Sehun’s New Friend

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            Now that he’d promised to find a partner for Sehun, Suho made it a priority.  He spent some time monitoring other male idol groups.  He watched their interactions and studied their dynamics.  He analyzed how they treated each other and how they responded to authority figures.  He tried to picture them with Sehun.

            In the end, despite some interesting insights and some quickly banished erotic thoughts, he still didn’t have any solid leads.  Some ideas and some hunches, but nothing definite.

            He weighed his options and decided to consult a trusted expert.

            Key tilted his head back and looked down his nose at Suho, wary.  Was this a joke?

            No.  If it had been one of the other members, maybe.  If it had been Baekhyun, yes.  But not Suho.  Suho was too protective of his members, and of EXO’s reputation, to make this a prank.

            Clearing his throat, Key decided to probe for more details.  “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me which member.”  Was it D.O.?  There was something weird about that kid.  “But what are you looking for?  What kind of guy?”

            “Someone we can trust.  Someone discreet.  Someone established who has something to protect and something to lose.  Someone who will stay quiet to save his own reputation even if things go badly.”  Suho took a deep breath and laughed.  “And I guess it would be good if it’s someone good-looking and sexy?  Although I think that covers most idols.”

            Key smiled.  No, he could think of several exceptions to that notion.  “Height, age, shape?”

            “Not too young.  Ninety-three line, at least, or above.  About the rest, I don’t know, can we afford to be picky?  The most important thing is for it to be someone we can get along with.”

            It wasn’t Suho himself; he was sure of that.  Key mentally ran through the list of EXO members.  It would be cute if it was Chen.  It would be hilarious if it was Chanyeol.

            Suho looked tense but hopeful.  “Do you know someone?”

            He had a few ideas.  “I’ll look into it.  Don’t rush me.”

            As they parted ways, Suho looked up at him with a proud smile.  “Thank you, Kim Key.  I’m glad that I can come to someone I trust so much.”

            Ah, shit.  That was why he hated doing favors for EXO.  Suho always made him feel like an unethical jackass if he took it lightly or demanded things in return.  Sighing, he hugged Suho.  “It’s all right.  I’ll take care of it for you.”

            One of the most important angles of knowing everything about everyone was knowing who else knew everything about everyone.  One of the first people Key contacted was Heechul.

            Only two days later, Heechul texted him back: Talk to Shinhwa.

            Not long after that, Key was seated on the couch in a production booth, facing Junjin and Minwoo.

            After Key let them know what he wanted in a roundabout way, Junjin leaned back in his chair, rubbing the back of his head.  “There’s somebody.”  He nudged Minwoo.  “Isn’t one of Andy’s boys like that?”

            While Key immediately perked up with interest, Minwoo laughed and waved Junjin away.  “I don’t know anything about that.  If anyone asks, I wasn’t even in the room for this conversation.”

            Nonplussed, Junjin nodded at Key.  “One of Andy’s boys.  He was worried about him.  Shit, if I could remember which one it is.”  He was already pulling his phone from his pocket.

            Sehun was leaning against Tao’s shoulder, being bored, when he noticed something on the stylist’s table.  It was a hairbrush with a thick, knobby handle.  Casually, he glanced around.  The stylist was at the far end of the table, spraying Chanyeol’s hair into place.  Like he didn’t care what he was doing, he gravitated to the table.  Idly, like nothing was going on, he picked up the brush.

            Ooohh.  It was heavier than he’d expected.  The wide handle fit right into the curve of his palm.  When he ran his thumb over the little bumps and nodules along the handle, he felt a hot, immediate surge of arousal.  He wanted this brush.  He wanted to tease someone with it.  He wanted to toy with it, to tap the bristles against someone’s bare thigh.  He wanted to-

            “Do you need to fix your hair?”  Suho tugged the brush from his hands.  He wanted to resist, to snatch it back; he felt hot, disoriented.  There was an ache between his thighs and yearning in his heart, and his hands felt spectacularly empty.  “It looks fine.”

            He smiled meaninglessly, wanting to keep the brush for himself and - - and what?  What would he really do with it?  Who would he really use it on?  Tao?

            He almost wished that Suho had never brought up the idea of finding someone for him.  It had seemed impossible, before, so he hadn’t wasted energy planning for it.  But now that Suho had mentioned it, it suddenly seemed possible, suddenly seemed real but just out of reach.  He kept wanting it, thinking about it, fantasizing about who it might be and what the two of them might do together.  What it would be like to have a sub.  What it would be like to finally have someone who lived to be at his mercy.  It was all he could think about, lately.  And the longer he went without it, the more he wanted it.

            “I think that we should talk, later,” Suho said, scanning him with attentive eyes.

            Another scolding?  Another lecture about not misusing props and wardrobe for his own kinks?  He was tired of it.

            But as long as he didn’t have a sub, what was the point of collecting things?  What was the point of a slowly growing collection of bondage equipment if he didn’t have his own special pet to use it on?  It had taken a lot of work to get those harnesses out of wardrobe and into the dorm, and for what?

            “It’s okay,” Suho said, touching his arm, smiling reassuringly.  “I’m not mad at you.  It’s just important to be careful.  To be smart.  Okay?  If we make new friends, anything we do puts their reputations at risk, too.”

            New friends?  Suddenly alert, Sehun felt his breath coming faster.  “Is there someone?”

            “There will be,” Suho promised him.  “I’m working on it.”

            Sitting in the Top Media offices, Suho had a very polite, mutually agreeable conversation with Andy.  To his relief, Andy understood that he’d been reluctant to go outside of the company to find someone for Sehun.  As Andy explained it, Shinhwa had gotten its start with SM and was still on good terms with the company, and there was no reason to worry about things like breaches of privacy.  “We think long-term here, not short-term.  I’m more interested in protecting my kids and giving them lengthy careers than making a quick, torrid splash just to get headlines.”

            Suho assured Andy that everything would be very discreet and very carefully handled.  All anyone would see was two idol groups becoming friends.  What happened behind closed doors, stayed there.

            “I haven’t told him exactly what’s going on, yet,” Andy said, getting up from his chair.  Suho stood.  “I didn’t want to make him nervous.”  Walking to the door, he opened it and leaned through the doorway.  “Come in here, I want you to talk to someone.”

            Andy held the door open, and Suho waited, possible idols running through his mind.  Chunji?  Niel?  Rokhyun?

            Tipping his head down and gingerly touching his bangs, L.Joe walked into the room.  He passed Andy with light steps and tossed his hair, his eyes widening a little as he saw Suho.  With a self-conscious smile, he asked, “EXO’s Suho-ssi?”

            “This is L.Joe,” Andy said.

            L.Joe shot Andy a puzzled, embarrassed look over his shoulder.  “Hyung, we already know each other.”

            “Sunbae,” Suho said, and they bowed slightly as they shook hands.  He didn’t know what to think - - anyone could have walked through the door - - but the more he thought about it, the more the idea grew on him.  Teen Top was very hard-working.  He wasn’t close with their members, but they’d always seemed like honest, fun guys.  A little more prone to roughhousing than was allowed in EXO, but he’d only ever heard good things about them.

            L.Joe smiled at him, then self-consciously glanced at Andy, then laughed.  “What is this?”

            “Is he okay?” Andy asked Suho.

            “I should speak with my members before I make any promises,” Suho said.  “But I think that this is a very good arrangement.  I’m very grateful to you, L.Joe sunbaenim, Andy sunbaenim.”

            L.Joe looked bewildered, but Andy squeezed his shoulder and he fell still, watching Suho with wary, puzzled eyes.  “You can call C.A.P. any time to check on their schedules and set something up.  He’ll give you his phone number and show you out.  C.A.P.,” Andy said, steering L.Joe out of the office.

            Suho trailed behind Andy to the doorway.  As Andy and L.Joe turned away, C.A.P. and Changjo stepped into the doorway.  “Ah, sunbae,” Suho said.

            “Yeah, hey,” C.A.P. said, patting his pockets.  He seemed intent on coming into the office, so Suho backed up to give him space.  “Give me your phone, I’ll give you my number.”

            Suho handed over his phone, wondering what Andy had told Teen Top about the situation, wondering what C.A.P. thought was going on.  “It’ll be nice for our teams to become close.”

            C.A.P. grunted and tossed the phone to Changjo, then leaned toward Suho with an intense, mean expression.  “I don’t care what you think and I don’t care what’s nice.”

            Startled, Suho consciously overrode his initial impulse to back up.

