K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Luhan had fallen asleep on the couch.  Curled up on his side, he’d tucked his hand under his cheek.  A few of the other members crept close, silently staring.

            “What do you think that he looks like?” one of them whispered.  “Really looks like?”

            “I’ll bet that he’s covered in fur and has, like, three arms.”

            “Maybe he’s scaly.  Like a walking snake.”

            “Whoa.  What if he’s, like, just a big bag of pus?  No limbs, no face, just pus, pus all over, pus everywhere.”

            From behind them, a sudden voice accused, “But then he’d look too much like you!”

            Startled, they turned, but Xiumin was already on them, pushing, punching.  “Ya!  Think it’s funny?” Xiumin demanded as they scattered.  “Say it again and I’ll turn you into pus!”

            Disoriented, Luhan wakened, his eyes opening in a squint as he sat up.  “What?”

            “Ah, nothing.”  Xiumin lightly pushed him back down.  “Go back to sleep, they’re just stupid kids.”

            “Mmm.”  Curling up again, Luhan fell back into sleep.

            The day they debuted in Korea, Luhan felt weird.  He didn’t tell anyone, because they all felt kind of weird.  They were excited, nervous, happy, scared.  They’d been working toward this moment for years, and they were full of fear and joy and anticipation about everything that would come next.  They were all bouncing, sweating, throwing up, so when he got dizzy a few times, he just dismissed it.

            The day they debuted in China, he felt worse.  Not just dizzy but feverish, too.  He told himself that it was the pressure, the excitement.

            The day after that, when they were sitting backstage, Xiumin frowned at him.  “You’re burning up.”

            “I’m okay.”  He smiled to show that he was fine.  Xiumin touched his forehead; he ducked away.  “Don’t ruin my make-up.”  The make-up noonas had warned them at length.  He’d worn make-up for photo shoots and to film the videos and teasers and everything, but he wasn’t used to having so much of it on all day long, just walking around from one place to another.  He couldn’t scratch his nose or rub his eyes or anything.  Wiping up sweat was like a whole new process all of a sudden.

            “You’re on fire,” Xiumin said.  “We should tell Suho.”

            “I’m fine,” he insisted.  “There’s nothing to tell anyone.”

            “Seriously, we have to tell Suho.  You need help or you’re going to pass out onstage.”

            Pressing his lips together, he shook his head.  He did it very carefully, but the room tilted around him anyway, the walls spinning a little.

            “So stubborn,” Xiumin muttered.

            When the room stopped spinning, he realized that Suho was standing in front of him, looking down at him with fondness, disappointment, and concern.  “Did you think that I wouldn’t notice?”  Suho touched his forehead, then his neck, while he glared at Xiumin for betraying him.  “How do you feel?  Are you throwing up?”

            “I’m fine.”  Trying to seem perfectly normal, trying to ignore the heavy, dull, twisting sensation in his abdomen, he pushed Suho’s hand away.  “I’m just nervous about performing.”

            “You’re burning up.”  Suho’s concerned expression became more grave.  “We’ll get you some help as soon as we’re offstage.”

            “No!  The manager hyungs will take me to a doctor.  I’ll be okay.”  Doctors, hospitals, examinations, he hated all of it.  They made him too tense; he always worried about what they’d find, what they might notice.

            Suho argued with him, but he insisted.  Eventually, Suho relented, but only after showering him with vitamins and making him promise to come to Suho in the morning if his condition wasn’t any better.

            In the morning, he felt worse.  So much worse that it scared him.  Was he dying?  One of the annoying things about being not-quite-human - - or not-at-all human, or whatever he was - - was that he had no idea what his lifespan was supposed to be.  Did his species average seventy-some years, like human beings did?  Would he live for hundreds of years?  Thousands?  Maybe he’d already pushed the limit by passing twenty.  Maybe he would live longer on his home planet, but his body was suffering in this alien environment.

            Heh.  Alien environment.  The environment was normal; he was the alien.  This was one of those moments when he wished that he knew someone else like him, anyone else, so that he could say, “Hey, I feel like my insides are trying to push out of my body through my skin, and my heart is racing so fast that my chest aches, and I’m sweating and my vision’s blurry and everything just hurts, like really hurts, so, uh.  Am I dying or is this just a thing that happens sometimes?  Is there a way to stop this or do I just have to get through it?  What the hell is even happening to me?!”

            But there was no one.  The other bed in the hotel room was empty; he couldn’t even talk to Xiumin about it.  He would have gone to Suho like he’d promised, but Suho was so overprotective of him that it would all turn into a really big deal, and he didn’t want that.  Drawing in harsh, panting breaths, his throat feeling raw, he forced himself to sit up.  Water.  He needed a drink of water.  And a shower.  He’d feel better after a shower, right?  He just needed to get up and handle it.

            Get up?  The idea of standing and walking was so daunting that he almost sank back down against the pillows.  Still breathing hard, he gave up on that idea and just willed himself off of the bed, floating through the air and into the bathroom.  Feeling dizzy, he lost his concentration and flubbed the landing, dropping himself too soon and falling heavily to the floor in a heap.  The sound of his own miserable, helpless moan horrified him, and he clenched his teeth, furious with himself for sounding so weak, for giving in so easily.  Scowling, trying to make himself get angry, get tough, he steeled himself and slowly sat up.  Once he was up, he gave himself a moment to rest and catch his breath, and then he grabbed the edge of the sink and hauled himself to his knees.

            On his knees, he leaned against the sink, gasping, hanging on with both hands.  Water.  He needed water.  Resting his nose against the blessedly cool porcelain, he looked at the faucet.  All he had to do was let go of the sink, reach for the faucet, turn the knob, cup his hand, and get water to his mouth.

            Oh, screw that.  He turned the knob with his mind, and when water began to run, he directed the flow toward his face, opening his mouth and-

            “Aauuugh!”  Poison, blistering, foul, pain, what?!  Recoiling, Luhan mentally shoved the water away from himself as he dove under the sink to get away from it.  Doubled over, spitting vehemently, he tried to understand what was wrong.  His mind worked quickly, trying to convince him that there was a problem with the hotel water, that it was contaminated, but he knew the truth.  Something was wrong with him.  Something was very wrong.  Not just different, not just alien, but wrong.


            The sound of Xiumin’s voice brought him such relief that he smiled.  Xiumin was here.  Xiumin would help him.  “Here.”  Swallowing, he sat up, leaning back against the side of the tub.

            When Xiumin walked in, he looked strangely handsome.  Yeah, Xiumin was a good-looking guy, but there was something especially hot about him this morning.  His eyes widened when he saw Luhan, and suddenly he was on his knees, patting at Luhan’s face.  “Are you okay?  Where does it hurt?  Have you called the manager?”

            “I don’t need a manager.”  He wanted to push Xiumin’s hands away, but ugh, they felt good.  So cool and soothing.  He closed his eyes, wishing that he could rub Xiumin’s hands all over his body and get rid of this ache.  Whoa, that was a weird thought.

            “You need help.”

            “I don’t!”  Grimacing, he rubbed his stomach.  “It’s food poisoning or something.  I’ll get over it.”

            “You’re sitting on the bathroom floor with a fever of like a thousand degrees.  Your face is pale white and your arms are bright red.  You’re freaking me out.  I don’t care if you don’t want help, I can’t let this get worse.”

            He hated that he was scaring Xiumin.  He was scared, too.  “Just.  I’ll be fine.  We don’t have any schedules until later, right?  I’ll rest for a while.”  Xiumin wasn’t touching him anymore.  He missed it.  He didn’t know why.  Maybe being sick like this just made him really aware of how alone he was, how different and isolated he was.

            “You’re soaked.  Is this all sweat?”  Xiumin pushed his hair back from his face and looked at him with doubt and disgust.

            He loved how expressive Xiumin’s face was.  “Yeah.  I’m gross.  I’ll wash up, I just need some rest first.”  The thought of getting under a heavy spray of water repulsed him.  Shit, what was wrong with him?  He shoved that thought away.  He had a lot to deal with; one thing at a time.  First, he had to get back to his bed.  Grabbing at the edge of the sink, he tried to pull himself to his feet.  He’d barely gotten his butt from the ground when Xiumin grabbed his elbow and propelled him upward.  He was grateful for the help but hated that he needed it, and the sudden movement made him dizzy.  As the room seemed to spin around him, he staggered, leaning heavily against Xiumin.

            A wild flash of heat tore through his body, searing him.  Startled, confused, he grabbed at Xiumin, at the sink, trying to balance himself, and pleasure washed through him.  Weak-kneed, he leaned over the sink, gasping, as arousal throbbed furiously between his legs.  His cock felt achingly erect, and his balls felt huge, swollen.  What the hell, what was going on, what was wrong with him?

            “Luhan!”  Xiumin was pulling at him, trying to look into his face.  “What happened, what’s - - oh, ah.”  Quickly, Xiumin drew back.

            Luhan couldn’t understand how he could feel so awful and wretched and pained, and so turned on at the same time.  The demanding ache of his cock was sexual torment, and the heaviness of his balls was strange, new.

            “That’s, uh.  That wasn’t like that before, was it?”

            At the odd tone in Xiumin’s voice, Luhan looked at him.  He was staring down at Luhan’s body, so Luhan looked down, too.

            There was a moment of trepidation where Luhan feared what he might see.  Scales, a tail, some horrible mutation.  Possibly a second alien being trying to force its way out through his stomach.  What he saw was a big tent in his shorts.

            Disoriented, he stared at it.  That wasn’t his.  His erection was always smaller than that.  His hard-ons were small; his cock was small.  He’d never minded that - - he’d always just been glad to have one at all, glad that he didn’t have freakish alien reproductive organs, content that everything functioned and was in the right place - - but it was definitely small.  Whatever was in his pants right now was not small.

            He didn’t want to look at it.  He really didn’t want to see how it looked.  What if it had scales or feathers?  What if it was green?  What the hell was happening to his body?!

            “Uh, I don’t want to make this awkward,” Xiumin said.  “But that looks bigger.”

