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A brief history

I’ve written since childhood. At first, I wrote original fiction and refused to show it to anyone.

Then I found slash on-line.

I liked it so much that I couldn’t resist writing some slash of my own.

In 2000, I opened my first website, Sweet Uncleanness, and filled it with slash. I wrote about the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, “Buffy,” “Angel,” and everything else I came across. My readers were the best people in the world.

I decided to try my hand at original fiction again, so I wrote a bunch of short stories and opened this website. I also wrote a novel, Off the Record, and started a weekly series, In This Land. My readers (you remember them, the best people in the world) supported me in my stab at being a professional writer.

In 2008, I met K-pop. Immediately, I was hooked, but I was trying to break my slash habit and focus on original fiction, so I resisted the urge to write about all of the attractive, interesting guys dancing around in front of me. Then I wrote a short K-pop story. Then I snuck in another. I felt guilty, because my slash site was defunct and I’d let my slash series languish, and I couldn’t justify writing K-pop slash when I still had so much else to work on.

In 2013, I talked it over with someone. I was still writing my latest Backstreet-*NSYNC-O-Town crossover series in 2007; I posted the most recent update in 2008. In 2007, Justin Timberlake toured to promote his second solo album. O-Town had broken up. As my friend puts it, I was slashing a dead horse. I loved those guys, and I still do, but it was time to move on. After examining my priorities and wishing there were more hours in each day, I decided to go ahead and admit that I’m a K-pop slash writer.

Here in 2014, I’m adding K-pop slash to my site. I’m also adding my old site’s content to this site, so that anyone feeling nostalgic can peruse my old slash.

If you’re here for original content and In This Land, hello and thank you! If you’re here for K-pop slash, hello and thank you! If you’re here to revisit the glory days of Backstreet and “Buffy,” hello and thank you! Please look around at your leisure, and enjoy your stay!


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