            “I don’t know what you’re up to and I don’t care.  I don’t give a fuck about your members or your maknae or whatever you do to indulge his nasty little sexual needs.  All I care about,” he bared his teeth, eyes glittering, “is Teen Top.  All I fucking have is Teen Top.  And all they have is me.  So you think about that when you’re sacrificing our L.Joe to keep your maknae happy.  If anything happens to him, if anything happens to Teen Top, you won’t even see me coming.  But you’ll feel it,” he vowed, leaning in even closer now, his eyes narrowed with violent intent.  “You’ll feel every last fucking bit of it.  Because without Teen Top, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

            Suho was shaken, but he tried not to show it.  That intensity, that threat of violence, had come out of nowhere.  He didn’t deserve this, he’d done nothing to warrant that kind of response, and who did C.A.P. think-

            But C.A.P. had already turned and was walking away.

            Leaning against the wall just inside the door, Changjo smiled brightly.  “I put C.A.P. hyung’s number in your phone for you.  And Chunji hyung’s number, too.”

            Changjo’s pleasant mood only served to unbalance Suho further.  Hadn’t he been standing a yard away the entire time?  Hadn’t he seen, heard, C.A.P.’s threats?  Why was he so undisturbed, so chipper?

            Changjo was extending his phone to him, so he took it.  He had the very strange notion that Changjo might have planted something on it, or wiped information, or - - but now he was being foolish.  C.A.P. was only threatening him out of protective interest, to warn him not to sacrifice L.Joe’s reputation for Sehun’s if the situation became uncomfortable.  It was the kind of warning any leader might have given, only threatening and abusive because apparently Teen Top was a gang of thugs.

            “It would be nice if our teams became closer,” Changjo said, echoing Suho’s earlier words as the two of them made their way out of the office.  “It’s always good to have friends among other idols.  EXO doesn’t have anyone in the ’95 line, do you?”

            “No, our Kai and Sehun are in the ’94 line.”  This was a very ordinary conversation.  Suho began to feel more comfortable again, to relax.  C.A.P. was just being overprotective.  He’d gone about it in the wrong way, but his impulse made sense.  Then again, was it okay to make arrangements this sensitive with someone so volatile?  What if C.A.P. overreacted to something else and exposed Sehun’s private life?  Suho would have to think about this and maybe speak with Andy again.  Finding a partner for Sehun was a priority, but it had to be someone they could trust.

            Besides, was the risk worth it?  Suho didn’t know what kind of private life L.Joe had or what L.Joe was really into.  Maybe he wouldn’t be a good match for Sehun at all.  It was a lot to gamble if it might not pay off.

            “It’ll be good if L.Joe hyung can make a new friend.  It’s been hard on him, not having anyone he can really be himself with.”

            That was the kind of thing Suho needed to hear, the information he wanted.  “It’s been rough on him?”

            Changjo nodded.  He pressed his lips together, and then he said, “Niel hyung doesn’t understand what he wants or how to give it to him.  C.A.P. hyung doesn’t like it.  Chunji hyung tries, but it makes their friendship awkward, to be that way at night.  I think that there are some things it’s good to do between members, but there are some things it’s okay to get somewhere else.  It makes L.Joe hyung uncomfortable with us, it’s embarrassing for him.”

            Then it was like that between the Teen Top members.  They were sexual with each other.  And it was understood that L.Joe had sexual needs different from the other members’.  “But there are things that your hyungs do together,” Suho said, keeping his wording vague.  “It isn’t enough for him?”

            “He says that it’s like eating kimchi and rice.  Kimchi for lunch and kimchi for dinner, kimchi for breakfast, whole banquets full of kimchi.  No noodles, no steak, no chicken, no dessert, just kimchi.  Yeah, you’re eating.  You won’t starve.  The kimchi tastes all right.  But the longer it goes on, the more you want to crawl on your hands and knees and beg someone to give you food, more food, real food.”

            It sounded like L.Joe’s situation paralleled Sehun’s in some ways.  The frustration, the dissatisfaction, the unfulfilled need.  And Suho could understand very well why he might be embarrassed to get what he needed from his own members, why he might not want them to see him or treat him that way.  “It’s not good for your members, or mine, to feel that way.”

            As they reached the front of the building, Changjo put a hand on the door.  When Suho looked up at him, his gaze was solemn.  “Your maknae is precious to you, but my hyung is precious to me, too.”  He regarded Suho quietly.  “I don’t think that you should take that lightly.”

            It was a threat, but it felt very different from C.A.P.’s.  Just as real, just as sincere, but phrased in a more subtle way which Suho recognized.  He nodded.  “I won’t.”

            Changjo smiled and pushed the door open.  “Thank you for coming by.  It was good to see you.”

            Wrapping a red-and-white necktie around his fist, Sehun lay back on the couch and closed his eyes.  Luhan was fucking Baekhyun on the floor, and Lay was jacking Tao off on the other end of the couch, and Sehun let the sounds of it, Tao’s high-pitched moaning, Luhan’s insistent, “Yeah, take it, tell me you love it,” Lay’s fascinated groaning, Baekhyun’s gasping, “That’s it, ah, yes, I love it, you’re the best,” surround him, blanket him in an erotic cocoon.  Tao’s hand landed on his bare ankle, and he shivered, imagining that it was his pet’s hand, that his pet was desperately, shyly showing affection, that his pet was about to kiss the top of his foot.  Mmm, yes, kisses on the top of his foot.  Would they be light, reverential kisses?  Or maybe wet, eager kisses?  It would depend on his pet’s mood, maybe, depend on what they’d just done together.  His toes curled and he twisted the tie in his hands, imagining that he’d just slipped it from his pet’s eyes.  No, it had been a gag, tied over his pet’s mouth, and now that his pet was free-


            The perfect word; the wrong voice.  He opened his eyes to see Suho standing beside the couch with a patient smile.

            He really wanted to close his eyes and go back to his pet, but he at least had to pretend to be interested in what Suho wanted.  “Yeah?”

            “Ah, ah, I’m going to come,” Baekhyun moaned.

            “Unh, yeah,” Luhan grunted.  “That’s it, get off on my cock.”

            Lay twisted around to watch them.  Tao whined and grabbed at Lay’s arm.  “Focus, hyung, focus!”

            Like none of that was going on, Suho gestured for Sehun to come with him.  “I have something to tell you.  Let’s talk in my room.”

            Uh, “I think that Xiumin and Kris are fucking Chen in there.”

            Suho laughed.  “Your room?” he suggested.

            Agreeing, he got up, adjusting himself in his pants, and walked with Suho to his room.  As they walked away, he heard Baekhyun groan ecstatically.

            He was so turned on, it would have been really convenient if Suho had suddenly wanted to have sex.  Or make out.  Or wait while he jacked off.  But Suho just sat on his bed and told him to sit down, so he sat beside Suho and resisted the urge to rub himself.

            And then Suho said something incredible.  “I may have found someone for you.  If you’re interested.”

            Someone for him?  Someone for him?  He’d hoped that it would happen - - he’d trusted Suho to make it happen - - but it had seemed so distant, so abstract.  Was this real?  “I’m interested!”  He had so many questions, but first, “Who?  Who is it?”  Suho was laughing at him and not answering quickly enough; he pushed Suho back, climbing on top, demanding, “Who, who?”

            “Ah, maknae,” Suho said, laughing.  His eyes were sparkling; he was enjoying this.  “Do you want to know?”

            “Who?!” he demanded.

            Suho raised his eyebrows.

            “Who is it, Suho hyung?” he asked politely, smiling and tilting his head and batting his lashes.

            Suho laughed again.  “It’s Teen Top,” he finally said.  “L.Joe sunbaenim.”

            Teen Top.  L.Joe.  “L.Joe sunbaenim,” he repeated softly, gazing across the room, not seeing his surroundings at all.  L.Joe.

            He didn’t know L.Joe well.  Could he imagine L.Joe kneeling naked in front of him, bound and gagged, whimpering and gazing up at him with wide, hopeful eyes?

            Yes.  Yes, he could.

            Giving his hard-on a lingering squeeze - - fuck, he couldn’t help it - - he looked down at Suho, who was resting patiently under him.  “When can I see him?”

            “If you’re sure that you want to, I can arrange it.”

            “I’m sure.”

            “This isn’t something to rush into,” Suho reminded him.  “Do you like L.Joe sunbae?  Do you think that it would be good between you?”

            Rush?  What rush?  He’d been waiting for years!  “I want to see him.  I want to talk to him.”  His breath was coming fast; he could barely keep his hand away from his cock.  “I want to touch him.”  He wanted to put his hands all over L.Joe.  Every inch of L.Joe’s body would be his.  “Can I see him tomorrow?”

            “I’ll arrange something soon.”

            Soon wasn’t soon enough.

            Chanyeol was half-asleep on the sofa, waiting for his turn at the Xbox, when the maknae walked right in and climbed astride his lap, smiling and looking cute as hell.  “Oppa,” Sehun purred, stroking his chest and leaning in close.  “You know L.Joe sunbaenim, don’t you?”

