Infinite’s Visit

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            Sungyeol blinked when he saw Hoya walk past.  “That’s what you’re wearing?”

            Hoya glanced down at himself, nodded at Sungyeol, and kept walking.

            “Wait, no.”  Sungyeol hurried after him, following him into his bedroom.  Sungjong was in there, getting dressed.  “We’re not going to have a chance to change after our schedules.  Put on something sexier.  You can’t just show up in that.  Don’t you want to look hot when we see EXO?”

            Hoya pulled on a pair of the most boring, baggy shorts in the world over his boring, basic, black boxer-briefs.  “Not seeing EXO.”

            Oh, come on!  “Don’t start that again.  You’re going, you have to go.”  He needed Hoya and Sungjong there to bottom for everyone, so he wouldn’t have to.  If they weren’t there, and he was alone with Woohyun and Dongwoo, who knew what might happen?  “Since when do you not like sex?”

            “Maybe he doesn’t like EXO,” Sungjong suggested.

            “He likes Chen,” Sungyeol pointed out.

            Sungjong laughed.  “Chen hyung and Hoya hyung.  That would be so cute.”  He glanced at Hoya over his shoulder, looking amused.  “What would they do, cuddle?”

            Sungyeol snorted at the idea of Hoya cuddling.  “You’re coming tonight, right?” he asked Sungjong.  He needed at least one of his reliable bottoms there.

            Mmm, sure,” Sungjong said, and his smile was so smug and happy and pretty, Sungyeol wanted to groan in disgust, or kiss him.  “Kai’s been asking for me.”

            Chen jogged down the hallway in the KBS building, keeping up with Chanyeol and Xiumin as they hurried toward the set.  Reaching the elevator, he caught his breath while Xiumin wiped away sweat.  When the elevator doors opened, the three of them almost walked right into Dongwoo and Hoya.

            “Oh!”  “Hey!”  “Hi!”  Everyone laughed at everyone else’s surprise, and Dongwoo and Xiumin hugged.  Smiling at Hoya, Chen said, “I haven’t seen you in weeks!”  They’d texted a lot and called, but they hadn’t been face-to-face.  It felt really good to see Hoya in person, in the flesh.  “I’ll see you tonight, right?  You’re coming, too?”

            “Uh, I...  Actually…”

Chen laughed, squeezing his arm.  Why did he seem so reluctant?

Hoya’s tongue licked at the corner of his mouth.  “Sure, tonight.”

            “Great.”  Aahhh, he was really looking forward to Infinite’s visit.  “See you later,” he promised, hugging Dongwoo.  Dongwoo gave his ass a little squeeze and he laughed, hopping onto the elevator.

            Suho took a look around the dorm.  Xiumin was scolding everyone and cleaning up, Chanyeol was doing last-minute push-ups, and Sehun and Lay were arguing over why there wasn’t any beer.

            “Let’s just ask Dongwoo hyung to pick some up,” Kai said.

            “What’s everyone going to think if Infinite walks into EXO’s dorm carrying cans of beer?” Baekhyun asked.

            “That we’re adults who drink beer sometimes,” Kai said.

            “Won’t you be okay without it?” Baekhyun asked.

            “You’ll be okay without it,” Sehun said.  “I want to screw Sungyeol hyung.”

            “Can’t we give him muscle relaxants?” Lay asked.

            “Hyung!  We can’t drug our sex partners,” Kai said.

            Lay stared at him, shocked.  “I didn’t mean it like that!”

            “Isn’t getting him drunk first kind of drugging him, anyway?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Um, no,” Sehun said.  “Not the way he does it.  Do you understand how consent works, hyung?  Maybe Suho hyung should sit down and explain it to you again.”

            “Yes,” Suho decided, walking over and putting his arm around Baekhyun.  “Dongsaeng-ah, it’s best to clear everything up.  You can come out with me, and I’ll answer all of your questions.”

            “No!  No, it’s okay,” Baekhyun said, wriggling away from him.  “No, really, I’m not going to go out and be lectured and miss Infinite’s visit!”

            “Are you sure?” Suho asked.  “I can draw diagrams for you and everything, so you really understand.”

            “Joking, are you joking?” Baekhyun asked, staring at him.

            Laughing, he pushed Baekhyun aside.  “Members, I’m leaving!” he called, heading for the front door.  “Let’s all be responsible and respectful tonight.  Call me if anything comes up.”

            “Where are you going?” Lay asked, trailing after him.

            “Out,” he said simply, putting his shoes on.

            “Where?” Lay asked.  “L sunbae’s in Japan, and Teen Top is in Busan tonight.”

            “I have other friends,” he reminded Lay.

            Shinee’s on tour.”

“I’m just going out.”

Lay eyed him.  “You’re wearing lifts.  And make-up.”

“It’s not make-up,” he mumbled, pocketing his phone.  It was just, he’d evened out his complexion a little.  “I’ll be back later.”

“Okay,” Lay said.  “Say hi to Sunggyu hyung.”

Turning red, he left.

            Xiumin opened the door, and Dongwoo danced at him.  “Mini mini!”

            “Get in here,” Xiumin said, laughing, pulling on the front of his shirt.  Dongwoo moved right in on him, and he grinned, picking up on Dongwoo’s crackling, sexual energy.  As soon as the door closed, they were on each other, kissing, pushing each other up against the wall.  Dongwoo’s hands were on his ass, and Dongwoo’s cock was in his fist, and fuck, tonight was going to be so great.

            “He, uh, hi,” Lay said, visibly distracted by Dongwoo and Xiumin.

            “That.”  Chanyeol coughed.  “So, welcome to our dorm!  If you could leave your phones by the door…”

            The Infinite members set their phones on the table.  Woohyun pulled Dongwoo’s out of a pocket; he seemed a little busy.

            “Kai-goon,” Sungjong said, smiling prettily and taking his hand.  “Show me your room.”

            “You’ve seen it,” Kai said, already pulling him along.

            “I want to see it again,” he said as they walked away.

            “I’ll take Chen, you take Baekhyun?” Sungyeol asked Woohyun.

            “Unh, yeah, love that fat cock,” Dongwoo moaned, grinding against Xiumin.

            Woohyun ruffled Baekhyun’s hair.  “Can you go down on Chen while I screw you?  I’d really like to see that.”

            “Oh!  Uh, sure,” Baekhyun said.  “But I think that he should go down on me, instead.”

            “You can go down on each other,” Woohyun said reassuringly, putting an arm around him and walking him toward his room.

            “I could get into that,” Chen decided, following.  Grinning, Sungyeol hurried after them.

            Kai peered around the corner, shirtless, his hair mussed.  “Chanyeol hyung, could you come here for a second?”

            “Yeah, yeah, okay,” Chanyeol said, immediately in motion.

            “Unh, mmm, let’s do this on the couch,” Xiumin said, pulling on Dongwoo.

            “Yeah, let’s get horizontal,” Dongwoo agreed.  “Oh, you,” he said, smiling at Lay.  On the way by, he grabbed Lay’s hand.  “Here, here, it’s better with more.”  Lay joined them eagerly.

