asked.  “It’s Mom.”

            The other Up10tion members laughed.  “Hi, Mom!”

            “How’s dinner?” Bitto asked.

            “It’s good.  Are you eating well?”

            “Yes, we’re all eating well,” Hwanhee called.

            “Okay.  Be respectful to your sunbaes.”

            “We are,” Kuhn promised, smiling.

            “All right.  Bye-bye.”

            “Bye!” they called.

            “Oh my god, he’s worse than Suho hyung,” Baekhyun said.  His phone rang.  Laughing, he put his hand in his pocket.  “That’s not Suho hyung.”

            “Shouldn’t have said anything,” Kai said.

            “It’s not him,” he said, and he checked his caller ID.  Of course it was Suho.  “What is this?” he demanded, and he answered.  “Are you checking up on us?”

            “No, I just want to ask how it’s going,” Suho said.

            “That’s checking up on us!” he argued, laughing.

            “Is everybody all right?”

            “No, we all stabbed each other to death, I’m the only one still alive.  It’s a bloodbath, they’re probably going to have to shut the restaurant down.”

            “That’s a shame,” Suho said.  “It wasn’t a bad restaurant, they have good pork dishes.”

            He heard Chen laughing in the background.  In a flash, he remembered Wei.  Shit!  Chen was totally moving in on his territory!  He had to get himself together.  He’d lost focus; he’d been enjoying himself and forgetting the point.  Chanyeol was all over Sunyoul and Chen was on the prowl; he was going to be the only member not getting any action.  “I gotta go,” he said.  “Tell Chen that I hate him.”

            “Baekhyun-ah!  How are things?  Is everyone behaving?  Are you all getting along?”

            “Fine, it’s fine,” he said, distracted now.  He flashed a smile at Kuhn, and Kuhn smiled back.  Such a big, happy smile.  He’d bet that Kuhn was really fun in bed.  “Sehun’s not being too creepy, Kai and D.O. are fine, Chanyeol’s being a pervert, it’s all normal.”

            “Whoa, hey,” Chanyeol said, blushing.  “What?”

            “Did he say ‘pervert?’” Sunyoul asked, laughing, giving Chanyeol a wondering look.

            “Don’t say that in public,” Suho scolded.

            “Okay, we are one, bye,” Baekhyun said, hanging up.  He shouldn’t have wasted so much time having fun.  This might be a great opportunity to lay the groundwork for some great sex, later.  “So,” he said, getting back to eating.  “You’re close with Teen Top.”

            “Sure,” Kuhn said.  “They’re great.”

            “Of all of the members here,” Baekhyun said.  “Which one do you think is Niel’s favorite?”

            Niel hyung?”  He thought about it, and suddenly he blushed like something had just occurred to him.  Baekhyun smiled; that was a good sign.  “Uh, me, maybe,” he said with a self-conscious laugh.

            “Yeah?”  Baekhyun gave him a flirty smile.  “I’m pretty close with C.A.P.”

            “Oh, god,” Sehun muttered, turning away and snickering.

            Still smiling at Kuhn, Baekhyun reached over and punched Sehun’s thigh.

            Kuhn was turning red the whole way to the tips of his ears.  “You and, uh, C.A.P. hyung.”  He laughed, and he shifted like his pants were suddenly uncomfortable.  He coughed.  “I didn’t know that.”

            “Yeah, we get along really well.  We’re, you know.”  He grinned.  “Compatible.”

            “That, uh.”  Kuhn was turning redder, his eyes darting.  “That’s good.”

            “Do you want to draw him a sign?” Sehun asked.

            Baekhyun picked up a piece of meat and dropped it in his lap.  “Worry about your own dinner, maknae.”

            “Oh, what the hell,” Sehun muttered.

            Before Baekhyun had even turned around, Hwanhee was at Sehun’s side, napkin in hand.  “Are you okay?  Oh, it might stain,” he said.  Crouching down, he started blotting Sehun’s shirt.

            “It’s fine,” Sehun said.

            He looked up, past Sehun.  “Hyung, could I have some water, please?”

            Kuhn passed over a glass of water.  He wet a napkin with it and went back to blotting.

            It’s fine,” Sehun said again.  Hwanhee-ah, don’t worry about it.”

            “No, it’s already coming out.”

            Baekhyun watched him, trying to figure him out.  He wasn’t anxious or frantic.  He didn’t seem worried that Sehun might be upset.  He seemed totally normal, he seemed confident, he just seemed really focused on making sure that Sehun’s shirt came out of this unscathed.

            More than anything else, he seemed protective.

            He blew on Sehun’s damp shirt.  “Okay.”  Getting back up, he smiled, gathering napkins.  “Is everything else okay?  Can I get you anything?  Do you want to order anything else?”

            That was kind of funny, too.  He didn’t seem worried about Sehun’s reaction to what he’d done; he wasn’t anxious for praise, looking for reassurance.  He’d done what he’d wanted to do, and he was moving on.

            “No, thanks, I’m fine,” Sehun said.

            “I could use more cola,” Baekhyun said, just for the hell of it.

            Hwanhee smiled at him.

            “Ignore him,” Sehun said.

            “I can’t ignore a big sunbae,” Hwanhee said, already getting a can and a glass.

            “Ignore him,” Sehun repeated.  “You don’t have to do anything for my members, Baekhyun hyung knows how to pour cola.  I’m his maknae, I’ll get him a drink.”

            “You’re a bad maknae, anyway,” Hwanhee said.  Smiling, he handed over the glass to Baekhyun and bowed.  “Drink it well, sunbaenim.”

            Sunyoul laughed.  “You’re a bad maknae?”

            “He’s the worst,” Baekhyun said.  “Thanks.”  He sipped his cola.  Hwanhee was kind of cute.  “What are you guys doing on Tuesday?”

            “Uh, probably five shows and twenty hours of practice, I don’t know,” Hwanhee said, laughing.  “Kuhn hyung?”

            “Tuesday,” Kuhn said, and squinted.

            “Two high schools and a photo shoot,” Bitto said from the other end of the table.

            “Two high schools and a photo shoot,” Kuhn told Baekhyun, very dignified, like he’d come up with it himself.

            “Oh, sunbae!  I remember, now,” Hwanhee said.

            “What, two high schools and a photo shoot?” Baekhyun guessed, grinning.

            “No!  We’re doing a photo shoot on Tuesday,” Hwanhee said.  “But before that, we’re going to perform at two different high schools.”

            Laughing, Kuhn threw a napkin at him.

            “Maybe we could hang out,” Baekhyun suggested.  “Go to karaoke or something.”  He was kind of hot, in a squirmy, cute-sexy way Baekhyun liked.

            Hwanhee lit up.  “That’d be great, yeah.”

            Baekhyun bit his thumb, eyeing Hwanhee.  Was Hwanhee this responsive and appreciative when it came to sex?  He probably totally was.  Wow, that might be a lot of fun.

            After dinner, on the way back to the dorm, Sehun and Chanyeol were so horny, the van stunk with their hormones.  Baekhyun tried to talk to them, but all they wanted to do was mumble and moan and touch themselves.  He gave up on them and called Chen.


            “How was dinner?”

            “Aren’t we going to see each other in five minutes?” Chen asked.  “Can’t we talk then?”

            He eyed Sehun.  “I think I’m going to be busy then.”

            “Dinner was good.  How was yours?  The kids are really nice.  And so good-looking!  Jinhoo and I might go to see Key hyung’s musical sometime.”

            “You and who?”


            “What about Wei?”

            “What about Wei?  Oh!”  Chen laughed.  “No, I barely got to talk to Wei.  He was talking to Suho hyung all night.”

            “What?”  That sneaky little jerk!  Baekhyun had been annoyed earlier when Suho had told him to “focus on other things, for once,” but he hadn’t realized that Suho had only said it to steal Wei for himself!  “That sly fox!”

            As soon as they were back in the dorm, Baekhyun asked about the Up10tion members’ phone numbers.  He wanted to start a collection.  He needed to text Wei, definitely.  He’d already called dibs!  What did Suho even want Wei for?  Suho moved too slowly, couldn’t he wait to make his moves after Baekhyun had already gotten some?  Ha, like Suho had moves.

            Baekhyun had trouble finding out who had which number, though, because Sehun was already undressing him.  “Did you get anybody’s number?” he asked Xiumin.  “Suho hyung!  Hyung, did Wei give you his number?”  Sehun pushed him down on the couch.

            “I got everybody’s number at dinner,” Suho said.  “Wei gave me all ten.  Well, I already had Jinhoo’s number, from-”

            “Great, hyung, right.”  Baekhyun didn’t have time for Suho’s life story.  Sehun was already on top of him, pushing up his shirt, kissing his stomach.  “Could you - - ah!  Ah, maknae, no teeth, shit.”  He wriggled, undoing his fly while Sehun licked his nipples.  God, that felt good.  “Could you, nnnnhh, ooohh, could you text me their numbers?”

            “I guess so.”

            “Fuck me,” Sehun whispered, sliding up his body and kissing him.

            A hot thrill went through him.  Kissing back, he asked, “What’d you say?”

            “Fuck me.”  Sehun panted it, and his kisses were so lustful, so passionate, that Baekhyun didn’t even mind being bitten.  “I want you.”

            “Um, god, okay, yeah.”  Baekhyun laughed.  This was different, but he was up for it.

            Sehun was all over him.  He was so turned on, he wanted to go right for it, but Sehun kept crawling over him, kissing him everywhere.  Sehun’s lust had him so horny, he was writhing all over the couch, groaning and masturbating.  When he finally got on top and thrust in, Sehun squeezed his ass and moaned, “Hard, fuck me hard.”

            He was used to Sehun being horny and demanding, but not as a bottom!  Not with him, definitely.  It really turned him on, really made him want to make it great, get Sehun off hard.  Pushing Sehun’s knee up higher, he picked up the pace.  “God, maknae, I like this,” he confessed, rocking faster, faster.

