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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Changjo worked out all the night before and then again that morning.  He was going out with L and Suho for a photo date, and then he was going to get to have sex with Suho, so he wanted to look as good as possible.  “How are my abs?” he asked Ricky, flexing.

            Ricky gave them an assessing look, then nodded.  “One hundred percent.”

            “Yeah, they look great,” Niel said, lounging on Ricky’s bed.  “You might want to do something about your face, though.”

            Sunggyu was pestering Woohyun into cooking something when L came into the kitchen, his camera bag slung over his shoulder.  He was doing his casually rumpled, effortlessly handsome thing, broad-shouldered and dimpled, in jeans and a hoodie with his hair down.  “I’m going out now, hyung.”

            With Suho again.  Always Suho.  Dates with Suho.  Sex with Suho.  Sex with Suho on Sunggyu’s bed.  Now there were Suho cooties all over it and he couldn’t go in his room anymore without seeing Suho there, naked.  Suho had a much sexier body than he’d expected.  But he should’ve expected it.  The world was good to Suho, over and over again.  Just handing things over, one after another.  All of the looks and all of the money and all of the popularity and all of the success and all of the charm.  Life was just obnoxious that way.  Suho was obnoxious.

            All naked on Sunggyu’s bed.  Handsome and muscular.  Those red cheeks, that determined expression.  So ready to martyr himself.  Those sexy lines of muscle creating a roadmap all the way down his torso right to his crotch.  His soft, pretty cock.  His pubes so black against his pale skin.

            On his side, clutching a sheet over himself, gazing at Sunggyu with those pretty brown eyes.  He laughed so easily, like Sunggyu was so funny and so great.  He smiled so happily.  When he relaxed, he was full of aegyo.  He said smart things and he said funny things and when he got nervous or tense about his nudity, he pleaded with Sunggyu with his eyes, like he needed Sunggyu’s reassurance that it would all be okay.

            Standing in front of Sunggyu, in his underwear, looking pure and determined, like a beautifully chiseled statue of courage.  Offering himself all over again.  A gift straight out of a fantasy.

            But it had taken bravery because he hadn’t really wanted it.  It took determination because he kept trying to martyr himself.  Because beautiful Suho would never really want Sunggyu.  Men like Kim Joonmyeon didn’t give themselves to men like Kim Sunggyu.  They gave themselves to people like Kim Myungsoo.

            Life was just obnoxious that way.

            “Yeah, go,” he said.  “If you take any decent photos of that Young Money, maybe I’ll look at them.”

            L chuckled.  “Okay, hyung.”

            Before Suho’s first night of sex with L, he hadn’t realized that he was going to have sex with L at all.  He’d never given himself permission to have sex with L, and he’d made it clear to L that it wasn’t going to happen, so when it had happened, it had transpired naturally, in the moment.

            Now he was going to have sex with Changjo.  And everyone knew all about it ahead of time.  He knew, Changjo knew, his members, Changjo’s members, L, everybody.  There were plans and preparations and conversations.  He felt so anxious about it that he wanted to call the whole thing off.  And he looked forward to it so much, it was the only thing on his mind.  Changjo.  Changjo’s body.  The things that his members had said about Changjo sexually.  The way Changjo had kissed him.  The way he’d felt when Changjo had kissed him.  He was constantly, ruthlessly turned on and so incredibly tense that the other night, when D.O. had walked up behind him, he’d been so startled that he’d literally screamed a high note and thrown his phone.

            The thing about living in a dorm was never having any privacy.  Not in the bathroom or shower he shared with the other members.  Not in his bedroom, which he also shared, and which seemed to be some kind of activity hub, with members streaming in and out asking questions and checking on things.  He needed to install a revolving door.

            The thing about Suho’s body was, it got turned on by every little thing that ever happened.  But it also took him a while to come.  So even if he actually got so horny and desperate that he wanted to give in and masturbate, there was no way to do it without getting caught.  Someone would walk in on him, one way or another.  He could lock the door, but then they’d wonder why he’d locked the door and what he was doing in there.  And that made him too self-conscious to go through with it.

            So he suffered the torment of knowing that with every day, every hour, he was closer to sex with Changjo, and everything that meant to him.  And he stayed constantly, shamefully aroused.  And he daydreamed about having his very own bathroom.

            The taxi dropped Changjo off by the river.  Walking toward their meeting place, he saw that L and Suho were already there.

            Suho had his serious face on; L was showing him a camera and pointing things out.  They looked perfect together, and Changjo slowed down, admiring them, enjoying the view.  Suho examined the back of the camera, and L leaned closer, explaining something.  The wind tousled their hair, and they looked like some kind of camera ad.  Canon, the brand of hot, handsome guys.  Canon, used by men you wish were yours.

            This was going to be a great, great day.  Even if everything went badly, it was a great, great day, because Changjo knew that by the end of it, he’d be crawling into Suho’s bed.  Crawling on top of Suho.  Crawling all up inside Suho.  Damn, he couldn’t freaking wait.

            When he walked up, L turned and smiled at him.  “Ah, here’s our model.”

            L looked happy to see him, and Suho looked thrilled and panicked like he was too good to be true, and L’s smile brimmed with cheerful, warm affection, and Suho’s sudden blush and nervous lip-licking told him that he was too sexy to resist, and he wished that he could go back and walk over again just to savor this reaction for a while longer.  “Hi, hyungs.”  He really wanted to hug Suho, so he hugged L first.  God, L gave good hugs.  When he hugged Suho, he was quicker about it, because no matter how much he wanted to feel Suho get turned on against him, he didn’t want to be a jerk and deliberately make Suho more tense.

             Mmm, this is good,” L said, petting Changjo’s hair and looking him over.  Then L nudged him toward Suho.  “Let me see you together.”

            “I’m not modeling,” Suho said, pushing Changjo back in L’s direction.

            “What, just a few photos,” L said, pushing Changjo back again.

            “This is Changjo’s shoot,” Suho insisted.  “I’m here to assist you.”

            “How much assistance do you think I need?” L asked, laughing.

            Suho grabbed L’s camera bag and put it over his shoulder.  “You need someone to hold your lenses.  And I can help to art direct.  You have a very unruly subject, you’ll need help corralling and instructing him.”

            “Um, sunbae,” Changjo said, pointing at himself.  “I’ve been in a lot of photo shoots, you hoobae.  I know how to do this.”

            “See, unruly,” Suho told L.  “Don’t worry, I’ll help.”

            L smiled like Suho was adorable.  “Okay, hyung, thanks.  Come on,” he said, putting an arm around Changjo.  “Let’s start closer to the water.”

            L spent a few minutes frowning at the back of his camera, taking test shots, and adjusting the settings.  He wasn’t thrilled about the sunlight.  His test shots were all of Suho fixing Changjo’s hair and complaining about the wind.  Eventually, he decided that conditions were about as good as he could get them.  He told Changjo that he was ready, and Suho hustled back to his side, ready to assist him.

            He raised his camera, ready to begin.  Changjo just stood there, watching him.  Exasperated, he lowered his camera.  “Do something!”

            “Do what?” Changjo asked.

            Suho laughed.  “I’m sorry, Changjo sunbaenim, do you not know how to pose?”

            Changjo made an aborted gesture in Suho’s direction.  “I know how to pose!  What kind of photo shoot is this?  What do you want?”

            “It’s your shoot, just start something,” L said.

            “This is fantastic art directing,” Changjo said, turning in a slow circle.