            With everyone else accounted for, D.O. looked at Sehun and then at Hoya.

            Hoya eyed Sehun warily.

            Sehun smiled, approaching slowly.  “Hyung?”

            D.O. calculated.  “A bedroom should still be available.”

            “Ah.”  Hoya cracked his neck.  “Eh, all right.  But don’t be so gentle like last time,” he chided Sehun.  “I won’t break.”

            So sexy, “Oohhh,” so good, “Mmmff,” uh, this was fantastic.  Baekhyun was on his side, and Woohyun’s steady, rocking thrusts were hitting him just right, sparking off hot jolts of pleasure.  He and Chen were curled together, sucking on each other, and the pull of suction created an intense, needy ache in him, damn, it felt amazing.  Woohyun and Sungyeol were fucking them to the same rhythm, and he and Chen were sucking to the same rhythm, the four of them moving together, rocking together, Sungyeol’s thrusts nudging Chen’s erection between his lips.

            Chen was moaning down there, humming around his cock, making his balls ache.  Sungyeol and Woohyun kept stroking Chen, petting Baekhyun, their hands traveling in smooth slides over his bare skin, hot and caressing, rubbing his pubes, tweaking his nipples.  It felt so good that he kept twisting around, shimmying this way and that, trying to get more of it, groaning around Chen’s thick cockhead.  This seemed like a really intimate, sensual way to fuck, the four of them all tangled around each other, and the erotic intensity was getting to him, turning him on.

            Mmm, it’s good, Chen-Chen, so pretty when you swallow that sexy cock.”  Woohyun’s voice was seductive and appreciative, right in Baekhyun’s ear, and he shivered, sucking harder.  “Here, Baekhyun-ah, share your candy, let hyung have a taste.”  Still thrusting, not missing a beat, cock rocking into him as steady as a piston, Woohyun wrapped a hand around the base of Chen’s erection, guiding it out of his mouth.  Then Woohyun leaned right over his shoulder and licked Chen’s cock, lapping his spit right off of the shiny, mushroom head.  Being sandwiched and sucked and fucked while Woohyun licked Chen’s erection a half-inch from his face was a lot to take, and he moaned, staring.  Down on his cock, Chen was making a muffled, “Mmm, mmmpph,” sound, and he shuddered, digging his nails into Chen’s thigh.  “Ah, delicious,” Woohyun decided, and fed Chen’s cock right back into Baekhyun’s mouth.  Hungry for it, he latched on, wanting it even more now that Woohyun had made it look so sexy.  Sungyeol’s next thrust pushed it deep, and he groaned, lowering his face and burying his nose in Chen’s crotch.

            Groaning, Dongwoo lifted his face as Xiumin’s erection slapped his cheeks.  Lay was sucking his tits and smearing cum across his chest, and he loved it, how much fun these guys had with sex.  Wanting more cock, he opened his mouth, angling for Xiumin’s sexy erection, so bloated, so stiff.  Xiumin shoved three fingers into his mouth, and he sucked them down, digging his teeth in a little and shaking his head, growling.  “Where are your members?” Xiumin asked, rubbing that smooth, slimy cock against the side of his face.  “I need another hole to fuck, I’ve already had all of yours.”

            Greedy Mini, mmm, he loved it.  He tried to answer, couldn’t with a mouthful of Xiumin’s pushing, thrusting fingers, and laughed.  “I love Dongwoo hyung’s holes,” Lay said earnestly.  “God, oh, I want to gnaw on your nipples all night, why are you so sexy?”

            “Yeah, mmm, chew on me, do it,” he moaned, his head falling back as Xiumin’s hand lifted.  Eyes shut, he writhed on the couch while Lay nibbled on his pecs and Xiumin’s cockhead smeared pre-cum across his cheekbones.  Yeolie,” he remembered.  “Go fuck Yeolie.”

            “We don’t have any beer,” Xiumin said.

            Aw, that was no good.  “Hoya, where’s Hoya?  Hoya!” he shouted.  “Yeah, mmm, let’s get Hobaby.”  Opening his eyes, he wiped pre-cum off of his own cheek and rubbed it across Lay’s.  Yeah, so sexy.  Cupping Lay’s jaw, he said, “I love your face, you’re so pretty.  Who’s your favorite cum bucket?”

            “You are,” Lay breathed, kissing him.

            Yeah, ooohh, he hadn’t expected that answer.  Kissing Lay back, he got lost in the sexy contours of Lay’s lips, so soft, mmm.  Lay was breathing hard, kissing him with the kind of hunger that got all of his gears whirring.  He’d be this guy’s cum bucket any day of the week.

            Someone was pulling his hair.  “Hoya,” Xiumin said.

            What?  “No, I’m Dongwoo,” he corrected.  “Hoya’s - - you know that.”  What - - oh!  “Right, Hoya,” he remembered.  Pushing Lay off of his lap, he said, “Come on, let’s see if Hoya wants some more dick.”

            Hoya was in Xiumin’s bedroom, wasn’t that convenient!  He was naked, on his hands and knees on the bed.  He was groaning, and Sehun was fucking him hard, hard enough to make him slip off of the edge of the mattress any second.  Sehun was jacking him fast, and his big cock looked so sexy and meaty in Sehun’s fist, Dongwoo’s mouth started watering.

            “I have to get in on this,” Lay said, rubbing himself.

            “Don’t get him off, I’m in there next,” Xiumin told Sehun.

            “God, I need this,” Dongwoo said, moving in.  Cupping Hoya’s face, he aimed his hard-on at Hoya’s mouth.

            “He’s here for us, not you, you can have that any other day,” Xiumin complained, pushing Dongwoo out of the way.  Xiumin had a good point, and it was only nice to share, but, oh, Dongwoo’s cock really needed it.  “Open up,” Xiumin instructed, rubbing his thumb over Hoya’s lips.

            Hoya hesitated, eyeing Xiumin’s cock, evaluating it.  “Don’t think so much, just have fun with it,” Dongwoo chided.

            “Eh, okay,” Hoya said, and his tongue snaked out, soft and pink, sliding over Xiumin’s cock.

It looked so lewd and sexy, Dongwoo stared.  Rubbing Xiumin’s ass, he urged Xiumin forward, and Hoya’s mouth opened wider, lips welcoming in that hot cock and then closing snugly around it.  “Yeah, get in there,” Dongwoo breathed, squeezing Xiumin’s ass.  “Thrust in there, ram his throat, he loves feeling filled and fucked.”

            “Here, Dongwoo hyung, you can fuck the maknae,” Lay suggested, uncapping the lube.

            Yes!  “And you can fuck me,” Dongwoo decided, hopping onto the bed.  Ooohh, I forgot how much I love your tight ass,” he said, fingering Sehun open.

            “Ah, hi, hyung,” Sehun said.  “Oh, fuck,” he gasped, and his hips stuttered, banging Hoya in a quick succession of hard thrusts.