            “Yeah, I can see that.”  Annoyed, he glared down at it.  He felt like he was dying, and at the same time, he really needed to get off.  His body was staging a rebellion or something.  “Just ignore it and help me get back to bed.”

            “Okay.”  Xiumin wrapped an arm around his waist and helped him away from the sink.  “Anything else changing sizes?”

            “Everything’s fine!  I’m fine!”  Leaning into Xiumin felt good; he wanted to collapse and let Xiumin carry him.

            “I don’t know whether to panic or not.  I’m never going to forgive myself if you actually, like, die-”

            “Don’t say it!  Don’t say that.”  As Xiumin released him, he dropped to sit on the side of his bed.  “I’m just going to take a nap.”

            “I’m going to talk to Suho.  If you can’t perform tonight-”

            “I can perform!”  He hadn’t trained so long and gone through hell and finally, actually debuted just to give up now!  “I’ll perform.  Just let me rest for a while.  Don’t tell Suho anything.”  He tried to scoot back on the bed, but his weak body disobeyed him.  Xiumin scooped his feet up onto the bed.  Hurt and anxious and not sure what to do about it, he leaned back against the pillows.

            His hard-on stood up like a flagpole.

            “If you want to take care of that, I can go,” Xiumin offered.

            “Shut up.”  He rolled away, onto his side.

            Xiumin sat on the foot of the bed.

            He hurt too much to sleep.  Minutes passed in frustration, in pain, in growing fear.  He was sweating profusely, and there was an awful, knotted, stabbing sensation in his stomach, and his balls felt heavy and bloated, and his cock was hard against his shorts like a dog straining to be off the leash.  Everything hurt except for what felt good, and all of it felt desperate, urgent, his body in a chaotic state of distress.

            “Luhan?”  Xiumin’s voice was quiet, tense.  He felt a hand on his ankle, and pleasure whispered up his leg.  Something inside of him told him that everything would be okay, everything would feel so much better, if he got more of that feeling.  In too much pain to think about it, he just moved, crawling down the bed toward Xiumin.  When his arms gave out, he collapsed with his cheek on Xiumin’s thigh.  Insistently mumbling, “I’m okay,” he let his eyes close again.  So much better.  So much better like this.  With…Xiumin…

            Luhan slept.


            Felt so good.  Relaxed.  Serene.


            Mmm.  Sounded like harmony.  Like chimes.  Who would be ringing chimes?


            Smiling to himself, Luhan opened his eyes.

            His head was in Xiumin’s lap, and Xiumin was peering down at him anxiously.  Glad to see Xiumin’s familiar face, he reached up, chuckling to himself, and rubbed away the frown between Xiumin’s eyebrows.  When Xiumin smiled down at him, he felt drunk on bliss.  “Feeling better?” Xiumin asked.

            “I feel great.”  A little too great.  Rubbing at his face, he checked in with himself.  He was warm, but he wasn’t sweating.  He didn’t hurt anywhere.  He felt sort of itchy and horny, but he could deal with that.

            Was it okay to feel hopeful?  Was this weird shit behind him?  Could he go back to normal now?

            With a mixture of curiosity and trepidation, he slid his hand between his legs, cupping his junk through his shorts.  Uh, okay, that was definitely bigger than it had been yesterday.  Was this a permanent change?  Bigger when it was hard and when it was soft?  His balls felt swollen and tender.  Wondering what the hell that was about, he stopped groping himself.

            “Everything okay down there?” Xiumin asked.

            He laughed.  “I guess that depends on your definition of okay.  It’s still bigger.”  Rolling away from Xiumin’s lap, he sat up.

            “Congratulations.”  Xiumin’s gaze searched his face.  “You really feel better?  You were freaking me out.  I thought that you were dying or something.”

            “I’m great.  Seriously,” he said when Xiumin didn’t look convinced.  “Is it time to get ready?”

            “Yeah, we should get dressed, we have to go.  Are other things changing?  Other parts of you?”

            “I don’t know, everything seems okay.”  Grinning at Xiumin, he got up.  “I’ll tell you if I find a third nipple.”

            His shower felt great.  So refreshing.  He felt like the water washed all of the illness away, felt like it soothed his skin.  He’d always liked to be in the water; Xiumin teased him about being part fish when he took too long in the tub.  He couldn’t figure out what had been so wrong about the water he’d tried to drink earlier, but his whole illness had been freaky, overall.  Maybe he’d had the alien flu.

            His newly resized cock felt sensitive to the touch.  Tender, like it was sore.  His balls felt that way, too.  Nothing was oozing or bleeding, though.  He wanted his original junk back, but he couldn’t imagine how to revert whatever had changed.  Besides, having bigger stuff wouldn’t be a problem or anything unless the stylists noticed.  It wasn’t like he had a girlfriend who would freak out on him.  He didn’t really care about sex.  He’d done it, but it hadn’t really thrilled him.  Mostly it had been awkward and embarrassing.

            He spent the rest of the day being relieved that he felt better.  The members checked in with him a few times, making sure that he was okay.  He told Sehun that his junk was bigger, but then Sehun wanted to see it.  He spent a lot of time hanging around Xiumin, which wasn’t unusual, since they were best friends anyway.  He just felt better when they were together.  He didn’t really examine why that was; he had enough to deal with, trying to keep the maknae’s hand out of his pants.

            That night, he started to feel sort of hot and woozy again.  He didn’t say anything about it, because he wanted to deny that it was happening.  Sleep had seemed to heal him before, so as he went to bed, he told himself that he’d wake up in the morning feeling one hundred percent better.

            Instead, he woke up in the middle of the night, sweating and groaning and feeling eight million percent worse.  Grimacing, rubbing his balls, he looked miserably across the room to where Xiumin slept soundly.  Willing himself across the space between their beds, he crawled in beside Xiumin.  Tucking himself against Xiumin’s back, he grumpily pulled the covers over his head and fell back asleep.


            What felt so good?  What sounded so good?  What smelled so good?  Burrowing in, Luhan inhaled.


            Mmm.  That scent.  Nothing had ever smelled so good in his life.  It was so familiar, though, he could swear that he knew it.  Some just-right blend of soap and, mmm, musk, and that lotion Xiumin put on before bed.

            Laughter like bells.  “Luhan!”

            It was intoxicating.  Rubbing his hard-on through his shorts, he nuzzled in, inhaling deeply, wanting to taste.  Really wanting to taste.

            “Ah, really!  Stop, wake up.”  Someone prodded him.

            At the amused, annoyed tone, at the familiar push, everything connected in Luhan’s mind.  That was Xiumin he smelled; that was Xiumin’s T-shirt he was about to nibble; this was Xiumin’s body he was so determinedly snuggling against.  “Whoa, uh.”  Embarrassed, he flailed away and remembered to get his hand off of his cock.  “You, ah, sorry.”  Shaking his head, he sat up.  What was he - - oh, right, he’d crawled into Xiumin’s bed last night.  “Yeah, sorry,” he said again, running his hand through his hair and trying to bunch the covers over his hard-on.

            “It’s okay.”  Xiumin raised a mischievous eyebrow at him.  “Not like I didn’t enjoy it.”

            Rolling his eyes with a laugh, he pushed Xiumin away.  They’d teased before about Xiumin being attracted to him, but it wasn’t true.  Xiumin was gay, but it wasn’t like that between them.  Xiumin liked older guys, hairy and barrel-chested.  “So funny.”

            “So your, uh, new and improved parts, they’re pretty active, hunh?”  Xiumin scratched the back of his neck and eyed the tent in Luhan’s shorts.  “Kind of excitable.”

            “Yeah, seems like it.”  He shifted, the swollen heaviness of his balls uncomfortable.  “I think that I might need to get laid or something.”

            “Have you tried out the new equipment?  Make sure that you don’t shoot lasers when you come?”

            “Ugh!”  That hadn’t even occurred to him.  “Don’t say shit like that.”  He was so turned on and so tender, so sensitive, that he was basically squirming in place.  “I guess I should.”

            “Well.”  Xiumin gestured.  “Bathroom’s free.”  A doubtful look, then an encouraging raised fist.  “Luhan fighting!”

            Laughing, he pushed at Xiumin’s hand and got up.  “Thanks.  I’ll work hard!”

            Alone in the bathroom, he pushed his shorts down and looked at his erection.  It was definitely bigger than the one he’d been used to.  It was all long and thick and red and angry-looking.

            It was disorienting to look down at himself and not recognize his own body parts.  This new cock was, well, it was alien.  Sort of a loaded term, but he didn’t have a better one.  Turning to the mirror, he checked himself out, fondling his junk.  His balls were plump and almost hairless, a cheerful shade of pink.  Everything seemed unwieldy compared to the neat little set he was used to, but when he took hold of his cock, it felt pretty much like before.  More sensitive, maybe, more responsive, but the mechanics were basically the same.  It was a longer ride from base to head, and it was definitely fatter around, but he could use the same rhythmic stroke as before.  Closing his eyes, dismissing the differences and focusing on the pleasure, letting the rhythm pull him along, he jacked himself steadily.  Bracing a hand against the sink, he put his head down, breathing hard.  The pleasure was way more intense than before, and arousal was hot inside of him, his blood pumping fast in his veins.  “Guhh, ah,” this felt incredible, he was so turned on that he wanted to laugh, wanted to revel in it.  “Ahhh, sshhhuuh, uhh,” so good, so good.  His hips started rocking, and he grunted as he fucked his fist.  The meaty thrust of his new cock sliding through the ring of his fingers made him feel animal, potent.  For the first time in his life, he really wanted to screw somebody.  The pleasure burning through him was wild; he’d never felt so good.  Groaning, high, he threw his head back, jacking himself enthusiastically.  His erection throbbed, punishing him for taking too long to get off, and he tightened his grip.  Yeah, “Unh, oh,” this was the best, “ahhh,” he was going to come so hard, it was going to be great.

            A minute later, he started to get frustrated.

            Soon after that, he was desperate.



            Rubbing furiously at his erection, he panted, sweating, but nothing happened: he couldn’t come.  He couldn’t fucking come!  Outraged, he glared down at his cock, and it just stood there, huge and red and sore, defiantly refusing to cooperate.  What was wrong with it?  He had a new, big cock and the damned thing didn’t work?!

