Sexual Chaos

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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Things sounded quiet.  Was it over?  Curious, D.O. peered into his bedroom.

            No sex.  Kai and Niel were still naked, still in bed, but Kai faced the head of the bed and Niel faced the foot.  Kai was texting someone, and Niel was paging through a fan-made scrapbook, flipping through photos and articles.  Their long limbs and bare skin looked nice.  Pretty.  Sehun was lolling in his own bed, looking smug.  Ricky was up, pulling on a pair of boxer-briefs.  There was a fading bruise on his shoulder, probably from a member’s punch or even one of Teen Top’s infamous flying kicks.

            “Finished?” D.O. asked.

            Kai glanced over and flashed him a warm, inviting smile.  “All finished.”

            “Hey, what is this?” Niel asked.  “You debuted in April?”

            “Yeah, in 2012,” Kai said.

            “And your birthday’s in April?” Niel asked.

            Kai and D.O. glanced at each other.  “Yeah, mine is,” Sehun said.

            “Aw, what the hell,” Ricky said, giving Sehun a disgruntled look.

            “Fuck you,” Niel said, throwing a balled-up sock across the room.

            Ducking the sock, Sehun laughed.  “What?  What’d I do?”

            “You turned eighteen when you debuted!” Niel exclaimed.

            “Yeah, so?”  Sehun sat up, not seeming to care that his hair was a mess.  D.O. wondered whose hands had been pawing through it.  Probably Kai’s.  The hungry suck marks on his hipbones and inner thighs, though, that was probably from Niel.  How was L.Joe going to feel about that?

            D.O. sat on his own bed, which was still neat.  Niel said, “You got to have sex when you debuted.  You got to gobble hot hyung cock whenever you wanted.”

            “I hate people like you,” Ricky said.

            “What, so…”  Sehun looked between them.  “You didn’t have to wait that long to screw your members.  It was, how long was it?”

            “Oh, no, not that long,” Ricky said.

            “Two years,” Niel said.  Kai winced.  “Two years, that’s all, only two years of the worst hell of my life.”

            “Well, but you were too young, anyway,” Sehun said.  “It’s good that you waited.”

            “What do you know?” Ricky demanded.  “Two years!  Seven months!  Eighteen days!  Do you know how long two years, seven months, and eighteen days is?”

            “That’s a really long time to go without fucking Chunji hyung,” Kai said.  “I would’ve had a really hard time with that.”

            “How long can you stand in the same room with L.Joe hyung and not want to screw him?” Ricky asked Sehun.  “Is it a long time?  Two years and eight months?  Or maybe two minutes and eight seconds?”

            “Ugh, yeah.”  Curling his long legs up, Sehun leaned back against the wall.  “Shit.  How’d you keep your hands to yourself?”

            “It was hell,” Niel said.

            “What’s hell?” Chunji asked, walking in dressed in striped boxer-briefs and one of Baekhyun’s T-shirts.  He was sucking on a red lollipop, and he rubbed his toes over the carpet as he waited for an answer.  “Looked in a mirror again?”

            “Hyung,” Sehun protested, laughing.

            “Hell is being seventeen years old and listening to you tell C.A.P. hyung to drill your hot ass,” Niel said.

            Chunji chuckled, coming into the room and sitting beside Sehun.  He was so unrepentant, his eyes sparkled.  “Those were good times.”

            “Where’d you get that?” Ricky asked.

            Chunji popped the lollipop out of his mouth.  “Xiumin hyung gave it to me for being such a good boy.”  Gazing into Sehun’s eyes, he held it out.

Eyebrows going up, Sehun smirked, and then he leaned in, taking the red candy into his mouth.  Chunji watched him, making a sexy, approving sound, then drew the lollipop out again.  They kissed, and when Chunji’s tongue snaked into his mouth, he pushed Chunji down against the pillow, getting horizontal.

“When you debuted,” D.O. said.  Ricky sat beside him, idly watching Chunji and Sehun make out.  “You already knew that you liked guys?”

“Oh, yeah,” Niel said.  “I’ve known that forever.”

Ricky nodded.  “I knew.”

“It must’ve been weird,” Kai said.  “Living with your hyungs all of the time and not being able to do anything about it.  Or - - were you attracted to them?  To C.A.P. hyung, back then?”

Aish, embarrassing,” Niel muttered, sitting up.

“We were,” Ricky told Kai.  “But you have to understand!  C.A.P. hyung was really sexy back then.  He had a much better body.”

“It’s embarrassing,” Niel said again.  “We followed him into the bathroom and fought over who got to watch him shower.  We crawled into his bed.  We made up excuses to hang around and watch him work out.”

“He seemed really hot back then,” Ricky said.  “He was our hyung, and he seemed really grown up and sexy.”

“The first time I saw his cock, I fell in love with it,” Niel said.  He gazed into the distance, pressing his hand to his chest.  “It called my name at night.”

D.O. could see how that might happen.  Compared to Changjo and L.Joe, C.A.P. had probably seemed more adult, more masculine, more sexual.  They’d been young and impressionable, needing to bond together to survive, and they’d had to rely a lot on their leader, on their laidback, easygoing hyung.  Being forced into such close proximity to C.A.P.’s big cock and dominating sexual aggression had probably sent their hormones into chaos.  “And then he started having sex with Chunji?”

