Between Members

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Debut: 2009, J. Tune Camp (first group to debut under J. Tune Camp, a company started by the solo artist Rain)
Fan club: A+
Name Real name Birth date Role
Seungho Yang Seungho October 16, 1987 leader, lead vocal
G.O Jung Byunghee November 6, 1987 main vocal
Joon Lee Changsun February 7, 1988 visual, dancer, actor
Thunder Park Sanghyun October 7, 1990 lead rapper
Mir Bang Cheolyong March 10, 1991 maknae, main rapper
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Joon had never been too sore to sleep before.  Less than a week before debut, he was going through a lot of new things, like being so tired that he was falling asleep on his feet and being so excited that he couldn’t hold a conversation without shouting enthusiastically.

            While the dorm was quiet and dark, he went into the kitchen.  Finding an icepack, he tried to decide which part of his body needed it the most and settled for his elbow.  Flinching at the coldness against his skin, he leaned against the closed refrigerator door.  Almost instantly, his eyes began to close.  Maybe he’d just take a nap right where he was.  He was so tired, and his bed was so far away…

            “Hey.”  G.O’s voice.  “You awake?”


            “We should talk.”

            Talk?  Forcing his eyes open, he found G.O dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, leaning against the counter.  Yawning, he adjusted his icepack.  “Why?”

            “It’s about the kids.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to you away from them, but their lazy butts are asleep, so let’s do it now.”

            Joon snorted with laughter.  No one who’d gone through what they’d done for the past few weeks could be called “lazy.”

            “You know what it’s like,” G.O said.  “Between members.”

            Was this about earlier?  “I’m sorry about my voice.  With the weather, it’s been a little-”

            “Your voice?” G.O asked.  “I’m talking about the kids.”

            Joon wasn’t following.  “What about them?”

            “They’re too young.  They’re babies.  I can’t do anything with Mir, I’d feel like a creep.  It’ll have to be you, at least for a while, until they’re older.”

            “Okay.”  Joon wasn’t sure exactly what G.O was talking about, but it sounded okay.  “What do you mean, ‘creep?’”

            “If it was just playing around, it might be okay, but I need somebody who’s going to spread his legs and ask for more.”

            Coughing, Joon tried to figure out what G.O had actually meant by that, because it sounded a little…  Staring at G.O, he couldn’t come up with another interpretation unless they were discussing some part of the choreography he hadn’t noticed.  “Spread his legs?”

            G.O gave him a level, penetrating stare.  “You don’t know what I’m talking about.”

            Um.  Joon smiled uncertainly.  “Dancing?”

            Sighing, G.O rolled his eyes.  “Stupid.”

            Coming into the kitchen, Seungho pushed Joon away from the fridge and opened the door, taking out a drink.  Glancing between them as he twisted off the cap, he asked, “What?”

            G.O waved a hand in Joon’s direction as if he were about to give up.  “The fool doesn’t know how it is between members.”

            Laughing, Seungho looked at Joon.  “What do you mean, you don’t know?”

            “He doesn’t know,” G.O said.

            Seungho took a drink and said, “Everybody knows.”

            Joon tried to look smart and knowledgeable.

            Seungho stared at him, then chuckled in disbelief.  “You really don’t know.”

            “Aish!”  How many times were they going to say it?!  “I don’t know!”  Joon adjusted his icepack.  “What are you talking about?  What’s between members?  Why are we leaving the kids out of it?”

            Shaking his head, Seungho ran his hand over his hair and stood beside G.O, resting his hip against the sink.  “What can I say?”

            “Start from the beginning,” G.O advised.  “It takes him a while to catch up.”

            Seungho took another drink and licked his lips.  Leaning against the refrigerator again, Joon found himself gazing at Seungho’s mouth.  Maybe he’d lick his lips again.  It was probably strange that watching Seungho’s tongue slide and flick over those full, pouty, red lips was one of Joon’s favorite pastimes, but Seungho’s mouth was usually the sexiest thing in the room.  “You like sex, right?”

            Startled, Joon felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment.  Had Seungho read his mind?  “What?”

            “Sex,” G.O said clearly, over-enunciating.  “Sex.  Fucking.  Do you like it?”

            “Why?” Joon asked, blushing, wishing that he could use the icepack to cool his cheeks.  “Yes, of course, why?”

