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This story is part of a series.
Two scenes.  One from before Sehun and Xiumin’s talk in “Hyung and Maknae,” one from after.  Title comes from the last line of that story.
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Xiumin walked into Suho’s room.  Seeing Suho already asleep across the bed, he smiled to himself.  He hadn’t had Suho in too long; nothing wrong with making the most of this opportunity, right?  He flipped the overhead light off, leaving on just the lamp in the corner.  Pulling the door shut behind himself, he locked it.

            Suho was curled on one side, still in his pants and T-shirt.  Xiumin silently moved his book and phone aside, then put a hand on his side.  “Suho.  Ya, sleepy.  Suho.”  His eyebrows drew together in a frown, and Xiumin smiled, rubbing his side.  “You fell asleep too soon.”  Xiumin stroked his chest, nudging him back a little, and he made a tired sound, rubbing his eyes.  “Our sleepy leader,” Xiumin said, amused.

            Yawning, Suho pushed himself up a little.  He squinted at Xiumin and tried to fix his already immaculate hair.  “Hyung.  You need something?”

            Xiumin grinned at him.  “I thought that I was here to find out if there’s anything you need.  Anything I can do for you, to make you feel better.”

            “Oh.”  Even in the dim lighting, Xiumin could see that Suho was blushing.

            “Did I wake you up for nothing?” Xiumin asked.  Lightly, his hand skimmed down over Suho’s crotch.  Oh!  Chuckling, he cupped between Suho’s thighs, pressing the heel of his hand against Suho’s stiffening hard-on.  “This doesn’t feel like nothing.”

            “Ah, aahhh.”  Suho squirmed, his hips retreating hastily and then shoving against Xiumin’s palm.

            “So hard already,” Xiumin said approvingly.  “You’re always so quick, I love it.”  Wanting to see it for himself, he undid Suho’s fly.  “Keep being so responsive like this.  You know how to make a man feel wanted.”

            Suho made a hurt sound, his shoulders curling forward as he buried his face in his pillow.

            “Don’t be shy.”  Reaching into Suho’s boxer-briefs, Xiumin pulled out his hard-on.  “Ah, I missed you,” Xiumin said, admiring it.  Smooth and pink, it was as good-looking as the rest of him.  Leaning in, Xiumin kissed the head.  It felt so good, so hot and silky, that Xiumin licked it, tongue stroking around the crown while he made muffled, excited noises into his pillow.  “Delicious,” Xiumin announced, immediately going back for more.

            Suho was one of the best partners Xiumin had ever had, because he was so easy to excite.  So into it, so responsive.  When things were going right, he didn’t hold anything back.  Sometimes it took some work to get past his shyness, but it was worth it, every time.  He was like some kind of cock-loving cum-starved bottom from Xiumin’s teenaged wet dreams.  Whatever Xiumin did to him, however Xiumin touched him, he ate it up and begged for more.

            Tonight, Xiumin settled in, taking Suho’s pants off and sucking on his cock for a while.  Every suck pulled more whimpering cries out of him, and he was clinging to his pillow, trying to hide his face, but his legs were spread wide, showing off boldly.  When Xiumin’s fingers caressed lightly over his asshole, circling the rim of it, he made an eager, sobbing sound and moaned, “Yes, hyung, yes.”  To provoke him, Xiumin kept going, caressing his hungry little pucker, coaxing more wild sounds out of him, sucking his smooth, hot cock.

            It was a perfect little moment, Suho squirming on the bed and pushing into his mouth and begging, “Please, oooaaahhh, ahhh, hyung, ouunnnh, yes, yes.”  He kept it going, kept Suho’s responsive body twisting and humming, kept Suho’s hips writhing.  This was the fun part, the best part, when Suho was so worked up, when he had Suho completely into it, wholeheartedly there with him, right on the edge, feeling everything.

            But if he went too far, Suho would come.  “It’s no fun if the party is over too fast, right?” he asked, giving the rim of Suho’s asshole one last tap.  His hand lingered on Suho’s shiny, red erection as he sat up, licking his lips.  With an anguished whimper, Suho twisted, pushing against his palm, seeking satisfaction.  “So needy,” he teased, chuckling.  “Who knew our polite guardian was so hot for it?”

            “Ugh, don’t talk like that.”  Suho turned away from Xiumin, pale blue T-shirt twisted around him, dragging in deep, shaky breaths.

