Hyung and Maknae

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            “I don’t see it,” Kris said, peering over the top shelf.

            “It’s up there somewhere,” Xiumin said.

            “Behind the box?” Lay asked.

            “I already looked,” Kris said, but he moved the box again.  Nope, still not there.  “It’s not up here.”

            “It’s there!” Xiumin insisted.  “We put it up there last month.”

            “I’m telling you,” Kris said.  “There’s a box, there’s a pile of shirts, there are a bunch of hats, and there’s a ton of other crap, but there’s no bag.”

            “Is it in the box?” Lay asked.

            Kris jerked the box down and handed it to him.  While Lay held the box, Xiumin opened it.  “Ah, it’s just a bunch of porn,” Xiumin complained.

            “Ooh!  I haven’t watched this one in a while.”  Lay started picking through the DVDs in the box.  “Oh, I love this one.”

            “Shit.”  Xiumin wandered off, calling for Luhan.

            “You Munchkins need anything else from up here?” Kris asked.

            “What?”  Lay looked puzzled, then laughed and pushed at him.  “Ah, it’s not like that.”

            Kris pushed the closet door shut and glanced at the DVDs Lay was poking through.  “Anything good in there?”

            “Ooh, this one.”  Lay handed him something called Fresh Meat Handlers.  “It has that guy you like from Wet Shorts.  It’s really good.”  Lay gave him a hopeful look.  “Do you think, tonight, maybe we could act out the office scene?  Or the locker room?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

            That stupid locker room.  It was always really hot once they got into it, but it was awkward to get started.  It was embarrassing to act out porn scenes.  The actual sex was great, but Lay always had ideas about positioning and wanted them to say the dialogue, and the whole thing was just weird.  “Not tonight, okay?  Maybe next week.”

            Lay looked disappointed, but he nodded.  “Okay.”

            Kris smiled, patting his back.  “You can give me head now, though.”

            Lay’s expression brightened.  “Great,” he said, and he put down the box.

            For the most part, Kris let the members handle their own sex lives.  But there were a few members he checked in with once in a while, to make sure that everything was okay, to make sure that they weren’t getting too much or not enough.  One of those members was Sehun.  As the maknae, Sehun faced more sexual demands than the other members.  Some of the pushier hyungs took Sehun for granted sometimes.  Kris had used to think that it was enough just to keep an eye on things, but lately he’d decided to start asking Sehun about it directly.

            While Sehun was relaxing in bed and no one else was in the room, Kris took the opportunity.  Crouching beside the bed, he asked, “Everything cool with you?”

            Pushing himself up on his elbows, Sehun chuckled.  “Why?  I’m in trouble?”  He glanced toward the door like he was looking for Suho.

            “No, you’re fine.  Just checking in.  The members aren’t hassling you for sex too much?”

            Sehun shook his head, his expression relaxing.  “No.  I like it.”

            “Okay.”  He waited in case Sehun had anything else to say.

            Making a face, he rolled onto his side.  “I miss L.Joe sunbae.  I really want to see him, but they won’t be back in Korea for weeks.”

            “Are you talking to each other?  Texting?”

            “Yeah, but we can’t really say anything that we want to say.  We’re just texting right now.  If I heard his voice I’d start saying stuff I can’t say over the phone.”

            “Do you have a date arranged?  A meeting?  For when he gets back?”

            “Yeah, but it’s ‘tentative.’  It’s too far away, our calendar might change or they might have new schedules.”

            Kris patted his thigh.  “Try calling him.  It might make waiting easier.”


            Kris’ hand slid down to his bare calf and squeezed lightly.  “In the meantime, you want to get off together?”

            Laughing, Sehun rolled his eyes.  “All right, hyung.  Sure.”  He smiled, sitting up.  “C’mere.”

            Finishing up in the shower, Kris pulled his underwear on.  Ready to shuffle off to bed, he took a quick look around the dorm first.  Everything seemed quiet.  He poked his head into the kids’ room; Lay was asleep with Sehun, Kai spooned behind D.O. on another bed.  He poked his head into Luhan and Xiumin’s room and found them still making out, naked and grinding against each other.

            “Ya, come on.  That’s enough,” Kris said.  “Get some sleep for once.”

            “Go away,” Xiumin said, waving him off with one hand.

            They’d had this conversation too many times; did Xiumin really think that was going to work?  “Get in your separate beds and go to sleep or I’m going to separate you.”

            “Ten minutes,” Luhan said.

            “Fifteen minutes and you can join us,” Xiumin offered with a mischievous arch of his eyebrows.

            He wasn’t falling for that again.  “Get in your bed or I’m separating you,” he repeated firmly.

            “Aw, come on!” Luhan protested.

            “We just got started,” Xiumin said.  “Five minutes!”

            “Okay, come on,” Kris said, starting forward.  “Who’s coming with me?”

            “Don’t - - I’m not - - ya!” Xiumin said, trying to fend him off.

            “Seriously, you’re pissing me off!” Luhan said, pushing him away.  “What are we, children?”

            “Act responsible and you’ll get treated like you’re responsible,” Kris said.  He had the advantage; they weren’t willing to outright punch him or fight back very hard.  He dragged Luhan’s naked body from the bed, prying Luhan from Xiumin’s determined grasp.  “Come on, you can sleep in my room.”

            “Shit,” Luhan muttered, twisting free.

            “I’ll miss you,” Xiumin said.

            Luhan gave Kris a disgusted, disgruntled look.

