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I know that U-Kiss doesn’t live together.  Let’s pretend that they do, anyway.
Infinite’s stage clothes at this point in time are their “Destiny” outfits with the mesh tops; EXO’s stage clothes are school uniforms.

This story is the fifth in a series.

I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “Mmm, yeah,” Baekhyun moaned, kissing Hoya as the two of them stumbled toward the bed together.  Dragging off Hoya’s tank top, he ran his hands eagerly over Hoya’s chest.  So hard, so strong, Hoya’s body felt as fantastic as he’d fantasized that it would.

            He couldn’t wait to get his face between those firm, muscular thighs.  Shoving Hoya onto his bed, he crouched down, yanking off Hoya’s jeans and purple boxer-briefs.

            “Whoa,” Hoya said, pushing himself up onto his elbows.  His expression was startled but his cock was rock-hard.  “It’s like this?”

            “What, did you have other plans?”  Crawling up Hoya’s body, he slid his hands up Hoya’s thighs, moaning with satisfaction.

            Watching him, Hoya groaned, sinking back across the bed.  “Whatever you like.”

            He caressed Hoya’s cock for a moment, admiring how hard it was, anticipating how thickly it would fill his mouth, his ass.  “So good,” he murmured, giving it a friendly squeeze.  Cupping it between his own thighs, grinding against it a little, he leaned forward, his other hand on Hoya’s shoulder, pinning Hoya to the bed as he smiled.  “Damn, you look strong.  Rip my shirt off.”

            Hoya grunted, hands sliding over his waist, his ass, fingers sliding under the hem of his underpants to stroke his skin.  “Rip?”

            “Rip it,” Baekhyun repeated.  “Tear it off of me.”  Grinning, eager, he waited, turned on, rocking against Hoya’s hard-on.

            “You, uh.”  Hoya laughed.  “Okay.”  His hands gripped the neckline of Baekhyun’s T-shirt.  He tugged-

            -and Baekhyun jacked his cock-

            -and Hoya yanked hard, rending the fabric, tearing Baekhyun’s shirt open.  Baekhyun gasped as it ripped, staring down at his own suddenly bared skin, loving it.  Laughing, moaning, Hoya tore it again, ripping it the rest of the way.  Inhaling, he pushed the torn fabric from Baekhyun’s shoulders.  “Good?”

            “Mmm.”  Shuddering with arousal, Baekhyun smiled down at Hoya with new appreciation, rubbing those hard pecs with an admiring hand.  “Perfect.”  Leaning down, he kissed Hoya’s mouth, his hand straying down Hoya’s bare thigh as he ground against that hard, jutting cock.  “Let me treat you right.”

            Chen couldn’t believe that Insoo was right there, in his dorm.  Rubbing his hands on his shorts, he led the way into the bedroom.  Would they talk first, or just begin?  “I’m glad that you could come.”  Insoo looked amazing in jeans and a black T-shirt, his hair dipping over his eyes.  “I didn’t expect, ah, I wasn’t sure if tonight was too soon.”

            Insoo’s eyebrows went up in mild concern.  “Is it too soon?”  He chuckled.  “Should I go?”

            “No!  No.”  Laughing out of excitement, nervousness, happiness, Chen put up his hands to keep Insoo in the room.  “Please stay.”  To be clear about his intentions, he turned, closing the door.

            Before he’d turned back, he felt Insoo’s hands slide over his hips, lightly squeezing his waist.  His breath catching in his throat, he began to twist around, but then Insoo’s chest was against his back, firm and thick with muscle.  Softly, in his ear, Insoo asked, “Is it okay?”  Slow and strong, Insoo’s hands slid over his stomach, covering his abs.  Heat pooled where Insoo touched him, and lower.  “Too fast?”

            “Yes,” Chen said to the first question.  “No,” to the second.  Realizing that he sounded confused, he covered Insoo’s hands with his own, pressing them against his body.  “More.”

            A warm chuckle, intimate by his ear.  “You like this?”

            With the door right in front of him and Insoo so close against his back, Chen felt as if he stood in a much smaller, much more intimate space than the bedroom he knew so well.  The room had tightened, narrowing in around him; they might as well have been in a smaller room, a closet, with just enough space for the two of them, just enough air.  “Yes.”  Insoo’s hands were sliding under his shirt, hot against his bare skin.  Swallowing, he said, “Yes,” again, and he meant it.  Yes to this, yes to Insoo, yes to everything.  Heat pulsed up his legs as Insoo’s thumb drew circles around his navel, and Insoo’s other hand slid up his body, pressing him back, guiding him to lean back against Insoo’s chest.

            “Mmm.  I like it, too.”

            Feeling a kiss brush the side of his neck, Chen shuddered, aroused, his lips parting, his head falling back.  Another kiss followed the first, and then another, Insoo’s fingers tweaking his nipple, teasing it, sending heat pulsing through his body.  The hand on his abs was sliding lower, stroking his pelvis, nudging his shorts down.

            “You smell good,” Insoo murmured, arms tightening around him.  Softer, with a sexy little chuckle: “You taste good, too.”  The tip of Insoo’s tongue drew a line up to his earlobe, and he moaned, his back arching, his hips rising to press upward against Insoo’s hand.  “Ah, you have a great voice.”  Sliding out from under his shirt, Insoo’s hand stroked his neck, caressing the underside of his jaw, tilting his head far to one side to meet Insoo’s lips for a slow, warm kiss.  The plush softness of Insoo’s lips delivered spine-melting pleasure, and an erotic thrill shivered through him as Insoo slowly took over his mouth.  The kiss was entrancing and masterful, a carnal seduction, and he was in thrall to the gorgeous curves of Insoo’s lips before Insoo finally released his mouth.  Chen tipped his head back on one muscular shoulder, panting, while Insoo brushed soft, sensual kisses on his neck.  Moaning, he closed his eyes, loving the way Insoo touched him.  “So sexy,” Insoo said, in an approving way that made Chen feel sexy.  “I want to hear it again.”  Insoo stroked his jaw, thumb whispering across his lips, leaving him panting, aching.  “I want to hear how much you like it.”

            “I like it,” Chen moaned, his hand rising to the strong arm across his chest.  His hand slid upward, feeling the satin of Insoo’s skin, the bulging of thick muscle.  Insoo was turning him on so quickly, he was already hot, breathing fast.  “I want it.”  His fingers encountered cloth, Insoo’s sleeve, and he groaned in frustration, tugging at it.  Clothing, no, that wasn’t right.  He wanted Insoo to be naked; he wanted himself to be naked, wanted to feel their bare bodies press together, wanted to feel Insoo’s gorgeous, muscular body right against his skin.  He began to pull up his own shirt.

            Insoo’s hands covered his hands, warm and confident.  “Let hyung help you.”  He cooperated, raising his arms, and then his shirt was gone.  He leaned back against Insoo’s hard chest, feeling the heat of Insoo’s body against his even through the cotton of Insoo’s shirt.  “Such a sexy body.”  Trailing slow, wet kisses over his bare shoulders, Insoo stroked his chest with both hands, massaging his pecs, fondling his nipples, leaving him moaning in sexual need before caressing down to his waist.  “Such a handsome voice.”  A thumb hooked under his waistband as Insoo nuzzled his ear and whispered, “What should we do with this?”

            “Off,” Chen said immediately.  “Take it off.”

            “Mmm, that’s right.”  Insoo’s voice was rich with appreciation, approval.  Kissing the back of his neck with soft, luscious lips, Insoo slipped his shorts down slowly, slowly, like it was some unbearable strip tease.  “Let hyung look at you.  Show me how handsome you are.”

            A hand on his back encouraged him forward, and he obeyed it, leaning against the door, panting.  Insoo bared him with agonizing slowness, exposing him like every inch of his body was a rare treat.  When his shorts finally dropped from his thighs to the floor, Insoo was hot against his back again, and he moaned, pressing against Insoo’s strong body.  The shocking pleasure of bare skin seared him, exquisite, devastating.  How - - it didn’t matter, Insoo was naked to the waist, and he squirmed, writhing against all of that firm muscle and sensual heat.

            “Sexy Chen.”  As Insoo’s hands rubbed slowly over his body as if the very feel of him was an erotic pleasure, he felt the protrusion of Insoo’s hard-on against his ass through denim.  Moaning, he ground back against it, clutching at Insoo’s arm, palm against the door for balance.  “Ah, it’s good,” Insoo said, nuzzling his nape, breath hot against the back of his neck.  “How does it feel?”

            “So good, so good,” Chen groaned, loving the texture of Insoo’s jeans against his bare skin, his hips hitching insistently against that thick hardness.

            Insoo was sucking at the side of his neck, kissing his ear, and holding him in a velvet prison of muscular arms.  Insoo was making him want it, need it, and he was revved up before they’d even really gotten started.  While he moaned and tried to fuck himself onto Insoo’s cock through denim, Insoo asked, “What’s good, babe?  What do you like?”

            “Your cock.”  Reaching back, his hands scrabbled over Insoo’s jeans, seeking purchase, trying to yank them off.  “I think you should give it to me now,” he panted.

            “Give it to you?”  Insoo sounded pleased with the idea, and his hand was between Chen’s thighs now, fondling Chen’s balls.

            Groaning, Chen arched against him, legs spreading.  “Yes…  That’s…  Your hand…”

            “You want my cock?” Insoo asked, cupping his balls, sending pleasure thrumming through his whole body.  “You want me to give it to you?  Say it again, Chen-ah, tell me what you want.”

            “I want it,” he moaned, practically bouncing in place as he rubbed against Insoo’s cock and into Insoo’s hand.  “I want your cock, I need it.  Please, hyung, fuck me.”

            “Mmm.”  Insoo’s hand slid upward, stealing over his cock, and the direct attention on his stiff, swollen erection shocked him into a breathless whimper.  Gasping, he stared down at Insoo’s hand so calmly and expertly stroking his cock.  “Yeah, look at it,” Insoo urged, and he groaned, feeling a hot, tingling sensation the whole way through.  That was definitely his cock, he recognized it, but whatever Insoo was doing to it, this sensual slide and pull, felt a hundred times better than his own hand ever did.  Shuddering, burning, making a thrilled, pleading sound, he watched as Insoo’s hand fondled him.  His hips moved in time with Insoo’s hand, and Insoo’s hips stayed snug against his, rocking against him with a sexy, smooth roll, and it felt so good that he couldn’t stop moaning.  Insoo kept tugging and squeezing until he was tingling all over, and everything was ah, ah, oh, shit, he was going to come.  Apparently Insoo had known that all along, because as he cried out, Insoo just said, “That’s it, babe, let it go, show me your cream, let me see it, give it all up for me.”

            “Ah, ah, this, this, yes,” Chen moaned, jerking hard as he came, ecstasy seizing his body and making it dance.  Insoo’s strong arms just held him close, Insoo’s bare skin a hot pleasure against him as he writhed.  Panting for air, he stared at the streaks of cum dripping down the door.  It had really happened.  He had proof.  This wasn’t a fantasy.  Insoo really was doing these incredible things to him.

            “Thank you,” Insoo breathed against his neck, hugging him.  “So good, so hot.  Are you finished?  Was it enough?  Do you want more?”

            What kind of question was that?  “Yes, more.  More, please.”

            “You come so well.”  Insoo kissed behind his ear, hands sliding over his chest, over his sides.  “Your cream looks so good.  Let’s paint the door again.”

            When Insoo released him, Chen sagged against the door, trying to catch his breath.  He blinked slowly, gazing down at the sticky streaks of his cum.  Paint the door.  Yes.  Yes, he was going to get off however and wherever Insoo wanted.  Against this door, on a bed, on the floor, on the roof, whatever Insoo thought was best.  Putting himself in Insoo’s skilled, gorgeous hands had been a wonderful decision.  A stroke of genius.

            “That’s better.”  Insoo moved in behind him, against him.  Pleasure rolled all the way up from his toes as he felt Insoo’s bare skin the whole way along his body.  Not just bare arms, bare chest, but bare thighs, bare cock.  Insoo was naked against him, completely and gloriously naked, and it felt amazing.  “Chen-ah.”  Insoo’s hands were on his thighs, rubbing, squeezing, waking up every inch of him.  “Tell me what you want.  What’s going to feel good to you?”

            “You.”  Reaching back, he found Insoo’s waist, trying to pull Insoo’s hips closer.  Shit, the feel of Insoo’s naked body under his hands was incredible.  So much satin skin, so much taut muscle, did Insoo feel this good everywhere?  “You, just, just keep touching me.”

            “Is that how you like it?”  Insoo was kissing the back of his neck again.  He was never, ever going to get enough of it.  “You want hyung to touch you?  You want me to touch your sexy, hot little ass?”

            “Yes,” he said immediately.  “Yes, please.”

            “You want me to touch you here?  Is this how you want it?”  Insoo’s fingers were on his ass, skimming and squeezing and caressing, flirting with him, brushing the cleft and shying away.

            “Ahhh, you’re teasing me,” he moaned, spreading his thighs, rising up onto his toes.  “I want it, touch me, get in me, please.”

            “‘Please, Insoo hyung,’” Insoo coaxed, stroking the cleft more directly now.  “Ask hyung for it, tell me what you want.”

            “Please, Insoo hyung,” he echoed, twitching, trying to ride Insoo’s fingers.  “Please touch me.  I-inside of me…get…put…”  He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t think, not with, “Oh, oh,” the way Insoo was caressing his ass.  Light, fluttering passes along the cleft alternated with firmer, slower strokes and confident, possessive squeezes until he was groaning in pleasure, frustration, and anticipation, arching his back and rubbing against Insoo’s hand.

            “Yeah, tell me what you like.”  Insoo’s caress was bolder now, and when he felt a fingertip brush against his asshole, he jerked, groaning in joy, in relief, in pleasure.  “Mmm, that’s it.  I like hearing you.  Like hearing you ask for it.”

            His heart was hammering with excitement, but after that first contact, Insoo’s hand slid away again, rubbing his thigh.  Insoo’s other hand stroked up his neck, tipping his chin, and he moaned, turning his head aside, parting his lips as Insoo kissed him.  Insoo’s mouth was incredible, those gorgeous lips, that soft tongue, so skilled, so seductive.  Chen reached back, sliding his hand along the strong line of Insoo’s jaw, fingers sliding into the soft thickness of Insoo’s hair, encouraging the kiss, trying to keep Insoo against his mouth.

            As they kissed, he felt Insoo’s heat against his back, felt Insoo’s erection against his thigh.  Between his thighs.  With a sudden uptick of arousal, he groaned, and then Insoo’s erection was dragging along the cleft of his ass, slippery cockhead wet against his skin.  “Mmm, Chen-ah,” Insoo whispered against his mouth, and then again against his cheek, and then against his neck, “Chen-ah, Chen-ah.”  Insoo’s hips were rocking against him, erection sliding against him, long and hard.  “Do you feel it?”

            Oh, yes.  He felt it, he felt everything.  Rocking with Insoo’s rhythm, he groaned with lust, his whole body craving more.  “Yes, yes, I feel it.”

            “Tell me,” Insoo coaxed, hot between his thighs, hard against his ass.  “Tell me what you feel.”

            “It…  Oh…  It’s so big,” Chen moaned, burning with need.  “It feels so good, you’re so hard, so thick.  It’s so, oh.  I’m so hard, I want it, please.”

            “Say my name if you like my cock.  If you want me to put it inside you.”  Insoo’s voice urged him on, the motion of Insoo’s hips urged him on, the hands sliding over his abs and squeezing his thighs urged him on, and as Insoo crowded him against the door, he groaned with desire, sexual energy racing through him.  “‘Insoo hyung.’”

            “Insoo hyung,” he panted, pressing a hand to the door.

            “Louder.  Don’t be shy, Chen-ah, this isn’t a time to hold back.”

            “I-i-insoo hyung,” he said, moaning it this time, his voice catching as Insoo thrust between his legs.

            “That’s it, say it.”  One muscular arm coiled around his chest, holding him up, while Insoo’s other hand slid up his nape, into his hair, tugging his head back.  “Say my name.”

            “Insoo hyung,” he moaned again, hips jerking, spine arcing.

            “Yeah.”  Insoo was nuzzling against his neck, kissing his skin, panting against him.  “Yeah, babe, that’s it.  Sounds so good.”  The hand on his chest slid to his nipple, thumb rubbing against it, teasing it until he shuddered.  “Say it again, sexy Chen-ah.  ‘Insoo hyung.  It’s so big.’”

            “Insoo hyung.”  He was moaning, his whole being caught in Insoo’s embrace, his body wholly attuned to the drag and slide of Insoo’s hard, leaking cock against him.  “Insoo hyung, it’s so big.  It, ah, it’s so very big.”

            “‘Insoo hyung, it feels so good, you’re so hard.’”

            “Oh, Insoo hyung,” he groaned, meaning every word of it.  “It feels so good, you’re so hard, I want it, I want it inside.”

            Insoo’s voice was low, sexy, a reassuring anchor in the wildness of his need.  “‘Insoo hyung, you’re making me so hard.’”

            “Hyung, yes, yes, Insoo hyung.  Hard, I’m so, it’s so, you’re making me hard, it’s...oh, ahhh…”  Shuddering, his cock throbbing, he pressed both hands against the door, arching back against Insoo’s hot, strong body.

            “‘Insoo hyung,’” Insoo breathed in his ear.  “‘I’m so hard, I need it, please.’”

            “Yes, I need it,” he groaned, his thighs closing tightly around Insoo’s thrusting cock.  “Insoo hyung, please, I’m so hard, now, I need it, ah,” he moaned, pawing at the door, pleasure throbbing between his legs, desire twisting chaotically through his body, “please, oh, I need it.”  He could feel Insoo’s pre-cum trailing down his thighs and he was so turned on by everything Insoo did, everything Insoo said.  Licking his lips, he moaned again.  “Insoo hyung, I have to have it, fuck me, please.”

            “Sexy Chen.”  Cool air made him shiver as Insoo shifted away from him, and then the sensation of Insoo’s fingers sliding along the cleft of his ass made him shudder again, this time in gratitude and moaning pleasure.  “Such a handsome voice.  Such a sweet,” inside, Insoo’s slick finger was pushing into him, “sweet ass.”  Insoo’s finger was wet with lube and he heard the rustling of a condom wrapper.  Chen had no idea where it had come from, but his heart raced with excitement: soon he’d have what he needed.

            Slumping against the door, he arched his back, giving Insoo his ass, closing his eyes as his world narrowed down to the amazing sensation of penetration.  And then Insoo hit that spot, that magic spot, and he jerked at the fiery jolt of pleasure.

            “Does that feel good?”  Insoo’s other hand rubbed his back, and he arched farther, moaning softly, enjoying the simple caress, craving more contact.  “Do you like that?”

            “Yes.  Yes, yes.”  There, “Aaahhh,” it was again, “hhuuunnh,” again, “uuaaahh,” oh, Insoo knew just how to touch him, just what he needed, “oohhh,” just how to work his body.

            “What do you like, babe?  What feels good?”

            “Your hand, your…  Touching me…  Oh, oh, ah!” he called out, closing his eyes, letting it rise from his throat with all of the passion pumping through his body.  Scraping his nails against the door, he bucked recklessly as Insoo sent shock after explosive shock of pleasure through him.

            “Who’s touching you?  What am I doing to you?  Talk to me, Chen-ah, tell me what makes you twitch that sexy ass so well.”

            “Oh, oh,” he moaned, rocking his hips, trying to work Insoo’s finger deeper.  “Insoo hyung, Insoo hyung, you, you’re touching me, you, your finger, it’s inside me, ah, ahhh, hyung…”  Sucking in air, he tried to find words while his body jerked and gyrated against Insoo’s hand, pleasure crackling and popping inside of him.  “You’re f-f-fucking me, fucking me with your finger, and it’s good, it’s so good.”  So good, yes, but something else would be better, even better.  “Your cock, I want your cock, I need you in me, I want to feel it, ah, ah, please…”

            “Yeah.”  Insoo’s cock was there, right there, nudging against him, rock-hard and slick.  Hardly able to believe it might happen, was finally happening, Chen pushed backwards against it, hand flying back to latch onto Insoo’s granite thigh.  “That’s it, babe.  Relax, let hyung take care of you.  I’ve got you, Chen-ah.  Hyung’s right, mmm, right here.”

            Pressing into him, entering slowly, Insoo’s erection felt huge.  It was hard, wonderfully hard, and his lusty moans rose with Insoo’s satisfied groan as their bodies finally joined.  Insoo was filling him up, stretching him open, and he was shaking, his body overwhelmed with pleasure, his heart pounding, his breathing ragged as ecstasy sprinted through him.  “Yes, ah, oh, oh yes!”  Crying out, he dug his nails into Insoo’s thigh.  Insoo was thrusting, surging deeper, rocking into him, and the motion of it, the incredible bursts of pleasure, the sensations of being opened and filled and fucked, were shockingly intense.

            This.  This was exactly what he had wanted.  It was everything he had been asking for.  Insoo had teased him, tantalized him, and gotten him so worked up that it felt incredible finally to have that thick, hard cock pumping into him.  Resting his head on his forearm against the door, he enjoyed every powerful thrust, still babbling all of the words that Insoo wanted to hear, things it turned him on to say.  “Insoo hyung, yes, fuck me, ah, so, ah, good, hyung.”

            “You take it so well.”  Insoo’s strong hands squeezed his hips.  “Take it, Chen-ah.”

            “Yes, give it to me, Insoo hyung, give me your fat cock, yes, ah.”  Chen’s body was humming with pleasure, pulsing with lust, and barreling toward orgasm.  Just when he thought that he couldn’t take any more, when each deep thrust set off another explosion of scorching ecstasy and the wicked throbbing of his cock was at its peak, Insoo suddenly pulled out.

            Stunned, his body full of unmet needs and demands, Chen turned around, feeling empty and frustrated.  Before he could ask why they’d stopped or ask for more, Insoo kissed him, wrapping those strong, muscled arms around him.  “Let’s look at each other for a while.”

            As their eyes met, it felt like a minor miracle was occurring.  While he’d faced the door for so long, Insoo had become a mythic figure, some fantastic, sexual creature from the most erotic of dreams.  But now Insoo was so much more real than that, and so much better.

            Chen stared, fascinated, entranced.  Insoo’s soft, brown hair fell into affectionate, happy eyes which gazed at Chen with fond warmth.  Handsome, he was so handsome.  That mouth, oh, that gorgeous, full, curving, sensuous mouth.  His body, fuck, it was even better than Chen had imagined.  How was it even better?  His muscles were thick and well-defined, his pecs incredible enough to warrant a double-take, his abs rippling right before Chen’s eyes.  His cock rose up tall and stiff, and just the sight of it, so long, so wide and wet, made Chen want to climb back on, made Chen’s thighs ache with wanting him.

            Smiling, Insoo brushed a thumb over Chen’s mouth, leaning in and kissing him again, and then Insoo’s hands were sliding over his body, urging him closer, and he could feel Insoo’s hard, muscular body the whole way down his front, naked and masculine against him.  Groaning, eager to learn the pleasures of Insoo face-to-face this time, he slid his hands over Insoo’s arms, over broad shoulders, over corded back muscles, over solid pecs.  Their kiss wasn’t sweet anymore; it was bold, explicit, Insoo pushing him back against the door and plundering his mouth while their cocks rubbed together.

            He felt Insoo’s hands slide over his ass, cupping, making him squirm with pleasure, and then over his thighs.  Realizing that Insoo was lifting him, he blinked in surprise, wrapping his arms around Insoo’s neck as his feet left the floor.  Grunting, Insoo just kept kissing him like nothing else was going on.  Holding on, he pressed his back against the door, and then he felt the blunt, thick head of Insoo’s erection prodding his asshole.

            Eyes flying open, he made a faint, surprised noise into Insoo’s kiss.  Insoo was going to fuck him like this?  Oh, hell, yes!  In one simple stroke Insoo slid right into him, cock lodging solidly inside of him.  “Oh, ah, yes,” there it was, and he loved it.  Like this, like this, yes, this was - - ah! - - perfect.

