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            “I don’t get it,” Xiumin said, following Suho from one side of the hotel suite to another.  “Why can’t we have sex with them?”

            “Because it’s too soon, and we don’t know each other well enough yet.”

            “How well do I have to know someone before I know I want to fuck him?  I know Woohyun, I know Sungyeol, I’ve known Dongwoo for years, you spent all day with L sunbae and hung out at their dorm, what else do we need to know?  Blood type?  I can look that up on-line,” he said, following Suho into the bathroom.  While Suho called for someone to come and clean up, he waited impatiently.  “So can I fuck them?” he asked when Suho had finished talking.

            “No,” Suho said, and handed him a wet towel.  “Help Kai clean up.”

            “Wait, whoa, what do you mean, no sex?” Sungyeol asked, staring at Sunggyu.  He couldn’t have heard that right.  He couldn’t possibly have heard that right.  They were in Hong Kong, in a terrific hotel, and they had all night to themselves.  Hot tubs and no nosy journalists.  “This is like the ideal time and place to get laid.”

            “Great, so Dongwoo and Woohyun can take turns pounding you later,” Sunggyu said.  Dongwoo grinned delightedly and high-fived Woohyun.  “No sex with EXO, no sex in front of EXO, no accidentally falling out of your pants and rubbing your cock on somebody’s face.”  He gave Dongwoo a hard look, and Dongwoo stammered an embarrassed protest about how it had been an accident and the pants had ripped and Jonghyun had been really nice about it.  Sunggyu cut that off with a terse, “Let’s be on our best behavior and not show off what a bunch of ignorant jerks we are, for once.”

            “Oh, should we leave certain members behind, then?” Woohyun asked.

            Sunggyu blinked at him, eyes widening.  “Why do you look at me when you say that?  Do you want to die?”

            “I’ll stay behind and fuck Sungyeol if he needs it so badly,” Dongwoo volunteered.

            Sungyeol really should have expected the sudden squeeze to his ass.  Yelping, he smacked Dongwoo’s hand away, but Dongwoo just laughed and came back with both hands.  “God, hyung!  Stop it!” he insisted breathlessly, trying to sound annoyed, his temperature shooting up.  Ugh, he was so horny, he wished that Dongwoo would just push him up against the wall and grope him.

            “I meant that just you and I should go,” Woohyun was telling Sunggyu.  He was smiling, so it was safe to assume that he was lying.  “Just the two of us.  Leave everybody else here, they’ll just make a bad impression.”

            Sungyeol would have objected to that, but he was busy twisting and turning to get away from Dongwoo, who was kneading his ass and making flirty, kissy faces at him.  Embarrassed to be so turned on by so little, he finally got fed up and spun around, grabbing Dongwoo by the shoulders and pushing him back against the wall.  Laughing, he looked up at Sungyeol with bright, expectant eyes, writhing like he wanted it so much he was already feeling it.  When Sungyeol kissed him, he moaned, dragging his fingers through Sungyeol’s hair and kissing back immediately, aggressively.  It was so intense, so amazing, that Sungyeol blocked out everything else and just kissed him, soaking up his wild sexual energy and giving it back.

            Woohyun looked around the hotel suite.  Dongwoo was trying to become one with Sungyeol’s mouth, and Sungyeol was already unbuttoning his own pants.  L was asleep on one bed.  Hoya sat on the other bed, looking bored and messing with his phone, earbuds in.  Sungjong was stretched out beside L, looking even more bored than Hoya, flipping through channels on the TV.

            Half of the group wasn’t interested in hanging out with EXO.  Half of the group was more interested in getting laid.  Woohyun looked at Sunggyu.  “Let’s just leave them here.”

            Sunggyu nodded and put an arm around him, turning to the door.

            “Well,” a voice said.  Woohyun grinned at Sunggyu, and they turned together to look at Sungjong.  With a pretty, petulant toss of his head, he pouted.  “I could go with you.  I wanted to talk to Kai, so.”  Lightly dropping the remote, he got up, tugging at his clothes, smoothing his pants over his slim hips.  “I’ll come.”

            Hoya glanced up, eyes flicking from Sungjong to the two of them.  “We going somewhere?”

            “To see EXO,” Sungjong laughed.  “You know that.”

            Hoya shrugged.  Took out one earbud, grimaced, took out the other one.  “Better than sitting around watching this,” he said, gesturing at Sungyeol’s back.  Getting up, he put his phone in his pocket.  “Dongwoo hyung, come on, leave Yeolie’s cock alone.”

            “What?” Dongwoo panted, looking around with dazed eyes, his mouth bright red, Sungyeol kissing his neck and rubbing down the front of his pants.  “What, oh, are we going?”

            “We’re trying to,” Sunggyu said.  “L!  L!  Myungsoo!  Kim Myungsoo!  Lee Hyunsoo!  Secretary Gil!  Get up!”

            “Go without me,” L mumbled sleepily, rolling over and hiding his face in his arms.

            “Can’t we, uh, finish this before we go?” Sungyeol asked, rubbing his cock, his face flushed, Dongwoo licking at his neck.

            “Somebody get him off so we can leave,” Sunggyu said.  “L, blow Dongwoo, hurry up.”

            Without a moment’s hesitation, L rolled off of the bed.  Rubbing his eyes, he walked over and knelt down in front of Dongwoo.  With an appreciative moan, Dongwoo slid into his mouth.

            “I’m not talking to Kai with Sungyeol hyung’s cum on my breath,” Sungjong said, crossing his arms over his chest.

            Hoya glanced at Woohyun.  “Rock, paper, scissors?”

            Woohyun sighed.  Poor Sungyeol looked so pathetic with his face all red and his sexy cock so hard and lonely.  “All right.”  He stepped toward Hoya, then glanced back at Sunggyu.  “Come on.”

            “What, me?  I’m not doing it,” Sunggyu said.  When Woohyun gave him an exasperated look, he got sulky.  “Why does the maknae get to say no and I can’t say no?  I don’t feel like giving head right now, I brushed my teeth earlier.  I’m an old man, my knees hurt, I’m not kneeling down for him.  You do it.”

            “Your knees are fine, and if you used your mouth for something besides complaining, we’d be ready to go by now,” Hoya said.  Sunggyu gave him a deadly look, and he laughed, eyes widening as he backed up.

            While Sunggyu chased Hoya around the room, Woohyun gave in.  As he stepped over to Sungyeol, he enjoyed the sight of Dongwoo slowly caressing L’s hair, L’s head bobbing along the length of Dongwoo’s stiff cock.  L was gazing up at Dongwoo with his “I love doing this for you” look, and Woohyun got turned on just watching.

            Sliding his fingers along Sungyeol’s smooth, hard shaft, Woohyun went down on his knees.  “You were hoping it would be me all along, right?” he asked, grinning up at Sungyeol.

            “Yeah,” Sungyeol said, his touch skimming Woohyun’s chin, his thumb rubbing over Woohyun’s lower lip.  “Definitely.”  Breathing hard, he shuffled forward, his erection bobbing in Woohyun’s face.  He looked so turned on, Woohyun kind of believed him.  Flattered, inclined to be generous now, Woohyun kissed the shiny head of his cock, breathing warm air against it, licking around the crown.  “Huuuhhh, oh oh, uuuuhhh.”  Staggering a little the way he did when his knees went weak, Sungyeol leaned forward, gripping Woohyun’s shoulders.  “Uh, Nam,” he moaned as Woohyun sucked lightly, teasingly, at the head of his cock.  “Ooohhh…”

            Chen walked over to where Lay sat on the sofa.  There were three big, semi-circular sofas along the wall, spaced with tables and lamps between them.  Lay sat on the center one alone, slumped and looking unhappy.  “Are you sulking?”  He looked so cute, and he was acting so silly, that Chen wanted to hug him.

            Lay sighed and said, “No.”  But he looked sad, anyway.

            “It’s okay if we don’t have sex with Infinite tonight.  I think you’ll be okay without it.”  Chen sat beside him and rubbed his thigh.  “We’ll all have sex with you later, after they leave, anyway.”

            “Yeah.”  Lay sighed and sat up a little straighter.  He glanced around like he was checking for eavesdroppers, and then he met Chen’s gaze.  “What if it’s not just tonight?  What if this is the best chance we ever have to have sex with Infinite, and we don’t do it?  What if it doesn’t work out, or Suho decides that it’s not a good match?  We’re here, there’s a bed right there, I want to do it while I know I can get it.”

            “Hmm.”  Chen had to admit that Lay had a point.  He’d wondered the same thing.  “Maybe it’ll go badly tonight and we’ll never have sex with them.  But that’s okay, isn’t it?  There’s still Teen Top sunbae and Shinee sunbae and Super Junior sunbae and DBSK sunbae.  And there might be VIXX someday, I don’t know.”  Smiling, he squeezed Lay’s thigh.  “And there’s always me.  You can have me any time you want me.”  Thinking over what he’d just said, he laughed.  “What are you pouting about?  Didn’t we just have the best time with Teen Top?  You can get off that well and then complain about not having enough sex with other idols?”

            Lay laughed, blushing guiltily, and then squeezed Chen’s thigh.  “You aren’t worried about it!  Sunggyu sunbae already got you off!”

            “That was nothing!”  He felt happy and embarrassed whenever he thought about it.  He couldn’t believe that he’d done that.  With a sunbae he barely knew!  At noraebang!  He was used to Xiumin getting together with other idols, but he’d never been the kind of guy who did that.  He couldn’t believe that he was, out of all of the EXO members, the only one who’d gotten off with Infinite.  He couldn’t wait for the rest of the members to catch up so they could compare notes.

            It was a big suite.  Three beds, three couches, and a huge bathroom with a glass-walled shower and a hot tub.  Suho had drawn the heavy, red drapes over the balcony doors, not wanting anyone to be seen.  There was no need to give fans any more ideas than they already had.  EXO had two, connected suites for this visit, and their belongings were in the other room, off-limits to the party.  The door between rooms was closed; he didn’t need anyone trying to escape over there to have a good time in private.

            He’d asked D.O. to help him to police the other members.  He couldn’t hope to convince them not to talk about sex, but he really wanted them to keep their clothes on.  The better things went with Teen Top, the more eager they were to try out other idol groups, and they’d been speculating about Infinite nonstop.  He’d been asked to describe L’s bed in detail a few dozen times already.

            When he heard a knock at the door, he turned to assess the suite.  EXO members were scattered over every surface, seated on beds, couches, and tables.  Most of them had happy, expectant expressions; a couple looked self-conscious.  Xiumin and Lay were whispering to each other.  He waited until he had their attention, and then he smiled at the members.  “Let’s be on our best behavior.”

            Baekhyun curved his arms up over his head, forming a big heart and smiling.

            Laughing, Suho turned and opened the door.

            “No!  No!  Don’t you dare!” Sungyeol was saying, staring at Sunggyu in wide-eyed panic.  L stood behind Sungjong, his arms looped casually around Sungjong’s torso.  Dongwoo was poking at a framed painting on the hallway wall.  Hoya smiled at Suho, and Woohyun said, “Hi,” his expression friendly and interested.

            Sungyeol blushed and Sunggyu grabbed at the back of Dongwoo’s shirt, pulling him back in.  “Hi,” Suho said.  He’d forgotten how, um, disorganized these sunbaes could be.  “Please, come in.  You can put your phones here,” he added, gesturing to a basket by the door.  Chanyeol had emptied out a gift basket for him to use.

            As they filed into the room, Sungjong gave him a polite, not-quite-sincere smile, Sungyeol said hello in a friendly but still embarrassed way, and L gave him a soft, private smile that stirred up all kinds of warmth inside him.  “Your phones?” Sunggyu asked as he closed the door.

            That was only fair.  “Will you collect everyone’s phone?” he asked Sehun, handing over his own.  Hopping up, Sehun took his phone and then started to gather the others’.

            “We can put them in that basket all of that soap and stuff came in,” Lay said, going into the bathroom.

            “Everyone knows everyone?” Suho asked.

            “I know Kai,” Sungjong said, giving Kai an approving smile.

            “There are a lot of us,” Suho said.  “Xiumin hyung is in the ’90 line, Lay with the basket is in ’91 with me and the three of you.”  As he said their names, his members waved and bowed.  “Baekhyun and Chanyeol are with Chen and L in the ’92 line.  D.O. is in the ’93 line.  You know Kai, and Sehun’s our maknae.”

            “And which one are you again?” Hoya asked him.

            He laughed.  “The one who kills zombies faster than you do.”

            While Hoya looked away, shaking his head and laughing, Chanyeol said, “Sungyeol hyung, come here.  Let’s talk.”

            “We have drinks and snacks and stuff, if anyone wants any,” Chen said.

            “Yes, I’m starving,” Dongwoo said.

            While the two groups began to merge, mingling and striking up conversations, Chanyeol pulling Sungyeol down onto the couch with a flirtatious smile, Suho stayed by the door, observing, smiling.  He wanted tonight to go well; he wanted his members to be happy with their new friends.

            Belatedly, he realized that not everyone was mingling; Sunggyu still stood at his side.  Giving Sunggyu a polite smile, he wondered what Sunggyu wanted.

            “Lot of members,” Sunggyu said, watching the room.

            “They’re good kids,” Suho said.  As far as he could tell, Dongwoo alone required as much supervision as all of EXO-K.

            “Good-looking, too.  No wonder my members are so eager to get to know them better.”

            Suho smiled.  “Thanks.”  Quickly, he added, “The Infinite sunbaes are very handsome.”

            Sunggyu gave him an unexpectedly adorable smile.  “Thanks.”

            Charmed, he laughed.  Sunggyu’s happy, cute, funny side always took him by surprise.

            “I think that you and I started badly,” Sunggyu said.

            It was true, but it wasn’t Sunggyu’s fault.  “I’m sorry, sunbae.  We were disrespectful and pushy.  We shouldn’t have been that way.”

            “I didn’t give you a chance.”  Sunggyu’s gaze roamed the room again.  “We had a bad experience in the past, and it made me not want to do anything like this again.”

            Surprised that Sunggyu would confide in him, Suho nodded.  He wondered what that bad experience had been and who it had been with, and how they could avoid a similar mistake.  “I’m sorry.”

            Sunggyu’s gaze lingered on their members, his expression clouding over.  What had gone wrong in the past still bothered him.  Then he inhaled and smiled at Suho.  “Let’s start over.  For the sake of our members.  I want them to be happy.”

            “That’s what I want, too,” Suho said.

            Sunggyu offered his hand, and Suho shook it, feeling optimistic.  Then, still smiling, Sunggyu added, “If my members get hurt, I’ll make your life hell.  Okay?”

            Suho got the distinct impression that despite that smile, Sunggyu meant that threat very sincerely.  Refusing to blink, he smiled back.  “Understood, sunbae.  Same to you.”

            Sunggyu’s smile widened.  “It’s good that we understand each other.”

            The EXO members were so good-looking, being surrounded by them was like standing inside a catalog.  Sungyeol had pretty on every side.

            He couldn’t wait to have sex with them.  It was going to be so great.  He couldn’t even decide who to have sex with first.  Chanyeol, probably.  Chanyeol definitely wanted it.  Or Xiumin.  Xiumin had been all over him the other day.  Maybe their maknae; maknaes were always the easiest, right?  Or D.O.  Just the thought of D.O. kneeling in front of him, looking up at him with those big, round eyes while sucking down his cum, god, he was definitely doing D.O. first.

            Surrounded by all of this pretty, though, shouldn’t he go for the best-looking member first?  Why waste a great opportunity?  Who was the best-looking member, anyway?  Sehun was pretty hot, and D.O. looked great, and Suho - - but Suho was off-limits, according to L, anyway.

            No, the best-looking member was Chanyeol.  It had to be Chanyeol.  With those pretty eyes and those long legs?  The rest of Infinite was always talking about how sexy it was to be wrapped up in Sungyeol’s long legs, and look at how long Chanyeol’s were!  Yeah, he definitely had to try that out!

            Eyeing Chanyeol as the two of them talked, Sungyeol wondered where to start.  Blowjob first?  Or straight to sex?  Yeah, sex first.  He couldn’t wait to get his cock in this good-looking hoobae.  He could just imagine what Chanyeol’s handsome features would look like scrunched up in ecstasy.  He wanted to see Chanyeol under him, squirming on his cock, wide-eyed and panting up at him.

            Chanyeol laughed at him.  “You keep staring!”

            “No, it’s nothing,” Sungyeol said.  He scanned his brain for conversational topics besides “I want to screw you right now” and “How much do you love cock?”  There had to be something else to talk about.  “The festival should be great tomorrow.”

            “Oh, yeah.”  Chanyeol nodded.

            “Are you going back to Seoul after, or?”

            “Yeah, EXO-K’s going back,” Chanyeol said.  “EXO-M is staying another day for some interviews and things.”

            “Oh, right.”  Sungyeol couldn’t resist it; he really needed to talk about sex.  “Maybe when we’re all in Seoul together again, we can meet up.”

            “That would be great.”  Chanyeol had such a big, happy smile.  “I just hope that the rest of your members think so, too.  So far it seems like not all of them are interested.”

            Sungyeol wasn’t going to let that stop him.  “That’s okay, isn’t it?” he asked, putting his arm around Chanyeol.  “Maybe Suho isn’t interested, or maybe L doesn’t want to, but we can still hang out, right?”

            “Sure,” Chanyeol said.

            “I want to fuck you so hard,” Sungyeol confessed.  “I want to give it to you over and over again.  You’re so good-looking, I can’t wait for you to blow me.”

            “Oh!”  Looking surprised, Chanyeol laughed.  “Oh, hyung!”

            He hadn’t expected laughter!  “What?” he asked, dropping his arm and drawing back.

            “Oh, I thought - - I wanted to fuck you!  I’m a top, I thought-”

            “You’re a top?” he asked.  “I’m a top!”  Wait a second, “You thought that I was a bottom?”  This whole time?

            “I thought that you wanted me to-”  Laughing, Chanyeol cut himself off and shook his head.  “Sorry, hyung!  I guess that I had it wrong.”

            Shit!  Now who was he going to screw?

            Chen was pouring a drink when Hoya chuckled and said, “That’s right.  I guess that’s what we should expect from Young Money.”

            “That’s Young Money all day,” Sunggyu agreed, and Suho laughed.

