Ordinary Sex

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            The twelve of them had just gotten back to the dorm after a long, grueling, awful practice.  They were seated on the floor, huddled over cartons of food, stuffing their faces and grunting.  The only people bothering to talk were Tao and Xiumin, and Baekhyun didn’t pay much attention to their conversation until he heard Tao say, “Seriously, when’s the last time we had a challenge?  We’re getting lazy, surrounded by our members.”

            “Hey, speak for yourself,” Xiumin said.  “I work hard to get them off.”

            “And we appreciate that,” Kris said, chewing.

            “Ah, there’s no challenge in it,” Tao complained.  “I want someone I can’t have just by making eye contact.”

            “Try D.O.,” Baekhyun suggested.

            “I just had D.O.,” Tao said.

            “Really?” Lay asked.

            “When?” Baekhyun asked, not sure if he believed it.

            “What was it like?” Lay asked.

            “Very nice,” D.O. calmly told Lay, while Tao said, “The last time was, I don’t know, a few weeks ago?”

            “The last time?” Luhan demanded.  “How many times have you done it this year?”

            “I don’t know, two in the last few months,” Tao said, while D.O. said, “Three.”  Tao gave him a curious look and asked, “You count that?”  When he nodded, Tao said, “Okay, three.”

            “Bullshit,” Baekhyun said, staring at D.O.  Okay, he could believe that D.O. and Tao had done something - - D.O. did have sex once in a while - - but three times?

            D.O. shrugged and turned his attention back to his food.

            “What did you two do together?” Lay asked.

            D.O. glanced over at him.  “The,” he mimed sex, poking his index finger into a hole in his fist, “twice, and the,” he pushed his tongue into his cheek, “once.”

            “Why Tao?” Luhan asked.

            “Yeah, why him?” Chanyeol demanded.

            D.O.’s wide eyes traveled around the team, settling on each face, before he said, “Because he’s good at it,” and went back to eating.

            “Ya!  I’m good at it!” Chanyeol protested.

            “I’m terrific at it,” Kris said.

            “There’s a challenge for you,” Lay said.  “Get Kris hyung to go down on you.”

            “Get Chen to top,” Chanyeol suggested.

            “Get Baekhyun to say no,” Chen suggested.

            “That’s enough,” Suho said in the calm, direct voice he used when he expected them to obey him without question.  “No more teasing.  Let’s clean up and get to bed.”

            Baekhyun hurriedly finished eating.

            On his bed, Kai sat behind D.O. and leaned back against the wall.  With D.O. in his arms, he closed his eyes and listened while D.O. told Lay all about sex with Tao.  He’d talked to D.O. about it before, and talked to Tao about it, and for the latest time they’d done it he’d been right there in the room, but it still turned him on to think about it, to imagine or remember it.

            Lay wanted all of the details, so while D.O. patiently described everything, Kai moaned, sliding his hands across D.O.’s abs and picturing it: D.O. on his side, making high-pitched, sexy, gasping-moaning noises and biting down on his soft, red lips and shuddering really hard every once in a while like he was feeling something so intense he couldn’t keep it in.  Tao behind him, pressed tightly up against him, fucking him with short, steady thrusts.  Both arms wrapped around him, holding him close, folding his arms against his chest, Tao was whispering in his ear, panting in his ear, telling him how good it was, how amazing it felt, all kinds of stuff that was dirty and flattering and making D.O. smile and shudder some more.  Kai had been staring, eating it up, jacking off hard - - like Lay was doing now - - and there had been a moment when D.O. had arched and shuddered again and moaned, “God, Tao,” and Kai had wanted him so much, so fucking badly, wanted to join in, wanted to touch him while he was caught up in ecstasy like that - - and D.O. had come and Kai had come and it had been amazing, perfect, to share that instant of pleasure, to get to feel that hot, explosive rush and see D.O. squirt at the same time.  He must have made some noise - - yeah, he totally had, he’d been moaning like a wild man - - because D.O. had looked right at him, given him one of those so-direct stares, and then D.O.’s gaze had dropped to his hand, to his crotch, where he was still spurting all over his jacking hand, and D.O. had smiled and kind of twitched, kind of shuddered and moaned all over again, and, yeah, Kai was never going to forget that night.

            He liked watching D.O. with the other members, whether it was just making out or something a little more hardcore.  He liked seeing D.O. enjoy it, liked seeing D.O. turned on.  The best, the absolute best, was always between the two of them, when he was the one making D.O. moan, but they made out a lot more than they had sex.  His sex drive was pretty high - - he was kind of like an always-idling race car, ready to go from zero to sixty in an instant - - and D.O.’s was kind of low.  But once in a while, D.O. was horny enough or comfortable enough or generous enough to ask for more, or offer more, and Kai had an unforgettable, absolutely awesome night.

            It was a little unusual, maybe, to have way more sex with the other members than he did with his own boyfriend.  But it worked for them.

            Slumped on the corner of his bed, Lay closed his eyes, his head lolling against the headboard as visions of Tao and D.O. flashed across his eyelids.  He could almost see it, D.O. kneeling in front of Tao, Tao’s hands cupping D.O.’s face, D.O. slowly drawing down Tao’s zipper.  His hand speeding up on his own erection, he imagined viewing it from above, from Tao’s perspective, imagined D.O. looking up, eyes huge and wide, rosy lips distended around a thick mouthful of Tao’s cock.  “Nnnnhh,” fuck, yeah, that was it.  Gasping, Lay played the moment again, again, as he jacked himself with quick, short pulls.  Tao’s cock - - D.O.’s mouth - - D.O.’s soft lips kissing the head - - D.O.’s rounded eyes gazing upward - - D.O.’s cheeks hollowing - - Tao’s cum spurting, shooting, landing in liquid stripes across D.O.’s wet, red, parted lips.  “Ahh, uh, uh!”  Coming, Lay grunted, opening his eyes just in time to see his own cum land on his chest.

            Feeling aglow, he panted, closing his eyes again, letting his hand fall lax to one side.  Pornographic images of Tao and D.O. flickered through his mind, and he smiled dreamily.

            He might have drifted in and out of sleep; the next thing he knew, Xiumin was saying, “You can’t take that seriously.”

            “Why not?” Luhan asked.  Lay opened his eyes to see Xiumin sitting on Luhan’s bed while Luhan undressed.  Immediately, his gaze zipped to Luhan’s body, his mind cataloging bare skin and calculating which items of clothing might come off next.  The shirt was on the bed; the pants landed on the floor.  Tank top would be next, and then underwear.

            “It was a joke,” Xiumin explained.  “He had everyone’s attention, it was a perfect moment to land a good line.  He only said it to rile everybody up.”

            “Who said what?” Lay asked, steadily following the action as Luhan’s tank top came off.  All of the members had such fit, sexy bodies, he never got tired of seeing them undress.  Luhan’s pert ass led to strong, muscular thighs.  Luhan said that they were strong from hours spent on the soccer field, but Lay was pretty sure that a lot of it was from wrestling the other members and holding them down.  Luhan’s sexual tactics could be pretty…dominating.

