Must Touch Cute Thing

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2012, Jellyfish Entertainment
Fan club: Starlight
Name Real name Birth date Role
N Cha Hakyeon June 30, 1990 leader
Leo Jung Taekwoon November 10, 1990 singer
Ken Lee Jaehwan April 6, 1992 singer
Ravi Kim Wonshik February 15, 1993 rapper
Hongbin Lee Hongbin September 29, 1993 visual
Hyuk Han Sanghyuk July 5, 1995 maknae
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            It all began with this:

            VIXX was the only guest on a segment with Park Myungsoo and Park Kyunglim.  They were seated three in front and three behind while the hosts read viewer questions.

            “‘Leo oppa,’” Kyunglim began.  “‘If you were a girl, which member would you date?  You never answer.  Please answer, oppa.’”

            “You don’t answer?” Myungsoo asked.

            “No, he never answers,” N said, while Leo watched the hosts in attentive silence.

            “You don’t like the question?” Kyunglim asked, sitting forward.

            “No, he hates it,” N said.  “He never answers.”

            “‘I hate it,’” Ken said in Leo’s soft voice.  “‘I hate everybody.’”  He ducked while Leo reached over and hit his neck.

            “Leo,” Kyunglim asked, laughing.  “Why don’t you like it?”

            Distracted from Ken, he looked over at her.  “It’s stupid.”

            “Why?” Myungsoo asked.

            “I’m not a girl.”

            “What if you had to answer?” Kyunglim asked.  Leo sighed.  “What if you were a girl?” Myungsoo asked.  Leo rolled his eyes.  “What if you were a girl and you had to date one of the members?”  They shot questions rapid fire.  “What if you were a girl and you had to marry one of the members?”  “What if an asteroid hits Earth and everybody dies and it’s only you and this member left in the world?”  “What if you were a woman and you and this member had to repopulate the world?”  “Which member is it?”  By then, Leo had ducked his head to hide his face and was curling forward like he wanted to disappear.

            “Leo’s choice!” Kyunglim announced to the camera.  While Leo looked stricken, the hosts directed the other members to stand up in a line, facing the cameras, then coaxed him forward.

            “Which member?” Myungsoo asked.

            “To save the world!” Kyunglim added encouragingly.

            While Leo sighed, hanging back, looking anywhere but at the guys lined up in front of him, the members waited, miming patience, rocking up onto their toes.

            “To save the world!” Kyunglim repeated.

            “Leo’s choice!” Myungsoo added.

            “Leo fighting!” Kyunglim said, urging him on.

            Leo looked upward as if someone in the ceiling might rescue him, sighed, walked forward, and touched Hyuk’s back.

            Hyuk half-turned, glancing around.  When he came face-to-face with Leo, he looked astonished.  “Hyung?”

            “Shut up,” Leo said, looking embarrassed and turning away.

            “Eye contact, eye contact,” Kyunglim said cheerfully.  It took a moment, but the members corralled Leo until he was face-to-face with Hyuk, Kyunglim holding her cards between their faces.  “One,” she said, watching them closely.  “Two.  Three!”  She snatched the cards away.

            Leo immediately dropped his gaze, avoiding eye contact.

            To break the awkwardness, for good TV, Hyuk made an angel pose, his hands in a V under his chin as he smiled charmingly.

            Leo glanced up as if unable to resist.  As soon as he looked at Hyuk, he blushed, dropping into a crouch.

            Hyuk crouched down beside him, patting his back while he buried his face in his arms.

            “Hyung,” Ken said, hurriedly crouching down in front of Leo, while everyone else exclaimed and laughed and commented.  “Hyung, hyung, Leo hyung.”

            Leo glanced up.

            Ken did the angel pose with a big smile.

            Leo lunged at Ken and ended up chasing him off-camera into the PDs on the sidelines.  By the time order was restored and the hosts and members were all back in their chairs, the mood was broken.

            “The question was ‘which member,’ and you chose Hyuk,” Myungsoo said.

            Leo nodded.

            “Why?” Kyunglim asked.

            Leo swallowed and hesitated, as if forming his thoughts, then said, “Very handsome.”

            “Oh!” Kyunglim said.

            “Very handsome,” Myungsoo repeated.

            Leo nodded.

            All of the other members turned to stare at Hyuk, baffled.

            After the show aired, they were on Youngstreet, and Boom explained the situation to the listeners.  Hyuk glanced at Leo a few times to see how Leo was taking it, but Leo just sat there, drinking water.  Hyuk couldn’t even tell if he was listening.  Then Boom said, “You chose Hyuk.  ‘Ah, very handsome.’”

            Leo nodded.  “Yes.”

            “Are you sure that you didn’t mean Hongbin?”

            While the other members laughed, Leo just looked at Boom and said, “No.”

            “That’s how it is?” Boom asked.  “‘Hyuk, ah, very handsome.’”

            Leo was starting to look annoyed.  “Yes.”

            Boom laughed.  “The other members.  ‘Ah, I don’t…’”  With a doubtful expression, Boom sucked in his breath, and everyone cracked up.  “But Hyuk is a good-looking dongsaeng,” Boom added quickly.  “Leo, is he a good maknae?” he asked.  “Is he cute, does he cheer you up?”

            Leo nodded.  “Very cute.”  Surprised, Hyuk blushed.

            “Hyuk, is Leo a good hyung?” Boom asked.  “Does he take care of you?”

            “Ah, yes,” Hyuk said, leaning toward the mike.  “Leo hyung cooks for us.”

            “He cooks,” Boom repeated, sounding interested.  “What does he cook that you like?”

            “Everything,” Hyuk said.  “Leo hyung’s ramen is the best.”

            Boom grinned.  “Good hyung, good cook.  Handsome man?”

            If he said yes or if he said no, it would be good radio either way.  He knew what the fans wanted to hear, though, so he went with the truth.  “Yes, handsome.  I watch Leo onstage, I think, ‘Oh, daebak.’”

            Leo blushed, looking away.  While the other members took over the conversation, Hyuk smiled, watching Leo recover, wondering what that was about.  It wasn’t like Leo didn’t know Hyuk thought he was handsome.  It wasn’t like Leo cared what he thought.

            Did he not know?

            Did he care?

            Hyuk hadn’t expected to hear Leo say that he was a good maknae, though, or to come right out and call him “very cute.”  Maybe it was just that; maybe Leo hadn’t expected to hear it so directly.  It wasn’t like all of the members ran around flattering each other all of the time.  Maybe he should make more of an effort?  Maybe he and Leo should be closer?

            He had reasons why they weren’t very close.  Excuses.  Leo wasn’t very open, Leo wasn’t very warm, Leo was hard to get to know.  But the real problem was that of all of the members, Leo was the one Hyuk had always worried about being attracted to.  He wasn’t interested in any of the others.  They were good hyungs, and Hongbin was nice to look at, but he didn’t really want to have sex with them.  There was something about Leo he found dangerously irresistible, though, so he never let himself get too close.  He didn’t know how Leo would take it, and it wasn’t good for the team, so he ignored his attraction and was careful not to pay Leo any more attention than the other members.  By now, he was so used to stifling it, he didn’t really know how he felt about Leo anymore.

            He decided to try to be a better maknae.  When they got back to the dorm and Leo disappeared into the bedroom, Hyuk took a bottle of water and crouched beside him.  “I brought you a drink, hyung.”

            Stretched out on his stomach, Leo was watching videos on his phone.  He glanced at Hyuk, took the bottle, and then softly murmured, “Yes.”

            Hyuk smiled at him.

            He blushed, pushing Hyuk aside and turning back to his phone.

            Loving that he’d gotten a reaction, Hyuk grinned.  “I love you, hyung!  Please take care of me!” he called as he left the room.

            At the gym the next evening, Hyuk kept an eye on Leo, offering him towels, offering him water, offering to spot him.  Sometimes Leo seemed apathetic and sometimes he seemed flustered.  When he started to do arm curls and Hyuk counted for him by doing the gwiyomi song, he practically disappeared in a ball of embarrassed laughter on the floor.

