Between Members #2

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2011, H2 Media (first group to debut under H2 Media, a company started by Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky)
Fan club: MyGirl
Name Real name Birth date Role
Insoo Kang Insoo March 10, 1988 lead vocal
Gunwoo Lee Gunwoo January 30, 1989 leader, main vocal
Seyong Kim Seyong November 20, 1991 dancer, lead rapper
JunQ Kang Jungyu August 9, 1993 main rapper
Chaejin Chae Jinseok December 26, 1995 maknae
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Seyong had not known - - it had never occurred to him - - that Gunwoo watched Insoo jack off.

            Seyong had not known - - it had only been a faint hope - - that his hyungs actually wanted to have sex with him.

            Seyong had not known - - it had only been a distant fantasy - - that his hyungs actually intended to appoint him their sex maknae.

            All of this new information exploded into his life in a riot of color, giving him new enthusiasm and energy.  He didn’t walk, he bounced.  He didn’t smile, he giggled.  He didn’t dance, he exploded all over the room.

            He also spent a lot of time fucking his hand, or his mattress, or the wall, or whatever was convenient when he had a moment alone.  After catching him at it twice in one afternoon, JunQ asked him if he had some sort of disease.  He said, “No, I’m just excited.  Aren’t you excited?  We’re going to debut!”

            JunQ grinned.  “I wonder what it’s really like to be an idol.”

            Seyong was just as preoccupied in wondering what it was really like to kiss Gunwoo.

            The night before their debut, they got back to the dorm late.  He was watching Insoo stretch and practicing some steps and waiting for his turn in the shower when Gunwoo yanked him into the bathroom and slammed the door.  Startled, he bumped into the sink.

            “Take off your pants,” Gunwoo said.  He had one hand on his hip and the other on the back of his head, scratching his scalp, and he was giving Seyong the same look he wore when he was delivering other instructions, like, “Sing it again,” or, “Start from the chorus.”

            Seyong didn’t know what Gunwoo had in mind for step two, but step one sounded like a terrific start.  His only hesitation was, “Does Insoo hyung-”

            “Insoo hyung’s not here,” Gunwoo said.  “Take off your pants.”

            It wasn’t like Insoo was that far away, but, okay.  Whatever got Seyong’s cock closer to Gunwoo could only be a good thing.  Shoving his pants and underwear down, Seyong asked, “My shirt, too?”

            “Yeah.”  Gunwoo rubbed his hand across his mouth, staring at Seyong’s crotch in a way that would have made Seyong self-conscious if this weren’t such a terrific moment.  “Oh, yeah, I need you to take off everything.”

            Pulling his shirt off over his head, Seyong hoped that Gunwoo liked the view.  He worked out and everything, but he wasn’t as muscular as Insoo.  And he could tone his abs, but he couldn’t really do anything about his cock if Gunwoo wasn’t happy with it.  Trying to read Gunwoo’s expression, he asked, “Is it okay?”

            “Yeah.”  Gunwoo rubbed his eyes, then stared at Seyong’s body again, blinking like he couldn’t be sure of what he was seeing.  “Yeah.  Yeah, it’s okay.”

            Laughing, Seyong leaned back against the sink, posing a little, one hand back, one knee bent.  Licking his lips, he let Gunwoo look, enjoying the attention, hoping that they were about to do more than just stare.  He was turned on enough that it was starting to show, his cock rising and stiffening.  He wanted to touch it, and then he thought about standing there in front of Gunwoo and stroking himself, and then he was so turned on that he was grabbing up handfuls of Gunwoo’s shirt and pulling Gunwoo closer, and Gunwoo pressed against him, pushing him against the sink, kissing him.

            The moment their mouths met, Seyong groaned.  Gunwoo was bending him back, and the edge of the sink was digging into his spine, and he didn’t care, because Gunwoo was long and lean right against his body, cupping his face in both hands, kissing him like they were never going to come up for air.  Hooking one leg around Gunwoo’s waist, he moaned as pleasure and arousal and electric need and enthusiastic joy flooded him.  Running his hands through Gunwoo’s short hair, sliding his thumbs over Gunwoo’s ears, he panted lustily, joyously against Gunwoo’s mouth.

            “Ya!  Ya!”  The interruption startled him and Gunwoo bit his lip.  “Get off of him!” Insoo insisted, snatching at Gunwoo’s arm.  “You - - put your clothes on!”

            “Hyung,” Seyong said quickly, not sure what else should come next.  How could such a perfect moment have been ruined?  It had been everything he’d wanted.

            “What are you doing?” JunQ asked from just beyond the door.

            “Hyungs are washing,” Gunwoo said, scratching his ear, his gaze searching the ceiling as if he’d find answers up there.

            “Shower,” Seyong agreed.  “I’ll start,” he said, and edged toward the shower.

            “Me, too,” Gunwoo said quickly, pushing him into the shower.

            “Not you!” Insoo protested, catching Seyong’s arm and dragging him back out.

            “He’s already naked,” Gunwoo pointed out reasonably.

            “We should conserve water,” Seyong added.

            Gunwoo smiled at Insoo.  “Do you want to wash with me?”

            That was the best and worst idea Seyong had ever heard.  Worst, because it would exclude him.  Best, because it would mean that his hyungs would be in the shower together, their naked bodies close under the water, everything bared, their slippery, wet skin brushing - - “You should help each other scrub,” he said breathlessly.  “Lots of soap.”

            The way Insoo smiled sent a thrill down Seyong’s spine.  “Yeah.”  A hand on Gunwoo’s chest pushed Gunwoo into the shower, clothes and all.  “Yeah.  Let’s wash together.”