            Cursing, Sehun started jacking himself.  Oohhh, oohhh, more, more, like that, ooh!”  His free hand gripped Baekhyun’s thigh, pulling Baekhyun deeper.  “Like that, ooohh, unh!”

            The last time he’d screwed Sehun had been a while ago, but he remembered it as fun, playful.  This was hot, intense, and the more passionately Sehun responded, the more into it he was, thrusting deep, working up a sweat.  Their momentum sent them rocketing into climax, and they came together, groaning and rocking and spurting everywhere.  “Fuck, wow, oh,” Baekhyun gasped, shivering.

            “God, shit,” Sehun moaned.  Legs splayed, he draped an arm around Baekhyun, catching his breath.

            “Wow,” Baekhyun said again.  He popped out, patting Sehun’s thigh.  He still felt a little shaky, but happy-shaky, overjoyed-shaky.  “Good for you?” he guessed, grinning, proud of himself, proud of them both.

            “Yeah.”  Sehun laughed, hugging him.  “Yeah, it was good.”

            Lay really liked Xiao.  He was so pretty!  He was fun to talk to, fun to joke with.  He’d asked a lot of questions about Sehun, and Lay had tried to answer without going too far.  Some of the questions had been too personal, about private details Lay wasn’t comfortable discussing.  He and Hwanhee were best friends, so he probably just wanted to know more about what Hwanhee was getting into.

            The day after they went to dinner, the EXO members were gathering by the door, about to go downstairs, when Suho said, “About Up10tion.”

            “Dibs,” Baekhyun said absently, putting his shoes on.

            “No,” Kai told Baekhyun.

            “It’s good that everyone seems to be getting along,” Suho said.  “Let’s make sure that we aren’t getting too close, too fast.  There are a few things about us that we could be discreet about.”

            “Like what?” Sehun asked.

            “Did Chen embarrass you at dinner?” Baekhyun asked.

            “No one could have been more embarrassing than you,” Chanyeol told him.

            “What?” Baekhyun demanded.

            “‘Oh, Kuhn, hee hee hee hee,’” Chanyeol said, batting his lashes and wriggling around.

            “Screw you,” Baekhyun said, laughing, blushing.  “You were practically bending Sunyoul over the table!”

            “Yeah, accurate,” D.O. said, nodding.

            “That’s one of the things,” Suho said.  “Let’s not ask anyone to say ‘oppa.’”

            Chanyeol blushed, and Lay laughed.  “Let’s all of us not?  I think that only one of us ever does.”

            “I wouldn’t ask him at dinner!” Chanyeol argued, flustered.

            “And please don’t bring up pornography,” Suho added, looking right at Lay.  “Not watching it, or how many videos you have, or what kind you like.”

            “Okay.”  He could be polite.  “What if they bring it up?”

            “How likely is that?” Chen asked.

            “Pretty likely,” Kai said.  “It already came up the other night.”

            “They said that they’re not allowed to watch porn,” D.O. said.  Jinhoo won’t let them.”

            “Yeah, they said, ‘Not even Wei,’” Kai said.  “What does that mean?”

            “What does that mean?” Lay asked.

            “Oh my god, Wei’s a porn addict,” Baekhyun said.  “Dibs!  Dibs!  Dibs!”

            They split into three groups on Tuesday night.  Chen and Baekhyun and D.O. and Hwanhee and Sunyoul and Kogyeol went to karaoke.  Xiumin, Lay, Chanyeol, and Kai went bowling with Bitto, Wei, Gyujin, and Xiao.  Jinhoo and Kuhn met Suho and Sehun for coffee.

            “Where’s Wooshin?” Chen asked.  “Bowling?”

            Sunyoul and Kogyeol exchanged a glance.  “He’s, uh, busy,” Sunyoul said.

            Chen studied their faces, surprised.  Was it a secret?

            Kogyeol blushed.  “He’s visiting Teen Top’s dorm.”

            Chunji hyung asked for him,” Sunyoul whispered, like it was a tantalizing secret.

            “Oh.”  Chen wanted to laugh.  “Really?  It’s like that?”

            “We shouldn’t talk about that,” Kogyeol said.

            Mmm, what’s private is private,” Sunyoul said with a knowing nod.

            What?!  “Where did you hear that?” Chen asked, laughing, taken aback.

            “Oh, it’s just something Hwanhee says,” Sunyoul said.  “‘Hyung, no!  What’s private is private!’”

            It was spreading!  “Does Chunji ask for Wooshin a lot?” Chen asked, curious.

            “Yeah, they invite Wooshin over a lot,” Sunyoul said.

            “And Wei,” Kogyeol said, rolling his eyes.

            “And Kuhn, sometimes,” Sunyoul said.

            “And you,” Kogyeol said, elbowing Sunyoul.

            He blushed.  “Just a couple of times.”

            “Who invites you over, C.A.P.?” Chen guessed.

            He laughed, squirming a little.  “Changjo hyung.”

            “Oh, Changjo’s fun,” Chen said.  He definitely approved!

            “Just a couple of times,” he repeated, looking flustered and shy.

            The six of them took turns singing, sometimes doing solos, sometimes doing duets, sometimes all joining in together.  Chen was taking a break when Hwanhee sat beside him.  The two of them paged through the songbook together.  “Hyung?” Hwanhee asked after a minute.  “You’re close with Infinite, aren’t you?”


            Hwanhee leaned closer.  Chen put an arm around him, turning pages.  “What’s Nam Woohyun sunbaenim like?”

            “Oh, Woohyun hyung?  He’s nice.  What do you mean, what do you want to know about him?”

            “Just, I don’t know.”  Hwanhee laughed, scooting closer.  “What’s he like?  I don’t know him, but he and Sehun hyung seem close.  He’s really good-looking, and he sings so well, but I don’t know anything else.”

            “He is handsome, right?”  Chen smiled, and Hwanhee laughed again, blushing.  “He’s really friendly.  He’s really close with his members, and,” oh.  Oh!  Woohyun and Key!  Of course, that was what Hwanhee wanted to know about.  “You know he’s friends with Key hyung.”

            Toheart,” Hwanhee said, nodding.

            “Right.”  Chen turned another page, wondering what to say and how far to go.  “Woohyun hyung’s really confident.  He’s very sexy, honestly.  He’s always been really good to me, really nice.”

            “Do you, um.  Do you know anything about L sunbaenim?”

            Chen laughed.  “Should I introduce you to Infinite?”

            “Don’t joke, I want you to!”

            He laughed at that, too, his hand rubbing up and down Hwanhee’s side.  “They’re good sunbaes.  L’s really handsome, it’s okay to want to look at him.”

            “Is he nice?”

            Chen had to stop and think about that.  “He’s not friendly the same way that Woohyun hyung is.  He can be cold, sometimes, with people he doesn’t know too well.  I’m not saying that to be mean!” he added quickly.  “I don’t want to start rumors!  I like him, we’re friends.  But he’s not as close to me as he is to, like, Suho hyung.  They’re really close, L’s one of his closest dongsaengs.  So Suho hyung gets to see sides of him that he doesn’t show me.”

            “Is Woohyun sunbae your favorite member of Infinite?” Hwanhee asked.

            It might not be good to be too honest.  But if Hwanhee knew Sehun this well, Chen could tell the truth.  “Hoya hyung.  Definitely my favorite.  Hoya hyung is the best one.”

            “Hoya sunbae,” Hwanhee said.  “I don’t know anything about him!”

            “You’ve been paying too much attention to L?” Chen asked.

            “Maybe!”  Hwanhee looked at him frankly, innocently.  “What do you like about Hoya sunbae?”

            The way he kissed.  The way he smiled.  The way he let Chen sing him to sleep.  His jokes, and his amazing blowjobs, and how hard he worked, and the way he danced, the way he moved, all of it.  “Everything,” Chen said.  “Everything about him.”

            “Does Sehun hyung like him?”

            Chen smiled, remembering things.  “Yeah.  They get along really well, actually.”  Sehun was still Hoya’s favorite, after Chen.  They tended to gravitate towards each other.  It was a simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, purely sexual relationship, just how Hoya liked it.  Chen suspected that they liked each other because when it came to unemotional sex, Hoya liked to be screwed pretty hard, and Sehun got to be forceful.  And Hoya looked gorgeous, on his knees, his pink tongue sliding over Sehun’s cock.  “Choose a ballad,” Chen said, pushing the songbook towards Hwanhee.  “I have to make a phone call.”

            Baekhyun’s members had teased him for years about being into hyungs, but maybe they’d been right.  He’d never cared that much about dongsaengs, before.  But he was starting to change his mind!  Having close dongsaengs around might be great.  Hwanhee was so much fun!  They played all over the karaoke room, joking, singing, doing impressions.  They made up goofy dances, and they tried sexy dances, and they sang a hundred songs together.  He really liked the way their voices blended.

            Hwanhee was so silly and squirmy, Baekhyun kept touching him, tickling him, poking at him just to make him react.  He was like a wriggly little puppy!  Every time Baekhyun said something foolish just to get a laugh, he said something even more foolish back, and then of course Baekhyun had to counter with something really stupid, and they just went back and forth until they were only speaking nonsense to keep the game going.

            Having dongsaengs around made Baekhyun feel like one of them, young and carefree, like a teenager again.

            The next time their teams met, it was on the same basketball court as before, only everyone showed up on time and at the same place.  Just for fun, Baekhyun ran ahead of Sehun and hugged Hwanhee first.  “Hi.”

            “Hi, hyung.”  Hwanhee laughed when Baekhyun hugged him again.  “How are you?”

            “Good.  Come and be on my team.  Main vocals together.”

            “Um.”  Hwanhee glanced past him.  “I think that Sehun hyung wants to talk to me.”

            “No, ignore him,” Baekhyun said.  “You’re playing hard to get, make him come to you.”

