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[Series, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee
Basically, everyone in EXO has sex with everyone else in EXO, and everyone in Teen Top has sex with everyone else in Teen Top, and everyone in Infinite has sex with everyone else in Infinite. And then the crossover starts and they all crawl on top of each other. Lots of sex and relationship stuff. Also some BDSM. This series is updated whenever I have time to write it, so please check back for more.

I began this series in February of 2014, when there were 12 members of EXO. The original stories feature a 12-member EXO. Subsequent stories will have 11 members, and eventually 10 and then 9 as time passes. Thank you for your understanding.

Stories are best read in order, top to bottom.

In the Dorm
[2,000 words, NC-17] EXO - Group

The first one across the threshold, Kai began to undress as soon as he was in the dorm.
[3,800 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
Casting a glance toward the door, Chen scooted closer, lowering his voice. “He said that we should wait. It’s better not to do anything now. It’s good to show that we’re self-disciplined.” Another glance at the door, and then he looked into Baekhyun’s eyes with a “this is significant” tilt of his eyebrows. “He said that the payoff is worth it.”
Life on Set
[800 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
Walking through the dorm at night was like a stroll through his movie collection.

[3,800 words, NC-17] EXO - Group

Kai said that everything would be fine if Luhan would just relax and understand that it was just sex; D.O. thought that it wouldn’t hurt if Xiumin screwed around less.
Ordinary Sex
[9,400 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
D.O. rolled onto his side, curling up around all of the warm, wonderful things that had just happened to him. Closing his eyes, he smiled. Sex. What a weird, amazing thing.
Sexual Energy
[3,500 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
The music was so familiar, sometimes Kai didn’t even hear the notes anymore, only the beat of it, pumping through him, beckoning him into motion.

The Lineup
[1,300 words, NC-17] EXO - Group

Chen, the last one in line, stepped in front of Tao and Sehun, looking from one face to the other. “Do I just choose?”
The Agreement
[16,000 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
The first rule of sex with Suho was acting like there was no such thing as sex with Suho.
Sehun’s New Friend
[12,500 words, NC-17] EXO, L.Joe/Sehun
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
“It’s okay,” Suho said, touching his arm, smiling reassuringly. “I’m not mad at you. It’s just important to be careful. To be smart. Okay? If we make new friends, anything we do puts their reputations at risk, too.”
New friends? Suddenly alert, Sehun felt his breath coming faster. “Is there someone?”
“There will be,” Suho promised him. “I’m working on it.”
L.Joe’s New Friend
[7,200 words, NC-17] Teen Top, L.Joe/Sehun
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
“It’ll be good if L.Joe hyung can make a new friend,” he said. “It’s been hard on him, not having anyone he can really be himself with.”
Show It to Me
[7,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, L.Joe/Sehun
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
“Hyung, I hope that your time with me is special to you. I hope that you care about our time together and look forward to seeing me.”
Astonished, L.Joe hurriedly looked up. “Yes, Sehun-ah. Yes, it’s just like that. You’re all I think about.”
“Then I expect you to act like it.”
Ties, Lube, and Underwear
[2,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
“Why do you have Oh Sehun’s school tie?” Ricky asked. “Couple ties? Does he have one of yours?”
Hyung and Maknae
[4,700 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
It was true; he didn’t take Sehun seriously. It had never occurred to him that he should. “Aren’t you taking this too seriously? It’s just sex.”
The Responsibilities of Leadership
[7,600 words, NC-17] EXO - Group
For the most part, Kris let the members handle their own sex lives. But there were a few members he checked in with once in a while, to make sure that everything was okay, to make sure that they weren’t getting too much or not enough.
First Shift
[14,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
“I could start with a shower,” Chunji said. He smiled, sinuously shifting his weight and running his tongue over his teeth. “Anyone want to show me where it is?”
Second Shift
[32,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Climbing out of the van, Chunji looked at the MT house with a smile. “Ah, home again.”
Between Scenes
[7,900 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
It felt good, really good, to be on the receiving end of Suho’s protective affection. The more of it he got, the more he wanted.
However You Want It
[4,500 words, NC-17] EXO, Xiumin/Suho
Suho groaned, rubbing at his face. “Why are you like this?”
Xiumin laughed. “Why do you like it so much?”
[2,800 words, NC-17] EXO
He tried to explain to their manager that he really needed to room with Chanyeol, for super-legitimate reasons.
Relationship without Parallel
[8,300 words, NC-17] Infinite
Hoya didn’t get what all of the fuss was about. It was just sex. It wasn’t really worth getting emotionally worked up over.
The Practice Room
[2,900 words, NC-17] Infinite
“What do those foolish kids want now?” Sunggyu asked, rubbing his back. “Whatever it is, they can’t have it.”
Sungjong and Sex
[4,000 words, NC-17] Infinite
Relaxed, drowsy, feeling great, Sungjong yawned. “That was so nice. I feel terrific right now.”
Sungyeol’s Game
[3,700 words, NC-17] Infinite
“Let’s not do something so weird.”
Right Here
[2,900 words, NC-17] Infinite
He’d been waiting for someone to start something and this was it, this was more than it, this was perfect.
Making New Friends
[23,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Was EXO having a hormonal surge lately? “Your team is friendly these days.”