            Wide-eyed, Gunwoo stumbled back into the shower, letting himself be pushed.  “Hyung?”

            “It’s important to conserve water.”  Turning his smile on Seyong, Insoo added, “Go,” and smacked his ass.  “Put some clothes on, you’ll scare the kids.”

            Unable to drag himself away, Seyong looked helplessly at Gunwoo.  He wanted to go back to just a moment ago and relive that hot, aggressive kiss.  He wanted to stay and see for himself every moment of this shower.

            “Cute,” Insoo said, and Seyong realized that Insoo was looking at his naked crotch.  Blushing, he wondered what, exactly, Insoo meant by that.  Then Insoo’s thumb brushed his hip.  “Your hair doesn’t match.”

            Confused, Seyong put a hand on top of his own head.  Of course it didn’t match.  The stylists had given him red hair for their debut, but why would it - - how would it - - did Insoo expect-

            “You should dye it red,” Gunwoo said, like it had just occurred to him.  “Can you dye it red?”

            “What?” JunQ asked, laughing in the doorway.  “You can’t color that!”

            “It’s cute,” Insoo repeated, still looking at Seyong’s crotch.  His hand was still on Seyong’s hip, his thumb rubbing over Seyong’s pelvic bone, every caress sending heat flaring straight to Seyong’s groin.

            “No, dye it,” Gunwoo said.  “So it’s red all over.”

            “Hyung,” Seyong said, getting a little nervous now.  Everything about the way Insoo was touching him was perfect, except that he was getting a serious hard-on and JunQ was right there in the doorway and if he moved or JunQ moved or any angles changed at all, he wasn’t going to be able to hide it.  It really, really didn’t help at all that they kept talking about his crotch and staring at his groin and smiling like they liked what they saw.

            “Hyungs have to talk,” Gunwoo said suddenly.  “JunQ, go make sure the maknae’s eaten.”

            “I think he went to sleep,” JunQ said.

            “Go,” Gunwoo said.

            JunQ hesitated, giving them a puzzled look, then said, “Yes,” and left.

            Finally dropping his hand, Insoo stepped back.  “You, too.”

            He couldn’t mean it.  “Me?” Seyong asked.

            Nodding, Insoo nudged the door open wider.  “Go.”

            “You have to be kidding me!”  Gunwoo flung his hands out to either side, bracing himself against the shower walls.  “He stays!”

            “Go,” Insoo repeated.

            “Do you know how hard my penis is right now?” Gunwoo asked.  “He stays!  You leave!”

            “We could all stay,” Seyong suggested.

            “Here,” Gunwoo said, reaching for his waistband.  “Look.”

            “Nobody cares about your cock,” Insoo said, laughing, pushing his hands away.

            “I do,” Seyong said, hopping into the shower.

            Gunwoo turned on the faucet.  While Insoo jumped back, laughing, Seyong leaned against Gunwoo to share the water.  Standing directly under the spray, still clothed, Gunwoo coughed.  “Are you washing or leaving?”

            Insoo turned off the water, then leaned in, his voice quiet.  He put a hand on Seyong’s shoulder but looked right into Gunwoo’s eyes.  “We debut tomorrow.  I want to fuck him as much as you do, but are we adults and idols or are we stupid kids?  I don’t want a mistake and I don’t want a scandal.  If we don’t have any self-control about when or where we do it, we’re going to do something we regret.  He’s a good dongsaeng.  We should take care of him.”

            Gunwoo nodded, wiping water from his face with one hand.

            Seyong was really touched that Insoo cared about him and took it so seriously.  “Hyung-”

            Gunwoo’s arm came around his shoulders, hand covering his mouth to silence him.  “Tomorrow night?” Gunwoo asked Insoo.

            Insoo nodded.

            “We’ll make sure he stretches first,” Gunwoo said.  “I don’t want our dancer pulling a muscle.”

            Insoo smiled and kissed Gunwoo, a quick one, right on the mouth.  Eyes wide, Gunwoo looked as surprised as Seyong was.  “You,” Insoo said, pulling him away from Gunwoo.  “Go.”

            Naked and damp and turned on and touched that his hyungs were looking out for him, he hugged Insoo.  “I love you, hyung.”

            Insoo gave him a tight squeeze, then palmed his ass.  “Gunwoo’s a bad influence.  Don’t listen to him.”

            Laughing, Gunwoo protested, “Ya!  I’m the leader!”

            “Look at you,” Insoo murmured, smiling, stepping back and running his hands up and down Seyong’s body, his thumbs brushing across Seyong’s nipples.  “So handsome.”

            “Put it on a plate and eat it,” Gunwoo sang quietly to himself.

            In one swift move, Insoo pulled Seyong in and kissed his mouth, then pushed him away and turned him toward the door.  A sharp smack on his ass made him jump, and as he turned, the door closed in his face.

            “Aaw, hyung,” he whined.  Slumping against the door, he sighed.  His ass stung; reaching back to rub it, he smiled.  Insoo had kissed him.  Gunwoo had really kissed him.  And tomorrow, tomorrow there would be so much more than kissing.  So much more…

            With a sigh of pleasure, he caressed the door.

            He heard the shower start.

            “Wash nicely, hyungs,” he murmured, drawing a heart on the door with his fingertip.

            “Seyong hyung?”  Chaejin’s voice sounded confused behind him.

            Clearing his throat, he turned away from the door and tried to look responsible.  “Chaejin-ah!  Have you eaten?”


            “Good.”  He tousled Chaejin’s hair.  “Find hyung some pants.”

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