            Fine, then, he’d get rid of it some other way.  Tossing his clothes aside, Luhan got into the shower and jerked the faucet to blast his cock with cold water.

            Instantly, he was shrieking in horror and scrambling away.  Stumbling in his alarm, he banged into the sink and fell, landing on his elbow.  “Waaah!  Ow!”  Turning off the water with a desperate thought, he stayed there on the floor, panting for air.  Shit, shit, “Shit!”  What the hell was wrong with him?  His body was turning against him, water freaked him the fuck out - - he couldn’t function like this!  What was he supposed to do, spend the rest of his life rock-hard and dirty?

            “Ya!  Are you okay?”  Xiumin leaned over him from behind, crouching down.  “What happened, you fell?  Are you hurt?”

            “My whole goddamned body’s freaking out,” he snapped.  Pissed off, he sat up, rubbing his elbow.  At least he wasn’t bleeding.  He opened his mouth to speak, then noticed Xiumin warily eyeing his cock.  “Ya!”  He snapped his fingers in Xiumin’s face, and Xiumin blushed, looking startled.  “What are you staring at?  It doesn’t work, anyway.”

            “Doesn’t work?”  Xiumin glanced at it again.  “Looks like it works okay to me.”

            “I can’t, it won’t, I can’t come,” he muttered, embarrassed.  “Stupid thing’s broken.  I can’t get off.”

            Xiumin’s eyebrows quirked.  God, he loved how expressive Xiumin’s face was.  He felt like he’d never appreciated how very handsome Xiumin was.  Those cheeks, so smooth, so round, he wanted to nuzzle them.

            Whoa, okay, what?  Self-conscious, he curled his legs in, shifting away.  But the feeling persisted.  In fact, it grew.  He really wanted to touch Xiumin’s face.  Put his face against it.  Kiss Xiumin, yes, he had to kiss Xiumin.  Licking his lips, he stared at Xiumin’s mouth.  It would be okay, right, if he kissed it just once?  They were friends, weren’t they?  Close friends, best friends.  Xiumin wouldn’t mind if he just-

            “What?”  Xiumin leaned away from him with an uneasy laugh.

            “Kiss me for a second,” he said, grabbing Xiumin’s forearm.

            “Kiss!  What?  No.”  Looking surprised, Xiumin tried to pull away from him.

            “Just one time, don’t make it weird,” he insisted, tugging Xiumin closer.

            “Knock it off, Luhan, I said no!” Xiumin protested, jerking away, breaking contact.

            The bathroom door slammed shut.

            They stared at each other.  Luhan’s heart was pounding.  He felt so strange, he didn’t understand what his body was doing or what it wanted.  “This is so freaking out of control.”  Guiltily, he thought the door open again.  “Sorry.  I’m not…”  He didn’t even know what to say.  “Something’s like seriously wrong with me.”

            “Okay.”  Xiumin shook his head.  “Let’s back up.  What do you mean, you can’t get off?  You can’t come at all?”

            “I tried, I masturbated, but nothing happens.”  The whole situation was too embarrassing, but he was relieved to be able to talk about it.  Maybe Xiumin would miraculously have answers for him.  “I can’t, like, finish.”

            “Maybe having someone else do stuff would help.”  Xiumin widened his eyes.  “I don’t know what to do about that!  Should I go down to the lobby and try to find a woman for you?”

            “Y-y-you could do it.”  Nervous, Luhan licked his lips.  Swallowed.  Felt his heart flutter anxiously in his chest.

            “I’m not - - no!  What are you saying?”

            “I want it to be you.  I want you to touch me.”  He felt like he’d never said anything more true.  God, he didn’t know what was happening to him, but he was so sure that Xiumin could help him.  Scared and ashamed, hopeful and eager, kind of horrified by himself but unable to stop it, he untucked his legs, spreading his thighs, showing off his cock.  “Please.”

            “Fuck.”  Wincing, Xiumin turned away.  “You’re straight, you don’t want me.  Let’s not do this, okay?”

            Seeing Xiumin turn away from him hurt.  Like actually, physically hurt; there was a stabbing pain in his gut.  When he scooted closer, the pain eased, and when he put his hand on Xiumin’s knee, a slow, blissful frisson of pleasure shimmered through him.  It didn’t pass, either, it sort of lingered, like as long as he stayed in contact with Xiumin, he’d feel good.  “Shit, I have no idea what’s going on right now,” he told the side of Xiumin’s head.  “Everything hurts and the weirdest things feel good and I think that I’m afraid of water.  It’s easier, it’s better, when I’m with you, when we’re touching.  I think that I kind of…”  He swallowed.  Shit, this was awkward.  “I think that I kind of want you.”

            Jerking away from him, Xiumin turned with a tense, angry expression.  Hurt, Luhan bit his lip, pulling his knees up again.  “Are you playing with me?  I thought that you were okay with me, I thought that you understood.”

            “Playing?!  You think this is a joke?  I’m completely losing my shit!  I can’t even fucking take a shower!  Look at me, I have this giant growth that won’t go away!  We’re supposed to be getting ready for an interview right now!  I’m asking for your goddamned help!”

            “How are you afraid of water?” Xiumin demanded.  “You love water.  I think you’re aquatic.  Your parents probably have gills.”

            “Gills?  Fuck you!”

            “Fuck you!” Xiumin shot back, eyebrows drawing together.  “What’s wrong with you?  ‘Oh, I have a hard-on, I’ll bet Xiumin would love to suck it for me.  He’s gay, right?’  Fuck you!”

            Shocked, Luhan stared at him.  “That’s not how it is!  I never said that!  God, I know you’re not attracted to me, I just - - I need you.  I can’t help it, I don’t know what’s going on, I’m a hundred times more confused than you are.”  His voice was getting shrill.  “I don’t think that you want to do it, but your touch makes me feel so much better and I don’t know what else to do.”

            “Shit, you’re really freaking out,” Xiumin realized.

            “Yes!” he shouted.  “Yes!  I’m freaking out!  Everything about me is freaking out!  Look at me!  I can’t go onstage tonight!  I can’t leave this fucking room!”  He was starting to miss only being sick and feverish.

            “Okay, but…  What do you want me to do?  Exactly?”

            “I don’t know.  Do whatever you want.  Kiss me, touch it, leave me to die, whatever.”

            Chuckling, Xiumin scooted closer.  “I’m not going to leave you to die.  Besides, we need you to do the show tonight.”  Hesitantly, wearing a speculative expression, Xiumin put a hand on his thigh.  “You’re not going to hold this against me later?  I like being your friend.  Remember you kind of begged me to do this, okay?”

            God, he needed it.  Shivering, Luhan nodded.  He couldn’t look away from Xiumin’s face.  That handsome, captivating face.  Everything inside of him was pleading, excited, and when Xiumin leaned closer, he gasped involuntarily, his lips parting, his hands curling into fists as he fought the urge to grab at Xiumin.  Was Xiumin about to kiss him?  Yes, yes, it was about to happen, Xiumin was moving in for it, lashes lowered, lips parting, perfect, it was going to be so perfect, it was everything that he needed.

            And then, an instant before their lips were about to meet, he felt a hand on his cock, sliding right up the shaft.  Ecstasy exploded inside of him like a bomb going off, and as he yelped, cum erupted out of him, pouring from his cock in thick streams.

            Thick blue streams.  Blue.  His cum was pale blue.

            “Oh, shit.”  Xiumin stared down at it.

            Feeling woozy with pleasure, he rested his cheek against Xiumin’s shoulder.  He really wished that Xiumin would hug him.  He wasn’t getting weak or anything, he just - - he was going through kind of a lot, and a hug might have been reassuring.

            Xiumin’s arm circled his waist.

            Smiling, he relaxed.  He couldn’t have explained why it made him feel better; he couldn’t have justified how much better.

            “It wasn’t always blue, was it?”

            “No.  First time for that.”

            “Taste it.”

            He snorted.  “You taste it.”

            “Really!  Taste it.  Is it just the color that’s weird, or is it completely different now?”

            He elbowed Xiumin.  “Don’t watch.”

            “You made me grab your cock.  I get to watch.”

            “Asshole.”  Without moving away, he dipped a fingertip in a small puddle where it had splashed on his thigh.  There had really been a lot of it.  He’d just used to have a bit of a spurt, before, but this was like a river.  Touching his finger to his tongue, he wrinkled his nose.  “It’s sweeter.  It used to be bitter.”  It wasn’t bad, actually.  Creamier, less slimy.

            “You know how we talked about how you always wear condoms with women and should never ever get anyone pregnant?” Xiumin asked.  “Stick to that.”

            His immediate problem, his undying erection, was taken care of, and they had an interview to get to, so they got up.  Whatever had been wrong with the water before was gone now; his shower felt terrific.  It felt so good that he lingered under the spray, rubbing the water over his skin and enjoying the fall of it over his face.  Refreshed, feeling clean and strong, he dried off and got dressed.

            At the door, as they were about to go, he hugged Xiumin.  “Thanks.”  He rested his chin on Xiumin’s shoulder.

            “You’re the weirdest friend I’ve ever had.”

            “But the best, too.”

            “Yeah.”  Xiumin’s voice was fond; he gave Luhan a quick, tight squeeze.  “Definitely the best.”

            When Xiumin let him go, he frowned and met Xiumin’s eyes.  “I don’t think that way about you.  I know that you don’t automatically want to do me.  I don’t take you that lightly.”

            Xiumin smiled at him and poked his nose.  “I don’t think that your parents have gills.”

            Laughing, he pushed Xiumin’s hand away.

            The rest of the day was normal.  Reassuringly, happily normal.  Luhan was glad to be able to enjoy his new life of being an idol, the interviews and performances and general chaos, without also being stressed out about his health.

            A good week followed.  His cock stayed limp.  Wary of it, he handled it as little as possible.  He didn’t dare to masturbate; if it got hard, he didn’t know if he’d be able to get it down again.  It was like living with a fearsome python between his legs; he was afraid to rouse it and face its wrath.