            He smiled, self-conscious, tousling his own hair.  “But I’m not hard to get.  I’m really, really easy.”

            “Hey!  Who knew!  Something else we have in common!” Baekhyun exclaimed.

            Hwanhee laughed, bouncing a little.  “Not that, too!”

            Hwanhee-ah,” Sehun said.  He sounded tense.

            Hwanhee moved in that direction.

            Baekhyun pushed him back.  “He’s busy, maknae!”

            “No, but, he’s asking for me,” Hwanhee said, flustered.

            “You’re playing hard to get,” Baekhyun reminded him, getting in his way.

            “But I’m not hard to get!” he insisted, laughing.  “Aw, come on, hyung, please?  He, he’s asking for me!”

            The more Hwanhee tried to get past Baekhyun, the more Baekhyun blocked his path, until they were jumping and jostling and dancing around each other.  Hwanhee finally darted past, and Baekhyun grabbed his shirt just in time, dragging him back.  Laughing, whining, he begged Baekhyun to let him go.  He was so cute, Baekhyun set him free just to enjoy how upset he got when Baekhyun caught him again.  So whiny!  So fussy!  Baekhyun laughed, hugging him from behind, dragging him farther away from Sehun.  “No!  You’re mine, now, forget about him.”

            “Are you kidnapping me?  No, no, please!  Ah!  Sehun hyung!” he shouted, trying to twist free.  “I’ll come back, I’ll be there soon!”

            “No, you’re kidnapped now,” Baekhyun said.  “He’ll have to find another one.”

            Hwanhee twisted in his arms, looking at him.  “Is it Lee Hongbin sunbae?”

            “Yes,” Baekhyun decided.  “It’s Hongbin.  It’s all over for you, now.”

            Hwanhee dropped, wailing.  Startled, Baekhyun fell with him, and they tumbled over, sprawling on the grass beside the court together.  “Not that sunbae!”  He thrashed in a violent wriggle, and then he rolled onto his stomach, pouting.  “He’s too good-looking.  He probably looks good doing all of that stuff.”

            “All of what stuff?” Baekhyun asked, sitting on Hwanhee’s back.  “Whew!”  He relaxed, catching his breath.  Keeping up with this dongsaeng took a lot of energy!

            “All of that stuff that Sehun hyung likes.”  He squirmed, but Baekhyun put a hand on his shoulder and shoved him back down.  “Ah!  Oof.  Do you know about the stuff that Sehun hyung likes?”

            “He’s my maknae, I know all about it.”  He didn’t, really.  Or, did he?  He guessed that he did.  He only had to wake up with his ankles tied together so many times before he figured out that the guy was into bondage.

            “Can I send you some links and things?  Of stuff I want to get for Sehun hyung?”

            “Sure.”  He stroked Hwanhee’s hair.  Half of their members were on the court, organizing teams.  Half were standing to one side, talking.  Sehun was crouching at the edge of the grass, fuming.  “I’m probably going to die tonight.”

            “What?  Why?”

            “Death by maknae.”

            “Is he like this around your dorm?  Does he get like that with all of you?  I didn’t think that he’d show the dark prince to his own hyungs.”

            “He tries, but we don’t let him.  Then we hurt his feelings and he gets sulky.  He’s so sensitive.”  Baekhyun tugged on Hwanhee’s hair.  “Dark prince, what is that?”

            “I told you, he’s a prince.  Sometimes he’s a nice prince, and sometimes the dark prince comes out.  He’s very cold.  He’s rude, really.  And he likes to bite.”

            Baekhyun shivered.  “Why does he do that?  It hurts.”

            “Does he do that with you?”  Hwanhee was squirming again, trying to get out from under him.  “But you’re his hyung!  I didn’t think he’d try that with his hyungs.”

            “He tries a lot of things, we just don’t let him get away with it.”

            Hwanhee sighed.  “Could you let me up, please?”

            Baekhyun slid off of him, then turned and looked at him.  “You like that?”

            “I like everything,” Hwanhee said, dusting himself off as he got up.

            “Give me your hand,” Baekhyun said impulsively.

            Crouching down, Hwanhee held out his hand.

            Taking hold of his hand, Baekhyun pulled it close.  Then Baekhyun nibbled at his forearm.  Just a little, just a polite little nibble.

            He laughed, shifting closer.  “We’re in public!”

            “Nobody’s looking.”  He tried it again.  “What does that feel like, am I doing it right?”  He grinned lasciviously, waggling his eyebrows.  “Was it good for you?”

            Bursting into laughter, Hwanhee leaned against him.  “Not like that!  No, well, it’s nice.”  He blushed.  “I like it a lot.  But Sehun hyung does it harder.”

            “Any harder, and it hurts!”

            His blush deepened.  “Yeah.”

            Oh.  “You really like that?”  Baekhyun was intrigued.

            He nodded.  He looked super embarrassed, but he met Baekhyun’s eyes.

            “Where…  Where does he bite you?”

            He smiled, still looking super embarrassed.  “Anywhere he wants.”

            Baekhyun was so turned on, he just sat there, in the grass, while Hwanhee walked away.

            “Where’s Wooshin?” Suho asked.  “He couldn’t make it?”

            “He’s filming,” Jinhoo said.  “He has some hosting work.”

            “That’s great.  Good for him.”

            Suho told himself that Jinhoo had given him a completely reasonable answer.  He told himself that it was obviously the truth.  He told himself that it was just a coincidence that Wooshin hadn’t been able to go bowling the other night, either.  He was only being paranoid.  They weren’t hiding anything from him.  What would they possibly have to hide?

            “‘Show Champion?’” he asked, like he was just asking a friendly follow-up question and not digging for holes in Jinhoo’s story.

            “‘Music Core,’” Jinhoo said.

            “Ah.”  He smiled.

            Jinhoo smiled back.

            Everything was fine.  They were getting along.  It was all just fine.

            Baekhyun played basketball for a while.  Then they had a five-idol pile-up on the court and he landed on his ass, and he realized how easily he could get hurt, and he remembered that he was on “Immortal Song” tomorrow, and he went to sit on the risers for a minute.

            Xiao came over and sat with him.  “You okay?”


            Xiao leaned back, his elbows on the riser behind them, legs stretched out.  He tilted his head to one side, watching the others.  Lazily, he scratched his stomach, his hand slipping under his shirt.

            He was pretty.  And, god, he had nice abs.  Baekhyun had not expected to see all of that.

            He pulled his shirt back down.  His gaze was still on the court.  “It’s nice to watch.”  He smiled at Baekhyun.  “Our members make a nice show.”

            Was it okay to flirt?  Suho had suggested that they all maintain some boundaries around Xiao, because he was younger, so probably Baekhyun should back off.  But he was the same age as Hwanhee, and apparently Hwanhee was Sehun’s chew toy, so, yeah, flirting had to be okay.  You watching anybody in particular?”

            “I don’t know.”  Xiao’s smile was sexy and confiding.  “You’re nice to look at.”

            He laughed.  He was blushing like he’d never been flattered before.  “You are, too.”

            “Everybody says that you look like Hwanhee,” Xiao said, crossing his legs and leaning closer.  “I don’t think so.”

            “I don’t, either,” Baekhyun said.

            “No,” Xiao said, shaking his head, his nose wrinkling cutely.  Then he smiled again.  “You’re so much better-looking.”

            “Ah, thanks.”

            “You have such pretty skin.”  Xiao ran his tongue over his lips, gazing at the court again.

            Baekhyun spent a minute sneaking surreptitious glances at Xiao’s mouth.  Then his phone beeped at him.  Text messages were coming in.  Links and photos he didn’t understand.  “What is this?” he asked, baffled.  They were from Hwanhee, but why would Hwanhee send him this?

            “Oh, that’s Hwanhee’s servant stuff.”  Leaning close, Xiao looked over his shoulder.  “He wants to dress up for his, you know.”

            Baekhyun almost asked, “For his what?” before he caught himself.  Was this for Sehun?!  “Servant stuff,” he repeated, scrolling, bewildered.  It was a bunch of outfits, costumes.  Halloween dress-up.  Hwanhee wanted to wear this stuff for Sehun?  But it wasn’t even sexy!

            “Please tell me which one he’d like!” Hwanhee texted.

            “He can’t buy anything until Jinhoo hyung says it’s okay,” Xiao said.  “He keeps searching on-line for more outfits, and then he finds one he likes, and then he searches some more, and then he decides again, and then he searches again.  I like the hotel outfit, the bellhop one.  It’d be cute without pants, right?  Just the jacket and the little hat?  It’d be better if it had gloves.”

            Oh.  Whoa, yeah.  Suddenly seeing the costumes in a new light, Baekhyun gave them another look.  “I like these boots,” he said.

            “On the red outfit?” Xiao asked, leaning close again.  “Yeah!  You have good taste, sunbae, that’s really pretty.”

            He pictured his members dressed like this, in uniforms, no pants.  Going around cleaning up the dorm.  Kai in a bellhop’s jacket and hat, carrying a tub of laundry, balls swinging.  Chen in a jacket and boots, down on all fours on the kitchen floor, scrubbing, ass out.  “I gotta get some of these,” he said, nibbling on his thumb, kicking his feet as he scrolled.

            “Do you wear stuff like this?” Xiao asked.  “For your friends?”

            Blushing, Baekhyun took a quick look at him.  His smile was teasing, conspiratorial.  “No!” Baekhyun said hastily.  Suho would explode if Baekhyun started rumors like that.  “No, I don’t dress up.”

            “Aw.”  Xiao pouted cutely.  “It’s fun, I’ll bet.  I’d do it.  If Hwanhee gets to buy new clothes, I’m going to get some, too.”  He smiled.  “What do you think I should get?”  He patted his hair, batting his lashes and doing pin-up poses, and then he laughed.  “I could be a sexy nurse, or a policeman, or a princess.”

