Hyung and Maknae

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            “Oh, oh, fuck.”  Tipping his head against the back of the couch, Sehun bit his lip.  “Oh, unh, oh, hyung.”

            Sitting on him, riding him, Xiumin smiled.  A swivel of hips, and he moaned, fingers digging into Xiumin’s thighs.  God, this was great.  “Unh, maknae, your cock feels so good.”

            “Good, ooohh, oh, so good.”  Face scrunched up, Sehun closed his eyes.

            “Where are you going?” Xiumin asked, laughing, framing Sehun’s face with both hands.  “Open your eyes.  You don’t want to look?”  As Sehun’s eyes opened, he moaned, his hand sliding down Sehun’s neck, Sehun’s chest.  “I like to look.  I want to see everything.  You look so pretty, turned on and moaning, begging me to make you come.”

            “Ahh-hhh.”  Sehun grimaced, his hands cupping Xiumin’s ass, as Xiumin toyed with his nipple.  “Not begging.”

            “Not yet,” he acknowledged with a smile, rocking slowly on Sehun’s cock.  “But you will.  Aauuunhh,” oh, it felt good.  At this angle, Sehun’s erection filled him up just right, popping off feel-good bursts every time his hips dropped.  “Moan for me, maknae.  Come on,” he urged, pinching Sehun’s other nipple.  “You can get louder than this, we’ve all heard it before.”

            “Ahhh, ahh, oh, hyung.”

            Nice, but that was the way Sehun moaned for Kris.  Xiumin wanted the way Sehun moaned for him, the real thing, when Sehun was really into it, noisy, excited.  “Ah, that’s not it.  Come on, maknae, don’t just give me your cock, give me a show.”

            “Ah, Xiumin hyung.”  Sehun’s hand settled on his cock, starting to jack him off.

            “Nnn, not yet.”  Smiling, he put Sehun’s hand back on his ass.  “I want to enjoy this a while longer.  Your cock feels great.  How about me, how do I feel?”  Xiumin leaned in close, locking gazes.  “You like your hyung on top of you, riding you, getting off on your cock?”

            “Yeah, ahhh, it’s good.”  Sehun’s hands squeezed his ass, slid up his back.  He swiveled his hips again, picking up the pace, and Sehun’s head bowed, turning to one side, eyebrows drawn together.  “Uunnh, fuck, hyung, aaghhnnn.”

            “Where do you keep going?” Xiumin asked, laughing again.  Sliding a hand into his hair, Xiumin pulled his face back around, holding on and looking into his eyes.  “That’s it, maknae, right here.”  Xiumin’s hips rose and fell faster now, short and quick, creating a sense of urgency.  Sehun was gasping, lips parted, starting to get that desperate, resistant look that came right before the good stuff.  “Yeah, fuck, that’s it.  This is how I like you best, maknae.  Rock-hard and looking at me like you love me.”

            “I, fuck, no,” Sehun mumbled, closing his eyes, looking flushed, conflicted.

            “Fuck, yes,” Xiumin whispered, leaning in and licking at his parted lips, licking up the side of his face, licking his eyebrows until his eyes opened.  “Look at hyung, enjoy it.  Mmn, yeah, you’re filling me up, maknae, that’s your cock I’m bouncing up and down on, your cock I’m getting off on.  Tell me how it feels.”

            “Shit, shit, oh, oh, god,” Sehun moaned, and his hands tightened on Xiumin’s hips as desperation shone in his eyes.  “It’s good, you feel so good, ohh.”

            “Yeah, that’s it, that’s my boy.”  Xiumin loved this part, loved him like this.  It was always best when Sehun was into it, really into it, noisy, excited.  Always such a good, satisfying ride, whether Xiumin was in him or vice versa.  “You want me to go faster?  Slower?  Tell me how you like it.”

            “Unh, uh, yes.”  Sehun was looking down, watching him move, eyebrows up in surrender, moaning with each panted breath.  Yeah, this was it, Sehun was open now, willing to go all the way there with him.  Sehun’s hands slid up his sides, nails dragging lightly over his skin, thumbs flicking over his nipples, lashes fluttering helplessly.  “Faster, faster.”

