L.Joe’s New Friend

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This story is part of a series.  It takes place before November of 2013.
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Seated in a corner of the couch, his knees drawn up, Changjo answered his phone.  “Yes, hyung?”

            “C.A.P.’s not picking up.  Is he dead?”

            Changjo smiled.  “No, hyung.”

            “Did he drop his phone down a well?”

            “No, hyung.”

            “What’s he doing that he’s too busy to talk to me?”

            Changjo licked his lips, glanced toward the bedrooms, and smiled.  “Nothing, hyung.”

            “Then tell him to get his stick under control for once in his life and call me.”

            “Yes, hyung.”

            As the call ended, Changjo got up.  Walking into C.A.P.’s room, he paused in the doorway.

            On one bed, L.Joe was on his back, legs in the air.  He groaned with a rhythmic, gasping sound, one hand jerking frantically on his erection.  On top of him, C.A.P. pounded into him with long, hard thrusts.

            Changjo smiled, enjoying the sight.  He loved watching his hyungs fuck, loved watching L.Joe writhe and chew on his lower lip and groan like the pleasure was so intense it hurt.  Loved watching C.A.P.’s thick muscles flex while he slammed in with rough, driving thrusts and grunted deep like an animal.  Loved watching L.Joe’s body open up for cock.

            On the other bed, Niel was on his knees and elbows, his long back arched, his ass in the air.  His face was buried in the pillow and covered by the unruly mop of his thick brown hair.  Ricky was hammering into him with quick, popping strokes, enthusiastically shifting against him to hit his ass from every angle.  Niel’s low, scratchy moans were the loudest thing in the room, and Ricky looked flushed, determined, brows furrowed in concentration.

            Changjo had come in at just the right time; most of the members sounded as if they were about to come.  L.Joe got off first, twisting around under C.A.P. and pulling hard on his cock and raking his nails across C.A.P.’s ass, his cum squirting out in unpredictable spurts.

            C.A.P. just grunted and kept thrusting, but Niel moaned, “Here, here, oh, shit, it’s here,” and came, shuddering and rocking back hard against Ricky, his cum dribbling thickly onto the bed.

            Watching them come, hearing them moan, turned Changjo on, and it worked for Ricky, too.  Gasping, his eyes closing tight, he jerked his hips in a faster and faster rhythm, thrusting into Niel in jackhammer bursts.  While Niel groaned, Ricky turned red and then said, “Oh, god, oh, god, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

            With a happy moan, Ricky melted off of Niel.  His face transformed by pleasure, he staggered back from the bed and just stood there, weaving a little, looking proud of his own hard work.

            Niel’s knees spread further and his hips relaxed.  White cum oozed from his red, slick hole, and Changjo shifted his weight, wanting to go over there and touch him.

            L.Joe was slack, loose-limbed, jerking like a rag doll with each one of C.A.P.’s slamming thrusts.  He’d turned his face away from the rest of the room and was making low, desperate sounds behind his hand.  Loving this part, Changjo watched his other hand still stroke over his cock, fisting, pulling.  L.Joe always acted so tormented by sex, by how much he needed it, by how much he enjoyed it, that Changjo was incredibly turned on by his desperation, his conflict, the way his body craved cock and pleasure.  C.A.P. was driving into him like a machine, fucking him so hard Changjo felt the echo of every thrust, and soon he was coming again, groaning and shuddering and squirming with sudden, helpless energy.

            C.A.P. grunted and pulled his cock out.  “You’re welcome.”

            With a noisy, despairing whimper, L.Joe rolled away, curling into a ball, his thin, muscular back to the room.

            C.A.P. walked over and knelt behind Niel on the other bed.  Gripping Niel’s hips, he unceremoniously yanked them upward.  With a hoarse, wordless moan, Niel’s back arched.  C.A.P. rubbed his cockhead against Niel’s balls, dragging it upward across Niel’s perineum, scooping up gooey drips of Ricky’s leaking cum.  Reaching Niel’s wet, open hole, he drove in hard.  On an even louder moan, Niel’s head came up and he rubbed at his own nipples.  “Ahhh, C.A.P. hyung, unnnnhhh, yeah, like that.”

            While C.A.P. fucked Niel with rigorous, plunging thrusts, Ricky noticed Changjo in the doorway.  “Ya, get out.”

            “It’s important,” Changjo said, shifting against the doorframe to hide his hard-on.  Out of sight, he rubbed himself.  Fuck, that felt good.

            “What is it?” C.A.P. asked without looking up from where his erection was hammering thickly into Niel’s ass.

            “Andy hyung called.  He wants to talk to you.”

            Chunji tossed his head as if that made any difference to how his bangs looked, and fixed C.A.P. with a direct, questioning gaze.  “Andy’s getting him a dom?”

            “Yeah.  A master, I guess.”  C.A.P. shifted uncomfortably and rubbed his hand on his jeans.  He loved L.Joe’s writhing and neediness and devotion to cock as much as anyone could, but he didn’t really get the rest of it.  He liked sex to be direct.  All of that playing around stuff didn’t do anything for him.