            Was this for real?  Baekhyun had role-played before, acting out some of Lay’s films, but he didn’t know anyone who actually dressed up for sex.  “Cheerleader.”  The image popped into his head and the word fell out of his mouth before he even realized that he was thinking it.  But cheerleader, yes.  He remembered acting out scenes with his members, remembered how that had gone, remembered coming his brains out.  “Do a cheerleader.”

            Xiao laughed, then waved invisible pom-poms.  “O-kay!”

            Baekhyun couldn’t believe this.  “Would you really wear it?”

            “Sure!”  Xiao shook his pom-poms for a second, then shrugged, fixing his hair again.  “We dress up to perform, right?  Onstage?  For photo shoots and everything?  It’s the same thing.  Costumes are fun.  I like wearing pretty clothes.”

            Baekhyun had never thought of it that way, before.  He put on special clothes and make-up and got his hair done every day, practically.  Why not slip into a costume before sex, too?  Well, that might complicate things; he usually liked to get right to it, without playing around or having extra clothes to take off.  But for special occasions, that would be really sexy.  He liked it when sex was fun, when he and his members played around, and if he couldn’t have sex toys, sex costumes seemed like the next best thing.  “Who would you wear it for?  Your members?”

            “Yeah.  Who else?”

            Oh, right.  He probably only had sex inside his own group, didn’t he?

            “Who would you wear it for?”  Xiao grinned at him, shifting onto one hip, elbow on the riser behind them, head on one hand.  “Your EXO hyungs?  C.A.P. hyung?”

            Xiao’s question surprised laughter out of him.  “What?”

            “I’m jealous.”  Xiao sighed.  “I can’t see Teen Top in private, because Hwanhee can’t.  You’re from a different company, and you get to!  I wish that I could.”  He smiled at Baekhyun, cute and suggestive.  “Do you think that C.A.P. hyung would like a cheerleader?  I bet he would.”

            “I don’t know.”  Chunji would laugh at it.  Lay would love it.  Oh, shit, Chanyeol would love it.  “Are any of your other members getting costumes?”  Like maybe Sunyoul?

            “I don’t know.  My members are too boring.”  He grinned at Baekhyun.  “I’ll bet that yours are fun.”

            “Don’t say that!  You should be more loyal.  Why are they boring?”

            “They’re too nice!  I want to have fun, I want to do stuff.  You know.”  A cute, secretive smile; he whispered.  “Naughty stuff.”

            The way he whispered “naughty” was so sexy, so suggestive, it sounded obscene.  Baekhyun shivered, turned on.

            Looking pleased, he gave Baekhyun a knowing look.  “Like the stuff Sehun sunbae does.  Or anything!  I can barely try anything.  Jinhoo hyung says it’s all off-limits.  But you’re a big sunbae, you can probably do anything you want.”

            “Yeah.”  Remembering some of his racier moments with Dongwoo, he blushed.  “I’ve done some stuff.”  He wondered how seriously Xiao had meant that.  “The stuff Sehun’s into?”

            “Yeah.  Hwanhee doesn’t tell us everything about it, but it sounds fun.  That thing he wears is so pretty.”

            The thing he wore?  What did he wear?  “It’s…nice?” Baekhyun guessed.

            Xiao nodded.  “I want one, but I want a fancier one.  With more straps, you know,” he gestured across his chest, “more complicated.”

            What was he talking about?  Straps where?  Baekhyun was incredibly curious but also didn’t want to know.  “You’ve seen it?  He tells you about that stuff?”

            “Sure.  We’re best friends, he tells me everything.”  Xiao gave him a puzzled look.  “Don’t you know about it, too?”

            “Sehun keeps that stuff private.”

            “Oh.  Then you don’t know about the, oh!”  He glanced around, scanning the court, self-conscious, before looking back at Baekhyun.  “You don’t know about the thing.”

            “Don’t tell me!”

            “No, I won’t.”  He chuckled, brushing at his bangs.  “I thought you knew!  You’re Sehun sunbae’s hyung, don’t you know everything about him?  You’ve been members for years!”

            “Yeah, but, I know what kind of ice cream he likes, not private stuff.  He does that behind closed doors, I don’t look at it.”

            Xiao slid closer on the riser, lowering his voice, his expression wondering.  “Don’t you, you know, do that with him?”

            Blushing, Baekhyun said, “Yeah, I do, but regular!  Just regular.  Not with all of the extra.”

            Xiao’s gaze drifted over Baekhyun.  Flattered by his attention, Baekhyun liked how close he sat, their thighs almost brushing.  “If I did that with him, I’d want to try it.  At least once.  Don’t you even want to try it?”

            “He’s my maknae, I can’t do that with him.”  Besides, “I’m not into that stuff.”

            “It’s fun!”  Xiao grinned at him.  “I’d do it with you.”

            Laughing, coughing, Baekhyun turned away.  Once he’d recovered, he turned back.  “Whew!”  He punched Xiao’s upper arm.  “Don’t just say that to people!”

            Ow,” Xiao complained, pouting.  “Why not?”  He gave Baekhyun a teasing, flirty look.  “You’re pretty.  I bet it would be fun.”

            “You don’t even know anything about it!”  Flustered, he felt flattered, his cheeks burning.  “You already said that you aren’t allowed to do anything interesting, anyway.”

            “Yeah, but I know what I like.”

            “Yeah?” he asked, challenging.  “What do you like?”

            He grinned, bumping Baekhyun’s shoulder with his own.  “Good-looking sunbaes like you.”  Then his grin turned suggestive, teasing.  Lascivious.  “And hyungs like C.A.P. hyung and Changjo hyung.  Everybody says that they know what they’re doing and have a lot to do it with.  I like hyungs like that.”

            Wow, he just came out with it!  “Are you this honest with just everybody?” Baekhyun asked, incredulous.

            “No!”  He bumped against Baekhyun again, playfully.  “We’re getting close, aren’t we?  We’re all supposed to get to know each other, your members, my members.  If Teen Top trusts you, we can, too.”

            “We don’t know each other that well, yet!  Ease into it,” Baekhyun said.

            Xiao looked away, fixing his hair.

            Baekhyun hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings.  “It’s been nice, getting to know everybody.”

            “Yeah.”  He flashed a smile that didn’t meet his eyes.  “I’ll go back and join my team, now.”

            “I’ll come, too,” Baekhyun said, wanting to get along.

            They went back to the court.  Five minutes later, Baekhyun didn’t see Xiao anywhere.

            He’d left the court again and was on the grass with Jinhoo and Chen, cuddled up, talking.  Had Baekhyun hurt his feelings so much he’d gone to his leader for comfort?  Shit.

            Sehun was losing it.

            He was too possessive of Hwanhee.  He knew that.  He was irrational.  He knew that.  Hwanhee was an adult with a social life and a sex drive and independent interests.  He knew that.

            But seeing Hwanhee with his members was driving him over the edge.

            Maybe it was because he hadn’t seen Hwanhee with other guys.  And the guys he knew Hwanhee did have sex with weren’t sunbaes and hyungs, like C.A.P., they were cute, younger guys like Sunyoul.  Gyujin looked like he’d say, “Oh, sorry,” and never touch Hwanhee again if Sehun growled at him.

            Hwanhee was so eager to please, so trusting, that it was easy to take advantage of him.  Way too easy.  When he went chasing after Chanyeol’s basketball, calling, “I’ve got it!” and came back, panting, smiling, happy to have helped, Sehun wanted to bounce the ball off of Chanyeol’s face.  Chanyeol didn’t mean anything by it, but maybe that was what made it so infuriating, too, that people took Hwanhee for granted.  It was terrifyingly easy to exploit Hwanhee sexually, but it was easy to take advantage of him in nonsexual ways, in everyday ways, running him ragged, wreaking havoc on his emotions.

            He was so friendly.  And of course Sehun’s members liked friendly, good-looking guys, liked smiling, playful dongsaengs.  They kept smiling back at him, touching him, teasing him, making him run all over the court.  He liked the attention, and he liked making them laugh, so he bounced around, making jokes, and he was so open, they responded to his good-natured spirit, responded to his energy.  It wasn’t even sexual with all of them; Suho was just having fun, not flirting.

            Chanyeol was flirting.  Chen was definitely flirting.  Xiumin was flirting like wild.  Even Kai was flirting, what the hell, Sehun couldn’t count on anyone!  Sehun glared across the court as Kai laughed that goofy fucking laugh and plucked at the front of Hwanhee’s shirt.  Kai took a step forward, a step back, smiling too much, knuckles brushing up and down Hwanhee’s chest.  Kai’s body moved fluidly, sinuously, a ripple starting in his hips and still going.  God damn it.

            Hwanhee belonged to Sehun.  Sehun knew it, and Sehun’s members knew it.  And Hwanhee sure as hell knew it.

            Sehun burned with the need to prove it.

            The ’96 line had decided that someone should go and talk with Sehun.  He was sitting by himself in the grass.  He looked tense, like he was brooding over something, and Gyujin thought that they should leave him alone.  But the hyungs insisted that they should take this chance to get to know him.

            They decided that it was up to Gyujin to do it.  He didn’t see how any of this had anything to do with him.  If they wanted to get to know Sehun so badly, shouldn’t they be the ones to go over and strike up a conversation?  What was he supposed to talk to Sehun about, anyway?

            He wandered over.  Halfway there he lost his nerve and veered away, circling around the court.  Kogyeol gave him an exasperated look and Wei shooed him back.  Sighing, feeling really unjustly treated by the world, he walked back in Sehun’s direction again.

            Trying to fire up his determination, he made himself walk right up to Sehun.  It was no big deal, right?  It was just some handsome, chic sunbae who performed in massive foreign arenas.

            Sehun didn’t seem to know or care that he was there, and just kept staring around, looking tense and grim.