            Wincing with pleasure, Insoo grunted, shifting his weight, and then those happy, bright eyes opened and Insoo smiled at him.  “Mmm.”  Insoo started thrusting, bouncing him a little, and he gasped, arms tightening around Insoo as a shock of pleasure whipped through him.  “You feel so good,” Insoo murmured, kissing him lightly, teasingly, full lips brushing his just enough to leave him breathlessly hungry for more.  “Like paradise.  My Chen-ah.”  Insoo grunted, biting at Chen’s lower lip, then at his own.  “I can’t believe how good you feel.”  He licked Chen’s lip, tongue sliding provocatively over the sensitive spot he’d just nipped.  “I could fuck your hot little hole all night.”

            “Yes.”  Chen couldn’t agree quickly enough.  Yes, he wanted that, that sounded perfect, that was an absolutely ideal plan.  He loved the way Insoo talked to him, loved the way Insoo made him feel so sexy and wanted, loved the seductive way Insoo touched him and the sensual way Insoo kissed him and the confident way Insoo fucked him.  His shoulders back against the door for balance, he moaned as Insoo kissed him, threading his fingers through Insoo’s soft hair.  Insoo’s beautiful mouth had been built for kissing, for erotic pleasures, and he couldn’t get enough of it, how plush Insoo’s lips were, how decadently Insoo indulged him.

            Insoo was moving, thrusting up into him, penetrating him thickly, deeply.  The rhythmic plunge of Insoo’s erection created bright sparks which flared with the potency of booming fireworks in his body.  There was another rhythm now, too.  The throbbing of his cock?  The pounding of his heart?  No, something more mundane: the door.  It was thudding in time with Insoo’s thrusts.

            “H-hyung.  The door,” he said.  He really, really didn’t want to switch positions, but maybe they should move to the wall or the bed.  He was pretty sure that any surface, any position, would be amazing with Insoo.

            Kissing his mouth, nuzzling his cheek, Insoo replied right against his skin.  “Should we make it rumble?  Should we break it down?”

            “Yes.”  Yes, they should.  Insoo said the hottest things.  Wait, there was something important about that, some detail.  “The members.  They’ll hear.”

            “Hear what?”  Insoo’s smile was handsome, conspiratorial, affectionate.  Chen couldn’t believe that he’d spent so much of the evening facing a door instead of this face.  “The knocking?  Your sexy voice?”

            Insoo was fucking him steadily, rhythmically, and he was already so hot from pleasure and lust that it couldn’t be possible to burn with embarrassment, but he felt like he was.  When the world had just been the space between him and the door, with Insoo seducing him from behind, he hadn’t thought much about the rest of the dorm or who else was in it.  Now, however, he was keenly aware of the other members, of how easily they could hear.

            “They know that we’re in here,” Insoo whispered.  With each jolting, upward thrust, the knocking seemed to grow just a bit louder.  “They know what you’re doing.”  Insoo’s soft, bewitching kisses lingered along his jaw.  “They know what I’m doing to you.”

            “Yes.”  Oh, the fantastic things Insoo was doing to him.  “Oh, yes,” he moaned, his head falling back against the door.  He didn’t know what he was agreeing to, but his body was so enthralled to Insoo that he thought that Insoo was probably right about everything all of the time.

            “They can hear your voice.”  Insoo’s voice was no more than husky, sensual breath against his neck, accompanied by the caress of lips and tongue.  “They can hear the door.”

            Sharp, searing thrusts bounced him, making the door thump against the frame.  Or maybe that sound really was the pounding of blood in his own cock.  The overwhelming throbbing of his erection felt like an echoing, eternal part of him now, and he wouldn’t be surprised if other people felt the reverberations of it, if other people heard it.  Oh, “Ahh, unh, yes,” fuck, he was so turned on, so well-fucked, he was completely losing his shit and it felt.  So.  Good.

            “Let them hear it,” Insoo urged, sucking just above his collarbone.  “They know you, how handsome you are, your sexy body, your beautiful voice.  They know you’re in here, spreading your legs.  Tell them the rest, tell them who’s fucking you.  What am I doing to you, Chen-ah?  Tell them.”

            They know you’re in here, spreading your legs.  As the words connected in his mind, the idea sizzled down his spine and he groaned, feeling every bit as opened and spread and pinned as he was.  They did know, they had to know.  “F-f-fucking me,” he panted, sliding his hands through Insoo’s hair, down Insoo’s neck.  “You’re fucking me.”  They could hear the rhythm at the door, he knew they could.  The rhythm of Insoo’s thrusts.  The rhythm of Insoo’s lengthy, wide erection sliding in and out of his thickly greased hole.  “Oh, god, you’re fucking me so hard.”  It seemed so very real all of a sudden, the burning thrust of Insoo’s hard cock, the tight grip of Insoo’s strong hands on his thighs, the way his back was pressed against the door, the way their sweaty bodies slid together.  This gorgeous sunbae he barely knew was fucking the hell out of him, and he was loving every goddamned thing about it.

            “Come on, Chen-goon.”  Insoo was licking the hollow between his collarbones, sucking at his neck, pounding into him, rattling the door.  “Say my name, say it.”

            “Insoo hyung.”  He was more than happy to say anything Insoo wanted.  He couldn’t stay still and sexual ecstasy was rocking him and he raked his nails down Insoo’s back, trying to pull himself forward, trying to get more and more.

            “Yeah, that’s it, babe, that’s it.  Tell them who’s fucking you.”

            “Insoo hyung, Insoo hyung.  You’re fucking me, in me, so hard, ah, ah, so - - oh, oh, auuh! - - so good, it’s so good.”  Panting, he clutched at Insoo’s bulging biceps as each surging thrust slammed the door.

            “Yeah, so good,” Insoo echoed, pounding into him.  “Who’s inside you, babe, who’s making you love it?”

            “You are, you,” Chen moaned.  His own cock was smacking against his stomach, rock hard and leaking precum.  “Insoo hyung, Insoo hyung, I love it, oh God, I love it.”

            “Louder, Chen-ah, let them hear it, make them remember it.  Who’s fucking your hot, sexy ass?  Who did you give it to?”

            “You, Insoo hyung, it’s you.  Fuck my ass, fuck it, aauuunhh, do it.”  He couldn’t take this, he couldn’t, the pleasure, the explosions building up inside of him, it was too good, too much.

            “Whose cock are you riding, babe?  Whose dick is splitting you open?”

            “Oh, god, Insoo hyung,” he groaned, pleasure twisting up through him, his whole body writhing with it, undulating as it possessed him.  “Your cock, it’s your cock, Insoo hyung, so hard, it’s inside me, fucking me, you’re fucking me so deep.”

            “Tell them what I’m doing to you, babe.”  Insoo was panting against his neck, muscular body dripping with sweat, the door banging on its hinges.  “Tell them how much you love it.  Say my name, say it.”

            “Insoo hyung, ah, ah, I love it so much.”  The ecstasy was intense, his need even greater; he felt like he would scream if Insoo didn’t make him come.  “I love your cock, Insoo hyung, I love the way you fuck me.  I’m so hard, Insoo hyung, you’re making me so hard, I want to come, I’m going to come.  Hyung, Insoo hyung, please make me come.”

            “Yes, yes, Chen-ah, do it, get off on it, come for me,” Insoo groaned, grip slipping and shifting on his thighs, lifting him, angling him.  Oh, oh, fuck!  Insoo’s thrusts were jolting him, hitting him in just the right spot, sending waves of pleasure crashing into him, ecstasy quaking his body.  “Say my name, say it.”

            Moaning, crying out, yelling, he said it again, again: “Insoo hyung, Insoo hyung, Insoo hyung!”  Thrashing, arching, clawing at Insoo’s back, ecstasy crashing through him and threatening to burst.  “Insoo hyung!  Insoo hyung!  Kang Insoo hyung!”  And then it hit him, the perfect thrust, the perfect spark, and he went up in flames, rocking and bouncing in a fever of passion, erotic rapture exploding and spiraling and spreading to his toes, to his fingertips, to the roots of his hair.  As he heaved and bucked, his cum squirted in ropy spurts onto Insoo’s powerful pecs, a few ambitious drops landing along Insoo’s neck.

            “That’s it, that’s it, fuck, yes,” Insoo said, panting, grunting.  There was a furious pounding - - BAM! BAM! BAM! - - from Insoo slamming fiercely into him, from the sound of the door, and then Insoo shuddered against him, shoving one last time so deep inside that he groaned and a last dribble of cum leaked from his cock.  Breathing heavily, hairline damp with sweat, Insoo just stood there panting for a moment, holding him, forehead against his cheek.

            Trying to recover, aching in every muscle and really having no idea how Insoo was still bearing his weight, Chen slid his fingers through Insoo’s wet hair.  “I-insoo hyung?”

            A smile curved Insoo’s gorgeous mouth.  Without opening his eyes, he murmured, “Hmm?”

            He licked his lips.  “That was amazing.”

            Insoo’s lips twitched, smile widening.  Dark eyes opened.  “Mmm.  You come so well.”  Wincing, Insoo eased Chen down, setting him on his feet.  Weaving a little unsteadily, he teetered, his legs feeling uselessly weak, his thighs burning.  He leaned heavily against the wall, and Insoo cupped his cheek, kissing him, generous lips beguiling and pampering him.

            Moaning lazily, drifting on pleasure, feeling drugged with it, he licked cum from Insoo’s chest.  He was going to pass out as soon as he found his bed.  “Insoo hyung,” he mumbled, and then he blinked, laughing, moaning, gazing at Insoo in bewilderment.  “I can’t stop saying it.”

            Chuckling, Insoo patted his ass.  “Come on.  Let’s wash up.”

            “Harder,” Baekhyun demanded.  On his hands and knees on his bed, he was in that terrific erotic space where he felt so good, he didn’t want to come yet, he just wanted to feel.  Every one of Hoya’s forceful, powerful thrusts sent a savage burst of white-hot pleasure through him, and the angry ache of his cock was so intense he was starting to shiver with need.  He’d known that it would be good with Hoya - - he recognized a good fuck when he saw one - - but he’d underestimated Hoya’s sexual proficiency.  The two of them meshed excellently.  Hoya was sexually passive enough to let him take the lead most of the time, following instruction and giving him exactly what he wanted, but was also good - - really good - - at pushing his buttons and surprising him once in a while.

            At the moment, what he needed was to be fucked hard, harder, harder, and Hoya was doing just that.  It wasn’t enough, though, and he gritted his teeth, frustrated.  “Harder!”

            And then he felt a sudden flash of brightness against his skin, and heard an accompanying slap.

            Shocked, he twisted to stare at Hoya over his shoulder in disbelief.  “Did you just spank me?!”

            Hoya just grunted at him, smirked, and said, “Yeah,” while still pounding away at his ass.

            “What the hell is wrong with you?!”  Then he thought about how incredibly turned on he was, and how badly his cock ached, and what it might have looked like, Hoya’s strong hand landing on his pale, soft ass.  “Do it again.”

            Slowing down, Hoya raised his eyebrows.

            Impatient now, twitchy for it, Baekhyun wriggled.  “Come on, hyung, do it.”

            Hoya shrugged, grinned, and spanked him, roughly.  The first one startled him, the second one made him want to smack Hoya back, and the next three sent him to some wonderful, open place where everything was bright and clear.

            “More,” he insisted, arching his back.

            “You look great with your ass in the air.”  Hoya’s hand was on the back of his neck, pushing his head down.  He didn’t want to obey - - he started to resist - - and then he was doing it, obediently lowering his head.  He could smell them on the sheets, smell sex, smell Hoya, and he squirmed in excitement, spreading his thighs.

            Blushing bright red, nervously licking his lips, Chen walked with Insoo to the front door.  Feeling self-conscious, he avoided eye contact, which was kind of difficult, since almost all of the members were popping up and not at all subtly gathering around to watch.

            Beside him, Insoo walked calmly, confidently, the relaxed stroll of a man completely at ease in himself.  When they reached the door, Insoo turned with a smile, gazing at him fondly.  Cupping his face in one hand, Insoo brushed a soft, luxurious kiss over his lips.  “Let’s talk soon.”

            “Yeah.”  It was completely embarrassing to have everyone gathered around like this, but it was hard to remember to be embarrassed when Insoo was looking at him with such affection and pride and pleasure.  “Thank you, Insoo hyung.”

            A happy smile; Insoo laughed.  “Thank you, Chen-ah.”  Insoo kissed him again, nodded at his members, and left.

            “Thank you, Insoo hyung,” at least three different people said in varying tones of dreaminess and ecstasy.

            Okay, now he was embarrassed.  Red with shame, he covered his face with both hands, but the members were already converging, crowding around, laughing and questioning and exclaiming, teasing him and plucking at his clothes.  Pushing Tao’s hands away, he told D.O. to shut up, but he kind of liked the attention.  He’d had an amazing night, and he wanted to talk about it.  He just wasn’t sure what to say.

            “Are you all right?” Suho asked, patting him down, looking concerned.  “Are you sore anywhere?”

            “Are you kidding?” Sehun asked.  “Of course he’s sore.  He just got plowed.”

            “By whom?” Xiumin asked.  “Who was it, again?  I didn’t catch his name.  Was he a hyung or a dongsaeng?  Did anyone happen to hear that guy’s name?”

            “Oh my god, shut up,” Chen pleaded, laughing, pushing Sehun aside.

            But it was already too late.  The jokes were flowing in, and D.O. and Chanyeol were chanting, “Insoo hyung!  Insoo hyung!  Insoo hyung!”  Suho was talking about balms and supplements, and Tao was trying to explain why the blowjob note had to be about Insoo, and then Luhan asked, “Wait, did you hear that?”

            “Hear what?”  Everyone fell silent.

            It was quiet, but rhythmic.  A sort of clapping sound.  Quickly, Chen took a head count and came up one short.  Baekhyun?  With the others, he drifted toward Baekhyun’s room.

            “What’s he doing in there?” Tao whispered.

            “What do you think he’s doing?” Kai whispered.

            “They’ve been fucking all night,” Xiumin whispered.  “It didn’t sound like that.”

            Cheeks burning, Chen could easily imagine the members standing outside of his door, whispering, speculating.  But there had been no need to speculate over what he’d been doing; he’d explained it.  Loudly.  Through the banging door.  Covering his face with his hands, he hid behind Kris, trying not to remember shouting out in ecstasy, finding it impossible not to remember the way his body had shuddered and burned at Insoo’s touch.

            Suddenly, “Hyung!  I don’t want a safeword!” Baekhyun snapped.  “Just do it!”  While Hoya said something Chen couldn’t hear, Xiumin snickered and Kris clapped his hand over Tao’s mouth.  Then, Baekhyun’s voice again: “Fine!  My cock’s so hard I’m dying, and you want to play word games.  You want a safeword, we’ll have one.  How’s ‘Infinite?’”

            After Woohyun finally wakened, untied himself, and found his phone, he had text messages from half of the guys he’d talked to yesterday at the ISAC.  Instead of replying to them immediately, he first found a slip of paper, entering the number in his phone.

            Then he texted Oh Sehun.  “Good morning, Sehun-ah.  You did so well yesterday, regardless of the scores, it seems like our team won.”

            The ropes had chafed his skin a little - - he’d told Sunggyu that they were too tight - - and he was rubbing his thigh when he received a reply.

            “Yes, hyung.  I received the best prize of all yesterday.  That snack you fed me was delicious.”

            As the song came to an end, Chunji staggered away, moaning.  “Break, I need a break.”  While the others mopped up sweat, he slumped across the practice room floor.  “Uuuuuhh.”  What had he been thinking?  What had he done to himself?  More importantly, how soon could he do it again?

            “What’s wrong with you tonight?” Changjo asked.

            “What’s wrong with him tonight is what he did this afternoon,” C.A.P. said.  His voice was sly, amused, and - - was it only Chunji’s imagination? - - proud.

            Turning his head, Chunji opened his eyes just enough to peek, looking at C.A.P.’s smile.  Yep.  Proud.

            “Why?  Where were you, anyway?” Changjo asked.

            “How did he describe it?” Ricky asked.  “‘Ah, dongsaeng-ah.  If only I could explain it in a way your innocent mind could understand.  I was sandwiched between the powerful, demanding bodies of two strong, experienced men who were determined to have their way with me.  I was used, dominated, and, in the end, adored.’”

            “Oh my god,” L.Joe groaned, his voice muffled.

            Laughing, Chunji swiped ineffectually at Ricky from the floor.  “Ya!  Is that really what I said?”

            “Yes!” Ricky exclaimed.  “Why are you so embarrassing?”

            “What does any of that mean?” Changjo asked.  “So you had sex with two guys.  Who?”

            “I don’t think I want to know,” Niel said.  “What do you mean, ‘adored?’  How does that happen, what’s that like?”

            “It means that Chunji’s full of it,” L.Joe said.  “He had sex with Soohyun sunbaenim and Hoon sunbaenim.  He got ambitious and let them fuck him too hard and now his legs hurt and he doesn’t want to do his job.”

            “Ya!”  Chunji mock-glared at L.Joe.  “My job is to sing and to look good.  I can do that just fine!”

            “Leave Chunji alone,” C.A.P. said mildly.  “No one complained when you strained your hamstring riding Changjo’s cock too much.”

            “What?!”  Ricky turned around, smacking Changjo’s chest.  “You said he got hurt from practicing too much!”

            “Practicing getting screwed,” Niel said, snickering.

            While Changjo laughed, looking delighted and embarrassed, L.Joe chased Niel around the room.  “You!” Ricky exclaimed, smacking Changjo again.  Then he stared at L.Joe, at Chunji.  “What’s wrong with the hyungs on our team?!”

            “Eh, they’re all right,” C.A.P. said lazily while L.Joe landed on top of Niel in a corner.  “A little extra stick once in a while keeps them happy.”

            Ricky looked from Chunji, who was becoming one with the floor, to L.Joe, who was punching a laughing, protesting Niel.  “Happy?”

            “Let’s take five minutes,” C.A.P. said, and strolled out of the room.

            Good.  More time to rest.  “Changjo,” Chunji said.  “Get my phone.”

            Retrieving his phone from the corner where he’d left it, Changjo handed it to him, sitting down beside him.  As he checked his messages, Changjo asked, “What was it like?”

            “Hmm?”  He grinned, glancing at Changjo.  “U-Kiss?”

            Blushing, Changjo nodded.

            “It was fantastic.  It’s always incredible with Soohyun hyung.  Always, always.”  Remembering last time, and the time before that, and then the time before that, Chunji shook his head.  “He never has a bad night.  Last night was only my second time with Hoon hyung, but you can tell they’re used to being together.”  He checked his Twitter account.  “My ass was rammed so many times I - - ya!  What’s this?”  He stared in disbelief at the photo onscreen.

            “Finish the sentence!” Ricky exclaimed.  “How can you not finish?”

            “It looks like Sungjong hyung and EXO’s Tao,” Changjo said, leaning over his shoulder.

            “Together!” Chunji protested.  “They’re together!”  Outraged, he slid his phone away, across the practice room floor.  “Auugh!  That stupid little - - auugh!  That was supposed to be me!”

            Tao had been hoping to talk with one of the Infinite members, so when Sungjong asked him to pose for a selca, he’d been happy to oblige.  While Sungjong messed around with the phone, Tao asked, “You know that, uh, that note?”

            “Note?”  Sungjong gave him a wide, innocent smile.

            “The, uh.  It was about.”  Flustered, Tao laughed.  “You know!  The note!”

            “Oh!”  Laughing, Sungjong shrugged lightly.  “I never got to see it.  I heard that you found it.”

            “Do you know what happened to it?”  He’d heard, himself, but there were so many rumors flying around, he wanted to pin down what had really happened.

            Sungjong nodded.  “Sunggyu hyung has it.”  Lowering his voice, he cast a quick glance in Sunggyu’s direction.  They were sharing a dressing room, and Sunggyu was at the other end of it, talking with Dongwoo and a manager.  “He says that he got rid of it.”  His expression indicated that he didn’t believe a word of it.

            “Was it his?” Tao asked, lowering his voice.  “Did he write it?  Was it about him?”

            “I don’t know.”  Sungjong seemed thoughtful.  He tapped his phone against his chin.  “It might be about him.  It could be.”

            Tao didn’t want to believe it.  He’d read that note with his very own eyes.  That kind of lust, that kind of sex, had to be devoted to someone special, someone who inspired worship when he walked into the room.  Not that ordinary sunbae.  No, it had to be someone else.

            “So.”  Sungjong smiled at him.  “What are you doing later?”

            “…which makes me really want to know Infinite better.”  Perched on Hoya’s knee, Baekhyun smiled at L.  “There’s so much that I want to learn about Infinite.  Infinite’s songs, Infinite’s history, what the Infinite members are really like.  Tell me about Infinite.  What was it like before Infinite debuted?”

            Chuckling, L ignored Baekhyun and looked past him at Hoya, who was wincing and rubbing his forehead.  “Why does this guy keep saying our team name?”

            “What?”  With a bright, wondering expression, Baekhyun smiled at L.  “What’s wrong with saying ‘Infinite?’  That’s your name, isn’t it?  Infinite?  Infinite, Infinite, Infinite?”

            “Baekhyun-ah.”  Hoya looked pained.  “Let’s change that word.  I can’t think about that every time someone says ‘Infinite.’”

            “Think about what?” Baekhyun asked, laughing.  “What are you thinking about?”

            “Yeah, hyung.”  L leaned forward, interested.  “What are you thinking about?”

            Hoya gave Baekhyun a slow, warning look.  “Do you really want me to answer?”

            Baekhyun stared at him in disbelief, laughing self-consciously now.  “You wouldn’t!”

            “You asked,” Hoya pointed out.  “Don’t ask me in public if you don’t want me to say it in public.”

            “Say it,” L urged.

            “Yeah, say it,” Xiumin agreed.

            “Say what, what are we saying?” Chanyeol asked.

            “Baekhyun hyung’s saying ‘Infinite Infinite Infinite’ and Hoya hyung doesn’t like it,” Kai explained.

            “Why not?” Tao asked.  “Isn’t that your safeword?”

            Ignoring the chaos across the dressing room, Sehun leaned his hip against the make-up table, watching with a deliberately bored expression as the make-up artist did wonderful things to Woohyun’s face.

            Hearing the laughter and shouting, Woohyun asked, “What are they doing over there?”

            Sehun glanced over, shrugged, and let his gaze return to where it wanted to be: Woohyun.  “Baekhyun hyung’s killing Tao hyung.”

            Woohyun laughed.  “You don’t care?”

            He shrugged.  “The hyungs will stop them.”  When he kept his gaze on Woohyun’s eyes, he was fine, because Woohyun was looking mostly at the mirror and not at him.  When his gaze fell to Woohyun’s mouth, he started to experience all of these memories and feelings and wicked, yearning sensations.  When he looked below the mouth, his brain went, “Gorgeous body, sexy muscles, cock, cock, cock, cock, cock,” and got stuck on “cock” for a while.  He’d sucked that cock, and he wanted to do it again.

            No.  He was going to do it again.  It wasn’t only a desire; it was a fact, an eventuality.

            The make-up artist was moving away and Woohyun was standing.  After giving his reflection an assessing look, he smiled at Sehun.  “How do I look?”

            He couldn’t help it; faced with that smile, he smiled back.  He had to be blushing; his cheeks felt hot.  “Very handsome.”  While the make-up artist had her back turned as she settled Sunggyu into her chair, Sehun brushed his fingertips over the mesh of Woohyun’s shirt.  “I like these outfits.”

            “Do you ever get confused?” Sunggyu asked.  “Between your stage clothes and your own uniform?”

            Sehun didn’t find that funny at all, and he made sure that his smile showed it.  “I’ve already graduated.”

            “I told you,” Woohyun muttered, pushing Sunggyu’s shoulder.

            Laughing, Sunggyu punched Woohyun’s thigh.

            Ignoring the funny guy, Sehun smiled at Woohyun.  That “I told you” meant that Woohyun had talked about him, had defended him.  It was a good sign.  Touching the mesh again, lingering this time, he asked, “But do you really need the tank top?”

            Laughing, Woohyun crossed his arms over his chest as if covering himself.  “I’m shy.”

            “Mmm, he’s right.  Take it off,” Sunggyu said.

            “What?”  Woohyun sounded surprised; his expression was astonished.

            “Take it off,” Sunggyu said.  His expression was cool and calm; his tone said that he expected to be obeyed.

            “What?”  Woohyun was laughing, embarrassed.  “Now?”

            Sunggyu grinned at him.  “Do you need help?  Is it too much trouble for you?  Sehun-goon, help him with the buttons.”

            “Ya!”  Woohyun splayed both hands over his chest protectively.  “What’s wrong with you?”

