The Seduction of 조
Part 1

K-pop info and glossary
Teen Top
Debut: 2010, Top Media (first group to debut under Top Media, a company started by Andy from Shinhwa)
Fan club: Angel
Name Real name Birth date Role
C.A.P Bang Minsoo November 4, 1992 leader, rapper
Chunji Lee Chanhee October 5, 1993 lead singer, visual
L.Joe Lee Byunghun November 23, 1993 rapper
Niel Ahn Daniel August 16, 1994 main vocal
Ricky Yoo Changhyun February 27, 1995 visual, fake maknae
Changjo Choi Jonghyun November 16, 1995 maknae, dancer

This series takes place in August of 2013 during the second annual KCON in LA.
Teen Top is there to debut “Rocking” at M! Countdown.  EXO is also in attendance.
This series takes place in a time warp where Changjo is 18 during KCON 2013.

I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Lounging on the hotel bed, leaning back against the headboard, Changjo flipped through channels.  It was a great night; it would be a great weekend.  No practice tonight, a big, comfortable bed to sleep in, and they were filming their comeback performance tomorrow.  In America!  He couldn’t wait.  It was going to be an awesome concert.

            The sound of water from the shower stopped.  Inhaling, he could smell L.Joe’s soap, clean and familiar.  Rubbing his thumb over the buttons on the remote control, he wondered what would happen tonight.  Would L.Joe stay in the room with him and sleep?  Go to one of the other hyungs’ rooms, the other hyungs’ beds?  Something about hotels seemed to make the hyungs even hornier than usual.  Maybe it was the freedom of it, the adventure of it, being on the road, away from home.  Maybe they just liked having new, different beds to have sex in.  Aside from some making out once in a while, they left Changjo out of it - - they said that he was too young - - which left him with Ricky, who seemed to have the sex drive of a sheet of paper.

            Changjo’s sex drive was a lot more similar to L.Joe’s.  They seemed to get horny at the same rate.  Or at the same time.  At least, it seemed like whenever L.Joe was horny, Changjo felt horny, too.  Maybe it was just that whenever L.Joe was turned on, his playful sexual aggression was contagious.  Seeing him strut around the dorm, eyeing C.A.P., licking his lips, flirting with Chunji, pulling Niel into his bedroom, always turned Changjo on.  Sometimes his attention fell on Changjo, but never enough of it; it was always a tease, just enough to leave Changjo panting and horny and wanting it, never enough to satisfy the need pounding in Changjo’s veins.  L.Joe would turn to him with that flirtatious, knowing smile, would crowd into his personal space and rub the back of his neck, stroke his hair; if he was seated, L.Joe might sit right down on top of him and touch his mouth, kiss him.  But it rarely went farther than that.  L.Joe turned to the other hyungs for the rest of it.

            In a white T-shirt and gray-striped boxer-briefs, L.Joe came out of the bathroom.  His hot pink hair was so bright that Changjo smiled, glad to have escaped that fate for another comeback.  The stylists always did funky things with L.Joe’s hair, but he always managed to wear it with enough personality to make it look good.

            Seeing him smile, L.Joe smiled back.  “What?”

            He tried to swallow his smile and only ended up laughing.  “Nothing.”

            “What?” L.Joe asked, grinning, slapping at his feet.  Laughing, he pulled his feet up; L.Joe pursued, crawling up the bed, grabbing at him.  “What?  What?!”  Climbing on top of him, L.Joe locked an arm across his shoulders, pinning him back against the pillows, smiling at him.  “Why are you laughing?”

            For someone so little, L.Joe was all wiry strength.  Submitting, Changjo relaxed back against the pillows’ softness, enjoying the affectionate warmth of L.Joe’s smile, L.Joe’s playfulness, the feel of L.Joe’s knees trapping his thighs.  “Your hair.”

            “Ya!”  L.Joe gave Changjo an extra shove, then let go.  He closed his eyes and shook his head, sending his soft, pink hair flying.  “I’m an idol.”  Then he grinned.  “If my hair’s bright, even the fans in the back of the crowd can find me.”

            Reaching up, Changjo ran his fingers through it.  So soft.  “My fans can always find me.”