Happy Birthday, Changjo
[9,100 words, NC-17] Teen Top

“Our maknae,” L.Joe said, one fingertip drawing a line just under Changjo’s lower lip. He looked slightly embarrassed but mostly pleased, really pleased. “Was it a good present?”

Visiting EXO’s Dorm
[12,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top

Ricky had been looking forward to visiting EXO’s dorm ever since they’d first gone on MT together. He’d loved going on MT with sexy, energetic EXO-K, and he’d loved going on MT with hot, wild EXO-M, and now he had both, both, K and M.

L and Suho
[9,500 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, L/Suho

As he leaned over the sink, trying to practice L’s pout, L leaned in with an arm around him, looking over his shoulder. It was too much contact, a lot more touching than was really a good idea. He tried to be subtle about moving away, but L gave him a confused, hurt look. He felt bad about that, but he was already too attracted to L; he didn’t want to become too comfortable, too familiar, too physical. Skinship with L seemed dangerous.

[1,400 words, NC-17] EXO

“For real?” Sehun asked. “My deepest, darkest sexual fantasy?”
“Don’t ask him that,” Baekhyun said. “We’ll never be able to think of him as our cute maknae again.”
Smiling, Sehun shrugged.

What Is the Maknae up to?
[5,100 words, R] Teen Top

Was Suho Changjo’s boyfriend or his father? It was good for Changjo to have a hyung who said those things to him, who cared about him and tried to guide him in the right direction, but why did he like it? Why was he voluntarily so close to some random idol who wanted to play that role in his life? He already had a dozen people telling him what to do all of the time. Why be so eager to pick up one more?

[4,000 words, R] L.Joe/Sehun

It chafed, being under all of this authority all of the time. He should be the authority, he should be in control. L.Joe understood that; why couldn’t everyone else?

Changjo’s New Sex Life

[4,200 words, NC-17] Teen Top

Without bothering to open his eyes, Changjo fumbled for the covers, dragging his quilt over his head. Rolling over, he burrowed in. He’d just been used for sex, and he was totally content with that.

The Delivery
[7,500 words, NC-17] Teen Top

“You know what we should do?” Niel asked. “We should role play.”

[4,900 words, NC-17] Teen Top, L.Joe/Sehun

Being with Sehun was cathartic; it set everything right again. In between visits, he got tense, jittery, needy. Desperate. Weird, he got weird, and he had trouble controlling it, and he hated it.