            Chen looked from one face to another, curious.  “Young Money?  What’s Young Money?”

            Suho leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest, head tilted to one side, chin lowered.  “It’s my hip-hop name.”

            It was the worst impression of an American rapper’s posturing that Chen had ever seen.  Laughing, he hugged Suho.  “Why do you have a hip-hop name?”

            “Infinite gave it to me.”

            “It’s what we call him,” Sunggyu said.  “It’s not mean, it’s a good thing, it’s a compliment,” he added abruptly and insistently, like someone was arguing against him.  “We call you that because we like you.”

He was being so obvious and clumsy about it that Chen laughed, and Suho chuckled and said, “It’s okay, sunbaenim.  I like it.  Maybe I should be a rapper.”  Adopting the pose again, he hardened his expression and jerked his chin at Hoya.  “Yo, yo, one two, one two.”

“Oh my god,” Hoya said, snorting with laughter as he turned away.

“No, hyung, no,” Chen moaned, laughing, pulling at his arms until they unfolded.  It was so sad and awful that it was hilarious.  “Just be a singer, be our leader, you don’t have to rap, let Chanyeol do it.”

“I’ll do it with him,” Suho suggested.  “EXO-H!”

Sunggyu sputtered with laughter, his arm around Hoya as they leaned against each other for support.  “You look like a confused chaebol who got lost in the wrong neighborhood.  Do it, do the,” he mimicked Suho’s lean, “do it again.”

Posing, Suho grimaced at them.  “We’re EXO-H!”

“No, no, stop,” Hoya moaned, wiping at his eyes, cracking up.  “Don’t, just don’t, please.”

“Hyung, seriously,” Chen said, laughing.  “I think that I’d be a better rapper than you would.  Just sing, okay?”

“Sungjong would be a better rapper,” Sunggyu said.  “Sungyeol would be a better rapper.  Even Hoya would be a better rapper!”

“Yeah, I…”  Hoya made a show of turning to Sunggyu, his eyes narrowing as his voice trailed off.  He pointed at Sunggyu, looking suspicious.  “Wait a second…”

            “No, Chanyeol’s usually a top,” Lay told Dongwoo.

            Chewing, Dongwoo nodded.  “Great.  Love tops.”  Then he laughed.  Lay smiled, liking how freely he laughed.  “I love bottoms, too.  I love everything.”  He took a drink, then asked, “What about you, are you a top?”

            Lay shook his head.  “I’ll do anything.”

            Dongwoo raised his eyebrows, then gave Lay a speculative, mischievous look, his lips curling in a flirtatious grin.  “Anything?”

            Turned on by the wicked promise in that look, Lay smiled, blushing.  “Yes, anything.”

            “Me, too.”  He looked up, distracted, as Woohyun joined them.  When Woohyun put an arm around his shoulder, he wrapped both arms around Woohyun’s waist.  “This one does all of it.  Don’t you?”

            “Sure,” Woohyun said, and then he laughed.  “All of what?”

            “Sex,” Dongwoo said, his chin on Woohyun’s shoulder.  He gazed at the side of Woohyun’s face like there was no one else in the room.  “Top, bottom, blow, rim, fist-”

            “Whoa, what is this, are we filling out a survey?” Woohyun asked.

            Lay found a lot of men sexually fascinating.  A lot of them.  But there were a few compelling individuals who held porn star status in his mind.  Nam Woohyun was one of them.  “Key sunbae says a lot of good things about you.”

            “Key?”  Woohyun smiled.  “I say a lot of good things about him, too.”

            “You should see them together,” Dongwoo said.  “It’s like-”

            “Ya, don’t talk about those things,” Woohyun said, lightly pushing Dongwoo’s face away.  Dongwoo nipped at his hand and he slid his pinky finger into Dongwoo’s mouth.  Looking wickedly aroused, Dongwoo nibbled at his finger.

            Lay was as amazed as he was turned on.  He didn’t know what was better, how openly sexual Dongwoo was, or how cool and calm Woohyun was about it.  Dongwoo was as frankly horny as Xiumin mid-orgy, and Woohyun was completely unruffled about it.  Dongwoo was licking up and down Woohyun’s finger like he didn’t know what shame was, and Woohyun was talking to Lay like nothing was happening.

            “There are some things like that we should probably wait to talk about until our leaders give us the go-ahead,” Woohyun said.  “But Key told me to watch out for you.”  His smile was so approving and inviting, Lay wanted to go down on him.  With soft, growling noises, Dongwoo nipped at his other fingers, at his thumb.  Dongwoo seemed completely absorbed in Woohyun’s hand, like the rest of the party didn’t matter anymore.

            “Hyung, hyung,” Chanyeol said, laughing, trying to catch Sungyeol as Sungyeol walked up to them.

            Looking determined, Sungyeol stared at Lay.  “Do you top?”

            “Yes,” Lay said.  “Not always.”

            “What the hell?” Sungyeol demanded.  “That’s…”  He started to count on his fingers, gave up, and threw his hands in the air.  “Is there anyone in this group who doesn’t top?!”

            “A lot of us are flexible,” Chanyeol said.  “We like it all kinds of ways.”

            “Chen,” Lay said.  “And Baekhyun.  And D.O.”

            “D.O.!” Sungyeol exclaimed.

            “Yes?” D.O. asked, turning around.

            “Do you top?” Sungyeol asked.

            D.O. shook his head.  “No.”

            “Should we stop this?” Woohyun whispered to Chanyeol.

            Chanyeol shook his head, smiling.  “It’s too funny, I can’t.”

            “Finally,” Sungyeol said.  “I found one.”

            “Found one what?” Lay asked.

            “An easy bottom,” Sungyeol said.  “I was starting to think they didn’t exist anymore.”

            D.O.’s eyes widened.

            “D.O.’s great,” Chanyeol said.  “You should see him with Kai.  He loves it.”  D.O.’s eyes widened even farther.  Chanyeol grinned at Sungyeol.  “He looks so hot when he’s all horny and worked up.”

            Walking over to them, D.O. asked, “What are you.”  He paused, gazing at Dongwoo, who was licking his way around Woohyun’s wrist.  He just watched for a moment, and then he looked at Chanyeol and resumed.  “What are you telling people about me?”

            “How hot you are,” Chanyeol said, slinging his arm around D.O.’s shoulders.  “How great your blowjobs are.”

            D.O. nodded.  “Okay.”  He smiled up at Chanyeol.  “Should I thank you or kill you?”

            “Thank me!” Chanyeol said, laughing.  “It’s a compliment!”

            “All right.  Thank you,” he said, bowing a little.

            “You’re welcome,” Chanyeol said.  Arm still around D.O., he asked, “Who are the best bottoms in Infinite?”

            “L,” Sungyeol said.  “L is the best.”

            “Dongwoo hyung,” Woohyun said quickly.

            “Sungjong,” Sungyeol added.

            “Hoya,” Woohyun said right overtop of him.

            “He’s not bad,” Sungyeol said, gesturing at Woohyun.

            “Yeah?” Woohyun asked, giving Sungyeol a private, amused smile like there were fun secrets between them.  “Yeah, this one’s not bad either,” he said, gesturing at Sungyeol.  Lay yearned to know what that smile meant.

            “Wait, that’s everybody,” Lay said, counting on his fingers.  “Everybody except your leader.  You have six great bottoms?”

            “Oh, but it depends what you like,” Dongwoo said, raising his head and suddenly rejoining the conversation.  D.O. looked at him with as much interest as Lay did.

            Woohyun lowered his hand, wiping it on Dongwoo’s pants.

            “What do you mean?” Chanyeol asked Dongwoo.

            “You go to the maknae for pretty, flashy sex,” Dongwoo said.  “You go to Sungyeol for long, slow sex when you’re really in the mood to work somebody up.”

            “Shouldn’t we stop him?” Sungyeol asked Woohyun.

            “Hoya’s a great bottom,” Dongwoo said.  “He loves being penetrated so much.”

            “Yeah, we probably should,” Woohyun told Sungyeol.

            “Like when I’m in the shower with him, and we start kissing, and I get like two fingers up inside him, he just gets so into it,” Dongwoo continued.  “He gets so turned on, he starts rolling his hips and grabbing at me, like he can’t get enough.”

            “Does Hoya want everyone to know that about him?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Probably not,” Woohyun said.  As if distracted, Dongwoo glanced over at them; Woohyun waved him on.  “Keep going, hyung.”

            “What about L?” Lay asked.

            “Oh, L’s the best,” Dongwoo said.  “He loves sex any way, all of the time.  And he makes it really personal, he snuggles really close and he stares into your eyes.  He doesn’t care what you do to him, he just wants to be close to you.”

            “I never thought about it like that,” Sungyeol said, tilting his head to one side and giving Dongwoo a thoughtful, puzzled look.

            “Okay, hyung, I think you’ve said enough,” Woohyun said.

            “He didn’t talk about you yet,” Chanyeol pointed out.

            “Right, I think he’s said enough,” Woohyun repeated, and D.O. smiled.

            “What about you, sunbae?” Lay asked Dongwoo.  “What kind of bottom are you?”

            Dongwoo laughed, looking from Woohyun to Sungyeol.  “I don’t know!  What kind of bottom am I?  I hope that I’m a good one!”

            “Fun,” Woohyun said, smiling at him and squeezing his shoulder.  “You’re a lot of fun to fuck, hyung.  When we can keep up with you.”

            “It helps if you double-team him,” Sungyeol told them.  “Bring somebody else with you.”

            “Oh, I like that,” Dongwoo agreed, nodding.  “The only thing better than one guy is two guys, and the only thing better than two is three.”

            “That’s so right,” Lay agreed, amazed.  He felt like he’d just found his soul mate.  “What about tops?  Who are the best tops in Infinite?”

            All three of them looked around as if expecting someone to pop up.  Then, “Sunggyu hyung,” Dongwoo said.  “Sometimes it’s bend-you-over-the-counter smack-your-ass ‘Gyu hyung!  Gyu hyung!  Oh!’ and sometimes it’s kiss you all over, make you moan all night ‘Ooo, ooo, Sunggyu hyung, yes,’ but it’s always the best.”

            Unblinking, Lay stared at him, his uninhibited moans echoing in Lay’s ears.  Dongwoo just got better and better and better with every remark.

            “Sunggyu hyung,” Woohyun agreed.  “Me, Dongwoo hyung, L, we’re all good.  Is it okay if I say that with my own mouth?  I think we’re pretty good.”

            “What about me?” Sungyeol asked.  “Why are you leaving me out?”

            Dongwoo took one look at him and laughed.

            “Tell us more,” Lay said, wanting to take it all in.  “Tell us everything.”

            Drifting right, Woohyun sat on the nearby couch.  Lay quickly sat beside him, Chanyeol sitting beside Lay and leaning in close with an arm around him, D.O. perched beside Chanyeol.  Sungyeol sat on Woohyun’s other side, Dongwoo on Sungyeol’s knees.  “Tell us about EXO’s best bottoms, first,” Woohyun suggested.

            “What’s happening over here?” Baekhyun asked, walking up to them.  “You look like you’re up to something.”

            “Who are the best bottoms in EXO?” Woohyun asked him.

            Laughing, Baekhyun looked from one face to another.  “Really?  Is that what you’re talking about?”

            Lay nodded.

“Don’t tell Suho hyung,” Chanyeol said, lowering his voice.  “They’re telling us all about Infinite, too.”

            “Suho hyung’s in the bathroom with L sunbaenim,” Baekhyun said.  “The best bottoms in EXO?”

            “I think it’s Chen and Baekhyun.  And Xiumin hyung and D.O.  And Lay hyung,” Chanyeol said, the arm around Lay giving a fond squeeze that made Lay smile.

            “And Kai,” Lay said.  “And Sehun.  But if you want the best, it’s Chen.”

            “Me,” Baekhyun said.  “Are you kidding?  It’s me.”

            “How do you define the best?” D.O. asked.  “What makes someone the best at that?”

            “The one who needs it the most,” Dongwoo said.

            “The one who gets the most worked up,” Woohyun said.

            “The one who comes the hardest,” Dongwoo said.

            “Um.”  Looking conflicted, Chanyeol frowned, then laughed.

“Yeah, uh.”  Lay didn’t know what to say.  If that description sounded like anyone, it sounded like Suho.

            “Just say me,” Baekhyun said.

            “Baekhyun,” Lay said.  “Or Chen.”

            “It could be Lay,” Chanyeol said.  “You get really into it.”

            “Is the entire party over here?” Sungyeol asked, looking around.

            “This is where all of the interesting people are,” Woohyun said.

            “It is now, anyway,” Hoya said, leaning over the back of the sofa between him and Sungyeol.  Sungyeol jumped, startled, and Dongwoo laughed.

Lay looked around the room.  He didn’t see Suho and L anywhere; Kai and Sungjong sat on another couch, talking quietly, Kai’s arm just behind Sungjong’s shoulders; Sunggyu sat on one of the beds with Xiumin, Chen, and Sehun.  As long as Suho stayed in the bathroom, they’d be okay.  Lay hoped that L was really, really interesting.  Just not interesting enough to spook Suho.  That was a pretty narrow tightrope to walk; they might not have much time.  “Infinite’s tops?” he asked quickly.  “What is it like?”

“Terrible,” Hoya said.

“We are not,” Sungyeol objected, laughing and punching his shoulder.

            “We?” Hoya asked, raising his eyebrows and laughing.  “We, really?”

            “Woohyun’s great,” Dongwoo said.  “Great stamina, great cock, great body.  He really knows what he’s doing and he’s not shy about it.  You need to be confident to be a good top, right, you have to be sure of yourself, and he’s always confident about it.  I don’t think anyone’s ever had any complaints.  And he’ll do whatever you want.”

            Ooh, “What do you mean?” Lay asked, sitting forward.

            “This is interesting,” Baekhyun said, sitting on the floor.

            “Talk about someone else,” Woohyun said.

            “Hey, now,” Hoya said.  “Lay asked a question, I think that we should answer it.”

            “He’s really into rimming,” Dongwoo said.  “And-”

            “Hyung!”  After interrupting, Woohyun lowered his voice; maybe he didn’t want to attract his leader’s attention any more than Lay wanted Suho’s.  “Talk about someone else.”

            “You’re into that?” Chanyeol asked.

            “He does it all of the time,” Sungyeol said.

            “You don’t?” Dongwoo asked Chanyeol.

            Chanyeol rubbed his nose.  “It’s kind of...”

            “I like doing it,” Lay said.  “It’s so much fun.  It’s so sexy.  But most of our members are weird about it, so I only get to do it sometimes.”

            “What, why?” Dongwoo asked.  “Everybody in Infinite likes it.”

            Groaning, Sungyeol leaned back with his hands over his face.

            Lay was so glad, so excited to have this conversation, to talk about these things.  Sitting around talking about sex, about preferences and experiences, was the next best thing to watching it.  “I like doing it to Chen.  He holds still better than Baekhyun does.  I like the way Baekhyun wiggles around, though.  It’s good when he’s giving head to somebody else, so he’s distracted by that, and I can take my time eating him out.”

            “Oh my god!” Baekhyun exclaimed, kicking his ankle.  “Why would you tell people that about me?”

            “If we tell them things, they’ll tell us things,” Lay said.  “Be quiet, I want to hear everything.  Who do you like rimming the best?” he asked Woohyun.

            “The maknae,” Woohyun said.  “He likes it the most, so I can do as much as I want and he always gets off on it.  But they’re all great.”

            “Great how?” Lay asked.  “Tell us more.

“Tell us everything,” Chanyeol agreed.

“L’s great,” Dongwoo said.  “I love rimming L, he’ll let you go forever, he just lays there and moans like, ‘Oh, oh, hyung, oh.’”  Dongwoo’s voice was soft and ecstatic and breathy, and Baekhyun shifted, chewing on his thumbnail.

“Dongwoo hyung’s great if I can get him to hold still long enough,” Woohyun said.  “It’s like you said, it helps if he’s giving head or something to keep him busy.  Sungyeol’s great, he’s so tight and so sensitive.”

“Yeah, he gets really squirmy and noisy.  Legs flopping everywhere,” Dongwoo said, gesturing with his hands.  “Hoya’s perfect, but you have to fuck him afterward, you can’t just stop, he gets so mad.”  Dongwoo smiled at Woohyun while Sungyeol moaned behind his hands and Hoya lowered his head, rubbing his hand over his hair.  “What about you?  I like rimming you.  I mostly do it before Gyu hyung fucks you, I guess.  Prep work.”

“Oh my god,” Sungyeol moaned.  “They’re going to think all we do all day is lick each other’s assholes.  This is going to be our reputation from now on.  The rimming idols.”

“Well, I’m never going to ‘Music Bank’ again,” Hoya said.

“And you rim your leader, too?” Lay asked to keep Woohyun and Dongwoo talking, not wanting them to be swayed by Sungyeol and Hoya.

“Sure, yeah,” Dongwoo said, nodding.  “I love Gyu hyung’s butt.”

“Sunggyu hyung makes the funniest noises when we lick him,” Woohyun said.  “Breathing so hard and getting so into it.”

“He’s a natural bottom,” Sungyeol said, lowering his hands and sitting forward.  “He is, I swear it, I’m sure of it.  He’s probably the horniest bottom we’ve ever met, I just can’t prove it.”

“Really,” Chanyeol said, straightening and looking bright-eyed with interest.

“He doesn’t bottom for you?” Baekhyun asked.

“He never does it,” Hoya said.  “Not for anyone I’ve ever met, anyway.”

“I don’t understand people like that,” Lay said.  “I couldn’t do just one and not the other, they’re both so great.”

“I know!” Dongwoo exclaimed.  “Who wants to do just one thing one way all of the time?  There’s so much else to do!  It’s your body, you should get the most pleasure out of it that you can.  Even Hoya tops sometimes, for the maknae.”

“Even Chanyeol bottoms sometimes,” Lay said.  “Once in a while.”

“Really,” Sungyeol said.

“It’s weird, though,” Chanyeol said.  “To me, when it feels wrong, it feels, like, really wrong.  It’s so awkward, I’d rather not do it.”

“I wouldn’t let anybody do me without three signed references from guys I trust,” Hoya said.  “I’d rather not do it at all.”

“You sound like L,” Dongwoo said.  “He’s like, ‘You can’t let just anyone inside your body.’”

“Does he really only have sex with the six of you?” Chanyeol asked.  “Not anybody else?”

