Homesick and Horny

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
Sequel to “Sleep with You.”
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            When their manager came to wake them in the morning, Kris let Tao answer the door.  As soon as their manager was gone, he rubbed sleep out of his eyes and said, “Come here.”

            Kneeling on the edge of the bed, Tao gave him a patient, wondering look.

            Grunting, Kris sat up and ran his hands over his hair, trying to wake up.  This had seemed significant last night, but now he wondered if he was making too much of nothing.  “Last night.  Why did you come here instead of staying with Chen?”

            Tao raised his eyebrows like it had been an odd question.  “I wanted you to fuck me.”

            “Right.  Okay.”  Fair enough.  “Why did Chen call Suho?”

            Looking mystified, like other human beings were inscrutable and baffling creatures, he shrugged.  “I don’t know.”

            He’d take it up with Chen.  “You can’t come to me every time you want something.  You and the other members have to look after each other.  If Chen’s homesick, help him out.  If you’re horny, maybe he’s horny, too.  Did you ask him?”

            Tao blinked at him like he wasn’t making sense.  “He doesn’t fuck me as well as you do.  He’s too gentle.”

            Man, this kid was spoiled.  “Work something out.”

            Tao frowned a little but nodded, so Kris figured the message had sunk in.

            “Great.  Go, get dressed.”  Oh, “And tell Chen I want to talk to him.”

            Once Tao was gone, Kris woke up Lay and got in the shower.  Stepping out and drying off, his mind on food, he heard Lay talking to someone.  Glancing out through the open bathroom doorway, he saw Chen perched politely on the edge of his bed.  “Your turn,” he told Lay, exiting the bathroom and letting Lay go in.  Wondering where to start, he kind of wished that Suho were there.  But that was the problem, wasn’t it?  “Everything okay?” he asked, digging through his suitcase for clothes.

            Chen’s eyes widened a little like the question surprised him.  “Yes, fine.”

            Nodding like he believed that, Kris decided to try holding this conversation in Korean.  He tossed his towel aside and noticed how Chen took a good look, then blushed and looked away.  Grinning, he pulled his underwear on.  “Why’d you call Suho last night?”

            Chen shot a hasty look at his crotch and then tried to smile normally.  “Just to talk a little.”

            “You couldn’t talk to me?”

            “I didn’t want to bother you.”

            Ah, these kids.  “You’re not bothering me.”  He pulled up his pants but left them undone.  “If you want to talk to somebody, come and talk to me.  I’m your leader, you’re my dongsaeng, you can talk to me about anything, right?”

            Chen’s smile was a little guilty and a little relieved.  “Right.”

            Okay.  Some progress; he’d keep working on it.  He understood the problem: Chen was homesick, they were under a shitload of pressure, and Suho was comforting and Korean and made Chen feel connected to something familiar in the middle of a lot of strange, new experiences.  It was pretty much the same reason Tao kept crawling into Kris’ bed at night.  But Kris couldn’t call himself a good leader if Chen kept turning to Suho instead of him.  And he wanted the members to turn to each other more, too, instead of to their leaders all of the time.

            Their day was packed full of performances and interviews and photo shoots, and by the time they made it back to the hotel, it was late.  Kicking off his shoes and stretching out on Lay’s bed, he checked the time and called Suho.

            “Ah, hyung.”  Suho’s voice was familiar and affectionate in his ear.  “Have you eaten?”

            “Yeah.”  Lay sat beside him, turning on the TV and flipping through muted channels.  “Lay says hi.”  Lay smiled at him and said, “Hello!”

            “Tell him I said hi.”

            Kris tried to figure out which movie Lay was watching.  “Chen called you last night?”

            “Ah.  He was homesick.”

            “I think everybody’s homesick.”

            “Mmm.”  Suho was waiting to hear what his point was.

            “You have a bunch of members to look after, right?  It doesn’t make sense for Chen to call you in the middle of whatever you’re doing when I’m right here.”

            “Ah,” Suho said quietly.  “Yes.  I understand.”

            Lay got up and straddled his hips.  While he tried to figure out if Suho thought he was angry, or if Suho was angry, or if everything was okay, Lay’s hands slid over his collarbone, fingers digging into his shoulders, massaging his neck.  It felt so good he grunted a little, closing his eyes.

