Infinite and Teen Top Go on MT

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            Grunting, C.A.P. rubbed his eyes.


            “No.”  Squinting, he saw Changjo seated on the edge of the other bed, staring at him.  Why did the maknae always have to wake up so early?  “What time is it?”

            “Time to call Sunggyu hyung,” Changjo said, holding out C.A.P.’s phone.

            Ignoring the phone, he rested his hand on L.Joe’s bare hip and pushed himself to sit up.  Scratching his stubble, he yawned.  “Call for what?”

            “To reschedule MT.”

            Still asleep, L.Joe rolled over, toward C.A.P.  Tapping at his nose, C.A.P. grinned.  He was kind of cute when he wasn’t arguing or complaining.

            “We have to schedule it,” Changjo insisted.  “We have to do it soon, or everyone will be too busy and it won’t happen.”

            “What are you so worried about?” C.A.P. asked.  “Don’t you already get L whenever you want him?”

            “Does that mean that I don’t want everybody else, too?  There are other members.  Come on, just call, one call,” Changjo urged, trying to push the phone into his hand.

            He smacked the top of Changjo’s head, then took his phone.  Scratching his ass, he got up.

            “How many times have we almost gone, now?  Let’s at least decide a day.”

            The last time, Infinite had pulled out at the last minute.  C.A.P. didn’t think that it had been deliberate on Sunggyu’s part, but it did make him wary.  And the time before that, things had been looking pretty good, and then Changjo had freaked out on L.  L and Changjo were getting along now, and Chunji and Dongwoo were happy now, but how long would that last?  There was so much history between their teams that when everything went well, it went really well, and when things went badly, they went straight to hell.  The “really well” kept pulling them all back in, but C.A.P. still had an eye out for the “straight to hell.”  And he knew that Sunggyu did, too.

            “You’re not going to call?” Changjo demanded.  He grabbed for the phone.  “Then give it to me, I’ll call.”

            C.A.P. shoved his hands away.  “Scheduling MT is leader shit, not maknae shit.  Who do you think I organize MTs with, Suho hyung or Sehun?  I’ll call when I call.”

            Mmm, Sehun-ah,” L.Joe moaned in his sleep, running his hand over the bed.

             “Call soon, okay?” Changjo asked.  When C.A.P. left the room, he was crawling on top of L.Joe, whispering, “Hyung, L.Joe hyung,” and L.Joe was still moaning.

            C.A.P. talked to their manager that night and went over the schedule.  He wanted even a tiny bit of privacy and quiet to make his call, so he nailed his members.  When half of them were passed out, and half of them were in the maknaes’ room, still going at it but at least not so horny and noisy anymore, he went into the front room and dialed.

            Mmm,” Sunggyu said.

            “Hyung, how are you?”

            “Fine.  How are you, have you eaten?”

            “Yeah, I’m fine.  About MT, when do you want to go?”

            “Ah, that?  It can be soon.”

            He grinned.  “Really?”

            “I’m tired of these kids fussing at me about it.  Like Sungyeol doesn’t have any friends other than that main vocal of yours.  Yeah, we can go soon.  I’ll text you with some dates, all right?”

            Hearing how easygoing Sunggyu sounded, C.A.P. felt good about this.  “Yeah, that’d be great.”

            “I thought that it’d be good to get away and go out of the city.  We’re going on MT, right, it shouldn’t be here in our dorms.”

            “Oh.”  He agreed, that sounded great, but he didn’t have anywhere to go.  When they went with EXO, they went to SM’s safe houses, but his company didn’t have one.  “You want to rent a place?”

            Mmm.  It’ll be hard to find one that’s private, but it’ll be good for the members.  More like a real vacation.  Hyung will pay.”

            “Well, if we’re all going, we should split it.”

            Ya, what’s this, you think I can’t afford it?  Hyung will pay,” he repeated.

            That was actually really nice of him.  “Okay.  Thanks.”  C.A.P. smiled.  Sunggyu had to be more confident about their teams getting together again than he’d thought.

            Sunggyu looked up some rental properties on-line, but he wasn’t satisfied with any of them.  Was he getting paranoid?  He wanted to go somewhere he could trust, and he wasn’t sure about anything he saw.  Were these photos an accurate representation?  What if there were talkative neighbors?  He wished that he could go to scope out the properties in person before making a commitment.  Infinite’s reputation was on the line, and so was Teen Top’s, and he couldn’t ask C.A.P. to trust him if he wasn’t sure about it himself.

             He called C.A.P. and apologized.  He felt like an ass about it, but they’d have to meet in Infinite’s dorm.

            “I talked to Andy hyung about it,” C.A.P. said.  “He said that if we didn’t find anywhere else, we could use his place.”

            What?  “Andy sunbaenim has a place?”

            “Yeah.  We’ve never been allowed to go, but he said that if we act like adults and don’t trash the place, we can use it.”

            “Where is it?”

            C.A.P. chuckled.  “I don’t know.  He never told us, because he didn’t want us to get ideas about sneaking in.  Changjo-  He cut himself off, then started over.  “Our Changjo tried to get information about it out of Shinhwa Changjo, but all we know is that it’s not on Jeju.  And it has a hot tub, and he meets his members there a lot.”

            “So we’ll need to change the sheets,” Sunggyu said.  “Yeah, okay.  If it’s okay with Andy sunbaenim, we’ll go.”

            After he hung up, he wondered if every company had a secret getaway.  He was the big sunbae at Woollim now, so was it up to him to get one?  It would be kind of annoying if L or somebody did it first.

            Changjo wanted to get the most out of this experience that he could.  But the Infinite members could be tricky.

            They’d already had C.A.P. and Chunji before, so they’d probably be more eager to get to the other Teen Top members.  That definitely worked in his favor.

            Dongwoo would be easy.  Woohyun would want to top.  Hoya and Sungjong liked to bottom, but they were picky.  He’d have to convince them that he knew what he was doing.  He needed L to put in a good word with them.

Sungyeol would want to top, so he’d make sure that Niel got to Sungyeol first.  If he threw enough bottoms at Sungyeol, maybe they could get Sungyeol relaxed enough to roll over.

He definitely wanted to have sex with L, it was just a matter of how private L wanted it to be.

That left Sunggyu.  C.A.P. and Chunji had both been there, so there was no reason why he couldn’t get some, too.

He called L and tried to get L to agree to tell the rest of Infinite what an amazing lay he was.  L laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I want my members to have fun.  They’ll like you.”

He called Andy and asked if there was beer at the house.  Andy said, “I don’t want a bunch of excited kids getting drunk and throwing up on my furniture.  Thanks for calling, I’ll make sure that there’s none before you show up.”  He tried to explain why he needed it, but the more he talked, the worse it sounded, and then Andy asked, “Do I need to come over and explain consent again?” and he had to sit through a lecture about sex and sobriety.

His mind was still on Sunggyu.  How could he get Sunggyu in the mood to want him?  He’d get L to help him.  Lounging on his bed, thinking aloud, he asked, “Sunggyu hyung used to like sex with Chunji hyung, right?”

“Sure,” Ricky said, crawling into the other bed.

“But he might feel weird about Chunji hyung and Dongwoo hyung.”  He needed another angle.  His gaze slid to one side.  “Sunggyu hyung likes you.”

“Of course he likes me, I’m very likeable.”

“If he has sex with you, he won’t have any excuse not to have sex with me,” he said, sitting up.

“Besides how ugly and annoying you are?”

He made a move like he was going to punch Ricky, and Ricky threw a pillow at him.  Catching it, he said, “You have to get him to do you.  Join in while Niel hyung’s already sucking his balls or something.”

“If you want it so badly, you suck his balls.”

“He likes you more.”

“What’s he into?” Ricky asked.


“But what about topping?  Does he like the way it feels on his cock, or does he like the way it looks, or does he like the psychology of it?  Is he into pretty faces or round asses, does he like helpless begging or does he want someone demanding?  L hyung must’ve said something.”

Hours of conversation with L streamed through his mind.  “He likes it all kinds of ways.  I don’t know.”

“Go ask Chunji hyung.”

He got up and went into Chunji’s room.  Niel was asleep on L.Joe’s bed, naked, long limbs stretching out in all directions.  Chunji was kneeling beside the bed, sucking L.Joe’s cock.  Chunji hyung.”

Raising his head, Chunji jacked L.Joe’s hard-on, looking at Changjo with an impatient question in his eyes.

“What does Sunggyu hyung like?  What’s he into?”

“You have to know this right now?” L.Joe asked.

“Topping,” Chunji said, like that should’ve been obvious.

“What else?”

“Kissing,” Chunji said, and licked the head of L.Joe’s cock.

Everyone in Infinite really seemed to like kissing.  Maybe because of Sunggyu.  Changjo stayed to watch Chunji get L.Joe off, and then he went back to his own room.  “You have to make out with Sunggyu hyung.  Kiss him a lot,” he said, dropping onto his bed.

“I’ll practice,” Ricky decided, getting up.

“Where are you going?”

L.Joe hyung,” he explained, halfway to the door.

“You can’t practice with me?”

L.Joe hyung’s mouth is sexier than yours.”

“Since when?” he demanded.  That was so not true!  “Hey!  Since when?!”

            C.A.P. checked the time and sighed.  Changjo had gotten the members out of bed at some ridiculous hour that morning, insisting that they couldn’t be late.  Now he was tired and no one was ready, so what had they really gained, here?  He could’ve slept in.  “Members!  We’re leaving!”

            “Almost ready!” Chunji called back.

            C.A.P. kicked the closest ankle.  It turned out to be Niel’s.  “Go get him.”

            Niel sighed and trudged off.  Chunji hyung, really.”

            “He just wants to look good for Dongwoo hyung,” L.Joe said.  He leaned back, away from Changjo, who was staring at him and getting close.  “Maknae,” he complained, pushing Changjo away.  When Changjo kept staring, he got self-conscious.  “What?” he asked, laughing, flustered, touching his cheek.

            “Your mouth isn’t that sexy,” Changjo decided.

            “Sure it is,” C.A.P. said.

            “I’m very sexy,” L.Joe said.  “All over.”

            “Not sexier than I am,” Changjo said.

            “Get over it,” Ricky said.

            “I’m a hell of a lot sexier than you,” L.Joe told Changjo.  “Even my teeth are sexy.”

            Ricky showed his teeth to C.A.P.  Grinning, C.A.P. ruffled his hair and pushed his face away.

            “No one has sexy teeth,” Changjo said.

            “I do,” L.Joe said confidently, flipping his hair out of his eyes.

            “According to who, Angel?”

            Mmm.”  Licking his teeth, L.Joe looked away.  Ya, Chunji!”

            “Oh my god,” Changjo said, laughing, his eyes round and delighted.  “Does your dom compliment your teeth?”

            Ew,” Ricky said.  L.Joe punched both of them hard enough to make C.A.P. wince.  “Sorry,” Ricky said, doubling over and moving to C.A.P.’s other side, looking for protection.

            “He’s coming,” Niel said, rejoining them by the door.

            Changjo’s phone pinged.  Checking it, he said, “Fuck,” and stared at the screen.

            “What?” L.Joe asked.

            “It’s just a selca from that idol,” Niel told them.  Then, leaning over Changjo’s shoulder, he said, “God damn, your boyfriend’s hot.”  Eyeing Changjo’s phone, L.Joe licked his lips.  “Hyung,” Niel said, looking at C.A.P.  “I don’t want to say anything, but this guy was in love with you?  And you didn’t do anything about it?”

            “Can we, uh.  He’s going to be there tonight, right?” L.Joe asked, still staring.

            “I don’t know if someone with such bad judgment should be our leader,” Niel said.

            Rolling his eyes, C.A.P. decided to let that go.

            “He’s coming to see me, not any of you,” Changjo told L.Joe.

            “Is that fair?” Niel asked.  “You shouldn’t be so selfish, maknae.”

            “Yeah, learn to share,” Ricky said.

            L.Joe lets us have sex with his dom,” Niel said.  “Why can’t we do your boyfriend?”

            “Sehun hyung does what Sehun hyung wants to do,” Changjo said.  “L hyung does what L hyung wants to do.  I guess that L hyung is picky and only likes good quality, and Sehun hyung is satisfied with whatever.”

            “Want to die?” L.Joe demanded.

            While L.Joe chased Changjo to the sofa, landed on top of him, and punched him into the cushions, Chunji strolled into the room with a smile full of anticipation.  “Ready to go?”

            They were just about ready to leave, to get into the van for the drive to Andy’s place.  When management stepped out of the dressing room, Sunggyu closed the door and motioned his members over.  As they gathered around, he put one arm around Sungjong and the other around Dongwoo, and everyone drew into a tight circle, their heads together.

            “Tonight.”  He looked everyone in the eye, one after the other, and spoke in a whisper.  “Don’t embarrass me.”

            “Why is everything always about you?” Woohyun asked, laughing.

            “Why are you looking at me, why would I be embarrassing?” Sungyeol asked.

            “What’s embarrassing about sex?” Dongwoo asked.  “It’s just bodies, everybody has one.”

            “Don’t try to make them do things just because they’re younger, be nice,” he told Sungjong.  “Don’t try to prove things,” he told Woohyun.  “Don’t go too far and come up with weird ideas,” he told Dongwoo.  “Everybody, they’re young and stupid and excited about their hormones, and they’re going to try to do everything they can get away with, and they’re going to go along with whatever you suggest.  So don’t,” he gave Woohyun a look, “suggest unnecessary things.  He turned his warning look on Dongwoo.  “Regular sex is exciting enough, right?  Stick to normal positions.  And no spanking, they’re kids, it’s creepy.”

            “But they’re adults,” Dongwoo said.  “They’re men, they’re adults, if they like things, why can’t we do them?”

            “You know how the aging process works, right?” Hoya asked Sunggyu.  “You’re so old, shouldn’t you be more familiar with it by now?”

            “Go, go, get in the van, get away from me,” he said, pushing Hoya and Sungjong and Woohyun towards the door.  Remembering something, he said, “Ya!” sharply enough to make everyone freeze.  As six pairs of attentive eyes turned to him, he added, “And don’t tease L.Joe.”  He put enough menace in his tone for it to sink in that he meant it.  They nodded, and he relaxed.  Everyone tried to leave, and he caught Dongwoo, L, and Sungyeol, pulling them back to him.  “Not you.”

            “What?” Sungyeol asked.

            Letting the other two wait, he cupped Dongwoo’s face in his hands.  When Dongwoo blinked at him, calm and attentive, he said, “I don’t want that kid causing problems.”

            “Which kid?”

            “Which kid?” he repeated.  Chunji, I mean Chunji.”  He lowered his voice back to a whisper.  “He does things to your hormones.”  The real problem was what Chunji did to Dongwoo’s heart.  “You’re in charge tonight, so it’s up to you to be responsible.”

            “I’m in charge?”

            “I’m not going to sit around and watch while everyone plays.  I have my own stuff to do.”

            “What, sleeping?” Sungyeol asked.

            He shot Sungyeol a look, then turned his gaze back on Dongwoo.  “Make sure that everyone behaves.  Keep an eye on L.Joe.  Keep an eye on Changjo, too, he’s bad news.  Don’t get so excited about what feels good that you don’t use sense.”

            “It’s only good if everyone has a good time,” Dongwoo said.  “That’s what MT is for, for everyone to grow closer.”

            “Okay.”  He kissed Dongwoo’s forehead and sent him out.  When the door closed, he turned to L.

            Smirking, L crossed his arms over his chest.  “Who’s bad news?”

            “Changjo,” Sunggyu said.  “Are you going to be okay tonight?  If it’s going to be weird seeing C.A.P. in that kind of setting, tell me now.”  He needed L to confront problems, not run away from them, but he also needed to know if there were going to be problems.  He needed L to think about it ahead of time, not get upset in the moment and ruin the whole night for everyone.  It wouldn’t be good for L, and it wouldn’t be fair to the other members.

            L licked his lips, staring at the floor for a moment, lost in thought.  Then he nodded and met Sunggyu’s eyes again.  “It’ll be strange, at first.  But I don’t care.  If he touches me, I’ll kill him.  But he won’t try it.  And I don’t care what he does with anybody else.”

            Sunggyu nodded, rubbing the side of L’s neck.  “Keep an eye on that Changjo, all right?  I don’t want him causing problems.”

            L’s dimples showed when he smiled.  “He really, really wants you to play with him.”

            He scowled.  “He’s not my type.  None of them are my type.”

            “You won’t even try him?”

            “I don’t play with my dongsaeng’s toys.  You keep him.”  He pushed L toward the door.  When he and Sungyeol were alone in the room, he whispered, “Do you have it?”

            “I.”  Bright red, Sungyeol shook his head.  “It’s too awkward!  I can’t do that in public.”

            “A bathroom’s not public, no one’s watching what you do in there.”

            “I couldn’t,” he said, looking guilty.  “I couldn’t get it in.”  Sunggyu sighed.  “It’s awkward!  It’s weird in public, and I couldn’t relax.”

            They’d gotten Sungyeol to admit last night that he might bottom for Teen Top.  Sunggyu had agreed to bend the rules enough to allow Sungyeol to wear a plug for the drive to MT, so that he’d show up open enough to get things started.  But that meant that he had to put it in while in the bathroom after their last schedule, and as Sunggyu had guessed would happen, he hadn’t done it.  “What are you going to do, instead?  Get C.A.P. to get you ready?”

            “One of our members will do it.”

            “They’re having their own fun, they don’t want to waste their time on you.”

            “Thanks, that’s great,” Sungyeol said, defensive now, crossing his arms over his chest.  He was still blushing brightly, embarrassed.

            “We didn’t risk getting caught with this shit just for you to wimp out,” Sunggyu said.  “Go back in there and do it.”

            “It doesn’t work!”

            “Go in there,” Sunggyu ordered, pointing him towards the bathroom.  Then Sunggyu went over and opened the door to the hallway.  He gestured, and Woohyun came over.  Yeolie’s not feeling well, so we need a minute in the bathroom,” he whispered.  Woohyun nodded.  “He needs some privacy.”

            “Okay,” Woohyun said.

            Trusting Woohyun, he followed Sungyeol into the bathroom and locked the door.

            A few minutes later, he had Sungyeol writhing against the wall, whimpering, muscles squeezing his finger.  “That’s it,” he whispered, kissing the red flush spreading down Sungyeol’s neck.

            Unnhhh, unnh, hyung.”  Sungyeol gripped his arm, fingers digging in.  Long torso arching, Sungyeol gasped.

            “Quiet, quiet,” he whispered soothingly.  He rubbed in and out tenderly, slowly, wanting it to feel easy and unhurried.  “It’s nice, right?” he murmured, still kissing Sungyeol’s neck.

            “Fuck,” Sungyeol panted, and he shuddered.  “It’s so good.”

            Mmm.  Turn around again, let hyung see.”  Sungyeol nodded, and when Sunggyu’s finger slipped out, he faced the wall.  Finger easing right back in, Sunggyu knelt down.  Moaning, Sungyeol squirmed around, pushing back against it and then trying to rise off of it and then trying to work it deeper.  Used to his movements, Sunggyu went with it, sliding a second finger into his clenching tunnel.  He was just open enough to take it, and his shaky moans sounded loud in the still, silent room.  Making him moan like that, turning him on, being this close to his pert ass, teasing him open, had Sunggyu worked up, too, and it was really tempting to take this to its natural conclusion.  He’d already gotten off, but Sunggyu hadn’t, and all of his aroused writhing was sending signals straight to Sunggyu’s cock.

            Determined to stay on track, Sunggyu picked up the lube.  He didn’t want to neglect Sungyeol’s ass, so while he lubed up the plug, he licked that puckered hole.  Sungyeol was more open than a few minutes ago, and when the tip of his tongue snaked in, Sungyeol made a high-pitched, aching sound.  “Fuck, hyung, fuck,” Sungyeol gasped.  Licking firmly, probing, he got the plug good and slick.  Then, gently, he nudged the plug into place.  “Unh, unh, ooooohh, it’s in me, fuck.”