[5,800 words, NC-17] Xiumin/Luhan, Xiumin/Chunji

Words didn’t seem to mean what they’d used to mean, anymore. He’d been certain that he’d understood what words like “friendship” and “together” and “love” had meant. He’d thought that loyalty was more than just a concept and that things like agreements and promises and contracts were binding. He’d thought that the private things people whispered in the dark and the intimate ways they interacted when they were alone were significant and real. But he’d been wrong about that, obviously, he’d been very wrong, monumentally wrong, about all of it.

Extended Tease
[4,100 words, NC-17] Xiumin/D.O.

Xiumin loved having sex with guys who moved to his rhythms, who were down for whatever he wanted, who matched his appetites. It was so rewarding, so hot, to go for it and be met with complete enthusiasm. But there was something sexy about this, too, something sexy about having to hold back, about being grateful for whatever little favors D.O. bestowed on him. It was like an extended tease.

Hong Kong
[25,800 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

“Oh my god!” Baekhyun exclaimed, kicking his ankle. “Why would you tell people that about me?”
“If we tell them things, they’ll tell us things,” Lay said. “Be quiet, I want to hear everything.”

[4,800 words, R] L.Joe/Sehun, EXO, Infinite
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

When Xiumin had seen Sehun a few minutes ago, he’d had on basketball shorts and an old tank top. Now he had on black pants and a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Was this how he dressed for a date? That was so cute and weird.

Dating Each Other on the Couch
[4,000 words, NC-17] EXO-M

“What do you always say? ‘Let’s love?’ ‘We are one?’ Go and love each other. Go and be one with each other. It’s not just friendship, it’s a relationship, and you have to remind each other that no matter what, you’re still here and everything’s going to be okay.”

[5,400 words, NC-17] Sehun/L.Joe
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Scenes from a few of Sehun and L.Joe’s sessions.

Free Time
[13,300 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

“Let’s organize this,” Chanyeol suggested. “Everybody who’s going to dinner with Baekhyun in this van. Everybody who’s going to the movies with me in this van. Everybody who’s going bowling with Kai, um, we need more vans.”

[2,400 words, NC-17] Sehun/L.Joe
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

L.Joe winced, finally meeting his eyes. “I killed the mood?”
“No. You did what you were supposed to do. I’m glad that you said it. What do you want to do? Stop for today, or take a little break, or start again?”

Theme Week
[5,700 words, NC-17] EXO

Lay loved hearing his members talk about sex and what they liked to do and what they wanted to do, and all of the hushed, wondering conversations turned him on. But then it got better. Because the EXO members started to practice.

Infinite's Pride
[6,300 words, NC-17] Infinite

Didn’t they have any idea how insulting it was to be called the worst lay in the whole group, like there wasn’t even any competition for the title? He knew that he wasn’t super amazing, but there was a wide berth between “best lay ever” and “bad,” wasn’t there?

EXO and Infinite Go on MT
[23,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

“Let’s play a game,” Dongwoo said. “An ice-breaker game, isn’t that how parties start?”
“Which one?” Sunggyu asked.
“What about the kiss it, spank it, come on it game?” Woohyun asked.
“Okay, I like this game,” Baekhyun said. “How does it go?”

After Last Time
[8,100 words, NC-17] Teen Top, Infinite, EXO

C.A.P. had hoped that after sleeping it off, Chunji would get over it. Or that work would distract Chunji from what had happened.
He’d been wrong about that. Chunji wasn’t getting over it, and Chunji wasn’t forgetting.

Relationship Sex
[2,800 words, NC-17] Teen Top

He hadn’t made out with L.Joe in a long time, but it was starting to come back to him.

Suho’s Big Talk
[15,000 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Suho’s sex life had always been a question mark behind a locked door, and now it was all coming out, all of it in the open.

How to Get Suho to Watch
[6,900 words, NC-17] EXO

“It’s so funny,” Chen said. “We’ve all been so careful not to include him, it’ll be weird to find ways to get him to stay and watch.”

[32,000 words, NC-17] Sehun/L.Joe
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

A whole night of it. One memory of one instant of being under Sehun’s control made him shake, and he was about to have a whole night of it.