            Xiumin blew Luhan a kiss.

            Luhan visibly melted.  Smiling, he blew Xiumin a kiss in return.

            “See you in the morning,” Xiumin said with a suggestive wink.

            “In the morning,” Luhan agreed, smiling.  “Sexy beast.”

            Rolling his eyes, Kris pulled Luhan out of the room and closed the door.

            When he got to his room, he found Tao and Chen in one bed and Chanyeol and Baekhyun in the other.  That left just his bed.  He could put Luhan in the kids’ room, but Luhan would just sneak out.  He could put Luhan in Suho’s room, but he didn’t want to bother Suho.  He pushed Luhan toward his bed.  “I’m the big spoon.”

            Luhan gave him a skeptical look.  “Just keep yourself under control.”

            He rolled his eyes.  “I’m sorry that Xiumin lies to you so much, but you’re not irresistible.”

            Luhan smiled at him.  “That’s not what your fans say.”

            What was that even supposed to mean?  He waited as Luhan got into bed, and then he crawled in.

            It wasn’t a big bed to begin with, and it wasn’t really meant to be shared by anyone, much less two adults.  He had to press himself right up against Luhan, and it was kind of, uh, uncomfortable, what with Luhan being completely naked and everything.  Shit.  Usually when Kris separated Xiumin and Luhan, he shoved whichever one of them he took into Chanyeol or Tao’s bed.  He and Luhan didn’t really sleep together often.  This was kind of, uh…  Well, he was only in his underwear, and Luhan’s handsome, smooth, muscular body was pressed tightly against him, the satiny expanse of Luhan’s back warm against his chest.  Needing to put his hands somewhere, he rested one on Luhan’s thigh.  Taut, muscular thigh.  So much bare skin.

            “Really?” Luhan asked.  “Is this a joke?”

            “Shut up,” he mumbled as his hard-on grew against the pert softness of Luhan’s ass.

            “Not irresistible?” Luhan asked.

            “Shut up.”  He put his hand down, trying to cover his hard-on, to shift it away from Luhan’s ass.  His knuckles brushed bare skin, so soft, god, he didn’t touch Luhan nearly often enough.

            “Seriously?” Luhan asked.  “You took me away from Xiumin for this?”

            “Hyungs,” Chanyeol said in the darkness.  “Sleep, please.”

            “I’m sleeping,” he protested.

            Luhan laughed, shifting, turning, bare skin rubbing and sliding against him, fuck, that felt good.  “Not like this.  Roll over, little spoon.”

            Fine.  If it would put everyone to sleep, fine.  Kris squirmed around, rolling over, putting his back to Luhan.  Okay, it was better this way.  Luhan was all smooth and warm and sexy behind him, but his cock wasn’t tormented by the soft temptation of Luhan’s ass anymore.  Kris pushed his underwear down to let his hard-on hang free so the sensation of constriction wouldn’t bother him, and closed his eyes.  He was totally ready to sleep now.  Sleep.


            Luhan’s breath was light and warm on the back of his neck.  “Kris.”  Luhan’s fingertips trailed down his arm.  He tried to shrug Luhan off, but Luhan’s caress wandered over his shoulder and down his chest.  “Kris.”  Soft, seductive kisses across the back of his neck made his skin prickle with pleasure while Luhan’s slim fingers stroked along the shaft of his cock.  Shit, that felt good.  “Mmm, so hard already.”

            Biting into his lower lip, he cocked his hips forward, sliding his hard-on between Luhan’s fingers.  He could feel Luhan’s arousal against his ass, and he was so turned on that he ground back against it.  Yeah, that was nice.

            “Remember last time in Beijing?”  Luhan’s chuckle was a whisper against his nape; Luhan’s hand stroked him slowly, steadily.  As his cock swelled and stiffened, sexual tension burned inside him.  He wanted to roll over and kiss Luhan, really wanted it.  “When the other members went out and it was just us in the hotel?”

            Yeah.  Yeah, he remembered.  Groaning, he rubbed his ass against Luhan’s cock again.  Felt so good.

            Luhan nuzzled into his hair, kissing his neck.  “We got off together all night.  Humping each other and groping each other and grinding on each other up against the wall.  Not a bottom in sight, just us, and you couldn’t stop begging me to go down on you.”

            Luhan hadn’t done it for him, but, “God, I wanted it.”  He wanted it now, now, god, he wanted Luhan.  Pleasure was pulsing through him in quick, dangerous streaks, and his ass was riding Luhan’s hard-on like he was trying to get them both off.

            “So much fun, making you come.”  Luhan’s tongue snaked along the curve of his ear.  “Love getting you off, watching that hot river just pour right out of you.”

            “Yeah,” he panted, his hips rocking as his erection throbbed in Luhan’s expertly stroking hand.  Fuck, Luhan knew just how to touch him.

            “Mmm.  Well, better get some sleep,” Luhan said brightly, letting go.  “Night, Kris!”

            Kris was so turned on, it took him a second to figure out what had just happened to him.  His cock was throbbing and his body was charged up and he’d been so abruptly abandoned, he ached.  What, why, damn it.  That little shit!  “I hate you.”

            “Yeah?  Think about that next time you interrupt me and Xiumin.”

            Oh, god, his cock was killing him.  Tormented by the feel of Luhan’s warm body and firm cock pressed against him, Kris crawled off of the bed.

            “Where are you going?” Luhan asked, laughing.

            “I’m sleeping on the floor,” he muttered.  “Go to sleep.”