            “Once we debut, where are you going to get it?” Seungho asked.  He licked his lips again and “your mouth” crossed Joon’s thoughts and god, it would be a really bad thing if Seungho could read minds.  “Fans?  They’ll take pictures, they’ll want to tell their friends, you’ll have to make sure they’re old enough.  We can’t do it with saesangs because we can’t encourage them.  You do it with women, they could get pregnant.  You do it with men, there’s a scandal.  You do it with anyone, you could get a disease.  You have a girlfriend, you piss off the fans.”

            Oh, god.  Horrified, Joon feared for his future.  “What?  I have to be a monk?!”

            G.O turned to Seungho.  “I think he’s too stupid to fuck.”

            Laughing, Seungho waved G.O away.  “He’ll figure it out, let me talk to him.”

            No women.  No men.  No girlfriends.  No sex.  Joon felt like he’d accidentally moved the icepack to his balls.  His whole, glorious future suddenly didn’t look so great anymore.  He was going to be an idol!  All of his hopes, all of his dreams, his training, his hard work, it was finally here!  And he couldn’t have sex.

            “You just do what all of the other idols do,” Seungho said.  “Keep it inside the team.  You get horny, you have a pretty maknae in the group, you do what needs to be done.”

            Inside the team?  In the group?  “What?” Joon demanded.  That couldn’t be what it sounded like!

            “It’s a tradition,” G.O said.  “All of the idol groups do it.  It’s easy.  It’s convenient.”

            “We have a lot to risk,” Seungho added.  “You can trust your members to take care of you and protect your reputation.  Other people might get jealous or get angry or decide they want to make some money off of you.”

            “Other groups who?” Joon asked.  “Who does it?”  He couldn’t picture any of the idols he knew - - okay, that wasn’t exactly true.  Some of them he could imagine doing that.  Some of them it was kind of fun to imagine doing that.  Shit, this was not a good time to get turned on.

            “Everybody,” G.O said.  “SS501 sunbaenim, Big Bang sunbaenim, U-Kiss sunbaenim, everybody at SM.”

            “All of the girls do it,” Seungho said.

            Joon felt his eyes widen as that idea took hold of his brain.  Did Dara - - no, no, no, “Don’t go there, don’t think about it,” he whispered to himself, closing his eyes and pressing the icepack to his forehead.

            “It’s not ideal for everybody,” Seungho said.  “Especially if you’re not into your own gender.  But that shouldn’t be an issue for you.”

            Hey!  Joon moved the icepack to the back of his neck and glared at Seungho.  Did they know he was bi?  Did everybody know?  Was it obvious?

            “Are you going to cooperate or are we going to have a problem?” G.O asked.  G.O had a way of keeping his voice flat while giving a cool, heavy-lidded stare that made Joon incredibly self-conscious, and he was doing it right then, and Joon was beginning to wish that he’d just stayed in bed.

            “C-cooperate?” he stammered uncertainly.

            “Too stupid to fuck,” G.O told Seungho, and started to leave the kitchen.

            “He’s fine, he’s fine,” Seungho said, laughing and dragging G.O back to the sink.  “The kids are a little…  The maknae’s too young and Cheondung is too new.  He’s not comfortable with us yet, he doesn’t know us well.  Let’s give him some time.”

            “That leaves you,” G.O said.  “I’m not going to be a celibate idol.”

            “What about me?” Seungho asked, wrapping his arm around G.O’s shoulders, his grin flirtatious.  “I’ll fuck your hairy ass.”

            “Yang Seungho,” G.O said.  “I have needs.  What’s your lazy butt going to do for me?  You’re going to get whatever you want, and then I’ll get started and you’ll be asleep, snoring, drooling on yourself.  This one’s pretty and he does whatever I say.  You do whatever you want whenever you feel like it.  He’ll do whatever I want whenever I feel like it.”

            Seungho shrugged and sighed, nodding.  “He is handsome.  And I am lazy.”

            They were asking him to - - they wanted him to - - “You want me to have sex with you?!” Joon demanded, his voice rising on every syllable until he was squeaking out the last words.

            G.O counted off on his fingers.  “Too.  Stupid.  To.  Fuck.”

            “Shut up,” Seungho said, laughing and pushing G.O away, stepping in front of him and standing between him and Joon.  “Yes, we want to have sex with you.”

            This had to be a joke.  “Is this a hidden camera?” Joon asked, scanning the ceiling, stepping away to peer out through the doorway.  This had to be a prank.  They had to be teasing him.  They wanted him to believe that all of their idol sunbaes were having sex with each other?  Like he could just walk into Super Junior’s dorm and find an orgy?  How could he believe that?!