“Yeah, for a while now,” Woohyun said.  “He’s just not comfortable with other guys.”

“So all the sex he gets, he gets from us,” Dongwoo said.  “It’s great, he wants it all of the time.  Hoya’s like, ‘Eh, whatever, maybe later,’ but L’s always ready to start.”

“Is this going to be eight on three?” Baekhyun asked.  “Eight on four?”

“I don’t know, it looks like Sungjong’s interested in at least one of your members,” Hoya said, glancing to the other couch.

“What about you, are you in?” Sungyeol asked, nudging him.

He shrugged.  “If everyone else likes it enough, I’ll try it.”

“We’ll make it good for you,” Chanyeol said, smiling.  “Promise.”

“What do you like?” Lay asked.  “Maybe one of our members does that.”

“What do your members do?” Hoya asked.

“Chanyeol’s good,” Lay said.  “He’s fun, he wants it all to feel good, he just wants you to have a good time.  Xiumin hyung likes to tease and play around.  I like it messy.”

“Yes!” Dongwoo said cheerfully.  “I love it.  My cum everywhere, your cum everywhere, all over the place.”

“Do your members let you come on their faces?” Lay asked eagerly.  If he sat any farther forward, he would slide right off of the couch.  Or into Woohyun’s lap.

“Sure, why not?” Dongwoo asked.  “Especially L, he likes it all over his face, and it looks so great, all over his mouth, up in his hair.”

“We’re so dead,” Sungyeol said, looking away.  “Dead.”

“I love it all over my face, too.  All over anything,” Dongwoo said.

“I know!” Lay exclaimed.  “I love rubbing it around with my cock or just smearing it everywhere.”

“I love getting it on my hand and then rubbing it on Woohyun’s chest,” Dongwoo said.  “On his chest, on his abs, it looks so sexy.”

Lay stared at Woohyun’s chest, biting his lip, trying to picture the body beneath that gray T-shirt.  Was it muscular?  Lay could imagine sticky cum spread over taut abs.  “Who in your group comes the most?”

“Oh, Woohyun does.  It just spurts and spurts,” Dongwoo said, making a spritzing motion with his hand.  “I come in like two thick loads and I’m done.  He goes squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, over and over.”

“Get back to the other thing,” Hoya said.

“The other - - oh,” Baekhyun said.  “Kai’s great, everybody loves getting fucked by Kai.  He’s, what do you think?” he asked D.O.

“He’s considerate,” D.O. said.

“I don’t think that any of the members are inconsiderate,” Baekhyun said.  “Kai does change what he’s doing the most depending on who he’s with, though, so it’s not the same with everybody.  Lay hyung’s great.  He usually wants to do something specific, though.”

“Specific, like what?” Sungyeol asked.

“Porn,” Lay said.  “I like to act out porn.  There’s this great scene in Fickle Bottoms 2 that I’m really into lately.”

“I love porn,” Dongwoo said.  “I just can’t watch it for too long.  I get too excited and I don’t want to watch anymore, I have to go fuck somebody.”

“What if - - what if you fucked somebody while he was watching porn?” Lay asked.

Dongwoo nodded.  “Sure, why not?  That sounds hot.”

Lay was going to have to move into Infinite’s dorm for a few months.

            Between Baekhyun following him around and Xiumin trying to strike up conversations and Chanyeol breathing down his neck, L had decided to find a quiet corner to hang out in away from everyone else.  Finding the bathroom empty, he’d taken a seat on the edge of the dry hot tub.  Rubbing his eyes, he spaced out, staring at the expansive black marble sink without really seeing it and thinking of nothing.  After a while, he heard Dongwoo and Woohyun laugh, and he smiled at the sound of it.  Wondering what everyone was up to, he looked up.

            Just at that moment, Suho walked in.  Spotting L, he said, “Oh,” and stepped back.  “Sorry,” he said, still backing up.

            “No, no,” L said, sitting up straighter.  “I’m not doing anything, it’s okay.”

            “Oh, okay.”  Suho hesitated, then smiled and came in again.  “I was going to say, that’s the wrong fixture, if you are doing something.”

            Looking down at the hot tub, L laughed.  Then he started to get up.  “Do you need to-”

            “No, it’s - - I’m just washing my hands,” Suho said.  “Nothing private.”

            “Okay.”  L sat down again, and Suho went to the sink.  They’d texted a little since their rainy lunch date, but they hadn’t seen each other or really talked.  It had kind of surprised L, how good it had felt to see Suho again when he’d walked into the suite tonight.  He liked this hoobae.  Mmm, was that it?  Maybe it was more like he was interested in this hoobae.  He was interested in who Suho was.  The peeks into Suho’s private, inner life intrigued him.

            While Suho dried his hands, L crossed his arms over his chest and asked, “How’ve you been?”

            “Good.”  Suho flashed him a smile.  “I’ve been fine.  How about you?”

            He smiled a little.  “I took my vitamins today.”

            Chuckling, Suho released the towel.  “Good.”  He glanced at the mirror and his expression suddenly became hyper-focused as he nudged a strand of hair back into place.  Then he relaxed again and smiled at L.  “Why does it seem like you’re not enjoying the party?”

            “No, it’s great.  I’m just.”  He shrugged.  “Taking a break.”

            Nodding, Suho sat beside him.  “I want you to be comfortable around my members.  But if that’s not something you want, I won’t force it.”

            “No, no.”  He shook his head, then reflexively touched his bangs to see if he’d messed them up.  “It’s not like that.”  He wondered if he could explain without making Suho defensive.  “Some of your members are a little too interested.”

            Immediately, Suho frowned.  Disappointed, he braced himself to be argued with or chided.  Suho had been nice to him, but Suho was very protective of EXO and would be quick to rise to their defense.  He wasn’t happy for things to go this way, but he understood.

            And then Suho asked, “Did they bother you?  I told them to leave you alone, I explained it.  I don’t know why they can’t respect that.”  Shaking his head, he looked upset, his brows knit, his mouth tense and unhappy.  “Who was it?”

            Suho was on his side?  “It’s not serious.”  Surprised, now he wanted to protect Suho, to smooth things over.  “I’m too sensitive to those things.”

            “No, you’re not interested, and I’ve explained that to them.  They have to respect it.  They know better than this, I’m so upset.”

            Who was like this?  Marveling, L said, “Hyung, it’s okay.  No one did anything, nothing happened.  They just wanted to talk.  It’s fine,” he insisted with a smile, touching Suho’s back.

            Suho sighed, still looking disgruntled.  “I’ve thought about it so much lately.  How important it is for us to respect each other’s boundaries.  How bad we are at doing it.  I want my members to be sensitive about those things when they deal with other people.”

            “You’re a good leader,” L reassured him.  “They’ll get it.  Let’s talk about something nicer.”

            “The festival?” Suho suggested.

            “Not work,” L said.  “How’s your little adopted dongsaeng?  Changjo?”

            Suho chuckled.  L wondered if he knew how his eyes had just lit up.  “He’s happy.  So cute.  I’m taking him to dinner when we get back to Seoul.  Just the two of us, if we can get away from our members.”

            “Which restaurant?”

            “Somewhere we can talk comfortably.  Maybe,” and Suho named two places high above most people’s price range.

            Was that the kind of place Suho normally took people?  Was he showing off?  Treating Changjo for a special occasion?  “Is that where he likes to go?”

            Suho seemed puzzled by the question for an instant before he laughed, his expression clearing.  “Is that not where eighteen-year-olds hang out?  Ah, maybe we should go somewhere more relaxed.  I thought that it would be good because the booths are kind of private.  And he’s a man now, I wanted to take him somewhere for adults, not kids.”

            “He’ll probably like that,” L said.  “Make sure that you buy him steak, I think he’s still growing.”

            “Still growing?  I hope not!  How tall does he have to be?”

            L smiled.  “Is hyung sensitive about being short?”

            “I’m not short!” Suho objected, poking him in the side.  “Don’t say things like that!  Just because you’re taller than I am, it doesn’t make me short.”

            His indignation was so cute!  “It’s okay,” L said, rubbing his back.  “I’m just teasing you.”

            “Calling people short,” Suho muttered.  Pouting, he straightened, squaring his shoulders and lifting his chin.  “I’m at a very healthy height.”

            “You’re taller than Dongwoo hyung,” L pointed out.

            “I’m taller than a lot of people!”  Suho relaxed his shoulders again.  “Remind me to stand beside him during the festival’s ending number tomorrow, so we can be side-by-side when everyone takes photos.  I’m tired of getting caught beside Chanyeol.”

            “That third dressing room, though, the one on the right, is foul,” Sunggyu said.

            “It always smells like someone threw up in there,” Chen said.  “Like someone’s been seriously sick.”

            Xiumin laughed.  “I remember the first time they put us in there, I walked around checking all of the trashcans, trying to find what smelled so bad.  I couldn’t find anything!  Is it the carpet?”

            “I think that it’s the odor of the crushed dreams of all of the failed idols and miserable hoobaes who never made it,” Sunggyu said.  “They don’t put us in that room anymore, and none of the rooms they put sunbaes in smell that bad.”

            “Oh my god, the stench of failed idols,” Chen said, laughing.  “That’s so sad!”

            “They do put all of the hoobaes and wannabes in there,” Sehun said.

            “Wannabes!”  Chen slapped his thigh.  “Don’t say things like that.  A lot of idols struggle, and it’s not their fault.”

            “I didn’t mean they’re not great guys,” Sehun said.  “I just meant that if you haven’t won on the weekly charts by like your fifth single, it’s not going to happen.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “Kind of an asshole, aren’t you?”

            Chen died a little inside.  God, he wished that he had his phone and five minutes to go on-line to make sure that Infinite had won by at least their fourth single.  “Things like that don’t matter,” he said.  He wanted to lock Sehun out on the balcony.  “It’s performing, and the music, and being close with fans.  That’s what’s important.  The charts are silly, it depends on when your single comes out and who else is promoting and who’s paying people off and how the economy is and what else is going on in the world.  It’s too fickle, you can’t take it too seriously.”

            “Yeah, there are a lot of groups who work really hard and are really talented,” Xiumin said.  “Not everybody can win all of the time.”

            Sehun rolled his eyes in his “oh my god, these hyungs are so unreasonable” expression.  “I know, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean they’re not talented, I know they work hard.”

            “Your leader spoils you, doesn’t he?” Sunggyu asked him.

            “Yes,” Chen said.

            “Oh my god, yes,” Xiumin said.

            “No!” Sehun exclaimed.  “I have to run errands for everything, I get scolded more than anyone else does, I’m the same age as Kai and I get treated like I’m five years younger.”

            “So spoiled,” Xiumin said.

            “You have no idea,” Chen said, shaking his head.  “Suho hyung spoils him so much.  Suho hyung will do anything for him.”

            “Tell me one thing,” Sehun said.  “One thing he’s done for me that he hasn’t done for someone else in the group.”

            Xiumin snorted.  “Oh, I can think of something.  There’s a thing.”  He raised his eyebrows pointedly, giving Sehun an appraising look.

            “Yes!” Chen said.  “That thing?  He hasn’t done that for anyone but you.”

            “I know I don’t have that,” Xiumin said.  “I would love one, but do I have one?  I don’t have one.  The maknae has one.”

            “What was that the other day, then?” Sehun asked.  “The other night, in our dorm, what was that?”

            “No, no,” Chen said.  “That’s different.  That’s not the same at all, you know it’s not.”  Teen Top coming to visit EXO as a group wasn’t anything like Sehun having Suho escort him to sexual rendezvous with his personal submissive.  Suho wouldn’t even let the rest of them have sex toys, and Sehun got an entire person?

            “You don’t play favorites, do you?” Xiumin asked Sunggyu.

            “All of the time,” Sunggyu said.  “Every day, I choose a favorite, and then I make everybody else’s life miserable.”

            “You’re joking,” Chen said, pushing at his thigh.  “Who do you choose as your favorite?”

            “Myself,” Sunggyu said.  He put an arm around Chen’s waist like it was always comfortable between them.  Happy with that, Chen leaned closer.  “I’m my favorite.  Forget about the rest of them, they’re annoying.”

            “Dongwoo said that Woohyun’s your favorite,” Xiumin said.

            “I think that L would be my favorite,” Chen confessed.

            “You should be more romantic!” Sunggyu laughed.  “Going after looks!  If you’re the most romantic one in EXO, I don’t think that anyone in your group is very romantic.”

            “Some of the members are kind of romantic,” Xiumin said.  “I think they just keep it private.”

Laughter erupted from the other side of the room.  “They’re having fun over there,” Chen said.

            “Too much fun,” Sunggyu said.  Raising his hand, he gestured across the room.  “Maknae.  Maknae!”

            Sungjong had been cuddled up against Kai like they were lovers on a date.  When he heard Sunggyu’s call, he looked over, clearly annoyed.  Looking put-upon, he said something to Kai, then got up, tossing his hair and striding over.  Watching his ass, Kai followed slowly.  “Yes?” he asked, stopping beside the bed, his hands on his hips.

            “What are they talking about?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Sex,” Sungjong said.  “They’re gossiping about who likes what done to them.”

            Wondering how Sunggyu would take that, if he’d scold them and make them stop, Chen gazed at the side of his face.  It would be really nice to kiss him.

            “Are they saying embarrassing things about me?”

            “They’re telling everyone you have the biggest cock in Infinite,” Sungjong said.  Xiumin’s eyebrows went up.

            Sunggyu grimaced.  “No one wants to know that.”

            “I do,” Xiumin said.  Chen definitely did.  He told himself not to do it, but he couldn’t resist lowering his eyes for a second, glancing down at Sunggyu’s crotch.  Of course he couldn’t see anything, but he wondered what Sunggyu had hidden down there.

            “Are they saying anything interesting?” Sunggyu asked.

            Sungjong shrugged, crossing his arms over his chest.  He glanced at Kai out of the corner of his eye, then said, “Their best top doesn’t like to rim, so I don’t even know what we’re doing here.”

            Kai laughed.  “Hyung.  You don’t have to be so sensitive about it.”

            “Who are you talking about?” Sehun asked.  “Best top?”

            “Wait, they don’t mean Chanyeol, do they?” Xiumin said.  “Unappreciative jerks.  Those kids don’t have any taste.”

            “Lay hyung rims,” Chen said.

            “So do I,” Xiumin said.

            “So do I,” Sehun said.

            Chen looked from Xiumin to Sehun and back.  “What are you talking about?  No, you don’t.  No, you don’t.”

            “You don’t have the only ass I deal with,” Sehun said.

            He did that?  Chen couldn’t believe that Sehun did that to someone else and not to him.  Did Sehun do it to Suho?  To L.Joe?  There was no way to ask.  Chen didn’t know which one turned him on more.

            “Why do you hide so much behind closed doors?” Sunggyu asked.  “Too much is private.  If you’ll rim one person, why not your other members?”

            “I don’t have the same relationship with Chen hyung that I have with everybody else,” Sehun said.

            “You don’t take care of your hyungs, you don’t take care of your dongsaengs, what kind of team is this where someone this easy and sexy can’t get what he needs?” Sunggyu demanded.

            Easy and sexy?  Who was he - - startled, Chen laughed.  “Are you talking about me?”

            “Yes, you.  Should I fuck you right here, myself, and show your members how to do it?  Do they need diagrams and live demonstrations?  How hard is it to take care of your own members?  There are nine of you, there should be someone to fit what everybody needs.”

            “Sometimes people need sort of specific things,” Kai said.

            “A leader’s responsibility is real,” Sunggyu said flatly.

            “Suho hyung is a good leader,” Chen said quickly.

            “When’s the last time someone fucked you slow and deep and told you how much he loved you and made you feel beautiful when you came?” Sunggyu asked, looking hard into his eyes.

            Whoa, uh.  “Never?  But that’s not, I mean, is that something that happens a lot to anybody?” Chen asked.

            “I don’t even think Kai does that to D.O. hyung,” Sehun said.

            “I don’t know if he feels beautiful when he comes,” Kai said.  He laughed, looking self-conscious, rubbing at his hair.  “Should I ask him?”

            “I don’t know if I should talk to your leader about this or just give up,” Sunggyu said.  “Does he make sure that you get rest?  Do you get meals?”

            “He takes great care of us,” Kai said firmly.

            “He really does,” Chen said.  He didn’t understand why Sunggyu was so adamant about this.

            “Yeah, we make jokes, but Suho’s a great leader,” Xiumin said.  “I don’t think that it’s fair for you to criticize someone else’s group like this.”

            “Okay, but we’re talking about our two teams getting sexually involved,” Sungjong said.  “It’s important for us to know if you can’t even sexually fulfill each other.”

            “We’re fulfilled,” Xiumin said.

            “I am,” Sehun said.  “Kai is.  I think D.O. hyung is, it’s a little harder to tell with him.”

            “That’s not even half of your group,” Sungjong said.

            “What are you saying?” Chen asked Sehun.  “The rest of us aren’t?”  Could that be true?  “What does it mean, anyway?  Sexual fulfillment?  Is that something you can measure and prove?”

            “When I make love to my members, I make sure that they have everything that they need.  As much of it as I can give them,” Sunggyu said.

            Chen touched his mouth.  “It’s so weird that you call it making love,” he admitted.  He was kind of embarrassed and kind of jealous.

            “There’s - - sit down,” Sehun said, tugging on Kai’s hand.  “It’s weird with everyone standing around looming over us.”  Kai sat beside him; Sungjong didn’t move.  “There’s something emotional about it.  I think that’s what Sunggyu sunbaenim means by ‘sexual fulfillment.’  It’s not like just a really good orgasm.  Anyone can come hard.  It’s hitting an emotional point.  It’s not the same emotional point for everybody.  D.O. hyung and I are looking for different things.”

            Slowly, Kai nodded.  “Okay.  So if, for example, you weren’t getting what you needed before, and then maybe you found someone you were more compatible with, you’d be more fulfilled.  But then you have someone like that, and Chen hyung doesn’t.”

            “Right,” Sehun said.  “So if we want to help we have to figure out what Chen hyung isn’t getting, and either try to give it ourselves or find someone who can.”

            “We have to find Chen a boyfriend?” Xiumin asked.  “That should be easy.  He gets along with everybody.”

            “And we have to find Lay hyung a porn star?” Chen asked.