            “Yeah, let’s speed things up,” Xiumin agreed, bouncing faster, hips popping, pushing the rhythm, kissing his mouth.  A quick, wet kiss, a light bite to his lower lip, a rough pinch to his nipple, and Sehun was squirming, gasping into Xiumin’s mouth, wriggling as Xiumin rode him harder.  Shit, it always turned Xiumin on to see him like this, to make him writhe.  Time to turn up the heat.  “That’s it, maknae, let’s have some fun.”

            Suho was washing his face when Sehun brushed past him on the way to the shower.  The expression on Sehun’s face was guarded and vulnerable in a familiar way.  He must have had sex with Luhan or Xiumin.  Xiumin, probably, since his cock was shiny with lube, not his ass.  “All right?” Suho asked.

            Sehun grunted and turned on the water.

            Poor kid.  Xiumin was so demanding, sometimes.  “I got some new body wash today.  Want to try it?”  Picking it up, Suho walked over to Sehun, who was turned away with his forehead on his forearm against the wall, letting the water flow over him.  “It’s - - ack,” Suho said, laughing, ducking the water.  “It says that it’s moisturizing, revitalizing, rejuvenating - - not that you need younger looking skin.  Here.”  Suho squirted some into his palm, then rubbed it over Sehun’s back.  “Does it feel nice?” he asked, massaging it down Sehun’s long, narrow back, across Sehun’s shoulders.  “Just the thing after a long day, right?”

            Sehun rubbed his hands over his face, through his wet hair, then started to relax, the muscles under Suho’s hands loosening.  “It’s nice.”  Sighing, he leaned back into Suho a little.

            Suho rubbed his back for a while, then soaped up his arm.  His eyes were closed, his expression peaceful; when Suho tickled under his arm, he opened his eyes, laughing.  “It’s just nice?” Suho asked.

            Sehun smiled at him.  “I feel moister and younger already.”

            A few nights later, hearing familiar moaning and wailing and rhythmic clapping sounds, Sehun strolled toward the kitchen.

            Sehun liked having sex with his hyungs.  It was fun to get them turned on and worked up.  Sometimes, when he was in the mood to play, he would draw it out, push their buttons, keep them going.  Other times, if he was tired or had something else to do, he’d make it quick, bringing them right over the edge and ending it fast, leaving them panting and gasping and stunned-looking.

            It could be a burden, having so many hyungs, so many people telling him what to do, but it wasn’t a sexual burden.  He might have a complaint about being pushed around or not being listened to or not being taken seriously, but now that he had his pet, now that he had such an amazing, fulfilling outlet, he didn’t have many complaints, sexually.  His hyungs were easy to turn on, easy to get off, easy to mess with.

            When it came to sex, he liked to have the upper hand.  With most of his hyungs, that was easy.  Nine of them either didn’t want the upper hand or didn’t care.  That left Luhan; sex with Luhan was interesting, because he knew how to push Luhan’s buttons, but Luhan knew how to mess with his, too, and while sometimes things were easy between them, sometimes it got kind of intense.

            And then there was Xiumin.  Most of the time, Xiumin just wanted a good time.  But sometimes, Xiumin felt like flexing a little muscle, felt like reminding the dorm who was oldest, who was in charge.  On those days, Sehun tried to shove Baekhyun in the way and run, but it didn’t always work.

            Tonight, for example, Baekhyun was upside-down in the kitchen, standing on his hands in front of the table, red-faced and wailing.  Kris was holding his legs in the air and watching while Tao fingered him, and Xiumin knelt on the table, spanking his ass as red as his face.  Baekhyun clearly loved it, and Sehun didn’t blame him; Tao had a devilish “I’m going to get you off so hard you’ll hate me” expression, and anything Tao did in that mood felt fantastic.