            He wasn’t sick anymore, and he loved water again, so everything seemed to be okay.  He was really fond of Xiumin, though.  Like, he smiled whenever he heard Xiumin’s voice, and he always wanted to be at Xiumin’s side, and he had trouble looking at other people when Xiumin was in the room.

            Then, one evening, he felt kind of feverish again.  His balls ached, and he got dizzy easily.  When he tried to wash his hands, he found himself recoiling from the sink in horror, and ended up scrubbing at his fingers with paper towels so that he wouldn’t have to touch water.  Aware that his body was freaking out on him again, he tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening.  That night, he and Xiumin fell asleep while watching a movie together on his bed.

            When he awakened, Xiumin was right beside him.  The python was angry; his erection throbbed demandingly and his balls felt like a swollen weight between his legs.  More important than that, though: Xiumin was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.  He’d get up and worry about his hard-on in a moment, but first he had to admire Xiumin for a while.

            He didn’t know what turned him on the most.  The wicked lines of Xiumin’s eyebrows?  The sexy curves of Xiumin’s mouth?  He wanted to pet the soft spikes of Xiumin’s hair.  And, ugh, those arms.  Curling his fingers in the cotton of Xiumin’s sleeveless shirt, Luhan rubbed his cheek against one hard, smooth arm.  Such warm skin.  Such gorgeous muscles.  Mmm, that delicious scent, Xiumin smelled amazing.

            “Uh.”  With a sexy, sleepy sound, Xiumin pushed at him lightly.  Purring, he nuzzled Xiumin’s arm again, kissing at the perfect bend of Xiumin’s elbow.  “What are you doing?”

            “Want you so much,” he mumbled, licking his way up Xiumin’s biceps.

            “God, you’re burning up.”  Cupping his chin in one hand, Xiumin lifted his head, looking into his face.

            Dazzled, he stared back.  So handsome.  “You’re so amazing, you’re the best,” he breathed, moving in for a kiss.

            “Are you out of your mind?” Xiumin demanded, pushing at his chest.  A blink; a hard, discerning look; an incredulous stare.  “Are you in heat?!”

            “I’m not an animal!  I just…”  Licking his lips, he tugged at Xiumin’s shirt, pulling it up.  “Let me fuck you.  It’ll be so good.”

            “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m about to grab your dick.”

            Nothing had ever sounded better.  “Yeah,” he said breathlessly.  “Yeah, touch me.”

            He felt Xiumin’s hand slip inside the front of his shorts, felt Xiumin’s hand on his cock.  It only took a few strokes and rapture followed; ecstasy rocketed through him in searing shocks.  Crying out, coming hard, he drenched his shorts in a flood of creamy, light blue cum that shot up his chest and dripped everywhere.  Shuddering, soaked, moaning with bliss, Luhan sagged against the pillows, feeling like he’d never need to move again.

            “You have a hair trigger.  Did you always come this fast?  No wonder you never get laid.”

            As the deep heat of pleasure faded, Luhan began to realize what he’d just done.  He’d made a mess of the bed, but worse than that, he was making a mess of his life.  Embarrassed, he sat up, avoiding Xiumin’s eyes.  “Sorry.”

            “It’s like you’re in heat.  Like you need it, right now, and you don’t care where you get it.”

            He cared.  He cared very much where he got it.  Not comfortable explaining that, he rubbed at his face.  “I wonder how often this is going to happen.”

            “If it’s every week, you’re going to need a new roommate.”

            Feeling guilty, Luhan cringed.  Of course Xiumin wanted to get away from this.  No one would want to put up with his bizarre sexual issues.  His cum was fucking blue, and instead of jacking off like a normal person, he made Xiumin get him off.

            “Ya, I’m kidding.  I’m joking.”  Xiumin patted his back.  “Don’t worry about it.  Maybe it’s over now.  Maybe it won’t happen again for a while.  And it’s not so bad.  It’s over really fast.”

            Thank god.  He couldn’t take it if Xiumin ditched him over this.  “Is that what you think it is?  You think that I’m in heat or something?”

            “It seems like it.  Maybe your people mate on a certain schedule.  Would be helpful if we could see it coming, though.  I don’t want you to get like this onstage.”

            “I kind of did see it coming,” he admitted.  “I felt sick last night.  I just didn’t know that it would be…like this…this morning.”

            “That’s handy, I guess.  Next time you feel sick, maybe we can take care of it.  You can masturbate or find a woman and handle it before it gets worse.”

            He licked his lips and looked down at his soggy shorts.  “Or you could jack me off.”

            Warily, “I could.”

            He really wanted to look at Xiumin, but he was too embarrassed.  “Do you hate it?”

            “I don’t know.  I kind of like your new cock.  If you aren’t going to get weird about it, I don’t mind playing with it if you need me to.”

            Luhan laughed.  “No, nothing weird about me.”

            He spent the next few days constantly checking in with himself.  Did he feel too warm?  Were his balls tender?  He’d deliberately turn on faucets to monitor his reaction.  And then one evening, all of the signs were there.  His balls ached, he couldn’t stop sweating, and when Chen tossed him a water bottle he couldn’t drop it fast enough.  On top of that, Xiumin was the most radiant creature he’d ever seen.  So fucking handsome, his heart raced whenever their eyes met.  The sound of Xiumin’s voice was like bells chiming in gorgeous harmony.  Was it just him, or did Xiumin’s skin seem to glow with pure beauty?

            As soon as they stepped into their hotel room, he rubbed his cock, moaning with excitement, staring at Xiumin and locking the door without touching it.

            Grinning at him, Xiumin looked him up and down, a sexy once-over that only turned him on more.  “You’re in heat again, aren’t you?”

            “God, yes.”  His pants were so tight, he groaned as he undid his fly.  “Please, come on, just touch it.”

            A sexy little smirk.  “It’s kind of cute when you beg for it.”

            “I’ll beg you so much, please, please, please, I need it,” he moaned, shoving his underpants down.  His erection sprang out, huge and hard, and he leaned a shoulder against the wall, dizzy with arousal.  Fever-hot, he stared at Xiumin like nothing else was in sight.  The throbbing of his cock was so insistent, so deep, he was making helpless, humiliating whimpering sounds, and his balls felt heavy and swollen, like overripe fruit about to burst through its skin.

            “Ah, you’re fun when you’re like this.”  Stepping close to him, Xiumin cupped his balls.  At the touch, pleasure slammed through him, and he moaned, his head falling back against the wall, his thighs spreading eagerly.  Xiumin chuckled, fondling his balls, and his eyes rolled back in his head as ecstasy vibrated outward.  “Damn, you’re easy.”

            “F-f-f-feels so good.”  Gripping Xiumin’s shoulder, he squirmed, trying to rub himself against Xiumin’s hand.  “Don’t stop.”

            Laughing, Xiumin stroked the base of his cock.  “Look at this thing.  It’s the size of your thigh.”

            “It’s not.”  Biting into his lip, he grimaced as Xiumin’s fingers wrapped around the shaft.  Pleasure thrummed through him, and he arched against the wall, digging his nails into Xiumin’s shoulder.  “Sshhhaauuh.  Fuck.”  Xiumin was working him slowly, steadily, an unhurried slide down and then a gradual pull upward.  Every stroke was like raw ecstasy injected right into his bloodstream.  “Oh, ooohh, god, yes.”  Gasping, he turned toward Xiumin, curling his arm around Xiumin’s shoulder.  The soft skin of Xiumin’s neck was smooth like satin, and he pressed his hot face against it.  “Why,” his breath caught as pleasure hit him again, “why do you always smell so good?”

            Xiumin’s free arm wrapped around him, supporting him.  “You’re so high right now.”

            Groaning, he rubbed his face against Xiumin’s delicious, smooth neck.  As Xiumin’s fist pumped his hard, aching cock, he curled his fingers in Xiumin’s shirt.  “I want to fuck you so hard.”

            “And make me have your alien babies?”

            He laughed at that, and then he was moaning again, waves of heat pulsing through him, Xiumin’s hand tormenting him with pleasure.  He felt needy, like he had to come now, now, but he felt really good, really happy, because he was with Xiumin, and Xiumin was touching him, and nothing was as satisfying as being with his sexy, handsome, wonderful Xiumin.  “You feel so good, mmnn, I can’t get enough of you,” he mumbled, rubbing his face against Xiumin’s neck some more, feeling the softness of satiny skin against his lips, licking and sucking.

            “Great,” Xiumin said, a little breathless, jacking him faster now, making his legs shake.  “Now show me some of that blue jizz you were spraying around earlier.”

            Like all he’d needed was to be asked, Luhan came.  “Oh, whoa, ssshhaauh, oh.”  Shuddering, he hit climax hard, ecstasy powering through him in wild spasms as he clutched at Xiumin.  Creamy, light blue cum poured out of him like a waterfall, spilling onto the floor and streaming down his thighs.  Panting, feeling amazing, unsteady, he sagged back against the wall, closing his eyes, still holding onto Xiumin.

            When he stopped shivering, Xiumin patted his side.  “Better?”

            He nodded.  Cum was dripping from his balls.  Inhaling, he opened his eyes.  Um.  Awkward.  He uncoiled his arms from around Xiumin.

            Xiumin offered him a cute, wide-eyed look and a fake smile.  “So.  I won’t hold what you said against you, and you won’t hold what I did against me?”

            Luhan cleared his throat, straightening.  “What are you talking about?  We just came in and hit the shower, right?  I’ll go in first.”

            “Ah, I’ll go first,” Xiumin said, pushing him back.  “You take too long, I don’t want to wait all night.”

            “I - - look at me, I’m covered in blue gunk!”

            “So am I!  Alien jizz is on my skin.  It’s probably sinking into my pores and altering my DNA.  I’m going to wake up with three eyes tomorrow if I don’t wash it off.”

            “I don’t have three eyes!”

            “I’m showering first.  I’ll be quick.”

            They showered, and talked for a while - - about other things, like the members and soccer and tomorrow’s photo shoot - - and went to bed.  And everything was normal for days.  Kind of.  Aside from the way Luhan’s heart raced every time Xiumin looked at him, and the way he constantly checked out Xiumin’s body like he had a fetish for short, round-cheeked Korean guys named Kim Minseok, and the way he leaned in close every chance he got just to smell Xiumin’s neck.