Questioning Intentions
[7,200 words] EXO, Teen Top, Infinite

D.O. wanted someone to talk to L and Changjo, to find out what they were really like and what they were really up to. But he didn’t know how to do it without making Suho feel like his own members were checking up on his personal life, like they didn’t trust him.

Hitting Other Idols
[29,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Infinite

L shot Changjo an angry, warning look. “Don’t start conversations you don’t want to finish.”
He laughed like he was innocent. “I’m not starting anything!”
“Do you think it makes me look bad, that my members and I know how to care about somebody?” L asked. “Don’t you think it makes you look bad, that your members don’t?”

The Blind Item
[21,000 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Infinite

“Why do people write things like this?” Chen asked, gesturing at the phone. “It only causes problems.”

Bowling with Teen Top
[16,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top

“EXO, they’re down there, they brought two whole vans,” Chunji said.
Niel eyed the door warily. “Are… Are we about to rumble?”

Suho’s Apology
[21,700 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

“I don’t get it,” Dongwoo said. “You want to be friends, you chase after us, then all of a sudden we can’t talk anymore, and now you’re back? Do you want to be close or not? This isn’t how you treat friends.”

Suho’s Dongsaengs
[13,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Infinite

What the hell. “What happened?” Changjo demanded, sitting forward. “What did you do?” L looked at him. Suho looked at him with a guilty expression. He felt like the room was tilting.

Photo Date
[11,100 words, NC-17] Suho, L, Changjo

They looked at all of the shots all over again, and made fun of each other for bad poses and awkward expressions. But Suho was very proud of his dongsaengs. So talented. And so handsome! “This is my favorite,” he decided, choosing one of the three of them together. “But why do I look so short?” Grimacing, he tucked it behind some other photos. “Maybe it’s not my favorite.”

The Aftermath: L.Joe
[1,100 words, NC-17] Sehun/L.Joe
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Sehun’s collar felt so right around his neck, he missed it when it wasn’t there.

The Aftermath: D.O.
[4,800 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top

There were things that he wanted to do with the Teen Top members, that he’d been putting off. He was attracted to Chunji, but Chunji was too much for him; he had vague ideas that maybe, someday, something might happen between them. But they might never get to “someday.” If he wanted to do more than just admire Chunji from afar, he’d better do it now, while he had the chance.

The Aftermath: Chen
[900 words, R] Chen

He wanted someone to invest his heart in. Someone who would be invested back.

The Aftermath: Punishment
[24,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Chunji goes to noraebang, L receives a long overdue apology, and EXO learns discipline.

The Aftermath: L
[28,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“That’s not Myungsoo, that’s L.”

The Aftermath: Changjo
[31,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Changjo was floundering, furious, torn apart inside. He kept throwing up barriers and L kept breaking through them. He kept building walls and turning around to find L already inside.

The Aftermath: Bits and Pieces
[9,900 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Chen wants to make progress with Suho, L makes a commitment to Changjo, and L.Joe works hard to make Sehun happy.

Infinite’s Visit
[9,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

Another EXO/Infinite orgy.

The Aftermath: Suho
[22,900 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

Suho snatched up his shoes. “You don’t even remember. You don’t care about me, I’m nothing to you, I get it,” he muttered, shoving his feet into his shoes. “Then why do you have to treat me like this? Why do you have to ignore me like I’m nothing and push me away like I’m worthless and then demand so much? Just leave me alone, stop steamrolling right over me!”

The Aftermath: Sunggyu
[26,700 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite

Sunggyu wasn’t in love with him. And he needed that reassurance. He needed to know that there was a bond between them, more than convenience and circumstance and sexual interest. He needed to know that Sunggyu’s patience with him wouldn’t snap, and that Sunggyu’s affection for him wouldn’t wane, and that he was opening up and sharing himself and being intimate with someone who’d still be there tomorrow. He’d rather not do it at all than do it with someone who wasn’t loyal to him.