            “What D.O. said about having sex with Tao because he’s so good at it,” Xiumin explained.

            “I’m good at it,” Luhan said.  His voice sounded so determined that Lay looked up and had to smile at his frustrated expression.  “I’m better than Tao.  You know it,” he told Xiumin.

            “It doesn’t matter,” Xiumin said.  “He was just - - yes, of course you’re better than Tao,” he said with a placating smile as Luhan frowned and took a step forward.  “I know it, you know it, all of the members know it.  That’s what I’m telling you, it was just a stupid comment.  He didn’t mean it.”

            “You think I’m better,” Luhan told Lay.

            “Yeah,” he agreed.  Then he thought about it.  “I don’t think that anybody’s better than anybody else.  It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.”

            “I think that makes sense,” Xiumin said.  “We all like different things.  Baekhyun likes sex with Kris more than he likes sex with Chen.  That doesn’t mean that Chen’s bad at it.”

            “Chen’s incredible,” Lay said.

            “That’s not about who’s good,” Luhan argued.  “That’s about how much Baekhyun likes cock.”

            “And you like ass,” Xiumin said, laughing.  “That’s my point.  Even if somebody likes sex with Tao more than sex with you, it doesn’t say anything about you, it just says that Tao has what he’s looking for.”

            Luhan smiled but crossed his arms over his chest.  “Do you think that I don’t have what D.O.’s looking for?”

            “I don’t know what D.O.’s looking for,” Xiumin said.  He smiled, his eyebrows quirking.  “Does he know?”

            “Kai knows,” Lay said.

            Luhan snapped his fingers and pointed at Lay.  “I’m going to give D.O. what he’s looking for.”

            Groaning, Xiumin dropped backward, draping himself across Luhan’s bed in defeat.  “Why?” he asked the ceiling in a conversational tone.  “Why are you like this?”

            Luhan stripped out of his underwear and crawled on top of Xiumin.  “I already know what you’re looking for.”

            A sigh, a helpless laugh.  “Yeah,” Xiumin admitted, sliding his hands down Luhan’s sides, pulling him closer.  “Yeah, you do.”

            Stretched out on his stomach on Tao’s bed, Chen pillowed his face on his arms.  Post-sex languor was creeping in.  He felt good all over, and he was starting to get drowsy, fast; the exhaustion of the day was hitting him.  He yawned.  Tao’s forefinger was poking him, rubbing erratically across his ass.  He closed his eyes, sighed, and opened them again.  “Are you writing your name in your cum again?”


            Laughing, he reached back, smacking Tao’s hand away.  “Stop it!”

            “Why?” Tao asked, laughing.  “It’s fun.”

            “Write your name on your own butt!” he insisted, laughing and taking another swipe.  “Clean that up.”

            “It’s sexy.”  Tao rubbed a towel over his ass.  “I wish that I came as much as Suho hyung does.  Or Kris hyung.  Then I could do more with it.”

            “Do more with it?” Chen repeated.

            “Play with it.”  Tao’s fingers were lightly stroking his ass, petting him.  It felt nice; his eyes closed.  “I was thinking about how amazing your hole looks after I’ve fucked you, and I was thinking about how much I want to lick it, and how sexy you are right after Kris hyung’s fucked you, with all of that cream-”

            Twisting around, Chen punched him in the arm.

            “Ow!  What?” Tao asked, laughing and ducking too late.  “Why?”

            “Shut up!”  He smacked Tao’s leg.  “I’m going to sleep.  Be quiet.”

            He tucked Tao’s pillow under his head and closed his eyes.  A moment later, the light went off.  Tao settled in with him, weighing down his side, an arm slung over his waist.  It was so comfortable, he fell asleep right away.

            D.O. stepped out of the bathroom and almost bumped right into Luhan.  He moved aside so that Luhan could get around him, but Luhan just smiled at him and leaned in.

            Wondering what was going on, he smiled back.

            “Hey,” Luhan said, resting his forearm on the wall right by D.O.’s head.  His smile was attractive and kind of flirtatious.  “I was thinking.  We haven’t,” his gaze flickered down to D.O.’s crotch and back up, “talked much, lately.  You know?”

            D.O. smiled, puzzled and kind of amused.  “Are you coming onto me?”

            “No,” Luhan said, laughing, glancing away like D.O. was being foolish.  Then he sucked in his breath and met D.O.’s eyes.  “Yes.”

            Okay…  “Well, that’s nice, hyung.”  He ducked out from under Luhan’s arm and stepped back.  “Thank you.  I-”

            “Where are you going?” Luhan asked, catching his hand and tugging him close again.

            He laced his fingers through Luhan’s.  “To eat.  I’m hungry.”

            “Come on,” Luhan urged, tugging at his hand.  “Let’s make out.”

            He shook his head.  “I don’t want to.”

            Annoyance, frustration, drew Luhan’s eyebrows together.  He wasn’t used to being turned down, and he never liked it.  But he let go of D.O.’s hand, and his expression relaxed.  “Later, maybe.”

            D.O. nodded and went to the kitchen.

            Sehun sighed as D.O. left the room.  “Hyung,” he said, lounging on his side on his bed.  “You have to stop bothering him.”

            “Bothering him?” Luhan repeated disbelievingly.  “Who’s bothering anyone?  No one’s bothered.”

            Sehun let that go; they both knew that he was right.  “You’re too aggressive.  He doesn’t like that.”

            “You’re calling me aggressive?”  Luhan sat with him, resting a hand on his thigh.  “He likes Kai, doesn’t he?  That kid’s aggressive.”

            “He’s aggressive with the other members.  Not with D.O. hyung.  You have to - - listen to me,” he insisted, chuckling, shaking Luhan’s arm a little when Luhan started to look fed up.  “You have to let D.O. hyung go at his own speed.  It helps if you let him come to you.”

            “How?”  Luhan looked irritated and mystified.  “If I always wait for him, I’ll have to wait forever.  He’s so slow!”

            “Stop asking him.  Don’t ask him for it at all.  He knows that you’re around, he knows that you’re interested.  He’ll come to you if he wants you.”

            “Why wouldn’t he want me?” Luhan demanded.

            “Why am I trying to help this hyung?” Sehun asked the air, rolling onto his back and tucking his arm behind his head.  “Why do I bother?  It’s a waste of my time.”

            “I’m not aggressive,” Luhan insisted.  He frowned at the door, then looked at Sehun.  “How long should I wait?”

            “As long as it takes,” Sehun said simply.  “Wait for him to come to you.  Wait for him to tell you what he wants.  Wait for him to ask for it.”

            “I’ve been waiting!  All I do is wait!  I’m tired of waiting.  All he ever does is watch me.  I want to get laid, not be stared at.”