            If Sunggyu was trying to embarrass Sehun, it wasn’t going to work.  “Here,” he said, tugging at the front of Woohyun’s shirt, pulling Woohyun closer.  Deliberately looking calm, he matter-of-factly started on the buttons he could see.  As Woohyun’s hands fell aside, giving him more access, he looked up from beneath his lashes, rewarding Woohyun with a secretive smile.  Buttons finished, he brushed the mesh shirt open, letting his hands slide over the fabric of the tank top, enjoying the hardness and warmth of Woohyun’s body.  “There you go, hyung,” he murmured, and met Woohyun’s eyes again.

            The sexual intent in Woohyun’s expression was an erotic shock.  The lust burning in Woohyun’s gaze stole his breath, and he fell back a step, his hands on the counter behind himself to keep from sinking to his knees, to keep from pushing his pants down around his thighs and baring his ass.  That focused, sexually charged look was so intense, Woohyun might as well have simply said, aloud, “I want it, and I want it from you, and we both know that you’re going to give it to me.  Now.”  And Sehun found himself incredibly eager to agree.

            Then Woohyun broke the lock of their gazes, looking away, taking a deep breath.  His expression relaxing, he handed Sehun his shirt, then pulled off his tank top, dropping it into Sunggyu’s lap.  Naked to the waist, he frowned at the mirror.  Sehun couldn’t imagine what he was frowning at; he looked impossibly good.  Shit, he really was this muscular, his muscles this gorgeously well-defined, his skin this taut and smooth?  It hadn’t been only the hazy veil of lust which made Sehun remember his hard, mature body as this handsome, this sexy?

            Stepping forward, Woohyun leaned closer to the mirror, narrowing his eyes and fixing his hair.  Instead of moving to the side, he simply came forward as if Sehun weren’t there, so close that if Sehun took too deep a breath their bodies would touch.  Transfixed, Sehun stared in yearning, heart-pounding fascination at the strong, bare shoulder within kissing distance.  At Woohyun’s bare chest practically pressed against his own.  At those thick biceps, that delicious neck.  He wanted to grab Woohyun, to latch on, to feel all of that confident masculinity pressed against him.  He wanted Woohyun to slip a hand between his thighs and whisper in his ear.  He wanted Woohyun to fuck him, right there, on top of the counter.

            His breath caught in his throat, Sehun whimpered.

            Oh, god!  Horrified, humiliated, he pressed his lips together.  He didn’t dare look around to see if anyone had heard it.

            With an easy smile, as if completely unaffected, Woohyun stepped away again and plucked the shirt from Sehun’s hands.  Slipping it on, he buttoned it up, then tucked it in.

            Trying to breathe normally, Sehun swallowed.  The pockets covered his nipples, but his body was very visible through the mesh.  It was like an erotic game, envisioning his naked torso, able to see so very much but not quite everything.  His skin looked so luxuriously touchable, Sehun had to hang onto the counter to resist the urge to reach for him.

            Woohyun’s smile was tinged with such flirtatious, sexual confidence that Sehun only wanted him more.  The room seemed unbearably hot.  “Better?”

            Sehun nodded, not trusting his voice.  His initial plan had been to flirt and seduce; now he only wanted to get through the conversation without shoving his face between Woohyun’s thighs.  It seemed, at the moment, like an incredibly lofty goal.

            From his chair near the door, Chen watched people come and go.  Sometimes when they were getting ready to perform, he liked to add to the room’s energy, to get himself and the other members pumped up.  Today, with everyone gossiping about the note, and Dongwoo and Xiumin and Chanyeol ping-ponging around the room, and Baekhyun being the most embarrassing member ever all over Hoya, Chen didn’t dare try to inject any more chaos into the situation.  Seriously, what was Baekhyun trying to do, undress Hoya right in front of everyone?  Oh, no, he was.  Incredulous, Chen looked around for an authority figure, needing someone to intervene.  “Where’s Suho hyung?” he asked D.O., seated next to him.

            “He and Kris hyung took Tao out for a ‘conversation,’” D.O. said.

            Ah.  Chen sighed.  Tao was always oversensitive and sulky after being scolded.  And now there was no one around to stop Baekhyun from - - oh, good, Hoya was putting his shirt back on.  He’d left the tank top off.  What was going on with Infinite members needlessly changing clothes?

            “Ah!  Insoo hyung!”

            Chen looked up, about to scold D.O. for teasing him in public, when the words caught in his throat, almost choking him.  Insoo.  Insoo, live, in the flesh, walking into the room, standing right in front of him.

            “Sorry.  Insoo sunbaenim,” D.O. corrected himself, sounding as flustered as Chen felt, which was incredibly freaking flustered.

            Insoo smiled his sexy, gorgeous smile.  “It’s okay.  You can call me ‘hyung.’”

            D.O.’s voice was strangely breathless.  “Can I?  I can call you ‘Insoo hyung?’”

            Ah!  “Shut up,” Chen said desperately, embarrassed.

            Insoo laughed and turned his smile right on Chen, his eyes sparkling.  “Chen-ah.”

            Fumbling upward out of his chair, Chen wondered how anyone could look so masterfully sexual and so calmly normal at the same time.  “Insoo hyung.”  Oh, god, it was like he’d been trained.  This man’s presence and those two words and all of a sudden his blood was hot and his cock was achingly hard and his body was begging.

            “How are you?”  Insoo’s smile was friendly, interested, but he seemed to consider this a perfectly ordinary conversation.

            Meanwhile, Chen was afraid to look down and confirm that his cock was tenting his pants.  “Fine.  I didn’t know you’d be here.  I would have come to greet you.”

            “We’re going on soon.  I just wanted to say hi.  I-”

            “Insoo hyung.  It’s time.”

            The guy in the doorway was one of Insoo’s members, Jun.Q or Chaejin; Chen was embarrassed not to know which.  Bowing, greeting him politely, Chen felt a quick surge of envy.  How often did this guy get to say “Insoo hyung,” anyway?  All of the time, probably.  God, what would that be like?  To work with Insoo every day, to live with Insoo, to get to have that kind of experience whenever he wanted it?  Chen’s mind reeled and his body ached.

            “Ah, yes,” Insoo told his dongsaeng.  Then he flashed Chen a friendly smile.  “It’s good to see you.  Call me.”  Then, like it was the most ordinary thing in the world, he hugged Chen.

            Amazed, feeling like he was getting away with something daring, Chen hugged Insoo back.

            Pulling away, Insoo smiled at D.O.  “EXO fighting!”  His hand on Jun.Q’s back - - Chaejin’s back? - - he steered his dongsaeng into the hallway and left.

            Hurriedly, Chen sat, ineffectually trying to tug his jacket over his hard-on.

            “I don’t know who that sunbae was,” D.O. said.  “But I want to be him.”  Then he eyed Chen.  “Or you.  Can I be you?”

            Trying to calm down, Chen let air shudder out of him.  “You can be me if I get to be whoever he’s with regularly.”

            “Regularly?  I don’t think anyone could handle that regularly.  I think I’d explode.”

            Chen winced at the throbbing of his cock.  Explode, yes.  But so, so happily.

            L was packed and ready to go to the airport, just like always, but it was so different this time, Dongwoo didn’t know how to handle it.  “I want to take you to the airport.”

            “No.”  L’s voice was muffled against Dongwoo’s shoulder, his hair soft against Dongwoo’s cheek.

            He ran his hands up and down L’s back.  L was about to leave, and he’d forgotten how to let go.  L being one of the members and L being his boyfriend were very different experiences, and Dongwoo couldn’t just hug and say good-bye this time.  He knew how lonely L felt, how hard it was to be away, how keenly L felt the separation.  “Then let me ride in the van with you.”

            “No.”  L wasn’t lifting his head.

            The feel of L’s arms around him, L’s face pressed against his neck, his shoulder, his stomach, his back, his thigh, was a constant part of the everyday intimacy of L’s love.  What was he going to do when L was in Japan and not with him, not clinging to him or snuggling against him?  He could ask Sungyeol to breathe on him or Hoya to pet him, but it wouldn’t be the same.  “I want to come with you.”

            “You can’t.”  L’s hands slid through his hair, cupped his nape; he could feel L breathing.  “We have to say good-bye here.  I can’t do it in public.  I can’t feel like this in public.”

            L’s trip wouldn’t be that long.  It would be okay.  L did this all of the time.  They were all used to it by now.  But Dongwoo wasn’t used to feeling like part of his heart went wherever L went.  He was used to his body parts being whole and entirely his, not separated up and taking off with other people, out of his control.  “You’ll be okay,” he said firmly, but he didn’t know if he was telling L or trying to convince himself.  Inhaling deeply, he moved back, easing a hand under L’s chin, pushing L’s face up.

            L’s eyes were wet, and he turned his face away like he was ashamed, blinking.

            The sight of L’s distress was a pang in Dongwoo’s chest, and he made a hurt, worried sound, trying to get L to look at him.  “Don’t cry.  You can’t cry.  Should we cancel the trip?”

            “Cancel,” L repeated on a dry, breathless laugh.  “What are you saying?”

            “You can’t go if you’re upset like this.”  He was speaking nonsense, and logically he knew that, but it made perfect sense to him, anyway.  If L was unhappy enough to cry over leaving, then L shouldn’t go, and it would be monstrous to insist otherwise.  He couldn’t stand seeing L hurt like this; it was unbearable.

            “I have to go.”  L turned away for a moment; Dongwoo frowned, worrying, stroking his back.  When he turned back, his eyes were clear and he was almost smiling.  “You’ll think about me while I’m gone?”

            “Every day,” Dongwoo promised, and kissed him.  Oh, god, kissing L was one of the best ways to spend time that had ever been created.  Moaning, he caressed Dongwoo’s cheeks, and when Dongwoo’s hands slipped under his T-shirt, he made a soft sound, his breath catching in his throat, his tongue sliding over Dongwoo’s lower lip.  Hand splayed over his ribcage, Dongwoo treasured the warmth and solidity of him, how real and present he was.  “Let’s do it one more time.”

            “Hyung!”  L’s smile was delighted.  “I have to go.  We can’t, I’ll be late.”

            L was right, but Dongwoo wasn’t ready to let go.  “I hate this so much.”  He groaned, closing his eyes.  He was the hyung, right?  He wanted to be a good boyfriend.  He should be the strong one, the supportive one, making L feel confident and positive about leaving, not whining and complaining.  “You’ll come back,” he said.  Opening his eyes, he cupped L’s face in his hands, gazing into L’s beautiful, emotional eyes.  “You’ll work hard, and you’ll be terrific, and everyone will admire you, and everyone will be amazed at how wonderful you are.  And then you’ll come back, you’ll come home, and I’ll hug you and fuck you and not let go for days.”

            “Mmm.”  L hugged him tightly.  He hugged back just as tightly, and then he heard, in a mumble against his shoulder, “Dongwoo hyung.  I love you.”

            He pressed his lips together.  L didn’t want him to say it back, so he didn’t try.  He just said, “I’ll miss you, L-goon.  Be healthy.”

            Baekhyun liked going out in public with Hoya.  It turned him on to see how long he could tease himself, how long he could be with Hoya before he became impatient and had to go back to the dorm and take what he needed from Hoya’s hard, agile body.  It was like an experiment in self-discipline.

            He was learning a lot about discipline these days, actually.  Being tied up and spanked, choking back the safeword, his torn shorts in tatters, his ass exposed, his skin red and burning from the powerful slap of Hoya’s hand - - all of that was amazing and exciting and exactly what he wanted.  The discipline came when Hoya started teasing him.

            He wasn’t used to guys denying him cock.  When he wanted it, he got it, and guys were happy to oblige.  But Hoya taunted him with it.  Knew that he wanted it and refused to give it to him.  Made him wait for it.  Work for it.  Beg for it.  It was horrible, and it kept him coming back for more like an eager boomerang.

            That particular evening, they both had a few hours off.  They were shopping while Baekhyun privately tried to figure out a casual, meaningless way to suggest that they go to Infinite’s dorm instead of EXO’s.  He’d never been to Hoya’s dorm, and he didn’t want to be obvious about how badly he wanted to be fucked hard on Hoya’s own bed.  Hoya could read him too well; he didn’t want to give himself away.

            They were in a shoe store when he saw someone standing by the counter.  Someone lithe and blond and very pretty.

            “Hoya hyung.”  There was a purring sound.  “You are my destiny.”

            Chunji.  Baekhyun smiled, immediately improving upon his plans for the evening.  If Chunji joined them, Chunji would be the needy one, the desperate one.  It would completely change the balance; it would give Baekhyun room to reassert his dominance.  And Hoya wouldn’t play games in front of Chunji, wouldn’t taunt and deny Baekhyun.  He’d be able to get what he wanted, get the kind of hard, pounding fuck he deserved.  And he’d be able to watch Hoya screw Chunji.  Yes, oh, yes, watching Hoya dominate that pretty little sunbae was going to be so.  Much.  Fun.

            Baekhyun cast a quick look to his right, determined that Hoya was absorbed in considering a pair of shoes, and walked over to Chunji.  “Sunbaenim.  I didn’t expect to see you here.”

            Looking surprised, Chunji smiled at him.  “Byun Baekhyun.  Hi.”  Brushing his bangs out of his eyes, he seemed very pleased.  “Shopping?”

            Baekhyun shifted his weight, deliberately moving closer.  “Just looking around.  Seeing what looks,” he let his gaze drift down Chunji’s body, “interesting.”  Meeting Chunji’s eyes, he smiled again.  “I came with Hoya hyung.”

            Chunji blinked repeatedly; Baekhyun was sure that his heart had just started fluttering.  “Hoya hyung?”  His voice cracked; he cleared his throat.  “Are you two together?”

            “Mmm.”  Resting his other hand on the counter, he toyed with the hem of Chunji’s jacket.  “Are you on your own tonight?  Maybe the three of us could do something.  Together.”  He met Chunji’s eyes.

            Or he would have met Chunji’s eyes, if Chunji had been looking at him and not gazing lustfully across the store.  He couldn’t really blame Chunji - - that was how he stared at Hoya most of the time, himself - - but it was still kind of insulting.

            “Oh, hey.”  Hoya joined them, glancing from one to the other.

            “Hyung.”  Chunji blushed.

            As if he didn’t have a care in the world, Baekhyun rested his elbow on Hoya’s shoulder.  “I was asking Chunji sunbae if he wanted to hang out with us.  What do you want to do, see a movie?  Go back to your dorm?”  As if it had just occurred to him, he asked Chunji, “Have you ever seen Hoya hyung’s dorm?”  Mmm, yes.  They could go a few rounds with Chunji, and after Chunji left, he could rub himself all over Hoya’s sheets while Hoya made him come, and come, and come.  Biting his thumb, he squirmed, impatient for it, heat simmering between his thighs.

            “No, I’ve never been,” Chunji admitted.

            “I’ve never been to your dorm, either,” Hoya told Chunji.

            Shit.  “We don’t want to invade their privacy,” Baekhyun told Hoya.  “His other members don’t want us to barge in on them.”

            “It’s okay,” Chunji said.  “I think that C.A.P. hyung would be glad to see me bring hyungs to visit.”

            Oh, it was like that?  Interesting.  Baekhyun wondered if C.A.P. liked to watch.  If C.A.P. liked to join in.  Still, he clung to his plans of making it to Hoya’s bed that night.  He was about to make a case for going to Infinite’s dorm when Hoya’s phone rang.

            “Sorry,” Hoya said, answering it.  “Hyung?”  He grimaced.  “Really?”  Then he frowned.  “Now?  I thought we had the night off.  I thought we - - ah, hyung.”  He licked his lips, submissively lowering his eyes.  Dongwoo must have given the phone to Sunggyu.  Or, more likely, Sunggyu had taken the phone from Dongwoo.  “Yes.  Yes.  Yes, hyung.  Okay.  I’ll hurry.”

            Shit.  Shit.  Shit.  “You have to go,” Baekhyun guessed as he hung up.

            “There’s a new last-minute schedule to prepare for.”  Running his hand through his hair, Hoya sighed, looking from Baekhyun to Chunji and back again.  “Another time?”

            “Sure,” Chunji said.  “Call me.”

            Hoya squeezed Baekhyun’s shoulder, gazing into his eyes.  “Sorry.  Is it okay?”

            He wanted to be pissed off - - he was pissed off - - but he couldn’t exactly blame Hoya.  “Yeah.”  He was disappointed, but he understood.  “You’ll make it up to me, right?”

            Smiling, Hoya rubbed his knuckles lightly up the side of Baekhyun’s neck.  “Promise.”

            When Hoya was gone, Baekhyun and Chunji studied each other for an uncertain moment.  What Baekhyun was looking for, Chunji was not going to give him.  Still, Chunji was pretty and horny and available, and Baekhyun was too revved up to go back to the dorm alone.  “Sunbaenim.”  He moved closer again, brushing his fingers over Chunji’s wrist.  “It’s a shame that Hoya hyung can’t join us, but we shouldn’t let the evening go to waste.”

            Woohyun was fascinated by Sehun.  Incredibly attracted to him, sexually, but interested in him, too, as a person, as a dongsaeng.  He was increasingly complex, full of contradictions.  He was confident, grounded, sure of himself, in a way that made him seem unusually mature for his age, but he was also brash and cocky in a way that made him seem unseasoned, young.  He was bored and world-weary in one moment, then adorable and clingy and full of innocent charm and very much a maknae.  He spoke to Woohyun with the arrogance and sexual confidence of an equal, but when he was turned on, his body language begged Woohyun to take control.

            And in the moment, he was pissed off as hell.  “You have to go?”

            “We have a new schedule,” Woohyun explained.  “All of a sudden.”  Sehun’s expression was stormy, petulant, and it tugged on Woohyun’s heart to see him upset.  What was it about this pretty hoobae that made Woohyun want to spoil and indulge him?  “I’m sorry.”

            Sehun wasn’t placated.  “You just got here.”

            It was true; Woohyun had barely made it past EXO’s front door.  “I’m sorry,” he repeated, pressing his hands together.  “We’ll be together another night.”

            Crossing his arms over his chest, Sehun avoided Woohyun’s gaze, his black eyebrows drawn together in a scowl, his bottom lip pushed out in a sullen pout.

            “You can’t be angry with me.”  Woohyun cupped Sehun’s pretty face in both hands.  “Tell hyung that it’s okay.”

            Brushing Woohyun aside, Sehun looked bored with the entire situation.  “It’s fine, right?  You can go.”

            He really did need to go.  And he didn’t want to be the last one to show up.  But his heart balked at the idea of walking out while Sehun was angry.  Angry, or hurt?  Anger made more sense, didn’t it?  But this maknae’s petulance seemed different.  “Dongsaeng-ah.”  Resting his hand on the back of Sehun’s neck, he looked into Sehun’s moody eyes.  “I’ll visit another night.  We’ll have a good time together then.  Tell me good-bye nicely.”

            His cheeks turning pink, Sehun tried to shrug Woohyun off.  Refusing to let go, Woohyun didn’t budge.  Then, to his surprise, Sehun asked, “Is it really a new schedule?”  As their eyes finally met, Sehun’s gaze was suspicious and penetrating.

            “What?  Yes.”  Why would Sehun think he lied?  “It’s a special stage.  We’ll have to practice all night.”

            “Woohyun sunbaenim!  I didn’t know you were here,” Tao said, suddenly hurrying over to them.

            “He’s leaving,” Sehun said.

            “Oh!”  That didn’t seem to slow Tao down.  “You know that, ah, note?  The one about the blowjob?”

            “Yeah.”  His thoughts on Sehun, Woohyun stroked Sehun’s nape.

            “Why did your leader take it?”

            He still wasn’t entirely sure, although he had a few theories.  “He won’t discuss it.”

            “It isn’t about him, is it?  Who would write that about him?”

            Woohyun wasn’t sure that he liked the implications of Tao’s tone.  “It might be.  There are people who think that way about him.”

            Tao didn’t look convinced.  “Yeah, but, fans.  Not other idols.”

            Woohyun raised his eyebrows.  “You haven’t talked to the right idols.”  Turning his attention back to Sehun, he asked, “Do you want to come with me?”

            “What do you mean?” Tao persisted.  “Which idols?”

            “Hyung, be quiet for a minute,” Sehun said.  To Woohyun, he asked, “Go with you?”

            “It’ll be boring, but you can come.”

            For a long moment, Sehun gazed at him.  The suspicion was gone, the jaded boredom nowhere to be seen; Sehun only looked handsome and interested and thoughtful.  Then Sehun said, “No, it’s okay.  Work hard, hyung, and call me later.”

            He didn’t understand this kid.  He almost asked, “Are you sure?” but Sehun looked and sounded calm and decisive.  Reassured by that, he kissed Sehun, and when Sehun’s lips parted against his, he took his time, lingering over Sehun’s mouth.  When he finally broke away, he smiled.  “We’ll have a good time next time.”

            Sehun’s smile was brief and cocky.  “I know.”

            Sungyeol and Sungjong were stretching when Hoya came into the practice room.  “Surprise,” Sungjong said.  “No time off after all.”

            “What were you doing?” Sungyeol asked.  “We didn’t even make it out of the dorm before Dongwoo hyung called.”

            “Baekhyun and I were about to close a deal with Chunji,” Hoya said, rolling his shoulders, beginning to stretch.  Sarcastically, he added, “But I’d much rather be doing this.”

            “Chunji?” Sungjong repeated, straightening.

            “We ran into him,” Hoya explained.  “We were deciding whose dorm to go to when Dongwoo hyung called.”

            “You’re here,” Dongwoo said, walking into the room.  “Hoya’s here!” he shouted back through the doorway.

            “Baekhyun and Chunji?” Sungyeol asked.  “That’s a bed I’d crawl into in a heartbeat.”

            “How is Baekhyun?” Dongwoo asked.  “I never see him.”

            “That’s because Hoya never brings him back to the dorm,” Sungjong said.

            Sungyeol snorted.  “Do you blame him?”

            “He keeps pushing for it,” Hoya muttered.  On the floor, he spread his legs.  “I’ve been putting it off.  When is Sunggyu hyung’s show going to start filming again?”

            Dongwoo laughed.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

            “You know how Sunggyu hyung is,” Sungyeol said.  “We can’t bring guys back to the dorm when he’s there.”

            “So obnoxious,” Sungjong muttered under his breath.

            “Remember when Mir visited?” Sungyeol asked.  “Sunggyu hyung showed up and all of a sudden his dick’s in Mir’s mouth and I’m in the kitchen making ramen.  What the hell?”

            “Ugh, it’s going to be like that,” Hoya said.  “Every time.  He starts flirting, and then he starts talking about a threesome, and suddenly he’s balls-deep and everyone forgets I’m in the room.”

            “No, you know what’s worse?” Sungjong asked.  “He doesn’t fuck them in front of me, he fucks me in front of them.  Like when Minho hyung came over.  Sunggyu hyung walked in and the two of them started talking and suddenly I have one in my ass and one in my mouth.”

            “You said that you loved that,” Sungyeol pointed out.

            “I did!  But it’s still annoying,” Sungjong said.  “It would be nice to bring somebody to the dorm and not have to share.”

            “What are you all talking about?” Dongwoo asked.  “It’s like that every time?  Woohyun brings lots of guys over.”

            “But what does Woohyun do first?” Hoya asked.  “He gets Sunggyu hyung off, gives him whatever he wants.  He talks about, ‘Oh, I just want to take the edge off, you’re doing me a favor, Sunggyu hyung,’ but all he’s doing is getting Sunggyu hyung off over and over again.  Then when the guy shows up, Sunggyu hyung’s already feeling relaxed and doesn’t care as much, and Woohyun can convince him to stay out of it.”

            “Ya!”  Sungyeol stared at Hoya in disbelieving mock outrage.  “That’s what it is!  That slimy creep!  Is that what he’s doing?!”

            “Who’s a slimy creep?” Sunggyu asked, walking in and wrapping his arms around Dongwoo.

            “Nobody,” Sungjong said.

            “Do you have sex with everybody who comes to our dorm?” Dongwoo asked, looking at Sunggyu over his shoulder.

            Hoya exchanged a disbelieving look with Sungyeol.

            Laughing, Sunggyu slapped Dongwoo’s chest, tickling under his chin.  “What are you talking about?”

            Hoya exchanged a disbelieving look with Sungjong.