            “He’s going to freak,” Chunji predicted.  “Is it really EXO?”  His eyes sparkled when he laughed.  “Is this a hidden camera?”

            “He said that he talked to EXO’s Suho.”  The two of them were seated on the floor between C.A.P. and Niel’s beds, eating.  C.A.P. had devoured his food and was in the mood to fuck somebody and go to sleep.  Chunji was picking at the food and rubbing his toes against C.A.P.’s thigh.  It was kind of a turn-on.  “Why is he going to freak?”

            “He gets off on cock.  It embarrasses him how much he gets off on cock.  Being embarrassed about getting off on cock turns him on.  It’s a weird little shame spiral where he’s constantly feeling humiliated and guilty and desperate for more of it.  He freaks out when he comes.”

            Yeah, he kind of did.  “Andy hyung doesn’t know which member it is yet.”

            “Mmm.”  Chunji ate.  “I hope that it’s Luhan.  I’d love to watch him nail L.Joe.”  He chuckled.  “Shit, I’d love to watch him nail me.”

            C.A.P. hoped that it was Kris.  Changjo had heard the stylists saying that Kris was really well-hung.  The image of L.Joe’s needy body squirming around on the end of a big cock turned C.A.P. on, and he reached into the nightstand drawer for the lube.  “Andy hyung said not to tell him until it’s final.  In case they back out.”

            Chunji kicked his thigh, laughing.  “I’m still eating!”

            “Your ass isn’t busy.  C’mere.”

            Rolling his eyes with a fond smile, Chunji shifted around, turning his back to C.A.P.  He picked up another piece of chicken as C.A.P. flicked open the tube.  “Andy hyung’s right.  He’ll just get anxious.  And it seems mean to tell him if they might not go through with it.”

            “Do you think it’s for real?” C.A.P. asked.  “Or is it just some spoiled kid who wants to play around?”  Chunji relaxed around his first finger, inviting him in, and he went back in with two.

            Purring, Chunji finished his food and arched his back, leaning forward to brace one hand against the side of the bed, popping his hips, showing off his high, round ass.  “Mmm, yeah, you want it,” he breathed.  “I, oooohhh, I don’t know.  They’d better not just be fucking around, playing games.”

            Sliding his fingers out, C.A.P. rose onto his knees, shoving down his sweatpants.  Jacking his hard-on, lubing himself up, he grunted.  “If they hurt L.Joe, I’m going to fuck them up.”

            When they arrived outside of Andy’s office, Changjo sat beside C.A.P. on the couch to wait.  L.Joe slumped in a chair, earbuds in, his heavy-lidded expression indicating that he was probably about to fall asleep.

            Andy had told C.A.P. that EXO’s dom was Sehun.  Changjo kept turning that over in his mind.  He liked it.  He was very pleased with the idea of the group’s maknae being strong, confident, and controlling.  It gave him some very nice fantasy material.  And some inspiration.

            Watching L.Joe’s fingers tap against the armrests, he smiled at the thought that L.Joe didn’t even know what was going on.  Didn’t even realize that right at that moment, Andy was negotiating with EXO over the future of his sex life.

            Andy’s door opened and L.Joe sat up straighter, looking attentive.

            Leaning out, Andy gestured to L.Joe.  “Come in here, I want you to talk to someone.”

            L.Joe glanced at C.A.P. and Changjo, gave Andy a questioning look, and got up, going into Andy’s office.

            The door remained open, and Changjo listened, curious.  EXO’s Suho had a very polite, smooth voice.

            When Andy mentioned C.A.P.’s name, C.A.P. looked up.  Then Andy came out, guiding L.Joe out of the office, giving the two of them a direct look and saying, “C.A.P.”

            Getting up, Changjo followed C.A.P. to the office.  Standing just inside the door, he caught the phone that C.A.P. tossed to him.  Quickly, while the other two talked, he added in C.A.P. and Chunji’s numbers.  Then he did a fast scan through the rest of the phone.  Everything he saw was boring, polite, meaningless.  Clean.  No 19+ text jokes, no dirty photos, no inappropriate videos.  Nothing was suggestive, even.  It was all friendship and business.

            While C.A.P. was growling and threatening, Changjo glanced over to see how Suho was taking it.  To his surprise, Suho didn’t look cowed at all.  Just determined.  Eyebrows drawn together, mouth tense.  He didn’t like what C.A.P. was saying, but he was enduring it, waiting it out.

            Intrigued, Changjo kept watching.  He’d expected Suho to look flustered or shaken, but Suho just looked strong.  Changjo found that appealing.  Very, very appealing.

            When C.A.P. left, Suho stared after him but didn’t say anything.  Even indignant, Suho was very poised, and Changjo wanted to know more about him.  “I put C.A.P. hyung’s number in your phone for you.  And Chunji hyung’s number, too,” Changjo said, handing the phone back.

            Suho hesitated, then took it.  He gave it a wary look, then tucked it into his pocket.

