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Name Domain
ADANOTU Generosity, gifts, celebrations, festivals, parties, wine and spirits
AKANOTI Sun, light, heat, fire, candles
ALANOHI Art, poetry, prose, dance, song, music, paintings, sculpture, jewelry
ANONA Structure, balance, order, building
EBANOSA Harvest, trees, forests, crops, plants, flowers
EDANOLA River, fish, wells, kelp, turtle, fogs, crocodiles, boats, sailing
ESANOTO Rain, fog, mist, dew, thunder, lightning, rainbows
ETANODA Air, birds, wind, flight
ILANOSA Love, friendship, companionship, devotion, loyalty, desire, affection, lust, sex
INANODU Health, wholeness, wellness, soundness of mind and body
ITANOKA Wisdom, learning, understanding, insight, knowledge, prophecy
MATANORI Wild animals, livestock, pets
ODANORU Moons, darkness, shadows, sleep, stars
OKANOTI Protection, safety, travel
ORANOMI Death, transition, rebirth
SETANOTO Peace, diplomacy, calmness, meditation, relaxation
SUTANOKA Justice, righteousness, truth, fair play
TINANOSA Fertility, children, family, home, birth
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Name of Month Name of Festival Brother Occupation God
TILIDOSAKO Festival of the Sun Kudorin Pharaoh Akanoti
   (28 days of sun) Festival of Fire Kudorin Pharaoh  
TILIDOSINO Festival of Health Remin Priest Inanodu
   (28 days of health) Festival of Wellness Remin Priest  
TILIDOLARU Festival of Love  ? King Ilanosa
   (28 days of endearment) Festival of the Lovers  ? King  
TILIDOSEDO Festival of Rain/Weather Desin Farmer Esanoto
   (28 days of water) Festival of the River Desin Farmer Edanola
TILIDOTINU Festival of Fertility Anikira Queen Tinanosa
   (28 days of fertility) Festival of the Children Anikira Queen  
TILIDOANOSUKINOM Festival of Anosukinom Kudorin Pharaoh Pharaoh
   (28 days of the pharaoh) Festival of Remembering Past Pharaohs Kudorin Pharaoh  
TILIDOSEKI Festival of Peace/Diplomacy Orinakin Diplomat Setanoto
   (28 days of protection) Festival of Safety/Travel Orinakin Diplomat Okanoti
TILIDOSODA Festival of the Moons Kudorin Pharaoh Odanoru
   (28 days of moon) Festival of the Stars Kudorin Pharaoh  
TILIDOBUNA Festival of Death Remin Priest Oranomi
   (28 days of transition) Festival of Remembrance Remin Priest  
TILIDOSEBON Festival of the Harvest Desin Farmer Ebanosa
   (28 days of reaping) Festival of Animals Desin Farmer Matanori
TILIDODILIT Festival of Structure Anosanim Architect Anona
   (28 days of balance) Festival of Air/Flight Anosanim Architect Etanoda
TILIDOSALAN Festival of Art:  paintings, sculptures, etc. Talin Artist Alanohi
   (28 days of art) Festival of Art:  readings, plays, poems Talin Artist  
TILIDOLUROD Festival of Justice Selorin Judge Sutanoka
   (28 days of understanding) Festival of Wisdom Selorin Judge Itanoka
TILIDOHATUK Festival of Festival/Sport Rini Prince Adanotu
   (28 days of celebrating) Festival of the 7 Siblings All All  
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Name Full Name Title


Anosukinom Mutotanosa Situkabulanin Elanilanulanori Banotuda Kudorin A Rituliti
[Formerly Anosarim Mutotanosa]
Pharaoh Oldest Brother 182
  Translation: Living god among us, highest child of the gods, ruler of all within our borders, most sacred, precious, divine, and holy gift to all in this land, the 182nd.  
Remin Anosatim Inanodat Anoremin A Hiti Prince Pharaoh's Brother 92
  Translation: Child of the gods, second born, brother of the god among us, one who serves the gods, the 92nd.  
Orinakin Anosamim Inanodat Orinakin A Nimi Prince Pharaoh's Brother 63
  Translation: Child of the gods, third born, brother of the god among us, one who is the face of the land, the 63rd.  
Selorin Anosakim Inanodat Selorin A Diki Prince Pharaoh's Brother 74
1 Translation: Child of the gods, fourth born, brother of the god among us, one who keeps justice, the 74th.  
Desin Anosabim Inanodat Ebutadesin A Rituriti Prince Pharaoh's Brother 112
  Translation: Child of the gods, fifth born, brother of the god among us, one who nourishes, the 112th.  
Anosanim Anosanim Inanodat Hanibulatin A Ritusiri Prince Pharaoh's Brother 101
  Translation: Child of the gods, sixth born, brother of the god among us, one who builds wonders, the 101st.  
Talin Anosadim Inanodat Nisutalin A Lini Prince Pharaoh's Brother 86
  Translation: Child of the gods, seventh born, brother of the god among us, one who creates beauty, the 86th  
Anosalim Inanodat Kuladin A Rini Prince Pharaoh's Brother 16
  Translation: Child of the gods, eighth born, brother of the god among us, one who is more, the 16th.  
Anikira Anikira Nusil Edorino Queen Pharaoh's Wife  
Anorik Mutotanosa 
[Formerly Anosukinom Mutotanosa Situkabulanin Elanilanulanori Banotuda Kudorin A Rituliri]
Previous Pharaoh Pharaoh's Birth Mother 181
  Translation: Divine one, highest child of the gods.  (Anosadum: Divine Mother)  
Eleita from Leetesri Queen Mother
[Princess of Leetesri]
Pharaoh's Mother  
  Sadum: Mother  
Manosuta Eki Resaden King Father Pharaoh's Father  
  Sanuk: Father  