            “It’s my fault,” Suho said gently.  “I like talking to him.  I miss all of our M members.  He tells me about what you’ve all been up to.”  Suho’s voice softened as Lay’s strong, sure fingers loosened every muscle in his neck.  “He says wonderful things about hyung.  He’s so proud of you.”

            “I’m proud of him, too.”  Chen was one of his favorite members.  Well, they all were, but, still.  “Everything okay over there?”

            “Yeah.”  He heard the smile in Suho’s voice.  “I miss you.”

            He grinned, running his hand over Lay’s thigh.  “I miss you, too.”  Lay’s hands were working down his chest, rubbing, stroking.  “Anything about me you miss in particular?”

            Suho’s laughter was warm and affectionate in his ear.  “Maybe.”

            Ugh, he couldn’t wait to get everybody back together again.  “How long until we see you?”

            “Eleven days,” Suho and Lay said at the same time, a Korean-Mandarin blend in his ears.

            Eleven days.  Sooner than it had been the last time he’d asked.  Longer than he wanted it to be.  “Take care of the kids.”

            “Hug the other members for me,” Suho said.


            “I love you, hyung.”  Suho hung up.

            Sighing, Kris closed his eyes and tossed his phone aside.

            Lay rubbed his shoulders.  Massaged his upper arms.

            Shaking away thoughts of Suho, enjoying how content his body was, Kris opened his eyes.  “Did I ever tell you how glad I am to have you around?”

            Lay smiled at him.  “Last night.”

            Yeah, Kris remembered last night.  “Come here,” he said, catching his fingers in the front of Lay’s shirt and tugging.  Melting over his body, Lay met him in a slow, easy kiss.  It was always so right with Lay, so natural.  Sighing with pleasure, Kris let all of his stress melt away, let all coherent thought fade from his mind, and just enjoyed the simple sensuality of Lay’s kiss.

            Making out with Lay was like familiar, lazy sex.  Time passed in unhurried pleasure as Kris’ hands wandered the smooth contours of Lay’s back and their mouths met again and again in deep, comfortable kisses.  It was only when there was a sudden banging sound in the hallway that they paused, Lay’s head coming up and studying the wall like he could see through it to figure out what the noise had been.

            Rubbing his hand between Lay’s shoulders, Kris kissed his jaw to get his attention.  With a slow, blinking smile, Lay looked down at him as if glad to see him there.  “I have to check on the kids for a while,” Kris admitted.  “I might not be back any time soon.  You,” he grinned, “want anything before I go?”

            Lay kissed him again.  “No.”  Lay’s hand was warm on his side.  “I’m okay.  Take the lube, they don’t have any.”

            He had to be kidding.  As Lay climbed off of him, Kris sat up.  “They don’t have any?”

            Lay seemed to have accepted it.  “They don’t need it.  The rest of us always have some.”

            Right.  The older guys always had some.  But that meant that when Chen and Tao were alone together, they weren’t getting that much accomplished.  “Do they do anything with each other?”

            Lay made a thoughtful noise, then shook his head.  “No.  I think that’s why they’re always so horny.”

            Kris grabbed a bottle of lube from his bag and headed for the door.

            “The good stuff?”  Lay sounded intrigued.

            Turning at the door, Kris grinned at him.  “I want to make sure they have a real good time.”

            Eleven days.

            Rolling over in bed, Suho propped his chin on his fist and gazed at the ring on the nightstand.  The silver winked at him in the lamplight like a drop of water catching the moonlight.  Water in the moonlight.  Like a bead of sweat dripping from Kris’ chest onto his.  Like scattered drops of Kris’ cum shimmering on his bare thigh.

            Eleven days.

            Six of them were getting ready to leave for the airport, six of them preparing to be left behind.  In the last-minute rush of making sure that nothing had been forgotten, in between rounds of managers popping in with instructions and reminders, they hugged each other and said good-bye and couldn’t pretend that separating like this was easy.  Seeing everyone else so unhappy and worried and uncertain, Suho hugged his members tightly, embarrassed to be crying but unable to hide it.

