Happy Birthday, Changjo

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            On the morning of his birthday, Changjo woke up early in a fantastic mood.  He quickly texted some friends, called his family, and posted a letter to Angel on the fan café.  Then he took a good, long shower, scrubbing everything nice and clean.

            Then, naked, he snuck into L.Joe and Chunji’s room.  Crawling up Chunji’s bed from the foot, he chuckled to himself.

            Asleep on his side, Chunji was under the covers.  Wondering if he might be naked, Changjo pulled away the blanket.  Ooohhh, nothing but bare skin.  “Chunji hyung,” Changjo whispered, lightly palming his ass.  Mmm, soft.  “You-”

            “Not so fast,” C.A.P.’s voice said, and a muscular arm wrapped around Changjo’s waist, dragging him back.

            “Whoa.”  Changjo laughed as C.A.P. lifted him, pulling him away from Chunji’s bed.  “Hyung, why?”

            “What - - oh - - hey, wait,” Chunji said, sitting up.  “Put him back, put him back!”

            “Ya, is - - oh, naked maknae,” L.Joe said, getting out of bed, sleepy and rumpled and ruffling his hair.

            “I just wanted a birthday kiss,” Changjo said.

            “Where, on your cock?” C.A.P. asked, keeping an arm around his waist.

            “Here, c’mere, I’ll kiss you,” Chunji said with a smile, beckoning with both hands.

            “Is everybody up?” Niel asked, coming into the room.

            “Is it time?” Ricky asked, crowding in behind Niel.

            “Can we fuck the maknae?” Niel asked.

            “Ya, we’re not animals,” L.Joe said.  “We don’t all have to do it at once.  One at a time, or something.”

            “You just think he’ll choose you first,” Niel accused.

            “What?”  L.Joe was blushing.  So cute.  “Won’t he choose Chunji first?”

            “Yes,” Chunji said, nodding, smiling at Changjo.  “I’ll be first.  He already chose me.”

            “I’m first,” C.A.P. said, and all of a sudden Changjo landed on his back on L.Joe’s bed with a bounce.

            “It’s his birthday, can’t he choose?” Chunji asked.

            “I can wait,” Niel said.  “I don’t have to be first.  But can I touch his cock?”

            Chunji laughed.  “When have you ever touched a cock and been able to let go?”

            “I let go sometimes!” Niel blustered.  Changjo laughed.  “There have been times!”

            Sitting up, his legs splayed comfortably, Changjo looked around at his members.  He was going to have sex with every single one of them today, and the next day, and the day after that.  Feeling giddy, he slid his hand over his cock, bouncing it lightly on the tips of his fingers.  “Tell me what you want to do to me, and I’ll decide who’s first.”

            “Ah, shit,” Ricky said.  “Why are you like this?”

            “I want to fuck you,” C.A.P. said.  “I want to put it in your ass and pound you hard.”

            Changjo licked his lips, eyeing C.A.P. from the corner of his eye.  “What if I want to fuck you?”

            C.A.P.’s expression didn’t change.  “We’ll talk about that on your next birthday.”

            “Ooohhh,” Niel and Ricky said to each other, eyes wide.

            “I want you to fuck me.”  Chunji tossed his head, leaned back on his hands, and sniffed.  “And I might go down on you.  Since it’s a special day.”

            C.A.P. snorted.  “You’re dying to taste that cock.  Don’t pretend.”

            Laughing, Chunji threw a pillow at him.  “Shut up.”

            “I’ll be happy to go down on you,” Niel volunteered.  “And I want you to fuck me.”

            “I guess I’ll go down on you,” Ricky said reluctantly.  “But I get to fuck you.”

            Changjo waved him away.  “I’m fucking you.”

            “Ya!  Why are you like this?” Ricky demanded.  “Be nicer on your birthday!  I want to give you my penis in your ass as a gift!  Accept it!”

            “My penis in your ass,” Changjo corrected him.

            Niel nudged L.Joe.  “Why haven’t you said anything?  You don’t want to?”

            “I, aish.”  L.Joe brushed his hair out of his eyes.  “Do I have to say it in front of everyone?”

            “What’s embarrassing?” Chunji asked.  “Just say it.”

            “It’s his first time, isn’t it?” L.Joe asked, gesturing to Changjo.  “Shouldn’t it be nice?  Shouldn’t we take care of him?”

            “Don’t make it weird,” C.A.P. said.

            Changjo knew exactly what he wanted.  “C.A.P. hyung first.”

            Niel and Ricky shuffled over to sit on Chunji’s bed, staring.

            “At least kiss him first,” L.Joe said.

            Kneeling on the bed, C.A.P. sighed.  Changjo grinned, spreading his thighs, ready for whatever came next.  With a familiar hand on the back of his neck, C.A.P. leaned in and kissed him.  It was a firm kiss, direct, and it sent nervous, giddy heat flickering through him.  Looking directly into his eyes, C.A.P. said, “Happy birthday,” and then reached for the lube.

            God, this had been a long time coming, but the wait had been worth it.  Finally burying his cock in the maknae’s ass felt so good, C.A.P. had to pause for a beat just to groan.

            He knew from experience that the first time with any partner was always the worst.  Yeah, it usually felt great, because of the freshness, the excitement, but it was always a little clumsy, the rhythm off, the mechanics awkward.  It wasn’t until later, when they were used to each other, when their bodies knew each other, when everything moved like clockwork, that the best sex happened.

            If his first time with Changjo was going to be his worst time with Changjo, then, fuck, they had some goddamned amazing sex in their future.

            The visuals were great.  The maknae’s body looked incredible, spread out under him.  Long, lean, with all of those well-defined muscles, those perfect chocolate abs, those hard pecs.  Great cock; the other members were going to have a party with that thing.

            It was funny - - he knew that it was their first time together, and his body had all of that first-time excitement, but it didn’t feel strange.  It felt kind of familiar.  Maybe he and Changjo had known each other so well for so long that even this felt natural and comfortable between them.

            Changjo started off cool, laughing while C.A.P. lubed him up, anticipation glittering in his eyes.  When C.A.P. was in him, he only got more excited, started to get defiant, challenging, pulling his legs in, grabbing C.A.P.’s ass, demanding more.  He felt so good, and he was getting so aggressive, that C.A.P. gave it to him, pounded him hard and fast.