            Watching the slim plug disappear into Sungyeol’s body turned Sunggyu on, and he nuzzled Sungyeol’s ass.  He tucked it in snugly, and then he licked the flange where it sat flush against Sungyeol’s skin.  “God, hyung, oh, god.”  Sungyeol’s hips swiveled, grinding his ass against Sunggyu’s face.  “I, oooohhh, god, do something.”

            Hungry for more, he licked his way up Sungyeol’s cleft.  When he was far north enough to reach the hem of Sungyeol’s T-shirt, he stopped, rubbing his forehead against Sungyeol’s soft skin, breathing hard.  Knowing that he couldn’t finish what he’d started, he got himself back under control.

            “God, hyung.”  Sungyeol’s voice was breathless and shaky.  “It’s in me, I can feel it in me.”

            All of this prep was foreplay, and Sunggyu’s body couldn’t understand why it wasn’t getting to the next step.  He’d gone through the familiar process of getting Sungyeol in the mood, and now that Sungyeol was eager for him, his cock was straining in his pants, demanding satisfaction.  He squeezed his eyes shut, but he could still feel Sungyeol’s slim hands in his hips, could still feel Sungyeol’s bare skin against his face, the needy writhing as Sungyeol refused to hold still.  “Shut up for a second.”  If he got his hands off of Sungyeol, it would help.  He knew that.  He just had some trouble convincing himself to let go, when what he really wanted was to yank Sungyeol even closer.  Right onto his cock, for example.

            Grimacing, he got up, backing off.  “Put your clothes back on.”

            He did, slowly, with uncoordinated movements.  Flushed, looking shaky, he turned around again.  He looked horny and ashamed, and his gaze went straight to Sunggyu’s crotch.

            “Look normal,” Sunggyu ordered him in a whisper.  “You’re normal, everything’s normal.”  As soon as they stepped outside of the dressing room, they’d be under surveillance.  Even if everyone else was too distracted to notice that something was off, Inspirit would see it in a heartbeat.

            “Normal,” Sungyeol said.  “Right.”  His eyes closed and he swayed, leaning back against the wall.  His lips parting, he arched his back, rubbing himself against the wall.  He groped himself, panting, rubbing at his crotch first and then his ass, squirming as he pawed himself.  “This doesn’t f-f-f-f-feel normal.”

            “Stop grabbing yourself,” Sunggyu scolded, batting at his hand.  “And stop sweating.”  Grabbing a paper towel, Sunggyu patted roughly at his face until he took over.  “Wear a face mask when we go out.  And make L walk in front of you.  If L and Woohyun do fan service, no one will look at you.”

            Sungyeol lowered his paper towel, staring at Sunggyu.  “Why do you have to say things like that?”

            “To distract you and kill the mood.  Did it work?”

            Licking his lips, Sungyeol looked self-conscious.  “Can you get me off again?”


            “Can I get you off?”


            “Something has to happen!  This is killing me,” he confessed, dabbing at more sweat.  “God, I feel, like, half-fucked or something, like I got halfway there but didn’t finish.”

            “Teen Top will finish you.”  They’d already done enough in this bathroom; he wasn’t going to let anything else happen.  Breaking one rule wasn’t an excuse to break five more.  “Get yourself under control.”

            Sungyeol gave his crotch a pointed look.

            Annoyed, he yanked his T-shirt down over his hard-on.  “It’ll go away.”

            As soon as they were in Andy’s house, Teen Top went exploring.  Andy’s bedroom suite was locked, and they’d been warned to stay out of it, but the rest of the house was theirs.

            “Shit!  Look at this kitchen!”

            “Where’s the hot tub?”

            “He has a pool table!”

            “I love this bed.”

            “How many bedrooms?”



            “Where’s the fifth?”

            “Why does he need five bedrooms?”

            “Wait, why wouldn’t there be six?”

            “Did we miss one?”

            “You know Niel can’t count!”

            “Oh, shit, this is nice.”


            “I can so count!  One!”  Ouch!”  Two!”  Ouch!”  “Three!”

            “Whoa, I like this bathroom.”

            “Where’s the maknae?”

            Aw, shit.  L.Joe looked around, then peered down the hallway.  “Maknae!” Chunji called.

            There was no answer.  “One!” C.A.P. yelled.  “Two!”

            “Here, I’m here,” Changjo said, coming to the top of the stairs.  “I found underwear.”

            “So?  You think Andy hyung doesn’t wear underwear?” Chunji asked.

            Changjo’s smile was broad.  “It’s not his.”

            “How do you - - I don’t want to know,” L.Joe decided, shaking his head.  “I don’t want to know why you know that.”

            “So what?” Ricky asked.  “We know about him and his hyungs.”

            Grinning, Changjo held up lacy red panties.  Women’s panties.

            “Oh, shit, Andy hyung’s bi?” Chunji asked.

            “Where did you find that?” L.Joe asked, shocked.

            “Put it back,” C.A.P. said.

            “Andy hyung does women?” Ricky asked.

            “Maybe it was just a guest,” L.Joe suggested.

            “Maybe they’re his,” Chunji suggested.  “Maybe he wears them.”

            “Maybe his hyungs wear that when he fucks them,” C.A.P. said.  “Now put it back.  Or hide it until Infinite’s gone, and then put it back.”

            “You didn’t go in his room, did you?” Chunji asked.

            Changjo blinked, his expression immediately innocent.  “No, hyung.  It’s locked.”

            “Check to make sure it’s still locked,” C.A.P. told Chunji, and started up the stairs.

            “Oh, shit,” Changjo said, and ran.

            Sungyeol was so squirmy and horny, Sunggyu had sent him up to sit in the front seat of the van.  Now Sunggyu was beside Woohyun.  Most of the members were asleep, but Sunggyu couldn’t relax enough to take a nap.  He felt too horny, too riled up.  Hormones and sexual energy were still in his system, and he kept thinking about the way it had looked, the way it had felt, his fingers sliding up into Sungyeol.

            Woohyun leaned against him, shoulder to shoulder, and asked in a low voice, “You gonna screw Chunji?”

            He shook his head.  Ran his hand over Woohyun’s thigh, caught himself, and snatched his hand away again.

            Gonna screw Niel?  C.A.P.?”

            He shook his head.


            He scowled.  “No.”

            Woohyun grinned, expression knowing.  “Want to screw me?”

            “I don’t know.  Sit on my cock and let’s see how I like it.”

            Woohyun chuckled and kissed his cheek, thumb rubbing lightly over his nape until a shiver ran through him.  “You can play with L while the rest of us are busy.”

            “Ah, he’ll want to be with that Changjo.”

            “You could just join in with the rest of us.  You’ve had some of them before, it’s okay to do it again.  What are you doing, holding yourself to some weird standard?  Holding back for no reason?  Should we call you Old Money?”

            “Old - - ya!”  He elbowed Woohyun, annoyed.  “It’s not like that!  He’s ridiculous.  I just don’t want to fool around with a bunch of kids.  What are they going to do for me?”

            “Suck your cock?” Woohyun suggested.

            “If I need that, I have Dongwoo.”

            Together, they glanced over.

            Dongwoo was fast asleep, face turned to one side.  He looked calm, for once, and sexy, his skin smooth, his thick hair falling over one eye, his full lips slightly parted.

            “So nice, having a hyung who never says no.”  Grinning, Woohyun squeezed Sunggyu’s thigh.  “Two hyungs.”

            “That’s all I am to you,” Sunggyu said.  “That’s all we are, your personal sex toys, just here for your convenience.”

            “Yes.  But you’re so good at it,” Woohyun teased, pinching his cheek.

            “Maybe I will have sex with Teen Top,” he decided.  “I’ll wait until you’ve had everyone first, and they’re all excited about how great Woohyun hyung is and how sexy Woohyun hyung is, and then I’ll do them, one by one, and show them what good sex really is.”

            Wide-eyed, Woohyun slowly shook his head.  “Are these the kinds of sexual fantasies you have?  This is what you think about?”  He started laughing.  “Hyung, your ego is the biggest in the world.”

            He wrapped his hand around Woohyun’s throat, his hand squeezing and sliding upward, fingers curving up over Woohyun’s jaw.  Making a strangled, laughing sound, Woohyun squirmed, head tipping back.  His horniness was turning to sexual frustration, and he wanted to take what he needed, wanted to sate himself on Woohyun, wanted to tell this dongsaeng to stop flirting and start taking action.  Eyeing Woohyun, fantasizing about how good it would be to feel Woohyun on his cock, remembering how incredible it had always been before, he shifted his grip and rubbed his thumb over those soft, full lips.  He watched Woohyun deliberately calm down, but it was only an outward calm, and he saw erotic fire burning in Woohyun’s watchful gaze.  If they’d been at the dorm, in the practice room, anywhere with real privacy, they would’ve been on each other in a heartbeat, and Woohyun would’ve given him anything, would’ve held nothing back, would’ve let him take the world.

            Ungh, god, how many more miles?” Sungyeol complained from the front seat.  “I thought we were going to be there by now.”

            They sighed, the moment broken.  Woohyun rolled his eyes, and Sunggyu reached over to rap his knuckles on the crown of Sungyeol’s head.  “Stop whining, we’re almost there.”

            C.A.P. was asleep on the couch, his head on Niel’s lap, when L.Joe called, “They’re here!  They’re here!”

            “Now?” Niel demanded, shoving C.A.P. out of his way and hopping up.

            Taking a swipe at his thigh as he darted away, C.A.P. sat up.  “It’s about time,” Ricky said.

            “I call dibs,” Niel said.

            “On what?” Chunji asked, laughing.

            “I get Woohyun hyung,” L.Joe said.

            “I get Dongwoo hyung,” Chunji said.

            “I get Sungyeol hyung,” Niel said.

            “I get L hyung,” Changjo said, gloating.

            C.A.P. rolled his eyes, getting up.  “It doesn’t matter who does what with who first, we have all night for this.  Relax and let it happen.”  He pushed Ricky’s shoulder.  “Get the door.”

            Ricky pushed Changjo.  “Get the door, maknae.”

            Changjo danced his way to the door.

            L.Joe fixed his hair.  Niel took off his outer shirt.  Chunji rubbed his hands on his pants.

            Changjo watched through the peephole, then abruptly yanked the door open.

            Hoya gave a start.  “Hi.”

            “Welcome!” Changjo exclaimed.  Then he said, “Come in,” and shooed everyone inside.

            “Hello!  Hello!” Sungjong said cheerfully.  Sungyeol looked desperate, his smile sick at first and then too bright, his breath uneven.  Sunggyu grabbed Changjo by the back of the neck and demanded, “Where’s your phone?” then turned to C.A.P. and asked, “Where’s his phone?”

            “Out in the van,” C.A.P. said.  “The rest of them are over there.”  He gestured to the table by the door.

            “Good.”  Sunggyu let go of Changjo and added his phone to the pile.  “Any rooms off-limits?”

            “Andy hyung’s door is locked, but everything else is open.  There’s lube around in most of the rooms.”

            “All of the rooms,” Changjo said.

            “Good.  Then here, you come with me,” Sunggyu said.

            He was - - was he talking to C.A.P.?  “Me?”  Maybe he didn’t mean for sex; he probably just wanted to talk.

            “Yes, I want to put it somewhere, and you know how to take it.”

            “Uh.”  All of his members were looking at him.  Like they wanted to laugh.  Feeling self-conscious, he rubbed his hand over his hair.  “I haven’t really, uh.”  Aw, shit, he sounded like Chanyeol.

            “You bottom.”

            Yeah, but...  “Not since the last time we, uh.”

            “Are you saying no?”

            It seemed like an honest question, and he gave it some consideration.  “No, it’s okay.  I mean, if you want to.”  He shrugged.

            “You’re bottoming?” Changjo asked, staring at him.

            “I’m being a good host,” he said, pushing members out of his way.  He followed Sunggyu into a bedroom.

            “Where’s he going?” Sungyeol demanded.

            “With Sunggyu hyung,” Ricky said, perplexed.  “You can’t tell?”

            “I need him!”

            “I need this,” Niel said, dropping to his knees.  He bit at the button to Sungyeol’s fly while he yanked down the zipper.

            “Shit,” Sungyeol said, staring down at him.  He already had Sungyeol’s cock out and in his hand, in his mouth.  “Oh, god, you - - oh!”  One hand flailed out, grabbing at the back of a chair for balance.

            Standing beside him, Woohyun stroked Niel’s hair, smiling down at him, watching.

            Dongwoo made a beeline for Chunji.  Laughing, Chunji cupped his elbows, pulling him in.  They kissed, and Chunji said, “Wait, hyung,” putting a hand on his chest.  He grinned, biting his lip, eyeing Chunji delightedy, barely holding back.  “If I start with you, I won’t have anything left for the other hyungs.  Let me do your other members first, okay?”

            Mmm.”  Dongwoo touched his forehead to Chunji’s, running his hands up and down Chunji’s sides, greedy, possessive.  Nnnhh.”  Looking torn, he rubbed his nose against Chunji’s cheek, mouthed Chunji’s jaw.  Nnn, okay.”  Breaking free, he stepped back.  “Who do you want first?  Maknae, go with Chunji, be nice, do whatever he wants.”

            Sungjong smirked at Chunji.  “Are you any better than you used to be?”

            “Come on,” Chunji said, grabbing his hand and heading for the stairs.  “I’m not any worse, and you loved it back then.”

            Sungjong laughed, following him up.  “I never loved it!”

            Chunji shot him a smile over one shoulder.  “You always loved it.”

            Ahhnn, ah-ooohh, oh,” Niel moaned, running his tongue up and down Sungyeol’s shaft.

            Changjo sidled up to Hoya.

            Hoya eyed him.

            “You’ll like it,” L said.

            Changjo smiled.

            “Eh, yeah, okay,” Hoya said.  “Upstairs?”  On the way by, he pulled on L’s arm.  “You, too.  Need someone to take over if he can’t deliver.”

            While the three of them trooped upstairs, Niel slurped enthusiastically on Sungyeol’s cock, his head bobbing.

            Dongwoo looked at L.Joe and Ricky, then at Woohyun.  “Do you want the puppy?  Should I be nice to him?”  His smile was suggestive and devilish.  “Foursome?”

            “You take Ricky,” Woohyun said, stroking Niel’s hair.  “I’ll take this one.”

            “That one’s busy,” Dongwoo said.

            “Not for long,” Woohyun said, and Sungyeol groaned helplessly, grip tightening on the back of the chair.  “Fuck, oo-uuhhh-oohh,” Sungyeol said, and Niel moaned, and Sungyeol cursed again, gasping.

            Raising his head, Niel wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  Whoo.”  Catching his breath, he sat back on his heels.  “That was nice, I needed that.”  Blinking, he looked up at Woohyun over his shoulder while Sungyeol staggered back, clinging to the chair.  His gaze raked over Woohyun.  “Are you next?”

            Woohyun smiled at him.  “I am.  Come on,” Woohyun put a hand down, “show me where the bedrooms are.”

            Taking Woohyun’s hand, Niel got up.  “That was good, hyung, come see me when you get it up again,” he told Sungyeol, and he walked away with Woohyun.

            “Well, hyung, it can’t be helped,” Ricky said, unbuttoning his shirt.  “Woohyun hyung said it, you’re responsible for me now.  I guess we’d better start.”

            “I’ve never had you,” Dongwoo said, stalking toward him, looking intrigued.  “Can I fuck you?  Spank you?  Nibble your ears?”

            “You can do whatever you want,” Ricky said, taking a step back and pulling off his shirt.  “But, hyung.”

            “What?”  Dongwoo paused, curious.

            Ricky grinned, quirking his eyebrows.  Gotta catch me first.”  He threw his shirt at Dongwoo and ran.

            “Ah!”  Dongwoo caught the shirt.  Then, yelping gleefully, he chased Ricky down the hallway.

            Flushed, sweating, Sungyeol staggered toward the couch.

            A door slammed.  Ricky squealed; Dongwoo laughed victoriously.

            Bracing a hand on the back of the couch, Sungyeol rested a knee on the cushions.  His other hand clutched at the waistband of his pants, holding them up.

            Curious, L.Joe circled him.  “You okay?”

            “I’m fine, I just.”  Sungyeol looked at him.  “Do you - - you know how to top, right?  You’re not like a puppy full-time, you can do things?”

            “Puppy,” L.Joe repeated.  He shook his head, blinking.  “No, I top, too.”

            “Good, thank god,” Sungyeol said.  “Get some lube, do you have lube?”

            L.Joe looked around, then found a tube beside a table lamp.

            “Okay, just don’t laugh, and go slow.”  Letting go of his pants, letting them fall around his knees, he crawled onto the couch, hugging the armrest.  Then, “Wait, wait,” he said, looking over his shoulder.  “You don’t have like a twelve-inch cock or anything, do you?”

            “No.  It’s just, it’s normal.  Normal size.  Normal everything.”

            “Okay.  Okay.”  Sungyeol squirmed like he couldn’t get comfortable, arching his back.  “Don’t rush me, but be quick, okay?”

            “I…”  L.Joe stroked Sungyeol’s long back, staring.  Sungyeol shuddered under his hand.  “Hyung, are you wearing a plug?”

            “No, it’s a tail, I’ve always had it.  Yes, it’s a - - get it out, get it out.”

            There was a lot going on here, a lot to absorb, but L.Joe knew to jump to action when a hyung got that frustrated tone.  “One second, almost got it.”  He lubed up his fingers first, quickly.  Then he gently eased out the plug.  Immediately, Sungyeol’s body tried to close up, but he slipped his fingers in, stroking carefully.

Making a grateful, broken sound, Sungyeol writhed, spreading his legs, bracing a foot on the floor.  “Okay, okay.  That’s it, get in me.”

“Don’t want to rush it,” L.Joe said.  Sungyeol was tight, clenching around his fingers.  But Sungyeol was also gasping and squirming and fussing, giving off every signal of need.  He loved seeing hyungs act like this.  It was really hot, and it made him feel better about the times he got needy and begged his members for it.  He wasn’t that strange after all, especially if Sungyeol was running around wearing a butt plug.  Gonna go in slowly, okay?”

“Okay, okay, just, sometime today.”

Making a shushing sound, he lubed up his cock.  “Relax for me, hyung, it’s gonna feel good,” he promised, and he nudged inward.  Fuck, it was tight, and it felt amazing.  He thrust slowly, in short, measured pokes, rocking back and forth.

Ahhhh, fuck.”  Groaning, Sungyeol writhed around under him, arching, hips shimmying.  “Fuck, I thought you said you weren’t hung.”

“I’m not, you’re just tight.”

Unnngh, gaahhh, deeper, get, get deeper.”

It was a slow fuck, L.Joe thrusting gently.  He stroked Sungyeol’s long, shivering sides, and he rocked in steadily.  At first he thought that once Sungyeol got used to him, they’d move into the real screw, but this was the real thing; this was as much as Sungyeol could take.  Shuddering, Sungyeol squirmed and moaned nonstop, constantly shifting around, mumbling about how big he was and how hard he felt and how good it felt.  Sungyeol sounded both excited and ashamed, like being fucked was a fantastic, incredible thing but it was embarrassing to like it this much.  It was intensely arousing to give it to someone who needed it this badly, who responded to his cock like every single thrust was amazing.  The temptation to tease and play around and make Sungyeol beg for it was really strong, but L.Joe knew too well what it was like to be on Sungyeol’s end of things, so he just kept rocking, giving it nice and slow, nice and easy.

Auh-oohhh, oh, shit, shit, unh, yes.”  Sungyeol shuddered hard, jerking against L.Joe’s next thrust.

Slipping a hand under him, L.Joe felt for his cock.  “Did you come?”

“Yes, unnnh, fuck.”  Sungyeol shuddered again.  “I need to move, I need, can I be on top, can I sit, I mean.”

“Sure, okay.”  L.Joe popped out of him, then considered their options.  Here.  After setting decorative bowls aside, L.Joe sat on the coffee table.  “Like this.”