            “If you want to get laid, go talk to Xiumin hyung,” Sehun said.  “If you want D.O. hyung, you have to wait.”

            “Ugh, he’s so slow,” Luhan muttered.

            Sehun shrugged and smiled.  “We can have fun with the other members in the meantime.  Let’s go gang up on Lay hyung and make him beg for it.”

            Luhan’s eyes lit up.

            “Mmm.”  Cupping Baekhyun’s elbows, D.O. leaned back on the sofa.  Baekhyun’s short, soft kisses returned again and again to his mouth, never quite leaving him but giving him a quarter-second of anticipation between each one.  That instant of breathless yearning, of wanting more, was starting to get to him, a hot kick of desire flaring in his gut every time Baekhyun’s mouth left his, and he lifted his face away, tilting his head back against the couch, sucking in air, too turned on to take any more.

            Baekhyun’s hand slid through his hair, and he felt those short, sucking kisses wandering down his neck now, peppered hotly across his skin.  “Ah, unh…”  Sliding his hands over Baekhyun’s sides, he curled his fingers in the cotton of Baekhyun’s tank top, anchoring himself in the familiar feel of Baekhyun’s body.

            Baekhyun’s hands were under his T-shirt, pulling it up, touching his bare skin.  He felt hot, like he was seated beside a bonfire, and his heart was pounding with excitement, with lust.  He wanted to feel Baekhyun’s skin, too, wanted to slide his palms over its soft smoothness, wanted to feel Baekhyun, not fabric.  While Baekhyun kissed up under his earlobe and slid his shirt up a little more, he ran his hands under Baekhyun’s shirt, pressing his hands to Baekhyun’s bare body, moaning because it felt so good.

            “Yeah, it’s good,” Baekhyun said, licking his earlobe.  “Want to suck your cock.”

            Surprised, he laughed.  “No!”

            “Ya!”  Laughing with him, Baekhyun smiled at him, poking his stomach with skinny fingers.  “Don’t laugh!  What kind of dongsaeng are you?”  Baekhyun’s gaze scanned his face with curiosity.  “You don’t want it?”

            He shook his head, stroking Baekhyun’s sides.  The flush of color in Baekhyun’s face was kind of cute.  “This is enough.”

            “Ah, okay.”  Shifting off of him, Baekhyun sat beside him and flopped back against the armrest.  “C’mere, then, let’s be comfortable.”

            Crawling obediently on top as Baekhyun gestured him closer, he slid a hand under Baekhyun’s shirt again.

            Luhan hadn’t made a move on D.O. in years.  Or weeks, it had probably only been a couple of weeks.  He hadn’t flirted, hadn’t touched.  Okay, so he had touched, but in everyday ways, not the way he did when he wanted sexual attention.

            So far, he wasn’t getting any more of a response from D.O. than if he’d been making passes at a hairbrush.  Nothing was happening.  He was so frustrated about it that he was starting to progress from frustration to worry.  This wasn’t even about his ego anymore, about why D.O. wanted Tao and not him, why D.O. sucked on Chen’s fingers and not his.  Forget the other members; why didn’t D.O. want him?  Was there something wrong with him?  Something wrong between them?  D.O. didn’t like him?  Didn’t trust him?  He wanted to be close with all of the members, and he was starting to worry that there was some problem, some rift between himself and D.O. that he’d never noticed.

            He was on the floor one night, fucking Chen, really getting into it, when Chen glanced over his shoulder and he felt a hand on his back.  Since both of Chen’s hands were on his thighs, he figured that someone else was looking to join in, or Lay just wanted to watch from up close.  Glancing over, he was surprised to see D.O.

            D.O. smiled at him and then looked at Chen.

            “Ah, why?” Chen moaned, laughing.  “Show up right when I’m, I’m, I’m going to c-c-come.”

            Oh, nice.  “Yeah,” Luhan said, fucking him steadily.  “Get off on my cock, you know you love it.”

            D.O.’s hand was still on his back, stroking his spine.  It felt good.  Not as incredible as the hungry heat of Chen’s well-lubed ass, but good, anyway.  He didn’t react to it, though; he didn’t want to scare D.O. off.

            Pleasure was riding him hard, and Chen was moaning in that demanding, full-throated way that meant orgasm was about to hit.  Biting into his lower lip, turned on, triumphant, Luhan pushed Chen’s knees in farther, thrusting harder, picking up the pace.  When Chen groaned, fingers digging into Luhan’s thighs, Luhan grinned, spurred on, fucking harder.  “Yeah, that’s it, feels good, doesn’t it?  Yeah, unh, go on, get off on it.”

            “Oh, god,” Chen moaned, tossing his head, squeezing his eyes shut.  His hand flew to his cock, clutching at it desperately.  “Oh, god, it’s so good.”

            “Ah!  No, no,” Luhan insisted, grabbing his hand and dragging it from his cock.  Leaning closer over him, Luhan pinned his hand to the floor.  “You don’t need that.  Like this, just like this, get off on what I’m doing to you.”

            “Oh, uunnnhh, oh, hyung.”  Moaning, gasping, Chen shuddered under him, looking tormented.  “Why do you make me - - why are you like this - - fuck, fuck, ahhhh…”

            “Do it,” Luhan ordered, staring into his eyes, not letting him look away.  God, it was always so hot, messing with him like this.  “You feel that?  You feel my hard cock nailing your cute little ass?”  He was panting, red-faced, making those deep, ecstatic, groaning sounds Luhan loved to hear.  “Yeah, feels good, doesn’t it?  Makes you want to come.”

            “Oh, god, unh, unh, unh, ah!  Ah!  Fuck you, oooohh, oh.”  Chen’s whole body tensed up, his head going back as he came in short pulses.  “Uuhhh, oh, oh…”

            “Yeah, that’s it.”  Now that Chen had come, there was nothing to hold back for anymore, and Luhan thrust in sharply, grunting, loving it.  He got off hard, giving himself over to the searing burst of orgasm, unloading his balls in Chen’s ass.  Mmm, “Unh, yeah.”  Smiling, he rolled his head on his neck, letting the final glimmer of pleasure sizzle out of him.

            “Unh…  So good,” Chen panted, limp as a dishrag under him.

            Chuckling at the sight of Chen looking so pleasure-drunk, so satisfied, Luhan punched his thigh as his legs relaxed.  “Ya, ‘fuck you?’  Is that how you talk to hyung?”

            “Ah, sorry, sorry,” Chen said hastily, his hands coming up to ward off another attack.  “I didn’t mean it.”

            “Is that any way to treat someone who gets you off so well?” Luhan teased.

            Chen blinked at him in incomprehension.  “That’s not how I treat Kris hyung.”

            Oh, now he was going to get it.  “You little shit,” Luhan said, laughing, socking him in the thigh again.  When he laughed and tried to get away, Luhan wrestled him back down, enjoying the slippery grappling of their sweaty bodies, pinning him on his stomach.  “Kris?” Luhan demanded, slapping his ass.  “Who’s that?  Who’s Kris?”

