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            “What?”  Half-a-dozen members of EXO stared at Suho in disbelief.

            “Staying over?” Xiumin demanded.  “What do you mean he’s staying over?”

            “He’s spending the night,” Suho explained.  The members on the couch exchanged questioning looks; Chanyeol, who’d been halfway to the kitchen, came back to hear more.  Crossing his arms over his chest, Xiumin frowned.  “He’ll be here as Sehun’s friend, so I’d like you to give them some privacy.  Kai and D.O. can sleep in another room tonight.”

            “Why does Sehun get to have people sleep over?” Baekhyun asked.  “Why can’t we?”

            “Maybe you can,” Suho said.  “If you have a special friend who wants to spend the night, ask me and we’ll talk about it.”

            “What’s a special friend?” Baekhyun asked.  “What does that mean?  Do I have to get a sub, too?”

            “Don’t you mean a dom?” Kai asked.

            “I could have a sub,” Baekhyun objected.  “Lots of guys want me to tie them up and do things to them.”

            “Ricky’s my special friend,” Chanyeol said.  “And Sungyeol hyung.  And Chunji, and Niel, they’re my special friends, too, so can they come over with L.Joe tonight?”

            “No,” Suho said.  “Let’s leave that for boyfriends.”

            “But L.Joe isn’t Sehun’s boyfriend,” Baekhyun pointed out.

            Suho gave him a stern look.  “Sehun and L.Joe have had a special relationship for a while now.  They’ve been careful and they’ve shown me that their friendship is important to them.  Sehun’s been very grateful about being able to see L.Joe, and he’s been patient when we’ve had to cancel his visits at the last second.  This is happening, and if you have a boyfriend or someone else you’re in a relationship with, and you’re mature about it, and it lasts long enough, you can ask me about having a sleepover guest, too.  Now, I want all of you to give L.Joe and Sehun privacy.  Don’t bother them or go into the room or listen at the door.  If you can’t be respectful about this, you’ll have dance practice the next time we go on MT.  Understand?”

            Some of them mumbled it, but everyone said, “Yes, I understand.”

            “Good.”  Suho looked at Kai and D.O.  “Try to get anything you’ll want later out of your room now, before L.Joe comes, okay?”

            They nodded, and Kai said, “We’ll do it now.”

            “That lucky little shit,” Xiumin said as Suho walked away.  “He gets his own sub, private dates, and now sleepovers?”

            “I want sleepovers,” Lay said, looking disconcerted.

            “I’m getting a boyfriend,” Baekhyun said.  “Who should I ask?  Do you think that Dongwoo hyung would do it?”

            “I’m asking Ricky,” Chanyeol said.  “No, Sungjong.  No, wait.”  Laughing, he put his hands on top of his head.  “How do you pick just one?”

            D.O. glanced at Kai.  “Want to be my boyfriend?”

            Kai grinned.  “Sure, hyung.”

            D.O. smiled at him.

            Sehun was in the bathroom, drying off after his shower, when members started pouring into the room.  Great.  Suho must have told them about L.Joe.  “Hyungs,” he said, backing up a little and wrapping the towel around his waist.

            “L.Joe hyung’s coming?” Kai asked happily.  “You jerk, why didn’t you say anything?”

            “Suho hyung said he’d tell L.Joe sunbae not to come if I messed anything up,” Sehun said.  “And L.Joe sunbae’s so nervous, he might not show up, I don’t know.  He’s worried about spending the whole night here, he thinks that you’ll walk in or overhear something.”

            “He’s worried about us?” Baekhyun asked.  Looking surprised, he blinked and frowned at Chen.  “I think my feelings are hurt.”

            “He doesn’t trust us?” Lay asked.

            “We’ll be good,” Chanyeol said.

            “We can’t walk in if you lock the door,” Xiumin pointed out.

            “We won’t listen,” Kai assured Sehun.  “It’s none of our business what you do with L.Joe hyung.  Right?” he asked the members.

            “Right,” D.O. said, nodding.

            “A whole night!” Chen exclaimed.  “Are you excited?”

            “I’m excited,” Sehun said.  He was, he felt really anxious and eager and hot and fluttery and happy.  He was so excited that L.Joe was coming, and worried that it wouldn’t happen, that L.Joe’s mind would change, that management would interfere.  Nudging Chanyeol’s stomach, he asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

            “Why can’t L.Joe come to visit us?” Chanyeol asked.  “Why can’t we have sleepovers?  You get him all to yourself all night?”

            “He’s not a videogame,” Kai said.  “He’s a person.  If he wants to come to see Sehun, that’s up to him.”

Chen grinned.  “Ask him to be your boyfriend and maybe he’ll come to spend the night with you next time.”

            L.Joe opened his underwear drawer and stared into it.  Which pair should he wear?  Indecision plagued him, and he chewed his lips, staring hopelessly.  Blue stripes?  Yellow stripes?  It had to be stripes, but which ones?  “Get some in different colors.  I like stripes.”  As the memory streaked across his mind, L.Joe shuddered, hugging himself.  God, Sehun.  He’d been…been on the floor…and Sehun had told him to stay, and he’d been so eager to obey, so eager to please.

            A whole night of it.  One memory of one instant of being under Sehun’s control made him shake, and he was about to have a whole night of it.  All the way until morning.  The idea of it flooded him with happiness - - he felt giddy just thinking about it, delirious - - but there was some trepidation, too.  A complete night.  In EXO’s dorm.  A full night under Sehun’s control, hours and hours and hours of obedience, of trying to keep Sehun happy, of accepting Sehun’s command.  What if it was too much?  What if he had a breakdown or something?

            What if he lost his shit?

            What if Sehun’s members walked in and found him tied up?

            What if they heard him begging for more?

            What if he couldn’t handle it?  What if he disappointed Sehun?

            “Going to move any time today?” Chunji asked, lounging on his bed.

            Surprised, L.Joe gave a start.  He’d forgotten that anyone else was in the room.  Grabbing a handful of underpants, he held them up.  “Which color?”

            Chunji looked them over and asked, “What’s Sehun’s favorite color?”

            Oh!  “Black and white.”  Why hadn’t he thought of that?  “You’re a genius,” he said, putting on a black-and-white striped pair.

            “Cute,” Chunji said, tucking his arm behind his head and eyeing L.Joe lazily.  “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  What are you going to be like after he’s finished with you?  A rabid, horny animal?  An exhausted zombie?  Maybe your ass will be so sore you can’t sit down.  It’ll be hilarious.”

            Blushing, L.Joe pulled his pants on.  He didn’t want to be obvious about dressing up, but he wanted to look like he’d made an effort.  He wanted Sehun to know that he cared.

“Hyung, I hope that your time with me is special to you.  I hope that you care about our time together and look forward to seeing me.”

Astonished, L.Joe hurriedly looked up.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Yes, it’s just like that.  You’re all I think about.”

“Then I expect you to act like it.”

            Taking a deep breath, feeling warm and excited, he lowered his face so that Chunji wouldn’t see his smile.  He felt so happy, so giddy.  A whole night with his owner.  So much precious, perfect time together.  He couldn’t wait to feel Sehun’s hand on his collar.

            Standing in his bedroom, Sehun gave his reflection a critical look.  His jeans fit well, his shirt hugged his body, and his hair looked great.  He’d thought about dressing up - - putting on black leather pants, maybe, go with a classic - - but he didn’t want to deal with comments from his hyungs.

            He turned on some music, aiming the speakers toward the door.  He wanted the music to help cover up whatever sounds he and L.Joe made.  His hyungs should stay away from his room, anyway, as long as L.Joe was there, but a couple of precautions wouldn’t hurt.

            “Here, he’s here.”  Kai waved him on from the doorway.

            His heart jumped in his chest.  Excitement was quick and energetic inside of him as he jogged to the front door.  All of his hyungs were in the way, and he had to squeeze between them to get to where L.Joe stood beside Changjo, talking to Suho.

            L.Joe gave him a shy, happy smile, holding a bag in one hand.  “Oh Sehun.”

            “Sunbae.”  Grinning, unable to hide his happiness, he wanted to kiss L.Joe, to grab and squeeze and hold.  He settled for taking L.Joe’s hand, and he felt so good that he laughed when L.Joe’s fingers curled around his own.  “We’ll be in my room,” he told Suho unnecessarily.

            “Have fun,” Chen said cheerfully.

            “Enjoy yourselves,” Chanyeol added.

            “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Xiumin said.

            “Do lots of things that D.O. wouldn’t do,” Baekhyun said.

            Laughing, L.Joe said, “Bye,” and he pulled L.Joe past his hyungs and toward the bedroom.  As soon as they were in, he locked the door.

            “Okay,” he said.  He drank in the sight of L.Joe greedily.  His pet was here, in his room.  Would be here for hours, hours, all night.  He didn’t have to rush or compromise.  He could do whatever he wanted; he could take his time.

            Dropping the bag, L.Joe said, “Hi,” and hugged him.

            “It’s all right?” he asked.  He needed to be sure.  “We can stop any time you want.  If it’s going on for too long or you need a break, that’s okay.  My hyungs won’t bother us, and the door’s locked.”

            “I’m okay,” L.Joe said.  “I’m worried that it won’t last long enough.”

            He loved hugging L.Joe.  He loved holding his pet in his arms.  It meant so much to him to feel L.Joe’s arms around him.  “What did you bring, what’s in the bag?”

            “Nothing.  It’s just clothes to wear back tomorrow.”

            Aha.  “Then I can get these clothes dirty?”

            L.Joe’s arms tightened around him, voice softening to a whisper.  “You can do anything you want.”

            Intoxicated with power, he took a moment to absorb that.  Turned on, he controlled his urges, only permitting himself to plant a soft kiss on L.Joe’s neck.  Then, letting go, he stepped back.  Breathing deeply, enjoying these final moments before the plunge, he looked around the room.  His bed and Kai’s were pushed together against the wall.  The room was clean, the floor bare; a couple of clean washcloths sat beside a bowl of water on the dresser, and there was another bowl of water on the floor in front of the closet.

            L.Joe was studying the beds.  He hugged himself lightly, but he looked comfortable here, not cowed or nervous.  Sehun was glad to see that.

            He watched his pet for another moment, and L.Joe’s recent words rang in his head.  You can do anything you want.”  Anything.  It was a rush.  Smiling, he was ready to begin.  “Television.”

            Baekhyun stared in disbelief as Changjo disappeared into Suho’s room.  What the hell?!

            “Special friends?” Chanyeol asked, widening his eyes.

            “Boyfriends?” Chen asked.

            “Is this fair?” Chanyeol demanded.  “We can’t do anything with L.Joe, we can’t do anything with Changjo, they’re keeping them all to themselves-”

            “They’re not videogames!” Kai exclaimed.  “Hyung, they’re not sex robots, they don’t have to have sex with everyone here every time they come over, you don’t get to take a turn just because you’re horny.”

            “Suho hyung’s not even doing anything with him,” Baekhyun complained.  “At least let us get some, if he’s not doing anything.”

            “You - - Xiumin hyung, what are you doing?” Chen whispered, laughing.

            “Nothing,” Xiumin whispered, waving him away.  Crouching down in front of Suho’s door, he tried to peer through a crack.

            “Maybe we shouldn’t peek,” Lay said.

            “Maybe we should stay out of everybody’s business,” Kai suggested.

            “Come on, hyung,” Lay whispered, reaching over Xiumin’s head and pulling the door silently shut.  “Let’s go do something else.”

            As Xiumin got up, dusting off his knees, Chanyeol asked, “What were they doing in there, anyway?”

            Xiumin shrugged, shooting Lay a look.  “Getting on the bed.”

            Everyone froze.

            Everyone looked at the closed door.

            Chen drifted back, putting his ear to the door.

            “Are they secretly fucking?” Baekhyun asked.  “Is Suho hyung secretly fucking Teen Top’s maknae?”

            “Oh, god, I hope so,” Lay breathed.

            Changjo stretched out facing Suho on the bed, leaving only inches between their bodies.  As they talked, Suho toyed with his hair.  It felt really nice.  He liked how much Suho petted him and how much skinship Suho was comfortable with, the closer they got.

            “How’s your week been?  With your members?”  He grinned.  “Have you been watching them?”

            “It’s embarrassing to watch,” Suho complained.  “I can’t just sit there and stare at them like they’re putting on a show.”

            “Yes, you can.  Have you tried it more lately?” he persisted.  “Do they mind it?”  He loved how much he knew about Suho’s sex life, and he totally got off on the fact that Suho let him talk about it and ask questions now.  He even got to fuss at Suho about not getting laid enough.  It tickled him.  And it was so far from how things had used to be, when Suho had shut every conversation down with “that’s private.”

            “I’ve watched a little,” Suho admitted, looking embarrassed.  “Sometimes.  But it’s so awkward!  Don’t they think I’m weird?  Just standing there, staring?  Like I should tip them or clap or something.”

            “Hyung, you’re making this too complicated.  We’ve talked about this.  If they haven’t complained, then it’s okay,” Changjo said.  “If they aren’t comfortable, they’ll say something, or ask why you’re watching.  Everyone else in the dorm can watch, right?  They don’t care if D.O. hyung walks in and takes a seat.  They don’t care if Lay hyung stands over them jacking off.  It’s okay if you watch, too.  Stop avoiding something that’s already a part of your life.”

            “It’s not that easy,” Suho muttered.  He looked uncomfortable and kind of resentful.  “It turns me on.”

            Changjo laughed; he couldn’t help it.  Suho socked him in the shoulder, which only made him laugh harder.  “That’s what sex is for!  To turn you on.  Do you just stand there with a hard-on?  They have to love that.  I’d get off so hard if I knew you were over there watching me with that sexy tent in your pants.”

            “Ya!”  Suho pinched him.  “Don’t be like that!  What am I supposed to do?  I can’t just walk around the dorm with a hard-on.”

            “Why not?” Changjo asked.  “Everybody else does.”

            Suho opened his mouth, apparently couldn’t come up with a good argument against that, and frowned.  Then he defaulted back to his basic setting, or something, and just said, “I’m not everybody, I’m the leader.”

            Wow.  Was Changjo going to have to start all over from the beginning?  “I think you’re missing the point, hyung.  This is all important because you’re the leader.  Your members need to feel close to you because you’re the leader.  They need to have a special bond with you because you’re the leader.  They need to feel like you’re hot for them and you’re attracted to them and you actually want them to offer you sex at night, and it’s not just some boring thing they’re pushing on you or that you’re doing out of obligation.  You need to act like you want them and watch them and touch them and initiate stuff and ask for things because you’re the leader.”

            Suho sighed, pouting and running his hand up and down Changjo’s chest.  “Why, again?”

            “I don’t know, something about Sunggyu hyung making love to people and L hyung thinking that makes him a good leader.”

            Suho chuckled, and Changjo scooted closer, wanting to be nearer to his pretty smile.  “What does C.A.P. initiating sex whenever he wants it have to do with him being a good leader?”

            “I don’t know.”  Now that he was closer, Suho was gazing into his face like he was interesting to look at.  “But you hiding from your members and acting like you’re afraid of them or ashamed of sex or something, that’s not good for anybody, right?”

            “I’m not.”  Suho sighed.  “I just want to be a good leader, and a good leader is a strong leader, a strong person.  Sex makes me feel so overwhelmed, how will anyone think of me as strong when they’ve seen me like that?”

            He tried to think of a good answer.  He was sure that he had one, somewhere.  “I’ve seen C.A.P. hyung fall apart crying over his mother, and I know he’s tough.  I’ve seen L.Joe hyung needy and begging and sort of,” how could he describe it, “victimized by sex, and I know he’s tough.  I know they’re strong, they’re some of the first people I’d want on my side if something went down.  Being a strong leader doesn’t mean being a controlling top in bed or being a good cook or being a fashionista or being great at basketball.  It just means being a strong leader.  Taking care of your members and looking out for the team and taking charge when it’s time to step up.  If you do those things, it doesn’t matter what you like to do with your cock.”  Hell, “You’re not worried that anybody thinks you’re a bad leader because you’re gay, do you?”

            Blinking, Suho looked surprised by the question.  “No, of course not.”

            “So why would you be a bad leader because you’re a bottom?  Or because you come like a fire hose?  Does that make sense?”

            Poking out his lower lip, Suho frowned, looking thoughtful.

            Speaking of bottoms, “Have you tried anything with Chen hyung?  You know, initiating stuff?”

            “‘Come like a fire hose,’” Suho repeated, like he’d just realized what Changjo had said.  Laughing, he pushed at Changjo’s chest.  “Don’t talk like that!”

            “There’s a ton of it spraying everywhere, right?” he asked, laughing.  “What else should I call it?”

            “You don’t have to talk about it at all!” Suho exclaimed.  “I don’t talk about yours!”  Immediately, he blushed.

            Changjo grinned, feeling cocky.  “I’ll bet that your members do.”

            Licking his lips, Suho actually shuddered, averting his gaze and turning pinker.  Damn, he was so easy, so responsive.  Changjo snaked an arm around his waist, drawing him closer, and he shivered again, twisting away and then submitting, like he didn’t want to but he couldn’t help himself, biting into his lip and sinking his fingers into Changjo’s hair.  He was breathing too hard, too fast, and Changjo just held still for a moment, letting him calm down again.  God, he was so sexy.

            Suho cleared his throat.  “I, uh, fingered him a little.”

            “You’ve done that before, that doesn’t count.”  Changjo loved that he knew that, loved that he was privy to Suho’s sexual history.  He knew that the fingering didn’t happen often, either, and he wondered if Chen thought of it as a special treat, a jackpot moment.

            “What am I supposed to.  I can’t just.”  Leaving his sentences unfinished, Suho looked uncomfortable, uncertain, unhappy.  “I’ve never.”

            “Do you want to start with Baekhyun hyung, instead?”

            Suho didn’t seem sure.  “Maybe.”

            Changjo knew that Baekhyun had a tendency to mock and tease Suho, which might make Suho second-guess initiating sex with him.  But Chen was so sexually confident, that might make Suho feel unsure in comparison.  Maybe there was someone else?  “What if you try D.O. hyung?”

            “D.O.?  No, he wouldn’t,” Suho said hastily.

            Changjo laughed.  “Hyung, he rides your face.  He’d probably love to sit on your cock, too.  Just ask him.”

            “I just.  I don’t want them to feel compelled to say yes.”

            “D.O. hyung says no to guys all of the time, he’s had a lot of practice.  Chen hyung knows what he likes, he knows what he wants, he’ll say no if he’s not into it.”

            “What if they feel sorry for me?  What if they do it out of pity?  What if-”

            “You’re worried about getting a pity fuck?”  What was it about this situation that had Suho so completely turned around?  “Hyung, you’re gorgeous and sexy and all of your members love you.  If you want to put your cock in them, they’ll be thrilled.  If you’re worried that they aren’t attracted to you, then do it with Chanyeol hyung, you know how much he wants you.  If you’re worried that they’ll feel burdened, then do it with Xiumin hyung, you know he’ll just tell you no if he isn’t interested.  If you want to do it with someone you know really, really wants it, try Lay hyung.  If you want to do it with someone who’ll go along with everything you want and make sure it’s good for you, try Sehun hyung.  You have so many members, there has to be one you know you can at least ask.”

            “Ya, who’s the dongsaeng here?” Suho asked, pushing at Changjo.  “What are you doing, lecturing me?”  Then his expression softened, amusement lighting up his eyes.  “L’s right, it’s so cute to hear a successful sunbae say ‘Sehun hyung.’”

            Changjo rolled his eyes.  He’d had to say “hyung” to everyone around him for most of his career.  He was finally old enough for that to change, for some of these new hoobaes to be younger, and he still had to deal with this.  “I’m glad that you think it’s cute.”

            Suho smiled at him, stroking his nose, fingertip running down the line of his nose, then up, then down again.

            “Whose night is it tonight?” he asked.  “Whose turn?”


            “Ah.”  Sehun was going to be busy.  “Well, I’m the guest, so I guess I should get to sleep in the best bed.”

            Suho looked puzzled for a second, and then he laughed, pulling away.  “No, no.  No way.”

            “What?” Changjo asked, tugging him back, grinning.  “Why not?”

            “You can sleep with my members,” Suho said, pushing at his chest.  “Sleep with Baekhyun, he loves you.”

            “But I love you,” Changjo insisted, batting his lashes and hugging Suho close.

            Suho laughed, melting against him.  “I love you, too,” Suho promised, hugging him in a good, solid embrace.  “But there’s no way that I’m letting you in my bed.”

            “I’m in your bed right now, aren’t I?”  He tightened his arms around Suho.  “We’ve slept together before.”

            “You were just a boy then.  You’re a man now, and things are different.”

            “I’m not different,” he whispered.  “I’ll keep my hands to myself, hyung, I promise.  I won’t do anything you don’t want.”

            Suho made an uneasy, regretful sound and pushed at him, sitting up, breaking contact.  “You know I do love you.  And I’m glad that we slept together that night, it’s a good memory.  But I can’t do that again.  Not like this.”

            Sitting up with his “I’m not going to let you see that you’ve hurt me” face, he nodded.  It was the expression that always made his members wince and rush to console him, and it worked like magic on Suho, too.

            “It’s not because I don’t trust you,” Suho said, rubbing his shoulder.  “It’s because I don’t trust myself.  You won’t do anything that I don’t want, but, Changjo-goon.”  Suho looked embarrassed.  “There isn’t anything that I don’t want.”

