Between Members #3

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Debut: 2011, H2 Media (first group to debut under H2 Media, a company started by Hwanhee from Fly to the Sky)
Fan club: MyGirl
Name Real name Birth date Role
Insoo Kang Insoo March 10, 1988 lead vocal
Gunwoo Lee Gunwoo January 30, 1989 leader, main vocal
Seyong Kim Seyong November 20, 1991 dancer, lead rapper
JunQ Kang Jungyu August 9, 1993 main rapper
Chaejin Chae Jinseok December 26, 1995 maknae
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            They’d done it!  They’d finally done it!  They’d debuted!  Seyong could hardly believe that it was real.  Giddy, exhilarated, he felt like he could’ve powered the sun with his excitement.  When they finally ended up back at the dorm, he bounced from room to room, too overjoyed and relieved to hold still.  It was hours before he could control his impulse to cheer “We did it!” long enough to eat and take a shower.

            Once he was out of the shower, he only paused long enough to dry off and throw on a pair of shorts before he bounced out of the bathroom and grabbed the first person he saw, JunQ.  “We did it!” he exclaimed, grabbing JunQ’s shoulders, rising onto his toes, popping up and down.  “We did it!”

            “We did it!” JunQ agreed, smiling, bouncing with him.

            “Yay!  We did it!” Seyong exclaimed, hugging JunQ.

            “Yay,” Chaejin said, joining in, laughing.

            Seyong threw an arm around Chaejin and bounced with him, too.  “We did it!  Myname!  Myname fighting!”

            While they laughed and cheered around the bedroom, Insoo and Gunwoo walked in.  Insoo grinned and bounced with them for a moment before Gunwoo said, “Kids, out.  Out, out, out.”

            “Aw.  Now?” Chaejin asked, leaning against JunQ.  “Why?”

            “Hyungs have something to do,” Insoo explained, curling an arm around Seyong.

            Yes!  “Really?” Seyong asked, immediately ready to start.  Like this day could get any better!

            “What?” Chaejin asked.

            “They need, um, privacy,” JunQ said, nudging Chaejin toward the door.

            “For what?” Chaejin asked.  Then, with a disappointed groan, he turned around to face them.  “Aw, hyungs!  Now?  Can’t you do that later?”

            “There is no later,” Gunwoo said, shoving them both out of the room.  “There is only now!  The moment you’re in is the only one that matters!”  Pushing the door shut, he pivoted, bending his knees and forming fists with both hands.  “And I am going to use this moment for sex!  Yes!  Let’s go!”

            “You won’t need these,” Insoo said, plucking at the rear of Seyong’s shorts.

            “Get - - ah, you’re flexible,” Gunwoo said, and started undressing.  “Get on your back.”

            Loving this, feeling great, Seyong danced out of his shorts and hopped onto Gunwoo’s bed.  Stretching out on his back, his head on the pillow, he wiggled his toes and watched his hyungs.  “What are we doing?”

            Undressed but completely accessorized, with black plastic bracelets, silver rings, an earful of earrings, and a collar around his neck, Gunwoo knelt on the bed.  “I’m fucking you.  I don’t know what he’s doing.”  Clapping his hands, Gunwoo said, “Lube.”

            With a chuckle, Insoo handed Gunwoo a black bottle.  “Not going to bother to say hi first?”

            Gunwoo looked right into Seyong’s eyes, said, “Hello,” and picked up Seyong’s ankle, pushing his knee toward his chest.  “Hold that there.”

            Bemused, Seyong wrapped an arm around his thigh.  “Hello.”

            Matter-of-factly stripping, Insoo crawled around him, squeezing into the space between him and the wall.  The slide of Insoo’s taut, muscular body all the way down his side felt so good that he hummed in pleasure.  As he curled his arm around Insoo’s shoulders, hands seized his hips, lifting.  Surprised, he stared down his body as Gunwoo rolled him up onto his shoulders and shoved a pillow under him.  Chuckling, Insoo ran a hand down his body, down his abs, coaxing him back down along the bed as Gunwoo let go.

            Now that Insoo’s hand was down there, rubbing slowly over his pelvis, his hips wanted to move, to push upward against Insoo’s caress and ask for more attention.  Gunwoo’s hands were sliding over his legs, pushing his thighs farther apart, and he enjoyed the freedom of it, lying there with his crotch so exposed, everything out in the open for whatever his hyungs wanted.

            He started to roll right, wanting to rub more of himself against Insoo’s firm, muscular body, when Gunwoo’s hands pushed his hips back down, pinning him into place.

            “You stay right where you are,” Gunwoo said.  “Right there.  Yes.”