            “No one,” Chen panted, laughing.  “It’s no one.  There’s only you, Luhan hyung, there’s no one but you.”

            “Ah, that’s better.”  Feeling a hand on his thigh, he remembered D.O. with a start.  He glanced back, but D.O,’s gaze was down, focused on his thigh.

            He flexed.

            D.O. smiled, rubbing his thigh.

            Chen sighed, relaxing under him.

            “Oh, good, you’re already facedown and lubed up,” Chanyeol said, coming into the room.  “Luhan hyung, can I share?”

            “Ya!  It’s not like that!” Chen protested.  “Go find somebody else.  This door is closed.”

            “Aw, be nice,” Chanyeol said.  “Can’t you give me head?”

            “Go ask Baekhyun.”

            “Chen hyung doesn’t want you,” D.O. said, finally looking up from Luhan’s thigh.  “There’s no one for him but Luhan hyung.  He said so.”

            Luhan grinned, patting Chen’s back.

            “What about you?” Chanyeol asked.  “Want to get me off?”

            D.O. shook his head.

            “Damn it, we need more bottoms around here,” Chanyeol muttered, walking off.  “Xiumin hyung!” he called.

            D.O. shrugged and got up.

            “What about you?” Luhan asked.  “There’s no one else for you but me, right?”

            D.O. smiled.  “Of course, hyung,” he said before he walked away.

            “Mmm.”  Kai’s hands slid under his shirt, hot and strong.  “You’re so horny lately.”

            “I know.”  D.O. loved the way Kai was kissing him, deep and familiar and just aggressive enough to make him ache with pleasure.  Running his hands over Kai’s hips, he grabbed up handfuls of Kai’s pants, tugging Kai against him.  Feeling the stiffness of Kai’s erection bump against him, he swayed back against the wall, pulling Kai close, wanting to feel Kai on him, all over him.

            “Huh, yeah,” Kai mumbled, kissing him harder, cupping the back of his head in one hand, tilting his face up.  The hand under his shirt was on his back now, and as Kai stroked his skin, he felt his back arching.  Feeling sort of mindless with wanting, he moaned, pulling at Kai’s clothes, grabbing at Kai’s body, trying to get closer, closer.

            Finally, he just had to say it.  Opening his eyes, he looked up at Kai.  “I want you to fuck me.”

            Kai’s smile was immediate and delighted.  “Really?”

            Loving it when Kai looked that happy, he smiled back, nodding.

            “Go, go, go,” Kai said, laughing, shoving him toward their bedroom.  Laughing, he went in and sat on Kai’s bed.

            Kai tossed a bottle of lube beside him and undressed.  In an instant, Kai was naked, lean and sinewy and crawling on top of him, pushing him onto his back, warm and smooth-skinned under his hands.  As their mouths met for more deep kisses, pleasure hummed through him.  It was always so right with Kai.  “Want you so much,” he confessed, the need thrumming between his thighs making his whole body hot.

            “Gonna make it good for you,” Kai promised, tugging his shorts down.  While Kai took his shorts and underwear off, he squirmed out of his T-shirt, and then there was skin everywhere, Kai’s body warm and firm against his.  It felt so good, so erotically sensual, so intimate, that he just ran his hands over Kai’s body and moaned while Kai moved sinuously against him, grinding and sliding.  Kai’s body felt incredible against him, felt good all over, and he was turned on by everything he touched, from the tautness of Kai’s abs to the strength of Kai’s thighs to the soft skin of Kai’s pert ass.  When he ran his hand over Kai’s erection, so long and hard, Kai groaned and kissed him.

            He was starting to get to that place where everything felt so good, it was too good.  Feeling Kai’s hot, smooth skin against his hard-on was sending tongues of flame licking between his thighs, and the rhythmic grind of Kai’s body against his was electric.  Gasping with pleasure, he buried his face against Kai’s neck.  Sex was everywhere, lust in the air, need crackling through him, the heat of Kai’s desire burning on his skin.  Oh, god, he wanted to feel Kai inside of him now, but he didn’t know if he could take it.  No, he had to, he had to.  “Now, please, I want it now.”

            “Unnhh, yeah, me, too,” Kai moaned, and Kai’s hand was already pushing his legs apart, already coaxing his knees up.  Groaning, he tilted his head back and panted at the ceiling, his back arching as Kai’s fingers slid into him.  It felt incredible, felt so distinctly erotic, being entered like this, the slide and stretch.  Panting, trying to relax into it, he slid his hands over Kai’s neck, needing the contact to ground him.  Kai was great at this, knew exactly how to touch him, and was stroking him in a way that sent sparks of pleasure skittering through him.

            “Oh, oh, oh, god,” this was so good, he could come just like this, this could be enough.  But no, he wanted more, he wanted Kai inside of him, he wanted to feel Kai thrusting into him, fucking him.  Feeling wild with wanting it, he shuddered, gripping Kai’s shoulder.  “Now, now, can you fuck me now?”

            “Yeah, now.”  Panting slightly, lips parted, Kai lifted up a little, looking down between their bodies.  D.O. closed his eyes, breathing deeply, doing his best to absorb and understand the pleasure and desire already coursing through him, needing to take control of himself before-

            -oh, oh, oh!  As he gasped, his eyes flew open.  Kai, Kai was entering him, inside of him, filling him, oh!  “Oh, oh god, Kai,” he moaned, overwhelmed by pleasure, his body alive with it, his hands shaking as he gripped Kai’s back.

            Sinking deeper into him, Kai kissed him, tongue snaking into his mouth.  Moaning, he kissed back.  This was pleasure he understood, familiar, and he felt himself relax with each stroke of Kai’s tongue.  His hands ran down Kai’s back, treasuring the smooth slide over soft, hot skin, and as his fingers toured the round curve of Kai’s ass, Kai began to move, thrusting into him.

            The sudden shock of pleasure jolted him, and he dug his fingers in, gasping.  Kai was still going, rocking into him, pressing deeper and deeper, and the thick slide of Kai’s erection created an erotic burn that had him crying out in ecstasy.  Unable to control what was happening to him, unable to contain the powerful high of it, he wrapped himself around Kai, holding on tightly, arms and legs closing around Kai, his face buried against Kai’s shoulder.  “Oh, oh, oh,” it was good, too good, incredible, the way Kai was rocking into him, the bursts of pleasure on every thrust.

            “Faster?” Kai asked, breathless.  “Slower?”

            Moaning, he shook his head, rubbing his forehead against Kai’s bare shoulder.  “This, like this.”  It felt so good, he just wanted this, more of this, all of this.

            “Unh, great, this is great,” Kai moaned.  “Love fucking you.”

            “So great,” he echoed.  It was too intense, too much, ecstasy pounding into him, pleasure streaking into him with every one of Kai’s rhythmic thrusts.  “Oooohh, oh, oh, Kai.”