            Finding new ways to embarrass Leo seemed like the best possible game.  Hyuk loved making Leo laugh, loved the way he ducked his head and looked like he wanted to hate it but couldn’t help but like it, loved the way he smiled.

            It was dangerous, the way Leo made him feel.  It was irresistible.

            The next day was full of fan signings, one after the other.  Hyuk sat beside Leo at every one of them.  At the first one, as they were getting settled, Hyuk started arranging things in front of Leo.  “Here’s your pen, hyung.  Do you need more water, hyung?  Are you comfortable, hyung?  Can I get you anything?”

            Leo stared at him as if on the verge of lunging at him.

            Hyuk smiled, widening his eyes and splitting his fingers in a V, then ballooned his cheeks, then did a sweet angel pose.

            Leo curled forward, putting his head on the table, and didn’t come up for ages.

            It was the highlight of Hyuk’s morning.

            At the second fan meeting, a few fan representatives got to ask questions.  One of them asked, “Is there anything Hyuk oppa wants to say to Leo oppa?”

            Grinning, Hyuk took the mike.  Turning to Leo, he balled one hand into a fist and said, “Leo hyung fighting!  I love you, hyung!  Please take care of me!”

            While the fans exclaimed and cheered, Leo smiled, blushed, and ducked his head.  Laughing, Hyuk thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen.  It fascinated him, how someone so chic and cool and handsome and sexy could be so adorable.  It was like Leo was everything he was attracted to, even some things he hadn’t even realized he was attracted to, all at once.

            The fans were clamoring for a response, so Ravi nudged the mike near Leo’s mouth.  Smiling, blushing, eyes crinkling, Leo looked up enough to murmur, “Cute,” before disappearing again.

            The fans loved it almost as much as Hyuk did.

            He could tell that Starlight had been busy, because at the next fan meeting, there were about two dozen fans standing in a group together, and all of a sudden they started chanting, “Leo oppa!  Leo oppa!  Leo oppa!”

            Leaning forward, Leo watched them and asked, “What?”  His voice was so soft, Hyuk could barely hear him, so there was no way the fans had heard him, but his interest was enough.

            “Is there anything you want to say to Hyuk oppa?”

            Blushing, Leo shook his head.

            Laughing, calling out, they asked again.

            Blushing, Leo shook his head again.  “No.”

            Now the fans were getting excited, some joining in with demands for a response, others trying to hush them.  Leo put his finger to his lips to shush them, but Ken stood up with a mike and, in an imitation of Leo’s soft voice, said, “‘I have a confession…’”

            Lurching to his feet, Leo reached for Ken.  The only one between them, Hyuk jumped up.  While Leo tried to grab Ken, Hyuk put his hands on Leo’s shoulders - - broad, muscular shoulders - - and tried to push Leo back.  “Hyung, hyung, no,” he said, laughing, while the fans screamed in delight and Ravi tried to drag Leo away.  The softness of Leo’s sweater under his palms, the firmness of Leo’s body, made him wish that he touched Leo more often.  He was close, so close, to the pale smoothness of Leo’s neck, to the tense athleticism of Leo’s body, that for an instant - - a long, aching instant - - he wanted to pull instead of push, to guide Leo’s body closer, to taste the softness of Leo’s delicate, pink lips.

            “‘I, I don’t know,’” Ken said in a high, tremulous voice.  “‘I…  It’s a little…’”

            “Do you want to die?” Leo demanded, and for a moment, Hyuk was pressed, squashed between their bodies, Leo straining against him, Leo’s hard, lean body snug to him from shoulder to knee.  For an instant, Hyuk gasped, surprise and lust sweeping through him like wildfire, hands spasmodically gripping Leo’s soft, thin sweater.  And then he remembered where he was and who was around and what was going on, and he flattened his hands again, pushing, and Ravi dragged Leo away.

            While the fans cheered and the members laughed and N took over the mike, Hyuk grabbed at his chair, dropping into it as quickly as possible.  Fancams and hard-ons were one of the worst possible combinations, and he had no idea what was visible or what Leo might have felt.  Smiling for the fans’ sake, he pretended to enjoy the moment while N talked and Leo sat back down beside him.  What had happened wasn’t a big deal in anyone else’s eyes, he was sure - - just Ken being silly, Leo being irritable, the fans eating up their antics, the same old thing as always.  The only difference was that the cold, sweet, chic, adorable, sexy guy to Hyuk’s left was making his heart pound like he’d just performed ten routines without a break.  Shit, this wasn’t good.  Hyuk drank some water and wondered when he’d started sweating.

            Their manager wasn’t happy about what had happened, and on the way to the next meeting they were scolded.  Chastened, they all apologized.  Their manager mainly seemed upset with Ken, though, and with all of them in general for encouraging the fans to act up.  No one said anything about Hyuk suddenly getting a hard-on in front of everybody, so maybe no one had noticed.

            Leo must have noticed.  Leo must have felt it.  Or had Leo been too distracted?  Sitting in the back of the van, Hyuk let his gaze slide over to Leo, Leo’s shoulder, Leo’s ear.  In the confusion and chaos of the moment, maybe Leo hadn’t realized what that thing pressing against his thigh was.  Or maybe Hyuk hadn’t been hard enough.  Maybe his cock wasn’t big enough to notice?  Aishh!  He had to stop thinking about this.  He should be grateful that Leo didn’t know what had happened.

            At the next fan meeting, the fans were even more prepared.  They had signs.  Actual signs they held up together.  “Leo, say something about Hyuk!”  As soon as the signs were up, the other fans started to react, some urging Leo to respond, some telling the other fans to shut up.  Their manager ordered everyone to put signs down, and Hyuk felt bad; he hated seeing the fans being reprimanded.

            He wanted to let the fans know that everything was okay.  He couldn’t respond to them too obviously; he didn’t want to get in trouble for encouraging them.  He smiled and waved, but under his manager’s sharp eyes, he couldn’t do much else.

            Then Leo stood up to sing.  It was a love song, a ballad, and Leo started off softly, his pretty voice high and tender.

            Suddenly seeing a chance, Hyuk turned in his chair, clasping his hands under his chin, gazing up at Leo with a pining, yearning expression.  The fans started to laugh and cheer, so he pressed his hands to his heart, swaying back and forth.  Distracted, Leo looked at him, and he quickly smiled, bringing both hands over his head, forming a big heart.

            Leo burst into laughter, dropping his head, the mike almost falling from his hand.  Leaning over the table, he kept laughing as the music stopped and Ravi took the mike.  Feeling kind of bad about that - - he hadn’t meant to interrupt the song - - Hyuk waited until Leo calmed down enough to glance over at him, and then did an angel pose to apologize.

            Leo lost it, crouching down behind the table until nothing was visible but his hair.  While the other members talked, Hyuk and Ravi coaxed him up back onto his chair.  Finally sitting back, Leo released a breath and smiled at Hyuk.  “Ah,” he said, looking happy.  “So cute.”

            Hyuk felt like he’d just won a prize he hadn’t even realized he’d been striving so fervently for.

            The next morning they were up early to practice for a special stage.  They went over the choreography so many times Hyuk hurt all over, but they were still rusty.  N left for another schedule, which meant that Leo was in charge.  N was a firm leader, but he softened things by communicating so well that it was a little easier to take.  Leo just told people what to do and expected them to do it.

            Practice wasn’t really going badly, at first, but Ken was having trouble with how fast some of the footwork was, and after N left, he started to get flustered.  That would have been okay, except that Leo started to get frustrated.  Ravi wasn’t feeling well and the hostility in the room was stressing out Hongbin, and Hyuk could see the whole day spiraling into tension and hurt feelings.

            “Do it again,” Leo was ordering Ken.  “Do it until you get it right.”

            “I’ll do it with you,” Hyuk offered.  He was taking a gamble; if this didn’t go over well, the mood in the room was going to get a lot worse.  He did the steps with Ken for sixteen beats, until the choreography brought him right in front of where Leo was standing to one side, glowering.  Then he pirouetted and bent his knees slightly, pouting and softly beating on Leo’s chest with his fists.  “We need a break, hyung, please?  Won’t you buy us some cola, please?  Come on, hyung, take care of us!”