Sungyeol was long all over, long torso, long limbs, his skin pale except for a deep scarlet flush up his chest, his neck, his ears.  Breathing hard, he climbed on top of L.Joe, and as L.Joe reclined, he straddled L.Joe’s cock.  Grimacing, making soft, gorgeous, whimpering sounds, he worked L.Joe’s cock inside of himself, holding it steady with one hand, his hips working in hungry little jerks.  “God, it’s so hard, nnnn, ooohh.”  Wanting him, aching, needing more, L.Joe stroked his thighs, encouraging him, rubbing his sides.  Gasping, “Ah, ah, it’s in me, you’re in me, oh,” he seated himself fully, burying L.Joe’s cock inside of himself.  Unnh, it’s good, it’s good, that’s good.”

“Feels good,” L.Joe agreed, his breath catching.  Being balls-deep in Sungyeol’s snug, greedily clenching ass really made him want to thrust.  “Can you move?”

“I, unh.  Just, just, let me, ooohh.”  Sungyeol squirmed on top of him, muscles rippling and squeezing his erection.  His cock throbbed, and he groaned, digging his fingers into Sungyeol’s lean thighs.  Hands gripping the sides of the table, Sungyeol started to move, lifting up and sinking back down.

“Yeah, like that, mmm, yeah,” L.Joe panted, cupping his ass.

“I don’t, ooohh, don’t normally, unnnhh, oh, oh, don’t u-u-u-usually do this.”  Sungyeol’s eyes closed, his head falling back as his spine arched.  “Hu-ooh-uuooh.  D-d-don’t come for a while, okay, just, let me do this.”

“I might, ooohh, have to come,” L.Joe admitted.  “But I come twice, it’ll stay hard.  Just keep going, hyung, do whatever feels good.”

“This,” Sungyeol breathed, riding his cock, hips pumping slowly.  “This feels so good.”

            “Fuck.”  Grunting, C.A.P. was on his knees, his eyes rolling back in his head as Sunggyu thrust into him again.  Deeper, Jesus, how was Sunggyu going deeper, he was so stuffed full of cock he could practically feel it up in his throat.

            Sunggyu pressed tight against his back, skin hot against his.  He was surrounded, filled, his ass straining around the girth of Sunggyu’s erection, Sunggyu’s thighs against his, Sunggyu’s hands splaying over his chest.  Panting, he tried to relax into it, but his cock was so hard that he rocked, his body’s natural compulsion to fuck telling him to move, to thrust.  With nothing to fuck and nowhere to go, he groaned helplessly, screwing himself on Sunggyu’s cock, hips bucking roughly, vigorously.

            Licking the back of his neck, Sunggyu gripped his thighs, thumbs stroking over his pelvic bone.  The wet stroke of Sunggyu’s tongue made him squirm, and the caress at his pelvis sent little sparks skittering between his thighs.  Leaning back, his head on Sunggyu’s shoulder, he groaned, pulling Sunggyu’s hand to his cock.

            Slipping from his grip, evading his cock, Sunggyu stroked his inner thigh, turning him on just enough to make him moan again, need and desire burning in him.  Rolling his balls, Sunggyu made his sac bounce, and he reached back, holding onto Sunggyu’s thigh, still fucking himself, grunting with the effort.  Sunggyu’s hand ran up his abs, blunt nails dragging over his skin, and sensual kisses dotted his shoulders.  Mmm.”  Sunggyu shifted against him, pressing deeper, and he cried out, riding a wave of pleasure.  Fuck, it had been a while, and damn, he’d needed this.  “Good?”

            Yes, yes.  Physical need was taking hold of him, old urges stirring.  Sunggyu was bringing back sensations he hadn’t felt in a long time, desires he’d forgotten that he had, forgotten could be this strong.  “Yeah.”  He was so used to topping, used to doing this from the other side, that it was hard to get used to this position, and he kept thinking about how it had to look, his ass spread wide around Sunggyu’s cock like this.  Maybe when Sunggyu had been fingering him open it had been erotic, but now it was just obscene, his body stretching to accommodate that wide shaft.  He hadn’t been in this headspace in a while, and he was surprised by how much he wanted this, by how much it turned him on, but the way Sunggyu was treating him, taking control, kissing him and caressing him, reminded him of how this went, what he was in for, how incredibly hard he was about to come.

            Minsoo-ah.”  Sunggyu stroked his thighs, patted his ass, nudged him forward, guiding him onto his hands and knees.  “Hyung has needs, and you know how to take it, right?”

            Nodding, he braced a hand on the headboard, and then he took a deep breath.  “Give it to me.”

            Sungjong liked the way that Chunji screwed him enough to take Chunji with him into the shower, afterward.  They played around in the bathroom, flicking water at each other, making out against the sink.  They were still wet, and kissing against the wall, when the towel rack he was leaning against gave way.  Startled, he tightened his arms around Chunji, turning to see the towel rack hanging loose, swinging down, the towels crumpling at his feet.

            Chunji burst into laughter, hugging him.  “Shit!”

            “I didn’t do it.”

            Chunji was still laughing, looking at him with sparkling eyes.  “Who did, then?”

            “I didn’t do it!” he repeated.

            “Well, I didn’t do it!” Chunji exclaimed.  “I’m telling Andy hyung.”

            Chunji was already halfway across the bathroom before Sungjong grabbed at him, trying to drag him back.  “What are you doing?  Don’t tell on me!”

            “I don’t want you telling him that I did it!”  Damn, Chunji was wily; Sungjong locked both arms around him.

            “He won’t care if you did it!”

            “He’ll care more if I did it!” Chunji argued.  He had a grip on the doorjamb now, and was trying to drag himself through it into the adjoining bedroom.

            They were both wet and naked, and as far as Sungjong was concerned, that only made the struggle more fun.  He held on while Chunji flailed around trying to get past the door.  He’d seen Teen Top fight; he knew that Chunji wasn’t putting any real effort into this.  “Who’s even paying attention?  Who knows that we’re even in this room, or that we even used the bathroom?”

            “They’ll know that someone did it,” Chunji said.  “It didn’t fall down all by itself.”

            “Maybe it did.  Who knows how badly it was installed?” Sungjong asked.  “Besides, maybe the maknae did it.”

            At that, Chunji stopped fighting him.

            Yep.  Being a maknae himself, Sungjong knew exactly how much people loved turning the maknae into a scapegoat.

            “The maknae did it,” Chunji said.  He turned around in Sungjong’s arms with a gleam in his eye.

            “It’s the kind of thing he’d do, right?” Sungjong asked, stroking Chunji’s chest.  “And then lie about.”

            Chunji grinned.

            They were still there, making out, when he noticed L.Joe walking into the room.  Clearing his throat, he wiped at his mouth.  “What do you want?”

            “Are we switching?” Chunji asked.

            Sungjong tightened his arm around Chunji’s waist.  Eyeing L.Joe, he wasn’t so sure about this.  L.Joe wasn’t a hyung and didn’t have the kind of body type he was attracted to.  Some good technique might be able to make up for that, but L.Joe was a sub, so he had zero expectations there.  So unless L.Joe had a huge cock to compensate for everything else, he’d rather pass, thanks.  “Is C.A.P. hyung available, then?”

            L.Joe laughed.  “Are you rejecting me?”

            He smirked.  “Not used to it by now?”

            Chunji burst into laughter.  “Shit!”

            L.Joe shrugged.  “I’ll check on your other members, then.”

            “Seriously,” Chunji said, pulling away from Sungjong.  “You love getting screwed, suddenly you’re turning somebody down?”

            He shrugged.  “I don’t do subs.”

            Chunji smirked at him.  “Embarrassed that he’ll get you off hard and leave you begging for more?”

            “Whatever,” L.Joe said.  “Don’t worry about it.  If he doesn’t want it, he’s not into it.  I’ll go see what Dongwoo hyung’s doing.”

            Sungjong wasn’t about to be baited.  “Go ahead.”

            L.Joe left.  Chunji put on his underwear.  “Send Changjo in here,” Sungjong said, crawling onto the bed.

            “Get him yourself.”

            Oh, come on.  “Are you upset that I won’t suck L.Joe’s cock?”

            “I think you’re stupid for turning down good sex.”  Chunji ran his hands through his hair, then started shaking it into place.

            He had plenty of good sex; he wasn’t that worried about missing some magical experience with some hoobae maknae’s boot-licker.  “We’ll see if Hoya hyung thinks it’s so great.”

            Chunji.”  Sungyeol was in the doorway, looking breathless and flushed, his long body almost naked, his underwear barely on.  “Don’t make assumptions, but do you lick ass?”

            “I might,” Chunji said.  Licking his lips, he gave Sungyeol a provocative, assessing look.  “You have to lick mine first.”

            “Deal.  Okay.  Maknae, out.”  Grabbing Chunji’s wrist, Sungyeol headed for the bed.  Laughing, Chunji followed.

            Sungjong pouted, but he left.  When he closed the door, they were already kissing, rolling across the bed in a tangle of bare limbs.

            Niel didn’t know where anyone was, so when he got to the top of the steps, he yelled, “Hyung!” and assumed that somebody would answer.

            Someone leaned out of a doorway.

            Oooh, Hoya.  “Hi,” Niel said, going right to him.  “Not busy, are you?”

            “Not, uh, not really,” Hoya said.  His eyes widened as Niel pushed him back against the doorjamb.

            “Great.”  Niel slid down onto his knees.

            “Unh-hhh.  Unngghh-hhh.  Uhhh-nnghh.”  Deep, plowing thrusts rocked C.A.P., forcing low, rhythmic grunts out of him.  Sunggyu’s hands kept pulling on his shoulders, gripping his sides, holding onto his waist, dragging him back onto that big cock, making sure that every thrust went the whole way in, not letting him miss an inch.  He had one hand braced against the headboard, but his knees kept skidding forward, Sunggyu’s driving thrusts rocking him.  He let himself slide, because he loved the push and pull, loved being yanked back against Sunggyu’s hips.

He was so turned on, he was shaking, the muscles in his thighs quivering.  Sunggyu kept kissing his neck, muttering, “That’s it, take it, that’s right.”  The pleasure was intense, white-hot, and it kept building, amplifying, every thrust sending him higher.  Mixed in with the deep, endless fucking, there was too much nuzzling, too much intimacy, soft kisses across his shoulders that made him shiver, rough, biting kisses on his back that made him want to come.  He kept thinking that he couldn’t take this, it was too hot, it was way too intense, he couldn’t keep up.  And then, in the next breath, he’d moan, “More, damn it, more.”

            Curled up on the bed, Niel took his time licking Hoya’s cock.  This was so great.  He loved giving head, but with most guys, it didn’t last long enough.  They usually started getting fussy and whiny about wanting to get off, and he couldn’t settle in and make it last.

            Hoya wasn’t complaining at all.  Hoya was too busy sucking him to worry about anything else, so he could have as much as he wanted.  He could lick everything, and then suck for a while, and then go back to licking; he could go slowly and really treasure every hard, sexy inch.  And the whole time he was savoring the cock in his mouth, Hoya was sucking on him, too, making him feel great, pleasure humming through him.

            This might be the best relationship he’d ever had.

            Sungjong liked that L was in the room, because it kept Changjo tame.  If they were alone, who knew what Changjo might try.

            Dongsaengs could be fun; Sungjong liked having the upper hand.  And Changjo had a terrific body, which helped to put him in the mood.  “This is nice,” he decided, running his hand over Changjo’s muscular pecs.  “It’ll be like sex with Sehun.”

            Changjo laughed.  L, seated on the windowsill, hid his smile, running his thumb over his lips.  “Sehun!  I’m better than some Oh Sehun.”

            Sungjong had struck a nerve he hadn’t known was there.  But if it made Changjo competitive, that might make the sex even better.  “Are you?” he asked, sitting on the bed.

            “I’m so much better,” Changjo said.  “Who’s your favorite, you like Kai hyung?  I’m better than him, too.”

            Sungjong grinned.  “According to you?”

            “According to anybody.”  Kicking his underwear off, Changjo stroked himself, showing off his cock.  “Did Oh Sehun ever bring you anything like this?”

            Oooohhh.  Just looking at that long, thick cock made arousal pulse between Sungjong’s thighs.  “So that’s what L hyung sees in you.”

            “That’s not it,” L said, amused.

            “That’s totally it,” Changjo said, moving toward Sungjong.  His hand drifted over his cock, fondling lightly.  “You want to take me for a test drive, hyung?  You want to ride me for a minute and see how you like it?”

            “Yeah.”  His voice came out too breathless, and L snickered.  Embarrassed, he glared at L, and then he got up, tossing his head.  “Yeah, get on the bed, let’s try it.”

            Catching him around the waist, Changjo pulled him right against that sexy body and gorgeous hard-on.  “We don’t have to rush right to it, do we, hyung?”  Changjo kissed his ear, and it all felt so good that he closed his eyes, getting into it despite himself.  “Let’s get to know each other first.”

            L snorted.  “Since when do you like foreplay?”

            Changjo’s hand stroked slowly over Sungjong’s lower back, high enough up to be polite but low enough to be suggestive.  “I like making my hyungs feel good,” he whispered, pressing soft, seductive kisses to Sungjong’s cheek.

            Mmm, god, he was full of so much shit, but this all felt great.  C’mere,” Sungjong murmured, tugging him to the bed.  “You’re right, let’s get to know each other.”

            Looking for more fun, Chunji peered into the bedrooms, one by one.  Hearing voices, he tried the next room.

            Dongwoo was on all fours, crawling across the floor, naked and laughing.  Ricky was on Dongwoo’s back, smacking his ass.  “Faster!  Faster!”

            Bursting into laughter, Chunji didn’t even want to ask whose idea this had been.  “Hyung!  What are you doing?”

            “He’s my pony,” Ricky explained, like that should have been obvious.  He tugged on Dongwoo’s hair with both hands.  “Giddy-up!”

            Ow, okay, okay.”  Laughing, Dongwoo crawled faster.

            Bare, muscular arms wrapped slowly around Chunji from behind.  Ya, ya, play nicely,” Woohyun chided, hugging Chunji to his chest.

            Looking over his shoulder, Chunji eyed Woohyun.  He had good memories of all of the Infinite members, and that definitely included Woohyun.  He wondered what Woohyun was into these days.

            “Can he be trusted alone with Dongwoo hyung?” Woohyun asked.

            “No,” Chunji said, smiling.

            “Have fun, hyung!” Woohyun called.  Pulling Chunji into the hallway, he closed the door.

            Laughing, Chunji turned around in Woohyun’s arms, deliberately making the most of it, loving the slide of skin on skin.  “How’ve you been?”

            Woohyun grinned, arm tightening around his waist, drawing him close, right up against Woohyun’s body.  “I’ve been great.  You ready to have some fun?”

            Mmm, he loved the sound of that.  “You know me, hyung,” he said, giving Woohyun his best flirtatious, challenging look.  “I’m always ready.”

            Niel felt fantastic.  Blowing Hoya and getting sucked off at the same time had been a sexual paradise.  He didn’t want to follow that up with some mediocre poking around; he wanted a hot, deep screw.

            Lightly, he tapped at Sunggyu’s door.  He didn’t hear much, a faint grumble.  “Hyung?” he asked innocently, nudging the door open.

            Sunggyu and C.A.P. were passed out on the bed.  They were naked, sprawled out, Sunggyu’s arm draped over C.A.P., wet towels on the floor.  Why were leaders so lazy all of the time?  “You’re missing MT.”  To emphasize his point, he said, “You’re missing the orgy.”

            C.A.P. grunted, rubbing at his eyes.

            “Go away,” Sunggyu mumbled, smushing his face against his pillow.

            So that was Sunggyu’s cock.  Holy shit.  He’d heard about it, but he’d never seen it for himself.  He was already impressed, and it wasn’t even hard, yet.  He stared at it, already anticipating the things he wanted to do to it and the amazing things it was going to do to him.  He blinked and stared some more.  “How big does that actually get?”  He needed to know.  He needed to know right now.  “Never mind, I’ll find out for myself,” he decided, climbing onto the bed.

            Ya, wait,” C.A.P. said, catching him around the waist.

            “What does this weird kid want?” Sunggyu asked, opening his eyes and drawing back.

            “You gotta wait for consent,” C.A.P. said.

            “He’s awake,” Niel said.  “You consent, right?  It’s okay.  I just want to blow you.”  They could get to the rest after the blowjob.

            “You’re younger than Sungjong, that’s my limit,” Sunggyu said.

            “We’re only five years apart, right?” Niel asked.  “Five years, that’s nothing.”

            “Just let him do it,” C.A.P. said to Sunggyu.

            “Right, you should let me do it,” Niel said.

            Sunggyu looked suspicious.

            Niel smiled, trying to look pleasant.

            “One blowjob,” Sunggyu said firmly, holding up a finger.  One.  Nothing else, no sex, no kinky stuff.  Do the sucking and get out.”

            “Right, one, and then we’ll see,” Niel said.

            C.A.P. got up, groaning a little and stretching.  “I’m going to check on everybody.”

            “Check on Dongwoo,” Sunggyu said.  Niel didn’t care enough to listen to the rest of the conversation.  He was too focused on getting to know Sunggyu’s cock.

            Dongwoo knew that he had to be careful with L.Joe, but he was glad that there were a lot of things that they could do together.  They’d been making out for a while now, and it was great.  L.Joe kissed well, all sensual and sexy, and whenever he squeezed L.Joe’s ass just right, L.Joe groaned and rocked against him, grinding against his cock like that was where the magic was.  When he got so turned on that he needed to move, do something, get somewhere, he put a hand on L.Joe’s cock, fondling, tugging a little.  L.Joe moaned, “Hyung, oh, hyung,” and nibbled on his lower lip.

            “Yeah,” he breathed, humping L.Joe’s thigh.  “Let’s get off, let’s feel good.”

            “Can you, can you,” L.Joe shuddered against him, and he liked it so much that he rubbed L.Joe’s cock like he meant it, wanting more.  “Can you blow me?”

            Right, he couldn’t rush the puppy.  “Sure.”

            He took his time getting down there, because this was his first time with L.Joe, and he wanted to check everything out first, get to know the terrain.  He liked L.Joe’s skinny, wiry body, and he really liked how much L.Joe moaned and shuddered.  He investigated everything, licking under L.Joe’s arms and nibbling L.Joe’s ribcage and mouthing L.Joe’s balls.  Cupping L.Joe in both hands, he lifted L.Joe’s hips off of the mattress, his tongue snaking back, licking his way to L.Joe’s asshole.

            “Oh, oh, god, hyung.”  L.Joe squirmed, gasping.  He was so immediately responsive to it, Dongwoo got curious.  Wondering how much he liked it, Dongwoo licked him more seriously, getting more direct.  “Unh, ohh-hh, oooh.”  L.Joe’s feet rubbed over the mattress, legs flexing.

            Dongwoo really wanted to keep doing this, because it was fun and sexy and L.Joe was really into it.  “Can I stay here for a while?  Do you want more?”

            L.Joe made arrwwwmm” sound that was so horny and distressed, Dongwoo wanted to get him off just to make him feel better.  “Is it okay if you don’t fuck me, after?”

            “Just rimming and sucking?  Sure,” he said.  It was a funny question.  “We’ll leave my cock out of it, right?  Here, roll over, I want to get my whole face in your ass.”

            “I like where this is going,” C.A.P. said.  Dongwoo looked up to see him walking in.  “Everything going okay in here?”

            “Going great,” Dongwoo said honestly, rubbing L.Joe’s cock.  “Want to screw me while I get L.Joe off?”

            “Yeah,” C.A.P. said.

            Dongwoo loved guys who were ready to jump in.  “Lube’s over there.”  He rolled L.Joe over, and L.Joe immediately arched, making a breathy sound, ass moving toward his face.  Having L.Joe want it so badly turned up his own enthusiasm, and he dove in, licking that puckered little hole.  C.A.P.’s hands were on him, spreading his thighs, stroking his cleft, and he relaxed, letting C.A.P. position him.  He loved the unpredictability of sex, not knowing what might happen next, not knowing where on his body C.A.P.’s hand might land, not knowing if he’d feel a soft kiss or an aggressive thrust or what.  And he loved the doubling of action that happened with multiple partners, loved toying with L.Joe’s ass while C.A.P. toyed with his, loved copying one partner’s moves on the next guy.  While C.A.P.’s fingers teased him open, he did the same to L.Joe with his tongue.  The way L.Joe squirmed turned him on, and he wriggled for C.A.P., making his ass a moving target.