            Getting away for a couple of hours wasn’t impossible.  Getting away without telling Suho where he was going was the worst part.  He managed it by walking out at the same time that Xiumin and Luhan did, so that it looked to the other members like he was tagging along with them.  When Xiumin asked how he was spending his free time, he said that he was just going to run down to the corner store for some snacks.  To make that sort of true, he went into the store and bought a soda before he headed across town.

            He’d gotten L.Joe’s phone number from Chanyeol.  He’d texted from Chanyeol’s phone to arrange to meet.  His free time was during Teen Top’s practice, and L.Joe had said that they could hang out during one of the breaks.

            When he got there, Teen Top’s manager was outside and let him in.  Now that he was this close to L.Joe, he was starting to feel giddy with anticipation.  Could it really be like this?  Could L.Joe be his pet?

            When he found Teen Top’s practice room, he noticed a window in the door.  Peering in eagerly, he scanned the dancing bodies for L.Joe.

            His breath rushed out of him in a silent moan.

            Kicking and jumping in time with the music, L.Joe stared at the mirrored wall, focused, intent.  He wore black sweatpants and a pink T-shirt with the name of a fan cafe on it.  He was sweating, his damp bangs falling across his forehead.  As Sehun watched, captivated, he tossed his head, his hair falling perfectly back.

            He was short and wiry, and he looked strong, agile.  Sehun wanted to press him down and feel him struggle not to resist.

            As the song ended, Sehun stepped away from the doorway, breathing in.  He was so eager to talk to L.Joe, so turned on at the prospect of interacting with his potential pet, that he didn’t trust himself not to do something stupid.  Now that he’d seen L.Joe, he couldn’t bear to tear himself away, but how should he start?  What should he say?

            The door opened and L.Joe stepped out.  He blinked, his eyes widening in surprise at the sight of Sehun, and then he smiled.  “Hey.  Oh Sehun.”

            “Sunbaenim.”  Sehun shoved his hands in his pockets so that he wouldn’t reach out and touch too soon.

            L.Joe was flushed, beads of sweat trailing down the side of his face.  His hair was falling into his eyes, and his expression was bright, open, curious.  Sehun couldn’t bear how pretty his mouth was.

            L.Joe chuckled, eyes crinkling.  “You’re not Park Chanyeol.”

            “He couldn’t make it.”  He also had no idea that he’d agreed to meet L.Joe at all.  Sehun was pretty sure that he was off playing basketball in blissful ignorance.

            “Um, hi.”  Chunji was leaning out, smiling at Sehun over L.Joe’s shoulder.  “I don’t mean to be rude, but what the hell are you doing here?”

            With a surprised laugh, L.Joe looked at Chunji over his shoulder.  “What?  Why are you like this?”

            L.Joe didn’t seem to have any idea what Sehun wanted, but judging from that hard-eyed, joyless smile, Chunji did.  Sehun stayed calm.  “I just wanted to say hi.”

            “What’s going on?” asked C.A.P.’s deep voice from inside the room.

            Chunji spared C.A.P. a quick glance before staring at Sehun again.  “That maknae’s here.”

            “That maknae?” L.Joe asked with a nervous, disbelieving laugh.  “What’s wrong with you?  Aren’t we friends with EXO?  I invited Chanyeol hyung to come.”

            “That’s not Park Chanyeol,” Chunji said.

            “I didn’t hear anything from Suho hyung about this,” C.A.P. said, and he wrapped his hand around L.Joe’s elbow.  “Get inside.”

            “What?” L.Joe asked, but C.A.P. was already shoving him into the room.

            Chunji closed the door and gave Sehun a long, warning look.  “What are you doing here?”

            “I came to see L.Joe sunbaenim.”

            Chunji licked his lips and looked completely unmoved.  “I talked to Suho hyung an hour ago.  He told me that you were coming to our dorm on Wednesday night.”  His smile was false and sharp.  “Today’s not Wednesday, and this is not our dorm.”

            Shit.  “I didn’t know.  I just came to see him.  I wanted to talk to him.”

            “This doesn’t work if we’re not communicating, if we’re playing by your leader’s rules and you’re doing whatever the fuck you want,” C.A.P. said.  “I’m calling it off, we’re not doing this.”

            No, no.  “It isn’t like that.”  It was completely like that.  Fuck.  “I’m sorry.  Suho hyung just told me about L.Joe sunbaenim last night, and I really wanted to see him.  I didn’t mean to be disrespectful or break anyone’s rules.  Please give me another chance.  Let’s try again.”

            Chunji eyed C.A.P., who leaned in and whispered in his ear.  Chunji nodded, and C.A.P. said, “One more shot.  We’ll do what we arranged for Wednesday.  If it goes well, we’ll talk about doing it again.”

            “This is our practice time,” Chunji said.  “We should get back to work.”

            Sehun hated everything about this, hated how he was being treated, hated how badly he’d fucked up, hated that he’d put everything at risk when he just should’ve let Suho handle it.  But he felt happy, and hopeful, like he’d barely torn the wrapping paper on his new gift but he could already see that it was everything he’d ever wanted.  “Thank you, C.A.P. sunbaenim, Chunji sunbaenim,” he said, bowing low.  And then, because he just fucking had to, he asked, “Is it okay if I say good-bye?”

            C.A.P. grunted and opened the door.  “Ya, tell this kid good-bye.”

            L.Joe appeared, looking bewildered.  “What’s going on?”  His gaze rose to Sehun’s face.  “You’re going?”

            “Yes, sunbaenim.  I have to go.”  He wanted to lick the sweat from L.Joe’s temple while L.Joe shivered and whimpered in submissive ecstasy beneath him.  “It was good to see you.”

            “You, too.”  L.Joe shot Chunji a puzzled, suspicious look, then added, “I’ll walk you out.”

            “No, you won’t,” C.A.P. said.

            “He’s my guest!”

            “I’ll walk him out, hyung,” Changjo said.

            Sehun hated to leave; he walked away reluctantly, casting a hungry look back to see Chunji pulling L.Joe into the practice room.

            “Do you have a lot of friends?” Changjo asked.

            Friends?  Oh.  “No, not friends like that.  I’ve never really had a true friend before.”  Was it okay to talk about this?  Why did everyone in Teen Top seem to know more than L.Joe did?  “Has L.Joe sunbaenim had friends before?”

            “No, not really.”  He hummed to himself lightly as they walked.  “Your hyung’s cute.  Your leader.”

            “Suho hyung?”  That was kind of a bold thing to say.  Sehun reassessed Changjo.

            If he noticed Sehun’s scrutiny, he didn’t mind it.  Opening the front door, he smiled unselfconsciously.  “Tell him that I said so.”

            Incredulous, L.Joe stared at Chunji, at C.A.P., at Chunji again.  This had to be a joke.  He didn’t know whether to laugh or punch something.  “He’s what?”

            Sehun practically danced his way back to the dorm.  Laughing gleefully to himself, he felt like a whole new world of possibilities had just opened before him.

            Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.  He could see L.Joe again on Wednesday.  It was so excruciatingly far but so deliciously near, he could almost taste L.Joe’s sweat on his lips.

            When he reached the dorm, he decided not to dodge the issue.  He’d never pull it off; someone in Teen Top would mention his visit to Suho, if they hadn’t already.  He went straight to where Suho sat on the couch with Kris, and he hugged Suho.

            “What’s this?” Suho asked, patting his back.

            “I love you.  Thank you, hyung.”  The words fell straight from his heart.  “He’s perfect.”

            “Who’s perfect?” Kris asked.  “Are you talking about me again?”

            Sitting back, he held still while Suho fixed his hair.  “I went to see L.Joe sunbaenim.”

            Pleasure drained from Suho’s expression.  “Really.”

            “I shouldn’t have,” he added quickly, before either one of them could say it.  “C.A.P. sunbaenim and Chunji sunbaenim scolded me.  I had to beg for a second chance.  They said that we can still meet on Wednesday.”

            “I don’t know if you should,” Suho said.  Oh, fuck.  “I told you that I was handling it, and you went behind my back.  You have to prove that you’re mature enough to handle this.  If you’re going to be impulsive, if you can’t be level-headed and responsible and discreet, then it’s over.  You’re putting too much at risk.”

            No, no.  No one was going to take this away from him, not even Suho.  “Hyung, I’m sorry.  I had to see him, I was so excited.  You’re right, I should have listened to you, I should have waited.  I won’t be impulsive again.  I’ll follow you from now on.  I won’t make decisions on my own again.”

            “I know that you’re excited,” Suho said.  “But you can’t act like this.  It’s not fair to all of the rest of us who have worked so hard.”

            He winced.  “Yes, hyung.”

            “Go to your room,” Suho instructed.  “I’ll think about it.”