            Tao’s expression was petulant.  “If we really had super powers, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time away from each other.”

            “‘If we really had super powers?’” Kris repeated.  “What do you mean, ‘if?’”  He looked around the room, lowering his eyebrows.  “You don’t think I can fly?”

            Sniffling, wiping at his nose, Suho chuckled with the others.

            “I can fly back here and drop in on these guys any time I want to,” Kris said.  “I could show up any time I want, just to visit.  You’ll wake up and find me sitting here, hanging out, taking a break before I fly back again.”

            Suho liked the idea and he smiled, enjoying the image of Kris killing time on the couch, enjoying the fantasy of Kris unexpectedly visiting, showing up some night and disappearing again after a few hours like some mysterious creature.

            “Look at this guy, leaking water,” Kris said, wiping his thumb across Suho’s cheek.  Embarrassed, Suho laughed, ducking his hand.  “That’s a super power right there.  He’s crying because he loves us.  That’s…  I don’t know where I’m going with this,” he admitted, and everyone burst into laughter.

            “Suho’s love for us protects us,” Lay said.  “It keeps us together even when we’re apart.”

            “Right!” Kris agreed.  “Right.  That’s it, that’s what I meant to say.”

            “It would be really cool if you just showed up and flew in one day,” Kai admitted.

            “I might,” Kris said.  “You’ll never see it coming.”  He tapped the brim of Chanyeol’s cap.  “So behave yourselves, you never know when I’m watching.”

            Smiling, Suho reached out and picked up his ring, cupping it in his palm.  Maybe someday Kris would walk in when they least expected it.  Maybe someday Kai would teleport over and visit the M members.  Maybe, in some way, his love did shield and bond them, even when they were apart.

            It was a nice fantasy, anyway.

            Exerting leader privilege, Kris got the key from the manager.  He knocked lightly at the door and let himself in.

            “Duizhang?”  Chen flipped on a lamp, sitting up in one bed as Tao rolled over in the other bed.  They looked way too alert, so they must not have been sleeping.  Had they been talking before he’d shown up?  Or had they just been lying there in the dark, silent and separate, awake?

            “Hey.”  He sat on Chen’s bed.  “How’s it going?”

            “Okay,” Chen said.

            “How’s your throat?”

            “Better,” Chen said quickly, nodding.  “Healthy.”  In English: “One hundred percent.”

            “Good.”  He glanced over at Tao.  “You two getting along?”

            “Of course,” Tao said.

            “Why is it that whenever I walk into Xiumin and Luhan’s room, they’re cuddled up in the same bed together, and whenever I walk in on the two of you, you’re nowhere near each other?  Do you not like good sex?”

            “Hyung,” Chen protested, embarrassed, touching his hair and glancing too quickly in Tao’s direction like he was ashamed to make eye contact.

            “It’s not that great,” Tao said.  “He’s too gentle.”

            “Ya!”  Suddenly sitting up straighter, Chen stared at Tao.  “Who says it’s not that great?”

            “I said it,” Tao replied bluntly.  “You don’t fuck me hard enough.”

            Chen’s mouth fell open.  While he sputtered, Kris said, “I think it’s terrific.  I’d fuck Chen every day if I had time for it.”

            “That’s different,” Tao said.

            Muttering under his breath in Korean, Chen looked away from them both like there might be an escape hatch in the wall.  Scrubbing his hand over his hair, he exhaled, looking embarrassed but also kind of flattered.

            “You two have never tried it the other way around?” Kris asked.

            “No,” Tao said.  “Why?  For what?”

            Chen blushed, looking at Kris but not looking anywhere near Tao’s bed.  “I don’t think…”

            “What’s wrong, you don’t like guys?” Kris asked, grinning.  “You don’t like cock?”

            “He’s the maknae,” Chen protested.  “Isn’t that a little…?”

            “Is that a rule?” Kris asked.  “Is that a law?  That the hyung has to give it and the dongsaeng has to take it?  We should go tell Xiumin and Lay, because they’ve been doing it wrong at least fifty percent of the time.”

            Chen was looking horribly embarrassed and trying to disappear into the headboard, as far as Kris could tell.  Tao was fiddling with his own shirt and eyeing Chen like he’d just figured out what he wanted to eat for dinner.