            A confession.  Changjo had to work very hard to keep his triumph from coloring his expression.

            “Ah, why am I like this?” Suho asked, stroking Changjo’s neck.  “And why are you like this?  You don’t want to sleep with me when you could be piled up naked on top of my members.”

            “I’d rather sleep with you.”  It might even have been true.

            He saw the moment Suho gave in, the moment Suho’s inner resistance crumbled.  “Okay,” Suho said, squeezing the side of his neck.  “Okay, go play with them and then come back and sleep with me, if you want to.  But shower first, okay?”

            He was allowed to go and screw Suho’s members, and then come back here to sleep in Suho’s arms?  Was this really happening?  “Okay.”  To win time in Suho’s bed, he didn’t have to play nice and be chaste?  He could fuck around in front of Suho and still have Suho?  It was a revelation.

            “This is - - you don’t have to, you can say no.  But will you do something for me?”

            “I’ll do it,” he said promptly.  “What is it?”

            Suho sighed, but he looked fond.  “It’s Chanyeol.”

            “It’s just so stupid,” Chanyeol said, closing the fridge.

            “Ah, it’s okay,” Chen said.

            He uncapped a bottle and handed it to Chen, then uncapped another for himself.  “It just seems like a waste of time.”

            “Hey,” Baekhyun said suddenly, and Chanyeol looked over to see Changjo walking into the room.

            “Hey,” Changjo said, walking right toward Chanyeol.

            “Suho hyung finally let you come talk to the rest of us?” Chanyeol asked.  He was still annoyed, but he definitely liked Changjo’s broad shoulders and long legs and confident stride.

            “Not here to talk,” Changjo said, pulling off his shirt and handing it to Chen.  His expression was knowing and mischievous and intent, and his eyes were locked onto Chanyeol.

            What - - whoa - - oh, yes, “Yes,” Chanyeol said, setting his bottle onto the counter and wrapping his arms around Changjo.  The first kiss was electric, Changjo’s hands already pulling up his shirt, and he groaned, leaning back against the counter and slipping his tongue into Changjo’s mouth.


            Hearing the word was like feeling a switch flip inside of him.  With a sense of gratitude and relief, L.Joe went down onto his knees, his wrists crossing behind his back as he settled onto the floor.  It felt so good to do this, to be like this again, to be with Sehun.  His lips parting, he gazed up at Sehun, ready for whatever came next.  For whatever Sehun wanted, for whatever Sehun might do to him.  Whatever it was, he welcomed it.

            “Let’s get the first one out of the way early,” Sehun said, standing over him.  Sehun rested one long, bare foot on his fly, immediately exerting pressure.  Gasping, he shivered.  He wasn’t used to Sehun giving his cock attention so early like this, and the idea that Sehun was touching his cock already made his mind spin and his blood pump faster.  He moaned as his body responded excitedly, his thighs spreading and his hips rising, pressing against Sehun’s foot.  “Good,” Sehun said, toes rubbing firmly over his stiffening cock.  “I want to see you come in your pants like the horny, rabid little dog that you are.”

            Come now?  He didn’t even have his collar on yet.  It seemed almost wrong, but Sehun wanted this, and the way Sehun’s beautiful foot was rubbing across his cock had him helplessly hard.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.  Oh, oohh, hoouuuohh.”  On his knees, staring upward, he humped Sehun’s foot, eager for the friction, filled with lust.  He loved the feel of his underwear sliding between his skin and the rough denim of his pants, loved the feel of Sehun’s foot warm and solid where it pressed against him.

            “That’s right.”  Gripping his hair, Sehun pulled his face forward.

            Suddenly finding his face mashed against Sehun’s crotch, he moaned happily.  He mouthed the front of Sehun’s pants, sucking on denim as Sehun’s hand cupped the back of his head.  This was one of his favorite places to be, one of his favorite positions, and when Sehun grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling just hard enough to begin to hurt, grinding against his face with just enough force to make it clear that this was happening whether he wanted it or not, he whimpered as pleasure flooded him.  Drooling on Sehun’s jeans, his nose smushed against the bulge of Sehun’s cock, he was so turned on and excited to be here that he rushed enthusiastically to orgasm.  As Sehun’s foot rubbed over his erection, his joy and the humiliation of his situation overwhelmed him, and the sharp edge of pain as Sehun yanked on his hair provided the final stimulation he needed.  Coming, he gasped against Sehun’s fly.

            “Again,” Sehun ordered.  Without warning, Sehun shoved him backward.  It was so sudden, and he was so eager to remain obedient, that he didn’t uncross his arms in time.  Off-balance, he fell back, landing awkwardly on his ass, legs splaying.  Before he could right himself, Sehun’s foot was pushing on his cock, back and forth.

            Overcome, sinking back on the floor, he moaned.  Submissive, unmoving, he just let it happen, let the inevitable second cataclysm hit.  In moments, he was coming again, ecstasy striking him in relentless, jagged spikes.  While Sehun loomed over him, he sagged, whimpering, drunk on pleasure, breathless with excitement.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” he panted.  “Thank you.”

            “Stay,” Sehun said carelessly, walking away.  Watching Sehun’s long, angular body, he momentarily slipped into a dreamy, relaxed state.  Sometimes, to obey Sehun, to keep up, he had to be hyper-alert, super-aware, and he’d learned to take advantage of moments like this when he could, to let go and just be.  It felt wonderful to trust that Sehun had everything under control.

            Coming back to him, Sehun knelt down at his side.  When Sehun put his collar on him, he squirmed a little, smiling to himself, too happy to hold still.  It felt so good, pure pleasure, to feel the collar close securely around his neck.  When Sehun’s hand brushed his cheek, he whispered, “Sehun-ah,” chasing Sehun’s touch, wanting to feel it again.

            “Good pet,” Sehun murmured, flicking L.Joe’s bangs out of his eyes.  Sehun undid his fly for him, and when Sehun pulled down his pants, he lifted his hips, quick to cooperate.  When his pants and underwear were off, Sehun wiped him with a wet cloth, cleaning him up.  Being tended to like this, being taken care of, made him feel special, but it made him shy, too, and he turned his face away, biting at his lips.

            “Shirt off.”  Sehun got up and walked away again.  He hurriedly stripped naked.  He hadn’t been told to move or get back into his usual position, so he stayed where he was, seated on the floor.  Sehun came back to him with a gray leather satchel, and his alertness levels rose fast.  What was in there, and what was Sehun going to do with it?  What was Sehun going to do to him?

            “I borrowed this.”  Sehun’s smile was a friendly quirk of the lips.  “Liberated this?  From Shinee’s set.  As soon as I saw it, I wanted to see it on you.”

            Then it was something to wear?  Curious, he hoped that he’d be able to please his owner.  It meant a lot to him that Sehun had thought of him.  Sehun was always on his mind, so it was really special to him, really reassuring, that he was on Sehun’s mind sometimes even when they were apart.

            Sehun reached into the bag and withdrew a soft, black sweater.  He put it on carefully; it was thin and tight, and it was short, stopping just below his navel.  Sehun smoothed it over his shoulders, over his sides.  The sleeves came down past his wrists, and there was a little loop at the end of each one.  Sehun took his hands one by one, fitting the loops over his middle fingers.  He swallowed, turning his hands over, looking at the long, thin sleeves.  Did it look okay?  Was this what Sehun wanted to see?  He wondered what else was in the bag and what the pants looked like.

            Instead of pants, Sehun took stockings out of the bag next.  Sparkly, filmy black stockings.  Watching Sehun’s pretty face, admiring the beautiful sweep of downcast lashes, L.Joe stayed obediently still while Sehun put the stockings on his feet and rolled them up his legs.  They stopped with a tight, furry cuff at mid-thigh.  They were sparkly and sheer and trimmed with fur, but he didn’t mind what they looked like.  All he cared about was how good Sehun’s hands felt stroking his legs, dressing him, taking care of him.  Sehun’s touch was careful and sensual, making sure that everything fit on him just right, and he felt special, felt important and sexy.

            Boots were next.  Black suede with high heels.  Higher than he was used to, even.  Sehun put them on for him; they were a little big but it was a pretty good fit.  It turned him on and made him happy and made him self-conscious to be dressed by his owner, and he touched his mouth, embarrassed by his own whimpers of pleasure.  The boots were tall; Sehun zipped them up to the knee, then buttoned them up just past his knee, stroking his skin, petting his stockings.  He loved being touched so intimately like this.  Stylists fussed over him all day every day, it seemed like, but this was so different.  That was work; this was personal and undeniably sexual.

            “Okay.”  Pushing the bag aside, Sehun stood.  “On your feet.”

            When Sehun held down a hand, he took it, letting Sehun pull him up.  He shuffled his feet, getting used to the boots, and looked around for a clue about what might happen next.  It was weird to stand around in a shirt but no pants, and he wondered why Sehun had jumped ahead to the boots.  Was he going to have to wear a skirt?

            “Oh, hyung.”  Sehun’s tone was so pleased with him, so approving and admiring, that he blushed.  “This is good, I like this.”  Sehun pushed at his arms.  “Hands behind your back.”

            Shifting from foot to foot, he clasped his hands behind his back.  Feeling his bare ass against his fingers made him aware of how prominently displayed his crotch was.  He was covered down to the waist and up to mid-thigh, and that kind of showed off his junk.

            Oh, god.  Squeezing his eyes shut, he realized what was going on.  There weren’t going to be any pants, were there?  There wasn’t even a skirt.  This was the whole outfit.

            “You’re such a sexy pet.”  Sehun’s fingers hooked in the loop on his collar, pulling his head to one side.  Groaning, he felt happy, felt hot from Sehun’s praise.  Did he have to be dressed like this?  It was embarrassing, what if someone saw him like this?  “I think you’d look even better with a gag in your mouth, don’t you?”

            His eyes still shut, he said, “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            “If you’re gagged, I won’t be able to hear you beg.  I won’t be able to hear all of those desperate little cries of pleasure.”  As he opened his eyes, Sehun leaned in, face so close to his that he felt Sehun’s breath on his cheek.  “But it’s not about your pleasure, is it?”

            Having Sehun so close like this was disorienting; he couldn’t focus on anything but the paleness of Sehun’s cheek in front of him.  Sehun’s skin looked so soft, he felt devastated not to be kissing it.  But he had to give the right answer.  “No, Sehun-ah.”

            “Mmm,” Sehun agreed.  “It’s about my pleasure.  My pleasure is your pleasure, isn’t it?  You’d rather make me come than get yourself off.”  Sehun’s voice was soft in his ear, so convincing, so seductive.  He moaned, swaying, and Sehun jerked lightly on the collar, bringing him back to attention.  “Tell me, hyung.  Would you rather come over and over again, a hundred times?  Or would you rather see me get off once?”

            “You,” he said immediately.  “You, Sehun-ah, it’s always you.”

            “Yes,” Sehun whispered.  “It’s always me.”  Stepping back, Sehun touched his cheek, giving him such an approving smile that his knees went weak.  “That’s why you’re my favorite pet, my only true pet, L.Joe hyung.  You understand exactly how it is.”  Aglow at the praise, he got lost in Sehun’s eyes, in the warmth of Sehun’s smile for a moment.  The sharp snap of fingers jerked him back, and he blinked.  “Walk for me.”

            Walk.  Immediately putting himself into motion, L.Joe stumbled forward.  It took him a moment to coordinate his movements; he was too self-conscious, hyper-aware of Sehun’s attention on him.  He couldn’t remember how he usually walked, and anyway that would have been inadequate.  He had to keep his back arched, had to keep his chest out, had to swing his ass while balancing on these heels.  Breathing evenly, he concentrated on the sway of his hips from side to side, left to right and back again.  His cock bobbed as he paraded around the room.  The fur cuffs on his stockings rubbed together, distracting, soft against his skin.

            “Stop, down.”

            Stopping short, he went down on his knees, bringing his hands behind his back.  He was panting for breath; he felt a little bit high.  It made him so happy to obey Sehun, to get it right, to complete a task properly like a good pet.  Would the next command be something simple?  Or would it be a challenge?  Whatever it was, he looked forward to it, felt eager for it.  Eager to please, eager to win Sehun’s approval again.

            “Before I gag you, go and drink.”  Sehun pointed across the room to the closet.

            The closet?  Was there something over there for him?  The door was closed, and in front of it sat a dish - - dish - - bowl, dog bowl, that was a dog bowl.  There was water in it, he remembered that, he’d noticed it when he’d come in.

            Sehun was treating him like a dog.  Like an animal.  It was so degrading, he whimpered excitedly, wanting to touch himself.  With a happy, “Hoooouhhh,” he went down onto all fours.  Thrusting his bare ass in the air, he crawled to his water bowl.  His knees spread, his shoulders down, he lowered his face.  It was awkward and sloppy, but he lapped at the water.  Clean, fresh water; his owner took such good care of him.  “Mmmmm.”  Lifting his head, he licked his lips, so turned on that he humped the air a little.  Feeling good, feeling sexy, he dared to peek over his shoulder.

            Standing in the center of the room, Sehun made a “come on” gesture, tapping his thigh.

            Humming with pleasure, L.Joe turned around, crawling back, wagging his ass from side to side.  In front of Sehun again, he purred, tilting his face up, barely stopping himself from nuzzling into Sehun’s crotch.

            “You were thirsty, weren’t you?” Sehun asked, petting his hair.

            Moaning, he closed his eyes, basking in Sehun’s attention.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            Sehun tousled his hair affectionately.  “On your feet.”

            Even standing, and even with heels on, he was shorter than Sehun.  It seemed fitting; he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  He gazed attentively into Sehun’s face; they rarely stood like this, and he wanted to memorize the particular set of Sehun’s relaxed mouth.  Those soft, pink lips; not being able to kiss Sehun broke his heart.

            “Very pretty,” Sehun decided, looking him over again, stroking the fuzzy sleeves of his thin sweater.  “I like having such a pretty, sexy pet.”

            “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”  It was still strange to him to be partially dressed with his ass and cock bare.  It made him want to cover himself; it made him feel obscenely exposed.

            “So pretty, in your stockings.”  Sehun stroked his leg, caressing his inner thigh, and he moaned, suddenly unsteady on his heels.  “I should dress you up more often, hyung.”

            “Y-y-yes, Sehun-ah, please.  Uuunnnhh, oh!  Oh.”  Sehun’s sweet caress was broken by a sudden, vicious pinch, then followed by more tender petting.  The conflicting sensations, the alternating pleasure and pain, intensified L.Joe’s excitement, reminding him that Sehun was in control, that he only knew pleasure at Sehun’s whim.

            “Always so noisy,” Sehun said fondly, and tapped at his chin.  “Open.”

            The fond twinkle in Sehun’s eye always undid him.  “Ooohhh.”  Wishing that Sehun would touch him again, he opened his mouth.

            “Now, I figured that whatever I gagged you with, you’d just drool all over like the horny little sex fiend that you are.  I don’t want to waste anything nice if you’re just going to make a mess of it.”

            Curiosity growing, L.Joe waited, his mouth hanging open.  Sehun was going to put something in his mouth and make him keep it there, and he had no idea what it was, and that didn’t make a difference.  It didn’t matter what it was, how expensive, how clean, the texture or size; Sehun would gag him with it, and he’d submit in perfect obedience.  It was so freeing to know that the result would be the same no matter what; so freeing not to have to worry, really, about what Sehun might come up with.

            “So I found this cum rag.”  Sehun held up a piece of white fabric.  White underwear.  Frilly, women’s underwear, satin and lace, with a white ribbon in front.  “I wiped up sweat with it, and I came in it three times yesterday, but that shouldn’t bother you.”  While L.Joe was still absorbing that information, Sehun was shoving the underpants into his mouth.  Sehun did it so quickly and so forcefully that he choked a little, startled.

The fabric was stiff, and it reeked, but the taste was welcome and familiar.  Breathing deeply, he moaned, moving his tongue against it.  Sehun’s cum.  Three loads of it, from yesterday.  Sehun had done this for him, prepared this for him?  Whose sweat was it, Sehun’s?  Someone else’s?

He couldn’t close his mouth around the bunched-up fabric.  Sehun tugged at it until the ribbon hung in front between his parted lips.  Just as he was getting used to the feel of it, his jaws forced open, his restricted air flow, Sehun laughed cheerfully and put a headband on him.  A black velvet headband with black cat ears, like a cheap costume.  Looking gleeful, Sehun clapped a little and said, “Okay, now walk.”

He walked.  Up and down the room, slowly, his head up.  He didn’t know how long he walked.  Sehun stood to one side sometimes, out of his way, or lounged on the bed, and sometimes Sehun walked right behind him, keeping perfect pace with him, so close that he could feel Sehun’s gaze boring into the back of his head, and he moaned behind his gag, swinging his hips and twitching his ass, desperate to please.  And sometimes Sehun walked right in front of him, facing him, stepping backwards, inches away, smirking at him, not saying anything, just watching, smirking, until he was sweating and whimpering, unable to bear the intense pressure of Sehun’s focus, of Sehun’s gaze, of that unrelenting eye contact.

He crawled, too, intermittently, when Sehun told him to.  Crawled until his knees felt bruised and sore, crawled until his muscles ached, his legs shaky.  He moved slowly, swinging his naked ass, forcing himself to keep his back arched, keeping his posture as perfect as possible for his owner.  His physical discomfort was one thing; the pain of letting down Sehun would be so much worse.

The gag in his mouth was sodden.  His jaw was starting to ache like he’d been giving head for too long.  Drool trickled down his chin, but he couldn’t wipe it away.

He was on the floor, crawling away, when he heard the snap of Sehun’s fingers.  “Bring that ass to me.”

He froze, blinking.  He felt trapped, unsure; what did Sehun mean, what specifically did Sehun want?  Slowly, cowering, he whimpered into his gag, fearful of displeasing his owner.  And then, taking a chance, he backed up.  He crawled backward, across the room, toward where Sehun lounged on the bed.

“Yeah, show off that sexy ass,” Sehun said.  Relieved, reassured, more confident now, he groaned, shaking his ass as he came to a stop by the bed.

Sitting up at the edge of the bed, Sehun swung his feet down.  “Get up, stand here,” Sehun said, spreading his knees.  “Dance for me.”

L.Joe’s heartbeat quickened eagerly.  He knew this, he could do this.  He’d done this for Sehun other times.  Not dressed like this, but that was okay.  Quickly, he got to his feet.

Having danced for Sehun before, he had an idea of what Sehun wanted from him.  He danced slowly, turning around a lot so that Sehun could look at him from all angles.  He undulated incessantly, rolling his hips.  He hadn’t been told to touch himself, and he hadn’t been given permission to touch Sehun, so he kept his arms up, overhead.  He wasn’t sure how much the gag actually muffled, but having it in gave him the freedom to make as much noise as he wanted, so he moaned, whimpered, whining in pitiful plea as he bounced his ass, grunting in feral need as he bent over and shook his ass in Sehun’s face.

Dancing for Sehun turned him on, keeping his cock hard.  The way his cock shook and pointed, the way his balls swayed and jiggled, embarrassed him, but he couldn’t do anything about it.  He wasn’t allowed to cover up, and he had no way to disguise the obscene movement.

Sehun leaned back on his elbows, smiling.  “That’s it, hyung.  Keep going, keep dancing.”  He relaxed onto his back, rubbing himself through his pants, his eyes never leaving L.Joe’s body.  His hard-on was big and obvious through his jeans, and L.Joe groaned, tongue pushing against the gag.  “Such a sexy pet, so pretty in your new clothes.”

The sight of Sehun turned on was like an imperative for L.Joe.  He had to go to Sehun, throw himself on Sehun’s cock, offer himself, provide pleasure.  It hurt to see Sehun aroused and unsatisfied; it felt like suffering.  Whining behind his gag, he turned his back, leaning over and thrusting his ass out, spreading his legs, begging to be fucked.  When nothing happened, no touch, no comment, no response, he turned around again, confused, frustrated.

“Did you stop dancing?”

            Stricken, L.Joe swung his hips, hastily moving his feet.  He’d been dancing!  He had!  He’d paused, maybe, for a second, for an instant, but-

            “You stopped dancing,” Sehun accused, sitting up.

            Shaking his head vigorously, he danced as if his life depended on it.

            “What happened, did you feel lazy?” Sehun asked, standing now.  “Did you get bored?  Did I ask too much of you, do you want to stop?”

            Whimpering, he shook his head, horrified.  He hadn’t meant to be disobedient, he hadn’t meant to upset Sehun, he’d only wanted to make Sehun happy, to offer sex, to-

            Staring down at him, Sehun glowered.  “You lack discipline, hyung.  Undisciplined pets need to be punished.”

            No!  With desperate sounds of protest, he dug his heels in, backing away as Sehun grabbed his arm.  He was making a panicked, “Hhnnnggg, hhnnnggg, hhnnngg,” sound behind his gag.  Wide-eyed with fear and rock-hard with excitement, he resisted as much as he dared.

            “It’s for your own good,” Sehun insisted, dragging him toward the bed.  “You have to learn who’s in charge.  I wouldn’t have to do this if you’d listen to me.  If you’d just do what I ask, we wouldn’t have to go through this.”  Sehun shoved him to the mattress, and he stumbled, falling across it, moaning in misery.  “I brought you something nice to wear, I told you how nice you look, and all I wanted was a little dancing.  That’s all I asked for, a little dance, and you can’t even do that for me?  Ungrateful little cum hole,” Sehun muttered, grabbing the back of his collar and dragging him to his feet again.  Yelping, groaning, protesting, he flailed, trying to gain his balance.  Cum hole, yes, yes, he was, and he wanted Sehun to say it again, wanted to hear it.  “You don’t care what I want, you don’t care what makes me happy, all you care about is cock.  Give you a big, hard cock to suck on and you couldn’t be happier, give you jizz to lick up and you don’t care where it comes from, you selfish cock-loving cum dump.”