            Shit.  “Yes, hyung.”

            Tuesday night, Suho told Sehun that everything was still on for Wednesday, but that he had to be responsible and careful.  Sehun agreed, and then spent the rest of his night having elaborate, intense fantasies about L.Joe while Lay jacked him off.

            Wednesday afternoon, they actually bumped into Teen Top on their way into the KBS building.  Everyone bowed to everyone else, and Sehun was careful to seem polite, but his gaze immediately, hungrily sought out L.Joe.

            L.Joe stared at him with uncomprehending eyes, then blushed and looked away.

            That blush.  L.Joe knew.  L.Joe understood.  How it was going to be between them, what might happen tonight: L.Joe knew.  It gave Sehun a thrill, made everything so much more exciting, so much more real.  This wasn’t one-sided.  L.Joe knew, and was embarrassed.  Wasn’t denying it, wasn’t warning him to stay away, wasn’t trying to explain that it was all a mistake.  Wasn’t calling off their meeting tonight.

            Sehun smiled to himself, turning and eyeing L.Joe as their groups moved on in different directions.  The pertness of L.Joe’s firm little ass teased him as L.Joe hurried away.  That ass was going to be his.

            That night, he dressed like he was going on a date.  It seemed right to make an effort for his first night with his new pet.  He wore a light spritz of a black pepper scent; he wanted to smell the same every time they met in private, so that L.Joe would associate the scent with ecstasy and obedience.

            Stroking his favorite satin tie, he smiled at it fondly.  The temptation was real, but it would have to wait for another time.  The first night was a sensitive one.  He didn’t want to rush.

            Suho was quiet on the way over to Teen Top’s dorm.  Then he asked, “When you went to their practice.  How did they seem?’

            “Not happy to see me.”  He thought about it.  Oh, yeah.  “Changjo sunbaenim said that you’re cute.  He said to tell you.”

            Suho laughed.  “He said that?”


            Suho touched his thigh.  “If anyone says anything strange to you, tell me.  They’re protective of their members, and I don’t want them to get overzealous and be rude to you.”

            It was just like Suho to want to protect him.  “Okay, hyung.”

            Only Chunji, Changjo, and L.Joe were in the dorm when they got there.  Sehun barely noticed what Chunji and Changjo wore, said, or did; all he cared about was L.Joe.  In jeans and a T-shirt, L.Joe seemed shy, subdued.  Sehun wanted to stroke his bare forearms and strap them to the arms of a chair.  Just tight enough to keep him trapped; just loose enough to give him room to squirm.

            “Why don’t you talk in private?” Chunji suggested.  “Our room is right in there,” he told Sehun.

            Sehun nodded and glanced at L.Joe.

            L.Joe ducked his head and strode forward.  Fascinated by the smooth nape of his neck, Sehun followed.

            There were two twin beds, a set of shelves, and clothes piled everywhere.  L.Joe sat on the first bed, immediately hopped up, and paced away, his hands in his pockets, his shoulders up.

            Sehun closed the door, then locked it.  Assuming the first bed to be L.Joe’s, he sat on it, drawing his legs in comfortably.  “I’ve never done this before,” he volunteered, figuring that it might put L.Joe at ease.

            L.Joe turned, eyeing Sehun, his hair falling into his eyes.  “No?”

            Sehun shook his head.  “No.  I’ve thought about it a lot,” he admitted.  “And I’ve practiced on the members.  But it’s not the same.  It doesn’t feel real.”

            L.Joe bit his lip, looking hesitant, then admitted, “It’s not the same with my members, either.  It’s so awkward.  It’s so embarrassing.”  He grimaced, shutting his eyes.  “I can’t be comfortable around them when they’ve seen me like that.”

            “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  It’s just sex.”  He grinned.  “Everybody looks a little ridiculous during sex.  You should see the faces my hyungs make.”

            L.Joe laughed, looking away.

            Sehun relaxed, stretching out on his side, propping his head on one hand.  “Do you have a safe word?”

            L.Joe shook his head.  “Do you?”

            He did, but he wanted to use a new one, one just for his pet.  “We’ll use ‘television.’  It’s long enough that we won’t confuse it for anything else.  We can use it to start and to stop, so we both know when we’re in a scene and when we’re not.  That way, we won’t have misunderstandings.”

            “Television,” L.Joe mumbled.  He hugged himself and eyed the space beside Sehun on the bed.

            It hurt to see his pet so uncertain.  “Tell me what you need,” Sehun said.  “What aren’t you getting from other guys?  Do you have other regular partners, besides your members?”

            L.Joe shook his head.  “Just the members.”

            Okay.  “Tell me what you need.”

            For a long moment, L.Joe was silent, his head down, lightly touching the fringe of his bangs.  And then he bit his lip and looked up.  “I don’t like whips and hoods and things.  I don’t want you to hurt me too much.  A little is okay, but I don’t get off on a lot of pain.  After a while, it just hurts, it’s not fun.”

            Sehun nodded.  “Okay.  I understand.”  That was good; he liked some pain play, but he thought of himself as controlling more than sadistic.

            “Auugh, this is so embarrassing,” L.Joe moaned, covering his face with his hands.

            “You can tell me anything,” Sehun said.  “I’m just a younger hoobae.  I’m here to give you what you need.”

            L.Joe stood beside the bed, looking down at him.  “Don’t laugh.”

            “I won’t laugh.  Just like you won’t laugh when I tell you what I want.  The more you tell me about what you need, the more of it we can do.”

            L.Joe sat on the edge of the bed.  He grimaced, squeezing his eyes shut, and then he ran his hand through his hair.  “Okay.  It’s like this,” he said, and he curled forward as if trying to hide.  “I want someone to tell me when to come and when I can’t.  I want someone to punish me if I can’t hold it.  I want someone to tease me with his cock.  Really tease me with it, wave it in my face and rub it against my ass and let your pre-cum drip on me but not let me have it.  I want someone to tie me down so I can’t move, so I can’t get away, so I can’t do anything to defend myself, so I can’t do anything but take whatever he does to me.  I want him to get me right on the edge and leave me there until I break.  And then I want him to humiliate me for breaking.  I – I – I want him to run me and control me and tell me what to do and tell me what I want and make me love it.”

            “That’s perfect.”  It was amazing.  Sehun had never heard someone ask for those things before.  He’d fantasized about someone who liked those things, but no one he knew had ever admitted this kind of need to him.  It was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. 

            “No, it’s embarrassing,” L.Joe muttered, his face turned away.

            Sehun smiled.  “Ask me what I want.”

            L.Joe took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.  In a cautious voice, he asked, “What do you want?”

            It was simple.  “I want to make you mine.”

            Head lifting, L.Joe eyed him warily.

            “Not in a romantic way, not make you my boyfriend.”  Sehun sat up, face to face with L.Joe now, and stared directly into L.Joe’s eyes, letting his intent show clearly.  “I want to own you.  I want you to be mine to do with as I please.  Any way I please.  I want to be in complete command, and I want complete obedience from you.”

            With unblinking eyes, L.Joe stared at him with rapt attention.

            Leaning closer, he continued.  “I want you to ask my permission for everything.  I want to see you crawl on your hands and knees to kiss my feet.  I want to hear you beg to taste my cum.  I want to make you plead endlessly for my cock before I eventually, finally, fuck.  You.  Senseless.”

            “Yes,” L.Joe whispered.  He looked as if he’d waited all of his life to hear these words.

            “I want to make you mine,” Sehun repeated firmly.  “And I want you to need to be mine more than you’ve ever needed anything.”

            “I do,” L.Joe said, entranced.

            Sehun smiled wickedly.  “Good.  We’re going to start now,” he said, so turned on that he was surprised by the steadiness of his voice.  He had to start now; it was too much, too good.  “Say ‘television’ whenever you need a break.”  He inhaled, eager to plunge in.  “Television.”

            “Now?” L.Joe asked, looking a little panicked.  “What-”

            “I’m glad that it’s you, hyung,” Sehun murmured.  Finally, finally letting himself touch, he raised his hand and slowly, tenderly, ran the backs of his fingers along L.Joe’s cheekbone.  “I didn’t know that you’d be so handsome.”

            Silently, lips parted, L.Joe held still and stared at him as if not sure how to react.

            “So pretty,” Sehun murmured, stroking his other cheek.  “But you’re going to look even prettier when you’re on your knees, begging for my cock.”

            “Television,” L.Joe said anxiously.  Rolling from the bed, he turned his back, rubbing his hands over his face.  “Oh, god,” he said to himself, and he visibly shuddered.

            “It’s okay,” Sehun said softly, firmly.  Getting up, he stepped in front of L.Joe.  They were both rock-hard, the tents in their pants undeniable, but the fact that L.Joe was turned on didn’t negate the fact that L.Joe was freaking out.  “Tell me what you need.”