            “Uh.”  Chanyeol’s voice floated through the darkness.  “Can I hear some more about what happened in Beijing?”

            D.O. sat on Kris’ bed and looked up at him with huge, patient eyes.

            Kris sat beside him.  “Everything okay?”

            He nodded.

            “You getting laid enough?  No one’s pressuring you too much?”

            He glanced down, thought about it, and met Kris’ eyes again.  “I’m kind of horny.”

            Oh.  “Okay.”  He grinned.  “You want me to go tell Kai?”

            With a smile, D.O. shook his head.  “Chen hyung wants to suck my cock.  I’m saving it for him.”

            “Saving it for him?”

            “I don’t want him to do it yet.  Maybe in a couple of days.”

            Sure.  “Lucky Chen.  Have fun with that.”

            D.O. chuckled.

            “Anything else you want to talk about?”

            He shook his head again.

            “Want to make out or anything?”

            “No, thanks.”  D.O. smiled.  “Ask me again tomorrow.”

            Xiumin was coughing and sniffling, Chen and Baekhyun were bickering, Lay looked ready to drop.  Everyone was tired, everyone was irritable, and they’d been too busy to have time for sex in the past couple of days.  As they filed into the dorm, Kris ran his hand over Sehun’s arm.  “Lineup tonight?”

            Sehun glanced around at the other members, then smiled.  “Okay.  Tao hyung,” he raised his voice, “lineup?”

            “God, yes,” Tao said, kicking off his shoes.  “I need so much cock.”

            Kai grimaced.  “Aren’t you tired?  I don’t feel like…”

            “It’s okay,” Sehun said.

            “We’ll do it,” Tao said.  “We’ll even suck you off, slacker.”

            Kai’s expression brightened.  “Can I get in line twice?”

            “Whoa,” Lay said.  “Is that an option?”

            “Tonight only,” Sehun warned.

            “Whoo!  Lineup special!  Two blowjobs for everybody!” Tao cheered.

            “Can I get both of you at once?” Chanyeol asked.

            “If it’s faster that way, yes,” Kris said.  “The point is to get this over with fast and get everyone in bed.  Anyone who gets two blowjobs tonight has to be on the other end of the lineup next time.”

            “Oh, I like that,” Sehun said, grinning.  “Luhan hyung, you want two blowjobs tonight?”

            Luhan snorted, pushing him aside.  “You wish.  Go sit down and open your mouth.”

            Kris sat on the couch and waited.  When Baekhyun walked by, he reached out and dragged Baekhyun down to his lap.

            With a laugh, Baekhyun gave him an interested look.  “Want something?”

            “Let me see your ass.”

            “Hyung!” he exclaimed with false modesty.  “So bold these days.”

            He squeezed a handful of Baekhyun’s ass, and Baekhyun squirmed.  “Show me.”

            Baekhyun blushed.  “Why?”

            Uh-huh.  Under normal circumstances, Baekhyun’s naked ass would be in his face already.  “Who’s fucked you lately?”

            “Um.  You, Luhan hyung, Xiumin hyung, Chanyeol, Lay hyung, Tao, Kai, and Sehun.  And Chen, if fingers count.”

            Okay, that was basically everyone.  “Who do I need to talk to about using lube?”

            “Everybody uses lube.”

            “Then why are you sore?  Been getting excited and jumping on the dick too soon?  Not letting them lube you up right first?”

            Baekhyun grinned a little.  “Maybe.  A couple times.”

            At least he admitted it.  “You have to take care of yourself.  I know you love cock, and I like that about you, but you have to slow down sometimes.”

            Baekhyun made a cute face.  “Yes, Kris hyung.”

            He wasn’t at all convinced that they wouldn’t have this conversation again in a few weeks.  He was going to have to do something to drive home the point.  “You’re not taking anything up the ass for a week.  Seven days.  No cock, no fingers, nothing at all.”  While Baekhyun was looking stunned, he added, “And go see Suho about some ointment.”

            “What?  Are you making sense right now?” Baekhyun asked with a nervous laugh.  “I’m fine!  I don’t need all of that.”

            “Nothing for seven days.  I’ll tell the members.  Go see Suho.”

            “See Suho about what?” Lay asked from the doorway.  “Suho, Kris hyung needs you.”

            “No!  What?  Why?” Baekhyun demanded, scrambling off of Kris’ lap.

            “What?” Suho asked, coming into the room.

            “It’s nothing,” Baekhyun said.

            “This fool skipped the lube and now his ass is sore,” Kris said.

            “My ass is fine!” Baekhyun protested, backing away, covering it with both hands.

            “How many times are you going to act like this?” Suho asked.  “Come on, I have some cream.”

            “I don’t need any cream,” Baekhyun insisted with a desperate laugh.  “I’m okay, I’m healthy.”

            Suho gave Baekhyun a direct, parental look.  “Kris hyung says that you’re sore.  You say that you’re fine.  Which is it?”

            Wilting with a moan, Baekhyun gave in.  “It’s not bad,” he mumbled.

            “Then it’ll be easy to take care of,” Suho said, guiding him out of the room.

            Lay licked his lips, watching them go.  As soon as they were out of earshot, he said, “Chen thinks that he does it on purpose to get Suho to finger him.”

            That explained his hard-on.

            “Hey, I just saw this great movie,” Lay said.  “There were these guys working in this office.  One of them spilled coffee on himself and had to take his pants off.  The other one tried to help him clean up, and things got really hot, and the second one went down on the guy who’d spilled the coffee.  Then their boss came in, this real butch guy.”