            “No, no, no,” he moaned, the words muffled.  It wasn’t true, he’d do anything for Sehun, he always put Sehun first, it was all for his perfect, handsome owner.  “Please, no, no.”  Sehun had only been angry with him like this once before, and he couldn’t take it, he couldn’t do this again, no.  Sehun’s moods meant everything to him, and he couldn’t endure Sehun’s displeasure, not like this.  Oh, god, it turned him on, and he felt helpless, trapped between Sehun’s anger and his fierce sexual response.

            “Look at you, you sick little freak,” Sehun said, gripping his collar and shaking him.  His limbs hanging slack, his head lolled, and he whimpered fearfully, too cowed to defend himself.  “Look at yourself!  Nasty little slut, you’re so turned on you can’t control yourself.”  Pleasure skittered across his skin at the accusation, the sting of humiliation matched by sparks of desire.  Nasty little slut, yes, yes, more, he wanted more.  “You’re a cum bucket, hyung.  Nothing more than a filthy, overflowing cum bucket.   That’s all you’re good for, and that’s all you want out of life, anyway.  More cock, more cum, you can never get enough.  Men give it to you at both ends, day and night, ramming you again and again, and it’s still not enough.”  Shame and lust burned in his gut.  God, it was so good.   “No matter how many there are, no matter how much cock you get, nothing ever keeps you satisfied, you greedy slut.  You greedy, insatiable, cock gobbling, cum hungry freak.”

            He mewled helplessly, defenseless against Sehun’s anger.  He was turned on by the accusations, relishing the fierce sting of each insult, but he’d disobeyed and upset Sehun, and that made him feel horrible and worthless and small.  Desperate to fix things, to appease his owner’s wrath, he tried to go down onto his knees, whining in emotional confusion.

            Sehun sat on the bed, jerking L.Joe face-down across his lap.  Landing heavily, L.Joe squealed in excited protest, squirming over his thighs.  No, no, not this, not this please, no!  “Hold still,” he warned, and L.Joe moaned, trying not to move.

            His cock was trapped against Sehun’s thigh, against the warm denim of Sehun’s jeans.  Was he leaking pre-cum on Sehun’s pants?  He didn’t dare leave a spot, but he couldn’t control it, and he couldn’t move enough to get his cock off of Sehun’s thigh.  He was already in so much trouble, what was he going to do if he ruined Sehun’s pants?  Miserable, pathetic, feeling abused and misunderstood, feeling helpless and worthless, he choked a little, tears slipping down his cheeks.

            With one hand on his back, holding him steady, Sehun spanked him.  The blows were quick and harsh, landing with painful smacks on his bare skin.  Weeping, he felt humiliated, degraded, horribly aware of the freakish position he’d put himself in, spanked by some hoobae, disciplined by some dongsaeng like a misbehaving child.  Intensely aroused by his own degradation, he was so close to coming that holding still wasn’t an option, and he wriggled like a fish on Sehun’s lap, bucking and jerking as Sehun’s hand landed sharply on his ass again and again.  The deep shame was bad enough, but the physical pain was real, too; Sehun spanked hard.  Soon he was crying in deep, wracking sobs, choking on his gag, lurching across Sehun’s lap in desperate attempts to avoid the next blow.

            Fuck, he loved being spanked.  Loved how awful it was, loved how much it hurt, loved how kinky it was.  Loved being punished and disciplined by his strict owner.  Loved thrashing around unable to take the pain, loved being weak and hurt and completely dominated.  Spanking put him in his place, established exactly who was in control and how much.  Sehun could torment him, punish him, and he’d take it, and he didn’t even have to do so with dignity.  No, he was a sniveling mess, a sobbing and desperate wreck, undignified, pathetic.  And that was okay.

            He didn’t know when it would end, because Sehun didn’t count.  He just suffered through the exquisite pleasure until, suddenly, it was over.  “Now dance,” Sehun ordered.

            Weak, light-headed, he fell from Sehun’s lap, landing in a heap on the floor.  Not daring to stay still, he moved as soon as he was down.  His movements uncoordinated, his limbs uncooperative, he pushed himself upward.  He didn’t bother to clean his face; tears and drool dripped downward in a wet mess.  Moaning nonsensically, making desperate noises, he straightened.  His ass stung, and he wanted to touch it, to shield it.  He’d been commanded to dance like he was some performing animal, he was being treated with no regard for his dignity or humanity or emotions, he’d been punished and spanked like a bad child, and now he was supposed to perform again to soothe some spoiled hoobae’s out-of-control ego.  He’d been completely humiliated.

            And he felt so good, so turned on, so alive, that he was moaning in rich joy.  Throwing his head back, he raised his arms, swiveling his hips.  Panting, groaning, he turned in a slow circle, undulating, shaking his red, stinging ass.  Closing his eyes, he danced sensuously, shamelessly, holding nothing back.  “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah,” he mumbled, shimmying and grinding.

            “Better,” Sehun said like he still didn’t approve.  “Stop, here.”

            As L.Joe stopped, he turned to face the bed, his eyes opening.  Frowning at him, Sehun reached up and took the gag from his mouth.  It was a soggy mess; Sehun tossed it aside.  “Go and drink.”

            Wordlessly, L.Joe worked his jaw, licking.  Going down on all fours, he crawled over to his bowl.  Lapping up water, he felt grateful to Sehun.  His owner took such good care of him.  He couldn’t imagine being so happy with anyone else.

            “Stay there.”  As he lifted his head, Sehun knelt down behind him.  The first poke of lubed fingers startled him, and he yelped.  “Come however you want,” Sehun said, cock shoving into him and then ramming deep.

            “Yaaahhh, oooohhh, ahh-uhh-huuh-ahh, oh!”  Sehun was fucking him hard, roughly, carelessly.  A quick ride, using him to get off.  Ecstatic at Sehun’s aggression, overjoyed at being used so crudely, he howled with pleasure.  “Yes, yes, yes, Sehun-ah!”  Having Sehun’s cock inside him was perfection.  He’d danced as provocatively as possible, hoping to get fucked, and every time he’d crawled across the floor he’d wiggled his ass hoping that Sehun would just grab him and fuck him wherever he was.  Now Sehun was doing it, unceremoniously using his ass, using him like the constantly available piece of meat that he was.  Aroused and excited, he masturbated energetically, bucking in time with Sehun’s thrusts.  He was being humped like a dog beside his water bowl, and he couldn’t have been happier.  He came once, hard, crying out, and then soon again as Sehun jerked roughly on his hips, yanking him into place like he couldn’t even get that right.  Sated, relieved, the fire of need finally out, he relaxed, moaning drunkenly and swaying with Sehun’s thrusts.

            “Unh, fuck, yes,” Sehun grunted, pulling out suddenly enough to make him squeal.  He felt wetness spritz all over his sore ass, Sehun spurting messily on his tender skin.  Spreading his knees, he arched his back, moaning as Sehun rubbed that beautiful cock back and forth across his ass, smearing cum everywhere.  He felt as if he’d hit some amazing, perfect peak, felt like nothing could ever make him happier than this.

            “Mmm.”  With a happy hum, Sehun nuzzled his back.  Breathless with pleasure, he held still as Sehun’s face rubbed between his shoulder blades.  Sehun turned this way and that, maybe feeling the sweater’s softness against those pretty, smooth cheeks.  “Ah, hyung,” Sehun sighed, stroking his thighs through his stockings, fondling the fur.  “Your cum chute feels so good.  No matter what, I always like fucking you so much.  Whether you’ve been the best pet I could dream of, or an ungrateful, disobedient cum dump, ramming your fuck hole always feels so good.”

            Licking his lips, he felt immensely flattered and horribly degraded at once.  Both felt like pleasure.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            “Pretty pink cum chute,” Sehun murmured, stroking his abs and kissing him through his sweater.  “Stay, I’ll clean you up.”

            He stayed where he was, shivering with shame and mewling with happiness, as Sehun tenderly rinsed away cum and patted his stinging flesh dry.  On his hands and knees, shyly watching over his shoulder, he whispered, “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” over and over as Sehun tended to him.

            Getting a clean cloth, Sehun guided him around.  As he shifted, facing Sehun on his knees, Sehun wiped his cheeks.  The gentleness of Sehun’s touch on his face was so kind, he could hardly bear it, and he whined gratefully until Sehun had finished.

            “There.  Now you’re presentable.”  Sehun kissed his cheek and stood up.  “I’ll take you to the bathroom.  Stay here while I make sure that the hallway’s clear.”

            What?  Leave this room?  Surprised, panicked, L.Joe barely stopped himself from grasping at Sehun’s jeans.  No, no, there were people out there.  He was okay in here, locked in this sanctuary with his owner, but he didn’t know who was out there, what they might do, what might happen, who might see.

            Ignoring his anxiety, Sehun left the room, closing the door.

            Staring around himself in despair, L.Joe said, “Television.”  He didn’t know if that made things better or not.  Scrubbing his hands through his hair, he tried to catch his breath.  Why was he panting like this to begin with?  It would be okay, right, a trip to the bathroom.  The bathroom was close, only a few feet away.  He could trust Sehun, nothing horrible would happen.  Sehun was going to make sure that the coast was clear, going to scout out ahead, not going to set up some terrible game, not lining up members of EXO to point and laugh as he walked past.

            The doorknob turned and, lightning-quick, he whispered, “Television,” to himself, resetting himself back in the scene.  He huddled on himself, pulling his knees in and slinging an arm around them, trying to cover his genitals.  Holding his breath, chewing on his lips, he stared at the door, and it seemed like an eternity before it opened fully, before he saw who was there.

            It was Sehun, and only Sehun.  As Sehun locked the door again, he gasped in relief, going up onto his knees, wanting to surge forward and kiss Sehun’s agile, narrow feet.

            “No one’s there, and they’ll stay away.  Here.”  Sehun picked up a long, blue robe.  “Stand up.”

            He stood, and Sehun helped him into the robe.  Sehun smelled clean, like soap; Sehun must have washed up.  He wanted to close his eyes and lean against Sehun for a moment, wanted just an instant of reassurance.  Sehun cupped his face and asked, “All right?” and he felt so weak, so vulnerable, that he closed his eyes, unable to take Sehun’s concern, unable to bear being looked at with such care.  “Hyung,” Sehun said gently, and he whimpered, feeling overwhelmed.  He wasn’t ready to go out there.  He wasn’t ready to be in a place where other people might intrude.  He needed this to happen in isolation, needed what happened between him and Sehun to take place in a separate world.

            “We won’t do anything out there,” Sehun said, stroking his hair.  “We’ll go, and I’ll stand outside while you do whatever you want to do in the bathroom, and then we’ll come back.  You can do this, because I’m telling you to do it.  It’ll be fine, because I’ve said that it will be fine.  What do you need?”

            Worrying his lip between his teeth, he wondered if he could ask.  “A hug?” he asked, his voice small.

            “I’ll give you a hug when we’ve finished and come back here,” Sehun said.  He took off the cat ear headband, then gave a hard squeeze to L.Joe’s ass.  “Come.”

            Startled by the squeeze, by the unexpected pain, L.Joe moaned.  But the rough treatment had a calming effect.  He felt put in his place; he felt soothed.  Why should he worry about EXO members or who might see what?  All that mattered was what Sehun wanted.  His feelings about it were irrelevant.  Sehun was sending him to the bathroom; all he had to do was go when Sehun instructed him.

            They were quick in the hallway.  “Knock when you’re finished,” Sehun said, pushing him in.

            He locked the door, then handled business.  Of course his owner had been right; of course everything was fine.  He could trust his owner, he knew that.

When he washed his hands, he looked at his own reflection above the sink with confidence.  He looked happy; he smiled at himself; his mirror self practically sparkled back at him.  This night had already been amazing, and there was still so much more to go.  Feeling jittery with happiness, he bounced on his toes a little, humming cheerfully.  He combed his fingers through his hair and patted at his collar, preening.  He was here in his owner’s home, and he was going to spend the night.  It was an incredible opportunity, and he was greedy for every second of it.

            Smirking at himself, he unzipped the robe, making sure that it hung wide open, exposing his stockings and boots, showing off his soft cock and pink balls.  Then he practiced pouting innocently.  Smugly, he walked to the door and knocked, then arranged his expression back into the innocent pout.

            Sehun opened the door.  For an instant, he looked preoccupied, and then his gaze dropped, and then his nostrils flared and he looked so turned on, L.Joe felt like the sexiest thing in the world.  “Naughty, naughty hyung,” Sehun breathed, gripping L.Joe’s collar, dragging him forward, so close the robe brushed Sehun’s body.  Choking back a moan, not wanting to be overheard, L.Joe felt helpless in his grasp, exposed to anyone who might walk by.  “What if someone sees you?”

            Gazing into Sehun’s eyes, he tilted his head back, dropping his shoulders, making the robe slip further open.  “I trust you,” he whispered.

            Sehun’s smile rewarded him for everything.  “Good pet,” Sehun whispered, and guided him by the collar back to the room.

            Back in his room, Sehun hugged L.Joe like he’d promised.  With a happy, breathless moan, L.Joe hugged him back, clinging to him with wiry strength.  So sweet, his pet, and so needy.  Feeling L.Joe’s body against his turned him on, and he stayed there for a long moment.  “You’re mine,” he whispered, turning his face just enough to put his lips to L.Joe’s ear.  “You’re my pet.  I own you.”

“Ooouunnh.”  With a soft, orgasmic sound, L.Joe only held onto him more tightly.  “Yes, yes, please, I’m yours.”

“Completely mine,” he affirmed with pride.  Stepping back, he stripped off L.Joe’s robe.  With one hand on the collar, he pushed L.Joe back against the door and just looked.  Just took in the amazing sight of his obedient pet.  Looking absolutely submissive, L.Joe gazed up at him with patient eyes, waiting for a cue, waiting for a sign, waiting for his pleasure.  Shoulders relaxed, lips parted, L.Joe looked vulnerable.  Deliciously, perfectly vulnerable.

            This pet was the sexiest thing in the world, to Sehun.  So needy, so sexy, L.Joe was the gift that kept on giving.  Never too tired for more.  Never too ashamed to keep going.

            Yanking on the collar, dragging him forward, Sehun kissed him hard.  L.Joe opened his mouth with an ecstatic, “Aaaahhh,” and Sehun spat into his mouth.  It was a nasty, biting kiss, wet and messy, strictly designed to remind them both who was in charge.  The sense of power and control turned Sehun on.  L.Joe’s eager subservience was intoxicating, and the more Sehun shoved him around, jerking on the collar, slamming him against the door, the more into it he became, moaning ecstatically and kissing back with feverish hunger.

            “Down.”  Backing up into the middle of the room, Sehun issued the order without warning, forcing him downward before letting go of his collar.  “Kiss my feet.”

            L.Joe hit the floor with alacrity, pressing his face to Sehun’s bare foot.  He was all over both of them, kissing the sides of Sehun’s feet, sucking the tops, licking between the toes.  His devoted attention didn’t miss a spot, and Sehun stood over him with satisfaction, watching the back of his head, watching his pink tongue snake and glide over pale skin.  There was no promised reward for this, no guarantee that L.Joe would earn anything special for this devotion, but that didn’t matter.  That wasn’t why L.Joe did it.

            “Good pet,” Sehun said softly.  This was what he’d used to fantasize about, the kind of tending he’d wanted to train his pet to give to him.  All of those complex, detailed fantasies, all of that time spent wishing and planning, and none of it compared to the reality of L.Joe.  “Ah, hyung.  You’re the sexiest pet I could have asked for.”

            “Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah, thank you,” L.Joe panted, pressing wet, sucking kisses over the tops of his feet.

            Flicking open the button on his jeans, he lifted his foot, rubbing his toes against L.Joe’s jaw.  It filled him with pleasure and with pride to see how immediately L.Joe nuzzled into the touch, to see how fervently L.Joe kissed his toes.  “On your back.”  He wanted that mouth somewhere it could do him some real good.

            Right where he was, L.Joe rolled onto his back.  On his own, he kept his hands behind his back.  Little things like that proved to Sehun how much their owner-pet dynamic mattered to L.Joe and how important this relationship was.  How much he craved discipline.

            Sehun undressed, stripping down to nothing.  Despite the lust and anticipation firing inside of him he moved carelessly, as if he weren’t very interested in what was about to come.  He dropped his underwear on L.Joe’s bare crotch, liking the way that his boxer-briefs hung on the sturdy hook of L.Joe’s erection.

With L.Joe’s body spread out behind him, he stood with his feet on either side of L.Joe’s head.  Cupping his cock and balls, he squatted, and then he shifted onto his knees right over L.Joe’s face.  Feeling the warmth of L.Joe’s quick, panting breaths against his sensitive skin, he lowered himself the last few inches and said, “Suck my ass.”

Immediately, as soon as the words were out, L.Joe’s mouth was on him.  L.Joe’s tongue snaked wetly between his cheeks, slipping along the cleft, and then there was insistent, wet pressure against his hole.  Reaching back, he spread himself open.  L.Joe’s mouth was on him, and it felt so good, he moaned, closing his eyes.  He could imagine what it looked like, L.Joe’s pink tongue rubbing over his puckered hole.  Wanting more, he lowered himself, grinding his ass against L.Joe’s face.  With a smothered gasp, L.Joe sucked harder, tongue probing.

“Come on, hyung, don’t be shy,” he panted.  His right hand came forward, gripping a handful of soft, silky hair, using it like a handle as he rubbed his ass over L.Joe’s face.  “You know you want it, now suck it.”  The pleasure of L.Joe’s hungry, devouring mouth made his voice shake, and he sucked in a breath, tightening his grip on L.Joe’s hair.  He was riding too hard, forcing L.Joe against his ass, grinding down roughly in his sexual greed, but being in control like this was such a rush, he didn’t want to let up just yet.

Under him, L.Joe was feasting on his ass like a pro, eating out his sensitive hole with an intensity that had him shuddering and bucking like a bronco rider.  The gibbering, slobbering noises L.Joe made were muffled against his skin, but the fact that L.Joe was still making such happy, eager sounds told him that his pet wasn’t suffocating under there.  So he bore down harder, clamping his thighs on either side of L.Joe’s head.  He didn’t want to smother L.Joe, really, but he wanted L.Joe to feel trapped, confined, utterly helpless.  He wanted to bury L.Joe’s face as far up his ass as he could, wanted L.Joe to be as intimately familiar with his hole as anyone could be.  He wanted L.Joe to know every detail, every tiny fold of skin in his pucker, every single hair, every flavor.

If there was anything in this world L.Joe was going to know perfectly, it was his owner’s ass.

Spread out behind him, L.Joe was twisting, legs kicking in their black boots.  As L.Joe squirmed, his underwear slid down L.Joe’s cock like a flag down the flagpole, settling around the base while L.Joe’s sexy erection stood up through the leg hole.

L.Joe’s wet, thorough mouth had Sehun shaking like a leaf, pleasure running through his veins and lighting him up from the inside out, but he wanted more.  Rising up, he swung a leg over, moving aside just enough to lift L.Joe up.  Dragging L.Joe by the hair, he thrust forward, jamming his cock down L.Joe’s dripping, open mouth.  “Suck it,” he ordered, rocking down L.Joe’s throat.  “Suck it hard, drink it up.”

The way Sehun was forcing him had L.Joe gagging, and he choked on Sehun’s cock, gargling spit and pre-cum.  It was such a gorgeous sound, Sehun kept it up, pinning his head down and ramming his throat while he squirmed and choked.

But they had all night to play, and Sehun had a lot of time to enjoy L.Joe’s submission.  Still keeping his hold on L.Joe’s hair, he sat back on his haunches, relaxing.  Sucking steadily, not missing a beat, L.Joe crawled forward, getting comfortable.

L.Joe’s face was red and wet, his head bobbing quickly, his jaw working.  The pretty way his cheeks hollowed made Sehun rock and push a little, just to make his cheeks bulge instead.  His hair was so soft, it felt like cornsilk, and he was sucking so hard, Sehun was wound up with the need to come.  It was always so easy to get intense with L.Joe, so easy to take too much, to push too far.  L.Joe had no limits, no boundaries, just need, a bottomless pit of it.

“You look so pretty with a mouthful of cock,” Sehun told him.  “So sexy like this.”  Holding a fistful of hair in both hands now, Sehun held his head in place.  Rocking forward, Sehun thrust into his mouth again, banging into him forcefully.  The quick, rough fucking felt so good, Sehun moaned, opening up to pleasure.  He made helpless, gurgling sounds, choking as Sehun plunged down his throat, and the faster and harsher Sehun became, the louder he got, twitching and writhing, his hands pawing ineffectually at the air, too submissive to make contact.  Jamming his face down, nose smashed in Sehun’s pubes, Sehun came, pumping triumphantly down his throat.

Ecstasy and a physical sense of relief overcame Sehun, and he groaned in satisfaction as his jizz erupted into L.Joe.  He imagined it flowing like he’d opened a hose, and he rocked his hips, indulging the urge to go deeper.  “Take it,” he moaned, and L.Joe made a gagging, sputtering noise, flailing in his lap.