            “I need you not to talk to me like that,” L.Joe said, his hands over his face.  He laughed like it hurt.  “I need you to talk to me like that all day, every day.”

            “Okay.  I understand.”  Sehun was going to have to do a lot of learning as he went.  L.Joe said that he wanted to be humiliated, but maybe he wanted it so much, he was too open to it, and it hit too hard when it landed right now.  Maybe the reality of actually being able to have this in a safe space was still too new.  He was sensitive; a little would go a long way.  Maybe it would be good to start with control, and focus more on the physical, and go light on the verbal.  “I’m going to start in three,” Sehun said quietly.

            L.Joe bowed his head but didn’t say anything.

            “One,” Sehun said calmly.  “Two.  Three.  Television.”  He stepped behind L.Joe and gripped the waistband of L.Joe’s jeans, then pushed down, his knuckles digging into the small of L.Joe’s back.  “On your knees.”

            With a grunt, L.Joe knelt.

            “Wrists crossed behind your back,” Sehun said.  “It would be good for you if you do that without being told next time.”

            L.Joe swallowed and brought his hands behind his back.

            “Good.”  Sehun stroked his hair for a moment, enjoying his obedience, letting him settle into the position, rewarding him for staying in place.  It was an almost magical moment, these first steps of training his first pet.  It was so exciting, so rewarding, so fulfilling.  Sehun’s fingers caressed L.Joe’s forehead, L.Joe’s cheeks, down the line of L.Joe’s nose.  L.Joe made a quick, distressed sound but didn’t move.

            Sehun slipped his fingers along L.Joe’s jaw and slowly but insistently tipped L.Joe’s face up.  The back of L.Joe’s head was right against his crotch, solid against the aching of his hard-on, and he decided that he liked it there.  Gazing downward, he caressed L.Joe’s face, skirting but not touching L.Joe’s mouth.

            Eyes closed, lips parted, L.Joe held still.  Letting him do what he wanted.

            For several minutes, Sehun just stayed there, petting L.Joe.  Getting familiar with his pet, letting his pet get used to his touch.  He wanted to know everything about his pet, inside and out, and so he focused his attention on learning the shape of L.Joe’s eyebrows, the bump in L.Joe’s nose, the lines of those gorgeous cheekbones.  It was a test of his own self-discipline to stay away from L.Joe’s mouth, and he teased himself by brushing his fingertips close against it, by circling it, stroking away, coming back for another pass.

            L.Joe made a low, hurt sound.  Right before Sehun’s rapt eyes, he licked his upper lip, his pink tongue flicking out to curl over the edge of it, and then bit into his lower lip, dragging sharp, white teeth over it.

            Sehun held his own breath, counting to ten.  Burning inside, he resisted the urge to touch that sexy, hungry mouth.  He couldn’t react to it; he couldn’t give his pet that easy of an advantage.  But, damn, he wanted to fuck that pretty mouth.

            As Sehun’s caress skirted the corner of L.Joe’s mouth again, L.Joe moaned, his head tilting back against Sehun’s hard-on, his mouth opening wider.

            It was all right for L.Joe to signal what he wanted.  It was just up to Sehun to decide whether to humor him or not.  It would be all right if Sehun was easygoing, this first time together.  “Oh, hyung,” Sehun said, deliberately keeping his voice soft.  “Have I neglected your hungry little fuckhole?”

            At that, L.Joe shuddered hard, bumping back against Sehun’s legs.  Letting him react how he needed to, Sehun kept quiet, lightly caressing his soft, pink lips.  L.Joe shifted his weight back, then forward, like he might get up, like he wasn’t sure he could stay.  Sehun stroked into his mouth, over his teeth.  At the first hint of penetration, L.Joe moaned, gripping Sehun’s ankles, his back arching.  His long lashes fluttered like he wanted to look up but couldn’t bring himself to do it, and his teeth closed gently against Sehun’s fingers, lightly, testing.

            Scissoring his fingers, Sehun nudged L.Joe’s teeth apart again.  “I didn’t give you permission to move your hands.”

            A moment of uncertain hesitation, L.Joe’s brow furrowing, but he submitted, crossing his wrists behind his back again.

            That kind of obedience so early in the process deserved a reward.  “You listen so well,” Sehun murmured.  Stepping away, he walked around to stand in front of L.Joe.  His fingers were wet now, and he rubbed them slowly on L.Joe’s lips.  With a soothing sound, he slid his hand through L.Joe’s hair, coming to rest with a slight squeeze at the back of L.Joe’s neck.  And then he took a half-step forward, bringing his crotch into contact with L.Joe’s face.

            “Ooooouuuhh.”  Groaning, L.Joe rubbed his face against the bulge of Sehun’s hard-on.  Nuzzling up and down the shaft, he explored the length of it, panting, moaning, open-mouthed.  “Oh, god,” he moaned, his hips jerking, and he hungrily dragged his tongue across denim.  “Please,” he whispered, and then, “oh, god,” again.  He opened his mouth over the width of the shaft, lightly testing his teeth against Sehun’s jeans, and the pressure of it ripped a groan from Sehun’s throat.  Fuck, this pet knew good tricks.

            Digging his nails into L.Joe’s skin, Sehun said, “Off.”  It was a test, an assertion of authority; it had to be understood that he would, whenever he liked, come between his pet and whatever his pet wanted.

            “Unnnnh.”  With a hurt, confused sound, L.Joe backed up.  He barely moved an inch, but he broke contact with Sehun’s crotch.

            “Hyung listens so well,” Sehun murmured.  He kept his nails right where they were, a warning not to move.

            Uncertainly, L.Joe’s eyes opened.  His gaze traveled the bulge where Sehun’s erection strained toward his mouth.  He swallowed.

            Everything about this situation was hot in delicious new ways.  This was nothing like playing with Chanyeol.  L.Joe wanted it like no one else Sehun had ever known.  L.Joe needed it.  Needed the cock, needed the discipline, needed everything Sehun was giving him.  His soft, distressed panting and the way his gaze was so hungrily riveted on Sehun’s erection and the way he kept anxiously biting his lips weren’t feigned, weren’t played up for effect, weren’t designed to turn Sehun on.  This was L.Joe, raw need that even he didn’t understand, raw need that longed to be controlled.

            “On,” Sehun said, relaxing his hand.

            With a helpless whimper, L.Joe dove for it, opening his mouth over Sehun’s cock again.  Latching on, he sucked roughly, jaw working.  Even through denim, it felt incredible, and Sehun grunted with genuine pleasure, cock throbbing.  L.Joe groaned, using his teeth again, gnawing and drooling.

            “Off,” Sehun ordered, digging his nails into L.Joe’s nape.

            L.Joe growled, baring his teeth, turning his head aside.  Bangs falling into his eyes, he panted at the floor, chest heaving.

            This was going as well as any of Sehun’s fantasies.  He didn’t know which turned him on more, the rabid way L.Joe mouthed his cock or the way L.Joe so prettily, resentfully submitted.  “I’m very pleased with you right now,” Sehun murmured.

            L.Joe burned red to the tips of his ears and didn’t look up.

            Sehun waited.  He wanted to see how L.Joe would take it, whether L.Joe would relax or grow bored and distracted or become restless.  As if trying to please him, his sexy little pet only got hungrier, needier, sneaking longing, pleading glances at his cock and making low, hurt noises.  The longer it went on, the more desperate L.Joe became, and making him wait was just as much of a turn-on as letting him at it.

            Chewing on his lips, L.Joe stirred, his hips rolling, his knees spreading.  “I.”  His cheeks burned and he lowered his head.  “Please,” he whispered.

            “Oh, I like that word,” Sehun said.  “On.”

            With a grateful moan, L.Joe lunged for it.  His teeth and tongue worked enthusiastically as he sucked, traveling up and down the shaft with hungry abandon.


            L.Joe opened his mouth enough to break contact but stayed there, panting against the wet spot he’d drooled on Sehun’s jeans.

            “Off,” Sehun repeated firmly, pulling him back.

            “Please,” L.Joe whispered.  With his eyes closed, he tilted his face up, baring his teeth, grimacing, pleading.  “Please, please, please,” he whispered, like he didn’t want to ask, didn’t want to beg, but couldn’t help himself.  “Please, please.”  The words were barely audible.  He was tormented, ashamed, but his need was so great that he was humiliating himself for another chance at Sehun’s cock.  “Please, please.”

            Sehun was enjoying this way, way too much to stop now, but he had to acknowledge that L.Joe had limits.  His pet was doing exceptionally well; they would move to the next step.

            “You’ve done well.  I’m going to let go,” Sehun explained.  “You will stay exactly where you are.  When I want you to move, I will tell you to move.  When I don’t tell you to move, you stay where I’ve placed you.  Stay,” he repeated firmly.  And he lifted his hand.