Mmm, what?” Chunji asked, prying Sehun off of him.

Sehun wiped his mouth with one hand and sat up again.

Chunji stayed stretched out, tucking his lollipop back into his mouth.

“Yes, that was hell, too,” Niel told D.O.  “Every night, every day, C.A.P. hyung was plowing him, and he was saying the lewdest things in the world, and they were all over each other.  It was nonstop, it literally never stopped, they were going at it every second.”

“And you had to listen to that?” Kai asked.

“Listen, we had to watch it!” Ricky exclaimed.

“Ah, you weren’t supposed to spy on us,” Chunji said.

“That seems, uh, isn’t it a bit  Isn’t it inappropriate?” Kai asked.  “For you to be around something like that?”  D.O. thought so, too, frankly.  C.A.P. and Chunji were too aggressive, too intense, especially to be trapped in such close quarters with kids still figuring out their own sexuality.  This really explained a lot about the younger Teen Top members.  And why they were all so sexually feral.  They’d learned to be; C.A.P. and Chunji had inadvertently, directly taught them to be.  Blinking, D.O. stared at Niel, suddenly understanding him much better.

“What were we supposed to do about it, leave?” Ricky asked.

“How did L.Joe take it?” D.O. asked.

“Take what?” Chunji asked.

L.Joe hyung was a mess,” Niel said.

“That kid’s always been a mess,” Chunji said dismissively.

“It must’ve been difficult for him, being around so much intense sex and not being able to get away from it,” D.O. said.

Chunji snickered.  “He was hard all of the time.”

“All of the time,” Niel said.  “He was worse than Ricky, even.  His thing was always out there, poking around.”

“Everybody scolded him for it,” Ricky added.  “Our managers and the writers and everybody, they told him he was being unprofessional.  He got scolded all of the time on sets, by the PDs on shows and by the photographers at shoots, because they couldn’t work with him if he had a hard-on showing.”

“‘What’s wrong with you, aren’t you embarrassed, why can’t you control yourself?’” Chunji asked, crossing his ankles, his legs across Sehun’s lap.

“It was so bad,” Niel said.  “He hated it, he was so ashamed all of the time.”

“I only got in half as much trouble, because he was worse and he was older,” Ricky said.

“He was so stupid, he didn’t even know his own body,” Chunji said.  “He didn’t know that he had to get off twice, so he’d masturbate and think it should be over, but he was still hard and he still needed to get off again, and he got so upset and frustrated.  He didn’t understand why he couldn’t just masturbate and stop like everybody else did.”

“He yelled and cried a lot,” Niel said, nodding.  His shrug was completely unsympathetic.

D.O. could only imagine L.Joe’s torment.  Having sexual urges he couldn’t control, and being scolded and shamed for them by the adults and authority figures around him.  Feeling like his body was taunting him, feeling trapped by his own body’s demands, not understanding why he couldn’t calm down.  Caught in close quarters with his leader-hyung’s forceful, dominating sexuality.  Listening to C.A.P. screw Chunji every night, over and over again, and hearing Chunji exult in it, and not being able to do anything about it, to get away from it, to join in.  L.Joe’s internal, sexual chaos must have been overwhelming.

“Did you accidentally walk in on your hyungs while they were screwing?” Kai asked Niel.

“I tried,” Niel said frankly.  “When Chunji hyung could have sex but L.Joe hyung couldn’t, L.Joe hyung would keep us away from the bedrooms and try to get us to do other things like watch TV.  He felt responsible for us.”

“As soon as Niel hyung started having sex, we never saw him anymore,” Ricky said.  “He spent all of his free time gobbling cock.  He was either onstage with a microphone in his hand or offstage with a cock in his hand.”

“Why are you talking like that’s the way things used to be?” Chunji asked.  “He’s that way now, that’s exactly how he lives these days, too.”  Niel shrugged again, nodding.

D.O. wondered how much of Teen Top’s sexuality had been natural to them from the start, and how much they’d formed under each other’s influence.  He and the rest of EXO had debuted from an older age, and had come into the group with things mostly sorted out already.  The EXO members had definitely had an effect on each other, but their baseline sexual psychology had already been established.  Sitting beside horny dongsaengs, trying to keep them quiet and distracted while C.A.P. nailed Chunji in the next room, knowing exactly what C.A.P. and Chunji were doing, lusting after C.A.P.’s sexy cock, hearing Chunji narrate it all in obscene detail, burning with confusion and desire and shame, how could L.Joe not have been shaped by those early experiences?

“I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like,” Kai said.  “What if we’d had to sit around and watch TV while Xiumin hyung and Lay hyung went at it in their room?”

“It was hard to hold back before debut, but no one was having sex then.  I’d lose my shit if I had to sit around and do nothing while all of the rest of the members screwed,” Sehun said.

D.O. studied Ricky.  “How much did you understand about what L.Joe was into, when you heard him having sex?”

“Oh, that was weird,” Niel said.