            “Shit,” Hoya hissed, and he made a tense, groaning sound that told Dongwoo things were getting really good.  Turned on, Dongwoo thrust into Sehun, burying himself, getting deep in there.

            “Oh, oh, harder, unh, yeah,” Sehun moaned, rocking between him and Hoya.

Lay was caressing Dongwoo, fingers crawling inside him and opening him up, and he groaned, relaxing into it.  “Yeah, mmm, love that ass,” he panted, hammering into Sehun.  Lay was kissing the back of his neck, nibbling on him, and he leaned back, soaking it up, pleasure running through him from his toes all the way up to his scalp.

            Sungjong’s skin was so soft, so creamy, Chanyeol kept pressing closer and closer to him, wanting to rub up against him all over, loving the smooth feel of his warm skin on the needy ache of Chanyeol’s cock.  He’d been demanding earlier, and Kai had fucked him hard, and then fucked him again, and now Kai was gone, and he was pliant and sated, making dreamy, cooing noises into Chanyeol’s kisses.

            Chanyeol had gone down on him and gotten him off twice already, but hadn’t actually been in him yet, hadn’t come yet, and it was really tough to hold back, really hard not to rub against him and spurt.  But Chanyeol wanted to be inside of him, wanted to be in the hot, welcoming haven of his body.  Jongie,” he said, feeling more and more desperate as Sungjong’s arms wound around his neck and his cock nudged against Sungjong’s stomach.  “Darling,” he whispered.  “Let oppa in, okay?”

            Sungjong laughed.  “What is it with your oppa games?”  Caressing his cheek, Sungjong shrugged.  “You’ll do something for me, after?”

            “Sure, anything,” he promised, reaching for the lube.

            “I want to see D.O.’s cock.”

            “You.”  Surprised, he looked into Sungjong’s face.  “Why?”

            “I want to see what it looks like,” Sungjong said.  “Hard.”

            “I don’t know.”  But it wasn’t all that much to ask, right?  D.O. wasn’t all that body shy, not like Suho.  And with all of this sex going on, it wouldn’t be difficult to get D.O. turned on.  “Yeah, I’ll talk to him,” Chanyeol said.

            Sungjong gently kissed his cheek.  “Chanyeol oppa.”  It was a soft whisper, high and sweet.  Mmm, oppa, you’re so sexy.  You’re so manly.”  Groaning, he poured lube over his fingers, so turned on that his hands shook.  “I love your long cock and your big, hairy balls.  You make me want it so much, oppa, you’ll make it good for me, won’t you?”

            “I will,” he promised fervently, pressing kisses all over Sungjong’s cheeks.  “I’ll make it so good.”

            Watching Kai straddle Woohyun and push him down on the bed was so sexy, D.O. was the one who moaned.  He didn’t blink, afraid that he might miss something.  Enjoying Kai’s aggression, letting it happen, Woohyun laughed, relaxing across the mattress, arms curving overhead.  “Just going to take what you want?”

            “Yes,” Kai said.  Rubbing himself through his underwear, he grinned.  “Dongwoo hyung told me that you’ll cooperate better if I come on you first, like marking my territory.  You like that?”

            D.O.’s mind spun as he tried to comprehend that idea.  What?  What?  Woohyun?  The images rising in his head made him dizzy.

            Woohyun’s smile was wide.  “Try jizzing on my pubes and sucking it up, then, and let’s see what happens.”  Then his legs scissored and pushed, and his hand was on Kai’s throat, and they rolled over, Kai landing with a bounce.  “Or maybe you don’t want me to cooperate.”

            Kai laughed up at him, flushed, enjoying the challenge.  “Does hyung want to be on top?”

            Woohyun plucked at Kai’s left nipple, and D.O. breathed faster, wondering what that felt like.  The quick little pinches looked so sexy, he totally empathized when Kai squirmed and pulled Woohyun down for a kiss.  Their mouths met in soft, tender kisses, too light, barely brushing, almost chaste, innocent, the kind of thing that would’ve had D.O. swooning but left Kai totally unsatisfied.  Running the show, in control, not giving Kai what he needed, Woohyun murmured, “All hyung wants is to have a good time.”  Woohyun peeled down Kai’s underpants, and his hips lifted, cooperating as Woohyun tugged them down.  His hard-on bobbed upward, long and solid, and D.O. wondered when Woohyun’s would come out.  “How about.”  Woohyun wrapped his hand around Kai’s erection and then tugged on it like it was a handle, rolling over, bringing Kai along.  On top again, Kai kicked his underwear the rest of the way off, wearing only a smile.  “Whoever gets off first bottoms?”

            “Got it,” Kai said.  Sliding down with a sinuous wriggle, a move that would’ve been showing off on anybody else but was just everyday life for Kai, he started mouthing Woohyun’s cock, nuzzling where the shaft tented Woohyun’s boxer-briefs.

            Mmm, ooohh.  Smart kid,” Woohyun said.  Mouth opening on an appreciative moan, he caressed Kai’s hair.

            “Uh, hi,” Chanyeol said, walking in.  D.O. didn’t look away from Woohyun’s gorgeous body or Kai’s sexy, sensuous mouth.  “Don’t let me interrupt.  D.O., can I see you for a minute?”

            “No, busy,” D.O. said, watching intently.  He knew exactly what it was like to have Kai on top of him, mouthing him through his underwear, lusting after him and trying to turn him on.  It was such a hot, intense experience, he had no idea how Woohyun could look so at ease.

            “I need to, uh, Sungjong wants to see you.”

            “Can he come in here?”  D.O. definitely wasn’t leaving.

            “It’ll be quick, he just wants to look at you.”

            Had he heard that right?  Maybe all of the overwhelming sexiness in the room had made his hearing glitch.  “He wants to look at me?”

            “He wants to see your cock.”

            Why?  “It’s just a cock, he’s seen a dozen already.”

            “Just let him look at it.”

            D.O. was impatient with this conversation.  Chanyeol was breaking his focus, and this was too important to miss.  “Tell him to come in here, and I’ll show it to him, then.”  Whatever.  It was just a cock, it looked like anyone else’s.  Concentrating, he inched nearer to the bed.

            Maybe he understood Sungjong’s interest, though, because Kai started to lower Woohyun’s underwear, and he was fascinated.  Paying rapt attention, he stared as Kai exposed Woohyun completely.  On one hand, it was only a cock, and he, too, had seen a dozen already.  On the other hand, his heart was pounding and his balls ached and he really, really needed to see Kai suck it.  It was longer than he’d expected, and seeing the way it thickened at the base made him immediately, hungrily want to see Baekhyun squirming on it, trying to wriggle all the way down.  “Yes,” he breathed, the sound of his own lust surprising him.  Kai shot him an easy, familiar smile, then started licking Woohyun’s balls.  The unexpected eye contact had been a thrill, and he felt suddenly hot.  Fascinated by the density of Woohyun’s body hair, D.O. drifted even closer, watching those fat, pink balls roll across Kai’s strong tongue.