            “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” L.Joe whispered, lowering his head.  His chest was heaving; his hands were flexing anxiously behind his back.  Faintly, Sehun heard, “Please, please.”

            “Hyung’s doing so well,” Sehun said.  Stepping back, he pulled off his shirt, dropping it onto the bed.

            L.Joe shuddered, keeping his head down.  He seemed to know where his limits were, and to be afraid of them.

            “You never, ever touch my cock without permission,” Sehun warned him.  “I will tell you when I want you to touch it and how I want you to touch it.  Tell me that you understand me.”

            “I understand,” L.Joe said, not looking up.

            “Tell me that you will obey me.”

            “I.  I.”  He squeezed his eyes shut, chewing on his lips.

            Sehun waited.  He wouldn’t continue until L.Joe said it.

            “Iwillobeyyou,” L.Joe whispered in a strained, ashamed rush.

            “Good,” Sehun said calmly.  “I will touch your cock any time that I want to.  I will touch any part of you whenever, however I want to.  I will not ask first.  I don’t need to.”  He didn’t linger, didn’t push the point home, because L.Joe was already shuddering and rocking, shifting his weight, signaling flight.  “I don’t want to touch your cock right now, so I won’t,” Sehun said calmly, and unzipped his jeans.

            “Hh-hhunnnnhhh.”  With a moaning, indrawn breath, L.Joe stared at his open fly.

            Matter-of-factly, as if he were undressing alone, Sehun pushed his pants down and stepped out of them.  In red boxer-briefs, he lightly ran his thumb along the shaft of his erection.  The answering jolt of pleasure warned him that he was close, too close to take much more of this.  Need was thrumming between his thighs and pulsing in his cock.  The sight of L.Joe’s avid, hungry expression only made it that much worse.  That much better.

            “This is going to be difficult for you to obey,” Sehun said.  Training a new pet was turning out to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of his life; he didn’t want to risk it by forcing too much on L.Joe at once.  “But when it’s over, I will come in your mouth.  That will be your reward for obeying me.  If you end it or disobey or resist, there will be no reward.  Say, ‘Yes, Sehun-ah,’ if you understand.”

            L.Joe wet his lips.  “Y-y-yes, Sehun-ah.”

            Okay.  “You’re going to hold still,” he said.  “I’m telling you to hold very still, and that’s what you’re going to do.  Hold.  Still.”

            L.Joe squeezed his eyes shut.

            Sehun took off his underwear.  “You’re holding still,” he reminded L.Joe.  “I’m naked now.”  As L.Joe’s eyes flew open, he touched his fingertip to L.Joe’s forehead.  “And you’re holding still.”

            “Oh my god,” L.Joe whispered.

            “Face up,” Sehun instructed, tapping his chin.

            “I can’t do this, I can’t do this,” L.Joe whispered.  He squeezed his eyes shut again, panting, groaning, chewing on his lips.  “I need it, let me, let me, please.”  When Sehun forced his head back, his face up, he moaned like it hurt but he didn’t resist.

            “Open,” Sehun said, tapping the corner of his mouth.  “Open and stay open.  No talking.”

            With a distressed, breathy, “Aahhh-ahh-ahhh,” sound, L.Joe opened his mouth.


            His eyes still shut, L.Joe opened wider.  He was breathing in quick, ragged moans now.

            “Keep your mouth open,” Sehun instructed.  “Hold still.  You can hold still, because I’ve told you to.  All you’re going to do is obey me.”  Shielding his cock with one hand, he gripped L.Joe’s bangs with his other hand, holding L.Joe’s head in place.  And then, slowly, he canted his hips until his balls were draped over L.Joe’s face.

            L.Joe groaned with a low, reverberating, “Ooouunnh-nnh-nnh-uunnnhh.”  He was panting hard, his breath coming in quick puffs against Sehun’s sac, and Sehun loved the thought that on every inhalation, he was smelling Sehun’s musk.

            Moving his hips, Sehun rubbed his balls over L.Joe’s face, letting them rest on L.Joe’s closed eyes and roll over L.Joe’s cheeks.  He ground his crotch against L.Joe’s face, letting L.Joe smother in his scent.  When he was content that L.Joe was as familiar with the feel and weight of his balls as anyone could be, he said, “Hold still, you’re holding still.  Keep your mouth open, don’t suck, just hold still,” and plopped his balls into L.Joe’s open mouth.

            L.Joe made a thick, gasping sound, his eyes flying open in alarm.

            “Don’t suck, just hold still,” Sehun repeated firmly.  “You can hold still, because I’ve told you to hold still.  You aren’t going to suck, because I don’t want you to suck.  Hold still, hyung.  You can do it.  Hold still.”

            With furious, muffled whimpers, L.Joe squeezed his eyes shut again.  He was making anxious, distressed sounds, pitiful mewls begging for help, but he didn’t suck.

            Sehun stroked his cheeks and waited, enjoying L.Joe’s struggle, loving how much L.Joe wanted it, murmuring, “Hold still, hyung.  Hold still.”  The wet heat of L.Joe’s mouth felt fantastic, but keeping L.Joe under his control felt even better.  It was a hot, sexual thrill to see him like this, to be able to do this to him.  He wasn’t even tied up; he was obeying only because he wanted to.  It was incredible.  “Hold still, hyung,” Sehun said again.  “You’re doing so well.  It’s almost over.”

            L.Joe started to make hurt, almost choking sounds.  His eyes opened, wide and helpless.  He was starting to lose it, starting to lose sight of his goal, starting to panic in his desperation.

            “Hold still, hyung,” Sehun said.  He brushed L.Joe’s eyelashes with his thumbs, and when L.Joe’s eyes closed, he stroked L.Joe’s eyelids.  “Remember, when it’s over, I’m going to come in your mouth.  Relax and enjoy this.  Hold still, you can do it.” 

            After a moment, L.Joe seemed a little more in control of himself, even though he still panted with need.  “Okay, hyung,” Sehun said, cupping L.Joe’s chin.  “You can lick now.”

            Immediately, L.Joe’s expression went from tormented to rapturous.  He began moving instantly, hungry, greedy, fervent, rolling Sehun’s balls around in his mouth and licking them all over, bathing them with his tongue.  The humming vibration of his constant moaning and groaning sent bolts of pleasure singing through Sehun’s body. 

            Sehun groaned, too, letting L.Joe hear his pleasure as part of the reward.  “Yeah, that’s right, ah, get my balls nice and wet with your hot little mouth.”  Whimpering, L.Joe sucked harder.  Precum was rolling down the shaft of his erection and pooling across L.Joe’s upper lip.  Sehun was so turned on that the urge to come was streaking white-hot up his thighs and burning down his spine; he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t already spurting.  “That’s enough.”  With a grunt, he scooped his balls out of L.Joe’s mouth.  “Very good, hyung,” he said, cupping L.Joe’s chin.  “You may suck my cock now.”

            As he thrust into L.Joe’s mouth, driving his cock home with an eager jerk of his hips, L.Joe groaned gratefully.  L.Joe’s lips had barely closed around him before he was coming hard, “Ah, fuck, drink it all, ahh, yeah,” erotic bliss rolling in waves through him, and he spent himself in quick spurts down L.Joe’s throat.  Still moaning, L.Joe sucked fervently, pulling the last drops out of him, and he thrust a few more times, enjoying the fucking motion, enjoying the sense of penetration and L.Joe’s greed.  It was rewarding as hell to see L.Joe like this, mouth working, eyes closed in rapturous joy.  His climax really was L.Joe’s reward.  He couldn’t believe that Suho had found him such a perfect pet.

            “Off,” he murmured, coaxing L.Joe’s head back, and as his softening cock fell from L.Joe’s mouth, L.Joe made a disappointed, “Oh,” sound, eyes opening.  He looked so sad, so wounded, to have lost his prize, that Sehun wanted to kiss him.

            He tapped L.Joe’s chin.  “Look at me.”  L.Joe looked up promptly, hopeful and vulnerable, open to whatever Sehun asked.  Rubbing his thumb across L.Joe’s lips, Sehun smiled.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” he prompted.

            Smiling in return, L.Joe repeated, “Thank you, Sehun-ah.”  Happiness transformed his face; he looked much more relaxed than he had since Sehun had walked into the dorm.

            Sehun smoothed his hair out of his eyes, enjoying his happiness.  “You can get up, now.  If you sit on the bed, I’ll jack you off.”

            L.Joe looked surprised.  He glanced down at his hard-on and then blushed, looking up at Sehun again and squirming with embarrassment.  “I…”

            Such an adorable little pet.  “I won’t tease you.  You’ve already done really well tonight.”