            “I am not playing ‘oppa, oppa’ with Chanyeol hyung for the rest of my life,” Sehun said.  “I can’t.”

            “Lay wants a porn star?” Sunggyu asked.

            “He makes you call him oppa?” Sungjong asked.

            “We have some really embarrassing members,” Chen said.

            “Lay watches a lot of porn,” Xiumin said.  “A lot.”  He nodded, pressing his lips together, then repeated, “A lot.”

            “Weird porn?” Sunggyu asked.

            “No, it’s pretty normal,” Chen said.  “I think.”

            “It’s not very kinky,” Kai said.  “There’s just a lot of it.”

            “Our members aren’t very kinky,” Sunggyu said.  “We just don’t have a lot of limits.”

            “Dongwoo hyung will try anything,” Sungjong said.

            “Anything?” Sehun asked.

            Sungjong nodded.

            “We’ve heard good things about Woohyun,” Xiumin said.

            Sunggyu snorted.  “Why does Key talk so much?”

            Suho looked down, rubbing his bare toes over the black-and-white floor tile.

            “It’s probably good that we’re in here,” L said.  “Otherwise our members would drag each other in here to take turns trying to sneak in a quick blowjob.”

            Suho laughed.  “Oh, why does that sound so true?”  He rubbed his eyebrow and smiled at L.  “Every time I wonder if my members are the horniest idols in Korea, I meet another team where it’s worse.”

            “My members are awful,” L said.  Then he laughed.  “I shouldn’t talk, I have sex three times a day.”  With a rueful smile, he looked down, sliding his hands into his pockets.

            Three times a day?  Every day?  Suho knew that it had to be an exaggeration, and even if it wasn’t, his own members weren’t far behind.  Still, he couldn’t believe how calmly L said something like that.  “Was.”  He laughed, embarrassed.  “Was that a joke?”

            L smiled at him, looking fond of him.  “Maybe.”

            Oh, he had to get away from this sunbae.  The way L looked at him filled him with lush, shimmering warmth every time their eyes met.  He felt like the whole world sparkled when L smiled at him.  It wasn’t safe to be so strongly affected by one person.  He couldn’t understand how L managed to gaze at him as if he were a dear treasure.  He felt so good, so special, when L looked at him.  If Suho’s superpower was water, then L’s was noonbeet.

            “Sorry,” L said, looking away.  “I shouldn’t have brought that up.”

            “What?”  Was L’s superpower mindreading?

            “You’re not comfortable with sex.  I shouldn’t mention it.”

            Was he that obvious?  That only made him feel worse.  Why was he so weak?  Why did he have so much trouble with something that came naturally to everyone else?  He had to be stronger, he had to have better control over himself.  Ashamed, berating himself, he knew that he had to stiffen his resolve.  “It’s fine.  You can talk about anything with me.”  He wanted to help his dongsaengs with whatever he could, and he’d never be that kind of hyung if they couldn’t confide in him.  “It’s good that you have a…robust…sex life.”  He was blushing and he couldn’t stop it, and that only made him more embarrassed.  He hated that about himself, how easily affected he was.  His dongsaengs never blushed about that kind of thing.

            He wasn’t this awkward with everyone.  He wasn’t this susceptible to everyone.  Just to hot, handsome, confident, sexually mature idols who looked at him like they wanted to fuck him.  Like everyone in EXO and everyone in Teen Top and sometimes L.  So, only fifteen people he interacted with regularly.  Oh, god, why was his life like this?

            “It’s fun, with my members.  It’s easy between us.”

            He tried to create some emotional distance, to think of it as if they were discussing any other activity, any hobby, like gaming or basketball.  “It’s fun between my members.  Most of the time they don’t take it very seriously.”

            “Are they aggressive?”

            Not like Teen Top.  Thank god.  “Sometimes, some of them.”

            “I’m trying to think about the things my members like.  Sungyeol hyung and Dongwoo hyung and Woohyun hyung are already interested, but Hoya hyung and Sungjong and Sunggyu hyung still aren’t sure.  If you know what your members like, maybe we can pair them up so they can all go and have a good time.”

            He wanted L to have a good time, too.  He felt bad that L didn’t want to have sex with his members.  He knew that it was foolish to be unhappy about it - - he was holding back, too, so he should be more understanding.  But he wasn’t glad to hold back; he wasn’t overjoyed about staying apart from the fun everyone else indulged in.  He didn’t want L to feel separate from everyone else.  He didn’t like to think that L felt lonely or burdened.  “I’d be glad if our teams could enjoy each other’s company comfortably.”

            “Can I ask questions?”

            About sex?  “I can’t give you details.”

            “No, that’s okay.  Just basic things.  Like, do any of your members like to rim each other?  Lick each other?”

            Suho felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment.  “Yes.”

            “Do any of the tops have really good stamina?  Can they keep going and stay hard for a long time?”

            “I think so.  I don’t know what ‘a long time’ means to you,” he confessed.  “But I think so.”

            “How well-hung…”  L seemed to reconsider and sketched out a shape with his hands.  “Are any of the tops like this or bigger?”

            Suho had been so astonished and embarrassed that he hadn’t caught exactly what L had demonstrated.  “Could you…”

            L did it again.

            Suho nodded, trying so very, very hard not to squirm.  “Yes.”

            “Do any of the bottoms like to be dominated?  Nothing hard-core, just.  Sort of aggressive, dominant tops, do they like those?”

            Yes.  Suho cleared his throat, dying of shame and desire.  “Yes.”

            L smiled.  “Then I guess my members will be happy.”

            “Good.”  That was good.  Suho had to get out of this bathroom and away from this sunbae.  “Is there anything, anything you’d like?  Anything you’d be comfortable with?  I have a lot of members, there might be something someone can to do make you comfortable.”

            “Mmm, I’m okay.”  L crossed his ankles.  His lips quirked in a crooked half-smile.  “I already get everything I need.”

            “Okay, wait,” Baekhyun said, rubbing his arms.  “Maybe we should stop talking about this.  Am I the only one who’s like way too turned on right now?”

            “I’m so hard,” Lay said, shifting in his seat like he hurt.

            “Thank god, it’s not just me,” Sungyeol said.

            “What?” Hoya asked.  “We’re just talking.  Nobody’s even doing anything.”

            “I’ve been rock-hard since Dongwoo hyung talked about screwing you in the back of the van,” Lay said.

            “Do not talk about that,” Hoya warned them.  “If Sunggyu hyung finds out about that, we’re dead.  Bodies in the river dead.”

            “It was so hot,” Dongwoo said.

            “I can’t believe that I didn’t know about that,” Woohyun said.

            “Do you ever screw where you aren’t supposed to?” Sungyeol asked.

            “No,” Baekhyun said.  He coughed loudly into his fist.  “Never.  I’d never, that would be wrong.  So wrong,” he murmured, his eyes scanning the ceiling.

            “Sometimes Suho hyung falls asleep in the van,” Chanyeol said.  Baekhyun didn’t dare to risk making eye contact with him.  “That’s all I’ll say about that.”

            “You do stuff in the van?” D.O. asked.  “Why would you do that in the van?”

            “I jack off in the van,” Lay said.  “Everyone else is usually asleep.  If I’m quiet, it doesn’t bother the manager.”

            “It’s usually just handjobs,” Baekhyun said, blushing.

            “Usually,” Chanyeol said, nodding.  Then he grinned like he was incredibly pleased with himself.  Laughing, embarrassed, Baekhyun pushed at him.  “Should we try to do something tonight?” he asked.  “Here, in the bathroom.  Without getting caught.”

            “I thought that we weren’t supposed to-” Dongwoo started to say.

            “I’ll do it,” Sungyeol said.  “In the bathroom?  What counts, anal?  Oral?”

            “Not just kissing, kissing’s too easy,” Lay said.

            “What about handjobs?” Chanyeol asked.  “As long as you do something to get somebody else off, that counts.”

            “What about when you get caught?” Hoya asked.

            Woohyun laughed.  “Don’t get caught!”

            “Anal’s too risky,” Chanyeol said.  “If anybody wants to blow me, though, I’m willing to try it.”

            “I will,” Lay said.

            Laughing, Baekhyun said, “We’re supposed to do it with Infinite, hyung.  Not each other.”

            “I’ll do that, too,” Lay said, nodding.  “I’ll blow anybody in the bathroom with me.”

            “How are you going to prove it?” Woohyun asked.

            “We can trust each other,” Chanyeol said.

            Hoya snorted.

            “We could show each other the cum,” Lay said.  “After.”

            “How can you prove whose cum it is?” Sungyeol asked.

            “I’d know,” Dongwoo said.  “You can’t tell everybody’s cum apart?”

            “Um.  No,” Chanyeol said, wide-eyed.  “Is that, uh, should I be able to?”

            “I can,” Lay said.

            “So you’re going to go into the bathroom together.  Get each other off.  And then show the cum to Dongwoo hyung or Lay hyung to prove it,” D.O. said.

            “Whoever does it first wins,” Sungyeol said.

            “You’re going to get caught,” D.O. said.  “Suho hyung’s going to punish you a lot for this.  A lot,” he emphasized.  “He’s going to punish you a lot.”

            “It’s just sex,” Baekhyun said.  D.O. was right, they were so screwed.  “It’s just for fun.  We’re all going to do it eventually, right?”

            “Right,” Sungyeol said.  “What do we get for winning?”

            “You get to get off in the bathroom while the rest of us can’t,” Woohyun said.

            “If I win, can I see Sunggyu sunbaenim’s cock?” Lay asked.

            “You can see Dongwoo hyung’s right now,” Hoya said, nudging Dongwoo’s shoulder.  “Show it to him, hyung.”

            “Oh?”  Dongwoo started to get up, reaching for his fly.

            “Jang Dongwoo!”  The shout startled Baekhyun; he jumped, then hugged himself, blinking, shivering.  What the hell.  He turned around with everyone else to see Sunggyu scowling at them from the bed.  “Put that away.”

            “Sorry,” Dongwoo said, sitting down again.

            “How did he catch that?” Chanyeol asked.

“You can’t get away with anything,” Baekhyun said.

            “Dongwoo hyung likes to be naked,” Sungyeol said.  “Sunggyu hyung has to be vigilant.”

            “Sounds like Kai,” Chanyeol said.  “He can’t keep his clothes on.”

            “There’s one in every group,” Baekhyun said.  Niel said that Changjo was like that, too.  Baekhyun loved just thinking about it.  Those broad shoulders.  Those sexy pecs.  That big, gorgeous cock, swinging free.  God.  Wiping at his mouth, he blinked, glancing around.

            Sungyeol laughed.  “What are you thinking about?”

            “Nothing,” he mumbled, embarrassed.  Lowering his gaze, he cleared his throat.  Suddenly hearing music, he immediately looked up again, surprised.  Kai was messing with Chen’s mp3 player.  “What’s this?”

            “Are we singing?” Chanyeol asked.  “Dancing?”

            “The second they come out of the bathroom, I’m going in,” Sungyeol said.  “Who’s going with me?”

            “I will,” Lay said.

            “I will,” Baekhyun said.  He totally wouldn’t.  No way was he going to risk getting in trouble.

            “You, too?” Sungyeol asked D.O.

            D.O. shook his head.  “I like my freedom and my health.”

            Music.  L glanced toward the doorway.

            “Starting to sound like a real party,” Suho said with a little smile of approval.

            “You want to go see what they’re doing,” L guessed.

            “I should check on them,” Suho said.  “Make sure no one’s getting in trouble.”

            “And someone might have to pee,” L admitted as they stood up together.  “We’ve been in here for a while.”

            “Oh, our poor members,” Suho said.

            As they exited the bathroom, Chen turned down the lights.  Kai and Sehun were close together, dancing, slowly grinding against each other like they were used to having no personal space, like they were comfortable being sexual with each other.  Grinning, Kai gestured for others to join in, and Xiumin stepped in, grinding right up against Sehun’s side.  Their sinuous, confident movements suggested all kinds of things, and L watched with interest.

            Xiumin reached out, gesturing to Woohyun.  Woohyun joined them, bringing along Hoya, and Hoya brought Sungjong.  Kai turned, finding Sungjong, pulling him closer, and Sungjong moved right in against Kai’s body, resting a hand on Kai’s neck as their bodies writhed and ground together.  Chen hopped in, pulling Baekhyun along, and Suho laughed like it was all very cute and not a bunch of sexually experienced guys humping each other rhythmically in the closest thing to sex they could manage.

            Moving fast, Sungyeol made a beeline for the bathroom.  Maybe they had been in there too long.  L picked up a soda from the fresh cans on the table and popped it open, taking a seat on one of the semi-circular couches.

            D.O. sat beside him.

            “Not dancing?” L asked to make conversation.

            D.O. shook his head.  “Not tonight.  You?”

            “Don’t feel like it.”

            D.O. nodded.  A moment later he asked, “What’s Sungjong sunbae like?  Is he nice?”

            Nice?  L thought about it.  “He’s very nice and very sweet and very cute if he likes you.”

            Were D.O.’s eyes always this big?  “What if he doesn’t like you?”

            L took a drink.  “He doesn’t waste his time on people he doesn’t like.”

            D.O. propped his chin on his hands.  “Seems like he likes Kai.”

            L watched them dance.  Kai was rolling right against Sungjong, undulating against Sungjong’s body like he was already inside, staring intently into Sungjong’s eyes and breathing hard, his lips parted.  His hands were behind himself, on Chen, gripping Chen’s hips as Chen ground against his ass.  “Seems like Kai likes him back.”

            Suho was glad to see everyone getting along.  As Lay brushed past him, he caught Lay’s arm.  “How’s it going?”

            Lay nodded.  “It’s great.  The sunbaes are very sexy.  I mean friendly.”

            “Good.  Everyone’s making friends?”  While he’d been in the bathroom with L, he’d heard conversation and laughter; it had sounded fine.  He’d heard Sunggyu scold Dongwoo, but according to L that was normal and nothing to worry about.

            “Yeah.  Everyone’s fine.”

            Lay seemed nervous and a little flushed; Suho could guess that Infinite’s attention had turned him on.  “Go out and stand on the balcony for a little while and cool off.”

            “I was going to the bathroom,” Lay explained.

            “Sungyeol just went in.”

            “I’ll check on him,” Lay said, starting off.

            Laughing, Suho pulled him back.  “Don’t check on him!  He’s old enough to handle that by himself.  Go out and cool off for a minute.”

            Looking disappointed, Lay sighed.  Then he leaned in and whispered, “Sungyeol’s waiting for me to go in and blow him.  Can I do it really quick?  I really want to.”

            What?  “No,” he said, wrapping his arm around Lay.  “No, come on, let’s not start that.  Let’s just have a fun night.  Let’s all get to know each other without that.  It doesn’t have to be about that all of the time, does it?”

            Lay mulled over his disappointment in silence for a moment, then relaxed and brightened.  “Yeah.  It’s okay.  Next time, though?”

            “If everything goes well, yeah.  Next time,” Suho promised.

            Lay hugged him and went to join the dancers.

            Ah.  Suho sighed, absentmindedly patting his hair into place.  He should have guessed that something like that would happen.  He wondered who else would try to sneak around the rules.  He’d better tell Sunggyu.

            Sungyeol washed his hands for the seventieth time.  Whistling to himself, pretending that everything was cool, he eyed the door.  Where was Lay?  Baekhyun?  D.O.?  Anyone?

            They’d seen him come in here, right?  They’d at least check, right?

            Maybe he was ruining it by watching the door too closely.  Maybe it seemed like more time had passed than really had because he was paying too much attention to it.

            Whistling lightly, he turned his back to the door.  Taking up a towel, he dried his hands slowly, focusing on the details of each finger.  Just an ordinary guy drying off his hands, waiting for someone to come in and blow him.  No big deal.  Just a casual-

            The door closed.  The music was muffled, the voices indistinct.

            Yes!  Would it be Lay?  D.O., please let it be D.O., he really wanted D.O.  Happy, his cock stiffly tenting his pants, he turned, eager to see who-

            Sunggyu smiled at him brightly.  “Expecting me?”

            Oh, fuck.  “Hyung.”  Swallowing, he fumbled the towel back onto the rack.  “It’s, uh-”

            “Nice in here,” Sunggyu said, looking around.  “Comfy.  Planning to hang out in here for a while?”

            “No, I was just about to go.  Washed my hands,” he explained, showing off his fresh, clean palms.  “Sounds like everybody’s dancing, so.  Don’t want to miss the fun.”  He was smiling too much; Sunggyu wasn’t going to buy it for a second.

            “Yeah, great, we should go back,” Sunggyu said.  “Join the dancing.”  He nodded, unbuttoning his pants.

            Oh, god, no.  Not here, not now, not with the entire group of EXO on the other side of that door.  Was the door even locked?  This wasn’t happening - - god, he wanted it so badly - - Sunggyu couldn’t do this to him.  Turned on, hot with lust and aching for a glimpse of Sunggyu’s cock, he edged toward the door.  “I-”  Oh, god, there it was, soft and unfairly large in Sunggyu’s hand.  “Just don’t say it, don’t-”

            “Come on, Yeolie,” Sunggyu said, stroking it.  “Got something for you.”

            He used up all of his self-control trying to seem reluctant about going over there.  By the time he was on his knees, he couldn’t pretend anymore, and he moaned joyfully, lustily, as he closed his mouth around Sunggyu’s soft, pink cock.  Hearing all of the new, titillating info about the EXO members and their sex lives had turned him on, and talking about his own members had turned him on even more, and he couldn’t believe that he got so hot and bothered just hearing Dongwoo describe going down on Woohyun or what it was like to be fucked by L but god, it brought up so many memories, stirred up so many feelings, reminded him of exactly how great sex with Woohyun was and exactly how much he loved it with L and damn it, he complained about being stuck with them but he wanted his members so, so much.  Loved them so much.  Loved the way they lit up his body and blew his mind so much.  Loved constantly being on the verge of being summoned to service Sunggyu’s cock so much.  There had been times he’d been waiting for it, looking for it, wondering when it would happen next, and Sunggyu would casually put a hand down and half of the members would lurch forward, ready for it, and Sunggyu would laugh and scratch his waist and tell them to calm down, and they’d shuffle back again, embarrassed, disappointed, wanting it, god, Sungyeol wanted it so much.