            “Right, a hidden camera where I tell the nation that I want to put my cock up your ass,” G.O said.  “Let’s destroy our careers before we even debut.”

            “Joon,” Seungho said, taking his shoulders and pushing him back against the refrigerator.  This close, the dark fringe of Seungho’s eyelashes looked much longer.  “When we get horny, can we fuck you?”

            He loved sex, and he wanted Seungho anyway, and the idea of doing it with G.O turned him on in a weird, scary way.  But was this for real?  Weren’t they teasing him?  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he agreed too easily?  “You’re serious.  Are you serious?”  Could they be serious?  “You’re not teasing me?  The three of us are actually going to fuck each other?”

            “Have you been with a man before?” G.O asked with a narrow-eyed look.

            “Sure.”  He tried to sound confident.

            Seungho and G.O looked at each other and then said, “No.”  Seungho burst into laughter and G.O turned back to Joon to ask, “You have had sex before, haven’t you?  With another human being?”

            “Yes!  Of course!”  Not as much as he’d wanted, but he’d had some.

            “All right,” G.O said, looking skeptical.  “Stupid and inexperienced?” he asked Seungho.  “It’s a good thing he’s so handsome.”

            The longer this went on, the more Joon was starting to believe that they actually might mean it.  That this actually might be happening.  That some of this might be real.  Could it be real?  He didn’t trust G.O at all, he didn’t trust one word out of G.O’s mouth, but Seungho seemed so sincere…  “Aren’t we going to need condoms or something?”

            “I take it back,” G.O said, turning to Seungho again.  “I can’t fuck someone who’s going to say such stupid things in bed.  It’ll kill the mood.”

            “He won’t be talking when his mouth is full,” Seungho said.

            What - - wait - - did he - - had he just-

            “Don’t worry about condoms and lube and whatever else we’ll need,” Seungho said.  “Our manager will get it for us.”

            “When my mouth is full of what?” Joon asked.

            Seungho burst into laughter, leaning against the sink like he might fall over.  G.O stepped forward, calmly plucked the icepack from Joon’s hand, and pushed it against his face.  The cold shock made Joon jerk back, and he snatched it away from G.O’s grip.  “Oh, god,” Seungho moaned, laughing, sitting on the floor now, his back against the cabinets.  “That was, oh.”  Chuckling, he wiped at his eyes.  “Here, dongsaeng, come here.”  He reached out both hands, gesturing Joon closer.

            Setting the icepack aside, Joon crouched down.  Seungho pulled him in until he was seated comfortably between Seungho’s thighs.  It was a nice place to be; he relaxed against Seungho’s chest.

            “Lee Joon,” Seungho said, arms hugging him loosely.  G.O sighed impatiently.  “Hyungs have needs.  Hyungs get horny.  Hyungs want to fuck.  Can we fuck you or do I have to put up with that jerk all by myself?”

            “You’re no prize, Yang leader,” G.O muttered.

            “Hey,” Seungho said, and grinned.  “At least I’m clean-shaven.”

            Scowling, G.O stroked his goatee and kicked at Joon’s leg.  “Can we fuck you or not?”

            It was such a weird situation, he felt self-conscious about it.  Wasn’t it sort of strange?  But if it was just sex, it was probably okay, right?  He wanted Seungho anyway.  “Yeah, I guess,” he said.  “Tonight?”

            “Okay,” G.O said, and started to undo his fly.

            “Stop it!” Seungho said, laughing.  “Pervert.  No, not until we debut,” he told Joon.  “We have too much else to concentrate on, and I don’t want us to get distracted.”

            “I’m more distracted by wanting his ass,” G.O said.  “I think that I’d focus better if he got me off.”

            “I’m the leader, I get him first,” Seungho said firmly.  “You can have him after I have him, and that’s going to be after debut.  Understand?”

            When Seungho spoke in that tone, even G.O got in line.  “Yeah.”  Then he shot Joon such a flirtatious, lascivious look that Joon blushed with pleasure.  “But don’t wait too long after debut.  I’m going to have a lot of excitement to work off.”

            “All right,” Seungho said.  “Let’s all get back to bed.”

            Joon got up and put his ice pack back in the freezer while G.O helped Seungho up.  As he closed the door, he felt a hand sliding over his abdomen, and he turned to find G.O grinning at him.  “How about a good night kiss?”