            Leo stared at him in disbelief.

            He stared up at Leo with wide eyes, pouting and holding his breath.

            No one made a sound.

            Suddenly, Leo broke away, staggering to the couch, laughing and sinking down to the floor, burying his face in his arms on the seat.

            The room erupted in laughter, the other members applauding, the thick tension immediately cleared.  Hyuk pressed his luck, crouching down and leaning over Leo’s back, snuggling up to Leo’s shoulder, whining, “Please, hyung, please?  I love you, Leo hyung.”  Leo’s body was warm, his shirt wet with sweat, his back lean and firm with muscle.  Hyuk stroked Leo’s damp hair, cooing.

            “I hate you,” Leo moaned, trying to crawl away.

            “Are we getting cola?” Ken asked.  “Is hyung paying?”

            Hyuk sat back, butt on the floor, letting Leo go.  He’d been enjoying every single aspect of this moment way too much, and he wanted to back off before it became too obvious to everyone else.

            Sighing, Leo sat, his back against the couch.  He glanced at Hyuk, blushed, and looked away.  “Hyung’s paying.”

            While everyone else cheered, Hyuk smiled and made a heart with both hands under his chin.  “Thank you, Leo hyung.”

            Leo smiled and got up.

            Hyuk tried to stop after that, he really did.  But he loved making Leo smile.  And it always lightened the mood whenever he made Leo laugh.  When Leo was happy, the whole group seemed happier.  Or maybe it was just that when Leo smiled, Hyuk felt good.

            He tried not to touch Leo too often or for too long.  He tried not to stare when Leo was working out, or half-dressed, or sweating, or singing, or eating, or drinking, or existing, or any other time Leo looked incredibly, gorgeously sexy.  He tried not to think about Leo’s smile or Leo’s thighs or Leo’s slender, graceful hands or Leo’s tender, pink lips or how sexy and breathy Leo’s voice was.  He especially tried not to think about those things when his body was shaking and his cock was in his hand and he was counting on the sound of the shower to cover his desperate, gasping moans.  Sometimes he even succeeded.

            He’d never been this kind of maknae before.  He’d been a cute maknae, and a fun maknae, but he’d never been the pouting, whining, manipulative kind.  He wasn’t a baby.  He had his pride.  But now that he’d discovered the effect he could have on Leo, he was happy to do whatever made Leo happy.  So he winked at Leo and he pouted at Leo and he felt the room light up every time Leo smiled.

            One night, they were at the dorms, hungry and exhausted.  Leo was in the bedroom; the rest of them were on and around the couch, Hyuk tucked between the armrest and Hongbin.

            “Ask Leo hyung to cook for us,” Ken said.

            Tired, Hyuk was resting with his head on Hongbin’s shoulder and his eyes closed.  He assumed at first that Ken was talking to N, until his overworked brain caught up with him and he realized that Ken had been speaking informally.  Then he assumed that Ken had been talking to Ravi, but Ravi wasn’t replying.  Then someone’s hand was on his ankle, shaking him.  “Ask Leo hyung to cook for us,” Ken repeated.

            Him?  He opened his eyes to find Ken seated on the floor, looking up at him.

            “Yeah,” N said.  “I want ramen.”  Reaching past Hongbin, he nudged Hyuk in the ribs.  “Go ask Leo to make us ramen.”


            Ken made a cute face, crooking two fingers on either side of his eyes.  “‘Please, Leo hyung?  Cutie maknae loves you so much!’”

            “Go,” N ordered, and Hongbin, laughing, pushed Hyuk up and off of the couch.

            “He’s going to say no,” Hyuk protested.

            “Ask him,” N commanded, pointing toward the bedroom.  “Go!”

            Groaning, Hyuk walked toward the bedroom.  Feeling like a human sacrifice, he shuffled into the room.  The lights were off, but he could see by the glow of Leo’s phone that Leo was stretched out in the usual position, watching videos or reading anime or checking Twitter or listening to music or whatever else Leo did.  “Hyung?”  He crouched down and rubbed his hand over Leo’s long, muscular back.  “Leo hyung?”

            Leo made an indistinct noise.

            Hyuk gave in to temptation and ran his fingers through Leo’s hair.  After they’d come back to the dorm, they’d showered, and Leo’s thick hair was soft and clean between his fingers.  “Leo hyung.”  He leaned down, his chest across Leo’s back, his cheek on Leo’s shoulder.  He really wouldn’t have minded staying there for the rest of the night.  “I’m hungry.”  His hand was enjoying the softness of Leo’s hair so much that he kept stroking it, petting it.  “Will you please, please, please please please make us some ramen?  Please, hyung?”

            Leo didn’t say anything.

            Hyuk ran his finger around the curve of Leo’s ear.  He wasn’t going to get ramen, but he couldn’t bring himself to get up and leave.  He didn’t often have an excuse to be this close to Leo, this physically intimate, and he wasn’t going to abandon it before he had to.  So he stayed there, across Leo’s back, his cheek on Leo’s shoulder, and wrote his name with one finger between Leo’s shoulder blades.

            “Yes,” Leo said, moving beneath him, shaking him loose, dumping him aside.  Getting up, Leo walked away.

            Surprised, Hyuk asked, “Yes?”  Grinning, he leapt to his feet and left the bedroom in time to see Leo walk into the kitchen.

            Leo grabbed the pot and started to fill it with water.

            Hyuk felt like a champion.  “I love you, hyung.  Thank you.”

            Leo grunted in reply.

            Hyuk was so happy and so touched that he stayed and watched Leo the whole time.

            He’d started a bad trend.

            Now the other members knew that if Hyuk asked, Leo might say yes.

            They were at a photo shoot when Ravi and Hongbin cornered him as he was getting out of the stylist’s chair.  “Ask Leo hyung to do a heart,” Ravi said.

            “What?”  Puzzled, Hyuk laughed.  “Why?”

            “Ask him,” Hongbin said, grinning.

            “We bet Ken hyung,” Ravi said.  “He has to buy us choco pies if Leo hyung does it.”

            “For the photographer?” Hyuk asked.  “He won’t!”

            “Ask him,” Hongbin ordered, tickling Hyuk’s ribs.

            “Ah!  Oh!”  Laughing, Hyuk danced away.  “He won’t!”

            “Ask him!” Ravi called as Hyuk left.

            Hyuk was just in time to see the photographer finish with N.  Leo was up next.  “Oh, daebak!” Hyuk called as Leo stepped in front of the camera.  “So handsome!”  Leo looked over at him, and he gave Leo two thumbs up.

            “Shut up,” Leo said, but he was smiling.

            Hyuk waited, watching.  Leo did one chic pose after another, showing off the long, lean lines of his body, his broad shoulders and handsome face.  He was so expressionless that Hyuk was amazed at how cool he seemed on the outside when he was so sweet on the inside.  Knowing how to make him smile seemed like a precious secret.

            After a bunch of chic shots, the photographer told Leo to smile and relax.  Hyuk grinned, seeing his chance.  “Do a heart!” he called, forming a big one over his head.  Leo was pretending not to hear or see him.  “Hyung!  Leo hyung!”  Leo shot him an exasperated look, but that only encouraged him more.  “Do a heart, hyung!  Do it for the fans!”  Hyuk went up on his toes, making heart after heart.

            “Hey!” Ken exclaimed.  “Hey, that’s not fair!  The maknae can’t-”

            Quickly interrupting, Hyuk called, “Do it for Starlight, oppa!”

            Bursting into laughter, Leo said, “Shut up, maknae,” and then gave the camera an embarrassed smile and made a tiny, awkward heart with both hands in front of his chest.

            Victorious, Hyuk cheered.

            Leo made it through a couple more shots.  As soon as the photographer dismissed him, he walked right off the set and grabbed Hyuk by the back of the neck, squeezing.

            “Oh!  Oppa!” Hyuk protested, shoulders hunching.  Leo’s grip tightened.  “Hyung!  Hyung!” he quickly corrected himself, trying not to laugh, failing.  “I’m sorry, hyung!  It was a good heart!”  Leo was glaring at him but also kind of smiling; he tried to look innocent, widening his eyes.  “I’m sorry, hyung!”