Finally, sated, he relaxed his grip, shoving L.Joe off of his thighs.  Moaning helplessly, dribbling spit and cum, L.Joe slid to the floor.  Red-faced, gasping for air, L.Joe coughed, then spit up a thick, gooey wad of cum.

Slowly, firmly, Sehun’s hand closed on the back of his neck, pushing his head down.

Nose to the floor, L.Joe submitted with a whimper, licking at the mess, sucking cum from the floor.  “Insatiable little cum slut,” Sehun said approvingly, watching his pink tongue scrub vigorously, and soon the cum was all cleaned up.  Petting his hair, Sehun sighed.  That had been intense and glorious and fucking fantastic, but for now, it was time for a break.  L.Joe had earned one.

“Television,” Sehun said quietly, lifting his hand from L.Joe’s hair.

The room was still.  Sehun stayed quiet, giving L.Joe time to adjust.  Sprawled on the floor, face turned away, L.Joe caught his breath.  The sight of him panting like that turned Sehun on, but this wasn’t an appropriate moment for Sehun to mention it.  “Oh, god,” he whispered, turning his head and scrubbing a hand over his face.  His expression was joyful, ecstatic, and he closed his eyes, wrinkling his nose.  “Shit.”  He shivered, sounding like he wanted to laugh, and he rubbed his forehead against the floor.

Nothing could have made Sehun happier right then than to see L.Joe’s radiant face.  What they’d just done had been raw and harsh and beautiful, and it had been good for both of them, right for both of them.  “Let’s take a break.”  Sehun kept his voice soft, so that it wouldn’t sound like another command.  “We can clean up and get something to eat.  I’ll bring something in here, just for us.”

“Yeah.”  L.Joe sounded distracted.  “Yeah, okay.”  He pushed himself up a little, rubbing at his forehead.  When he ran his hand over his mouth, he shuddered, pulling his legs in.

“Do you want me to get you off?” Sehun offered.  Even outside of scenes, Sehun loved fondling his sexy, sensitive cock.  And he usually transitioned in and out of scenes better if he got off.  If he didn’t finish coming, he had a terrible time breaking character.

“Just.  Wait.”  Sitting up, L.Joe drew his knees up, folding into himself, tucking his head down.  He was shuddering, his pale thighs looking unbearably naked between his black sweater and fur-edged stockings.  With his face buried in the crook of his elbow, he shuddered, tremors running through his lean body.  “Shit,” he whispered, probably to himself.

Sehun bit his lip, stifling the urge to reach out and soothe his pet.  He had to give L.Joe time to decompress.  “Sunbae.”  He said it to remind L.Joe that they were out of the scene, that L.Joe had the advantage again.

“God.”  A short, tense laugh like a bark.  “Shit.  Can we do that again?  In general, and maybe every time we see each other from now on, and this second, right now, can we do it again?”

Sehun felt so close to him.  Felt happy, that he’d liked it so much, and felt proud.  It had been the right thing to do.  It had felt incredible, but not only for him; for L.Joe, too.  “Not right now, but you were fucking amazing.  Thank you.”  He meant it.  He was grateful to L.Joe every day.  He wouldn’t have a pet, he wouldn’t have any of this, without L.Joe.

“God, I just want to do it again,” L.Joe mumbled.  “I just want to go back.  The whole thing, from the start, you were - - it was exactly what I wanted.  That’s what I want so badly I don’t let myself really think about it.  Ugh, I love it when you do this to me, I love it when you’re like that.”

The temptation to go back for more was so strong, Sehun had to tense his muscles to stop himself.  He was the owner, the dom; he had to be responsible.  He had to make the right choices.  He couldn’t just run on lust and whimsy; he couldn’t just chase what felt good.  He had to be in control, not just for his sake but for L.Joe’s.  He had to be someone L.Joe could trust, and sometimes that meant denying both of them what they wanted.  “You’re the best.  The best I ever could have asked for.”

L.Joe laughed shyly, slowly unfolding himself.  “It’s embarrassing, to be so turned on by, by that.”

“It’s not embarrassing,” Sehun argued.  “I just got off so fucking hard, doing it.”  He put his hand on the crook of L.Joe’s knee and tugged, and L.Joe scooted closer, thighs opening.  L.Joe’s cock was hot and red, and when he wrapped his hand around it, L.Joe moaned, melting down across the floor.  He smiled, manipulating L.Joe’s cock gently, taking his time, loving the way L.Joe shuddered and mewled.  L.Joe’s soft, helpless sounds were unbearably sexy, in a scene or out.  “How should we do it next time?  Do you want me to talk more, say things to you?  Do you want me to be rougher and rush through it, make it more intense?  Or should I slow down and draw it out?”

“Oh, unh, god.”  Groaning, L.Joe twisted in abandon, writhing with such uninhibited freedom that Sehun moaned.  “Yes, yes, all of that, any of it, do it to me, whatever you want, whatever, oh, oh-oh, oh!”  With an excited whimper, L.Joe came.  The slick squirt of cum looked so good, felt so good, that Sehun rubbed it between his fingers.  There was a gooey puddle on L.Joe’s stomach, and he smeared it, scooping up a handful before wrapping his hand back around L.Joe’s cock for another go.  Moaning, L.Joe thrust into his juicy hand, and they worked together to the same rhythm, L.Joe’s hips rocking, his hand pumping.

“Come on, give it up,” Sehun urged, jacking L.Joe’s cock.  The stiff shaft felt bloated in his hand, and the puffy, red head was shiny, glistening with L.Joe’s juices.

“Ooonnnhh…  Uuuhhh…  Oh, oh.”  Biting down on his lower lip, L.Joe arched, his hips bucking and pushing.  “Fuck, please, please, let me come, I need it, please.”

Speeding up, Sehun fisted his cock hard, watching his eyebrows contract as he suffered in his pleasure.  “Ah, sunbae, you’re so hot like this.”

Turning red, L.Joe shuddered.  As he shied away, mumbling, “Don’t tease,” his voice broke into a rich, deep moan and he came.  Cum splattered messily, dotting his skin, as his cock twitched in Sehun’s grip.  “Oh, whoa, unh.”  Panting for breath, he rubbed at his face.

Forcing his hand off of L.Joe, Sehun cleared his throat.  It was definitely a good time to take a break.  They were getting too intense, having trouble letting go.  “I’ll get your robe, okay?”  He had to insist on boundaries; he had to keep a level head.  He was responsible for L.Joe’s safety, responsible for keeping this a comfortable, healthy place for L.Joe to be.  “What do you want to eat, should I order something?  I can beg my hyungs to make something, they’ll do it for your sake.”

He kept things calm, and gradually L.Joe relaxed.  They took turns in the bathroom again, and then they ate.  Sitting on the bedroom floor, alone together in their robes, they talked about everyday things.  Nonsexual things.  How annoying their members were and how they wished their managers would act and which schedules they had coming up.

Sehun was really glad to reestablish how comfortable they were with each other.  It was important to him for L.Joe to be able to open up to him.  He needed for them to be close and able to communicate, at least when it came to this.  For a while, they were just any two idols sharing a meal, any two friends sharing stories.

He cleaned up, and they went to the bathroom again.  It wasn’t that he thought that L.Joe had to pee this often, but he wanted to give L.Joe some privacy, a few minutes away from him not just to deal with practical matters but to get a mental break.

He checked on the water bowl and a couple of other things.  When they were alone in the bedroom again, he locked the door and took the robe away, hanging it up.

He was eager to get back into it, fired up and ready for more.  Relishing the anticipation, he drew the moment out.  Just standing there, silent, unmoving, he stared at L.Joe.  His pet, his possession, his, L.Joe was whatever he wanted L.Joe to be, did whatever he wanted L.Joe to do.

Blushing at the attention, L.Joe squirmed.  Ducking his head, he smiled shyly at the floor, crossing his arms over his chest.  Biting at his lips, self-conscious under scrutiny, he shifted uneasily.  He peeked at Sehun, then laughed breathlessly, turning pinker and putting a hand down like he wanted to cover himself.

He was the perfect pet, the perfect toy.  “Television.”

Going down on his knees, L.Joe looked up at Sehun, loyal, hopeful, eyebrows going up.

He helped L.Joe out of the thin, black sweater and the boots.  While L.Joe sat in front of him, he leaned in, kissing the furred tops of the black stockings.  When he heard L.Joe’s breath catch in pleasure, he bit, nipping at L.Joe’s thighs.  With a shocked, hurt noise, L.Joe jerked, then immediately moved closer.  “Sehun-ah, please.”  Shoving L.Joe’s legs farther apart, he sucked on the sensitive skin of L.Joe’s inner thighs, then bit again, using his teeth to keep L.Joe off-guard.  Naturally, L.Joe loved it, and L.Joe’s erotic enthusiasm spurred him on, kept him going.  Having his face so close to L.Joe’s crotch was a tease for them both, and he deliberately ignored it, focusing only on L.Joe’s sexy, firm thighs, sparing no time for L.Joe’s round balls or the cock wagging beside his ear.  Impulsively, he rolled L.Joe forward and bit at L.Joe’s pink, sensitive ass, and L.Joe squealed happily, back arching, ass thrusting toward his face.  He bit it again, not just a playful nip but sinking his teeth in this time, and as soon as he heard L.Joe’s pained whimper, he smacked L.Joe’s ass hard.  The way the flesh jiggled turned him on, and L.Joe’s confused, broken howl sounded like a plea for more.  He followed up with a few lighter swats, just to enjoy the way L.Joe writhed, just to make that hot little ass bounce.  Then he finished stripping off L.Joe’s stockings.  Leaving L.Joe naked on the floor, he got up.  As he walked away, he said, “On your knees against the bed.”

His collection of ties - - school uniform ties, from the “Growl” promotions - - was going to come in very handy.  He’d prepared last week, carefully calculating, knotting some of the ties together, and over the past few nights he’d checked on his ties repeatedly, anticipating, taunting himself with his plans and fantasies, measuring the lengths against his own body and reassuring himself that they’d be a good fit for L.Joe.

Now, he was ready.  Taking the ties from the back corner of the closet, he approached the bed.

L.Joe knelt there obediently, facing the side of the bed, arms back, head down.  Naked, he looked vulnerable, his wrists crossed behind him, his sore ass pink, his sweet, pale nape visible.  Kneeling behind him, Sehun set the ties down.  It was a real turn-on to see L.Joe’s ass still pink; it made him look sore and abused, a constant visible reminder of his subjugation.  Spanking might have to become a much more heavily used part of their repertoire, especially early in their sessions, so that they could both enjoy his sensitivity throughout their time together.  Wondering how sore he still was, Sehun pinched his ass.  He jerked, making a surprised noise.  That wasn’t informative enough, so Sehun did it again, pinching cruelly and holding it, twisting his flesh.  “Unh, unh, unh.”  Making distressed noises, he shivered, shifting like he wanted to get away.

“Does it hurt?”

“Nnn, oh, it feels good, Sehun-ah, so good,” he panted.

Sehun smacked him hard, to make him jump, then pinched another spot.  “Does it hurt?  Tell me how it feels.”

“Yes, it does, it hurts,” he moaned, twisting uncomfortably.  “It stings, it hurts every time you touch it, it hurt when you f-f-fucked me.  It’s not bad pain, it’s good, please, don’t stop, Sehun-ah, please.”

“I’ll have to spank you harder next time,” Sehun decided.  As he spoke, he fondled L.Joe’s ass, squeezing and pinching, slapping indiscriminately.  “A lot harder, and a lot longer, too.”

“Nnnhh, unh, ohh, unh.”  L.Joe sounded conflicted, distressed; spanking was still one of his tricky spots, one of the things that really got into his head.  He squirmed, his hips jerking forward as he tried to avoid Sehun’s touch.  That avoidance meant that it hurt a little too much, so Sehun gave him a break, stroking his bare arms instead.  He relaxed with a soft, “Oooohhh,” his head lolling back, and Sehun chuckled at how responsive he was.

Because they were spending so much time together today, and because some of what they’d done had been intense, Sehun decided to keep L.Joe informed, so that he’d be prepared for some of what was going to happen.  Part of L.Joe’s ongoing training was letting him know what to expect and giving him cues for how he was expected to behave.  It made the times that Sehun threw him right into the deep end and forced him to keep up even more exciting, by contrast.

Petting the hard muscles in his wiry arms, Sehun said, “I’m going to tie you up and fuck you.  I’m going to use a few different positions.  I’ll tell you when it’s okay to come and when it’s not.”  Trailing his fingertips down L.Joe’s spine, he whispered, “My obedient fuckhole,” and watched L.Joe shiver.

            Obedient fuckhole.  That was what he was, an obedient fuckhole.  Sehun’s obedient fuckhole.  He loved that designation.  He could be that for Sehun; he wanted to be the best, most satisfying, most obedient fuckhole he could be.

            Anxiety skittered through him as Sehun slipped a tie around his arm, and he squirmed, uncertain about this.  Being restrained made him feel helpless, put everything into Sehun’s hands.  He couldn’t get free.  How would Sehun tie him up?  How would it feel?  How would it look?  But Sehun wanted this, so it would be good; he trusted his owner.  He was safe here, he knew that, he was safe with Sehun.  And he knew how much Sehun liked tying him up, knew that it turned Sehun on, and thinking about that aroused him.  This was one of Sehun’s favorite things, favorite games, and the idea of Sehun being happy to do this to him made him feel special.

The feel of the slippery fabric against his skin reminded him of other times Sehun had tied him, and as the tie tightened around his arm, he moaned, starting to feel good about this.  Starting to feel really good.  Pleasurable associations made his head swim, and he spread his thighs, whimpering.  Sehun was crisscrossing fabric back and forth, binding his forearms across his back, and it hurt a little, it pulled hard on his shoulders.  With his chest forced outward, he writhed, shifting on his knees, trying to find a way to relax, an easier position.  Chewing on his lips, he told himself to accept it, to trust Sehun.  The feeling of Sehun’s hands on him, manipulating and posing him, controlling him, felt so good that he closed his eyes, concentrating on that, on the treasured intimacy of skin against skin.

            Sehun tugged at the ties, making sure that everything was sturdy.  And then Sehun got up.

            Not ready to be abandoned here, L.Joe quickly turned his head, trying to watch over his shoulder.  Sehun stayed right behind him, not going far, and started to undress.

            Undress.  Right there, right behind him.  He watched in rapt fascination as Sehun stripped.  Those confident, casual movements.  That long, narrow body.  He loved all of the places Sehun was smooth, all of the places Sehun was hairy, all of the places Sehun had muscular definition.  He loved the pale pink of Sehun’s nipples and the faint bruising on Sehun’s knees from dance practice and the gorgeous length of Sehun’s shaft.  Twisting, he strained to see more, biting on his lower lip and making soft, grunting sounds of happiness, of desire.  He was glad just to be in the same room with his handsome, naked owner.

            Carelessly shoving a lock of hair back from his forehead, Sehun knelt again.

            L.Joe couldn’t bring himself to turn away, so they were eye-to-eye now, face-to-face.  The black line of Sehun’s eyelashes was unbearably lovely, and L.Joe whimpered with the desire to feel the softness of his small, pink lips.  “Sehun-ah.”

            “Hyung,” he replied calmly.  He reached for something on the table beside the bed.  L.Joe didn’t have to follow his movements to know what he was picking up.  He was getting lube.  He was going to fuck L.Joe.  There was a quiet flicking sound - - he was opening the cap - - and then a faint squelching sound - - he was pouring lube onto his fingers.

            He met L.Joe’s eyes, and then he was pushing his slim, slippery fingers into L.Joe’s body.

            Caught in his gaze, L.Joe froze for an instant, feeling trapped by his calm, brown eyes.  He looked almost emotionless, so matter-of-fact that it seemed impossible that he was doing something which caused such an immediate storm in L.Joe.  So many sensations, penetration, pleasure, tension as L.Joe’s ass tightened around his fingers.  It felt shockingly intimate to look right into Sehun’s eyes like this, so close, but it was Sehun, magnificent Sehun, and L.Joe couldn’t look anywhere else.

            His lips parting, L.Joe couldn’t hold back a low, breathy, “Huu-uuu-uunh.”  Sehun’s pushing, stretching fingers slid in at just the right angle, and he bucked as pleasure flashed through him.  “Huunnh, oh, oh.”  Sehun was getting more aggressive now, fingers twisting into him more deeply, opening him up.  Moans poured out of him as he writhed.  He couldn’t get far or do much, not with his forearms locked together behind his back.  Being bound like this, he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t control the action, couldn’t start or stop anything.  The pleasure sizzling up his spine felt incredible, but it didn’t matter how it felt; he had to shut up and take it, had to bear it, had to suffer through it until Sehun decided that he’d had enough.

            Fingers popping out of him, Sehun grabbed his hips and dragged them backward, then pushed his shoulders forward.  Unable to balance himself, he landed with a bounce against the edge of the bed, tilted forward at an angle.

            “I’ll tell you when to come,” Sehun reminded him, and he felt the thick head of Sehun’s cock nudge into him.

The intrusion was slow, and he felt every single inch of the stretch as Sehun filled him.  “Ooohhh, ooohhh, aahhhmmmm, oh, oh.”  The big, solid length of Sehun’s cock felt incredible, pushing into him, sinking deeper and deeper, spreading him open, and he shuddered, feeling alive in every cell.  He loved Sehun’s cock, he was completely and irrevocably in love with it, and being entered like this, being filled, this slow, hard slide seemed to reach every corner of him, seemed to wake up every part of him.  “Ahh, hhahh, mmm, mmm, Sehun-ah, Sehun-ah.”

Yanking on his hips again, Sehun tilted him farther off-balance.  Unable to control his movements, he landed with his face against the edge of the bed.  Groaning against the sheets, he breathed in the scent of Sehun’s clean laundry.  “Yeah,” Sehun grunted, rocking back and thrusting in again, picking up the pace.  “Good fuckhole.  Your cum chute feels so good on my cock, hyung.  Feels like you were made for fucking.”

“Ah, ah, made for you, Sehun-ah.”  His weight was on his face, on his spread knees; his body rocked helplessly, jolted by Sehun’s quick, forward thrusts.  “Yours, I’m yours.”

“Mine,” Sehun growled, and he felt a familiar, painful sensation as Sehun dragged his head up by the hair.  “Say it again, hyung.”

“Yours,” he repeated immediately.  Gasping, he said it again.  “I’m yours, Sehun-ah, I’m yours, yours, yours.”  He’d say it as many times as he could, as many times as Sehun wanted to hear it.  “I’m yours.”

“Ah, feels good,” Sehun moaned, fingers digging into his scalp.  Pain sliced through him, and he mewled, grimacing, suffering from the exquisite pain of Sehun’s attention.  His arms ached, the stretch and pull in his back and shoulders starting to throb.  His sore, spanked ass hurt, a fresh sting radiating outward every time Sehun thrust into him, their bodies smacking together.  The quick, pounding rhythm of Sehun’s cock driving into him heightened the intensity to a fever pitch, and he relaxed as best he could, his body flopping and jerking helplessly on the end of Sehun’s erection, pitching back and forth to Sehun’s rhythm.  “That’s it, hyung.  Clamp that cum chute on me, make me feel it.”

            “Yes, yes, please,” L.Joe moaned.  Every thrust drove pleasure into him, sending him higher and higher.  Knowing that Sehun thought that he felt good, hearing Sehun’s praise, intoxicated him, and he squirmed in his restraints, relishing his own helplessness, thrilled to be at Sehun’s mercy.  The throbbing of his cock was an insistent ache, demanding more and more of his attention as Sehun drilled him.  He wouldn’t be permitted to come until Sehun told him to, so it wouldn’t help to think about it, wouldn’t do any good to beg.  But he couldn’t take his mind off of his need, and the more he thought about it, the more pressing it became, until he felt desperate with it, thrashing and whimpering, trying to fight his body’s urges.

            “Yeah, you look so good jiggling around on my prick,” Sehun said approvingly.  Sehun’s hand gripped his bound forearms, pulling his arms even farther back, stressing the ache in his shoulders.  “Love the way your hot, twitchy ass feels jerking all over my meat.  Keep going, hyung, make yourself useful, work your hole, make me feel good.”

            Make yourself useful.  Scalded, humiliated, L.Joe gasped for breath.  His head down, his face buried against the bed, he writhed around.  Doing it deliberately was difficult, awkward, and he was embarrassed by his body’s uncoordinated jerking.  Squirming, humping, he scooted around in the space between Sehun’s body and the bed, whimpering in distress.  He was anxious about displeasing Sehun, anxious about not being allowed to come, anxious about the stress of being restrained.  He wanted so badly to please Sehun, to make Sehun satisfied and happy, and now he’d been ordered to, and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do it, that he was too inept, not sexy enough, not good enough.

            Eager to please, determined, what he lacked in talent, he made up for in enthusiasm.  Moving more energetically now, he bounced around, rocking vigorously.  He tried to meet Sehun’s rapid thrusts, tried to match the driving pace.  Muscles burning, he dripped with sweat as he tried to keep up, twisting around helplessly in his bonds.  He couldn’t get much of his own momentum, so he tried to work with Sehun’s, trying to use Sehun’s forward thrusts to push himself.