            Kris didn’t know how Lay could tell some of these movies apart.  “Stick with the farm.”

            Lay’s expression brightened.  “Can we-”

            “Not tonight.  Maybe later in the week, okay?  We’ll see.”

            Lay sighed.  “Xiumin hyung would have been a perfect intern.”

            What the hell.  Kris grabbed Tao around the waist and hauled him off of the couch and, simultaneously, off of Sehun.  “What are you doing?”

            “Ah!  Ah, whoa!”  Tao pulled away.  “What?”

            “No sex,” Kris reminded him, and gave Sehun a look.  “What are you doing?  You know he’s being punished.”

            “It wasn’t sex,” Sehun said.

            “No making out.  Nothing that can lead up to sex.  No kissing, no groping, nothing,” Kris said firmly.  “You know what’s going on, don’t try to squirm around the rules.”

            Tao scowled at the floor, sulking.

            “Play around like this again and it’ll be no sex for a week,” Kris said.  “Go to your room.”

            “I - - you - - ah!”  Tao gave him a cutting look, then stormed off.

            “Great.”  Sehun rubbed himself through his shorts, sulking less dramatically.  “Now I’m horny.”

            “I’ll fuck you,” Kris offered.

            Sehun gave him a thoughtful look, then called, “Kris hyung and I are going to have sex.  Anybody want to join in?”

            Chanyeol poked his head into the room with a mischievous smile.  “Hello?”

            Checking in on D.O. was pretty simple.  Checking in on Sehun was even easier.  The third person Kris monitored was a little tricky, because Kris could only talk to him about it once every eleven days, and if Kris didn’t hit that window of opportunity precisely, it would be another week and a half before there was another chance.

            Most of the time, Kris hung back and let Suho work things out.  Suho went through sexual cycles.  When things were going well, he had sex intermittently.  He’d get off with this member, say no for a couple of nights, get off with that member, skip a few nights, get off again, and so on.  When things were going really well, he’d even get off two or three nights in a row.

            And then there were rough periods where he’d say no, and keep saying no.  The longer the streak ran, the more tense he became, until he was brittle, jumpy, his smiles cracking around the edges.  He insisted that he was fine, but he became increasingly withdrawn.  The rough periods seemed to spawn from two types of moments: career lows, and career highs.  Maybe management scolded him for something, or the team was running on too little sleep and had a bad performance, or one of the members messed up and said something unfortunate during an interview.  Or maybe they won an award or received some other recognition.  When those things happened, Suho started to put more pressure on himself to be a good leader.  He started holding himself to impossible standards.  While he was demanding perfection of himself, he shut down sexually.  As far as Kris could tell, he was telling himself that good leaders didn’t have sex with their members.

            Suho was a good leader, and it was painful to watch him trying so hard at something which otherwise came so naturally to him.  He didn’t need to put so much effort into it, but he started to exert too much pressure on himself, more than even he could bear.  And cutting off sex only made him more tense, more on edge.  It was too much self-discipline for anyone to take.

            Kris usually tried to let him work things out himself.  Sometimes one of the usual suspects, the members he responded to best sexually, got through to him and he got over it.  Once, the night before Kris was about to talk with him, Luhan completely blew his mind, and he was hilariously laidback for a week.  But sometimes he was so shut down, Kris practically had to chase him around the dorm to get him to admit that he needed to fucking chill out already.

            EXO had hit a really good streak recently, selling in record numbers and landing major ad campaigns.  Management was very pleased, and Suho had been called on to represent the team at a few formal functions alone.  As a consequence, he was pushing himself way too hard.  Kris took a very discreet and informal poll of the members and determined that Suho hadn’t gotten off in way too long.

            Kris parked himself in Suho’s room early that evening, with Kai.  When Suho came in and found them there, Kai followed Kris’ plan: he asked Suho a question, talked for a moment, and then left, and while Suho was distracted speaking with Kris, he closed the door.

            Kris was in shorts and a T-shirt.  It was something he could take off easily but it wasn’t obvious enough to spook Suho.  He was stretched out on his stomach on Suho’s bed with a magazine, like he had no intention of doing anything.  When Suho sat beside him, he didn’t react, didn’t touch.  It was like luring a timid animal into a trap.

            After a while, Kris said, “You’ve been so stressed out lately.  Are you even sleeping?”

            “I sleep.”  Suho’s reassuring smile was almost convincing.  “I’m okay.”

            “There’s been a lot going on lately.”

            “Mmm.”  Suho chuckled.  “Isn’t there always?”

            “Seriously, though, we’re both leaders, right?  I’m your back-up.  You can talk to me about stuff if anything’s going on.  I don’t want you to crack under the pressure or anything.”

            “I’m not cracking,” Suho protested with a laugh.  “Who’s cracking?”

            “I don’t know, when’s the last time you had more than four hours of sleep?  When’s the last time you ate a meal you didn’t rush through too fast to taste any of it?  When’s the last time you got off?  Have you even jacked off lately?”

            “What?”  Suho blushed, shifting away.  “Who has time for that?”

            Kris shrugged like it didn’t matter to him either way.  “You have time now, right?”

            Suho slipped right off of the bed.  He was trying to smile but he looked pained.  “What is this?  What are you talking about?”

            Kris tried to play it cool and relaxed.  “I’m just saying, you need to get off sometimes, and you might as well do it now.  You have time, you’re not doing anything else.”