            “Want you like this all of the time,” Kai panted, kissing his jaw.  “So sexy, you’re so hot like this.”

            He felt sexy, he felt incredible.  “More, more,” he said breathlessly, his hands on Kai’s back, on Kai’s ass, as he nuzzled against Kai’s temple, licking up sweat.  “Oh, oh, oh, you feel so big inside me.”

            Kai made a sound that was half-moan, half-laugh.  “You don’t have to say things like that.”

            “I can’t help it, you feel so good.”  Gasping as Kai fucked pleasure into him, ecstasy spiking all the way to his brain, he shuddered.  “I think I’m going to come.”

            “Yeah, yeah, let’s come,” Kai urged.  “You want me to do it?”

            “I’ll, I’ll do it, ah, oh, oh.”  Groaning, D.O. stroked his erection.  The pulse of pleasure that rocketed through him made him jerk on the bed, and Kai rode him through it, strong and sinuous over him, thrusting steadily into him.  “Huuuhhhh, ooohhhhh, oh, oh.”  Kai had fucked him so well, he’d barely touched his cock before ecstasy was flaring through him in dangerous shots.  “Oh, oh, oh god, oh god, oh, oh, Kai.”

            “Yeah, ah, let’s get off together, let’s come,” Kai said, voice rough with lust.

            There was no way to hold back.  Pleasure surged through him, sudden and brilliant like an explosion of fireworks.  Crying out, he shuddered against Kai, feeling it everywhere, his toes, his scalp, tingling over every patch of skin.  “Oh, oh, oh god, oh!”  So good, it was so good, he couldn’t breathe, his whole body was on fire, Kai was still inside of him, still thrusting into him, his body was coming apart in a million sparks of pleasure.

            “Unh, fuck, yeah,” Kai grunted, shivering, moaning, coming inside of him, “that’s it, fuck, hyung, it’s so good.”

            Overwhelmed by the hot fire of climax, D.O. just breathed, trying to absorb it, feeling it sizzle and burn all over him, all through him, so deep inside.  Everything - - the faint stretch in his thigh, the drip of Kai’s sweat onto his chest, the shift of Kai’s body between his thighs, the whisper and slide of skin on skin, seemed exaggerated, obscenely erotic, too intense.  Pleasure was still rolling through him in a dangerous wall of heat, scorching everything in its path, leaving him that much more vulnerable to each fresh sensation.

            “God, hyung.”  Kai covered him, heavy on top of him, limp and sweaty.  The pressure of Kai’s body over his was familiar, welcome, and after a moment he stirred enough to wrap his arms around Kai, exhaling.  He’d had Kai inside of him.  Just the idea of it seemed incredible.  It was over, but it was so fresh, it almost seemed like it was still happening, like Kai was still pumping steadily between his legs.  He could remember the rhythm of it, the rising heat.

            After a while, he opened his eyes.  It was disappointing, how the world looked exactly the same as before, when he’d experienced something so profound.  He rubbed his hands over Kai’s warm, strong back.  “Thank you.”

            Kai laughed, raising his head, eyes sparkling.  “You can’t thank me.  Why do you always thank me?”

            “I couldn’t have done it without you,” D.O. pointed out.  “I can’t make myself feel that good.”

            Laughing again, Kai kissed his cheek.  “You got me so excited, I need to fuck again.  Are you okay?”

            He nodded, stroking Kai’s sides.  He just wanted to let everything that had happened simmer through him for a while.  “Go.”

            Kai kissed him and got up, lithe and naked.  “You want me to come back later?”

            Yeah, maybe.  “Yeah, sleep with me.”


            As Kai left the room, D.O. rolled onto his side, curling up around all of the warm, wonderful things that had just happened to him.  Closing his eyes, he smiled.  Sex.  What a weird, amazing thing.

            “Ugh, I’m so tired I can’t move,” Xiumin said, swaying forward and slumping against the shower wall.

            “I’m so tired, I can’t see colors,” Baekhyun said, stumbling away from the shower and wiping at his face.

            “I’m not here anymore,” Chanyeol mumbled, turning under the shower’s spray.  “I’m in bed.  I’m asleep.  None of this is real.”

            “You’re all a bunch of wusses,” Luhan said, pushing them out of his way.  “Go to bed and stop hogging the water.”

            As members staggered around the bathroom, Luhan tilted his face toward the spray, closing his eyes.  He rubbed at his eyes, making sure that the last traces of make-up washed away, and then combed his fingers through his hair, relaxing.

            When he opened his eyes, D.O. was right in front of him, staring at him like they’d never met before.  With a laugh, he lowered his hands.  “You need the water?  I’m almost done.”

            “No,” D.O. said, still watching him.

            Turning his back, he found the soap.  He washed quickly, thoughtlessly.  The other members were right; it had been a long day, and he’d be glad to get into bed.

            Feeling a hand on his ass, he glanced back.  Oh, it was just D.O.  He’d kind of given up on anything ever happening between them again, but the wondering, appreciative look on D.O.’s face made him rethink that.  “You like it?” he asked, arching his back.

            “Mmm.”  Slowly caressing his ass, D.O. nodded, not looking up.

            The way D.O.’s hand wandered his skin felt good.  It squeezed a little, here and there, and D.O.’s expression only grew more admiring, more fascinated.  He didn’t know why - - D.O. saw his bare ass all of the time - - but apparently today he looked particularly sexy.  Maybe D.O. was horny?

            He let D.O. stay back there, petting his ass, while he finished his shower.  Turning off the water, he moved to reach for a towel.

            “No,” D.O. said, brushing his hand away.

            What was up with this weird kid?  “Why?” he asked, turning around.

            Now presented with the front of him, D.O. seemed just as interested.  That wondering, focused gaze traveled up him so slowly he could almost feel it passing over his skin.  Reaching his face, D.O. smiled and touched his cheek.

            Was this finally happening?  “You want me.  Don’t you.”

            “Mmm.”  D.O. nodded, gaze still wandering his face.  The side of D.O.’s thumb brushed the corner of his mouth, and D.O.’s whole expression changed, so flushed and heavy-lidded and sultry that Luhan wondered if D.O. was drunk.  Maybe Chanyeol was right; he was in bed, asleep, and none of this was really happening.

            “Members,” Suho’s voice called from somewhere else in the dorm.  “Everyone should be in bed.  Early start in the morning.”

            “We should go,” D.O. said.  His forefinger drew a line along Luhan’s jaw, down to the point of Luhan’s chin.

            “Do you want to sleep in my bed?”  He figured that D.O. would say no, but he was tired of not pushing, never asking.

            “Yeah.”  D.O.’s hand slid down his chest like there was something about him that made just touching him an experience to be treasured.  “Yeah,” D.O. said again, softer this time.