            “Why is it wrong to tell the truth?”  He ran his hand up Suho’s back, smiling at Suho’s immediate shiver.  “So shy tonight.  Stop avoiding hyung.”  Kissing Suho’s shoulder, he whispered, “You know it’s all going to feel so good.”

            “Gunh.”  Suho rolled onto his back, rubbing at his face.  One hand pulled at the sheets, trying to drag up enough of a fistful to cover his cock.  “What do you want tonight?  What can I do?”

            Raising an eyebrow, he plucked at the thin cotton of Suho’s shirt.  “You can take this off and let me see that sexy body.”

            “Sexy.”  He laughed like he was embarrassed, but he pulled his shirt off, wriggling out of it and tossing it aside.  Quickly, Xiumin stripped, too, and kissed him.  Right away, he pulled Xiumin into his arms, kissing back like they were lovers, like they’d just been reunited or they’d just gotten engaged or one of them had just escaped death.  Kissing Suho was like being swept up in the climax of a romantic movie; Xiumin always expected to hear harps or violins or something.

            While Suho’s mouth was making all sorts of romantic promises, farther down the bed, Suho’s body was begging again.  Now that they were both naked, he ground against Xiumin’s cock like he’d never felt anything so good.  His breathing was starting to get ragged and his hands were getting greedy, pushy, and the way he gripped Xiumin’s sides and squeezed Xiumin’s thighs made Xiumin feel really wanted, really sexy.  “Yeah, think about it,” Xiumin urged, licking up the side of his neck in long, wet strokes.  “Think about how great I’m going to feel inside you, how incredible my cock is going to feel sliding into your hot ass.”

            “Yes,” Suho panted, his knees already rising, his body asking for it.

            “Yeah, you know exactly what you want.”  Kissing Suho again, he moaned at the sweet, enthusiastic welcome his tongue got.  Slipping his hand under Suho, he got a good feel of that perky little ass, then pinched it.

            Suho jerked at the sudden pinch, gasping and bucking hard.  It was that kind of guileless, uncensored response that kept Xiumin so hot for him.  He didn’t even play around at telling Xiumin to stop, didn’t push Xiumin’s hand away and pretend to object; he just moaned and kissed Xiumin again, harder, his legs moving restlessly when Xiumin felt over his ass again.

            One of the best things about Suho was that he was really, really easy to turn on and then difficult to get off, so Xiumin could play around with him, getting him worked up over and over again, keeping him going all night.  Tonight, when Xiumin slipped a lubed finger into him, he bit Xiumin’s shoulder, making a sudden, high-pitched sound.  Laughing, Xiumin rubbed in and out of him, turned on by the way he gasped and moaned.  “Feels good?”

            “Yes, ah, hyung, wait,” Suho panted, squirming around.  He was trying to roll over, his nails scratching at Xiumin’s hip in a way Xiumin knew was going to leave marks.  “I - - aauhhhh, ouuunhh, hyung - - let me - - I have to-”

            “Where are you going?” Xiumin asked, laughing, stroking into him with two fingers now.

            “Yaahhh!”  His head going back, Suho dug his nails into Xiumin’s back.  Deep shudders ran through him as he tried to roll over again.

            “Look at you, yowling and fighting like a cat in heat,” Xiumin chided.  Working his fingers deeper as Suho’s asshole clenched and contracted, he nuzzled Suho’s cheek and kissed Suho’s ear.  “Come on, kitty.  Ssshhh, kitty-cat,” he whispered soothingly, kissing the corner of Suho’s mouth while Suho made choked, ecstatic sounds and rocked on his fingers.  “Hyung knows what feels good to you.”

            “Let me, ahhh, huuooouhh, oh, oh, hyung, let me roll over.”  Suho kissed him hungrily, nails scraping the back of his neck.

            “Roll over?” Xiumin repeated.  “Where’s the fun in that?  I like you like this, just like this.”  He tucked a third finger in among the first two, stretching Suho wider, and Suho cried out, a sharp, orgasmic noise that bounced off of the walls.

            “Ah, hyung, please,” Suho moaned, covering his face with his arm.  “If you want it, do it, please, now, just do it.”