            A moment later, he realized that Chanyeol and Sungjong were in the room, too.  “So.  Can you show it?” Chanyeol asked.

            He still couldn’t imagine why Sungjong cared, but he guessed that he didn’t have to keep it some big secret.  He undid his fly, and belatedly realized that it would’ve been smart to do this earlier, so his cramped erection could get some room.  Not wanting to touch his cock directly, not ready for the stimulation, he didn’t pull it out, just worked down his underwear until it popped up.  His eyes were on Kai and Woohyun the whole time.  Kai was licking all over Woohyun’s erection, up and down, up and down, getting it wet, and Woohyun was up on one elbow, watching, threading his fingers through Kai’s hair like he liked how soft it was.

            Then Woohyun’s gaze slid over to D.O., landing right on his cock.  His bare, erect cock.

            Hunh, it’s kind of cute,” Sungjong said.  “I guess I thought it might be bigger.”

            D.O. felt like he couldn’t breathe, but he was breathing too hard already.  “I think I need to come,” he realized.  Arousal was twisting him up, pulsing between his thighs and making everything seem really urgent.  Woohyun smiled at him like watching him get off might be interesting, and he moaned, suddenly needing to grab his own cock.

            Mmmmff.”  Kai popped off of Woohyun’s erection and slid off of the bed, gesturing to him.  C’mere, let me do it.”

He stumbled forward, and Kai knelt in front of him like it was as easy and natural as anything.  “Please, thank you,” he said sincerely, grateful for it, his hands resting lightly on either side of Kai’s neck.

“God, you’re so hard,” Kai said, and started sucking him.  The stimulation of Kai’s mouth, the wet heat and sucking sensation, were both exactly what he needed and too much for him, all at once, and he groaned, looking at the ceiling, not needing any more provocation, only this, just this.

“I think that I’ve been abandoned,” Woohyun said.

“Hyung, help him out,” Sungjong urged.

“Kai will be done in a second,” Chanyeol said.  “D.O.’s not going to take long if he’s already worked up like this.”

“He was standing still, not doing anything,” Sungjong said.  “How is that worked up?”

“Oh, oh, god,” D.O. said, and ecstasy swept him in a rush.  Coming, he felt it the whole way through, to his toes, pleasure vibrating in him, shaking him to the core.  “Oh, oh.”  Knocked off-center, he wobbled, and Chanyeol caught his elbow, holding him up.

Kai stood up, wiping at his mouth and smiling, happy with a job well done.  “Okay?”

He nodded, and he hugged Kai, wanting to feel close.  “Thank you.”

Mmm, any time.”  Kai gave him a quick squeeze and let go.  “I have to get back to Woohyun hyung.”

The sensation of Kai’s naked body against him, strong and smooth-skinned, stayed with him after the hug ended.  Hugging himself to hold onto it, he said, “Maybe you could make out for a while.  And then let him do you.  Face-to-face.”  He tried to phrase it as a casual suggestion, not an order, because he couldn’t compel people to have sex in ways he preferred, that was ridiculous.

Kai laughed.  “Sound okay?” he asked, turning to Woohyun.

Woohyun scooted into a comfortable spot on the bed, then patted his bare thigh, leaning back against the pillows.  “I think you’re handsome enough.  Face-to-face is okay.”

Nimbly climbing on top of him, Kai laughed again.  “Thanks.”

They relaxed into a kiss, Woohyun’s arms wrapping around Kai’s naked body.  Moaning like it felt good, Kai kissed back slowly, feeling Woohyun up.  D.O. pulled his pants back up and sat on the other bed, settling in to watch.

“Saw enough?” Chanyeol asked Sungjong.

“Yeah.  I could use a shower, and a drink.  And then maybe a blowjob,” Sungjong decided, drifting out of the room.  “Where’s your maknae?”

            “Oh, wow.”  Still giddy, Chen shook his head as he turned on the shower.  First he’d been with Woohyun and Sungyeol in some unending carnal paradise, where he’d felt like some thriving, erotic creature.  And then he’d walked in on Dongwoo, and wow!  Laughing, he moved under the shower’s spray, splashing water over his face.  The sex had been wild, a cheerful free-for-all.  He’d climbed right into the melee, taking what he wanted, kissing everything, touching everywhere.  Whatever happened, he’d gone with it, reveled in it, enjoying the tangle of toned, male bodies writhing around him, nuzzling a crotch, licking a thigh, coming freely, like an animal, holding nothing back.  He’d been penetrated every which way, and now he was a happy mess, sticky with cum and spit.

            After he’d scrubbed himself clean, he relaxed.  Enjoying the sensation of being so completely sated, he closed his eyes and let the water wash over him.  When Chanyeol and Sungyeol came into the bathroom, he moved aside, letting them take over the shower.  Toweling off, he admired their rangy bodies, their long limbs, but he’d already gorged himself on sex and cock; he didn’t feel the urge for any more.  Sungyeol moved in on Chanyeol and the two of them started making out against the wall, and he smiled, turning away, leaving them to it.

            Dodging Sehun and Woohyun in the hallway, stepping around a threesome on the floor, he found underwear and a clean T-shirt.  Deciding that he was dressed enough, he went to the kitchen for something to eat.

            Most of the action was in the bedroom area.  The only person in the living room was Hoya, who was on the couch, playing a videogame.  During an orgy?  Well, it was good to take a break now and then.  He finished eating and sat beside Hoya on the couch.  Studying the screen, he smiled.  “You’re terrible at this.”

            “Give me a break, I’ve never played it before.”

            “I don’t think that you’re playing it now,” he teased.  “Do you know that you’re supposed to shoot the aliens, not just jump around them?”

            “Don’t you have a cock to suck?” Hoya grumbled, frowning at the screen.

            “Already sucked all of them.  Some of them three times.”

            Hoya raised an eyebrow, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  Then he sighed and tossed the game controller aside.  “Your game’s broken.”

            “Oh, is it defective?” Chen asked, leaning against him, head on his shoulder.

            “Yeah, you should complain.”

            “I thought you were just really, really bad.”

            “No.”  Hoya crossed his arms over his chest, relaxing.  “No, that’s not it.”  Sungjong walked by.  “Maknae, bring me a drink.”

            “And me,” Chen said.

            “Two drinks,” Hoya called, as Sungjong kept going.  “He’ll be back.”

            “I think he’s ignoring you.”

            “He’s a horrible maknae.”

            “I don’t think that there are any good maknaes anymore.”

            Hoya grunted.  “It’s a lost art.”

            Sungjong came past again, not carrying even one drink and not paying them any attention.  He had a really pretty walk.  Chen didn’t move anything like that.

            “Yeah.  He’ll be back,” Hoya said again.

            Chen laughed.  “I’ll get you a drink, hyung,” he decided.  Forcing himself away from Hoya’s side - - he’d been so comfortable, it was hard to get up - - he stood.  “Water, juice, soda?”