            When D.O.’s hand fell away, Luhan dried off.  D.O. just stood there and watched.  When he was dry, he went to his room.  He’d thought that D.O. was following, but when he got there, he was on his own.  Disappointed, confused, he climbed naked into bed.  He hated not being as close to D.O. as the other members were, hated feeling like he was a weakness in the team’s solidarity or something.  He didn’t know what to do to fix it; obviously, waiting around for D.O. to close the gap between them wasn’t working.

            Rolling over, he closed his eyes.  Brooding, half-asleep, he felt the mattress dip, felt someone crawling in behind him.  Well, it couldn’t be D.O.  Xiumin?  He squirmed around between this member and the wall, and found himself face-to-face with D.O.

            Surprised, Luhan poked D.O.  Yeah, he was real.  He’d put clothes on, underpants and a T-shirt, and he was trying to hug.  Luhan hugged him back, and he pressed his face against Luhan’s shoulder, his hand rubbing slowly up and down Luhan’s back.

            “You okay?” Luhan asked, patting his butt.

            “I kind of want to kiss you,” D.O. told his shoulder.  Then D.O. shuddered hard against him, arm tightening around him, and whispered, “I really want to kiss you.”

            Was that…  Was that D.O.’s arousal he felt poking against him?  “Are you hard?” he asked, wanting to laugh.

            “Don’t tease,” D.O. said in a breathy voice, sounding turned on but still sure about it.

            That only made Luhan want to tease more, but, okay, he could be nice.  “I won’t,” he promised, squeezing D.O.’s ass.

            D.O.’s cheek rubbed against his, and then D.O. kissed him.  It was light, like they were just getting to know each other, and when his tongue slid deftly into D.O.’s mouth, D.O. made a low, moaning noise.  “Oooouuuhh…  Uunnnhhh…  Oh, oh, unh…”

            Turned on, Luhan pushed him back, sliding on top of him, kissing him more assertively.  His lips were soft, and the stuttering, kneading way his hands traveled down to Luhan’s ass made Luhan feel sexy, wanted.

            “Uh,” D.O. said, squirming under him.  “Ahhh, you’re so naked.”

            “Yeah,” he murmured, getting into it, kissing D.O. again, again.  “You like that?”

            “Ohhhhh, hyung,” D.O. groaned, hard-on thick against him.  “Don’t talk, please, don’t tease.  Just kiss me.”

            There were always extra rules with D.O., extra boundaries, but that was okay; all of the members had their own way of doing things.  Luhan focused on kissing, just kissing him, sucking at his lower lip, tongue slicking into his mouth.  He was breathing hard, his hands kneading greedily over Luhan’s body, and when Luhan toyed with the waistband of his underwear, easing it down a little, he moaned like he wanted it.

            The answer was going to be no, but Luhan had to ask, anyway.  “Can I fuck you?”

            D.O.’s breath caught in a moan.  “Ooohhhh…  Uuhhhhh…  Nnnhh, no, no.”  Then D.O. ground against Luhan’s knee between his thighs, his nails digging into Luhan’s ass.  “Can I lick your cock?”

            Okay, yeah, this was more like it.  “Sure.”  He rolled onto his back, bringing D.O. over himself, raising his knees.

            “Oohh, I want you,” D.O. moaned, kissing him.  When D.O.’s hand slid down to his groin, he tipped his head back, moaning, feeling it.  Kissing his neck, D.O. fondled his cock slowly, like it was new, like they’d never done this before.  Lifting his hips, he rocked into D.O.’s hand a little while D.O. kissed his chest.  D.O.’s focused attention felt great.  It wasn’t super suave or showy, but that made it kind of sweet.  As his cock ached, stiff and ready for D.O.’s mouth, he stroked D.O.’s thick hair and wondered if Lay was watching from the next bed.  He couldn’t tell in the dark; he could only see shapes.

            “Lay, you awake?”

            “Mmmm,” Lay moaned.

            D.O.’s head started to lift from where he’d been licking Luhan’s abs.

            “Nnn, don’t stop,” Xiumin said.  “Keep going.”

            With a breathless laugh, D.O. lowered his head again.

            “Ummm, oh, yeah,” Luhan moaned as D.O.’s tongue stroked firmly up the shaft.  Yeah, that was what he needed, like that, “Ooohhhh.”  He wanted to grip D.O.’s hair like he did with the other members, but he didn’t want to scare D.O. off, so he rubbed his own nipple instead, grunting a little at the pinch of pleasure.

            “Mmm.  Mmmmhh, ahh, shit, I want you so much,” D.O. said, his voice breathy and kind of incredulous, like he couldn’t believe how good this was.  Luhan couldn’t, either.  D.O. hadn’t been this skilled, this deft, before.  His tongue was painting wide stripes of wet heat up from the base of Luhan’s cock, licking up the underside, then on the right, the underside again, the left, never the same exact spot twice in a row, keeping Luhan’s cock begging for more attention.  His tongue took a few passes around the head, a few wet, sucking kisses that made Luhan’s thighs burn, made Luhan moan a little, and then he went back to licking, his tongue sleek and bold on Luhan’s cock.

            Biting back words, Luhan teased his own nipples more, twisting them, flicking them with his thumb.  “Unnnhhh, yes, ooooohh.”  As D.O.’s light, teasing kisses brushed over the head, he rolled his hips, nudging upward.  Felt so good, he needed more, “Oooooohh, hhuuuuuhhh, D.O.”

            “Oh, god,” D.O. moaned, lifting his head.  Crawling up Luhan’s body, he tugged impatiently at Luhan’s cock, and Luhan rolled on top of him, kissing his mouth, yanking his shirt up to get skin against skin.  As they kissed, Luhan ground hard against him, his hands gripping the backs of Luhan’s thighs, his body hot, his skin soft.  “Oh, ahh, hyung,” D.O. moaned, turning his face away, panting hard.  “Say, say, tell me to come.”

            Luhan didn’t have to be asked twice.  “Yeah, get off on it,” he urged, tugging down D.O.’s underwear and grinding against D.O.’s bare hard-on, so stiff and smooth against his erection.  D.O. made a breathless, groaning sound and clutched at his ass.  “You love it, you love how it feels.  Get off on what I’m doing to you, get off hard, you know it’s gonna happen, let me see you come, do it.”

            “Oh, oh, oh,” D.O. gasped, hugging him close, tightening up around him, shuddering and biting his shoulder.  “Oh, oh, oh, oh, god, oh.”  Caught in D.O.’s embrace, he felt wetness spurt against his abs.  “Oh, oh, shit, oh, god.”

            “Yeah, that’s it,” Luhan said, rubbing his thigh and kissing his neck.  Getting the other members off always made Luhan feel proud, smug.  “That’s right, I know you love it.”

            “Oh.”  D.O. relaxed, hands sliding into Luhan’s hair, knees falling away on either side of him.  “It’s so, it’s too, stop for a second, I can’t.”  He sounded breathless with pleasure, sounded orgasmic, like he was still coming, and Luhan paused, looking into his face, curious.  His eyes were closed, his lips parted, and he was smiling like he’d just won something.  “Mmm.”  His hands rubbed lazily over Luhan’s ass, massaging.  “Mmmmmmm.”  He shifted sinuously, like pleasure was still rippling through him, running through his body down to his toes.  “Oh.”