            “Stupid,” Leo muttered, releasing him and walking away.

            Laughing, straightening, Hyuk waved at Leo’s back.  “I love you, hyung!  Please take good care of me!”

            They were getting ready for a festival.  In the dressing room, Hyuk sat in one corner of the couch, dressed but waiting for his turn in the stylist’s chair.  He couldn’t get comfortable, so he sat on the floor, his back against the couch, tucking his legs up, using the edge of the couch cushion to pillow his face.

            Someone sat on the couch.  He opened his eyes just enough to see a knee in black leather, decided that it was one of the members, and went back to sleep.

            He felt a light touch at his cheek, someone gently stroking his eyebrow.  The caress meandered, petting his face, skimming just beneath his lips.  It had to be one of the members, messing with him, trying to irritate him, but he was sleepy and it felt kind of nice.  Then he heard, in soft, breathy syllables, “Oh, cute.”

            Leo.  Leo was petting him.

            He tried not to react.  If he reacted, it might stop.  He needed this to continue for as long as it possibly could.

            Slow, tender stroking.  He felt the backs of Leo’s fingers caress his cheek.  He had no idea what Leo was thinking, and since it was Leo, there were no more words.

            “Hyuk,” the manager called.  “Han Sanghyuk.”

            Immediately, the touching stopped.

            Hyuk opened his eyes carefully, blinking a few times, pretending to be sleepy and dazed.  Leo was sitting on the couch, right beside him, earbuds in, phone to his face, as if in an isolated bubble with no one else around.  The other members were across the room, laughing and talking.

            Licking his lips, resisting the urge to look at Leo again, resisting the urge to touch the side of his face, Hyuk got up and went to go have his make-up done.

            In the van on the way back to the dorm that night, it finally occurred to Hyuk to wonder if Leo had ever done that before.  Maybe this wasn’t the first time it had happened; maybe this was just the first time that he’d been awake enough to notice it.

            It was late.  Ravi was asleep on the couch, and everyone else was stumbling around like zombies, too exhausted to do anything, too hungry to go to sleep.  Eventually they ended up sitting on top of and around Ravi, trying to decide what to eat.

            “Ramen,” Ken moaned.  “I want ramen.”  He kicked lightly at Hyuk’s shin.  “Ask Leo hyung to cook for us.”

            Hyuk was halfway through a protest when he realized that Leo wasn’t out of earshot.  Leo was right there, sitting beside Hongbin on the floor, as tired and hungry as the rest of them.  He didn’t even have his earbuds in.

            N nudged Hyuk.  “Do it.  I want ramen.”

            What did they expect?  What was he supposed to do?  “He’s right here,” Hyuk said, in case they hadn’t noticed.

            “Ramen,” N ordered.

            Hyuk stared at his other hyungs in disbelief.  What did they want him to do?  Why couldn’t they just ask Leo themselves?  Okay, he knew the answer to that question: if they asked, Leo would probably say no.  But what did they think he was going to do?  He could make Leo smile sometimes, but he didn’t have magical powers.  Leo was going to be able to see it coming; Leo was sitting right there and could hear them planning it!

            Ravi snorted, coughed, rubbed his face, and went back to sleep.

            Hyuk looked at Leo.

            Leo just sat there, looking bored.

            Hyuk felt N prodding him, knuckles digging into his ribs.  Licking his lips, he leaned forward off of the couch with a tentative smile.  “Leo hyung?”

            Leo glanced at him without interest.

            He wished that Leo would smile at him.  “Will you please cook ramen for us?”

            Wordlessly, Leo shook his head.

            N hit the side of Hyuk’s neck.  “Do it right!”

            Sighing, Hyuk sagged.  Rubbing his hands over his face, he wished that he didn’t love Leo so much and didn’t care what Leo thought so much.  He wished that he knew why Leo had caressed his face like that.  He wished that he’d been attracted to a different member and not the chic, sweet, cold, sexy, adorable one who made the room glow with one shy smile.

            He decided that he didn’t care about the ramen.  They’d find something to eat.  But he did want to make Leo happy.  So, lowering his hands, he slid off of the couch onto his knees and pouted, lightly beating his fists against Leo’s shoulder in the most shamelessly babyish way he could manage.  “Leo hyung, please, you’re such a good cook, you make the best ramen, I’m so hungry, your ramen’s the best, please, hyung, I want some!”

            For a long beat, Leo just looked at him in expressionless silence.  Then, suddenly, Leo burst into laughter, falling away, collapsing against the floor.

            While the other members cracked up laughing, Hyuk crawled on top of Leo, still hitting his shoulder, whining.  “Oppa.  Oppa, please.  Your ramen’s the best, oppa, please, for me?  Make it for me?  Do it for me, oppa?”

            “Shut up!” Leo moaned, laughing, rolling onto his back, pushing away Hyuk’s hands.

            “Leo oppa,” Hyuk whined, hitting his chest instead.  “Taekwoon oppa.”

            Leo’s arm shot around his waist and Leo rolled over, wrestling him down.  Immediately submitting, Hyuk laughed, panting, “I’m sorry, hyung, I’m sorry, hyung,” while Leo pinned him down by the back of the neck until the other members intervened.

            “Stop being so cute!”  Leo kicked his thigh as the other members dragged them apart.

            “I love you, hyung,” Hyuk said, trying to sound cute, laughing too much to pull it off.  “Please take care of me!”

            Leo kicked him again, lightly, and went to go make ramen.

            A couple of days later, Hyuk had a cold.  He was sick enough that N let him leave practice early.  He went to the dorm, showered, stuffed himself full of vitamins, and curled up with blankets.

            He heard the others come back a while later.  The sound of voices as they shuffled around the dorm broke his sleep, but he didn’t bother to get up.  He was pretty sure that he’d fallen asleep again, but maybe not, when he felt a touch at his forehead.

            “How’s our maknae?” Hongbin’s voice asked.

            Leo’s voice, so soft, so pretty.  “Sleeping.”

            Someone was touching his face, caressing him.  He wanted to open his eyes, to make sure that it was Leo, to see Leo’s expression, to understand what was happening.  But he didn’t want to scare Leo away, didn’t want it to stop.

            This wasn’t a one-time thing.  This was the second time Leo had done it, at least the second time, and maybe there had been other times.  He’d never seen Leo touch any of the other members like this.

            “Sleepy maknae,” Leo whispered, stroking his cheek.  “You’ll be okay.  Hyung will take care of you.”

            Hyuk’s sore throat and stuffed-up nose and inability to speak without coughing suddenly seemed much less bothersome.  Maybe the vitamins were working.  Or maybe Leo’s attention was all his body needed to feel so, so, so much better.  He wanted Leo to keep petting him, wanted Leo to touch him like this in other places, all over.

            Leo stayed with him for a while, caressing him silently, even stroking his lips in a way that made pleasure hum between his thighs.  Eventually Leo’s hand disappeared, though.  He tried not to show his disappointment.  Without Leo’s touch to distract him, he began to feel his symptoms again, and he coughed, curling up on his side, wishing that he could go back to sleep, hoping for dreams of Leo petting him and whispering to him and smiling at him.  He could hear the other members moving around the dorm, talking, eating.  He didn’t hear Leo, but that didn’t mean anything.  The room was so still and quiet, he assumed that he was alone, and he rolled over again, trying to get comfortable.

            “Is he awake?” Ken’s voice asked.  “Should he eat?”

            “Let him sleep,” Leo’s voice said, and it was so close that he opened his eyes.  Leo was right there, sitting beside him.  Not stretched out, earbuds in, coincidentally beside him since they were in the same room, but sitting up, so close he could’ve put his hand on Leo’s thigh without effort.  Leo looked down at him, and they stared at each other for a minute.  “Sleep,” Leo finally said.

            Hyuk pushed himself up on one arm, staring at Leo, trying to figure him out.

            Leo reached over and smoothed Hyuk’s hair with the same attention and affection he used on his favorite cats.  He smiled a little, like he was enjoying it.