            “Don’t you make eight million dollars a day?” Hoya asked.  “Shouldn’t you offer your guests two hundred year old scotch or something?”
            “I might be able to find some Sprite,” he suggested.

            “Surprise me,” Hoya said, leaning back and closing his eyes.

            Embracing the challenge, Chen padded off to the kitchen.  He found the Sprite, and some flavor packets, and mixed up a nice fizzy, fruity drink.  Carrying it back into the front room, he set two glasses on the table, then curled up against Hoya’s side again.

            A deep inhalation, and Hoya wakened, eyes opening.  Mmm.”  He rubbed at his face, then looked at the drinks.  “Which one did you spit in?”

            Neither!  He grinned, pointing to one.  “This one.”

            Hoya took the other one.  Studied it, reconsidered, and exchanged it for the first.  Chen took a glass, too, and they solemnly clinked them together.  Hoya drank, nodded, and said, “Not bad.”

            “Thanks.”  Chen sipped his drink and watched Xiumin jog by.  “I hope that my members have treated you well.”

            “Yeah, they’re okay.”  Hoya took another drink and licked his lips.  “My members doing all right?  Got complaints?”

            “No, no complaints!  I’ve had a great time.  Definitely a great time,” he said.  Just thinking back over it made him smile.  Flooded with warmth, he hid his blush behind his glass for a moment.

            “I thought that you might be disappointed.  Without our grandfather here.”

            “Grand-  Ew!”  Laughing, he pushed at Hoya’s shoulder.  “Gross.  No, it’s okay.  The rest of your members have a lot to offer.”

            “Which one do you, ah.  Which one’s your favorite?”

            “Oh, I can’t have favorites.”  Woohyun hyung.  Dongwoo hyung?  But then he remembered Sungyeol’s long, hard cock entering his body, and he couldn’t resist the impulse to squirm.  “They’re all great.”

            “Screwed Sungjong yet?”

            “He asked me to,” Chen admitted.  “But I said no.  He went down on me instead, and it was really nice, he’s very good at that.  I think that he likes my cock.  Is it weird to say that with my own mouth?”  He asked it as kind of a joke, but then he met Hoya’s eyes, and he felt embarrassed.  Why had he said that, why was he telling Hoya that Infinite’s maknae liked his cock?

            “It’s probably true,” Hoya said.  There was a pause, where Chen felt even more embarrassed, and then Hoya added, “You have a gorgeous cock.”  Clearing his throat, Hoya turned aside, looked away, took a drink.

            Laughing, self-conscious, Chen coughed and took a drink, too.  “Yours is nice, too,” he admitted.  “I’ve always wanted to, I mean, since that first time, I’ve thought that it was really…  Oh, so awkward,” he moaned.

            Hoya set down his drink and looked around, rubbing his hands over his thighs.  Licked his lips.  Literally twiddled his thumbs.  Then, “So, have any good games?” he asked, reaching for the controller.

            “Oh, are you good at games?” Chen asked, like it was a new subject.

            “I’m the best,” Hoya said.  “Got anything with aliens?”

            Sehun groaned, pleasure radiating up and down his spine, his hips pumping urgently.  He was fucking Sungjong, and Sungjong was pretty beneath him, snug on his cock and whispering, “Deeper, Sehun-ah, fuck hyung harder,” and pressing delicate, sucking kisses all over his neck.  It was kind of demanding and kind of romantic and perfect, and if that had been the only thing going on, he would’ve had a hot, memorable fuck.

            But that was not the only thing going on.  He also had Dongwoo behind him, nailing him hard, delivering a shock of ecstasy on every thrust, groping his ass and spreading his cleft and talking about what a hungry, greedy hole he had and how fantastic his sexy, slutty cunt looked gaped wide open for Dongwoo’s cock.  All of that had him so turned on he felt completely mindfucked, and he didn’t know whether to give in and come his brains out or whirl around and take over and fuck Dongwoo raw.

            That had already been a lot to deal with, a lot to take, the erotic intensity of Sungjong’s needy romance and Dongwoo’s crude obscenity turning his arousal into seething, devouring lust.  He was fucking Sungjong harder and harder, Dongwoo feeding his aggression, everything sending him higher and higher.  He loved it, he was thrilled, he was moaning with all of the breath he had left to let Dongwoo know that he wanted more.  And then Sungyeol joined in, casually thrusting into his mouth.  One more cock, one more sexual use of his body, god, he was used to pleasing his hyungs but Infinite’s demands were constant and intense.  Sungyeol’s long erection was hard in his mouth, thrusting slowly, taking time to build up momentum, at odds with Dongwoo’s fierce, hammering thrusts, and the separate rhythms taking place in his own body added to the growing sense that none of this was under his control.  He kept getting that feeling with Infinite, that they were enjoying him, using him, that he was some kind of sexual playground or toy there for their fun.  His members could be pushy and lewd, but god, wow, not like this, not like Dongwoo.

            He loved what was happening, he loved every aspect of it, but he wanted to be a part of it, acting, not only acted upon.  Bracing himself on one hand, he reached for Sungyeol’s erection, slurping off of it for a second.  “Yeah, hyung, fuck me raw,” he ordered.  Shifting, he nudged Sungjong’s legs up, adjusting angles.  He bobbed his head on Sungyeol’s cock, picking up speed, sucking hard enough to make it clear that he was in control here.  Fucking Sungjong, he overrode Dongwoo and went at his own rhythm, and Dongwoo moaned happily and went with him, fucking him to his beat.  With one hand free again, he jacked Sungjong off, and when Sungjong licked his neck and whispered, “I knew you could do it for me,” and came with a soft, pretty cry, he grinned, triumphant.

            Dongwoo came on his ass in a warm, thick spurt that dripped down his cleft.  Finished with him, Dongwoo danced away to find fun somewhere else, and Sungjong wriggled out from under him with a soft kiss and a, “Thanks, that was nice.”  Shifting aside, he smiled at Sungyeol and patted the bed.  “I’ll ride.”  He wanted to be on top, in control, running the show.

Sungyeol got under him, and as he settled on top, easing down on that long cock, Sungyeol let out a slow, appreciative groan.  “Ah, he’s right, you do have a sweet ass,” Sungyeol said, stroking his sides.

            It was nice to have a turned-on hyung spread under him, relying on him for pleasure.  He undulated, because he knew it looked good, and Sungyeol moaned, squeezing his waist, hands rubbing up his sides.  “And you have a sweet cock,” he said, sliding up and down on it, picking up a slow, steady rhythm.  Ahhh, yeah, this was definitely going to get him off.  “Let’s have a good time.”

            Finished washing Woohyun’s load off of his face, Lay went to the kitchen to get a drink.  D.O. was in there, on the phone.  “Yeah, yeah,” D.O. said to whoever was on the other end.  He waved to get Lay’s attention, and Lay drifted over to him, wondering who he was talking to.  “Yeah, that’s fine.  Okay.  See you.”  Hanging up, D.O. said, “Suho hyung’s coming back.”

            “Oh, shit.”  Lay ran to his room.