            “Mmm.”  Sunggyu’s hand rested on the top of his head.  A familiar weight.  He liked it so much that he missed it when he went too long without it.  “When I come, don’t swallow too fast.  You have to have some left to prove to Dongwoo what you’ve done.”

            Dropping a can into the trash, Suho noticed that the balcony door was ajar.  Pushing the door farther open, he saw Dongwoo standing out there alone, gazing out over Hong Kong, hands on the ledge.  “Hyung.”

            Dongwoo glanced over.  “Hey.”  Sniffing, he stepped back, rubbing at one eye.

            Surprised, Suho moved forward, taking a closer look.  “Are you all right?”  Was he crying?

            “Yeah.  No,” he said, shaking his head.  He looked out at the lights again.  “Teen Top filmed a video here.  In Hong Kong.”

            Suho didn’t understand what that fact had to do with anything else, but he nodded.  “I remember that one.  ‘I wanna love now, I wanna love you more passionately than anyone else.’”

            Dongwoo smiled.  “Yeah.”  For a moment, he looked wistful, and then he laughed and wiped at his eyes again.  “It’s a stupid thing to think about.  It’s a stupid thing to cry about.”

            Was he upset over a Teen Top video?  “That’s all right.  I cry all of the time.  Usually on TV in front of a dozen cameras,” he added to lighten the mood.

            “Does it ever bother you how little of people’s lives you’re a part of?” Dongwoo asked.  “People have so many experiences away from each other.  There’s so much of our lives we don’t share with each other.”

            Suho was surprised that Dongwoo would bring up something so philosophic.  “I’d think of it a different way.  We’re musicians, and our music is a part of millions of people’s lives.  We’re a part of all of those people’s lives every day.  They listen to our music to cheer up or to dance or to sing along or while they’re getting dressed or on the way to school.  You’re a huge part of a lot of people’s lives and a small part of a lot more lives than that, even.  That’s a very special place to fill, touching a lot of hearts.”

            “That is awesome,” Dongwoo agreed.  He smiled, nodding.  “That’s pretty awesome.”

            Not wanting to rush him, Suho stood with him for a moment.  It was so surprising and such a shame to see him like this.  What was so wrong in this easygoing sunbae’s life that he would stand outside, alone, crying?

            “‘I don’t want to be hurting alone anymore,’” Dongwoo murmured.  “‘How many nights do I have to spend in tears?’”

Recognizing the lyrics, Suho hummed the part of the song he remembered.

            It’s been long since I’ve been hurt and cast aside

They say it’s always like that, they say that love hurts

(I just wanna forget) It was pretty hard

(Just leave me alone) Just let it fly away

More and more the longing

Creeps up to me and strangles me

I’m sick of crying

Every single day, I’m letting it go

            “What’s next?”

            “Chunji’s line.”  Dongwoo’s voice was quiet.  “‘I wanna love, don’t hurt me.’”

            “Chunji has such a pretty voice.  Is that your favorite Teen Top song?”

“I like a lot of their songs,” Dongwoo said.  “I don’t think that I have a favorite.  Do you?”

“I like ‘Rocking’ a lot.  But just thinking about practicing that choreography over and over makes me tired.”

“L said that you’re friends with Changjo?”

Suho took that question as an important reminder that anything he said to L could be passed along to the rest of Infinite.  “Yes, he’s a good dongsaeng.”

“Are you close with the rest of Teen Top?”

He nodded.  “I think so.”

Dongwoo looked out over the lights for a while, then sniffed, rubbing his nose.  Whatever he was thinking about, he seemed burdened by it.  When he looked at Suho again, he laughed slightly, like he was surprised to see Suho still there.  “Should we go back in?”

“Sure,” Suho said kindly, wanting to be gentle with him.  “Let’s go in.”

            “How can you not tell one guy’s cum from another?” Lay asked.  A few of them were standing together by the drinks while everyone else danced.

            “It’s all kind of the same,” Sungyeol said.

            “It tastes different depending on what you eat, doesn’t it?” Chanyeol asked.  “I eat different stuff all of the time.”

            “But that’s a myth, isn’t it?” Sungyeol asked.

“Some differences are obvious, though,” Chen said.  “Sehun’s is white and Baekhyun’s is clear.”

            “Right,” Lay agreed.  “D.O.’s is like…”  He said it in Mandarin first, thinking.  “Gooey.  And Chen’s is creamier.  Xiumin’s gets stringier and stickier faster.”

            “Okay, I get that,” Sungyeol said.  “Woohyun’s is a lot thicker than mine, I think.”

            “This is an interesting conversation,” L said, rubbing his nose.

            “What’s your cum like?” Lay asked, fascinated.

            “Um.”  L laughed.

            “It’s slippery and it’s cloudy and it looks amazing dripping off of Dongwoo hyung’s lips,” Hoya said.  Thrilled, Lay stared at him.  It was the most explicit thing he’d said all night.  He glanced from face to face, raised his eyebrows, bit his lip, and slipped away.

            “Okay, but everybody’s cum looks amazing on Dongwoo hyung’s face,” Sungyeol said.  “It’s his mouth.”

            “That’s kind of true,” L admitted.  “That’s very true,” he amended, smiling at the floor.  He looked up, meeting Lay’s eyes, and Lay fell a little bit in love with him.  “The best cum is really thick and creamy and white, though.”

            “Yes,” Lay breathed.  L knew, L understood!  He hadn’t expected L to be willing to talk about it at all, and a confession like that was an incredible turn-on.

            “Lay hyung wants everybody to come like we’re in porn,” Chen said.

            “Spraying everywhere like a hose,” Chanyeol said.

            “Oh, that stuff’s fake,” Sungyeol said.  “Those porn stars who shoot three feet over their head and into the neighbor’s yard?  There’s nobody in real life who gets off like that.”

            “Okay, but,” Lay said.  “If you did know somebody who shot far enough to come on his own face.  That would be the best thing in the world, wouldn’t it?”

            “Well, yeah, but I’m never going to meet anybody like that,” Sungyeol said.  “It’s all fake.”

            “That would be really hot, though,” L said.  Crossing his arms over his chest, he gazed at Sungyeol, and then he touched his mouth, rubbing his lower lip.  “Can you imagine if one of our members did that?  I’d never stop fucking him.”

            “God, I wish you could do that,” Sungyeol said.  “Could you?  Can we buy you an implant or something?”

            “That really turns me on,” L said, laughing a little and rubbing his face.  “When it happens in porn I don’t care, I don’t really think about it.  No one I know is hung like that, no one I know comes like that, it doesn’t matter.  But if Sunggyu hyung is hung like that, then maybe there are guys who come like that.  I’m just imagining it.  Can’t you picture fucking Hoya hyung and getting him off and watching his own cum land all over his face?  I would spend every night on top of him, screwing him.”

            “Seriously, are there implants?” Sungyeol asked Lay.

            “Not for that, I don’t think,” Chanyeol said.

            “I’m sorry, did you say that Sunggyu sunbaenim is hung like a porn star?” Chen asked.

            Sehun lingered on the edges of the dancing group, gyrating against Baekhyun, watching Infinite.

            Sunggyu sat on the couch with his arm around Dongwoo.  Their faces were down, their heads together; Sunggyu talked a lot, and Dongwoo nodded occasionally.  While Sehun wondered what was wrong, he catalogued Sunggyu’s protective, reassuring posture, the way he rubbed Dongwoo’s back in steady and calming strokes.  After a while, he patted Dongwoo’s back encouragingly, his expression brightening as he spoke.  Dongwoo laughed, looking unexpectedly happy.  Sunggyu laughed, too.  Moments later, Dongwoo got up, and Sunggyu patted his ass, pushing him on his way.

            Sunggyu sat back.  He didn’t seem at all self-conscious to sit alone while the rest of them talked and danced.  His gaze traveled over everyone.  When he was calm and relaxed, there was something in his expression that Sehun couldn’t quite define.  Did he look arrogant?  Mean?  Proud?  Judgmental?  It was a slight, faint mix of something foreboding and critical.  Was it natural or deliberate?  It made the change all the more striking when his smiles were so happy, so bright.  His big, adorable smiles were one of Sehun’s favorite things about him.

            Woohyun walked over and sat beside them.  They immediately fell into conversation, and they looked so comfortable together, Sehun wondered more and more what their private relationship was like.  They listened to each other attentively, and they made each other laugh easily, and it wasn’t even that clear which one was the hyung or the leader.

            Like everyone else, he’d heard things about Woohyun and Key.  If those things were true, then Woohyun knew more about sexual control and how to be a dom than anyone else Sehun knew.

            Sehun had so many questions.  When he was with L.Joe, everything felt right, really right, rewarding and exhilarating in a way sex had never been before.  And L.Joe seemed really happy with him, which was more important than anything else.  But was he doing the best he could?  Were there things he was missing?  What if he made a mistake?  He’d never trained a pet before.  He was being as careful and as smart as he could, but he had no experience and no one to talk to.

            Woohyun had experience.  More than he did, anyway.

            The way Sunggyu had talked earlier had been different from the way anyone else Sehun knew talked about sex.  He’d sounded like someone who’d figured things out, someone who’d seen enough and done enough to be past the fumbling mistakes the rest of them made.  The most sexually mature person Sehun knew was Kai, maybe, or Chunji, and they weren’t really any farther along than Sehun himself.

            Sehun wasn’t just playing around with bondage and messing around with his hyungs anymore.  He was responsible for his pet now.  L.Joe’s trust in him was the most important thing he’d ever been given, and he couldn’t afford to make mistakes.  If Woohyun had experience and Sunggyu had knowledge, then he needed to learn from them.

            If Suho decided that sex with Infinite would be okay, then it might be safe to tell them that he was a dom.  He couldn’t tell them any earlier; the fewer people knew, the better, for EXO’s sake.  But when he did tell them, they’d start to wonder who he was a dom with.  What would they assume?  His members might get a weird reputation.  Or, worse, they might hear about his visits to Teen Top’s dorm and put ideas together.

            If people assumed that he and Teen Top were friends, okay.  If people assumed that he and Teen Top had sex, no one could prove anything.  If rumors started that he was into kinky BDSM stuff with his Teen Top sunbaes - - no.  He couldn’t do that to L.Joe.  He couldn’t do that to Teen Top’s reputation, and he couldn’t expose L.Joe like that.  His sweet, vulnerable pet would be too humiliated; he hated even to think about it.

            He had to figure out a way to get information out of Sunggyu and Woohyun without risking L.Joe.

            Xiumin watched as Hoya broke away from dancing with Sungjong.  After picking up a drink, Hoya carried his cup over to a vacant couch and took a seat, knees apart, arms spread over the back of the couch.

            Looked like a good time to say hi.

            Going over, Xiumin sat beside him.  Glancing at Xiumin, he nodded, then went back to watching everyone else dance.

            Shifting closer, Xiumin struck up a conversation.  He started with soccer, figuring that was an easy opener.  It worked; after a little back and forth, Hoya relaxed, getting into it, talking and laughing, on comfortable ground.  Under the guise of shifting positions, he scooted closer, getting right into Hoya’s personal space until their legs were touching.

            After a while, Hoya mentioned that Woohyun was a big soccer fan.  “That’s right,” Xiumin said.  “I guess that when it comes to Hoya, it’s dancing.”

            He grinned, shrugging.  He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to.  He looked pleased, like he appreciated the flattery and he liked Xiumin’s interest.

            “Don’t pretend to be coy about it,” Xiumin said, laughing.  He ran his hand up Hoya’s hard, muscular arm.  “I’ve seen you.  I know how well you move.”  Licking his lips, he gave Hoya a little eyebrow.  “You move that well in bed, too?”

            Hoya laughed again, his eyebrows going up this time.  “In bed?” he repeated, like the shift in conversation surprised him.  What was this, was he not used to being flirted with?  He was an idol, wasn’t he?  His eyes darted to the side like he was hoping for someone to speak up and save him.  “I don’t know about that.”

            “Look at this,” Xiumin said, rubbing his bicep.  “You have such a great body.”

            His laughter was definitely embarrassed this time, and he pulled his sleeve down, tucking his arm closer to his body.  “Are you going to check my abs, too?”

            “Why, is that an offer?” Xiumin asked, tilting his head to one side and giving Hoya one of his best flirtatious looks.

            “No, no,” he said quickly.  He shook his head, putting one hand up like he needed to hold Xiumin at bay.  “Not an offer.”

            Puzzled, Xiumin was about to give up on him.  “Are you always this flustered when people hit on you?”

            “Who hits on me?” Hoya asked, looking around.

            “You’re an idol!  You’re rich and successful and famous, and you have a great body.”

            Looking pleased with himself, Hoya rubbed his jawline, then buffed his nails on his shirt.  “I am good-looking,” he agreed.

            His self-consciousness had been adorable, and this new confidence, even if it was fake, was very sexy.  Liking it, Xiumin shifted even closer, practically in his lap now.  “I like men who know how much they have to offer.”

            His lips twitching upward at the corners in a barely repressed smile, Hoya looked Xiumin over.  Okay, now they were in business.  There was sexual curiosity in that smile.  “What do you have to offer?”

            Sideways on the couch, facing Hoya, he swung his leg up, resting his knee on Hoya’s thigh.  He shot Hoya one of his best wicked grins.  “What are you looking for?”

            Laughing, Hoya turned his face away, covering his mouth with his hand.  He was still embarrassed, but he was definitely turned on.  Amused, Xiumin waited for him to finish.  Clearing his throat, he faced Xiumin again.  “Maybe you should talk to Woohyun.  He’s so greasy, he might be your type.”

            “Mmm, I think that my type’s right here,” Xiumin said, hooking his fingers in the collar of Hoya’s shirt and leaning closer.  “Where do you like to go dancing?  Maybe we could meet there sometime.”

            “I, uh.”  As he straddled Hoya’s lap, Hoya’s hands came up, cupping his hips and settling him in place.  It seemed like an automatic movement, like a habit; there was no doubt that Hoya was used to having guys there.  Dongwoo, maybe?  “I usually dance with my friends.”

            “Friends?  Male friends?  Good-looking, fit male friends?”  He licked his lips, shifting his weight just enough for a sinuous, subtle shimmy.  Hoya’s cheeks turned red, Hoya’s gaze dipping down his body.  He’d had to come on strong to get here, but Hoya was definitely responding now, aroused and ready for it.  “Friends who like how you move as much as I do?”

            Hoya cleared his throat.  “There’s a lot of space on this couch.”

            “But the view is best from here,” he murmured, lightly brushing his fingertips along Hoya’s jaw.  Hoya shivered slightly, just a subtle tremble, chin lifting to follow his touch.  Oh, hell, yes, he’d hooked his fish now.  Savoring his victory, he relaxed.  He couldn’t get any action tonight, and he didn’t want to go too far and make Hoya frustrated that he couldn’t deliver.  “Tell me about dancing with your friends.”

            Hoya told Xiumin about Feeldog and Baram, about his old dance crew, about dance battles and his pre-debut days.  Xiumin hadn’t really known any of this about him, and it was fascinating.  He didn’t just happen to dance well; he’d worked damned hard to get where he was, and it meant everything to him.  Hearing about his dedication to dancing and his loyalty to his old friends, Xiumin started to like him even more.

            “Next time you go out, you should call me,” Xiumin said.  “We can hang out.”

            “Yeah?”  Hoya smiled at him like it wasn’t a bad idea.  “You’d like the guys.  They have great bodies, and Feeldog puts out.”

            Xiumin laughed.  “Sounds like my kind of party.”

            Brushing his bangs out of his eyes, Sungjong found Sehun standing about a foot away, looking at him.  “Hi,” he said, wondering what Sehun wanted.  Besides the obvious.  God, these hoobaes were horny.  It was nice to be wanted, but they seemed ready to break into a free-for-all.

            “Ah, hyung.”  Sehun gestured to the bar.  “Can I get you something to drink?”

            Oh, why not?  “I’ll take water.”  Sehun handed him a chilled bottle.  “Thanks.”  Twisting off the cap, he took a drink, and when he lowered the bottle, Sehun was still right there, watching him.

            “It’s been nice to get to know your members better.”

            “Mmm.”  He smiled.  “Yes, it’s been nice.”  He liked spending time with Kai.  Good-looking, talented, confident, polite, what was there to dislike about Kai?

            “Your team seems close.”

            “Well, we’ve been together for a long time.  Especially the hyungs, training together before debut.  Your members seem nice,” he added.  He took another sip.  “How is it, being maknae with so many members?”

            “It’s better some days than others,” Sehun admitted.  There was a glint in his eye when he smiled, and Sungjong became alert at the sight of it, suddenly more interested.  Up until now, he’d been cute and well-mannered, but that glint had hinted at something else.  There was someone way more adult and aware behind that innocent smile.  “What about your members, do they treat their maknae well?”

            “No,” Sungjong said, and they laughed together.  “I mean, yes, yes, of course they do,” he added, being obvious about covering up his blunder, and Sehun chuckled with him.  “It’s the usual thing,” he said, waving it away.  “‘Do this, do that, pick this up, get me that.’  It all runs downhill, right?”

            “I have to fetch every drink and clean up every spill and suck every cock,” Sehun said.  “Kai and I are from the same year, but it all falls on me.  He should at least get half of it, shouldn’t he?”

            “I’d make him, if I were you,” Sungjong said frankly.  “The one next to me in age is L hyung, and he’s in the ’92 line.”

            “Your hyungs all seem nice, though.  Dongwoo hyung’s so friendly, and Woohyun hyung, too.”

            Sungjong snorted.  “Woohyun hyung is a.”  Cutting himself off, he wrinkled his nose, shaking his head.  “He likes to pretend that he’s in charge too much.  Bossing people around and acting like a leader.  But he’s a lot of fun when we’re playing around.”  He chuckled.  “All of my hyungs are great, when they’re relaxing and having a good time.  Maybe we should work less.”

            “Do you have any advice?” Sehun asked.  “How to be an idol maknae?”

            “Find a way to get rid of your stress,” Sungjong said.  “You have to find a way to let it all out.  Go in a room alone and scream and hit things if you have to.  And always be good to your fans.”  He took another drink and eyed Sehun critically.  “How’s your aegyo?”

            “Ugh.”  Sehun made a face, shaking his head.  “I’m so bad at it.  I don’t like it.”

            “Are you good at girl group dances?”

            Sehun frowned, then laughed.  “I guess,” he said uncertainly.

