How to Win a Steak Dinner

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2010, Woollim Entertainment
Fan club: Inspirit
Name Real name Birth date Role
Sunggyu Kim Sunggyu April 28, 1989 leader, main vocal
Dongwoo Jang Dongwoo November 22, 1990 main rapper, lead dancer
Woohyun Nam Woohyun February 8, 1991 lead vocal
Hoya Lee Howon March 28, 1991 main dancer, lead rapper
Sungyeol Lee Sungyeol August 27, 1991 sub-vocal
L Kim Myungsoo March 13, 1992 visual, actor
Sungjong Lee Sungjong September 3, 1993 maknae
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Sungjong was in the kitchen with Hoya, washing the dishes, when Woohyun came in.  While his hyungs talked, he scrubbed some nasty, gooey tan gunk off of a plate and tried not to imagine what it had originally been.  When Woohyun started bragging about how well he’d manipulated Sunggyu again, Sungjong just rolled his eyes and kept scrubbing.

            “Our hyungs are too easy,” Hoya said.  “Dongwoo hyung will do anything I ask him to.”

            “Dongwoo hyung does anything anybody asks him,” Woohyun said.  “Sunggyu hyung listens to me more than anyone else.”

            Ugh.  Giving the gunky plate a disgusted look, Sungjong wondered when his hyungs would stop thinking so well of themselves.

            “What?” Woohyun asked, laughing.  “I saw that.”

            Quickly, Sungjong composed his face.  “Nothing.”  He hadn’t meant to get involved in this foolish conversation.  On the other hand, irritating Woohyun would at least be a break from the dishes.  He rinsed his hands and turned around.  “You always talk about how you can get Sunggyu hyung,” he glanced at Hoya, “and Dongwoo hyung to do anything.  But it’s not ‘anything.’  It’s little things.  Dongwoo hyung does things for you because he’s nice and he’s easygoing and he likes to help.  Sunggyu hyung trusts you and listens to you, but he’s not going to do anything big for you.  What’s getting away with small favors now and then?”

            “You think I couldn’t get Sunggyu hyung to do something big?” Woohyun asked.

            “There’s nothing Dongwoo hyung wouldn’t do, if he thought I really wanted it,” Hoya said.

            “What?” Sungjong asked.  “Not shave their heads.  Not buy you a car.  Not slap a PD.  You say that you can get them to do anything, but they don’t even give you head.”

            “Ew.”  Woohyun curled his lip in disgust.  “I’ve never been that desperate.”

            “Have you seen Dongwoo hyung’s teeth?” Hoya asked.  Looking uneasy, he put a protective hand over his crotch.

            Sungjong shrugged and went back to washing dishes.

            “I could get Sunggyu hyung to do that if I wanted him to,” Woohyun said.

            “I could get Dongwoo hyung to let me fuck him, if I wanted to,” Hoya said.

            “But they like you,” Sungjong said.  “Of course they’d do it for you.”

            “I could get Sunggyu hyung to give anybody head,” Woohyun said.  “Anybody.”

            “Could you get him to bottom?” Hoya asked.

            “Yes,” Woohyun said immediately.  Sungjong rolled his eyes.  “Really!  I could!”

            “For whom?” Hoya asked.  “I’ll bet you a steak dinner that you can’t even get him to do it for you.”

            “Yes,” Woohyun said.  “Yes, I’ll bet you a steak dinner that you can’t get Dongwoo hyung to bottom for you, either.”

            “That’s not even a challenge,” Hoya said.  “You’ll take me out for dinner tonight.”

            Sungjong sighed, scrubbing at a last few stubborn spots of gunk.  Sunggyu and Dongwoo had both claimed to be bi, and they’d both made vague references to guys they’d used to “mess around with” when they were younger, but he’d known them for years and, aside from the members, he’d only ever seen them with women.  If Dongwoo hadn’t even gone down on Hoya, he wasn’t likely to go down on anyone else, and…  Sungjong giggled, setting the plate down.

            “What?” Woohyun asked.

            “I was just thinking about Sunggyu hyung and Dongwoo hyung.”  He giggled again, gesturing.  “Together.”

            Hoya’s eyebrows went up, and he grinned.  “Now that is a challenge.”

            “Wouldn’t it be funny?” Sungjong asked.  He knew that his hyungs loved each other, but…sex?  There was nothing like that between them.  He couldn’t even picture it.  “Would Sunggyu hyung even get hard?  He’d have to bottom.”

            “Has Sunggyu hyung ever bottomed?” Hoya asked Woohyun.

            Woohyun’s expression was skeptical.  “He says he’s ‘tried it’ and didn’t like it.  Honestly, I don’t think he’s ever done it.”

            Hoya lifted his chin, giving Woohyun a challenging look.  “You couldn’t get him to do it for Dongwoo hyung.”

            “I could,” Woohyun said, but he was lying so desperately that Sungjong laughed.  “You couldn’t get Dongwoo hyung to bottom for Sunggyu hyung,” he tossed back.

            “I could.”  Hoya didn’t sound entirely confident.

            “It would look so funny,” Sungjong said.  “So awkward.”  He tried to picture them kissing.  It would be so cute and sweet and embarrassing.  It would be nice if they liked each other that way.  It would be good for them, really.

            “Has Dongwoo hyung ever bottomed?” Woohyun asked Hoya.

            Hoya nodded.  “He likes it.  He likes everything.  You know how horny he is, he’d get off on the side of a building.”

            Sungjong sighed, turning back to the dishes.  If their hyungs knew how they talked behind their backs…

            “Steak dinner,” Woohyun said.  “If you get him to bottom for Sunggyu hyung.”

            “Two steak dinners,” Hoya said.  “If you get Sunggyu hyung to bottom for Dongwoo hyung.”

            “Done,” Woohyun said.

            Suspicion prickled at the nape of Sungjong’s neck and he turned around again, looking at them very carefully.  Did they genuinely intend to do this?  “You’re not serious.”

            “What?” Hoya asked.  “Why not?”

            “I’m serious,” Woohyun said.  “I want steak!”

            Oh, come on!  “You can’t play with them like this!” Sungjong objected.

            “Why not?” Hoya repeated.

            “They’re our hyungs!  It’s not right.”

            “It’s about time Sunggyu hyung got laid,” Woohyun said.  “The more relaxed he is, the better for us.”

            “What if their feelings get hurt?”

            Woohyun snorted.  “How many times has Sunggyu hyung hurt your feelings?  Don’t worry about his.”

            “I don’t like it,” Sungjong said.

            Hoya narrowed his eyes.  “You’re going to tell on us?”

            “Whoever loses will buy you a steak dinner, too,” Woohyun said.  “Okay?”

            “We’ll be nice to you for a week,” Hoya said.

            “Three days,” Woohyun said.

            “A week!” Sungjong insisted.  “And make sure that Dongwoo hyung’s feelings don’t get hurt.”

            Woohyun grinned.  “What about Sunggyu hyung’s feelings?”

            Sungjong tossed his head and turned to the sink again.  “I want my steak.”

            Their manager had pulled Sunggyu aside.  Waiting for practice to start again, Dongwoo sat with his legs spread, leaning forward.

            Squatting down behind him, Hoya pushed on his back, pressing his chest toward the floor.  Laughing, moaning, Dongwoo felt the stretch in his legs.  “Ah!  No, no, ah.”

            Hoya relented slightly, letting him relax.  He rested his elbows on the floor, propping his chin on his hands.  “It’s hard for him,” Hoya said.

            Him?  “Who?” Dongwoo asked, glancing around the room.

            “Leader Gyu.  So much responsibility.  He has to deal with that all of the time.”

            Dongwoo’s gaze slid over to their manager.  Sunggyu had his arms across his chest, his head down.  He was nodding but not saying anything back.  Ugh.  Feeling a pang of empathy, Dongwoo winced.  “He handles a lot.”

            “There should be something you can do for him.  To support him.  Make him feel better.”

            Yeah, there - - wait, “Me?  Why me?”

            “You’re the oldest, aren’t you?  Isn’t it your responsibility to take care of him?”

            “I…  I don’t know,” Dongwoo said honestly.  “Is it?”  He appreciated everything that Sunggyu did for them, and he knew how much Sunggyu dealt with, but wasn’t it every member’s responsibility to be grateful and obedient?  To be a good member and not make things harder?

            “Doesn’t every group have a mother and a father?  You’re the mother.  You should look after him.”

            “How?” Dongwoo asked, mystified.  “Cook him dinner?”

            “Keep him comfortable,” Hoya said.  Applying pressure again, pushing forward, Hoya whispered, “You know what wives do for their husbands.”

            Gasping, laughing, Dongwoo twisted around, grabbing at Hoya.  “You!  What?!”

            Jogging away, light and quick, Hoya laughed at him from the far side of the room.

            “Not my parents!” Dongwoo called.

            Coming back into the dorm, Woohyun made a big show of being sated and relaxed, stretching out on his blankets with a big, satisfied grin.

            Sunggyu rolled his eyes, reaching over from his own blankets to push at Woohyun’s shoulder.  “How’s Key?”

            “Mmm.  Never better.”  With a long, happy sigh, Woohyun rolled onto his stomach.  “Ah.  I’ve been so tense all week but, mmm.  There’s nothing like a good, deep fuck to make it all better.”

            “Ah, don’t talk about that,” Sunggyu said, ruffling his own hair and squirming a little.  “You know I haven’t had any.”

            “Why not?  You can get laid whenever you want it.  What are you waiting for?”

            “Whenever I want?” Sunggyu repeated.  “Where?”

            “You have six loyal members, don’t you?  Isn’t it the leader’s privilege?”

            Sunggyu grimaced.  “It’s not like that.  Don’t be weird.”

            “All of the members would do it if you asked.  You know that.”  Woohyun rolled onto his back and laced his fingers behind his head.  “If you really want to feel good, though, you’d have to bottom.”

            Sunggyu sat up, eyes closed, mouth open.  “What?”

            “That’s why you’re so tense.  You haven’t really relaxed.  Even when you do have sex - - and when is that?  Never? - - you’re doing all of the work.  You should just lay there and let it feel good.  Like a massage, but so much more intense.”

            “I’ve done that,” Sunggyu said.  “It is not like a massage.”

            Woohyun chuckled.  “You should do it with someone experienced, so the bottom boys are out.  Hoya’s experienced, but you know how his boyfriend feels about sharing him.  I could do it, but I don’t want you.”

            “Ya!  What about loyal members?  Leader’s privilege!”

            Woohyun raised his eyebrows and looked over.  “Do you want me to fuck you?”

            Sunggyu met his gaze frankly, grinning.  “No.”

            “Good.”  He reached out, pulling Sunggyu over, and Sunggyu lay down against him, head on his shoulder.  His arm around Sunggyu’s shoulders, he said, “Not the bottom boys, not me, not Hoya.  You should ask Dongwoo hyung to fuck you.”

            “What?”  Sunggyu burst into laughter, shaking against his side.

            “You really need a good boning,” Woohyun said.  “He knows what he’s doing.”

            “I can’t - - Jang Dongwoo?”  Sunggyu was still laughing.  “It would be so awful!  He’s my dongsaeng!”

            “L’s your dongsaeng, and you’ve fucked him,” Woohyun pointed out.

            “Oh, L’s pretty,” Sunggyu said immediately.

            “Dongwoo has a better body.  And more experience.  If you’ll have sex with one member, why not another?”

            “It’s not like that with Dongwoo!  There’s never been anything between us.  I don’t see him like that.”

            “No?  Why not?  Haven’t you seen him dance?”

            “I see him dance every day!”

            “Haven’t you seen how he moves?  The way he rolls his hips?  Imagine how fantastic that would feel inside your ass.”

            Sunggyu pushed himself up, staring into Woohyun’s face.  “Do you want to have sex with Dongwoo?”

            “No!”  Laughing, he tugged Sunggyu down again, pushing Sunggyu’s head to his shoulder.  “Just think about it.”

            There was a lengthy moment of silence.  Apparently Sunggyu was thinking.  Woohyun waited for steam to come out of his ears, or to hear a slow, clunking, chugging sound as Sunggyu’s thoughts turned over.  Eventually, Sunggyu said, “I should fuck L again.”

            “You don’t need L!  Listen to me.”  Rolling onto his side, he cupped Sunggyu’s face in one hand, looking right into Sunggyu’s eyes.  “Trust me.  You need to be fucked.  You will feel so, so much better once you’ve been plowed.  Ask Dongwoo to do it.  You won’t even have to leave the dorm.”

            Sunggyu looked confused and uncertain.