            C.A.P. thrust into him, and “Ooohhh,” he remembered this!  A hot thrill raced through him, and he shimmied, unable to contain his pleasure.  “Oh, oh, yeah, nail my ass.”  Whoo!

C.A.P. only knew how to do one thing, but like a true specialist, he knew how to do that one thing extremely well.  He was hitting it hard, making Dongwoo jump, pleasure striking in jagged bolts, whoo!  “I like it, it’s good, oh, oh!”  Sexual ecstasy was wild in Dongwoo’s veins, energizing, electric.  “Just like that, whoo!  That’s the spot, that’s where I need it, yeah!”

“Damn, hyung,” C.A.P. said, drilling him.  “I missed this.”

“This is going to get me off so hard,” he realized.  He was so high, he couldn’t focus on L.Joe’s ass like this.  “Here, here roll over,” he said, turning L.Joe.

“Please, please,” L.Joe moaned.

“You’re okay,” C.A.P. said.  “Let Dongwoo hyung blow you, it’ll feel great.”

“Yeah, yeah,” L.Joe panted, rubbing his hard-on.  “Yeah, blow me.”

Dongwoo took him in hand and licked the head of his cock.  He shuddered, whimpering.  He had a nice cock, good-looking, an everyday-sized cock, not one of those special occasion cocks like Sunggyu had.  So sexy.  Stroking behind his balls, Dongwoo started sucking.  C.A.P.’s rhythm was so powerful, Dongwoo fell in with it, head bobbing at the same pace, and it was perfect, it was like music, the three of them moaning together, voices rising and falling in unison, up and down, up and down, accompanied by the slap of skin.

C.A.P. had Dongwoo’s body lit up, fired up, worked up.  L.Joe was worked up, too, scratching at the bed and moaning like he really needed to come.  He couldn’t hold still, but neither could Dongwoo, so the two of them writhed around, wiggling and bucking, bodies begging for it.  The first time L.Joe got off, he groaned in a rough, stuttering way and said, “Please, please.”  Dongwoo sucked harder, wanting to make him come again, excited that it would happen so soon, eager for it.  Dongwoo was still rubbing behind his balls, and when his hips jerked, Dongwoo’s finger slipped and lodged right against his asshole, and he cried out, getting off just like that, shooting his second load right in Dongwoo’s mouth.  Moaning, “Yes, please, please,” he lifted his knee, still dribbling cum, writhing.  He was such a needy puppy, Dongwoo wanted to give it to him.

“Okay,” C.A.P. said, his hand sliding over Dongwoo’s shoulder.  L.Joe, go take a walk, get some water.”

Still moaning, breathing too hard, L.Joe rolled away.  He sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, and then he shuddered and got up.

“You’re okay?” Dongwoo asked.

“He’s fine,” C.A.P. said.

“I, god.”  L.Joe pulled his underwear on, then watched them for a second, running his hand through his hair.  He looked dazed; he laughed.  “Um, thanks, hyung.”  Pawing through his hair, he left the room.

C.A.P. squeezed Dongwoo’s ass.  “Hyung, can you roll over?  I want to watch you come.”

Ooohh.  It was a great idea.  “Yeah, I want to watch you fuck me.”  Rolling over, he flopped onto his back, lifting his knees.  He grinned, watching C.A.P. move in on him.  Sexy.  Fondling himself, he shimmied, his breath catching when C.A.P. thrust into him again.  Oooh, aggressive!”  He loved it.  “Fuck me hard, give it to me like you give it to Chunji.”

Grinning at him, C.A.P. leaned close, arms bracketing him.  “You sure about that?”

Oooohh, did I ask for a lot?” he wondered, thrilled.  Now he wanted it even more.  “I’m sure, I want it.”

“Okay, hyung.”  C.A.P. pushed his knees to his shoulders, shifting closer.  Almost bent double, he laughed, feeling giddy, excited by this new position, by the promising gleam in C.A.P.’s eye.  “I hope you like being fucked hard.  I put in a lot of work to make Chunji happy.”

            Standing beside the bed, in his underwear, Changjo grinned.  Sucking his cheeks in, he watched Woohyun circle him.  He wondered what Woohyun was looking for.  If it was flaws, there weren’t any to find.

            L was behind him, draped over him.  The fact that L felt protective only made things more interesting.  Only made him more excited about this challenge.  What, exactly, did L want to protect him from?  Woohyun didn’t do any kinky things with anyone in EXO, and hadn’t tried it with C.A.P. or Chunji, before, so what was L being careful about?

            In front of him again, Woohyun hooked a finger in the waistband of his underwear.  Pulling it out, Woohyun peered down at his junk, smiled a little, and let go.  Not remotely intimidated, Changjo grinned.  Woohyun tickled under his chin, smiling at him.  “Think you’re cute, don’t you?”

            “He’s very cute,” L said, patting Changjo’s chest.

            “I’m very hot,” Changjo said.

            “Where’ve you been so far?” Woohyun asked.

            “Hoya hyung and Sungjong,” L said.

            Woohyun chuckled, squeezing Changjo’s shoulder.  “Then it’s time for you to try a different experience.”

            “Every bottom is different,” Changjo said, sliding his hand over Woohyun’s waist.  “I’ll bet that I could make you love it, too.”

            “What’s he good at?” Woohyun asked L.

            “Everything,” Changjo said.

            “He’s not shy,” L said.  “He’s uninhibited.  It’s fun.”

            Smiling at him, Woohyun studied his face, looking him over.  He really wanted to know what Woohyun was thinking.  Woohyun kissed him, but it was over as soon as it started, making him want more of it.  Woohyun gave his mouth a thoughtful look, then kissed him again.  Another light, too-brief kiss, like a tease, and then Woohyun’s thumb rubbed over his lower lip.  “Try giving me head.”

            “Try?” he repeated, grinning.  “Then what, do I win a prize if I can do it?”

            Woohyun kissed him again, looking smug.  Lightly, Woohyun’s fingertip trailed down his nose.  “I could have my cock buried inside L right now.  The prize is getting to suck my cock at all.”

            Changjo smirked.  Woohyun wanted him, and definitely wanted his mouth.  If Woohyun weren’t interested, they wouldn’t even be having this conversation.  Woohyun either would’ve ignored him or banged him fast and moved on.  He was worth playing with, and that meant that he was in.  “I’ll enjoy my prize, then.”

            He went down on his knees.  Woohyun still had black boxer-briefs on, so he started there, mouthing the cotton.  He took his time, not rushing it, not showing off.  He wasn’t going to act like he had something to prove.

            “You haven’t gotten off yet?” Woohyun asked.

            Mmm.  No.”  Their voices were soft.  “Later, I’ll take care of it later.”  L was stroking Changjo’s hair, petting him.  He was so used to it, and liked it so much, that it relaxed him; he felt his muscles loosen as he nuzzled Woohyun’s junk.  “God, he looks so…  So good like this.”  He could hear the wonder and sincerity in L’s voice, and he basked in the praise, his back arching.

            “He knows it, too,” Woohyun said, fondling Changjo’s ear.

            Dragging the flat of his tongue over Woohyun’s balls, Changjo realized that they’d stopped talking.  He heard soft kissing sounds and looked up.  Surrounded, he had to tilt his head back to see anything.  They were kissing right overhead, Woohyun pulling L closer.

            Still kissing, L reached down without looking.  L’s fingers skimmed down Woohyun’s six-pack, landing on his underwear.  Deftly, L pushed down his underwear, then cupped his hard-on.  L’s other hand was on the back of Changjo’s head, nudging forward.

Shit, okay.  Super turned on that L was deliberately feeding him some other guy’s cock, Changjo licked L’s fingers, then sucked Woohyun’s cock into his mouth.  He wrapped his hand around the base and got to work while L caressed his jaw and stroked his cheeks.  With the other guys, L had stood back and watched, and having L participate this time made everything hotter, made it so much sexier.  Knowing that L could feel the motions and flexing as he moved his jaw, he sucked enthusiastically, making sure that L felt the way his cheeks hollowed, rubbing the head of Woohyun’s cock inside his cheek so L could trace the bulge.  He was so into it, he didn’t care about impressing or not impressing Woohyun at all; he was just having a blast, enjoying this hot cock, playing with L, trying to turn L on.

Mmm-uhmm.”  Woohyun’s hand was on him, too, stroking his nape, and he groaned, sucking harder.  “How is it?”  Woohyun’s voice was quiet, private, just for L.  “Should I come like this?”

Mmm.”  They were still kissing, and Changjo kept going, slurping all over Woohyun’s erection, totally ready to get Woohyun off if that was what L wanted, willing to do whatever made L hot.  Mmm, no.  No, do him first.  It’ll feel good if he gets off while you’re inside him.”

“Okay.”  Cupping his jaw, Woohyun slid out of him.  Licking his lips, he looked up, and he stayed on his knees for a moment, partly because it was true that he looked good down there and he wanted Woohyun to remember it, partly because he didn’t want to jump up like he was embarrassed to be down there, like he had something to prove.  But, mostly, he stayed because L was still petting him, and he really liked it.  “Come on,” Woohyun said, grinning.  “On the bed, let’s see what we’re working with.”

He got up and headed for the bed, giving L’s hand a tug to get L to come with him.  He stripped out of his underwear and climbed right on, rolling onto his back and tucking his hand behind his head.  He was barely there before they were crawling on top of him.  A thrill of anticipation raced through him, and he grinned, loving this, both of them descending on him at once.  Woohyun reached for the lube, and L patted his side, giving him a coaxing smile.  “Roll over, on your stomach.”

He did, and he wiggled around, shaking his ass under the guise of getting comfortable.  L swatted his butt, chuckling.  Ow!” he exclaimed, pretending to be shocked.  Casting L a coy look over his shoulder, he wiggled some more.  “So rough with me tonight.”

“Shut up and hold still,” L said.

Sighing, he cupped his chin in his hands.  Waiting, he flexed and pointed his toes.

They were thumbing him open.  Curious, he peeked over his shoulder again.  They were both touching him, four hands on him, holding him open and touching his asshole.  Feeling pressure against his pucker, he squirmed, but they weren’t trying to get in yet, just feeling him up.  “He’s pretty tight,” L said.

Mmm, yeah,” Woohyun murmured, stroking him.  He wasn’t used to being inspected and talked over.  He felt kind of like a piece of meat, and kind of like a personal toy that L was entrusting to a close hyung, and all of that turned him on.  He was so going to replay this memory later when he jacked off.

“He’s tender, too,” L said.  “More like Sunggyu hyung than like you.  I have to be careful with him.”

A light slapping sound.  “Don’t say things like that in front of him,” Woohyun scolded, chuckling.  A hand ran over his ass, and then he felt a couple of squeezes.  He arched his back, encouraging it, and Woohyun said, “He’d look fantastic in bondage.”

“No,” L said firmly.  Then, chuckling, he repeated, “No,” insistently, like Woohyun had tried to argue with him.  “Just fuck him, come on.”

A slick finger prodded him, and he closed his eyes.  It penetrated him shallowly, nudging him open, and he exhaled, spreading his thighs.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Woohyun murmured, fingering him.  He didn’t have to look to know that it was Woohyun; he knew L’s technique by now.  Ahh, it’s cute, look at how tense he is.  It’s okay, little Changjo, hyung will take it nice and slow.”

He didn’t want it slow.  He wanted Woohyun to get in there and make him feel it.  Squirming, he wrinkled his nose, trying to rock back and force Woohyun deeper.

            Woohyun chuckled.  “Are you getting impatient?”

            “He always has to rush it,” L said.  Ya, stop it, Woohyun hyung knows what he’s doing.”  He leaned across Changjo’s back, on his side across Changjo’s waist.  With his weight pinning Changjo down, and Woohyun penetrating, Changjo didn’t have many options left, but still kept wriggling anyway, restless and horny, wanting them to get on with it.

“Such a sexy honey pink,” Woohyun murmured, fingering him gently.  “I love this shade.”

“God, I’m getting so hard,” L confessed.  “I don’t know if I can watch like this without wanting him for myself.”

“Take him when I’m finished.  Ooohh, you’re right, he is tender,” Woohyun said.  He kept rubbing in and out, teasing Changjo’s hole, lighting up all of Changjo’s nerves with the promise of pleasure to come.  “Oh, that’s nice.  I’m going to have to pamper this one.”

“Stop flirting with it and just fuck it,” Changjo mumbled, rubbing his toes over the bed.  He wasn’t used to being fingered so slowly, so gently, and it was really turning him on.  The more Woohyun toyed with him, the more he wanted to be fucked.  Groaning, he writhed.  Woohyun was getting into a rhythm, and every time Woohyun slid in, his pleasure hit a new peak.

“Don’t worry, Changjo-ah, I’ll fuck you well,” Woohyun said.  “You won’t have any complaints.”  Woohyun drizzled on more lube, and he could feel it dripping down.

“God, he’s so juicy,” L said.  He sounded so horny and fascinated, Changjo moaned, turned on just listening to him.  “Hurry up, I can’t wait to get in there.”

“Who’s rushing now?” Woohyun teased.  “Ah, there we go.”  He was adding more fingers now, making a snugger fit, and Changjo grunted, feeling full, turned on by the stretch.  “That looks nice.  I like this side of you, Changjo-ah.”

“Thanks.”  Reaching back without looking, he grabbed a handful of fabric, L’s shirt.  Immediately, L rolled over, chest against his back, and rubbed his shoulder.  Impatient, he pulled again, pulling L down beside him and then dragging L closer, angling over, until L was half under him.  As soon as he had L pinned down and close enough to kiss, he went for it, pressing their mouths together.  All of his lust, his need, went right into L in one kiss after another.  Relaxed under him, L kissed him right back, fingers sliding into his hair.  He fed hungrily off of L’s kisses, his tongue delving deep, and L just moaned and gave him everything, let him take whatever he wanted, making humming, happy, sexy sounds right into his mouth.

When he felt Woohyun’s cockhead nudging against him, he groaned, wanting it to get inside already.  Then it was in, lodging inside of him.  “Damn, I love you so much,” L breathed, kissing him like kissing had never felt so good.  If he’d wanted to tense up, he couldn’t, not when L was caressing his neck and making out with him.  Woohyun filled him up slowly but surely, solid hardness plugging him up.  Relishing it, he groaned noisily, pulling L’s shirt up.

“How is it, you like it?” L asked, mouthing his chin and licking at his skin.

Ahhh, mmm, I could get used to this,” Woohyun said, thrusting again, making pleasure spike.  He shuddered, kissing L hard, balling L’s shirt in his fist.  “Yeah.”  Woohyun’s hand trailed down his back, a light touch crisscrossing his spine.  “This is some quality ass, Changjo-ah.  You’ve done well.”

“Your cock’s not bad, either,” he said, trying to keep his voice stable.  Woohyun’s thrusts were steady but punctuated, slow but with a light burst of force right at the end, like he was being fucked gently but each thrust came with an extra punch.  It felt fantastic, but it messed with his head a little bit, made him feel put in his place, made it hard to catch his breath.  He was used to being fucked hard, but usually the whole thing was aggressive, and this tender fucking was a contradiction.

L gazed right into his eyes in the deep, soulful way that only L could, wondering about him and examining him from the inside out.  “How is it?  You like it?”

“I’m gonna come really hard,” he admitted.  “It feels like he’s using me, I love it.”

Smiling at him, L kissed him again, thumb rubbing over his chin.  He loved the fondness in L’s eyes; it felt good, felt kind of incredible, knowing how much L loved him.  Woohyun’s gentle-forceful thrusts were getting to him, pleasure piling on top of pleasure, and he moaned, kissing L more demandingly, his need to come more and more urgent.  He got a hand on himself, but L slapped it away and took over.  It was like his whole body sent up celebratory flares, thrilled by L’s touch, something so familiar and sexy in this intense, erotic experience.  With Woohyun fucking him and L jacking him, it wasn’t long before he came, groaning and jetting hard in L’s hand.  Panting against L’s mouth, he felt joyful and gratified and used, felt happy and well-loved and kind of dirty.  It was amazing, and when L kissed him again, tongue slipping between his lips, he moaned and sucked on L’s tongue.  This was the best kind of sex, seriously.

Mmm.”  L nuzzled him, sounding lazy and pleased.  L’s hand rubbed over his abs, messy, spreading cum on his skin.  “Come on his back, I want to see it while I’m in him.”

The best kind of sex.

            Sungyeol blamed Sunggyu for this.  If Sunggyu hadn’t messed around with that plug and left him wanting it in the bathroom, he wouldn’t have this needy, itchy, gotta-get-fucked feeling.  He felt super horny, demanding and insatiable, hot for every cock in sight.

            When C.A.P. walked in the room, he moaned.  This was the answer to his problems; this was what he needed.  He’d been moaning anyway, though; he was bent over the foot of the bed, and Ricky’s jackhammer thrusts were shaking him, quick and fierce in a way that had him crying out.

            “Hey, hyung,” C.A.P. said, strolling in like this was an appropriate time for casual conversation.

            “H-h-hey.”  Moaning, he wanted to come, wanted to move, wanted, wanted, god, wanted something, he had this need burning inside of him that he couldn’t put out.

            Meandering closer, C.A.P. nudged Ricky.  “Tag me in.”

            “Got it.”  Ricky sped up, and the sudden ecstatic blitz was too much for him.  Overwhelmed, crying out in broken, hitching gasps, he came, orgasm overtaking him in a sudden explosion.  Shocked by the force of it, he felt weak, his knees trying to give out, only Ricky’s grip and Ricky’s thrusting cock keeping him in place.  “Ah, ah, ahhh, that’s it, that’s it,” Ricky panted, pulling out and coming on his ass.  The hot spray of cum made him shiver.  “Ooh, that’s good.”  Ricky sighed, and it was such a blissful sound that he felt better just listening to it, felt awash in shared pleasure.  “Thanks, hyung.”  Ricky patted his back.

            “Yeah, no problem.”  He crawled forward, dragging himself up the bed.

            “Don’t go far.”  C.A.P.’s voice was deep, and the hands catching him around the waist were confident.  He was too used to authoritative guys taking charge of him in moments like this; he wanted to remind C.A.P. not to take him lightly, but already his body was moving into position, his knees braced apart, his back arching.

C.A.P.’s cock slid over his ass, rubbing through Ricky’s cum, and he moaned, loving the tease, hating the tease.  He was still in the same bed where he’d been with Chunji, and he hadn’t been finished with Chunji when Ricky had joined in, and it humiliated him to imagine what he looked like back there, dripping with lube and cum.  “Don’t misunderstand.”

            “Don’t worry, hyung.”  C.A.P. slid into him slowly, and he groaned, fuck, fuck, too big, too much, oh god, oh god, oh!  “I understand perfectly.”

            Lounging in bed, Sungjong motioned Ricky closer.  C’mere.”

            Obediently, Ricky climbed onto the bed.

            Well, he liked the way Ricky looked.  What about the cock, though?  “Get hard, I want to see it.”

            Ricky started masturbating.  He wasn’t shy about it, he didn’t make a big show of it, he just did it.  It was nice to have someone who listened so well; if he took direction well, Sungjong might be able to make good things happen.

            He played Chanyeol’s kinky little oppa games, didn’t he?  Sungjong wondered what else he was into.  “Do you want to call me oppa?”

            “No,” Ricky said, still jerking it.

            Sungjong grinned.  “Will you call me oppa if I ask you to?”


            Hmm.  Intrigued, Sungjong stroked Ricky’s thigh.  Nice cock.  This could definitely go well.  “What if it’s a dealbreaker?”

            Ricky looked away, rolled his eyes, and then smiled at Sungjong.  Cutely, he asked, “What else do you like, oppa?”