            L.Joe pursed his lips, eyeing Changjo, then grinned, accepting the challenge.  “How?”

            He smiled.  “They look for the one who’s doing the steps right.”

            That earned him a punch to the shoulder.  Fortunately, L.Joe’s phone rang.  Slugging him again, L.Joe sat on him, then reached for the phone on the nightstand.  Resting his hands on L.Joe’s taut, lean thighs, he wished that L.Joe would stay in the room with him for the night.  Wished that L.Joe would sleep in his bed.

            “Yeah,” L.Joe was saying.  He plucked idly at the front of Changjo’s T-shirt.  “Yeah.”  His grin was shy but seductive.  Fuck, that meant he was talking to Chunji.  “Yeah.”  His fingertips rubbed a line between Changjo’s pecs.  “Yeah.”  Hanging up, he tossed his phone aside and smiled down at Changjo.  The sudden shift in attention made it seem as if the room had unexpectedly brightened, and his hands were sliding over Changjo’s shoulders, stroking Changjo’s neck, warm and agile.  “Chunji’s coming over.  You want to warm me up?”

            Yes, yes, hell, yes.  “Yes,” Changjo breathed, hands tightening on L.Joe’s thighs.  Heat was already surging through him, electricity sizzling over his skin.

            Sexual intent simmered in L.Joe’s gaze as he leaned in, his thumbs sliding along Changjo’s jaw.  Lips parting, Changjo squeezed his thighs, wanting him, hands rubbing upward, fingers slipping beneath the hem of his boxer-briefs.  “You like it,” L.Joe murmured.

            L.Joe’s gaze was on Changjo’s mouth now, making him keenly aware of his lips, of his tongue, of the urge to lick his lips, of the fact that L.Joe was about to kiss him.  “I like you.”

            L.Joe’s lips curved into a surprised, pleased smile, and then L.Joe kissed him.

            “Oohhh…”  Moaning, Changjo licked into L.Joe’s mouth.  As L.Joe sank against his body, a wave of heat washed through him, and he wrapped an arm around L.Joe, needing to keep their bodies close, immeasurably aroused by the contact.  Having L.Joe all to himself like this in a bed was a rare luxury, and he was eager to make the most of it.  Pushing forward, he rolled over until L.Joe was under him, and when L.Joe’s thigh nudged up between his legs he groaned, grinding against it with the vague notion that nothing had ever felt so good.  L.Joe’s kisses were slow and soft and deep, and he kept wanting to kiss faster, harder, but the happy sounds of L.Joe sighing with pleasure seduced him into obeying L.Joe’s pace.  L.Joe’s hands were sliding up under his shirt, stroking his bare skin, and it felt so good that he was moaning, arching, twisting around on top of L.Joe like he could feel those slim, deft hands all over every inch of him if he tried hard enough.

            He felt a swift tug on the back of his shirt.  “Take it off,” L.Joe said in a low, breathy murmur, and then L.Joe’s hands were sliding over his ribcage, nudging him upward.  Feeling breathless, dizzy, and hot, he sat up, yanking off his T-shirt.  L.Joe’s hands were still on him, caressing up his sides, and the sleek drag of L.Joe’s palms over his skin streaked fire along his torso.  This was incredible, L.Joe was incredible, feeling like this was incredible, why didn’t they do this every day?  Craving more skin, more contact, he pushed L.Joe’s shirt up, and L.Joe wriggled out of it, hair tousled, and L.Joe was under him and almost naked and every detail was extraordinarily vivid: the scarlet flush of arousal warming L.Joe’s skin, the beckoning-challenging “come and get it” of L.Joe’s smile, the long, straight fringe of L.Joe’s lashes, the silver and black of L.Joe’s earrings, the splay of his hands over L.Joe’s ribcage.  The rise of L.Joe’s hard-on straining upward against the soft cotton of L.Joe’s underwear.  Fuck, he almost never saw L.Joe like this, and he felt like he’d never get enough of it.