“The hyungs had to change the rules,” Ricky said.  “Before, it was always, if someone says ‘no,’ you have to stop.  But when L.Joe said, ‘No, don’t,’ he didn’t always actually want it to stop.  It’s really…”  He frowned.  “It sounded like bad porn, like a rape scene in a movie.  He was begging, ‘No, no, please, don’t,’ and Chunji hyung kept going, and I didn’t know if it was okay to be turned on or not.”  D.O. stared at him, unblinking, trying to imagine how he would have processed it, at that age.

“Why did they let you have sex anywhere near each other?” Kai demanded.  “Shit, they should have separated you or not let you have sex at all.”

“C.A.P. hyung and Chunji hyung explained it to us,” Niel said.  “We already knew that L.Joe hyung was messed up.  They just told us that he’s into BDSM and he needs to be hurt sometimes.”

“He’s not messed up,” Sehun said.  “Don’t say that.”

“He’s really messed up,” Chunji said, sitting up and withdrawing his legs from Sehun’s lap.

“He’s not!”  Sehun glared at Chunji, his eyebrows drawn together under his disheveled shock of hair.  L.Joe sunbae’s great, he’s fine, he just likes different things than you do.”

“Oh, come on,” Chunji said.  “If you’ve seen him the way I’ve seen him, you know he’s not ‘fine.’  Nobody normal gets off on that.”

Sehun’s expression was outraged and challenging, his jaw tight.  “If you’ve touched him the way I’ve touched him, then you’re not normal or fine, either,” Sehun said.

Chunji chuckled.  “Okay.  I acknowledge that.”  He switched his lollipop from one side of his mouth to the other.  “I never looked at it that way, but I guess you’re right.  All of that cum he chokes on doesn’t come from nowhere.  If I get off on it, I must be as fucked up as he is.”

“Hyung.”  Sehun looked hard into Chunji’s eyes.  “It would be good if you didn’t talk about L.Joe sunbae that way.”

“Oh, relax,” Chunji said.  L.Joe can take care of himself.”

Ricky grimaced, rubbing his shoulder.  “Tell me about it.”

“You never had to wait?” Niel asked Kai.  “You got to screw any member you wanted, whenever you wanted?”

“We waited before debut,” Kai said.  “But as soon as we debuted…”  He laughed.  “It was like an orgy.  We were on top of each other all of the time.  I wanted to do everything I could to everybody I could get my hands on.  My cock was always hard and someone was always touching it and I always had someone to screw or make out with or pull clothes off of.  It was the best, I had so much energy, I never wanted to stop.”

“When we debuted, everything was so new, everyone wanted to try out everyone else,” Sehun said.  “We all wanted to find out what we liked and what we were good at and how it all went.”

“Twelve guys climbing on top of each other, sticking it in anywhere they could,” Niel said, leaning back on his elbows and gazing at the ceiling.  He shook his head.  “It’s paradise.  It sounds like heaven.”

“Well, eleven guys,” D.O. said.  “Suho hyung…”

“What about you, did you do stuff at debut?” Ricky asked him.

“I did things,” he said.  “Some things.  I’d never done it before, but I wanted to know what it felt like.”

“Was Kai your first?” Chunji asked.

He shook his head.  “I did a lot of things with Chen hyung first.  The first one who put it in me like that was Baekhyun hyung.  EXO-M was in China, and I wanted to do it, I wanted to experience it.”

“So you chose a bottom for your first time?” Chunji asked.  “Why, so it would be bad?”

“Baekhyun hyung topped more back then,” Sehun said.

“He has the smallest cock in EXO-K,” D.O. said.  “I didn’t want my first time to be that intense.  I wasn’t looking for a challenge.”

Chunji burst into laughter, tipping onto his side.  Patting his side, Sehun looked at the other Teen Top members.  “You’ve all had to take turns being the sex maknae.  L.Joe sunbae had to take care of C.A.P. hyung and Chunji hyung, and then you had to take care of the hyungs, and then it was your turn until Changjo took over?  You’ve all had to do it?”

“Yes, and it was the best,” Niel said.  “The worst.  The best.”

“I never got any sleep,” Ricky said.  “They never, ever let me sleep.  All four of them were always pulling on me, waking me up, dragging me around, taking my clothes off, bending me over, pushing me down.  I always had some hyung on top of me, putting his cock in me.”

“You think it was easy for me, being the only one C.A.P. hyung gave it to?” Chunji asked.  “At least when it was your turn, he could spread it around.  I was the only one getting poked.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining about it,” Niel said.

“I was horny, too,” Chunji admitted.  “You were a terrible sex maknae,” he told Niel.

Niel shook his head.  “Not true.”

“You were so bad,” Chunji insisted, laughing.  “He only did what he wanted, not what I wanted.  All he cares about is getting cock, so all he ever does is suck it or bend over for it or climb on top of it.  He wouldn’t fuck me, he’s so bad at fingering me that I couldn’t even ask for it, he was awful.  Selfish, you’re a selfish dongsaeng.”

“Did I get you off a lot?” Niel asked.  “Then I did my job.”

“Ricky-ah.”  Chunji smiled across the room at him.  “You were the best.”

Ricky’s smile was satisfied and adorable.  “Yes, I was.”