            Sehun had only come to the kitchen to see what Baekhyun was hollering about.  As soon as he’d realized what was going on, he should have had the sense to make himself scarce.  But he let his hormones slow him down.  He was turned on, and he wanted to join in, to help them to hold Baekhyun, to get his cock in Baekhyun’s mouth, to restrain Baekhyun’s legs.  While he fantasized about Baekhyun wriggling helplessly, bound and gagged on the table, he forgot that, in this dorm, with these hyungs, he was way more likely to end up in Baekhyun’s position than in Kris’.

            Kris was actually the one who spotted him first.  “Ya, help me,” Kris said.  “I don’t want him to fall.”

            Help to hold a hyung for the other members’ pleasure?  It was one of Sehun’s favorite pastimes.  Happy and aroused, he hurried right over.  Kris released Baekhyun’s right leg to him, and he gripped it carefully, hugging it to himself, resting his cheek against Baekhyun’s calf while Baekhyun said, “Don’t drop me!  Aah-yaa-haa-hoo!  Ahh, haa, oh, oh, oh, yaah!”

            “Going to come?” Xiumin asked.  He was smiling, sweating a little, his eyebrows in “I’m enjoying the fuck out of this” mode.  Baekhyun had a tendency to wiggle around a lot during sex anyway, and between Tao’s fingers and Xiumin’s quick, hard smacks, Sehun made sure to maintain a firm hold to keep Baekhyun from squirming loose and landing on the floor.

            “Yes, yes, please, I want to come, hyung, please,” Baekhyun moaned.  “Ah!  Ahh, oh, oh, ahh!”

            Whenever Xiumin spanked Baekhyun lately, Sehun wondered what it would be like to spank his pet.  Watching now, he admired Xiumin’s technique, the steady rhythm, the unpredictable landing pattern, the discipline.  Xiumin had great control over the force of each smack and the location of it, executing the spanking with deliberate care.  It was the closest thing Sehun had to watching another dom in real life.

            “Ah!  Ah!  Ah, I need to come, please, I need it,” Baekhyun moaned.

            “Come if you want,” Xiumin said, his hand landing over and over again on Baekhyun’s ass, making the reddened flesh jiggle.  “No one’s stopping you.”

            “Please, ah, ah, I need - - oh, yahh, ah, oh - - need it.”  Baekhyun squirmed, fingers flexing against the floor.  “I can’t - - I’ll fall, I’ll fall, ah, ah, hyung, please.”

            “Sehun, suck him off,” Xiumin said.

            Why did it have to be him?  “Tao hyung, you do it,” Sehun said.

            “Somebody do - - oh, oh, oh!”  Baekhyun’s cries turned high and hoarse as Tao took over.  One hand still fingering his ass, one hand wrapped around his cock, Tao sucked hard, cheeks hollowing.  “Ahh!  Aahh-aa-ahhh-auuhhh, auh, oohh, oh, yahhh!”  Thrashing, kicking, Baekhyun came, the jerking of his legs trying to pull him from Sehun’s hold.  “Ah, ah, ah.”

            Tao spat a mouthful of cum onto Baekhyun’s balls.  “Can we fuck you now?”

            “I’m ready,” Kris said.

            “Yes.”  Baekhyun sounded relieved.  “Yes.”

            Tao rubbed Baekhyun’s pink, hairy balls, smearing his cum over his skin.  “You look pretty upside-down, hyung.”

            It was true; he looked great.  His ass was so red from Xiumin’s spanking, swollen-looking, that Sehun wanted to play with him, to make him squirm.  Quickly, lightly, Sehun pinched his sore flesh.

            “Ahh!”  Baekhyun jumped.  “Ya, don’t!”

            “Put him down,” Xiumin said.  “Go ahead, you can fuck him.”

            While Xiumin scooted aside on the table, they draped Baekhyun over it.  Panting, flushed, he stayed there for a minute, clinging to the security of it.  Sehun stroked his ass; it felt warm.  With an excited whimper, he squirmed away, slapping at Sehun’s hand.