            Insoo’s arm settled across his chest, hand brushing across his neck, fingers circling his ear.  As Insoo leaned over him, he didn’t know which made his heart beat faster, the fondness in Insoo’s eyes or the sensuous curves of Insoo’s lips.  His own lips parted, his eyes closing as anticipation rippled through him, and as he felt the sweet stroke of Insoo’s tongue into his mouth, he felt Gunwoo’s fingers, slippery with lube, stroke across his asshole.

            Fire raced through his veins as he recognized the touch.  His body didn’t know whether to tense up or relax, and he moaned, digging his fingers into Insoo’s muscular back.  “Yes,” Insoo breathed into his mouth, plucking up soft, clinging kisses from his lips.  “Do you like that?”

            “Fuck, yes,” Gunwoo said, and fire etched up the insides of Seyong’s thighs as he felt Gunwoo’s finger enter his body.

            Insoo chuckled, rubbing firmly over Seyong’s abs.  “I’m asking Seyong.  Do you like it?”

            “Fuck, yes,” Gunwoo said again, and Seyong laughed.

            As Insoo brushed tender, teasing kisses down his neck, Seyong licked his lips, threading his fingers through Insoo’s hair.  “I li-aahhh!  Ah, ah, aauunnnhh!”  Gasping as a jolt of pure magic lanced through him, he stared over Insoo’s bare, muscular shoulder at Gunwoo.  “Shit.  Do it again, touch me like - - oh!”  It felt like, “Oh,” intense little, “oh, oh,” bursts of “ah, ah,” electricity, “oh, yes,” setting off explosives in his blood, “unh aahh!”  Oh, yes, he’d known that it was going to be good, “Yes, yes,” but this was, “ah, hyung,” like nothing he’d ever felt before.

            Gunwoo looked fiendishly happy, smiling like he was really enjoying every moment.  “I didn’t know you were going to squirm so much.”

            “I didn’t know you had charisma in your fingers,” Seyong replied, panting.

            Gunwoo wiggled his finger in Seyong’s ass, casting off happy sparks.  “I have charisma everywhere.”

            Feeling good all over, Seyong splayed his hand along the side of Insoo’s face, drawing Insoo to his mouth for a kiss.  The stroking and stretching from Gunwoo’s fingers kept pulses of electricity jumping through his body, and Insoo’s hand was on his cock, fondling him deftly with quick tugs and long strokes.

            Then Gunwoo’s hand disappeared, and Seyong whined into Insoo’s mouth, hiking his hips against Insoo’s palm.  “Nnnnnn.  More.”

            “Hold on, babe,” Insoo said, kissing him, cradling his balls.  He was nipping at Insoo’s lower lip in frustrated disappointment when he felt pressure against his asshole, something smooth and blunt nudging him open.

            Oh, oh, this felt so much bigger than a finger.  “In me,” he said, panting a little against Insoo’s kiss.  “In me, I want it in me.”

            “Fuck, yes,” Gunwoo groaned, and he could feel it, inside him now, pushing into him, opening him, stretching him, ah, ahh, yes.

            Shuddering as sexual pleasure pulsed through him, Seyong gasped up at the ceiling, amazed at how fantastic this felt, amazed that this was happening to him.  “Oh, oh,” his whole body was opening up, “unh, hyung,” quaking and throbbing, clenching and contracting around this incredible invasion.  “Ah, ah, yes, yes, more.”  So good, so good, “Ah!”  Deeper, deeper, it was filling him up, and as Gunwoo eased into him a little more, he gasped, laughing, blinking away tears, amazed that something so intense could happen to his body and still feel so unbearably good.

            “That’s it,” Insoo was murmuring, kissing his neck, stroking his abs.  His body was so excited about this profound experience of penetration that it kept trying to tighten up, locking up around Gunwoo’s cock, but Insoo was so reassuring, so soothing, that it helped him to relax, to let Gunwoo in.  “That’s it, babe.  How is it?”

            “Fuck,” Gunwoo groaned.  “Why are you so tight?”

            “Oh!”  Just as Seyong had thought that he might be able to handle this, he felt movement, Gunwoo’s cock dragging out of him and pushing back in, the hardness of Gunwoo’s erection sliding thickly, rocking heavily.  “Ah, what, what?” he wailed, digging his fingers into the corded muscle of Insoo’s back.  It was such an intense sensation, the stretching, the penetration, that he started shuddering, clutching at Insoo, feeling hot and desperate, like he was about to break apart or catch on fire.  And then wild, magical pleasure exploded inside of him, a raw burst of pure ecstasy going off inside of his body, like someone had lit a firecracker of joy in his ass.  He didn’t have the air to scream, and he didn’t remember how to breathe, and he was sweating too much to spontaneously catch fire, so he did the only thing his body was capable of: he came, and came, and came.  In helpless, excruciating jubilation, his body gave itself over to orgasm, bucking in rapturous spasms as primal, breathless sounds rose from his throat and ropy streamers of cum splattered his chest.