            D.O. was always so cute when he was like this, like he’d been overloaded with ecstasy.  Watching him, Luhan smiled as his eyes finally opened.  His smile was warm, his gaze fascinated, and he cupped Luhan’s face between his hands.

            “You okay?” Luhan asked, amused as D.O. caressed his cheeks and stroked his chin, his forehead, his temples.  “Is it okay if I come, or do you want to keep me waiting?”

            “I think.”  D.O. hesitated, and when he smiled, his eyes widened.  “I think I want you to come inside me.  Can you fuck me a little?”

            What, was he kidding?  “Yes,” Luhan said, laughing.  “Yes, I want to.”

            “Catch,” Xiumin said, and Luhan put up a hand just in time to grab the bottle of lube sailing through the air.

            “On my back, like this, okay?” D.O. asked.

            “Mmm, sure,” Luhan said, uncapping the lube and giving him a kiss.  “Knees up, I’ll give you what you need.”

            Making an assenting noise, D.O. kissed Luhan, his knee settling over Luhan’s shoulder.  His tongue was gliding over Luhan’s lips and his hands were still cupping Luhan’s face, and Luhan stayed and kissed him, fingers stroking into him by feel.  “Oh, hmmm, hhhhhooo,” he sighed, his kisses deep and lazy, his body relaxing as Luhan stretched him.  “Oh, Luhan hyung,” he murmured.  “I’ve wanted you so much.”

            “It’s okay, I’ve got just what you need,” Luhan promised, spreading lube over his erection, jacking himself a little.  “I’ll scratch that itch for you, open up.”

            Luhan slid in, and, “Ooohhhhh,” D.O. moaned, “oh, oh,” his head going back, “oh, oh,” his hands rubbing down the back of Luhan’s neck, “unh, hhhhuh-hhhhuuh-huuuuuh, oh, god.”  Pushing his knee to his chest, Luhan sank deep, grunting with pleasure at the snug heat of his body, and he shuddered, groaning, “Luhan hyung, Luhan hyung, yes, yes, please, yes.”  He was panting against Luhan’s mouth, his kisses wet and clinging, and when Luhan slid back and thrust in again, he moaned, flinging an arm around Luhan’s shoulders and burying his face against Luhan’s neck, shivering, gasping.

            God, Luhan had missed this.  Laughing, he rubbed D.O.’s side.  “Okay?  Can I keep going?”

            Lifting his face, he kissed Luhan again, cupping Luhan’s face in his hands, making soft, wordless sounds of pleasure.  Patiently, Luhan kissed him back, itching to move but still enjoying this.  It was a huge turn-on to affect him like this, to get him worked up.  It was like sex was new to D.O. every time, still astounding and powerful.  “Okay,” he breathed, still kissing Luhan, rubbing his thumb over Luhan’s cheekbone before his hand slid to the side of Luhan’s neck.  “Okay.  Now’s good.”

            Pleasure sizzled up Luhan’s spine as D.O. gave him the go-ahead.  “Yeah, you ready for it?” he asked, popping his hips, giving D.O. a jolt.  Gasping, D.O. groaned, teeth catching on his lower lip.  “Oh, yeah, feels good, doesn’t it?” Luhan asked, moving into a steady rhythm, going nice and deep.  “I know what you like.”

            “Unh, hu-hu-hunh, yes,” D.O. moaned, nails digging into his shoulder in a way he knew was going to leave marks.

            God, Luhan loved making guys want it, loved seeing guys go wild for it, and he’d missed this, missed how fucking responsive D.O. was to every little thing.  “Mmm, it’s been too long, hasn’t it?” he asked, his thrusts even, controlled.  “You missed hyung’s cock, didn’t you?”

            “Don’t tease,” D.O. panted, “don’t.”

            Luhan smiled, running his hand over D.O.’s abs.  “Why not?  You came to me because you need what I have to give you.  You crawled into my bed and begged me to fuck you because you’re ready for the real thing.  Don’t be shy about what you want.  You love this cock, we both know you do.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Tell me how good it feels.”

            “I, I, I.”  His fingers sliding up the back of Luhan’s neck, into Luhan’s hair, D.O. panted against Luhan’s ear.  Wet, sucking kisses across Luhan’s neck, up then down again.  “Y-y-you’re turning me on, I’m getting hard again,” D.O. whispered.  “Luhan hyung, my cock, oh, god, god, I can’t help it.”

            “You’re so hot,” Luhan said, thrusting harder, loving this, turned on by how intensely D.O. was reacting to him.  From the other bed, Lay was making urgent, aroused sounds.  “Yeah, you love it, I know you love it.  You can’t get enough, can you?  Can’t ever have enough of my cock.  You want some more, you want all of it?  Tell me you want all of it, say it.”

            “Ooohhh-hhh-hhh, oh, oh.”  D.O. groaned, biting his shoulder.

            “Come on,” Luhan insisted, fucking him harder, shifting angles, making him yelp.  “Tell me how much you love it.”

            “Love it, I love it.  Oh, hyung, slow down, slower, oh, god, it’s too much.”

            Immediately, Luhan shifted angles again, drastically slowing his pace.  Moving with deliberate slowness, he took his time, falling into a lazy, deep thrust.  “You like it slow?” he asked, rubbing his thumb over D.O.’s nipple.  Groaning, D.O. gripped his thighs, shuddering against him.  “You want me to slow down so you can feel every inch of my cock sliding into you?  You want to slow down and treasure every fat inch of my cock filling you up?”

            “Hhhhuuh, oohhhh.”  Groaning, D.O. pressed his face to Luhan’s shoulder, rubbing his lips against Luhan’s skin.  “Yes, yes.  It feels so good, Luhan hyung, you feel so good.”

            “Mmm, yeah, feel it,” Luhan said, rocking into him nice and slow, pushing deep.  “Make you love it, make you moan.”

            “Oh, oh, hhuuuuuooh, god.”  D.O. was gripping him, clinging to him, arms and legs wrapping tightly around him, fingers digging into his skin hard enough to bruise.  “Oh, it’s good, it’s so, oh, so good.”

            “Yeah, you like it?” Luhan asked, thrusting steadily, cock dragging in and out of him in a thick slide.  It took control, self-discipline, not to fuck him hard.  Pleasure was pulsing between Luhan’s thighs, burning in Luhan’s veins, firing up the need to come.  But this was what D.O. wanted, and Luhan took pride in getting his members off right.  Besides, shit, it felt great, the way D.O. was grabbing at him and pulling on him, the way D.O.’s ass hugged his cock.  “You like what I’m doing to you?”