            With an inviting gesture, Changjo started walking, and Suho fell into step beside him.  Remembering what Suho had said earlier to C.A.P., Changjo said, “It would be nice if our teams became closer.  It’s always good to have friends among other idols.”  He already knew the answer, but to prompt conversation, he asked, “EXO doesn’t have anyone in the ’95 line, do you?”

            “No, our Kai and Sehun are in the ’94 line.”

            As they walked down the empty hallway, Changjo snuck a glance at Suho’s expression.  Suho looked lost in thought, but what was he thinking about?  He’d already made an agreement with Andy, and he wouldn’t break that lightly - - it would be foolish of him to expose Sehun like this and let people know that at least one member of EXO was kinky and that EXO’s leader was willing to bargain around with other idols to get him laid, and then fracture agreements and alienate a sunbae, and Suho didn’t seem foolish - - but C.A.P. might have made him want to rethink things.

            Changjo couldn’t let that happen.  L.Joe really needed this.  It was rough on the whole team to see him so confused and conflicted and sexually frustrated.  It hurt them not to be able to help him, and it mortified him when they tried.  If he could get what he needed, and get it outside of the team, Changjo was sure that he would be happier.

            “It’ll be good if L.Joe hyung can make a new friend,” he said.  “It’s been hard on him, not having anyone he can really be himself with.”

            Suho’s pretty eyes glanced up at him with curiosity.  “It’s been rough on him?”

            Changjo nodded and tried to decide how much to say.  How honest to be.  “Niel hyung doesn’t understand what he wants or how to give it to him.  C.A.P. hyung doesn’t like it.  Chunji hyung tries, but it makes their friendship awkward, to be that way at night.  I think that there are some things it’s good to do between members, but there are some things it’s okay to get somewhere else.  It makes L.Joe hyung uncomfortable with us, it’s embarrassing for him.”

            He’d just alluded to the fact that some of the members had sex with each other.  He’d never told anyone that before; it broke one of the cardinal rules.  But EXO and Teen Top were about to be involved in each other’s private lives, and he wanted to seem ready to share information so that Suho would respond in kind.  Finding out details of what really went on between EXO’s members would far overshadow all of the dirt he’d collected on other hoobaes.

            “But there are things that your hyungs do together,” Suho said.  “It isn’t enough for him?”

            Changjo shook his head.  “He says that it’s like eating kimchi and rice.  Kimchi for lunch and kimchi for dinner, kimchi for breakfast, whole banquets full of kimchi.  No noodles, no steak, no chicken, no dessert, just kimchi.  Yeah, you’re eating.  You won’t starve.  The kimchi tastes all right.  But the longer it goes on, the more you want to crawl on your hands and knees and beg someone to give you food, more food, real food.”

            Suho nodded, pursing his lips thoughtfully.  After a moment, he said, “It’s not good for your members, or mine, to feel that way.”

            Changjo smiled.  He’d struck a chord.  Suho was feeling empathy for L.Joe and admitting that Sehun was suffering the same way.  Changjo wondered what it was like inside EXO and how much the other members tried to satisfy the kinky one.  Did Suho volunteer himself to be dominated?  Did he whimper and struggle when he was tied up?  Or did he just bear it, just take it, the way he had when C.A.P. had threatened him?

            Changjo discovered that he really, really wanted to know.

            They were at the exit now.  Changjo put a hand on the door, preparing to open it politely but, in the moment, blocking it.  Suho looked up at him with a patient expression and those pretty eyes.

            The titillation of sexual play between groups was one thing, and it was important to Changjo for L.Joe to find a dom.  But L.Joe’s long-term happiness and Teen Top’s overall reputation were more important than short-term sexual satisfaction.  “Your maknae is precious to you, but my hyung is precious to me, too.”  He said it quietly, to force Suho to pay attention; he said it slowly, so that it would sink in.  “I don’t think that you should take that lightly.”

            Suho looked at him with more respect, then nodded.  “I won’t.”

            It seemed like Suho might take that seriously.  Changjo smiled and opened the door.  “Thank you for coming by.  It was good to see you.”

            Calling for a break, C.A.P. leaned his back against the practice room’s back wall.  Rubbing his knee, he cursed.  He was twenty-one years old and he was already too old for this shit.

            With nothing better to do, he watched the other members.  L.Joe headed out the door; Niel and Ricky were already laughing and cursing and pushing each other around.  Changjo was drinking water, and C.A.P. let his mind wander for a second, eyeing Changjo’s lean, muscular physique, that sexy firm ass.  He imagined his cock between those wet, pink lips, imagined thrusting down that rippling, swallowing throat.  Unnh, yeah, the maknae was fucking ripe with sexual possibilities.

            “Shit, shit,” Chunji said under his breath, making a beeline for the doorway.

            What now?  Changjo, looking interested, was starting to follow Chunji.  C.A.P. shoved him aside, holding him back.  With a grin, Changjo pushed at him, so C.A.P. immediately punched him in the back, and in seconds they were wrestling against the wall.

            “Um, hi.”  Chunji was leaning out into the hallway.  “I don’t mean to be rude, but what the hell are you doing here?”

            “What?”  L.Joe’s voice asked, surprised.  “Why are you like this?”