In every generation, each of the seven siblings is named according to birth order.  The name changes slightly for gender (Inanodat for males and Inanosat for females).  Otherwise, the only difference is the number.

Example: Anosadim Inanodat Nisutalin A Lini

 Anosadim tells us that he is the 7th-born child of the gods, emphasizing the fact that he was born of a deity.  Inanodat means "brother of the god among us," stressing the importance of his blood relation to the living god and current pharaoh.  Nisutalin means "one who creates beauty," so we know that he is the royal artist.  A Lini indicates that he is the 86th.

Talin's number is 86 and not 182 because he is the 86th male with the same title.  Had he been born female, he would have been named Anosadim Inanosat Nisutalin A Hidi: Inanosat for sister of the god among us, and Hidi for 97th.  The male and female totals must equal 182, the number of generations in the Dynasty of the Seven Siblings.


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bullet Selorin's desk in his office was made by Anosanim and decorated by Talin as a present when he took office.
bullet The princes are not divine but being born of a god they do possess a few unusual traits, like the ability to choose not to grow hair or make it grow faster.
bullet Every building, from the grandest of temples to the smallest of sheds, has the name of Anona, the god of building and structure, carved or written on it. 
bullet Anorian days are 28 hours long.  The same is true for all other countries in this universe since it isn't Earth.
bullet Anorian months are 28 days long. A festival is held on the first day and the 14th day of every month.
bullet The faucets in Orina Anoris don't have handles or knobs. Water flows when a short prayer is said to the god Edanola.
bullet Twins are very common in the Anorian royal family.
bullet Most high-ranking official positions are held by cousins of the royal siblings, the children of their aunts and uncles who held office before them.
bullet Anorians travel long distances by hot air balloon.
bullet The Seven Siblings are born with a birthmark on the back of their hands, the Anorian symbol for the number of their birth.
bullet The Anorian numbers zero through nine are si, ri, ti, mi, ki, bi, ni, di, li, and hi.
bullet The Anorian calendar is 14 months long.
bullet There are no taxes in Orina Anoris.
bullet Anorian children are never born out of wedlock.
bullet Matthew cannot pronounce Commander Dranz's home country of Grintzadiwtch and has nicknamed it Grenade Sandwich.
bullet The spouses of the Seven Siblings do not gain a title through marriage.
bullet Diamond is in charge of the "Fun Facts" and the glossary.
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belam - Anorian word for palace harem.

bela - Person who works in palace belam (harem).

cialex - Jacacean word that basically means hippie.

dukot belam - One of the three belams exclusively for the brothers specializing in hard, strong, dominant, rough pleasure.

Edi - Great river that runs through Orina Anoris. Several smaller tributary rivers connect to the great river Edi.

Jacacean Empire - A vast and sprawling collection of nations and territories conquered by Jacacea.  It is a scientifically and medically advanced society that places the highest emphasis on education and learning.  The Empire is the only true rival to Orina Anoris in terms of wealth, power, and influence.

lesis belam -  One of the three belams exclusively for the brothers specializing in soft, caressing, smooth, calming pleasure.

Lo - To address someone formally, place "Lo" in front of his/her last name. Anorian equivalent to Mr., Ms., Miss, or Mrs. There is no distinction between male/female or married/unmarried status.

Lorbain - Wealthy, influential nation jockeying for position among the superpowers of the world.

moon crossing - Around midnight each night, the two moons cross paths. This event is called moon crossing.

Nosupolis - Small, isolated country. Colder climate. Homeland of Bade, one of Kudorin's suitors.

Pirsotu - Small island off the coast of Lorbain.

razeic - An animal similar to a panther found in and around Seijaces.

Satacon - Something like a board meeting for the Seven Siblings to address matters affecting Orina Anoris.

Satatunin - (Translation: Home of the Siblings) Second residence for the Seven Siblings providing more privacy than the palace.

Seijaces - The capital city of the Jacacean Empire.

sulatim belam - One of the three belams exclusively for the brothers specializing in playful, flirting, teasing pleasure.

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