            That didn’t last long.  C.A.P. had only been giving it to him hard for a few minutes before he started gasping and jacking off, working that good-looking cock with a tough, firm grip.  Arching, moaning, squeezing his eyes shut, gasping at the ceiling, chanting, “Shit, shit, shit, yes, oh fuck,” Changjo came on himself, muscles flexing.

            This was the fifth dongsaeng C.A.P. had broken in, and he knew what should come next.  Rolling the maknae over, he gave that smooth, sexy ass a good squeeze, then slid in again, pushing deep, and started over.  No mercy this time, no politeness, just good, hard drilling.

            Changjo started shaking, shuddering.  Making aching, whimpering sounds, he pressed closer, rocked backwards, put his head down, clawed at the sheet.  Moaning, mewling, he broke into a sweat, his lax body bouncing against C.A.P.’s thrusts.  And then the excitement picked back up and he started gasping, squirming around, jacking himself off.  This was the best part, when he really got into it, when he loved it, when he was jacking off and crying out and cursing and twitching around enthusiastically, trying to find the best angle.  It was such a turn-on that after Changjo came, C.A.P. came, too, pumping him full.

            Finally unloading his balls in the maknae’s hot ass was so satisfying, C.A.P. just stayed there for a while, enjoying the moment, rubbing the small of Changjo’s back.  Under him, Changjo panted, shivering a little, face buried in the crook of one arm.

            It had been such a good fuck, and he looked so great slumped naked in C.A.P.’s bed, sweat beading on his muscular back, his well-used ass tilted for C.A.P.’s pleasure, that C.A.P. wanted to do him again.  “I hope you’re going to be comfortable living on my cock for a while,” C.A.P. said, squeezing his ass.  “I’m going to fuck you every time you turn around.”

            “Don’t tease him,” Niel said.  “I think he’s dead.”

            “Changjo, are you dead?” Ricky asked.

            With a moan, Changjo rolled over.  When he flopped on his back, he looked up at C.A.P. with a happy, delighted smile.  “I turned around.  Going to fuck me again?”

            Hell, “Okay,” C.A.P. said cheerfully, guiding his knee up.

            “No!  No, no,” Chunji said, pouncing on the bed, smacking at C.A.P.’s hands.  “Your time is up, your turn is over, no.”

            Laughing, Changjo squirmed away while C.A.P. kneed Chunji off of the bed.

            “Is it my turn yet?” Niel asked.  “You can’t keep me away from that cock forever, maknae.  It’s going to be mine.  You should give it up gracefully.”

            “It’s Chunji hyung’s turn next,” Changjo said, smiling at Chunji like the idea pleased him.  “Hyung, do you want to?”

            “Off of the bed,” Chunji said, shoving C.A.P. so hard that he fell right over the edge.  “I’m ready, let’s go.”

            Changjo was really glad that he’d already gotten off twice with C.A.P., because that slowed him down enough to be able to handle Chunji.  When it came to being left hanging, Chunji didn’t forgive and didn’t forget, and he didn’t want to ruin his birthday by letting Chunji down.

            He did still come kind of fast when Chunji went down on him, though.  He tried to hold on, but he couldn’t help it.  It felt so good, and Chunji looked so good down there, it was amazing.  How could the sight of Chunji’s face in his lap, long lashes lowered, cheeks hollowing, the sensation of lips sliding up and down over his erection, not get him off?  He got so excited, he came, and Chunji laughed at him and punched him and asked, “Now what am I supposed to do?  Now who’s going to fuck me?”

            “It’s okay, hyung,” he promised, still giddy and breathless.  “It comes right back up again.”

            Lubing Chunji up was the tricky part.  He let C.A.P. and L.Joe do it however they wanted, but he was always scolding Ricky for not doing it right, and Changjo didn’t want to seem clumsy or awkward.  It was amazing to be the one doing this, though, the one in between his knees, touching that little pink hole.  He looked so pretty, so sexy, so confident like this, on his back, casually holding one knee to his shoulder, watching with those beautiful, knowing eyes, that it made Changjo excited and nervous.

            Biting his lip, he poked into Chunji carefully.  He’d tried fingering himself before, to see what it was like, but it was completely different doing it to another person, to his hyung.  All of the other members were on the other bed, staring, shifting around and whispering to each other and masturbating, and that didn’t help.

            “Ah, okay.”  Chunji undulated, a sinuous ripple running through his whole body as he shifted his hips, and Changjo’s breath caught.  Fuck.  It was one thing to see Chunji do that onstage, and it was something else to see Chunji do it with the other members, but right in front of him, for him, while he was the one touching - - oh, god, this was the best birthday ever.  “It’s not bad.  Relax, kiss me, don’t focus so much.”

            Kiss Chunji?  He didn’t have to be asked twice.  He was crawling up over Chunji’s body and pressing his mouth to Chunji’s for a kiss before he took another breath.

            Oh, oh, god.  At the first subtle flick of Chunji’s tongue, he moaned, his whole body pressing closer.  So good, god, how could Chunji have kept this from him for all of these years?  Groaning, he kissed back, sliding his tongue into Chunji’s mouth, chasing that teasing little flirt.  Chunji shifted under him, hips rising against his hand, and he remembered that he had a job to do.  Shit, how was he supposed to kiss Chunji’s sexy, nasty, flirty mouth and finger Chunji’s hot, sexy, demanding ass at the same time, when either one of those things required all of his concentration?

            “Oh, mmm.”  Chunji’s hand stroked the side of his face, caressed his neck.  “Do I have to lube myself?”

            “No, no, I’ve got it,” he promised, embarrassed.  When he was kissing, he couldn’t watch what he was doing.  Moving slowly, going by feel, he poked two fingers in together.  He tried doing that fluttery scissor that thing Ricky did with Niel, but he couldn’t concentrate when Chunji was playing sucking games with his tongue.  Moaning helplessly in need and frustration, too turned on to be able to think, he just focused on kissing Chunji and let his fingers do whatever they wanted.  This was what he’d fantasized about, dreamt about, kissing Chunji, being on top of Chunji’s naked body, getting Chunji ready for his cock.

            “Ah, ah, okay, that’s it.”  Chunji curled an arm around his shoulders and kissed his neck, then looked right into his eyes, inviting him, daring him.  “Fuck me now, maknae, get your cock in me.”