            “Hyung,” Sungyeol said.  “What about when Mir visited?  What about when I brought Taemin over?  What about Seungri hyung?”

            “You jump in the middle every time,” Sungjong said.

            “What about every time Key comes to see me?” Sungyeol asked.  “Half of the time, he comes to see Woohyun, and you stay out of it.  Half of the time, he comes to see me, and you have to get involved!”

            “It’s more like eighty percent and twenty percent,” Hoya said.

            “More like ninety-five and five,” Sungjong said.

            “Why are you like this?” Dongwoo asked Sunggyu.  “Are you that horny?”

            “I like new people,” Sunggyu said.  “Maybe I’m tired of the six of you all of the time.”

            “Then get your own friends!” Sungyeol protested.  “Stop taking ours!”

            “And stop fucking me in front of other people!” Sungjong protested.

            “But you like it,” Dongwoo said.

            “I just want to bring Baekhyun to the dorm once,” Hoya said.  “One time.”

            Sunggyu grinned.  “Then do what Woohyun does.”

            Sungyeol’s eyes were wide.  “You know what he’s doing?  You know that’s why he does it?”

            “Sure.”  Sunggyu was smiling.  “Maybe you should learn how to keep your leader happy.”

            Hoya eyed Sunggyu warily.  He wondered if it would work.  Baekhyun was so sexually demanding, he didn’t know if he could have sex with Sunggyu and still have the kind of energy left that Baekhyun required.  Maybe if it wasn’t directly back-to-back; he and Baekhyun could go out to dinner first, or something.

            Woohyun walked in, looking rushed and distracted.  “What are we doing?”

            “Waiting for you,” Sunggyu said.  “What took you so long?”

            “I hurried,” Woohyun said, already starting to stretch.

            “Where were you?” Sungyeol asked.  “Sungjong and I didn’t even get out of the dorm.”

            When Woohyun didn’t immediately answer, Hoya said, “You were with Oh Sehun.”

            “He’s too young for you,” Sunggyu said.

            “What?  It’s only three years,” Dongwoo said.

            “He’s a hoobae,” Sunggyu added.

            “So we should only date sunbaes?” Hoya asked.

            “But if sunbaes date us, then they’re dating hoobaes, and that’s wrong,” Sungyeol said.  “So we should only date Teen Top?”

            “We’re not dating Teen Top,” Sungjong snapped.

            “He’s not upset that you left your date, is he?” Sunggyu asked.

            Woohyun glanced over at Sunggyu and shook his head.  “He’s a professional.  He understands.”

            Dongwoo was sitting on the floor, leaning forward between his spread legs.  Eyeing Woohyun with dissatisfaction, Sunggyu put his foot on Dongwoo’s back, pushing.  While Dongwoo yelped and laughed, forced into a deeper stretch, Sunggyu said, “You’re lying.”

            Woohyun straightened, looking affronted.  “I’m lying?  Why?  Why am I lying, what am I lying about?”

            “He was upset, wasn’t he?”

            “Maybe he doesn’t like me walking out five minutes after our date starts,” Woohyun said.  “Maybe that’s not fun.  But he’s a professional, he gets it.  I’ll see him later, I’ll make it up to him.”

            Sunggyu’s eyes narrowed, his lips pulled back in his “you have to be kidding” expression of disapproval.  “Make it up to him?  You’re doing your job, this is your job.  This is what we do.  We practice, we rehearse, we have schedules.  There’s nothing to make up to anyone.”

            Sungjong sighed, slumping against the wall.

            “You don’t like him,” Woohyun guessed emotionlessly.  Hoya grimaced, rubbing his forehead.  Any practice which began with this much tension was going to be hell.

            “Like him?  Like what?  I don’t have an opinion,” Sunggyu said.  “I don’t know him.  But we’re standing around here waiting for you, while you’re making sure that this hoobae’s feelings aren’t hurt that you have other responsibilities besides doting on him.  Is that right?”

            “I hurried,” Woohyun said.  “I got here as soon as I could.  Let’s get started, then, instead of standing around and talking about it.”

            “Good,” Sunggyu said, turning away.  As his foot lifted, Dongwoo moaned, collapsing to one side.  “Let’s start.”

            The text messages seemed erratic - - there were gaps for hours, and then there might be three in a row - - but somehow, they were always perfectly timed.  Every time L got back to his phone - - when he woke up, when the shoot was over, when filming ended - - he had another message.  Nothing profound or poetic, just a little something to remind him that Dongwoo was thinking of him, that Dongwoo cared.  That out of sight wasn’t out of mind.

            Are you at your photo shoot?  So handsome!  Too handsome?  Will the cameras break at the sight of you?

            Practice is good, but practice with all seven together is better.  We leave a space for you.  Sungyeol keeps bumping into you and we make him apologize.

            You’re working hard, but don’t only work.  Take a deep breath.  Look at the moon.  Name the stars.  Pet a cat.  A friendly one, not one that scratches.

            What would it be like if you could feel it every time someone who loves you thought about you?  What if a bell rang every time someone thought of you and smiled?  L-goon, you would be overwhelmed by the constant sound of chimes.

            There were photos, too.  A photo of a half-empty plate with: Are you eating well?  Take care of yourself, dongsaeng-ah.  Think of me while you chew and it’ll be like we’re eating together.  A photo of the back of Dongwoo’s hand, complete with silver rings: This is what I look like today.  An ordinary man with lots of style!  Do you feel bad for us who have to decorate ourselves, when you were born already beautiful?  A photo of the corner of Dongwoo’s bed: Are you getting enough rest?  Is your room comfortable?  The dorm seems quiet with only six.

            And then there were cryptic messages which he knew were about something else: Sunggyu hyung greeted me very well this morning.  I bowed before him and he shook my hand very firmly.  We danced together.  I liked it so much.  It isn’t the same as dancing with you.  I’ll greet you well when you come home.  Let’s dance together, L-goon.  I’ll keep practicing with the other members so that I’ll be ready for you.  Or: I was thinking about you.  I spilled my milk.  I shouldn’t say things like this, but I miss you.

            There was also: Is it raining in Seoul?  Drops fell on my face.  On my chest.  On my thighs.  Warm wetness sprinkling down on me.  My skin soaks it up.  And then, fifteen minutes later, from Woohyun: I had such a good experience, I’ll sleep well tonight.  After practice, Sunggyu hyung and Dongwoo and I played a game.  Did Dongwoo hyung win or lose?  Five minutes after that, from Sunggyu: We planted so many seeds that I think flowers will grow.  Come home and tend your garden, Myungsoo-goon.

            One moment, they were walking side-by-side, talking.  The next moment, Dongwoo said, “Oh!” and darted away.  Startled, Woohyun turned to see him disappear into a shop.  Exasperated, Woohyun said, “Hyung,” but Dongwoo was already gone.  Sighing, Woohyun followed him inside.

            It was a sort of health food bakery deli type of place, with already prepared food on display in glass cases.  Dongwoo had squatted in front of a case and was gazing inside as if fascinated by the sight of vegetables and sandwiches.

            Standing over him, Woohyun tugged lightly at his hair.  “What are you doing?”

            “Uh,” was all that Dongwoo said for a moment, as if that were some sort of actual reply.  Then he poked the glass.  “L likes those.”

            “L’s not here.  He’s not even in this country.  By the time he gets back, it’ll be gross.”

            “They have this chain in Japan.  They deliver, don’t they?  If I can make an order here and they can deliver it to his hotel, I think he’d like it.  He doesn’t eat well enough when he’s away.”

            Woohyun stared down at the top of Dongwoo’s head.  He never would have guessed that Dongwoo was thinking anything like that.  It seemed like a lot of trouble to go to for one meal for an adult who could take care of himself and had staff on hand to make food arrangements if necessary, anyway.  “Did you just think of that now?  Right now?”

            “Yeah.  I saw the name as we walked past and I remembered how much L likes their food and I thought that maybe I could send him some.  Oh, that looks good!”  Hopping up, Dongwoo moved to another section of the glass cases.

            This was the part of Dongwoo and L’s relationship that Woohyun was still getting used to.  The part where they acted more like boyfriends than like members.  It was kind of cute and kind of funny and kind of, well…  He didn’t want to admit it, but today it made him jealous.

            Seeing Dongwoo be so thoughtful and attentive toward a dongsaeng, toward a boyfriend, made him think of Sehun.  This was the sort of considerate, indulgent gesture he wanted to make.  The kind of thing he wanted to do for Sehun.

            Offering food, providing a meal, it was a very caring thing.  A very loving gift.  If Woohyun had ever taken that for granted before, he didn’t anymore, because every time Inspirits sent snacks backstage or provided meals on a set, he knew that it was filled with meaning: we love you, we support you, we’ll take care of you, be strong, be well.  He knew that L would receive that same message from whatever Dongwoo sent, too.

            He’d never had that kind of boyfriend.  His relationships with his boyfriends had only hit a certain level of emotional depth and gone no farther.  He wondered what it would be like to open up, to expose his heart, to make these kinds of gestures and not shy away from what they really meant.  Dongwoo wasn’t even thinking twice about it.

            He wondered what kind of meal Sehun would want.  He wished that he knew.  He wished that they had the kind of relationship where he could send it.  He thought that it might make Sehun smile, and he loved the way Sehun smiled at him.

            Leaving MBLAQ’s dorm, Chunji slipped into a waiting taxicab.  MBLAQ’s dorm was one of his favorites; he always felt comfortable there.  Thunder had given him a long, slow, easy fuck that left him feeling as relaxed and satisfied as if he’d taken a month’s vacation, and as a bonus he’d been able to listen through the wall as Mir whimpered and begged and squealed for half an hour straight while G.O. did…something…to him.

            Feeling sated and boneless, Chunji called C.A.P.  He was surprised when he was sent to voicemail, but he felt too good to care much about it.  He dozed for the rest of the ride back to the dorm.

            Walking in, he toed out of his shoes and saw C.A.P. sprawled on the couch, eyeing him with lazy, predatory interest.  Smiling, feeling a pulse of sexual excitement, he lingered by the door.  “I’m back.”

            With a low half-growl, half-purr, C.A.P. spread his thighs.  “How was Thunder hyung?”


            Then came the question C.A.P. always asked, the question that had come to carry so much more emotional resonance than the simple words implied: “Did he take good care of you?”

            Pleased, touched, feeling a rush of affection, Chunji said, “Yes.”  Licking his lips, he strolled a little closer.  “I tried to call.”

            C.A.P.’s eyes flickered.  “Don’t get weird.”

            Weird?  Why would he get weird?  “I won’t get weird.”  Feeling tense, he walked over to stand in front of the couch.  “Who called?”

            “Lee Sungjong.”

            Who?!  “What?!”  How the hell - - what the - - that little - - “Are you joking?”

            “You’re getting weird,” C.A.P. decided.

            “What did he want?  What did he say?”  C.A.P.?  Sungjong was aiming for C.A.P. now?  The nerve of that little - - “Auugh!”  He threw himself down on the couch.

            C.A.P. pushed his feet aside.  “He didn’t want anything.  He just asked about our schedules.”

            Didn’t want anything?  No, he wanted something.  They’d ignored each other for years, avoided each other’s hunting ground, stayed out of each other’s way.  And now Sungjong had stolen Tao out from under him, was calling C.A.P.?

            It was a warning.  A warning to stay away from Hoya.  A threat: you take mine, and I’ll take yours.  But C.A.P. wasn’t available.  “If he calls again, don’t answer.”

            C.A.P.’s eyebrows flicked upward.  “I’ll answer my phone or not whenever I feel like it.”

            Chunji groaned.  “Come on, hyung.  Please?”  Wait, no.  C.A.P. loved him, and was faithful to him, and was impervious to even the most insistent attempts of other people.  Let Sungjong waste time knocking on that door and getting nowhere.  Chunji could sit back and laugh.  “Okay, yeah,” he said suddenly, waving the point away.  “Do what you want.  It’s fine.”

            Gripping his forearm, C.A.P. pulled him closer.  “Tell me about you and Thunder hyung.  How was it?”

            There was a demanding athleticism to the way Sehun had sex, a pushing-pulling assertiveness which told Woohyun that Sehun was used to being in control, used to being the dominant partner.  When Woohyun took him from behind, he was aggressive, insatiable, rocking hard against Woohyun’s thrusts, pushing the pace like he couldn’t get enough, growling and bucking when Woohyun jacked him off.

            Completely fascinated and very turned on, Woohyun decided to play to Sehun’s strengths, to see what he’d do if he were in a more assertive position.  So the next time, Woohyun lay back and set him on top.  He seemed very comfortable up there; with a lithe shimmy and practiced ease, he settled himself snugly onto Woohyun’s cock.  He rode hard, and he looked amazing, his head tipped back, one hand stroking his own cock, his beautiful, long, slim body rising and falling in a hypnotizing rhythm.

            But he wasn’t making eye contact - - he wasn’t even looking at Woohyun - - and Woohyun wanted him to.  Sehun’s eyes always said so much about him, always conveyed so much information and emotion, whether negative or positive, whether sincere or feigned, that Woohyun felt disappointed, cheated, at the way his face was averted, his eyes closed.

            He wasn’t saying anything, either.  It was almost like he was having sex with himself, on his own.

            Rubbing his thighs, hands sliding over his hips, Woohyun said, “Look at me, Sehun-goon.  Look at hyung.”  The Sehun who’d sucked Woohyun’s cock at the ISAC didn’t want this solitary experience.  The bored, chic Sehun who was a little too good for the world might have sex this way, but Woohyun knew a different Sehun - - vulnerable, needy, not remote like this.  “Sweet Sehun-ah, share it with me.”

            Sehun shook his head.  “No.”

            Woohyun laughed; it came out a half-moan.  “No?”  He cupped Sehun’s hips, squeezed Sehun’s ass.  “Come on, darling.  Look at hyung.”

            Groaning, Sehun shuddered.  “Please shut up.”

            “Why?”  His tone was teasing, but he genuinely wanted to know.  “You don’t want to look?  You don’t like me?  Am I too ugly?”

            Cursing, Sehun opened his eyes, looking down at Woohyun.  With a broken, groaning, whimpering sound, he faltered, his hips jerking off-beat, and his hand fell from his cock, sliding up Woohyun’s torso, smearing pre-cum over Woohyun’s abs.  “Hyung, ooohh, uunhhh, hyung,” he moaned, his hips moving in quicker, shorter strokes now, his gaze hungry, demanding.  “Fuck, fuck, ahhh, you’re so hard inside me, oh,” he was shuddering, his hands hot and greedy on Woohyun’s body, “ahh, you’re so fucking hard.”

            Woohyun’s emotional and sexual response was a hot tangle of desires.  He wanted to protect Sehun, indulge Sehun, fuck Sehun, take care of Sehun.  “It’s okay, sweet Sehun-ah.  Hyung’s got you.  You fuck so well.”

            “I can’t take it,” Sehun moaned, gasping, his nails digging into Woohyun’s sides.  “I can’t do this, I’m going to come, I’m going to come.”

            “Relax.  Relax, slow down.”  When his hands slid over Sehun’s hips again, they obeyed him, rocking with his rhythm, letting him guide the pace.

            Breath hitching, Sehun rocked atop Woohyun slowly, hips rolling smoothly.  “You’re in me.  With you, I can’t…”  He whimpered, his hips bucking sharply before stuttering back into rhythm.  “I want to, ohh, make you - - ah, ah, unh - - feel good, want to make you love it, but it’s so good, hyung, please…”

            “It’s good, it’s the best,” Woohyun promised.  “I love it, I love how you move, you’re amazing.  I’m so hard, sweet Sehun-ah, you can feel how much I want it.  Just relax, darling, relax, let me enjoy you, let me feel you fuck yourself on my cock.”

            “Oh, god,” Sehun groaned, undulating sinuously, hips rolling fluidly now.  His head rolled back but he was still very much in the moment, connected, and an instant later he was looking at Woohyun again, gazing hungrily at Woohyun’s face, watching his hands slide over Woohyun’s body.  “Tell me.  Tell me you like it.  Tell me you like to see me like this.”

            “I want to fuck you like this every day, all of the time,” Woohyun said.  “You look amazing, you’re riding me so well, you feel so good on top of me like this.  You’re beautiful, my beautiful Sehun-ah, so handsome.  Fuck me for a little while longer, let me feel your pretty ass wriggling on top of me.”

            Moaning, Sehun worked him over, bouncing energetically, hips rocking and plunging.  It was a long, enthusiastic fuck, turning a little wild at the end as they came together, Sehun’s body greedy, demanding, Woohyun shouting as his orgasm exploded through him.  As he coaxed Sehun’s sweaty, pliant body down onto his chest, he felt unreasonably eager to hold Sehun, to hug Sehun close.  When Sehun was in his arms, hot and limp on top of him, panting quietly in his ear, he closed his eyes and murmured, “You should stay tonight.”

            Sehun sounded exhausted.  “Okay.”

            While Sehun was in the shower, Woohyun cooked and told Sunggyu to sleep in another room for the night.

            “You like him too much,” Sunggyu said.

            “Too much?” Woohyun repeated.  Sunggyu was right, but he didn’t have to admit it.  “What’s too much?  He’s a good, hardworking dongsaeng and he gets me off really well.”

            “You’re full of shit,” Sunggyu said, stealing a spoonful of soup.  “And this needs more seasoning.”

            After they ate, Woohyun made out with Sehun slowly, languidly, enjoying the way he moaned, the way he sometimes relaxed and soaked up Woohyun’s attention, sometimes turned assertive and demanding, sometimes shivered and rubbed himself desperately against Woohyun’s body and made pleading, mewling sounds, sometimes smiled and teased and glowed with joy.

            Fascinated, Woohyun stroked his side.  “What are you like with your leader?”

            Sehun looked puzzled.  “With Suho hyung?  What do you mean?”

            “When you have sex with him, how is it?”

            Sehun shook his head.  “I don’t have sex with Suho hyung.”

            What?  “You don’t?”  Why not?  He ran his fingers up Sehun’s back.  “Do you have sex with any of your members?”

            “Sure.  Mostly Luhan hyung.”

            “What’s that like?”

            Sehun was writing something - - his name? - - with one fingertip across Woohyun’s chest.  “He asks me to suck his dick, or I fuck him.  Sex is good, with the members, it’s fun.  It’s easy.  I can have them whenever I want them.”

            “Is it better with them than with other people?”

            He wrote his name again, then drew circles around Woohyun’s nipple.  “It’s different.  They know me too well, I’m their maknae.  With other people, I can be in charge.”

            “You like to be in charge,” Woohyun guessed.

            He nodded.  “Don’t you?”

            “I don’t know.  I think so,” he admitted.

            Sehun gave him a measured look.  “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

            “I haven’t found one.  I don’t have time for one, even if I did find someone.”

            Sehun considered him for a moment, then said, “You don’t want one.”

            He laughed, cornered.  “Maybe I don’t.  I like being able to do what I want.  Boyfriends are…”  He grimaced.  “They think that I flirt too much, they don’t trust me, they cheat on me.  They get jealous of Sunggyu hyung.  I like sex, I like a lot of sex, and they know I’m like that.  It’s usually why they’re attracted to me.  They think that I like it so much, I can’t be faithful.  I tell them, ‘This is how it is.  I won’t see other guys, I won’t date, I won’t have sex with anyone else, it’s just you and the members.’  They don’t like it, they don’t believe me, they either want me to stop having sex with the members, too, or they think I’m still seeing other guys.  It’s a mess, it’s not worth it.”

            Sehun’s nod was thoughtful.  “What is it like between you and Sunggyu sunbaenim?”

            “We’re close.  We confide in each other and help each other.”  He flashed a smile.  “He’s nothing without me.”

            Sehun’s finger traced the line of Woohyun’s collarbone.  “How often do you have sex with him?”

            “I don’t know.  More than with anyone else, I guess.”

            The directness of Sehun’s gaze was disconcerting.  “Are you in love with him?”

            “No!  I’m not in love with him!”  What kind of question was that?  Then, just as sincerely, he admitted, “Yes, of course I’m in love with him.”  He shook his head, not sure that he could explain.  “We don’t think of each other that way.”  He wondered if Sehun could understand.

            “Then he’ll always come first for you.”

            “He has to, doesn’t he?  He’s our leader.”  He was still perplexed by the idea that Sehun didn’t have sex with Suho.  “What is it about Suho, why doesn’t he have sex with you?”

            “That’s private.”  Then he added, “He has someone.  It’s monogamous.”  Looking thoughtful, he ran his hand around to Woohyun’s back.  “Pet my ass some more, I like it.  You still have sex with your members, even when you have a boyfriend?  Then if you dated another idol, you wouldn’t care if he had sex with his members?”

            Woohyun stroked Sehun’s ass, massaging lightly, and Sehun writhed a little, lips parting.  “It wouldn’t be fair to expect something from my boyfriend if I won’t do it myself.  How much sense would that make?  Besides, when you date an idol, you’re both so busy, it’s hard to match schedules and find time to see each other.  If I have to spend two weeks in Japan and he’s in Indonesia, I want to get laid, he wants to get laid, we can’t be together, so at least we have our members.”

            “You don’t get jealous?”

            “Of their members?”  Woohyun shook his head, squeezing Sehun’s ass, making him squirm.  “That’s like being jealous of someone’s parents or siblings.  It’s a completely different relationship.”

            “Does Sunggyu sunbaenim get jealous?  Of your boyfriends?”

            Woohyun laughed.  “Ah, he’s stupid.  He either loves them or he hates them.  There was one that he flirted with and drooled over and put his hands all over, and kept telling me to call more often and treat better.  Then I had someone else, and he said that I was too busy and I shouldn’t let myself be distracted with personal relationships, and he kept acting like he forgot the guy’s name.  ‘Him?  Who?  What?’”  He rolled his eyes.  “That hyung.  I just ignore him.”

            “Why did he like one boyfriend and not the other?”

            “I don’t know.  I guess he thought that one was good for me, like we were a good match, and the other one wasn’t.”

            “It doesn’t bother you?  It doesn’t affect the relationship?”

            Eh.  Woohyun didn’t want to admit that.  “A little.”  He squeezed Sehun’s ass.  “Why are we talking about Sunggyu hyung and my old boyfriends?  Let’s talk about you and your boyfriends.”

            “I don’t have boyfriends.”

            Woohyun was surprised.  “Girlfriends?”

            “I don’t have relationships.  I have friends, but…”  His expression was vaguely dissatisfied.  “Sex is like…  It’s a thing that happens.  Like eating.  I eat with people, I share meals with them, but we don’t make commitments to open restaurants together.”

            Woohyun felt, at once, so immensely relieved and so tremendously disappointed, he was weirdly hollow inside.  The way Sehun responded to him, sexually, the way Sehun treated him, how interested Sehun was in asking about his relationships, he’d sort of assumed that Sehun was thinking about - - well, apparently not.  He was so drawn to Sehun, so attracted, that he’d worried that in a moment of weakness he’d agree, and he’d been steeling himself to let Sehun down, worried about how Sehun would take the rejection.  But that wouldn’t be an issue, after all.

            That only made him wonder more about Sehun’s approach to sex.  Sehun seemed very emotionally involved in sex, but talked about it like it was a meaningless, purely physical activity.  Maybe it was an intense, sort of cathartic release that he shook off and walked away from without looking back.  Maybe he was like this with all of his partners - - conflicted, needy - - and he got what he wanted during sex and wasn’t interested in anything more.

            Then the way he reacted to Woohyun wasn’t special or different.  Well, shit, that was a blow to the ego.

            It felt like a blow to the heart.

            “Sunbae.  Sunbae.”  Someone was tapping at his shoulder.  “Sunbae.”  Shaking his arm.  “Hoya sunbaenim.”

            Grimacing, Hoya pushed Baekhyun away, rolling onto his back.  Squinting, he looked up.  Tao?

            “Are you awake?”

            “No.”  He rubbed his eyes.

            “I was thinking about that note, the one about the blowjob.”

            Ugh, it was too early in the morning for this.  “Forget about the note,” he mumbled.  “It’s not important.”

            “Who do you think it’s about?  Really?  Who do you think it was written for?”

            “I don’t know,” Hoya said.

            “Who do you think wrote it?”

            “I don’t know.  I don’t care.”

            “It has to involve one of us, right?  Someone with an orange jacket.  If it wasn’t one of the girls, it was EXO or Infinite or Henry hyung or Soryoung hyung or Daeryoung hyung.  Henry hyung said that it has nothing to do with him, and the Tasty hyungs say that it’s not them…”

            Hoya stopped listening for a while as Tao rambled on.  He’d heard it all before, thought about it himself, and stopped caring.