            “Howling like a cat in heat,” Xiumin said again, chuckling.  It was amazing, how loud and insistent Suho got, how quick and demanding Suho’s body was, twitching and gyrating at every little thing.  “Keep it up, and someone’s going to hear it.”

            “I can’t, can’t, can’t help it, oh, ooohhhh.”  His nails scraped lightly up Xiumin’s biceps, and he mouthed Xiumin’s jaw, leaving wet kisses over Xiumin’s chin.  “Hyung, come on, do it, if you want it, take it.”

            “Eager little kitty,” Xiumin teased, kissing him.  “Okay, if you’re ready for it, put it in.”

            Immediately, Suho’s hand surrounded his erection.  It was such a fast, ready grab that he knew that Suho had been waiting for it, waiting for him to ask.  He was so turned on that he groaned, his cock pulsing in Suho’s grasp.  But Suho wasn’t wasting any time, and in seconds his cockhead was dipping into the slick entrance to Suho’s body, easing inside.  He grunted, pleasure lancing him in hot streaks, and as Suho’s hand dropped, he swiveled his hips, rocking forward and burying himself.

            Unh, so hot, “Yaaahhh,” so slick, “oouunnhhh,” closing around him, “oh!”  Suho’s breathless howls filled the room while Xiumin thrust quickly deeper and deeper.  He couldn’t believe how good it felt, how incredibly rewarding it was finally to be in there.  Now that he was in, he fucked Suho with fast, hard thrusts, rocking in and out with energy.  The lusty throbbing of his cock drove him on, filling him with wicked desires, and the more he gave, the more Suho wanted it, moaning and pulling on him and making him feel like the sexiest thing in the world.  He felt like it was urgently, fundamentally important that he fuck Suho right now, that he fuck Suho hard and well, that he get them both off.  His body craved it, and Suho was demanding it, and he was so caught up in Suho’s passion that he was thrusting feverishly and stroking Suho’s shaking body and saying inane things like, “That’s it, kitty-cat, feels so good, hyung knows, hyung will take care of it.”

            When he pulled out, he didn’t even have to waste his breath on words.  Without being told, Suho rolled over quick as lightning, knees spread, ass up.  Suho’s pert ass was so sexy, with that pouting little hole reddened and drenched with lube, that he couldn’t get back in there fast enough.  As he slid home, he moaned and Suho yowled joyfully, backing up into him with an eager bounce of that perky ass.

            “Yeah, that’s it,” he urged.  When he reached for a handful of Suho’s erection, the feel of that hard, silky cock made him moan.  “You ready to come?” he asked, jacking Suho with quick, tight pulls.  “Kitty want some milk?”

            “Yes, uuuhhh, that’s it.”  Suho lowered his head, rocking back against Xiumin’s fast, driving thrusts.  “Unnh, hyung, aaawwwrr, yes.”

            Hearing Suho so close, so ready for it, turned Xiumin on and made him even more eager to get off.  “Yeah, let’s do it, let’s come.  Show off for hyung, come on, put on a show.  Let me see that hose let loose, let me see it all.”

            “Ah, aahhh, hyung, oh, oh!”  Suho buried his face in his pillow, his muscles knotting and flexing as if he were fighting, straining.

            “Come on, pretty kitty-cat.”  Xiumin pinched his ass, making him jump, his hips shooting forward and then slamming back as if he were fucking himself hard on Xiumin’s cock.  Xiumin did it again and again, and he yowled each time, bucking helplessly, totally responsive, totally out of control.  “Love you like this,” Xiumin said admiringly, and pinched his ass hard, three times, quick and fierce.

            With a startled yelp, Suho jerked upward, his head snapping up.  His asshole clamped down around Xiumin’s erection with exquisite tightness, and he twisted, his hips rocking forward and back as he writhed, bucking and arching.  “Yaaahhh!  Oh, ooohhhhh, hyung, oh,” he panted.

            “Come on, pour hyung some milk,” Xiumin insisted, tugging on his erection with tight, quick pulls.  “I want to see all of it, I want to watch you soak this bed.  Come on, do it, get off, show it to me, give me what I came for.”

            “I, I, aahhh, ahhh, I’m so close,” Suho panted.  His face against his pillow, he made anguished, muffled noises as his hips drove back urgently against Xiumin’s thrusts.