            “I’m fine.  I don’t need that.”  Shaking his head, Suho was backing away.

            “Seriously, why are you like this?” Kris asked.  “It’s not healthy.  It’s too rough on you, it’s too much pressure, you have to let it out sometimes.  This isn’t good for you and it’s even worse for the team.  The members need you, they need to feel close to their leader, they need to be with you.”

            “I’m fine,” Suho said.  “How many times do I have to say it?  How else can I explain it?”  He was glaring, furious, indignant, but that was good.  When he stopped running away and started fighting, he was ready to break.  “What do you want from me?  Aren’t I doing enough already?  Why does there have to be this, too, why do I have to deal with this?”

            “You know why!  Haven’t we talked about it a dozen times?  A hundred times?  You have to take care of yourself.  You have to give your body what it needs.  You eat, don’t you?  You bathe, you breathe.  You need this, too.”

            “I don’t.”  Suho looked determined, braced.  “I don’t need it, I’m okay.”

            “It doesn’t have to be me.  It can be anybody, I don’t care.  Do you want me to call someone else in here?”

            Suho breathed out and turned away.  “I’m finished talking about this.”

            Suho was moving fast, but having a long reach came in handy.  Rolling off of the bed, Kris reached for him, catching him around the waist just before he got to the door.  Suho tried to jerk away, Kris hung on, and the two of them ended up against the door, Kris’s arms wrapped around him from behind, his head down, his hands curling into fists against the door.

            “Seriously, I’m not trying to freak you out,” Kris said to the top of his head.  “But you’re not taking care of yourself and the kids are worried about you.  Lay’s worried, D.O.’s worried, Sehun feels guilty that he doesn’t know how to help you, Chen thinks that you don’t want him, Tao keeps trying to come up with plans to seduce you, the whole team’s a mess over this.  You’re making Chanyeol unhappy, Suho.  I don’t think that you want that on your conscience.”

            With a rough shrug he wouldn’t have tolerated from any other dongsaeng, Suho shoved him off.  He backed up a step and waited, staring at the back of Suho’s head.

            “I’m not okay.”

            Kris wanted to hug him.  “Now turn around and tell me, not the door.”

            Turning, Suho gave him a sour look, then stepped around him to stand in the middle of the room.  Away from the door, but not toward the bed.  “I feel like I should be okay.  I should be stronger than this, I should be a better leader.  It’s like a weakness, a distraction.  I can’t afford to be weak.”

            Staring at him, Kris marveled.  “That is completely screwed up.  None of that’s true.  It doesn’t even make sense.”

            “Great, thank you.  This has been a really productive conversation,” Suho said, heading for the door again.

            Reaching past him, Kris planted a hand against the door, holding it shut.  “You’re a great leader.  You’re not weak.  Getting laid doesn’t make you weak.  Cock isn’t kryptonite, you know.”

            “It feels like it,” Suho muttered.

            This guy had so many issues.  “Well, get used to it, because it’s time for another dose.  Do you want me to get one of the other members?”

            Turning to look up at him, Suho gave him a hard, searching look.  “You’re really going to make me do this?”

            “Not make you.  I’m not going to force you.  Don’t make this weirder than it already is.  I’m just saying, you really need some, uh, kryptonite.”  Lowering his hand from the door, he winked.  “A little anal injection, you know what I’m saying?”

            “Injection,” Suho repeated, and then he was laughing, blushing red, turning away.  “Injection!”

            “Who do you want to administer your shot?” Kris asked.  “I can get Nurse Tao in here, we have Nurse Chanyeol on call, anyone you want.”

            “Nurse,” Suho repeated.  He was still laughing; Kris was definitely making progress here.  “Oh, god, you’re so stupid sometimes.”  When he turned around again, he was still pink-cheeked but he wore the most relaxed, natural smile Kris had seen on him in a while.  “It’s okay.  I get it, I’ll be fine.”  When Kris’s eyebrows went up, he said, “I get it!  I’ll,” he blushed redder, “do that, handle it, later.  I will!” he insisted with a laugh at the shaking of Kris’ head.

            “Yeah, I don’t believe you.  No one would.”  Kris reached for the doorknob.  “I’m calling in Nurse Lay.”

            “No, no, don’t, stop, oh my god.”  Suho scrabbled at his hand, pushing him away from the door.

            “I’m either going to open it or lock it,” Kris said.  “Your call.”

            Suho froze, staring at where his hands circled Kris’ wrist.  He didn’t move, didn’t say anything, just stood there, motionless, barely breathing.

            Wondering, testing, Kris touched his cheek.  He gasped, shuddering, turning his face away.  “Okay,” Kris said softly.  “I’m going to lock the door, okay?”

            “Don’t, just.”  Still looking away, Suho put a hand on Kris’ chest, holding him there.

            He waited, resting a shoulder against the door, relaxing.  Studying the curve of Suho’s ear, the smoothness of Suho’s cheek.

            Finally, Suho moved.  His hand went to the doorknob, locking it.  The sound of it, the click, lit something inside Kris.  He turned on Chen’s low lamp, and then he turned off the light.

            Like a vampire, Suho immediately moved away from the glow of the lamp, going toward the shadows around his bed.  He sat on the bed, popped up, took off his shirt, and then stood there with his shirt in his hands, looking pale and nervous and stubborn.

            “It’s like the first time every time with you,” Kris said fondly, tugging the shirt from his grip.

            “Can we just get it over with?” Suho muttered.