            “Working hard?  That’s good, I like that.  I’ll give you a treat for that.”  Feeling the hot slide of Sehun’s bare hand over his erection, he bucked involuntarily, crying out.  Treat, oh, this was a prize, this was paradise, oh, god, it felt so good he couldn’t hold back.  “You can come,” Sehun said, and that was lucky for him, because he was already shaking, coming, his body heaving as ecstasy sent cum shooting in wet stripes against the side of the bed.  Sehun milked him thoroughly, pulling cum out of him until he was whimpering, spent, hollow with pleasure.  Groping between his thighs, fondling his balls, Sehun said, “Good pet.  You look so good tied up like this, let’s see how else you’ll look.”

            With his first orgasm behind him, he could breathe a little.  When Sehun pulled out of him, he could relax incrementally, connecting more solidly with reality again.  As Sehun unknotted the ties, releasing his arms, he groaned, rolling his shoulders.

            “Don’t go far,” Sehun said, rubbing his arms.  “Kneel on the bed.”

            Sehun’s hands on his arms, fingers digging in and massaging his stressed muscles, felt so good that he swayed backward, moaning, his eyes closing.  Sehun allowed it for a moment, still rubbing, but Sehun’s command weighed heavily on him, and soon he forced himself away, climbing onto the bed, kneeling on the edge.

            “Shoulders down,” Sehun said, pushing on his spine.  He leaned forward, resting on his hands and knees.  Sehun took his right arm, pressing his palm flat to the back of his thigh, and tied his hand there.  Then Sehun did the same to his left hand, so that he was on his knees, bent in half, his ass in the air.  His hands were trapped, gripping just beneath his ass, clamped to his thighs from behind.  His weight rested helplessly on his face, buried in the bed, and he snorted in agitation, wiggling to try to rebalance himself.

            Laughing, Sehun slid inside him again, erection pressing deep.  “You’re so pretty bent over like this!  You should see yourself, hyung, you look so good with your fuckhole waving in the air.  Feels good, too.”

            It was a straightforward fuck, a deep, direct drilling.  The force of Sehun’s thrusts drove L.Joe harder against the bed, smothering him, until Sehun grabbed his collar and dragged him up just enough to get air.  Gasping, he hung there in Sehun’s grip, unable to free his hands, unable to balance himself, and when Sehun let go, he collapsed onto his shoulder, groaning, wriggling to try to find a more comfortable position.  As Sehun picked up momentum, getting more aggressive, really banging the fuck out of him, he rocked helplessly on the bed, wiggling his fingers, biting at the sheet, worrying it between his teeth.  His body was crying out for release, his second orgasm clawing at him, but he couldn’t do anything about it.  He didn’t have permission to come, so he had to bear it, had to suffer the exquisite pain of holding back, holding on.  Starting to fray around the edges, he begged for relief, wriggling around as best he could, chewing on the sheet.  “Please, Sehun-ah.  Please, please.”

            There was no dignity here; he didn’t have time for that.  He had to come now, his body needed it, the internal pressure mounting was too strong, too intense.  “Please, Sehun-ah, let me, please, I have to, now, please.”  Grimacing, squeezing his eyes shut, he gnawed on the sheet.  “Please, please.”

            “Begging for more?” Sehun guessed, tugging on his bonds.  “On your back.”  Popping out of him, Sehun shoved him over.  Gasping, he landed on his side, and Sehun tugged him, rolling him onto his back.  Feeling like an upturned beetle, he stared up at Sehun, whining, begging for mercy.

            Sehun took his time stroking the ties before unknotting them.  Once they were undone, he spent a moment moving L.Joe’s legs, arranging everything, petting L.Joe’s legs with a pleased expression.  “You’re doing so well, hyung.”  Guiding L.Joe’s arm down against the bed, he pulled it straight, then looped a tie around it.

            Holding still, L.Joe let Sehun bind his wrist to his ankle, his knee bent.  He felt like a pet, a doll, quiet and submissive, putting up no resistance, asking no questions.  All of this, being restrained, being fucked, being played with and positioned, being used, turned him on so much that feeling Sehun tighten the knots made him moan.  His cock stood up angrily, desperately, begging for attention that never came.  Sehun didn’t do anything about it, and without permission, L.Joe could only suffer.

            On his other side, Sehun bent his leg double, his foot in the air, and then looped a tie in the bend of his knee, tying it to his arm.  The position forced him open, one knee up, the other up and to the side, spreading him, exposing his wet, used ass.  Sehun slipped into him easily, climbing right on and rutting on him.

            In this position, they were face-to-face, and he stared up at Sehun, rapt.  His handsome owner looked so calm, untroubled, on hands and knees on top of him, thrusting into him with perfect rhythmic repetition as if this were simply a familiar exercise, a mundane workout.  L.Joe was on fire, helpless and desperate, moaning with excitement at being restrained and with delight at being face-to-face and with miserable, searing need, sweating, aching, balls heavy, cock throbbing.  He had to come, he had to, it hurt, everything hurt, everything felt so good, so good, and the way Sehun drove in and out of him like a smoothly functioning piston was making molten lava churn through his veins.  He was beyond lust and desire now; he craved this, craved release, craved more, craved Sehun, craved orgasm, craved cock, craved tighter bonds, craved Sehun’s touch, craved the splash of Sehun’s cum on his skin.  “Please, please, Sehun-ah, I can’t, I need to come, now, please.”

            Unflappable over him, fucking him with animal force, Sehun grinned down at him.  The happy quirk of Sehun’s lips made him hurt with longing.  “No.  You don’t want to come already, do you?  It’s too soon, it’ll ruin the fun.  Your cock looks so cute like this.  See how red it is?  I like it all hard and pointy.”

            “Let me come, please, please.”  Struggling in his distress, he tried to pull his arms free, tried to twist out of his restraints.  “I have to, please, Sehun-ah, I can’t do this, I can’t, it’s too much.”

            Pulling on his collar, Sehun lifted him, his neck rising, his head falling back.  He whimpered anxiously as Sehun glared down at him.  “I said no.  You can do whatever I say you can.”  Sehun’s voice was so firm that it soothed him immediately, and his eyes closed in ecstasy as Sehun’s thrusts rocked him.  “You’ll do whatever I tell you.”

            “Wh-h-h-atever you tell me,” he repeated dreamily, shuddering.  Sehun released his collar, and he collapsed onto his back, panting.  He couldn’t move much, but he had to move somehow, needed to distract himself from the fire in his blood, the burning between his thighs.  He wiggled around as best he could, making whatever noises rose in his throat, shifting his knees and hips, twisting his arms.  He couldn’t get free, and Sehun’s knots were too professional to provide any slack.  He had to come, it was a physical imperative, a clamoring riot in his veins, and he moaned as he breathed in.  “Sehun-ah.”

            “Still feels so good,” Sehun told him.  “Even when it’s used and sloppy, I love pounding your hole.  But I shouldn’t have to do so much work.  It’s time for you to do your part.”

            “Anything,” he promised.  “Anything you want, Sehun-ah, please, I’ll do it, I want to do it for you.”  Whatever it was.  He didn’t care, as long as Sehun wanted it.

            Still inside of him, thrusting in short, lazy jabs, Sehun unknotted the ties.  He moaned, shuddering with the pleasure of every push, and the more freedom of movement Sehun gave him, the more he took, writhing under his owner, clamping his legs around Sehun’s waist and trying to drag Sehun deeper.

            “Cock slut,” Sehun scolded him, smacking his legs back down.  Popping out again, Sehun moved forward, crawling right over him toward the head of the bed.  First Sehun’s chest passed overhead, then Sehun’s smooth, taut abs, and then Sehun’s cock dragged over his face, sloppily smearing lube and pre-cum over his nose, his forehead, his cheek, balls slapping against his skin.  It was an unexpected degradation, and he moaned eagerly, licking at every bit of Sehun in reach, his own hips bucking as the musky, salty taste exploded over his tongue.

            Quick as lightning, Sehun snatched his collar, jerking him forward and then shoving him down, jamming the side of his face into the bed.  “Did I tell you to use your mouth?” Sehun demanded.

            Horrified, he realized his mistake.  He hadn’t been thinking!  It had been a moment of weakness, a moment of lust.  He needed Sehun so badly, he hadn’t been able to hold back.  “I’m sorry, Sehun-ah.  Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry Sehun-ah, please.  Please,” he moaned, squeezing his eyes shut so that he wouldn’t have to see that awful disgust on Sehun’s face.

            “Cock gobbling slut,” Sehun hissed, and he shuddered with pleasure, his hips gyrating.  “I don’t want to throw everything aside to discipline you again.  I don’t want to stop having my own fun every time you screw up, just because you can’t stand not having a dick in your mouth every second of the day.”

            “Sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispered, cringing.  He’d disobeyed, he’d angered Sehun, he was worthless, he’d fucked up.

            “Worthless slut,” Sehun muttered, echoing his thoughts.  He whimpered, miserable.  “Stay.  Stay,” Sehun commanded, and he cowered, burrowing deeper against the mattress, trying to demonstrate how very obediently he would do whatever Sehun asked.  For a moment, Sehun left the bed, and he sniffled, feeling weak and horrible and freakishly slutty.  He’d licked Sehun automatically, instinctively; it hadn’t for one second occurred to him not to.  Of course he’d done it!  Sehun’s groin had been right there, rubbing over his face, hot and irresistible.  Even now, he licked his lips, wanting another taste.  What did that make him, what kind of person was he, to be so out of control, to be so sex-hungry?  They were mid-fuck, Sehun was giving him exactly what he craved, and he still couldn’t get enough.

            Coming back to stand beside the bed, Sehun pulled L.Joe’s knee aside, rolling him onto his back.  Sehun was holding L.Joe’s underwear, the black-and-white pair he’d so carefully chosen to please his owner.  With a grim expression, Sehun rubbed it down L.Joe’s chest, not a seductive caress but scrubbing him with it, shoving it into each armpit.  “Ohhh, ohh, hmmmm.”  It was a little clinical and a little rough, but it felt so good just to be touched by his owner, felt so good to have the soft cloth rubbed over his skin.  Sehun even wiped his groin with it, brushing past his stiff, sensitive cock, and he groaned, aching from the attention, from that brief hint of contact.

            Then, “Open,” Sehun said, and shoved his own drawers into his mouth.

            Surprised, L.Joe choked, coughing around the wad of cotton filling his mouth.  Gasping for air, he choked again.  The cloth was wet now, and it stank with his juices.  It was damp with sweat and gummy with - - ugh!  The coughing made his eyes water and he blinked.  The sensation of tears leaking down his cheeks made him feel like he was crying, made him feel even more humiliated.  Choking like this, his drawers forced into his mouth, Sehun looming over him and staring coldly down at him, made him feel completely defenseless, unable to help himself, entirely at Sehun’s mercy.

            Careful not to touch it with his hands, pushing at the cotton with his tongue, he manipulated it, trying to find a more comfortable position, trying to ease his aching jaws, but nothing helped.  As his coughing subsided, Sehun grabbed him by the collar, dragging him forward until he fell off of the bed, stumbling onto his feet.  “Kneel on the bed.  Face the headboard,” Sehun ordered him, shoving him onto the bed again.

Forgetting his physical distress, he cooperated eagerly, trying to convey his obedience in his enthusiasm.  He moved right into position, on his knees facing the headrest, and he put his arms behind his back for good measure.

The headboard was simple, two wood posts on either side and a wooden slat across the top forming an open square.  L.Joe fantasized about being tied to it all of the time.  Usually in his fantasies, he was on his back on the bed, his wrists tied to the bedposts, and Sehun was using him in the most incredible ways.

When Sehun knelt behind him on the bed, he closed his eyes, summoning the willpower to hold still.  He felt almost frantic with the desire to lean back against Sehun’s firm, naked body, to feel Sehun’s hot skin against his own, to feel Sehun’s sweat kiss his skin.

“Hands on the headboard.  You’re usually such a good pet,” Sehun said.  His red-striped tie slipped around L.Joe’s wrist.  “Usually you try to listen to me.  Today, you do whatever you want.”  His voice was too hard, too controlled, in L.Joe’s ear.  Listening to his voice, watching his hands manipulate the knots, not leaning back into him, it was all overwhelming, he was overwhelming, being with him was overwhelming.  Sucking on soiled underwear, L.Joe blinked rapidly, trying to focus.  Those calm, confident hands.  Sehun was always so in control.  In control of himself, in control of L.Joe, in control of the moment.  He looped the fabric and tied the knots like someone who’d done it a hundred, a thousand times before.  L.Joe loved his hands.  His deft, confident hands.  L.Joe wanted to kiss them.  Wanted to lick between his fingers and suck on his knuckles.

“I hope that you learn to listen to me, hyung,” Sehun said.  He nodded quickly, trying to demonstrate his obedience, his willingness and eagerness to learn.  “I hope that you start to care.  If you don’t, I’ll only have two options.”  Sehun’s voice lowered to a whisper, right behind him, right against the shell of his ear.  “You aren’t going to like either one.”

Anxious, he groaned, shaking his head.  What did Sehun mean, what?

“Okay.”  In his peripheral vision, Sehun uncapped the lube again, and he felt Sehun’s fingers dip into him, smearing the wetness around his hole.  Gasping as wicked frissons of pleasure spread outward, he shivered, anticipating the hot thrust of Sehun’s cock.

Instead, Sehun stood up right there on the bed and climbed into the circle of his arms.  Shocked, he held himself rigid, not wanting to get in trouble, not daring to make unasked-for contact, no matter how demanding the urge to rub his face against Sehun’s taut, bare thigh.

Sehun sat down right in front of him, back to the headboard.  They were practically chest-to-chest, and he had nowhere to go, no way to back up, no possibility of giving Sehun space.  He squirmed as carefully as he could to stay out of the way as Sehun’s long legs stretched out under him.

Looking at Sehun’s face was unbearably intimate, impossible this close, and looking at Sehun’s erection turned him on, made him shake with need.  He kept his gaze deferentially lowered, his eyes on Sehun’s chest.  Smooth, firm chest.  Soft, pale skin.  Transfixed, he sucked on his gag, staring, unblinking.  If he could just touch it, if he could just brush up against it, he’d be in heaven.

Sehun snapped his fingers and pointed to his crotch.  “On.”

What?  Now?  Yes!  “Mmm, mmmmff, mmmmhhmm,” L.Joe said eagerly, making the only sounds available to him through his gag.  Up onto his knees, he rolled his hips forward and slid down.  “Ohhhnnn, nnhhhh, mmmmmpphh, hhuunnhh!”  A perfect fit, god, Sehun’s cock was a miracle.  Groaning, he pumped his hips, sliding up and down the pole, his head falling back in ecstasy.  Every drop of his hips set off another spike of pleasure, and he curled his hands into fists, tugging on his restraints, struggling for self-control.

“Don’t come.”  Sehun’s fingers drummed against his thigh as he rocked.  “How is it?  You look like you like it.  Looks like it feels good.”

“Hhhhnnngg, hhhuuunnn, mmmmmfff!”  Nodding vigorously, he rolled his hips.  Eye contact felt like it burned him, so his gaze flicked around the edges of Sehun’s face, skittering over a cheek, an ear, before darting away again.  Sehun was so handsome it hurt him, and he dropped down hard just to feel the swift plunge of hard cock spear into him.  “Uuunnnhhh, unh, unh.”  Tormented by ecstasy, shuddering with the effort it took not to come, he couldn’t hold back his excitement.  He rode Sehun enthusiastically, putting energy and muscle into it, his hips rolling and snapping, rising and falling over the thick length of Sehun’s erection.

It was all at his speed, all the way he wanted it.  It was incredible to have so much power over the moment, to be the one to decide how fast, how hard.  He treasured every long plunge, groaning rapturously as he buried Sehun inside himself.  His back arched, his thighs aching, his muscles straining.  The throbbing weight of his bouncing cock had high-pitched, wailing noises burning in his throat as he fought not to come.

He was tied to Sehun’s bed.  Tied on top of his owner.  Riding Sehun’s cock.  It was so perfect, it was like a dream, and he stared at Sehun’s chest, at the joining of their bodies, at the red-striped fabric around his wrists, trying to memorize it all, to store it away so that he could pull it out later and remind himself that this moment had really happened.

“I like the way you move,” Sehun said.  It was an incredible compliment, and L.Joe burned with pleasure.  Being so flattered by his owner was dizzying, and he tossed his head, leaning dangerously closer to Sehun’s bare skin.  “Mmm.”  Holding onto his collar, Sehun pulled him in.

“Hhhhnnngghh.”  His back arching, he swayed forward, eyes closing in bliss.  Sehun mouthed his shoulder, then kissed across his collarbone, licking under the edge of the collar.  The soft press of Sehun’s lips, the wet stroke of Sehun’s tongue, turned him on so much that he choked on his own drool, coughing around his gag.  “Unnnhhh, mmmmmfff, nnnnn!”  As passion swept him away, he tried to twist away, pulling against his restraints, resisting Sehun’s grip just to feel Sehun override him.  Exactly as he’d hoped, Sehun yanked him back in, pulling him close and kissing his shoulder.

It was paradise and hell.  Paradise to be with Sehun like this, to be so sexual and intimate, to feel Sehun so deep inside of him.  He was breathing Sehun, living Sehun, connected with Sehun in ways that satisfied his every craving.

But at the same time, it was hell.  The torment of not coming was a real ache, a physical pain.  Sometimes what Sehun did to him was psychological, an embarrassment, but this was genuine suffering, and he didn’t know how long he could take it.  It was okay for Sehun to hurt him, he wanted it.  He wished that he were tougher, but he could only take so much, and his limit was already behind him.

“You look so good like this, hyung,” Sehun said approvingly.  When Sehun’s thumbs skirted his nipples, he groaned, saliva running down his chin.  “You move so well.  I think this might be enough to make me come.”

“Hhhmmmmfff, uuunnnhh, ggnnngg, nnh!”  Nodding vigorously, he sped up, eager to make that happen.  He felt driven to make Sehun come.  To please Sehun that much, to get Sehun off, it would mean everything to him, it would transform everything else.  His aching balls, his sore ass, all of his mortification, it would all be worth it if he could do this.  Pleasing Sehun enough to make Sehun come would be a point of pride he could always cling to, an accomplishment no humiliation could rip away.

“Oohh, hyung.”  Sehun’s breath shook, and his voice told L.Joe that he was smiling.  “Your hot, wet fuckhole feels so good tonight.  Feels good enough to come in.  Yeah, ah.”  With both hands on the collar, he pulled L.Joe to his face, rubbing his forehead against L.Joe’s temple, nuzzling against L.Joe’s cheek, exhaling hard.  “Fuck, you feel so good,” he whispered, and the slow drag of his tongue up the side of L.Joe’s face made L.Joe shudder ecstatically.  “Look so good.  Taste,” he did it again, “so fucking good.”

Being so close to Sehun, so intimate like this, face against face, skin against skin, was overwhelming pleasure.  Pure bliss ran through L.Joe as he bounced on Sehun’s cock.  Grunting, he nuzzled back as much as he dared.

“I’m going to get off so fucking hard,” Sehun whispered against the side of his mouth.  “I’m going to drown your ass in my jizz.”  Sehun’s tongue flickered against his lips.  His own mouth forced open around the gag, L.Joe howled in frustration, unable to kiss back, and Sehun nipped at his jaw, sucking at his skin.  “My pretty, slutty pet,” Sehun whispered.  “Tell me how much you need my load, tell me you only live to take it, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Hhnnnhh, uuuum, mmmffff, nnggg, aaaannngg, anng, unh!”  Frantically, L.Joe rubbed his face against Sehun’s, gibbering nonsensically, making whichever noises he could to communicate his craving.  “Hhhuuunnnhh, hhuuunnh, ggaaaahhh!  Gaah!  Hhhmmm, mmmmm, uh!”  Trying futilely to wrap his arms around Sehun, to kiss Sehun’s face, to explain himself, he howled in frustration.

“My pet, mine, you’re mine,” Sehun whispered, licking his cheek.  “Here it comes, hyung.  Take it, ah, savor it, every drop of it.  Ah!”  Sehun grimaced, gasping.  Yes!  L.Joe had done it, Sehun was coming!  “Ah!  Ah, unnnhh.”  He shuddered, then leaned against the headboard, panting, his head falling back.  Feeling triumphant, L.Joe memorized this moment, clutching up memories of the sound of his pleasure, the way his muscles had tensed.  “Ah, hyung.”  His smile was beautiful, and he gazed up at L.Joe through lowered lashes, looking so sweet he made L.Joe ache all over.  “My favorite cum hole.  You can come now.”

L.Joe snapped into motion.  With single-minded purpose, he flung himself forward, plastering himself against Sehun’s body.  With sluttish abandon, he ground his cock against Sehun’s taut abs, humping frantically.  It took only an instant, and he was coming, his body flying apart in an explosion of pleasure.  The orgasm he’d been running from all of this time finally caught up with him, devastating him, leaving him a huddled wreck.  Moaning in relief, his hips twitching as he spurted again and again, he collapsed against Sehun.  “Hhggd.”

Sehun stroked his hair.  The simple gesture felt so good that he shuddered happily, daring to snuggle closer.  And then he realized that it felt too good, and he was still moaning excitedly, and his cock wasn’t going soft.  Oh, god, really?

“You need another one?” Sehun asked.

Whimpering, he writhed, trying to get out of his bonds, needing to grind against something but not daring to do that to Sehun again.