            “Now?” Gunwoo was demanding.  “I just got started!”

            “I told you he was going to be like this,” Insoo said.  “That’s it, Seyong-ah, let it happen, let it feel good.”

            “I’m not finished!” Gunwoo protested.

            “Who said finished?” Insoo asked.  “Keep going.  He’d try to kill you if you stopped now.”

            What?  “Don’t stop,” Seyong gasped, his eyes flying open.  Smiling, Insoo was leaning over him, looking affectionate; behind Insoo, Gunwoo looked tense.  “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” he insisted.

            “Good,” Gunwoo said, and fuck, he was moving - - rocking - - thrusting in and out of Seyong, his cock filling Seyong over and over again in relentless fucking motion.  Every thrust set off another deep explosion, a magical pop of pure pleasure, and Seyong cried out, reveling in the rhythmic repetition of erotic bliss.

            Gunwoo was between his thighs, Insoo along his side, their muscular bodies hot, damp with sweat, pressing against him, bending over him.  The way Insoo was kissing his neck was sensual, intimate, and the way Gunwoo was fucking him was confident, carnal, and Seyong just closed his eyes and basked in it, the soft drag of Insoo’s lips against his neck, the way Gunwoo’s thrusts jolted him, the feel of their hands on his body, Gunwoo’s gripping and possessive, Insoo’s stroking and leaving a trail of fire in their wake.

            Insoo’s tongue flicked against his earlobe.  “Seyong-ah.”

            “Wait,” Gunwoo said.  “Wait!”

            Snorting with laughter, Insoo kissed Seyong’s ear.  “Wait for what?”

            “Don’t put your cock in his mouth yet,” Gunwoo said.  “Come up here and kiss me first.  I can’t stand the way you’ve been rubbing your mouth all over him.  Kiss me, damn it.”

            Put your cock in his mouth.  “Yes,” Seyong said, trying to drag Insoo up his body.  “Yes, yes.  Now, your cock, hurry.”  Gunwoo had the best ideas in the world.

            “Wait, wait,” Insoo protested, laughing.  “Okay, leader first.”  He kissed Seyong with such rich sensuality and intimate eroticism that Seyong was left breathlessly seduced, and then he sat up, kneeling astride Seyong’s body.

            Seyong didn’t see much of the kiss, just heard Gunwoo moaning a lot, but he was left with a fantastic view of Insoo’s firm, muscular ass.  Running his hand up Insoo’s hard thigh, he stroked the taut curve of Insoo’s ass.  So smooth.  Fuck, Insoo looked good from every possible angle.  Eyeing the pink plumpness of Insoo’s balls, he licked his lips.  Wincing, he moaned; Gunwoo was fucking him harder now, pounding into him more aggressively, and every thrust sent a wall of hot pleasure crashing through his body.

            “Oh, yes,” Gunwoo groaned.  “No, no, where are you going?”

            “You’re fucking him,” Insoo said.  “Stop complaining.”  He backed up until his knees were on either side of Seyong’s head.  Stroking his thigh, Seyong gazed upward at the thick curve of Insoo’s cock.

            Seyong felt his jaw drop, either in amazement at how gorgeous Insoo’s erection was or in an invitation for it to slide right into his mouth.  It looked so firm, so solid, that as his fingers stroked over it greedily, he was surprised by how soft it felt, the skin gorgeously satiny-smooth.

            “Mmm, yeah,” Insoo murmured, his knees spreading slightly.  “In your mouth - - mmm, yes, just like that, ahhh…”

            Sucking the head, Seyong latched on, moaning hard and sucking harder.  It wasn’t nearly as easy as it looked in porn, and he raised his head, feeling a stretch in his jaw muscles as he tried to accommodate the bulk of Insoo’s cock in his mouth.  Sliding on and off of it a few times, trying different angles, he panted, moaning in joy.  It was hard to concentrate on coordinating his movements when Gunwoo’s deep, aggressive thrusts were pounding ecstasy straight through him, but the feel of Insoo’s smooth cock against his lips was incredible.  Working the length of the shaft with his hand, he mouthed the head again, sucking in time with Gunwoo’s driving thrusts, moaning at every fresh burst of pleasure.