“Ricky knows how to listen to his hyungs and keep them happy,” Chunji said.

“What about Changjo?” Sehun asked.

Chunji snorted.  “That kid.”

“God, but he has such a great cock, though,” Niel said.

Ricky nodded, sighing.

L.Joe was - - sorry,” Chunji said, shifting away from Sehun and eyeing him with dramatic wariness.  “Are you going to hit me if I talk about him?”

“I don’t know,” Sehun said.  “What are you going to say?”

“Sehun wouldn’t punch a hyung,” Kai said.

“I would for L.Joe sunbae,” Sehun said.

Getting up, Chunji came over and sat on D.O.’s other side.  Stretching out his legs in front of him, he said, “L.Joe was terrific sometimes, he was so great, he acted starved for cock, he couldn’t get enough of it, and he fucked me with these really quick, hard thrusts, like he was frantic to get me off.  And then sometimes he’d be weird and shy and awkward, and when he was like that, if I got him worked up, he’d do anything I wanted, anything I asked for.  Sometimes he was stubborn and frustrated and impossible to deal with, because he’s just L.Joe and he’s like that.”

“C.A.P. hyung used to make them kiss, and he’d jack off and watch while they screwed each other,” Niel said.

“How do you know that?  Why were you watching us?” Chunji asked.

“Because when I started having sex, too, I’d blow him while he was watching you,” Niel said.

“Oh, yeah,” Chunji said, like he suddenly remembered that.

“It sounds like Lay hyung, setting up live porn for himself,” Sehun said.  “Watching you and L.Joe sunbae make out is really fucking hot.”

“I’m glad that I’m not the sex maknae anymore,” Niel said.  “I liked getting all of that cock, but I like getting to sleep sometimes, too.  And sometimes now I get to take a shower without getting spit-roasted.  That’s nice.”

“We’ve been too easy on Changjo,” Ricky said.  “We should be harder on him.  He doesn’t put up with half of the stuff we dealt with.”

“What’s he doing now?” Niel asked, sitting up straighter.  “He’s not taking a break, is he?  No breaks allowed!”

“Lazy brat,” Chunji said, getting up.  “Maknae!” he called, going into the hallway.  C’mere!”

            Once the door was locked, Sehun sat on the edge of L.Joe’s bed.  “Sunbae.  Can we talk for a minute before we start?”

            Nodding, L.Joe sat beside him.

            “When you and your members came over last week, some of us were talking.  We talked about what it was like after Teen Top debuted.”  He watched L.Joe’s expression carefully, not sure how sensitive of an issue this might be.  “Your members said that it was hard on you, because your hormones got excited and you were turned on a lot, and sometimes the PDs and managers would scold you.”

            Blushing, L.Joe looked away.  “Yeah, that happened, sometimes,” he mumbled, fixing his hair for no reason.

            “Did it embarrass you?”

            “I.”  Biting his lip, he looked down at the floor.  “I hated it, I was so…”  Swallowing, he shook his head.  “I couldn’t control myself.”  His voice faded in an out of a whisper as he talked, his shame burning in his cheeks.  “I couldn’t control it, I just got turned on.  There were hot sunbaes around or C.A.P. would smell really good or anything, anything and everything did it, it all got to me.  I’d get hard, my cock would just stand up, all of a sudden, and I couldn’t stop it.  I’d try to hide it, but I couldn’t do anything about it, I couldn’t help it, and I’d be so scared, I was terrified that someone would notice.  It was so embarrassing.  And they’d see it and they’d scold me, they’d say we couldn’t film like this, they’d say what,” his voice caught, “what’s wrong with me, they’d say I was too immature, why had Andy hyung debuted some horny f-f-freak.”  Pressing his lips together, he doubled over, trying to hide away.

            “God, sunbae.”  Sehun put a hand on his thin, tense back.  “It wasn’t your fault.  It’s hormones, it’s human nature.”

            “I tried masturbating, I did it a lot, but it was never enough, so I thought maybe I was doing it too much.  I tried not masturbating, I took a lot of cold showers, I’d stand there under the water until I was freezing, and then I’d get out of the shower and Chunji would be in our room, changing clothes, and I’d look at him and just, ugh.”  He rubbed his hands over his face.  “I got so hard, all I wanted to do was beg him for it, and I didn’t even like Chunji.  But nothing helped, masturbating didn’t help, not masturbating didn’t help, I tried to find some pills or something, something I could take, but there wasn’t anything.  And everybody teased me, and they scolded me, and they’d send me off of the set to get rid of it, and everybody knew, they were all staring at my hard-on and laughing at me and mocking me and disgusted with me, they were all so disgusted, and they’d send me away, and when I came back, they’d look at my crotch and say, okay, now we can start filming again.”

            Sehun stared at L.Joe’s smooth, vulnerable nape.  He wanted to hunt down and hurt every single one of those sick fucks for humiliating his pet like that.