            “Give me a minute to get warmed up.”  Coiling his arms around Suho’s waist, he brought Suho close against his body, lowering his head to kiss Suho’s neck.

            For a second, Suho stayed tense, unbending in his arms.  Then he sucked lightly just under Suho’s ear, and it was like he’d pushed a button.  With a low, “Oooohhh,” Suho swayed against him, gripping the front of his shirt.  He licked downward and sucked harder, and Suho moaned, shivering against him.  When he licked up along Suho’s jawline, he heard soft gasping, and when he whispered, “Kiss me, kiss me,” Suho moaned and kissed him like they’d both die without it.

            This was what warmed him up.  Turning Suho on was like starting a wildfire.  As his hands wandered Suho’s smooth, muscular body, Suho kissed him with erotic abandon, pulling on his shirt and sucking on his tongue.  Suho’s hungry, demanding kisses summoned his cock, and his body responded eagerly, heat running through his veins while his cock stiffened in his shorts.  When Suho wanted him, it was like Suho needed him, and his body had the enthusiasm of a slobbering dog.

            Suho was up on his toes for Kris’ deep, wet kisses.  When Kris’ hand cupped his ass, lifting him slightly, he moaned and slid his hands under Kris’ shirt, stroking in long lines up and down Kris’ chest.  “Kris hyung,” he breathed, his touch igniting sparks over Kris’ skin.  He kissed like he loved Kris’ mouth, like he craved the thrust of Kris’ tongue, and it was such a turn-on, so sexy, so rewarding, Kris couldn’t get enough of him.

            Missing the slide of skin on skin, Kris pulled off his shirt.  His baggy shorts formed a ludicrous tent over the crude lift of his hard-on, and when he pushed them down to kick them off, Suho purred and undulated against him, grinding against his cock like it was a magic ticket to pleasure.  “Shit, yeah,” he moaned, squeezing Suho’s ass and soaking up those loving, hungry kisses.  “Want it so bad, god, I can’t wait to be in you.”

            Shuddering, Suho whimpered into his mouth, hands sliding over his shoulders like their bodies weren’t close enough yet.  “Ah, hyung, ooohhoo.”

            “Yeah, gonna be so good,” Kris mumbled, kissing him hard, cupping between his thighs.  His cock was hard against Kris’ palm, and when the heel of Kris’ hand rubbed the shaft, he clung to Kris with a hurt, ecstatic moan, sucking urgently at Kris’ tongue.  “Need it, god, you need it so much,” Kris breathed, unzipping his fly.  “Gonna give it to you, gonna make sure you get it.”

            “Aahhh, hyung, please.”  Suho was jerking against his hand, pushing impatiently against his palm, underwear wet with pre-cum.  The way Suho was moaning and rocking had him so turned on, he moved toward the bed, pushing Suho down.

            The light was dim, but the sight of Suho hit him hard.  Suho’s handsome body, taut with muscle, that sexy cock glistening with pre-cum, was gorgeous enough, but even better was the knowledge that this was for him, that Suho was turned on by him, waiting for him, laid out naked and aroused for him.  When he climbed on top, Suho made a hurt, pleading sound, legs opening around him.  Ducking his head, he kissed Suho’s mouth, skimming his hand down between Suho’s thighs, and the need in Suho’s moan vibrated through the room.

            “That’s it, it’s okay,” Kris said, his free hand feeling around under the mattress, groping for the lube.  Ah, got it!  “Uhh, oh, shit,” he gasped as Suho cupped his balls.  “Oh, huuuhh.”  Suho had both hands on him, fondling his hard-on, rubbing down to the base and squeezing up to the head.  It felt so good, he had to stop everything just to close his eyes and moan.

            “Oh, aahhhhh, yeah, ah.”  Suho was grinding against him, lips soft against his neck, breath hot against his skin.  “Hyung, ahhhh, please.”

            “God, I’m so hard for you.”  Flipping the cap open, he poured lube over his fingers.  The way Suho stroked him had his hips working, hitching forward, trying to fuck.  As he slid his first finger inside, Suho cried out, back arching, knees rising.  “That’s it, so good,” he moaned, and Suho started shaking under him.

            “Yes, yes, please.  Aaahh, aahhh, yes.”  Suho’s voice was up and down, rising in pitch and volume as Kris worked another finger into him.  “Hyung, aaaah, please.”

            “You’ll get it, almost there,” Kris promised, trying to be gentle and quick at the same time.  Suho’s hole was locking up around his fingers, sucking him in.  “I’ll give it to you, babe, I got it for you, but you gotta relax for me.”

            With a low, horny whimper, Suho kissed his neck, thumbs stroking just beneath the head of his cock.  “Ahh, please.  Can’t wait, hyung, I can’t wait.”

            “Hold on, it’s okay, you’re okay.”  He couldn’t think right when Suho was groping him like this.  Lust and pleasure were pumping through him, fueling his need.  He stretched Suho’s hole as best he could while Suho was panting in his ear, and then he poured lube over his cock.  Moaning gratefully, Suho spread it down the shaft, and then their bodies were shifting against each other, lining up.

            When his cockhead nudged against Suho’s wet hole, he felt pleasure hum through him, anticipation urging him forward.  He pushed in, and Suho gasped, fingers digging into his back.  “Aaahh, yaaaaahh, hyung, oooh.”

            “Fuck, good, it’s so good.”  Suho’s hot, snug little ass felt incredible.  The slick, hungry hole gave way to a heavenly channel that gripped him with an eager, demanding squeeze.  So warm, so right.