“Insatiable freak,” Sehun murmured.  “Here.”  Sehun’s hand slipped between their bodies, caressing him.  Pleasure shot through him so sharply that he choked, and his hips bucked as Sehun’s fingers circled his shaft.  It had been too long since his first orgasm, and his body didn’t understand that it was supposed to be finished.  It understood the bliss of Sehun’s touch, though, and after a slow, teasing handjob, Sehun milked another shot out of him.  Moaning as bliss radiated through him, he squirted a few thick, sloppy gobs onto Sehun’s chest.  It was one of the most incredible, erotic, stunning things he’d ever seen, his gooey cum oozing over Sehun’s pink nipple, and he groaned, blinking in disbelief.

Sehun’s arm wrapped around him snugly, drawing him in.  Feeling a little shocked, a little woozy from too much pleasure, he cuddled in against Sehun’s shoulder.  Sehun smelled delicious, like musk and sex, and felt amazing, hot and firm beneath him.  He gazed at the smooth perfection of Sehun’s neck for a while.  He felt so absolutely content, so completely satisfied, that he would have been happy never to move again.

He stayed there cozied up to Sehun’s shoulder for as long as Sehun permitted it.  Then Sehun sighed and sat up, shrugging him off.  He couldn’t go far, but he got up onto his knees, trying to give Sehun space.  Twisting around, Sehun undid the ties, releasing his wrists.

Disappointed for this part of their night to be over, L.Joe drew his arms in, rubbing his wrists.  His arms ached, but he didn’t care.  He just wanted to snuggle up to his owner again.  Dreamy, idyllic moments like that were invaluable to him.  When Sehun was kind and generous and affectionate with him, his world was so, so right.

Feeling shy, he shifted to one side, giving Sehun more room.

Sehun gave him a bored, faintly disapproving look.  “Are you going to behave?”

He nodded, blinking.

“Are you going to listen?”

He nodded harder.

“Are you going to be respectful?”

Moaning, distressed at the thought that he’d been disrespectful, he nodded, leaning closer.

Looking dissatisfied and disdainful, Sehun dragged the underwear out of his mouth and flicked it away.

Coughing, he wondered if it would be okay to wipe his mouth.  He decided against it.  Still rubbing his wrists, he lowered his gaze deferentially, his mouth and chin slimy with drool.  He glowed with pleasure at the thought that his ass was full of Sehun’s cum, his reward.

“Stay,” Sehun said, getting up.  He shrugged into a robe and left.

Curling up, hugging his knees to his chest, L.Joe waited.  He didn’t worry; he didn’t think about anything.  He just stayed put, as he’d been told, and waited quietly for his owner to come back to him.

            Changjo didn’t know why he was doing this.  Sleeping chastely and politely with Suho instead of nestled up between horny, naked hoobaes?  He didn’t know why he was okay with this.  He didn’t know why he was looking forward to it.

            He got as much as he could out of EXO, giving and taking, coming hard and making the most of the night.  With L.Joe keeping Sehun busy, Changjo had the rest of the team to himself, and he reveled in their attention.  They were excited to have someone visit, excited to have someone to play with.  Sehun and L.Joe were a heavy presence in the dorm, a crackle of sexual electricity in the air, adding another erotic layer to the night.

            When he’d finished with everyone else, he took a shower.  Lay came in and sucked him off, draining him, one last orgasm before bedtime.  It was good, and he was glad; he wanted his cock to be as tired as possible so it wouldn’t get him in trouble with Suho.

            He put his underwear and his T-shirt on.  He debated his jeans.  Should he show up in them and take them off?  If he showed up in them, would Suho let him take them off?  If he showed up without them, would Suho let him stay?  He took the risk and kept them off.

            He finger-combed his damp hair into submission, then approached Suho’s door.  It was open just a crack.  Nudging the door, he peeked inside.

            Suho was sprawled across his bed, messing with his tablet.  He was still completely dressed, and alone in the room.

            “Suho hyung.”  Stepping inside, Changjo pushed the door shut.

            “Changjo-goon.”  Suho sat up, putting his tablet aside.  He looked happy, then nervous, then welcoming.  “You can’t be tired already.”

            “I worked hard today.”

            “Ah, of course you did,” Suho said, getting up.  “Here.”  He patted the bed, then walked over to the lamp in the corner.  Changjo knew about this lamp; it was the only light Suho permitted during sex.  Suho turned it on, then switched off the main light, and, shit, Changjo could barely see anything.

            “You’re so mean to your members,” Changjo said, getting into bed.  “At least get a stronger light bulb.”

            Suho laughed like he was surprised.  “There’s nothing interesting to look at, anyway.  They see it all when we shower.”

            “Then why not let them look?”

            “Hush.”  Suho crawled in behind him, nudging him forward and spooning up against him.

            “Shouldn’t I be the big spoon?”

            “Just hush,” Suho said, sounding amused.

            With Suho’s arms around him, he relaxed, snuggling back against Suho’s body.  This felt really nice.  Suho’s embrace felt comfortable and familiar.  He wanted to roll over and press in against Suho’s chest and soak up Suho’s love.

            “Your hair’s so pretty,” Suho murmured, tugging at a lock of it.

            Ugh.  “It won’t lay flat,” he muttered, trying to smooth down his sideburns.

            “It’s fine, no one’s taking your picture.”  Suho’s hand stroked over his stomach and he felt Suho’s chin on his shoulder.  “Thank you for Chanyeol.”

            For having sex with Chanyeol?  “You’re welcome.  I’ll do that favor for you any time.”

            Suho’s caress was light and rhythmic.  It soothed him, lulled him, made his spine melt and his eyes close.  “I’m glad that you came over tonight.  It’s always good to see you, Changjo-goon.”

            “Yeah, hyung,” he mumbled sleepily.  He yawned and shifted, getting cozier, rubbing his cheek against the pillow.  There was something so comfortable about Suho’s bed.  It felt like, like…  Like his debut year, when he and the other members had all piled together, and he’d fallen asleep in between them, tucked in snugly with his head on C.A.P.’s shoulder and Niel pressed up against him, and he’d felt good.  There was love here in Suho’s arms, and he shouldn’t have been able to tell that half-asleep with his back turned and his eyes shut, but he could.

            “Sleep well, our Changjo,” Suho murmured.  “You’ve earned it.”

            Wearing only his collar and a robe, L.Joe passively followed Sehun into the bathroom.  There was a sign on the door, but he didn’t bother to read it.  Once they were inside, Sehun locked the door, then wedged a chair against the knob.

            The shower was a big, open area.  Sehun turned on the water, then took the robe off of him.  When Sehun removed his collar, he felt disoriented.  Uncertainly touching his neck, feeling bereft, he looked at where Sehun had placed his collar on the sink.  He didn’t feel right without it.

            In a short blue-and-green swimsuit, Sehun guided him under the water.  Silently, Sehun ran brisk fingers through his hair, combing the water through it.  When he was wet all over, Sehun picked up the soap, and he finally recognized what was happening.

            Sehun was about to wash him.

            Mystified, he held still, waiting to see if he’d guessed right.  He watched in fascination as Sehun began to rub some faint purple body wash over his chest.  Sehun was washing him.

            Biting his lip, he barely breathed, trying to read Sehun’s expression.  It was sort of mild, sort of blank.  Not at all unhappy, not even bored, just blank.  In a tentative voice, he asked, “Sehun-ah?”

            “Hyung?”  Sehun glanced at his face, then went back to looking at his arm, soaping him from shoulder to wrist.

            He tried to think of something to say.  “What was on the door?”

            “‘Stand near this door and die.  Touch this door and die painfully.’”

            Oh.  It hadn’t been there before.  Sehun must have put it up to bring him in here.  Still captivated by this new experience, he watched Sehun lather up his other arm.  Sehun wasn’t being seductive but wasn’t being brusque, either.  Really, it was a mixture of carefulness and efficient routine.  It reminded him of when he’d washed his dogs.  It was an apt comparison, actually, and that thought made him smile.

            When Sehun turned him around and soaped his back, he sniffed his shoulder.  This body wash smelled like sweetness and flowers.  Or berries.  Something honeyed and feminine.  “Sehun-ah?”

            “Yes, pet.”  Sehun nudged him under the spray, turning him slowly and washing the soap away with slick hands.  The feel of Sehun’s bare hands gliding over his clean skin was nothing but pure pleasure.

            “Whose soap is this?”  He’d never smelled it on Sehun.  His owner wore light, soapy scents on most days and sharp, peppery scents for him.

            “Yours, hyung.”  Lathering his hands again, Sehun squatted down in front of him.  Just seeing Sehun down there, the reality of it, made his head swim, and his cock twitched.  Sehun smiled like he’d done something cute and then gently soaped his groin, manipulating his cock and balls, fingers scratching through his pubic hair.

He moaned softly, happily, floating on air.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”  Oh, it felt so good to be tended to like this.  He had the best owner in the world.  For Sehun to take care of him so well, to be such a considerate and responsible owner, god, it made him feel precious.

            Sehun nudged him under the water again, rinsing off his cock, cleaning his pubes, and then shifted around behind him.  Thinking of his spanked ass and well-fucked hole, thinking of the mess of lube and cum back there, he blushed, shying away, but Sehun dragged him back into place.  Embarrassed, he stayed put.  Sehun was very tender with him, and very thorough, and by the time Sehun finished, his ass was so clean it probably sparkled.

            While Sehun washed his legs, L.Joe stared at Sehun’s neat, wet hair, still mystified.  He’d always imagined that his dom would smack him around and call him names and do humiliating things to him.  Which Sehun did.  But he hadn’t expected that his dom would also say nice things and wash his balls.  Maybe it was because Sehun was his owner.  He was the pet, so Sehun treated him like a pet, and part of having a pet was grooming it once in a while.  Sehun wasn’t playing things up and making it a sexy, romantic bath time, because that wasn’t how people washed their dogs.  Sehun wasn’t degrading and whipping him, because that wasn’t how people washed their dogs, either.

            Sehun washed his feet, picking up one foot and soaping between the toes, then setting it down and picking up the other.

            Was it wrong that being treated like a dog was seriously turning L.Joe on?  Sehun’s approach was so matter-of-fact, and Sehun’s touch was so clinical, that this calm, businesslike shower was really, really doing it for him.  He loved being treated like Sehun’s property.  His own autonomy had been completely disregarded; he was being handled and washed like there was no reason to believe that he could do it himself, like he was just a functional thing, like he was a well-cared-for blow-up doll.  God, that turned him on.

            Sehun finished rinsing off his legs, then stood up.  With that same unruffled calm, Sehun washed his neck.  On his neck, like his groin and ass, Sehun was more gentle, like this particular show dog had sensitive areas needing careful consideration.  Then, washing his face, Sehun was tender with him, being delicate around his eyes, soaping and rinsing as if he were an especially expensive toy.  Feeling Sehun’s hands all over him like this, attention all over him, Sehun being so aware of every nook and cranny of his body, Sehun being so frank about washing under his arms and being so tender with his ass, made him feel - - god, so many things.  Exceptionally close to Sehun.  Exceptionally sexy.  Exceptionally aroused.  He felt like he could trust Sehun with anything.  Especially with his well-being.  This was one of the most erotic things they’d ever done together, one of the most special and important experiences they’d shared.

            Sehun brushed a hand over his face, and he closed his eyes.  Standing there in self-imposed darkness, he wondered if he’d guessed correctly, if that was what Sehun had wanted from him.  If so, what was coming next?  What else would Sehun do to him?  Would it be something else in the same vein as washing him, or would it be a complete departure, something entirely different?

            He felt Sehun’s hands in his hair.  Sehun was washing his hair.  With a soft, “Ooohhh,” he swayed on his feet, pleasure liquefying his bones.  The feel of Sehun’s fingers scratching over his scalp and lightly combing through his hair was like an epic reward he hadn’t deserved.  The shampoo smelled like flowers and coconuts.  “Ohhh.  Mmm.”  Humming happily, he stood there patiently, then shuffled when nudged, then stood blissfully as the warm water rained down over him and Sehun lightly pawed through his hair.

            “Let’s dry you off,” Sehun said in the same tone someone might use with a toddler or a patient.  As the water stopped, L.Joe opened his eyes.  He didn’t bother to reach for a towel or even use his hands; Sehun didn’t seem to consider him capable of taking care of himself properly.  God, being treated like a dog, like a lesser being, like a special toy, turned him on.

            Sehun still had that swimsuit on.  This shower had been strictly caretaking, not for Sehun to get off, not to shock and titillate.  But the thick, gorgeous bulge of Sehun’s hard-on proved that L.Joe wasn’t the only one having an amazing time.

            Sehun tousled his hair first, then dried the rest of him, working downward, not missing a crevice.  The feel of Sehun sliding the towel along the cleft of his ass, pushing and spreading, had L.Joe rocking up onto his toes.  “Oouuuhh, hnnnnhh, ahhh, yes.”  The thick cotton worked him open for a moment, and then Sehun moved on down his thighs like nothing had happened.  Groaning, he squirmed in place, but he didn’t dare touch himself or try to relieve the ache of desire Sehun relentlessly inspired in him.

            When he was dry, Sehun rubbed some silky lotion onto his rear, then combed his hair.  Parted it on the side and combed it straight.  It was so unbearably sweet, it warmed his heart.

            The natural next stage was for Sehun to put his collar back on.  He welcomed it with a sigh, feeling like everything was in perfect balance again.  There was something reassuring about having the leather snug around his neck.  He loved it when Sehun made him feel so completely put in his place.

            Quickly, with their robes back on, they slipped back into the bedroom.  Taking his robe away from him again, leaving him naked in his collar, Sehun said, “We’ll play one more game before bedtime.”

            L.Joe didn’t know which excited him more, the idea of another game or the idea of bedtime.  He’d never spent the night with Sehun before, never slept together.  How would they sleep?  Where would Sehun put him?  Which game would they play?  What kind of game would it be?

            “Just one game,” Sehun said.  Reaching to the nightstand, he turned back around with a hairbrush in each hand.  “Because it’s a special day, I’ll let you choose.  Which game do you want to play?”

            Special day.  It had been an incredibly special day for L.Joe.  Was it special for Sehun, too?  The thought made his heart beat faster.

Licking his lips, he studied the brushes.  One was a big, round brush with long, thick, black bristles and a blue handle.  The other was a wooden flat-backed brush.

He knew what Sehun liked to do with flat-backed brushes.  The thought of being spanked again turned him on, and he almost chose the paddle brush, eagerly anticipating leaning over and taking his punishment.

But the mystery of the other brush intrigued him.  What was it for?  All of those thick, ominous bristles; what did Sehun want to do with them?  What would happen to him if he chose that brush?

Tantalized by the unknown, he wondered if he could ask about the games.  But, no.  He didn’t want to ask.  He wanted to trust Sehun.  He wanted to walk right into danger and see what Sehun would do to him.  “The blue one, please, Sehun-ah.”  Whatever happened, Sehun would be the one doing it to him, and that was what mattered.

“I thought so,” Sehun said, smiling a little.  He set down the wooden brush, then dropped a pillow onto the floor.  “Face down, ass up,” he instructed, pointing to the floor.

What game was this?  L.Joe got onto the floor, settling onto his stomach with the pillow under his hips.  As his hair fell into his eyes, he smiled, remembering Sehun washing his hair, remembering Sehun combing it straight.

“To make it more interesting, we’ll take turns,” Sehun said, squatting down behind him, between his legs.  “On my turn, I’ll decide what I want to put in your ass.  On your turn, you’ll decide what you want to put in your mouth.”

What?  Surprised and totally turned on, L.Joe lifted his head, immediately wanting to get started.

In front of him, on the floor, Sehun lined up items.  The hairbrush, a sample size lotion bottle, an old cellphone, a remote control, a cucumber, and three fat, rounded, oversized markers, one green, one pink, one blue.  “You take your turn first while I lube up your fuck hole.  Choose whatever you want and suck on it.”

Oh, god.  Staring at the array of choices in front of him, L.Joe felt his entire body tighten, his ass closing up like a vault.  No, no, no way did he want any of that inside of him.  God, what kind of game was this?

He had to eliminate the worst things first.  He had to volunteer to put the worst ones into his mouth so that Sehun couldn’t use them on him.  That was how this worked, right?  If he chose something, it was out of the running and off-limits to Sehun?  God, he hoped that was how it worked.

He felt Sehun’s hands on him.  “Ohhhh, ahhh, ohhmmm.”  Shuddering, he couldn’t hold back sounds of pleasure.  His body was tense, but Sehun wanted in, and, “Oh, oh,” it felt so good.

“Mmm, hyung, you’re tight,” Sehun murmured.  “That’s okay, this game will loosen you up nice and quick.”

Dread shivered up his spine and he grabbed the cellphone, shoving it into his mouth.  It was flat and wide, but it was old enough to be small.  He wondered if it had been Sehun’s.  He hoped so.  As pleasure warmed him up and Sehun drizzled lube into the cleft of his ass, he sucked on the bottom of the phone, licking at the screen.

“What should I do?” Sehun asked, fingering him.  The light touch was different from usual.  Sehun was being gentle with him, wetting him but not stretching him much.  Guessing that Sehun wanted him to open up over the course of the game, wanted to force him to stretch around the objects, he moaned, his teeth scraping against the phone.  “Should I scold you for being predictable, or praise you for being smart?”

He had to make Sehun happy.  Taking a chance, he turned his head so that Sehun could see better, and then he ran his tongue up the side of the phone, playing with it, sucking a corner of it into his mouth like he loved the way it tasted.

Sehun chuckled.  “Okay, hyung.  My turn.”  Reaching over L.Joe’s shoulder, he picked up the hairbrush.  “I thought of you as soon as I saw this.”  He rolled it up and down L.Joe’s back, the bristles prickling over L.Joe’s skin.

“Mmm, oh, hmmm.”  Arching his back, L.Joe closed his eyes.  That felt so nice.

“It’s a friendly game, so I’ll be nice and use lots of lube.”  He heard the click of the lid, then a faint squelch.  Turned on, hungry for penetration, he squirmed, spreading his legs.  “Let’s see if you can take the whole handle,” Sehun said, thumbing him open.

“Mmm, yes, please, Sehun-ah,” he moaned, anticipation humming through him.  “All of it.”

“There it goes.”  He felt the blunt, plastic end press against him.  “Ah, that’s it, hyung.  Swallow the whole thing, take all of it.”  Sehun was rocking it in and out of him, nudging it in and then slipping it out and then nudging it a little deeper, spreading him open little by little.  The slow, insistent fuck teased his hole, and he groaned, loving it.  God, it felt incredible, being played with like this.  “Hungry little fuck hole, gobble it all up,” Sehun urged.

“Gguuhhh, uummmnnh, oh.”  Writhing, rocking back against the brush handle, he chewed on the corner of the phone.  “Rrrnnh, oh, Sehun-ah.”

“There you go.”  Sehun was still behind him now.  The handle felt thick and hard, lodged fully inside of him.  Smaller than Sehun’s cock, but solid.  Groaning, he tightened around it, relishing its hardness.  “Look,” Sehun said.

Look?  Look at…  Uncertain, but destined to obey, L.Joe licked at the phone as he turned his head.  Twisting, he peered back, down his own body.

The big, black bristles jutted out of his ass like a thick, dangerous tail.  The blue handle was jammed so deep inside him, he could barely glimpse the edge of it.  Shit, he had a hairbrush up his ass.  And it felt so good.  Moaning, he squirmed, just to enjoy the feeling of it lodged inside of him, just to watch it move.  Sehun rubbed and caressed his ass, pushing his cheeks together and then spreading them apart.  Sehun was playing with him, using him like a toy, amusing himself with the sight of L.Joe’s stuffed ass.

Smiling at him, Sehun patted his ass.  “Your turn.”

Blushing, glad to have pleased Sehun, he put the phone down.  The lotion bottle, remote control, markers, and cucumber were left.  He chose the remote control.  It was too flat and wide, too weird a shape.  He licked over the buttons, feeling their rubbery roundness against his tongue, then sucked the bottom into his mouth.

“Hmm.”  Leaning over his shoulder, Sehun made a thoughtful sound.  He hoped that Sehun would choose one of the markers.  They looked safe enough.  When Sehun’s hand hovered over the lotion bottle, he cringed; too short and fat, he didn’t want it to get lost inside him or something.  Then Sehun picked up the cucumber and sat back.

Oh, no.  Not the cucumber.  It was both lengthier and thicker than he was ready for.  It didn’t even taper, didn’t have a narrower end he could start with and work up from; it was just kind of big all over.  He would have chosen it next, but he’d had to take the remote out of the running.

“Nice and wet,” Sehun said, and he peeked to see Sehun pouring lube over it.  He turned his head away quickly; he didn’t want to see that thing nearing his ass.  “Finished with this?” Sehun asked, and started to tug the hairbrush out of him.

Making a negative, “Nnnn,” sound, he wiggled his ass, trying to discourage Sehun from taking the brush from him.  The brush was great, he loved the brush.  Couldn’t he just keep it?  Couldn’t they quit the game while he was ahead?

“I have to take it out, I can’t fit both,” Sehun said.  The brush slid out of him, and he whimpered unhappily, biting at the remote.  Sehun didn’t waste a minute in moving on to the cucumber, and he grunted, telling himself to relax against it.  It felt too big, too thick, and as Sehun pressed it into him, he groaned, grimacing.  The way it stretched his hole made him ache, his whole body growing tense under stress.  Gasping for air, he lowered his head, letting his unhappiness out in miserable little whimpers.  “That’s it, be a good pet, eat your vegetables,” Sehun murmured, working it deeper.  He felt it stretching him, felt its solid bulk slide deeper, and his toes curled as it settled into place.