            “Yes, yes.”  D.O. panted against his jaw, rubbing messy, hungry kisses against his skin.  “Yes, hyung, god, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

            He wasn’t used to hearing D.O. love it like this, wasn’t used to seeing D.O. go wild for it like this.  Clenching his teeth together as pleasure rocketed through him, he hung on, making it last, fucking D.O. deeply, steadily.  Holding onto him like he was the only anchor in a storm, D.O. panted in desperate, exultant moans.  Feeling D.O.’s hard-on bump against his abs, he slid a hand down between their bodies.

            “Ah, ah, that’s, ah!”  D.O. writhed under him, hips jerking so sharply and eagerly that it felt like D.O. was trying to fuck right through his hand.  “Ah, Luhan hyung, oh!”

            Oh, D.O. was good and hard, his cock stiff and ready.  Luhan rubbed the shaft, fondled the head, played with it until D.O. was gasping wordlessly and shuddering silently and not even getting out coherent syllables anymore.

            Then Luhan’s hand joined in the rhythm of sex, stroking at the same pace his hips were already pumping.  “Unh, you’re so hard.  Getting off on my cock?  Getting off on the way I fuck you?”

            “Huuh, huuh, ooohh.  Come, hyung, please, come, you have to come.”

            “Not without you,” Luhan vowed.  Keeping his thrusts at the same deep rhythm, he sped up his hand, jacking D.O.’s cock faster, pushing the pace.  He was ready to come, he needed it; the pressure building up inside him was making him feel kind of high and wild and reckless with pleasure, but he had to get D.O. off first.  “Show me how much you love it, show me how hot I make you, give it up for me.”

            “Oh, oh, oh,” D.O. moaned, head falling back.  “Oh, oh, so much, there’s so much, unh, unh, huuuh!  Oh!  Oh!”

            “That’s it, show it to me,” Luhan urged, but D.O. was already coming, spilling over his hand, bucking hard against him, groaning long and low.  The way D.O.’s body writhed against him, soft skin rubbing against him, hot hands grabbing at him, felt so good that he came, too, shooting hard into D.O.’s ass.  “Yeah, fuck yeah,” he moaned, his wet hand skidding up D.O.’s chest as ecstasy shook him.

            “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” D.O. panted.  “Wow, wow, wow.”

            Shaking his head to clear it, Luhan tried to catch his breath.

            “Wow,” D.O. said.  “Wow.”  His hands shifted on Luhan’s back, fingers tapping, then stilled.  “Wow.”

            Feeling good, light, free, Luhan laughed.  “You okay?”

            “I don’t even know,” D.O. said breathlessly.  “Just don’t move for a while.”

            “Mmm.”  Okay with that, Luhan relaxed, tucking his head under D.O.’s chin.  Exhausted, sated, he closed his eyes.

            The last thing Luhan heard as he fell asleep was another soft, “Wow.”

            The day after he had sex with Luhan, D.O. felt really strange.  Giddy, he felt giddy.  Very happy but a little silly, a little on edge, a little bit on the verge of losing control, like he was balancing on a tightrope but the wind was starting to pick up.  He couldn’t stop smiling, and he laughed at everything, and he spent as much time as possible tucked behind Kai because he felt better with a barrier between him and life.

            He hugged Kai a lot, because it felt really good, but he didn’t want anything else.  He felt like he wouldn’t need sex again for months.  He hadn’t expected to do so much with Luhan.  He’d just wanted to touch Luhan, to experience Luhan.  To spend a little bit of time up close and personal with Luhan’s sexy body and perfect face and intense sexuality.  When Luhan had said, “I’ll scratch that itch for you,” it had been really accurate.  He’d had a slowly growing desire for Luhan that had needed to be sated.  He’d known that Luhan was a lot to take all at once, so he’d held back, had put it off for as long as he could, had tried to get Luhan in small doses by watching Luhan with the other members, but last night he hadn’t been able to hold back anymore.  He’d wanted Luhan, and just remembering how that had felt, all of that carnal need building up inside of him, turned him on all over again.

            He hadn’t expected things to go that far, but he hadn’t been able to stop himself.  Everything had been so good, felt so good.  His body had kept wanting more, had known that Luhan had more to give.  Even after he’d come the first time, he’d still wanted Luhan, had known that Luhan could make him feel good.

            Today, with all of that behind him, he was kind of amazed about how far he’d gone.  He wanted to talk to Kai about it, but later; he wasn’t even sure what to say, where to start.

            Kai was in the kitchen, getting a drink, when Luhan came in.  From behind Kai, D.O. stared at Luhan.  So good-looking.  D.O. really wanted to kiss him.  That didn’t mean that D.O. was going to kiss him - - there was no way, not so soon after last night.  That would be like walking out of one all-you-can-eat buffet and going right into another one.  D.O. wouldn’t even be ready for a drive-through for weeks.

            “I,” Luhan said, coming closer, and then he blinked as Kai shifted in between them.  “Hi.”

            “Hi,” Kai said; D.O. could hear his smile in his voice.

            Watching Kai, Luhan drifted right.

            Kai moved with him, staying between them.

            Luhan laughed and pushed at Kai.  “Do I need your permission to talk to your boyfriend?”


            At that, Luhan’s gaze went right past Kai to D.O.  “You - - ya, I can barely see you back there,” he complained, and he pushed at Kai again, coming closer.  “Are you trying to avoid me?”

            D.O. shook his head.

            Luhan’s gaze dipped down his body, and then Luhan smiled at him, one of the flirty little smiles Luhan gave Xiumin a hundred times a day.  “Had fun last night?”

            A goofy, giddy laugh escaped him.  “Yes.”

            Kai chuckled and grinned at him over one shoulder.

            Luhan’s hand reached for him, resting on his waist.  He looked down at it.  Luhan had touched him like that last night.  So that was what it had looked like, Luhan’s slim fingers curling over his hip.  “Want to do it again?”

            He laughed again.  “No.”

            Luhan’s smile was disbelieving.  “No?  Never?”

            “Not never.  Sometime.  Just not - - not soon.”

            Looking puzzled, Luhan squeezed his hip.  “Why not?  You liked it.”

            “You’re…  You’re a little…”  He didn’t know how to explain.

            “You’re like special occasion sex,” Kai said.  “Too much for every day.”

            “Right,” D.O. agreed, relieved.  That was a good way of putting it.  “It’s kind of intense.  It’s a lot all at once.”

            “Okay,” Luhan said, looking doubtful but interested.  He laughed, poking Kai.  “What does that make you?”

            “Ordinary sex, I guess,” Kai said, smiling.

            “Special occasion sex,” Luhan mused, stepping back.  “You let me know when you want some, okay?”

            D.O. nodded.

            Luhan smiled and turned away.

            “Luhan hyung,” he said impulsively.

            Turning, Luhan gave him a patient, expectant smile.

            Smiling back helplessly, he gripped Kai’s shirt in both hands.  “Thank you for last night.”

            Luhan flashed him a knowing grin.  “Any time.”

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