            Gyujin cleared his throat and smiled.  “So, uh.  This seat taken?” he asked, gesturing to the swaths of empty grass around Sehun.

            Sehun blinked irritably, then glanced up.  “Oh.  Hey, sure,” he mumbled.  He seemed distracted, and he looked away again.

            Great!  Really friendly welcome, this was going very well.  Gyujin sat down beside him.

            Wondering what he was looking at so intently, Gyujin tracked his gaze.  He’d look at something, and then he’d glance away.  His gaze would sweep across the court and then settle on something again, and then he’d breathe in and look away again.  He kept looking at other things in between, like he was forcing his eyes to keep moving, like he didn’t want to get fixated.  But he kept going back to that one thing, over and over again, anyway, and getting stuck there, and only looking away again with effort.

            And the thing he couldn’t keep his eyes off of was Hwanhee.  Gyujin’s Hwanhee, Gyujin’s dongsaeng.  This hot sunbae couldn’t stand to look at anything else.

            It was disorienting.  It was perplexing.  Hwanhee wasn’t even doing anything.  Talking with Suho.  Being called over by Chanyeol.  Wrestling with Chen.

            EXO was really nice.  Gyujin hadn’t been sure what to expect from such important sunbaes.  But Suho had only ever been nice to him, and the others were friendly.  It was kind of unbelievable, to be able to hang out with them like this.

            Gyujin searched his mind for something to talk about.  Something Sehun might find interesting.  He wanted to ask about idol stuff, career stuff, what it was like being so successful, what he could do to nudge Up10tion in that direction, but he didn’t think that Sehun would find any of that interesting.  The only thing Sehun seemed to find interesting, actually, was Hwanhee.

            Well, that was a place to start, right?  Gyujin knew all about Hwanhee.  Knew a little more than he really wanted to, to be honest.  He eyed Sehun’s profile and watched Sehun stare intently at Hwanhee for a minute.  When Sehun looked away, so did he, and they both pretended to find other things interesting.  “Uh,” he began.  “Did you-”

            “Do you make him do things for you?”

            Sehun turned to him so abruptly that he froze for a second.  He’d suspected that Sehun had forgotten that he was there, and it surprised him to be confronted.  “Do things,” he repeated, not catching on.

            “Do you ask him to do things for you,” Sehun repeated.  “Make him fetch things, order him around.”

            “Uh.  Sometimes,” he admitted.  Hwanhee was in the maknae line.  The hyungs ordered Gyujin around all day, every day; he figured that it was only right for him to let some of that slide downhill.  Besides, he wanted to be a good hyung, wanted to get Hwanhee to grow up right, so he had to be strict sometimes.

            Sehun pressed his lips together like he was really working hard to hold something in, and looked away again.

            “He’s my dongsaeng,” Gyujin said.  Did Sehun really need more of an explanation than that?

            Sehun was a maknae, anyway; he definitely had to know how it went.  Although, according to Hwanhee, he was a bad maknae.

            It was kind of awesome and hilarious how blithely Hwanhee said it, too.  Like, if Hwanhee blurted that out in front of the wrong person, their careers would be over.  But he genuinely seemed to believe it, like it was some matter of fact, Oh Sehun was just a bad maknae and it couldn’t be helped.

            Sehun shifted uncomfortably, grimacing.  His jaw clenched and he dragged his gaze over the landscape, looking grimly at anything but Hwanhee.

            Gyujin had screwed this up, somehow.  At a loss, he looked around for help.

            Kuhn chose that moment to miss the ball that Xiumin threw at him, and it bounced in their direction.

            “Ah!  I’ve got it, I’ll get it!” Hwanhee called, racing after it.  Kuhn hung back, letting him chase the ball down.  It bounced close, but Hwanhee grabbed it and then came over to them, out of breath.  “Hi,” he said, smiling at Sehun, hugging the ball.

            Sehun glared at him with such seething hostility, a shiver ran up Gyujin’s spine.  Whoa.  Whoa, this wasn’t okay.  Mouth opening, Gyujin quickly looked up at Hwanhee, wanting to say something, expecting to see devastation on his face.

            Instead, Hwanhee just kept smiling.  He took a self-conscious step back and laughed.  “I know!  I’m sorry, I’m keeping my distance!  I just came over to get the ball.”  Then, with another happy laugh, he added, “But I don’t have to listen to you, anyway.  We aren’t playing checkers, I can do what I want.”

            Playing checkers?  Why was he talking about playing checkers?  And why did he seem so happy that Sehun was furious with him?  Wasn’t Sehun his royal prince?

            “Okay, but,” Hwanhee said, crouching down.  Hugging the ball, he smiled at Sehun, looking concerned.  “With stuff flying around, maybe you shouldn’t sit so close to the court.  You’re so handsome, what if something happens?  What if you get hurt?  I think maybe you should go and sit somewhere else.”

            Sehun’s face transformed with a smile.  It was like watching the sun come out, chasing all of the coldness away.  He looked really fond of Hwanhee, and he spoke kindly.  “I’m fine, it’ll be fine.  Go have fun, don’t worry about me.”

            Mmm, okay.”  Hwanhee hesitated, though, turning to Gyujin.  Okay, so Gyujin was still there!  They’d ignored him so much, he’d started to wonder if he was present at all.  “Have you been polite to our sunbae?  Have you offered to get Sehun sunbae something to drink, or a snack, or anything?  The sun’s bright, maybe he needs sunscreen.”

            What?  “Why can’t you offer him those things?”  Not to be rude!  Gyujin could run and grab snacks for EXO’s Oh Sehun, no problem.  But why was his dongsaeng telling him to fetch drinks for somebody?

            “It’s okay.”  Sehun’s voice was coaxing, like he really wanted to reassure Hwanhee.  “I don’t need anything.  If I do, I can get it myself.  We’re just talking.”

            Hwanhee hesitated.  “Okay.  But if you need anything, Gyujin hyung can get it for you, okay?  Just ask him, he does stuff for our members all of the time.”  He got up, and then he told Gyujin, “If you see a ball coming this way, get in front of it, okay?  I don’t want Sehun hyung getting hurt.  If one of you ends up needing a nose job suddenly, it should probably be you, anyway, right?”

            Wait.  “Hey,” he said, but Hwanhee was already jogging away.  Ya!”

            Sehun was smiling.

            Gyujin rubbed his nose and watched Sehun.

            His smile faded slowly, but even after it was gone, he didn’t seem as tense as before.  It had been so strange, how nice he’d been to Hwanhee, after he’d looked so pissed off when Hwanhee had shown up.  Gyujin couldn’t make any sense of it.

            The anger was still unnerving.  But if Sehun spoke that kindly to Hwanhee, that had to be a good thing.  This sunbae had come out of nowhere and taken over Hwanhee’s life.  Hwanhee was thrilled about it, and Jinhoo was keeping an eye on it, and there was no denying that Hwanhee seemed a lot better lately.  Happier, for sure, and healthier, too.  Still, Sehun seemed to have a lot of sway over Hwanhee, and Gyujin wouldn’t mind some reassurances that he was a good guy with good intentions.

            Seeing Gyujin get up and walk away, Suho sighed, exasperated.  What was going on?  “We’re here so that Sehun and Hwanhee can see each other, aren’t we?  Then why is Sehun spending so much time by himself?  I don’t think that they’ve spoken to each other since we got here!”

            “Oh,” Wei said, glancing over at Sehun.  “No, they can’t talk.  Sehun sunbae told Hwanhee to stay away from him.”

            “What?”  Why in the world would he do that?  Were they having a fight?

            “I don’t think anything’s wrong,” Wei said.  “Sehun sunbae’s just in dark prince mode.”  His expression flickered like he was annoyed with himself, and he slapped his own forearm.  Hwanhee can’t be around him in public when he’s like this, he might do something.”

            “Dark prince mode,” Suho repeated.

            “Oops, gotta be punished,” Wei said.  “Can’t say ‘prince’ in public.”  Smiling, Wei reached for his arm.

            “Is that the rule?” Suho asked.  “Wait, but I don’t even know what dark prince mode is,” he objected when Wei took hold of his wrist.

            “Not allowed to say it in public,” Wei said again, and very lightly smacked his forearm.  “Sorry, sunbae.”

            Disgruntled, he rubbed his arm.  “Well what are we all doing here if they can’t be around each other in public?”

            Wei smiled at him.  “I thought that we were all supposed to grow closer, all of the members.  No?  You don’t want to get to know me any better?”
            He smiled back, chuckling.  “I guess I could get to know you.  But what don’t I already know?  I think we’ve talked enough already.”

            “Tell me more about you, then,” Wei suggested.  “What’s your favorite building in Seoul?”

            “Oh.”  Interested in what his own answer might be, he thought it over.  “There’s a restaurant by our dorm that I’m always glad to see.  And there’s a great chicken place!”

            “Are you hungry?” Wei teased.

            “I might be,” he realized.  “Have you eaten?  Hyung can get you something.”

            “No,” Wei said, laughing.  “I’m fine.  I think we’re getting dinner after this.  But what’s your favorite building?”

            “It might be the SM building,” he decided.  “It’s been important to my life.  It means a lot of things to me.”

            Wei nodded, his expression serious.

            “We all have to eat,” he said.  “Your members, and my members, too.  I’ll get dinner for everyone, we can eat together.  If it’s okay with your leader,” he added quickly, catching himself.

            “You don’t want to buy for everyone,” Wei said.  “There are a lot of us!”

            “I’ll just pay for the ones I like, then,” Suho said.

            Wei laughed at him.  “And who does that leave out?”

            “Ah.  We can skip D.O.,” he said, looking around the court.  “And Chen, he was annoying me earlier today.  Who else…”

            A stream of guys filed into EXO’s dorm, half of them carrying delivery bags.  “Okay, come on,” Baekhyun said, taking off his shoes.  “Wei and I will eat in my room.”

            “You’ll eat with the rest of us,” Xiumin told him.