            “You’re always talking about how grown-up you are,” L said, raising his camera.  “Show off how mature and manly you are.”

            Looking over his shoulder, Changjo stuck his tongue out at L.

            Laughing, L took the shot.

            Rolling his eyes - - which L also captured - - he turned to face them again.  He rubbed his nose, frowned at L for photographing that, and gave himself a tiny shake.  His shoulders relaxing, he looked off to one side for a moment.

            L had to give it to him, he had a terrific body.  His frame was great for modeling.  His posture looked very natural, his muscular shoulders broad enough to create a classic masculine shape while still calm and relaxed.  His hands slid into his pockets and he turned to face L again, blinking slowly.  As his eyes opened, he stared right into the camera.  His direct gaze was more intense than L had expected, and all of a sudden, L couldn’t get enough shots.  Relaxing his mouth just enough to draw all of L’s attention to how full and pink and gorgeous his lips were, he looked down.  And then he glanced up at the camera with a mischievous smirk.

            “Oh, I like this style of photography,” Suho said.  “Click click click, all back to back, it’s more fun this way.  Do you always shoot like this?”

            No.  “Yeah, I can just delete whatever doesn’t look good.”

            “He’s doing well, I think that most of it will look good,” Suho said.

            Changjo turned slightly, smiling at the camera and touching his thumb to his teeth.

            “Yeah.”  L licked his lips, snapping shot after shot.  He thought so, too.

            The third time L smiled at him and said, “You’re not bad,” Changjo gave up and started acting like this was his very first photo shoot.  He feigned uncertainty about how to pose, he asked how the camera worked, and he pretended to be insecure about doing well.

            Since his hyungs both liked to think of him as a little kid, they ate it up.  They played along right away, constantly reassuring him of what a good job he was doing, coaxing and coaching him, and adjusting his posture hands-on like he was a poseable doll.  They liked it so much, he let them play, and besides, it wasn’t as if he minded being touched all over while they debated which pose looked best.

            After he posed by the water, L put him by some bushes.  Then L convinced Suho to pose with him at a picnic bench.  They tried some serious poses there, like he and Suho were burdened by the weight of the world.  Then they got something to eat and just hung out for a while.  Then L started taking photos of them eating, and that just seemed silly, so he and Suho acted stupid and made weird faces.  L liked that most of all and refused to delete the horrible photos.

            He asked if he could wear L’s hoodie.  Mainly he just wanted to put on L’s clothes, but he told L that it would be good for wardrobe variety.  Suho agreed that it was a great idea, so L took the hoodie off.

            He stripped out of his shirt and held it out.

            Both of his hyungs just stared at him, unblinking.  Suho’s gaze was trapped on his face, like it would be the end of the world to look down.  L’s gaze was stuck on his body, like L had never seen bare skin before.  Testing, he flexed, and L’s lips parted.  Wow, come on, L saw naked guys all of the time.  Laughing, enjoying their attention, he took the hoodie and tried to push his shirt into L’s hand.  “Hyung, come on, do you want me to leave my clothes on the ground?”

            “Maknae!”  Suho was suddenly back to life.  “What are you doing?”

            “I’m going to wear this, we agreed.”

            Finally blinking, L came back, too.  His hand closing automatically around the shirt, he said, “I didn’t think that you had to get naked to do it.”

            “This isn’t naked,” he said, glancing down at his pants.  He shrugged into the hoodie.  “Where should I stand?”

            “At least zip it up,” Suho fussed.

            He laughed, backing up a step to get out of reach in case one of them tried it.  “Why?  I’m not shy.”

            “So desperate for attention,” L said, shaking his head.  “Okay, we’re all looking.  We acknowledge your body.  Let’s go over by the bike racks.”  He handed the shirt to Suho.

            A good assistant, Suho folded it up precisely and tucked it under his arm.  “It would look better zipped up,” he complained as they walked to the racks.

            Turning, Changjo grinned, holding the hoodie open and flexing again.  “What looks better than this?”

            Groaning, Suho covered his face with both hands.  “This is the worst day of my life.”

            Despite his sky-high levels of sexual stress, Suho actually had a great time that day.  His dongsaengs were so cute and fun, he was glad to be with them.  After everything with the blind item, he was grateful that they were willing to share such a good, happy day with him.

            The photo shoot had been a good idea.  Changjo ate up their attention, and Suho liked sharing in L’s hobby.  They got some terrific shots of Changjo, and Suho stole the camera to get a few of L, too.  They even took a few selcas of all three of them together, because that was the way Suho wanted to remember the day.

            Happy and hungry, they went to dinner.  They ate and talked and then they flipped through the photos on L’s camera.  L got embarrassed and deleted some he said were horrible, but Suho was proud of how good most of them looked.

            Suho decided that he wanted a copy of everything, and then Changjo wanted copies, too. L said that he’d get some for them, but he wanted to use some company that would take forever.  Suho was in the mood to have them now.  So the three of them took a cab over to a cheap, one-hour place.  They killed time by shopping, and of course Suho bought his dongsaengs nice gifts, and L bought Changjo a new shirt so that he wouldn’t have to go around naked anymore, and then they went to pick up the photos.

            They looked at all of the shots all over again, and made fun of each other for bad poses and awkward expressions.  But Suho was very proud of his dongsaengs.  So talented.  And so handsome!  “This is my favorite,” he decided, choosing one of the three of them together.  “But why do I look so short?”  Grimacing, he tucked it behind some other photos.  “Maybe it’s not my favorite.”

            “I like this one,” L said, grinning and holding up a photo of Changjo and Suho at the picnic table, Suho’s eyes crossing goofily, Changjo shoving a whole handful of fries into his own mouth.

            “One of my most handsome looks,” Suho agreed proudly, admiring it.  L laughed at him.

            “But you aren’t in that one.  Here,” Changjo said, setting it beside a photo of L blushing and shying away from the camera.

            “Aw.”  Suho liked it.  L looked happy and bashful.  “So handsome, no matter what.”

            “Or this one,” Changjo said, covering it over with a shot of the three of them together.  L was mid-sentence, the wind blowing his hair all over.  Suho was squinting awkwardly and seemed to be listing to one side as if about to fall out of frame.  Behind them, Changjo was laughing, his expression full of good humor, his eyes shining with happiness.  “I like how you took a photo of yourself talking, hyung.  You timed the photo so well, it shows off all of your skill.  I acknowledge your photography genius,” he added, bowing.

            “You brat,” L said, laughing.  “It was an accident.  I didn’t really mean to take it yet.”

            “I hope not,” Suho said, amazed by how bad the photo was.  “We didn’t delete this?  Let’s tear up all copies.”

            “No, no,” Changjo said, snatching the photo away before he could get it.  “It’s my favorite!  It’s the best one all day.”

            “Because only you look good!” L said.

            “Was I standing on my own hill?” Suho asked, taking it from Changjo’s hand.  “I look like I’m going to fall over.  How could something like this happen?”

            L leaned against Suho’s shoulder, shaking his head at the photo.  “I don’t even remember this.  What was I talking about?”

            Changjo’s eyes danced with amusement.  “You were telling me to stop laughing, hyung.  You didn’t want me to ruin the shot.”

            While Suho was out of the room paying the bill and making a call, Changjo gave L his best flirtatious smile across the table.  “Thank you for the photos, hyung.”

            L smiled back at him.  “It was fun.”