            Hoya was on his knees by the bed, dragging his tongue slowly up and down Chanyeol’s erection.  Making loud, beastly sounds, Chanyeol was shuddering, bright red to the tips of his ears.  Dongwoo was grinding against Hoya’s ass, stroking Hoya’s chest and whispering, “That’s it, Hobaby, lick it for me,” right in his ear.

            Not wanting to interrupt, Lay crouched down, tucking up nice and close beside Dongwoo and Hoya, taking a good look.  The tip of Hoya’s tongue flicked slowly, repetitively, up the thick vein running up the underside of Chanyeol’s cock, and Chanyeol clutched at the side of the bed, groaning.  “God, don’t tease, suck it, god, suck it.”

            Dongwoo grinned at Lay, tugging on his ear and pulling him in for a quick, lewd kiss.  “Your members are fun to play with.”

            “Your members make me want to cream myself and lick their balls,” Lay confessed.  “Suho’s coming back soon, we don’t have a lot of time, can I fuck you again?”

            “It’s all over when he gets here?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Yeah, we have to finish.  Do you want to fuck me?”  Lay didn’t really care what they did, he just wanted to turn Dongwoo on again and see what happened.  Dongwoo was the sexiest, most unpredictable wind-up toy ever.

            “Then it should be a big finish!  Big, messy finish.”  Dongwoo rubbed Hoya’s stomach, tugging him back, and he raised his head, his eyes finally opening.  “Sorry, baby Yeolie, don’t come yet!  Keep it in your balls for a minute.  Xiuminnie!” he called, hopping up.  “Mini mini Xiuminnie, where are you?”

            “No, no, you’re kidding,” Chanyeol said, rubbing himself, looking desperate.

            Dragging the back of his hand over his mouth, Hoya eyed Chanyeol’s erection.

            “Just, like, two more seconds,” Chanyeol said.

            Hoya’s tongue flicked over his lips, pink and sexy.  Then, making a soft, tense sound, he leaned in, wrapping a hand around Chanyeol’s cock, sucking the head into his mouth.  Chanyeol and Lay groaned together, and Hoya slid down to the base, eyes slipping shut again.

            “Cum party,” Dongwoo said.  “That’s fun every time.”

            “Great,” Xiumin said.  “Who are we coming on?  The maknaes?”

            “One from each team, Sungjong and Sehun?” Dongwoo asked.

            “I’m not - - no, no,” Sungjong said, shaking his head.  Backing away, he crossed his arms over his chest.  “We’re not that close.”

            “No?  Oh, too bad L’s not here,” Dongwoo said, looking around.  “I’ll do it.  Me and Sehun?”

            “Um, no, thanks,” Sehun said.  “But I’ll bet that Lay hyung would love to.”

            “What are you, a bad host?” Xiumin said.  “Your sunbaes want to hose you down, be grateful.”

            “He got to say no,” Sehun said, gesturing to Sungjong.

            “Stop causing problems,” Baekhyun said, giving Sehun a light push.

            “Right, maknae, stop complaining and just let people come on you,” Chen said, laughing.

            “If you don’t want to do it, then, Lay?” Dongwoo asked.

            “Yes,” Lay said emphatically.  “I’ll volunteer.”

            “Great!  Let’s all spit roast each other to get pumped up first,” Dongwoo suggested.

            “Where is everybody?  I told them all to get out here,” Xiumin said, looking around.

            “Chanyeol and Hoya are still doing it,” Lay said, gesturing down the hallway.

            “I’ll get them,” Sungjong said.  If he volunteered, he could leave the room and not end up being spit roasted.  Not that it didn’t sound like a great time, but he’d rather do it in private than a room full of spectators.

            He slipped down the hallway.  Hearing Hoya’s tense, high-pitched gasping and some really deep, sexy moaning, he moved towards the sound.

            They were in Xiumin’s room, on the bed.  Hoya was on his back with his legs in the air.  Gasping rhythmically, he was rubbing his hand over his torso, pinching his own nipples, squirming the way he did when he was turned on but not getting what he needed.  “Harder,” he panted, arching his back.  “Harder.”

            “God, yeah,” Chanyeol panted, picking up the pace.  He started thrusting more forcefully, putting some muscle into it.

            Grunting, Hoya licked his lips, hand sliding down to his groin, fingers circling the base of his cock.

            Turned on, Sungjong sidled closer.  This hard pounding wasn’t like the sweet, eager fuck that “Chanyeol oppa” kept giving him.  This was rougher, more vigorous.  He hadn’t realized that Chanyeol was capable of really giving it like this.  Sweating, balls swinging, Chanyeol was driving that hard cock deep, making Hoya really feel it.  And that low, throaty groaning was really nice to listen to.  Really put Sungjong in the mood.

            “Chanyeol oppa,” he murmured, drawing a meandering line down Chanyeol’s long spine.  Mmm, he really liked Chanyeol’s lanky body.

            Chanyeol gave him a surprised look, then smiled at him from ear to bright red ear.  “Hey.”

            “I like you like this, oppa.”  He tickled right at the very top of Chanyeol’s cleft, and Chanyeol squirmed, hips slamming hard against Hoya, who grunted again, knees rising.  “When you’re finished banging the fuck out of my hyung, do you think you’ll want to drill me like this, too?”

            “Yeah,” Chanyeol panted, wide-eyed, looking thrilled.  “Yeah, god, okay.  Is that what you want?”

            “From you, I think I’d like it just like this.”  If it felt as good as it looked, he’d call Chanyeol “oppa” every day of the week.

            “Seven on three,” Dongwoo said, looking around the room.

            “Six on three,” D.O. corrected, taking a seat on the arm of the couch, close enough to see but not in anyone’s way.

            “Six,” Dongwoo repeated.  “Okay, EXO spit roasts Infinite, right?”

            “What?” Sungyeol asked nervously.

            “Perfect, yes, let’s do that,” Lay said.

            “Wait, no,” Sungyeol said.

            “Don’t be such a bad guest,” Dongwoo said, laughing.  Already getting down on all fours, he asked, “Okay, who wants to do me?”  Immediately, everyone moved in his direction.

            “I’ll take Lay and Xiumin hyung,” Woohyun said.  “That’s good, right?” he asked, taking Lay by the wrist and drawing him closer, smiling right into his eyes.

            “Yes,” Lay said, smiling right back at him, looking enchanted.

            “We’ll take Dongwoo hyung,” Kai said, pulling Sehun along.

            “Wait, what about Hoya and Sungjong, shouldn’t they be here?” Sungyeol asked desperately.

            “They’re busy,” Baekhyun said.  “Hyung, seriously, what are you so worried about?”

            “If you don’t want anal, we can just double up in front,” Chen suggested.

            “Yeah, do that,” Dongwoo urged.  Yeolie looks pretty with a bunch of cocks in his mouth.”

            “Let’s see how you look with one in your face,” Sehun suggested, sinking his fingers into Dongwoo’s hair and guiding Dongwoo’s head towards his crotch.