            Hwanhee laughed at the exchange.  He didn’t get why Baekhyun seemed to like Wei so much!  He left his shoes beside everybody else’s and then, drawn by the scents of food, started to follow the rest of the crowd deeper into the dorm.

            A touch at his arm stopped him, and he turned.  Oh!  His heart fluttered as he smiled at up Sehun.  “Hyung?”

            Sehun cast a glance at everyone else, then asked, quietly, “Do you want to eat in my room?”

            Oh!  “Can we?”  He’d thought that they’d have to eat first and be alone, later.  “Yeah, yeah.”


            They grabbed a couple of plates and some food.  When they started to leave, Baekhyun called, “Hey!  Where are they going?  Why do they get to eat somewhere else and I have to sit here and watch Kai chew?”

            “What’s wrong with the way I chew?” Kai demanded, laughing.

            “Be considerate and let Sehun have some privacy,” Suho said.

            They went into Sehun’s room.  As soon as Sehun locked the door, Hwanhee said, “Badminton,” hopeful that it might work.

            Sehun glanced at him, then turned music on.

            “Badminton!” he said eagerly, twice as hopeful now.

            Sehun turned the music up, said, “Badminton,” and took his plate away from him.

            Moaning, he went down on his knees.  Hands back, ass out, he gazed up at Sehun, feeling electric heat crackle through him, warming him up.  It felt good, all the way through, to be here again, on his knees, ready to serve.  “Prince Sehun, handsome prince.”

            Sehun crouched down beside the bed and rummaged around, moving boxes.  Hwanhee watched closely, wanting to know more about his life, wondering what he was up to.  He dragged out a box, shoving everything else back under the bed like none of it mattered to him.  Opening the last box, he reached in and took out a collar.

            Hwanhee’s collar!  Was that where he kept it?  Hidden away under his bed?  Like a secret, was it a secret?

            He put it on Hwanhee, buckling it like it was an automatic, everyday process, like it was just something he was used to doing, nothing he thought very much about, like tying his own shoes.  It felt really good to be taken for granted.  It felt right; Hwanhee felt like a real servant, treated like a mundane part of a great prince’s life.

            Sehun took something else out of the box.

            The dog bowl.  The big, black dog bowl.  Shuddering, Hwanhee whimpered.  No, no, he didn’t want to see that.

            “Strip naked and play with your dick,” Sehun instructed him.

            His whimper turned into an excited moan.  Eager to comply, he undressed quickly.  As soon as his cock was out, he started fondling himself, kicking his pants the rest of the way off.

            Sehun put the bowl down on the floor, in front of the closet.  Then he picked up Hwanhee’s plate.

            Naked, toying with his cock, Hwanhee made an uncertain sound.  Hyungnim?”  What was Sehun doing?

            Ignoring him, Sehun scraped his plate clean.  Scraped everything into the dog bowl.  Hwanhee’s whole meal, right in the bowl.

            But he’d wanted to eat that.  Oh, god, he was going to eat it, wasn’t he?  He was going to eat it right out of the dog bowl.  On the floor.  Like an animal.  Groaning, working his cock in quick strokes, he leaned forward, one palm flat on the floor, arching his back and thrusting his ass out.  “Yes, please, hyungnim.”  He wanted to eat like an animal on the floor.  He wanted to degrade himself completely.

            Straightening, Sehun snapped his fingers and pointed to the bowl.  “Eat, Hwan-ah.”

            Groaning, he crawled across the floor.  “Yes, thank you, I’ll eat now, thank you, Prince Sehun.  You’re so good to me, I’m so grateful.”

            A light kick to his thigh.  “I didn’t tell you to stop touching yourself.”

            He was supposed to masturbate while he ate?  Sehun was forcing this into a blatantly sexual act.  Degrading him even more.  “Yes, thank you, I’m so grateful,” he groaned, grabbing his cock again.  Writhing, excitedly humping his hand, he lowered his face to the bowl.

            He ate the biggest morsels of food first, the chunks of chicken, whatever was easiest to catch between his teeth.  His hand slowed down, and he stroked himself gently, teasing his straining cock, cherishing his rich humiliation.  He was fully erect, wholeheartedly absorbed in the moment, moaning noisily as he ate.

            Sehun was seated comfortably on the bed, eating.  Whenever he snuck a peek over there, Sehun was watching him.  He couldn’t even commit this shameful act in private; he was in full view of Sehun.  His prince was witness to every second of his humiliation, seeing him kneeling by his bowl, seeing him eating right out of it, seeing how fiercely it turned him on.

            With the larger bits of food gone, it was harder to eat neatly.  Everything was all mixed together in the bottom of the bowl now, a sloppy mush of rice and sauce and bits of vegetables, ingredients and flavors tossed together.  He couldn’t be rude and abandon the meal that Sehun had so generously provided for him; he had to finish every last grain of rice, had to lick his bowl clean like a grateful pet.

            It meant putting his face deeper into the bowl.  He was getting sauce on his cheeks, on the tip of his nose.  Trembling, he whimpered joyfully, licking up more of his meal.  “So good, I’m so grateful,” he mumbled, slurping up rice.

            “Eat all of it,” Sehun instructed him.

            “Yes, Prince Sehun, yes, I’ll eat everything,” he promised.  He felt the drip of pre-cum against his thumb and groaned, smearing it over his cockhead.  He got to eat in the privacy of his prince’s royal bedchamber!  He got to eat while the prince ate, too; they were practically sharing a meal together!  Who’d ever been treated so well?  Groaning, snorting, he licked the bottom of the bowl, his tongue busily seeking out all traces of sauce.

            “When you’re finished eating, c’mere,” Sehun said.

            “Yes, hyungnim, I’ll be there soon,” he promised.  He hurried up, not wanting to keep Sehun waiting.  He licked his bowl clean, and then turned away from it.  Everything in him was urging him to hump it, to get off on it, but he forced himself to crawl away.  He didn’t have permission to come, and he didn’t want to make a mess in his prince’s special bedroom.

            On his hands and knees beside the bed, he looked up.  Hyungnim?”  He was panting, shuddering, his cock aching in his hand.  He was so hard, “Ooouuhhh,” and being so close to Sehun only made it worse.  The cool, calm way Sehun looked at him, like it was totally expected for him to crawl around on the floor groaning and masturbating and eating out of dog bowls, really did amazing things to him.

            “Such a mess,” Sehun said.  His tone was tolerant and he sat up straighter.  He took a swig from his water bottle, and then he poured water over Hwanhee’s face.

            Moaning, mouth falling open, Hwanhee raised his face to the wet flow.

            Finished, Sehun dropped the bottle.  He handed Hwanhee a fistful of napkins.  “Clean yourself up.  And get your hand off of your cock.”

            Relieved, he let go of himself.  His erection throbbed, demanding, and he groaned, hurting, but he was glad to be able to stop for a minute.  If he wasn’t allowed to get off, being forced to masturbate was keen torment.

            He wiped off his face.  He was ashamed to have sauce all over himself in front of his perfect prince, and the shame felt so good, he moaned.  “I’m so grateful, hyungnim, thank you.”

            “Okay,” Sehun said, undoing his fly, pulling out a long, flushed hard-on.  “Come and get your dessert.”

            The hard length of Sehun’s cock was unbearably sexy, and Hwanhee couldn’t wait to get his mouth on it.  “Thank you, hyungnim!”  Leaning in greedily, he licked at it, and as Sehun let go of it, he sucked it between his lips.  A delicious dessert like this!  It had to be a reward.

            Sehun pushed his face away, then slapped him lightly.  He was so turned on, the rough treatment felt like a reward, too, and he moaned, gazing raptly up at Sehun, ready for whichever pleasures and humiliations might come next.

            “Greedy slut,” Sehun chided him.  “Don’t gobble, savor it.”

            “Yes, savor it,” he breathed.  Sehun was right, so right.  “I’ll savor it,” he promised, leaning in again.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun, I’m so, so, hmmmff,” so grateful.  Eyes closing in bliss, he mouthed Sehun’s hard-on.

            Sehun’s skin was so soft, he licked tenderly.  So delicate, this sacred part of his prince, it deserved only the most reverential treatment.  He had to savor it.  Worship it.  “I’m not worthy,” he breathed, and he dragged his tongue up the long, jutting shaft.  It stood up so proudly, and it should, it had every right to be so proud.  “I don’t deserve this, oh, hyungnim, I’m so grateful.”

            “How does it taste?”

            “Amazing,” he breathed.  Licking around the base, he rubbed Sehun’s balls and moaned, “So delicious, mmn, my prince is delicious everywhere.”  He took his time with his worship, licking thoroughly, mouthing Sehun’s balls and rubbing Sehun’s cock like a cherished object, and then licking some more, sucking the shaft gently, bobbing his head slowly, his lips sliding up and down over Sehun’s beautiful erection, showing Sehun how special this was to him, proving how devoted he was. 

            He listened to Sehun’s erratic breathing.  He treasured every one of Sehun’s moans and groans as a success.  Those sexy sounds and the way Sehun’s hips kept shifting and rocking were cherished proof of Sehun’s pleasure.  He went back down to Sehun’s balls, sucking one into his mouth, moaning over his treat, and Sehun whispered, “Good pet,” making him shiver in response.  Savor, yes, he couldn’t rush through such a precious experience.

            Sehun fondled his ears and rubbed his collar.  He thought that Sehun might want to guide his motions, but Sehun just held onto the collar, stroked the leather, let him move at his own pace.  He lingered over his work, deliberately letting saliva drip out of his mouth, drooling on Sehun’s erection, knowing that Sehun liked to see it nice and wet.  As glistening strings of pre-cum hung from his lower lip, connecting him to the slick head of Sehun’s cock, he looked up, raising his gaze to Sehun’s face.