            Oh, god, it was happening, Chunji was saying it to him.  He couldn’t believe it, oh, god, was this another dream?  Fumbling over his erection with slick fingers, he guided himself into place, lining up.  Was it okay to go in?  He had to go in.  Pressing his lips together, exhaling too hard and then forgetting to inhale again, he canted his hips forward, pushing in.  “Oh, oh, oh,” he was inside Chunji, “oh,” he was fucking Chunji.  Laughing, he stared down at his cock, not really able to believe it.  Wow, he was really in there.  Chunji’s pink little greasy hole was stretched around his erection.

            “Maknae, move,” Chunji insisted.

            Okay, but…wow.  Amazed, Changjo pushed deeper, then inched back a little, watching his erection slide smoothly in and out of Chunji’s body.  “Ricky, c’mere, you have to see this.”

            Shaking with laughter, Chunji covered his face with both hands.

            Ricky crowded in behind him on the bed, looking over his shoulder.  “Ooohh.  Go in the whole way.”

            He did, and it was so fascinating, so sexy, how his cock just disappeared in there.  It felt amazing, so warm and snug.  He’d known that it would feel great, but this was like, wow.  He wanted to push deeper and deeper, wanted to thrust in again and again.

            “Come out and go in again,” Ricky said.  “Ooohh, that’s so hot, look.”

            Feeling Ricky’s fingers tickling in the cleft of his ass, he swatted Ricky’s hand away.  “Don’t distract me.”  His erection was shiny with lube, and when he went in again, he slid the whole way in one smooth push forward.

            “Ungh.”  Chunji shifted around, writhing a little.  Chunji’s ass squeezed down on his cock, and it felt so good that he felt a hot pulse of pleasure shoot the whole way out to his fingertips.  “Uh, why?  You have such a sexy cock, why don’t you know how to use it?”

            Hey!  “I know how,” he protested.  L.Joe was laughing.  “I know how!” he repeated.  It wasn’t that complicated.  Once the cock was in, it was all about thrusting, and he knew all about moving his hips.

            “Fuck him fast,” Ricky advised, sliding his hand over Changjo’s ass again.  “He likes it fast.”

            “You - - stop that,” he said, laughing, smacking Ricky’s hand away from his balls.

            “Ya, it’s not your turn!” Niel objected, and C.A.P. yanked Ricky off of the bed.

            “Most boring birthday party ever,” Chunji said, sighing, examining his nails.

            “Boring?” Changjo demanded.  He was going to make Chunji take that back.  He hadn’t waited this long for this moment just to be called boring!  He shifted forward, leaning closer, tucking his shoulder under Chunji’s leg, and then he started thrusting.

            Oh, fuck, that felt incredible.  Grunting, he blinked, trying to get through the deep throbs of pleasure.  He focused on moving, on rhythm, rolling his hips, finding the beat.  Was he too slow, at the wrong angle?  Needing guidance, he watched Chunji’s face for cues.

            There was nothing, nothing, and then as he shifted his weight, Chunji grimaced, gasping, head going back.  Chunji’s neck looked so sexy, so edible, and Chunji’s long, black lashes were fluttering, and yeah, something good was going on here.  Changjo stayed at that angle, rocking steadily, and Chunji breathed out hard, hands sliding over his back.

            “There we go,” C.A.P. murmured approvingly.  “That’s my boy.  Knew you had it in you.”

            “Is it good?” Niel demanded.  “Chunji hyung, do you like it?”

            “It’s,” Chunji shuddered, biting into his lip, his eyes rolling back in his head, “not bad.  Ah, fuck,” he moaned, scratching Changjo’s chest, arching his back.  “That’s it, that’s good, maknae, fuck me, pound my ass, drill it in me.”

            Oh, shit.  Thrilled, Changjo went faster, thrusting with more energy.  Hearing Chunji talk like that pushed all of his buttons, and he panted eagerly, fucking harder, hoping for more.  He watched Chunji’s face avidly, tracking signs of pleasure, loving the sight of Chunji’s arching body and hard cock.

            “Ooohhhh, ohhhh, yeah.”  Licking his lips, Chunji stared up into Changjo’s eyes, defiant and challenging.  “Give it to me, fuck me hard, do it.”

            God, yes, he was, he was.  High on pleasure, having the time of his life, Changjo banged the hell out of Chunji, thrusting harder and faster for every word out of Chunji’s mouth.  His cock was aching with the need to come - - all of him was aching with the need to come - - but the longer he made this last, the more of this he could have: the more of Chunji staring at him, talking to him, sounding like all of the best sex he’d ever wanted, feeling so amazing, so incredible, fuck, how could anything feel this good?

            Chunji’s hands were stroking over his body, flitting up his chest, scratching his back, gripping his ass.  He felt like he was being pulled into some Chunji vortex, into some world where only Chunji mattered, Chunji’s demands, Chunji’s pleasure.  He couldn’t look away from those intense eyes, that hot, commanding stare.  His hips moved fast, driving his cock into Chunji in deep, forceful strokes, working hard to deliver the pleasure Chunji expected from him.  As his cock plunged into Chunji over and over again, the long slide through that hot, slick, clenching tunnel felt like the best thing he’d ever known, a seductive fantasy beckoning him deeper and deeper, pulling him back in faster, faster, god, he couldn’t get enough of it.

            “Yes, ahh, oooohh, hammer it in me, fuck, yes, that’s it, fuck my hole, aahhh!”  Chunji’s long, lean body shuddered under him, nails dragging up his thighs.

            Then Chunji licked his lips and slid a hand down his own body, pinching his nipples, cupping his balls, stroking his cock.  Masturbating, wow, Chunji was jacking himself off, right there, his hand working the shaft in long, steady pulls, trying to bring himself off while Changjo fucked him.  Shit, this was what Changjo wanted, this was what Changjo fantasized about, and it was happening, it was real.

            “Ooohhh, aauhhhh, do it, harder, fuck my hole, fuck me.”  Chunji gasped, his body arching, a deep flush rising up the column of his neck.  “Ah-hh, hha, fuck, that’s it, shit, maknae,” he moaned, and he came, he was coming, cum squirting all over his abs, up his chest, Chunji was coming, he’d made Chunji come.

            Awed excitement hit Changjo with a sudden spike of pleasure, and he thrust hard, breathless as Chunji’s asshole contracted, squeezing his thrusting cock.  And then Chunji gazed up at him and panted, “Get off in me, come in my ass, flood my hole with your hot cream,” and he was coming, it was over, his body was giving it up, cum pouring out of him in helpless obedience to Chunji’s demands while ecstasy exploded through him in forceful, shocking blasts.