            L.Joe bit his lip and hesitated.  “It’s okay if I get up?”

            “Yes.  I said that you can.  I won’t lie to you about your choices.”

            Slowly, L.Joe relaxed his arms and got to his feet.  Rolling his shoulders and rubbing his arms, he walked over to the bed.  He sat gingerly on the edge of it and looked hopefully, expectantly, at Sehun.

            Sehun smiled at how cute and shy he was.  “Hyung, are you ready to come for me?”  Still naked, Sehun climbed onto the bed, sitting behind him, L.Joe in the vee of his thighs.  “Relax against me,” he instructed, running his hands over L.Joe’s stomach.  Incrementally, L.Joe’s weight settled against him.  “I won’t be so generous with you every time,” he explained, tugging open L.Joe’s fly.  The zipper was stubborn and L.Joe groaned, head falling back on his shoulder.  The intimacy was sweet, and he dropped a kiss on L.Joe’s cheek as he pulled out L.Joe’s cock.  It was stiff, the head slick with pre-cum, and he said, “You can rest your hands on my legs,” as he fondled it.  Immediately, L.Joe’s hands landed on his thighs, gripping him.

            L.Joe was strong, and made low sounds, panting in shallow breaths, as Sehun jacked his cock.  He whimpered as Sehun’s grip tightened.  Sehun’s chin rested on his shoulder and, curious, Sehun looked down, smiling, enjoying the sight.  Oh, so nice.  He had a sexy, smooth cock, and his hands flexed on Sehun’s thighs whenever Sehun squeezed the base.  “Mmm, you seem so ready.  You can come whenever you want,” Sehun said, and soon he moaned, giving it up, coming in short, messy pulses on his shirt.

            Sehun was used to his hyungs’ cum, and he was curious about how his pet’s compared.  It sprayed erratically, and it was clear.  He licked a fingertip, tasting.  It didn’t taste like much of anything at all, which was his favorite flavor of cum.

            For a moment, they just sat there, Sehun and his sated pet.  He tucked his face against L.Joe’s neck and breathed, enjoying the moment.  He had a pet.  A sexy, needy, sensitive pet who obeyed him so, so well.

            L.Joe’s hands rubbed back and forth on Sehun’s thighs and he squirmed around restlessly against Sehun.

            His pet was still hard; fascinated, Sehun ran his thumb along the shaft, eliciting a shudder.  “Sehun-ah?”

            “Mmm?” he asked, doing it again, relishing his new toy.

            “I need…  Can I,” L.Joe’s words were a mortified rush, “I don’t know if I can ask, but please, I need it again, can you, can I, please?”

            Oh, really?  “Ask me clearly.”  Sehun said it in an instructional tone, fingertips drawing aimless patterns over L.Joe’s erection, teasing him.

            “Sehun-ah,” he panted, “please make me come again, please.”

            “Why should I?”

            “Because I need it, oh god, I need it so much, please…”  L.Joe was practically writhing now.

            “Very good,” Sehun purred into his ear.  “You may have your treat.”  Using the tight grip that L.Joe had responded to so well, Sehun stroked him deftly, and L.Joe quickly came all over again, shuddering and spurting.  His whimpering moans sounded both tormented and grateful, music to Sehun’s ears.

            Sehun was getting aroused again, wanted to linger, to indulge himself again, to test L.Joe’s limits.  But this had been a lot for their first time, and Suho was waiting.  Quietly, he relaxed his embrace and said, “Okay, let’s stop for now.  Television.”

            A second passed.

            “Oh, god.”  L.Joe curled forward, rubbing his hands over his face.  “Oh my god, oh my god.”

            “Ah, sunbae,” Sehun said, feeling for him, stroking his back.  “It’s okay.  You’re okay.  What can I do, what do you need?”

            “I can’t, oh my god, I can’t.”  L.Joe scrambled away from him slowly, unsteadily, crawling toward the other bed before dragging himself to his feet.  “Oh my god.”  He dropped, landing on his ass on Chunji’s bed, and stared at Sehun before flinching away, rolling onto his stomach and burying his face in Chunji’s sheets.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

            His pants were still open.  They’d slipped down as he’d scrambled, and in his current position, Sehun could see his firm, bare ass.  It looked, in Sehun’s opinion, ripe for fucking.

            But Sehun’s pet didn’t need someone to admire his ass.  Not at the moment, anyway.  He needed someone to help him to be okay with what he’d just done.  “L.Joe sunbae,” Sehun said, getting up and sitting on Chunji’s bed, stroking his hair.  “It’s okay.  You’re okay.  It was a lot, but it’s over.”

            “I’m going to die of embarrassment,” L.Joe told the mattress, sliding over the edge of the bed until his knees hit the floor.

            “I’m going to die of excitement.”  He couldn’t believe it.  Couldn’t believe what he’d just done, what they’d just done together.  How L.Joe had responded to him.  Perfect, L.Joe was perfect.  Everything he’d wished for.  Everything he’d fantasized about, but better.  Real.  Sexy and needy and obedient and sensitive and real.  “Do you need a minute?”

            L.Joe crossed his arms over the back of his head.  “Yeah.”

            He slid off of the edge of the bed to sit beside L.Joe on the floor, wanting to be close, taunting himself with the desire to touch.  Had they really just gone so far together?  He felt so sexy, so powerful, so alive.  His thoughts kept flashing back to it, to standing over L.Joe and looking down on L.Joe’s pleading, suffering face.  How desperate L.Joe had been, and how completely under his control.  The way L.Joe had smiled at the end, so radiant, so happy.  He could have relived it all a thousand times.

            After a while, L.Joe let out a long sigh, tucked his cock away, zipping up, and then dropped back, sitting on the floor and staring at Sehun.  He looked exhausted.  “Who the fuck are you?”

            “I’m Oh Sehun, sunbae.”

            L.Joe nodded.  “So it’s ‘sunbae’ when we’re like this?  And ‘hyung’ when we’re like that?”

            “Yeah.  I think that it’s easier if we find ways to keep it separate.  So that we don’t get confused about what to expect.”

            “You want me to call you Sehun-ah?  When we’re, um, doing that?”

            “It’s nice,” Sehun admitted.

            L.Joe blushed and ducked his head, then looked up at Sehun through his lashes.  The most adorable pet in the world.  “How was it?”  He looked uncertain but hopeful.  “Was it okay?”

            “You were amazing,” Sehun said, honestly.  “You were incredible.  I had no idea that you would give me so much.  My hyungs are nothing like you.  It’s never been so real with anyone else.”

            “Was it real?” L.Joe mumbled, rubbing his hands on his thighs.  “Then did I really act like that in front of a hoobae?”

            “It’s okay,” Sehun told him.  “What we did.  It’s okay.  It’s private, but it’s not wrong.  I had the best time with you, I had the time of my life.  I’m not embarrassed about that.”

            L.Joe glanced away almost nervously.  “Okay, but maybe, ah, maybe you should get dressed.”

            Sehun laughed.  “Yes, sunbae.”  He got up, and they talked as he dressed.

            “You.”  L.Joe tossed his hair out of his eyes.  “Are you going to tell your members?  What it was like?”

            “No.  It should stay between us.  Whatever happens after the door closes, that’s private.  I’ll tell them that you’re sexy and you’re perfect and I can’t wait to see you again, but I won’t tell them how I touched you or what I said.”

            L.Joe blushed a fierce, bright red.  “Then you.  You want to do it again?  Should we meet again?  Like this?”

            “Yes, I want to.  Of course I want to.  Are you kidding?”

            “We…  Then we…  We’re really going to do this?” L.Joe asked.  His expression was uncertain, wondering, and so vulnerable that Sehun ached with wanting him.  “Like a regular thing.  I can have this?”

            “Yes.  Yes, you can.  That’s exactly what we’re going to do.”  Sehun stepped close to him and touched his cheek.  He shivered at Sehun’s touch but stayed put, letting it happen, and Sehun knew that this was right, knew that he was the one.  Of all of the men that Suho might have found, of all of the idols out there, this one was the one who needed Sehun the most; this was the one Sehun wanted to keep.  “L.Joe sunbae.”  The words came out steadily, but Sehun’s heart was pounding.  This question, this commitment, was too important.  “Can I have you?”  The phrasing wasn’t right; Sehun tried again.  “Will you be my pet?”

            “Pet?”  L.Joe looked up, looked down, closed his eyes, rubbed his hands over his face.  “That’s what he wants to call me, that’s what he wants me to be, his pet, his pet, like an animal, like his dog, oh god, oh.  God.”

            Resting his hand on the side of L.Joe’s neck, lightly, Sehun waited.  They weren’t in their roles, now, weren’t in the middle of a scene; it was okay to give L.Joe time and space to react.  He didn’t want to push.  It had to be right for both of them.