            This poor kid.  “Work on your aegyo and your girl group dances,” Sungjong advised.  “Here, show me some SNSD moves.  Try ‘Gee,’ everybody knows that one.”

            Kai went over to get a drink.  While he was there, he noticed Sunggyu seated on the couch.  Grinning to himself, he went over.  “Sunbae.”  His gaze drifted over Sunggyu’s pink lips, square shoulders, and spread thighs.  Yeah, there was a lot of potential here.

            Sunggyu gave him a suspicious look.  “What do you want?”

            “Nothing.”  That wasn’t real annoyance, it was just bluster.  Smiling, he shifted his weight.  “You were talking about making love and taking care of the members.  Maybe, if our teams grow closer, you could show me what you meant by all of that.”

            “Ah, you want me to teach you,” Sunggyu said.

            He checked Sunggyu out again.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

            Leaning forward, Sunggyu looked up at him.  “Ya, don’t you have enough friends to play with?  I’m not teaching you anything.”  Sunggyu pushed at him, waving him off.  “Go play with Sungjong, you’re not my type.”

            Smiling, Kai backed up.  “Okay, sunbae.”  Didn’t hurt to ask.

            “My first time?” Dongwoo asked.

            “With a guy,” Lay said.

            “Lay hyung loves first time stories,” Chanyeol said.

            Lay nodded.  Yes, he loved them.  The sweet and romantic ones, the ones where secret lust burned out of control and the two guys just couldn’t hold back anymore, the rough and desperate ones, the shy and faltering ones, all of them.

            “My first time doing what, though?” Dongwoo asked.  “The first time I kissed a guy was, I don’t know, did I - - no, it seems like it was - - no!” he said, snapping his fingers, brightening with confidence.  “It was that cute guy I used to dance with.  After class, after everyone else left.  Kim, Kim, Kim something.  I don’t know, when was your first kiss?”

            “First kiss with a guy?” Chanyeol asked.  He scratched his head.  “My neighbor.  He was my hyung, a year older than I was.  We were in my bedroom and my mom thought that he was helping me study.”  He laughed.  “It was bad, it was a really awkward kiss, but I didn’t know it, then.  I thought he was so sexy.”

            “My first kiss was Xiumin hyung,” Lay said.  “I didn’t do anything until after we debuted.  I waited so long and I tried so hard to be patient, and it was so horrible, trying to hold back like that.  As soon as we were alone, just the members, no managers, no one else, just us, I kissed Xiumin hyung.”  He closed his eyes, feeling it all over again.  It was one of his most precious memories.  “He was so handsome, and his lips were so soft, and I couldn’t stop, I just moaned - - loudly, I moaned really loudly - - and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him.”  Moaning again just at the memory of it, he opened his eyes.  “It was the sexiest thing I’d ever done.  Up until that point,” he added.  “I’ve done a lot more since then.”

            “My first kiss in the group was Baekhyun,” Chanyeol said.  “But it wasn’t that great.  We didn’t really care about kissing.  We were trying to tear each other’s clothes off.  It’s gotten a lot better since then.”

            “Who’s the best kisser in EXO now?” Dongwoo asked.

            Suho.  Lay didn’t know what else to say.  Maybe it was - - or maybe - - or, wait, “Chen,” he decided, relieved.  “It’s Chen.”

            “Oh, yeah,” Chanyeol said, nodding.  “Chen’s great.”

            “Kai’s great,” Lay said.  “He gets aggressive about it and he’ll hold onto your face like he’s trying to take over your mouth.  D.O.’s great, he has a really pretty mouth.”  The more he thought about this, the more turned on he became.  “Xiumin hyung’s kisses can get really intense and dirty.  I love when Baekhyun grabs my hair and gets into it.”

            “I like the way Sehun kisses when he’s trying to make me desperate,” Chanyeol said.

            Dongwoo visibly perked up.  “Your maknae tries to make you desperate?”

            “Yeah, he likes to play around sometimes,” Chanyeol explained.  It was probably a more subtle way of answering that question than Lay would have come up with.  Chanyeol’s friendly, conversational tone made it sound completely normal.  “He likes to get me riled up so I’ll beg him for it.”

            “That sounds so hot,” Dongwoo said admiringly.

            Lay hoped that this sounded like a natural question and not too abrupt or telling.  “Are any of Infinite’s members into role-playing or kink or anything?”

            “Oh, sure.”  Dongwoo nodded without thinking twice.

            Lay couldn’t help it; he edged closer.  He was already right in Dongwoo’s personal space, and he couldn’t get much closer without sharing the same pair of pants, but he was so drawn to Dongwoo and so fascinated by these frank revelations that he felt pulled in farther and farther.  Chanyeol kept leaning in, too.  If Dongwoo minded being crowded, it didn’t show.  And Dongwoo seemed to show everything.  That was part of what was so exciting about him.  “Which members?”

            “All of us, anyone, whoever’s in the mood for it,” Dongwoo said.  “I guess-”

“What are you talking about?” Sungyeol asked, hurriedly wrapping his arm around Dongwoo’s chest and pulling him away.

“That’s boring, you don’t have to go into more detail on that,” Hoya said, clapping his hand over Dongwoo’s mouth and dragging him backward.  Caught between them, Dongwoo flailed, stumbling backward and laughing happily.

“You can ignore all of that,” Sungyeol reassured them.

“He’s thinking of something else,” Hoya said.  “Talking about somebody else.”

“He didn’t even say anything yet!”  Helpless, disappointed, Lay watched them haul Dongwoo away.  The worst part was, Dongwoo seemed tickled to be dragged off, like he didn’t even realize what he was denying Lay.  All of that sexual insight!  All of those perfect, sexy little nuggets of information!

“I wonder what he was going to say,” Chanyeol said.  “The way they’ve talked all night, I thought there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t tell us.  We’ve told them everything.”

Lay shook his head.  “Not everything.”

“Oh.”  Chanyeol glanced across the room.  “No, not everything, hunh?”

            “Okay, okay,” Dongwoo said, laughing, as Sungyeol and Hoya dragged him into the bathroom.  Hoya kicked the door shut behind them.  “Okay, okay!”  He held his hands up in surrender as they dumped him on the edge of the hot tub.  “I was just talking!  We were just talking!”

            “Talking about kink and role-playing!” Sungyeol exclaimed, red-faced.

            “Everyone’s talking about everything!  Is that not okay?”  He didn’t know where the lines were.  If talking about sex was okay, why would kinks be off-limits?  It was all just part of sex, wasn’t it?

            Hoya was studying the hot tub.  “You think this thing works?” he asked Sungyeol.

            Hunh.  Curious, Dongwoo looked at it over his shoulder.  He couldn’t imagine why it wouldn’t work.  This was a really nice hotel.  Wondering, he reached for the knobs.

            Yelping.  Loud, excited, familiar yelping.  Hollering and squealing.  Familiar, victorious laughter.  From the couch, Sunggyu glared in the direction of the bathroom.

            Heads were turning.  Suho was already halfway to the bathroom door.  Sunggyu sighed.  He couldn’t let Suho deal with his members.  It wouldn’t be fair to burden the poor kid with those fools.  “Kids!” he shouted, getting up.

            “I’m glad that we can set such a good example for our hoobaes,” Woohyun said, walking with him.  “It makes me proud.”

            Spitting and sputtering, Dongwoo flailed helplessly, pawing ineffectually at the air and grabbing at Sungyeol and Hoya’s hands.  His kicking feet splashed water everywhere as he went down again.  Resurfacing, he laughed joyfully, then coughed up water.

            Seeing how playful Dongwoo seemed, Suho relaxed.  “You aren’t drowning him, are you?”

            “No,” Sungyeol said.  Planting one long-fingered hand firmly on the top of Dongwoo’s head, he pushed his hyung under again.

            “No, we’re just testing the depth,” Hoya said, batting Dongwoo’s scrabbling hands away.

            “What is it, then, one rapper deep?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Looks like it,” Sungyeol said.  Clutching a fistful of Dongwoo’s soaked T-shirt, he dragged Dongwoo up again.

            “Hyung!” Hoya exclaimed, helping him to pull Dongwoo up.  “Stop falling in!”

            Sputtering, Dongwoo blinked his eyes clear, wiping at his face.  “I’m trying!”

            “Do you want to get out?” Suho asked, offering him a hand.  It wasn’t Suho’s place to chide sunbaes, but it seemed like a good idea to break this up.

            “Yes!  It seems safer out there,” Dongwoo said.  Dongwoo’s wet hand grasped his, and he wrapped his other hand around Dongwoo’s wrist, pulling.


            At the sound of Sunggyu’s imperious, scolding voice, Sungyeol froze and Hoya’s eyes widened.  Suho tugged Dongwoo forward, and then.

            It was either a joke or complete panic, but Sungyeol and Hoya hastily shoved Dongwoo under again.

            And when Dongwoo went down, he pulled Suho along.

            Yanked off-balance without warning, Suho realized what was about to happen.  Gasping, he tried to right himself, but he was already pitching forward, Dongwoo’s fingers still gripping his.  His arm flew out, pin-wheeling, and then he landed.  He collided hard with Dongwoo, and for a moment everything was wet, water everywhere.  For an instant, Suho’s world was splashing water and Dongwoo: wiry body, hot skin, bubbling laughter.  Around a dozen different people said “oh god” in varying tones of panic and hilarity, and then hands were on Suho, lifting, pulling, guiding.

            Shaking his head, he oriented himself.  Wide-eyed, smiling, Sunggyu helped him out of the water, coaxing him with solicitous hands.  Sunggyu helped him so politely and seemed to be trying so hard not to laugh, Suho couldn’t help some laughter of his own.  While Woohyun helped Dongwoo out, Chen draped a towel around Suho’s shoulders.  “All right?” Sunggyu asked, and the kindness and good humor in Sunggyu’s eyes made him laugh again.

            “A little wet,” he admitted, wiping water from his face with the corner of the towel.

            “A lot wet,” Dongwoo said.  He grinned mischievously at Woohyun, spreading his arms wide.  “Should we hug?”

            “No, get away,” Woohyun said, laughing and ducking.

            “Okay,” Sunggyu said.  When he turned to his members, his expression closed down, so flat and ominous that Suho was glad not to be in their shoes.  “Beg for forgiveness.”

            Sungyeol immediately turned to Suho.  “I’m so sorry,” he began.

            “That’s not begging,” Sunggyu said, sounding annoyed and impatient.

            Instantly, Sungyeol was on his knees.  Inching forward, he clasped his hands together, gazing up at Suho beseechingly.  “I’m so sorry, EXO’s guardian leader Suho.  Please forgive me.”

            Laughing, Suho backed up into Chen as Sungyeol came towards him.  Chen’s arms closed around him, and he wiped water from his chin.  “It’s okay.  Water dries.”

            “More begging,” Sunggyu instructed.

            Sungyeol gestured to Suho, looking exasperated.  “He forgave me!”

            “More begging!” Sunggyu insisted.

            Clasping his hands together, Sungyeol pleaded with Suho.  “Forgive me, please, handsome tiny guardian leader.  I’m so sorry, I hope that you can overlook my awful crimes.”

            “I don’t think that Hoya’s begging very much,” Dongwoo pointed out while Woohyun dried him off.

            “Yeolie’s doing enough for both of us,” Hoya said.

            “I forgive you,” Suho said.  “Both of you, everyone, I forgive you, I swear it.”

            “Okay,” Sunggyu said.  “Throw Hoya in.”

            Wide-eyed, Hoya backed up, his hands up to ward everyone off.  “No, don’t you - - shit!” he exclaimed as, whooping with laughter, his members descended.  Hurrying forward, skidding past everyone else, L and Sungjong grabbed their hyung.  Sungyeol shoved, Dongwoo lifted, Woohyun pulled, and with a wild splash, Hoya was in.  While Infinite laughed and EXO cheered, Hoya surfaced.  In one quick move, he tossed his hair and lunged forward, laughing, grabbing at Sungjong.

            “Ah!  No way!” Sungjong squealed.  His hyungs were quick to turn on him, pushing him toward Hoya’s reaching hands, and - - looking happier than Suho had ever seen him - - Hoya dragged Sungjong into the tub.

            “Anyone else you want to sacrifice?” Sunggyu asked Suho.

            “No, no,” he said, pulling the towel off of his shoulders.  “Although Sungyeol did call me tiny.”

            “Yes!  Sungyeol, c’mere,” Hoya invited, reaching out.

            “Your turn, hyung,” L said while Sungyeol ran for the door.

            Sungyeol didn’t go without a fight, and it was a pretty dirty fight.  He dragged Chen in with him when he finally fell, and the bathroom was chaos after that.  It was great, it was fun, and even though the bathroom was definitely worse for it, Suho was happy to see everyone so cheerful and playful and carefree.

            Once the ruckus died down, Suho sent his members to put on dry clothes.  Sunggyu decided that the Infinite members would just have to stay wet.  Woohyun argued a pretty convincing case for at least taking their sopping shirts off, but Sunggyu didn’t budge.

            “Look, maybe you’re too shy or intimidated, but this is ridiculous, we’re dripping everywhere,” Woohyun said.

            Beside Suho, sharing the mirror on the wall with him as they tried to arrange their damp hair, Sungjong whispered, “One…  Two…  Three.”

            Right on cue: “I’m shy?  I’m not shy,” Sunggyu said.  He had a belligerent way of talking that was all bluster.  Suho found it adorable, but then again, it wasn’t aimed at Suho.  “Who’s intimidated?”

            “You won’t let us take anything off,” Woohyun said.  “Maybe you have something to hide.”

            “You want to take it off?” Sunggyu asked.  “Take it off!  Take everything off.  You’re not shy!  Off, off, everything off,” he said, grabbing at the hem of Woohyun’s shirt.

            “Is he serious?” Suho asked Sungjong.

            “Probably,” Sungjong said, seeming unconcerned.  While Woohyun laughed and protested and Sunggyu wrestled his shirt off, Sungjong tilted his head to one side, studying his reflection.  “God, your skin’s so pretty.  What do you use?”

            “Mostly Nature Republic.”  He didn’t want to turn his head to stare, but even only in the mirror, the sight of Woohyun’s bare upper body arrested his gaze.  The taut skin, the swell of muscle; there was a maturity, a masculinity to Woohyun’s physique that Suho couldn’t look away from.  So handsome, so sexy, oh…  As heat swept through him, Suho held his breath.  There were a lot of stereotypes about male idols looking adolescent or androgynous, but the adult, butch appeal of Woohyun’s body, muscles flexing as he play-fought with Sunggyu, called to Suho’s libido.  Strongly.

            Feeling a tremor of panic, Suho sucked in air and wrenched his gaze down, away.  Staring deliberately, desperately at the mirror’s frame, he forced himself to study it in detail.  It was black metal.  Wrought-iron.  There were curlicues and a couple of inexplicable spikes.  It was an ugly mirror, really.  Suho wondered if it would ever be safe to look at anything else.

            “Your hair’s fine, hyung,” D.O. said, stepping up beside him.

            “You actually use Nature Republic?” Sungjong asked.

It seemed like it had been an eon since Suho had said that.  He didn’t dare to look up into the mirror, and there was nothing on the table.  Feeling stupid and ashamed and obvious, sure that everyone could see his desperation, feeling painfully exposed, he cleared his throat and slid open the drawer.  Stationery.  A pen with the hotel’s name on it rolled across the bottom of the drawer.  “Yeah.  I like the aloe vera.”

“It’s not bad,” D.O. said.  “Does that pen work?”

Wondering why D.O. cared, he picked it up.  He drew EXO’s logo on a clean sheet of stationery.  “Looks like it.”

“Well, now you have to sign it,” D.O. said.

Chuckling, he signed it.  “For you?” he asked, handing it to D.O.

D.O. took it from him, and D.O.’s expression was so understanding, he suddenly realized what was happening.  D.O. had come over on purpose.  This was a distraction; D.O. was trying to give him a way to escape the stress of the situation.  To break the tension.  His gaze flitted up and he saw Kai watching him as if making sure that he wouldn’t break.  Chanyeol looked concerned, and Chen was laughing and separating Sunggyu and Woohyun, handing Woohyun’s shirt back.

Woohyun stood there shirtless, laughing, his expression alive with good humor.  As he raked his fingers through his thick, black hair, Suho’s gaze traveled down the length of his firm, toned body, over the swell of his hard pecs, down the ripple of his chocolate abs, to where his fly was undone.  He looked tantalizingly, mouthwateringly handsome.  He looked like an ad for something.  Like blue jeans.  Or sex.

“Come on, what are you doing, showing off?” L asked teasingly.  “Put your clothes back on, you don’t have anything we haven’t already seen.”  His voice sounded close, and suddenly he was in Suho’s field of vision, right in front of Suho, smiling.  It wasn’t the private, fond smile that elicited so many warm feelings; it was a calm smile.  “Suho hyung, do you have any aspirin or anything?”

Aspirin.  “I do.”  He’d been given a task, and his organizational, caretaking processes started ticking, pulling him away from his erotic impulses and into leadership mode.  L needed aspirin.  As his mind focused, thoughts coalescing, he began to shepherd L toward the connecting door and the second bedroom off-limits to the party.  “Are you okay?  Do you have a headache?”

“Yeah, just a little one,” L said.

“So do I,” Kai said, right behind him.

“Do you?”  In the other room, in the maze of suitcases and jumble of cast-off wet clothes, away from the party, the music, the lure of sex, Suho felt calmer, more clear-headed.  Problem-solving, going through the familiar motions of digging through his suitcase, he relaxed.  He didn’t want to think too much about what was happening, because he didn’t want to think too much about how obvious and desperate he was, how out of control his libido was, but he was aware, nonetheless, that L had deliberately intervened to get him away from Woohyun, that Kai was intervening to get him away from Woohyun and from L, and that no one in this room needed any kind of aspirin.

L was hanging back - - not too far back, not making it obvious, just giving him space.  Kai had inserted himself between them and was staying there like his presence was some sort of force field to hold L at bay.  To keep up the fiction, Suho unearthed his medicine kit.

“Sorry about the hot tub,” L said.

“It’s okay,” Suho said.  “We could use a good rinsing, right?”

“Right,” L said.  “Us.  And the floor.  And the walls.”

“And the ceiling,” Kai said.  “Sungyeol hyung really didn’t want to get in that tub.”