            Kris shrugged like he was dropping it.  “Whatever you two do when I’m not around is up to you.  You can figure out whatever works for you.”  He plucked carelessly at Chen’s sheets.  “Can I stay here tonight?”

            Chen gave him a wide-eyed look of surprise.  “Yes.  Okay.  If you want.”

            “Why?” Tao asked.

            Kris rolled his eyes.  “So I can fuck him.  Is that okay with you?  You can go hang out with Lay if you don’t want to watch.”

            “Can I do it, too?” Tao asked.  “You can take turns fucking us.”

            Kris looked at Chen.  “Okay?”  He was counting on Chen saying yes.  They’d all been in threesomes, and foursomes, and more, at one point or another, in all kinds of configurations.  Chen might be feeling shy, but he was used to other members watching or joining in.

            “Okay,” Chen said.  “I’m not bad at it,” he told Tao.  “Sehun likes it.”

            “Don’t listen to Tao,” Kris said, getting up and pulling off his shirt.  Setting the lube beside the bed, he kicked off his jeans and underwear.  Chen was squirming out of his clothes while Tao hopped up and stripped, too.  While Chen glanced at Tao and slid over to make room, Kris climbed on top of him, stroking his body, settling between his thighs.

            Gazing right into his eyes, Chen relaxed beneath him, stroking his chest with both hands.  For a while, they just kissed, and he took his time, lingering over Chen’s mouth, letting fever mount in his blood.  Chen’s sweet, yielding kisses created a steady, hungry burn inside of him that turned him on completely and predictably.

            While he was soaking up Chen’s kisses and slowly grinding against Chen’s smooth, bare cock and enjoying the way Chen’s fingers tapped against his skin every time Chen made that soft, happy, “oh” sound, Tao was taking a casual tour of his body.  Caressing his arms.  Squeezing his thighs.  Petting his hair.  Kissing his back.  That lasted for a while, and it started to feel really good, slow, wet, sucking kisses, Tao’s tongue against his skin, crisscrossing his spine in lazy lines.  Tao’s fingers started stroking the cleft of his ass, prodding his thighs farther apart, and then Tao’s mouth was on his balls and Chen’s “oh” sounds were longer and deeper and Kris was really ready to fuck.

            When Kris moved, reaching for the lube, Chen inhaled deeply, arching a little, hand sliding down to touch himself, to touch Kris, stroking their cocks, fingers slippery with the pre-cum they’d been leaking into each other.

            As Chen’s thumb played over the head of his cock, Kris groaned, thrusting into Chen’s hand.  “Nnn, fuck.”  Tao was climbing over his back, stroking his nipples, and he reached back, pulling Tao forward.  “Lay down.”  Unh, the way Chen was fondling his cock was turning him on, heating his blood.  Flipping open the lube, Kris said to Chen, “Roll over, on top of him, and let me see your ass.”

            It took Chen a moment to sort out their arms and legs enough to settle on top of Tao.  As soon as Chen was close enough, Tao grabbed his cock, which didn’t really help his coordination.  Palming his pale, pert ass, Kris waited until they were kissing - - quick, hungry, gasping kisses, Tao’s nails dragging lightly across Chen’s back - - before thumbing open the cleft of Chen’s ass.

            Relaxing for it, Chen yielded easily to Kris’ first finger.  It was all glove-tight after that, so he tried to coax Chen open farther, but his cock was ready to go.

            Chen was getting louder, moaning like he needed it, hips popping and twitching, and Tao was louder, too, voice rising in groaning echo of Chen’s pleasure.  Tao’s fist was working Chen’s cock like a pump, and Chen was jacking Tao’s erection in long, tight pulls that made Kris’ cock jerk lustily.