            “You’re such a good model.”  He tried to sound cute and harmless.  “Maybe you could teach me sometime.”

            Snorting, L gave him a puzzled smile.  “What are you up to?”

            “Modeling, hyung.  You’re so good at it.  You can teach me how to move my body.”  He grinned.  “What to do with my mouth.”

            L laughed so hard, he leaned halfway out of his chair.  Changjo grinned, not minding at all.  It was fun just to make L crack up.

            “What are you two giggling about?” Suho asked, coming back in.

            “Nothing,” Changjo said, smiling at him.  “Thank you again for dinner, hyung.”

            “Of course, I like for my dongsaengs to eat well,” Suho said, stroking L’s hair while he gathered himself together.

            If dinner was over, then.  Changjo didn’t even pretend to be subtle about raking his gaze over Suho, relishing all of the spots he was going to see for himself, and touch, and put his mouth on.  “Is it time to go?”

            Suho coughed slightly and looked down, his hand falling still on L’s shoulder.  “If you, ah, if you’re ready,” he said, his gaze flickering in Changjo’s direction but never quite getting there.

            Changjo couldn’t hold back a chuckle.  “Yes, hyung.”  He’d been waiting for this for months.  “I’m ready.”

            Suho said good-bye to L for a long time.  He wasn’t putting off leaving, he just had a lot of things to say to L at the last second.  Eventually L guided him into the back of the cab and closed the door on him while he was still talking.  So rude.

            He felt so tense, he couldn’t even look at Changjo.  He stared out of the window and read street signs with intense attention, like he had a life-or-death quiz on signage ahead of him.

            Changjo flopped against his side like a friendly dog and didn’t force him into conversation.  He really felt lucky to have such a close dongsaeng.  That was why he knew that this would be okay.  It would all be okay.  There was nothing to be so scared about.  He needed to relax.

            He’d try relaxing next year, sometime.

            When they got to the dorm, he decided that he had to go to the bathroom.  So he went in there and locked the door and peed, and then he washed his hands for seven hours or so.

            It occurred to him that if he took long enough, his members would distract Changjo, and Changjo could just have sex with them, and he’d be off of the hook.  The idea came as such a relief, he turned off the water and held still, listening for it.  But he didn’t hear any sex at all, just conversation, Kai’s laughter, Chanyeol scolding Sehun.

            Someone tapped at the door.  “Suho hyung?  Can I come in?  I have to pee.”

            He reminded himself that he didn’t need his own separate bathroom.  It was good to share with the members, he was glad that they were so close, he’d miss them fiercely if he had to be all alone.  He opened the door, letting Baekhyun in.  He moved around the dorm, checking on everyone.  He turned on music in every room.  By the third one, Chen winced.  “Hyung, it’s too much, I can’t even tell what I’m listening to.”


            “Can we at least all listen to the same thing?” Xiumin asked when he turned on the stereo in the living room.

            “Yes.”  As long as that thing wasn’t the way he begged for more.

            Changjo was waiting for him in his room, seated on his bed and smiling with anticipation.  This was the most terrible, wonderful, awful, fantastic idea he’d ever had.  What the hell was he doing?  He felt like he couldn’t possibly go through with it.  He felt like he should’ve done it months ago.

            He stood there for a while, holding onto the doorknob.

            With a happy, hopeful smile, Changjo waved him onward and patted the bed.

            He really did love this dongsaeng.

            “One!” D.O. called.  “Two!  Three!”

            Suddenly every speaker in the dorm was playing Teen Top’s debut song.

            Bursting into laughter, Changjo leaned back on the bed.

            Smiling, Suho closed the door.  And locked it.

            L hadn’t brought his camera out in a while, but today he remembered why he’d found photography fun.  The best part was capturing moments that would never come again.  Every photograph was a precious memory.

            Back in his dorm, he spread the day’s photos over his desk.  He wanted to put some up on the wall.  While he pored over them, cherishing his memories, Sungjong came in to see.  He showed off all of the worst ones, and Sungjong admired the good ones, and they decided which ones should go up.  There were so many to choose from.  He really liked some of the first photos the best, of Changjo by the water.  And the photos of Suho and Changjo at the picnic table made him smile.  And he had to include some of all three of them together.

            Sungjong picked up a photo of Changjo leaning against the bike rack.  Changjo’s expression was sullen, his mouth pouty, his hips cocked, the setting sun gleaming over his bare torso.  “If I didn’t already know him, I’d think he was so hot.”

            “I know.”  God, did he ever.

            Sunggyu walked in.  “Making another photo book?”

            “You could,” Sungjong said.  “Put in photos like this one, and all of the little EXO-L’s would buy it twice.”

            Sunggyu took the photo from him.  It was of Suho.  L had snapped one photo, startling him, and this was the second.  He was still laughing from the first unexpected shot, his hand in his hair.  He looked so relaxed and happy, he seemed to be enjoying the day, enjoying his whole life, his smile bright.  He was always handsome when he looked chic and proud and sophisticated, but L loved him like this, cute and young and fresh.

            “What’s this?” Sungyeol asked, entering the room.

            “Changjo,” Sungjong said, handing him a photo of Changjo with the hoodie slipping back off of one muscular shoulder.

            “Nice,” Sungyeol said.  L indulged him and showed him some more.  It was a relief to know that other people found Changjo sexy, too; it made L feel less strange for having all of these emotions.

            While Sungjong and L talked about the best way to hang up the photos, and Sungyeol complained that he didn’t need some other idols hanging all over the walls, Sunggyu wandered out of the room.

            L pretended not to notice that he took Suho’s photo with him.

            Changjo wanted to get naked and get right to it, but he had to go at Suho’s speed.  Maybe later, when Suho was more used to him, they could play around.  But tonight had to be about making Suho feel comfortable.  He knew that he could make the sex good, that wouldn’t be a problem, but they had to get to the sex, and so far Suho had just walked around the bed a lot.

            “You can sit down,” he suggested.

            “This isn’t awkward for you?” Suho asked.

            “No.  What’s awkward about it?”

            “Leading up to it like this.  Planning ahead of time and marking the calendar, like there’s a countdown.”

            “I like it.  I had something to look forward to.  The only part that bothered me was that it didn’t get here fast enough.  I wanted to skip some days and make time move faster.”

            Suho looked at him with sudden understanding.  “But it was like this for you before.  For your birthday.”

            He nodded.  “Sure.  And MT with your members.”  He laughed.  “I guess that I’m used to it.  All of my first times with somebody were on the calendar and counted down.”

            “None of mine were,” Suho said, finally sitting beside him on the bed.  “Things just happened.  It’s easier that way, isn’t it?  Seeing it coming like this makes me too anxious.”

            “You don’t have to be anxious.”  He folded his legs in to give Suho more room.  “It’s just me.”

            “Just a sexy, gorgeous sunbae,” Suho said.

            “No,” he said, smiling and putting his hand on Suho’s arm.  “Just a loyal dongsaeng.”

            Suho smiled a little, seeming to relax at that.

            “Let’s pretend it’s not happening at all,” Changjo suggested.  “We’ve been together in here before like this, and nothing happened.  Let’s just talk.  We’ll just go to bed together.  You can lecture me on morals, you like that.”  He hopped off of the bed and took off his pants.

            “How can I pretend it’s not going to happen?” Suho asked.

            “Easy, just ignore it.  And then I’ll kiss you when I feel like it, and you can pretend it’s all a wonderful, natural surprise.”  He got into bed, trying to pull up the sheet.  “It won’t work if you just sit there.”