            Sungjong laughed.  Okay, not bad, this could be fun.  “Never mind, call me hyung, it’s okay.  Go down on me for a while.  Suck on my balls and act like you like it.”

            Crawling in between his legs, Ricky blinked at him.  “Of course I like it, hyung, you’re too sexy and delicious.”

            Oh, this was going to be a lot of fun.

            “Hyung?  You’re awake, right?”

            Grumbling, Sunggyu didn’t know why these annoying kids couldn’t leave him alone.  Opening his eyes, he scowled.  “What?”

            Chunji smiled at him, looking as pretty as an angel.  That might have fooled him if he hadn’t known that Chunji was as much trouble as a devil.  “How’ve you been?”

            “I already had sex, I don’t need you.”

            Chunji’s hand ran over his bare thigh.  “But what if I need you?”

            Aw, shit.  The size of his cock was really convenient sometimes and really annoying sometimes.  Apparently it attracted Teen Top members like a beacon.  “Don’t you have other guys to play with?  Go bother my members.”

            “You don’t want it?”  Chunji flopped down beside him, eyes full of sparkling lights and good humor.  “Don’t you have good memories?”

            He had great memories.  Chunji had always been good, easy sex.  Chunji had also always been trouble.

            He drew a line down Chunji’s cheek.  He didn’t want to start anything complicated.  But he wouldn’t mind a quick, good time.  “Want to sit on my cock and wiggle around?  I could use something pretty to look at.”

            Chunji grinned, already climbing on top of him.  “Handsome.”

            “Pretty,” he corrected, reaching for the lube.

            L.Joe liked sex with Hoya.  It was really straightforward.  All he had to do was get in there and thrust as vigorously as he could.  He worked up a good sweat, and he had a deep, satisfying orgasm.  “We gotta do this again sometime,” he decided, pulling his underwear back on.

            Hoya shrugged, stretching.  “Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood.”

            “So sexy, I could eat you,” Dongwoo said.

            “Try it,” Changjo said.

            They kept wrestling, rolling over the bed one way, then another way.  He’d be on top for a while, and then Changjo would push him over.  It was like a struggle for dominance, and it turned him on, so he kept pushing back, getting on top, pinning Changjo down.  They were both aroused, and he kept rubbing himself against Changjo’s body, sliding all over Changjo’s muscular physique, grinding against that big cock.

            “Try it” sounded so much like a challenge that he went for it.  He nipped at Changjo’s biceps, nibbled at Changjo’s pecs, bit Changjo’s neck.  Changjo’s body was a sexy playground, and he wanted to try all of the toys, get on all of the rides.

            Hand closing around his throat, Changjo held him down.  Grinning, he wrapped his legs around Changjo’s waist, pushing his fingers into Changjo’s mouth.  Changjo’s hand tightened on his neck, like a threat, and he squirmed, testing the hold.  He didn’t mind it for a second; it only turned him on, made him want to play this new game, made him want to see how far Changjo might take it.  He ran his wet fingers over Changjo’s lips and then rubbed Changjo’s nipple, tweaking it.

            Ya, let him up,” L said patiently.

            “He likes it,” Changjo said.  He was staring down at Dongwoo with a tiny smile.  He looked like he wanted to figure Dongwoo out; Dongwoo could almost see his mental calculations, could almost see little gears turning and whirring behind his eyes.

            “He likes a lot of things,” L said.  “Let him up.”

            “Should I let you up?” Changjo asked, like it was a mystery.  “What do you want me to do to you, hyung?”

            Toying with his own cock, Dongwoo arched, using his legs around Changjo’s waist for leverage, humping the air a few times.  “I want you to sit on my face and smother me with your fat balls.”

            Changjo stared down at him, then burst into shocked, delighted laughter, hand lifting from his throat.  “Shit, okay.  Which way should I face?”

            “Turn around,” he decided.  “Then it’s easy to get to your ass for some good licking.  And then it’s easy for you to shove your cock in any time you want.”  Plus they could sixty-nine!  Turned on, already invigorated and eager for the fun ahead, he unwound his legs from Changjo’s waist.  “Up here,” he said, tapping his own nose.  “Move around a lot, I want a whole face full of hairy balls.”

            “Damn, you’re really like this,” Changjo said, straddling him in the other direction now.  “I thought everybody was exaggerating.”

            As Changjo’s ass descended, he lifted his chin, nuzzling it.  So firm and sexy, he had to take a bite.  He nipped at it, growling, and Changjo laughed.  “Really like what?”

            C.A.P. figured that Sungjong and Hoya would be some familiar, easy sex.  He’d rather get Woohyun out of the way first, and then finish up with a couple of good, deep fucks.

            He found Woohyun in the upstairs hallway.  “How’s everything going?”

            Woohyun grinned at him.  “I didn’t know that I liked Teen Top this much.  We should hang out more often.”

            He chuckled.  “I wouldn’t mind that.”

            “Yeah, I’ll bet you wouldn’t.”  Woohyun pushed him back against the wall and kissed him, hard.  He remembered this, and now that he’d been with Sunggyu, he was prepared for it, his old habits kicking back in.  He moaned, deliberately relaxing against the wall, submitting to it.  “It’s been a while,” Woohyun breathed, kissing him again.

            Too long?  Not long enough?  He couldn’t tell.  He wasn’t used to this anymore, but then again, he’d never really gotten used to it.  Woohyun’s nails dug into his skin, scraping down his side, and he groaned, the pain making him tense up.  Woohyun was kissing him so forcefully, his cock was hard as a rock, and when Woohyun pushed his arm up, pinning his wrist overhead, he went with it, relaxed into it, hoped that none of his members would walk by.

            Woohyun chuckled, grinning, nose rubbing against his.  “You ready to take it?  You ready to bend over while I fuck you raw?  Or are you going to run away like a coward again this time, too?”

            He looked right into Woohyun’s eyes, baring his teeth in what might pass for a smile.  He was about to be fucked so hard his head would spin, and he was looking forward to it.  “Ready.  I’m ready for it.  If you are.”

            Niel frowned.  He didn’t get it.  “I don’t want to fuck you, I want to suck your cock.”

            Sungjong reached into Niel’s lap, fondling his cock.  It turned him on, and he looked down, watching.  Sungjong had long nails, pretty and sharp.  He wasn’t used to seeing that so near his naked cock, and it made him a little nervous, to be honest.  “Do you do anything with this?”

            “I come with it.”  Was it supposed to do tricks?  “I pee with it.  Do you not know things like that?  What do you do with yours, play the drums?”

            Sungjong rolled his eyes.  “Don’t you ever screw anybody?  Put it in anybody?”

            “Sometimes guys blow me.”  L.Joe, mostly, or the maknaes.

            “It’s really hot, though.  Look at how big it is.”

            Sungjong’s tone was so admiring, he gave it a second look.  Yeah, it wasn’t small, but so what?  “If you like it, you want to suck it?”

            “No, I want you to screw me with it.”

            “You could screw me,” he suggested.  “Oh, we could sixty-nine.  Don’t you want to?”

            Sungjong dropped his cock and got off of the bed.  “You’re annoying.”

            Surprised, Niel stared at him.  “You’re rude.”

            “I don’t understand how some of your members are so great, and some are a complete waste of my time,” Sungjong muttered.

            “You’re wasting my time!  I could have a cock in my ass right now!”

            Sungjong crossed his arms over his chest.  “If you like using your mouth so much, do you know how to rim?”

            “That’s ass stuff,” Niel explained impatiently.  “I don’t do ass stuff, I do cock stuff.  I like cocks.  Cocks.  Penises, hyung, I’m here for your penis.”

            “Broaden your horizons!”

            “Broaden yours and put your cock in me!”

            “Oh, god damn it, fine!” Sungjong snapped.  “This is why I don’t mess with dongsaengs, you’re all so fucking whiny.”  Crawling onto the bed, he shoved at Niel.  Surprised, Niel collapsed against the pillows.  “Don’t expect a lot of foreplay, I don’t like you enough for that.  Put your knees up, where’s the lube?”

            Ricky moaned, slumping back on the couch.  “Oh, wow, hyung.”  Hoya’s head bobbed over his erection, and he patted clumsily at Hoya’s shoulder, eyes closing.  “Wow, okay, okay, let’s just do this for a while.”

            Changjo nailed Sungyeol all over the room.  On the bed, on the chair, against the wall.  Face to face, from behind, on their sides, twisted around, he hit it from every angle.  Sungyeol kept squirming around, talking about needing to move, needing to switch positions.  He was happy to keep moving, because it was fun to try it in so many ways, and he liked seeing Sungyeol spread out and bunched up and bent over; it was all hot.  But he was pretty sure that Sungyeol’s discomfort was psychological, not physical, because no matter which position they were in, it was the same: Sungyeol begged him for it, horny and desperate, making him feel like some kind of champion king, and also tried to pretend that none of this was actually happening and it was all some weird anomaly.  It was hilarious and super hot, and he deliberately took his time with it, to slow things down and keep Sungyeol begging, so it would last as long as possible.

            “You want it?” Dongwoo asked.  Grinning, he backed up, waggling his cock in Niel’s face.  When Niel lunged for him, he tapped at Niel with his cock, patting it against Niel’s cheeks and smacking Niel’s nose.

            Grabbing his hips, Niel said, “Hold still!”

            “Want it?  Gotta get it,” Dongwoo teased, dancing out of his grip.

            “Hyung!”  Niel grabbed his thigh.

Suddenly off-balance, he whooped, clutching at the end table.  They went down, all three of them, him and Niel and the table.  Landing on his ass, he laughed.  Whoo!  Everybody okay?”  Ow.

“Anything broken?” Niel asked, sitting up.

“I don’t think so.”  Not on him, anyway, and not the table, either.

“Good.”  Niel shoved his thighs apart.  “Now don’t go anywhere, I have business to handle, and I’m tired of everybody playing shy.  I came here to get a lot of cock, and you’d all better start giving me some.”

“Have I seemed shy?” he wondered, stroking Niel’s hair as Niel started kissing the base of his cock.  He’d never been accused of that before.

“Oh, you get hard fast,” Niel said.  He kicked the table out of his way, and then he rolled onto his back, pulling Dongwoo along for the ride.  “Rub it in my face again, that was fun.”

            L.Joe was in the kitchen, puttering around, when Woohyun walked in.  Feeling shy, he said, “Hi.”  It was great to see Woohyun, but he wasn’t sure about being in the same room with this hyung.  He felt really horny, really needy.  Sungyeol had been hot, and he couldn’t get that plug out of his mind.  And maybe it had been a mistake to see Dongwoo second; he’d gotten worked up in a way it was hard to calm down from.  Dongwoo’s sexual energy was a hell of a lot to handle.

            You doing all right?”  Woohyun drifted towards him slowly, like nothing was going on, but he could feel Woohyun’s sexual authority rolling towards him like a wave.  He didn’t feel cornered, not in a bad way, but he was really aware that Woohyun was between him and the door.

            “I’m okay.  It’s been, um, fun.”  Slipping out of his chair at the table, he stood up.  Woohyun kept coming towards him, and he felt like a predator was prowling, stalking him.  Licking his lips, he gripped the back of the chair, easing behind it, putting it between himself and Woohyun.

            Woohyun smiled and moved back a step.  “Want me to go?  We don’t have to do anything.  We don’t even have to talk, if you’re not in the mood.”

            “No, it’s okay.”  He didn’t want to be on his knees for Woohyun, not the way he was for his owner, but he got the feeling that he’d end up there anyway, if Woohyun wanted it.  He knew that he was easy, like, super easy, and it was something he just had to live with, but it left him feeling really vulnerable, like the only thing that kept him from being at the sexual mercy of anyone who wanted to mess with him was the simple fact that they hadn’t tried it yet.  He was stronger than that, he was, but sometimes he didn’t feel strong at all.  The times he felt strongest, these days, were after he’d seen his owner, when he’d had the real thing, and everyone else seemed frivolous by comparison.

            Woohyun wasn’t frivolous.

            “I promised to give you a blowjob,” Woohyun said.  “But you can say no.”

            He nibbled on his lower lip.  He could be honest with Woohyun, right?  He could trust this hyung.  He and Sehun had both confided in Woohyun, and he felt like he could tell Woohyun the truth and not be taken advantage of.  “I really need to be fucked.”

            Woohyun nodded.  His smile was understanding.  “I can see that.  Let me blow you, and then I’ll make sure that you’re taken care of.”

            The idea of a dom blowing him made pleasure race straight to his groin and set up a deep, excited throbbing.  God, he was so turned on, he had to hold onto the chair with both hands to keep from humping it.  And he had no idea how Woohyun planned to take care of the other thing, but he was willing to put his fate in Woohyun’s hands.  “Okay.”

            Woohyun took a step towards him, only one, and held out a hand.

            He’d never been with a dom who wasn’t Sehun.  But Woohyun wasn’t going to dominate him.  It would just be regular sex.  Just a blowjob.

            Woohyun’s smile was so warm and direct, he felt drawn to Woohyun, felt it like a physical pull.  Pushing the chair out of his way, he walked over and took Woohyun’s hand.  Woohyun rewarded him with another smile - - it felt like a reward - - and led him out of the kitchen.

            He licked his teeth and thought about almonds and followed Woohyun to the bedroom.

            There was responsive, and then there was L.Joe.

            There was submissive and needy, and then there was L.Joe.

            Everything he did pushed Woohyun’s buttons.  His deep, uncontrollable shuddering.  His desperate writhing.  His breathless begging.  His humming, ecstatic moans.  He was an erotic treasure, his sexuality all right there on the surface, need crackling like a live wire.

            He moaned, “Hyung,” like he trusted Woohyun to have all of the answers, like he was submitting completely to Woohyun’s authority.  He chanted, “Please,” like it hurt to say it but he needed to.  He sounded, all at once, so ecstatic and so broken that it took the full force of Woohyun’s self-control not to take over.  He needed to be ruled, and Woohyun knew exactly how to do it.

            Kneeling between L.Joe’s legs where he sat on the couch, Woohyun got him off quickly for the first cum shot, then slowed down.  There was a fine line between drawing out his pleasure and straight-out toying with him, but Woohyun knew how to walk that line.  Nursing his cock, Woohyun let the pleasure simmer, let it soak in.  He clutched at the couch like it was the only thing keeping him tethered to the planet.  When Woohyun pried his grip loose, he still wouldn’t put his hands on Woohyun until Woohyun placed them there deliberately.  His hands fluttered here and there, timid, and then settled lightly on Woohyun’s shoulders, not sure of their welcome.  Woohyun made an encouraging sound and sucked harder, and he became more confident, caressing Woohyun’s jaw, running his thumbs over Woohyun’s cheeks.

            He came a second time, quick spurts in Woohyun’s mouth.  Woohyun swallowed everything, turned on by his grateful moaning.  “Thank you, oh, thank you.”  When Woohyun’s head lifted, he got antsy, immediately squirming.  Woohyun put a hand on his thigh, and he fell still; he knew to stay wherever the authority figure wanted him.  Panting shallowly, he tracked Woohyun’s every move with wide, attentive eyes, watchful, waiting for his cues.

            Leaving that hand on his thigh to remind him to stay calm and stay in place, Woohyun spoke to him in a completely comfortable tone designed to reassure him that everything was normal.  “Do you need to contact anyone?”  It might help him to call Sehun, or even to text, to get in touch with his dom.

            He shook his head.  “No, hyung.”  His gaze flickered; he mouthed the word “hyung” to himself like something was off about it.  Woohyun waited, giving him a minute; a smile flitted across his face, and he visibly relaxed.

            “This was good.”  Woohyun smiled at him.  “I liked this.  Maybe we can do it again, sometime.”

            Lightly, carefully, L.Joe’s hand settled on top of his.  He held still, letting it happen, letting L.Joe test boundaries.  When he didn’t react, only remained peaceful and in control, L.Joe smiled at him and relaxed further.  “Thank you for, um.”  L.Joe’s laughter was happy.  “Thank you, just thank you, I guess.”

            He rubbed his thumb over L.Joe’s skin, smiling.  “Thank you.”

            He gave it a moment, giving L.Joe time, and then L.Joe gave him a hesitant look.  He waited; L.Joe’s tongue flicked out, nervous.  “Um, can I, are you going to, or - - I need it.”

            He nodded, getting up, moving slowly, L.Joe still tracking every gesture.  “I can’t do it myself.”  It wasn’t the best situation to put the two of them in.  “But I can’t stand to leave somebody unfulfilled.”

            L.Joe balked at the door.

            Woohyun laughed at him and knocked.

            “I can’t, I’m not.”  He’d heard things about Sunggyu.  He was not in the right mental place to deal with this.  “Maybe Sungyeol hyung.”

            Woohyun’s smile was teasing.  “You don’t trust me?”  He knocked again.  “Hyung!  Are you sleeping right through an orgy again?”

            “Go away,” Sunggyu mumbled.

            “I’m coming in,” Woohyun said, opening the door.  “And I’m bringing a present.”

            Rolling over, Sunggyu sat up.  He’d really been asleep; his hair was messed up and his eyes were barely open.  Seeing L.Joe, he scowled, which didn’t make L.Joe feel more welcome here.  “That’s not a present, that’s a dongsaeng.”

            “He’s a fun present,” Woohyun said, nudging L.Joe towards the bed.  “I need you to play with him for a little bit.”

            Sunggyu yawned, then pawed at his hair.  “I already played with the other ones.  What does he need?  Why can’t you do it?”

            “You know why.  Just finger him until he’s had enough.”  Woohyun physically pushed L.Joe onto the bed, then kissed Sunggyu.  “Be gentle with him, he’s a very good puppy.”

            Good?  Woohyun thought that he was good?  Oh, he liked that way too much; he was definitely in the wrong head space for this.  When Woohyun left, he licked his lips.  “I don’t think, uh.  I’ll go.”

            “It’s okay,” Sunggyu said.  It surprised him; he’d kind of expected Sunggyu to be relieved to get rid of him.  “You need it, right?  I can’t let you walk around unsatisfied, it’s an orgy, would that make any sense?”  Sunggyu shoved a pillow over and patted the mattress.  Lay down, get comfortable, I’ll be nice to you.”

            When Sunggyu moved, the sheet slid away, exposing everything.  He could see Sunggyu’s bare thighs, and black pubes, and plump balls.  He could see Sunggyu’s cock, like a fat, sleeping snake.  He could see it, and he couldn’t look away from it.  Everything in him was lighting up, warning him to back away while he still could, urging him to hop on that cock and find ecstasy.  It was temptation and danger and fantasy all in one, right there, close enough to touch.

            “Ignore that,” Sunggyu said, pulling the sheet over himself again.  “I’ll put - - do you see my underwear?”  He looked around like he had no idea where it might be.  “Find it, it has to be somewhere.”

            “I.”  He couldn’t stay shut up behind a closed door with Woohyun’s leader and that powerful snake.  “I can’t, um.”

            “No one’s asking you to,” Sunggyu said.  “I’m just going to finger you, like Woohyun said.”

            What would that do for him?  Any penetration was better than nothing.  Feeling like maybe it would be okay to relax, he got up to find Sunggyu’s underwear.  “I’m not built for, um, that.  My own members, that’s as much as I can take.”

            “Good,” Sunggyu said.  “I wouldn’t let anybody put something this big inside me, either.”

            That made him laugh.  Feeling better, he found Sunggyu’s underwear on the floor, half-kicked under a chair.  He brought it back and climbed onto the bed.

            Sunggyu put it on.  “No hands on the private area, it’s not polite.  Lay down, go ahead.”

            “Can I touch, um.  Other things?”

            “What?  Yes,” Sunggyu said.  Pawing through the sheet, he found a bottle of lube.  “Since I like you, I’ll let you grab my ass and pull my hair, if you need to.  Put your hands wherever you want them, just don’t grab my cock.”

            He couldn’t pull a dom’s hair.  But maybe Sunggyu wasn’t a dom.  He decided not to ask.  Sunggyu’s personality was strong enough, as it was; he’d rather leave the rest of it ambiguous.

            “Do you say ‘no’ when you don’t mean it?”