As his body relaxed around its width, the sense of fullness began to register as pleasure.  “Oooh, rrwwwrr, mmmm.”  Rubbing his tongue over the remote in slow, lingering licks, he closed his eyes, rotating his hips, getting used to the intrusion.  Yes, “Mmmm,” oh, it was big, “mmmm,” he felt stuffed full.

“Your fuck hole looks so comfortable and wholesome,” Sehun said, rubbing the back of his thigh.  “Relax, pet, take a good look.”

Squirming, he groaned as his ass strained around the cucumber’s bulk.  The big green cucumber was fat between his cheeks.  It looked so ridiculous but it felt so good, and that only made things worse.  Mortified that he was so turned on by something so embarrassing, he groaned, hitching his hips, grinding his cock against the pillow under him.  The cucumber was wedged so solidly inside of him that his movement didn’t disturb it, and he made bigger movements, rolling his hips, arousal flaming through him as the heavy fullness in his ass persisted.  “Nnn, ooohh, Sehun-ah, please,” he moaned.  Fuck, so good, it felt so good.

“Your turn,” Sehun said.

Groaning, he shivered with bliss, grateful to be able to keep this bloated fullness for a while longer.  Putting down his remote, he looked at his choices.  He should take one of the markers, because if he took a marker, Sehun would probably choose the bottle.  Suddenly, that bottle looked fucking delicious.  It was a nice, squat shape, and he wanted to feel Sehun stuff it into him.

But he’d already been stretched far enough.  If he took the lotion, then they could speed through the markers, and they might finish with Sehun’s cock.  Yes, yes, he wanted Sehun’s cock.  Impulsively, he snatched up the lotion bottle.  Sucking on the cap, he wondered which marker Sehun would choose first.  They were thick, but after the cucumber he wouldn’t really be able to feel it much.  He couldn’t wait for Sehun’s cock, though.  Growling a little, eager for the finale, he gnawed on the bottle.

“I’m surprised,” Sehun said.  “But I should have known that a cock slut like you would want to stuff your ass as full as you could.”  Reaching over L.Joe’s shoulder, he picked up the markers.

All of them.  All three of them.

Surprised, L.Joe looked over his shoulder.  That - - but - - wait, wait, “All three?”  Together, they’d be even bigger than the cucumber.

“You really set me up,” Sehun said.  “From the cucumber to the markers?  You must love having your fuck hole ruined even more than I thought you did.  I guess I’ll have to be even rougher with you, if you love it this much.”

“No,” he said urgently.  “No, no-”

“You arranged for this,” Sehun reminded him.  “Don’t pretend that you don’t want it.”

“No, no, please, Sehun-ah.  I didn’t know, I didn’t understand-”

“You’d better relax your hole,” Sehun advised him.  “It’s about to get crowded in there.”

“No,” he moaned.

Sehun rocked the cucumber lightly from side to side, unsealing it, easing it out of him.  Sehun tilted his hips up for a better angle, and then Sehun’s fingers traced his pucker, caressing him.  He groaned, squirming, and Sehun made an admiring sound, a soft, “Ooah.  So pink inside.  You should see this sexy, open hole.  I love it when your fuck hole is all soft and pouty like this, just begging for more.” 

Mortified, he lowered his head, burying his face in his arms, sucking on the bottle to console himself.

“Let’s start with one marker, that’ll be nice and easy.”  Sehun slid it into him, rubbing it around.  It was hard but smooth, the end rounded.  “Let’s see if this is the right angle,” Sehun mused, and all of a sudden an electric shock went through his body as the marker nudged his prostate.

Gasping, he jerked.  As his hips bucked, his hands tensed against the floor like he could dig his nails into the wood.

“I know my pet so well,” Sehun said, stroking his back.  Being petted flooded him with pleasure, and he purred, relaxing all over.  “Let’s try two, now.”

The second marker added a delicious fullness.  It was a pleasant little stretch, and he moaned, his toes curling.  Sehun fucked him that way for a while, rubbing his prostate like someone impatiently jamming an elevator button.  Lit up with ecstasy, he writhed on the floor, humping the pillow and moaning like an animal.  It was a good, sweet fuck, pleasure racing through him in hot, repetitive jolts, and when Sehun slowed down, he collapsed, sweating, sucking on his lotion bottle like he could make it come.

“The third time’s a charm, right, hyung?”

Purring agreeably, L.Joe waited.  He felt so good, he just knew that he was going to love - - uh - - wait, wait - - “No, no, uh, no.”  Shit, god, “Please, don’t, don’t, ah!”  Up on his elbows, he gasped as he felt the third marker press against him.  The first two were shifting, pushing outward to make room for the third, exerting pressure as Sehun tried to wedge it in.  “No, don’t, wait, wait, stop.”

“You wanted this,” Sehun said.  “You made sure it would happen when you took the lotion.  When you took that ridiculous phone - - you knew I’d never try to put that in you.  You set this up, don’t pretend that you don’t love it now.”

“No, no, please,” he gasped.  It wouldn’t fit, it couldn’t, oh, god, it had to stop.  “Please, it hurts, it hurts.”  It didn’t hurt, not really, it was like pain-not-pain, it was a physical stress, physical distress, a sheer intensity he couldn’t translate into words, couldn’t comprehend.

“Is that why you’re humping your hard little prick all over my pillow?” Sehun asked.  “Because it hurts?  Go ahead and come whenever you want, while you’re pretending to beg me to stop.”

“No, no, please,” he moaned, mortified.  He couldn’t explain why he was so turned on, couldn’t explain why what felt so awful still felt so good, couldn’t explain why he loved this horrible thing so much.  The pressure in his ass, the intense stretch, was sending fiery tendrils of pleasure-pain joy-distress warning-warning-warning through him.  He just had to make it stop, had to get away from it.  Squirming, yelping, he thrashed, bucking his hips.  He couldn’t fight Sehun, but maybe he could dislodge one of the markers, maybe, oh, “Ahhh, mmuuunnhh, please, please,” he could, “no, no,” yes.  Crying out, he came in hot, wild spasms, wetting the pillow as he clawed at the floor.  “God, please, please,” he wailed, ecstasy soaring and shattering while his hips rocked in frenzied thrusts.  Bucking, he shoved his ass backwards, upwards, insistently begging, trusting Sehun to give him what he needed.

“Feel better?” Sehun asked.

God, he felt amazing.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah.  Please, Sehun-ah.”  Moaning blissfully, he shook his ass, wanting more, knowing that Sehun would give it to him.

He felt a delicious wetness as Sehun poured lube onto him, slickness drenching his hole and running down his thighs.  Then there was stretching, stretching, intensity, pleasure-pain, and he was squealing and shaking and writhing as Sehun slowly teased him open, and then there it was, this was it, a fullness like nothing he’d ever known, a hard solidity wedging him open, a stuffed-packed-bloated feeling, like every inch of him was crammed full.  He was loaded so heavily that it seemed like he was choking on it.  His ass squeezed down on the markers like he could compress three into one, like he was trying to turn rock into diamond.  “Fuck,” he moaned, feeling a delirious sort of bliss descend on him.  “Oh, god.”

“I won the game,” Sehun said.  “You just have to leave those in there long enough to give me my prize.”

Prize?  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  The need to come again was too urgent; he couldn’t wait.  He was too ass-stuffed to move his hips much, so he worked his hand underneath himself and tugged at his cock.

“I’ll take a back massage,” Sehun said.  “You can use that lotion you’ve been sucking on.”

“Oh, oooohhhh.”  Quickly, he came again, groaning as his body tried to close around the markers.  Massage Sehun?  Yes, yes, absolutely.  Serve his owner?  Yes, yes, at any time, any way he could.  Complete a task with his ass loaded up with colorful markers?  This was going to be absolute torment.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  Of course he’d agree, of course he’d do it.  There was no possibility of saying no, not to Sehun.

Agile, Sehun hopped up.  “It’s funny,” he said, kicking his swimsuit off.  The sight of his naked body, his balls swinging between his long, lean thighs, his stiff erection, made L.Joe moan with desire.  “Your cum hole is so hungry, and so little.  Such a small hole for such a big appetite.  What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever taken?”

“Yours, Sehun-ah.”

Sehun laughed, reaching down and tousling his hair.  “Sweet pet.”

He watched Sehun get comfortable on the bed.  Seeing Sehun’s long, naked body stretched out like that pulled on him.  It beckoned him.  He didn’t want to move, but he’d do anything for Sehun, anything to get close to his owner.  Lotion in hand, he got up.  “Uuunnhh, oh.”  Gravity set in, weighing the markers down, making them feel obnoxiously heavy, intensifying the sensation of great fullness.

He couldn’t let his body’s pleasure-distress distract him.  Nothing at all could intervene now, not at this moment.  This was his chance to tend to his owner, to serve Sehun.  He concentrated on pouring lotion into his hands, and then he let himself look.

So handsome.  So beautiful.  “Sehun-ah,” he mumbled reverently, shuffling so close to the bed that he bumped his shins against it.

Sehun was so long, he looked like acres of smooth skin.  Such straight, even shoulders, such taut skin, such a firm little ass.  He looked completely at peace, and L.Joe felt like inner confidence radiated out of him even now.  His face was turned to one side, and his expression was calm.

The familiar sensation of longing burned in L.Joe’s chest, and he swallowed hard.  Leaning forward, he tentatively touched his hands to Sehun’s shoulders.

Sehun’s bare arm moved, snaking around L.Joe’s thigh and pulling it forward, drawing his knee onto the bed.  Off-balance, L.Joe had to plant his hands on Sehun’s back or risk crash-landing right on top of Sehun.  Righting himself as soon as he could, he panted, feeling like he’d taken some great liberty.

“You can kneel on the bed,” Sehun said without opening his eyes.

L.Joe waited for a moment, just in case Sehun might say or do anything else.  Nothing happened, but Sehun didn’t let go of his leg, either.  Blinking, he considered his options.  It would be a lot easier to think if he weren’t so busy swooning over Sehun and clenching a bloated assload of markers, but he did his best.  Finally, he decided to swing a leg over and straddle Sehun.  It was hard to be agile and keep his balance when he was stuffed full like this, but he didn’t want to lean on Sehun again, so he made it happen.

In position, astride Sehun, he took a deep breath and started the massage.

Tending to Sehun was like a gift.  It was probably romanticizing things to say that it transported him to a magical place, but it kind of did, anyway.  Everything was still; it was just him and Sehun.  The air smelled like the powder-scented lotion he was using and the flowery lube Sehun had poured on him.  He could look at whatever he wanted, he could touch, he could take his time.  Being able just to look, without orders and commands, without embarrassment, just getting his fill, was a rare treasure.  He wasn’t often behind Sehun, either, so he was excited at this opportunity to memorize every inch of Sehun’s spine, every line of muscle.  The subtle curves of Sehun’s pert ass fascinated him.

Sehun had the firm, silky skin of the models in commercials.  L.Joe would have been happy to kiss every inch of it.  It was a matter of pride for L.Joe to have such a handsome owner.  As he massaged Sehun’s back, digging his fingers into sleek muscle, he thought about how lucky he was to have such a wonderful owner.  How glad he was to be with Sehun this way.  How incredible this whole night had been, and how special their time together always was, every encounter.  He wished that he could do something for Sehun, that he could serve Sehun like this more often.  Wasn’t it his responsibility, as a good pet, to make Sehun’s life easier and more pleasant?

He lingered over every inch of Sehun’s back, drawing the massage out as long as he could, working and reworking the same muscles.  He didn’t want to stop, ever.  Being with Sehun like this was too important.  But the longer time wore on, the more intense his exquisite physical distress became.  He felt feverish with it; his body was desperate to dispel this bulky intruder.  He was sweating profusely, his legs trembling, his joints aching.  The urge to get fucked was making him rock his hips, futilely humping the air, and that motion only made his ass clench down harder in excitement.  He wanted to spend hours poring over Sehun’s body, but his own body had hit its limit.

Lifting his hands, he whispered, “Sehun-ah?”  If Sehun had fallen asleep, and he couldn’t get these markers out until he had permission, he was in so much trouble.

“Mmm, hyung.”  Not asleep, but definitely relaxed.  He loved the rich, satisfied tones of Sehun’s voice, loved the contented smile curving Sehun’s lips.  When Sehun let go of his leg, he crawled hurriedly off of the bed.  Straightening made him groan, and he bent over, his hands on his knees.  Rolling over, Sehun chuckled, gesturing him closer.  “Oh, hyung.  Come here, turn around.”

Sehun would take care of him.  Immediately, eager, trusting, he put his back to Sehun.

“Get yourself off,” Sehun said.  “Once.”

He wished that he were still looking at Sehun; he really wanted to see Sehun when he came.  But the images were still fresh in his mind, and as he clutched at his cock, it was easy to see Sehun’s relaxed, handsome face, Sehun’s smooth cheek, Sehun’s soft little lips, Sehun’s bare ass.

“I could play with your fuck hole all day and all night,” Sehun said.  “You’re the best kind of toy.”

Maybe it was his physical relief as Sehun slipped one of the markers out of him, or maybe it was his gladness at the compliment, but L.Joe groaned, shuddering as pleasure washed through him.  With the third marker gone, he expected the second to be next, but instead of taking the two out, Sehun fucked him with them.  His distress gone, he felt amazing all over, and as joy sang through his body, he came.  Moaning, “Thank you, thank you,” he ejaculated in short, enthusiastic spurts, and then he staggered, unsteady.  His overwhelmed body begged him to take a break, his sore ass begged him to relax into Sehun’s pleasurable touch, and his cock twitched, asking if it would be okay to come again soon.  With an uncertain, “Sehun-ah,” he swayed on his feet.

“It was a fun game,” Sehun mused, dropping the two markers at his feet.

Groaning, he cupped his rear in both hands.  It was over.  He closed his eyes, still swaying a little, as his physical relief intensified.  The jam-packed, over-stretched feeling was gone.  Aching, he contracted his muscles.

“You manipulated me too easily,” Sehun said.  “We’ll have to play with other objects next time.  Or maybe I’ll get to go first.  Or we could choose from anything on hand.  If you could put anything in this room in your mouth, anything, what would it be?”

“Your cock,” he said without hesitation.  He didn’t have to think about it.

Sehun laughed, stroking his hip.  “But what would you choose to put in your ass?”

“Your cock,” he said again.

Sehun’s laughter was friendly.  It made L.Joe feel fuzzy-warm inside.  “It can’t be in two places at once, hyung.  If it’s already in your ass, what would you choose for your mouth?  The cucumber, maybe?”

Oh.  He knew exactly what he’d choose.  “Your tongue.”

“You want me to lick you?”  The light, caressing way Sehun’s fingers wandered the small of his back made pleasure shiver through him.  Sehun’s voice took on a knowing, coaxing tone that made his knees weak.  “You want me to kiss you, hyung?”

Feeling shy, his heart racing, he said, “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Yes, p-please.”

Sehun’s fingers skimmed forward, dipping along his hipbone.  “One more trip to clean up, and we’ll go to bed.”

            Sehun had been looking forward to sleeping together since they’d first talked about spending the night.  He’d had so many ideas about what to do with L.Joe for an overnight visit.  He could close L.Joe up in the closet.  Tie L.Joe to the foot of his bed.  Leave L.Joe on the floor, or by the door, or hogtied.  But he’d decided that the titillation of knowing that his pet was tied up somewhere else in the room was outweighed by the significance of having his pet with him.  A night together was really about being together, owner and pet, sharing the night.  So he’d decided to allow L.Joe onto the bed.

            Not spooned up like lovers, of course.  L.Joe was a pet, after all.

            They were both naked.  He got into bed first, settling in like he always did, and then he let L.Joe crawl in.  L.Joe curled up around his legs, hugging his thigh, head pillowed on his stomach.

            Treasuring the moment, Sehun closed his eyes.  He combed his fingers through his pet’s soft, silky hair.  There was something fundamentally fulfilling about sleeping with his pet.  He felt like this was how it should always be.  His pet wasn’t a once-in-a-while toy, it was a genuine responsibility, and he hated that they spent so much time apart.

            Stroking L.Joe’s hair, he sighed.  He hated to waste their time together sleeping, but they had to rest.  With their busy lifestyles, they were always in need of more sleep, and they’d be impossible tomorrow if they didn’t sleep now.  Besides, what they’d done had been rough on L.Joe’s body.  His poor pet had to be exhausted.

            Smiling, he murmured, “Dream about me.”

            Drowsily, dreamily, “Yes, of course, Sehun-ah.”

            L.Joe was so physically drained and sexually overworked that his body was desperate for rest.  He felt so happy that he thought he’d be too energized to sleep, but the moment he cuddled up around Sehun’s leg, he felt so satisfied that his eyes started to close.

            He slept soundly, snuggling up against Sehun, breathing in Sehun’s scent.

            He wakened, panicked, to a suffocating, smothering feeling.  He was being choked, crushed, attacked.  Frantic, he flailed helplessly as he tried to understand what was happening to him.  And then, as a muffled, excited howl broke out of him, he realized what was going on.

            Sehun’s erection was ramming down his throat.

            Choking, coughing, he clawed at the air.  He was sprawled on his back across Sehun’s bed, his hair in a painful, twisting grip.  Sehun was driving down his throat in brutal, plunging strokes.

            He’d never been taken like this.  There were almost zero sex rules in his dorm, but one of the few they actually had was that they had to wake each other up first.  He’d never wakened to find anyone fingering him, much less already thrusting inside him, and it was shocking, disorienting; it kick-started him awake, had him in the middle of an intensely erotic situation before he even knew what was happening.

            Trying to catch up, he could barely stop coughing long enough to cooperate.  Gasping in air, he found his throat suddenly clogged by spit and Sehun’s thick, slick pre-cum.  Gagging, he suddenly couldn’t breathe, and he thrashed around in panic, scratching at the sheets.

            Sehun let up for one instant, a millisecond, just long enough to yank his hair hard enough to make his eyes water while he gasped in air.  And then Sehun was in him again, driving into him as soon as he had coughed his airway clear.  This time, it was short, quick thrusts, rapid-fire like a jackhammer, drilling his mouth.  Sehun jerked his head up, banging his face, crushing into him with every thrust, smushing his nose, balls smacking his chin.

            Waking up to such an overwhelming experience made him feel vibrantly alive.  There was something viscerally satisfying about waking up being used in such a raw, sexual way.  He was so turned on, so excited, that he really was having trouble catching his breath.  And it was genuinely hard to breathe, anyway, what with Sehun fucking his face so brutally.  God, this was exactly the kind of moment he’d always craved, the kind where there was no doubt about his role here, no doubt about his place in the hierarchy.  By rolling over and fucking his mouth while he slept, Sehun had put him irrevocably in his place.  His gratitude was only outweighed by his sexual thrill.

            “Unh, uh, did you wake up?” Sehun grunted.  “Lazy slut, make yourself useful,” he muttered.  Gripping L.Joe’s hair in two hands now, he shifted angles, and his erection was ramming into L.Joe’s throat again, slamming as deep as he could go.  He was being so rough, so forceful, that L.Joe was starting to register him as an actual threat.  No matter how much L.Joe understood that this was only for fun, L.Joe’s body was panicking, confused, trying to fight back.

            The hands forcing him down seemed to attack him, and he thrashed, trying to shake them off.  He couldn’t get away from the piston slamming down his throat, and he pushed upward, trying to fend it off.  But then his hands met bare skin, flexing muscle, and his brain registered Sehun, and he switched gears.  His hands clamped down on Sehun’s sides, sliding down to Sehun’s hips and pulling, encouraging, trying to get Sehun to fuck him harder, faster, deeper, more.

            “You want it, you’re begging for it,” Sehun panted, and then they were going at each other like animals, Sehun fucking him in rough, punishing thrusts, his hands guiding Sehun onward as assertively as he dared.  He couldn’t dig his nails into Sehun’s skin, but he could gurgle ecstatically as Sehun spilled pre-cum down his ravaged throat.  Not that Sehun needed his encouragement; this runaway train wasn’t stopping.

            It seemed, miraculously, to go on forever.  As harsh as it was, it should have been quick, a rush of energy ending in a crash and flames, but Sehun made it last, made it a memory he could never forget.  The roughness was perfect, and he knew that for all of the moment’s cruelty, Sehun was in perfect control.  The cold calculations behind Sehun’s vicious use of him only made it better, more special, a valuable gift.  Sehun was doing this for him; this wasn’t only some turn-on for Sehun, the fulfillment of some dark fantasy, but a shared moment, something for both of them to enjoy together.

            His jaw ached, his scalp hurt from Sehun’s clawing and pulling, his mouth felt sore, his throat was battered, and he was a mess of drool and pre-cum.  Everything was sharp and clear and explosive; energy and ecstasy raced through him, excitement pumping in his blood.  When Sehun lifted up, he gargled, quickly swallowing drool, dazed, trying to pull Sehun’s hips back down, wanting that beautiful, punishing cock to fill his throat again.

            “Beg me for it,” Sehun ordered.