            “Come on, hyung,” Tao said, rubbing his back.  “Come to my room.”

            “Be nice,” Baekhyun warned, wriggling off of the table.  “Be gentle.”

            “I won’t even put it in the whole way,” Tao said.  “You love it when I tease you with just the head, right?”

            “Don’t you dare!” Baekhyun protested.  “I want all of it, the whole thing!”

            Kris and Tao’s attention was on Baekhyun; Xiumin was looking a little too relaxed and eyeing Sehun with a little too much interest.  As soon as the others started to leave, Sehun went after them.

            “Ah, not so fast, maknae.”  A strong hand wrapped around his upper arm, drawing him back.

            Oh, shit.

            As he was dragged back toward the table, he schooled his expression, making sure that he looked calm and pleasant.  It was never good to show weakness when Xiumin was in this kind of mood.

            Xiumin still sat on the table in a T-shirt, his erection tenting his underwear.  His smile was too knowing.  “In a hurry to go somewhere?”

            “No,” Sehun said calmly, raising his eyebrows as if faintly astonished that Xiumin would think so.  “Not in a hurry.”  As Xiumin released his arm, he put both hands on Xiumin’s bare legs.  Rubbing his thumbs lightly over Xiumin’s inner thighs, he smiled.  “Not going to fuck Baekhyun hyung?”

            Xiumin’s eyebrow tilted upward.  “Maybe I’d rather fuck you tonight.”

            “But you already spanked him,” Sehun said, laughing as if Xiumin didn’t make sense.  “His ass is ripe and ready for you.”

            “Mmm.”  Xiumin smiled.  “Maybe I’ll spank you, too.”

            “Spank me?”  He laughed again, looking puzzled.  “But I don’t like it.”

            Xiumin cupped his face in both hands, smiling at him like he was too cute for words.  “Then why does your cock get so hard when I do it?”

            Damn it.  “What do you want?” he asked flatly.  “You want me to wiggle around and beg for more like Baekhyun hyung?  You want me to squeal and act like it hurts?  You want me to jack off and tell you I love it?”

            “Aw, it’s not fun if you’re putting on an act,” Xiumin said, laughing and pinching his cheeks.  “I’ll spank you another time.  My hand still stings from Baekhyun.  Let’s do something else.”

            “Gang up on Chen hyung?” he suggested, feeling hopeful.

            “Mmm.  Suck my cock while I think about it,” Xiumin said, pushing the waistband of his underwear down, letting his hard-on spring up.

            Sehun sighed reluctantly and rolled his eyes for effect, but he really didn’t mind at all.  Bracing his hands on the tabletop, he lowered his face and touched the tip of his tongue to the smooth, round head of Xiumin’s cock.  He took his time, not trying to get Xiumin off, just playing around, kissing and licking.  Cocks were great toys, and Xiumin’s was sturdy, thick, predictably hardening further at his attention.  After a while, slowly dragging the flat of his tongue up the shaft, he decided that they were both turned on enough to move on to other things.  “Chen hyung?” he suggested again, raising his head.

            “Sure,” Xiumin said.  Rubbing himself, he slid down from the table.  “Bring him to my room.”

            Sehun found Chen on the couch, playing videogames with Kai.  “Hey,” Sehun said, crouching by his legs, rubbing his thigh.  “Xiumin hyung wants to see you.”

            “For what?” Chen asked, not taking his eyes from the screen.

            “I don’t know.”  Sehun slid his hand higher.  “Maybe he wants to make sweet love to you.”

            Laughing, Chen pushed his hand away.  “Ah, no.  Not now, not tonight.”

            “Aw, hyung.”  Disappointed, Sehun kissed the bare skin of his arm.  “Just a little?”

            “No,” Chen said, shooing him away.  “Go play, I’m busy.”

            He couldn’t show up empty-handed.  Reaching past Chen, he nudged Kai.  “Come on, let’s get laid.”

            “Ask Lay hyung,” Kai suggested.