            “Sure,” Seungho said, sliding his arm around G.O’s neck from behind.  “Come here, baby, give me some tongue.”

            “Ah!  Hey!  I meant Joon!” G.O protested, laughing, trying to twist free.

            “Aw, honey, honey, don’t be like that,” Seungho said, and licked his cheek.  “Come on, give oppa a kiss.”

            “Oh!  No!” G.O exclaimed, breaking away and pawing at his cheek.  “Ugh!”

            Laughing, Seungho kicked at his thigh.  “Go to bed, you hairy animal.  I’ll give you what you need later.”

            “If you’d give me what I need, I wouldn’t need him!” G.O said, and left the kitchen.

            Wiping his hand across his mouth, Seungho put an arm around Joon’s waist.  “You, too.  Go to bed.  I don’t want you whining about being tired when we’re practicing tomorrow.”

            “I don’t whine,” Joon protested, letting Seungho steer him down the hallway.  “That’s Mir.”

            “Good night,” Seungho said, pushing him toward his bedroom door.

            On impulse, Joon pivoted.  Bracing his hands on Seungho’s shoulders, there in the darkness of the quiet hallway, he pressed his lips to Seungho’s.

            Mmm, yes, it felt right.  Pleasure washed through him, and he was glad that he’d taken the risk.

            He’d only meant for it to be a brief kiss, a quick smooch, just a test to prove to himself that his hyungs meant it, that this could happen between them now.  Inhaling, he shifted his weight, intending to move away.

            Seungho’s arm circled his waist, pulling him close, and he felt the wet sweep of Seungho’s tongue in his mouth.  Surprised, he didn’t know whether to encourage more or pull away, but arousal was already heating up his body.  With a low, rough, sensual sound that made Joon shiver with sexual excitement, Seungho put a hand on the back of his neck and pressed him against the wall.  His shoulder blades against the wall and Seungho hot and firm all down his front, Joon moaned, sliding his hands up into Seungho’s hair.  The way Seungho was kissing him was oh, fuck, yes, deep and wet and insistent, taking over his mouth.  Joon felt like he was burning up with every assertive, possessive thrust of Seungho’s tongue, like he was on fire with every stroke of Seungho’s hands down his body.  He’d never been kissed like this before, he’d never been claimed like this before, and he felt like he was finally learning what kissing was, what sex was, like he’d been playing kiddy games all along and it was finally time to grow up.  Moaning, wanting more of this feeling, wanting to know what else Seungho could to do him, he undulated at the press of Seungho’s thigh between his legs, need and pleasure winding their way through him.  His back arching, his hips rolling, he panted raggedly against Seungho’s mouth as desire shook him and his hands grabbed greedily at Seungho’s hips.  He could feel the thick hardness of Seungho’s cock against him and he wanted it, he needed it, he was sure that all of these amazing, amazing feelings would be so much better if he had more of Seungho’s cock.

            Oh, god, he was in so far over his head he was drowning, and he loved it.  It had never been like this, he’d never known that it could be like this, so intense, so completely out of his control, so completely under someone else’s control.  Seungho’s hand was at his nape, in his hair, pulling, and his head fell back.  This sensation of being dominated was so fresh it was making his skin prickle, so intense it was making him whimper with needy excitement, such a fucking turn-on he was writhing against Seungho in a shameless, feverish quest for more.  Seungho’s mouth was on his neck, working downward inch by inch with hard, sucking kisses, and every patch of skin Seungho had already claimed was burning, and every inch Seungho hadn’t made it to yet was so desperate for it that Joon was squirming and arching and panting like a wild animal, grinding against Seungho’s thigh like orgasm was the only thing that would keep him alive.

            The hand in his hair tightened further, drawing his head back, and then Seungho’s hand on his chest shoved him back against the wall, holding him there.  Suddenly feeling abandoned, lost, Joon blinked at Seungho.  It seemed bizarre to him that the hallway was so dark when he felt so incredibly lit up.

            “Not until we debut,” Seungho said quietly.  “When I’m ready for it, I’ll come to you.”

            Feeling as if he’d just been scolded, pretty sure that he had, Joon held still.  His body was confused as fuck and yelling at him to get more of whatever that had just been, and his emotions were all over the place, but he managed not to move until Seungho walked away and closed the door.  With the click of the door, he sagged against the wall, tucking his hand down the front of his shorts and letting out a shuddering breath.

            “Can we fuck you or not?”

            “Yeah, I guess.”

            What the hell had he just agreed to?

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