            Mmm, hello, sexy,” he said, nuzzling Sehun’s groin.  “Ah, delicious,” he breathed, licking at Sehun’s balls.

            Moaning, Lay nudged his erection farther into Woohyun’s mouth.  Squirming a little, D.O. watched, breathing unevenly.  Woohyun brought a hand up, cupping Lay’s balls, and Lay and D.O. moaned together, an exquisite pulse of pleasure shooting through D.O.

            “Yeah, mmm, never been back here,” Xiumin said, dragging his cockhead up and down along the cleft of Woohyun’s bare ass.  “Don’t let a lot of guys in here, do you?  Mmm, didn’t think so.”  He slipped a finger in, and D.O. shuddered, knowing exactly what that felt like, Xiumin probing, testing.  “Must be really hot for it tonight.”

            Dongwoo gripped Sehun’s waist in both hands, groaning.  “Yeah, pull my hair, smack my ass, let’s get into it.”

            “Wait, wait,” Chen said, laughing, panting.

            “What, I’m doing it wrong?” Sungyeol asked, lifting his head and wiping at his mouth, looking up at Chen, his lips red.  He was seated on the couch, Chen and Baekhyun standing over him.

            “You’re good at it,” Chen said.  “I didn’t know that you’d be good at it!  Why don’t you do it more?”

            “Wait, he’s good?” Baekhyun asked.  “I want some!”

            “Wait, one at a time, one at a time!” Sungyeol insisted, laughing, falling back on the couch as they crowded in on him.

            “I’m older, do me first,” Baekhyun said, climbing on top of him.

            “Hey!  Take turns!” Chen argued, trying to get in the way.

            Holding Dongwoo’s head steady, Sehun thrust rhythmically into his mouth, hips rocking.  “That’s good, hyung, just like that,” he murmured, and Dongwoo groaned, squeezing his ass in both hands.  “Lay hyung, how is it?”

            “Yes, yes, I need this all of the time,” Lay moaned, wobbling on his feet.  Woohyun still had a hand wrapped around his erection and was sucking on him slowly, cheeks hollowing.  “Oh, god, I’m going home with you.”

            Dongwoo was shifting, wiggling, twisting around so much it was like he was dancing between Kai and Sehun.  Moaning, bucking, humping, he popped right off of Kai’s cock.  Catching him around the waist, Kai pulled him back and thrust in again.  Groaning, he shimmied, lifting a knee from the ground and hooking his leg around Kai, trying to pull Kai deeper.

            “Oh, oh, god, my balls,” Lay moaned, staggering and dropping heavily to the floor.  “More, more, please, god, I need it, I have to come.”

            Curling an arm around his waist, Woohyun guided him onto his knees, drawing him in.  Staring downward, he slid his erection between Woohyun’s lips, and when Woohyun’s mouth closed around him, he groaned, his hands landing lightly on Woohyun’s shoulders.  “God, yes, who taught you how to do this?”

            Mmm, oh, it’s good,” Chen moaned.  He and Baekhyun were holding onto each other, supporting each other, taking turns in Sungyeol’s mouth.  When Sungyeol slid off of Chen’s erection and wrapped his lips around Baekhyun’s instead, Chen said, “Lick it, lick it.”

            Uuunnh, no, keep sucking, ooohhh, yes, oh,” Baekhyun panted.  Sungyeol slid up to the head and then licked it, tongue snaking and flicking, stroking the crown.  “Oh, damn, I was wrong, I was wrong, keep licking, just like that, oh, oh, ooouuhhh.”

            Xiumin was fucking Woohyun in slow thrusts, his hips rolling steadily, going the whole way in on every thrust.  He ran appreciative hands over Woohyun’s ass, stroked Woohyun’s thighs, sped up and then slowed back down.  Sliding a hand under Woohyun, he stroked Woohyun’s soft cock.  “Come on, Woohyun-ah, wake up the snake, Lay wants you to come on his face.”

            “All…over…my…face,” Lay panted, shuddering constantly like he was vibrating, clutching at Woohyun’s shoulders, his back arching, his hips canting forward as Woohyun’s head bobbed.  Woohyun’s thick, black bangs slanted forward, covering his eyes, and his cheeks kept hollowing as he sucked, his muscular arm locked around Lay’s waist.

            Nnn, fuck, I’m gonna come,” Kai groaned, his features pinched with pleasure.

            “Chanyeol!” Xiumin shouted.  “Kids!  Get in here!”

            “Wait, I’m not hard enough yet,” Sungyeol said.

            Ooohhh, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Baekhyun moaned, nudging back into Sungyeol’s mouth.

            “I’ll do it,” Chen said, sliding down onto his knees for Sungyeol’s cock.

            Chanyeol’s, um, busy, whoa,” Hoya said, walking in and stopping short.  Raising his eyebrows, he started to back up.

            “Don’t go, we need you,” Xiumin said.  “Somebody blow him or something.”

            “Pass me the lube,” Sehun told Kai.

            Kai tossed it to him, then grabbed at Dongwoo’s waist.  “Seriously, hyung, hold still for a second, you’re going to get me off like this.”

            “Here, hyung,” Sehun said to Hoya, uncapping the lube.  Dongwoo growled, slurping noisily on his erection, plush lips dripping with spit and pre-cum.

            “Over here, face me,” Kai suggested, his hand on Hoya’s thigh guiding Hoya towards him.  Hoya stood astride Dongwoo, and when Sehun’s fingers eased into him, he undulated, breathing in hard.  Kai took his cock in one hand, lapping at the head, and he grunted, reaching back and gripping a handful of Dongwoo’s hair.

            Groaning, Dongwoo said, “Yeah, unnnnhh, ooohhh,” and then spat on Sehun’s erection and sucked it off with a wet slurp.

            “Now, now, we have to do it now, I’m so seriously about to come,” Baekhyun moaned.

            “Now’s good, now’s okay,” Sungyeol agreed.

            Dongwoo wriggled right out of Kai’s grasp and crawled away.  “Lay, here, let’s do it back to back so everybody can see.”

            Woohyun raised his head, flipping his hair out of his eyes and giving Lay a light push.  Moaning, “Ooohh, ouuhhh, uoohh,” Lay landed on his ass, slack-jawed and dazed.  Dongwoo sat down behind him, against him, and he leaned back against Dongwoo, still moaning, reaching a hand back and clutching at Dongwoo’s thigh.

            Woohyun ran a thumb along his own lower lip, wiping up moisture, and then he put his thumb in Lay’s mouth.  Sucking, Lay whimpered, and D.O. squirmed, aching.  This was too much, way too much.

            Sungyeol, Chen, and Baekhyun were stumbling away from the couch, groping at each other and giggling.  Hoya was moaning, eyes closed, head back, cheeks flushed, undulating between Sehun and Kai.  Sehun was kissing Hoya’s hip, sucking on the curve of his muscular ass, fingering him and intently eyeing Xiumin.