            “…so it has to be someone really exciting and sexy and worth writing all of that about, right?  There’s no one like that here, but what if it’s L sunbaenim?  Do you think it’s him?”

            “Sure,” Hoya said, just to get Tao to stop talking.  He kicked Baekhyun.  If he had to be awake to listen to Baekhyun’s dongsaeng’s chatter, so did Baekhyun.

            “What’s his cock like?  Sungjong wouldn’t tell me.”

            Hoya sat up, wanting to be sure that he was hearing this right.  “You want me to tell you what L’s cock is like?”

            Without any shame or hesitation whatsoever, Tao nodded.  “Is it sexy?  Is it big?”

            Hoya stared at him, then pinched Baekhyun.  “Wake up.”

            “Sungjong said that Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim has the biggest cock in your group, but he doesn’t, does he?  Does he?  The note isn’t really about him, is it?”

            “You’re obsessed,” Hoya said.  “Tao, it’s just a note.  Some fan probably read that on-line somewhere, wrote it down, and passed it to somebody.”

            “If it’s not important, why won’t anyone say where it came from?  Why did Kim Sunggyu sunbae hide it?  Why won’t he talk about it?”

            “I don’t know,” Hoya groaned.  “Ask him.”

            “I don’t know him,” Tao said.

            “Here.”  Reaching past Baekhyun, Hoya grabbed his own phone, thrust it at Tao, and slumped against the pillow, dragging the covers over his head.  “Call him.  Talk to him as long as you want.  If he hangs up on you, call him back.  Just go away.”

            “Thanks,” Tao said, sounding distracted.

            Burrowing in against Baekhyun’s back, Hoya closed his eyes.

            Opening one eye a slit, Sunggyu peered at his phone.  He was tempted not to answer, or to answer, curse, and hang up, but it was Hoya, so he answered and said, “I’m sleeping.  Hang up.”

            “Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim?”

            He frowned.  He was too tired for this shit.  “Who are you?”

            “It’s EXO’s Tao.”

            “Is Hoya bleeding?  On fire?  In the hospital?”

            “No, he’s fine, he’s with Baekhyun hyung.  I-”

            “Okay.”  Hanging up, Sunggyu dropped his phone and rolled over, going back to sleep.

            The phone rang.

            Rolling over, he grabbed the phone.  “Tao.”


            “Are you stupid?”

            “No!  I-”

            “Do you want to die?”

            “Ya!  I-”

            “Listen to your sunbae.  Hang up the phone.  Do not call me back.”

            “I don’t think that I want to talk to you, anyway.  No one would ever write that about you, if you’re like this.”

            Ignoring that, too sleepy to care what Tao was talking about, he continued.  “I’ll call you later if I have time.”

            “When?  You don’t know my phone number.”

            “Later.  Later is later.  Later is when.  Give Hoya your number.”  Hanging up, he went back to sleep.

            Dongwoo tried to keep his phone calls to L cheerful, upbeat, and encouraging.  He tried to end on a positive note.  But he felt bad, because he knew that L missed them, and sometimes it seemed like L was having a rough time, and he didn’t want to sound like he was blithely ignoring L’s loneliness and frustration to talk about happy, meaningless things.

            Occasionally, L didn’t want to talk, only wanted to listen.  So Dongwoo just sat there and let L listen to him breathe.  Or he got up and carried the phone around while he cleaned the kitchen and did laundry and wrote lyrics and talked to Sungjong, keeping L close, letting L hear him going about his day.

            One night, the dorm was quiet, and rain was falling outside, and he was alone in his bed, on his back, and L said, “You’re thinking about things you don’t want to talk about.”

            “It won’t help to say them.”  He rubbed his forehead.  “You work so hard, and I feel like you’re lonely, and I just want to be with you so that you’ll know someone’s there.  I feel like you don’t have anybody with you.”

            “I’m with people all day.  Our manager hyung, the stylists-”

            “That’s not the same.”

            “I have Inspirits.”

            Dongwoo rubbed between his eyebrows and thought about how L would lie in bed with him and gaze into his face and caress his eyebrows.  “Is this how Inspirits feel?  I think about you and I support you but I feel like you’re so distant from me.  I can’t touch you, I can’t get eye contact, I just go through my day and wonder what you’re doing and call your name and hope that you’ll hear me.  I just - - I want to be with you, really with you.  This isn’t right, this isn’t enough.”  There was so much that he wanted to say, that he couldn’t say over the phone.  They didn’t want to take risks, didn’t want to be caught, so they substituted words and talked in code - - dancing for sex, rapping for dating, member for boyfriend.  “You’re so…intense…in person, I feel like I’m rapping with a shadow of you.”

            “Hyung.”  L’s voice was hurt and understanding and scolding.

            Squeezing his eyes shut, Dongwoo swallowed.  “I’m not good at this.  I’m sorry, L-goon, I don’t know how to be a better member than this.  I’ll work harder for you.”

            “You don’t have to be my member.  If you don’t like it.”

            What?!  “That’s not it!  I like it!”

            “I understand.”  L’s voice was breaking with emotion on one syllable, and devoid of emotion on the next.  “It’s okay, hyung.  This wasn’t your idea.”

            “I didn’t say that I don’t want this!  I want it!  I want to be your member more, I want to be better, I don’t want to stop!”  He thought about L, all alone in a hotel room, distant and disconnected, thinking that he wanted to break up, loving him and thinking that he didn’t even want to be together, not even able to have a real conversation about it without nonsense words, and he suddenly hurt so much that his eyes felt wet.  “Oh, god, why am I like this?” he groaned, embarrassed, wiping his eyes.  “I hate this, what the hell is wrong with my face?”

            “It’s a handsome face,” L said.  “What - - are you crying?”

            “No,” he said.  “Yes.  I’m not handsome, I’m stupid.”  Rolling onto his stomach, he pushed up onto his elbows, wiping the dampness from his cheeks.  “So awkward.  Why do you want a member like this?”

            “Why are you crying when I’m upset?”  L sounded mystified.  “What kind of hyung are you?”

            “I don’t know.”  He rolled onto his back again, raising his legs and pointing his toes toward the ceiling.  “I miss you.”

            “I miss you, too.”

            “I want you to feel like somebody’s there for you.  I want you to feel loved and supported.  Do you feel that way?”

            “I know that you care.”  L said it quietly, like he was burdened, and then he sounded hurt and frustrated when he said, “It’s my fault, I’m too greedy.  It isn’t enough.  I’m not satisfied.  I want more.”

            Legs dropping, Dongwoo rolled onto his side, curling into a ball.  L wanted to be loved.  He was in love with L, but he couldn’t say it, and he hadn’t shown it well enough, and L didn’t feel it.  But he didn’t know how to make someone feel loved.  All he could do was send his love in L’s direction and wait and hope and try until L noticed it.  What if L never noticed?  Did that mean that something was wrong with him, that he wasn’t loving L the right way?  Did that mean that something was broken between them, that their love was a mismatch?  Or was love just a much more tricky and ephemeral and frustrating thing than he’d realized?  “I think we’re all greedy for love.  I’m greedy for it.  I’m greedy for you.  I want to be with you all of the time.”

            “I…  I’ll see you when I get back,” L said.  “Dongwoo hyung.”


            “I love you.  Don’t rap with anybody else while I’m gone.”  L hung up.

            Chunji walked into the broadcasting station’s bathroom and saw Sungjong there.  For a moment, they froze, eyeing each other.  Then, tossing his head, Sungjong approached the sinks.

            His nose in the air, Chunji walked over to the sinks, too.

            “Nice outfit,” Sungjong said coolly, washing his hands.

            “Nice shoes,” Chunji said, fixing his hair.  “Overdoing the insoles a little, aren’t you?”

            Sungjong smiled at him.  “Talked to my hyung lately?”

            Chunji smiled back.  “Tired of my hyung not answering your calls?”

            Sungjong smirked.  “Oh, he answers.”

            Chunji wanted to punch him.  “Your eyeliner’s crooked.”

            Sungjong drew closer, still smiling.  “It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?  That your own hyung is so friendly with me?”

            “You’re the one who should be embarrassed,” Chunji said, whispering, unable to keep the fury out of his tone.  “Hoya hyung wants me so much more than he wants you.”

            “But you’re not the one who left a love bite on his thigh last night, are you?” Sungjong asked, his voice barely above a breath.

            It was really irritating to be so angry and so turned on at the same time.  “If you’d get the hell out of the way, every single member of Infinite would be mine.”

            “No one who can have me gives you a second look,” Sungjong whispered.

            “I can have anyone I want!”

            Sungjong sneered.  “Not when I’m in the room.”

            The door opened.

            “Mine,” Chunji whispered, without even looking to see who it was.  Oh, hell, if it was some middle-aged staff member, he was totally going to regret this.

            “Mine,” Sungjong snapped, straightening.

            They glared at each other for an extra beat, then turned to see who’d walked in.

            VIXX’s Leo gave them a friendly but nervous smile, bowing.  “Sunbaenim, sunbaenim.”

            “Leo-ssi,” Sungjong said warmly.

            “You look so handsome today,” Chunji said.

            “Really,” Sungjong said, brushing Chunji aside.  “You look handsome every day.”

            “Thank you,” Leo said, blushing and backing up a step.

            “VIXX sounds great,” Chunji said.  “You’ve been performing so well.”

            “You have a beautiful voice,” Sungjong added.

            “Thank you, sunbaenim.”  Touching at his hair, he glanced back at the door.

            “Oh, you don’t have to call me that,” Chunji said.

            “No, of course not,” Sungjong said.

            “We’re closer than that, aren’t we?” Chunji asked, touching his arm.

            “You don’t seem like a hoobae at all,” Sungjong said, hand sliding over his shoulder.

            “Mmm, you seem so seasoned,” Chunji said, knee brushing his thigh.  “Such a strong performer.”

            “So professional, such a wonderful singer,” Sungjong said.

            Backed against the wall and edging toward the door, Leo plucked at the front of his shirt like he needed to cool off.  “Thank you, sunbaenim.  I mean, sorry, thank you.”

            “Relax,” Chunji said, winking, running a hand over his chest.  “We should get to know each other better, don’t you think?”

            “It’s always nice to be close with other idols, isn’t it?” Sungjong asked, cozying up to Leo’s shoulder, practically straddling his thigh.

            “I saw how well you played futsal at the ISAC,” Chunji said, walking his fingers down Leo’s chest.  “I was so impressed, you played so well.  You’re so athletic.”

            “Mmm, so aggressive on the field,” Sungjong purred, batting his lashes.  “I love a man who knows how to compete.”

            “Ah…  I…”  Sweating, Leo stared helplessly at the door.

            “Give him some breathing room,” Chunji said lightly, shoving Sungjong away.  “You’re making Leo hyung nervous.”

            “Hyung?” Sungjong asked.  His laughter was cheerful, but the look he shot Chunji was deadly.  “Is he your hyung, now?  Are you that close?”

            The door opened.  Chunji quickly took a step back; Woohyun walked in.  With a swift look at the three of them, Woohyun pulled Sungjong aside.

            “Sunbaenim,” Leo said breathlessly, practically running from the room.

            “Harassing hoobaes?” Woohyun asked.  Giving his reflection a critical look, he touched his hair.  “What’s going on between you two?”

            “Nothing,” Sungjong said, moving toward the door.

            “Nothing, hyung,” Chunji said sweetly, tripping Sungjong.

            Flailing toward the door, Sungjong stumbled.  Righting himself, he whirled around.  “Ya!”

            “Both of you, stop,” Woohyun ordered.

            The look Sungjong gave Chunji would have flayed him if he hadn’t been trying so hard to give an equally blistering look right back.

            “Come,” Woohyun said, opening the door.  “Both of you,” he clarified.  “Now.”

            Doing his best to pretend that Sungjong didn’t exist, Chunji followed Woohyun into the hallway and upstairs.  They ended up in an otherwise empty hallway, walking into a dressing room to find Oh Sehun curled up half-asleep on a couch.  “Sorry,” Woohyun told Sehun.  “This will only take a minute.”

            Sehun nodded.  Sungjong smiled sweetly.  Chunji decided that what Chanyeol had told L.Joe about Woohyun and Sehun might be true, after all.

            “Are you competing?” Woohyun asked.  “Why?  Why compete when you can share?”

            “There’s no competition,” Sungjong said.  “You’ve misunderstood, hyung.”

            “Misunderstood?” Woohyun repeated.  “Oh?  When you heard that Hoya almost spent time with Chunji, you lost your shit.  You’ve been calling his hyung every day of the week.  What’s that about?”

            Really?  “Lost your shit?” Chunji asked, smiling at Sungjong, interested.

            Ignoring Chunji, Sungjong crossed his arms over his chest.  “I don’t share.”

            “Why not?” Woohyun asked.  “Everyone can have twice as much fun, right?  You can trade access to your members.  You get C.A.P., you get Hoya.  You get L.Joe, you get Sungyeol.”

            “He won’t share,” Sungjong snapped.  “He’s never shared.  He keeps C.A.P. hyung all to himself like some sort of precious treasure.  And what am I going to do with all of those babies he calls members?  They can’t do anything for me.”

            “Yeah?” Chunji demanded.  “And which members are you so eager to share?”

            “Fine,” Sungjong said hotly.  “Fine, you can take Woohyun hyung now, right now, right here, if I can have C.A.P. hyung tonight.  Promise me C.A.P. hyung, and you can have as much of Woohyun hyung as you want.”


            Taken aback, Chunji remembered that Sehun was there.

            “No?” Sungjong echoed.

            “No,” Sehun repeated from the couch.  “He already has his members, sunbaes, hyungs - - but you’re none of those things.  No.  I’m not sharing him with you.”

            “Excuse me?” Chunji asked.

            “You what?” Sungjong asked.

            “You didn’t hear me?” Sehun asked.  “Should I repeat myself?  Should I be more clear?  I’m.  Not.  Sharing.  Nam.  Woohyun.  Hyung.  With you.”

            “Isn’t that his decision?” Chunji asked.

            “Whose decision is it that I can’t have C.A.P. hyung?” Sungjong demanded.  “C.A.P. hyung’s, or yours?”

            “His!” Chunji said.  “He doesn’t want you.  He wants me, me, only me.  I’m all he needs.  He wouldn’t be interested in you if you were already naked and in his bed.”

            “Both of you get out,” Woohyun said, pushing them toward the door.

            “If he’s satisfied with you, of all people, I don’t want him,” Sungjong snapped.  “He’d never appreciate me.”

            “Appreciate what?” Chunji asked.  “What is there to appreciate?”

            Yanking the door open, Woohyun shoved them through it, then closed it in their faces.

            Chunji had so much to say, but he wasn’t going to blurt it out in a public hallway.

            Red-faced, Sungjong glared at him.  “My eyeliner is not crooked.”

            “Stay away from my members,” Chunji whispered.

            “Stay the hell away from mine.”  Spinning on his heel, Sungjong sashayed away.

            Chunji stormed off in the opposite direction.

            Woohyun leaned back against the door.

            On the couch, Sehun tucked his legs up close against his body and looked at the wall.

            Baffled and angry, Woohyun watched him.  What the hell had that been?  Where had it come from?

            No, that was a foolish question.  He knew where it came from.  It came from the needy, vulnerable, demanding part of Sehun.  It came from the maknae lurking beneath the chic idol’s surface.

            But that guy wasn’t supposed to exist.

            “You can’t decide who I have sex with and who I don’t,” Woohyun said.  “It has nothing to do with you.”

            Sehun looked down at his knees and didn’t say anything.

            “You don’t want to share me?” Woohyun asked.  “You don’t care.  You’re not my boyfriend.  You don’t want to be my boyfriend, you don’t like relationships.  It’s just sex to you.  It doesn’t mean anything.”

            “Are you talking just to hear yourself talk?” Sehun asked.  “I know what I said.”

            “Then you don’t care what I do with Chunji.  Or with anyone else.”

            “Right.”  Sehun spun his bracelet around his wrist.  “I don’t care.”

            Frustrated, confused, Woohyun decided to push him into reacting some way, any way.  “Fine.  So I can call Chunji back in here, and fuck him right here in front of you, and you won’t care.”

            “Sure.”  Unfolding himself, Sehun stood, meeting Woohyun’s eyes with the hostile, bored expression he wore so well.  “You want help?”  His voice was flat, emotionless.  “I’ll lube him for you.”

            “I guess you don’t give a fuck what I do.  Don’t care about who I have sex with, don’t care about me.  You could walk out right now and never see me again and it wouldn’t make a difference.”

            “Yeah.”  Sehun nodded, his eyebrows rising.  “Yeah, that’s right.  You can go now, if you want.  Or should I leave first?”

            “Yes.  Yes, go.”  Jerking the door open, Woohyun held it for him.  “Good-bye.”

            Expressionless, Sehun walked across the room, walked right past Woohyun.  He was really going to do it, really going to leave.  Reaching the doorway, he didn’t even hesitate.

            “Damn you,” Woohyun said, grabbing him, yanking him back into the room, shoving him up against the wall.  Closing and locking the door one-handed, Woohyun was on him, kissing him, grabbing his hips and grinding against him.  With ragged, panting breaths, he kissed Woohyun back, gripping Woohyun’s back, squeezing Woohyun’s ass.  “Mine,” Woohyun said insistently, needing to get the point across, not sure what the point was.  “You’re mine.”

            “Yeah,” Sehun breathed against his mouth, untucking his shirt.  “Make me yours.”

            In the dressing room, Tao was squished between four of his members on the couch.  Brooding, he fiddled with his phone, not wanting to miss Kim Sunggyu’s call.

            The note had to have been meant for L.  Maybe Kim Sunggyu had written it, and was embarrassed.  That made sense, right?  No, no, why would he be so weirdly obsessed with his own member, his own dongsaeng?  If he was in love with L, he could just walk up to L and say so, right?  Unless he already had, and L had rejected him!

            Hearing a flurry of greetings by the door, Tao roused himself, getting up as Kai tugged on his elbow.  Oh!  “Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim.”

            He didn’t look like someone pining and rejected and obsessively yearning for his dongsaeng.  He looked confident and well-rested and happy.  He looked this good, and he wasn’t wearing make-up?  Tao felt sort of resentful about that.  “You wanted to talk to me?”  He didn’t seem at all grumpy and rude anymore; he seemed fresh and friendly.  Was this the same sunbae?

            “Yeah.”  Tao remembered, this time, to glance around for staff and strangers.  There was a make-up artist, but she was walking out.  “You’re not in love with L sunbaenim, are you?”

            Sunggyu burst into laughter.  His eye smiles were adorable.  “With L?” he asked.  “No.”

            Okay, he probably wouldn’t just admit it outright.  Maybe he’d expose the truth if Tao poked around.  “He’s really good-looking, though.”

            Sunggyu was still smiling.  “Very handsome.  Are you in love with him?”

            “What?  No!  I don’t even know him,” Tao said.  “If you aren’t in love with him, why did you write that note?”

            Sunggyu widened his eyes.  “Note?”

            “The one about the-”  Kris smacked his thigh.  “-the ice cube.”

            Sunggyu’s eyebrows went up.  “Ice cube?”

            “The blowjob,” Tao said impatiently.  “The note about the blowjob, it’s yours, isn’t it?  You wrote it about L sunbaenim.”

            “Is that the rumor now?” Sunggyu asked.  “I thought the rumor was that you wrote it for Woohyun.”

            “I didn’t write it!  I’ve never even seen his cock.”  He had to know.  “Is yours as big as everybody says?  It’s not, is it?  It can’t be.”

            His hyungs started talking all at once: “Huang Zitao!”  “Oh my god.”  “I’m sorry, sunbaenim.”  Laughing, Sunggyu said, “This hoobae!”  He slid his hands around Tao’s neck.  His palms were warm, his skin surprisingly soft.  He was looking right into Tao’s eyes, and Tao couldn’t look away.  The way he was smiling, so friendly, so confident, made Tao want to kiss his soft, pink lips.  “Maybe.  If you’re lucky.  Really lucky.  You’ll see it someday.”

            All of a sudden, Dongwoo sent presents every day.  Sometimes more than once a day.  Food and flowers arrived on set.  Boxes arrived at his hotel room.  It was always an odd assortment of things.  He’d open the box to find clean socks and the earbuds he’d misplaced and three letters from Inspirits and a white tank top that smelled like Dongwoo.  He wore the socks and used the earbuds and read the letters and slept with the tank top, and the next day he’d receive a box with snacks and an extra phone charger and an envelope full of new, candid Polaroids of the members around the house and a little plush bear from an Inspirit.  There was always practical stuff and considerate stuff and something from the fans, and L kept expecting that the latest box would be the last box, because there was no way that Dongwoo was going to keep taking the time to find and pack and ship something every day.  But the boxes kept coming.

            Eventually he asked Dongwoo, “Are you really sending these boxes?  Did you pack a bunch of them one day and pay someone to send them one at a time?”

            “Oh!  Yes and no,” Dongwoo said frankly.  “I pack one every day.  If I can’t send it I beg someone on the staff to send it for me.  I didn’t want to miss a day, so the first day I sent three, and I called your hotel, and I talked to the concierge or the manager or somebody really nice, and he’s holding onto them for me so that if I mess up and a day goes by without a new box, he’ll make sure that you get one of the extra boxes I sent earlier.  I try to send it myself, I think it’s nicer that way, but I don’t always have time in between schedules.”

            It was like Dongwoo didn’t even realize what an understatement that was.  L, however, did.  “Hyung, you don’t have to keep sending them.  You’re too busy for this.”

            “How can I be too busy to care about you?” Dongwoo asked.  “Does that make any sense?  When someone asks you, ‘What did you do today?’ what kind of answer do you give?  ‘Well, I was too busy to care about the people who love me.’  I’m never too busy for my family or my members or Inspirits or you.  Never.  Besides, it’s fun.  Even if you don’t want the boxes, I’m going to keep sending them.  I like finding things to put in them.  It’s nice to think about you and figure out what you might like.”

            L could barely breathe around the tightness in his chest.  He needed to be with Dongwoo, to put his arms around his hyung.  “I like all of it.  I like everything you sent.”

            “Woohyun and I blew kisses into the box I sent today.  Be careful when you open it!  They might fly out.”

            Laughing, L brushed the wetness from his eyes.  “Okay, hyung.  I’ll be careful.”

            Taking a deep breath, Chen told himself not to be nervous.  Nothing to be nervous about.  He was confident; everything would be fine.  Taking another breath, he knocked.

            Kim Seyong opened the door and smiled in delight.  “Chen!”  Turning, he called, “Insoo hyung!”  While Chen felt a swift burn of sexual heat - - damn those words - - Seyong turned back, still smiling.  “It’s good to see you!  Come in, come in.  Insoo hyung just got out of the shower.”

            Chen entered Myname’s dorm, taking off his shoes.  Seyong was really good-looking, like, very distractingly handsome, and Insoo was nearby somewhere just out of sight, naked and clean with water rolling down his gorgeous, chiseled body.

            “Chen’s here?”  Lee Gunwoo popped out of nowhere, long and lanky and staring at Chen with wide, intense eyes.  “Mmm.”  Still staring, he elbowed Seyong.  “He’s cute.”

            “I know!”  With cheerful happiness, Seyong cupped Chen’s face.  “Look!  So handsome!”

            While Seyong stroked Chen’s cheeks admiringly, and Chen blushed, Gunwoo nodded.  “Insoo chose well.”

            Surprised, Chen blinked.  Had he just - - no “hyung?”  What?

            “Chen-ah.”  Naked to the waist, Insoo walked over, a towel in one hand.  Chen’s brain almost couldn’t comprehend the sight of all of that bare skin and gorgeous muscle and ah, Insoo looked incredible, how could one person look so good?  If he thought that anything was strange about his beautiful dongsaeng petting Chen’s face, he didn’t show it; he just brushed Seyong aside and kissed Chen’s cheek, tugging Chen in for a snug, firm hug.  He had to feel Chen’s hard-on digging into his stomach - - it was the least discreet thing in the world - - but he just said, “I’m glad you’re here,” and stepped back to gift Chen with a warm smile.

            It was so difficult to let go, Chen didn’t, really, and held onto Insoo’s forearm.  It seemed like the sexiest forearm he’d ever seen.