            His stupid hyungs on the other bed were clapping, applauding.  Chunji laughed, hugging him, and he buried his happy smile in Chunji’s neck, holding Chunji tight, feeling good, feeling great, feeling proud and excited and accomplished.  He’d done it.  He’d fucked Chunji.  There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do.

            Niel had to wait until Changjo took a shower and then had to wait while Changjo ate.  It was awful, it was agony.  He stuffed C.A.P.’s cock in his mouth to console himself, and that kept him busy for a while, and then finally the maknae was ready.

            He liked giving head on his knees the best, so Changjo stood beside the bed while he knelt down.  The maknae had a really handsome cock, one of Niel’s favorite cocks in the world, and he sucked it slowly, not wasting time kissing or licking or playing around, just sucking on it, bobbing his head and really wanting to touch himself because god, he loved this cock.  Long and thick and gorgeous, so gorgeous, all smooth and satiny and luscious in his mouth.  It felt so hard, so silky between his lips, and when he buried his face in Changjo’s crotch, his nose pressed in the black fur of Changjo’s pubes, it felt so good filling up his throat that he moaned, gripping Changjo’s muscular thighs and thirstily swallowing the dripping trickle of pre-cum.

            He was sliding on and off, moaning his heart out in both directions, fondling his own cock because he couldn’t help it, it was too good, when Changjo pulled at his hair and said, “Wait, Niel hyung, wait, I’m going to come.”  Come, yes, yes, that was the point, he wanted Changjo to come, what did the maknae think he was doing this for?  Groaning eagerly, he sucked harder, waiting for it, hoping for it, drool trickling from the corner of his mouth as he slurped up and down the thick length of Changjo’s cock.

            “Oh, oh,” Changjo said, sounding surprised, and there it was, a sputtering stream of cum blasting the back of Niel’s throat.  It was thick and gooey and delicious, and he moaned, swallowing convulsively, clutching at Changjo’s ass to hold Changjo’s hips against his face.

            “Ah, ah, hyung,” Changjo said breathlessly, going up on his toes, rocking back on his heels, tugging at Niel’s hair.  “Oh, wow, shit.”

            Aw, it was over.  Reluctantly sliding off, letting Changjo’s cock fall from his lips, Niel swallowed again, wishing that there were more.  Closing his eyes, he rubbed his face against Changjo’s sexy chocolate abs, catching his breath.  Still jacking his cock, ready to do it again, he licked his lips, then licked Changjo’s abs.  Such smooth, hot, satiny skin.  God, he loved Changjo’s body.  “Time to fuck me,” he decided.

            “You think it’s always time for that,” Chunji said, laughing.

            “That’s because it is.”  He licked Changjo’s abs again, wanting another taste, and then looked up.  “Ready to put your fingers in me?”

            Looking flushed and kind of dazed and really happy, Changjo nodded at him, stroking his hair.  “Yes.”

            “Whoo, all right.”  Hopping to his feet, he crawled onto the bed, going right onto his knees and elbows, pointing his ass at Changjo.  “Do it, I’m ready.”

            The first wet touch wasn’t anything special, just the usual poking around.  It perked him up, because it meant that more was coming, meant that cock was coming, but it wasn’t really worth getting excited about.  And then it started getting rhythmic, in-stretch-out, in-stretch-out, something his body could anticipate, something his blood could pump to.  Liking that, he moaned, pushing his hips back for more.

            “Do you like it?” Changjo asked, and he felt fuller, the stretch a little more interesting all of a sudden.  Mmm, Changjo must have added a finger.  Yeah, this was more like it.

            “Yes, I like it,” he said, only it came out more like, “Waauuuhhh, ooohhh, yes, ooohhh, I l-l-l-liiiike it,” and his knees were spreading, and his back was arching, and pleasure was echoing through him in hot, rippling waves.  As his hips jerked, he moaned, rubbing his face on his forearms.  Good, so good, why did it feel this good already?  Changjo’s fingers were rubbing and sliding and twisting inside of him, fucking him rhythmically, and he groaned, so turned on that he started rocking, bucking, shoving his ass back, biting at his forearm.  “Ooouuuhhhh, maknae, now, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

            “Okay, wait, wait,” Changjo said breathlessly.  Changjo’s hand disappeared from his ass, and he grunted, impatient, shifting restlessly, eager to feel that penetration and pleasure again.  He felt the thick, mushroom head nudging him, and he rocked back against it, wanting it inside, wanting it now.  “Ah, hyung, oh,” Changjo gasped, and he felt it pushing into him, filling him up.  It felt so hard, so solid, he moaned, having that weird moment of “this is never going to fit” and “give it to me give it to me all of it now” that he got every time he had sex.  It stretched him open, sliding deep and then suddenly sinking deeper, and he grabbed up a fistful of sheets, too excited and impatient to hold still, so turned on his cock was twitching angrily.

            But Changjo didn’t make him wait any longer.  Right away, Changjo started thrusting.  This was new sex, a new cock to get used to, and it took him a second to get accustomed to the pace of it.  Changjo fucked him in long strokes, pulling back on his hips at the end of every thrust to get that extra bit of oomph and then pushing him away again just to pull him back, so he felt like he was bouncing on Changjo’s cock, and it was amazing.  Changjo hit that sweet, electric spot every time, lighting him up with pleasure, fucking happy, panting moans right out of him.

            “Niel hyung,” Ricky said.  “What’s it like?”

            “Oh, hoooooohhh, heaven, it’s like heaven.”  Rubbing his face into the crook of his elbow, he panted, his other hand sliding down his torso to clutch at his cock.  While Changjo rocked into him, pulling and pushing, fucking him deep, he closed his fingers in a circle just beneath the head of his erection, squeezing and tugging.  He didn’t want to come yet, he wanted this to keep going, all of it, the fullness, the pleasure, the energy and tension pulsing through his body, building between his thighs.

            Changjo’s hands rubbed his hips, sliding up his back, slow and firm.  His back arched and he made the most embarrassing purring sound, a loud “rrrrwwwwmmm” that vibrated right out of him.  Mortified, he bit his lip, hot with pleasure.  He didn’t know how the maknae could fuck him so aggressively and touch him so nicely, but it felt so good, he needed to come all of a sudden.  Gasping, he tried to hold it in, but then Changjo’s hands slid over his ribcage and up his chest, warm and massaging right over his nipples, and cum shuddered right out of him, his whole body wracked by joyful spasms, ecstasy hitting him hard.  “Here, oouuuhh, it’s here,” he moaned, but he was too late, he was already done.