            Sighing, Sehun got up.  Suho and D.O. were on the floor together in a lazy, half-snuggled sprawl, watching the screen.  Sehun nudged D.O.’s side with his foot until D.O. looked at him.  “Come with me.”

            D.O. shook his head.  “No.”

            “Nobody in this dorm likes sex anymore?” he demanded, exasperated.

            “I don’t know,” D.O. said.  “From the sound of it, Baekhyun hyung still does.”

            “So embarrassing,” Chen muttered, blushing.  “I don’t scream like that.”

            Kai grinned.  “Sure you do, hyung.”

            Baekhyun’s yelling was getting pretty loud.  It sounded like Luhan had gotten involved.  Mentally, Sehun reviewed his members.  Xiumin was waiting for sex; Luhan, Kris, Tao, and Baekhyun were having sex; Chen, Kai, D.O., and Suho weren’t going for it.  That left who?  Chanyeol and Lay?  Chanyeol didn’t bottom unless there was a really good reason for it, and “Xiumin’s horny” wasn’t a strong enough reason.  That left Lay.

            Sehun would have gone to Lay and convinced him to have sex with Xiumin, but Lay and Xiumin shared a room.  Anything he said, Xiumin would hear.  Great.

            Oh.  Maybe when Xiumin had walked in already hard, Lay had been interested.  Maybe they were already making out, getting into it.

            Sehun slipped into his room and closed the door.  Smiling to himself, he stretched out on Kai’s bed and fondled himself a little bit.  Texted his pet.  Wondered if Xiumin would be distracted by Lay, or would go over and join Luhan and the others, or would come looking for him.

            Only one way to find out.

            He waited.

            A few minutes into making out with Lay, Xiumin realized that Sehun wasn’t going to show up.

            That little brat.

            He finished making out with Lay and let Lay suck him off.  Watched Luhan fuck Baekhyun and Tao.  Took a shower with Luhan and Kris.  Dried off and went to Sehun’s room.

            Sehun was on Kai’s bed, on his back, asleep.  Xiumin climbed right on top of him and pinned his wrists to the bed.  He woke up fast, trying to jerk free, but Xiumin just knelt on his thighs and smiled down at him.  “Sleeping?”

            “Hyung, ah, shit.”  Sehun grimaced, trying to pull his arms away.  “Let me up.”

            “Forgot about me?” Xiumin guessed, raising his eyebrows and not letting go.

            Sehun tried for innocent and charming.  “You weren’t busy with Lay hyung?”

            “Does it matter?  I was waiting for you.  Did you forget?  Get lost?”

            “Come on, let me up,” Sehun whined.

            Xiumin wasn’t letting go until they’d had this out.  “What is it?” he asked.  “Sex with me is such a chore?  ‘Don’t you want to fuck Baekhyun hyung?’ ‘You wouldn’t rather have Chen hyung?’  It’s all excuses lately.”  He didn’t want to admit it, but it kind of hurt his feelings.  “I thought that we got along.  You’ll play ‘oh, oh, oppa’ with Chanyeol but you’re too good for my games?”

            Sehun looked surprised.  “It’s not like that.”

            Skeptical, he moved back, letting go and sitting on his heels.  “How is it, then?”

            Sitting up, Sehun scratched his head.  “I like your games.  I have fun with you.  But you don’t let it stay a game.  I don’t mean it with Chanyeol hyung and that’s okay with him.  You keep pushing for more.”

            Well, sometimes, yeah.  “I want to have sex with you, not some person you’re pretending to be.  Since when is that uncomfortable?”

            “I have L.Joe sunbae now,” Sehun said.  “What would he think if he saw me getting spanked?  What would he say if he saw me begging you to fuck me harder?”

            What?  “He’s not here.  He’s not going to walk into our dorm suddenly.  He doesn’t know what you do.”  Xiumin shook his head.  “Why would he be surprised to see the maknae doing what his hyungs want?”