            When the other members asked what was going on, Xiumin said, “He’s in heat.  I think it’s mating season on his home planet.”

            “Are you sure?” Kai asked.  “Maybe he’s going through puberty.  Alien puberty.”

            “Oh, is that why your cock got so big?” Tao asked.  “That’s so funny.  You have to go through puberty twice?”

            “Aw, hyung, you’re almost an adult now,” Sehun said, patting his head.  He smiled and telekinetically threw a water bottle at Sehun’s back.

            He was grateful that Xiumin didn’t seem to mind the extra attention, because he couldn’t help it.  He felt better when he slept in Xiumin’s bed, so he ended up there most nights.  He didn’t cuddle or anything, he mostly kept to one side of the mattress, he just liked being close.  He felt so lonely, so wrong, when too much space separated them, when they were too far apart.

            The next time he went into heat - - that was as good a way to characterize it as any other - - he felt good about it because it meant that he could get Xiumin to touch him.  Then he felt guilty, because what the hell, he was happy that he was using Xiumin to get off?  He resolved to deal with it himself, to keep Xiumin out of it.  He tried to avoid Xiumin, avoided water, avoided any kind of touching that would expose how feverish he was, and when they got back to the hotel, he sat with a pillow over his lap to cover up his enormous boner.  When Xiumin left to hang out with the other members, he said that he wanted to take a nap and stayed behind.

            On his own, he stripped naked and went into the bathroom.  Without turning the water on, he knelt in the shower, hoping that most of his cum would go down the drain.  And then he jacked off.

            Or tried to.

            Eventually, cursing in frustration, he limped out of the bathroom, his swollen, chafed, throbbing erection leading the way, his fat balls swinging heavily like a hefty pendulum between his thighs.  Crawling onto Xiumin’s bed, angry, scared, he tried again, again, rubbing his cock, cajoling it, yelling at it, whapping it against the pillows.  Nothing worked.  Alone with his stubborn hard-on, hurting, feeling betrayed by his own body, feeling alien and desolate, he started flinging things around the room with his mind, telekinetically tossing pillows and covers, sending suitcases banging into each other with satisfying thuds.  He was hurling the TV remote through the air when Xiumin walked in, ducked, and said, “Whoa!”

            Startled, Luhan summoned the duvet up from the floor and covered himself with it.

            Xiumin hastily locked the door.  “What are you doing?”  With a frown of concern, Xiumin came over to stand by the bed.  “Should I go or do you want help?”

            He really didn’t want to have to answer that.  He felt stupid and pathetic and guilty.  He was helpless to deal with his own body.  He was a burden to his best friend.  Miserable, he wondered what he could even say.  He did need help.  He just didn’t want to ask for it.

            Xiumin touched his forehead.  “You’re doing it again, aren’t you?  You’re in heat?  Why are you hiding, I just saw how excited your happy man is.”

            Ugh, this was awful.  He wanted to lean against Xiumin, to bury his face against Xiumin’s abdomen and get some relief.

            “It’s okay.”  Xiumin tugged at the covers.  “We won’t hold it against each other, right?  I know you don’t want this.”

            Embarrassed, he pushed the covers away, exposing himself and his wretched, desperate state.

            “Shit, you’ve rubbed it raw.  What are you trying to do, hurt yourself?”  When Xiumin turned away, Luhan reached out for him, one hand helplessly clawing at the air behind his back.  It wasn’t a deliberate motion, it just happened, and as soon as he caught himself, he pulled his hand back, unnerved.  But Xiumin wasn’t leaving him, just going to a suitcase.  A moment later, Xiumin was back, lube and a towel in hand.  “Why can’t you just tell me you’re in heat?” Xiumin asked, kneeling on the bed, uncapping the lube.  “Why go through it alone when you know it won’t help?”  A wary, speculative look.  “Do you hate my touch so much?”

            “No, no.  I didn’t want to burden you.”  Shaking his head, Luhan licked his lips.  Xiumin was here, and he was so turned on that he was squirming in anticipation.  His body felt giddy, alive with pleasure.  When Xiumin poured the lube over the head of his cock, the cool wetness didn’t take the edge off at all; he just scooted closer, spreading his knees wide, his erection rigid and pulsing.  “I like it.”  He liked it too much; that was why he felt guilty for taking it.

            But there was no guilt now.  He felt nothing but sheer ecstasy as Xiumin’s slick, warm hand stroked over his cock.  “Oh, ooohh, uhh.”  Falling backward, knees up, he dug his heels into the mattress, pushing upward with his hips.  This was nothing like his own frantic rubbing.  Xiumin’s touch was expert, gliding and caressing, soothing his chafed skin and masterfully coaxing enthusiastic cries from his throat.  Up and down, pumping, just the right speed, just the right grip, fast on the shaft and slow over the head.  Rubbing his chest, he plucked at his nipples, his hips twisting as he shoved himself into Xiumin’s clenching fist.  “Ssshhaaauuh, oh, oh.”

            “Ha, I wish all guys were this into it.  God, look at you.”

            “Ooh, ooohh…”  How could anyone not be into it?  He was so turned on, so close to the edge, he felt fantastic.  He could feel orgasm looming closer and closer, not in the frustrated not-quite-there way of earlier, but in a majestic, promising way that only made him more eager for it.  “Sshah, uh, keep going, keep going.”  Squirming excitedly, he cupped his balls in one hand, fondling himself, massaging his plump, heavy sac while Xiumin jacked him off.

            “That’s it, yeah.”  Xiumin’s voice was low, breathy, urging him on in the sexiest tones imaginable.  “Come on, give it up, show it to me.”

            Xiumin’s voice was so sexy, Luhan was already coming.  Twisting his nipple, arching his back, he came in Xiumin’s hand.  Grateful for the riotous ecstasy surging through his body, relieved that he finally got to feel that blissful sense of release, he shook all over, shoving crudely into Xiumin’s grip.  “Ahh, ahh, sshuh, oh!”  His legs falling lax, he panted as sky blue cum spilled over his body and pooled on the sheets.  He’d come.  He’d finally come.  Fuck, it was amazing.  He’d been so frustrated, so miserable.  But Xiumin had come to him.  Xiumin had made everything better.  His handsome, sexy Xiumin.  With a happy sigh, Luhan closed his eyes.

            “You okay now?”

            “Mmm.  Thank you.”  Feeling terrific, feeling really sated, he yawned.

            “After you shower, put some lotion on that.  You don’t want a sore dick.”

            “Okay,” he murmured sleepily.  Without opening his eyes, he patted his hand around until he found Xiumin’s wrist.  “You’re the best.”

            “Yeah, you’re not too bad, either.”  Xiumin squeezed his hand.  “Okay if I sleep in your bed?  Someone spilled Smurf blood all over mine.”

            Laughing, he sat up.  “Smurf blood!  Yeah, okay.”

            He showered forever, and by the time he got out, Xiumin was already in his bed, fast asleep.  In his underwear - - which was kind of snug, since he filled it out way more than he’d used to - - he climbed onto the bed.  Ah, Xiumin was so handsome, it felt good to stare.  It was like no matter how often he looked, he couldn’t get enough.  In sleep, Xiumin’s face was relaxed, normally expressive features still.  He wanted to touch the softness of Xiumin’s cheek, the point of Xiumin’s chin.

            He wondered what Xiumin did with guys.  Sexually.  Well, they’d talked about it enough that he knew that Xiumin loved giving head and preferred to bottom, but he didn’t know what that really looked like, or how Xiumin acted with guys in private.  Trying to imagine it, he didn’t know whether to picture Xiumin being confident and assertive, or cute, or wickedly flirtatious, or what.  He wondered if Xiumin would ever want to do those things with him.  Probably not.  They were best friends; Xiumin didn’t think of him that way.  Xiumin did seem to kind of like his cock.  Just…not the rest of him.

            He liked Xiumin, though.  He liked everything about Xiumin.  Easing the covers down a little, he stared, licking his lips, feeling warm.  Xiumin was on one side, facing him, shirtless, and he could see all of that smooth, taut skin.  Those firm, well-defined muscles.  Those tiny, pink nipples.  He wondered if Xiumin’s dates sucked on those hard little nipples.  Moaning, he rubbed one of his own nipples, tweaking it.  He wished that Xiumin would wake up and want him.

            Settling in, he hugged a pillow to his chest.  It wasn’t the world’s best barrier between their bodies, but it was something, right?  He wanted Xiumin too much; he was sure that if he didn’t discourage himself, he’d wake up wrapped around Xiumin like a horny, humping octopus.

            He wasn’t that wrong.  When he woke up, the pillow was on the floor and he was plastered against Xiumin’s back like he was trying to burrow into Xiumin’s spine.  Xiumin pushed at his hand, and he hurriedly drew back, embarrassed.  “Sorry.”

            “It’s okay,” Xiumin mumbled sleepily.  When he stretched, his ass rubbed against Luhan’s thighs.  His naked back was invitingly, perfectly smooth.  Luhan really wanted to touch it.  Bare, muscular, it was irresistible.  Maybe, maybe just one touch.

            Raising his hand, he lightly brushed his fingertips across Xiumin’s spine, between Xiumin’s shoulder blades.  Ah, oh, it felt so good, pleasure was melting through him like warm chocolate.  Trying to stifle a moan, he did it again, stroking Xiumin’s back.  It felt great, but he wanted more.  Resting his forehead against Xiumin’s back, he closed his eyes and rubbed his nose against Xiumin’s skin.  “Mmm.”  So taut and satiny, right against his face.

            Xiumin’s voice was drowsy.  “Are you in heat?”

            Guiltily, he drew away.  He scowled at Xiumin’s back.  “No.”

            “Nnn, then let me sleep.”

            Wanting to touch again, he spooned up behind Xiumin, rubbing his nose against Xiumin’s bare shoulder.  “Hey.”

            Xiumin sighed.  “What?”

            Irritated by that sigh, he pinched Xiumin’s ass.  “What?”