            A voice C.A.P. didn’t recognize said, “I just wanted to say hi.”

            C.A.P. had a bad feeling about this.  Locking Changjo’s head under his arm, he asked Chunji’s back, “What’s going on?”

            Chunji shot him a warning look.  “That maknae’s here.”

            That maknae.  Oh, hell, no.  C.A.P. shoved Changjo against the wall and walked over.

            “That maknae?” L.Joe was asking.  “What’s wrong with you?  Aren’t we friends with EXO?  I invited Chanyeol hyung to come.”

            Chunji was pissed off.  “That’s not Park Chanyeol.”

            “I didn’t hear anything from Suho about this,” C.A.P. said.  Wrapping his hand around L.Joe’s arm, he pulled L.Joe back.  “Get inside.”

            “What?” L.Joe asked.

            C.A.P. shoved him farther into the room, away from Sehun.

            What the fuck was this?  Suho was cautious, careful, laying out rules, handing out warnings.  According to Suho, Teen Top couldn’t do this and had to do that.  Most of it was commonsense crap, and if C.A.P. hadn’t understood where Suho was coming from he would’ve been insulted, but they were practically drawing up contracts over L.Joe’s sex life.  And now Oh Sehun showed up out of nowhere, making contact completely outside of all of Suho’s orderly little rules?

            If EXO didn’t have to play by the rules, then Teen Top wasn’t going to play at all.

            L.Joe was trying to walk back out; Chunji closed the door in his face and stared at Sehun.  “What are you doing here?”

            Sehun was pretty, but C.A.P. wasn’t impressed; he was surrounded by pretty all day.  “I came to see L.Joe sunbaenim.”

            Chunji smiled like he either wanted to make love to Sehun or knife him.  C.A.P. always loved that smile, when it wasn’t turned on him.  “I talked to Suho hyung an hour ago.  He told me that you were coming to our dorm on Wednesday night.  Today’s not Wednesday, and this is not our dorm.”

            Sehun’s eyes widened in surprise; he glanced from Chunji to C.A.P. as if looking for confirmation.  “I didn’t know.  I just came to see him.  I wanted to talk to him.”

            “This doesn’t work if we’re not communicating, if we’re playing by your leader’s rules and you’re doing whatever the fuck you want,” C.A.P. said.  “I’m calling it off, we’re not doing this.”

            Now Sehun was starting to look worried.  “It isn’t like that.”  He was appealing to Chunji; apparently he thought that he’d find a softer audience there.  A lot of people made that mistake.  “I’m sorry.  Suho hyung just told me about L.Joe sunbaenim last night, and I really wanted to see him.  I didn’t mean to be disrespectful or break anyone’s rules.  Please give me another chance.  Let’s try again.”

            Chunji glanced at C.A.P.  It was a silent question: Do we give the kid a break or not?

            C.A.P. wasn’t interested in giving the kid a break; he didn’t give a fuck about Oh Sehun.  But he did care about L.Joe.  Leaning in, he whispered into Chunji’s ear.  “Seriously, apart from everything else, do you think that this kid has it in him?  Is there even a chance that he has what L.Joe needs?”

            Chunji nodded.

            All right, then.  He’d give these hoobaes one more chance, for L.Joe’s sake.  “One more shot,” he told Sehun.  “We’ll do what we arranged for Wednesday.  If it goes well, we’ll talk about doing it again.”

            Chunji still wasn’t interested in hanging out and making friends.  “This is our practice time.  We should get back to work.”

            Sehun lowered his gaze and bowed to ninety degrees.  “Thank you, C.A.P. sunbaenim, Chunji sunbaenim,” he said.  Then he shot the closed door a quick, dark look, like whatever was on the other side belonged to him and he intended to get it back no matter what.

            Hell.  Maybe there really was something this kid could do for L.Joe.

            His face composed, Sehun asked, in a normal tone, “Is it okay if I say good-bye?”

            C.A.P. was slightly more inclined to indulge him, if he wanted L.Joe that badly.  He jerked open the door.  “Ya, tell this kid good-bye.”

            L.Joe looked confused as hell.  “What’s going on?”  He looked up at Sehun.  “You’re going?”

            “Yes, sunbaenim.  I have to go.”  He licked his lips, his gaze flicking up and down L.Joe like he wanted to see under L.Joe’s clothes.  “It was good to see you.”

            “You, too.”  L.Joe shot Chunji a “what the hell’s going on?” look, but Chunji didn’t react.  “I’ll walk you out.”

            “No, you won’t,” C.A.P. said.

            L.Joe was exasperated.  “He’s my guest!”

            “I’ll walk him out, hyung,” Changjo said.

            Better Changjo than L.Joe.  C.A.P. pulled L.Joe into the practice room and let Changjo leave.

            “What the hell?” L.Joe demanded as Chunji came in and closed the door.

            “What did he want?” Niel asked.

            “Nothing,” Chunji said.

            “Why is everyone acting so strangely?” L.Joe asked.  “Some hoobae shows up and I can’t talk to him?  I thought that Andy hyung wanted us to be close with them.  Didn’t he just tell us that at his office?”