            “Andy hyung.”  L.Joe hugged himself.  “Andy hyung talked to C.A.P. hyung about getting me some, some, some chastity devices or weird underwear or, or something, but…  I was around too many stylists, they didn’t want anyone to find out, they didn’t want any rumors to start.  Once I was older, and I started having sex, it was easier, then.  C.A.P. hyung drilled me until I couldn’t get it up anymore, and it felt so good, not to worry about it, not to be able to respond.  It’s, it’s better now, I don’t respond to every little thing anymore.  It’s not a problem, these days.  But it was bad, before, it was really difficult.”

            “A lot of guys go through that,” Sehun said.  “They shouldn’t have been so cruel to you.  You didn’t deserve it, sunbae, you didn’t do anything wrong.  You can’t help what your body responds to, all on its own.”

            “There was a…  The other members know about this.  We had a stylist that we used for a bunch of photo shoots, and she had an assistant, and he…  He offered to help, to help me, to get me off.  So my pretty rod wouldn’t ruin the line of the pants and distract the eye, that’s what he said, my pretty rod.  I hated having anyone notice it, and I hated him talking about it, and I hated him for saying that to me, but I was so turned on, too, I got so turned on thinking about him touching me like that, about someone’s hand on me, or maybe his mouth on me, and…  I hid in the changing room, and I had this erection and it wouldn’t go away, and I started crying, and I ruined my make-up, and I came in my pants, but I only came once, and I was still hard, and I felt even worse.  The stylist yelled at me, and our manager yelled at me, and I was in so much trouble, and then when we, after the shoot, we went back to the dorm, and C.A.P. hyung, he, C.A.P. hyung…”  Curling his knees to his chest, L.Joe ducked his head.  “He spanked me, he spanked me really hard, and I came, I came during it, he had me over his lap and I came on his thigh, and it felt so good I thought I was going insane.  I thought I was sick, or crazy, I thought something was really wrong with me, and I couldn’t help it.  But I was so upset and scared and freaked out, he let me sleep with him, in his bed, and…”  A shaky chuckle broke out of him.  “I thought nothing could get better than that.  He was so warm, and muscular, and he let me sleep pressed right up against him.  He rubbed my back and told me that it would be okay, and that made me feel better, when I thought that nothing could ever make me feel better.”

            Sehun couldn’t believe that his sweet pet had gone through so much.  “It must’ve been really confusing, being scolded and humiliated and feeling so out of control.”  L.Joe had been younger, and not used to his own body’s needs yet, not used to his own sexual desires, being punished by authority figures in ways that would only push his buttons.  The sense of physical helplessness, the chastising humiliation, it was a garbled copy of what he and Sehun did together.  “Sunbae.”  Sehun caressed him, smoothing the back of his T-shirt.  “How would you feel about playing that out with me?  We could roleplay, and I could be the stylist, or the PD.”

            L.Joe shuddered away from him, then immediately asked, in a breathy, hungry voice, “Will you mock me and put me down and punish me?”

            “Yes,” Sehun said.  “Yes, I’m going to humiliate you completely.”

            Ooohhh, unh, please,” L.Joe whispered, squeezing his eyes shut.  “Y-y-yes, Oh Sehun, I’d like that.”

            Stroking his hair, Sehun smiled.  This was going to be fantastic.

            “I’m sorry,” L.Joe said.  He was so embarrassed, his face felt like it was on fire.

            “Sorry?”  He cringed away from Oh PD’s anger.  Even with the PD looming over him, his cock was harder than ever, creating an unmistakable bulge in his jeans, like it loved the attention and wanted more.  “Standing on my set like this, you’re sorry?  This is obscene!”

            “I didn’t mean to,” L.Joe whispered miserably, turning his face away.

            “I’ve never seen anyone so unprofessional!  Who ever thought of debuting you?  You should be in a home somewhere, getting therapy for overactive perverts!”

            He flinched, humiliated.  Wasn’t that going too far?  But it was true, and he deserved it, being so lewd in public like this.

            “Freak,” Oh PD accused.  When the PD grabbed him in one hand, cupping between his legs, he gasped, his gaze flying to the PD’s face.  Seeing only scorn and disgust there, he moaned, his cock throbbing lustily in the PD’s grip.  “Still hard?”  Oh PD’s words dripped with contempt, and a mocking sneer twisted the PD’s soft, pretty lips.  “Even now, you’re turned on?  You’re not embarrassed enough?”

            “I’m sorry, PD-nim.  I’m sorry, please.”  Struggling with himself, he tried to hold still, but he wanted to move, to break free of the PD’s hand, to rub himself against it, god, he didn’t know what he wanted.  More attention, less, more humiliation, less, he couldn’t take this.  Overwhelmed, he whimpered, and the sound of his own helplessness only intensified his confusion.

            “Can’t go soft?  Won’t go down?”  The PD undid his fly with a quick jerk, snatching his jeans down to mid-thigh, exposing his white briefs and the crude tent his hard-on made.  “Then we’ll make it soft.  Jack yourself off.”

            Oh, god, this wasn’t right, this wasn’t fair, this couldn’t be happening to him.  It was like some kind of nightmare.  “I’m sorry, please,” he said desperately, trying to cover himself with his hands.  “I’ll take care of it, if you’ll give me a minute, I’ll go into the bathroom-”

            “Right now, right here,” Oh PD commanded.  “And don’t try to hide it now.”  The PD yanked on his wrist, pulling his hands away from his crotch.  “You’ve been so eager to show it off, parading it around in front of the audience and the cameras, don’t get shy now.”