            Ugh, this hyung.  “I’ll talk to Dongwoo for you.”

            Sunggyu’s eyes widened comically.  “To say what?!  Don’t talk to him!”

            “Then you’d better ask him yourself,” Woohyun said.

            Sunggyu gave him a suspicious, worried look.

            L was in the shower when Dongwoo came into the bathroom.  Closing the door, Dongwoo stripped and joined him under the spray.  He handed over the soap and Dongwoo asked, in a low voice, “What was it like when you had sex with Sunggyu hyung?”

            It was such an unexpected question that L laughed.  “It was nice.”

            “You liked it?”

            “Yeah.  It was good.”  Tipping his head back, L rinsed off.  “Why?”

            “I don’t know,” Dongwoo said, looking embarrassed.  “Didn’t it hurt?”

            Puzzled, L stepped out of the spray, shaking out his hair.  “Why would it hurt?”

            Dongwoo held his thumb and forefinger apart.

            Oh.  Laughing, L palmed Dongwoo’s cock.  “It felt fantastic.”  He grinned and let go as Dongwoo yelped and doubled over.  “Why?  Do you want it?”

            “No!”  Dongwoo was blushing fiercely now and crossing his arms modestly over his chest as if to protect himself from L’s sex-hungry ways.  “I just wondered.”

            Grinning, L shrugged.  “It was good.  You should try it.”

            When L left the shower, he thought that would be the end of it.  But twenty minutes later he was in the kitchen, checking cereal boxes, when Sunggyu came in and put an arm around him and asked, “Dongwoo’s fucked you, right?”

            Raising his eyebrows, L looked around.  What were his hyungs up to?  “Yes.”

            Sunggyu nodded, looking worried.  “How was it?”

            L had no idea what was going on.  He tried not to laugh.  “I liked it.”  Should he give more details?  He didn’t know whether he wanted to help them or not.  They were so cute when they were anxious and flustered like this.

            “Didn’t it hurt?”

            What was with these hyungs?  “Why would it hurt?”

            “Does he know what he’s doing?”

            L nodded, then smiled.  “Do you want to know if he was better than you?”

            Sunggyu looked offended.  “He was better than me?!”

            “That’s not what I said,” L said, and walked away.

            “Ya!  Myungsoo!” Sunggyu shouted after him.  “Was he better than me?  I was better, right?!”

            Sungyeol was sitting in the dressing room, between Woohyun and Hoya on the couch in the far corner, when L came over and squatted in front of him and asked, “Are we playing a prank on Sunggyu hyung and Dongwoo hyung?”

            “What?” Woohyun asked.

            “What prank?” Sungyeol asked, immediately wanting to be a part of it.

            Woohyun and Hoya tried to deny it, but then L told them what the hyungs had been asking about, and Sungyeol knew that something was up.  Since when did those two guys care about each other’s sex life?  Sungyeol had gone down on both of them in the same day and they’d never said a word about it, but suddenly they were full of questions?

            Eventually, Woohyun and Hoya explained everything, and Sungyeol thought that it was the funniest joke he’d ever heard.  Sunggyu and Dongwoo!  He couldn’t think of anything more unlikely or awkward.  It was weird, how some of the members had sex with each other so casually and some of them never looked at each other twice.  Sungyeol had given all of the members head at least once - - it was just a blowjob, it was just for fun - - but he’d never actually had sex with any of them.  Sunggyu and Woohyun had made out once, but they’d never done anything else; they said that it was weird, that they’d rather just be friends.  Dongwoo had asked every one of the members if they wanted to have sex with him, once.  The ones who’d said yes, he’d had sex with; the ones who’d said no, he’d never asked again.  It really didn’t seem to bother him; he’d taken the no as well as he’d taken the yes.  Sunggyu had been a “no,” and as far as Sungyeol could tell, the idea of having sex with Sunggyu had never crossed Dongwoo’s mind since.  They were so nonsexual with each other, the idea of them passionately humping each other was hilarious.

            “I want to help,” Sungyeol said.

            “I want steak,” L said.

            After making them promise not to spoil things by being too obvious, Woohyun and Hoya agreed to let them play, too.  Sungyeol rubbed his hands together gleefully; this was going to be fun.

            Dongwoo was brushing his teeth when he heard a voice in his ear.  “That is such a handsome cock.”  Startled, he stabbed the roof of his mouth with his toothbrush.  Coughing, he spat toothpaste into the sink and turned to Sungyeol.  “What?”

            Instead of replying, Sungyeol just stared past him to the other side of the bathroom.

            Where Sunggyu was showering.

            Dongwoo told himself not to look.  Not to look.  Not to look.  Not to - - god, that was a gorgeous cock.  Squeezing his eyes shut, he shook his head and stepped on Sungyeol’s foot and went back to brushing his teeth.

            “Don’t you think so?” Sungyeol whispered.  His hands were on either side of Dongwoo’s waist, massaging.  “I’ve given him head, and it’s.  Oh.”  He made a really lewd, wet sound right in Dongwoo’s ear, and Dongwoo turned to stare at him in baffled shock.  Sungyeol kept right on staring at Sunggyu.  At Sunggyu’s cock.  “I wonder what it’s like when he fucks.  When he’s on top of you, burying it in you.”  He licked his lips, his hands sliding forward, over Dongwoo’s hipbone.  “I wonder what kinds of sounds he makes.”

            “It’s.”  Dongwoo was having so much trouble concentrating with Sungyeol’s hands so close to his crotch.  “He’s our leader.  Why would you…”

            Sungyeol grunted with pleasure and lightly, fleetingly cupped Dongwoo’s hard-on before backing away with a grin.  “With a cock like that, does it matter who he is?”

            Yes!  Yes, it mattered.  As Sungyeol left the bathroom, Dongwoo tried to focus on his teeth.  He shook himself, trying to work loose the hormones Sungyeol had stirred up.  He couldn’t think about his leader that way.  Well, he might have, under other circumstances, but Sunggyu wasn’t interested in him sexually.

            Dongwoo knew how he was.  With any little hint of encouragement, he was all over people.  His fondness for people and his sexual enthusiasm tended to overlap.  With people who were attracted to him back, it was great.  With people who weren’t, they got tired of it, quickly.  Infinite and the friendships between the members mattered so much, he’d wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable, so he’d figured out right away - - he’d asked them directly - - who was interested in sex with him and who wasn’t.  With Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong, he let go.  With Hoya, he flirted.  With Woohyun and Sunggyu, he turned off that side of his brain.  It was just friendship.  Nothing sexual.  He didn’t look at them that way, he didn’t think of them that way, he kept it all strictly platonic.  He was fine with it; they were great members, great friends.  He loved them and he was proud of them and he was glad to be in Infinite with them every day.

            It irritated him that Sungyeol would drool over Sunggyu’s cock like that, right in his ear.  Now he was having thoughts about it, and he didn’t want to have thoughts about it!  Sunggyu’s sexual behavior had nothing to do with him, so he had nothing to do with it.  He’d trained his brain to think of Sunggyu as “our leader.”  Now his mind was also throwing in things like “such a handsome cock” and “when he’s on top of you, burying it in you” and “I wonder what it’s like when he fucks.”

            Groaning, Dongwoo stabbed himself in the forehead with the handle of his toothbrush a few times, trying to drive those thoughts out.

            “Dongwoo.  You okay?” Sunggyu asked, turning off the water.

            Don’t look don’t look don’t look don’t look please don’t look.

            Sunggyu’s left hand curved around the shower rod, sliding along the pole, the ring of his fingers riding the length of it as he pushed the curtain aside.  His right hand slid back through his hair, his head tilting back with the motion, water beading along the line of his jaw and the column of his throat.  His naked body was firm and smooth, the dusky rose color of his nipples and the black tuft of his pubic hair a fascinating erotic contrast to the paleness of his skin.  His hips were canted forward, one knee bent, and-

            “Oh,” Dongwoo said, and left the bathroom, toothbrush and all.

            Sunggyu was about to get up and start practice when L sat on his knee.  “I like watching them dance.”

            Hoya and Dongwoo had already started practice on their own, dancing together off to one side while everyone else stretched and procrastinated.  Sunggyu was so used to their talent that he tended to take it for granted, but they were amazing dancers.  L was right; it was nice to sit and watch them, not to analyze or critique the choreography, just to enjoy their skill.  “We have talented members,” Sunggyu admitted.

            “Dongwoo hyung!” L called.  “This place is a paradise only if you’re here!  A paradise that has locked you in against your will!”

            Immediately recognizing the lyrics, Dongwoo grinned and started the choreography.

            L leaned back against Sunggyu’s chest, his weight familiar and comfortable, his hand rubbing lazily along Sunggyu’s thigh.  Smiling, Sunggyu wrapped both arms around him, watching Hoya and Dongwoo dance.

            “I like the way Dongwoo hyung thrusts,” L said.  “Pop!  Pop!  Pop!  Isn’t it a little embarrassing that he does it onstage in front of children and grandmothers?  It’s too obvious that he’s a terrific lay.  Our dance should be nineteen-plus.”

            Sunggyu grinned, squeezing L more tightly.  “Is that what you say when you watch me do it?”

            Laughing, L squirmed against him.  “I wonder what that old man’s doing trying to break his hip onstage.”

            “Ya!”  Sunggyu wrestled L down, dumping him onto the floor.  “You rude kid!”

            “Dongwoo hyung,” Sungyeol called, seated against the wall.  “Sexy dance, sexy dance.  Body wave.”

            Laughing, Dongwoo rolled his hips, the motion rippling through his body.

            “Down, down!” Sungyeol called, clapping.

            Dongwoo turned his face away, laughing like he was ashamed for a moment, but his body kept rolling, and he started to ease downward.  Watching him undulate over and over again, Sunggyu gazed at his ass, hypnotized.  The rhythm of it was entrancing.  He had such amazing command of his own muscles, his movements were fluid.  Sensual.  Erotic.  Damn, his girlfriends were lucky women.

            Hoya said something, and Dongwoo braced his hands against the floor, horizontal now, undulating and thrusting, humping the floor to that same potent rhythm.  It was brazenly sexual, and it was a searing reminder that the goofy dongsaeng Sunggyu was around every day was also a sexually experienced and passionate man.

            And then, because he was Dongwoo, he collapsed against the floor, laughing and rolling away in embarrassment.

            Amused, adoring him, Sunggyu got up.  “Okay, kids.  Let’s start.”

            Sungyeol pulled L aside during a break in practice, handing him a bottle of water.  “We haven’t taken sides, right?  We get steak no matter who wins.”

            L nodded.

            “Let’s work together.  As long as they’re both so riled up and horny they screw, it doesn’t matter who gives it and who gets it.  Let Woohyun and Hoya worry about that.”

            Grinning, L nodded again.  “What should we do?”

            “It’s no good if they get turned on and can just walk away from each other, is it?”

            Sunggyu looked up as Sungyeol and Sungjong carried his blankets out of his room.  “Why?  What are you doing?”

            “What?” Sungyeol asked.  “Didn’t the manager tell you?”

            “L has to switch rooms,” Sungjong said.

            “That’s my stuff!” Sunggyu protested.

            “He’s staying with Woohyun so they can practice lines,” Sungyeol explained.

            What?  “With Woohyun?  Why?”  Getting up, Sunggyu tried to wrestle his blankets from them.  “Put it back!”

            “I’m sorry, hyung,” L said, coming out of his own room with his own blankets.  “It’s only temporary.”

            “Yeah, what’s the problem?” Sungyeol asked.  “Are you worried that you’ll miss your Woohyun?”

            “Come on, hyung,” Sungjong said, pulling the blankets from his hands.  “Our manager already decided.”

            “Why do I have to move?” Sunggyu demanded.

            “Do you want Woohyun to move?” Sungyeol asked.

            He didn’t want anyone to move.  But, “Yeah.  Don’t move me, move him.”

            “Okay,” L said.

            Feeling uneasy, Sunggyu sat down again as the kids carried blankets back and forth.  He’d always roomed with Woohyun.  Their friendship had been cemented over the hours they’d stayed up talking.  He’d rather room with Woohyun than anyone else.  But Dongwoo wouldn’t be a bad roommate, right?  It wouldn’t be the same - - they wouldn’t stay up and talk - - but at least Dongwoo slept so hard, Sunggyu wouldn’t be annoyed by a lot of getting up and moving around.

            The only real drawback to rooming with Dongwoo was the constant masturbation.  Sunggyu would just make him go and do it in the bathroom instead.

            Dongwoo didn’t really care where he slept.  It might be nice having a new roommate for a while.  L was away a lot, busy with other schedules and going to Japan, and Dongwoo got lonely being the only one in the room at night.