            He didn’t know how Sunggyu made that sound like such a natural question.  He nodded, watching Sunggyu set the lube aside.

            “Then let’s use a safeword, just in case it comes up.  What can you remember to use?”

            He licked his lips.  “Radio.”

            “Radio,” Sunggyu repeated.  “Okay, are we set?  We’ll start slowly, so it’s comfortable.”  His hand drifted over L.Joe’s stomach, rubbed back and forth.  Stretching out beside L.Joe, he asked, “How are my members, everything’s good?”

            Mmm.”  Sunggyu kissed his stomach.  It seemed like a weirdly intimate thing to do.  “They’ve been great.”  He gazed down his own body, watching Sunggyu kiss his abs.

Sunggyu caressed him, kissing a line down to his navel.  “Dongwoo’s behaving himself?”

“He’s, um, he’s really, uh.  Yes.”  He wasn’t misbehaving, he was…  L.Joe didn’t know how to describe it.  “He’s incredible.”

Sunggyu flashed him a conspiratorial grin.  “I’m lucky, right?”

He laughed, and the moment relaxed him.  Sunggyu was kissing down his ribs, licking at him, and the slow, sensual strokes of tongue made him want to squirm.  He felt himself breathing too fast.  He was turned on and intimidated at the same time, and that was a really dangerous place to be in; it pushed his buttons, heightened his desires, his responses.  But this was just Sunggyu, just some hyung he’d known for years, someone who’d always been nice to him, anyway.  Sunggyu’s bare shoulder drew his attention, beckoning him.  He wanted to touch it.  It made him self-conscious to just lie there; he wanted to participate, to interact.  It would be okay if he touched; Sunggyu had already said so.

Licking his lips, he reached a tentative hand out.  His breathing sounded loud.  Carefully, he rested his hand on Sunggyu’s shoulder.  Sunggyu’s kisses were slowing down, lingering, trailing down his side, sucking lightly at his skin.  His cock ached, and he wanted to rub himself, but he was ashamed to be so hard already.  Sunggyu’s tongue licked over his pelvic bone, and he moaned, a hurt, whimpering sound.  Mortified, he pressed his other hand over his mouth, trying to keep the noises in.

“That’s right, that’s good,” Sunggyu murmured, kissing his navel.  “Hyung wants you to like it.”

Sunggyu’s approval turned him on.  Moaning behind his hand, he spread his thighs.  He was ashamed of himself, but he needed it, and Sunggyu had already agreed to touch him.  He hated needing it like this, and even more than that, he hated exposing his need to someone else.  But there were people who understood him, who didn’t hold it against him, who he could trust.  And he thought, he hoped, that Sunggyu might be one of those people.

“How’s this, how are things down here?”  Sunggyu rubbed his balls, fingers sliding back.  Groaning, he lifted his hips.  He’d needed this, needed someone to touch him there, needed to feel a hand on him.  Squeezing his eyes shut, he shuddered, loving it as Sunggyu caressed him.  “Ah, I see,” Sunggyu said, and there was such perfect understanding in his voice that L.Joe moaned, grateful to him.  “Let’s do a little of this, then.  Hyung knows what you need, I’ll take care of it.”

Lube, Sunggyu was using the lube.  When he felt slick fingers circling his hole, nudging inward, he groaned.  Lusting, aching, he pulled his knees in, moaning urgently, needing Sunggyu to get inside of him now, now.

The slow, firm penetration was exactly what he needed.  “Yes, yes, hyung, thank you, yes.”  Being entered satisfied something primal in him, and he squirmed, relishing the sensation.  Sunggyu was stroking right into him and, “Ah!  Oh!  Oh!  Mmmahhhh, hyung, oh,” caressing his prostate.  “Oh, yes, please, please.”  It was so good, he clawed at the bed, needing something to hold onto.

“This feels nice.”  Sunggyu dusted light kisses over his inner thigh, and he moaned, spreading his thighs, inviting more.  Sunggyu gave him more, and that simple response seemed so generous, he felt grateful.

Sunggyu was fingering him rhythmically, tenderly, giving him just enough of a stretch to make him shake, providing him with constant bursts of pleasure.  He’d never been touched quite like this, god, it was good, it was really good, “Mmm, oh, hyung, yes.”  He’d been lubed by a whole variety of guys, but Sunggyu’s slow, repetitive strokes were making his whole body hum.  “Oh, oh, yes.”

Leaving one last, lingering kiss on his thigh, Sunggyu shifted upward, kissing his abs.  He was so turned on that seeing Sunggyu’s face so close to his cock made him ache, and he whimpered, pleading, thrilled.  It turned him on to see Sunggyu there, and it turned him on that Sunggyu was ignoring his cock completely.  That was how Sehun treated him, too, neglecting his cock most of the time, and it was really arousing to see Sunggyu not care anything about it.

His hand was still on Sunggyu’s shoulder, not pushing or pulling, just touching.  Sunggyu’s skin felt really nice, felt smooth, and he wanted to touch Sunggyu in other ways, in other places.  Sunggyu was licking under his pecs now, kissing across his sternum, and he whimpered, happy, soaking up the intimate attention.  This hyung was so good to him, so, “Ooohh,” so good, “mmm,” ah, he undulated, steadily popping bursts of pleasure making him writhe.

“How much do you want?”  Sunggyu’s kisses trailed across his chest and down his ribcage, making his back arch.  “Three fingers, is that good?”

“Yes, yes.”  He felt a gradual withdrawal, just a couple of fingertips holding him open, and then slow penetration, thicker now, a tighter fit.  Groaning, turned on, he shuddered at this new intrusion, breathing hard.  “Yes, yes,” oh, so good, it was so good, “more, more.”

“Hyung likes you like this,” Sunggyu murmured, licking his ribcage.

The praise reverberated through him, the words echoing in his mind.  Rubbing Sunggyu’s shoulder, he twisted under Sunggyu.  Mmm, oouuuhmmm, oh-hhh.”  Deep, throbbing pleasure made his hips jerk in eager spasms.  Mmm, oh.”  He needed to come, he had to come now.  “H-h-hyung, can I get off, please, please, can I come?”

“One minute,” Sunggyu said.  “Count to sixty for me.”

Oh, god.  “One.”  The calm command turned him on so much, he was moaning, gasping, his hips rocking with the rhythm of Sunggyu’s steady fucking.  “Two, I need it, please, hyung, please, let me.  Three, f-f-f-four.”  He squirmed, digging his nails into Sunggyu’s shoulder, taking liberties now, turned on enough to be desperate.  He kept counting, the numbers rising higher, his pleasure mounting with them.  “Thirty.  Thirty-one.  Oh, god, I can’t, I can’t.  Thirty-two.”  His chest heaved, and Sunggyu was licking around his nipples but not touching them, denying him the contact he needed.  Writhing, he tried to force contact, tried to rub his nipples against Sunggyu’s tongue, but Sunggyu was too expert for him, too in control, placing a calm kiss on his sternum and staying there.  With Sunggyu’s lips pressed to his chest, his breath caught, and he held still.  “Forty-eight, forty-nine.”  He couldn’t control his panting and he couldn’t stop shuddering, but the rest of him was still, caught in Sunggyu’s control, obedient to Sunggyu’s calm.  Gently, Sunggyu kissed him again, once in the same spot and again a tiny bit lower, and then lingered there, kissing again, licking a little.  Blinking, counting, he let Sunggyu stay in command of him, and he finished the rest of his numbers.  “Fifty-nine.  S-s-sixty.”

Mmm.”  Sunggyu’s head lifted, and his fingers did a curling, flicking thing, creating a sudden, deep burst of pleasure that made L.Joe cry out.  “You can come now.”

His hand flew to his erection.  Being controlled, being denied and then given permission, made this moment all the more powerful for him.  He wasn’t only coming, he was coming because Sunggyu had said that he could, because he was being given an opportunity, a reward.  Jacking himself quickly, he moaned, “Thank you, hyung, thank you,” and soon he was coming, climax overtaking him as messy spurts landed on his chest.  “Thank you, thank you, mmm.”  Reveling in ecstasy, he writhed against the sheets, squirmed on Sunggyu’s fingers, welcomed the hot, successive bursts of pleasure.

“Good, that was good,” Sunggyu said.

The praise was so gratifying, he rubbed his balls, feeling a warm glow of satisfaction.  “Hyung.”  He felt confident now, bold.  “Hyung, will you kiss me?”

“Maybe.”  Sunggyu rested his weight on his elbow and dipped his fingers over L.Joe’s mouth.  His gaze rested meditatively on L.Joe’s face; his fingertips tapped at L.Joe’s lower lip.  “Where’s your mouth been?”

The question took him by surprise.  “T-t-tonight?”

“In general.  Whose cock have you sucked this month?  Just the past thirty days.”

Did he have to list all of them?  “My members.”

“C.A.P., Chunji,” Sunggyu prompted him, fingers still stroking deep in his ass, unceasing, rhythmic.

“C.A.P. hyung, Chunji,” he repeated.  Niel, Ricky, Changjo.”  Already, it seemed like a lot.  Embarrassed, he kept going.  “Xiumin hyung.  Lay hyung.  Baekhyun hyung.  Chen hyung.  Chanyeol hyung.”  The list seemed like it wouldn’t end.  Ashamed, he said the rest.  “D.O.  Kai.  And Oh Sehun.”

Sunggyu tapped his lips shut, then caressed them apart again.  “You haven’t blown even one of my members?”

“No,” he admitted.

“You’re going to have to do at least one before you go, aren’t you?”

“Yes, hyung.”  He licked his lips, eager to please.  “Which one should I do, hyung?”

“Blow Hoya, don’t let him tell you no.”

“Yes, hyung.”  Sunggyu had really nice hands, prettier than he’d realized.  Such smooth fingers.  He stared, panting, hoping that Sunggyu would touch his mouth again.

“You listen well,” Sunggyu murmured.  Sunggyu’s appreciative tone made it sound really sexy, and he blushed, turned on, glad that Sunggyu liked it.  Sunggyu’s thumb rested on his chin, and he held still, that light point of pressure keeping him in place.  Sunggyu leaned in, close, and air rushed out of his lungs, excitement making him shiver.  Sunggyu’s eyes closed, a line of black lashes fanning across a pale cheek, and then Sunggyu pressed a soft kiss beside his mouth.

“Hyung,” he breathed, ecstatic at this much intimate attention.

“You like to suck cock, don’t you?” Sunggyu asked.  His voice was soft, and his lips brushed over L.Joe’s briefly, tender contact, light and fleeting as a feather.

“Yes.”  It came out like a moan.

“You like to have your cock sucked?”

“Yes, hyung.”  Just thinking about it excited him.  He knew that Sunggyu would never do it, and that turned him on even more.

“It’s nice,” Sunggyu murmured.  Soft, sensual kisses brushed over his cheekbone.  Moaning, he turned toward the contact, and it was gone.  Sunggyu’s thumbnail flicked his chin, and the tiny nip of pain shocked him into stillness again, into obedience.  He couldn’t hold completely still, though; his legs shifted, his hips rolling, his fingers digging into the bed.  It seemed like Sunggyu held an immense amount of power over him, fingering him like this, penetrating and fucking him, giving him all of this exquisite, devastating pleasure and thinking nothing of it.  He was vibrating, on fire, already aching to come again, and Sunggyu was just holding a conversation.  Oh, god, it was so sexy.  “It’s nice to have someone suck your cock.”

“Yes, yes.”  He’d agree to anything this hyung said.  “Can I come again now, please, hyung, I need it.”

Ignoring his question, Sunggyu said, “Like a dongsaeng.  A hot, handsome dongsaeng.  On his knees in front of you.  Mouth on your cock.”

Like Sehun.  Oh Sehun.  Groaning, L.Joe couldn’t endure the erotic, impossible images flashing across his mind.  “Please, please.”

“Kneeling down there,” Sunggyu murmured, fingers pushing, stretching, fucking.  “Swallowing your cock.  Pretty brown eyes looking up at you.  Your handsome dongsaeng, his mouth full of your cock, just waiting for you to get off.”

“Please, please,” he moaned, desperate, yearning.  Hot spasms of pleasure wracked him, and he whimpered, tormented by images of Sehun.

Sunggyu kissed his cheek, once, gently.  “You can come now.”

“Oh, oh, ahhmmm, oh, oh!”  He was so ready for it, it barely took any time at all.  He came hard, crying out, bucking helplessly into his own fist.  “Yes, yes, hyung, thank you, thank you, oh god, oh.”  Mewling excitedly, he squirmed, milking himself dry.  “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  Panting, he felt radiant, felt richly rewarded.

Sunggyu planted a single kiss right on his lips and whispered, “Good boy.”

Moaning, he drifted on bliss.  He’d been a good pet.

            Sungjong moaned, rubbing his softening cock.  He’d had a good time here under C.A.P., but he knew from experience that C.A.P. could keep going forever, and he didn’t really need to stay for the rest of the show.  Fortunately, he’d brought back-up.  “Your turn?” he asked.

            “Sure,” Hoya said, already lubing himself beside the bed.

            Great.  Sungjong kissed C.A.P.  “Thanks, hyung.”  Nudging C.A.P. off of himself, he rolled out of bed.

            “You used to last longer than that,” C.A.P. said.

            He grinned.  “You used to show up on your own.  Don’t bring so many hot guys with you if you want me to be grateful for some hard cock.”

            Hoya shoved C.A.P. onto his back and moved on top in a quick, lithe move.  “Shit, hyung,” C.A.P. said, laughing and then groaning appreciatively.  “Oh, yeah.”

            “Not here to do all of the work,” Hoya said, already flexing, hips rolling.

            “God, yeah,” C.A.P. grunted, thrusting up from under him.

            Their bodies moved together, muscular, rhythmic, Hoya riding, C.A.P. fucking in slow, forceful thrusts, pushing up into Hoya.  It was so damned hot, and Hoya’s soft, aroused moans and C.A.P.’s deeper, satisfied grunts sounded so good, Sungjong stayed for a while, just watching.

            Woohyun finished washing up and went back to the bedroom to find Ricky seated on the bed.  When he walked in, Ricky looked up with a smile.  “Hi, hyung.  Busy?”

            “Not too busy.”  Standing beside the bed, he stroked Ricky’s chin, and Ricky gazed up at him, adorable and hopeful.  He grinned, lightly dragging his fingernails along Ricky’s jaw.  “Ready for a good time?”

            “Always.”  Ricky leaned back, hands on his waist, coaxing him onto the bed.

            Planting a knee on the bed, he cupped Ricky’s face in one hand.  “Do you think I’m that easy?”

            Ricky laughed.  “I’ve heard a lot about you, hyung.”

            He tightened his grip, leaning closer.  “Liked what you heard?”

            Leaning back, shying away, Ricky laughed again.  “Don’t be scary!  Chunji hyung said that you weren’t allowed to do those things with us.”

            “When it comes to sex, Ricky-ah?”  He smiled.  “I do what I want.”

            Looking fascinated and turned on, Ricky asked, “Is this going to be kinky?  Are you going to spank me?”

            He’d had to hold back all day, controlling himself with L.Joe, going so far but no farther with C.A.P., ignoring the rich temptations Changjo presented.  And now Ricky was playing games with him.  “Kiss me.”

            Ricky pressed his lips to Woohyun’s.

            He slapped Ricky lightly, a brief tap.  “Kiss me like you mean it.”

            Ricky kissed him harder.

            A second light slap.  “Kiss me like you mean it, Ricky-ah.”

            Ricky kissed him, gripping his shoulder, a longer kiss, tongue delving into his mouth.  When Ricky pulled back, he glared, his nostrils flaring, fed up, and Ricky threw both hands up, looking exasperated.  “What do you want?  Ya, don’t hit me again!” Ricky exclaimed, flinching back.  “You said to kiss you, I’m kissing you!  I don’t know your weird games.”

            There was someone else under there, behind Ricky’s cuteness and fussing and simplicity.  He knew there was, and that was who he wanted to have sex with.  The smart adult behind the adorable smiles and crowd-pleasing innocence.  “You’re the one playing games.  Kiss me like you mean it.”  If it had been anyone else, he wouldn’t have raised his hand again, but he knew how little violence fazed Teen Top.  He slapped Ricky across the face again.

            Ricky backhanded him.

            Ricky used enough force to turn his head, and he gasped.  It took him by surprise, and it hurt.  Breathing in, he gave Ricky an assessing look.  The threat, the challenge, turned him on, and he touched his cheek, really looking forward to this now.  Aroused, he leaned into Ricky’s face.

            Ricky didn’t back up this time.  He held his ground, and he glared.  It was a warning glare, threatening, and heat sizzled up Woohyun’s spine.  “Don’t hit me again,” Ricky said flatly.  He didn’t speak politely.

            Woohyun rubbed himself through his underwear, loving this.  A new partner, new territory, a challenge he hadn’t met before.  “Speaking informally?”

            “What’d you say, before?” Ricky asked.  “I do what I want.”  In one sudden move, he closed the distance between them, grabbing the back of Woohyun’s neck, sealing their mouths together.  It was a harsh kiss, aggressive, biting, and he didn’t let up.

            Jerking Ricky’s thighs apart, Woohyun was rough with him on purpose.  He growled and kissed Woohyun more passionately, his nails digging into Woohyun’s nape.  Already aching to fuck him, Woohyun yanked down his underwear.  “I’m going to destroy your ass.”

            Ricky cast a dismissive glance at his cock and kissed him again.  “I’ve had bigger.”

            He chuckled, biting at Ricky’s lips.  “You’ve never had me.”

            Gripping a handful of hair, Ricky dragged his head back, staring into his eyes.  “You’ve never had me.”

            He pushed Ricky down, riding Ricky to the mattress and then rolling over, rotating until they were close enough to the nightstand that he could grab the lube.  Ricky fondled his cock with careless, brusque tugs that had him rock-hard and aching.  When he thrust his fingers inside, Ricky grunted and kissed him, chewing on his lower lip and rolling them over.  He stretched Ricky quickly, impatient to get in, and Ricky panted against his mouth, whispering, “I thought you were the romantic one.”

            “If anybody asks, say I was sweet and tender with you.”  He shoved Ricky off of his lap.

            Like they’d been doing it for years, Ricky rolled onto his back, reaching for Woohyun.  Moving right on top of him, Woohyun thrust in.  It was too quick, too deep, and they groaned together, Ricky bucking angrily, nails scratching down Woohyun’s arm.

            Impatient, fiercely aroused, Woohyun thrust again immediately.  “Take it, take my hard prick.”

            “Are you doing anything?” Ricky panted, staring at him defiantly.  “I don’t feel it yet.”

            This mouthy little shit.  Woohyun was so turned on, it hurt.  Picking up the pace, Woohyun fucked him more aggressively, hammering into him.  Ricky rocked upward against him, stronger than he’d expected, demanding it.  He shoved Ricky’s legs up, folding Ricky in half, thrusting hard.  “Feel it now?”

            “Is that all you got?”  Ricky pushed two fingers into Woohyun’s mouth, penetrating crudely.  “Thought you wanted to fuck me.”

            Wrapping his hand around Ricky’s wrist, he pinned Ricky’s wrist to the bed, overhead.  This hard, rough screw had his blood pumping, Ricky’s hot ass had his cock throbbing, and Ricky’s challenging attitude turned him on more and more the longer Ricky refused to submit.  “Beg me some more and maybe I’ll give you what you want.”

Growling, Ricky kicked his chest.  Knocked back, he landed on his ass.  As soon as Ricky pounced on top of him, he grabbed Ricky’s hips, yanking Ricky back onto his cock.  The rough thrust as their bodies reconnected made them both cry out, and he pulled Ricky down more snugly, rocking upward, burying himself.  Biting his lip, he threw his head back, groaning.  “Damn, damn, Ricky-ah.”  Squeezing Ricky’s waist, raking his nails down Ricky’s thighs, he thrust, thrust again, his hips lifting off of the bed.

His nails left red streaks on Ricky’s pale skin.  “Don’t stop,” Ricky panted, masturbating.  “Don’t you dare fucking stop.