            “Fuck, unh,” Xiumin gasped, blinking hard.  He couldn’t hold it anymore, it had to happen now.  Pleasure was rising too fast for him to keep it back, and his body was starting to give in to it, his hips rolling to their own rhythm.  “God, ah, shit.”  It was happening, he was coming, and he barely pulled out in time to watch his cum pool on the small of Suho’s back.  Gasping, he blinked again, feeling happy-woozy, laughing a little at the puddle he’d made.  “There you go,” he said, feeling good, good about himself, good about fucking Suho.  He ran his fingers through the pool, getting them nice and coated, and then he locked his arm around Suho’s chest, pulling Suho upward to sit back across his thighs.  “Come on, kitty,” he murmured, tapping his wet fingers against Suho’s lips.  “Drink your milk, that’s it, be a good kitty-cat.”

            “You, I, oh,” Suho moaned, sounding flustered, and then his tongue snaked around Xiumin’s finger, tasting the cum.  Laughing, Xiumin teased him, fingers pushing into his mouth and then withdrawing, dotting cum over his chin and nose before fucking his mouth again.

            “Get all of it, lap it all up, there’s a good kitty,” Xiumin crooned, lifting his fingers just out of Suho’s reach.

            “Unnnhhh, oh, oh.”  Suho lifted his head, chasing Xiumin’s fingers.  Catching them, he licked them in, relaxing with a low, purring moan, his head on Xiumin’s shoulder as he settled in, suckling steadily.  He was masturbating slowly, his hips jerking spasmodically, sounds of pure pleasure rising up from his throat as he sucked Xiumin’s fingers.  The even, wet suction was just the kind of sexy tease Xiumin liked, the perfect chaser to a satisfying orgasm.

            “You want to get off?” Xiumin asked, running his wet fingertips over Suho’s lips, making Suho’s tongue chase him.  “You want to get that pump flowing?”

            “Close, so close,” Suho moaned, his thick hair silky against Xiumin’s shoulder.

            “Yeah, almost there.”  Xiumin wrapped his hand around Suho’s, tightening their grips together.  Suho made a tense, mewling sound, and as their hands closed together, it happened.  White cum spurted in wild, thick streams.  It leapt into the air, cascading down to land in wet, creamy gobs all over the sheet.  There was so goddamned much of it, pulse after pulse, Xiumin wanted to applaud.

            “Oh…  Oh.”  Panting, Suho sounded exhausted.

            Now that Xiumin had started this game, he wanted to see more of it.  “Go ahead, kitty-cat,” he said, his hand on the back of Suho’s neck.  “Lap it up, lap it all up.  Show hyung what a good little kitty you are, let me see you drink your cream.”

            Suho resisted, his shoulders rising.  “Don’t tease me.”

            “I’m not mocking you, I’m telling you,” Xiumin said, right in his ear.  “Lick it up, Suho.  Pretty kitties who drink up all of their milk get rewards.”

            Suho groaned, rubbing at his face.  “Why are you like this?”

            Xiumin laughed, rubbing between Suho’s thighs.  “Why do you like it so much?”

            Writhing a little, still incredibly responsive, Suho gave him a hesitant look.  “What’s the reward?”

            Xiumin arched an eyebrow at him.  “Pretty kitties don’t ask questions.  Now, get down there.”  Again, Xiumin pushed his head down.  “You keep hyung happy, and hyung keeps you even happier, right?”

            With a conflicted sound, Suho leaned down.  The pink tip of his tongue touched a pool of cum, and Xiumin smiled, stroking his hair.  He was tentative at first, shy, but there was no denying the way he liked it.  “That’s it, good kitty, pretty kitty,” Xiumin crooned, and Suho moaned, cheeks red, chin wet, sucking up cum like it was a favorite treat, tongue greedily sweeping over the sheet in search of more.

            Xiumin came into Suho’s room and sat on the foot of the bed.  “How’s it going?”

            “Not bad.”  Suho set aside his tablet and smiled.  “You?”

            “Eh, not bad.”  Xiumin grinned at him, and he chuckled.  “Mind if I sleep in here tonight?  Lay’s holding porn auditions in my room or something, I don’t know.”

            Suho smiled at the joke.  “Sure.  It’s okay.”

            “Great.”  Getting up, Xiumin started to move around the room, closing the door, adjusting the lights.  “Don’t mind me, I don’t take up much space, you won’t even notice me.”