            Dongwoo had gotten used to falling asleep looking at L, but Sunggyu was handsome, too, and it might be nice to look at a different face for a while.

            The only real problem was that he also tended to look at L while he was masturbating, and he couldn’t do that with Sunggyu.  He’d just have to do it while Sunggyu was out of the room or while Sunggyu was asleep.

            That night he accidentally fell asleep, himself, on the floor in the front room with his head in Hoya’s lap.  When he woke up, everyone else was gone and Hoya was rolling him across the floor toward Sunggyu’s room.  “Sleep,” Hoya said, giving him one last push.

            Sunggyu was already asleep, on his stomach with his face turned toward the wall.  Dongwoo tried to be quiet, turning off the light, settling in.

            The first orgasm came easily.  Wiping his hand on his underpants, breathing deeply, Dongwoo felt good, sort of satisfied and agreeable.  Should he go for another one or try to sleep?

            Sunggyu coughed and rolled over, facing the room now.

            Interested, Dongwoo sat up.  He always liked watching L sleep, and he enjoyed watching Hoya sleep when they roomed together in hotels.  On his stomach, he slithered across the space between their pallets.  Propping his chin in his hands, he peered into Sunggyu’s face.

            Mmm.  He liked Sunggyu’s smooth, pale cheeks.  Tilting his head to one side, he squinted in the darkness, admiring the long, downward cast of Sunggyu’s lashes.  So pretty.  His gaze ran admiringly down the long, straight line of Sunggyu’s nose, so cute and round at the tip.  He wanted to touch the smooth oval of Sunggyu’s jaw and brush aside Sunggyu’s bangs.  “Ya, Sunggyu,” he whispered, speaking informally.  “Are you asleep?”  There was no response.  He grinned and lightly, lightly, lightly tapped the tip of his finger against Sunggyu’s relaxed lower lip.

            Sunggyu stirred.  Inhaling quickly, Dongwoo slid back, flattening himself against the floor, watching.  Sunggyu’s tongue came out; he licked his lips and subsided, submerged in sleep again.

            Relaxing, Dongwoo smiled and moved in again.  He loved his leader, but Sunggyu was sort of…temperamental?  Playful and arrogant and affectionate and distant and strict.  It was hard to know, sometimes, which Sunggyu was going to react.  It always kept things interesting.  He might tap Sunggyu’s nose and be tapped back, or earn a laugh, or get the Leader Stare, or have his face pushed playfully but firmly against the nearest flat surface until Sunggyu decided that he’d been punished enough for his mistake.  It was always a gamble he was willing to take, but he found this version of Sunggyu interesting, too.  Quiet and handsome, temporarily harmless, but it was like teasing a sleeping tiger.  If he teased too much, Sunggyu might wake up and snarl.  Or might wake up and give him that happy, head-back, all-teeth laugh.  Or, since it was Sunggyu, might wake up and squint at him and look confused and bleary and blank, and then try to go back to sleep.

            Starting to feel sleepy, himself, Dongwoo yawned.  “Good night, our leader,” he said, and saluted.  Slithering backward, he returned to his blankets, jacked off again, and went to sleep.

            “Hyung.  Hyung.  Hyung, get up.”  Sungjong was patting at his shoulder, shaking him lightly.  “It’s time to get up.  We have an interview.”

            Squinting, Sunggyu felt the familiar sensation of incredulity.  It couldn’t possibly be time to get up yet.  Hadn’t he just closed his eyes?

            “Get up,” Sungjong repeated.  “Wake up Dongwoo hyung, I couldn’t do it.”

            Sunggyu watched Sungjong leave the room.  He could hear the other members moving around, stumbling into things and grumbling.  He rubbed his eyes, sat up, scratched his head, and felt only marginally more awake.  His gaze fell on the pallet beside his own.  Something was different.  Oh, right.  He had a new roommate.

            Dongwoo was on his stomach, unmoving, his red tank top halfway up his back.  Crawling over, Sunggyu sat down beside him and rubbed his exposed lower back.  His skin was wonderfully smooth, like satin, and Sunggyu could feel the corded muscle beneath.  “Dongwoo-ah.”  He ran his hand across to Dongwoo’s side and squeezed.  “Dongwoo-ah.  Get up.”

            Dongwoo was about as responsive as if Sunggyu had been trying to rouse the floor he slept on.

            Sighing, Sunggyu moved onto his knees and pushed.

            With one firm shove, Dongwoo rolled over, flopping onto his back.  Loose-limbed, he ended up in a boneless sprawl, his tank top twisted up to reveal one tight pink nipple, his lean body exposed, his-

            “Ah, Jang Dongwoo!”  Bursting into laughter, Sunggyu spun, turning his back, landing on his butt.  Aish!  This horny dongsaeng!  Was it going to be like this every morning?  Looking over his shoulder, Sunggyu got another glimpse of it and fell into laughter again.

            Dongwoo’s cock was a long, rigid protrusion, straining boldly against his teal underpants.  Turning around, Sunggyu tried not to look at it.  “Dongwoo-ah.  Get up, get up, you lazy fool.”

            A crease appeared between Dongwoo’s eyebrows.  He sniffed.

            “Dongwoo, get up,” Sunggyu insisted.  He tried speaking sternly.  “Jang Dongwoo!  Get up!  Now!”

            Dongwoo shifted, a subtle ripple twisting through his hips.

            “You’re never going to wake him like that,” Sungyeol said from the doorway.  Stepping forward, he leaned over Dongwoo, wrapped his hand right around the jutting shaft of Dongwoo’s erection, and gave a quick tug.  “Get up!”

            “Ah!”  Eyes flying open, Dongwoo gasped, up on his elbows.  Blinking, he stared at Sungyeol.

            “Like that,” Sungyeol told Sunggyu, and left.

            Bursting into laughter, Sunggyu dropped his head to Dongwoo’s shoulder.  It was firm, Dongwoo’s body warm, his skin smooth, the muscles in his arm flexed.

            “Oh,” Dongwoo said.  He sounded so out of it, Sunggyu laughed harder.  “Is it morning?”

            Passing L in the doorway, Sungyeol grabbed his elbow and pulled him back.  “Don’t you wake up Dongwoo hyung by pulling on his cock?”

            “No,” L said, laughing.  “What?”

            “You’ve done it at least once, right?”

            “A few times, yeah.”  L smiled, gesturing.  “It’s right there, why not?”

            “Pretend you do it all of the time.”

            L glanced toward Sunggyu’s door and nodded.  “Okay.”

            At the salon, Sunggyu found his favorite chair in a quiet corner and waited there with his eyes closed.  He was somewhere between sleep and wakefulness when Woohyun sat down beside him, jostling his arm.  “How was your first night with the new roommate?”

            “Okay.”  Sunggyu opened his eyes and grinned at Woohyun.  “Did you miss me?”

            “No.  How was the…”  Woohyun glanced around, then gave Sunggyu the knowing, pouty look he always gave when he was talking about sex.

            “What?”  Laughing, Sunggyu pinched him.  “Why?”

            Woohyun actually looked surprised.  “You didn’t?”

            “No!  Why?  No!”

            “I thought you were going to.  Didn’t we talk about it?”

            “I never agreed to do it!”

            “You need it,” Woohyun said.

            “Your turn,” Hoya told Woohyun, coming over to their chairs.

            “Ah.”  Woohyun got up, then hesitated, face to face with Hoya.  “Don’t.”

            “I won’t,” Hoya said, putting his hands up.

            Woohyun gave him a narrow look, then walked away.

            As Hoya sat down, Sunggyu elbowed him.  “What was that about?”

            “I don’t know,” Hoya said.  “He’s always full of shit.”  Hoya gave him a blandly speculative glance.  “You all right?”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “You?”

            Hoya nodded.  “Gotten laid lately?”

            What was all of this interest in his sex life?  Did he need it that badly?  Was it that obvious?  It had been a while - - a long while - - but he hadn’t realized that everyone could tell.  “Sure.”

            Hoya nodded and stretched his legs out.  “It’s good that you don’t have a steady girlfriend.  It’s good to get some variety, right?  Someone new.”

            Sunggyu chuckled.  “You’ve been with the same guy for eight months.”

            “I miss it,” Hoya said.  “I miss seeing a new, cute ass.  Don’t you like giving it to someone you’ve never had before?”

            “Yeah,” he admitted.  Although at the moment, someone he’d already had sounded good, too.  Suddenly, he keenly felt exactly how long it had been since he’d last done anything.  Maybe he should call - - no, she was dating some new guy, wasn’t she?  He could try - - no, that was just asking for trouble.  Maybe he should just try one of the members until he found a better, long-term solution.

            “Ah, Kim Sunggyu!”  Dongwoo strolled over to them.  Sunggyu smiled at the sight of him.  It was always funny how different the members looked before and after the salon.  Personally, Sunggyu thought that he looked almost exactly the same most of the time, just with more or less eyeliner.  But it was cute how Dongwoo transformed from his fun, soft-hearted dongsaeng to a sexy, glamorous idol.  So exotic, all pouty lips and high cheekbones.  “She’s ready for you.”

            “What do you think?” Hoya asked, nudging Sunggyu.  “Our Dongwoo looks okay.”

            “Pretty like a flower,” Sunggyu said.

            Cocking his hip, Dongwoo gave them a dramatic look, sucking his cheeks in and smoldering into the distance.  Then he doubled over, laughing at himself, and pulled on Sunggyu’s hand.  “They’re waiting.”

            Tightening his fingers around Dongwoo’s hand, Sunggyu tugged, and Dongwoo stumbled a step forward, landing right in his lap.  His eyes looked fantastic and his mouth was mesmerizingly pink and glossy.  “Have you been working hard?”

            “Yes,” Dongwoo said, nodding.

            “Will you give a good interview today?”

            “I hope so,” he said with a quick, nervous laugh.  Then he straightened his shoulders and gave Sunggyu a solemn look.  “Yes.  I’ll do my best.”

            Attracted to the strong line of his jaw and the complicated spike of his earring, Sunggyu nipped at him, teeth catching lightly at his neck.  Immediately returning the gesture, Dongwoo bit lightly at Sunggyu’s neck.  Sunggyu liked the play enough not to want to discourage it, but couldn’t allow that kind of behavior to go without a response, so he put his hand on Dongwoo’s throat and lightly squeezed.

            Immediately submitting, Dongwoo made a surprised, caught sound and went quiet.  Tilting back as Sunggyu pushed, he controlled his fall until his back met the floor.  Squatting over him, Sunggyu waited.


            Sunggyu’s hand squeezed once, lightly.

            Dongwoo shut up again.

            Satisfied, Sunggyu tickled his chin and got up, walking away.  Time for the stylist.

            While Dongwoo got up, took Sunggyu’s vacated chair, and started talking, Woohyun sighed, watching from his seat across the salon.  Dongwoo was never going to be the aggressor between the two of them.  He’d respond to Sunggyu and do whatever Sunggyu asked, but he wasn’t going to push his own sexual agenda.

            To get Dongwoo to fuck Sunggyu wouldn’t mean getting Dongwoo to want it as much as getting Sunggyu to ask for it.  He’d been pushing the idea, but Sunggyu still wasn’t really buying it.

            Getting Sunggyu to want Dongwoo was only part of it.  If Sunggyu wanted Dongwoo and then fucked Dongwoo, Hoya would win.  He had to get Sunggyu to want Dongwoo in a very specific way.

            Woohyun had to find the answer.  More than a good dinner was on the line.  His pride was at stake.

            They had a late dinner on the floor of the practice room.  On Dongwoo’s left, L kept shifting and stretching and flopping around and nudging Dongwoo over, until he ended up thigh to thigh with Sunggyu.  Remembering what Hoya had said about taking care of their leader, he fed Sunggyu a few bites.

            “Blowjob,” Sungyeol said suddenly.  “Better to give or receive?”

            “Receive,” L said.

            “Give,” Sungjong said.  “No, receive.”

            “Receive,” Sunggyu, Hoya, and Woohyun said.

            “Either,” Dongwoo said, and smiled.  “I’m not picky.”

            “Anal,” L said.  “Better to give or receive?”

            “Receive,” Woohyun and Hoya said.  Dongwoo frowned.  Since when…?

            “Receive,” Sungjong said.

            “Give,” Sungyeol said.

            “Give,” Sunggyu said.

            Dongwoo laughed.  “Either.”

            “I think people get stuck in their habits,” Woohyun said, reaching for a bowl.  “The same kind of sex, the same positions, over and over again.”

            “Variety is good,” L agreed.