Jerking Ricky flush to himself, he rolled up onto his knees and dropped forward.  Landing with a grunt, Ricky tried to twist away, but a couple of hard thrusts had Ricky groaning and bucking energetically against him, arm flung around his shoulders, keeping him close.

The marks he’d made on Ricky turned him on, fascinated him, and he left harsh sucking kisses on Ricky’s chest, turning white skin pink and red.  When he was high enough to reach Ricky’s pretty, rosy mouth, he bit at Ricky’s lower lip.  Growling again, Ricky kissed him hard, gripping his ass.  Ricky’s punishing, demanding kisses fueled his passion, and those hot, angry growls were feral, sexy.  “You’re a fucking animal,” he panted.

Ricky blew his bangs out of his eyes.  “You couldn’t dominate a paper bag.  Quit boring me.”

“You’re bored?” he asked, thrusting hard.  “Hang on for a minute, then, I’ll finish soon, and you can go.”

“Can’t be soon enough,” Ricky said, dragging him down for another kiss.

Sex between them was electric, erotic.  He fucked Ricky forcefully, and they rolled across the bed, their bodies demanding.  Growling, Ricky chewed on his jaw and bit his ears, and he left a deliberate patchwork of scratches on Ricky’s thighs.  Kissing Ricky only intensified his lust, and the way Ricky moved hungrily on his cock made him feel carnally fever-hot.  He couldn’t fuck Ricky hard enough, deep enough.

He couldn’t even tell whose idea it was, but Ricky rolled over underneath him, ass thrusting up toward him.  He slammed in hard, pumping that round, perky ass full of cock, and Ricky rocked against him, strong and energetic.  Wrapping his arm around Ricky, he panted into Ricky’s ear.  “Still bored?”

Ricky rocked back into him, skin hot and smooth against his chest.  “I don’t care enough about you to be bored.”

He grinned, his hand sliding down to Ricky’s groin.  Fondling a thick handful of cock, he left bruising, sucking kisses below each shoulder blade.  “You’re fucking delicious.”

“Unh, come on, get me off,” Ricky breathed.

He’d love to.  He was rough on purpose, jacking Ricky with quick, crude pulls.  Ricky made soft, impatient noises, hips bucking between his cock and his hand.  He loved that Ricky let him do this, that it was up to him, and when Ricky came, moaning, “Ahhh, ooo, fuck, yes,” he closed his eyes and buried his face against Ricky’s nape, feeling Ricky shake in his arms, soaking it up.

Ahh, not bad.”  Ricky gave him a dismissive look over one shoulder.  “You can get off of me now.”

“One second,” he said, picking up the pace again.

“God, just come already,” Ricky muttered.

“Almost there.”  Running his hand over Ricky’s stomach, he licked the shell of Ricky’s ear.  “Fucking delicious,” he murmured, and he meant it.  He raked his nails over Ricky’s balls, and Ricky jerked hard against him, cursing, and he came, groaning, an intense rush of ecstasy powering through him.  “Damn, oooohh, ouuh.”  Oh, that had been a good one.

“You fucking - - get off of me,” Ricky snapped, elbowing him in the gut.

Oof!”  He let go.

“Ugh.”  Ricky crawled about an inch away and dropped, collapsing with his back to Woohyun.  “Don’t bother me for a minute.”

Catching his breath, he sprawled out beside Ricky.  Closing his eyes, he smiled.  He’d had some good sex today, and some really promising moments, but this?  He hadn’t seen this coming.  Running his hand over his abs, he enjoyed the afterglow, feeling good, feeling satisfied.  Satisfied and intrigued.  He’d known that there were other sides to Ricky, but he’d ended up with a lot more than he’d bargained for.

Rolling onto his side, he only felt more intrigued as he studied Ricky.  More attracted.  But his heart softened as he studied Ricky’s strong, sturdy body.  He curled forward and kissed the fading red marks on Ricky’s thighs.

Mmm.”  Ricky rolled over and touched his chest, a light touch, just enough to make him lean closer.  “That was nice, hyung, thanks.”  Back to speaking formally again, being polite.  Ricky kissed him, a friendly kiss.

Back to this side of Ricky.  He didn’t mind.  “I’m going to want this again sometime.”

“Sure.”  Ricky kissed him again, then got up.  A speculative glance at his cock, a polite smile, and Ricky left.

            Hoya stretched out on his stomach.  He was still on the bed where Chunji had left him.  Getting comfortable, crossing his arms over a pillow, he mentally compared the Teen Top members.  He had to take points off of Niel’s performance, since there hadn’t been any anal, but overall, it had been a good evening.

            “Um, hey.”  L.Joe sat down beside him.

            He rolled onto his side, wondering what L.Joe wanted.  “Came for seconds?”

            “Um.”  L.Joe looked embarrassed, licking his lips, hopeful and uneasy.  “Sunggyu hyung, um.  Aish.”  He ran his hand through his hair.  “I thought that I could blow you.”

            Mystified, he was suspicious.  “What does this have to do with Sunggyu hyung?”

            “No, nothing.  It’s…”  His voice trailing off, L.Joe blushed.  “Nothing.  How do you, um, how do you like it?  So I can make it good.”

            “I’ll come faster if you finger my ass.  Seriously, what does this have to do with Sunggyu hyung?”  As L.Joe crawled between his legs, he rolled onto his back, but he held a hand out, keeping L.Joe at bay until his question was answered.

            “Ah, really, it’s nothing!”

            He raised his eyebrows, waiting.

            Aish.”  L.Joe messed with his hair, avoiding Hoya’s eyes.  “He just said that I should do it.  Recommended it.”

            Hoya tried to make sense of that.  “Does it matter if you do it or not?”  When L.Joe blushed, he started to catch on.  “Are you going to report back to him about it?”

            “No, I, but.”  L.Joe nibbled on his lower lip, then smiled.  “Could you tell him that you liked it?”

            Sunggyu felt someone getting into bed with him.  Lifting his lashes just enough to peek, he recognized Ricky.  “You can’t be in here.”  Seeing faint marks on Ricky’s skin, he opened his eyes wider.  He wanted to believe that the marks were all from Teen Top, but these looked fresh.  There were pale suck marks on Ricky’s chest, and he recognized the crisscrossing scratch marks making a pattern on Ricky’s thigh.  “What did that fool do to you?”

            “I’ve been having sex, hyung.  It’s an orgy.”  Ricky tucked in against him, pulling the sheet up and snuggling close.

            “Who should I punish first?” Sunggyu asked.  “Should it be Woohyun, or should I start with you?”

            “It doesn’t hurt.  Don’t punish anyone, this is a fun day, we’re on MT.”

            “He knows not to do things like this.”  Glowering, Sunggyu held Ricky’s chin.  “And so do you.  If you want somebody to rough you up, start a fight with Chunji.”

            Ricky listened solemnly.  “Okay, hyung.”  He looked faintly troubled.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll be more careful.”

            “You didn’t scratch back, did you?  Are there bite marks all over my dongsaeng?”

            Ricky smiled, his cheeks turning pink.  “I bit his ears.”

            “You would,” Sunggyu said, pinching the shell of Ricky’s ear.  He winced and laughed.  He was so adorable and so happy that Sunggyu touched his cheek, wanting to pet him.  “Get out of here, don’t be in my bed.  Go play with my members, that’s what they came here for, to screw you.”

            Ricky wriggled comfortably against him, sharing his pillow.  “But I came here to see you.”

            “Liar.”  He tapped at Ricky’s chin, then at Ricky’s nose.  “Which one was your favorite?”

            “Dongwoo hyung,” he decided.  “But I knew that I’d like him.”

            “Because Chunji likes him?”

            Ricky grinned.  “Because Lay hyung likes him.”

            Sunggyu laughed.  “Cute, that’s cute.”  His hand on Ricky’s ass, he scooped Ricky upward a little bit, until they were eye-to-eye on the pillow.  “What do you want here?  Is it a challenge?  Do you only want to make sure that you get what you were told that you can’t have?  You like what’s off-limits to you?  Do you just want some fun games with a new cock?  Do you like hyungs best and want to try someone older?”

            Ricky grinned.  “It’s big, isn’t it?”

            Exasperated, Sunggyu pushed Ricky away.  “All of you!  All you care about is size!  Here, here, look!”  He tugged his underwear down, exposing himself.  “Look at it!  There it is!  Are you satisfied?  Should I print up tickets and charge for private viewings?”  When Ricky reached for it, he smacked Ricky’s hand away and quickly covered himself.  “Don’t touch!  I told you to look, no one said anything about grabbing it.”

            “Can I see it hard?”

            “No, you can’t see it hard.  It’s not a pet, it doesn’t do tricks.  I don’t take special requests.”

            Snuggling in again, Ricky sighed.  “This is nice.  Can we make out, at least?  I want to try all of the members, but L hyung’s already off-limits.  Kissing’s okay, isn’t it?”

            This was a trap.  But it was a cute trap.  “We can kiss a little.”  He pressed his lips to Ricky’s.  “There, we’ve kissed.”

            “Hyung!  Don’t tease me.”  Ricky lifted his chin, closing his eyes, and waited for a kiss.

            Smiling, Sunggyu brushed his knuckles over Ricky’s cheek.

            Ricky pursed his lips.

            He was so funny, Sunggyu kept him waiting.

            He opened one eye, saw Sunggyu watching him, and burst into laughter, lightly smacking Sunggyu’s shoulder.  “Hyung!  You’re supposed to kiss me!  Don’t just refuse, you’ll hurt my feelings.”

            “How are your feelings?”  Asking the question seriously, he cupped Ricky’s chin again, looking into Ricky’s eyes.  “Are you mature enough for things like this?  It’s nice, to be close and have sex sometimes, but will it mean too much to you?  Or will it mean too little to you?  I don’t want to treat you carelessly, but it might seem like I take you too lightly.  I don’t want you to get hurt, Ricky-ah.  But hyung’s also worried that you won’t think anything about this at all.”

            Ricky looked solemn for a moment, and then he tucked himself under Sunggyu’s chin.  Sunggyu patted his back, letting him think over whatever he needed to ponder.  After a while, he said, “You don’t want me to think nothing of you.  But what do you think of me?  What do you think of my other members?  You had sex with them.  They don’t mean anything to you.”

            He felt an internal spurt of defensiveness, but he squashed it, letting Ricky’s words sink in.  “They mean things to me.  They mean some things.”

            “Should you mean things to me?” Ricky asked.  “Which things?  How long should they last?”

            Thoughtful, he nodded.  Rubbing his chin lightly over Ricky’s hair, he patted Ricky’s shoulder.  He could see that he was going to have to open his heart.  He was the hyung; it was his responsibility.  “C.A.P. and I understand each other, I think.  Our teams, we were together, once.  And then we were apart, and I have a lot of regrets about that.  About what happened, and how I acted, and how I let all of you act.  Now we’re together again.  I think that we should stay together, this time.  I think that it’s good for us to be close.  Even if it’s not always easy.”

            “A year from now, if I call you, what will happen?” Ricky asked, still tucked against his chest.  “Will you answer?  Will you only be interested if it’s an emergency?  Will you only pick up if you’re bored or horny or lonely?  Will you want to talk to me just to talk?”

            A year was a long way away.  A lot changed in twelve months.  Lives changed; careers changed.

            He thought about Suho, adopting all of these idols for no good reason.  But there was good reason.  These kids needed love and guidance.  They needed to know that someone knew them and understood them and cared about them.  They needed comfort and security and someone constant, someone to lean on.

            “I’ll take responsibility,” he decided.  “I can’t call you one of my members, Ricky-ah.”  He rubbed his thumb over Ricky’s nape, and Ricky looked up at him.  “But you’ll be my dongsaeng.  Today, and next year, too.”  Goddamnit, between the two of them, he and Suho were going to adopt half of the industry this way.  But he’d known Teen Top for a long time.  He’d known Ricky for a long time.  Besides, he couldn’t let Suho be a more ethical, responsible hyung than he was.  He couldn’t let some spoiled hoobae show him up.  “I’ll be a good hyung,” he promised, squeezing Ricky’s shoulder.

            Ricky hesitated.  His grip tightened, squeezing a reply out, and Ricky said, “It’s good, hyung, that’s nice, but.  I don’t want it, if you’re not sure.”

            “Do you think that I’m saying these things just to be saying them?” he demanded.

            “You say a lot of things just for the sake of saying them,” Ricky pointed out.

            Ya!”  It was true; he couldn’t pretend otherwise.  “I mean this one.  Let’s not take each other lightly.  We’ll be hyung and dongsaeng.  You can call me up just to annoy me, like Woohyun and Suho do.”

            “And what will you do for me?  Order me around and criticize me?”

            “I’ll take care of you,” he promised, giving Ricky a little shake.  “I’ll look after you.  I’ll be there for you even when you think that you don’t need me.”

            That got through.  He saw it, in the depth of Ricky’s eyes, in a tiny flicker of muscles beside Ricky’s mouth.  “Okay.”  An inhalation.  “Okay, hyung.”

            He kissed that spot beside Ricky’s mouth, then rubbed the side of Ricky’s neck.  “I’ll make love to you next time.  Understanding each other like this, it’s new between us, right?  We’ll get used to it first.  I want you to trust me, I want you to feel sure of me, before we do anything like that.”

            Ricky nodded, then pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.  “Okay, hyung.”  Ricky hugged him, and he hugged Ricky back, letting it last for as long as Ricky wanted it to.  Against his shoulder, Ricky asked, “Will you do something for me?”

            “If it’s not too expensive.”

            Ricky pulled back and lightly rubbed a knuckle up and down his chest.  “Will you let Changjo blow you?”

            “No,” he said immediately.  “Is it important to you?”

            “No, but kind of.”

            “He wants to do it, and you’re a good friend, so you want to make it happen for him,” Sunggyu guessed.  Ricky nodded.  “One blowjob,” he said firmly.  “With L in the room, so I have witnesses and he can’t make up stories about it later.”

            Ricky kissed him again, lightly, chastely.  “Thank you, hyung.”

            He tugged on Ricky’s earlobe.  “Don’t get yourself in any trouble.”

            Ricky got up.  “I never do.”

            Sungjong strolled into the kitchen.  It was empty, aside from L.Joe, who was seated at the kitchen table, slumped over, rolling a single chopstick back and forth.  “No one to play with?” Sungjong guessed, opening the fridge.  “None of my hyungs need a sub, sorry.”

            L.Joe snorted and threw the chopstick at him.

            “Why are you and your members so violent?” he demanded, snatching it up and throwing it back.

            L.Joe ducked, and it glanced off of his shoulder.  Ya!  You could put out somebody’s eye!”

            “You threw it first!”

            L.Joe sat back, slouching.

            Sungjong got a drink and sat at the table.  “Which of my hyungs is your favorite?”

            “Woohyun hyung.”  L.Joe blushed.  “Sunggyu hyung.  I don’t know.”

            “So predictable.”  He took a sip.  “So what do you and Sehun do together, anyway?”

            “What?  Nothing!”  Alarmed, flustered, he sat up, messed with his hair, shifted all over his chair, and sat back.  “What do you know about that?”  He curled one leg up, hugging his knee.

            “I know what everybody else knows.  He’s your dom or your master or whatever you call it, and you do that,” he gestured with his drink, “whenever someone mentions his name.”

            “I don’t.”  He fixed his hair some more, looking self-conscious.  “Nobody knows anything, anyway, shut up.”

            “So what are you into?  Are you dying to suck my cock right now?”

            “No.  I just did that with Hoya hyung, anyway.”

            Sungjong licked his lips, thinking about that.  “It’s good, isn’t it?  He has such a great cock.”

            L.Joe laughed, brushing his bangs out of his eyes.  “You talk about your own members that way?”

            “Right, like you don’t get hot for C.A.P. hyung’s cock.  Or that maknae.  God, he’s built.”  Sungjong exhaled, shaking his head.  “I’d let him do me again.”

            “How was it, tonight, I mean.  L hyung’s with him, right?  Did he just stand there and watch?”

            Sungjong nodded.  “Somebody has to keep that maknae in check.  I’m not letting him on top of me without a spotter.”

            L.Joe laughed again, rubbing his shin.  “He’s not going to do anything weird!”

            “Says the guy who lets some hoobae do anything and everything to him.”

            “Do you have to - - stop bringing that up!” L.Joe exclaimed.  “Why do you keep talking about it?  What do you want me to say?  Are you trying to embarrass me, are you trying to piss me off?  Shut up about it for once.  You don’t know anything about it.”

            Wow, someone was touchy.  “Okay, so, tell me.  Aside from that, what are you into?  What do you do with your members?  What do you do with the rest of EXO?”

            “Normal things.  The same things that everybody else does.”

            “So you’ve topped Xiumin hyung.”  He shook his head.  “Chanyeol hyung.”  He frowned and shook his head.  “Kai,” Sungjong said, and took a sip.  He nodded.  Sungjong choked, coughing up orange juice.

            “What?” L.Joe asked, laughing.

            Wiping at his mouth, he kicked L.Joe’s chair.  “You lying shit, you did not.”

            “I did!  I’ve - - are we allowed to talk about this?”

            “We’re talking about it!” he insisted.

            “We can’t!” L.Joe argued, grinning.  “No, seriously, I don’t think that we’re supposed to.”

            “We’re all doing each other, we all know what’s going on, I don’t think that there’s a lot to hide.”

            “Suho hyung wouldn’t want me to sit here going into detail.”

            “Who cares?  He isn’t here.  Since when are you so polite?”

            Mmm, I don’t mess with Suho hyung,” L.Joe said.  “I want to keep seeing Oh Sehun.”

            He didn’t push any further on that point; he could tell that he’d run into a wall.  He drank some more juice and tried to picture L.Joe on top of Kai.  He couldn’t do it.  “This thing we’re not talking about, that you can’t describe to me.  Did Kai actually like it?”

            L.Joe gave him a puzzled look.  “You really think that I’m bad at sex, don’t you?”

            “I guess you might be good at some things.”  Like taking cock and being pushed around.  Neither of which meant that L.Joe had anything to offer him.  “Are you good at oral?  Do you want to blow me?”

            “Good, yes.  You, no.”

            He grinned.  “How good?”

            “Ask Hoya hyung.”

            “Hoya hyung!”

            “You don’t have to ask him right now,” L.Joe said, laughing.

            “Hoya hyung!” he shouted, louder.

            “What?” Hoya shouted back.

            “How’d you rate L.Joe’s oral?”

            “Rate?” L.Joe repeated.

            “Nine!” Hoya shouted.

            Coughing, Sungjong shoved his orange juice across the table.  “Nine?” he repeated, staring at L.Joe.

“You’re so messy,” L.Joe said, laughing.  “Nine, what, does everybody get a number?  What’s he rate you?”

“What the hell did you do to him?” he demanded.

“I blew him,” L.Joe said frankly.  “He wanted me to finger him, so I, you know, I fingered him.”

A nine?  He didn’t believe it.  “How’s his cock?” he shouted.

“So loud, maknae,” Hoya said, walking into the kitchen.  “Eh, it’s average size, but he knows what he’s doing with it.”

“Worth lubing up for?”

Hoya shrugged.  “I’d do him again.”

“I’m right here,” L.Joe said.

Sungjong eyed him, then hopped up.  “Come on, let’s try it.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Yes, you do,” Sungjong said, taking his hand and dragging him out of the chair.

I, wait, but I don’t want to,” he repeated.

“Sure you do.”  He pulled L.Joe into the nearest bedroom.

            “I shouldn’t make promises that I can’t keep,” Sunggyu muttered, pulling his pants up.

            “So keep them,” Woohyun said, seated on the edge of the bed.

            “He looked at me, and what was I supposed to say?” he asked, zipping his fly.  “Like a baby, or a puppy dog, I can’t say no to that.  Now what am I supposed to do?  I can’t adopt new kids, I already have too many responsibilities.”

            “Responsibilities like what?”

            “You!  Inspirit!  Infinite!  Woollim!  Young Money!  It’s a lot!”

            “I can take care of myself.”