            “He didn’t mean that kind of close,” C.A.P. said.  They might as well get it all out now; C.A.P. didn’t trust Sehun not to try to get to L.Joe again.  “That hoobae’s a dom.  He wants you to be his sub.  We’re arranging it with EXO’s leader so that the two of you can have little playdates and crap.”

            L.Joe looked like he didn’t remember how to breathe.  Both hands were balled into fists.  “He’s what?”

            “We found a dom for you,” Chunji said.

            “Congratulations,” Niel said, miming throwing confetti at L.Joe.

            “He’s really cute,” Chunji told L.Joe like he was reassuring him.  “I’d totally do him.”

            “Oh my god,” L.Joe said to himself, backing away.  He blinked slowly and ran his hands through his hair.  “Oh my god.”  He turned his back, walked to the wall, and stayed there.  “Oh my god.”

            C.A.P. sighed.  “Ya.  Dongsaeng-ah.  It’s fine.”

            Changjo came back into the room and glanced around.  “You told him?”

            “You - - you found me - - he’s a - - why,” L.Joe demanded, swinging around.  “How?!  How did you - - who did you - - him?  Him?!”

            “You don’t like him?” Niel asked.

            “If you don’t like him, we’ll call it off,” C.A.P. said.  “Their maknae can get his kicks from someone else’s team.  But you’re going to give this a shot.  He’s coming to the dorm on Wednesday.”

            “What did you tell him about me?” L.Joe asked.  “What the hell does EXO think about me?”

            “We didn’t tell him anything,” Niel said.  “Andy hyung maybe told them that you’re a, you know, a sub.  Please don’t punch me!  Ow!”  Backing away, Niel blocked his face as L.Joe pounded on him.  “Hyung!  It’s true!  You - - ouch!”

            “Ya.”  C.A.P. kicked L.Joe away from Niel.  “They know you’re into what their maknae does, and we know their maknae’s into what you do.  That’s all anybody knows.”

            “He knows?” L.Joe asked.  “That’s why he came here?  To see me?”  He was bright red with embarrassment.

            “He wants you so badly he came all of the way here just to see you,” Chunji said.  “Even after C.A.P. hyung scolded him, he was begging to be allowed to say good-bye.”  He leaned his shoulder against the wall, facing L.Joe, his back to the rest of them.  His voice was soft.  “He’s good-looking, isn’t he?”  He crossed his arms over his chest.  “He’s young, he’s probably horny.  I’ll bet that he was a nice body.  He might even have a nice, long cock.  What do you think he’s into?  A little bondage?  If they’re risking EXO’s reputation over this, he must really, really need it.  They wouldn’t take chances like this unless he has a real problem.  I’ll bet that he’s been doing it to the other members.  Tying them up, fucking them with that long, sexy cock.”

            “Shut up!” L.Joe said desperately, pushing at him.

            “Why, when you’re already drooling?” Chunji asked, laughing and pushing back.  “He’s handsome, and he’s coming over on Wednesday just for you.”

            “I don’t want to do this.  He’s a dongsaeng and, and a hoobae,” L.Joe protested.  “I don’t want our hoobaes to think of me like that.”

            C.A.P. gave him a hard look.  “Does a new dom come around here every day, asking for you?  This is your shot.  You can either get upset and spend the rest of your life worried about what you like and trying to pretend you don’t want it as much as you do and never actually getting it, or you can see if it works out with Oh Sehun.”

            Blushing, L.Joe bit into his lip and looked away.

            “This Wednesday?” Ricky asked.  “Do we have to clean up?”

            Tuesday night was like any other night.  Changjo sat in the front room and texted hoobaes and played videogames while the other members fucked like rabid dogs in the rest of the dorm.

            According to the stupid, stupid rules, they weren’t allowed to have sex until they were “old enough.”  He was pretty sure that he’d been old enough to have sex for years now, but Andy didn’t agree, so the other members wouldn’t touch him.  That might have been easier to take in a group with other (less horny, less aggressive, less sexually enthusiastic) guys, but with his hyungs, it was hell.

            At first, all six of them had hung out together in the evenings.  Then Chunji had hit a birthday, and C.A.P. and Chunji had started spending all of their free time holed up in C.A.P.’s room.  They’d sounded like the hottest porn in the world, right through the walls, and whenever they’d finally emerged, they’d looked tousled and unbearably smug.  Soon after that, L.Joe had joined them, and new sounds had joined their repertoire.  C.A.P. and Chunji had been vague - - in a patronizing, smirking way - - about what they’d done, but L.Joe was shy about it, skittish.  That was when Changjo had realized how brightly, and how often, L.Joe could blush.

            While the older hyungs fucked, Changjo had used to be able to hang out with Niel and Ricky.  Then Niel had aged up and started filling their dorm with husky, smoky moans, and Changjo had been left with just Ricky, horny and frustrated together.  Now he was on his own, and Ricky was making up for lost time by enthusiastically hopping from one hyung to another.