            “Nice,” C.A.P. said approvingly.

            “Niel hyung.”  Changjo sounded like he was moaning and laughing at the same time.  “Finished?”

            “Unnhh, oh, never.”  He felt really feeble but really good, all over, and the rough thrust of Changjo’s cock was fantastic.  “Fuck me some more.”

            “Okay.”  Changjo kept rocking into him, kept touching him, petting him all over, feeling him up, rubbing his back, his thighs, his abs, his balls.  When Changjo started playing with his cock, he twisted away, too sensitive, trying to smack Changjo’s hand off of him, but just as Changjo laughed and let go, he realized that Changjo was touching his cock and he grabbed at Changjo’s hand, putting it back.  The way Changjo fondled him felt good, felt really nice, sent little whispers and sparks of pleasure skittering through him, and he rubbed his face across his forearm again, moaning to himself.

            “Changjo!  Come!” Ricky ordered impatiently.  “Stop taking so long!  I’m next!”

            “But he feels good,” Changjo said.  “And I think he likes it.”

            “Huuuhhhh, yes,” Niel agreed, feeling kind of electric, kind of loopy.  He wasn’t going to come again, but erotic pleasure was humming through him, heat soaking him with every thrust, with every rub and glide of Changjo’s hands.  “Oooo, I like it.”

            “You can fuck him again later,” Ricky said.  “You can fuck him every day.  Hurry up.”

            Every day?  Yes, yes, he could have this again, they could do this every day.  Oh, that would be nice.  He was going to get off so well from now on. 

            “Come on his ass,” Chunji said.  “He likes it.”

            He did, yes, “I want it,” Niel mumbled, sucking at his forearm.

            “But I don’t want to jack off today,” Changjo protested.  “This is the day I finally don’t have to anymore.”

            “Chunji will do it,” C.A.P. said.

            “Oh, all right.”

            Niel grunted, disappointed, when Changjo’s cock left him.  He ran his toes over Changjo’s calf, feeling prickly with anticipation.  Changjo made a shocked sound, like whatever was happening felt too good to be real, and Chunji said, “Oh, nice,” and Niel felt cum land in warm plops across his ass.  Ahhh, that was nice; he arched his back as more drops pelted him.  Pleased, satisfied, he lowered his hips, his body relaxing.  Now that was some good sex.  “Thumbs up, maknae,” he mumbled, his eyes closing.  “A plus.”

            While Changjo and Niel showered, Ricky changed L.Joe’s sheets.  Then he went to hustle Changjo out of the shower, sure that if he didn’t, Niel would start something up again.  “Okay, my turn,” he insisted, shoving a still-damp Changjo toward the bed.  “Suck my cock.”

            “What?”  Changjo stopped and turned to him, laughing.  “Suck why?  You suck mine.”

            “Okay, forget that, just lay down so I can fuck you,” he said, pushing at Changjo.

            “Why?”  Laughing again, Changjo ducked and then pushed back.  “It’s my birthday, I get to fuck you.”

            Damn it.  “Rock paper scissors.”

            “No!  Get on your hands and knees, I want to fuck you.”

            “Hands and knees!”  Drawing himself up, he glared.  “Why from behind?  Am I too ugly to look at?”

            “Yes,” Changjo said, and ducked.

            Shouting, he wrestled Changjo onto the bed.  Stupid Changjo was wily and stronger than he was, but he almost had the upper hand until Changjo kissed him.  When their mouths met, all of the fight went out of him in a flash, and he moaned greedily, clutching at all of the bare skin he could find, kissing back.  Changjo was pulling his underpants down, rubbing his ass, and he realized that he was probably about to take it up the ass, but he was okay with that, honestly, he was okay with whatever happened, he just wanted it to be with Changjo.

            Changjo was pretty sure that every time he did this, he got a little better at it.  It was comfortable with Ricky, too; he wasn’t worried about what Ricky would think the way he’d been worried with Chunji.  While they made out, he played around with Ricky’s asshole, lubing it up, figuring out what made Ricky squirm, what made Ricky groan, what made Ricky kiss him harder.  When he finally slid inside Ricky, Ricky pulled on his hips and he undulated and their bodies fit together like they’d done this a dozen times before.  It felt so great, his cock was throbbing and tingling pleasure was racing up and down his thighs and he was about to moan, and then their eyes met and they started laughing.  He didn’t even know what was so funny, nothing was, everything was.

            “You’re fucking me.”  Ricky laughed again, then leaned back, lacing his fingers behind his head, looking smug.  “Feels incredible, right?”

            “It does,” he admitted, leaning forward.  He kissed Ricky again, pressing deeper, and Ricky kissed him back, stroking his hair.  As his hips started to move, rocking a little, his hand slid over Ricky’s cock, and he ran his fingers up the shaft, back down, liking the feel of it, stiff, sturdy, twitching at his touch.

            “Oh, oh, let me see,” Ricky said, pushing at his chest.  Grinning, he shifted up a little.  Still thrusting, he fondled Ricky’s cock, toying with it, rubbing Ricky’s balls.  “Ahh, ah, okay,” Ricky said, staring.  “Okay, that’s, yeah, keep doing that.”

            It was easier to thrust and touch Ricky at once, to keep the rhythms coordinated, if he touched Ricky like he usually jacked himself.  It took him a second to get used to the underside being on the wrong side, but once he got started, everything just flowed like music.

            “Oh, oooo, oh my god.”  Ricky shuddered, knees drawing up, nails scrabbling at his thighs.  “Oh my god, what are you doing to me, what is this, what, what, why, aaaahhh, ah, ahhh, oh!”

            He couldn’t believe that he could feel this good and make Ricky squeak and squirm like this.  Sex was the best thing ever.  “What, what’s good?”  He had to know what he was doing right so he could do it next time.

            “E-e-e-verything, yes, yes, keep going.”  Ricky was turning red from nipples to forehead.  “Ahhh, yaahhh, I like this, this is it, this is what I want.”

            He couldn’t believe how easy Ricky was to excite.  He was going to have so much fun with this.  Experimenting, he slowed down his hand and sped up his hips, fucking harder and jacking lighter, and Ricky grabbed at his wrist, pulling at his forearm.

            “Don’t play, don’t tease.”  Ricky massaged his own balls, rolling them in his palm.  “Oh, god, oh, god.”