            Squirming away, Xiumin shrugged him off, then rolled over, facing him with a sleepy, annoyed expression.  “You’re so needy and clingy lately.”

            Affronted, he glared at Xiumin.  “I don’t want to be!  I’m not trying to be!  I just, I really like you.  More than I used to.  Maybe it’s, I don’t know, hormones or something.”  He wrinkled his nose.  “Do you hate it?”

            “No, it’s.”  Xiumin shrugged and scratched his arm.  “It’s just more like having a boyfriend than a best friend.  Without the sex.”

            Um, “We’ve kind of been having sex.”

            Xiumin’s eyebrows quirked.  “I know you don’t get laid much, but I don’t count a couple of handjobs as sex.”

            Well.  Uh.  “We could have sex,” he suggested.  “We could try it,” he insisted hurriedly, sure that Xiumin would refuse, trying to head off arguments early.  “It might not be that bad.”

            Shaking his head, Xiumin sat up.  “I don’t fuck my straight friends.”

            “I don’t think that I’m straight,” Luhan admitted, sitting up and tugging him back as he started to get up.  “All I ever think about is how much I want you.”

            “Yeah, and that’s kind of weird.”  Xiumin folded his legs in and studied Luhan.  “I’ve been trying to figure this out.  I think your people live in water.  When it’s time to mate or breed or whatever, they leave the water and screw, and then everything’s okay until the next mating season.  I think they get sick, or their bodies get distressed, to tell them it’s time to mate.  I just don’t get why you’re trying to breed with me so much.  Why aren’t you finding a woman?”

            “Isn’t it better if I don’t find a woman?” Luhan asked.  “At least we know that I can’t get you pregnant.”

            Grimacing, Xiumin leaned away.  “Ugh, I hope not.  I’m not kidding, I really don’t want to have your alien babies.”

            Laughing, Luhan pushed at him.  “You don’t have to be rude about it!  I don’t want to have your babies, either, you know.”

            “Yeah, but mine would be cute.  Yours probably have gills.”

            Luhan grinned.  “And superpowers.  And who says that my babies wouldn’t be cute?”

            “Babies with fins and scales aren’t cute.”

            “I don’t have scales!” he protested, laughing.  “Jackass.”

            Xiumin rubbed sleep out of his eyes.  “Seriously, you don’t think that your jizz is going to do anything weird to me, do you?”

            “I don’t know.  I don’t think so.”

            Xiumin looked uneasy.  Luhan wanted to hug him.  “This is kind of a big change.  How long have we been friends, and all of a sudden you want to have sex with me?  It doesn’t seem like you want me, it seems like your weird alien hormones want me.  If this goes away, if this is a phase and a month from now it’s all over, then what?  We stop screwing and go back to normal?  What if you hate me for taking advantage of you when you couldn’t help yourself?  What if I start liking you?”

            That was the best news Luhan had ever heard.  “You think you could like me?”

            “It wouldn’t be that hard.”

            “But I’m not your type.”

            “Luhan, have you ever looked in a mirror?  If we’d never met and I saw you walking down the street, I’d want to fuck you.  I wanted you the first day we met.  It’s different now, you’re straight and we’re friends and I know how you better, but.”  Xiumin shrugged.  “You still look like that, so.  Yeah.  I’d do you.”

            That wasn’t exactly reassuring.  That was the kind of shit that people always said to him, and he hated it, and Xiumin knew that.  “But could you like me?”

            “I.”  Xiumin rubbed his hands over his thighs.  “Let’s not worry about it, okay?  This could be over next week.  Let’s just get through it as it happens.”

            Stung, Luhan nodded.  “Okay.”  It hurt so badly that he wanted to punch something.  It hurt so badly that he couldn’t get over it.  All throughout the day, the pain persisted, nagging at him, haunting him.  Xiumin didn’t like him and didn’t want to like him.  He was annoying, he was too needy.  If it weren’t for his “weird alien hormones,” Xiumin wouldn’t even touch him.  It was just his cock that Xiumin wanted, just his face that Xiumin was attracted to.  “Yeah.  I’d do you.”  Was that supposed to be a compliment?  Was that really all that his best friend thought of him?

            He was like a broken fucking record.  The next time he went into heat, he felt guilty and resentful, and he kept it to himself.  He avoided Xiumin as much as his own neediness would let him - - which wasn’t much, it was like gravity kept sucking him back in Xiumin’s direction - - and he kept his raging hormones under control as much as possible.  And then they were at a photo shoot and he couldn’t get his pants zipped over his erection.  Desperate, he begged Tao to go ask the stylist for another pair of pants, but then she wanted to come in and check the fit for him, and he hurriedly scrambled to tell her that it was fine after all and she didn’t have to come in.

            Alone in the dressing room, panicked, frustrated, he fought with his pants and cursed his cock.  What if he tore the pants, wouldn’t they have to give him another pair then?

            The door opened.  He squatted down, trying to cover himself, overheated, sweating, and miserably unhappy.  Xiumin walked in, looking sexy and confident and chic in red leather, took one look at him, and said, “Damn it, Luhan.”

            Scowling, he felt even worse.  “Get the hell out, then.”

            Xiumin turned away and opened the door, and Luhan felt like his whole world was falling apart.  Then Xiumin said, “Give us a minute,” and pulled the door shut, locking it.

            Relieved, grateful, Luhan lowered his head on his arms.  “I hate this,” he moaned.  “I need you so much.”

            “I know.”  Crouching beside him, Xiumin rubbed the back of his neck.  “We have to be quick, but how do we do this?  They’re going to notice the Smurf blood.”

            Aching with desire, he wrapped his arms around Xiumin’s neck, nuzzling against Xiumin’s cheek.  “We can clean it up.  God, you smell fantastic.”

            “If we had a condom - - but I don’t know.  If you come in a trash can?”

            “Mmm, my Minnie,” he purred, kissing Xiumin’s ear.  His tongue flicked over it, making Xiumin shudder as he pushed his underpants down, baring his erection.  He was so hard, so turned on, he wanted it so badly, but Xiumin was here, Xiumin would give him what he needed.  “I trust you, you’ll figure it out.”

            “Don’t, uh, hold this against me, but I might have to blow you.”

            “Oooohh, yes, yes.”  Rubbing his rock-hard, throbbing cock, he sucked on Xiumin’s ear.  “I want you so much, please, blow me, I want you, please.”

            “Okay, let’s make this quick, all right?”

            He was so excited, he was eager to cooperate.  He stood up obediently when Xiumin instructed him to, and he agreed immediately when Xiumin issued orders like “don’t touch my hair” and “don’t thrust, just stand there” and “don’t you dare pull out and come on me or I will kick your ass.”  He didn’t know why Xiumin seemed so tense and nervous, and he’d never been given a set of rules before getting a blowjob before, but whatever Xiumin wanted was fine with him.

            The sight of Xiumin kneeling in front of him turned him on so much he moaned.  Slapping his thigh, Xiumin looked up at him.  “Be quiet.  Let’s make this fast and silent, got it?”

            Pressing his lips together, he nodded.  An instant later, he was clapping both hands over his mouth and trying to stifle a helpless groan, and Xiumin’s lips were closing over the head of his cock.

            Pleasure rocketed through him, scorching his body.  His whole world narrowed down to the ecstasy of Xiumin’s hot, sucking mouth and massaging hand.  Gnawing on his fingers, he whimpered, his back arching as Xiumin slid along the shaft of his cock.  He’d never seen Xiumin like this before, never watched Xiumin’s lips wrapped around a long, thick erection at all, much less his.  It turned him on, and he stared, sucking on his knuckles and watching in rapt fascination as his cock disappeared into Xiumin’s mouth.

            Luhan’s bloated erection looked especially huge now that it was looming over Xiumin’s face.  Xiumin looked stuffed full of cock, his red lips stretched around the swollen girth of it.  The way his cheeks hollowed made his cheekbones stand out, and he was the sexiest thing Luhan had ever seen.  Sliding off, he mouthed Luhan’s cock, his tongue stroking wetly over the thick mushroom head.

            Between his excitement over Xiumin and the sexual pleasure of soft, wet suction, Luhan felt like a volcano about to explode.  He’d been warned not to thrust but he couldn’t hold still, so he was writhing in place, chewing on his fingers and panting into his hands and staring as Xiumin swallowed his cock.  He’d figured that Xiumin was good at sex - - in his opinion, Xiumin was good at everything - - but he’d never realized how fucking incredible it might feel to witness his own erection filling his best friend’s mouth.  As Xiumin stroked the shaft and licked at the head, he felt a familiar, thrilling tremor.  “Coming,” he whispered, “I’m coming.”

            Immediately, Xiumin’s mouth latched over the head.  An instant later, Luhan was shaking, panting, suffering in blissful ecstasy, and Xiumin was swallowing the whole way down to the base.  He was coming down Xiumin’s throat, unleashing a torrent of cum.  It poured out of him in thick, gushing streams, and he shuddered happily, groaning as Xiumin’s throat massaged his cock.

            Swallowing in hurried gulps, Xiumin held onto Luhan’s hips, his face flushed, his throat working, his eyes closing.  Milky blue drops of cum leaked from the corners of Xiumin’s mouth, spilled from his lips, dripped down his chin.  With a gargling moan, he eased back, Luhan’s cock dragging thickly between his reddened lips.  Stringy dribbles of cum bubbled out of his mouth as Luhan’s heavy cockhead finally dropped free, and Luhan collapsed in front of him, licking greedily at his chin, sucking at his lips, devouring him.