            Sitting up, Woohyun screwed himself down on Xiumin’s thrusting cock.  He was still only halfway hard, and when he touched his cock, Xiumin’s hand fell aside.  He breathed in, his eyes drifting shut.  There was a lot to look at in the room, but whatever he saw behind his eyelids had to be amazing, because he started to get hard, fast.  His cock rose quickly, and his lips parted, his hips moving sinuously against Xiumin’s thrusts.

            “Yeah, that’s it,” Xiumin murmured, squeezing his ass.

            He bit his lip, and then he moaned, and he was rock-hard already, his erection full and gorgeous in his hand.  His eyes opening, he swiped a bead of pre-cum from the head of his cock, and then he put his thumb in Lay’s mouth again.

            “Good, good, now,” Xiumin said, pulling out of him.

            “Why is the maknae chewing on Hoya hyung?” Baekhyun asked.

            “He’s young, he’s teething,” Chen said.

            Sehun slid his fingers out and patted Hoya’s ass.  “Go ahead, hyung.”

            Hoya grunted, blinking and looking around like he was coming back to Earth.  “Right,” he said, and everyone clustered in a tight circle around Lay and Dongwoo.

            D.O. slid off of the couch, wanting to see.  Just moving made the throbbing of his cock seem more intense, and he groaned, falling still again, needing to adjust himself in his pants but not ready to touch it, god, he was so freaking hard.  He groaned again, and Kai started coming, making a thrilled sound and jacking off, spurting quickly.  “Yes, okay, oh, yes,” Baekhyun moaned.  Everyone was masturbating, hands moving fast over hard cocks, cum squirting everywhere, a living fountain.

            Thick, white streams rained down on Lay and Dongwoo, splattering onto their faces, dripping onto their chests.  Everyone pressed closer, aiming for their cheeks, their open mouths.  Chen’s messy load landed on Dongwoo’s forehead, oozing down his nose.  Lay moaned happily, masturbating, turning his face towards Sungyeol’s spray.  Sehun rubbed his cock against Dongwoo’s sloppy face, and Dongwoo pulled the others closer, pushing his face into Baekhyun’s pubes, squeezing Kai’s ass, reveling in the obscene, merry moment.

            Soon everyone had come, and Lay and Dongwoo were a sticky mess.  Pulling Lay around, Dongwoo kissed him, and Lay licked fresh cum off of Dongwoo’s cheek, and Dongwoo returned the favor, the two of them licking and sucking at each other, Dongwoo rubbing smears of cum over Lay’s chest.

            “We should probably put them in the shower,” Sungyeol said.

            “Yes,” Baekhyun said.

            Grinning, Xiumin prodded Dongwoo with his toes.  “You’re kind of a dirty freak,” he said affectionately.

            “Kind of?” Chen asked, laughing.

            “The shower’s a good idea,” Sehun said.  “Before Suho hyung gets home.”

            “Shit, yes,” Kai said, sounding startled.  Suddenly everyone was in motion, Xiumin and Woohyun pulling Dongwoo and Lay apart, Baekhyun staring around the dorm in dismay, Sungyeol and Hoya chasing each other towards the bathroom.  D.O. closed his eyes, breathing deeply, still trying not to come in his pants.

            Then, from another room, they heard, “Oh, oh, oppa, yes, oppa, don’t stop!”

            When Suho walked in, everything seemed quiet.  “Members?” he called, taking off his shoes.  Hearing no response, he frowned, venturing further into the dorm.  “Members!”

            “Hey,” Chen said cheerfully, popping up out of nowhere to give him a heart attack.  When he clutched at his chest, startled, Chen just laughed at him and patted his shoulder.  “Everyone’s still washing up.”

            The dorm looked all right.  Cleaner than he’d left it, which was nice.  “You had a good visit with your sunbaes?”

            “Yeah.”  Chen’s smile told him that things had gone really, really well.  “It was nice.”  Chen laughed.  “It was a lot more than nice!”

            He had the weird thought that he should ask a follow-up question, to express an interest, but he had no idea what kind of question he might ask about an orgy that he’d be comfortable hearing the answer to.  So he rubbed his nose and tried to think of something else to talk about.  Something besides Infinite going to town on his naked, horny members.

            “How about you?” Chen asked.  He tried to nudge a pair of underwear under the couch with his toes, like Suho might not notice it.  Like Suho wasn’t used to random underwear being all over the dorm.  “How’s Sunggyu hyung?”

            Oh.  Sunggyu.  Ah.  “It, uh, he’s fine.  It was fine.”

            Chen laughed at him.  “Hyung!  Why am I the one who just had sex all night, and you’re the one who’s blushing?”

            “I’m not blushing,” he lied, embarrassed.  “Everything’s fine.  Clean this up, we can’t have underwear out all over.  Whose is that, anyway?”

            “I don’t know.  It might be Dongwoo hyung’s.”

            “Well, wash it and get it back to him,” Suho instructed.  “I don’t want our sunbaes to think that we’re panty thieves.”

            Sunggyu was on his bed, leaning back against the headboard, when he heard his members come in.  Turning down his music, he almost got up to go check on everyone, but he didn’t want to seem too eager.

            A moment later, Woohyun came in.  He expected a lot of smug, triumphant smiles, but he got a cool, everyday smile instead.

            “How’d it go?”  It hadn’t been great?  What was he arranging all of these sex dates for, if EXO wasn’t even going to deliver?

            Mmm, it was good.”  Woohyun sat by his feet.

            “Did Dongwoo embarrass himself?”

            “Not until the end, but it’s okay.  Everybody liked it.”

            He grunted, not sure that he wanted details.  He should probably get details.  “How about you, did you come a lot?”

            “I did.  They’re so pretty, they’re fun to screw.”  Woohyun leaned towards him, started crawling onto him.  Now he got a real smile, affectionate, teasing.  “I thought about you.”

            “About me?”  In the middle of a pile of pretty hoobaes?  “Liar,” he said, sliding his hands over Woohyun’s ass, cupping it, as Woohyun climbed into his lap.

            “I did.”  Woohyun leaned close, nose brushing his, voice soft and seductive.  “You want to go to bed early tonight?”

            “Early?” he repeated, his body already responding to Woohyun’s nearness, his blood heating up.  “Is this early?”

            Woohyun kissed him, and by the second time their lips brushed, he knew that neither one of them would leave this bed until morning.  He was going to give this dongsaeng everything that he had, all of his love, all of his attention, everything in him.  “Didn’t you just get back from having sex?” he asked, trying to make sense of what he was responding to, what Woohyun wanted, why Woohyun needed this from him.

            “That wasn’t sex,” Woohyun whispered, kissing him again, caressing the side of his neck.  “That was a game.”

            “Chess, checkers, screwing hoobaes?” Sunggyu asked, kissing along Woohyun’s jaw.

            Mmm.  This is sex,” Woohyun whispered, grinding against him.

            He groaned, teasing Woohyun’s shirt up.  He took his mouth away from Woohyun’s long enough to shout, “Somebody close this door!” before he went back to kissing.  He wanted privacy for this.

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