            “Should we eat together?” Seyong asked.

            “Let me have Chen to myself for a while,” Insoo said, handing Seyong his towel.  “We’ll eat in an hour?  Two hours?”

            “Do you think we don’t know you?” Gunwoo asked.  “Make it four hours,” he told Seyong.

            Insoo laughed, his eyes crinkling, and slid his arm around Chen’s shoulders.  “Okay, four hours.”  He kissed Chen’s cheek for no apparent reason other than that he felt like it - - which only made Chen want him more - - and then led Chen away from the front door.  “Short tour!  Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom.”  Ushering Chen into the bedroom, he closed the door.

            This really was not a moment for idle chatter, but Chen had to know, “Gunwoo sunbaenim doesn’t call you ‘hyung?’  Isn’t he your dongsaeng?”

            “Oh, it’s not necessary,” Insoo said lightly, unbuttoning Chen’s jeans.  “We’re only a year apart, and he’s our leader.”

            But, then, what, how…  “Then.  During sex.  You don’t.  What does he call you?”

            With a wink, Insoo tugged on Chen’s jeans, pulling him right against Insoo’s hard, muscular body.  “Kang Insoo-nim.”

            Lacing his fingers through Chunji’s, Kevin led the way out of the bedroom.  “I’m so glad that you could spend the night.  It was so nice to be the big spoon, for once.”

            “It was great.”  As they reached the front door, he slid his hands up Kevin’s bare chest.  As Kevin kissed him, the way Kevin’s hands ran down his back made his spine arch, and he sighed, pleased, licking into Kevin’s mouth.

            “Found your phone,” Eli said.  “You have to keep better track of this thing.”

            Pulling away from Kevin, Chunji took his phone, slipping it into his pocket.  “Thanks, hyung.”

            While Eli kissed him, he heard Kevin say, “Dongho, say good-bye to Chunji.”

            Turning his head, Chunji saw Dongho, looking sleepy and rumpled, walking toward the kitchen.  Pausing, Dongho said, “Good-bye.”

            Unfulfilled longing rippled through Chunji.  “It’s good to see you, sunbaenim.”  As Dongho walked away, he bit his lip, gazing wistfully toward the kitchen.  Damn.  He’d been trying to make progress with Dongho since he’d debuted, but-

            “Sorry,” Kevin said, sounding amused.  “Maybe next time.”

            “Don’t worry about it,” Eli said, squeezing Chunji’s shoulder.  “He’s not that great.”

            Kevin laughed.  “What are you talking about?  He-”

            “I’m trying to make Chunji feel better!”

            “Oh.  Yeah.  Dongho, uh, he…  He’s terrible,” Kevin said unconvincingly.  “Really terrible.”

            Eli rolled his eyes and kissed Chunji’s cheek.  “Call us, okay?  Let’s do this again.”  He grinned.  “Soon.”

            In the taxicab, Chunji called C.A.P.

            “Hey,” C.A.P. said.  “How was it?”

            “Absolutely fantastic.  Miss me?”

            “Eh, I guess so,” C.A.P. said, and Chunji smiled, hearing the affection in his voice.  “Ah, you’re on your way here, right?”

            “Of course.  Why?”

            “There’s, mmm, someone here.  He wants to talk to you.”

            Really?  “Who?”

            L.Joe slouched in one corner of the couch, Ricky to his right, Changjo to his left straddling the armrest.  C.A.P. and Niel were talking with Sungjong about some new comedy when Chunji threw the door open, stormed in, and stared at Sungjong so dramatically that Changjo laughed.  Grinning, L.Joe thumped Changjo’s thigh to shut him up while Sungjong said, “Oh, Chunji, hi.”

            Chunji kicked off his shoes as if he hated everything about them, then strode forward, glaring at Sungjong.  “You-”

            “Close the door,” C.A.P. said lazily.  Brushing Ricky’s arm aside, he took the other armrest.

            Chunji closed the door and tried again.  “You-”

            “Calm it down,” C.A.P. said.

            Gritting his teeth, Chunji took a deep breath.  “You,” he said to Sungjong.  “Get out.”

            “You don’t want to talk?” Sungjong asked.  “I thought that we could make a deal.  A trade.  Like Woohyun hyung said.”

            Chunji eyed him warily.

            “What deal?” Niel asked.  “What are you trading?”

            “I want Hoya hyung,” Chunji said quickly, like he wanted to stake his claim before Sungjong could rescind the offer.

            “Fine.”  Sungjong crossed his arms over his chest, lifted his chin, and smiled.  “Then I get C.A.P. hyung.”

            Irritation drew Chunji’s eyebrows together.  “You can’t have C.A.P. hyung.”  Quickly, he added, “Take Ricky.”

            Sungjong shook his head.  “No.”

            “Just try him.  He’s great,” Chunji urged.

            “No,” Sungjong repeated.

            “I don’t want you either,” Ricky muttered.

            “Take Changjo,” Chunji suggested.

            “What?” L.Joe asked, sitting forward.

            “He’s so young,” Sungjong said doubtfully.

            “He has a terrific body and he’s a great top.  You’ll love him,” Chunji said.  “He fucks just like a hyung.”

            “Ya!”  L.Joe couldn’t believe this.  “He’s not for sale!”

            Chunji shot him a dirty look, then said to Sungjong, “Take L.Joe.  He-”

            “I’m already taken,” L.Joe said pointedly.  He didn’t even want to know which selling points Chunji would use to promote him.

            “Take Niel,” Chunji said desperately.

            “Hyung.”  Niel sounded exasperated.  “How many times do I have to tell you that I’m straight?  I like women.  I don’t do that with men.”

            “He has a really cute ass,” C.A.P. said.

            “It’s a man’s ass!  I don’t want a man!” Niel exclaimed.

            “What does that leave me with?” Sungjong asked.

            C.A.P. shoved Ricky forward, off of the couch.  Stumbling, Ricky righted himself, then turned, glaring at C.A.P.  “Hyung!”

            “This?” Sungjong demanded.

            “This?!” Ricky repeated, staring at him indignantly.  “I’m a person!”

            Sungjong didn’t even bother to look at him.  “What is this maknae going to do for me?”

            “Nothing,” Ricky said firmly.  “I’m not going to do anything for you.”

            “Look, just try him,” Chunji said to Sungjong.  “If you hate it, I’m sorry.  If he gets you off, I get Hoya hyung.  If you really like him, I get Hoya hyung and L hyung.”

            Sungjong snorted, tossing his head.  “Please.  As if I’d let you touch L hyung.”

            “Woohyun hyung?”


            “Dongwoo hyung?”

            “Nope.”  Sungjong began to examine his fingernails.

            “I know you’re not going to let me have Sunggyu hyung.”

            Sungjong just snorted again.

            “Sungyeol hyung?”

            Sungjong eyed him.  Eyed Ricky doubtfully, sniffed, and said, “This maknae had better make me see fireworks.”

            Ricky showed Chunji his pleading expression.  “Do I have to?”

            “Yes,” Chunji said.  “Go, do it now.”

            “He has a great ass,” C.A.P. said.  “Work your magic.”

            Ricky sighed, scratched his head, and put on his determined face.  “Okay,” he said, and headed out of the room.  “Come on, hyung.  Let’s do this.”

            Changjo walked into the kitchen to see Ricky drinking water.  His hair was tousled and his tank top was on inside-out.  “Is that hyung still here?”

            Lowering the bottle, Ricky said, “Yep,” and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  “He’s sleeping.”

            Changjo had heard a lot of stories about Sungjong, but always second- and third-hand.  He was curious.  “What’s he like?”

            Ricky knotted his eyebrows together and shook his head, then raised one eyebrow, then squinted.  “Mmm.”

            “Ricky-goon.”  Padding into the room, Sungjong smiled, coiling his arms around Ricky from behind.  Pressing his face against Ricky’s cheek, he closed his eyes and hummed happily.

            Ricky smirked at Changjo, then asked smoothly, “Yes, hyung?”

            “Mmm.  I only have a few more hours.  Come back to bed for a little while.”  Inhaling deeply, he tightened his arms around Ricky.  When he spoke again, his voice was soft and coaxing.  “I want to do that thing we talked about.”

            Ricky waggled his eyebrows at Changjo, then lightly rubbed the arm Sungjong had curled across his chest.  “Okay, hyung, I’d like to.”  As he turned away, he shot Changjo a smug look and mouthed, “They always love me.”

            Rolling his eyes, Changjo grinned, waiting until they were out of earshot to mutter, “Ass.”

            Chunji wasn’t hovering by the door, he was just waiting.  Killing time.  Hanging out.

            As soon as Ricky and Sungjong came out of the bedroom, he was on his feet.  He didn’t jump up, or anything, he just happened to stand at the same time the door opened.  Coincidentally.

            “Is he beaming?” L.Joe whispered to C.A.P. on the couch.

            “Glowing,” C.A.P. whispered back.  “That guy is glowing.”

            Smiling beatifically, Sungjong swooped his hair back with one hand, strutting and sashaying toward the front door as if their dorm were his own personal catwalk.  Impatiently, Chunji asked, “What?  How was it?”

            “Oh.”  Sungjong glanced at Ricky as if savoring some delicious personal secret, then smiled at Chunji.  “It was just fine.”  Despite his casual words, he spoke with obvious relish, and he shot another sizzling, appreciative look at Ricky.

            Ricky, meanwhile, had the nerve to give Sungjong a bashful smile.

            “Can I call Hoya?” Chunji asked.

            “It’s okay, hyung,” Ricky said, and flashed him a scrap of paper.  “I got the number you wanted.”

            Really?  “Thanks,” Chunji told Sungjong.

            “Mmm.”  Ignoring Chunji, Sungjong blew Ricky a kiss.  “Thursday?”

            “Yes, hyung,” Ricky said politely.

            With a toss of his head and a twitch of his ass, Sungjong said good-bye to C.A.P. and left.

            “Our secret’s out,” L.Joe said, stretching his arms along the back of the couch.  “He’s going to tell people.  You’re about to get a lot of phone calls,” he told Ricky.

            “No one’s going to believe him,” Changjo said.

            “Ya!”  Ricky pushed Changjo.  “What’s not to believe?”

            Needing to see that paper, Chunji snatched it from Ricky’s hand.  If Sungjong had given him a fake phone number, he was going to hurt that little - - wait.  “There are three numbers.”

            “Yeah.”  Ricky grinned at him.  “Hoya hyung, Sungyeol hyung, and Sunggyu hyung.  That’s what you wanted, right?”

            Hoya hyung.  Sungyeol hyung.  Sunggyu hyung.  Sinking to the floor at Ricky’s feet, Chunji hugged his legs.  “I love you, dongsaeng-ah.  You’re the best maknae I’ve ever had.”

            “Did you like it?” Niel asked.  “What was it like?  Was he better than Chunji?”

            “No one’s better than Chunji,” C.A.P., L.Joe, Changjo, and Ricky said in unison.  There was a minor scuffle as everyone scurried out of C.A.P.’s reach; L.Joe, who didn’t move fast enough, yelped as C.A.P.’s foot caught his thigh.  “It’s true,” C.A.P. said, sitting back again.  “I stand by it.”

            “You need to get out more,” L.Joe said.

            “He was good,” Ricky said.  “He’s coming back on Thursday.  He said that I have the stamina of a beast.  Stamina of a beast?” he repeated thoughtfully.  “Stamina of a god and sexual instincts of a beast.  Sexual instincts of a god and stamina of a beast?  Whatever,” he said dismissively.  “He loved me.”  He sighed with happy satisfaction.  “They always do.”

            Lay was late getting back from vocal training.  As he entered the dorm, Xiumin gestured to him, whispering, “He’s here, he’s here.”

            Scurrying over, Lay smiled, feeling a familiar heat pool in his stomach.  “Did they do it yet?”

            With a happy smile, Xiumin shook his head.  “They’re in the kitchen.”

            Oh!  He hadn’t seen Insoo in the kitchen yet.  He liked to see Insoo in different rooms in the dorm so that, later, he could picture Insoo alone in those rooms with him.  Naked.  Touching him.  Saying things.

            As he walked into the kitchen, Chen was walking out, looking flushed and happy.  Joining Chanyeol and D.O. in leaning against the counter, he watched Insoo wash a bowl at the sink.  Those strong, capable hands, wet, glistening, sliding over the bowl, caressing the curves - - shit, this man could make anything look sexy.

            After rinsing off the plate, Insoo turned, drying his hands.  “Lay.  Hi.”

            That smile.  So friendly.  That gorgeous mouth.  His gaze was so…intimate.  “Sunbaenim.”  If he wanted to dry his hands, Lay would be happy to suck the water right off of his fingers.

            Insoo chuckled.  “I’ve told all of you.  Call me hyung.”

            Warmth rippled through Lay.  “Insoo hyung,” he said, feeling reckless, breathless.

            “Can we?” D.O. asked, staring at Insoo with unblinking intensity.  “Can we call you ‘Insoo hyung?’”

            Chanyeol was leaning against the counter like his legs wouldn’t hold him.  “Could you…make me?”

            Bracing his hands against the window frame, L stared out into the night.

            Six more days.  Six.  More.  Days.  They’d said things like, “It’s less than a week,” and, “This is a great opportunity, we can’t let this one slide by,” and, “I know that you’re tired but this is what it takes,” and all he’d heard was, over and over again, “I just got the call.  We’ll be here for six more days…”  Six more days, six more days.

            Six more days away from home.  Away from Infinite and the dorm.  Six more days without Dongwoo.  Time stretched before him across a bleak and desolate landscape.  Six days of emptiness.

            He was so lonely.  His schedule was so fucked.  How many times had he comforted himself with the promise of going home soon?  How many times had he found strength in counting down the days until he could be back in his own bed, in the dorm, with Dongwoo asleep beside him and the members laughing in the kitchen?

            If his life were like a drama, something emotionally significant would happen now, here, as he stared out into the rainy night.  His phone would ring and Dongwoo would say exactly the right thing to make it all worthwhile, to mend his heart and keep him going.  Or, depending on the drama, Dongwoo would say something devastating and leave him broken.  But there was no call.  He’d called Dongwoo and not gotten an answer.

            Tossing his phone aside, he turned his back on the window and strode across the room.  He didn’t have anywhere to go, he just had to get away, get out, out of this anonymous, meaningless hotel room.  His manager had told him that this would be his home for another week, but this wasn’t home, this wasn’t anything like home, and it made him angry, made his heart hurt, to have it called that.

            He opened the door and jerked to an astonished stop.  Blinking, he actually paused and rubbed his eyes.

            Soaked and shivering, hugging himself and looking half-drowned, Dongwoo gave L a big, bright smile.  “This is the right room.”

            “Hyung.”  Sungyeol’s voice was quiet.  “Sunggyu hyung.  Kim Sunggyu hyung.”

            Refusing to open his eyes, Sunggyu pressed himself more tightly against Hoya’s muscular, naked back.  Whatever Sungyeol wanted couldn’t be important.  If he waited, Sungyeol would leave and he could go back to sleep.

            “Ya!  Gyu!”

            Scrambling off of the bed, he lunged.  As they hit the floor together, Sungyeol shouted an apology, but it was too late.  Sitting on top, he grabbed a pillow and lowered it over Sungyeol’s laughing face.  While Sungyeol squirmed, he counted to ten.  Then he raised the pillow.

            “Ah!  I’m sorry!  I-”

            He pressed back down, more firmly this time, and counted to ten.

            “Hyung!  It-”

            This time, he counted to twenty.

            “No, no!  I’m sorry!  Ah, help,” Sungyeol moaned.

            “What do you want?” Sunggyu asked, tossing the pillow aside.  He was awake now; he might as well find out why.

            “Oh Sehun’s here.”

            And?  “Tell him Woohyun’s not here.  Why doesn’t he know?  Doesn’t he pay attention to his boyfriend’s schedule?”

            “He’s here to see you.”

            “Me?  Why me?”

            “I don’t know.  Maybe he wants to plan a surprise party for Woohyun.  Maybe he wants to talk about Woohyun behind his back.  Maybe he wants your autograph.”  Batting his lashes, Sungyeol pulled down the neckline of his own T-shirt.  “Sign here, oppa.”

            Sunggyu covered Sungyeol’s face with his hand.  “Shut up, you fool.”  Getting up, he glanced down at his naked body.  He should probably throw some clothes on.  His hair was probably a mess, and his eyeliner was probably smeared, but whatever.  It was just some kid Woohyun was going to break up with in a few weeks.  “Did you leave him outside or is he around here somewhere?”

            Standing just inside Infinite’s front door, Sehun shoved his hands in the back pockets of his jeans.  He was confident and relaxed because he’d decided to be.  It was just a conversation with some sunbae.  Nothing to worry about.  It would go just fine.

            The sunbae happened to be the guy his boyfriend was in love with.  It was kind of funny; thinking of it that way, “the guy his boyfriend was in love with,” made it sound like there was some competition between them.  But there was no competition.  It was a completely unbalanced situation.

            While he waited, he took calm, deep breaths and kept his goal in mind.  He would find out whether or not Sunggyu intended to interfere.  He wasn’t going to sit around and worry; he wasn’t going to examine Woohyun’s conversation or behavior for signs of Sunggyu’s disapproval or machinations.  If there was a problem, he wanted to address it and handle it now.

            A door opened and Sunggyu walked toward him.  Immediately, his gut clenched.

            So this was how Sunggyu looked offscreen, offstage.  This was the man Woohyun spent hour after hour, month after month, with.  Black T-shirt, red shorts, hair falling softly across his forehead, eyeliner a black smudge.  He should have looked average, unimpressive, just some guy shuffling around sleepily in his own home, but he moved with confidence.  He had the self-assurance of someone experienced at life, someone who’d tested himself, someone self-reliant.  His gaze was direct and unemotional; he saw no need to play nice.

            Sehun bowed.  “Sunbaenim.”

            “Come.”  He followed Sunggyu to the kitchen.  Sunggyu got some water, asked if he wanted anything, drank, and then faced him.  He refused to look any more emotionally involved than Sunggyu, which was a challenge, because Sunggyu’s expression looked completely flat.  “You want to talk about Woohyun?”

            He held Sunggyu’s gaze.  “Woohyun hyung told me that you’ve liked some of his boyfriends and disliked others.  You encouraged him to be with some of them and discouraged others.  How can I be one of the ones you like and encourage?”

            Sunggyu put the cap back on the water bottle and set it aside.  “Why does it matter?  Why do you care what I think?”

            “You have a lot of influence over him.  I want to be with him for a long time.”

            “Why, because it’s fun to date a sunbae?  Because he fucks you well?”

            “Because I’m in love with him.”

            “In love with him,” Sunggyu repeated.  “What does that mean?  Why do you love him?”

            Sehun shook his head.  “That’s private.”

            Sunggyu squinted at him.  “You’ll tell me that you’re in love with him but you won’t say anything else?  Does that make sense?  Why should I believe you if you can’t explain yourself?”

            “How I feel about Woohyun hyung is…”  He hit a mental block and frowned, trying to find the right words.  “It’s special, it’s important to me.  It’s too special to be explained to any person I meet.  The way I feel about him is different from the way I feel about anyone else.  It’s not because he’s a sunbae, it’s.”  He rubbed his nose, feeling completely inarticulate.  “It’s because he’s Nam Woohyun hyung and he’s no one else.”

            Sunggyu leaned back against the sink, nodding.  “What if I tell him to break up with you?  What will you do?”

            Crossing his arms over his chest, he wet his lips.  When he contemplated that actually happening, he felt violent tendencies and dangerous urges, but he knew that he wouldn’t truly follow through on any of them.  And it seemed really counterproductive to bring them up.  So he said, “I’d cry, and I’d hate you, and I’d want to hurt you, and I’d beg him to take me back.  He’d end up caught between us, and it would make things bad for him, and you’d win in the end, anyway.  But it would be hard for him, and that’s what I don’t want.  I don’t want him to be pulled around in the middle.  If he’s hurt, if he’s questioning himself, if he’s frustrated, if he’s resentful, that’s not good for him.  I want him to be happy, I want him to have good relationships, with me and with you.  We both love him, right?  Let’s agree to make life easy for him.”

            “For his sake,” Sunggyu said.  “Not for yours?  This is all from your generosity?”

            “He won’t want me forever.  I can hope and I can plan and I can work hard, but I’m not stupid.  He’ll get tired of me, he’ll find someone else, he’ll break up with me.  If I can’t have him for as long as I…”  Biting at his lip, Sehun blinked and waited.

            “Are you crying?” Sunggyu demanded in horror.

            “No.  Shut up.”  He blinked again and took a deep breath.  When he trusted his voice again, he said, “If I can’t have him for as long as I need him, at least, when he looks back, if he ever thinks about me, I want him to have happy memories.  Not of how you didn’t like me or of the things you said about me or how stressful it was to try to date me despite your attitude.  Just happy memories of what a good time we had together.”

            “Why are you so upset?” Sunggyu asked.  “You can’t cry over breaking up with him when he’s still your boyfriend.  Are you okay?  Do you have a condition?”

            Sehun lost his ability to feign patience.  “You love him, I love him.  You want him to be happy, I want him to be happy.  Can you agree not to interfere?”

            “Interfere?  Are we in a movie?  Is this a drama?” Sunggyu asked.  “I don’t interfere in my members’ personal lives.”

            “Good.  If you don’t intend to interfere, just say, ‘I understand, Sehun-ah, and I’ll stay out of it.  I respect my members and I care about Nam Woohyun, and I see that he’s happy with you, so I won’t make trouble.’  Is that difficult?  Shall we go slowly?”

            “Oh, are we speaking for each other now?” Sunggyu asked.  “What is it you should say?  ‘I like a good fuck with a hot sunbae, and it’s fun to play boyfriends with other idols, but as soon as I get bored, I’ll go scampering away again like I never met that tree oppa.’  Is that it?  Should I take some spoiled kid with fast hormones seriously?  You’d call yourself in love with me if I touched you right.”

            Swallowing his retort, Sehun stared at Sunggyu.  What a stupid situation.  “You aren’t going to believe me, because I can’t prove it.  Because you don’t believe me, you won’t take me seriously.  You’re going to discourage Woohyun hyung and act like I’m too much trouble, and then he’ll break up with me faster than he would have without you.”

            “Am I some nefarious villain in your life?” Sunggyu asked, squinting at him.  “Am I some evil mastermind, pulling Woohyun’s strings?  He’s an adult, I don’t dictate his relationships.”

            Sehun gave him a scornful look.  “At least be honest about your influence over him.”

            “Does it bother you?” Sunggyu asked.  “That he loves me more than he loves you?  That he had sex with me before you ever came along, and that he’ll keep having sex with me after you’re gone?  That he’s closer to me than he’ll ever be to you?”

            He didn’t think that Sunggyu would understand him, but he decided to give it a shot.  He’d already said too much, anyway.  “It bothers me because you’re a jackass.  If you were a good person and you were good for him, I’d be glad.  I know that he loves you and he sees great things in you, and I want to see that, too, because I’d be so much happier if he had the great person he thinks you are in his life.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “Okay.  Okay.  I’ll think about it.”  He stopped nodding and glared.  “Now get the hell out.”

            L wakened to the sound of water.

            Not rain outside.  The shower in the bathroom.

            Dongwoo was taking a shower.

            Feeling utterly fulfilled, he rolled over, burying his face against the pillows, inhaling Dongwoo’s scent.  He ran his hand across the sheet where Dongwoo had slept, ran his hand down his own body where Dongwoo had rested soundly against him.

            Dongwoo was here.  Had come to him.  He’d gotten to see Dongwoo, to touch and taste, to hug and smell, to feel Dongwoo in his arms, in his mouth, inside of him.  The happiness of Dongwoo’s laughter had filled the room.  Dongwoo’s energy, Dongwoo’s bright eyes, everything he’d missed, everything he’d longed for, here with him.

            Smiling, he opened his eyes, sitting up.  He could see Dongwoo everywhere, and he felt as if he saw the room with new eyes.  Getting up, he looked around, touching the shirt Dongwoo had tossed over a chair.  Rubbing his toes against the jeans crumpled on the floor.  Fingering the necklace left on the bedside table.

            But Dongwoo was present in more than simply cast-off clothes.  There were gifts and trinkets all over the room.  Dongwoo’s presence was in everything he’d sent, everything L had lifted from those cheerfully filled boxes.  Walking slowly around the room, L touched photos and books, stuffed animals and socks, letters and lip balm.  Dongwoo had even given him things from Inspirits, passing on the gift of other people’s love.