They chuckled, and everything felt comfortable between them.  Uncapping the bottle, Suho shook out a few pills.  Kai took them from him and turned around, passing a couple to L.

“Thanks,” L said.  “Think I left my drink out there.”  Just that simply, he left, going back to the party.

“Can you get me some water?” Kai asked.

He knew that Kai was perfectly capable of getting water.  Feeling tension - - not bad tension, just tension - - start to build again, he walked toward the quiet, empty bathroom.  Halfway there, he heard the connecting door lock, shutting out the party.  Breathing evenly, telling himself that everything was okay, knowing that it wasn’t, he went to the sink.  Breathed.  Found a glass.  Swallowed.  Ran some water.

Kai was right behind him, and when Kai’s hands slid over his waist, he closed his eyes, the glass slipping from his fingers and clattering in the sink.  “I,” he said, but it didn’t mean anything, and he didn’t know what else he could say.  Kai reached around him, turning off the water, hand looking smooth and capable on the faucet just like it always looked smooth and capable on his cock.

Kai murmured something soft and sibilant, something that sounded so reassuring he actually felt better, and then kissed his neck.  Facing the mirror was unbearable - - he couldn’t stand to see this, he couldn’t possibly watch - - so he turned around.  Kai’s right arm curled around his waist, pulling him close, while Kai’s left hand reached out to turn off the light, and as the bathroom was plunged into darkness, their lips met.

            Nursing a soda, D.O. wandered.  He passed Sunggyu and Suho, who were swapping stories about their trainee days and laughing over the ways they’d earned their choreographers’ wrath.  He passed L and Xiumin by the mirror, where they seemed to be practicing their eyebrow modeling.

            “Are you lost?”  Baekhyun, seated on the couch with Woohyun and Sehun, looked up at him, laughing, as he passed.  “You’re just circling the room.  Sit down somewhere.”

            “Should I sit here?” he asked.  “Is it worth staying?  Will you be interesting?”

            “Will I?” Baekhyun asked, laughing.  “Ya!  Don’t sit, then, keep walking!  Go, walk away!” he insisted, shooing at D.O.

            “I don’t have anywhere better to be,” he admitted, and he sat down beside Sehun.  Sehun put an arm around him, and when he offered his drink, Sehun took it.

            As it turned out, the conversation was interesting.  To him, anyway.  Woohyun and Baekhyun were talking about singing, about their favorite singers, about songs they wanted to perform live, about horrible moments their voices had failed them onstage and how they tried to prevent it from happening again.  Loving it, he joined right in, but he couldn’t figure out why Sehun was there.  Not that the discussion shouldn’t interest Sehun, but there were other places for Sehun to be, like on the dance floor grinding against Sungjong.

            D.O. was used to Baekhyun’s humor and already knew Baekhyun’s anecdotes, so he was more interested in what Woohyun had to say.  He found himself enjoying Woohyun’s teasing, greasy jokes and the way Woohyun’s shoulders shook when he laughed.  He already knew how much Woohyun loved singing and how committed Woohyun was to giving a great performance onstage.  Maybe that was why he started to warm up to Woohyun so quickly, because they had that in common, because he identified so much with the things Woohyun said.

            Or maybe he was responding to how calm and confident Woohyun seemed.  He felt really comfortable with Woohyun.  He liked Woohyun’s warm, easy smiles.  He liked Woohyun’s love for music and friendly laugh lines.

            He could have sat there and talked about music all night.  His arm around Sehun, all of his attention on Woohyun, he was having a terrific time.  But Baekhyun’s hormones derailed the conversation, and Baekhyun asked, “Are you a dom?”

            “Me?” Woohyun asked, touching his own chest and laughing.  He had kind of hairy forearms.  D.O. wondered if his skin was warm.  “Why, do you need one?”

            “I might.”  Grinning, Baekhyun bit his lip.  He was giving Woohyun his hopeful, “please, you’ll fuck me, right?” look.  “If that’s what you’re into, I’m okay with it.”

            Sehun sat up straighter, looking annoyed.  “What the hell.”

            “Shut up, maknae, hyungs are talking,” Baekhyun said, gaze still trained on Woohyun.

            Woohyun chuckled.  He didn’t seem at all unnerved by the question, but he didn’t seem turned on, either.  D.O. found that incredibly appealing.  “I have sex one way with some guys and another way with other guys.  And you might not want to ask someone to be your dom if you aren’t sure that you’re into it.”

            “What are you into?” D.O. asked, curious, wanting to know more about him.  “What do you like?”

            He looked thoughtful, and then he tossed his head just enough to get his bangs out of his eyes.  “I like it when there’s nothing between us, when we don’t hold back.  It’s best when you open up and respond to each other.”  His eyes narrowed slightly and he nodded, like he took D.O.’s question seriously.  “It’s best when it’s with someone I care about.  Sex with someone I don’t care about doesn’t mean anything to me.”

            “What, like you have to be in love?” Baekhyun asked.

            Woohyun chuckled in that easy, responsive way he had.  “I don’t have to be in love to get it up.  Is that what you’re asking?  Sex is better for me if it’s with someone I’m in love with.  That’s why I keep going back to the same guys over and over again.”

D.O. wondered, “Do you mean boyfriends?”

            “I don’t have boyfriends,” Woohyun said.  “If I did, it would be like that.  I just have my members and friends.”  He grinned teasingly.  “Just one, one friend.  I’m not in love with that many people.”

“Key hyung’s not your boyfriend?”

            “Sunggyu sunbaenim’s not?” Sehun asked.

            “Aish.”  Woohyun wrinkled his nose, looking annoyed in such a cute, forced way that D.O. smiled.  “Those two, no.  If I ever have a boyfriend, I want someone who’s not so much trouble.  I want someone who will say, ‘Woohyun-ah.’”  Pressing his hands over his heart, he gazed meaningfully, plaintively, into the distance.  “‘Let’s just sit together, and listen to music, and take care of each other.’”  He dropped his hands.  “What I have now is, ‘Ya, fool, let’s go shopping,’ and ‘Ya, stupid, get up, it’s time for practice.’”  He chuckled, then shrugged.  “But boyfriends are too much trouble.  It’s not worth it.”

            “I think it’s worth it,” D.O. said.  “If you find the right person.”

            “What’s the right person?” Woohyun asked.  “You can’t date an idol, he’s too busy to see you and you’re too busy to see him.  You can’t date someone who’s not an idol, he won’t understand what you’re going through.  You can’t date a hoobae, he’ll be too competitive.  You can’t date a sunbae, he won’t take you seriously.  You can’t date a fan, he’ll talk.”

            “You can only date someone in your own group?” Baekhyun asked.

            Sehun smiled at Baekhyun.  “It’s okay, hyung.  There are a lot of us in EXO.  One of us will be right for you.”

            Hoya wasn’t necessarily into grinding against people he didn’t know, so he hung back at first, getting used to the vibe in the room, getting familiar with the way EXO danced.  They were friendly, and they weren’t shy about skinship, but they didn’t put their hands anywhere he wasn’t comfortable with.  He started to relax, and when Sungjong moved in against him, it was so familiar, so much what he was used to, that he fell into habit, grooving against Sungjong’s body, matching his rhythm to the sway of Sungjong’s hips.  After that, he was in his element, letting go, enjoying the pound of the bass, the snap of his hips, the energy of dance all around him.

            He really got into dancing with Kai.  Kai’s body was sinuous and expressive, inviting and responding.  The look in Kai’s eyes and the swivel of Kai’s pelvis beckoned him, and when he invited right back, Kai was on him like a second skin, undulating against him and panting in his ear.  The escalation in heat was so immediate, Kai’s sexual energy swept him along, and he was into it, caught up, dancing against Kai like they were used to doing this naked.  The lust in Kai’s eyes was backed by so much happiness that he smiled, and Kai laughed, leaning in, plucking at the front of his shirt.  Kai was so close that he closed his eyes, and then they were breathing on each other, Kai’s forehead rubbing against his, Kai’s hot skin damp with sweat.  He felt a moan welling up inside of him, a primal sound of pleasure and desire, and he ran his hands over Kai’s sides just to feel more of Kai’s sinuous, erotic movement.

            Just as he touched Kai, he felt someone else’s hands on him, such familiar and assertive hands that he recognized them immediately as Dongwoo’s.  “Uh, yeah, dance, dance,” Dongwoo urged, and feeling Dongwoo’s hands sliding up his chest while Kai’s hands passed over his waist turned him on, seemed to loosen something coiled tight within him, his back arching and his hips unlocking and his body writhing between them like gravity and physics had no hold on him anymore.  Dancing was pure pleasure, pure sex now, and he danced with whoever moved against him, reached out for whoever touched him, felt the throb of the bass beat like the pounding of his heart.

            Kai could have danced until sunrise and then kept going.  He loved how flirtatious and sexy Sungjong was, loved Dongwoo’s raw, uninhibited moves.  He loved how confident Woohyun was and how bold Sungyeol was and how Hoya transformed, opening up through the music, relaxing and responding until sex was right there in the air between them and when he rubbed his hand over Hoya’s body, the way Hoya stared into his eyes and ground against him made him feel like lust was a living creature they’d created together.

Sungjong’s lips brushed his ear and he heard a sweet whisper: “I think that my hyung’s bothering your hyung.”

            Immediately, he looked for Suho.  His interest in sex fell as his protective instincts took over; he was ready to intervene, ready to make Suho his first priority.  But when he spotted Suho, he saw nothing to worry about; Suho was smiling, laughing, looking comfortable with a bright-eyed, cheerful Sunggyu.

            If Sungjong hadn’t meant Suho, then who?  Kai had a lot of hyungs in the room.  Quickly, he looked around, searching for trouble.  Most of EXO was dancing around him, enjoying the party.  Chanyeol was laughing with Dongwoo.

            On one of the couches, Sungyeol sat with D.O.  Immediately, Kai recognized that there was a problem.  D.O. didn’t look angry, but his eyebrows were climbing up into his hairline and he was leaning away.  Sungyeol said something, and he laughed like he was surprised, putting a hand up and shaking his head.

            D.O. could handle whatever was going on, but Kai wanted to help anyway.  He tugged at Lay’s arm and Chen’s shirt, pulling them in to cover for him with Sungjong and Hoya as he slipped through a gap in the dancers.  Rubbing sweat from his face, he walked over and sat down beside D.O.  He would’ve put his arm around D.O., but he was sweaty, and sex wasn’t totally out of his system, so he waited for D.O. to make the first move.  D.O. just smiled at him with interest, happy to see him, wondering what he was doing there.  He flashed D.O. a smile, wrinkling his nose, and D.O. lightly, briefly, touched his thigh.  “Sungyeol hyung wants to see the other room.”

            “What other room?” Kai asked.

            “The rest of the suite,” Sungyeol said.

            If it was okay to go over there with Infinite, Kai would have been leading tours of the suite an hour ago.  Tours of the beds, anyway.  “Suho hyung doesn’t want anyone over there.”

            “Really?” Sungyeol asked.  “I just want to see what the rooms are like.  This suite’s different from ours.  How many beds are over there?”

            “Three,” D.O. said.

            “At least two to a bed?” Sungyeol asked.

            “They’re big beds,” Kai said.

            “Who’s in your bed?” Sungyeol asked D.O.

            “Chanyeol hyung,” D.O. said.

            “Really.”  Sungyeol shifted closer, and D.O. smiled the way he did when he thought that his hyungs were embarrassing themselves, like he was going to enjoy watching this play out and enjoy even more when it went badly.  “How was it last night?  Sleeping with him?”

            “He’s kind of skinny,” D.O. said.  “His elbows and knees are all pointy, and he’s awful about staying to one side of the bed.  He’s all over the place.”

            “How was it before the sleeping part?” Sungyeol asked.

            D.O. shrugged.  “He wanted to talk about Woohyun hyung.  I was tired, I wanted him to be quiet so I could sleep.”

            “Cooperate with me here!” Sungyeol said, exasperated.  “Did you get laid last night?”

            D.O. shook his head.

            “Okay, when’s the last time you had sex with Chanyeol?”

            “Um.  It’s been a while.  You might not count it,” D.O. told Sungyeol.  “He, you know.”

            “Chanyeol hyung jacked him off,” Kai said.

            “Right.  That,” D.O. said.  “A few weeks ago.”

            Sungyeol got up and walked away from them.  D.O. watched him go with interested eyes; Kai watched D.O., enjoying his amusement.  “Augh!”  Pink-cheeked with exasperation, Sungyeol came back and sat down again, staring hard at D.O.  “You haven’t done anything with Chanyeol in weeks?  And that was just a handjob?”

            D.O. nodded.

            “When’s the last time you really had sex?  The last time someone screwed you?”

            “Last, hmm.”  D.O. nodded to himself.  “Three weeks ago.  It was a Wednesday.  With Kai.”

            “Three weeks!  Are you - - is there a problem, are you getting over a cold?”

            “No, I’m fine,” D.O. said.

            “I’m losing it,” Sungyeol said, putting his hands on top of his head.  Lacing his fingers, he slid his hands to the back of his neck, staring at D.O.  “What is this, what’s wrong with EXO?  How do you guys get laid when there aren’t any bottoms?  Do you just jack each other off and talk about how great it would be if you had someone to screw?  You haven’t had sex in weeks?  You have eight guys to screw!  What’s wrong with this group?!”

            When D.O. smiled, his expression was reassuring.  “It’s just me, hyung.  The other members have sex all of the time, but I don’t do it very much.  I don’t want it as often as some of the other members do.  I get off sometimes, when I feel like it, but sometimes I just don’t want to.”

            “We have sex with him when he wants to, however much he asks for,” Kai explained.  “Sometimes he just wants to kiss, and sometimes he isn’t interested in anything.”

            Sungyeol stared at D.O. intently in an assessing, focused way that made Kai appreciate how handsome he was.  Kai liked the details of his face, like the long, black sweep of his lashes and the sharp peaks of his upper lip.  He was very pretty, in a handsome way.  Or very handsome, in a pretty way.  Maybe he was just lovely.  Kai wanted to see him close up in stage make-up.  “You don’t like sex?”

            “I like sex,” D.O. said.  “I just don’t want it every day.”

            “Or every week,” Sungyeol said.  With a disappointed groan, he slumped back, his thighs spread, his knees jutting out.  “I don’t get it.  What’s the point of going on MT together if there’s nothing to do when we get there?  Who am I supposed to screw?  Do you have any bottoms who aren’t also tops half of the time and actually like sex?”

            “Baekhyun hyung and Chen hyung,” Kai said.

            “Two bottoms in a nine-member group,” Sungyeol said.

            “Most of us go back and forth,” Kai said.  He didn’t understand Sungyeol’s emphasis on guys who only liked it one way.  “All of us bottom sometimes.  It doesn’t matter, does it?”

            Sungyeol shook his head.  “The guys I know, who will tell you that it doesn’t matter and it’s all just sex and they’re okay no matter which position they’re in, always end up on top.  I’m looking for someone who’d still want to bottom even if you asked him to top.”

            “Chen hyung,” D.O. said.  “Or Baekhyun hyung.  Or me, but usually I’d rather watch TV.”

            “Are they picky?” Sungyeol asked warily.

            “Baekhyun hyung’s not,” Kai said.  “He’ll get off on almost anything.”

            Without any further conversation, Sungyeol got up, looking across the room.  “Baekhyun-ah!  How are you?” he called, walking away.

            D.O. chuckled.

            Weird guy.  Kai nudged D.O.  “Come and dance.”

            D.O. looked like he was considering it.  “I’ll dance on the edge.  Where Woohyun hyung is.”

            Kai was disappointed.  “Not with me?”

            D.O. shook his head, then smiled a little.  “Maybe after our sunbaes leave.”

            Lay couldn’t believe how hot these sunbaes were.  They were so ready for sex, they had him revved up and ready to give it to them.  His members were so turned on, that already had him going, and then he started dancing with Woohyun.  When they were face-to-face, grinning at each other, flirting, Woohyun touched him just often enough to set off quick sparks of fire against his skin, a brush of the hand on his side, a flick of fingers against his chest.  When he ran his hands over Woohyun’s chest the first time, quick and light, Woohyun gave him a knowing look and danced closer against him, so he did it again, lingering, and then Woohyun’s hands slid over his waist, drawing him closer, so he did it again, really taking his time, really enjoying himself, feeling the contours of Woohyun’s body, rubbing his hands slowly over the hardness of pec, relishing the muscular firmness of Woohyun’s chest.  The more he felt up Woohyun, the more Woohyun returned the favor, and he loved it, loved the way Woohyun’s hands stroked down his back like they wanted to learn every line of his body, loved the way Woohyun cupped his ass like it was an erotic treasure.  The way Woohyun touched him made him feel sexy, and the way Woohyun let him do whatever he wanted made him feel like he could do anything, have anything, like there were no sexual boundaries here, like Woohyun would give him whatever he asked for.

            That kind of sexual potential was exactly what Lay liked best.  He loved feeling like anything was possible, like he could do what he wanted and touch wherever he liked and go wherever his libido took him, and his partner would be just as into it as he was.

            D.O. and Kai came over to dance, zeroing in on Woohyun and Hoya.  Edged farther in among the dancers, Lay found himself wedged between Woohyun and Hoya, and it took him no time to figure out what a fantastic place that was to be.  Woohyun was all over him like the room was jam-packed and there was nowhere else to be but inside his clothes.  Hoya coordinated movements with him like they’d been dancing together for years and their bodies were moving in sync.  D.O. kept touching him and brushing against him, giving him just enough to keep him wanting more.  Kai was grinding against Hoya from the right, the left, behind, like with enough effort he could manage to make sex happen right then and there.  Everyone was into it, grinding, groping, smiling, moving together happily, carelessly, rhythmically.  Sandwiching Hoya between them, Kai grinned at Lay, his hands on Lay’s shoulders, and Lay pressed closer, pulling on Kai’s body, feeling every flexing movement as Hoya danced between them.  “Uungh, I just want to come,” he groaned, and Hoya laughed like that was funny, and Woohyun pinched his nipple and said, close in his ear, “It’ll be worth the wait.”

            Chanyeol had danced with his own members at first.  There weren’t that many Infinite members to go around.  But as people came and went from the dancing crowd, he ended up right beside Sungjong.