            “Is that what.  Is that.”  L.Joe squeezed his eyes shut, rubbing his hands over the back of his head.  “That’s how you talk to your members?  About it, about me, that’s what you call me?”

            “No.  No, sunbae.”  Sehun was glad that L.Joe had the nerve to ask him, to give him a chance to clarify.  “Only in my mind.  With you, in private, between us.  It’s not for anyone else to hear unless it’s okay with you.”

            “What do you…”  L.Joe bit his lip and raised his head, meeting Sehun’s eyes.  He looked so uncertain, Sehun wanted to see him back down on his knees.  “What does it mean?  Pet?”

            “God, you’re so sexy,” Sehun murmured, caressing the side of his neck.  Blushing, smiling, L.Joe looked surprised but flattered, too.  “It means that you’re mine.  That I own you.  That it’s my responsibility to take care of you.  That I can do anything I want to you.  That you’ll be loyal to me.  Obedient to me.  That you’ll adore me and work hard to please me and do whatever I say.”

            “So this is.”  L.Joe swallowed, squinted.  “Commitment.  ‘Will you be my boyfriend.’  ‘Will you marry me.’  Just.  ‘Will you be my pet.’  It’s a little.  Uh.”  Laughing, he ducked his head, licked his lips, finally met Sehun’s eyes again.  His cheeks were red as he shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Do we get couple T’s?  ‘Pet’ and ‘Owner?’”

            Oh, Sehun liked that idea.  “Maybe I’ll bring you something next time.”

            “Next time,” L.Joe said to himself.  He rubbed his hands on his jeans, crossed his arms over his chest, looked worried.  “I.  I like you.”  He was blushing again.  “I like this.  I just.”  His eyebrows drew together as he chewed on his lower lip.  “What if Angel finds out?  I don’t think they’ll understand.”

            Sehun wanted to hug him.  “Sunbae, you can’t think like that.  Angel loves you.  Your fans support you through everything, right?  They want you to be happy, they want you to have what you need.  They want you to take care of yourself.  Don’t you think that they’d be hurt if they knew you were unhappy?”

            “Oooouuh.”  Groaning, L.Joe sank to the floor, squatting, a tiny ball of conflicted emotions.

            Heart going out to L.Joe, Sehun crouched beside him, rubbing his back, hugging him.  This was easy for Sehun; it felt so right, there was no second-guessing, no inner struggle.  It hurt him to see L.Joe so guilty and ashamed and confused.  If he hadn’t just seen how badly L.Joe needed the control and the discipline, if he hadn’t just seen L.Joe’s radiant, smiling face when they’d finished, maybe he would have let it go.  Maybe he would have wondered if this was really right for both of them.  But he knew what he’d seen, and he trusted what he felt.  L.Joe needed him just as much as he needed L.Joe.

            Tentatively, L.Joe’s arm came around him, hugging him back.  And then, against his shoulder, a murmur.  “Oh Sehun.”

            “Yes, L.Joe sunbae?”

            “A pet.  A pet should have a collar.  Don’t you think?”

            Smiling, feeling happiness spread through his chest like a warm glow, Sehun rubbed L.Joe’s back.  “Yes.  I think that any owner who cares about his pet should make sure that his pet has a nice collar.”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe sighed, resting his head on Sehun’s shoulder.

            Touched, Sehun stroked his hair.

            “It’s funny,” L.Joe murmured.  “It’s fast, isn’t it?  Yesterday I thought, ‘It’s that kid, what’s he doing here?’ and now it’s like this between us.”

            “I didn’t know that it would be this good,” Sehun admitted.  His hair was so soft.  “I didn’t think it could feel so right, so soon.”

            “Hhmmm.”  L.Joe closed his eyes.  “Ask me again.”

            Excitement set Sehun’s heart to pounding in his chest.  “L.Joe sunbae.”  He couldn’t believe how steady his voice was.  This whole night, this whole moment, L.Joe, everything was perfect.  “Will you be my pet?”

            “Mmm.”  L.Joe smiled, his eyes still closed, his expression amused, peaceful.  “Yes.”

            Laughing, Sehun hugged him, happiness bubbling up inside with buoyant energy.  He laughed, too, and when Sehun kissed his cheek he hugged Sehun back.

            “Okay, when?” L.Joe asked, getting up from the floor and tugging him up, too.  “When does this happen again?”

            “Soon,” Sehun said.  It had to be soon.  “Whenever Suho hyung arranges it.  I think that it should be here, again, and not at our dorm until you’re more comfortable.”

            L.Joe looked relaxed, at ease.  “Chanyeol hyung never texted me, did he?”

            “No.  I texted from his phone, but he didn’t know.  Suho hyung told me that he had found someone for me, that it was you, and I really wanted to see you.  I couldn’t wait.”  He wondered how to ask what he wanted to know.  “It seemed like your members knew about me, but you didn’t.”

            L.Joe wiped at the cum on his shirt, frowned, and wriggled out of his shirt altogether.  Picking up another one from the floor, he shook it out and pulled it on.  Sehun was glad for the look at his strong, wiry body.  So sexy; Sehun was going to have such good fantasies tonight.  “They take me lightly.  They were worried that I’d get nervous and refuse to meet you at all, if I knew what was going on.  They weren’t going to tell me anything until you were already here at the dorm.  When you came to practice, everyone was acting so weird, they finally had to tell me.”  He rubbed his hands over his thighs again.  “I think that Andy hyung knows about this.”

            Andy who?  Andy - - “Shinhwa’s Andy sunbaenim?”

            L.Joe nodded.  “Your hyung came to the offices to talk to him, and Andy hyung called me in and asked your hyung if I was okay.  No one would tell me what was going on then, either.”

            Shinhwa’s Andy?  He wished that weren’t true.  Shit.  Well, L.Joe probably hadn’t planned on having all twelve members of EXO know that he was a sub, and now he was Sehun’s pet, so everyone was making some compromises.  “Let me give you my number.  So you can call me or text me if you want to talk.  We can’t say a lot over the phone, but if you start to get anxious about what we did, or if you start to get horny and need me, contact me.  Okay?”

            L.Joe handed Sehun his phone.  “It’s going to be weird.  Having someone I can call.  Usually when I start to feel like I’m going to lose it, all I can do is close my eyes while Chunji holds me down, and pretend that it’s someone else.”

            “He holds you down?  Does he talk to you?”  Sehun was curious about how L.Joe had coped, before he’d come along.

            “Sometimes.  It’s, ah, it’s so embarrassing.  He says things he knows I like, and it gets me off, but it’s so uncomfortable between us, later.  I hate letting the members see me like that.”

            “I hope that you and I will be able to see each other often enough that you won’t feel that way anymore.  It’ll be hard to coordinate our schedules, but I want it to be a regular thing.”  Now that he’d been with his pet, playing with the members really wasn’t going to be enough anymore.  Tying Tao’s hands together was nothing like training L.Joe.

            They hugged again, and L.Joe’s hold on him was surprisingly tight, and when he said, “Thank you, L.Joe sunbae,” L.Joe laughed.

            Opening the door was like stepping out of one life into another.  Everything seemed so ordinary and plain.  Chunji and Suho got off of the couch with cautiously optimistic smiles.

            “Everything’s okay?” Suho asked, touching Sehun’s arms.

            “It’s fine,” Sehun said.  He couldn’t stop smiling.  He felt so good, he wanted to laugh.  He glanced at L.Joe, who had his hands in his pockets and was avoiding Chunji’s gaze.  “It would be good if we could do this again.”

            “Soon,” L.Joe mumbled.

            “Do this again soon,” Sehun clarified with happy emphasis.

            Changjo laughed, and L.Joe’s head came up fast.  Changjo made an “oops” noise and started to dive for cover.  L.Joe lunged across the room, chasing him into the wall and punching him.  Changjo was laughing, and L.Joe didn’t actually look angry, and Chunji barely seemed to notice it.  “I’ll call you,” he was saying to Suho.

            “That would be great,” Suho said.  “Thank you so much, again.  We’re very grateful.  Please tell C.A.P. sunbaenim how much this means to us.”

            “Yes, thank you,” Sehun said, bowing low.  He felt like he would do anything for Suho, for Chunji, for C.A.P., for the rest of his life, to thank them for giving him this chance with his pet.

            When they stepped out of Teen Top’s dorm and into the hallway, he turned and hugged Suho.

            Suho hugged him back.  “Is it okay?” Suho asked, patting his back.  “I was so nervous, and then when you came out, you looked so happy.  It was so good to see you look that happy.”

            “I am happy,” he said, and he closed his eyes, basking in the afterglow of his first night with his pet.  “Thank you, Suho hyung.”

            “Our maknae,” Suho murmured, holding him.  “I did it because I love you.  As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time