            If Changjo had been barred from the hyungs but able to mess around with Ricky, that would have seemed more fair, but Andy had vetoed that.  If he’d been able to make out with the hyungs, if he could only go so far but no farther, that would have made things easier, but Andy had said no to that, too.  Andy didn’t trust them to stay within boundaries.  Of course Andy was right - - they would’ve crossed the line as fast as they could find it - - but that didn’t make complete chastity any easier to cope with when there was a constant porn shoot going on in the next room.

            Changjo wasn’t supposed to watch, but the members had sex all over the dorm.  Against the shower wall, bent over the kitchen counter, on the sofa.  Hell, they had sex on his bed.  He had enough experience with their overactive sex lives to be able to guess with great accuracy what they were up to, just by the sounds they made.

            At the moment, the most prominent sound was Chunji’s, “Yeah, give it to me, come on, take my ass.  Unh, yeah, that’s it, give me that dick, ahhhh, fuck me hard.”  He always said stuff like that when the other members fucked him; it was one of Changjo’s favorite sounds to jack off to.  C.A.P. just grunted and fucked him through it; L.Joe talked back, moaning and agreeing with him.  Ricky, after listening to it for years, kind of had a thing for it now that it was meant for him personally, and usually got overexcited by all of the encouragement and came fast.  Tonight, Chunji was keeping up a throaty, steady stream of it, and Changjo didn’t hear any replies, so he was probably taking it from C.A.P.

            Niel’s moans were full-throated and rhythmic, so someone was definitely fucking him and he probably wasn’t also giving head.  The pace of his moans was fast, which probably meant that Ricky was jackhammering him.  All of the members had different strokes.  C.A.P. thrust really hard, Ricky thrust really fast, L.Joe fucked in a rolling double rhythm that apparently felt amazing - - not that Changjo would know, god damn it - - and Chunji fucked however he felt like it depending on his mood.  Niel…  Changjo had never actually seen Niel fuck anyone, unless the way his hips moved when someone was giving him head counted, and that was pretty jerky and stuttery, unless they were fingering his asshole, which made him roll his hips.

            If C.A.P. was fucking Chunji, and Ricky was fucking Niel, then L.Joe was doing what?  Watching?  Waiting a turn?  It was possible that he was fucking Ricky, but it wasn’t likely.  Maybe he was masturbating and fantasizing about Oh Sehun.  Or maybe Changjo just thought that because he’d personally spent last night jacking off and picturing L.Joe and Sehun together.

            “Yeah, get off in me, come in my ass, pump it in me, unh, do it.”  At the sudden energy in Chunji’s voice, Changjo slid his hand inside the front of his sweatpants.  While Chunji moaned, he pulled out his hard-on, ready to join in.  Between his text conversations and his hyungs’ porn soundtrack, he’d been jacking off all night, and his cock was ripe for another round.  “Fill me up, come on, get off in my ass.  Give me that cream, give it to me, ahhhh, oounnh, soak my hole.”

            Rubbing himself, jacking his cock, Changjo moaned.  Sliding down on the couch, he closed his eyes, imagining that he was fucking Chunji, that Chunji was talking to him, that Chunji wanted his cum.  Digging his heels in and rocking onto his toes, he thrust into his fist, groaning.  Niel’s husky moans and Ricky’s, “Shit, shit, I’m coming, oh god, I’m coming,” mixed with Chunji’s, “Ooohh, unh, that’s it, come in me, come in my ass, yeah.”  Changjo’s hand sped up, and Chunji’s moans rose to a high pitch, and Changjo was so turned on he was groaning and humping his hand, and C.A.P. grunted deep and rough like a wild animal, and that was it, it was over, Changjo was coming.  Pleasure popped and shivered through him, and he panted, squirming a little, reveling in it, rubbing his hand through the cum on his bare chest.

            “Don’t leave!” Niel protested.  “I’m not finished!  Ya!”

            Opening his eyes, Changjo smiled to himself.  For now, he was definitely finished.  He sat up straighter and scrubbed at his hand and chest with a washcloth - - the fact that most of their laundry was cum rags was why Andy made them do their own laundry - - and lovingly poked his cock back down into his sweatpants.

            Then he got back to his text conversations.  He was talking to two different hoobaes tonight, from two different groups.  One was shyly confessing to having a crush on another idol, and one was texting photos of his naked members as proof that - - as he’d claimed in last night’s conversation - - they really did fuck him all of the time.

            That’s funny.  Did you find those on-line? Changjo texted back.  That one guy almost looks like your hyung.

            It’s him!  I took those last night! the hoobae insisted.

            Don’t be stupid, I’m not going to believe that.  Stop joking around.

            Whoa, shit.  The next text message was a photo of the hoobae with a mouth full of cock and another cockhead resting on his forehead.  He was looking right at the camera, and sticky, stringy gobs of cum were oozing down his face.

            Believe me now?

            “Shit,” Changjo said, laughing.  Was it his imagination, or did hoobaes get more stupid every year?  They’d been bad last year - - that photo of a hoobae taking it up the ass from two hyungs at once was still one of Changjo’s favorites - - but damn.

            “Give me that.”