            “That’s it,” Sehun said.  “That’s the only way you see me.  You’re the oldest hyung, I’m the maknae, that’s it.  Sometimes Luhan hyung tries to get to me, but with him, it’s a challenge between equals.  He knows that I’m a dom and he wants to break me before I break him.  You don’t take me seriously, you don’t see me that way.  You just want to make the maknae squirm.”

            It was true; he didn’t take Sehun seriously.  It had never occurred to him that he should.  “Aren’t you taking this too seriously?  It’s just sex.”

            “If it’s just sex, why do you push so hard?  Why do you want to see me really squirm?  Why can’t you just let me fake it with you like I do with the other members?”

            “Because I want to have sex with you, not some chic version of Oh Sehun you’re cosplaying.”

            Sehun swallowed and shook his head.  “You don’t get to break through and open me up and pull me apart just to get off.  I’m not Suho hyung, you don’t get to have all of me every time you fuck me.”

            Stunned, Xiumin stared at him.  “Is that what you think I’m doing?”

            “That’s what it’s like!  That’s what it feels like when you keep pushing.  I can’t give that to you every time.  It’s easier with Chanyeol hyung, it’s just sex, it’s just fun.  Luhan hyung only pushes sometimes.  You do it too often, you never just let me get you off anymore, you always want to get to me.”

            Xiumin shook his head, trying to process all of this.  Yeah, he liked to make the maknae squirm, but he’d just wanted Sehun to stop pretending to be so cool.  He’d thought that Sehun was just playing around, acting affected, pretending to be too good; he hadn’t realized that it might be some, some, some…  What, some self-defense thing?  “You make it sound like a battle.”

            “It’s a battle with Luhan hyung sometimes, too.  When he gets in that mood.”

            “But you like it better with him.”

            “He sees me as a challenge.  You assume that you get to roll right over me.”

            Yeah.  Yeah, he did.  He was hyung, wasn’t he?  “You think that just because you play games with some sunbae, I should treat you like an equal?”

            Sehun narrowed his eyes, his mouth going flat.

            Xiumin laughed.  “Why do you take yourself so seriously?”

            Looking away, Sehun pursed his lips.  Then he met Xiumin’s eyes again.  “Why do you spank Baekhyun hyung?”

            Xiumin shrugged, blinking.  “Because it turns me on.”

            “Why don’t you spank Chen hyung?”

            “Because he doesn’t like it.”

            “Why do you pin Tao hyung against the wall and make him beg for it?”

            “Because it’s fun.”

            “Why don’t you do that to D.O. hyung?”

            “He hates it.”

            “Why do you take what Chen hyung and D.O. hyung want seriously?  Why them and not me?  Just because I’m younger?  If Kai or Tao hyung was the maknae, and I was just a dongsaeng, would you listen to me?”

            “What do you want?” Xiumin asked.  “You want me to let you play ‘oh, oh, Xiumin’ with me the way you play ‘oh, oh, oppa’ with Chanyeol?”

            “Yes.”  Sehun’s tone was blunt.  “Yes, that’s what I want.  You don’t get it, do you?  Look, it’s…”  He sighed, scratching his head.  “Some people, like Kris hyung, don’t feel all that different during sex than during anything else.  Some people, like Baekhyun hyung, feel a lot and give a lot and like it.  It’s cathartic and exhilarating for them.  The more someone like you pushes them, the better the sex is for them, because they want to feel a lot.  I don’t want to, not every time.  Sometimes is okay, but not every time.  It makes me feel too…  Too raw, too vulnerable.  If I was like Suho hyung and I couldn’t stop it, I’d just decide never to get laid.  I can’t have so much of myself out there all of the time.”

            “But you don’t mind doing it to other people,” Xiumin said.  “Baekhyun, L.Joe sunbae, Suho.”

            “Baekhyun hyung likes it,” Sehun said.  “When I’m with Suho hyung, I take care of him, I’m gentle with him, because I know that he can’t help it.”