            Suho got into bed with him, looking tense and annoyed about it.  “We could just not do anything, ever.  We’ve been close all of this time without it.”

            “But I’m one of your precious dongsaengs.”  He decided not to complain about the fact that Suho was still fully dressed.  “Like Kai hyung and Sehun hyung.  You don’t want to share an important, special thing with them and then not share it with me, do you?”

            That actually worked.  Affection melted all of Suho’s tension away, and he relaxed close to Changjo, his head on one hand.  “I wouldn’t be happy with that.  I want to include you in everything.  You’re not a dongsaeng I can block out of parts of my life.”

            Changjo talked to him about dinner and their photo shoot.  Teen Top’s “Lovefool” came on, and Changjo told him a funny story from the video making.  The conversation drifted to other topics, and it really was just like always, the two of them as comfortable together as they would have been on any other night.

            When Changjo put a hand on Suho’s side, he tensed at the touch.  But he didn’t look scared, just alert, and Changjo knew that making a big deal of soothing him would only make him more uncomfortable.  So Changjo leaned in slowly, not prolonging the moment but giving him time to back up if he wanted to, and then kissed him.

            He didn’t kiss back.  “Changjo-ah.”

            Changjo pulled away.  “No good?”

            Suho frowned a little, like he was thinking things over.  “I love you,” he said thoughtfully.  He met Changjo’s eyes, and his gaze probed, like he wanted to see inside Changjo’s brain.  “I’ve trusted you a lot.  I.”  His frown deepened.  “I’m not saying this right.”

            “You don’t want to do this.”  Changjo had been prepared for this.  He hadn’t let himself think about it, but he’d known that it was a real possibility.

            “No!  Yes.  I want to!  I’m going to, I’ll do it.  This is important to me,” Suho said earnestly.  “I’ve told you, I want to share this with you.  I want this to be something that we do together.  But I.  It’s a little.”  He bit his lip, and he looked ashamed.  “I’m worried about what you’ll think of me.  I don’t want you to see me this way and take me lightly.”

            Aw.  “Hyung, it’s not like that.  I know all about you already.  You’ve told me everything.  My opinions won’t change.”

            “I trust you,” Suho said.  “But if you try something, I don’t know if I’ll stop you.  So you’ll have to take care of me.”

            “Hyung!”  It hurt him that Suho thought that he had to be warned about something like that.  “I won’t try anything weird.  I don’t want to embarrass you.  This is supposed to be fun, it’s only supposed to feel good.  Look, all of my hyungs are different.  I know about different people having different boundaries and different moods.  I care about you too much to take advantage.”

            “You’re right.”  He didn’t know if it was his words or his tone, but Suho seemed genuinely reassured.  “You’re right,” Suho repeated.  “I’m sorry.”  Suho smiled at him, sitting up.  “Should we do this?”

            “Yes,” he said emphatically.

            Laughing, Suho started to undress.  Just like that, he pulled his shirt off, and then he wriggled out of his pants.

Excited by this sudden progress, Changjo joined the fun, taking his shirt off, too.  Then he took a good look at Suho.  Wow, Suho shouldn’t hide so much.  Taking all of it in, Changjo brushed a hand over his hard pecs, then down over his taut abs, and then down his side.  He had such a sexy, adult build to be so silly all of the time.  Oh, damn, he was already getting a hard-on.

C’mere,” Changjo said, hand sliding to the small of his back and guiding him closer.  He scooted closer on the bed.  “I’m just going to get you nice and turned on for a minute so you can get into it, okay?”

“Okay,” Suho said.  Changjo leaned down, resting on one elbow, and Suho said, “Oh, oh,” and Changjo mouthed his cock through his underwear.  “Ah, ahhhh, oh, Changjo-ah, oh!”  It got harder fast, jutting against the cotton, and while it stretched out taller, the rest of Suho collapsed, dropping across the bed.  Changjo had deliberately gone for something that would arouse him quickly and intensely, and it had worked; he was writhing and moaning Changjo’s name, his hips rising off of the bed in hitching little thrusts.  Changjo had known that he’d be like this, had heard all about it, had sensed it when they’d kissed before, but wow.  He was completely into it.

It was a rush to be the one turning Suho on.  Even knowing that Suho was like this every time, it was still amazing to get this intense of a reaction.  It made Changjo feel sexy and powerful, like he must be some amazing lover.  He raised his head, letting his hand take over where his mouth had been, and looked up Suho’s writhing body.  God, all of those perfect spots, he wanted to taste everything and he didn’t know where to start.  The muscular groove of Suho’s hip.  That furry little trail leading up from Suho’s groin.  The hollow of navel.  The curve of Suho’s pecs.  Those tiny, pink nipples.  The pink flush staining Suho’s neck.  His gaze raked upward to Suho’s mouth.  Pink and quick, Suho’s tongue snaked out, flickering over wet, parted lips.  Oh, yeah.

Rising up, Changjo pressed his mouth to Suho’s.  His hand was still on Suho’s hard-on, fondling, and Suho gasped against his lips, suddenly grabbing his shoulder.  Slowing down his hand, rubbing Suho’s balls, he slipped his tongue into Suho’s mouth, and Suho moaned like he’d just done something amazing.  Caressing the side of his neck, humming and purring, Suho sucked on his tongue.  Suho’s squirming was getting intense, legs shifting constantly, hips rotating and angling, thighs rising and spreading and clenching.  Wondering how Suho would react, Changjo slid his hand to Suho’s hip.

Ahhh, huuh-ooh.”  Suho squirmed restlessly anyway, his hips turning, his side rising under Changjo’s still hand.  His own hand slid downward, fingers drifting across Changjo’s collarbone.  His other hand was, where?  Changjo broke away from his kiss to look.  He was clutching at the sheet, his fingers digging into the bed.

This hyung!  Exasperated, Changjo pulled Suho’s hand around to his ass.  “Hold onto me, not the furniture.”

Immediately, Suho’s fingers dug right in, clutching him closer, and Suho kissed him again, tongue pushing into his mouth.  Ooohh, that was practically aggressive, for Suho!  Relishing it, he kissed right back, and Suho moaned gratefully.  His hand slid up Suho’s side, and Suho was arching under him, undulating to press into his palm.  Suho’s body was firm with muscle, and all of this writhing around only made him want to touch more.  He must have felt pretty great to touch, too, because Suho’s hands were rubbing over him, one grabbing his ass and tugging at his underwear, one riding up and down between his pecs.  Ouuunnh, why,” Suho moaned.

He smiled, kissing Suho again and rubbing his thumb over that furry little treasure trail.  “Why what?”

Mmm.”  Suho’s deep, fantastic kisses made him feel really wanted, really sexy.  “Changjo-ah, oh, oh, Ch-ch-changjo-ah.”  Fuck, so did hearing Suho moan his name like that.

“Hyung.”  Suho just kissed him some more, so he lifted his head far enough that Suho couldn’t make contact.

Arching, Suho moaned again.  Licking his lips, his mouth falling open, his eyes closed and his eyebrows furrowed like something hurt, he rubbed greedily over Changjo’s pecs, and then he fell still, turning his face away.  Breath shuddered out of him and he bit his lip.