            C.A.P.’s deep voice startled him, and he looked up in surprise, caught.  Oh, shit.  He’d been staring at his phone so intently that he hadn’t noticed C.A.P. walk into the room.  Biting his lips, he gripped the phone to his chest.  “It-”

            C.A.P., his black boxer-briefs riding low on his hips, grabbed for the phone.  “Give it!”

            Changjo pressed his lips together and twisted away, shielding the phone.  He wasn’t handing it over that easily.  Not with such valuable material on it!

            C.A.P. landed heavily on top of him, grabbing at his arms.  They wrestled across the couch, Changjo focusing on escape and defense.  In a sudden scramble, he fled the couch - - and then C.A.P. caught his forearm in a tight grip.  Wrenched backward, he stumbled and fell across C.A.P.’s lap.

            “Give it,” C.A.P. snapped, swiping the phone from his hand.

            Shit.  The fun was over, for tonight at least.  For the whole week, probably; C.A.P. was definitely going to decide that he couldn’t have his phone back for at least that long.  Sulking, Changjo flicked at C.A.P.’s nipple.

            C.A.P. twisted his arm up behind his back.  “What the fuck is this?”

            “What?” he asked innocently.

            C.A.P. showed him the blowjob photo, then a few more photos the same hoobae had sent that night: one idol fondling another idol’s hard-on through his underwear; a naked idol with an erection; a cock half-buried in a well-lubed ass.

            “He sent them!  What am I supposed to do?” Changjo asked.

            C.A.P. let go of his arm and smacked him in the back of the head.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?  Why do you do this shit?”

            “I don’t send any pictures back,” Changjo said.  They’d had this conversation a hundred times, but every time it came up again, he felt the need to defend himself.  “I don’t say anything bad.  If they’re stupid enough to tell people private things like that, they deserve to get caught.”

            “You’re the creepiest maknae I ever met,” C.A.P. said.  He looked at the blowjob photo again and snorted.  “Lucky little shit.  Wish I could come on Chunji’s face like that.”

            “You come on L.Joe’s face all of the time.”

            C.A.P. smacked the back of his head again.  “You don’t know about that.”

            He’d seen it!

            C.A.P. pushed him onto the floor and got up.  “You’re going to be lucky if you ever see this phone again.  And don’t try borrowing Ricky’s.”

            He’d expected that, but he was still annoyed.  “What about my friends?”

            C.A.P. snorted.  “They aren’t your friends, they’re your victims.  I’m doing them a favor.”

            Wednesday, L.Joe was nervous.  He fidgeted a lot.  He also punched harder and more often than usual, so Ricky gave him a wide berth.

            While they were leaving the KBS building, they bumped into EXO.  Bowing - - politely, because they were older, but not too politely, because they were hoobaes - - Ricky looked for Chanyeol.  He always looked for Chanyeol first, when he saw EXO, because he liked to check on Chanyeol’s ears.  He was pretty sure that Chanyeol’s stuck out more than his did, especially the left one.

            Chanyeol’s hair was short enough lately that his ears stuck out like wings.  Ricky wondered if he liked having them touched.  Ricky loved it when his hyungs stroked his ears, especially when he was giving head.  It really turned him on; C.A.P. said that it made him suck harder.  It was nice to have them finally come in handy, after a lifetime of teasing.

            He was thinking about petting Chanyeol’s ears while Chanyeol gave him head, when the two of them suddenly made eye contact.  Startled, he blushed and looked away, hurrying after the rest of his members.

            After they saw EXO, L.Joe was kind of a mess for the rest of the day.  He was quiet and jumpy and forgetful, and when Chunji told him to calm down, he told Chunji to fuck off.

            That didn’t go over well.

            Ricky laid low for the rest of the day.  It was a relief to get to the dorm at the end of the night.  But as soon as they got there, C.A.P. said, “Niel, Ricky, get dressed, we’re going out.”

            “What?  Going out?” Niel asked.

            “Why?  Where?” Ricky asked.

            “We’re not all going to sit around here tonight, playing cards with EXO’s leader while Oh Sehun fucks L.Joe.  Chunji and Changjo are staying, that’s enough.  Let’s go.”

            “Why are they staying?” L.Joe demanded.  “Why can’t you all go?”

            “Someone has to keep an eye on things.  In case their leader wants to come up with new rules, in case Oh Sehun freaks you out, in case shit gets weird.”

            Ricky washed up and changed into street clothes.  He was pulling a hat over his unstyled hair when Changjo asked him, “Can I borrow your phone?”

            He patted his pockets to make sure that he had it with him.  “No.  I don’t need weird sex confessions on my phone.  I like my career.”

            “Did C.A.P. hyung show you the photos before he deleted them?”

            “The hoobae with cum all over his face?  Yeah.”  He grinned at Changjo.  “He never looks that cute onstage.”

            Changjo sat beside Chunji on the couch and watched Suho.

            Chunji had turned on the TV to cover any sounds from the bedroom.  Chunji and Suho had tried to make conversation, but it had been awkward, and now the three of them were sitting there pretending to watch TV.