            Hyuk was definitely enjoying it.  He was enjoying it so much that pleasure was pouring across his scalp and humming down his spine and tingling along his limbs.  It felt so good, the way Leo was touching him, the way Leo was looking at him, that he knew they were going too far.  He liked this too much.  This was dangerous, this was the kind of happiness and pleasure he couldn’t explain away, this was the kind of joy and desire he wasn’t going to be able to turn off once Leo left the room.  His feelings for Leo, his lust for Leo, it was all too much, too strong.

            “Sleep,” Leo said softly, taking his hand from Hyuk’s hair.

            “Hyung.”  He didn’t know what else to say.  He had to explain what Leo was doing to him.  He had to communicate enough of what he felt so that Leo would understand and leave him alone.  He had to explain enough so that Leo would know what was wrong when he pulled away, because he was going to have to pull away.  He couldn’t keep playing with Leo and making Leo laugh and soaking up Leo’s smiles.  Not anymore.  Not when it was like this.

            Leo pushed his head down.  “Hyung will take care of you.”

            That was the problem.  He didn’t want Leo to take care of him.  He wanted Leo to care about him.  To want him.  To love him.

            With that revelation, Hyuk groaned, dragging the covers over his head.  No way was he going to tackle that until he felt better.

            He slept for a while.  He felt someone rubbing his back in slow, affectionate strokes.  He couldn’t manage to be surprised when he opened his eyes and found Leo sitting beside him.

            “Eat,” Leo said.  So he sat up, and he ate the ramen that Leo gave him, and he took the medicine that Leo gave him.  The other members came in to check on him; while they teased him and fussed over him, Leo took the bowl away.  Then Leo came back and shooed everyone away.  “He needs sleep.”

            “Where do you want us to go?” Ken asked as the other members left the room.  “We sleep in here.  What if I want to go to bed?”

            “Sleep with Ravi,” Leo said.

            He actually seemed to mean it, or at least Ken assumed that he’d meant it, because Hyuk and Leo had the room to themselves for the rest of the night.  Hyuk got up a couple of times to cough and pee.  Leo mostly left him alone, but every time he woke up, Leo rubbed his back until he fell asleep and, for all he knew, a while after.

            By morning, he felt much better.  Their manager said that it was because of the rest and medicine.  Hyuk was pretty sure that it was because of Leo.

            Hyuk tried to police himself.  The team dynamic was so good, so comfortable, that he didn’t want to make things awkward.  Leo was content, everyone was getting along; he wasn’t going to be able to forgive himself if he ruined it.  They had to live together, work together; they were members, they were VIXX.  He couldn’t spoil things for the whole team.  He couldn’t damage the best part of their lives.

            So he tried to keep things going smoothly.  He tried to keep things light.  He kept his hands off Leo, he kept a physical distance, and he only did deliberate aegyo sometimes, when he could justify it, when the mood was turning, when the other members pushed him into it.

            The problem was, Leo wasn’t so cold and chic anymore.  Leo treated him like some new adopted cat, petting him, touching him, stroking his back, caressing his hair.  Not just when he was asleep, but when he was awake.  Not just when they were alone, but in front of the other members.  Any time he sprawled somewhere or took a nap, Leo gravitated toward him like he was a new puppy.  Leo found moments to pet him anywhere, everywhere, like when they were in the elevator, or when they were standing around waiting to go onstage, or apparently whenever Leo’s “must touch cute thing” urge struck.  And when Leo wasn’t petting him, Leo was watching him.  Gazing at him with the enchanted, fascinated curiosity Leo reserved for two-year-olds and adorable kittens.  Or, sometimes, tracking his every movement with a pleased little smirk that turned him on so much he wanted to start preening and flirting.  He had no idea what Leo was thinking, but there was sex in that smirk, and Leo didn’t look that way at anyone else.

            He spent every day craving Leo’s touch, dreading Leo’s attention, soaking up Leo’s affection, trying to avoid Leo, treasuring every interaction, and being treated like Leo’s personal, one-channel television.

            It was fun and horrible and wonderful, and he knew that it couldn’t last.  Someone was going to notice that he liked it too much.  Someone was going to notice that he had a hard-on all of the time.  The fans were going to ask the wrong question in the wrong way and he was going to give himself away.

            He had to talk to Leo.  He had to explain.  He had to make this stop before it all got so much worse.

            Coming back from working out, they were trying to decide what to do with their night off.  N was talking to their manager, so Leo would take the first shower.  Figuring that he was safe, Hyuk draped himself across the couch to rest while Ken and Ravi and Hongbin argued over which movie they wanted to see and if they should go to noraebang instead.  On his back, his arm over his eyes, he was hoping that they’d choose a decent movie when he felt a hand on his chest.

            Oh, shit.

            It rubbed down across his abs and back up.  Squeezing his eyes shut, he said, “I thought you were going to take a shower.”

            “No,” Leo said.  His hand rubbed slowly, lightly, across Hyuk’s chest, then more firmly.  Like it had finally occurred to him to explain, he added, “N’s going first.”

            Hyuk heard the water start.

            “Hyung,” Hongbin asked, “what movie do you want to see?”

            Leo’s hand smoothed up and down Hyuk’s side.  He’d sweated through his T-shirt, but Leo either didn’t notice or didn’t care.  “Which movie?”

            Wondering, Hyuk lowered his arm to check, and met Leo’s eyes.  Yeah, Leo was asking him.  “I don’t know.  Batman?”

            “Batman,” Leo told Hongbin.

            Ken kicked the sofa.  “Tell him you want to see Superman.”

            Hyuk sighed.  “I want to see Superman.”

            Leo glanced at Hongbin.  “Superman.”

            Ken kicked the sofa again.  “Tell him you want to see something for kids.  Pixar.”

            Hyuk laughed.  “I want to see Pixar.”

            Leo glanced at Hongbin.  “Pixar.”

            Ken kicked the sofa.  “Tell him you want to see something boring with a bunch of old grandmothers knitting.”

            Laughing, Hyuk said, “Hyung.  I want to see old grandmothers knitting.”

            Leo glanced at Hongbin.  “Batman.

            Finding that even funnier, Hyuk pretended to be aghast.  “Hyung!  I want to see grandmothers!  Please, hyung!  I want to watch knitting!  Old women knitting is the best!”

            Leo shook his head.  “Batman.”

            “But hyung!”  Hyuk draped his arms around Leo’s neck, pleading.  “Leo hyung, please.  Grandmothers are daebak!  I want to watch them knit!  It’s the best movie, hyung, please!”

            Leo groaned, rubbing his back.  “Why are you so stupid?”

            “Oppa,” Hyuk whined, collapsing across the couch and beating Leo’s shoulder with his fists.  “Please, oppa, it’s all I care about.”

            “It isn’t even a real movie,” Leo pointed out, but he was smiling.

            “Leo oppa,” Hyuk moaned, clinging to Leo’s tank top with both hands, sniffling pitifully against Leo’s shoulder.  “Leo oppa, please.  I’ll die if I don’t get to go, I’ll die and it’ll be all your fault, it’s going to kill me and you’ll be so sorry, you’ll regret it forever, please.”

            Leo groaned, stroking his hair.  “Yes.  Now shut up and stop asking me.  Yes.”

            Beaming, feeling victorious, rejoicing that he’d just made Leo agree to something so ridiculous and stupid, Hyuk sat back, cheering, while the other members joined in raucously and Leo sighed and buried his smile in his hands and pretended not to hear them.

            In the end, they watched what N wanted to see, anyway.

            It was kind of a boring movie, or maybe Hyuk was just tired, but he couldn’t really focus.  Slumping in his seat, he rested his head on Leo’s shoulder.  It was a liberty he wouldn’t have taken, before; or if he had, Leo would have shrugged him off.  But tonight, he just did it, taking for granted that it would be okay, and Leo let him stay.

            After the movie, back in the van, the other members decided that they wanted to stay out.  When Hyuk said that he’d just go back to the dorm, Leo turned around with a searching look.  “Still sick?”