            “Dongwoo!  Dongwoo!  Jang Dongwoo!  It takes me twenty-five hours a day to look after that guy, and there are only twenty-four hours in a day to start with!  I have to invent extra hours to look after him!  What is he doing now, do I even want to know?  I have to check on him.”

            “I’ll check on him,” Woohyun said, both hands on his chest pushing him back.  “He’s okay, I’ll check on him.  Ricky’s going to be fine, too.”

            “You.”  Sunggyu glared at Woohyun, put his shirt on, and glared at Woohyun again, harder this time.  “Don’t go too far with him.  I don’t like it.  And I’m his hyung now, and I’ve been your hyung for a long time, so don’t tell me that it’s none of my business.”

            “It’s none of your business,” Woohyun said.

            He advanced, and Woohyun skittered backward, ducking out of his reach.  “Get over here and I’ll show you what my business is,” he threatened.

            “I won’t do it again, I won’t,” Woohyun said.

            “You’re lying to me?” he demanded, incensed.

            Arrogance vanished from Woohyun, his expression softer now, sincerity in his eyes.  “I’ll talk to you about it first,” he said, his gestures placating.  “I’ll talk to him, too.”

            Sunggyu narrowed his eyes, wondering exactly what had happened between Woohyun and Ricky.  “We’re going to have a big talk about it,” he warned.

            Woohyun nodded.  “Okay.”

            Sunggyu gave him a stern glare, a silent warning, and he didn’t try to argue or bluster or seduce his way out of it, so Sunggyu decided to trust him for now.  Someone knocked at the door.  It was L, and that meant Changjo.  “Go away,” Sunggyu said.  But he’d promised Ricky.  Damn it.  “Come in.”

            L opened the door, taking in the scene with one swift look.  “I’m interrupting?”

            “No, come in.”  He gave Woohyun a look to show that there were no hard feelings between them.  “Go check on Dongwoo.”  Woohyun left.  He looked down at himself, wondering why he’d bothered putting clothes on if he only had to take them off again.  Well, not everything had to come off.  He undid his fly again.  C’mere,” he told Changjo.  “I have something for you.”

            Woohyun expected to find Dongwoo blowing three Teen Top members at once, or in the middle of a busily humping Teen Top sandwich, or painting Niel’s face with cum, or something.  But he didn’t find Dongwoo doing any of those things.  He couldn’t find Dongwoo at all.

            Hoya and Niel were blowing each other on the couch, and were no help whatsoever.  At the top of the stairs, he asked C.A.P., “Where’s Dongwoo hyung?”

            “End of the hall,” C.A.P. said, gesturing back that way.  “With Chunji.”  When he moved in that direction, C.A.P. added, “The door’s locked.”

            Locked?  It was actually locked?  Not really believing that, Woohyun walked back there.

            The knob wouldn’t turn in his hand.

            He stared at the door, wondering how to take this.  Dongwoo didn’t even know how to close doors, much less lock them.

            Chunji must have locked it.  Why?  Chunji was a sexual show-off, for the most part.  Or didn’t give a damn who saw what.

            He listened.

            He didn’t hear anything.

            No laughter, no teasing, no “do me do me” moans.  None of Chunji’s dirty talk.

            His curiosity was intense, but he took a step back.  He knew how Dongwoo felt about sex.  But he also knew how Dongwoo felt about Chunji.  And if they wanted privacy for this, he’d let them have it.

            He’d go see if C.A.P. wanted to double-team Hoya and Niel.

            L was starving.  “There isn’t more food than this?” he asked, opening cabinet doors.

            “Sunggyu hyung said that he’d order some,” Changjo reminded him.

            Finding a packet of cookies, he ripped it open.

            “I’ve had all of your members now,” Changjo said.  He stretched both arms out, then let his hands fall to the countertop.  Bracing himself, he leaned back, stretching his spine.  “You’ve seen your hyungs fuck me right in front of you and everything.”

            He crammed another cookie into his mouth.

            “It’s nice, being passed around to your members like that.”  Changjo sucked his cheeks in, nodding.  “Really makes me feel cherished.  I can tell you that really respect me, as a person.”

            He ate another cookie, waiting for this to be over.  He was too hungry to play along.

            Changjo slapped his hands on the counter again, his eyes widening brightly.  “So do you want to try my members, or are they not attractive to you?  Is it that they’re too ugly, or you’re too precious, I can’t keep it straight.

            He’d finished the cookies.  Damn it.  “Is there any milk?”

            Changjo offered him a bottle.  Here.  Drink some random half-finished orange juice somebody left behind.”

            Ew.”  Taking it from Changjo, he sniffed it cautiously.  It smelled okay.  “How long was this here, do you think?”

            “It wasn’t here earlier, so it’s probably from one of our members.”

            He sniffed again.  Peered into the bottle and didn’t see anything floating.  Shrugging, he finished it off.

            Ew!  Hyung!”  Recoiling, Changjo laughed at him.  “You’re disgusting.”

            “I’m hungry.”  Licking his lips, he went back to opening cabinets.

            “Gross.”  He looked over his shoulder to see Changjo watching him with a thrilled expression.  “That shouldn’t have been sexy.  Why are you so freaking sexy?”

            “What’s sexy?”

            “Your tongue.”  Changjo pulled him away from the cabinets.  “Food will be here soon.  Let’s make out.”

            “Make out?”  He smoothed down Changjo’s sideburns with his thumbs.  “You just spent all night getting laid.”

            “But a lot of that was with other guys.  I want you.”  Forehead to forehead, Changjo whispered, “I like you,” like it was a tender confession, something new and daring.

            Enchanted, he caressed Changjo’s cheeks.  “I love you,” he whispered.

            “Are you okay?” Changjo asked, arms wrapping around him.  Changjo’s gaze searched his face, reading, analyzing.  “You don’t have weird ideas about me now, you don’t think of me differently?”

            He didn’t want to have this conversation in public.  Not when Changjo’s members might walk in.  “Here,” he said, pulling Changjo out of the kitchen and around the corner.  They went into a bedroom, and he closed the door.

            “It’s okay, take forever to answer, I don’t care,” Changjo said.

            “Changjo-ah.”  He pulled Changjo back into his arms, needing another hug, needing to feel Changjo so solid and strong.  “I love you.”  It came out muffled against Changjo’s shoulder.  “God, I’m so freaking in love with you.”

            “Good.”  Changjo squeezed him too tightly.  He could hear the relief in Changjo’s voice, and the brisk energy Changjo used to try to cover it up.  “Good, good.”

            Wrapping his arms around Changjo, he splayed his hands over Changjo’s back.  His fingers dug in a little, holding on.  He felt needy.  Not sexually needy, emotionally needy.  He felt absolutely no impulse to hide it, not from Changjo.  “It got a little…  It was harder for me than I thought that it would be.  It was weird.  Seeing you with another guy.  I know that you have sex all of the time, I know who and when and how often and all of it, but I never saw it before.  It was weird,” he repeated.  “Weird.”  His voice faded, and he didn’t know what to say anymore.  He pressed his mouth to Changjo’s shoulder again.

            “I won’t do it again,” Changjo said immediately.  “I’ll never touch another guy in front of you.”  Changjo was trying to pull back, to look at him, but he wasn’t ready to let go yet, and he clung to Changjo, stubborn about this.  Giving up, Changjo held him close and rubbed his back.  “I won’t do anything with your members again.  I won’t touch them, they’re gross to me now.”

            “That’s not what I want.”  He was fully dressed, in black jeans and a T-shirt, and Changjo only had underwear on, and he thought that said something about them, like there was a metaphor in there somewhere.  He mouthed Changjo’s shoulder, wanting to hold on for a lifetime.  “It’s okay now.  It was just weird at first.  It took me a little while to get used to it.”

            “You should have told me.  Hyung, why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

            “Because you’d stop.  You’d feel bad, and I don’t want you to feel bad.  I want you to do it, do whatever you want.  It was sexy, it was fun, everybody liked it.”

            “You didn’t like it,” Changjo said flatly.  “If you don’t like it, then I hate it.”

            “Why don’t you listen?”  Exasperated, he let go, stepping back.  “I told you, that’s not what I want.  It’s okay with me, I don’t want to stop anything.  Do whatever you want.”

            “I can’t do something that hurts you,” Changjo said.

            “It doesn’t hurt.”  He hugged Changjo again.  It felt better to be close.  “It was just new, it was my first time, I had to get used to it.  You’re so precious to me, I get possessive.  I get jealous.  I want to protect you.”

            “I’ll protect you,” Changjo whispered, squeezing him.  “I’ll protect you from everything.”

            “Changjo-ah.”  He closed his eyes, threading his fingers through Changjo’s hair.  “Have sex with anybody, put your cock anyplace, screw everybody right in front of me as often as you can.  Just love me for a little while longer.”

            “Oh, that’s good, yeah, keep doing that,” Sungyeol said.  Sitting in the living room, he had one arm along the back of the couch and a hand in Niel’s hair.  Staring down into his lap, he watched Niel blow him.  It was incredible; Niel really was as terrific at this as he’d always wanted to believe.  And about three times as enthusiastic.  “You’re like a machine.”

            “Kids!” Sunggyu shouted.

            Oh, he had to be kidding.  “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” Sungyeol urged, stroking Niel’s hair.

            “Five minutes!  Wash your ass and zip up!” Sunggyu shouted.

            Thank god.  “Keep going,” Sungyeol said.  He was so hard, so close, he didn’t know if he could last for another five minutes.  Especially not in Niel’s energetic, demanding mouth.  But he was willing to try.

            At the door, L.Joe picked up his phone.  His eyes widening eagerly, he made a soft, intense sound, and then he hurried out, staring at his phone.

            “Okay, don’t say good-bye,” Sunggyu said, standing by the front door, watching him go.

            “Good-bye,” Sungjong said, strolling past.

            “Later,” Hoya said, following Sungjong outside.

            Niel and Sungyeol walked out together, comparing calendars and making plans to meet up.

            “Had fun?” Woohyun asked.

            “No,” Sunggyu said.  “No, it was terrible.  No one would let me sleep, I couldn’t get any rest, there were all of these interruptions, dongsaengs crawling all over me, I hated it.  We’ll never do it again.”

            “That’s too bad,” C.A.P. said, putting his hands in his pockets.

            “Next month sometime?” Sunggyu asked.

            C.A.P. smiled.  “Sure, I’ll check and get back to you.”

            Woohyun walked out.  Sunggyu counted on his fingers, then yelled, “Dongwoo!”

            Changjo and L came over together, their fingers entwined.  Changjo picked up L’s phone, checked L’s messages, and handed it over.  He kissed L’s cheek, whispered, “When you get to the hotel, send me a selca,” and left.  “Bye, Sunggyu hyung!” he called, waving on his way out.

            Not even bothering to glance at his messages, L pocketed his phone.  His eyes flickered in C.A.P.’s direction.

            “Good time?” C.A.P. asked.

            “Not enough food.  You should’ve ordered more,” he told Sunggyu, looking disgruntled.

            “We’ll stop somewhere on the way,” Sunggyu said.  “Get in the van.”

            L nodded briefly at C.A.P., a silent acknowledgement, and left.

            “Dongwoo!” Sunggyu shouted.

            Ricky walked over, spreading his arms.

            Sunggyu hugged him.  “Call me.  Not tonight, I need some rest.  No, call any time, hyung’s never too busy for you.  I’m busy a lot,” he admitted.  “But it’s not personal.”

            Ricky kissed his cheek.  “Thanks for MT, hyung.”

            Smiling, he tugged on Ricky’s ear.  “You can come over any time you want more of my members.”

            “No, you can’t,” C.A.P. said.

            “Older hyung overrules younger hyung,” Ricky said seriously.

            “Leader overrules everybody,” C.A.P. said, swatting his ass.  “Get in the van.”

            “He’s a leader,” Ricky argued, scooting outside.

            “Who leads Teen Top?” C.A.P. yelled after him.

            “C.A.P. hyung!” Ricky shouted back.

            “C.A.P. hyung!” Chunji’s voice shouted from somewhere in the house.  Dongwoo laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world.

            Sunggyu looked around and sighed.  “You go ahead, I’ll find the magicians.”

            C.A.P. snickered.

            They were on the stairs, wrapped around each other, giggling and making out.  They were dressed, at least.  Kicking their feet, Sunggyu said, “Ya, get in the van.”

            “Whoa, oh, hyung!”  Dongwoo scrambled up, and Chunji hopped up, and Chunji overbalanced, and Dongwoo caught him, and they laughed, leaning against the banister, kissing again.  Chunji looked happy, genuinely happy, and Dongwoo looked infatuated.  “So pretty,” Dongwoo said, kissing him, both hands on his ass.  “Prettiest.  Sexiest.”

            “I want you to do me right here,” Chunji said, tugging Dongwoo against himself.

            “Fuck your hot ass up the stairs and back down,” Dongwoo said, grinding against him.

            They wouldn’t stop kissing.  They were going to flirt and make out all night.  No, they were going to kiss for another thirty seconds and then start screwing.  Sunggyu grabbed the collar of Dongwoo’s shirt and hauled Dongwoo down to the first floor.  “In the van, in the van, in the van.”

            “Now?  But I - - Chunji!”

            Sunggyu paused to say, “You’re in public now,” and threw Dongwoo outside.

            “I didn’t say good-bye!” Chunji protested, hurrying after him.

            “Public!” Sunggyu reminded them.

            C.A.P. gathered up the phones they’d left behind.  “Need anything else before I lock up?”

            He pocketed Dongwoo’s phone.  “One thing.  Be right back.”

            He went to the van, dragging Dongwoo along with him.  Shoving Dongwoo in, he leaned in through the open door and asked, “You have the thing?”

            “What thing?” Sungyeol asked.  When he stared, Sungyeol said, “I thought that you had it!”

            “Why would I have it?”

            “It’s yours!”

            “It was in your ass!”

            “You’ve been in my ass!”

            Woohyun was cracking up.  Hoya was pretending not to know or hear them.

            “I didn’t see it,” Sunggyu said.  “Where’d you leave it?”

            “In the front room, on the table,” Sungyeol said.  “Or the couch, I don’t know.”

            “It was on the table,” Sungjong said.  “I saw it.”

            “When?” Sunggyu asked.

            “I don’t know, half an hour ago?”

            “On the coffee table.  In the front room.”

            Sungjong nodded.

            “It’s not there now!”

            “Did Teen Top take it?” Woohyun asked.

            L.Joe was probably attracted to it, Niel liked having things shoved up his ass, Chunji was kinky enough to be interested, and Changjo was a thief.  Sunggyu was not interested in confronting a bunch of horny kids about an anal plug, but, damn it, he couldn’t just leave it behind.  He went back to the house.

            “What?” C.A.P. asked when he walked in.

            “I need that thing that Sungyeol brought with him.”

            “He doesn’t have it?”

            “It disappeared.”

            “God damn it,” C.A.P. said, walking out.

            Sunggyu waited.

            To C.A.P.’s credit, it didn’t take long.  He came back in, closed the front door, and passed the plug to Sunggyu.  “He washed it.”

            Sunggyu didn’t ask who “he” was.  He just stuffed the plug into his pocket.

            C.A.P. grinned.  “Not going to wear it?”

            “Jackass.”  He kissed C.A.P. on the mouth.  “We’ll schedule something later.”

            “Looking forward to it.”

            He left.  As he climbed into the van, he hoped that everyone was tired enough to sleep.  He didn’t need a lot of-

            “What’d you think?” Sungyeol asked.

            “Where was the plug, who had it?” Woohyun asked.

            “Hyung, all of that talk, and then you let Changjo go down on you?” Sungjong asked.

            “Who’d say no to that?” Sungyeol asked.

            “From what I heard, you didn’t say no all night,” Woohyun teased.

            “Hoya hyung didn’t say no all night, either,” L said.

            “What?” Hoya asked.  “Everyone complains that I don’t give guys a chance, so I gave them a chance.”

            “So what’d you think, how was it?” Sungyeol asked.

            “He gave L.Joe a fucking nine out of ten,” Sungjong said.

            “I heard that Sunggyu hyung gave L.Joe a few things too,” L said, chuckling.

            “Never mind what I did,” Sunggyu said.  Then he turned around, grinning.  “What about Niel’s mouth?  It’s not just for show, he knows a few things!”

            “What were those marks?” Niel asked.

            “What?” Ricky asked.

            “On your chest, like bites?”

            “Woohyun hyung likes it rough,” Changjo said, grinning.

            Ricky smacked him in the back of the head.  “I told you!  You’re supposed to say that they’re from Dongwoo hyung!”

            “Oh, sorry.”  Changjo’s smile was unrepentant.  “I forgot.”

            “What bites, let me see,” Chunji said, reaching for Ricky’s shirt.

            “Who broke the towel rack?” C.A.P. asked.

            “Not me,” Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo said.

            “What?” L.Joe asked, blinking, sitting forward.  “What towel rack?”  When they all looked at him, he laughed.  “I didn’t do it!”

            “Sungjong did it,” Chunji said.  “He wanted me to blame the maknae.”

            “Blame the - - blame me?” Changjo demanded, pointing at himself.

            “What is this, damn,” Chunji said, studying Ricky’s chest.

            “There are scratches on his thighs, too,” Niel said.

            “Don’t take your pants off in the van,” C.A.P. said.

            “I wasn’t going to!” Ricky exclaimed.

            “What do you think we are, perverts?” Chunji asked.

            “Yeah, gross, hyung,” Niel said scornfully.  C.A.P. rolled his eyes.

            “I thought that Woohyun hyung wasn’t supposed to do rough stuff with us,” Chunji said.

            “He’s not,” C.A.P. said.  “I’ll talk to Sunggyu hyung about it.”

            “It’s my fault,” Ricky said.  He glanced at the back of the manager’s head.  “I’ll tell you about it later.”

            C.A.P. nodded, then said, “Changjo.  You’re not getting revenge over a towel rack.”

            “He wanted to blame me!” Changjo argued.  “That’s Andy hyung’s towel rack!  I don’t break Andy hyung’s things!”

            “Not anymore,” Niel said.  Chunji laughed.

            “Oh, yeah,” Hoya said.  They were at the hotel, shuffling into their rooms.  He nodded at Sunggyu.  L.Joe did a great job.  Thanks.”

            L pushed back his hood and ruffled his hair.  “Does anyone have energy left?”

            “No,” Sungyeol said.  “No one bother me, I’m going to sleep.”

            “Same,” Sungjong said, dragging his suitcase into his room.

            “I’m already asleep,” Hoya said.

            “Not tonight, sorry,” Woohyun said.

            Dongwoo was zombie-walking into his room.  Sunggyu nudged him toward Woohyun and asked, “Trade?”

            Woohyun nodded and took Dongwoo’s arm.  “Come on, hyung, you can room with me.”

            Sunggyu held the door open for L.

            Smiling at him, L asked, “You sure?  I thought that you were tired.”

            “I’m always tired.”  To everyone else, he said, “Whoever wakes me up first gets two extra hours of practice.”  Then he nudged L into the room.  Closing the door, he felt good.  New sex with new partners was fun, but it was nice to end the day with something he was used to.  He’d been with this dongsaeng for a long time.  Silently, he pulled L in, and L hugged him, comfortable and familiar in his arms.

            “I think that I love him too much,” L said.

            He patted L’s back.  “I think that I love you too much.”

            L pulled back, grinning.  “You love Woohyun hyung too much.”

            “What, a tree?” he asked.  “No, you’re the only one, I don’t care about anyone but you.”

            L kissed him, and it felt right between them, it felt sexy and familiar and natural.

            “Changjo stole that plug, didn’t he?” Sunggyu asked.  L burst into laughter, shaking against him.  “Seriously, he took it when you weren’t looking.”

            “No!  No, he didn’t take it.”  L chuckled, heading for the bed.  “I don’t know, maybe he did.”  He grinned, toeing off his shoes.  “Let’s take a bigger one next time, and accidentally leave it behind.  Let them steal it.”

            “I’m not a free sex shop!  If they want one, they can take the risk and buy it themselves.”  Then he asked, “Which one should it be, the blue one?”

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