            “If you know what you like, why change it?” Sunggyu asked.

            “How do you know what you like or not, if you don’t try it?” Woohyun asked.  “If you’ve never had anal-”

            “I’ve had it,” Sunggyu objected.  “I told you about it.”

            “A lot of people don’t like it,” Dongwoo said.

            “More for you,” Hoya told him, grinning.

            “I don’t think you’ve done it,” Woohyun said.

            “What?”  Sunggyu’s jaw dropped.  “Me?”

            “I don’t believe you,” Woohyun said.

            “I do,” Hoya said, looking up from his plate.  “Sunggyu hyung doesn’t have anything to prove.”

            “Yes, he does,” Woohyun said.  “He’s never done it, and he shouldn’t talk about it until he’s tried it.”

            “I’ve done it!” Sunggyu exclaimed.  “How do you know what I’ve done?”

            Sungjong made an irritated noise.  “Does it matter?  It doesn’t matter.”

            “Why don’t you believe me?” Sunggyu demanded.

            “Why does it bother you so much?” Woohyun asked.

            “You’re embarrassing yourself,” Hoya told Woohyun.

            “It really doesn’t matter,” Dongwoo said, hoping to smooth things over.  “It’s just sex.  It’s just fun, right?”

            “You believe me,” Sunggyu told him.

            “Sure.”  He nodded.  It didn’t make a difference either way, but he didn’t think Sunggyu was lying.

            “Aw, cute,” L said, touching Dongwoo’s cheek.  “So faithful to our leader.”

            “I think you trust Sunggyu more than any of us,” Sungyeol said.

            “Why wouldn’t I trust him?” Dongwoo asked, chewing.

            “He’s full of himself,” Sungyeol said.

            “He abuses his authority,” Sungjong said.

            “He lies to get what he wants,” Woohyun said.

            “Ya!”  Sunggyu started throwing napkins at them.  “An extra hour of practice!”

            “See?” L asked as Hoya pelted Sunggyu with napkins in return and Sungjong squealed, trying to protect his dinner.  “Abusing your authority!”

            “That’s-”  Dongwoo cut himself off, ducking two napkins and an empty water bottle.  “Aish!”  He moved onto his knees, smacking napkins out of the air, moving right to cover Sunggyu.  “That’s just how he is.  He wouldn’t be our Sunggyu hyung if he didn’t - - ya!”  While he’d been explaining, the battle had escalated, and now the other members were ganging up on them.  Ducking a flying plastic lid, he felt Sunggyu’s arm wrap around his waist, pulling him back against Sunggyu’s chest.  Flinging ammunition, Sunggyu stayed safely behind him, shouting at the members.  Laughing, Dongwoo made himself a human shield, taking the hits from napkins and water bottle lids, covering his leader.

            He tried to endure it bravely, but some of the napkins were dirty, so he quickly turned, letting them hit his back.  Kneeling astride Sunggyu’s thighs, he laughed as he watched Sunggyu throw and glare and threaten.  He loved the way Sunggyu’s scowl kept breaking into a big, happy smile, the way Sunggyu’s bluster kept giving way to joyful laughter, the way Sunggyu’s tone vacillated between annoyance, delight, and exasperation.  Sunggyu’s playful side always warmed Dongwoo’s heart, and seeing the way his eyes sparkled, the way he threw his head back and laughed, made Dongwoo laugh, too, sharing in his joy.

            At a sudden shout, Dongwoo glanced back over one shoulder.  The other members were advancing quickly, converging.  “Ah!” Sunggyu exclaimed, gripping the front of Dongwoo’s shirt.  Pushing Sunggyu down, Dongwoo covered him, protecting Sunggyu’s head against his chest, rounding his shoulders as the other members landed on top, heavy on his back and slapping his legs.  “No, no,” Sunggyu protested as the weight of the other members pressed downward, squeezing Dongwoo between them and their target.

            “Give up,” Sungyeol ordered.

            “Give us money for dessert,” Hoya ordered.

            “Pat bing soo!  Pat bing soo!” Sungjong cheered.

            “No, no,” Sunggyu said.  “Ah, get off, get off!”

            “Pat bing soo!” the kids were chanting.  “Pat bing soo!”

            “I think I’m dying,” Dongwoo said, crushed under them.

            “Yes, yes!  Okay!  You can have it,” Sunggyu said.  “Get off, go away!”

            “Dongwoo hyung, get the card,” Woohyun said.

            “Unh,” Sunggyu moaned, grimacing, but he didn’t protest.  Dongwoo slid a hand down his side and over his hip, fingers squeezing into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet.  As soon as Dongwoo located the card, a hand reached over his shoulder and plucked it from him.  Chattering among themselves, the kids finally got off of him and left.

            Oh, god, the world was so much lighter.  Finally able to breathe, Dongwoo relaxed with a relieved moan.  Realizing that he should probably get off of Sunggyu, he pushed up, straightening his arms, and looked down.

            “Ugh.”  Sunggyu grimaced again.  He wasn’t irritated enough to fuss any more than that, though, so Dongwoo smiled, leaning back, sitting astride his hips.  Sunggyu sighed, running his hands over Dongwoo’s thighs.  “They’d better bring some back for us.”

            “They will.”

            “They won’t.”

            Dongwoo smiled.  “They might.”

            Sunggyu hooked a finger in the waistband of his shorts and pulled, so he leaned in, relaxing on Sunggyu’s chest.  Sunggyu started toying with his hair, fingers combing through it, and it felt so good he closed his eyes.  “Did you mean it?” Sunggyu asked.

            “What?”  He should get up and work on the choreography, but he was too comfortable, too content.

            “That you trust me.”


            “Do you think I’m a good leader?” Sunggyu asked, still stroking his hair.  “Honestly.”

            He ran his hand over Sunggyu’s ribcage, thinking.  “I wouldn’t rather have anyone else lead us.”  Sunggyu’s caress drifted across his scalp, through his hair, to his ear.  At the stroke of fingertips around the curve of his ear, he shuddered.  Sunggyu laughed, doing it again, and he shuddered again, involuntarily, turned on.  Embarrassed, he muttered, “Stop it.”

            “You’re always so horny.”

            “I know.  I can’t help it.”

            Sunggyu’s fingers kept brushing his earlobe, making his skin tingle with pleasure.  He winced, trying to endure it, biting into his lower lip.  “What is this?” Sunggyu asked, sounding amused.

            What - - “Oh, I thought I took that off,” he said, remembering his spiky earrings.

            Sunggyu tapped at his chin, so he lifted his head.  “Hold still.”  With a look of concentration that was so handsome he felt warm and so adorable he had to smile, Sunggyu took off his earrings.

            “Yes, yes, yes,” Sungyeol whispered, crouching in the doorway.

            “Kiss him,” Hoya whispered, leaning in with his hand braced on Sungyeol’s shoulder.  “Kiss him, you asshole.”

            “He’s right in your face,” Woohyun whispered.  “What are you doing?  Kiss him, god damn it.”

            Dongwoo wondered how long the kids would take.  “Do you want to practice the chorus?”

            Sunggyu sighed, looking less than thrilled about the idea.  “Yeah.”

            Rolling off of him, Dongwoo got up, then helped him up, dragging him to his feet.

            “You stupid fool, what are you doing?” Sungyeol whispered in horrified disbelief.

            “I’m going to hit him,” Woohyun whispered.

            They were dancing.  They were working.  They were practicing the choreography.  Sungyeol couldn’t believe his eyes.  After two run-throughs, they started coaching each other, syncing up their footwork, making sure that their arm extensions and hand placement matched.

            “They deserve each other,” Hoya said, and walked away.

            What was taking the kids so long?  Sunggyu started dialing.

            Ignoring the buzzing phone in his pocket, L licked his spoon as the five of them walked along the dark sidewalk together.  “It’s not Dongwoo hyung’s fault.  It has to be Sunggyu hyung’s.”

            “Maybe he has a low sex drive,” Sungjong suggested.

            “Maybe he’s not as into guys as he says he is,” Hoya said.

            “Maybe they’re too married,” Sungyeol said, turning off his phone.  “They’re trapped together in a relationship they can’t get out of.  Maybe they’re too familiar with each other.  There’s no drama, no romance.”

            “How do we add romance?” L asked.

            Sunggyu sat on the floor, his back against the mirrored wall, and watched Dongwoo dance.  “I’m going to have to kill them.”

            “They’ll come back,” Dongwoo said.

            “Five people.  Not one answers the phone.”

            “Sungjong’s phone is still here,” Dongwoo pointed out.

            Sunggyu wasn’t interested in being fair or reasonable.  “How long has it been?  Three hours?”

            “Just over two.”

            Sunggyu shook his head.  “Sacrifices have to be made.  One of them is going to have to die.”

            The song hit Dongwoo’s rap break and he bent his knees, creeping forward, spitting out his syllables with a sultry pout.

            Despite his own dark mood, Sunggyu was drawn into the performance, interested in Dongwoo’s stage persona.  He always admired Dongwoo’s skill and the effort Dongwoo put into entertaining people.  The immediate transformation from some guy hanging around killing time by practicing choreography into a professional, idol, and performer was so instantaneous, Sunggyu felt like he’d been let in on some secret.  The difference was most obvious in Dongwoo’s face, expression switching from the dull stare of concentration as Dongwoo monitored the movements in the mirror into a lively, flirtatious sneer as Dongwoo challenged and seduced some unseen audience.

            Undulating and posing, Dongwoo prowled through the last line of his verse before backing up with a knowing grin and cocky swagger.  And then it was right back to the choreography, his body displaying the moves with the fluid ease and sharp precision which only occurred when intense practice and innate talent met in the same highly trained body.

            Feeling himself start to relax, Sunggyu watched Dongwoo kick, bend, thrust, spin, and roll.  Dongwoo worked so hard and was so loyal.  He really had to stop taking that for granted.  Dongwoo could be out there spending money and eating dessert and flaking out like those other disobedient kids, instead of staying in here, sweating and working.  So dedicated.  “I wish I had five more of you and none of them,” Sunggyu decided.

            Laughing, Dongwoo pulled his shirt off over his head and used it to mop sweat from his chest.  “We’d dance okay, but I don’t know about the vocals.”

            He was skinny but he was so strong, his arms and abs gorgeously defined.  Sunggyu had never been with a guy with such a great body.  “Do you want to practice vocals?”  Sunggyu was feeling guilty for just sitting there doing nothing, and was too tired to get up and dance anymore.

            Dongwoo looked surprised but said, “Sure.”

            Sitting on the roof, Sungjong asleep across his lap, L yawned.  “Let’s leave them and go home.”

            “I’m not walking that far,” Hoya said.

            “What, on the bus?” Sungyeol asked.

            “I’d rather walk than face Sunggyu hyung,” L said.  “How long have we been gone?”

            “If it were just one or two of us, he’d throw a fit and punish us,” Woohyun said.  “He can’t do anything that bad to all five of us.”

            “I wonder if they’re having sex,” Sungyeol said.  “It would be funny if they’re doing it right now.”

            “One of us should take responsibility,” Hoya said.  “For tonight.”

            “Not me,” Sungyeol said.

            “Not it,” L said.

            “Shouldn’t it be the oldest?” Hoya asked.

            “No!  No, you’re not putting this on me,” Woohyun said.  “Pat bing soo wasn’t my idea.”

            “It was your idea not to come back,” L said.

            “That was Sungyeol!”

            With a sleepy sound, Sungjong sat up, stretching.  “Let’s go.  If they’re not doing it by now, it’s not happening tonight.”

            When Dongwoo worked on choreography, he stared at the mirror, watching, analyzing.  As they worked on vocal exercises, he felt the same urge to stare at something, so he focused on Sunggyu’s face, watching intently, trying to mimic what he saw.  His gaze tracked and assessed every movement of Sunggyu’s throat, the sensual shaping of Sunggyu’s lips, and the lithe roll of Sunggyu’s tongue.  He could’ve drawn from memory the curve of Sunggyu’s jaw.

            Knowing how frustrated Sunggyu was with the kids, who still hadn’t called or shown their faces, he tried to keep the mood calm and light, not wanting to add to Sunggyu’s stress.  When Sunggyu became too aggravated to continue vocal training, Dongwoo cleaned up the mess from their dinner and fight.  He was finishing up when Sunggyu abruptly stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

            “To look for them?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Back to the dorm,” Sunggyu said bluntly.

            But if the two of them took the van home, what would happen to the kids?  “How will they get home?”

            “Should we worry about them?” Sunggyu asked.  “Have they shown concern for us?”