            “No, I’m fine,” he said, laughing.  “I’m just tired.  I won’t be any fun if I stay out.  Hyungs should go without me.”

            “What are you going to do, walk back to the dorm alone?” Ravi asked.

            “Yes, why not?” he asked.  “It’s not far.”

            “I’ll take him,” Leo said.

            “Aw, Leo,” N said.

            “No, hyung, you don’t have to,” Hyuk said.  “I just want to go back and rest.  You should stay with the members.”

            Leo shook his head.  “I don’t want to.”

            “Going out and having a good time,” Ken said, weighing the options in his hands.  “Staying at the dorm.  Such a hard choice, but, Leo hyung doesn’t like to have a good time, so…”

            Leo punched Ken in the arm and got out of the van.  His hands in his pockets, he gazed at Hyuk, silent and unmoving.

            “Ooohhh,” Ken murmured under his breath.  “Maybe Leo hyung does like to have a good time.”

            While Hongbin and Ravi snickered, Hyuk felt his cheeks turn hot.  “Aish, you’re so embarrassing,” he muttered, climbing past Ken.

            “What are you laughing at?” N demanded.  “What’s embarrassing?”

            “Nothing, hyung, good night,” Hyuk said, stepping down and closing the door.  Self-conscious, he tried to read Leo’s expression, but he couldn’t tell if Leo had heard that or not.

            Their walk back to the dorm was quiet at first, and then Leo started singing to himself.  It was one of those old-fashioned songs Leo liked so much, that Hyuk only half-recognized, but it sounded pretty.  Leo’s voice made anything sound pretty.  Hyuk smiled, pushing his hands into his pockets and listening as they walked.

            When they reached the dorm, he sat on the couch and leaned back, closing his eyes.  The dorm was quiet with just the two of them.  Probably the place would stay silent unless he made noise.  Wondering where Leo was, he opened his eyes-

            -and found Leo crouched between his feet, looking up at him.

            Surprised, he laughed.  “What are you doing down there?”

            Leo’s hands settled on his knees and slid upward, up his thighs.  Whoa.  Suddenly turned on, really turned on, Hyuk squirmed, wondering if Leo knew what this situation seemed like, what this position reminded him of.  Leo’s gaze searched his face as he tried to figure out whether it would be too obvious if he suddenly darted away.  “Is it okay?” Leo asked.

            He really needed to cover up his hard-on before Leo noticed it.  “Is what okay?”

            Leo blushed, ducking his head, then looked up at Hyuk with his “you’re so foolish but it’s okay because it’s cute” expression.  “I want to blow you,” he said, like it was all super obvious and Hyuk was just being slow to catch on.

            Whoa, whoa.  “What?”  His heart was hammering in his chest and he was sure that he’d heard Leo wrong.  He was just hearing what he wanted to hear.  Leo had probably said something completely different.  “What did you say?”

            Leo blinked, looked away, tucked his lower lip in, pulled back.  Snatched his hands back.  “Sorry-”

            “No, no,” Hyuk said, desperately wishing that he could rewind time, reaching for Leo’s hands.  “No, don’t-”

            “Sorry,” Leo mumbled, pushing his hands away and starting to get up.

            “Hyung!” Hyuk protested, grabbing his wrist, grabbing at his T-shirt, trying to drag him back down.  Leo just kept saying “sorry” and trying to leave, and Hyuk yanked at him, sliding off of the couch, trying to wrestle him into submission.  “Stop apologizing!  Leo hyung!  I’m not saying no, stop leaving!  I just didn’t understand, I don’t understand!”

            Looking irritated with him, Leo pushed him away.  “What’s not to understand?”

            “So much!” Hyuk exclaimed.  He stared at Leo, wondering how well he even knew this hyung.  “Are you gay?”

            Leo nodded.  Shook his head.  Thought about it.  “I’m bi.”

            “Since when?” Hyuk demanded.

            “Since I was born,” Leo said.  “Isn’t that how it works?”

            Well, yeah, okay, maybe.

            “I won’t bother you again,” Leo said, starting to get up again.

            “Ya!  Stop!” Hyuk exclaimed, yanking at him.  “You’re not bothering me!  I want you to bother me.  Please bother me.”

            Leo hesitated.  Gave him a hard, discerning look.  Sat down again.  “You like it?”

            “I like it!  Yes, I like it.”  Okay, they were communicating!  Such a relief.  “I’m gay.”

            Leo looked surprised.  “Does N know?”

            That wasn’t really the reaction Hyuk had expected.  “Yeah.”

            “I.”  Leo licked his lips and looked away.  “I don’t want to burden you.  I don’t want you to feel,” his breath shuddered in and then out again, and he shifted his weight like he was about to flee, “bothered.”

            “Burdened by what?” Hyuk asked.  “What’s bothering me?”  He closed his fingers around Leo’s wrist just in case Leo tried to get away.  Leo was bi?  Leo was bi.  Leo was bi and wanted to suck his cock.  How soon could they get back to that part of the conversation?

            Leo glared at him like it was annoying how stupid he was.  “I like you.”

            This was the best news Hyuk had heard since “I want to blow you” and “I’m bi.”  It had been a really big night for good news.  “You like me?” he asked, his smile going from ear to ear.

            Leo blushed and nodded and…and looked at his mouth.  Like it was some irresistible temptation and not some regular part of his everyday face.

            “I like you, too.”  It was way easier to say than he’d expected it to be, but he’d expected to announce it under very different circumstances.  Thinking of that, of how awkward and painful and risky he’d thought his confession would be, he felt a pang for Leo.  His brave hyung, who’d confessed first, who’d worried about bothering him.  “It doesn’t burden me, hyung.  I like you,” he said again.

            Leo stared at him in incomprehension for a second, then wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him in.  He ended slumped against Leo’s chest, his head on Leo’s shoulder, Leo’s arms surrounding him.  Hugs from Leo were rare things, so he made the most of it, snuggling in, enjoying Leo’s familiar clean scent, running a curious hand over Leo’s firm chest.

            “Is it okay?” Leo whispered.

            “Is what okay?” Hyuk asked.  He smiled.  “Everything’s okay.”  Turning his head, he kissed Leo’s neck.

            Leo laughed like he was surprised.

            If the way Leo had been touching him lately had been Leo trying not to burden him, what had Leo really wanted to do?  Well, suck his cock, apparently.  Smiling, he was so turned on he felt a hot ache between his thighs.  “Leo hyung?”

            Leo hugged him more tightly and asked, “What?” and then said, softly, “Take your clothes off.  I want to touch you.”

            So bold!  Hyuk felt self-conscious, suddenly, but he liked how assertive Leo was being.  If Leo wasn’t nervous, he wouldn’t be, either.  “In the bedroom?” he suggested.  “In case the other members come back early.”

            “Okay.”  Leo let go of him, pushing him up, so he got up and tugged Leo upward.  When they were suddenly face to face, he laughed, happy, a little nervous but filled with bubbling excitement.  For a second, Leo smiled, and then Leo’s hand was on his shoulder and Leo was kissing him.

            Leo’s lips were soft and the kiss was light at first, tender little kisses plucking at his lips.  He was so turned on that he moaned, and he ran his hands over Leo’s chest, over Leo’s back, pulling Leo’s t-shirt up, grabbing fistfuls of cloth.  Leo made a soft sort of growling sound and kissed him harder, pushing him backward and pursuing him, kissing him insistently, intensely.  The hand on his shoulder steered him as he stumbled back, and he grabbed at Leo, yanking at Leo’s shirt and pulling Leo along, making a really embarrassing whining noise when Leo’s tongue thrust into his mouth.

            The bedroom was dark, and he smacked at the wall as Leo backed him into the room, flailing at the light switch.  “Take everything off,” Leo whispered, panting a little, and kissed him again, making that growling sound again.  It was soft and it sounded hungry this time, and he was so turned on he was rubbing himself through his pants.  “Everything.”

            When Leo turned away from him, grabbing pillows and blankets from the stacks against the wall, Hyuk took a moment to stare at Leo’s back and rub his cock and look around the room and realize that this was actually happening.  Leo wanted him.  Amazed, he laughed, and then he locked the door.  No way was he letting anyone interrupt this.