            “Big, please, it’s so big,” Suho panted, squirming against him, whimpering in his ear.

            “I know, babe.  Relax for me, you gotta relax.”  He sank in another inch, another, god, he didn’t want to rush it but his hips were rocking, his cock throbbing.  “You feel amazing, babe, I’m loving this, but if you want the whole thing, you gotta let it in.”

            With an agonized moan, Suho gripped his ass, squeezed his thighs, pulling on him, trying to drag him forward.  As Suho’s fingernails bit into his skin, he slid in deeper, and the two of them groaned together, their pleasure echoing off of the walls.  “Yeah, ahhh, more, more.”  Suho writhed against him, knees rising, thighs closing around his waist and spreading again.  “Hyung, please, yaahhhh, hhh-hh-hha, oh, god.”

            “Oh, I’m in, fuck, that’s it.”  As he buried his erection in Suho, he grunted at the deep ache of pleasure.  Perfect, Suho felt perfect, a luxurious fit.  “Love this, love it.”

            “God, oh, god, hyung.”  A groan rose from Suho’s throat with an ecstatic ring.  “So.  Big.  Inside me.  S-s-s-stuffed so full.”

            Licking his lips, Kris rocked back a little, nudging forward again, making Suho whimper.  “Yeah, you like it?  Feels good?”

            Suho covered his face with his hands, muffling feverish moans.  “Feels so good, please, please.”

            Thrusting into him again, putting more energy into it, Kris grunted, kissing the back of his hand.  “Love fucking you.  God, I needed this.  Been wanting you so much.”

            Clutching at his pillow, Suho dragged it over his face.  His legs closed high around Kris’ ribcage as Kris rocked into him.  The rhythm of their bodies picked up, and as his moans turned to pleading, joyful squeals, Kris got aggressive, giving it to him harder, trying to keep up with his body’s demands.  Shuddering, he squirmed like he couldn’t get enough, and the more cock Kris gave him, the more enthusiastically he howled.

            Sex with Suho was always like this, hot, intense, a little emotional, a little primal.  Kris fucked him deeper, deeper, living and dying on each thrust into him.  He was going wild, begging and yelping.  Kris hurt all the way through with the need to come, and Suho’s pleading started to take on a distressed tone.

            “Need to come,” Kris warned him.  “Come on, babe, get off for me.  That’s what this is about, right?”

            “Ahhh, wahhhhh.”  Suho wailed as Kris tugged the pillow away from him.  “I, I, it’s too, too, oh, please.”  Shuddering, he crossed his arms over his face.  “Hyung, hyung, please.”  His chest heaved with every breath and he twisted like he was trying to get away from his own body’s need.

            “That’s it, babe, come for me,” Kris encouraged him, panting, rocking into him.  Pleasure was red-hot, ablaze between them.  The pulsing of Kris’ erection felt like a personal emergency.  “Come for me, Suho, come on.”

            “I, I, I.”  Suho’s thighs clamped around Kris like a vise, and his asshole contracted so tightly Kris gasped.  Oh, god, oh, fuck, this was it, it was happening, the ecstasy couldn’t be stopped now.  “Ah, ah, ah!”  As pleasure exploded through Kris, Suho’s back arched, his arms rising over his head.  He looked fucking gorgeous, his skin glowing, his hair tousled, his head going back.  Orgasm surged, popping and boiling, incandescent, and as Kris flooded Suho with a cascade of cum, Suho came, too.  Thick jets of cum shot in long spurts, arcing over his chest, landing on his chin, his mouth, his cheeks.

            Kris usually fucked Suho from behind and missed the cum show.  He knew that he was still high from coming, but the sight of Suho with a face full of fresh, hot jizz struck him as absolutely amazing.  “Whoa.”  One of Suho’s rules was, “Not the face!” so Kris wasn’t used to seeing him like this, and the way it oozed over his cheekbones and dripped down his jaw was stunning.

            Whimpering, vibrating, Suho twisted away like he was trying to roll over.  With an assful of cock, he didn’t get far, and Kris leaned in, covering him.  Burying his face in his pillow, he shook like a leaf.  This, Kris was used to.  Sex was really hard on Suho for some reason Kris didn’t exactly get, and whenever they screwed, after the fantastic orgasms, he typically did everything but cry.

            Kissing his shoulder, kissing his ear, Kris rubbed his back.  With a grimace, Kris shifted, pulling out of him.  It was like uncorking a bottle; a frothy, white river spilled out of him.  He shuddered, making a sound Kris could only describe as overwhelmed.  “It’s okay,” Kris said, petting him.  Fucking him was exhausting; Kris only put this much effort into sex when it came to Suho.  “You have to give your body what it needs, babe.  You need food and air, you need to shower and move around, you need sex.  Even D.O. needs it once in a while.  You have to let yourself feel good sometimes.  You deserve it.”

            The whimpering stopped, and eventually Suho was still.  Kris caressed his soft skin, not wanting to rush away and abandon him while he was upset.  Kris kissed his shoulder again.  “If it makes you feel any better, I love you.”

            Suho made a soft, choked, laughing sound.  He scrubbed at his face, wiping it clean with the pillowcase.  When Kris shifted aside, giving him room, he rolled onto his side.  He looked relaxed.  Happy.  Kris kissed him, and he blushed, smiling.  He kissed Kris back, and they made out for a little while.  Kris loved Suho like this, after sex, relaxed, easy-going.  He was so sexy, so affectionate, Kris just soaked him up.