            It seemed rude to push up against Sungjong, so he tried to be polite at first.  The suite was pretty spacious, and it didn’t make sense for them to crowd into one tiny section of floor together, mashing on top of each other, when there was plenty of room.

            But he was turned on, and he liked the way Sungjong danced.  He loved the sway of Sungjong’s hips.  He loved the long lines of Sungjong’s lifted, arcing arms.  He felt irresistibly drawn to Sungjong’s soft skin and sinuous moves.  Sungjong was so graceful, so…  So elegant…  So…feminine  “Hey,” Chanyeol breathed, closing in against his back.  Chanyeol inhaled, eyes closing.  Mmm, he smelled like something soft and light, like powder.

            Sungjong looked at him over one shoulder, giving him an assessing look first.  Then, with a toss of the head, Sungjong smiled at him, relaxing back against his chest as they danced.  “Hey, hyung.”

            Oh, he liked that smile.  Curling an arm around Sungjong’s waist, he swayed to Sungjong’s rhythm, close enough to catch Sungjong’s soft, powdery scent.  He didn’t want to rub his cock against Sungjong’s perky little ass or anything, he just wanted to touch, to be near, to move together.  Mmm, “You smell so good.”

            Another black-lashed, over-the-shoulder look, coy and promising.  “Thanks.”  Pivoting in his arms, Sungjong spun with lithe grace, coming face-to-face.  As Sungjong’s arm curved around his shoulders, he pulled Sungjong closer against him, enchanted, and Sungjong moved against him easily, comfortably.  “It’s so hot in here, I was sure that I smelled like sweat.”

            “No,” Chanyeol said quickly, earnestly.  “No, you smell great.  Do you want me to turn up the air conditioning?”

            “No, it’s okay.”  Sungjong ruffled his own hair, then rested his hand on the back of Chanyeol’s neck.  He had long, shapely fingernails, a perfect manicure.  Seeing them made Chanyeol’s heart flutter with excitement, and when his hand settled on the back of Chanyeol’s neck, Chanyeol ached with desire.

Wanting to be scratched so much made Chanyeol feel sure that it would come, and he waited with anticipation, his back itching as he waited to feel those sharp little claws scrape against his nape.

“What’s up with Kai and D.O.?”  Sungjong’s eyes cut left; Chanyeol followed his gaze to see D.O. dancing with Woohyun.  “Are they exclusive?”

Um.  Chanyeol laughed.  “I’ve had sex with both of them, so I guess not.”

Sungjong smiled at him, and his heart fluttered.  “What about you, do you have an EXO boyfriend?”

“No.  No boyfriend for me.”  Sungjong’s fingers rubbed across his nape and slid up into his hair, and he shuddered, a helpless groan rolling out of him as his temperature spiked.  Embarrassed, he blushed, trying to recover and look cool, like that hadn’t just happened.  His hard-on was big and obvious now, poking out towards Sungjong, and when their bodies met and Sungjong pressed against it, he gasped, freezing for a second, trying to override his body’s instinct to get more friction, more contact.

Sungjong leaned back, looking down, giving Chanyeol’s hard-on a long, curious look.  Being studied so openly was so sexy and so embarrassing that Chanyeol tried to pull him closer, to make it stop, but he took his time.  What was he looking for, anyway?  In this light and these pants, this wasn’t really a fair set-up.

Chanyeol almost said something about that, but it would just sound insecure, and being insecure about his cock was only going to turn Sungjong off.  He could invite Sungjong into the bathroom for a private ogle, but that would sound super creepy.

“Mmm.”  With a sexy, feminine sway, Sungjong closed the distance between them again, leaning in against his chest and caressing his hair.  “It’s nice.”

Hot and aroused, Chanyeol wanted to kiss his red lips.  “Thanks.”  Could they go somewhere private?  Could he start groping Sungjong right here?  His gaze flitting from Sungjong’s eyes down to that long, soft neck, he wanted to nuzzle behind the firm, square corner of Sungjong’s jaw and kiss his way down, down, peeling off clothes as he went.

Sungjong tossed his head and looked away like he was bored.  “Too bad you’re not into rimming.”

Auh, it was so hot, how candid Sungjong was.  If he was this frank about sex when they were dancing, he wouldn’t be shy during sex, either.  “Is that a deal-breaker?”

Arms tightening around him, pressed chest-to-chest, Sungjong came intimately close.  He could feel the strength of Sungjong’s lean body, the flat plane of Sungjong’s chest, the absolute lack of any hard-on at all.  “It’s like this hyung,” Sungjong whispered right in his ear.  Riveted, he listened eagerly for the next words.  “If you won’t lick it?  You can’t poke it.”

If that was the deal, then that was what he’d do.  “I can, I will,” he promised.  Pulling back, Sungjong gave him a distrustful look, and he coaxed Sungjong close again.  “I learn fast, I pick things up really well, I’ll be great at it by the next time you see me.”

“You’re going to practice on your members?”  Sungjong smiled, looking interested.  “Like Xiumin hyung?”

Would Xiumin like it?  “Sure.”

With a heavy-lidded look, Sungjong’s lips curved into an intrigued, approving smile.  Tugging lightly at Chanyeol’s hair, just enough to send a quick prickle of heat down Chanyeol’s back, he leaned in, his whisper light as breath in Chanyeol’s ear.  “I’m going to think about that next time my hyung’s down there.”  A soft, aching sound; Chanyeol shuddered.  “I bet it’ll get me off so fast.”

Oh.  God.  “Ah, really,” he moaned, clutching Sungjong close.  “Don’t say things like that.”  No, no, “Say it, say more, tell me all of it,” he insisted, while Sungjong laughed.  “I want to hear everything.”

            “You’re a bottom.”

            What was with this sunbae?  Sungyeol was staring at Baekhyun so intently, he had to laugh.  “Yes.”  Leaning back while Sungyeol loomed over him, he bumped into the wall.

            “Are you also a top?”

            “No.  Just a bottom.”  He’d done it both ways, he just liked one too much to bother much with the other.

            “Do you like sex?  How often do you do it?”

            “Uh.  Every day?” he guessed.  “Every other day?  As often as I can, just, sometimes we’re too busy and I don’t have time, or the other members are all whiny and tired.”

            Sungyeol gave Baekhyun another hard stare, then shook his head.  “Now it’s too good to be true.  I don’t believe you.  Something has to be wrong with you.  Xiumin hyung,” he said, reaching out as Xiumin walked by.  “What’s wrong with Baekhyun?”

            Xiumin looked from Baekhyun to Sungyeol, then shook his head.  “Ugh, so much!  He’s really, really annoying, and he thinks he’s so funny when he’s not, and-”

            “Sexually!  Sexually, sex, what’s wrong with him sexually?”

            “Oh.”  With a grin, Xiumin wrapped his arm around Baekhyun.  “Nothing.”

            “Hyung!” Baekhyun said, swatting at him until he backed up.  “Don’t touch me, I’m too annoying for you, right?”

            “He’s a great lay,” Xiumin told Sungyeol, coming back in to put his arm around Baekhyun again.  “He loves cock, he wants it all of the time.  You can fuck him any way you want, and he’ll get off on it.  He gets so excited, it’s really sexy, how into it he is.  He starts shaking and moaning and-”

            “Hyung!” Baekhyun gasped, shoving him away.  “Do you have to go into detail?  Just tell him I’m good and stop there.”

            “What are you embarrassed about?” Xiumin asked.  “As soon as we go on MT, he’s going to fuck you and see all of it for himself.”

            “Well, let him see it then.  You don’t have to give him a full preview now,” Baekhyun muttered, embarrassed.

            “I found one,” Sungyeol said, like he was announcing it to the walls.  “I found one!”  Gripping Baekhyun by the shoulders, he stared into Baekhyun’s eyes.  He looked flushed and kind of possessed.  “Promise me.  Right now.  That when we go on MT I can fuck you.”

            “That’s the whole point of going, isn’t it?” Baekhyun asked.

            “He’s not promising,” Sungyeol said, dropping his hands and turning away.  “Why are there no bottoms in EXO?!”

            “I promise,” Baekhyun said, laughing and pulling him back.  “I promise, you can do it.”

            “No bottoms?” Chen asked, walking over with a drink.  “Am I not in EXO anymore?  Did I get traded?”

            “Promise Sungyeol that he can fuck you on MT,” Xiumin said.

            Chen nodded at Sungyeol.  “You can fuck me.  That’s why I’m going, to get screwed.  If there’s no sex, I can stay at the dorm and get some sleep for once.”

            Sungyeol hugged them, gathering them into his arms and pulling them close.  Laughing, Chen hugged him.  Baekhyun took the opportunity to feel him up through his clothes.  Nice.  “So, hyung,” Baekhyun said, getting comfortable against Sungyeol’s side.  “Are you a face-to-face guy or do you like going in from behind?”

            As their members said good-bye, Suho shook Sunggyu’s hand.  “Thanks, hyung.  It was fun.”

            “My members were rowdy, annoying, and completely inappropriate,” Sunggyu reminded him.

            He laughed, putting his hands in his pockets.  “Yes, maybe, but they were still fun.”

            “Are you sure that you want to think about MT?  You still have time to back out.”

            “I’m sure,” he reassured Sunggyu.  “I think that my members will like it.”

            Sunggyu pouted, wrinkling his nose, looking past Suho at his dongsaengs.  “All right.”  He met Suho’s eyes again, and Suho smiled.  It was too cute to see an older sunbae sulk like this.  “I’ll talk to these fools and get back to you.  Maybe we’ll talk about a time to meet.”

            For all of his show of reluctance, Sunggyu cooperated at every step of the way.  Maybe he wasn’t as personally opposed to it as he seemed.  Or maybe he was, but he was making an effort to give EXO a chance for his members’ sake.  Suspecting that was the case, Suho respected him for it.  “I’ll be glad to hear from you.”

            “All right,” Sunggyu said, raising his voice and moving toward the door.  “Tell Young Money good night.”

            “Why does he get a stage name and a rap name?” Baekhyun asked.  “And I have to run around being Baekhyun?”

            “Stage name, what stage name?” Sehun asked.  “He’s our guardian, that’s who he is.  He was born our leader Suho.”

            “Right, and he was born Kai, and he was born L,” Baekhyun said.

            “Sorry,” Chen said, giving Baekhyun a sympathetic look and patting Chanyeol’s arm.  “I guess they only give stage names to the good-looking ones.”

            As soon as Infinite was gone, the EXO members fell on each other with gleeful abandon.  In the next room, Suho and D.O. washed up and got ready for bed with sleepy complacency.

            Watching Suho rub on lotion, D.O. leaned against the bathroom sink.  “Are you happy with Infinite?”

            Finishing up, Suho rubbed his hands together.  “Yes.  I like them.”  He glanced at D.O. with a question in his eyes.  “You?”

            D.O. nodded.  “They seem really comfortable with each other.  Comfortable with sex.  Maybe because they’ve been together for so long.”

            Baekhyun cried out from the next room.

            “We all talked, before, about maybe being sunbaes, and being older, they’d treat our members badly.  Take us for granted.  Do you think that might happen?” Suho asked.  He didn’t sound worried about it, but D.O. knew that he wanted to think the situation through and be prepared for any problems.

            “They don’t seem like that.  Even if they take us lightly, I think that they’ll be nice about it.”  D.O. felt like he wasn’t explaining his thoughts fully.  “Like Woohyun hyung, he says that he doesn’t really care about sex with people he doesn’t love.  It doesn’t mean as much to him.  But I don’t think that he’s mean about it.  I don’t think that he’d be rude to us.”

            Suho nodded at that, looking thoughtful.  He studied the floor for a moment, apparently lost in his own thoughts, his lower lip starting to poke out.  When he met D.O.’s eyes again, he said, “It seemed like you talked to him a lot tonight.”

            Had he?  “I like him.  I don’t feel pressure with him.”

            Suho blinked in recognition, then smiled.  “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

            Xiumin’s voice rose in an exultant shout.

            Frowning, Suho left the bathroom.  Opening the connecting door, he rapped his knuckles on it for attention.  “Members!  Quiet.  If you can’t do this without being loud, then you won’t do it at all.”

            There was a chorus of, “Sorry,” some grumbled, some guilty.

            “I don’t want to have to come over here again.”  He closed the door and went back to the bathroom.

            Kind of curious, D.O. opened the door a little, peeking out.  Oh.  He watched for a moment, mostly interested in how aroused and exuberant Kai looked.  It made him feel good to see Kai so happy.  Turning away, he closed the door.

            Suho was already in bed, sitting up against the pillows, reading.  D.O. climbed in beside him, settling against his shoulder.  He put his arm around D.O., and when he set down his book to check his phone, D.O. picked it up, reading a couple of pages.

            One of D.O.’s favorite aspects of being in EXO was how accepting the group was.  They were all different, with different personalities and different backgrounds and different approaches to life, and that was okay.  He’d always been his own kind of person, moving through life in his own way, and the other members accepted that about him.  One of the ways he veered off in his own direction was his sexuality, his lack of interest, his sluggish libido, but they didn’t judge him for it.

            If he’d been here on his own tonight, completely alone in the room while everyone else screwed busily in the next room, he wouldn’t have been upset.  He wouldn’t have felt lonely or worried that the others thought badly of him for it.

            Even so, it was nice to have a companion.  It was nice not to be alone.  He and Suho often ended up like this, in hotels or in the dorm, the two of them sitting together reading or talking or watching a movie while the other members had sex.  Sometimes they didn’t even interact much, just quietly shared the same nonsexual space.  But it was nice.  And D.O. thought that it was nice for Suho, too.  While he was perfectly okay with his own lack of sexual interest, he knew that having sex and not having sex were both struggles for Suho, so he hoped that his presence made Suho feel more okay.  Less alone, less weird, less separate from the members.

            “Changjo says hi.”

            “It’s late,” D.O. said, turning a page.  “Tell that kid to go to sleep.”

            While Sungyeol flirted with Hoya and the other members got ready to go to sleep, Woohyun sat down on Sunggyu’s bed in his underwear.  “What do you think?”

            With a delighted smile, Sunggyu pulled off his shirt and knelt on the other side of the bed, crawling toward Woohyun.  “I think that you’d better c’mere and give me some-”

            “What do you think of EXO?” he clarified, laughing as Sunggyu pushed him onto his back.  His head on the pillow, he ran his hand up and down Sunggyu’s smooth, bare side.  “What do you think of going on MT?”

            “Eh.”  Seeming less interested in that topic, Sunggyu got up onto his knees, undoing his fly.  “What do you think?”

            “They’re interested.  They’re horny.”  Watching Sunggyu undress, Woohyun tucked his arm behind his head.  “They’re really good-looking.  It would be really easy to have a good time on MT.”

            “Too easy,” Sunggyu grumbled, shooting a look toward the bathroom.  Woohyun glanced over; Dongwoo and L were both in there.  “What happens when the good time’s not so good anymore and I have unhappy dongsaengs weeping on me?”

            Woohyun understood why he was so reluctant and so protective, but, “We’ve done this before, so we know how it works.  We won’t get involved like that this time.  We know that it’s just for fun.  No one’s going to get confused and think that it means something.”

            “I don’t like it,” Sunggyu muttered.  “It’s no good.”

            “You don’t like the situation, or you don’t like the people?” Woohyun asked.  “They all seem like decent guys.  They were nice to me, anyway.”

            “They’re so young.  Even the older ones seem so young.  I’m only one year older and it feels like five or ten.”

            “All right, Grandpa, time for bed,” Hoya said, patting his shoulder on the way by.

            He took a swipe at Hoya, then sat beside Woohyun.  “Their maknae stared at me all night.”

            “Oh Sehun?” Woohyun asked.

            “Yeah.  He stared at you, too.  Not everybody, just the two of us.”

            Woohyun grinned.  “Maybe he recognizes a good lay when he sees one.  He knows not to waste his time on those fools when he can have us.”

            “Something’s up with him.”

            “Don’t worry about the maknae, worry about the leader.  Are you okay with Young Money?  Do you like him?”

            “Outside of sex?  Aside from sex, he’s a good leader.  He’s committed to his members and he holds himself responsible for them.  But with sex?  It’s a mess.  He’s a mess.  He’s a scared, confused mess.  I don’t know whether to walk away and forget it or to get him naked and give him what he needs.”

            “No one talks about him sexually,” Woohyun said.  “They won’t even crack a joke about his sex life.  There’s no innuendo or sneaky hints.  They talked about themselves and each other all night, they said everything they could come up with, but they wouldn’t even mention his name.”

            “He’s scared,” Sunggyu said.  “He’s not fucking them.  He’s not taking care of them sexually, so they’re left with just each other, and they don’t know what to do.  They need him to lead them and he’s terrified of sex.”

            “Who’s terrified of sex?” Dongwoo asked, coming out of the bathroom naked.

            “Young Money,” Woohyun said.

            “He doesn’t care about other people’s sex lives.  He doesn’t mind that,” Sunggyu said, frowning at the wall like he was thinking aloud.  “He let his members talk about anything they wanted, and he wants to arrange this MT for them.  But if you flirt with him too much or try to touch him, he can’t get away fast enough.”

            “He wouldn’t dance,” Dongwoo said.  “And when Woohyun turned him on, he left the room.”

            “I asked him for aspirin,” L said from the bathroom.

            “I turned him on?” Woohyun asked, surprised.  “When did I do that?”

            “When Sunggyu hyung took your clothes off,” Dongwoo said.  He stepped up onto Sungyeol’s bed, walked across it naked, and dropped onto his knees, bouncing.  His cock bobbled and flopped with his movements.  “He was really turned on, I think it embarrassed him.”

            “Really?”  This was news to Woohyun.  Welcome news.  Flattered, he rubbed his hand over his bare chest.  “Hoobaes always like me.”

            “No, they like L,” Sunggyu said.  “You’re the leftover at the back of the fridge.  Eh,” he sniffed, “doesn’t seem moldy yet.  Might as well try some.”

            Ya!  Laughing, he kicked at Sunggyu’s shin.  “If I’m leftovers, what are you?  Old garbage nobody wants anymore?”

            “Ooo, that can be your rap name,” Hoya suggested.  “Old Garbage.”

            Dongwoo laughed, sprawling over Sungyeol’s bed with abandon.  “Old Garbage and Young Money!  Together on stage for the first time!”

            “Worst show ever,” Hoya said.  “I’d go twice.”

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