            He undressed fast.  It was funny, he’d been naked and half-naked in front of Leo countless times, but never like this, never for anything sexual, never specifically for Leo to see.  His cock was rock-hard, standing up, and he felt really jubilant, gleeful, like he just wanted to laugh and come and dance around.

            Kneeling, finished laying out the pallet, Leo turned, looking up at him with watchful, questioning eyes.  He stepped closer and Leo reached out and took hold of his cock.  It felt great, and it turned him on to see his erection in Leo’s hand, to look down and watch Leo’s fingers curl around his cock.

            And then, like it was nothing, like it was the only logical next step, Leo sucked Hyuk’s cock into his mouth.  Just the head at first, with just a little bit of suction, teasing suction that made Hyuk squirm and moan and rub his own balls.

            Leo closed his eyes and opened them, closed and opened, and slid the ring of his fingers down the shaft.  His mouth followed right after, until his lips were wrapped around the base.  Hyuk groaned, shifting from foot to foot, wanting to touch him, stroke his face, caress his hair, hold onto his broad shoulders and thrust.  He slid off and then on again, sucking harder now, his soft pink lips riding the shaft.  Hyuk didn’t know what was sexier, that he seemed to like it or that he seemed to have done it before.  He was going slowly but he was sucking hard, and the rhythmic pulling on Hyuk’s cock brought incredible pleasure.  His other hand pushed Hyuk’s hand away, and then he started fondling Hyuk’s balls, massaging, tugging a little until Hyuk wasn’t just moaning but moaning loudly, helplessly, full-throated.

            Everything felt so good that the pleasure heating Hyuk up was going from a promising, warm, “yeah, more of that,” to an urgent, steamy, “yes, this is it, this is it.”  Trying really hard to hold still so he wouldn’t shove himself down Leo’s throat, he slid his fingers through Leo’s hair.  It was thick, and Leo grunted a little.  Hyuk took it as an approving grunt, because this was Leo; if his hand wasn’t welcome there, Leo would have smacked it away.  “Leo hyung.”  His voice was really unsteady, and as soon as he started talking Leo moaned and sucked faster, head bobbing over his cock.  Fuck, that turned him on.  “Hyung, I think, I have to come, I need to come.”

            Right away, Leo backed off, lifting his head and letting go of Hyuk’s balls.  So disappointed it hurt, Hyuk moaned, feeling abandoned.  He couldn’t stop now, there had to be more, “Please, Leo hyung, just a little more.”

            Without glancing up, Leo spat into his hand.  Eyes closing, he sucked Hyuk’s erection back into his mouth, swallowing it with a satisfied moan, and his hand pushed between Hyuk’s thighs, fingers sliding into the cleft of Hyuk’s ass.

            Oh, god, Leo was - - god, yes - - oh, “Oohhh, aahhhhh, oh-uhhh.”  Shuddering as Leo’s wet finger pressed inside, Hyuk groaned, weak-kneed.  “Huh-uhhh, oh.”  The ecstasy was so intense he was shaking, and he gripped Leo’s shoulders for support as his legs melted and his eyes rolled back in his head.  “Ahh, ahhh.”  His hips rocked forward into Leo’s sucking, hungry mouth, and his whole body seemed to open up around Leo’s fingers.  “Oh, huuunnnhh.”  Pleasure rocketing through him, he came, moaning, shooting explosively down Leo’s throat.  “Ah, ooooh, ooh.”

            His muscles were giving out on him, and he sank down to the floor.  Leo gave him a push and he landed on his back on the pallet, drunk on pleasure, dribbles of cum still oozing from his cock.  “Ah.  Wow.”  He laughed, amazed.  “That was awesome.”

            Leo’s hand ran over his thigh.  He felt good all over, felt sensitive all over, and he shivered, spreading his legs.  “Oh,” Leo breathed, “sexy,” and then Leo had both hands on him, rubbing his abs, stroking his thighs, caressing his chest, fondling his nipples.  It felt so good, he ate it up, humming with pleasure as Leo petted him.  He was used to Leo touching him, but now Leo was touching him anywhere, everywhere, and it wasn’t only intimate, wasn’t just affectionate, it was erotic, openly sexual, and it was okay for him to want it, okay for him to close his eyes and moan and move with it.

            It was freeing, to be able to admit that he liked it, to be able to respond to it sexually.  There was no fear of spooking Leo anymore, no worry about being rejected.  He wanted to touch back, to act on his desires, so he reached out, trying to pull Leo closer.

            Crawling up his body, Leo cupped his face in one hand, caressing his cheek, gazing silently into his eyes.  Smiling, he slid his hand into Leo’s hair and pulled Leo in for a kiss.  Like before, it started out soft, light, sweet, and then he parted his lips, licking into Leo’s mouth, and Leo moaned, turning aggressive, kissing him harder, deeper.  This pushy, confident side of Leo turned him on, and he hooked his leg around Leo’s, urging Leo’s body against himself.  He couldn’t believe that this was happening, couldn’t believe how great it was, couldn’t believe that Leo was all over him like this.  “Good, this is so good,” he panted, tugging Leo’s shirt up, rubbing Leo’s stomach, his fingers dipping lower.  “I want you.”

            Leo stopped kissing him and looked up.  He glanced around to see what had Leo’s attention, and saw that Leo was digging through N’s blankets.  What - - was Leo looking for the lube?  Leo was looking for lube.  Laughing with giddiness, Hyuk ran his hands over Leo’s sides, kissing Leo’s chin.  “Going to fuck me?”

            Leo glanced down, met his eyes, and nodded, then frowned and went back to searching.

            Yes!  “How much do you want it?” he asked, just to see if he could get Leo to talk about it.  Slipping his hands under Leo’s shirt, he caressed the warm satin of Leo’s skin.  “Do you think about it a lot?”

            Leo blushed, his gaze meeting Hyuk’s and then skittering away.  After he set the lube down, he brushed his fingers over Hyuk’s chest.  “Every day.”  He shook his head.  “More than that.”  He met Hyuk’s eyes again, his gaze searching, intense.  “All of the time.”

            Thrilled to hear that, lighting up inside, he smiled, kissing Leo again.  He’d had no idea.  He’d never seen Leo want anyone before; he hadn’t known what it would look like, how Leo would act.  While he’d been stealing moments and finding happiness in making Leo smile, Leo had been thinking about boning him.  Leo had wanted him!  “Me, too.  Oooh, mmm, oh.”  Moaning into Leo’s deep, insistent kisses, he rubbed his hands over Leo’s hard chest, over Leo’s shoulders.  “I want you so much.”

            Impatiently jerking his shirt over his head, Leo tossed it aside.  He slid his hands over Hyuk’s thighs, lifting.  “Up.”

            Curious, Hyuk played along, legs up, hips rising, and Leo shoved Ken’s pillow under him, wedging it under his hips.  Oh, nice.  “Have you had sex with a lot of guys?”

            Leo nodded and poured lube over his fingers.

            What?  “Really?” Hyuk asked, fascinated.

            Leo nodded again, rubbing his fingers together and pushing Hyuk’s knee up.  “The other guys on the team.”

            Whoa.  Hyuk spent a moment picturing Leo and a bunch of horny, muscular soccer players screwing in the locker room.  But it was hard to hold onto any thought, no matter how arousing, when Leo was kissing his chest and rubbing slick circles around his asshole.  “You, what, oh,” he said, as the promise of pleasure rippled through him.  “You, what about lately, what about since then?  The, the members, trainees, ahh, oh…”

            “I didn’t want any of them.”  Leo’s tongue flicked over his collarbone as Leo’s fingers pressed inward, and pleasure sizzled down Hyuk’s thighs, making him moan.  Aching with need, he gasped for air as Leo’s fingers stretched him open.  “You, I like you,” Leo whispered, kissing his neck.  “Sanghyuk-ah.”  Leo’s voice was soft, and he rested his forehead against Hyuk’s forehead, breathing against Hyuk’s mouth.  “I want this to be for me.  Only for me.”  His fingers slipped out and pushed back in, teasing, tormenting Hyuk with need.  “Can it be mine?  Mine and no one else’s?”