            One hand guiding his cock, one hand on Chen’s shoulder, Kris pressed inward.  He barely had the head in before Chen started shuddering and crying out, and by the time he slid the whole way to the base, Chen had come, panting and moaning, “Hyung, oh-oh-oohhh, hyung.”  Pressing forward, forcing Chen closer against Tao’s writhing, needy body, he kissed the back of Chen’s neck and said, “Fuck.  Your ass gets better and better every time I’m in you.”  Kris loved a good, lengthy fuck, and Chen felt incredible on his cock.  Wrapping his arm around Chen’s waist, he eased out and then slid in again, groaning roughly, enthusiastically, at the perfect grip of Chen’s ass, at the way Chen moaned and shifted against him, at the way Chen’s hips bucked when he hit the right spot.  “I’m going to make sure you have a good time tonight,” he promised, right against Chen’s nape, while Chen shivered in his arms.  “And then I’m going to sleep right here in your bed so the very first thing I do tomorrow morning is fuck you all over again.”

            Chen was rocking back against him in needy little thrusts, moaning in soft, musical yearning sounds and panting, “Yes, hyung, oh, hyung, ooohh.”  Tao was grinding up against Chen with single-minded purpose and groaning and running his hands up Kris’ thighs.  The harder Kris drove into Chen, the more Chen rubbed right against Tao, and soon they were all rocking to the same rhythm.  When Kris ran his hand through Chen’s hair and nudged Chen’s face downward, it didn’t take more than a heartbeat before Chen was kissing Tao’s neck.  After that, it was a party, Chen and Tao kissing and nuzzling and licking and nipping at each other, making out with impatient greed and riding Kris’ rough thrusts like a wave.

            Yeah, fucking Chen was always a good time.  Kris thrust into him steadily, giving it to him deep and hard.  Kissing the back of his neck, licking his ear, Kris stroked his body, sliding a hand in between him and Tao and caressing his chest, his stomach.  He moaned appreciatively, and Kris rubbed his taut, smooth skin, sliding into him over and over again, enjoying him, the strength of his build, the satin of his skin, the hungry grip of his ass, his eager, humming moans.

            The longer it lasted, the more enthusiastic Chen and Tao became, noisy, rowdy, making out and groping each other like they’d been holding back for years and had to make up for lost time.  Kris’ blood was pumping, and the way Chen and Tao were moaning and writhing was pulling him along.  Caught up in their horny, needy ecstasy, he stopped holding back and let pleasure soar and crest.  Pounding into Chen with quick, jolting thrusts, he cursed as climax hit in a brilliant, white explosion.  “Oh, unnnhh, fuck.”  Groaning, he pumped his hips a few last times; he felt blissfully joyful inside and out.  “Fuck,” he repeated, easing back from Chen.

            Yeah.  He was going to have to do that again.

            Rubbing his hand over Chen’s balls, he smiled at the sound of Chen’s satisfied moan.  His cum was dripping out of Chen’s pink hole in a white trickle, and when he squeezed a handful of Chen’s ass, Chen said, “Mmm, hyung,” in a pleased, flattered, grateful voice.

            “Ah, it’s always so good to get off inside you,” Kris said, cupping his balls.  “Play with Tao for a minute until I catch my breath.”

            “Hey!”  Tao pushed Chen aside; laughing, Chen rolled in a lazy sprawl onto his back, half-hard and smiling with the easygoing affection of someone drunk on pleasure.  “What about me?” Tao demanded, sitting up, his stiff erection long and swollen.

            “It’s a team effort, right?” Kris asked.  “Lube up and start fucking Chen.”

            Chen laughed in surprise at that.  When Tao immediately climbed on top of him, Chen asked, “Are you sure?”

            “I’m s-s-s-suuuure, oh, oh,” Tao said, moaning.  “Oh, god, you’re still wet.”

            “Oh,” Chen said softly, and then his legs rose around Tao’s ribcage, his head falling back.  “Oh, mmm…  Aaahh, maknae…”  His lips parted, sweet pleasure crossing his face as his hands slid up his own chest.  “Oh, that’s, ah, nice…”

            Watching, enjoying Tao’s slow, long thrusts, Kris slicked his fingers up again, in no rush.  He wanted to make sure this moment sunk in.

            “Oh, Chen hyung,” Tao said, his moans breathless.  “How, how, unnnh, yes…”

            “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Kris asked.  When he rubbed his lube-wet finger across the tightly closed pucker of Tao’s ass, Tao cursed and rocked forward sharply in a sudden thrust.  Chen bit his lip, wincing, and Tao said, “Sorry, sorry,” with breathless desperation.  “Easy,” Kris said, nudging Tao open.