            Realizing that Sehun was being serious, Xiumin blinked.  He still thought that Sehun was taking all of this way too seriously, but he was also starting to think that maybe he should take some of it under consideration.  What Sehun described - - Baekhyun giving a lot and finding it exhilarating, Suho giving everything and not being able to help it - - actually sounded accurate.  And Kris was a good point of contrast.  “You’ve thought about this a lot.”

            Sehun shrugged.

            It wasn’t exactly something Xiumin liked to dwell on, but among the members, he had one of the lowest success rates with Suho.  He hadn’t been able to figure out why, and he couldn’t exactly ask Suho.  He wondered if this had something to do with it.  If what Baekhyun liked about him was what Suho didn’t like about him.  “Should I take care of you?” he asked.  “Be gentle with you?”

            Sehun shuddered.  “God, no, that would be worse.  Just let me play ‘harder, hyung, harder’ with you.  I’ll even let you spank me more often if it’s just a game.”

            More often?  “But it won’t really be you.”

            “Why does it matter so much?” Sehun asked, sounding exasperated.  “You only expose all of your heart and your need when you’re with Luhan hyung.  You don’t give it to the rest of us.  Why should we have to give it to you?”

            That.  What.  “Is that what you’re talking about?  Is that what it’s like?”  Suddenly, this conversation was on terms Xiumin really understood.

            “Yes!  And I don’t want to give that to you every time you get horny!”

            Shit, Sehun was right.  He only did that with Luhan.  Preferably when they were alone.  He didn’t like to do it in front of the other members that often, because it was a different kind of sex, a private kind of sex.  He didn’t like to let the other members see him like that; it was embarrassing.  He was the oldest.

            Okay, so that was what Sehun was talking about.  Maybe even if L.Joe couldn’t see what was going on, it still messed with Sehun’s image of himself as a dom.

            Maybe Xiumin was doing exactly what he kept accusing Sehun of doing.  He only bared his soul privately, with Luhan.  The rest of the time, he was into it, sexually, having a great time, but not exactly throwing his entire heart into it.  As often as he got laid, if he bared his soul every time, he’d be an emotional wreck by the end of one week.

            Maybe that was part of why Suho said no so often.

            God, how did Baekhyun do it?

            “Okay.”  Xiumin shook his head to rattle his thoughts back in order.  “Go ahead and play your games.  Cosplay as much as you want.  If you want that other kind of sex, we can, just let me know.  But I won’t demand it.”

            Sehun looked kind of surprised.  “Really?  You understand now?”

            He nodded.  “I get it.”

            Sehun’s smile was relieved.

            Poor kid.  Xiumin had been pulling his heart open and getting irritated with him for not giving more.  “You should have said something before this.”

            “It was okay, before.  I didn’t mind as much.  But now that I have L.Joe sunbae, it’s different.”

            “Do you think of yourself as a dom with the members?  Is that part of where your mind is?”

            Sehun shook his head.  “No, it’s fun with the members.  It’s relaxed.  That’s the thing, it’s usually not relaxed with you.  I always have to work too hard to protect myself.”

            Xiumin nodded.  “You’ve thought about this.  Do you have any more advice for me?  Is there anyone else I should go easier on?”

            “Suho hyung,” Sehun said immediately.  “And you might get more of D.O. hyung more often if you relax.”

            “Ah.”  Yeah, D.O. had said that he and Luhan were too intense, but he hadn’t been sure what that meant.  Now, maybe, he understood.

            “Mmm.”  Chen smiled, wrapping his arms around Xiumin’s shoulders, shivering a little as Xiumin kissed his neck.  “You’re so friendly lately.”

            “I’m trying to relax more,” Xiumin said, kissing his chest.

            “It’s so nice,” Chen murmured, feeling the urge to stay and cuddle.

            “That’s sweet,” Suho said.  “Can the rest of us use the couch?”

            Laughing, Chen looked up.  “Sorry, hyung.”  Running his hands over Xiumin’s hair, he smiled.  “Should we go to your room?  Maybe do it again?”

            Xiumin gave him a sexy, approving smile.  “Sure.  However you want it.”

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