            “The bed’s not that big,” Suho said.  “I think I’ll notice.”

            Xiumin stripped down to his gray-striped boxer-briefs, then got into bed.  Fully dressed, Suho stretched out beside him.  Wrapping his arm around Suho for a moment, he just stayed there, being close.  He waited, and then Suho’s thumb whispered over his cheekbone.  If Suho was comfortable enough to touch him, to initiate it, then he could move on.  “Can you do me a favor?”

            “Favor?”  Suho blushed.  Xiumin had asked for this often enough that he had to know what was coming.

            “There’s that thing I like to do.  I really want to do it, but I can’t do it with Luhan, so.  Is it okay?”

            Suho was still pink.  “If.  If you want to.”  He looked kind of shy but also happy.

            “You don’t mind?” Xiumin asked, lightly stroking his hip.

            Suho smiled like he was confessing to something bad.  “I like it.”

            “I like that about you,” Xiumin said, kissing him.  Mmm, oh, god, the way Suho kissed.  “Like it so much.”

            They made out for a while, a long while, partly because Xiumin wanted to be sure that Suho was completely comfortable, partly because it just felt so good.  Finally, between the two of them, when they were both so turned on that they were rolling all over the bed, groaning and grinding against each other, Suho panting in Xiumin’s ears and licking his nipples, Xiumin groping him like there was a prize hidden in his shorts, they got Suho’s clothes off.  Xiumin nudged him onto his stomach, and when he shifted into position, raising his hips, Xiumin whispered, “That’s it, good kitty.”

            Suho shuddered like he’d struck a nerve, and Xiumin ran his hands over Suho’s perky ass, stroking the warm, soft skin.  Such a sexy ass.  When Xiumin thumbed open the cleft, Suho wriggled, making ragged, eager sounds.  So sensitive, so responsive, always.  “Love you like this,” Xiumin whispered, and kissed his little pink pucker.

            Suho’s responsiveness made every twitch and moan feel like encouragement, his writhing and groaning urging Xiumin on.  Xiumin made an enthusiastic feast of him, licking and sucking with abandon, gorging happily on his sweet flesh.  It was hard not to say anything about the way Suho was squirming all over the bed and grinding eagerly against Xiumin’s face and moaning like someone a breath away from coming, but Xiumin kept his mouth occupied with other things, too busy to talk.

            Eventually, Xiumin was so turned on that he had to commit to sex or he was just going to come in his underwear.  Raising his head, he caught his breath.  “God, you feel so good, I’m so hot right now.  Do you want it, can I give it to you?  Or do you just want to get off like this?”

            “Uuooohhh, hyung.”  Suho spread his thighs, raising his hips, making urgent little sounds into his pillow.  “Yes, please, give it to me.”

            “Yeah, okay.”  Having the go-ahead made him feel driven, efficient, and he moved fast, kicking his underwear off and opening the lube.  Suho rocked on his fingers like a horny fiend, and he got his cock in there so fast he felt dizzy with lust.  Pleasure tore him in all directions, and he made urgent, bestial sounds as he fucked Suho, rutting joyfully, the throbbing of his erection compelling him onward.  “Fantastic, fuck, you feel fantastic.”

            “Hhaaaahhh, hyung, oohhh.”  Muscles flexed down Suho’s back as he rocked, his hips gyrating.  He was so good-looking, so hot like this, his taut body bare and twitching, that Xiumin couldn’t get enough of him.  “Ahhh, Xiumin hyung, how can it be like this?”

            “Don’t come, don’t come,” Xiumin panted, driving into him.  So hot, so deep, yes, yes.  “Save it for me.”

            “Okay, ahhh, anything you want,” Suho promised.

            Xiumin was making an effort these days to be kind to Suho, to be careful.  No teasing, no pushing; he focused on pleasure, on whatever Suho was comfortable with.  Sometimes he slipped and said the wrong thing, but he knew that Suho felt better with him lately, could tell that Suho trusted him more.  While he fucked Suho tonight, he stroked Suho’s body and kissed the back of Suho’s neck and whispered nice things like, “Unh, incredible, this is so great,” and, “Fuck, I’m so hard, oh, love being with you like this.”  No matter how much all of Suho’s shuddering and pleading and writhing around turned him on, he didn’t comment on it.  He just let it happen, let Suho react, let it be.