            “Something could be wrong.”  It wasn’t like them to be so disrespectful for so long.  “Should we-”  He cut himself off, surprised by the interruption as the door opened and the kids walked in.

            For an instant, the kids tried to play it all off as a joke, but Sunggyu cut that short immediately.  Their next tactic was to try to explain and apologize, but that died an abrupt death with one look from Sunggyu.  While Dongwoo found his shirt and pulled it on, Sunggyu lectured the kids, and then Sunggyu sent him out.  He sat in the van alone, thinking about what a weird night it had been.  A long night, but really good in parts.  He and Sunggyu had worked hard, and that brought a satisfying feeling.  As his mind flashed back to the caress of Sunggyu’s fingers around the shell of his ear, he shivered, turned on and quickly brushing that thought aside.  Next remembering Sunggyu’s careful motions and focused gaze, he smiled at the memory of Sunggyu taking off his earrings.  No one had ever done that for him before.

            With stony silence and grim expressions, the rest of the members got into the van.  The ride back to the dorm was uncomfortable, and Dongwoo hoped that after a few hours’ sleep, everyone would be able to make up.

            Entering the dorm, they all began to part, moving glumly to their own rooms.  Dongwoo was about to speak up and say good night when Sunggyu sharply said, “Ya!  What did I tell you?”

            Startled, Dongwoo closed his mouth, but the reprimand wasn’t for him.  One by one the kids turned and came over to him, hugging him and muttering, “Sorry, hyung.”  Surprised, he hugged them back.  He couldn’t stand their unhappy expressions, so he gave them good, genuine hugs and whispered, “It’s okay.”  It felt a little strange to have them apologize to him so directly and personally, but it was also weirdly flattering that Sunggyu thought that he’d been wronged enough to deserve this.  He’d expected Sunggyu to care more about the principle of the thing, and the immediate insult, than about his experience specifically.

            Moments later, the dorm was still and the lights were off.  Dongwoo stripped down to his underpants and stretched out on his stomach, sleepy and horny, wanting to jack off.  Waiting for Sunggyu to fall asleep so he could masturbate, he yawned, flexing his toes against the floor.

            “I trust you, too.”

            The unexpected confession astonished him and he rolled over, looking at Sunggyu.  “Hyung?”

            Rolling onto his side, Sunggyu tucked an arm under his head.  “You’re a good member.  A good dongsaeng.  You put the team first and yourself second.”

            “We all do,” Dongwoo said.  “We have to.”

            Sunggyu fell silent, his expression turning thoughtful and then darkening.

            Not wanting him to dwell on negative thoughts, not liking to see him unhappy, Dongwoo smiled.  “Did you see Sungyeol’s face when you gave that look?  He shut up so fast he backed up into the wall, did you notice?”  When Sunggyu looked over, Dongwoo pantomimed Sungyeol’s startle, eyes wide, jerking back.  “So funny, how fast he closed his mouth.”  Dongwoo did it again and Sunggyu chuckled, eyes brightening.  Encouraged, Dongwoo added, “Did you see Hoya in the back when they first walked in?  The other members were trying to be cheerful, but he knew it wasn’t going to work.  He already looked serious.  He knew they were going to fail.”  Dongwoo imitated Sungjong’s cheerful smile.  “‘We returned, hyungs!  Did we take too long?’”  Sunggyu was laughing, enjoying the impression.  “So innocent!  Then, in the back.”  Dongwoo made his face expressionless, then wary, eyeing Sunggyu cautiously.

            Sunggyu was cracking up.

            “Did you see Woohyun?  So greasy!  ‘Ah, hyung, is it late?  Have you been working hard?’”  He winked lasciviously.  “Why is he so embarrassing?  Does he think we can’t tell time?”

            Sunggyu winked flirtatiously back at him.

            Loving it, Dongwoo laughed.  “Yes!  Daebak!  Did you see L?  So cute.”  He widened his eyes, looking innocent and well-meaning, then gasped.  “‘Omo!  Was my phone off?  What to do?’”  He put his hand to his mouth, batting his lashes.  “And then, in the back.”  He narrowed his eyes, leaning back warily, eyeing Sunggyu with suspicion.

            Clapping, Sunggyu rolled onto his back, laughing broadly, all eye smiles and happy mouth.

            Laughing with him, Dongwoo enjoyed his happiness.  Just as their laughter was subsiding, they exchanged bawdy winks again, then collapsed into fresh chortles, rolling toward each other, winking again.

            Sunggyu was glad that he was rooming with Dongwoo tonight.  If he’d been with Woohyun, the room would’ve been tense; they either would’ve been ignoring each other resentfully or snapping and arguing.  Dongwoo had made him laugh and relaxed him so much that he didn’t want to bother with dwelling on the kids anymore.  Comfortable on his blankets, he rested on one side, his arm wrapped around Dongwoo’s chest as Dongwoo relaxed back against him.  Dongwoo’s head resting on his shoulder, they talked about restaurants they wanted to go to and cars they wanted to buy and fan memories from their debut days.  Feeling lazy and sleepy, he ran his hand up Dongwoo’s chest to caress Dongwoo’s neck.  “I’m so horny.”

            “Me, too,” Dongwoo said.  He sounded so sincere that Sunggyu laughed, tickling under his chin.  “I am!” he said, laughing.

            “Do you really like bottoming?” Sunggyu asked.

            “Yes.  Really.”  Dongwoo twisted slightly to look into his face.  “You really don’t?”

            Sunggyu grimaced, rubbing his thumb across Dongwoo’s collarbone.  “It’s awkward.  All of the positions felt so strange.  It felt like really bad foreplay or terrible exercise.  I didn’t like it.”

            Dongwoo gave him a thoughtful look, then nodded.  “You seem more like you’d like to top.  Sort of…”  Hand balling into a fist, Dongwoo growled.  “Rrrrr.  Dominant.  Leader Gyu getting aggressive on some hot ass.”  Embarrassed and flattered and kind of turned on, Sunggyu laughed, flattening his hand against Dongwoo’s chest.  “I think you’d be a great bottom if you relaxed.  Be lazy, just lay there, let someone else do all of the work.”  Dongwoo went limp, head lolling to one side, eyes glazing over.  “Lay there and soak it up.  ‘I am Kim Sunggyu.  I deserve amazing orgasms.  Make me come, peasants.’”

            Shaking with laughter, Sunggyu hugged Dongwoo to his chest.  He loved how shameless Dongwoo was.  Every time he started to recover, Dongwoo gave him the aggressive snarl or the glazed-over look, and he cracked up all over again.  As he settled on his back, Dongwoo shifted against him, stretching out perpendicular to him, lounging across his chest.  Reaching up, he ran his fingers through Dongwoo’s hair, combing it forward.  “Is that how you do it?  You relax and soak it up?”

            “No.”  Dongwoo’s smile was self-conscious; he bit at his lower lip for a moment.  “I like it too much to hold still.”

            Shit.  That was the perfect answer.  Sunggyu blinked, not sure what to do with the ideas and images flashing through his mind.

            With an embarrassed smile, Dongwoo licked his lips and looked away.  Sunggyu was suddenly acutely aware of how very little Dongwoo wore.  In just boxer-briefs, his lean, muscular body was practically naked.  It was all right there, available to Sunggyu’s gaze, to Sunggyu’s hands.  So much smooth, taut skin.  The details of his strong, wiry body on display.  The soft skin of his inner elbow.  The hollow of his navel.  The sparse hair on his legs.  His thighs looked so firm, Sunggyu wondered how much pressure it would take to slide a hand between his knees and spread them apart.

            Coughing, Dongwoo tossed his hair out of his eyes and sat up.  “Let’s sleep.  We’ve stayed up late enough.”

            “Yeah.”  Sunggyu watched him slide a few feet away to his pallet, admiring the corded strength in his back, the tautness of his thighs, the curve of his pert ass.  Shit, his boyfriends were lucky.

            Unbidden, L’s voice came back to him.  “It’s too obvious that he’s a terrific lay.”

            Shuddering with sudden heat, Sunggyu rolled over, putting his back to the room.  Closing his eyes, he told himself to go to sleep.  His friendship with Dongwoo was good as it was.  Just because he had sex with a few of the members didn’t mean that he should jump into bed with all of them.

            His thoughts roamed across Dongwoo’s svelte body, but as he fell asleep, it was Dongwoo’s expressive face, smiling, snarling, laughing, winking, pouting, flirting, that lingered in his mind.

            Finally!  Dongwoo crept over to the sleeping tiger, leaning carefully over Sunggyu’s shoulder, holding his breath.  His cock was already rock-hard, and being this close to Sunggyu only turned him on more.  Trying to control himself, needing to be sure that Sunggyu was asleep, he whispered, “Kim Sunggyu, get up.”

            Startling him, Sunggyu moved.  Long, black lashes fluttered; Sunggyu’s head turned toward him.  Holding very still, Dongwoo waited.

            Nothing happened for a moment, and then Sunggyu slowly dragged his tongue across his lips.

            It was such an unexpectedly sensuous movement that Dongwoo whimpered, hand sliding between his thighs.  The stiffness of his swelling cock twitched against his palm, and he bit his lower lip, trying not to groan helplessly in Sunggyu’s face.

            Lips parted, Sunggyu slept.

            Whimpering again, hand already burrowing into his underwear, Dongwoo fumbled his way back to his blankets.

            “Unh…  Unh…  Unh…”

            Ugh.  It couldn’t possibly be morning yet.  Sunggyu squeezed his eyes shut more tightly, trying to ignore the sound.

            “Ah…  Unh-ah…  Auh, auh, oh…”

            The sound refused to be ignored.  So did the throbbing between Sunggyu’s legs.  He could hear the faint slap of skin against skin and deep, rhythmic groaning that heated up his blood.  The victim of sudden, lusting appetites and residual sleepy confusion, he couldn’t make sense of what he heard at first.  He only knew that if it kept happening, he was going to get off to it.

            “Aunh, ah, ah…  Ah-ah…  Yes, yes, ah…”

            Masturbating!  Someone was masturbating.  But he’d never heard Woohyun - - no, they’d switched rooms, that was Dongwoo.  Of course.  The horny little-

            “Oh yes, oh yes, ah, ah…  Here, here, it’s h-h-h-h-here, ah.”

            God, why did Dongwoo sound like that?  The pleasure in each low cry rippled along Sunggyu’s spine.  So passionate, so uninhibited, rich with ecstasy but greedy for more.  Sunggyu didn’t know anyone who sounded that enthusiastically turned on and pleasure-hungry during actual sex, and Dongwoo was just jacking off.

            “I like it too much to hold still.”

            “Ah-ah-ah-au-au-augh!  Auh!  Oh!”  Sunggyu hoped that was what climax sounded like, because damn.  “Unh, unh, oh…”  Soft, animal panting.  “Omo.  Omo.”  A low, aching breath.

            Painfully aroused, Sunggyu breathed through parted lips, carefully holding still, praying that it was over.

            Dongwoo whimpered.

            Sunggyu squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to curse as his cock jerked excitedly at the sound.

            A sigh.  Then, “Aish.”

            First thing in the morning, Sunggyu was getting a new roommate.  He was never going to be able to fall asleep again, knowing that this noisy, exuberant sex show was about to break out right beside him.  He’d known that Dongwoo jacked off a lot, and he’d heard the other members snickering about it, but damn.  He hadn’t realized that it was so intense.  So enthusiastic.  His shorts were getting damp from the leak of his pre-cum.

            A quiet grunt.

            Sunggyu really, really needed to touch himself, but he didn’t want to move and let Dongwoo know that he was awake, because he didn’t have a way to explain without embarrassing himself.  Still, the urgent throbbing of his cock and the heat pumping through his veins made decision-making difficult, and he risked subtle movement as his hand eased down the front of his shorts.

            Dongwoo was snoring.

            Ugh, yes.  Rolling forward and muffling his moan against his pillow, Sunggyu canted his hips.  His own lust and the remembered echoes of Dongwoo’s fervent moans careened through him, and soon he was exploding with pleasure, cum spilling in messy spurts.  Panting against his pillow, he slumped on his pallet, his body humming with gratitude.  Mmm, so good.

            No wonder L had sex with Dongwoo.  With that happening right beside him every night, it had to be irresistible.

            Cupping his balls, Sunggyu licked his lips, wondering.

            What would it be like to be on top of Dongwoo - - inside Dongwoo - - when he was crying out like that?  What would his inability to hold still feel like against his lover’s body?