            “Uh, yes,” Xiumin panted, kissing him back, pushing him down.  When he ran out of cum, he kept going, kissing Xiumin’s neck, sucking at Xiumin’s tongue, panting hungrily for more.  Xiumin took his hand, guiding it to the thatch of hair between Xiumin’s thighs, and he grasped Xiumin’s cock.  So hard, so smooth, it felt perfect, rigid and hot against his palm.  They were rolling over, he was sliding down, Xiumin was crawling over him, and then he was on his back, enthusiastically sucking Xiumin’s cock into his mouth, moaning joyfully as it plunged to the back of his throat.  Clutching at Xiumin’s ass, he sucked avidly, loving the stiff slide of it between his lips as Xiumin thrust into his mouth.  It was slick, leaking, and he swallowed like Xiumin’s taste was all that he lived for.  The feel of Xiumin’s balls bouncing off of his chin, the thick scent of Xiumin’s musk, intoxicated him, and he dug his fingers into the flesh of Xiumin’s ass, yanked on Xiumin’s pants, dragging Xiumin down against his face.  He heard a desperate whisper: “Fuck, Luhan, fuck, yes.”  Xiumin was coming, squirting in gooey spurts, clogging his throat.  It was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted.  Greedy for more, he sucked encouragingly, but Xiumin pulled away from him, rolling away.

            Sprawled on the floor, they panted for air.  Luhan flung a hand out and held onto the soft leather of Xiumin’s pants.  After a moment, Xiumin patted his hand, and he closed his eyes, his heartbeat calming.

            “Shit.”  Xiumin sounded stunned.

            “Photo shoot,” Luhan remembered.

            “Shit,” and they were scrambling to their feet.  Luhan whisked a towel across the room with a thought, and Xiumin wiped up any last traces of blue ooze while Luhan got dressed.  “Go, go,” Xiumin said, pushing him toward the door.  “They can’t cover for us forever.”

            “I…”  Luhan didn’t even know what to say.  He had a big, foolish grin on his face and he felt happy - - no, more than that, he felt euphoric - - and he wanted to stay right there in that changing room and make love, but they’d already been in there for too long, and he had no idea what anyone had overheard, and it was kind of awkward to have just had his best friend’s cock in his mouth, so he licked his teeth and left.

            For the rest of the day, Tao teased them about getting off in the changing room, but everything else was normal.  They worked, and they met with fans, and they had a great time, and Xiumin was so sexy that Luhan could barely stay off of him.  As soon as they were back at the hotel, Luhan started crawling inside his clothes, kissing his neck and pressing him against the wall and cupping a hand between his legs.  “Mmm, love your cock.”

            “Shit, okay.”  Xiumin groaned, hips canting forward, cock stiffening between his fingers.  “This is, god, Luhan.”

            “It felt so good going down my throat.”  Licking Xiumin’s ear, he moaned, remembering the thrusting sensation, that shocking sense of penetration.  “Want you to fuck my face.”

            “This.  Is not.  Happening,” Xiumin mumbled, pushing into the greedy clutch of his fist.

            “Tell me you liked it,” he breathed, going down onto his knees.  Xiumin’s erection in one hand, he nuzzled Xiumin’s crotch, licking at Xiumin’s furry, round balls.  “Tell me how good it was.”

            “Who the hell are you?” Xiumin demanded helplessly.  “Hold on, Luhan, wait, wait.”  Crouching down, he pushed at Luhan’s shoulders.  “Stop and just - - listen to me,” he insisted.

            Annoyed, Luhan scowled at him.  They were supposed to be kissing, not talking.  “Listen to what?”

            “Is this what we do now?  Is this it?  We have sex with each other?  How does this work, do I have to wait for you to ask for it?  Do we only do it when you’re in heat, or can I ask you for it, too?  Can I get it any time I want it?  What do we do, are we going to screw?  Do we kiss?”  Xiumin’s eyes suddenly narrowed in suspicion.  “Are you in heat right now?”

            Um.  “No,” he admitted uneasily, shifting backward, sitting on his heels.  He wiped his hand over his mouth.  “I just.  Want you.”

            “So you’re.  Sober.  And you’re begging me to fuck your face.”

            Rubbing at his nose, he tried to hide behind his hand.  “Yeah,” he mumbled reluctantly.  It sounded embarrassing, stated like that.

            Squinching up his features, Xiumin scratched his fingers through his hair.  “Okay.  We have to put this in terms I can understand, before it gets any weirder in here.  Do you just want to go ahead and be boyfriends?”

            “Yes.”  Yes, that was exactly what he wanted.  It sounded perfect.  His heart was already thudding in his chest.  “But only if you like me.”

            “You - - are you stupid?  Why do you think that I’m doing all of this?  Why would I put up with it if I didn’t like you?  I didn’t think that I liked you, I tried not to, I got used to just being friends.  But then you started begging me to get you off, and, I don’t know, everything started feeling like more than friendship and more than just helpful handjobs.  It’s kind of hard to ignore how hot you are for somebody when he’s coming all over you.”

            Lighting up from the inside out, Luhan ran his hands over Xiumin’s shoulders, shifting closer again.  “You’re hot for me?”

            “Yeah,” Xiumin admitted, hugging him.  “I’ve fallen for your needy, clingy, horny, alien ass.”

            Elated, he embraced Xiumin tightly.  “I’m so in love with your short, boring, human ass.”

            “Boring!”  Xiumin laughed.

            “If you want to get a piece of paper, you have to get up, walk across the room, pick it up with your hands, and walk the whole way back!  I could chop down a tree and make paper in that time.”

            “Keep insulting me,” Xiumin suggested.  “Keep at it.  We both know in another second you’ll be begging me to fuck your face again.”

            God, that turned him on.  “If we’re boyfriends, can I screw you?”

            Xiumin’s hand cupped his ass, giving it a firm squeeze that made his whole body hot.  “Hell, yes.  I can’t wait for your huge cock to plow me wide open.  If I can suck on those big, fat balls, you can use me for breeding practice all day long.”

            Astonished, he laughed, meeting Xiumin’s eyes.  “Is this how you talk to guys in bed?”

            With a grin, Xiumin raised his eyebrows, giving Luhan a saucy look.  “Take me to bed and find out.”

            “Sleep well!” Xiumin called, unlocking the door to their room.

            “See you in the morning,” Luhan added as the other members continued down the hallway.  Pushing Xiumin into the room, he locked the door, his hands tugging up Xiumin’s shirt and unbuttoning Xiumin’s pants while he telekinetically removed his own clothes.

            Laughing, Xiumin kissed him and backed toward the bed.  “I thought we were going to be there forever.  Do you have to be so competitive?”

            “I’m not.”  Mmm, he loved kissing Xiumin.  Such soft, sexy lips.  “You were so hot tonight.  I love it when you wear black.”

            With a proud smile, Xiumin finished stripping.  “You love me in any color.”  He crawled onto the bed, beckoning Luhan with a sly look and a crook of his finger.

            “But I especially love you naked.”  As he climbed over Xiumin’s compact, muscular body, he moved the lube toward the bed with a thought.  “God, I wanted you so much tonight.”  Kissing Xiumin, he moaned happily as their bodies met, turned on by the slide of Xiumin’s taut, warm bare skin against his own.  When Xiumin’s hands stroked down his body, he arched his back, undulating as he tried to press into Xiumin’s touch.

            “I know.”  Xiumin chuckled between kisses.  “I could tell when Lay tossed a bottle of water at you and you screamed and ducked.”

            “Shut up,” he said, laughing, embarrassed.  As they kissed, they rolled over, and the sturdy poke of Xiumin’s hard-on turned him on so much that he shuddered, heat washing through him.

            “Yeah, you like that?”  Xiumin’s hips ground against him.  The drag and slide of Xiumin’s erection against his hot, rigid cock felt so good that he moaned, twisting against it.  Cupping his chin in one hand, Xiumin kissed him again and gazed into his face.

            Xiumin always did this to him, always stopped and stared at him, and it was so embarrassing.  Why did it have to happen now, while he was so turned on, while he was high from desire and pleasure and need for his mate.  Grinding against Xiumin’s cock, he gasped and gripped Xiumin’s muscular thighs.  They were so strong, so firm.  “I like everything, I like all of it.  Give me your cock, let me blow you.”

            With a delighted smile, Xiumin leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his parted lips.  “Don’t rush it.  You know I like to take my time enjoying the way your gorgeous face looks down there.”

            Damn it, that only turned him on more.  He would’ve punched anyone else who said that to him, but when Xiumin said it, he just felt warm and giddy inside with love and pleasure.  It made him happy to do things that Xiumin liked.

            Sliding down the bed, the sheets mussed under his back, he buried his face in Xiumin’s hot, musky crotch.  The soft crush of Xiumin’s black pubic hair against his cheeks felt like home, and he nuzzled to his heart’s content, moaning happily.  As he cupped Xiumin’s ass, massaging its round thickness, he sucked Xiumin’s perky, hairy balls into his mouth.  They were furry and delicate on his tongue, and he toyed with them until they dripped with saliva.  He loved the softness of Xiumin’s balls, but even more he loved the stiff, smooth length of Xiumin’s erection.  While his fingers circled the base, he licked the shaft in eager stripes, painting it with his tongue.

            Xiumin turned, and Luhan lifted his head, sucking at Xiumin’s cock, refusing to let it go, grunting hungrily as it rotated in his mouth.  Xiumin swung a muscular thigh over, kneeling astride him facing down the bed now, and he clutched at Xiumin’s ass, pulling Xiumin’s crotch down against his face again, nuzzling happily, content to suck from any angle.

            “Yeah, get it good and wet,” Xiumin panted, thighs rubbing against his face, cock shoving between his lips.  Groaning, tilting his head back for a better angle, he welcomed it with immediate suction, slurping wetly as Xiumin rocked into his mouth.  “Touch yourself while you’re slobbering on my meat, bounce those fat balls.”

            The raunchy things Xiumin said during sex turned him on and made him feel closer.  His needy, gushing praise didn’t seem as strange when Xiumin said nasty things back to him.  They were both urgently hot for each other, they just had different ways of expressing it.

            It got him off to do what Xiumin asked for, and while he kept one hand wrapped around the base of Xiumin’s erection, his other hand traveled down his body, burrowing between his thighs.  Raising his chin, he sucked on however much cock Xiumin thrust into his mouth - - the whole length of it sometimes, a satiny piston shoved crudely between his lips, or just the head sometimes, a plump knob smearing the slickness of pre-cum across his tongue.  While he feasted hungrily, he fondled his own balls.  Swollen for breeding, they were so hefty, he had a chubby, heavily laden sac to work with, and they were so tender that he squirmed at his own touch, twitching energetically on the bed as he groped himself, cupping his balls and flopping them around for Xiumin to see.