            Sehun was staring at him, flushed, eyes burning with private intensity.  He felt Sehun’s grip tighten on his collar, and he moaned, grateful, going limp.  It felt so good to submit to his owner, felt so good to let Sehun be in control.  “Finish your dessert, pet,” Sehun whispered, voice dark and commanding.  “Swallow it all down like you can’t get enough of it.”

            “Delicious, so grateful,” he mumbled through wet, swollen lips.  Groaning again, he sucked Sehun’s erection down his throat.  Just as he started to slide off again, Sehun jerked on his collar, forcing him back on.  The sudden movement triggered his gag reflex, and he choked helplessly.  Coughing, he relaxed into it, submitting, letting Sehun use him.  Sehun yanked on his collar a few more times, with rough, unpredictable tugs, and he slurped happily, grateful to be used, thrilled to serve his purpose.  Sehun groaned, cursing, hips bucking, and his heart leapt with excitement, yes, it was happening, he was getting his prince off!  Another curse, louder, and as the sudden splatter of cum made him shudder, he moaned, pleasure suffusing him.

            He was happy to serve his prince.  It was fulfilling, so richly fulfilling.  He could never prove himself enough; there was always more to do.  He’d given and given, savoring Sehun’s erection with devout enthusiasm, and still Sehun had forcefully taken from him what he so freely gave, in the end, forced that beautiful cock on him.  His prince was never satisfied; he always had to work hard to keep up.  That only made him more enthusiastic, made him want to commit himself to his servitude more completely, made him want to prove himself even more next time.  He had to work hard to earn a next time.

            His wet, bruised lips gradually relaxing around Sehun’s cock, he gazed up at Sehun.  He didn’t want to let go of it.  Being on his knees with Sehun’s cock in his mouth was one of the most wonderful experiences of his life, and he really happily would’ve stayed there for hours, tenderly letting Sehun’s limp cock rest on his tongue.

            Sehun pushed his face away.  Then Sehun got up, off of the bed, stepping past him.  Moaning, wondering, he turned on his knees, watching.

            Carelessly, Sehun stripped.  His long, angular body fascinated Hwanhee, who whined like a helpless, needy slut.  Idly scratching his stomach, he glanced at Hwanhee.

            If Hwanhee were a real pet, a real animal, he could rub himself against Sehun’s legs.  Curl up on top of Sehun’s feet.

            “You know, my hyungs are all here,” Sehun said.  “Some of them are pretty horny.  I could let them in here.  Just open the door, let them in.  Baekhyun hyung, Chanyeol hyung, Xiumin hyung, everybody could take a turn on you.  Bet they’d be real interested to see you like this, naked and hot for it.”

            Naked and collared.  With his dog bowl on the floor.  Agitated, anxious, he whimpered.  Sehun didn’t mean it.  It was a joke, a test.  Sehun wouldn’t do that to him.

            Sehun laughed.  “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want it.  I saw you, going around that basketball court.  Smiling at everybody, laughing at everybody, being cute for everybody.  Letting everybody have a taste.”

            What?  “They were being nice, I was being nice, everybody’s just being nice,” he said, confused.  Was this real?  Was Sehun upset with him?

            Sehun slapped him across the face.  “Are you contradicting me?”

            He gasped, his head turned to one side.  He couldn’t contradict a prince, he couldn’t argue, but, but…  At a loss, he went back to what he knew.  “I’m yours,” he said.  He put his hands behind his back, looked up at Sehun, shifted closer on his knees.  “I belong to you.  Always to you, only to you, not to anybody else.”

            “But you’d love to suck down Kai’s cock like you were just sucking down mine.”

            “I did that for you,” he said.  “I’ll do anything for you.  I want you, I belong to you, you’re my owner.  Not anybody else.”

            “Who do you belong to?” Sehun demanded.

            “You,” he said immediately.  How could Sehun even ask, how could that ever be in question?  “I belong to you, Prince Sehun.  I’m yours, I need to be yours.  I’m so grateful to be yours.”

            Grabbing a handful of his hair, Sehun forced his head back, growling down at him.  At the strain on his neck, at the feral anger of Sehun’s snarl, he moaned, shuddering, thrusting out his ass to show obedience.  “They were all over you,” Sehun said.  “Crawling all over you, grabbing at you, eating up your attention.  But they can’t have you.”

            “You can have me,” he panted, aching with desire.  “You can have all of me.”

            “They can’t have you,” Sehun whispered.  Hissing, seething, he was pushing Hwanhee back, crawling on top.  Kneeling in front of Hwanhee, over Hwanhee, he dragged Hwanhee’s face aside and licked the collar.  “You belong to me,” he whispered, furious, menacing.  “You’re mine.”

            “Yours,” Hwanhee moaned, in heaven.  “Yours, I’m yours.”

            “You’re my pet,” Sehun growled, nose brushing his cheek.  “I own you, Hwan-ah, I own all of you.  Remember that, remember it everywhere you go.”

            “You own all of me,” he repeated.  Being claimed so insistently was a dream come true.  It was definitely turning him on, but there was more to it than an erotic charge.  This was a moment of great emotion, too, a moment of pure joy.  Sehun was claiming him.  Sehun owned him.  “I’m yours, I’m your pet, your servant, you own me.”  Pleasure washed through him, and he moaned fervently, squirming in Sehun’s hold just to feel how tight Sehun’s grip was.

            “You’re my slut,” Sehun hissed, and he moaned in perfect agreement, soaking up Sehun’s words.  “When I’m around you, I’m the most important thing in your life.  When I’m not around, I’m still the most important thing in your life.  I own you wherever you go, Hwan-ah.  I’m like a brand on your skin.”

            “Yes, I’m yours,” he breathed.  His hips were working, fucking the air, desperate for his hand.  “Prince Sehun, you’re all that matters.”

            Sehun licked his cheek, nibbled on his cheekbone, teeth scraping over his skin.  It was shocking, for Sehun to be so intimate with him, and he twisted, moaning, turning his face for Sehun’s use, rubbing his cheek against Sehun’s biting mouth.  Sehun’s voice was a gorgeous snarl in his ear, Sehun’s teeth sharp against his jaw.  “Mine.”

            Suho and Jinhoo put Kuhn and Xiumin in charge, and went to drink beer on the couch.  Relaxing, putting their feet up, they talked about how expensive it was to have to feed so many members.

            After a while, Jinhoo started glancing in the direction of Sehun’s room, where they could hear loud music with thumping bass.  Hoping that he was only distracted by the music and not by thoughts of what was happening over there, Suho said, “His taste in music.  Sorry.  If we all have to listen to it, he could play something nicer.  ‘Gee’ or ‘Hoot’ or something would be good.”

            Jinhoo chuckled and took a sip of his beer.  “That.  Other idol he was with.  Before.”  Jinhoo licked his lips slowly, looking lost in thought.

            Suho winced.  “I can’t-”

            “You can’t talk about him, I know.  You can’t tell me anything.  I don’t want to intrude on something private,” Jinhoo said.  “But I wonder about his sex life.  The rest of his sex life, aside from Sehun sunbae.  What it was like for him.”

            Oh.  Suho could understand why Jinhoo wanted to know.  He could empathize with that impulse.  He and Jinhoo were in similar positions, put in charge of a young man’s sexuality, trying to figure out what was best, trying to be respectful of that member’s needs without putting the good of the team at risk.  It could be a real conflict, trying to decide what was right, and what was healthy, and what wasn’t.  Suho still couldn’t claim to have made all of the right decisions, and he could see why Jinhoo might want more information, might want to know how other people handled similar situations.  “As far as I know - - and I can’t claim to know everything!” he added.  “But as far as I know, the rest of his sex life was, ah.  Should I say ‘normal?’  It sounds like he had pretty ordinary sex with the people you might expect him to have sex with.  And a lot of it, too, as far as I could tell.”

            “So, frequent sex,” Jinhoo said.  “Multiple partners.  Outside of his group, even?”

            Suho nodded and busied himself with drinking so his face would have something to do.  Not wanting to give away too much, he hid his expression in the can.  “Yeah, outside of the group,” he finally said, when the silence between them seemed too silent, somehow.

            Jinhoo nodded, gaze drifting, lost in thought again.

            “It can be hard,” Suho said.  He had trouble connecting with Jinhoo sometimes, had trouble communicating, and he wanted to jump on this opportunity to grow closer if he could.  “Having a member who’s different from the others.  Everyone has individual needs, and you want to take care of your members, but it’s not always obvious if you’re giving them too much freedom.  Or is it not enough freedom.  Maybe you’re spoiling them, maybe you’re being too hard on them.  Or am I alone, is this only my problem, and you have it all sorted out?” he asked, chuckling.

            Jinhoo smiled at him.  “I think I’ve gotten all of it wrong, some days.”

            “Yes!  I just go to bed determined to wake up and get it all right tomorrow,” Suho said.

            “Oh, yes, tomorrow I’ll figure it all out,” Jinhoo agreed.  “Somehow.”

            “You’re lucky to have such good kids as members,” Suho told him.  Hwanhee seems sure of himself.  More sure of himself, about what he wants, than I think that I’d be if I were in that situation.  It seems like you can trust his judgment.  He might overestimate himself sometimes, but I don’t think that he’d deliberately mislead you.  And I don’t think that he’s very confused.  If he tells you that he needs something, or doesn’t need something, I think that you can listen to him, most of the time.”

            “Not all of the time,” Jinhoo added, smiling.

            “No, not all of the time,” Suho agreed, snorting at the idea.  “He’s not the leader!”

            This rough, electric sex.  This fierce pleasure pounding through his body.  Being fucked by Sehun was the intense, inescapable experience Hwanhee craved.  One he couldn’t get anywhere else.  This was why he kept coming back to Sehun, over and over again, why he was never sated in the same way with any other guy, why his body hungered to be back in this room so often.  No one else fucked him this hard.  No one else made him feel it all the way through; no one else forced it on him.  His muscles ached and he couldn’t catch his breath and his asshole felt scraped raw, and Sehun was still ramming into him, pinning him down against the unyielding floor.  No one else gave it to him half this hard; no one else gave him this euphoric rush.