Sexual Chaos
[7,500 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“I couldn’t control myself.” His voice faded in an out of a whisper as he talked, his shame burning in his cheeks. “I couldn’t control it, I just got turned on.”

The Collar
[3,500 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Have you seen what Sehun hyung’s wearing?”

Fan Date
[8,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Sehun was glad that Hoya had come, because he was pretty sure that having an Infinite member around helped to put L at ease. L had never talked to him or smiled at him this much since they’d met. It was an eye-opening experience, actually. He could finally see for himself, firsthand, what Suho liked so much about this guy. L was funny and engaging, with an easy laugh and great smiles. Sehun hoped that L would be more comfortable around them from now on, and that maybe they could all hang out more often.

[6,700 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Suho was important to him. He couldn’t let just anybody be Suho’s boyfriend.

Teen Top Is Horny
[2,100 words, NC-17] Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“I can’t turn down sex!”

The Line-up Take 2
[6,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“What’s a line-up?” Changjo asked.
“Is this a sex thing?” Ricky asked.
“Tell me every detail,” Changjo said, blinking and looking closely into Baekhyun’s eyes.

The Line-up Take 3
[3,500 words, NC-17] Infinite, Teen Top

“Remember that thing EXO was talking about? That line-up thing they do after long days?”

The Dinner
[13,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“This is what happens when two spoiled maknaes have to share hyungs,” Chanyeol said. “They both see the other one manipulating hyungs to get what they want, and they’re like, ‘How dare you! That’s my job!’”

[9,100 words, NC-17] Infinite, Teen Top

L bit his lip, studying Changjo with solemn eyes. “I want you to hurt somebody. And I don’t think that’s right.”

L.Joe’s Dating
[4,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Niel made a confused face. “How does that work? He says that things aren’t…” He cupped both hands around his mouth, then whispered, “Romantic.” Lowering his hands, he continued, “Not that way with you. But is he allowed to have, you know, allowed to see people?”

Infinite and Teen Top Go on MT
[27,700 words, NC-17] Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Why were leaders so lazy all of the time? “You’re missing MT.” To emphasize his point, he said, “You’re missing the orgy.”

Chen in Love
[54,700 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Chen stood there for a long time, hurting and yearning and frustrated. Shouldn’t love be easier than this? And when had he started thinking in terms of “love,” anyway? Was he in love? And why with someone so easy to talk to and so hard to get a handle on? He could’ve fallen for someone more romantic, like Woohyun, or someone his own age, like Ken, or someone he was already close to and comfortable with, like Baekhyun, or someone he knew would take care of his heart, like Suho. He could’ve tried it with C.A.P.; he was pretty sure that he could train C.A.P. to be what he wanted. Why had he chosen someone who was none of those things?

The Mistake
[72,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee

He wished that Ricky had never told him the truth. He wished that Ricky were still with him. Even if it had to be a game, even if it was all acting, even if none of it was real. It had been better than this.

Guardian Angel
[32,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Suho hadn’t expected all of them to come! Wasn’t this too much? But already, he liked the idea. It would be fun to have them visit. With Teen Top around, it wasn’t possible for the dorm to feel empty. “There’s plenty of space for everyone,” he said, closing the door. “Put your things in any of the rooms you’d like.”

[32,200 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

He either had to be the kind of person Dongwoo could be with, or he had to give Dongwoo up.

[25,000 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Woohyun wanted to be supportive. He tried to be. He told himself to be. But sometimes the devil in him just wouldn’t stay quiet.

Best Friends and Kissing
[9,900 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Our members are too romantic,” Hoya told Sungyeol. He didn’t address L; L was part of the problem. “Sex should be simple. Get in, get it done, get out. Like in Teen Top. Niel’s right, there’s too much kissing around here.”
Sungyeol blinked at him. “Niel said that?”
He nodded, swallowing. “Everybody says it. Our members kiss too much.”
“You love kissing,” L said.
He kept eating, keeping his mouth full so he wouldn’t have to think of a comeback for that.