            Well, Suho actually was watching the TV.  His gaze was focused on it like something bad would happen if he blinked.  Changjo liked that about him, how determined he got.

            Chunji kept glancing toward the bedroom and messing with his phone.

            Changjo kept looking at Suho.  He was around good-looking guys all of the time, between his members and other idols, but he was struck by how pretty Suho was.  Suho had smooth, clear skin that he would have killed for and fine, balanced features.  He loved Suho’s expressions.  So calm and approachable and polite, most of the time, or cheerful and good-natured.  Focused, sometimes, resolute.  Tense, sometimes, lips tight.

            And then there was the way that Suho had gazed after Sehun tonight.  So fond, so loving, so proud.  Like a misty-eyed parent watching a beloved son take some great step.

            Changjo loved his members.  They were his family, his brothers.  He’d do anything for them, and he didn’t like to think about life without them.  He was always interested in how close other idols were with their members.  It was obvious at a glance that Suho loved EXO, that he took his role as leader seriously.  He was their guardian, and Changjo believed that he would work hard to protect them.

            But he had so many members.  That was a lot of love to pour out from one heart.

            A lot of love just for Sehun.  He’d risked the reputation of the entire group just to get Sehun laid the way Sehun liked.  Did he love all of the members that much?  How big was his heart?

            Niel sat on the top of the jungle gym, shivering.  “Can we go back soon?”

            “Not until Chunji calls,” C.A.P. said.

            While C.A.P. sat on the swings and ate street food, Ricky climbed up beside Niel.  They sat in silence for a moment.  Niel scooted closer and leaned against Ricky for warmth, and Ricky put an arm around him.

            “You think they’re going to be, like, boyfriends now?” Niel asked.  “L.Joe hyung and Oh Sehun?”

            “I don’t know.  Maybe.”  Ricky tucked his hand in Niel’s pocket.  Niel tucked in closer against him.  “Who would you want?  If you had a boyfriend?”

            “I don’t know.”  Niel grinned at him.  “Somebody with a big stick?”

            “Stick,” Ricky repeated, laughing.  “You sound like Andy hyung.’

            “Who would you want?” Niel asked, elbowing him.

            “I don’t know.”  Ricky blushed and smiled at him in such an adorable, confiding way that he wanted to ruffle Ricky’s hair.  “I like Park Chanyeol’s ears.”

            Ears!  What a weird kid.  “I like your ears,” Niel said, pinching one.

            Ricky ducked and brushed him away.

            “If it’s somebody in EXO, I guess that it’s Kris,” Niel decided.

            “What if the rumor isn’t true?” Ricky asked.

            Oh.  Niel wrinkled his nose and thought about it.  “Is there anybody in EXO who fucks like C.A.P. hyung and kisses like L.Joe hyung and looks like Chunji hyung?”

            “Somebody who doesn’t punch as hard or scold as much?” Ricky asked.  “That would be nice.”  Then he nudged Niel, frowning.  “Ya.  What about me?  You listed everybody else.  You don’t like the way I do those things?”

            Niel laughed and lied.  “No.  I really don’t like it.”

            “Ya!” C.A.P. called as Ricky pounced.  “You fall off of that thing and break your leg, I’m leaving you here.”

            Late that night, feeling someone crawl into bed with him, L.Joe opened his eyes just enough to see.  Ah, it was the maknae.  Closing his eyes again, he smiled as Changjo snuggled in against him.

            “Hyung.  L.Joe hyung.”  Changjo’s fingers combed his bangs straight.

            “Go to sleep,” he murmured, wrapping his arm around the maknae’s waist.

            “What was it like with Oh Sehun?”

            Oh Sehun.  At the memory, molten heat pooled between L.Joe’s thighs.  Happiness came tinged with shame, and he licked his teeth.  “It was nice,” he said, opening his eyes, smiling.  He rubbed Changjo’s lower back.  “I liked it a lot,” he admitted softly.

            “Did you like him?  Or what he did to you?”

            He hadn’t stopped to think about it separately.  “Both,” he decided.

            Changjo’s voice softened.  “If you keep seeing him, are you going to stop wanting the members?  Won’t you only like what he does?”

            L.Joe frowned, his tongue touching the corner of his mouth.  “No.  It’s not like that.  It’s different, with the members.”  Should he be honest?  Was it okay to say it out loud?  “I think that it might be better, with them, now that I get that other thing from Oh Sehun.”

            Changjo’s smile was very pleased.  “Good.”  His hand slid over L.Joe’s thigh, squeezing.  “Do you know what I want for my birthday?”

            L.Joe laughed.  This bold maknae.  “Yes, I know.”

            Changjo’s hand slid upward, cupping L.Joe’s ass.  He squirmed, and Changjo laughed.  “Are you going to give it to me?”

            Ah, this maknae!  “Yes,” he admitted, embarrassed.  Yes, he was.  Over and over and over again.  “Shut up and go to sleep.”

            With a happy smile, Changjo snuggled in closer against him.  As Changjo’s eyes closed, he smiled, too, and touched the maknae’s cheek.  November was coming up fast, and he was looking forward to this kid’s birthday more than to his own.

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