            Guilty heat washed through Sunggyu at the tantalizing fantasy.  His dreams that night were lurid, erotic impressions of sex and Dongwoo, his own hands peeling down Dongwoo’s underwear, Dongwoo’s muscular thighs spreading at his touch, his cum splattering across Dongwoo’s ass, Dongwoo giving him a knowing, come-hither smile.

            He awakened, disoriented, at the sound of his name.  Sungjong hovered in the doorway with a nervous smile.  Shit, it was morning again.  Glaring, he sat up, waving Sungjong away.  All was not forgiven.  Quickly, Sungjong disappeared.

            Ah, shit, he’d come in his shorts.  He distinctly - - embarrassingly - - remembered masturbating last night, and he’d come in his sleep after that?  How badly did he need to get laid?

            Not at all coincidentally, Sunggyu’s gaze slid over to Dongwoo.  He was on his back, one hand up near his face, his thick hair tousled and spilling into his eyes, his mouth open.  His hard-on pushed obscenely against the front of his boxer-briefs.  It would be easy, so easy, to pull his underpants down and expose his crotch.  To see the naked rise of his erection.  To caress the pink roundness of his balls.  To stroke his sensitive inner thigh and find out what kinds of sounds he made as pleasure mounted.

            Eyeing Dongwoo’s hard-on, Sunggyu wondered.  Then, catching himself, he shook his head.  He was not going to wake the guy up with a dick grab; that was absurd.  Crawling closer, he shook Dongwoo’s shoulder.  “Dongwoo, get up.”  Dongwoo’s skin was so warm and satiny, he stroked across Dongwoo’s chest and down one arm for a moment.  “Dongwoo, get up.  Get up.”  He combed his fingers through Dongwoo’s hair, smoothing it back, uncovering Dongwoo’s forehead.  Smiling, he ran his fingertips down Dongwoo’s cute, pert nose.  “Jang Dongwoo!  Get up!  We’re going onstage without you!”

            With a slow, mystified blink, Dongwoo stared up at him in incomprehension.

            Oh, that worked?  Grinning, Sunggyu tapped his mouth shut.  “Get up.”

            “Unghh.”  Dongwoo’s eyes closed again.

            Sunggyu’s fingers toured Dongwoo’s face, caressing.  Sunggyu stroked his cheekbones, ruffled his eyebrows, skimmed the line of his nose again.  Stroked his jaw, tickled his neck.  Stroked his hairline.  A touch at his ear made him shiver, a provocative reminder of his sexual responsiveness.  Eyeing his relaxed, parted lips, Sunggyu swallowed.  Now there was supreme temptation.  God, why-

            Dongwoo snored.

            Bursting into laughter, Sunggyu flicked his forehead, hard.  “Get up!”

            Sunggyu had a variety show recording without them that afternoon, so they practiced without him and went back to the dorm.  Dongwoo stretched out for a quick nap, only to be awakened by Sungyeol and L.  “Hyung,” L said, squeezing his thigh.  “We need a favor.”

            “Um?”  Rubbing his eyes, he sat up.

            “We want to make it up to you and Sunggyu hyung,” L explained.  “For last night.”

            “We can’t afford much,” Sungyeol said.  “We’re going to clean up and make dinner.”

            “Will you shower and change?” L asked.

            Dinner?  Dinner sounded good.  “Yeah.”  He blinked to make sure that he was awake, scratching his chest.  “Okay.”

            L gave him a fond smile and kissed his cheek.  “Thanks.”

            While the kids cleaned the house, Dongwoo took a shower.  When he went into his old room, where his clothes were, to get dressed, he found Hoya and Woohyun in there, muttering at each other.  When they saw him, they turned to him, each one saying, “Here,” and shoving a pair of underpants at him.

            “What?”  The pair in Woohyun’s hand was black; the pair in Hoya’s hand was pink and white with a layer of mesh across the ass.

            “You should wear this tonight,” Woohyun said, pushing the black pair at him.

            “Put this on,” Hoya said, shoving the pink pair at him and yanking the towel from his hand.

            What were they doing?  “Why does it matter what panties I have on?”

            They exchanged a look.  A long, warning look.  Then Woohyun said, “You should have sex with Sunggyu hyung tonight.”

            “He deserves a special treat,” Hoya said.

            “He needs to release some tension,” Woohyun added.

            This was bizarre.  “I’m a special treat?” Dongwoo asked, pointing at himself.

            “Yes,” Hoya said.  “Put this on.”

            “This is better,” Woohyun said.

            “Sunggyu hyung doesn’t want me,” he reminded them.  “It’s not like that.”

            “He will tonight,” Woohyun said.

            “Try harder,” Hoya added.

            “Don’t be afraid to be the aggressor,” Woohyun said.

            “Do whatever makes him comfortable,” Hoya said.

            “Can I just get dressed?”  In response to that, they shoved the underpants at him so determinedly he thought that they might try to put them on him.  He liked the pink pair better - - it was more interesting - - so he put it on.

            Unfortunately, that didn’t slow them down.  They argued over every little thing he wore.  He ended up in half Woohyun’s choices - - black leather pants, black leather wristbands - - and half Hoya’s choices - - the pink-and-white panties and a white, transparent, sleeveless shirt.  Hoya sent him back to the bathroom to shave under his arms before he got dressed.  After he had everything on, they finally started agreeing on things, like the fact that he absolutely had to wear eyeliner and lipstick, and the fact that his hair had to be styled.  By the time they were finished with him, he looked ready to grab a mic and go onstage.

            “This is just for dinner here?  In the dorm?” he asked.  “Isn’t this a little…”

            “Do you want to have sex with Sunggyu hyung or not?” Hoya asked.

            Embarrassed, he laughed.  “When did everybody decide on this?  It’s just decided that we’re going to do it?”

            “Yes,” Woohyun said.  “Tonight.”

            “To make up for last night,” Hoya said.

            “If it’s for that, then shouldn’t one of you do it?” Dongwoo asked.  “I’m not the one who made him angry.”

            “You’re the oldest,” Woohyun said.  “It’s your responsibility to give him what he needs.”

            This was so silly!  “He doesn’t even want me!”

            “Yes, he does.”  Sungjong was in the doorway, peeling off a pair of rubber gloves.  “He’s been staring at you and smiling at you and touching you.  He likes you.  I think that you’re good for him.  You make him feel comfortable.  You can take care of him.”

            “Me?”  That sounded really nice, but were they sure?

            Sungjong looked right at him.  “Don’t you love him?”

            What?  “I…  Yes, of course I love him.  But it’s not…”  They were all staring at him.  Feeling self-conscious, he licked his lips.  “What?”

            Woohyun and Hoya looked at each other.

            “I tried to warn you,” Sungjong said, and walked away again.

            Woohyun was eyeing Dongwoo warily and Hoya was looking at him like he’d done something wrong.  “You’re not in love with Sunggyu hyung, are you?” Woohyun asked.

            Folding his arms over his chest, Dongwoo wished he had more clothes on.  “What do you mean, ‘in love?’  What did the maknae mean, ‘warn you?’”

            “What do we do?” Hoya asked Woohyun.

            “Do about what?” Dongwoo asked.  What was going on?  “Somebody answer me!” he insisted, flustered.

            “Should we drop it?” Woohyun asked.

            “What’s the point?” Hoya asked.  “He’s already in love with him.”

            “Was he in love before?  Did you know?” Woohyun asked, looking suspicious.

            “I didn’t know!  He never told me,” Hoya said.

            “What?!” Dongwoo demanded.  “Talk to me!  What is this?”

            “Are you sure?” Woohyun asked.  “Isn’t it different if he’s in love?”

            “Sunggyu hyung will be home soon,” Hoya said.  “Let’s just see how it goes.”

            “Lube,” Woohyun said suddenly, and left.

            “Come on,” Hoya said, pushing Dongwoo into Sunggyu’s bedroom.

            “Lee Howon!” Dongwoo said, digging his heels in.  “What are you kids up to?”

            “Nothing,” Hoya said.  Sungyeol darted into the room and put a small bottle beside Sunggyu’s pallet, tucking it discreetly under a fold in the top blanket.  Everything else in the room had been cleaned up and put away to make space for a low table.  L and Sungjong bustled in and out with plates and bowls.

            Sex with Sunggyu?  He really, really wanted to, but could he?  Should he?  Sunggyu had already refused him, and he’d worked very hard, all of this time, to put those thoughts out of his head.

            When Sunggyu had asked him about sex last night, he’d been so turned on he hadn’t known where to look.  He’d shied away from eye contact, not wanting to give himself away, not wanting Sunggyu to realize how affected he was.  He’d been avoiding the convergence of “Sunggyu” and “sex” so strictly for so long that when it was finally right in front of him, he couldn’t handle it.  Yes, yes, yes, he wanted Sunggyu.  Just standing there looking at Sunggyu’s pallet and knowing that the lube was there aroused all sorts of hot, yearning, lusting feelings he couldn’t control.

            “Stop looking so weird,” L said, poking him.  “It’s just Sunggyu hyung.”

            Running his hand through his hair, Sunggyu walked into the house.

            Food.  He smelled food.

            Clean.  The front room was clean.  And he smelled food.  Had the kids done this?  Sniffing, he toed out of his shoes.  “Ya!  Are you home?”

            “Hyung!”  Sungjong popped out, approaching with a bright smile.  “You-”

            “No,” he said, pushing Sungjong away, refusing to be hugged.  “Did you cook?”

            Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, and L joined them.  “We set up dinner in your room,” Woohyun said.

            “Dongwoo hyung’s going to eat with you,” L said.

            “Do you want to shower first?” Sungyeol asked.

            “No, I want to eat,” he said, already heading toward the bedroom.

            “You should shower first,” Woohyun said.

            What were they trying to say?  He looked down at himself.  He’d been clean enough for TV, right?  “I want to eat,” he repeated, and he opened the door.

            The first thing he saw was the table full of food.  Immediately, he was hungry and ready to feast.

            The second thing he saw was Dongwoo, standing beside the table, smiling at him and fidgeting with a pair of chopsticks.  Immediately, he was hungry in a very different way.

            Shutting the door to block the kids out, he sat.  “What are you wearing?”

            Dongwoo laughed, looking embarrassed and sitting across from him.  “The kids chose it.”

            Dongwoo’s arms were bare except for black leather cuffs, and his torso was visible through the sheer fabric of his white shirt.  It was both a turn-on and a frustration to have him be so almost but not-quite shirtless.  His soft mouth looked so pink and glossy, Sunggyu started having fantasies of pushing the table aside and kissing him.

            As they began to eat, Dongwoo asked, “How was the recording?”

            “Ah, it was embarrassing.  They tried to put me in a love line with that hoobae with the red-and-blue hair.”

            “Really?”  Dongwoo’s eyebrows went up.  “You didn’t like it?”

            “No, it was annoying.  She’s so young!  I can’t flirt with some kid on TV.”

            “You’d better not,” Dongwoo said, grinning.  “Inspirits wouldn’t like it.”

            “I know.”  He took a drink.  “The rest of the show was okay.”  He wondered why they’d left his blankets out when they’d cleaned up.  “The members didn’t make you clean, did they?”

            “No.  It was all their work, their idea.  They really want to make it up to you for last night.  It’s sincere.”  Dongwoo chewed.  “Should we share with them?”

            “Share the food?  Hell, no.”  Sunggyu pulled a couple of bowls closer.  “This is all ours, all of it.”

            Laughing, Dongwoo said, “Okay, okay.”

            Sunggyu ate for a moment.  It was just like Dongwoo to think of sharing with the other members.  “Do you think that I’m too hard on them?”

            Looking mildly surprised, Dongwoo shook his head.  “It’s not that.  What is it like?”

            Sunggyu watched his face while he thought.  It was so good, so comfortable, to sit here like this.  Sunggyu had expected to come back to the dorm to find things tense, to deal with the kids’ resentment, to have another talk with them.  Just bracing himself for it had put him in a foul mood.  Instead, this calm, friendly dinner was great.  So relaxing.  It was like a sanctuary from all of the stress and pressure in the rest of his life.  It wasn’t just the food, either.  The food alone would have fed him, maybe mollified him, taken the edge off.  But the real difference was Dongwoo.

            “It’s not that you’re hard on us,” Dongwoo said.  “This, all of this,” he drew an all-encompassing circle in the air with his chopsticks, “is hard on us.  All of it is hard on all of us.  If you’re hard on us, it’s a part of that.  You have to be strict.  You have to be tough.  You have to push us to do our best.  What would it be like if you didn’t?  I don’t like being yelled at.  I don’t like never sleeping.  I don’t like practicing when I’m already hurt, I don’t like performing in the rain when I’m already sick.  But that’s what we do.  That’s what it takes, right?  We’re not always going to do it on our own.  Sometimes you have to force us.  I’m grateful to you for it.”