            “Yours, I’m yours,” he gasped.  His heart was hammering in his chest and he was trying to focus on the pain of Sehun’s biting to distract himself from the pressing need to come.  But pleasure and pain were twisted together, and in his body’s chaos, one sensation only exacerbated another.  The pain of Sehun’s teeth sinking into his back again felt like the white-hot burn of pure ecstasy, and he groaned, suffering, crying out as he struggled not to come.  “I can take it, I can take it,” he panted.  Sehun was fucking him hard, erection drilling in mercilessly, and Sehun’s teeth caught at him again, closing on a muscle on his right side.  Ahh-hh-hh!  God, okay, okay, I just, I can do it, I can do it,” he told himself, pain and pleasure exploding in him.

            Sehun’s hand stole over his hip, rubbed down his abs, and he cried out again, unable to bear it, god, he couldn’t take this, it was too much.  Then, “Come for me,” Sehun whispered, hand closing over his erection.

            He couldn’t possibly have heard that right, but his owner’s command ruled his body.  Already he was responding to it, his cock rejoicing at Sehun’s touch.  Stroking him, owning him, fucking him, biting him, licking him, Sehun was being so good to him, treating him so well, that pain became pleasure, and pleasure doubled, and his whole body heaved with an obedient spasm, doing what it was told.  Sehun wanted him to come, and he was coming, giving it up, wracked by ecstasy.  Shouting joyfully, shaking in Sehun’s arms, he spurted in heavy streams.  “Oh!  Oh!  Oh-hh-h!”

            “Good pet,” Sehun panted, licking his ear, nuzzling into his hair.  Letting go of his cock, fucking him at a slower, more deliberate pace, Sehun pinched his inner thigh, pinched it again hard, and he yelped, jerking in Sehun’s hold.  Sehun groaned and did it again, pinching up higher, closer to his balls, and he mooed excitedly, the rich bliss of orgasm and his joy at being used by his prince getting confused with the intensity of sensation, signals getting crossed and his body translating everything as wild, stinging pleasure.  “Good pet,” Sehun whispered, “good cockslut,” and Hwanhee mooed again, ecstatic.

            Wei coughed.

            Laughing, Baekhyun patted his back.  “You okay?”

            “Yeah, uh.”  Wei smiled weakly.  “Let’s, uh.  Do you want to listen to music, or anything?”

            “Music, do you not hear the music already playing?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Let’s, um, maybe we could turn the TV on,” Wei suggested.  “Watch a movie?”

            Sehun pushed himself up, getting to his feet.  The room reeled around him for a second; he felt drunk on his own power.  Dragging deep breaths into his lungs, he stared down, relishing his triumph.

            Hwanhee rolled across the floor, moaning deliriously.  “Yours, I’m yours.”  It sounded musical, like smug crooning.  His pouting asshole glistened with lube and smears of Sehun’s cum.  His torso was streaked with his own cum, the mess spreading as he rolled around in it.  His hair was mussed, his bangs falling into his eyes, his back arching as he writhed.  He was beautiful, from his radiant smile to his tight, pink nipples to his perfect abs to his lean, muscular thighs that had spread so enthusiastically for Sehun’s cock.  “I’m Prince Sehun’s pet, I belong to you.”  He was blissful, orgasmic, rolling onto his back and panting, “Prince Sehun, Prince Sehun,” rolling onto his side and moaning, “Good vessel, I was a good vessel.”

            He was intoxicated, drunk on submission.  Drunk on his own degradation.  Sehun planted a foot on his ass, and he mooed softly, arching his back and spreading his thighs.  “Yours, I’m yours.”

            Sehun hadn’t known that a pet could act like this.  Not even in his wildest fantasies had a pet responded to him so completely.  Hwanhee exalted in being owned.  Gloried in being degraded.

            Sehun could do anything to him.  Anything at all.  And he reveled in it like he was being showered in riches.

            “Moo again,” Sehun said, wanting to hear it.

            He mooed, a round, contented sound.  Softly, happily repeating the sound, turning it into a sweet, lowing echo, he squirmed.  Sehun’s foot nudged him over, and he rolled onto his back, splaying out, eyes closing in perfect contentment.

            His mooing settled into happy moaning, and then he opened his eyes, shimmying.  He rolled over and scooted around.  Sehun’s foot rested on his side, and he rubbed his face against Sehun’s other foot, planting devoted kisses over the top of it.  “Thank you, Prince Sehun.  I’m so grateful to you, Prince Sehun.”

            Sehun kicked him.  Lightly, just because, just to abuse him in this moment of absolute adoration.

            He looked up with a hopeful smile, wanting to see what Sehun wanted, ready to serve.

            He was unbelievable.  Every minute with him was a gift.  Crouching down in front of him, Sehun stroked his hair, marveling at him.  He gave and gave, and he held nothing back, and when Sehun demanded more, he found it in himself to give that, too.  “You’re perfect tonight, Hwan-ah.”  Sehun kissed his cheek, licked his cheekbone, kissed it again.  “You’re always the perfect servant.”

            Moaning happily, he pushed his face against Sehun’s, nuzzling.  His breath was soft and quick.  “There’s still time,” he whispered.  “There’s still a lot of time, right?  I can serve you some more, I’ll do anything.”

            Sehun licked his face, relishing his trembling, his rapid breathing, the way he pressed himself close against Sehun’s body.  “You belong to me no matter what time of day it is.”

            “Always yours,” he whispered, closing his eyes, raising his face as Sehun licked across his eyelids and sucked on his cheekbones.  “Always yours.  I’m a good pet.”

            “Such a good pet.”  Gazing at him, at his pretty face, at the vulnerability and strength and joy radiating from him, Sehun felt a dozen warring compulsions.  God, he was a miracle.  “My Hwan-ah,” Sehun whispered, caressing his cheek.  “All mine.”

            “Okay, kids!” Suho called.  “Up10tion members?”

            Baekhyun sighed, defeated.  He knew what that cue meant.  These dongsaengs were about to have to leave, and he was going to suffer, completely unfucked.

            He walked them to the door, saying good-bye.  He hugged Kuhn, just to get a good feel for Kuhn’s hard, muscular body.  Nice.

            Hwanhee was there, blushing and smiling at everybody, laughing like everything tickled him.  Amused, Baekhyun poked at him, and he wriggled like a puppy.  “What’s with you?” Baekhyun teased, pinching at him.  “Never got laid before?”

            He just laughed and blushed harder, his eyes bright.

            After Up10tion was gone, Baekhyun kept thinking about that, about how happy Hwanhee had looked.  How could one night with Sehun make anybody look so brightly aglow?  Okay, so it was Sehun, so it was great sex, but, still.  It was a little funny to think of somebody getting so giggly-happy over that particular kind of sex, overall, right?  Like, it hadn’t been sensual, romantic lovemaking, and it hadn’t just been hard, deep, satisfying boning.  It had been, like, kinky.  Weird.  Sehun did stuff to him.

            Chewed on him, apparently, and tied him up.

            Baekhyun wondered how Sehun had tied him up that night.  Did Sehun tie him up and hurt him?  He hadn’t looked hurt anywhere, but how would Baekhyun know?

            Needing to talk to someone about this, Baekhyun wandered into the kitchen where the hyungs were.  “What is it?” Suho asked him.

            “Biting,” he said.  “I don’t get biting.”

            It’s how you eat,” Lay said.  “Chew, chew, chew.”  Lay mimicked chewing with one hand, like he was working a sock puppet.

            “No, not that kind of biting,” he said.  “Sehun chewing on Hwanhee, that kind of biting.  He bites him.  I don’t get it.  How is that sexy?  It hurts.  He even says that it hurts.”

            “That’s none of our business,” Suho told him.

            “I don’t think that Sehun gnaws on him like he’s a juicy steak,” Xiumin said.  “Isn’t it more like nibbling?”

            “Sexy nibbling,” Lay said.  “I like that.”

            Baekhyun nibbled on his own forearm.  Not bad, but it wasn’t giving him a thrill, either.  Wondering, he used more pressure.  Ow!  “It hurts,” he complained.

            “Baekhyun-ah,” Suho said.  “Stop biting yourself.”

            “What’s sexy nibbling?” he asked.

            “Have you never had sex before?” Xiumin asked.  “Here, like this.”  He moved around behind Suho, putting an arm around Suho’s waist.

            Suho froze but didn’t push him off.

            Moving nice and close, Xiumin gave the side of Suho’s head a flirty look and murmured, “Hey, kitten.”

            “Oh, now, kitten,” Suho said, shifting like he might have to object to this.

            “See, it’s just this,” Xiumin said in that same soft, suggestive voice.  Smiling at Baekhyun over Suho’s shoulder, all leering and sexy and knowing, he stroked Suho’s neck, coaxing Suho’s chin up.  Then he peppered the side of Suho’s neck with light, sweet kisses.  Mmm, that’s right,” he murmured.

            Yeah.  Yeah, okay, Baekhyun could get into this.  Baekhyun’s hormones could totally get into this.

            Suho was blushing.  Xiumin whispered, “Nice and gentle,” and nibbled on Suho’s neck.  Light, fleeting flashes of teeth.  Suho breathed in, his back arching, and Lay said, “Oh, oh, he likes it,” and Xiumin nibbled again, slowly, delicately, and Suho moaned, eyes slipping shut.

            And then Suho shuddered, pulling away, twisting out of Xiumin’s grasp.  “I need to, uh, I have to, there,” and he slipped out of the room.

            Xiumin licked his lips and nodded at Baekhyun, looking smug.  “Like that.”

            Baekhyun didn’t think that was what Sehun did to Hwanhee at all.  But now he had plans for the next time he got Suho alone, so, score.

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