            He pleaded with the PD, begging for privacy, trying to hold onto one last shred of dignity.  Adamant, the PD insisted, not giving an inch.  Mortified, breathing in gasping sobs, tears running down his cheeks, he finally gave in.  Pulling out his cock, he started to stroke it, masturbating right there, right in front of scornful eyes.

            To his horror, Oh PD laughed.  “Look at this pervert!  You’re really doing it?  You’re really touching yourself right in front of me?”  Confused, tormented, sobbing helplessly, he stopped, fumbling his cock back into his underwear, but Oh PD said, “No, no, don’t stop now!  Keep at it, you’re the horny freak who wanted to jack off like this!  Do it, finish up.”  Tugging his underwear down his thighs, Oh PD left him fully exposed, his ass bare, his balls completely uncovered.  Even in this state, his cock was rock-hard, pleasure pulsing between his thighs, and that made everything so much worse, made him feel like the freak the PD said that he was.

            He didn’t know what else to do, didn’t know what he could say with his erection in his hand and Oh PD sneering at him.  So he whimpered helplessly to himself, and masturbated.  He went quickly, hoping to get it over with, just wanting to get away.

            “Ugh, you’re pathetic,” Oh PD muttered.  “I’ve never seen anyone so sick in my life.  That pitiful little set, is that what you’re so eager to show off?  I’ve seen sexier balls on a golf course.  I’ve seen sexier ping-pong balls.  Come on, show me what you got!”  A harsh smack landed on his bare thigh, and he jumped, crying out, his hand speeding up on his cock.  “You wanted to be an idol, you wanted to be a star, now you’re going to have to perform.”

            “No, no, please,” he moaned, jacking himself vigorously, his hips rocking in short, quick thrusts.  “I don’t want this, no, no, not like this.”  As he protested, he came, the excitement too much for him.  His cock spat in a messy burst, and he gave himself an encouraging squeeze, relishing the kick of pleasure, his moans happy this time.  Ooohh, that felt good, he loved coming in front of Oh Sehun, there was nothing hotter.  He fantasized about it all of the time, of jacking off in front of his owner, and it gave him real pleasure to get off with Sehun watching.  Tears drying on his cheeks, he swayed a little on his feet, savoring the moment.

            Abruptly, Sehun smacked his cock, and he gasped, back in the scene, startled into character again.  “Still hard?”  Oh PD laughed.  Loud, raucous laughter filled the room, scalding his ears.  Cringing, he tugged on his T-shirt, trying to cover himself, trying to hide his traitorous cock.  Yes, he was still hard, but it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t help it!

            “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “sorry, I’m sorry,” and he backed away, hunching over, starting to pull up his underwear.

            “Sick, oversexed freak!” Oh PD accused.  Grabbing his wrist, the PD jerked him forward, and he stumbled, crying out.  “You perverted slut, you’re still hard?”  The PD’s contempt scorched him, and he whimpered, sliding onto his knees, to make a smaller target, to show his subservience.  “Not even jacking off satisfies you?  Get up!”  Hauling him roughly back to his feet, Oh PD then shoved him away, and he stumbled again, his pants around his knees hindering him.  Catching himself against the edge of his dresser, he whimpered, clinging to it as Oh PD advanced.  “We’ll see if this gets you satisfied,” Oh PD threatened.

            The PD was undoing his own pants.  Oh, no, no, no, yes, yes, yes.  Fear and desire raced through L.Joe, one cold, the other hot, and L.Joe shuddered, licking his lips, staring as Oh PD pulled out a long, stiff cock.  “I can’t, I can’t,” he panted, clutching at the dresser like it would save him.

            “Nasty little slut,” Oh PD hissed, crowding him against the dresser, making him feel small and helpless and overpowered, overwhelmed.  “Parading your ass around, waving your hard-on in my face, you’ve been begging for this.  Don’t pretend not to want it now.  Unprofessional, worthless little shit, you’re hard as a rock right now, so don’t tell me that you don’t want this.”

            Hugging the dresser, he hid his face against it.  Denial was his last defense.  When he felt Oh PD’s long, slick fingers thrust into him, he cried out, shocked by his own helplessness and inability to stop this, rocked by a hot burn of pleasure.  Arousal throbbing in him, he moaned.

            “Oh, you like it rough?” Oh PD asked, fingers spearing him crudely.

            “No, no, please!”  It was wrong to be treated this way, Oh PD couldn’t do this to him, and he clumsily tried to get away, flailing against the dresser.

            That contemptuous, mocking laughter filled the room again, and Oh PD’s forearm pressed across his back, holding him in place, his chest against the dresser.  “Crazy slut, quit squirming, I’ll give you what you want, don’t you worry.”

            “No, don’t, don’t, you can’t,” he moaned.  Oh PD was too rough with him, careless fingers stabbing roughly into him, and his hips twisted as he tried to get free.  “Let me go, please, please, I won’t tell, just stop it, you have to stop.”