            Sunggyu had practiced hurt, had performed sick; he knew what it was like.  He’d seen Dongwoo do it, too, he’d been there for it, he’d been the one issuing orders and watching Dongwoo put his head down and take it.  He knew what it was like to be yelled at when he was already sore and exhausted and frustrated and trying his hardest, and he hated it.  He hated it.  It always made him feel like shit.  It always made him want to yell back.  To think of what he’d been through, and what he’d put Dongwoo and the other members through, and then to hear the sincerity in Dongwoo’s voice, to see sincerity on Dongwoo’s face?  “I’m grateful to you for it.”  It made him feel like maybe he’d done something right.  Like maybe even the things he’d gotten wrong and the ways that he’d failed them as a leader could be okay.  It made him feel like it truly was all for something, that it was all worth it.  God, Dongwoo had the warmest heart.

            “It’s hard on you,” Dongwoo said.  “It’s harder, because you’re responsible for us.  When something goes wrong, you’re the one everyone blames, you’re the one everyone turns to.  You have to talk to the managers and stand up for us and try to protect us.  You have to talk to us and scold us and give us bad news.  It’s such a difficult role.  I could do it for a couple of days?  Not more than a week.  I wouldn’t want to.  I couldn’t be responsible for so much all at once.  I couldn’t do everything I already do and answer to the managers and direct all of the members and keep Inspirits happy.  Every day, every week, every month, all year.  That’s why I’m so thankful to you for taking care of us so well.  That’s why I understand when you’re in a bad mood.  You deal with responsibilities and pressures the rest of us don’t have to.  You deal with stuff so that the rest of us don’t have to.  We wouldn’t have the success we do if you hadn’t lead us toward it.”

            Touched, embarrassed, he felt uncomfortable.  Dongwoo was too genuine, too sincere.  “Every group has a leader.”

            “No other group is Infinite,” Dongwoo said.  “No one else has our songs or our choreography or our members.  You’re the only leader we have and the only leader we want.”

            Sunggyu couldn’t handle all of this heartfelt emotion.  “Why does a conversation about how rough I am on the members keep coming back to you thanking me and being grateful?”

            Dongwoo laughed.  “You’re not a perfect leader.  But I forgive your mistakes.  I always think of what Infinite would be like without you and how we’d be if you didn’t take responsibility.  I think of all of the things that would be wrong if you weren’t here, and then I can forgive the times you mess up, because I’m so thankful-”

            “Stop being thankful!” Sunggyu insisted.  “You have such a good heart, I can’t take it.  Here.”  He folded up meat and vegetables in a lettuce leaf, then reached across the table.  “Talk less, eat more.”

            With an agreeable noise, Dongwoo leaned forward, opening his mouth.  Sunggyu pushed the leaf in, then smiled at Dongwoo’s happy expression, watching him chew.  “Delicious,” Dongwoo said.

            “Good.”  He was especially moved that Dongwoo would say these things to him now, while the other five members were unhappy with him.  It had to be authentic, for Dongwoo to say it not when things were going well and not for an audience’s sake in front of cameras but alone, privately, on a dark day.

            “It isn’t good for you to handle it all alone,” Dongwoo said.  “You should have someone to turn to.”

            “I have Woohyun,” he said.  “And you,” he added, keenly aware today of how much support Dongwoo gave him.  “Should I find a girlfriend?”

            “Yes,” Dongwoo said.

            “I agree,” Sunggyu said, smiling.  “Let me know when you find one for me.”

            Dongwoo chuckled.  As he ate, his expression turned thoughtful.  “What if one of the members was someone you could confide in and take advice from, like Woohyun.  And someone you have sex with, like L.”

            “Both in one?”  He liked the idea, at least in theory.

            “Yes.  Someone to take care of you.  Sungjong?”

            “Too young,” Sunggyu said.  He couldn’t take the maknae as seriously as a confidant as he did Woohyun.  Besides, they gave the maknae so much crap day in and day out, he was pretty sure that Sungjong liked sleeping in a different room and getting away from him for a few hours.  He tried to explain that, and Dongwoo nodded.

            “Woohyun?” Dongwoo suggested.  “He’s already close to you, and he’s used to rooming with you.”

            “We don’t want each other.  It would be weird.  And Key wouldn’t like it.”

            “Ah, Key.”  Dongwoo chewed.  “L?”

            “Isn’t he away too often?”

            Dongwoo laughed.  “Aren’t you being too picky?  You only have six members.  You have to compromise on something.  What about Sungyeol?”

            “He only gives head.  There’s no point if I can’t fuck him.”

            Dongwoo nodded.  “Hoya?”

            “What about his boyfriend?”

            “He’d leave his boyfriend for you.”

            That was absurd.  Sunggyu laughed.  “He wouldn’t.  Who would?”

            “I would,” Dongwoo said, as if it were the most natural answer.  Then he chuckled, glancing around.  “Should I not?”

            “Would you?”  Flattered, intrigued, Sunggyu thought about what that meant.

            Dongwoo looked embarrassed but nodded.  “Yes.”

            Dongwoo cared about him so much and was so loyal to him.  Dongwoo always put Infinite first, put him first, the team, the other members.  Just in the past few days, since Woohyun had started whispering in his ear, he’d started to realize how much Dongwoo did for him, how consistently Dongwoo was there for him.  It was so natural for Dongwoo that he’d taken it for granted, but shouldn’t he be more appreciative?

            He watched Dongwoo eat.  How many meals had they shared together?  How many memories had they made together?  What kind of life would he have without Dongwoo’s love?

            He found the body under that sheer white shirt fascinating.  He wanted to peel that shirt off to get a better look.  Reaching across the table, he unsnapped one of the black leather cuffs and closed it around his own wrist instead.

            Dongwoo didn’t react or comment; he was too used to Sunggyu being in his personal space and acting without explanation.  Instead he said, “So.  L, then?”

            No, not L.  L wasn’t the one he wanted to wrap in his arms and pull onto his blankets at night.  L wasn’t the one he wanted to turn to when he was frustrated and their managers were on his ass and he was going hoarse.  L wasn’t the one he’d dreamt of last night.  L wasn’t the one member he knew would take care of him best, in the way he needed it most.

            Dongwoo looked up, meeting his eyes across the table.  “Or.  Me.”

            “Yes.”  Sunggyu shoved the table out of his way.

            Jaw dropping, Dongwoo stared at him in astonishment.  “What, what?” Dongwoo asked as he crawled forward.

            “Didn’t you volunteer?”  Gripping Dongwoo’s ankles, he pulled, then backed up on his knees.

            Laughing as Sunggyu slid him across the floor on his butt, Dongwoo said, “Yes.  Ah!”

            After dumping Dongwoo onto his pallet, Sunggyu pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it.  “Do you want to?”

            Dongwoo’s laughter was flustered but his smile was wide.  “Yes.  I really want to.”  His hands rubbed right over Sunggyu’s chest, eliciting a frisson of pleasure.  “How do you want it?  Should I be cute?  Shy?”  He growled, biting his lip and scraping his nails so close to Sunggyu’s nipple that a spark of fire streaked through Sunggyu’s body.  His expression was so sexy and lascivious and nasty that Sunggyu, wanting him even more, started to take off his shirt, rushing through the buttons.  “Aggressive?  Naughty?”

            Sunggyu wanted it sexy and fun and affectionate, just like Dongwoo.  “I want it with you,” he said, pulling off Dongwoo’s shirt.  Sliding his hands along Dongwoo’s jaw, he smiled, pausing to enjoy the moment.  Anticipation warmed his blood as he licked his lips.  Dongwoo’s gaze was on his face, attentive, and he lowered his head, eyeing Dongwoo’s mouth, looking forward to his first taste of-

            “Aish, hyung,” Dongwoo said, and kissed him.

            Oh, “Ah, rrrmm.”  Moaning, Sunggyu kissed back, amazed at the lush softness of Dongwoo’s lips.  So mobile, so generous, Dongwoo’s lips moved boldly against his, tongue sweeping and flicking with an erotic playfulness that made Sunggyu’s pulse spike with every lick.  So turned on that he felt aggressive, he couldn’t think of anything but the immediate pleasures of Dongwoo’s kiss, and he sank both hands into Dongwoo’s thick hair, sucking at Dongwoo’s lower lip, demanding kisses from Dongwoo’s mouth.

            “Hhhnnn.”  Dongwoo’s hands were on Sunggyu’s fly, unbuttoning, unzipping.  The sizzling reality that Dongwoo was about to touch his cock had barely hit him before he felt it, a greedy hand sliding inside his fly, inside his underwear, skin on skin.  Dongwoo’s sexual assertiveness and the bold fondling of his cock turned him on so much that he cursed, groaning heatedly into Dongwoo’s mouth as pleasure seared him.

            “Yeah,” Dongwoo panted, kissing him.  “Ah, hyung, it feels even better than it looks.”

            Tugging and kicking, Sunggyu got rid of his pants and underwear, wanting to be naked against Dongwoo, wanting Dongwoo to be able to touch him anywhere, everywhere.  He’d barely worked himself free before Dongwoo was pushing him over and sliding on top of him.

            Loving Dongwoo’s sexual confidence, Sunggyu caressed his body, kissing him, stroking his neck, flicking and teasing his nipples.  His smooth skin and wiry musculature seduced Sunggyu’s hands, and he kept making low, humming-moaning sounds into Sunggyu’s kiss.  The supple leather of his pants was an erotic pleasure against Sunggyu’s bare flesh, but quickly became a frustration as Sunggyu’s need for more of him grew.

            As he raised his head, Dongwoo grinned wickedly.  With a lithe wriggle, he squirmed against Sunggyu, peeling his pants off.  Immediately, Sunggyu’s hand covered his hard-on, cupping between his thighs, stroking his cock through his underwear.  Lashes lowered and lips parted, he moaned, thighs spreading, thrusting into the palm of Sunggyu’s hand.  “Ahh, yes, unh, unh, hyung…”

            “Yeah,” Sunggyu panted, and hooked his fingers in the waistband of Dongwoo’s underpants, pulling down.  “I’m so fucking hard.”

            “Ah, mmm, I know,” Dongwoo moaned, undulating on top of him, grinding against him, all taut skin and lean muscle, kissing him, panting into his mouth, slithering out of those underpants like there was music and a crowd.  “Unh, hyung, I love the way you touch me.”

            Sunggyu was so worked up and turned on that he couldn’t get enough of Dongwoo’s body, Dongwoo’s uninhibited moans, Dongwoo’s gorgeous, generous mouth.  As he sat up, Dongwoo moved with him like they’d coordinated this, choreographed it.  His hand sliding into Dongwoo’s hair, he made a fist, pulling Dongwoo’s head back, exposing the length of Dongwoo’s neck.

            To his sexual delight, Dongwoo held the pose, sitting up astride his lap, one hand on his chest, one hand on his thigh.  Lips parted, panting, Dongwoo waited for his next move, and he smiled, loving this sudden submission.  As long as things were equal, Dongwoo was assertive; as soon as he seemed to want control, he had it.  Tugging lightly to tip Dongwoo’s head back further, just to enjoy a little flex of power, he raked Dongwoo with his gaze, admiring the smooth column of Dongwoo’s neck, the sensitive underside of Dongwoo’s jaw, the muscular firmness of Dongwoo’s chest, the lush pink of Dongwoo’s mouth, the heightened red of Dongwoo’s cheeks.  Kissing Dongwoo’s neck, he licked upward from collarbone to jawline.  Nuzzling, he breathed hot, moist air against Dongwoo’s skin.

            “Unh.  Hyung.”  Dongwoo made a quiet sound of longing, sliding his hand onto Sunggyu’s cock.  “Please.”

            “You’re the most delicious fuck I’ve ever had.”  Sunggyu sucked Dongwoo’s earlobe between his teeth and laughed, loving Dongwoo’s hard, needy shudder.  “And I haven’t even had you yet.”

            “I c-c-can’t wait,” Dongwoo panted, grinding against him.  The slide and friction of skin against skin brought such an intense fever of lust out of Sunggyu that he rode Dongwoo forward.  Moving perfectly with him, lying back beneath him and rocking up against him, Dongwoo groaned a fervent, stuttering, “Ah-unh-ah-au-unh!  Ah, hyung.”

            Shit, if the members had cleaned, where was his lube?  Sunggyu looked quickly over his shoulder, kicking his pillow aside, but it wasn’t still under there.  “Do you have-”

            “It’s beside the, under the, god, hyung, please.”  With a lewd shimmy, Dongwoo twisted against him from taut abs to silky cock to firm thighs, arching, grinding against him.