            And then he felt glorious, luxurious heat wrapping around his cock, felt wetness, suction.  “Aahhh, ah, hyung,” he groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head as his whole body jerked on the bed, besieged by pleasure.  “Hyung, yes, please.”  Insoo was sucking his cock, sliding off and on, and the lush heat of Insoo’s mouth felt so good that he wanted to push up into it, but his hips were caught in Gunwoo’s grip and he couldn’t do anything but moan in desperate pleading.  At his hyungs’ mercy, he whimpered with excitement as he felt Insoo’s tongue snake around his erection, and he sucked eagerly at Insoo’s cock, hoping to inspire Insoo to return the favor.

            His world became a sexual carnival of need and sensation, of ecstasy and desire.  From his immediate perspective, his vision was confined to Insoo’s crotch, to the dark fur surrounding Insoo’s cock, to the pink pouch of Insoo’s balls, to the red curve of Insoo’s erection.  His home was there, between the defined ridges of Insoo’s abs and the hard columns of Insoo’s thighs.  Beyond that, everything was noise, sensation, the thrust of Gunwoo’s cock, the sound of skin slapping skin, the pull of Insoo’s mouth, the echo of Gunwoo’s groans, the way pleasure throbbed and burned and burst inside of him.  It was a terrific, contradictory state, to be so very thrilled by how fantastic everything felt yet to be insistently hungry for more; to be almost overwhelmed by pure physical pleasure yet to have more and more and more of it crashing around him.  He was drowning in it, grasping for more of it, unable to contain it.

            When orgasm finally came again, it was with a storm of ecstasy, and if he hadn’t had both hyungs holding him to the bed, he would’ve bounced right into the sky.  Dizzy with relief, he moaned happily, mouthing Insoo’s cock and floating on satisfied bliss.  Nuzzling happily against Insoo’s balls, he smiled at the sound of Gunwoo’s desperate groaning.  Insoo was kissing his pelvic bone and stroking his thighs, and he felt so content he could’ve purred with quiet joy.

            Gunwoo didn’t sound nearly as content.  “You…  This…  Fuck,” Gunwoo said.  “Good, good, yes, ah, ah!  Ah!  Oh!”  With one sharp thrust, he slammed in so deep that Seyong gasped, sliding up the bed with the force of Gunwoo’s hips.  “Gaah!  Oh, oh, oh,” Gunwoo said, sounding dazed.  “Oh, oh, oh.  Oh, yes,” he moaned with relish.  “The universe.  Is expanding.  I can.  See it.  Oh, beautiful…”

            “I felt that,” Seyong said in complete empathy.  “Inside me.”

            “You,” Gunwoo said suddenly.  “What are you doing with that?  Give!”  Lunging forward, he grabbed Insoo’s thigh and flipped Insoo over.  Landing on his back, knee crashing into the wall, Insoo yelped.

            Deprived of Insoo’s cock, Seyong stared in dismay.  “Ya!  Hyung!”

            “Amateur,” Gunwoo muttered, and leaned over Insoo.  One hand braced on the bed, one splayed at the base of Insoo’s cock, he swallowed Insoo’s cock in one smooth move.

            “Oh, oh,” Insoo said, his body arching, his hand gripping Seyong’s thigh.  “Oh, shit.”

            Seyong blinked once, slowly, to make sure that he was actually seeing this accurately, then stared in wide-eyed fascination.  Head tilting, Gunwoo sucked Insoo’s cock with single-minded focus, head bobbing, throat working.  His eyes were half-closed, and when Insoo’s hips rolled, popping upward, he grunted, lashes fluttering, and sucked harder, his cheeks hollowing.

            “Gunwoo, shit,” Insoo panted.  “This, this, yes, this, fuck, I’m coming, ah, coming, oh!”  Nails scraping down Seyong’s thigh, he groaned, his hips canting upward again.

            Eyes closing, Gunwoo sucked, fingers closing around the base.  Finally, with a leisurely lick, he raised his head, releasing Insoo’s cock.  While Insoo panted against Seyong’s leg, Gunwoo wiped his mouth with his hand and flicked Seyong in the forehead.  “That is what you do with a cock.”

            Seyong had thought that he knew everything about his hyungs.  Obviously, he’d been wrong.  He hadn’t realized, for example, that they both gave fantastic blowjobs and could set his entire body on fire with the right touch.  He’d expected sex with them to be fun, not cataclysmic.  “Are we going to do this a lot?”

            “A lot?  What does that mean?  What’s a lot?” Gunwoo asked, looking at him attentively, settling in, heavy on top of him, sprawling against Insoo.

            “Yes.”  Insoo sat up, running his hand through his hair.  “Yes, we’ll do this a lot.”

            “I like that answer,” Gunwoo said, nodding.  “Good answer.”  With a solemn expression, he raised his hand; smiling, Insoo high-fived him.

            Lacing his fingers behind his head, Seyong studied his hyungs.  Smiling, he sighed in contentment.  He liked that answer, too.

"Between Members"

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