He was so vulnerable like this, Changjo could really do anything to him.  Having this kind of power over him made Changjo’s mind reel, thoughts spinning in a dozen directions.  He was so easy to turn on and so incredibly responsive, the list of things that Changjo wanted to do to him, just to see him react, was almost unlimited.  But the longer Changjo savored this sexual power, the more he started to look ashamed, and that was the last thing Changjo wanted.  “Hyung,” Changjo said gently, stroking his abs.  “Did you want to say something to me?  Ask me something or tell me something?”

The second Changjo’s hand moved over his skin, Suho gasped.  His back arched and he moaned, his hand tightening on Changjo’s ass again.  God damn.  There was no way that Changjo could resist that kind of responsiveness, and Changjo leaned right in, kissing him.  He kissed back like he’d been drowning without it, and he finally touched south of Changjo’s pecs, fingers venturing downward.

Changjo wanted to say something to reassure him that everything was great and it was all going well.  But having dealt with L.Joe, Changjo had learned that if sexual shame ran deep enough, the most mild sexual compliment might only make things worse.  So Changjo just said, “It’s good, hyung, this is so nice,” like that even started to cover it, and kissed him again.

Suho moaned, hand sliding up to his neck again, leaving a streak of heat in its wake.  Fingers threading up into his hair, Suho whispered, “Changjo-ah.”

Mmm.”  He pinched Suho’s left nipple.

Shivering, Suho groaned, mouth slack against his.  He grinned and did it again, and Suho vibrated against him, clutching at his underwear.

Seriously, no one had ever grabbed at his underwear this much without trying to take it off.  Was Suho waiting for him to do it?  If he’d realized that, he would’ve just done it to start with.  He’d thought that he was being polite, waiting for Suho to be ready.  “Hyung, I’m gonna take this off, okay?” he asked, tugging down on the side Suho wasn’t currently gripping.  “Do you want to take yours off, too?”

            Looking very brave, Suho actually met his eyes and nodded.

            He grinned.  “Can I take them off for you?”

            Suho smiled at him, looking embarrassed but happy.  “Okay.”

            Ooo.”  He sat back on his heels and took a good look.  Suho’s hard-on looked sexy, trapped behind the blue fabric, making a tent.  Sucking his cheeks in, he rubbed his thumbs over Suho’s hipbones, savoring the unveiling.  “Anything you want to warn me about?”

            “What would - - ugh, just do it,” Suho said, laughing.  “Don’t tease me, everything looks normal.”

            Mmm, let’s see.”  Stroking over the waistband, he inched Suho’s underwear down.  With a sexy arch, Suho’s hips lifted for him.  Moaning a little, because, damn, Suho was hot, he peeled the underwear down.

            Oh, wow.  “Damn, hyung, I like this so much.”  Suho was totally erect, and Changjo stared.  After all of this time, finally Changjo could see Suho’s cock for himself, and he didn’t want to miss a detail.  The long, engorged shaft was smooth and straight, like Suho just had to be pretty here, too.  The knob was so round and pink, it looked delicious.  His pubes were thick and his balls made a cute pouch.  Drawing his underwear down his legs, Changjo went too slowly on purpose, and he got impatient and squirmed, kicking them off himself.  The movement made his balls jiggle, and Changjo cupped them in one hand.  They felt soft and delicate, and Suho moaned, shifting restlessly, heels skidding over the bed.

            “You look great down here, hyung.”  Changjo fondled his erection lightly, and he moaned like he wanted to shake the walls.  His cock felt silky and smooth, and Changjo caressed up and down the shaft, enjoying the long, sensual slide.  He was trying to pull Changjo close again, so Changjo leaned down and kissed him.  He was so sexy, writhing and moaning, kissing hard and trying to buck against Changjo’s hand, that Changjo couldn’t believe he tried to keep all of this to himself.  He’d made his members suffer so much, closing his door in their faces.  “I like your cock,” Changjo said, giving it a little tug.

            “Don’t tease me,” Suho said, cupping his face in both hands and kissing him like he was never allowed to leave.

            Mmm.  Fuck, you kiss too well.  I’m not teasing,” Changjo said in between long, intense kisses.  “You’ve never seen my members naked?  Do you want to know how you measure up?”

            “Maknae!”  Even scolding him, Suho kept kissing him.  “It’s not, oh, you shouldn’t, ooh-mm-oh, don’t compare.”

            He licked Suho’s lower lip and grinned.  “Want to know how I measure up?”

            Looking embarrassed, Suho smiled at him.  “I’ve heard all about you.”

            Oh, yeah.  “Want to see it for yourself?”  He let go of Suho’s cock, and when he took Suho’s hand, Suho’s breathing picked up.  Yeah, they both knew where this was going.  “Want to touch it?”  He guided Suho’s hand flat against his abs, then slid it down, down.  Panting, Suho stared into his eyes, stroking down his body nice and slow, and his cock was throbbing, too impatient.  “I’ve wanted this for a long time, hyung.  Waited a long time for you to put your hands on me.”  His fingers tightened a little around Suho’s wrist, holding Suho still, teasing them both, and Suho’s eyes squeezed shut, a desperate whimper sounding loud.  “How long have you wanted this?  When did you start wanting my cock so much you got turned on just thinking about what it was going to feel like?”

            “Unh, god, maknae, don’t ask me that,” Suho panted.  Suho’s fingers couldn’t be still against his skin; they kept flexing against him, nails scratching at him lightly.

            Shit, it must’ve been earlier than he’d thought.  “How long?” he asked, even more curious now.

            Groaning, Suho turned his face away.  “MT, since we went on MT.”

            Which, wait.  Changjo laughed.  “The first one?”  He’d thought that it had taken longer than that!  Suho had treated him like some cute neighborhood kid for too long.  “You never showed it.”
            “I didn’t want to feel it.”

            Suho was trying not to look at him, but he wanted to see Suho’s expression for this.  Curious, he leaned in until their noses brushed.  When he lifted his head, Suho’s eyes met his, and he smiled.  “You’ve suffered a lot over me, haven’t you, hyung?”

            “Yes!”  Suho looked frustrated with him and really turned on at the same time, trying to scowl at him, thumb rubbing over his skin, low on his abdomen, just above his underwear, taunting his aching cock.  “It’s been so difficult, you’ve been hell on me.  You can’t just make me feel proud and happy, you can’t just pull on my heart all of the time, you have to keep me up at night, too?  You don’t know how badly you’ve treated me.”

            He grinned.  “I’m sorry, hyung.”  He wasn’t.  “It’ll be better from now on.  Now when you want to picture me naked, you’ll know exactly what I look like, and when you think about kissing me and touching me and feeling me inside you, you’ll know exactly what it’s like.  Won’t that be nicer?”
            “I hate you,” Suho said, starting to roll away.

            Laughing, he pushed Suho back down.  “No, no, you love me, you do.  And you’ll like this, don’t leave yet, you don’t want to miss this part.”  He guided Suho’s hand down over his underwear, right onto his cock.  Suho’s fingers closed over it, and he groaned, letting go.  “Fuck,” he breathed, as Suho rubbed him up.  Damn, it turned him on so much, his hips gyrated, wanting to thrust.  He looked down, wanting to see.  Suho’s pale, manicured hand cupped him through his red boxer-briefs, fingers sliding up and down the shaft and spreading over his balls.  Suho made a strange, low sound, and he looked up, wondering.

Suho stared at Changjo’s crotch with lusting hunger.  His gaze was riveted, his lips parted.  He was so into it, there was no way that Changjo was going to interrupt, so Changjo held still, grunting and trying to take this hot torment.  “Changjo-ah.”  He hadn’t blinked in a while.  “Roll over for hyung.”