            Clutching his phone, he held it to his heart.  Even his phone was full of Dongwoo, brimming with calls and texts and photos, Dongwoo reaching out to him, getting in touch with him, sending him companionship and affection.

            Feeling the coolness of the phone against his skin, he looked down.  Dongwoo was there, too, on his body.  The soreness of his muscles, a scratch on his hip, a love bite on his chest.

            Dongwoo was everywhere, with him no matter where he turned, no matter how far he went.  He couldn’t go home, so Dongwoo had come to him, but Dongwoo had already been here, present in the steady stream of gifts and friendship and energy and caring.  Even before walking into the room, Dongwoo had already been there, in spirit, in L’s phone, in L’s heart.

            After a long, tiring day, Woohyun met the rest of the members for practice.  During a break, he sat on the floor, his back to the mirrored wall, and closed his eyes.  He felt Sunggyu’s hands settle on his thighs, but he ignored them.  He wanted to call Sehun, but it was late.

            “Woohyun-ah.”  Sunggyu’s voice.


            “What are you thinking about?”

            He smiled.  “The way Sehun looks at me when I’ve told a bad joke or said something too greasy.”  That disbelieving, scornful glance, followed by a bright, happy smile, like Sehun didn’t want to find him funny but did, anyway.  Sehun’s smiles were one of the best parts of his days.

            The hands on his thighs squeezed, patted.  He put his hands over them to still them, lacing their fingers together.  “Why do you like him so much?” Sunggyu asked.

            “I don’t know.”  He opened his eyes.  “There’s no one else like him.  He’s so confident and so cute and so chic and so…”  What was the word?  Needy?  Vulnerable?  “He’s arrogant and mature, but he’s playful and funny and full of cuteness.  I want to take care of him and protect him.  I want to be the one he’s cute and vulnerable with, so that he can be chic and confident for the rest of the world.  And he’s so good-looking, I can’t believe he’s so handsome.  I know some good-looking guys, but I’ve never been with someone so beautiful.”

            “Ya!”  Sunggyu punched him in the arm.  “I’m beautiful!”

            Snorting with laughter, Woohyun tickled Sunggyu under the chin.  “You’re okay.”

            Taking a deep breath, L hugged Dongwoo.  He buried his face against Dongwoo’s shoulder, but that wasn’t close enough, so he pressed his face to Dongwoo’s neck, closing his eyes.

            Dongwoo’s arms tightened around him.  “You’ll be okay.”

            Yeah.  He would.  He would, he knew that, but saying good-bye was hard, anyway.  Raising his head, he looked into Dongwoo’s eyes.  He stared intently, not wanting to miss anything, storing it all away in his heart.

            Gazing directly back at him, meeting his stare openly, not hiding a thing, Dongwoo stroked his cheek, patted his shoulder, rubbed his chest, hands moving restlessly over his body.  “The members said to make sure you’re eating.  Are you eating?”

            “I’m eating,” he promised.  He smiled, his hands on Dongwoo’s waist.  “You keep sending snacks.”

            “What else should I send?”  Dongwoo’s hands were in L’s pockets now.  “What do you want?  I’ll send whatever I can fit in a box.”

            Shaking his head, L rubbed his hands up and down over Dongwoo’s ribcage.  He would have to let go soon, but not yet, and he smiled again.  “I don’t need anything else.  I like anything you send, all of it.”

            Dongwoo kissed him, and his eyes closed as his body responded with pure pleasure.  As he felt Dongwoo cup his ass, squeezing and massaging, his back arched and he slid his tongue across Dongwoo’s lush lower lip.  Basking in the erotic heat of Dongwoo’s kiss, soaking up the feel of Dongwoo’s touch, he treasured the sensuality of the moment.

            When Dongwoo finally broke the kiss, instead of feeling torn and desperate, he found himself gazing lovingly at Dongwoo’s face, running his thumb over the lips which had so recently touched his.  His heart felt full.  Full of Dongwoo, full of love.

            “I’m leaving, and you look happy about it,” Dongwoo said, laughing.  “Are you happy to see me go?”  Before L could answer, he splayed his hands against L’s chest, tugging lightly on L’s shirt.  “I wish that I could stay with you.”

            Shaking his head, L smiled, covering Dongwoo’s hand with his own, right over his overflowing heart.  “What are you talking about?  You’re always with me.”

            As soon as Hoya confirmed that Sunggyu would be filming all night and would be out of the dorm for several hours after practice ended, he invited Baekhyun over.

            Then he realized that the other members had the same idea.  While he’d asked Baekhyun to visit, Woohyun had invited Sehun, Sungyeol had invited Chunji, and Sungjong had invited Ricky.

            “There isn’t room enough for all of us,” Woohyun said.

            “You could share rooms,” Dongwoo suggested.

            “Why don’t you two go to EXO’s dorm?” Sungyeol suggested.

            “I want to fuck Baekhyun in my own dorm in my own bed for once,” Hoya said.

            “I don’t want to share a room,” Sungjong said.

            “What else are you going to do, screw in the bathroom?” Sungyeol asked.  “Someone has to double up.”

            “Rock, paper, scissors?” Dongwoo suggested.

            “No,” Woohyun said sharply.  “I share my room with Sunggyu hyung, he won’t be home, the room is mine.  That’s it.  The three of you share a room, you work it out.”

            “Whoever loses shares the room, and whoever wins uses Dongwoo hyung’s room,” Sungyeol proposed.

            “What?” Dongwoo asked.  “Why my room?  I want to be in my room.”

            “Please?” Sungjong asked.  “It’ll only be for a few hours.  You can go out for a while, can’t you?”

            “Baekhyun and I are the oldest, so we’ll take Dongwoo hyung’s room,” Hoya said.

            “Wait, no,” Sungyeol protested.  “If anything, Chunji’s sunbae to Baekhyun, so he should get his privacy.”

            “Chunji’s not sunbae to Ricky,” Sungjong argued.

            “Ricky and Chunji are used to having sex in the same room, aren’t they?” Hoya asked.  “They won’t mind.  It’s not fair to Baekhyun to make him have sex in front of people he doesn’t even know.”

            “How about this?” Woohyun asked.  “Dongwoo hyung, who do you want rutting all over your sheets?  Hoya and Baekhyun, Sungyeol and Chunji, or Sungjong and Ricky?”

            “I think Hoya had a good point,” Dongwoo said.  “Ricky and Chunji should be used to it.  You can put Baekhyun in my room.”

            Yes!  “Thank you, hyung.”  Hoya grinned.

            When Baekhyun arrived, however, he wasn’t happy.  “This isn’t your bed,” he said, eyeing the room from the doorway.

            “Sungyeol and Sungjong are in my room,” Hoya explained.

            “I want to be in your bed.  Aren’t you their hyung?” Baekhyun asked.  “Can’t you kick them out?”

            “Does it matter whose bed it is?” Hoya asked.  “Pretend that it’s mine.”

            “Yes, it matters!  You sleep there every night.  It’s your space.  It has your scent on it.  That bed won’t even smell like you.”

            Hoya offered Dongwoo’s room to Sungyeol, who immediately accepted.  Then he told Sungjong, “I need the room.  You can go back to Teen Top’s dorm.”

            “What?!  No!  We agreed!”  Sungjong looked upset.  “Ricky’s on his way here, now.”

            “Baekhyun needs privacy,” Hoya said.

            “Ricky who?” Baekhyun asked.  “Teen Top’s Ricky?”  Winding his arm around Hoya’s waist, he laughed at Sungjong.  “Aw, that must be cute, the two of you snuggling in bed together.  Little maknae bunnies.”

            “Yes,” Sungjong said sweetly.  “Very cute.”

            Hoya didn’t have the time or the patience to deal with the details of room-switching.  “Share Dongwoo hyung’s room with Sungyeol.  You were going to share the room with him, anyway.  Just share a different room.”

            Sungjong’s expression was stubborn.  “I’d rather share a room with Baekhyun hyung than with Chunji hyung.”

            “I don’t care what you want,” Hoya said.  “You can use Dongwoo hyung’s room, you can use the kitchen, you can go to Teen Top’s dorm, you can have sex on the moon if you want.  Out.”  Shoving Sungjong out of the doorway, he pulled Baekhyun inside and locked the door.

            “Who has a key to that?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Sunggyu hyung and our manager.”

            “Where are they?”

            “They’re out.  Sunggyu hyung’s filming.  No one’s going to come in.”

            “Good.”  Smiling, Baekhyun rubbed his hands over Hoya’s chest, a gleam in his eye.  “Now throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off.”

            Dongwoo wanted to call L, and he wasn’t about to do that out in public somewhere, so he went back to the dorm.  When he walked in, he didn’t see anyone.  “Hello?”  All of the bedroom doors were closed.  Curious, he listened.

            In his room, Sungyeol was groaning, “Yes, ah, do it, that’s it, yeah.”  In Woohyun’s room, somebody - - probably Oh Sehun - - was moaning, “Hyung, so hard, you’re so hard, uuhhh, yes, yes, ah!”  In Hoya’s room, uh, it sounded like a lot was happening.

            Hearing something else, other sounds, voices, Dongwoo paused.  Where was it coming from, the kitchen?  He peeked in.

            Sungjong was naked, on his knees.

            Ricky was crouching behind him, arms around his shoulders, whispering in his ear.  His hands were behind himself, touching Ricky, caressing Ricky’s thighs.

            And Sungjong was licking the refrigerator door.

            That didn’t make any sense at first.  The whole thing was weird to Dongwoo - - why were they naked in the kitchen? - - but why would Sungjong be licking the fridge?  That seemed especially odd.  And then he noticed that the fridge was sort of glistening, like it was wet, and Sungjong seemed to be licking something off of it, and - - oh, hell, Sungjong was licking cum off of the refrigerator door.  “You had sex in the kitchen?” Dongwoo asked.  “We cook in here!”

            Sungjong squealed and Ricky fell on his ass and then they were scrambling to their feet.  “Dongwoo hyung,” Ricky said, bowing and covering himself with his hands.

            “Hyung.  We didn’t, we’re not, there’s nothing like that,” Sungjong said hastily from behind Ricky.

            “Go to your room or put some clothes on or something,” Dongwoo said.  “And clean this up, whatever you did.  People eat in here.”

            “We can’t.  The hyungs locked the doors,” Sungjong said.  “We can’t get into any of the bedrooms.”

            “Then have sex in the bathroom.”  Didn’t that make more sense than the kitchen?

            Ricky’s smile was impish.  “We did.”

            Blushing, Sungjong wrapped his arms around Ricky’s shoulders.  “We’ll get dressed and clean up a little.”

            Sex on the fridge.  Shaking his head, Dongwoo left the kitchen.  Sehun was still moaning and someone - - Chunji? - - was crying out, “Like that, like that, ah, more, right there, that’s it, I need it, you’ve got it, you’ve got it, ah!”  Feeling uneasy and turned on, Dongwoo shimmied, trying to shake off his sexual need.  L would be home soon.  And in the meantime, he could get laid tonight, as soon as one of the members was free.

            Yeah, he could get laid tonight, but what about L?  Listening to everybody else, a chorus of ecstatic voices on all sides, made Dongwoo keenly aware of how distant L was, how alone L was.  It wasn’t right.

            “Oohhh, oh, uuunhhh, Hoya…”  Writhing, Baekhyun rubbed his face against Hoya’s sheets, snorting blissfully as he breathed in Hoya’s scent, butch and musky and delicious.

            The night had been everything that he’d fantasized about, and so much more.  Hoya had started off dominating him in exactly the way he liked, muscular and aggressive.  The tattered remnants of his clothes were scattered over the floor, and he was going to have a bruise on his thigh from where Hoya had wrenched his thighs apart.  He’d never wanted Hoya more.

            The first fuck had been amazing.  Purple sheets under his back, R&B music playing, Hoya pounding into him in time with the beat.  He hadn’t wanted to come; he’d felt like he could ride that erotic high forever, pleasure building, pressure mounting, every cell of his body pulsing with each explosive thrust.  When he’d finally come, it had been wild, messy, intense, and Hoya had kissed him, hard, and said, “Ask me for more,” and he’d had to bite down on Hoya’s lower lip to keep from begging for it right then and there.

            Hoya had wrestled him onto his stomach and held him there and then tied his ankles to the bedframe.  He’d been startled - - he’d told Hoya that he wanted to be tied up, before, but he’d never expected Hoya actually to do it! - - and he’d fought hard to get free, but he’d been so amazingly turned on that his struggles to get away had pretty much turned into moaning and writhing and humping the bed and loving the way Hoya dominated his body.  He ended up tied down in a complex system of purple scarves, and he could tell that Hoya had planned this out ahead of time, had thought this over, and that only excited him more, turned him on further.  His knees were spread, his ass in the air, his hands behind his back, and Hoya kept warning him not to fight it, not to move too much, but he couldn’t hold still.  It was humiliating to be so helpless, so open, his just-fucked ass in such a vulnerable position.  It was frustrating as hell, too, that with his hips forced up and his hands behind his back, he couldn’t get to his cock, couldn’t rub against anything.  His erection was throbbing and furiously red, but he couldn’t do a thing about it besides moan and ache and squirm.

            Hoya had spanked him lightly, teasingly, giving him just enough of a slap each time to keep him panting, trying to get him to beg for it.  He’d held off as long as he could, trying to argue, to bluster, to pretend to play along, but Hoya had kept taunting him with it, touching him casually, fondling him, toying with his body like it was some familiar toy Hoya didn’t really care about anymore, giving his ass a rough little pat now and then just to keep him jumping and whining.  He’d gotten so upset, so needy, so furious with Hoya for treating him like this, that he’d almost said the safe word and told Hoya to go to hell.  Instead, he’d begged, really begged, begged so pathetically and desperately that he burned with shame every time he remembered it.

            Hoya had rewarded him by spanking the hell out of him, smacking his ass until he wailed in feverish rapture.  He’d still been high from it when Hoya had started fucking him again, and each rough thrust had felt like further punishment as Hoya’s body pounded against the hot, enflamed skin of his swollen, spanked ass.  Hoya’s hand on the back of his neck had felt particularly forceful as it crudely shoved his face against the bed.  The display of dominance was completely unnecessary - - tied up the way he was, he couldn’t exactly go anywhere, anyway - - but the intimacy of it, Hoya’s hand hot against his nape, the way Hoya exerted just enough pressure to make him feel completely mastered but not enough to hurt, made it exquisitely erotic, and when he whimpered in helpless fury and tried to shake Hoya’s hand off, Hoya’s thumb rubbed up just beneath his earlobe, a delicate caress which sent sexual heat shimmering down his spine.

            Hoya had come inside him again and climbed off of him.  He was still tied up in that awful position, face-down in a puddle of his own sweat and drool, greedily snorting Hoya’s sheets, the sexual pulse of R&B thick in the air, his cock so painfully hard that he felt like he was going to explode.  He wanted to live with some dignity, but Hoya had taken such firm control of him that he couldn’t take control back, couldn’t get a grip on himself, and he was panting and mewling and writhing, rubbing his face against those purple sheets, his hips twitching as much as the scarves’ slack would allow.

            He felt Hoya moving around him, and then he felt Hoya’s weight on his back, heavy, felt Hoya’s hot skin settle against him, felt Hoya’s strong thighs lock around him.  Gasping against the bed, he tried to buck Hoya off, but he was tied down, and he felt strangely weak, helpless in his fury.  “Get the fuck off of me!”

            “What are you yelling about?” Hoya asked with mild unconcern.  “You don’t want to be untied?  Okay.”  He started to get up, his weight lifting.

            What?  Yes!  No!  “Hyung!  Please, please, untie me!”

            “You complain too much.”  Hoya’s weight settled onto him again, and he moaned, feeling an undeniable rush of pleasure.  He felt the restraints begin to give, and he groaned, already trying to angle his hips toward the bed.  As soon as he had enough freedom of movement, he shoved against the mattress, humping in an energetic frenzy, driving his erection against the bed, craving friction.  White-hot pleasure exploded through him and he cried out, hips still pumping, ecstasy ripping primal noises from his throat.

            Gratification rolled through him in slow, soothing waves.  Moaning, he went limp, boneless, closing his eyes as satisfaction settled into his body.

            Heavy on top of him, Hoya untied the final knots.  For a long, calm moment, Hoya’s weight pressed him into the bed and he didn’t think about anything but how sore and happy and content he was.

            Sunggyu walked into the dorm and tripped over the shoes piled up by the door.  “What the hell?” he demanded, grabbing at the wall to right himself.  Glaring down at the offending shoes, he realized that he didn’t even recognize some of them.  Those bright red sneakers with yellow laces?  Heeled brown ankle boots?  He’d been filming all night, and he just wanted to eat and get off and collapse for a few hours.  He wasn’t in the mood for other people’s crap.

            Irritated, he went to the kitchen.  Ricky and Dongwoo were there, standing by the counter, eating pizza.  Dongwoo looked rumpled and sleepy; Ricky, in a black tank top and black-and-gold boxer-briefs, had a bite mark on one thigh.  “You’re here,” Sunggyu said.  He’d never seen Ricky in the dorm before.  He’d never seen any member of Teen Top in the dorm before.

            “Sunggyu hyung,” Ricky said, swallowing.  “Hi.  You’re home.”

            “Who’s in this dorm?” Sunggyu asked Dongwoo.

            “You, me, Ricky,” Dongwoo said around a mouthful of pizza.  “Hoya and Baekhyun, Woohyun and Sehun, Sungyeol and Chunji, and Sungjong.”

            Chunji, too?  “Are we having a party?”

            “You weren’t home,” Dongwoo said.  “The kids wanted to invite their friends over.”

            “Hyung.”  Sungjong’s voice behind him sounded startled.

            “Do Hoya and Baekhyun want pizza?” Dongwoo asked.

            “No.  Ricky, come here for a minute,” Sungjong said.

            “Where?” Dongwoo asked.  “There’s nowhere to go.”

            “I’m eating,” Ricky said.

            “Come here,” Sungjong insisted.

            While Ricky sighed, shoved the last bite into his mouth, and followed Sungjong, Dongwoo said, “Don’t do anything in the bathroom again!”

            Grabbing a slice of pizza, Sunggyu asked, “What did they do in the bathroom?”

            “Had sex.  Did it in here, too, but they cleaned up.”  Dongwoo chewed and laughed.  “Oh!  I think he’s worried that you’ll seduce Ricky or something.”

            “Eh, I don’t feel like it.”

            Dongwoo glanced over his shoulder.  “Want some pizza?”

            There was no answer.  Sunggyu turned to see Woohyun standing there looking stricken.  “What?” Sunggyu asked, laughing.

            “Sunggyu hyung.  You’re here.”  Woohyun smiled belatedly.  “I thought that you were filming.”

            What was this?  “Why is no one happy to see me?  Am I so terrible?  Can’t anyone greet me cheerfully?”

            “Sunggyu hyung!  You’re home!  It’s wonderful!” Dongwoo cheered.

            “Yes, that’s better,” Sunggyu said approvingly.  “More like that.”

            “Yay,” Woohyun said weakly.

            “Get some pizza,” Dongwoo urged.  “It’s good.”

            Woohyun hurriedly slapped a couple of slices onto a plate.  “Thanks.”

            “That’s all?” Sunggyu asked.  “Two?  Isn’t Oh Sehun with you?”

            “Yes.”  Woohyun eyed him nervously.  “He’s resting.  Sleeping.  We shouldn’t bother him.”

            “He’ll be hungry, won’t he?  He’s still young, he needs to eat well.  He works hard.”  Taking the plate from Woohyun, Sunggyu piled on more slices.  “You should take better care of him.  What kind of boyfriend are you?”

            “I…”  Woohyun stared at him as if completely confused, then laughed.  “Okay, hyung.”

            Sunggyu pushed the plate at him, then went back to eating.  Woohyun left.  Sunggyu kept eating.  Dongwoo started to clean up.  When Sunggyu’s phone rang, he looked at it, groaned, and handed it to Dongwoo.  “This kid.  He’s obsessed with me.  Tell him I’ve moved to Belgium and you don’t know how to contact me.”

            “Tao?” Dongwoo asked, reading the screen.  “He is obsessed with you.  And your penis.  I think he’s a little strange.  But he’s a good hoobae.  You should be nice to him.”

            “Tell him I’ve moved to Brazil.  Tell him that a bunch of antis carried me away and you can’t find me.”

            “We don’t have antis,” Dongwoo said.  “We only have people who aren’t Inspirits yet.”  To Tao, he said, “Hello, this is Jang Dongwoo.  Yes, this is Sunggyu hyung’s phone.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Ah.  Ah, yeah.”  He nodded as if Tao could see him.  “Uh, we probably shouldn’t talk about that over the phone.  Yeah.  Do you want to come over?  He’s here, in the dorm.”  Twisting away as Sunggyu grabbed at his arm, ducking as Sunggyu yelled, “No, no, don’t come,” Dongwoo said, “Yeah, yeah.  Okay.  Yeah.  Bye.”

            “What?!”  Sunggyu pushed Dongwoo against the sink.  “Why?!”

            “He wants to see you.  He called me three times last week to talk about you.  He’s really obsessed with you.”  Straightening, Dongwoo pushed his hair out of his face.  “You should spend time with him.  Maybe you’ll like him.”  Dongwoo smiled.  “The bedrooms are full, but you can try the bathroom.  Ricky said it’s surprisingly comfortable.”

            It was like a mystery he had to solve.  Tao didn’t understand why it was so difficult to figure out.  One stupid note.  In movies, there were always people willing to say too much and someone full of cryptic comments which put all of the clues in a new light.  In reality, however, everyone was frustratingly quiet and no one would tell him anything.  The Infinite members only said things like, “What are you talking about?” and, “I’m not going to talk about that over the phone,” and, “Are you still talking about this?”  His own members said, “Tao, shut up,” and, “Aren’t you getting a little obsessed?”

            He wasn’t obsessed.  He was just interested.  Interested in the note and the people behind it and why they felt the way they felt.

            If it was from one idol for another idol, wasn’t that significant?  Fans said things to idols like that, but the fan-idol relationship was sort of heightened and intense and on a different level from most interactions.  A fan saying to an idol, “I dream about you and live for you and will love you forever,” was one thing.  An idol saying it to an idol was like a student saying it to another student or an accountant saying it to another accountant.  What was it about this one accountant which was so fascinating and inspiring and desirable to the other accountant?  What was so special about this guy?

            Everything kept pointing back to Kim Sunggyu.  He was involved, one way or another.  Tao couldn’t believe that the note was about or for Sunggyu, so it must have been written by him, instead.  Except that everyone agreed that he wasn’t the kind of person who would write something like that - - unless he wrote it to himself.

            So either Sunggyu was so proud of himself that he wrote himself sex letters.

            Or there was really an idol out there who believed that Sunggyu was exciting and sexy and worth writing weird pornographic notes about.

            Tao wanted to know why.  What about Sunggyu was so great?  No one would explain it to his satisfaction, so he was going to get to know Sunggyu until he figured it out for himself.

            When he got to Infinite’s dorm, it was just a normal dorm like anyone else’s.  Dongwoo let him in; Sunggyu was seated on the floor, leaning against the wall, yawning.  The three of them sat down together.  Dongwoo started texting someone and Sunggyu just sat there, not doing anything.  He wondered if Sunggyu was asleep or something.  Hugging his knees to his chest, he looked at Sunggyu, trying to figure out what would make someone enthusiastically sexually obsessed.

            He was wearing red boxer-briefs and a blue T-shirt.  Those were probably his jeans crumpled in the corner.  He didn’t have any make-up on.  His legs were hairy.  He had smooth cheeks and boring hair, and Tao couldn’t find anything to get excited about.  Except maybe his legs.  So hairy Tao wanted to pet them.

            “Finished staring?”

            Oh, shit, how long had his eyes even been open?  “Do you have a lot of boyfriends?”

            “No boyfriends.”

            “Do you have a lot of girlfriends?”

            “Not a lot.”

            “Doesn’t anyone like you?”

            Sunggyu laughed.  “Why is this how you talk to sunbaes?”

            “Can I call you ‘hyung?’”

            His eyes widened enough for Tao to see that they were a rich shade of dark brown.  He looked at Dongwoo, but Dongwoo was too absorbed in texting to notice.  “Okay.  Call me hyung.  Call me whatever you want.  Speak informally, I don’t care.”