            “Shit.”  Tao bucked, his hips jerking hard.  “Oh, fuck, yes.”  As Kris’ fingers sank into him, he picked up a new rhythm, slow out, quick in, slow back, quick forward, rocking into Chen hard and then lingering on the withdrawal.

            Chen was humming with pleasure, his eyes half-closed.  With one arm draped over Tao’s shoulders, his other hand was down between their bodies, slowly pumping his cock.  He was taking his time, enjoying it, his smooth, strong body wrapped around Tao’s long, lean form.

            Kris wasn’t there for anything fancy, wasn’t there to light Tao up with special tricks.  He just worked his fingers in Tao’s ass, sliding and fucking, steady and direct.  Tao was hot for it now, getting more aggressive.  Tao’s long, insistent strokes rocked Chen, their bodies moving together.  “Fuck,” Tao panted, gripping Chen’s firm, muscular thigh.  “Feels so good.”

            “Be considerate,” Kris instructed him.  “Take care of your hyung.”

            “Yeah,” Tao grunted, “yeah,” and his hand slid over Chen’s hard-on, stroking up from the base.

            “Ah, oh.”  Chen gripped Tao’s side, fingers digging in.  As Tao’s fist worked his cock, he bit his lower lip, gasping and dragging his nails over Tao’s taut skin.  “Oh, that’s it, that’s good, ahh, ah, uuhhh…”

            “Gonna get you off,” Tao grunted, jacking him fast, pounding into him, staring down into his flushed face.  His chest was heaving, his lashes fluttering as he moaned in pleasure.  “Gonna make you come so hard.”

            “Yes, yes, oh, I’m going to come!”  Chen’s head went back, his eyes squeezed shut, his fingers sliding through Tao’s hair and pulling, tugging.  “Oh, it’s here, ah, ahh, Tao-ah, yes, oh, oh!”  With a happy, shuddering laugh, he came, spilling over Tao’s hand, his thighs tightening around Tao’s waist.  “Ah, ah, oh, that was it.”  Sounding sated, joyful, he opened his eyes, relaxing his legs, stroking Tao’s nape.  “Mmm, yeah, so nice.”

            “Shit, that was hot,” Tao said breathlessly.  “I gotta come, I have to, fuck, you feel so good.”

            Chen smiled up at him.  It was a heavy-lidded, lazy smile of great contentment.  “Yeah.  Come in me, I like it.”

            “Yeah?  You want it?”  Tao was picking up speed, thrusting in urgently, and when Kris slid another finger inside of him, he groaned like he was on the edge.

            “What’s taking so long?” Chen teased, flicking Tao’s nipple.  “Come on, get off already.”

            “I just, I, oh!”  Tao tensed all over, his ass closing up tight.  “Ah, ah, fuck, ah, eh, eh, oh!”  Locking up around Kris’ fingers, he came with a happy, orgasmic squeal.  “Best, that was the best,” he moaned, shivering, relaxing, slumping over Chen.  “Best.”

            While Kris popped his fingers out, Tao braced himself with a hand on Chen’s chest, head down, panting.  Frothy cum was dribbling out of Chen’s ass and Chen was relaxing with a contented expression, eyes closed, stroking Tao’s hair.

            Kris was pretty sure that they’d be more willing to turn to each other the next time they felt lonely.

            Yawning, naked, Suho picked up his phone on his way back to bed.  Curling up with his head on Chanyeol’s stomach, he wrote out a text to Kris.

            What can I say over the phone?  You know what I would say face-to-face.  You know who I am in private, when we’re alone.

            He studied his screen, then deleted his message and sent, instead, Our members sleep happily.  Tomorrow will be a good day, too.

            Passing his thumb over the screen, he sighed.  Shifting around, he crawled up toward the pillows, settling comfortably against Chanyeol’s side.  Muttering, “Yes, hyung,” Chanyeol rolled closer, tossing an arm over his waist and going back to sleep.  He smiled, leaning back into Chanyeol’s warmth.

            His phone lit up.

            We all sleep well when our guardian watches over us.

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