            “Ah, you’re burning up.”  Xiumin rocked into his mouth in slow, stuttering thrusts, teasing his tongue, dripping pre-cum down his throat.  “You must want it, ahh, yeah, almost as much as I do.”

            “Need you so much,” Luhan moaned.  His mouth plugged full of hard cock, his words came out muffled, garbled, but he knew that the way he groaned and twitched and grabbed at Xiumin’s ass explained it all.

            Being on his back, sucking devotedly while Xiumin thrust into his mouth, with Xiumin’s strong, muscular thighs on either side of him, was such a turn-on that if he could have made himself come, he would have.  As it was, his erection ached, tormenting him, and as he writhed on the bed, twisting his hips in futile search for relief, his cock swayed, bobbing under the weight of its bloated head.  Thin streams of cream trickled down the tall shaft, dripping and pooling, and he rubbed it into his skin, coating his plump balls.

            “Yeah, unnh, give me a taste,” Xiumin said, leaning forward, hands braced on his thighs.  “Feed me your sac, I want to taste your juice, want to gobble up your fat, sexy balls.”

            Groaning in excitement, Luhan cupped them, offering them for Xiumin’s taking.  “Mmm-hm, please,” he mumbled earnestly around Xiumin’s cock.  Xiumin took them from his palm, slurping them up, and he shuddered, pleasure burning through him in deep, echoing pulses.  His balls felt heavy, tender, but Xiumin’s gentle mouth soothed him, bringing only ecstasy.

            His balls bulged in Xiumin’s mouth, and one side or the other kept spilling out.  While Xiumin sucked and licked, he rubbed his balls against Xiumin’s face, massaging them against Xiumin’s lips.

            “Ssho good,” Xiumin said, his words muffled, his mouth stuffed with Luhan’s pudgy sac.  “Ooohh, unnh, love your shweet juice.”

            Tormented by pleasure, writhing with need, Luhan arched, his knees rising.  “Your mouth, ahh, you’re the best.”  His throbbing, dripping erection bumped against Xiumin’s cheek, slid against Xiumin’s neck, and he closed his thighs around Xiumin’s head, trapping Xiumin’s face in his groin.  “Come in my mouth, please, I want to swallow it, I can’t live without it.”

            “Yeah, mmmppff, hhoouuh.”  With the rocking of his hips, Xiumin thrust quickly, rutting into Luhan’s mouth in long, fast strokes.  “Mmmpff, know you love it.  Gonna blast my load, oh, take it, gulp it down.  Mmmoouph, oh, oh!”

            Palming his balls, pushing them into Xiumin’s mouth, Luhan moaned enthusiastically as sudden, stringy squirts of cum splattered his throat.  Shuddering ecstatically, he swallowed, his thighs tightening around Xiumin.  The spurting was his reward, his paradise, and he closed his eyes as bliss radiated through him.  Nothing tasted so good as Xiumin’s slick, bitter cum.  He cherished every drop as if it were the most precious nectar.

            “Oooh, ouuh, oh.”  Xiumin sounded dazed, and then laughed against his skin.  As Xiumin’s hips lifted, Luhan relaxed his own legs, and Xiumin’s head came up.

            Now that Xiumin had come, Luhan’s desire for him only grew stronger.  It was an intense, demanding mixture of primal, sexual need and romantic desire, and it intoxicated Luhan into a yearning, animal state.  Running both thumbs along the cleft of Xiumin’s firm, smooth ass, he spread it open.  As he eyed the rosy little pucker of Xiumin’s asshole, need ached between his thighs, and he moaned, enthralled.

            “Ahh, fuck me,” Xiumin said, shimmying his hips, his ass wiggling in Luhan’s face.  “Mount me and breed me and drown me in your cum.”

            “Yes, yes, I need you.”  Picking up the lube with his mind, he brought it to hover over Xiumin, pouring it down over Xiumin’s cleft.  Dropping the bottle, he scooped up the lube with his fingers and pushed it into Xiumin’s hole, stroking and stretching.

            “Gah, ah, oh.”  Xiumin popped his hips, working himself against Luhan’s fingers.  He was so agile, so sexy, that lust made Luhan moan.  “Come on, fuck me, I want to feel your huge cock pound my ass.”

            “Hhaah, ooh, oh.”  Luhan scrambled, driven by sexual need, eager to do what Xiumin wanted, what they both wanted.  His lust for Xiumin was part animal attraction, feral and wild, and part love, romantic and awed.  He had to get inside Xiumin, it would all be so much better once he was inside.  His erection bumped against Xiumin and smacked against his own stomach as he hurried into position, kneeling behind Xiumin.  The smooth arch of Xiumin’s back and the pert curve of Xiumin’s ass lured him, and he wasted no time in guiding his plump cockhead to Xiumin’s hole.

            “Fuck, ah!”  Xiumin squirmed under his hands, trying to rock back onto his lengthy, thrusting cock.  “Shit, Luhan, more, give me more, I can take it.”

            “Amazing, you feel amazing, always so good.” Gasping, Luhan drove his cock home, burying its full length deep inside Xiumin.

            “Yeah, so good, now plow my ass, shit, you’re so fucking big, I need this so bad.”

            Moving in short, shallow thrusts at first, Luhan groaned at the hot grip of Xiumin’s ass.  His cock looked huge, like a muscular beast snaking into Xiumin’s body, thickly plugging the narrow tunnel of Xiumin’s ass.  As he rocked, Xiumin squirming demandingly back against him, light blue cream dripped from their balls and trickled down their legs.  “Love fucking you, oh, oh, ssshhaaauuh.”

            “Ah, fuck, I can feel your juice running down my thighs,” Xiumin moaned, tossing his head.  “Unh, Luhan, it tastes so good, I want it.”

            “Anything you want, baby, anything for you.”  Swiping his fingers along his own thigh, he gathered up pre-cum.  Reaching forward, he rubbed his fingers over Xiumin’s wet, parted lips, and Xiumin licked out with a throaty moan.  They rocked together, their bodies bouncing energetically against each other, slick with sweat and pre-cum, his cock pounding into Xiumin from behind as his fingers flirted with Xiumin’s tongue.  Cherishing every instant, Luhan tried to make it last, crying out from raw pleasure.  Leaning in, he licked sweat from Xiumin’s neck, rubbed himself over Xiumin’s back, trying to get as close as he could.  “I love everything about you, I’ve never felt like this.”

            “Better than anything, your fat, hard cock feels so good, oh, god, I’m going to come again.”

            A thrill raced through Luhan and he whimpered joyfully, sliding a hand between Xiumin’s thighs.  “Yes,” yes, it was true, it was perfect, mmm, “hard, you’re so hard.  Please, please come.”

            “Ah, ah, just keep touching me like that, unh.”  Xiumin shifted, slumping forward, shoulders down, ass rising.  “Harder, fuck me harder, yeah, get me off.”

            “Yes, I want you to.”  It was a race to the finish now as his hips obeyed Xiumin’s command and his hand jacked that stiff, silky cock.  He thrust forcefully, slamming his erection deep, pleasure reverberating through him with each of Xiumin’s noisy cries.  “Going to come, I’m going to come, I can’t take it, it’s too much, it’s so good, ahh, ssshhaooh, Xiumin, oh!”

            “Yeah, yeah, so good, so good.  Turn your hose on me, drown me in it, do it.”

            “Sssaah, ssshhuuah, oh, I can’t hold it, I c-c-c-can’t, oh, oh!”  As the tremors began, Luhan’s hips pumped frantically, driving hard into Xiumin.  As he pleaded and panted, ecstasy exploded into him like a fireball.  Crying out, he reveled in it, exalting in this erotic joy that only Xiumin could give to him, this place only Xiumin could bring him.  “Oh, oh, Xiumin, Xiumin, Xiumin-ah!”  He moaned as he came.

            “Ah, that’s it, I’m there, fuck, fuck!”  Xiumin panted, shuddering against him, and he felt fresh wetness spurt over his hand.  For a moment, they only gasped and clung to each other, their bodies fused in ecstasy.  Then, with a low, shaky laugh, Xiumin squirmed away.

            Luhan kissed Xiumin’s back and, with reluctance, backed off.  As his cock popped out, a thick stream of cream poured from Xiumin’s slick, reddened hole.  The blue river was a gorgeous sight, a voluminous gush at first and then a slower, steady flow.  Luhan ran his fingers through it, toying with Xiumin’s hole, and Xiumin wriggled, laughing with a happy gasp.  “Best, you’re the best,” Luhan said, kissing one pert ass cheek.

            “Ah, you, too.”  Xiumin sighed, sounding so sated that Luhan glowed with pride.  “Mmm, that was terrific.”

            Tenderly stroking Xiumin’s cleft, Luhan rubbed his cum over Xiumin’s skin.  Feeling aglow with love and joy, he nuzzled Xiumin’s sweaty back.  “Let’s go take a shower.  I want to wash you.”

            “My boyfriend’s a fish.”  Xiumin sounded pretty pleased about it.

            “Mmm.”  He kissed Xiumin’s back, licking lightly.  He felt so content, he would have floated himself right up off of the bed if it hadn’t meant moving away from Xiumin.  “Let’s wash up and fuck again.”  Smearing his cum over Xiumin’s thigh, he squeezed it.  “I want to be inside you again.  Nothing’s ever felt so good.”

            A soft chuckle.  “I guess we should hurry up and get in the shower before you get turned on again and run screaming from the water.”  Xiumin pushed himself up slightly, then settled down again and looked back over his shoulder.  “Hey.”

            Enchanted by Xiumin’s sexy, beautiful eyes, he leaned in, smiling, his heart fluttering.  “Yeah?”  His voice was low and breathy.

            “I know that it’s weird and everything, but I’m glad that you, uh, hit your second puberty.  I don’t think that we’d ever have, you know, started this,” his gaze dipped to Luhan’s mouth and rose again, “if you hadn’t started going into heat.  And this is,” he smiled, “pretty great.”

            “Yeah,” Luhan agreed, beaming with happiness.  “It’s kind of great.”

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Copyright May 17, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time