            Changjo recognized that moan.  “Wait, no,” he said, surprised.  “Don’t come yet!”

            “Too late,” Chunji said.

            “Oh, god,” Ricky moaned again, one hand on his balls, one hand pinching his ear.  “Oh, god, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

            “Ya!”  Changjo stared as cum spurted and dribbled between his fingers.  “Ricky!”

            “Oh, oh.”  Ricky was breathing hard, his hands dropping.  “Oh, that was awesome.”

            “I’m not finished!” Changjo complained, pinching him.

            “Ooohh.”  Ricky flung his arms wide.  “I am.”

            Still thrusting, Changjo found his own rhythm, deep and easy, taking his time.  Ricky sighed like it felt good, scooting down against him, eyes drifting shut.  Curious, he ran his fingers through the splatter of cum on Ricky’s stomach.  It tasted like his, kind of like nothing, kind of faintly bitter.  He ran his hand over Ricky’s chest, drew circles around Ricky’s nipples until Ricky laughed and slapped at his hand.  He went back for more, pinching them, twisting them, and Ricky squirmed, making soft, aching noises and turning red again.  Hiking Ricky’s legs up around his ribs again, he leaned in and kissed Ricky’s soft, rosy mouth.

            “Okay,” Ricky mumbled, kissing him back.  “I like the way you fuck me.”

            By the time Changjo was finished with Ricky, L.Joe was so horny he was beside himself.  So were the other members.  While Changjo went to rinse off, Chunji went down on C.A.P. and Niel went down on Chunji.  L.Joe wanted to join in, but he made himself hold back, made himself wait.  He’d waited this long, right?  He could wait another few minutes.

            He was watching Niel moan around Chunji’s erection when he heard a “psst.”  Glancing around, he saw Changjo in the doorway, naked and gesturing to him.  He shot a look at the other members, verified that they weren’t paying him any attention, and slipped out of the room.  “What?” he asked softly, trying to look at Changjo’s eyes and not that sexy cock.

            “My room,” Changjo whispered, tugging at his arm.  They went into Changjo’s room, and Changjo locked the door.

            L.Joe grinned, liking this.  Mischievous maknae.  “The members are going to be so pissed off,” he said, pushing his underwear down.

            “They got what they wanted,” Changjo said, cupping his face, and kissed him.

            Kissing, sliding his hands over L.Joe’s soft, warm skin, feeling the strength of the wiry body beneath, Changjo backed toward the bed.  When his back hit the mattress, L.Joe was right on top of him, humming into his mouth.  He wanted action on his cock, but L.Joe was sliding a hand into his hair, drawing his head back, trailing hot, sucking kisses down his neck.

            Changjo had known that L.Joe had to be last, and this was why.  L.Joe wanted his first time to be special, and he couldn’t get his feelings all tangled up in his chest and then roll over for C.A.P., not on the first day, not when he’d never done any of this before.  It had to be in this order, trial by fire first, then L.Joe to finish.

            L.Joe was kissing his chest, sucking at his nipples, fingers stroking hot and light over his balls.  “Sexy,” L.Joe breathed, tongue flicking at his skin, “you’re so sexy.”

            Wanting to watch, he pushed himself up on his elbow, sweeping L.Joe’s bangs aside.  He was so turned on, his erection was already stretching up, trying to touch L.Joe’s chest.  “You’re going to suck my cock, aren’t you?”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe kissed his stomach, then glanced up at him, meeting his eyes with a hint of a grin.  “Yep.”

            Eager to find out what that would be like, he scooted farther up the bed, spreading his thighs wider.

            L.Joe laughed at him, then kissed beside his navel, running a hand over his abs.  “Haven’t you already had enough attention today?”

            He smiled.  “That was a long time ago, wasn’t it?”

            With a happy, affectionate chuckle, L.Joe lowered his head again.  He kissed Changjo’s stomach, kissed Changjo’s hip, and - - ooohhh - - ran his tongue along Changjo’s pelvic bone, right down into Changjo’s crotch.

            Changjo couldn’t believe that this was his third blowjob of the day.  Third.  And they were all so different.  The way L.Joe mouthed his balls had shivering prickles of arousal skittering up his skin.  And then the licking started.  Around the base, at first, wet and flickering.  Then slow licks from the base halfway up, the flat of L.Joe’s tongue painting wet stripes along his shaft.  The licks started extending higher up, the tip of L.Joe’s tongue chasing up trails of pre-cum.  L.Joe was going so slowly, like they had all night to do this, and maybe they did have all night, but Changjo’s cock needed it now.  The wet stroking of L.Joe’s tongue had him aching, his blood pumping hot and fast.  “L.Joe hyung.”  His voice was shaky.  “Suck something.”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe’s lips brushed the shaft, sucking lightly here and there, soft little kisses that made Changjo’s toes curl.  His mouth looked so sexy and felt so amazing that Changjo really wanted him, felt hot streaks of lust just watching him.  Dragging his teeth over his lower lip, he raised his face.  He was so close to the shiny, swollen head of Changjo’s erection that Changjo could feel the soft hush of his breath, and the desire in his eyes glittered like fever.  “Changjo-ah.”  He kissed it again, his eyes closing, his tongue snaking around the shaft.

            Groaning, Changjo was so turned on it hurt.  “Hyung.”  The word came out as little more than air.

            “Hhhmmm.”  L.Joe rubbed his thumb around the base like he wanted Changjo to make suffering animal noises.  “It tastes even better than it looks.”  He kissed the head, his parted lips sliding down, and - - oh, oh! - - there was suction, so good, wet, suction, oh.  His head bobbed, the tight circle of his lips sliding farther and farther down the shaft with every pass until he was going the whole way down, kissing the base before sliding back off.  He was sucking and humming, the vibration of it singing straight down to Changjo’s balls.  His pace was too slow for Changjo to get off but just right for Changjo to moan and kick and claw at the sheets and gasp for air in needy, blissful torment.

            It was like for Chunji, Changjo’s cock was a sexy playground, an erotic toy, and for Niel, his cock was food for a starving man, and for L.Joe, it was a treasure, a pleasure, like whatever felt good to him felt twice as good to L.Joe.  Right then, L.Joe wasn’t trying to get him off; L.Joe was making love to his cock like eventually it would get L.Joe off.  It was one of the sexiest things he’d seen in a day overflowing with sexy moments, and he groaned, staring, as L.Joe’s soft, curving lips slid down the shaft again.