“Yes,” he said quickly.  They reversed their positions, and he got on his back while Suho moved over him.  Immediately, Suho reached for the sheet, pulling it up.  “Hyung!  Not that.  It’s okay if I see things!” he insisted when Suho didn’t stop.  The sheet, god, he knew what that meant, he knew what Suho wanted to cover up.  “It’s not embarrassing, everybody does it.  Come on, I thought that you were confident lately.”  He reached out, wanting to pluck the sheet from Suho’s hands.

Suho pushed his hand down, looking annoyed.  “I’m confident.  The light’s on, isn’t it?”

“What does that matter if you’re hiding behind things?”

“Shut up and let me do this.”

“You have to let me see something,” Changjo said.  “One or the other.  Either let me watch now, or we have to do it face-to-face, later.”

Suho glared at him, then flung the sheet off of the bed.  While he laughed, thrilled, Suho warned, “Don’t say anything about how it looks.  Don’t tease me.”

“Stop warning me all of the time!  I understand!  Haven’t I been nice?”

“If you were nice to me you would’ve let me do this months ago!”

“Hyung!”  How much had Suho wanted this?  He hadn’t realized that Suho thought he was that tempting.  “I wasn’t trying to keep anything from you.  I would’ve done everything if you’d let me.  Here, here.”  He shimmied out of his underwear, tossing it away.  “Do it now, do all of it.”

Ungh.”  Suho stared at Changjo’s crotch like he couldn’t believe what he was looking at.  Groaning, he rubbed his hand over his mouth.

If Suho wasn’t going to touch it, Changjo would.  He fondled himself, getting comfortable.  “Start, start.  Go ahead and get me off, the whole way.”

Suho rubbed his eyes instead.  “Shit, maknae.”  Blinking, he wiped at his mouth like, hey!

“Are you drooling?” Changjo asked, delighted.

“I.”  He wiped at his mouth again.  “Shut up.”  Sexy and naked and still rock-hard, he settled down between Changjo’s legs.

Letting go of it, Changjo propped himself up on his elbows, not wanting to miss anything.

Suho put a hand up, palm toward Changjo, like he could block the view.  And then he licked Changjo’s balls into his mouth.  “Fuck,” Changjo said, astonished.  His eyes fluttered shut and he moaned, the hum of it vibrating right into Changjo, god, that felt good.  Then, god, he was sucking on them, one at a time, then both together, his wet lips closing over Changjo’s heavy sac.

Groaning, Changjo rubbed his cock.  The pull of suction felt great, and Suho looked so sexy down there, so into it, still moaning.  His spit-wet balls plopped from Suho’s mouth, and Suho licked them, tongue dragging over his skin, massaging him.  Finally, Suho’s hand dropped, landing on Changjo’s bare thigh and gripping him there, squeezing muscle and then stroking up to his hip.

Suho’s eyes opened, and his gaze fastened so intently on Changjo’s cock that Changjo let go, getting out of his way.  With a deep, lusting sound, he moved in.  His tongue snaked over the base, and, fuck, it felt criminal, it felt like getting away with something, to have this classy, respected, handsome hyung licking on Changjo’s cock.  Slowly, he moved upward, his tongue taking long, repetitive licks, savoring all of it.  He kept ducking down to start at the base again, like it was all so good, he needed more, had to go back for seconds, and thirds, and fourths.  His licks were sinuous and slow and wet, because he was still drooling, because EXO’s Suho was slobbering all over Changjo’s throbbing cock, fuck.  “Seriously, you’re going to make me come like this,” Changjo said, staring.

Like that had been some kind of challenge, god, Suho moved up to the head and wrapped his wet, hungry lips around it.  Changjo was groaning and Suho was moaning and pleasure was some clenching, desperate ache in Changjo’s body and Suho was making some kind of shaky, hungry sound.  His head bobbed a little bit, but he wouldn’t go past the first couple of inches, his hand wrapping around the shaft.  Mmm, mmmf, mmm.”  His cheeks burned red, and his eyes kept fluttering shut and opening again, like he wanted to see.  “Hmmm, mmmff, uum.”  He nursed on it slowly, his cheeks hollowing.  He was squirming all over, like he didn’t know what to do with himself, shifting positions, his knees here and there, his hips up and down.  He lifted off of it just enough to give Changjo a view of wet, sticky strings of saliva and pre-cum connecting his soft, dripping lips to Changjo’s glistening cockhead, and then he lowered his head again, his tongue licking all over before he started sucking again, moaning earnestly.  He’d settled on his knees, but his hips kept moving, and as he sucked, his back arched, like he was offering his ass up to anyone behind him.

The suction was strong enough to keep Changjo totally on edge, and his moans were just as heartfelt as Suho’s were.  He kept his hands to himself, not wanting to throw Suho off, wanting Suho to keep going, because this was perfect, this was incredible.  The living reality was even better than the fantasy, and the hot pull of Suho’s lusting mouth had pleasure burning him up.  He was used to good-looking guys blowing him, but there was something super obscene about seeing proud, sought-after Suho down there, moaning so passionately and licking so urgently and sucking so enthusiastically and drooling so messily.  His cock looked lewd as fuck between Suho’s lips, penetrating Suho’s mouth, and Suho was slurping on it with single-minded lust.

“Changjo-ah, mmm, mmmff, mm.”  Suho swallowed another inch, taking in more and more as his head bobbed over Changjo’s erection.  The tight ring of his wet lips slid up and down the shaft, slipping down a little farther this time, then a little farther again, Changjo’s cock filling up his hungry mouth.

Changjo couldn’t take this anymore, it was too good, he felt like Suho was tormenting him.  “Swallow it, hyung, take all of it, I know you can do it.”

Groaning like he was grateful to have permission, Suho swallowed the whole thing, his lips closing around the base, Changjo’s cock snug down his throat.

“Fuck, fuck, hyung, yes.”  Raising his knees, Changjo dug his nails into his own chest to fight off climax.  “Suck it, suck my cock.”

Suho responded like Changjo’s command had unleashed something inside of him.  He sped up, sucking hard, and suddenly he was bobbing fast, up and down, swallowing Changjo in one long slide after another.  His hands were on Changjo’s thighs, tensing and flexing as he sucked, and his hungry moans hummed around Changjo’s erection.

With Suho’s intensifying fervor, whatever had been holding Changjo together snapped.  Ecstasy spiked in a forceful blast, and he came.  “Unh, ungh!  Fuck, shit, shit, hyung, unh!  Hyung!”  Gasping, he shot jizz right down Suho’s throat.

Suho moaned, swallowing everything down.

Damn.  Changjo blinked, catching his breath.  Had that really happened?  Was this real?  He could tell the whole world, and no one would ever believe him.

Mmm.”  Suho lowered his head for a second, licking his lips and wiping his hand over his mouth.  He squirmed a little, like he was uncomfortable, rubbing down between his thighs.  If he needed a minute, that was okay, Changjo didn’t want to rush him.  Wow.  He devoured cock like this when he got laid on a daily basis?  What the hell was he like when he’d actually been denied it?

            He pressed a kiss to Changjo’s pubes, and then he kissed Changjo’s thigh.  Stroking Changjo’s leg, he trailed kisses down to Changjo’s knee.  His lips were soft, and he seemed unhurried now.  The sensual attention was so nice, Changjo smiled, soaking it up.  He brushed tender kisses all the way up Changjo’s inner thigh, and then he licked his way up to Changjo’s hip.  Mmm, maknae.”