            Gazing into his warm, fond eyes, Kris caressed his cheek.  He smiled, leaning in, and Kris kissed him again.  “You know what would be great?”

            Suho looked amused.  “What?”

            “If you’d say, ‘You know, Kris hyung, you were right, I should relax and get laid more often.  I’ll have sex regularly from now on so we never have to have this argument again.’  Try it, let’s see how it goes.”

            Scoffing, Suho gave him a sour look.  “I don’t think so.”

            “Okay, skip the first part.  I can get by without it.  Just tell me that you’ll have sex from now on.  At least once a week.”

            Starting to look annoyed, Suho pressed his lips together.

            “It’s not kryptonite!  Think of it as vitamins.  Something your body needs.  A weekly injection.  It’s good for you!”

            “Injection!”  Suho laughed, pushing at his shoulder.  “Stop calling it an injection!”

            “You need a weekly anal dose!” Kris insisted.  “And sometimes you should take your medicine orally, too, just to be safe, in between the anal injections.”

            “It’s not vitamins!”  Leaning against him, Suho shook with laughter.  The silken press of Suho’s soft skin against him felt so good that he kissed Suho’s mouth.  Still chuckling, Suho kissed him back, and they didn’t say anything else for a while.

            He couldn’t get Suho to agree explicitly to weekly injections, but he at least got Suho to agree to think about it.

            He left Suho’s room in his shorts, intending to take a shower.  He was barely down the hallway before Tao and Chanyeol and D.O. were on him, eyeing him and sniffing him and peeking down the front of his shorts.  “Ya!”  Laughing, he smacked Tao’s hand away.  “What?”  Before they had to reply, he smiled.  “He’s fine.  Leave him alone, he’s taking a nap.”

            Tao grinned, licking his teeth.  “Wore him out?”

            “Ya,” Chanyeol said, covering Tao’s mouth with one hand.  “Don’t talk about it.  He’s like a…”

            “Groundhog,” Kris said.  “One look at his shadow, and it’s six weeks of no sex.”

            Shoving Chanyeol’s hand away, Tao burst into laughter.  “Who has sex with groundhogs?”

            D.O. gave Tao a speculative look, then shook his head and turned to Kris.  “He’s okay?”

            “He’s great.”  Kris ruffled D.O.’s hair.  “Can I take a shower or do you have more questions?”

            “Shower,” D.O. said.  Then he added, his gaze solemn, “Thank you for taking care of him.”

            Ah, these kids.  “No problem,” Kris said, putting an arm around him.  “It’s not exactly a chore, you know?”

            D.O. wrinkled his nose, recoiling.  “You smell like sex.”

            “I know,” Tao said, and leaned in close, sliding his hand to the back of Kris’ neck with a lecherous smile.  “I love it.”

            As they filed into the dorm at the end of the day, Kris found Lay hovering at his side with a hopeful smile.  “I saw this movie last night, and-”

            “Hey, Lay,” Kris said, clapping a hand on his shoulder.

            Lay blinked at him and smiled.  “Yes?”

            Kris flashed him a grin.  “You want to hang out in the locker room tonight?  Maybe get nailed on the bench?”

            Lay’s whole face lit up with happiness.  “Can we?  Yes?  The locker room?”

            “Aw, the locker room?” Chen asked.  “I’d rather do the office.”

            “Ooh, ooh, are we doing the locker room?” Xiumin asked with glee.

            “I want to be the new kid!” Tao exclaimed.  “Can I be the new kid?”

            “Mmm, I want to be the coach,” Sehun said, eyeing the members.

            “Ha ha, no way,” Lay said.  “Kris hyung is the coach.”

            “That’s right,” Kris said, his hands on his hips.  He pointed at Baekhyun.  “Drop and give me twenty.”

            “Ya, I’m not playing if I can’t be the coach,” Luhan said.

            “Okay,” Baekhyun said.  “Luhan hyung can be the pretty, pretty cheerleader.”

            “Pretty?”  Eyes narrowing, Luhan pulled his fist back in warning.

            “The cheerleader’s the main bottom, isn’t he?” Xiumin asked.  “We should give that role to Baek - - oh, wait, you said pretty?  Ah, never mind, sorry.”

            While Baekhyun opened and closed his mouth in wordless protest, Luhan grinned triumphantly.

            “You can bicker over parts while you eat dinner,” Suho said.  “Go and wash up, Kai and Chanyeol will be back with food soon.”

            “I think that D.O. would be a great cheerleader,” Tao said as they dispersed.

            “I think so, too,” D.O. said.  “Except not.”

            “Rock, paper, scissors for it?” Chen asked Baekhyun.

            “Well, it’s the pretty cheerleader,” Baekhyun said.  “So.”

            Chen stopped walking and gave him a flat stare.

            Laughing, Baekhyun shrugged helplessly.  “I can’t do anything about the truth.  Try out for ball boy, though, you might get that one.”

            “Byun Baekhyun,” Chen said to his back as he walked away.  “Sleep with one eye open from now on.”

            While Lay strategized with Xiumin, Kris smiled at Suho.  “Guess you’re off-duty for the night.  I’ll watch the kids.”

            “Make sure everyone gets to bed on time,” Suho said.

            “I know, I know,” Kris said, chuckling.  “Relax, I’ll take care of it.”

            Suho smiled at him affectionately, proudly.  “You do take good care of our members.  Thank you.”

            Kris grinned, tucking his hands in his pockets.  “Yeah, well, there are some perks to this job.”

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