            “Our maknae.”  L.Joe’s smile was fond and proud, gaze sizzling with sexual appreciation.  It was a surprise - - L.Joe never looked at him like that - - and he smiled back, flattered and incredibly turned on.  The way L.Joe’s caress drifted across his chest made him moan with pleasure and he leaned in, wanting more of it.  “So handsome,” L.Joe said, and kissed his neck, stroking his nipples, making him shudder.  “Mmm.”  And then he felt it, shocking and unmistakable, L.Joe’s hand cupping between his thighs.

            The unexpected caress made him jump, and he groaned, his hips rolling forward to generate more of that amazing friction against his cock.  L.Joe’s laughter made him blush, and he kissed L.Joe to make it stop, his hips grinding and his tongue stroking as L.Joe’s hand rubbed the rigid swell of his hard-on.  L.Joe was pushing him onto his back, and he went easily, eager to cooperate as long as that incredible, perfect hand kept stroking his cock.  Groaning again, he couldn’t stop rocking needfully against L.Joe’s palm, and then L.Joe’s hand was inside his underwear, bare against his naked cock, and the hot slide of L.Joe’s palm against his skin made him cry out in pleasure.

            Chuckling against his mouth, L.Joe let go of his cock.  “You okay?”

            Shuddering, he caught his breath.  “Fuck.”  Wrapping his arm around L.Joe’s waist, he just held L.Joe close and breathed against L.Joe’s shoulder for a moment, blinking and trying to calm down.  L.Joe had never touched him like that before, and his body had no idea how to handle it.  His heart was racing and his cock was pulsing and he felt unbearably hot all over.  The smoothness of L.Joe’s taut skin seduced him, and he rubbed his nose against L.Joe’s shoulder, sliding his hand up and then down L.Joe’s back.  God, no one turned him on like this hyung did.  Brushing his lips against the long column of L.Joe’s neck, he heard himself moaning again, a helpless sound of sexual urgency, and he slid his hand over L.Joe’s ass, squeezing the firm curve of it, wanting, needing.

            When he pushed at the waistband of L.Joe’s underpants, L.Joe laughed and said, “Greedy maknae.”  The way L.Joe wriggled against him to discourage him and smack his hands away made his cock throb, and then L.Joe’s hand was sliding inside his underpants again, and L.Joe said, “Yours, first,” like it was a challenge, a dare.

            Jerking his underwear down, he kicked it away like he’d never need to wear it ever again, like he’d never need to wear anything ever again, like he could live his days free and naked and wild.  L.Joe laughed and kissed him, and he took L.Joe’s hand, fitting it against his hard-on, wanting to be touched, burning for it.

            Settling at his side, L.Joe kissed him, stroking his erection, and he rolled toward L.Joe, hips pressing closer to L.Joe’s hand, his entire body trying to curl toward and around the deep vibration of pleasure L.Joe was summoning between his thighs.

            The way L.Joe’s fingers were circling and stroking his cock felt nothing like the way he did it to himself.  It was slower but more fluid, more agile, and it was drawing his hips into a rocking, thrusting rhythm.  It was amazing and it was way, way better than masturbating but it was too light, too gentle, and the need for more, for friction, for something, was so intense he was starting to moan with it.  He kissed L.Joe harder, faster, and L.Joe grunted like it felt good, kissing him back, keeping up, and he was so turned on that he was pulling at L.Joe’s thigh, trying to drag L.Joe closer to his cock, against him, on him, god, he just wanted to fuck.

            Laughing, L.Joe pushed his hand away and broke their kiss.  Moaning, suffering, his hips pumping in rhythm with L.Joe’s hand, he couldn’t stand being away from L.Joe’s mouth, so he touched it, rubbing his thumb across L.Joe’s lips, aching.

            L.Joe’s voice was soft and sexy but still too natural, like Changjo wasn’t dying of pleasure and need right in front of him.  “God, you need it.”  He licked his lips and Changjo moaned at the sight of it, thumb following the movement, stroking away the faint sheen of moisture.  “Is this how Ricky does it?”

            He shook his head.  He had no words to explain how very, very different this felt.  “Hyung.”

            L.Joe smiled at him, eyes crinkling at the corners.  “Hmm?”

            He could barely breathe, he was so turned on.  “Can I come?”