            Lightly, careful not to do anything that might seem controlling, Changjo touched Suho’s hair.  Suho made a pleased sound and kissed across his lower abdomen.  When Suho’s tongue dipped into his navel, he laughed, because it tickled a little and he was happy and this was great, everything was great, he was having an incredible time and it still wasn’t over.  “Hush,” Suho said, still kissing, and he stroked Suho’s hair to apologize.  Suho’s kisses wound across his abs, sucking here and there, and he loved this, he loved being the center of all of Suho’s attention, he loved feeling so sexy.  If Suho wanted to desire and worship him for a little while, what was he going to do, say no?

            Suho’s tongue played over his abs, licking up the lines and swells of muscle, tracing one path and then following another.  He flexed on purpose, and Suho moaned.  “Oh, maknae, sometimes I just want to eat you up.”

            He grinned, totally turned on by that.  “You can bite my tits, Chunji hyung does.”

            Hoouuhh.”  Suho rested his forehead on Changjo’s chest.  “God.  He gets to have you all of the time, doesn’t he?”

            Smiling, he stroked Suho’s hair.  So soft and thick between his fingers.  “Yep.  Whenever he wants me, he just grabs me.”  He combed Suho’s hair one way, then another, enjoying the excuse to play with it.  “Jealous?”

            “Yes,” Suho groaned, hand tightening on his side.  He laughed.  “It’s okay if Teen Top moves into this building, right?  So we can visit each other more?”

            “Aw, come on.  You can have any of your members whenever you want, and you make them wait eight days.  You wouldn’t suddenly let me have it every day.”

            Suho rubbed his face against Changjo’s chest, his nails dragging lightly down Changjo’s side.  “I would,” he breathed.  “God, maknae, I’d move you right into this bedroom.”  His tongue traced a line of muscle upward, and when he got to Changjo’s pecs, he licked right over Changjo’s nipple.  Shivering, Changjo pulled on his hair, just a little, and his teeth scraped against the side of Changjo’s pec, nipping.  He did it again, harder, and then he raised his head, lips parted, eyes gleaming with lust.  Changjo guided him in, and they kissed, and when Changjo wrapped an arm around his waist and rolled them over, he rocked up against Changjo, moaning, rubbing his hard-on against Changjo’s hip.  “Maknae, ooohh, ooohh, Changjo-ah.”

            It was definitely time.  Changjo knew where the lube was, but when he felt around under the edge of the mattress and his fingers closed around it, he felt proud, like he was part of some secret, elite society.  And now he could see for himself that it was that cheap generic crap.  “You have to get better lube, why do you have this?”

            “What?”  Suho kissed his jaw.  Mmm, maknae.”  Suho’s tongue snaked into his ear.

            He moaned, squirming.  Okay, they could talk about it later.  “I, ack, that tickles!  I’m going to do it now, okay?”  He’d barely gotten the words out before Suho was trying to roll over.  “Hyung, hyung,” he said, catching Suho.  “Wait, not yet.”

            Suho pouted at him.  “We said-”

            “You can roll over when it’s cock time.  This is finger time.  Wait a minute.”

            “It’s still inside me,” he complained as Changjo pushed his knees up.  “And don’t, oh, no, don’t look at that.”  He kept trying to put his hands in the way and lower his legs, and Changjo finally just caught both wrists in one hand and shoved his legs out of the way again.  “Why does everybody have to look?”

            “What’s wrong with looking?  I want to see where I’m sticking it.”

            “It’s private,” he muttered, grimacing and turning his face away.

            “It’s sexy.”  He picked up Suho’s pillow, folded it in half, and tucked it under Suho’s hips.  Mmm, so pretty.  You don’t disappoint here, either.  Okay, how many fingers do you like?”

            “All of them,” Suho mumbled, rubbing his eyes.  Changjo’s chuckle might have been a little too gleeful, because he suddenly dropped his hands and stared at Changjo.  “Don’t you dare!  Two, two is okay, use two.”

            “Okay, yes, two, two,” Changjo agreed, laughing.  He slicked up his fingers, nice and messy, and slid one inside Suho.  He might’ve gone too fast, because Suho cried out and grabbed at him.  He held still for a second, and Suho squirmed under him, sliding all over the pillow, nails digging into his shoulder.

            Ooohh, ooh-ha-uuuhh, Changjo-ah, ooh-ohhhh-hh, do it,” Suho panted.  He buried a hand in his own hair, breathing hard.  “Do it, do it.”

            So this was a good freak-out.  “You scream like that when it feels good?  How do you sound when you don’t like something?”

            “I d-d-don’t know.  It, it always feels good.  Just do it, do it, please.”

            Well, if he was going to beg, okay.  Changjo stretched him a little, then added another finger.  He liked that a hell of a lot; he clawed his way up Changjo’s back and scooted around like he wanted to feel Changjo fuck him from every angle at once.  Moaning, he asked, “Why, why is it so good?” and Changjo grinned and told him, “I get a lot of practice.”

            When Suho finally rolled over, he was so quick and eager about it, there was no question of how much he wanted it.  On all fours, he cocked his hips back, his balls swinging.

Eyeing that sexy, taut ass, Changjo grunted, pouring lube over his own cock.  Oh, yeah, this hyung was going to look incredible stuffed full of cock.  “Going in now,” he said, settling his knees apart.

When he dragged his slick cockhead over Suho’s asshole, Suho groaned and shuddered, pushing back against him.  Turned on, he grunted and thrust in.  Suho cried out, and he buried himself as far as he could go.  Suho rocked against him, that hot asshole twitching up and down his shaft, and he jerked on Suho’s hips, yanking Suho back onto him, forcing himself deep again, needing to be in control for a second.  A wild, noisy wail, and Suho writhed in his grasp.  Sliding his hands down, he gripped Suho’s thighs, then hefted, lifting Suho’s knees right off of the bed.  Crying out, Suho wriggled like a fish, not fighting him, just trying to rock on his cock no matter what, even like this.  Grinning, he gave Suho a few hard thrusts.  “Ho-ohhohhohh, maknae, maknae!”  It seemed like when he paused for even a second, Suho squirmed around, but while he was pounding it in, Suho - - well, Suho didn’t hold still, but there was less desperation in the writhing around.

Hey, he could stay in constant motion.  Lowering Suho’s knees to the mattress again, he ran his hands over Suho’s heaving sides and tried a few different strokes.  When he slowed down, Suho begged him, “Oh, oooohhh, please, Changjo-ah, ooohh,” which he absolutely loved.  Short thrusts made Suho gasp and claw at the bed, which was a lot of fun.  Longer, quick thrusts were tricky, because he didn’t know how to do that gently or politely; for him, deep, fast thrusts meant drilling hard, and he wasn’t sure how Suho would take that.  When he started lengthening his stroke, Suho moaned, and just as he was about to ask if it was okay, Suho groaned, “Don’t stop, maknae, please, ooohhh, don’t stop.”

            Oh, hell, yes.  He went even faster, pulling out almost all of the way and then driving in deep, giving his cock to Suho in quick, pounding thrusts.  Now he wanted to ask just to get Suho to beg him again.  “Is it good like this, it’s okay?”

            Ooo-uuo-ohh-huh, ohhoh, maknae.”  A high, rapturous cry.  “Oh, you feel so good inside me, it feels so big, you’re so hard.”