            The glide and pressure of Dongwoo’s body against his own felt so good that Sunggyu groaned, rocking against him, needing to feel that again.  When he shoved a bottle into Sunggyu’s hand, his hand splayed across Sunggyu’s thigh, fingers digging in.

            Groaning, Sunggyu slicked Dongwoo’s ass.  The slippery lube and Dongwoo’s constant writhing around made it a quick, wild ride, and as soon as Sunggyu got a firm grip, he plunged in, slamming his cock home.

            “Aah!  Aao-oh-huh, aa-ah, yes!”  Dongwoo surged under him, bucking and rolling.  “Yes, unh, omo, omo, omo, ah!”

            “Ah!”  Sunggyu couldn’t believe how good it felt, and his hips rocked forward aggressively, sending him deeper inside Dongwoo.  Dongwoo’s rhythmic writhing was a hot, satin fantasy against his body, and he groaned, pressing closer, thrusting harder.

            Dongwoo’s leg hooked over his shoulder, and he rubbed his cheek against Dongwoo’s calf, sliding his hand over Dongwoo’s cock as he kept thrusting.  “Oh, oh, yes yes, yes,” Dongwoo moaned, undulating and twisting his own nipple.  “Yes, hyung, touch me, like that, like that.”

            Sunggyu dragged his gaze over Dongwoo, seeking out details, wanting to see everything.  The color in Dongwoo’s face and chest, the flexing of his abs as he rocked his hips, the way he kept tugging on his own nipples.  The heaving of his chest as he panted for air, the way he kept tilting his head back as he cried out, the way his eyes kept closing, fluttering open, closing again.

            Wanting to be closer, to see the pleasure on Dongwoo’s face, Sunggyu pushed his knee closer to his chest, thrusting in deeper, pressing forward.  Moaning, “Auh, unh, uh,” he dragged his nails down his own chest, covering Sunggyu’s hand on his dick.  Biting his lip as Sunggyu rocked into him, he looked up at Sunggyu.  The eye contact was so direct, so intimate, that Sunggyu could see everything, every flicker of his eyes, every minute contraction of his eyebrows as Sunggyu thrust harder and he groaned in pleasure, rubbing his own thigh, his back arching.  Licking his lips, he smiled and said, in a breathless voice, “I d-d-didn’t know.  You’d be so good.  At this too.”

            Loving that, Sunggyu smiled down at him, picking up the pace, driving into him faster.  With a gasp, he writhed upward, twisting like he wanted to get closer to Sunggyu’s body.  “Look at you, look at how sexy you are,” Sunggyu said appreciatively, trailing a hand down his torso, then back up his chest.  Moaning, he rolled with Sunggyu’s touch, muscles flexing as he moved under Sunggyu’s hand.

            “Sung…  Gyu…  Hyung, please.”  Dongwoo swallowed, then groaned desperately as Sunggyu shifted angles.  “Ah, ah, please.”  His hand rubbed over the hand fondling his cock, pushing, encouraging, scratching.  “I need…  Need…”

            Pushing Dongwoo’s hand away, Sunggyu said, “Not yet.”  He wasn’t finished enjoying the way Dongwoo was moaning and writhing.  Instead, he put Dongwoo’s hands on him, one on his ass, one on his chest, and he kept his own hand off of Dongwoo’s cock entirely.

            “Ah, ah, aunh…”  Trying to flex and rock his hips upward to grind against Sunggyu, Dongwoo groaned.  “Ah, fuck, please…”

            The way Dongwoo was moving, pressing up against him, felt so good that Sunggyu tilted his head back and closed his eyes and just enjoyed it, letting sexual pleasure and the rhythm of his thrusting hips work through him.  The hand on his ass rubbed and cupped and squeezed, and when Dongwoo’s fingertips slid up the cleft, a wicked erotic frisson shivered up his spine.  The hand on his chest stroked upward, caressing his neck, fingers slipping along the curve of his jaw.  Eyes still closed, he tilted his head to one side, and Dongwoo moaned his name, stroking his cheek, fingers sliding up into his hair, combing, tugging, making his back arch and his mouth open with pleasure.  God, it turned him on the way Dongwoo touched him.

            “I can’t, I can’t,” Dongwoo panted.  “Ah, I need it, need, need, fuck…”

            Sunggyu grunted, slapping Dongwoo’s thigh without looking.  “You’re speaking informally?”

            “Ah, nnn, oh,” Dongwoo moaned.  “Ugh, Gyu, fuck you.”

            Laughing, he opened his eyes to see the desperate pleasure on Dongwoo’s face.  “Do you want to die?”

            “Unh.”  Groaning, Dongwoo took his hand from Sunggyu’s hair, stroking Sunggyu’s cheek, his fingertips painting lines of sweat down the side of Sunggyu’s face.  “No, no, I want to come.”

            The words themselves, or maybe Dongwoo’s urgent, pleading tone, or maybe the sensual pleading on Dongwoo’s face, sent a vibrant flash of pleasure through him.  Moaning, his hips slamming forward, he almost lost control, and the way Dongwoo was arching and squirming under him didn’t fucking help.  “Shit,” he panted, but his hips were pumping and the clenching heat of Dongwoo’s ass felt incredible and electricity was zinging through his whole body making every muscle tense and he couldn’t hold back anymore.  Wrapping his fist around Dongwoo’s cock, he gave it a quick stroke from the base, slipping his thumb over the head.

            Immediately, Dongwoo cried out, twisting hard against him, grabbing his shoulder and yanking him closer.

            Almost crash landing across him, thrusting feverishly into him, Sunggyu was having so much trouble not coming that the first splash of wetness didn’t register.  Then he cried out again, looking beautifully anguished, and Sunggyu looked down to see cum splattering his abdomen.  The sight of it, the sound of Dongwoo’s ecstatic moaning, the tight contractions of Dongwoo’s ass, sent pleasure exploding through Sunggyu in wild, brilliant flashes.

            Closing his eyes, thrusting roughly in his ecstasy, Sunggyu came.  As bliss filled him, he moaned, “Ah, Dongwoo, Dongwoo, yes,” and heard an answering, incredibly gratified, “Oohhh, yes,” from Dongwoo.  His hips slowed, then stopped, as satisfaction flowed through him and his body relaxed.  Relishing the quiet, relieved, contented noises Dongwoo was making, he opened his eyes.

            Dongwoo was twisted in a loose sprawl, one leg still over Sunggyu’s arm, his upper body turned so far away that his shoulder blade faced Sunggyu, an arm covering his head.  Letting his leg relax, Sunggyu popped out of him, and he made a low, lazy, satisfied sound, melting bonelessly across Sunggyu’s blankets.

            Smiling, Sunggyu cupped his shoulder, rolling him onto his back again.  His arm sliding away from his face, he looked up with such a smoldering gaze that Sunggyu leaned in, drawn to him, kissing him.

            Tilting his face up with a pleased sigh, he kissed Sunggyu intimately, languidly, lingering over each lick.  His hands rubbed slowly over Sunggyu’s body in a leisurely tour as one leg curled over Sunggyu’s hip.  “You liked it?” he murmured.

            “Yes,” he said, kissing Dongwoo again.  It felt so good to relax together like this.  It was incredibly intimate; Sunggyu was used to people rolling away after sex, getting up, reestablishing their own spaces.  Not this cozy petting, like they were enjoying each other.  Stretching out beside Dongwoo, tugging him close, Sunggyu ran a hand over his side, his hip, his ass.

            Dongwoo glanced back at Sunggyu’s hand, then gave Sunggyu a sly look and rolled his upper body forward, tilting his hips and pushing his ass backward.  As they kissed, Sunggyu squeezed his ass, palming the firm, smooth curves.

            “Mmm.”  Dongwoo made a warm, gratified noise into his mouth and shifted sinuously against him, rubbing against him in a way that felt good down to his toes.  When Dongwoo pulled away from their kiss to touch forehead to forehead, he raised his hand to caress the side of Dongwoo’s face, slipping his fingertips along Dongwoo’s cheekbone, skimming Dongwoo’s lips.  “Is this what you want?”  Dongwoo’s hand settled on his thigh.  “You want me to take care of you?”

            Was that what this was?  Sunggyu wanted whatever it was that would enable him to fuck Dongwoo again.  Whatever it was that would keep making him relax and enjoy himself when Dongwoo was around.  Whatever would keep Dongwoo happy; whatever would make Dongwoo smile.  “Yes.”

            Dongwoo smiled.

            Why did that simple thing make Sunggyu feel so good?  Smiling back, Sunggyu kissed him.

            Some time later, on their next night off, when Dongwoo asked what they were doing for dinner, Hoya said, “We’re going out.”

            “For steak!” L said cheerfully.

            “Woohyun hyung’s paying,” Sungjong said.

            “Isn’t that nice of him?” Sungyeol asked, clapping Woohyun on the shoulder.

            “Steak?” Sunggyu asked, immediately interested.  He’d planned to stay in and get laid, but steak sounded terrific.  He could always get laid afterward.

            “Just the five of us,” Woohyun said.  “I’m not paying for the two of you.”

            “Not us?”  Dongwoo looked confused.  “Why not us?”

            “Because Sunggyu hyung is a-”

            “Steak’s expensive,” L said, clapping his hand over Woohyun’s mouth.

            “We’ll be thinking of you,” Hoya promised, hugging Dongwoo.

            Shooting Sunggyu a baffled look, Dongwoo hugged Hoya back.

            “Come on,” Sungyeol said, dragging Woohyun toward the door as the other members left.

            “I hope it was worth it!” Woohyun said, kicking out in Sunggyu’s direction before Sungyeol pulled the door shut.

            “What is wrong with them?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Selfish brats,” Sunggyu said.  “They should take us with them.  They want us to go hungry?”

            “They probably just want a night away from their hyungs,” Dongwoo said.

            He liked the way Dongwoo was gravitating toward him, moving closer and closer.  “You were about to say a night away from me, weren’t you?”

            Dongwoo grinned.  “Should I be honest?”

            Laughing, Sunggyu cupped his chin in one hand and kissed his neck, then bit at his ear.  He bit back; Sunggyu grabbed him around the waist and bent him over, smacking his ass and letting him go.

            Covering his ass with both hands, Dongwoo laughed and skittered away, but immediately came right back.  “Should we go out for steak?  Just us two?”

            Professionally, it had been a rough couple of days, and Sunggyu wanted to stay home and relax.  Stay home, relax, and revisit that amazing place only Dongwoo had ever taken him.  “Let’s stay in,” he suggested, and wrapped an arm around Dongwoo’s shoulders.  He went for a pouting look, and Dongwoo pouted right back, all sultry eyes and red lips.  “I am Kim Sunggyu,” he murmured.  “I deserve amazing orgasms.”  Dongwoo grinned, eyes lighting up.  “Make me come, peasant.”

            Latching onto the front of his shirt, Dongwoo stepped backward, tugging him toward their bedroom.  “You like it?”

            He loved it.  Maybe he’d been doing it wrong before; maybe he’d just been with the wrong people.  “I like the way you sound when you’re doing it.”

            Laughing, Dongwoo pulled him into the room, pulled him right up against Dongwoo’s chest, kissed him.  “I want you to have a good time.”

            “I always do,” he murmured, nuzzling Dongwoo’s cheek.  Cupping his hand between Dongwoo’s thighs, he moaned in anticipation and took Dongwoo’s mouth in a long kiss.  Mmm, he’d been looking forward to this all day.

            Grumbling, Woohyun walked back into the dorm.  No matter what Hoya said, he had not forgotten his wallet on purpose.  Ugh, the kids were talking about ordering so much food!  He really-

            “Unh, unh, it’s so, so, unh, so good.”

            Oh, come on!  Again?!  Every time he turned around lately, his hyungs were all over each other.  He liked sex as much as anyone did, but weren’t they overdoing it?  Rolling his eyes as Dongwoo groaned again, he went into his room and grabbed his wallet.

            “Ah, hyung, it’s good, it’s good, ahh, aahhhhahhh, unh…”

            They hadn’t even closed their door?  Wasn’t that a bit rude?

            “Ah-nn-unh, ah, ah, fuck, so tight, so, ohhhh…”

            Curious, Woohyun edged closer to the door.  If he had to pay for steak dinners, didn’t he deserve a little peek at what was costing him so much money?  Holding his breath, he snuck a look.

            His eyes widened.

            “Ya!  Kim Sunggyu, you jackass!  You couldn’t have done that a week ago?!”

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Copyright July 30, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time