            After he’d driven them both wild, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and he came.  He let loose deep inside Suho, and then he took a moment to catch his breath and feel fucking amazing all over.  God, sex with Suho was always so great, always made him come so hard.  He loved guys who got really into it, who got worked up, and Suho never let him down.

            As he lifted up, Suho rolled over.  Suho looked flushed and tousled, breathing hard, hair mussed.  Xiumin took one look at that stiff, red erection and smiled.  Damn, Suho was hard; it was a test of will not to tease him about it.  Settling between his thighs, Xiumin licked around the swollen knob of Suho’s cockhead, and Suho made a low, aching sound, shuddering and raising his legs.

            “That’s it, pretty kitty,” Xiumin murmured, and while Suho shivered again, whimpering, he swallowed Suho’s erection down to the root, burying his nose in Suho’s thick, black pubes.  He kept it slow but intense, sucking hard, putting effort into it.  He loved everything about it, from the heaviness of Suho’s erection filling his mouth to the silkiness of it sliding between his lips to the “ahh-ahh-ahh” sounds Suho made while not quite pulling his hair.  He wanted to get Suho off, but he wanted to make Suho feel good, too, wanted to take Suho as high as he could, and every new exhilarated gasp made him more enthusiastic in his work.

            Finally, with a soft, “Ah, hyung, ooohhh,” from Suho, the dam broke.  Suho’s cock erupted in his mouth, spurting thick jets of cum down the back of his throat, pouring heavy streams into his mouth, threatening to drown him.  Swallowing quickly, he expertly navigated the flood, sucking it all down with relish.  He loved Suho’s massive loads, loved how there was always so much of it.  Clearing his throat, he kissed Suho’s stomach and wiped his mouth with the back of one hand.

            Suho stroked his neck, and he leaned up, taking Suho’s mouth in a long, slow kiss.  He wrapped his arm around Suho, and Suho relaxed against him, and they slid together into an intimate embrace, kissing slowly, comfortably, enjoying each other.

            It felt good to be with Suho like this.  He felt like he was giving Suho something.  Taking care of Suho.  Sex was even better between them, these days.  Maybe because he paid more attention to Suho’s cues instead of only barreling ahead with what he wanted.  Maybe because the more considerate he was, the more Suho opened up to him.

            “Mmm.  Can I tell you something?”

            Suho looked really relaxed, like not a thing was on his mind, like there was no pressure weighing him down, like he wasn’t even a leader anymore, like he had nothing more important to do tomorrow than decide whether to get dressed or not.  “Hyung?”

            Loving him like this, Xiumin cupped his chin and stroked his lower lip.  Slowly, his lips parted and his lashes drifted down, like being caressed felt good and he was living on pure pleasure.  Amazed, not used to seeing him so comfortable in his own skin, Xiumin spoke softly, not wanting to disturb the moment.  “I love having sex with you.  I love making you feel good.  Sometimes I just watch you walk across the room and all I can think about is getting it again.”  His eyes were starting to open.  Not wanting him to become self-conscious, wanting to keep him like this, Xiumin brushed a light kiss over his lips and whispered, “Ssshh, sshhh, just listen, hyung’s talking.”  His eyes closed again, and Xiumin kissed the corner of his mouth.  “Sometimes.”  Xiumin caressed his lower lip again, watching him relax.  “Sometimes I really like that you’re so private, that you keep it all so secret, because I don’t know what you do in here with anyone else.  I don’t know what happens between you and the other members.  So I can pretend that you’re only like this with me, that I’m the only one you’re this way with, that I’m the only one who gets to see you like this.  I like that,” he whispered, stroking Suho’s neck.  “I like thinking that this is all just for me.  You’re my pretty kitty-cat, just mine.  All mine.”

            With a soft, aching sound, Suho hugged him.  Instead of being overcome with shame and turning away from him, Suho turned to him, clung to him.  When he ran his hand over Suho’s back, Suho held onto him.

            “It’s so nice,” Xiumin murmured, petting him.  “So nice like this.”

            “It might be nice.”  Suho’s voice was quiet, and he was still plastered to Xiumin’s chest.  “If it were just us.  If it were like that between us.”

            Xiumin kissed his cheek.

            Suho sounded hesitant.  “Do you think that the other members would mind?”

            Xiumin burst into laughter.

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