            Hyuk tried to focus on what Leo was saying and not on the fire racing through his body.  Running his fingers through Leo’s hair, he blinked a few times to clear his mind.  “You want me not to have sex with anybody else?  Just with you?”

            Leo nodded and kissed him.

            Okay, “Yes, sure.  Just us,” he promised.  The fact that Leo wanted him enough to ask seemed monumental.  Leo was kissing him again, hot, sucking kisses, soft, lingering.  Slow, steady fingers, opening him up from the inside.  “Unnhhh, yes, oh, hyung.”  He was so turned on that he was squirming, trying to get Leo’s fingers deeper.  With a sense of urgency, he scrabbled at Leo’s fly, kissing Leo’s cheek, Leo’s ear, whatever was in reach.  “I like you, too, I like you so much.”

            Leo’s tongue dipped between his lips as Leo’s fingers pressed that magic spot inside of him that set off fireworks.  Yelping, groaning, he bit at Leo’s lips, shuddering, panting.  So good, it felt so good, he needed more, he had to get more.  “Fuck me, please.”  He shoved his hand down the front of Leo’s pants, groping, feeling lust burn through him as the hardness of Leo’s erection filled his palm.  “Now, I want you.”

            “Pushy,” Leo mumbled, shoving his pants down around his thighs.  He shooed Hyuk’s hand away and shifted closer, tucking his shoulder under Hyuk’s leg.  He looked down between their bodies, and Hyuk stroked his hair, waiting, feeling restless, giddy, eager.  “Ah, so sexy,” Leo murmured, and then there it was, that sense of pressure, that growing fullness.

            “Ah, ah, fuck.”  His head falling back, Hyuk gasped as Leo’s erection sank into him.  Inside him, it was inside of him, and it felt incredible, it was filling him up.  The wicked pleasure twisting through him made him writhe, and he gripped Leo’s thighs, clawing at Leo’s ass, trying to drag Leo deeper inside of him, trying to squirm down to force himself on Leo’s cock.  “Unnnh, oh, oh, that’s it, give it to me, ahhh!”

            “Yes, yes.”  Leo stared into his face, into his eyes, watching him intently.  The slow rocking of Leo’s hips filled him up over and over again, sending Leo’s hard, smooth cock deep into him in long, repetitive thrusts.  Each steady forward plunge delivered a jolt of pure, white-hot pleasure that had Hyuk shuddering and bucking.  A sly, pleased grin curved Leo’s soft lips, like watching him writhe joyfully on hot cock was some special treat.  That only turned him on more; he liked knowing that Leo wanted him, that this needy, sexual thing wasn’t one-sided.

            The thick slide and steady rhythm made Hyuk feel as if erotic heat were being poured through him like molten lava.  The pleasure was exquisitely intense, ecstasy burning through him bit by bit, but it was too slow, too gradual.  He needed more, he needed it now, but no matter how much he squirmed and grabbed and pulled at Leo’s hips, this slow pace continued to torment him.  “Nnnnhh, hyung, faster, please, faster.”

            Leo shook his head.  “I like this.”

            Ugh, that only made him need it more.  “I like it, too.”  Rubbing his hard-on, he shivered, his hips jerking as pleasure flashed through him.  “Uuunnh, please, I want to come.”

            Leo’s gaze slid down his body, lingering on the way his hand worked over his cock.  Breathing hard, he jacked himself as the slow thrusting of Leo’s hips pounded heat through his body.  Leo’s gaze dragged back upward as he shuddered with pleasure.  “Beg me.”

            Wasn’t he already begging?  “Leo hyung, please.”  His whole body was seizing up on each thrust, a hot ache building and bursting as Leo’s erection rocked into him.  “Please, I need it.”  God, oh, he was in agony, he’d never felt like this before, like ecstasy was within reach but deliberately being withheld from him.  It was like Leo was teasing him, taunting him with his own sexual need, and that only turned him on more.  “Please, hyung.”  Licking his lips, he moaned helplessly, his body jerking as Leo’s next thrust set off another explosive spasm of pleasure.  He rubbed at Leo’s chest, arching, writhing.  “Give me more, please, fuck me faster.”

            “Pretty,” Leo murmured, pushing his knee closer to his chest, shifting angles, sinking deeper.

            “Ahhh, yes.”  Flares of pleasure were popping off chaotically now, bright and explosive.  While his back arched, he dug his nails into Leo’s back, gasping.  “Fuck, please, Leo hyung, I’m so close, just a little more, please.”

            “More,” Leo ordered.

            He was too turned on, too excited, too close to the edge, to hold back now.  Whimpering, he pounded his fists lightly against Leo’s chest, whining, “Please, Leo hyung, fuck me faster with your big, sexy cock, I need it so much, it feels so good, please, Leo hyung, it’s all I want, give it to me hard, please, your handsome cock is everything to me.”

            Happiness lit up Leo’s eyes and he smiled, slamming in hard and fast.

            “Ah, ah, ahhh!  Oh!”  Hyuk’s whole body went up in flames as Leo rammed him in swift, hammering thrusts.  It was so good, pleasure expanded so intensely that he couldn’t control it, and he came in a wild, chaotic orgasm, ecstasy searing him, his body twitching and bouncing as cum erupted from him in sloppy pulses.  “Yes, yes, oh, yes, aahhh, ahhh, ah!”  He was panting, his heart racing, his body shivering, tingling, undone.  Leo’s cock drilled him in deep, fierce thrusts, and he groaned in pleasure, wrapping his arms around Leo as his back arched, holding on for the ride.  The sensual slide of their warm, sweat-slick bodies against each other felt so good, he moaned, “Yes, Leo hyung, I love it.”

            “Hyuk-ah,” Leo groaned, and Leo started shaking in his arms, hips stuttering.  “Hyuk-ah, Sanghyuk, oh, it’s over.”  Leo thrust erratically, and then popped out of him, and he felt the satiny thickness of Leo’s cock between his legs, felt a sudden blast of wetness, spurts hot against his skin.  Humming with pleasure, he squirmed happily, and Leo groaned again, face buried in his neck, hips still hitching mindlessly against him.

            “Ah, so good,” he sighed, wrapping his legs around Leo’s waist.  That had been amazing.  He’d had no idea that Leo could fuck so well.  Or kiss so well.  Or make him come so hard.  So, so, so fantastically hard.

            It had been kind of kinky.  Making him beg for it like that.  He hadn’t expected that.  Smiling, he ran his hands over Leo’s long, sweaty back.  “Can we do this a lot from now on?”

            “Mmm.”  Sleepily, Leo raised his head.  Pushing himself up a little, he smiled.  “Yes.  A lot.”  His kiss was slow, a sensual tangle of tongues, as his hand skimmed down Hyuk’s side until Hyuk’s back arched like he’d touched some secret button.  “Our cute maknae.”

            Feeling warm, fulfilled, affectionate, he stroked Leo’s body, trading intimate, lazy kisses.  “The members won’t mind, will they?”

            Kissing him, Leo caressed the side of his face.  “Who cares?”

            He laughed.  “I care.”

            Leo rolled onto his side, bringing Hyuk along in his arms.  Their legs tangled, he ran his fingers through Hyuk’s hair, over Hyuk’s cheek.  It felt good to be together like this, and Hyuk relaxed under Leo’s careful petting.  “N will be embarrassing.  He’ll think it’s cute.”  Leo scowled.  “Let’s not tell them.”

            Chuckling, Hyuk kissed him.  “We’ll have to tell them.  They’re going to notice if we keep having sex.”

            Leo was gazing at him like he was special, like he was some newly discovered treasure.  The way Leo’s thumb caressed his lips made them part, and Leo’s faint smile made his heart pound in his chest.  “I like you,” Leo murmured.

            The sex had been fantastic, but this, this hit Hyuk right in the heart.  Feeling happy and touched and hopeful and warm all over, he touched his forehead to Leo’s.  “I like you, too, Leo hyung.”

            Leo smiled and kissed him again.

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Copyright June 30, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time