            Rising off of it, L.Joe started to lick the head.  Long, slow licks, lingering, his tongue dragging over Changjo’s tight, sensitive skin like he didn’t ever want to break contact.  Soft, sucking kisses, shit, Changjo couldn’t take this.  “Hyung, L.Joe hyung, I need to come, I have to come.”  His voice was panting and desperate and then L.Joe smiled at him like they were having a good time, like L.Joe hadn’t turned his bedroom into some sort of awful chamber of sexual torment.

            “Okay,” L.Joe said cheerfully, and he gave the base of Changjo’s cock one last affectionate kiss, and then he slid right down, swallowing the whole thing at once, and as he started bobbing again, faster this time, his cheeks hollowed, and Changjo’s whole body turned inside-out with pleasure.  Shuddering, coming, exploding into pieces, Changjo groaned, his hips thrusting in erratic jerks.  L.Joe rode it out, sucking harder, trying to kill him, and he gasped, needing air, needing balance, feeling like the bed was tilting under him.

            Boneless, exultant, panting, Changjo closed his eyes.  Opened them again.  Squeezed them shut and tried to catch his breath and felt like pleasure was still radiating through him.  Opened his eyes to find L.Joe looking down at him with a curious, happy smile.

            “Our maknae,” L.Joe said, one fingertip drawing a line just under Changjo’s lower lip.  He looked slightly embarrassed but mostly pleased, really pleased.  “Was it a good present?”

            “Yes.”  Smiling, hopeful, he rested his hands on L.Joe’s waist.  “This is the best birthday ever.  Can I have another present, too?”

            Blushing, L.Joe looked away, biting his lip, and then he met Changjo’s eyes, still embarrassed, still pleased.  “Yeah, okay.”

            Niel pounded on the door.  “Ya, Changjo!  Finished yet?”

            “No!” L.Joe said.  “Go away!”

            Niel said something else, but Changjo didn’t hear it.  L.Joe was kissing him, and he wasn’t interested in anything but that, anything but the press of L.Joe’s soft lips, the caress of L.Joe’s tongue.

            L.Joe was moving, and Changjo rolled with him.  As they settled onto their sides, L.Joe slid right up against Changjo’s body.  Lithe and wiry, warm and smooth, he was at once familiar and new, and Changjo pressed tightly against him, touching him, fascinated by the feel of him, this novel sensation of sexual intimacy.

            It was thrilling to experience this firsthand.  Changjo had known that L.Joe made a lot of noises during sex, but it was different, a turn-on, when L.Joe was moaning into his mouth and humming against his skin and groaning at his touch.  He’d known that L.Joe was a biter, but it was different, a turn-on, to feel L.Joe’s teeth tenderly nibbling at his lower lip, at his neck, at his side.  He’d seen L.Joe’s naked body a thousand times, had touched parts of it before, but now it was right up against him, sliding, grinding, hot and strong, and he could feel L.Joe’s bare skin rubbing all up and down his body, could feel the stiff jut of L.Joe’s erection, could feel L.Joe shuddering with pleasure.  He felt like he was learning L.Joe in a new way, getting to know his hyung all over again, and he felt kind of shy and really excited about that.  He wanted to learn more, wanted to know everything, and when he rolled forward, pressing L.Joe back, L.Joe just kept kissing him, hands rubbing up and down his body, legs wrapping around his waist, like this was a natural, ordinary thing they did, something comfortable and private.

            When he rubbed his hand over L.Joe’s erection, loving how different it was from his but how much the same, L.Joe made a hurt, whining noise, a sound he recognized, a sound L.Joe made for C.A.P. and Chunji all of the time.  Fascinated, he kept doing it, and L.Joe twisted under him, making a frustrated, desperate sound and nipping at his shoulder.  “Not now, not yet, don’t,” L.Joe panted, and Changjo stopped, kissing L.Joe’s mouth again.  The way L.Joe kissed back was different this time, softer but faster, greedy little kisses, sucking at him.

            “I can’t touch it?” Changjo asked, curious, disappointed.

            “Not now.”  L.Joe was still kissing him, one hand sliding through his hair and cupping his face and encouraging him to stay close, to kiss back, the other hand on his ass, squeezing, massaging, making need race up his spine.  “You’ll make me come.  I want to get off when you’re inside me.”

            It wasn’t often that someone said something like that directly to Changjo’s face, and he’d never heard it from L.Joe, and it kind of stunned him for a second, like, wow, this was real, this was happening, L.Joe wanted him, he was going to fuck L.Joe and they both knew it.  It wasn’t something he was getting away with, it was something L.Joe was asking for.  He couldn’t imagine saying that to someone’s face, just putting it out there so plainly.  He’d only say it to mess with someone, to provoke a reaction, not sincerely, not so openly.  God, L.Joe was either shameless or brave.

            So turned on that he had to clutch at his balls to control himself, Changjo blinked until his mind cleared.  Sex, right, he was going to fuck L.Joe.  Lube, he needed lube.  Putting a hand on L.Joe’s chest to keep L.Joe in place, like this magical opportunity might disappear on him, he reached down, patting over the floor.  Just as he located the tube, he felt L.Joe pick up his other hand, and he looked up just in time to see L.Joe lick at his fingers.  He’d just felt this action on his cock, and he knew exactly how good it could get, and now L.Joe was doing it to his fingers, sucking at them, nipping lightly.

            L.Joe’s eyes were barely open, his soft lips brushing slow, sensual kisses across Changjo’s palm, and when he hummed and sucked Changjo’s thumb into his mouth, Changjo realized that there was nothing L.Joe couldn’t get off on.  There was also apparently nothing he couldn’t make Changjo get off on, either.

            God, L.Joe hadn’t been nearly this relaxed about sex before Oh Sehun, and Changjo really, really regretted not getting any of that L.Joe, but this was good, too, this was great, this was so sexy, so hot, fuck, he really needed to get inside L.Joe now.  Reluctantly, he slid his hand free.

            With frank interest, L.Joe watched him open the lube, brushing light fingers through his hair, smoothing his sideburns.  “Should I roll over?”

            “No, this is,” uh, “this is good,” oh, wow.  Maybe someday he’d get used to having his members spread out naked under him, aroused and asking to be penetrated, but it was still really, really new, and damn, L.Joe looked incredible.  Long neck, muscular arms, candy pink nipples, all of that bare skin, the fur of black hair at the base of a smooth, hard cock.  As he watched, L.Joe drew a leg up, and that was all of the encouragement he needed.