            Goddamn.  “I love everything about you, seriously, you’re the best,” he panted.  He fucked Suho steadily, rhythmically, staying in quick, constant motion.  It was amazing.  Suho squirmed and cried out and needed more of it the entire time.  He didn’t have to worry that it was going for too long or that it was getting boring, because Suho responded to every single thrust like he was delivering a bolt of rich, raw ecstasy.  He caressed Suho’s sides, and he kissed Suho’s back, and he licked up sweat from Suho’s nape, and he watched his cock piston in and out of Suho’s rocking body, and the whole time, Suho called his name and begged him not to stop.  He felt like a sexual demigod.  He felt like he’d won at sex.  There had to be a trophy for this.

            Wondering how things were going down there, he reached down and wrapped his hand around Suho’s cock.  It was rock-hard, and when his hand closed around it, Suho said, “Yes, yes, Changjo-ah, please, yes, yes, ooohh.”

            It felt so silky and stiff, he wanted to get Suho off that second.  But if he got Suho off now, he’d miss the best part of the show.  Letting go, he grasped Suho’s thighs, holding Suho off of the bed and pinned on his cock.  “Going to let me watch you come?”

            “Not on my face, not on my face,” Suho panted, squirming in his hold.

            Next time.  “On me.”

            “Oh, Changjo-ah, yes, yes.”

            “Hold on, take my load first.”  He let go, and Suho rocked on his cock with uninhibited enthusiasm, and the hot squeeze of Suho’s ass felt amazing, and as soon as he started seeking out orgasm, it was right there for him.  After that long, hard screw, a lot of pressure had built up inside of him, and climax came in a fierce burst, pleasure peaking as he blasted his load deep inside Suho’s body.  “Unh, hyung, shit, that’s it.”  He slumped over Suho for a moment, catching his breath.  “Damn.  Okay.  Okay.”  Suho was shivering under him, masturbating.  “Hold on, hyung, I’ve got it.”  He kissed Suho’s shoulder and popped his cock out.  “Here, get on top for a second.”  He stretched out on his back, feeling sated and lazy and terrific, and he coaxed Suho astride him.  Suho was beautiful, everything in perfect proportion, muscles handsomely defined, cock tall and red.  “Let me,” he said.

            “You shouldn’t, it shoots everywhere,” Suho said.  “I don’t want it all over you.”

            Ooohh, I do,” he said, looking forward to it.  He started jacking that hard, angry cock, and Suho leaned down, kissing him.  Suho’s deep, generous kisses were the perfect end to great sex, and he relaxed into the moment, lazily tugging on Suho’s erection while his tongue danced in Suho’s mouth.  The covetous glide of Suho’s hands soothed his tired muscles, and he toyed with Suho’s erection, flicking his thumb under the head.

            “Oh, oh, oh, god,” Suho whispered, suddenly shuddering.

            Gonna come?” he guessed, tightening his grip and speeding up his strokes.

            “I, I, oh, maknae,” Suho moaned, shuddering again.  He was rising up, sitting back, his spine arching, his head rolling, his hips gyrating.  “I can feel it dripping out of me.”

            No one had ever acted like that was a religious experience before.  “Let me see, let me see,” he insisted, trying to pull Suho forward by the cock.

            “Oh, oh, Changjo-ah, I have to, to, have to, oh!”  With a shout, Suho undulated, thrusting into Changjo’s grip.  And then white streaks were flying through the air.  One after the other, they arced upward like they’d been shot from a cannon, and then they gave in to gravity and landed with a heavy splatter.  In seconds, Changjo was covered, cum thick across his chest and pooling over his abs.  It felt warm and gooey, and Changjo didn’t know where to look, at the mess or at the dripping cock in his hand or at the relieved, satisfied look on Suho’s face.

Finally relaxed, Suho’s shoulders dropped, and he closed his eyes with one final, blissful moan.

While Suho stayed there, humming languidly, expression dreamy, Changjo poked at the sticky wetness on his chest.  It was like anyone else’s, slimy and maybe a little bitter, but there was so much of it.  He was drawing his name with one fingertip when Suho finally came back from fantasy land.  “Oh, maknae.”  Suho grabbed a handkerchief out of the nightstand and mopped up.

“I like it,” Changjo said.  “Ugh, I’m exhausted.  Let’s take a break before we start again.”

Suho froze, handkerchief suddenly still against his stomach.  “Again?”

“Sure,” he said, squeezing Suho’s ass.  “We should at least blow each other, if we don’t do anything else.  I want you to suck me off again.  I’ll bet that I can take your load without choking, don’t you want to find out?”

“I just - - we haven’t - - I’m still cleaning up from the last thing we did!”

“Who cares about that, I’ll go wash up in a minute.”  He gestured Suho closer, and Suho came right to him.  When his arm wrapped around Suho’s waist, Suho kissed him.  “Thank you, hyung.”

Suho slumped against him, head on his shoulder.  He twisted a lock of Suho’s hair around his finger.  “Changjo-ah.”

Mmm.”  He pulled Suho more snugly to his side.  “Hyung?”

“Why do I have the feeling that you’re going to be completely impossible from now on?”

He grinned, twining another lock.  “I don’t know, hyung.  Let’s try dirty talk, L hyung said that you liked it, before.  What kinds of things should I say?”

            After rinsing off - - again­ - - Suho found himself hurrying back to his room.  Not because he was self-conscious about being caught, but because he wanted to get back to Changjo.

            He slipped into the room and locked the door, and then he stopped to treasure the sight in front of him.  Naked, a sprawl of muscular limbs, Changjo was asleep on his bed.  He turned on the lamp, flicked off the light, and stood beside the bed for a moment, contemplating the reality of this playful dongsaeng here with him.  The sight of Changjo’s precious, relaxed face made him smile.  They’d shared a lot tonight, and all of it had been incredible.  He was really glad that they’d crossed this border together.  They’d feel even closer from now on, and that was important to him.

            He brushed his fingertips through Changjo’s bangs.  “I love you,” he whispered.  He didn’t even know when he’d given Changjo his heart.  He’d never actually handed it over; Changjo had taken it from him and scampered away with it, the little thief.  He planted a kiss on Changjo’s cheek, and he just stood there for a while, gazing at the black line of Changjo’s lashes and the soft fullness of Changjo’s lips.  It was rare to see Changjo so still, and so quiet, and to be absolutely certain that Changjo wasn’t up to something, and he enjoyed this peaceful moment most because of that contrast.  He caressed Changjo’s cheek, glad that Changjo could spend the night, that he’d sleep with his dongsaeng in his arms.  Then, on its own, his gaze roamed down the masculine terrain of Changjo’s naked body.  He swore, he really swore, that he loved this dongsaeng so much because of Changjo’s spirited personality, because of Changjo’s stubbornness and cuteness and cunning, because of the mischievous sparkle in those brown eyes.  He wasn’t shallow, he was certain of it.  But, oh, he didn’t at all mind the way this dongsaeng was built.

            Chastising himself for ogling, he got into bed.  He tucked in against Changjo’s back, and when Changjo stirred, he stroked Changjo’s side with a reassuring touch.  Ssshhh, maknae, hyung’s here.”  With a sleepy sigh, Changjo subsided.  He smiled, and he kissed Changjo’s bare, muscular shoulder.  “I love you,” he whispered again, and he closed his eyes.

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