            “Still hard?” Oh PD asked, and he whimpered miserably, because he was, his erection was drooling and leaving smears of pre-cum against the dresser, on his stomach.  “Still begging for it?”  Oh PD grabbed at his hips, yanking him back, lifting him onto his toes and then oh!

            “Ah!  Aahhh, oowww, don’t, don’t!  No, no!”  Howling, gasping, L.Joe grabbed at the dresser for support.  Oh PD’s erection plunged into him, lodging huge and hard, jerking out of him and then slamming back in.  Long, merciless thrusts filled him again and again, rough enough to hurt, careless enough to make him cry out, hitting him with steady bursts of raw, exquisite pleasure.  Ecstasy crackled through him like electricity, and he writhed in his own eager hell, desperate for more.

            “Horny goddamned slut,” Oh PD taunted, laughing, fucking him hard.  “Finally getting dicked like you’ve been begging for, and you still can’t stop hollering.  Now say it right.”  Oh PD’s hand was on the back of his neck, clamping down, forcing his face against the dresser.  It was as hard and unforgiving against his cheekbone as the PD’s thrusts were rough and merciless, and he whimpered in happy terror, spasms of pleasure making him shake.  “Beg me for it like you know you want to.  ‘More, please, PD-nim, more.’”

            He didn’t even pretend, couldn’t fight it for an instant, didn’t want to.  “More, more, please, PD-nim, please,” he repeated eagerly.

            Oh PD’s grip tightened on his neck, fingernails digging into his skin.  The sharp pain made him moan, and his eyes rolled back in his head, pleasure flooding his groin.  “Beg me right, you sick little slut,” Oh PD hissed, spitting on his ear.

            “Please, god, please,” he moaned, so enthusiastic, so turned on, so eager to please, he was drooling.  “Please, fuck me harder, please, I want it.”

            “Again!” Oh PD ordered, slamming into him, forcing him against the dresser.

            “Please, please!  I need it, I need your cock, please, I’m a slut, I’m a horny slut, I need it, I need all of it, give me everything, please.”  He didn’t know what he was saying anymore, it was all coming out, his desperation, his ecstasy, his need.

            “Yeah, that’s it, slut-dol, whore-dol, freak-dol,” Oh PD panted.  The PD’s rough, punishing thrusts lifted him onto his toes again and again, so crude and forceful he felt like he was being fucked by a mechanical bull.  Begging, “Yes, please, more, yes,” he came in a wild climax, sticky gobs of cum dripping down the side of the dresser.  He was so high on ecstasy, so overjoyed by this violent, humiliating treatment, that he just pleaded for more, loving it, exulting in it.

            Oh PD grabbed him, shoving him across the room.  Surprised, stumbling, he fell awkwardly onto his bed.  Immediately, before he could even lift his head, Oh PD was climbing onto him, pinning him down.  “Satisfy my dick,” the PD ordered, thrusting into him so roughly that pleasure jolted him.  Moaning, eager to please, he tried to move, to rock with the thrusts, to make the PD happy, but he was pinned down enough that he couldn’t do more than squirm in clumsy, off-rhythm lurches.  Laughing, Oh PD said, “That’s it, slut-dol, dance,” and pinched his ass hard.  The encouragement only made him more enthusiastic, and he writhed gracelessly, flopping under Oh PD like an uncoordinated, desperate fish.  The PD’s deep thrusts and painful pinches spurred him on, and he moaned, “Oooohh, please, more, fuck me harder, please, fuck me with your perfect cock.”

            He was sweaty and hurting and hard all over again when Oh PD finally came.  Pulling out, Oh PD squirted hot cum onto the cleft of his ass.  Oh PD’s scornful laughter and satisfied groans were music to his ears, and as the PD backed off of him, he raised his hips, showing off his messy crack, wishing he could get a good look at it himself.  “Thank you, PD-nim, thank you.”

            “Let’s see.”  Oh PD grabbed his thigh, rolling him over, exposing his crotch.  “Hard again?!”  Oh PD gripped his balls so tightly that he vibrated on the bed, excruciating pain making his breath come in short, panicked gasps.  “Hard again?!” Oh PD repeated, and the PD’s hand was on his chin now, forcing his face up, nails digging into his cheeks.  Pain was still echoing through him and he couldn’t catch his breath, and as he stared up into the PD’s furious face, into those dark, angry eyes, he felt overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by the PD’s rage, by the PD’s disgust, by his own helplessness, by his inability to get anything right.  He was disgusted by himself, held hostage by his sexual freakishness, and tears leaked from his eyes as he gave in to misery.  The PD sneered at him, and he sobbed in the face of so much hatred.  “If getting fucked won’t teach you, maybe this will.”

            He didn’t know what to expect from that, and then he was dragged across the PD’s lap.  Recognizing this position, he panicked, and he hurled himself to the floor, desperate to get away.  “Then it’ll be like this!” Oh PD warned, landing on top of him and grabbing the back of his shirt.