            As he slid a finger in, L.Joe kissed him.  Chunji was right, it was easier to do this while he kissed, easier not to get too focused and start overthinking it, easier just to let his fingers do what felt right while he kissed L.Joe’s sexy mouth.  He wanted to go up to three fingers, but by the time he was on two, L.Joe was already making a hot, needy, “huuhhh, huuhhh, mmmmmaknae” sound and writhing around.  Then L.Joe moaned, “Oohhhh, please,” and Changjo felt shredded, his emotions knotting into a desperate tangle in his chest, lust and desire burning him.

            Fumbling with his cock, Changjo got himself in.  He was barely past the head when L.Joe moaned and squirmed against him, cupping his ass and dragging him forward.  His hips jerked forward, excited by L.Joe’s need, shoving his cock deep, the whole way in, surrounded by snug, slick heat.  His first instinct was that he needed more of this, more, right away, and he hitched his hips, trying to push deeper.  L.Joe groaned, kissing, and shit, he couldn’t kiss and fuck at the same time, he could barely breathe at the moment, he was so turned on.

            “Yeah,” L.Joe whispered, legs around him, arms around him, surrounding him in agile limbs.  L.Joe’s slick, nibbling kisses were making him moan, and his hips were rocking in short, lurching pokes.  “Oohhh, huuuhhh, ahmmmm, maknae.”

            “I have to, oh, have to,” Changjo said.  He had no idea what he was trying to say, but his body was confused, trying to make everything happen at once, trying to kiss and fuck and touch and grind and grope and hump.

            “Mmm, just, oh.”  L.Joe’s hands were on his ass again, cupping, guiding, showing him where the rhythm was.  “Ah,” L.Joe was arching, grimacing, teeth catching on a soft, lower lip, “aahhhh, don’t rush, this is it, just like this.”

            This was okay, like this?  Short, even thrusts, his hips rolling, his cock rocking steadily in L.Joe’s heat.  “Oh, oh,” wow, yeah, this was - - unnh - - just right.  “Feels so good,” he confessed, needing to tell someone how amazing this was.

            “Sexy, so sexy,” L.Joe breathed, kissing him again, stroking his neck.  “Want you so much.”

            God, he felt like he really needed to fuck L.Joe, except that he was fucking L.Joe already.  He started to go a little faster, hips picking up speed, and L.Joe murmured, “Yeah, oh, so good,” nibbling down his neck.  The snug tunnel gripping his cock, the warm softness of L.Joe’s taut skin sliding against him, the affectionate stroking of L.Joe’s hands, the needy hunger of L.Joe’s sexy mouth, all felt so good, so incredible, that Changjo wanted to stay for as long as he could, wanted to make it last.  He fucked L.Joe with those short, regular thrusts, kissing, caressing, moaning when L.Joe whispered his name and told him how good it felt.  This was why he’d put L.Joe last, why he’d closed the door, because L.Joe was making it so personal, so intimate, face-to-face, breathing on each other.  He didn’t want it to get emotional in front of the other members, didn’t want them to laugh at him.  This wasn’t friend sex, this was relationship sex, and it felt like his first time all over again, new and exciting, uncharted territory, pulling on his heart in a way that made him feel really, really happy and too vulnerable.

            He tried to focus on his cock, on his moves, but it was impossible to pull away emotionally when L.Joe was moaning his name and squirming against him and gazing up at him with those dark, emotional, “I want you so much,” “don’t you see what you’re doing to me” eyes.  The pounding of his heart almost outdid the throbbing of his cock, and he couldn’t stay away from L.Joe’s mouth, from L.Joe’s kisses, from the breathless nuzzling and sexy nibbling and soft, desperate moaning.

            It felt like they’d been there for long hours, for short minutes, like they were suspended in some sexual time warp where everything was just right but there would never be enough.  When L.Joe started jacking off, Changjo didn’t go faster, didn’t try to intensify it, just let it keep happening, the two of them rocking together in their own harmony.  The first time L.Joe came, it turned him on, and he slowed down on purpose, wanting to draw it out, wanting to feel this way for as long as he could.  “Don’t come again,” he whispered, licking L.Joe’s lower lip.  “Don’t come yet.”

            L.Joe made a distressed, horny sound, scratching his back.  “I need to, I need it.”

            “Hyung, please,” he whispered, kissing L.Joe, rubbing his thumb over a small, hard nipple.  “You feel so good.”

            Moaning, thighs hugging him, L.Joe kissed him back.  He’d won more time, and he used it, fucking L.Joe slowly, lengthening his stroke, sliding back and rocking deep.  The needy, whimpering sounds L.Joe made only got louder and louder.  L.Joe’s sexual craving pulled on him, begged him, and he couldn’t help but want to satisfy it, to provide what L.Joe was pleading for, to be the one to deliver what L.Joe needed.  He finally did escalate, fucking harder, faster, not with energetic force, just enough to push toward the finish line.  Crying out, L.Joe masturbated like someone denied it for too long, and as Changjo thrust in again, L.Joe came a second time, cum spraying in messy spurts.  As L.Joe shook against him, tightening up around him, he moaned, letting go, crashing into ecstasy.  Pleasure shot through him in explosive pulses, and he jetted hard into L.Joe, moaning.

            “Ah, hhmmm, oh.”  L.Joe’s hands were stroking his hair, rubbing down his back.  Feeling vulnerable, clingy, he burrowed into L.Joe’s embrace, tucking his face against L.Joe’s neck.  Oh, god, he’d just come inside L.Joe.  He’d just fucked L.Joe.  He’d just had sex with his members, with all of his members, with Ricky, with his hyungs.  Overwhelmed, he laughed, and if the wetness on his cheeks wasn’t sweat, there was no one to witness it but L.Joe.

            He felt good, really good, shaky but good, exhausted but ecstatic, needy, buzzed, like he had after their first concert, after spending all night performing for a crowd of happy, cheering Angels.  He just wanted to hold onto L.Joe and smile.

            Kissing his shoulder, L.Joe kept rubbing his back in long, soothing strokes.  His body relaxed, satiation making his limbs feel heavy.  He exhaled, content, and L.Joe started to hum.  Recognizing the “Happy Birthday” tune, he chuckled.

            C.A.P.’s fist landed on the door.  “Come on out, maknae.  Time to learn how to suck cock.”

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