            “Sunggyu hyung.  Sunggyu hyung.”  He wrinkled his nose.  It didn’t feel at all the same as “Insoo hyung.”  He wondered, “Who do you have sex with the most?”

            “Obsessed, he’s obsessed,” Sunggyu said.  Tao wasn’t sure who he was talking to.  “Why should I answer this?  What’s happening?”  He gestured toward Dongwoo.  “This week, it’s this one.”

            Tao nudged Dongwoo.  “Say ‘Sunggyu hyung.’”

            Dongwoo looked up, glancing from one of them to the other.  “Sunggyu hyung.  Why?”

            Eh, that wasn’t it.  “Say it again.  Say it like it feels good.”

            Dongwoo laughed.  “Why should it feel good?”

            Sunggyu smiled, wrapping his arm around Dongwoo’s shoulders, pulling Dongwoo against his side.  “You don’t like calling my name?”

            Clutched tightly to Sunggyu’s shoulder, Dongwoo laughed, his head back.  “I love it, it’s the best.  ‘Sunggyu hyung, we’re practicing more?’  ‘Sunggyu hyung, we have five new schedules?’  ‘Sunggyu hyung, we’re only getting an hour of sleep?’”

            Baring his teeth, he bit Dongwoo’s ear.

            Yelping, Dongwoo shuddered, then moaned like he was coming.  “Ah, ah, hyung.”

            Chuckling, he nuzzled against Dongwoo’s ear, nipping it again, nuzzling Dongwoo’s cheek.

            Squirming but not actually trying to get away, Dongwoo made a low, aching noise, then laughed weakly.  “Ah, why are you like this?”

            Turned on, Tao hugged his knees more tightly.  “Is he good at sex?  Do you like it?”

            Sunggyu’s hand covered Dongwoo’s mouth.  Nuzzling Dongwoo’s ear again, he instructed, “Tell him yes.  Say it’s the best.”

            When Sunggyu’s hand dropped, Dongwoo laughed.  “Yes.  It’s the best.”  He writhed again, an all-over full-body undulation, and then he pulled away with an embarrassed blush.

            Tao wished that he hadn’t pulled away.  That had been fascinating to watch.  “Do you like his cock?”

            “I don’t know.”  Dongwoo glanced at Sunggyu’s lap, then gestured at his own crotch.  “It’s just, it’s a penis, it…  I don’t know, it’s nice.”

            “Nice,” Sunggyu repeated.  He sighed.  “Tell Tao that thing you always say about sex and cocks and the full experience.”

            Dongwoo frowned, then said, “Oh,” and looked at Tao.  “Sex isn’t about the stick and the hole and the poking.  When I think about having sex with L, I don’t think about his cock.  I think about all of him and how I feel when I’m with him and how our bodies move together and the way he looks right before I kiss him.  When I think about having sex with Sunggyu hyung, I think about the way it feels when he touches me and what it’s like when he’s on top of me and the way he looks at me when he’s decided that he wants to fuck me.  The hole-poking thing is part of sex, but it’s not all of sex.”  Then he scratched his head and laughed.  “Sunggyu hyung does have a really handsome cock, though.  I love the way it looks in L’s mouth.”

            “Well, anything looks good in L’s mouth,” Sunggyu said.  Then he grinned, brushing his thumb over Dongwoo’s lower lip.  “It looks good in your mouth, too.”

            Blushing, Dongwoo cleared his throat, looking away.

            “Can I see?” Tao asked.

            Sunggyu laughed.  “See what?  See my cock?  See L’s mouth?  See Dongwoo sucking me off?  No!”

            “He can’t see your cock?” Dongwoo asked.  “He’s obsessed with it.  At least let him look at it.  You show it to everybody else.”

            “I don’t show it to everybody!” Sunggyu protested.  “What, would you show yours if he asked?  Go ahead, go ahead,” he challenged, “both of you take yours out and then I’ll show mine.”

            Was Sunggyu serious?  “Okay,” Tao said, lowering his legs and reaching for his fly.

            “Ya!  Stop!”  Sunggyu grabbed Tao’s hands, forcing them to his sides.

            “You said!” Tao objected.  “You agreed!”

            “Tao.”  Sunggyu’s gaze was so penetrating that he wanted to shudder away but he couldn’t bring himself to blink.  He felt caught, trapped in Sunggyu’s eyes.  His heart was pounding and he was hyper-aware of the firmness of Sunggyu’s grip on his hands, the softness of Sunggyu’s skin.  “What do you want?  Why are you here?”

            The note.  He wanted to feel that way about someone.  He wanted to be that bold and shameless and sexually obsessed.  He wanted to be in love with someone and feel his heart jerk painfully every time that guy walked into the room.  He wanted to be on his knees, moaning around that guy’s beautiful cock in his mouth, feeling like nothing else could make him so happy.

            The longer Sunggyu stared into his eyes, the harder it was to breathe.  When he finally spoke, his voice sounded strange, breathless, hoarse.  “Please, bite my ear.”

            Dongwoo’s laughter sounded really far away.  Sunggyu leaned in, and suddenly eye contact seemed too intense to bear; Tao closed his eyes, turning his face away.  The brush of Sunggyu’s cheek against his own cheek came as a shock; he gasped, jerking as if someone had kicked him.  Subtly but surely, Sunggyu’s hands tightened around his wrists, holding him in place.

            There was a light, slow caress along the shell of his ear.  It was Sunggyu’s tongue; Sunggyu was licking him.  He panted, lips parting, feeling like the grip on his wrists forced his entire body into stillness.  Soft, sensual kisses whispered against his neck, were brushed behind his ear, and he shivered with pleasure, not sure how to handle this tender eroticism.  A sly, pleased murmur of, “Mmm, you taste good,” shocked him, and his eyes flew open only to close an instant later in an ecstasy of pleasure as Sunggyu licked at his earlobe, sucking lightly.  An intimate nuzzle, a puff of breath, and then he felt the first hint of teeth graze his skin.  A lingering lick as Sunggyu’s tongue traced the shell of his ear, a daring little nip, and then the distraction of a kiss, a nuzzle, a pleased murmur: “Do you like it?”  He was panting, moaning, so attuned to every little flick of Sunggyu’s tongue that his whole body jerked with each light scrape of teeth, his cock desperately erect.  He could never guess what Sunggyu might do next, could never guess what sort of teasing contact he’d get, and he felt like his whole body was in a pleading state of sexual need.

            “Ahh.”  Sunggyu breathed against the side of his neck and he shuddered, moaning with pleasure, with desire.  “Have I been neglectful?”  The coaxing, teasing intimacy of Sunggyu’s voice, the sexual arrogance, tied him up in lusting knots.  Sunggyu nuzzled the side of his jaw, nudging, and as soon as he realized what Sunggyu was doing, he hastily cooperated, hurriedly turning his face, offering Sunggyu his other ear, anticipation streaking hotly through him while his erection throbbed enthusiastically against his pants.  And it began again, the kissing, the licking, on new flesh.  The teeth came a little sooner this time, a little sharper, and he groaned, arching his neck, twisting toward it, panting eagerly.

            “Hyung?”  It was a surprised voice, behind him.

            Sunggyu chuckled.  “You have too many earrings.  I’m about to cut myself.”  The grip on Tao’s wrists disappeared.

            Eyes flying open, Tao looked for Sunggyu.  He was right there, where he’d sat the whole time; he nudged Dongwoo, who was still texting like nothing had happened, like Tao had imagined the entire thing.  “Tell him that I said hi.”

            Blinking, needing it to have been real, Tao touched his ear.

            “Tao hyung.  What are you doing here?”

            That voice.  Suddenly it struck him as familiar, and he looked over his shoulder to see Sehun standing there.  Oh.  “Hi.”  He curled up around his hard-on, biting his lips.  He wanted Sunggyu to nibble on him again.

            “You’re up,” Sunggyu said.  “Nam Woohyun!” he called.  “Can I get in my room now?”

            “Always yelling,” Woohyun said, coming out of a room.  “So noisy.  Yes, but be quick and come out again.”

            “Tao hyung.”  Sehun squatted beside him.  “What are you doing here?  Are you bothering Sunggyu sunbaenim some more?”

            “Shouldn’t we be closer?” Sunggyu asked.  “Call me hyung.”  Putting both hands on Dongwoo’s waist, he dragged Dongwoo onto his lap.

            “What?” Dongwoo asked, surprised.  “Why?”

            He grimaced, squirming uncomfortably under Dongwoo.  “My cock’s hard and you feel good against it.”

            “Oh.”  Dongwoo leaned familiarly against Sunggyu’s chest.

            Sunggyu rubbed his cheek against Dongwoo’s shoulder.  “You didn’t tell him that I said hi.”

            “Come here,” Woohyun said, pulling Sehun up and away from them.  “Get away from him.  If he tries to make eye contact, yell for help and cover your eyes.”

            Sunggyu shot Woohyun a dirty look.  “I’m not going to try to have sex with your boyfriend.”  Then he rubbed his cheek against Dongwoo’s shoulder again.  “Who’s here?  Baekhyun?  Ricky?  Oh, Chunji’s here, isn’t he?”

            “I’m here,” Tao said.  “Aren’t you turned on because of me?”

            “Yeah, don’t bother the other members,” Dongwoo said.  “Tao can do it.”

            Sunggyu made a thoughtful noise, his fingers walking over Dongwoo’s lean chest.  “I don’t know.  Maybe I like the way he wants me.  I don’t want to fuck him yet.  It’s fun this way.”  His palms rubbed over Dongwoo’s abs.  “Come into my room and suck my dick.  I’ll be quick.”

            “You…  What?” Tao asked.  Sunggyu talked about him like he wasn’t even there.  “Sunggyu hyung.”  Hearing the note of neediness in his voice, he pressed his lips shut.

            Sunggyu sighed and looked at him.  “Are you any good?”

            What kind of question was that?  “I’m great!”

            “He’s messy,” Sehun said.

            “What’s messy?” Tao demanded.  “I’m great!”

            “Okay.”  Dumping Dongwoo aside, Sunggyu got up, pulling his T-shirt down and covering himself with his hand.  “Come on.  I’ll try you.”

            What?  Now?  “Really?” Tao asked, scrambling upward.

            “Come,” Sunggyu instructed, taking his hand and pulling him along.

            Eagerly, excitement quickening within him, Tao followed Sunggyu into the bedroom.

            What was that sound?

            Chunji paused, one hand poised over the pizza box, listening intently.

            There it was again.  Someone was going wild.  Intrigued, he tried to remember who else Sungyeol had said was in the dorm.  Momentarily abandoning the pizza, he glanced around and then followed the sound.  It was coming from behind a closed door, and the nearer he drew to it, the more aroused he became.

            Wailing, groaning, someone was having an incredible time.  It was sexually rhythmic, and Chunji bit his lip, lightly touching himself.  He wondered who it was, wondered if he could join in.  Pressing his other hand to the doorframe, he stroked his cock, listening intently.  There were words he didn’t recognize at all, words that didn’t even sound like Korean.  Who was in the dorm who knew Mandarin?  Baekhyun?

            Closing his eyes, breathing in time with the rhythm of sex, he imagined Sungyeol coming up behind him.  No, Hoya.  Hoya would notice how turned on he was, notice how he was touching himself.  With a soft, “Mmm, you like that?” Hoya would move in behind him and slip down his underpants, baring his ass.  Moaning, loving Hoya’s boldness, he’d breathe, “Yes,” and arch his spine, pushing his ass back for Hoya’s attention.

            He was still slick from Sungyeol’s fuck, and Hoya’s fingers would slide into him, finding him snug and hot.  He’d hug the doorframe, jacking himself as Hoya’s thick, hard erection filled him in a crude thrust.  Groaning in enthusiastic echo of the wild, frenzied cries echoing from the bedroom, he’d be forced up onto his toes by Hoya’s fierce pounding.  They’d all fuck together, to the same rhythm, all four of them, and as he cried out in joy at the rough thrusting of Hoya’s cock, the people inside the room would hear and, turned on by the erotic sound, only become more passionate in their fucking.

            “Auh!  Auh!  Auh!”  Whoever was in there was flat-out losing it, and Chunji groaned, speeding up to keep pace with those increasingly frantic cries.  Shit, if that was Baekhyun, then the one making Baekhyun scream like that was Hoya, which ruined his fantasy.  Oh, maybe Woohyun would find him here, step up behind him, slide a hand over his ass-

            “What are you doing?” Ricky whispered.  “Shit, who’s in there?”

            Without hesitating, Chunji shoved his underpants down, exposing his ass.

            “Hyung!”  Ricky put a hand on his waist.  Enjoying the contact, he undulated, licking his lips as Baekhyun cried, “Aahhh, yes, do it to me, do it to me, ah!”  Ricky whispered, “This - - we can’t - - okay, shit, just hurry up.”

            Ricky felt amazing inside him, thick and hard, exactly what he’d needed.  Groaning, he pushed back against Ricky’s rhythmic thrusts, jacking himself with quick, long strokes.  There was no need to tell him to hurry; Baekhyun’s mounting screams had him right against the edge.  Panting against the doorframe, he closed his eyes, trying to visualize Hoya and Baekhyun, Baekhyun’s slim body spread and penetrated, Hoya’s muscular body over him, hips rocking aggressively, Baekhyun’s bare erection gleaming with precum in Hoya’s fist.

            “Fuck, you feel great,” Ricky panted against his shoulder.  “Uhh, who’s in there, it sounds, it sounds, it sounds, uhh, I love fucking you after other guys.”

            Oh, oh, “Ah, Ricky,” he shouldn’t have - - fuck - - “oh, ah!”  Damn it, he could already feel ecstasy burning through him, could already feel the familiar knotting of tension between his thighs, the heaviness in his balls.  Shit, he was going to come, he should have slowed down.  It was Ricky’s fault for fucking him like this, for feeling so good, for giving it to him just the way he liked it.  “Ah, please,” he groaned, his breath catching, his hips working, his cock slick in his hand.

            “S-s-s-s-sung G-g-g-gyu oh god hyung oh god yes oh god do it to me, do it to me, yes, yes, oh!”

            Chunji barely had time for the image of Sunggyu and Baekhyun to scorch across his mind before he was coming, a high cry breaking from his throat, ecstasy pounding through him with every deep thrust.  His breath stuttered, his hand rubbing feverishly over his cock as he came against the doorframe.  It felt so good and it sounded so incredible and he wanted to be fucked like that and he was being fucked and god, “Ricky,” Baekhyun, Sunggyu.

            “Okay, okay,” Ricky panted, and Ricky’s hands jerked his hips back hard.  Groaning, he shuddered, grabbing at the doorframe for balance as Ricky shoved deeper inside of him with a breathless, “Hyung, ah, I’m coming.”

            From the other side of the door, they heard, “Do it, do it, make me come, make me, yes!  That’s it, I’m there, you’re doing it to me, you’re making me come, auuhh!  Auh, auuhh, coming so hard, you’re doing it to me, aahhh!”

            “Oh my god,” someone whispered behind them.  “Is that Tao?”

            Startled, Chunji whirled around to see Baekhyun.

            “Who’s in there with him?” Baekhyun asked, creeping closer, joining them against the door.  Then he looked them over and laughed.  “Were you fucking?”

            “No,” Ricky said, pushing Chunji closer to the doorframe to hide the cum stain.

            “You were!”  Baekhyun ran his fingers down Chunji’s cheek.  “Who’s in there?”

            “Sunggyu hyung,” Chunji said a little breathlessly, tugging his underpants back up.

            “You’re kidding.”  Stroking Chunji’s neck, Baekhyun looked at the door as if trying to see through it into the room.  “Do you think they’re finished?”

            “They have to be, don’t they?” Ricky asked.

            “Ahh, uuuhhh, yes,” Tao moaned.  “Come on me, come all over me, all over my chest, all over my body, like that, uuuhh, yes, yes, yes.”  While Chunji stared at the door, he kept moaning in Mandarin, groaning like he was in some sort of eternal, all-consuming ecstasy.  Baekhyun blinked in disbelief and touched the door like he wanted to get through it to the other side, and slowly, gradually, with sibilant murmurs and half-choked moans, Tao fell quiet.

            “Uh,” Ricky said, eyeing the door.

            “Hey.”  Hoya walked over, pizza in hand.  “What’s up?  Are you forming a line?”

            “I need it again,” Baekhyun said, grabbing his free hand and pulling him away.

            “Now - - okay,” Hoya said, stumbling after him, chewing quickly.

            Chunji could feel Ricky’s cum oozing out of him.  He had to get to the bathroom and clean up.  “Get a napkin or something and wipe this up,” he said, eyeing the cum on the doorframe.

            “It’s yours!” Ricky protested.  “You - - Sungjong hyung,” he said brightly, turning, shoving Chunji in front of the cum stain again.

            “Hurry, we can use the bedroom,” Sungjong said.  “Let’s get comfortable.”

            “Yes, good,” Ricky said, and they disappeared into a room together-

            -just as the door beside Chunji opened and Sunggyu stepped out.  Chunji tried to look natural, as if it were ordinary and unquestionable for him to stand around Sunggyu’s door.  Pulling up a pair of sweatpants, Sunggyu said, “Hi,” and walked on past him.

            Chunji stared after Sunggyu for a moment, watching the smooth line of Sunggyu’s back, the roundness of Sunggyu’s ass, the crisscrossing scratch marks on Sunggyu’s skin.  And then, silently, he slid back to the doorway and peeked in.

            Sprawled on his back, limbs flung out in a pose of utter exhaustion, Tao looked asleep.  Naked, gorgeous, he was long and slender, entirely relaxed, his expression peaceful.  Leaning against the doorframe, Chunji sighed in a happy mixture of contentment, desire, and envy, watching him.

            Without warning, Tao’s eyes opened.  He saw Chunji right away, and just as Chunji was trying to come up with an excuse for ogling him, he smiled, friendly and lazy.  “Hi.”

            “Hi.”  Testing the waters, Chunji edged into the room.

            With an exhausted, satisfied sound, Tao tried to push himself up, failed, and dropped back against the pillows.

            “I didn’t, ah, know you were here,” Chunji said.  Tao didn’t seem to have any concerns about modesty, so he came into the room and sat right down on the bed as if he and Tao always hung out together naked after being superbly fucked.

            “Mmm.  I came to see Sunggyu hyung.”  He closed his eyes, smiling dreamily.  Chunji touched lightly at the sheets, gaze skimming quickly down his lean, muscular torso to his groin.  There was a sheen of sweat over his body, but no obvious streaks of cum; they must have wiped up.  His cock was soft, and his pink balls looked as if they’d be delicate cradled in Chunji’s palm.  “I thought that you were dating C.A.P. sunbaenim.”  With a guilty blush, Chunji looked hurriedly at Tao’s face, but he didn’t seem to mind at all that Chunji had been staring at his groin.  “Sungjong sunbaenim said that you were in a relationship.”

            Sungjong had probably said that to discourage Tao’s attention from him.  He wondered how many other idols Sungjong had said that to.  “We’re boyfriends, but we’re not monogamous.  I have sex with whoever I want.”

            “Really?”  Tao looked interested.

            “What - - hi,” Sungyeol said from the doorway.  “Uh.  This is terrific, and I would love to explore this, but Sunggyu hyung is going to be here any second, so come here and-”

            “Running away?”  Sunggyu brushed past Sungyeol in the doorway.  His nipples were so red, Chunji was sure that Tao had been sucking on them.

            “Yes,” Sungyeol said.  “Chunji, come on.”

            Chunji hesitated.  Tao, gazing up at Sunggyu with an adoring smile, seemed to have forgotten that he was in the room.  Handing Tao a bottle of water, Sunggyu rubbed his thumb over Tao’s thumb, and Tao’s lips parted like no one had ever touched him so erotically before.  Chunji sighed; he wasn’t going to get anything from Tao tonight.  Unless Sunggyu-

            “Now,” Sungyeol said, cupping his elbow and tugging him away from the bed.  “While he’s distracted.”

            “Why are we rushing?” Chunji asked as Sungyeol pulled him out of the room.

            “Some hyungs like to share too much.”  Sungyeol tried to open the door of the room they’d been using.  “Ah, shit.”  He knocked.  “Maknae.  Maknae!”  He knocked again.  “I know you’re in there!  Out!”

            They could always go back to Sunggyu’s room.  Or, “We could shower,” Chunji suggested, running both hands up Sungyeol’s arm, cupping his palms over Sungyeol’s shoulder.  “Together.”

            Sungyeol grinned at him, eyes lighting up.  “You want to?”

            “Sure.”  Taking a step back, he gave Sungyeol his come-and-get-it smile.  “I’ll make sure that you’re so clean, you squeak.”

            Sungyeol smiled, reaching for him.  He ducked away, then immediately, deliberately let Sungyeol catch him, laughing as Sungyeol tugged him close and kissed him.  “I’ll just make you squeak.”

            “Hyung!  Come on, just for a minute, just for a second, wake up a little.”

            The happy, exasperated voice was so familiar, Dongwoo blinked, lifting his head and peering around.  L was kneeling over him, smiling, rubbing his chest.  “Ahh,” he said, and relaxed against the pillows again.

            His eyes were closing when he realized: L!  “You’re here!” he exclaimed, sitting upright, staring.  That was definitely L’s handsome face; he’d know it anywhere.  And this was definitely the dorm, definitely his bed.  “You’re here?”

            “We caught an earlier flight.  I wanted to surprise you.”

            L was here, and stroking his neck, and smiling at him, and looking happy.  A happy L was one of Dongwoo’s favorite sights, one of the most beautiful things in the world, and he sat up, laughing and catching L against his body, hugging L close.  “I’m so glad you’re here!  I was going to meet you at the airport!  I wanted to surprise you!  But this is even better.”

            “I had to buy another bag to pack all of the stuff you sent.  I didn’t want to leave any of it behind.”

            Dongwoo laughed, squeezing L’s ass as L nuzzled his neck and kissed his cheek.  L was back, with them again, with him, in the flesh, and he was so glad, so excited, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself for days, even weeks.  Not that L would mind.  “Should I apologize?  Did I send too much?”

            “No.  It was perfect,” L murmured, kissing him.  “I love you.”

            Something sounded funny about that, and it was only when Dongwoo was sinking back against the pillows and L was whispering it again, against his mouth, against his neck, that he realized what it was.

            L wasn’t saying, “I love you.”

            L was saying, “You love me.”

            The dressing room was noisy and busy.  Kai barely had room to practice dancing without bumping into someone, so he stood near the door, shuffling his feet and reviewing choreography in his head.

            People were all over the room, getting dressed, having their hair and make-up done, talking, flirting.  He wondered if a casual observer would be able to pick out the couples.  Xiumin and Dongwoo were talking animatedly, but L was snuggled up like a sleepy leech against Dongwoo’s back.  Sunggyu and Woohyun were side-by-side, and Tao was between Suho and Kris; would anyone notice how Tao stared at Sunggyu like he was under some happy spell, or how Suho and Kris’ fingers brushed when they put their hands on Tao’s back, or how Woohyun’s gaze kept drifting over to where Sehun sat in the stylist’s chair?  Would the fact that Hoya and Insoo were arm-wrestling distract anyone from the fact that Baekhyun was sitting on Hoya’s knee or the fact that Chen managed to slide “Insoo hyung” into every single sentence?

            Rising from the stylist’s chair, Sehun sauntered over to sit on Suho’s lap.  When Woohyun’s hand brushed against his thigh, he smiled like he had a secret.

            Shaking his head, Kai sighed.  These guys and their hormones.  They didn’t…need to…oh…  He blinked, but the seductively adorable, charmingly sexy guy in front of him didn’t melt away into fantasy.

            In fact, he smiled.  “Kai?  I’m looking for Insoo hyung.  Is he here?”

            It took an extra moment to get past the sound of “Insoo hyung,” and then Kai’s brain started to work again.  Right!  Right.  “Seyong sunbaenim.”  They’d sort of crossed paths in the backstage crush, and Chen had mentioned him, but Kai couldn’t recall having been face-to-face with him like this.  He was so handsome.  So cute.  So pretty.

            He was still smiling.  “Our members are close, right?  You can call me hyung.”

            Kai bit his lower lip, shifting his weight, too turned on to hold still.  “Seyong hyung,” he said, licking his lips.  Oh, yeah.  He liked the sound of that.

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