[43,400 words, NC-17] L/Changjo
Content warning for discussion of sexual assault.

L looked right at him. “You don’t know how you feel about me, do you?”
“I don’t know how you feel about me,” he said.
L nodded. “You don’t trust anyone, do you?”
He didn’t blink. “Not anybody.”

On Hiatus
[65,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

Suho froze. The words “caught” and “photos” and “telling everybody” echoed in his brain, bouncing around the inside of his skull. He was afraid that if he so much as breathed, the ceiling would come crashing down on his head, and the whole world with it.

Suho on Top
[102,300 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Lay hyung’s right, I’d never even know that you had a boyfriend at all, I’d never even know that you had sex with any of the members, if you could figure out how to keep it a secret from me.”
“What’s private is private!” Suho shouted, looking furious.
“A leader’s responsibility is real!” he shouted right back, taking an angry step forward. He was so frustrated with this hyung! “It’s your fucking responsibility to keep this team together and bring us close! And all you ever do is close doors and push us away and force us out of your life!”

Still Teen Top
[16,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

He cried. He went into the bathroom and ran water in the sink to cover the sound of it. He wasn’t ashamed to cry, he didn’t care if someone knew he’d done it, he just didn’t want someone noticing and trying to help him or comfort him or something.

The Birth of a Prince
[89,800 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

A pet was a commitment. A commitment he couldn’t risk making again.

Nothing Happened
[23,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“I’m not going through anything,” Changjo said. “I’m over it, C.A.P. hyung’s over it, Chunji hyung’s over it, Niel hyung’s over it, Ricky’s over it, we’re all over it. Everybody’s gotten the hell over it. I need freaking Oh Sehun Oh Sehun Oh Sehun to get the hell over it, too.”

[20,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Grateful, I’m grateful,” he whispered, and he felt better, felt the words soothe him, reminding him of his purpose. “Thank you for giving me permission to wear this for you.”

[16,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

It was like a hobby. Some people played videogames or collected coins; Hwanhee prepared for his prince’s next visit.

[17,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“These,” he covered his mouth with one hand, “relationships,” he lowered his hand again, “that you get into are very strange. I’m starting to think it’s you, not them.”

Twice a Day
[6,700 words, NC-17] EXO, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Sehun hyung thinks that I don’t get enough sex,” he mumbled to something on the floor.
He didn’t say anything else.
“I mean, maybe you don’t,” Kuhn said. “So you should get more of it. Is there something in particular he thinks about that? We got a game plan?”

Getting to Know Up10tion
[15,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“I think that short visits will be more convenient, sometimes, because it’ll be less disruptive. Hwanhee can just come over here and you won’t all have to leave. But that means that he’ll see more of us and learn more about us.”
“And we have so much to hide!” Baekhyun exclaimed, pantomiming fear.

[15,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

He took the jacket off of the hanger. As he slid his arms into the sleeves, his heart pounded. The jacket was lined with cheap satin, and it felt hot, clinging to his skin. The big, shiny buttons slipped in his nervous fingers.

The Royal Servant
[28,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Do you want to see my new outfit?”
Sehun blinked, suddenly looking way more focused. “You brought it with you?” he asked, crossing the room.
Sehun seemed so immediately interested that Hwanhee laughed, liking this reaction. “Yeah. I thought, uh, do you want me to wear it for you?”

The Definition of a Pet
[17,400 words, NC-17] EXO, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

He remembered the first time they’d played badminton in Sehun’s room together. The first time Sehun had called him a good pet. He’d asked, “What does a pet do?” And Sehun had said, “A pet is very important.” Those had been the first words out of Sehun’s mouth, the first thing Sehun had told him about what a pet was. “A pet is very important.”