             He shuddered, needing it, feeling bereft without it.  “Please.”  The word came out hoarse and cracked; his lips felt stiff and bruised.  Licking his lips, he tried again, even more fervently.  “Please, Sehun-ah, please fuck my mouth again, please.”  He scissored his legs in agitation, rubbing his feet over the bed, squirming with arousal.  “I need your hard cock stuffing me full, please, god, Sehun-ah, please.  Please,” a rude thrust and Sehun was in him again, “please,” he couldn’t speak around the thick hammering of Sehun’s cock, “please,” he kept trying, “please, please,” and then it started.  Gushing, spurting, Sehun came.  Jizz landed on his face, a gooey, sloppy mess on his nose, oozing over his cheeks.  The pink, dripping head of Sehun’s cock looked so delicious that he moaned, and then it was on his forehead, dragging over his skin.  Moaning, enraptured, he lifted his face, licking out, and Sehun laughed, letting his tongue make sweet, wonderful contact for an instant before shifting away.

            “Guess that’s all the breakfast you’ll ever want,” Sehun said, leaning comfortably against the headboard.

            Bliss rolled through L.Joe, and he moaned.  What a perfect, perfect way to start the day.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  He licked his lips, loving the rich, bitter taste of Sehun’s cum.

            The room was quiet.  L.Joe licked up everything he could reach with his tongue, and then started wiping his face with his hands and sucking his fingers.  When he’d finally finished with that, he rolled onto his side and rested his cheek against Sehun’s knee.  This was like the perfect vacation.  A break from the stress of his day-to-day life; a chance to get away and get in touch with who he really was, what really mattered.

            He closed his eyes.  Wishing that it would be okay to kiss Sehun’s bare skin, he snuggled even closer, making as much contact as he dared.  Sehun caressed his hair, and the soft, affectionate stroking was so at odds with the harsh treatment of minutes ago that L.Joe melted.  It was a peaceful, satisfied moment, and L.Joe admired how controlled Sehun was, how calm Sehun could be after what had just happened.

            “Hyung,” Sehun said quietly.  “Turn around on your hands and knees, show me your ass.”

            He did it, and he felt as calm as Sehun sounded.  Sehun touched him tenderly, stroking him just a little, thumb pressing gently against his pucker.  “Very pretty,” Sehun said.  “Are you sore?”

            “No, Sehun-ah.”  A little, but he was experienced enough to know when his body welcomed more and when he needed a break.  After this, he’d tell his members to leave him alone, but he was ripe and ready for whatever else Sehun wanted to do.

            Sehun patted his thigh.  “Go get a drink.”

            Crawling down from the bed like an animal, he went across the room on all fours to his water bowl.  He lapped up some water, yawned, and lapped up some more.

            As he raised his head, Sehun said, “Bring me that bowl and washcloth on the dresser.  You can stand up once you have it.”

            Obediently, he crawled over to the dresser, then got up and carried the bowl and cloth back to the bed.  Sehun pulled him to sit on the bed, then wiped off his face.  Humming gratefully, he gazed at Sehun’s mouth.  Such a pretty little pink mouth.  Licking his lips, he wondered if he could ask for a kiss.  Maybe he could work for one.

            Setting the washcloth aside, Sehun patted his cheek.  “We have time to do one more thing.  What do you want to do?  Name three things and maybe I’ll like one.”

            Three things.  Three things he wanted.  “Will you fuck me, please, Sehun-ah?”

            Sehun laughed.  “Hyung, didn’t I just come on you?  Greedy.”

            He continued undaunted.  “Will you kiss me please, Sehun-ah?”

            Sehun’s eyebrows went up in amusement.  “A simple thing like a kiss?”

            That hadn’t been a “no” to either suggestion.  He wondered what else he should ask for.  He only had one more chance left.  What would be a fitting end to their time together?  What did a pet and owner do together?  Oh.  It was so simple, and so right.  He gazed into Sehun’s calm, interested eyes.  “Will you pet me, Sehun-ah?”

            L.Joe wanted to be petted.

            Fucked, and petted, and kissed.

            Sehun nodded, understanding.  The games had their place - - and, damn, they were great - - but there was more to being owner and pet than playing together.  L.Joe wanted to bond in other ways, too.

            “Come here,” he said, putting his arm out.  Leaning back against the headboard, he gathered L.Joe across his lap.  He’d seen Teen Top members get punched for saying it, but it was really convenient, adorable, and sexy how little L.Joe was.  Wrapping one arm around L.Joe, he hugged L.Joe to his chest.  With both of them naked, it was nothing but skin against skin.  It felt like a luxury, an indulgence, to hold his pet like this, and he stroked L.Joe’s side.

            Humming, L.Joe snuggled in, head on his shoulder, one hand splayed over his ribcage.

            “That’s a good pet,” he murmured.  Lazily, fondly, he caressed his pet.  He stroked L.Joe’s side, ran his hand over L.Joe’s legs, ran his nails lightly up and down L.Joe’s spine.  He caressed L.Joe’s neck and stroked L.Joe’s hair.  He fondled L.Joe’s ears.  He wasn’t shy about showing his pet affection; it was an important part of their relationship.  It was important for L.Joe to know that he cared; it helped L.Joe to trust him, and their bond was nothing, worthless, without trust.  “My favorite pet,” he whispered as L.Joe burrowed in more cozily against him.  “My only pet, my best pet.”

            Making soft, breathy sounds, L.Joe nuzzled against his neck, not quite kissing him there.

            He smiled, tightening his arm around L.Joe.  “Is it time for this?” he asked, rolling forward, putting L.Joe under him and stretching out.

            “Yes, please, Sehun-ah,” L.Joe breathed, wiry arms coiling around him.

            Kissing L.Joe’s neck, he reached for the lube.  “Touch my cock.”  As L.Joe made a quick, eager sound, he licked his way to L.Joe’s earlobe.  It was more than the adoring, experienced way L.Joe fondled his cock that had his blood pumping.  He loved L.Joe like this, submissive, devoted, completely his.  He loved it when L.Joe came to him so willingly.  Hell, he loved it when it was rough and forceful and degrading, but there was something just as powerful about this.  Something particularly victorious and sweet when L.Joe, who was so quick to hop onstage and so quick to punch a dongsaeng and so capable of getting laid at a moment’s notice, came to him like a delicate, seeking flower.

            When L.Joe’s ass closed around his fingers, hungrily sucking him in, he murmured, “Okay, hyung.”  His cock was rock-hard, thanks to L.Joe, who could get him going with a look and was absolute magic with a touch.  He held off for a moment, just enjoying L.Joe’s embrace, kissing L.Joe’s neck and soaking up all of the breathy, needy sounds L.Joe made, the way L.Joe whispered his name, the slow, greedy way L.Joe fondled him.  “You like that?” he asked.  Taking his cock in hand, he brushed it against L.Joe’s slick hole, teasing a little.  “I know how to make my pet feel good,” he promised, nudging inward just enough to wet the head, just enough to broach L.Joe’s body, just enough to make L.Joe squirm like an animal.

            “Yes, yes, you know,” L.Joe moaned, hips rocking, legs rising around him.  “You know everything, Sehun-ah, please.”

            “Sweet, sweet pet,” he whispered, grunting as he slid inside.  He rocked in slowly, taking his time, indulging the desire to make L.Joe purr.  Fuck, his pet felt so good, so hot inside.  “Unnhhh, hyung.”  He started lengthening his strokes, fucking L.Joe in long, deep thrusts.  “My favorite fuck hole.”

            “Sehun-ah, ooooo, hhhuummm, ah, ah, Sehun-ah.”  L.Joe clung to him, sucking at his neck with wet, devoted kisses.  There was something so romantic, so innocent, about the way L.Joe responded to him.  Trusting, that was it.  Completely trusting.  L.Joe’s hands rubbed down his back like L.Joe was greedy for the feel of him.  “Yes, yes.”

            He’d just gotten off recently enough that he didn’t have to rush, so he savored it, enjoying himself.  Enjoying L.Joe.  Enjoying his adoring, submissive pet’s attention, enjoying the deep, exhilarating pleasure they built together.  When the mewling and squirming reached a telling pitch, he got L.Joe off in his hand, and L.Joe only embraced him more tightly, stroking him like he was a champion, kissing all over him like there was ecstasy in his skin.

            He basked in all of L.Joe’s trust and worshipful devotion.  If he didn’t love it, he wouldn’t need a pet in the first place.  The heat of L.Joe’s embrace and the submissive, grateful welcome of L.Joe’s body only intensified the rush of his pleasure, and despite his well-practiced self-control, after a while the inevitable caught up to him.  He had to come, and he had to come now, shit, he was so turned on and L.Joe was so sexy and his perfect pet was a little too perfect, sometimes, god, he couldn’t hold on another second.  “You earned it, you earned it,” he panted, thrusting in again and again, fireworks flashing to dizzying heights as he came.  Fuck, “Hyung,” he felt like ecstasy had just flung him off a cliff.  So good, god, he was still coming.

            “Sehun-ah,” L.Joe moaned blissfully, clinging to him.

            “You feel so good on my cock,” he moaned, rocking in one last time.  So good in his arms, so good against his body, so good all over, everywhere, always.  Brutal, forceful, trust-me-it’s-consensual sex with L.Joe got him worked up to peaks he couldn’t get to with anyone else, but this had just as powerful an effect on him, in its own way.  Maybe it wasn’t the kind of sex that made the difference.  Maybe it was just L.Joe.  “Good pet,” he breathed, brushing a kiss against L.Joe’s ear.

            “Yes, mmm.”  L.Joe was cozying up to him like they were equally sated, but the way L.Joe’s cock prodded his stomach told a different story.

            “You can come again,” he said.

            “Oh, oh, Sehun-ah, yes, thank you, oh.”  Legs tightening around him, L.Joe rocked under him, grinding against him, and with breathless little gasps and a soft curse, L.Joe came, spurting against him in a hot splash.  “Oh, ooohhh, hhhmm, oh, Sehun-ah.”

            He stayed where he was for a moment, too sated to bother moving.  L.Joe, of course, just held on and breathed against his neck.  Finally, unable to deny the reality of time, he got up.

            L.Joe, brown eyes full of trust, expression open and unguarded, only let him go slowly, reluctantly.

            They made one last trip to the bathroom together, and he watched as L.Joe took a quick shower.  Shyness was setting in, and when they came back into the bedroom and he pushed L.Joe’s robe to the floor, L.Joe looked down, avoiding his eyes, blushing.

            Cupping L.Joe’s face in both hands, he waited until L.Joe looked up.  When their gazes locked, he smiled.  “You’ve been a good pet, hyung.  You try hard to please me, and I’m glad.”

            L.Joe’s blush deepened.  His gaze skittered away shyly, and when their eyes met again, he said, “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”

            Tipping L.Joe’s chin up, he leaned in.  L.Joe’s lips were soft, giving, succulent under his, and when his tongue dipped into L.Joe’s mouth, the rapturous noise L.Joe made sent a streak of heat up his spine.  For a long moment, he took what he wanted, enjoying his pet’s mouth in slow, deep kisses.  One hand dropped to L.Joe’s hip, and the other crawled over the collar, finding the loop of fabric and hooking there, holding L.Joe in place.  L.Joe moaned like someone in the throes of ecstasy, and the hand on L.Joe’s hip slid back to L.Joe’s ass, cupping, massaging.  Plastered against him, L.Joe sucked on his tongue with tentative little suckles, hungry for him but shy, craving more but too submissive to take.  Rewarding L.Joe’s subservience with a quiet moan, he lifted his head.

            L.Joe gazed at him with the kind of worshipful desire he’d always fantasized about inspiring.  But this was no fantasy.  This was here, and it was real, and he had this hyung, this sunbae, this sane and independent man, completely in the palm of his hand.

            He breathed in, absorbing that, letting the rush of power flood him.

            And then, exhaling, he stepped back.  “Television.”


            L.Joe blinked.  Falling back a step, he cleared his throat, rubbing his hand over his mouth.

            God, what a kiss.

            Considering that, he could have laughed.  Everything that Sehun had done to him, from spanking him to practically skull-fucking him to violently smothering him under that delicious ass, and he was swooning over a kiss.

            Okay, but that had been one divine kiss.

            Blushing, he said, “Uh,” and looked anywhere but at Sehun or down at his own naked body.  There had to be something to say, but whatever it was, he couldn’t think of it.  So he went over to his bag and started getting dressed.

            He was glad when Sehun got dressed, too.  Sehun was really comfortable hanging out naked after they broke scene, which was fine, but sometimes he needed them both dressed in layers before he could get enough emotional distance to feel normal again.

            Once he was dressed, he didn’t know what to do.  Sehun touched his shoulder, so he hugged Sehun.  It felt good, it felt really reassuring, and being able to initiate a hug, being that forward and knowing that it was okay, put him on solid footing again.  Okay.  This was good.  This was normal.  “Shit, that was intense,” he admitted, pulling back.

            “So intense,” Sehun agreed, taking his hand.  “Thank you.  For coming here and doing this and all of it.”

            “Oh.”  Embarrassed, he bit his lip.  “You’re welcome?”  He laughed, looking away and then hugging Sehun again.  “Thank you.”

            “You’re amazing,” Sehun said, hugging him more tightly.  “You’re so amazing, I don’t know how you do it.”

            “Shut up,” he said, even more embarrassed now, thumping Sehun’s shoulder.

            “Ah, you’re hitting dongsaengs,” Sehun said, chuckling and letting go.  “You must feel okay.”

            “Aish.”  He thumped the same spot, happy and flustered.  It was so weird and funny for his dom to cosplay as a cute, annoying maknae.

            Sehun’s knuckles brushed his chin.  It was such an intimate touch, he didn’t know how to react; the pleasure blazing across his skin made his breath catch.  “You’re okay?” Sehun asked.  “I was rough with you.”

            “I wanted it,” he said quickly, surprised that he’d have to clarify.

            “I know,” Sehun said, and L.Joe saw in his face that he did know, that they were completely on the same page.  “But whether you want it or not doesn’t mean it couldn’t go too far.  Did anything hurt too much?  You’re okay?”

            “I’m fine.”  It was unnervingly sweet, how concerned Sehun was.  How seriously Sehun took the responsibility.  “I’m okay.  My nose was a little - - it got in the way, when you were - - but what can I do?”

            Smiling, Sehun ran a light finger down the line of his nose.  “I’m sorry.”

            He batted Sehun’s hand away.  It was annoying, how little and cute Sehun’s nose was.  “But everything’s fine.  I.”  He didn’t know how much to say, face-to-face like this.  “I loved it.  I loved all of it, everything.  I’d do it again, I wouldn’t change anything.”

            Sehun’s knuckles brushed his neck.  He shivered; too vulnerable, too intimate, without the collar, on his bare flesh.  Sehun was touching him a lot all of a sudden, but he liked all of it, even if he wasn’t sure what to do with it.  “With the tour and your comeback and everything, it’ll be a while before we can really see each other again.  Is that okay?”

“You gave me so much to remember, so much to keep with me.  I feel like I’ll be high from this for weeks.”  He hugged Sehun again, tightly.

            Changjo had a quick breakfast with Suho, and then he boned Baekhyun.  He was going down on Xiumin when he heard Suho calling for him.  He finished up fast, and as he got to his feet, wiping his hand over his mouth, Xiumin said, “Shit, you’re getting good at that.”

            Exactly what he’d wanted to hear.  Feeling pleased with himself, he rinsed his mouth in the bathroom and went out to see what Suho wanted.

            Suho was by the front door with L.Joe, who looked tired and happy and antsy, and Sehun.  “Are we leaving?” Changjo asked.

            “Yeah,” L.Joe said.  “You have everything?”

            He was about to say, “My sweater,” but then Suho handed it to him.  He pulled it on, and Suho smoothed his hair for him.  Ducking his head, he pretended to be embarrassed, so it would seem like he wasn’t eager for Suho’s attention, and so it would seem like he liked Suho’s attention.  He’d perfected the right bashful smile for that move years ago.  It was nuanced enough to work on Suho as well as it did on Chunji; it encouraged them to keep touching him but cooled off some of the sexual undertones.

            “Thanks for.”  L.Joe shrugged, looking bashful and flipping his hair out of his eyes.  “Watching the maknae.”

            “We’re glad that you both could stay over,” Suho said.  “Maybe our schedules will match up again sometime.”

            “Yeah.”  L.Joe glanced at Changjo.  He nodded.

            Sehun handed over their phones.  Other EXO members were gathering around and drawing closer, probably wanting to watch Sehun and L.Joe interact.  Having chaperoned their visits, Changjo knew that they weren’t going to do anything super obvious, although the happy little looks they kept sharing, and L.Joe’s bashful little peeks, and Sehun’s smug onceovers, could get pretty interesting.  But those were all pretty subtle, especially from Sehun, who seemed to try really hard not to get caught raking his gaze over L.Joe like, “Yeah, I own all of that.”

            “Okay.  Bye,” L.Joe said, and Sehun opened the door.  Changjo waved at everybody and hugged Suho and followed L.Joe out into the hallway.

            As the door closed, L.Joe cleared his throat, adjusting his grip on his bag.  He walked with his head down for a few steps, then ruffled his hair.  Walked some more, rubbed at his nose.  Walked some more, glanced at Changjo.  Walked some more, then whirled around and shoved Changjo in the chest with both hands and demanded, “Say something!” with a happy, exasperated expression.

            Changjo grinned at him.  “Not here, hyung.  Let’s wait until we’re somewhere private.”

            L.Joe sighed and went back to walking.  “Did you.”  He tugged at his earlobe and shook his head and started over.  “Is there anyone you didn’t?”

            Didn’t have sex with?  “Ah.  Suho hyung and D.O. hyung.  And Sehun hyung, he seemed busy.”

            L.Joe pushed him and burst into laughter.

            “So, uh.  How did you…”

            “Did you have fun?”

            “You must be exhausted.”

            “You have to be sore.”

            “How much did you, I mean.”

            “Can I just ask…”

            Smiling to himself, Sehun brushed aside his members’ comments all day.  He didn’t tell them anything.  Not what he’d done or what he hadn’t done, not how much he’d liked it.

            “Did you get any sleep?”

            “Did you let him get any sleep?”

            “Did you - - was it like that the whole time, or did you take breaks, or what?”

            “What do you two talk about?”

            “The stuff he does with you, is it different?  Like the way he gives head, is it different with you or is it the same way he does it with everybody else?”

            He understood why they wanted to know.  And he wished that he could talk about it, because the experience was heavy on his chest, burning; he needed someone to confide in, someone he could ask questions, someone to whom he could say things like, “Oh my god, he let me do this!” and “He begged me for that!” and “You should have seen him, he was so sexy, he wanted it so badly.”  He wished that he had a fellow dom to talk to, someone who’d really understand him.

            He had to admit that his members’ curiosity fed his ego.  He wasn’t necessarily proud of himself for that, but it was true.  He had a sex life, a separate one, outside of EXO.  He had a secret sex life with someone they wanted and couldn’t have in the same ways that he could.  They envied him, and he liked that.

            He rearranged the beds and washed the bowls and put the speakers away.  He washed the markers and threw away the cucumber.  He hid the stockings and boots.

            He daydreamed about everything they’d done together.  He recounted every detail, every wince, every shudder, every “Sehun-ah.”  And, eventually, he started to fantasize about next time.

            L.Joe didn’t want to have sex with anyone else for a while.  He was still absorbing everything that had happened.  He wasn’t ready to feel anyone else’s hands on him; he didn’t want anyone else moving inside of him while what had happened with Sehun was still so fresh.

            He curled up in bed and thought about Sehun and remembered the feel of Sehun’s hands washing him clean.

            When Chunji crawled in beside him, he sighed, exasperated but resigned.  “What?”

            “Tell me things.”  Stretching out facing L.Joe, Chunji propped his head on his hand.  His eyes were bright with interest.  “How was it?  What did he do to you?  How sore are you?”

            “I’m fine, I’m not sore,” he said, embarrassed.  “I’m not talking about it, leave me alone.”

            “What did he do, did he whip you?” Chunji asked.  “If you’re not sore then I can touch you, right?  I can see, you don’t have anything to hide?”

            “I don’t have anything to - - stop it,” he protested, pushing Chunji’s hands away from his waistband.  “There’s nothing to see.”

            “Come on, no whip marks?  No bite marks?”  Chunji evaded his hands, teasing at his clothes.   “What’s the point in spending the night if he doesn’t give you a good time?”

            “I had a good time,” he said, exasperated.

            Chunji pinched his nipple through his shirt.  When he smacked at Chunji’s hand, Chunji asked, “What, not sore?”

            “I just told you!  I’m not sore.”

            Chunji looked disappointed and kind of disapproving.  “What kind of dom is he?  I would’ve given your nipples hell all night.”

            “Yeah, I know you would have,” he mumbled, embarrassed.

            “How does this work?” Chunji asked, studying his face.  “Are you in love with him?”

            “Love?  No.”  He shook his head, feeling his cheeks heat up.  “No, it’s not like that.  It’s not that kind of relationship.  We.”  He couldn’t explain all of the things that Sehun was to him.  “I don’t love Oh Sehun, I just.  Need him, sometimes.”

            Chunji sniffed and draped his arm around L.Joe’s shoulders.  His smile was coaxing.  “Do you love me?”

            L.Joe groaned, laughing.  Why were his members like this?  “Yes, of course I do, shut up.”

            “Mmm.  Okay.”  Chunji ran his thumb lightly over L.Joe’s mouth, then got up.  “Don’t stay in here too long, we’re eating soon.”

            As Chunji left, L.Joe rolled over.  Brushing his bangs out of the way, he sighed, closing his eyes.  He could still feel the rawness at the back of his throat.  “What did he do to you?”  Oh, the amazing things Sehun had done to him.  God, Sehun-ah…

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