            Instead of replying, L.Joe pushed at Changjo’s hip and slid down the bed and - - oh, ah, “Aahh, oh-oh, unnnh” - - fuck - - sucked Changjo’s cock into his mouth.  The, “Ah, fuck,” the head was in and, “unnh, hyung,” the shaft was, fuck, “oh, oh,” L.Joe’s fist was wrapped around the base of his erection and L.Joe’s head was bobbing and his whole body was jerking with pleasure and, “I can’t, I can’t,” and L.Joe’s cheeks were hollowing, and he could see L.Joe’s lips wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down, up and down, fuck, “hyung.”  Sinking his fingers into the softness of L.Joe’s hot pink hair, he tried not to pull too hard as his body gave up its drawn-out battle for control.  As ecstasy took over, he groaned, his head falling back, his hips popping, and L.Joe was still sucking, and he was coming in L.Joe’s mouth, and he’d never.  Felt so good.  In his life.

            He felt cool air slip around his cock, and then he felt movement on the bed, looked up to see L.Joe crawling up his body with a heavy-lidded look of sexual intent.  “Mmm, your cock is fantastic,” L.Joe said, kissing him.

            Everything was incredible, life was incredible, L.Joe was incredible, the way L.Joe was kissing him was incredible.  Fast, aggressive kisses, consuming, greedy.  L.Joe was grinding against him, and he shoved down L.Joe’s underwear, and yes, fuck, yes, L.Joe’s erection was hot and hard against his stomach-

            Knock, knock-knock, knock!

            Even though it was familiar, the knocking jarred him, and he bit L.Joe’s lip a little, startled.

            Raising his head, L.Joe absently touched his mouth, glancing at the door.

            Chunji.  “No,” Changjo said futilely, trying to hold on to L.Joe.  “Hyung, please.  Let’s finish.  I can get you off.”

            L.Joe smiled at him and pinched his cheek as the door opened.  “What am I going to do with you?  You’re too young to play with.”

            Stunned, he stared at L.Joe.  His fist tightening into a death grip on the sheet under him, he tried to remember what a bad idea it would be to punch his hyung.  What the - - how the - - this jackass!

            “What are you two up to?” Chunji asked, closing the door and giving them a speculative look.

            L.Joe’s smile was friendly, flirtatious.  “You took too long.”

            Chunji was eyeing L.Joe’s hard-on like he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.  “Looks like I’m just in time.”  Then he glanced at Changjo.  “Maknae, out.”

            “Go, go,” L.Joe said, pushing Changjo to the side of the bed.

            “302,” Chunji said, picking up his underpants from the foot of the bed and handing them to him.  “Niel will let you in.”

            Changjo couldn’t believe that this was happening to him.  He couldn’t fucking believe it.  Yanking on his underpants, his shirt, his jeans, he hated Chunji, hated L.Joe, hated them both.  It had been amazing, it had been perfect, it had been everything he’d ever wanted, one fantasy after another, and then this!  Pinching his cheek!  Telling him that he was too young!  Kicking him out!  He hadn’t been too young a minute ago, had he?!  Damn it, he didn’t know which one of them he wanted to yell at more, Chunji for interrupting or L.Joe for doing this to him, for giving him everything and then tossing him aside, for making his body feel so good and then stabbing him in the chest, for making his heart feel so, so, so - - damn it!

            In the hallway, alone, facing the closed door, he wanted to curse, to scream, to kick the fucking door hard enough to get their attention.  But they still wouldn’t take him seriously.

            And then, for a moment, he lifted his shirt.  Ever so faintly in the hallway light, right there in a drying streak across his abs, he could see it.  The smear of L.Joe’s pre-cum.

            Lowering his shirt, he smiled at the door.  “Fantastic,” he told the wood grain.  “Fantastic.”  He’d never heard L.Joe use that word to describe another guy’s cock once in his life.  He might have been kicked out, but he’d gotten his cock sucked first, hadn’t he?  And there was always tomorrow night.

            Passing his hand over the door, he smiled again.  “Good night, hyung.  I’ll be a little bit older tomorrow.”

Sequel: "The Seduction of 조, Part 2"

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Copyright November 16, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time