Season Two: The Breakup
[38,500 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

“There are a lot of different things going on,” Suho objected. “There’s the professional side and the personal side. It’s complicated, things get tangled together. That’s why it feels so confusing, that’s why it’s so hard to get through. On one hand, a guy’s contract was up and he decided not to sign a second one, okay, that’s normal, that’s life, that’s not even anything worth talking about. On the other hand, someone you loved and counted on and went through the hardest parts of your life with just walked out and decided he’d rather be on his own than stay with you. It hurts like hell, I can’t pretend you aren’t going through anything.”

Season Two: Coffee
[48,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

Suho nodded, looking solemn. “I understand. I feel like you’re right, this was a sacrifice you shouldn’t have had to make. I wonder if it’s my fault, if you shouldn’t have become involved with a boyfriend in the first place. But, even if it caused you all of this pain, I’m glad that you had him. I’m glad that you were so happy, and that you felt so loved, even if it couldn’t last.”

Season Two: Bachelor Party
[38,300 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

“Hey, hyung,” Kai said, grinning. “Welcome to your bachelor party.”

Season Two: The Wedding
[34,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top

“Ya, you think I’m kidding?” He gave L a little shake, looking firmly into L’s wet eyes. “I’m in love with you. I’ve been completely in love with you for years now, seven years. That’s not a joke, that’s my life. I love you every day, it’s all I know how to do when it comes to you.”

Season Two: Hope and Healing
[49,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion

It was part of the healing process, he guessed. Infinite was moving on. He had to, too. He had to let go. He couldn’t hold onto the past forever, couldn’t turn his life into a one-man vigil for a relationship that no longer existed anywhere but in his memories.

Suho’s Not Home
[5,300 words, NC-17] Sehun/Baekhyun

“Suho hyung’s not home. Do you want to, uh, do something in my room?”

Birthday Boys
[22,600 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“I don’t even think that he knows it’s my birthday,” Hwanhee said. “Let’s not tell him, okay? I don’t want him to feel like he has to do something. He’s busy, he’s working a lot, I don’t want to bother him.”
“It’s Baekhyun hyung’s birthday that day, anyway, so he’s probably busy,” Xiao said.

Green Lights
[8,800 words, NC-17] EXO, Up10tion

“I don’t have any moves,” Wei said.
“Thank god, I don’t, either,” Baekhyun said without thinking. Then his brain caught up with his mouth. “What?”

[3,500 words, R] EXO, Infinite

It seemed like he couldn’t get his hair done, anymore, without hearing all about how handsome L and Suho looked together.

Maid Service
[10,700 words, NC-17] Sehun/Hwanhee
Content warning for elements of BDSM.

“Hwan-ah, what are you wearing?”

Maknae Line
[14,100 words, NC-17] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Up10tion

“They kind of use you for the body parts they’re interested in,” Sunyoul said. “But it’s fun! You’ll get off a lot. Usually - - don’t judge me! It’s not my fault. But usually I can’t even get it up anymore, by the time it’s over. I’m just, I’m done, it’s not possible, there’s so much sex back to back to back, I can’t help it.”

Cleaning Service
[4,000 words, R] EXO, Up10tion

Baekhyun stared. “Did you make my bed?”
“Yes.” Hwanhee was distracted, busy, organizing Suho’s shoes.
Hold on. Baekhyun moved his pillow, tugged at his sheet. “Did you change my sheets?”

Ask Your Hyung NEW!
[13,000 words, R] EXO, Infinite, Teen Top, Shinee

He texted a few of his company sunbaes. They either told him not to worry about it or that they didn’t know anything. Heechul laughed at him; Key sent him an incoherent string of emojis and said, “Ask your hyung.”
Why did everyone keep saying that?!

Chanyeol Oppa NEW!
[4,400 words, NC-17] Chanyeol/Sunyoul

What was going on with these weird, kinky sunbaes?

Ice Cream NEW!
[13,000 words, NC-17] Sungyeol/Kogyeol

“I don’t see any leaders anywhere around here, do you?”

More coming soon!

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