He was still twisting, struggling to escape, crawling away, when he felt the first harsh blow land on his ass.  Crying out in terror, moaning ecstatically, he fought for freedom, but Oh PD spanked him again.  Too excited to be ashamed, he rubbed eagerly between his thighs, coming in an explosive rush.  “Again, again, please,” he panted, cum still dribbling out of him even while he raised his hips in enthusiastic invitation for more.  “Punish me, PD-nim, please, spank me hard, spank me now, god, do it.”

“Crazy slut,” Oh PD growled.  The PD spanked him right there, on the floor, raining stinging blows on his bare ass.  It hurt so much that he wept, but he’d been exposed as a slut-dol, and he had nothing left to hide.  He masturbated without shame and begged for more, reveling in his degradation, wiggling his burning ass and gasping out, “Yes, yes, spank me, yes,” between sobs.  Dripping with cum and sweat and tears, his jeans around his ankles and his shirt twisted up, his punished ass painfully sore, he begged for more until the last, forceful smack.  “Fucking slut,” Oh PD muttered, getting up, and he shuddered, moaning, “Thank you, PD-nim, I’m so grateful.”

“Freak-dol,” Oh PD said, standing over him.  Sprawled awkwardly on the floor, his ass in the air, he whimpered, exhausted.  “Don’t relax now, you have work to do.  We have a show to film.  And I think that I’ll want to see you after the show again, to make sure that you understand how it’s going to be from now on.  A horny slut-dol like you has to be supervised properly.”  Oh PD’s voice hardened, and L.Joe shivered, delighting in his own doom.  “From now on, before filming, I’ll need you to come to my office early, so that I can remind you of how I expect you to behave.  And after filming, I’ll need you to stay behind, so that I can punish you for any mistakes.  If you make too many mistakes, I’ll have to call in the writers, or maybe your company’s Andy, to help me teach you.”  At the sudden, shocking invocation of Andy, L.Joe felt such a deep spike of terror that he almost pissed himself.  Gasping, muscles locking up, he made a raw, incoherent sound of protest.  “No?” Oh PD asked without sympathy.  “Then get it right the first time.  Now get up.”  A swift, light kick to his ribs.  “We’re going to practice filming and see if a slut-dol like you can ever be professional.”

            L.Joe’s emotional chaos was so intense, Sehun took it easy on him for the next stage of the roleplay.  Everything made him cry with despair and self-loathing, everything made him radiantly happy and eager for more, he was physically exhausted but panting with lust.  In his T-shirt and white briefs, he went through the motions of a basic variety show interview.

Pretending to host, Sehun had L.Joe do an introduction, a little choreography, and some aegyo.  Expression hopeful, trying to please him, L.Joe obeyed each simple command.  He was cool, chic, withholding his approval, keeping L.Joe on emotional edge but not indicating any displeasure.  He’d never been on “Star Golden Bell,” but L.Joe had, and he amused himself by pretending that was the show they were on, throwing out questions plucked at random from his mind, making L.Joe do some of the standard games from the show’s history.  Flustered and breathless, L.Joe was painfully eager to obey him.  His pet’s subservience turned him on, and he toyed with his own dick as they talked, fondling himself and enjoying L.Joe’s desperation.

Finally, out of games, he cut the show short.  “That wasn’t bad, slut-dol,” he decided, peeling down L.Joe’s underpants to expose a predictably stiff hard-on and red, sore ass.  He was turned on enough to want satisfaction, and since this was his pet, he didn’t have to hold back, didn’t have to explain himself.  “I’ll congratulate you on being able to hold yourself together long enough to answer questions.  Here’s your reward,” he said, waving his cock.  “Get on your knees and take it.”

Immediately, L.Joe was on his knees.  Putting his hands behind his back without being told, he dove onto Sehun’s cock.  His head bobbed smoothly, his hair falling into his eyes as he sucked.  He was very good at this, and he knew what Sehun liked, so the fact that Sehun didn’t come immediately meant that he didn’t want Sehun to come immediately.  Selfish, selfish pet was trying to make it last, trying to savor Sehun’s cock.  Such a bad, greedy pet, Sehun really should punish him.  But his sexy mouth felt so good, Sehun just grunted and stroked his hair away from his face.  “That’s it, pet,” Sehun murmured, caressing him.  “That’s it, you enjoy your reward, it’s a treat for you.”

Humming, his own erection standing straight up, L.Joe made the most of Sehun’s cock.  His sexy lips were wrapped around Sehun’s shaft and he moaned like he’d never had it so good.  When Sehun kept caressing his hair and the side of his face, his cheekbone, his jaw, he kept turning toward Sehun’s touch, a silent plea for more affection.  Murmuring encouragement, Sehun treated him gently, letting him know that he’d done well, that his owner was pleased with him.  After the sexual intensity of everything they’d done before, there was erotic heat in this moment, too, in L.Joe’s obedience and complete devotion, in the unquestioned understanding between them that being able to suck his cock was a special, sacred reward.  When L.Joe finally got him off, he spurted hard, relishing the unique satisfaction of shooting cum down his pet’s throat, knowing that it meant just as much to L.Joe as to him, scraping his fingernails over L.Joe’s soft cheek.  “That’s it, hyung, swallow my load,” he whispered, and L.Joe’s eyes opened, looking up at him past a big mouthful of cock, shining with adoration.

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by Matthew Haldeman-Time