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I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            The music was so familiar, sometimes Kai didn’t even hear the notes anymore, only the beat of it, pumping through him, beckoning him into motion.  He knew the moves so well that he could do them in his sleep, but he paid close attention anyway, watching his reflection on the practice room’s mirrored wall, watching his members, studying, analyzing, approving.

            Everyone looked great tonight.  Baekhyun was keeping his heels up, Xiumin was really into it, D.O. was extending all the way out and then sweeping back in with the wrist just the way they’d practiced.  Watching Lay’s hips, Kai felt a little flash of heat, and he caught Lay’s eye in the mirror, grinning.  Lay smiled back, a little flirty, a little interested, and Kai bit his lip, rolling his hips, enjoying the sizzle of arousal as lust quickened in him.  As the choreography brought him and Lay past each other, he turned away from the mirror, giving Lay a “c’mon, you want it?” look, gaze flicking up and down over Lay’s rhythmically moving body, liking what he saw.

            With an appreciative little smile, Lay made a sinuous move toward him, and then the choreography pulled them apart again.  Enjoying the heat of arousal, Kai spun into place, undulating to the beat.  As D.O. stepped forward to sing, he licked his lips, his gaze running over D.O.’s body.  Like most of the members, D.O. had worn very casual clothes to practice - - track pants, a sweatshirt - - and it wasn’t the most flattering outfit in the world, but Kai didn’t care about that.  He knew every inch of D.O.’s body, and it didn’t matter what he couldn’t see; his memory filled in the rest.

            Stepping back, slipping between members to rejoin the choreography, D.O. glanced in his direction.  He gave D.O. a “let’s do it later” look, and D.O. gave him an astonished, delighted, “oh my god no way” look in return.  Grinning, loving how flattered and happy D.O. looked, he nodded a little: it’s all right, another night, then.  D.O. smiled and waved him away, and he spun on the beat, passing between Chen and Xiumin to get to his new spot.

            For a moment, the heat faded as he focused on choreography again, watching his reflection, making sure that all of his flourishes were exactly how he wanted them.  It flashed back into life again when his eyes met Lay’s in the final steps, but then the song was over and their manager came in and his body relaxed as he listened to reminders and instructions.

            He pulled off his sweatshirt in the practice room, but he was still sweaty-hot from practice, and as soon as they stepped into the dorm, his tank top and pants came off, too.  He was after Baekhyun and D.O. in the shower order, and he waited for his turn in the kitchen, in his underwear, drinking water and watching D.O. flip through a magazine.

            “Hey, I’m going to wash,” Baekhyun said, coming into the kitchen.  “It’s late, Suho hyung said that we should double up and get in bed.  You want to shower with me?” he asked D.O.

            D.O. barely glanced up.  “No, thanks, hyung, not tonight.”  He hadn’t been in the mood for much this week.

            Baekhyun hesitated like he was waiting for D.O. to say more, but D.O. just turned a page.  With a hopeful, faintly mischievous smile, Baekhyun looked at Kai.  “Guess it’s you, then.”

            Mmm, yeah.  Kai liked the hint of desire behind that smile.  “Guess so.”  He kissed D.O.’s cheek, then pushed away from the counter with an undulation.  “Let’s go.”

            “Bye.”  Smiling to himself, D.O. flipped another page.

            The shower was quick but great.  Washing off his sweat and the last traces of make-up made Kai feel good, comfortable in his skin.  When they finished washing and stepped aside to let Lay in, Kai felt a sudden flash of lust, remembering flirting with Lay earlier.

            His temperature up again, he started looking for sexual possibility, for a way to keep this erotic simmer feeling good.  Handing him a towel, Baekhyun was already halfway hard.  Immediately interested, he slid in close, wet skin almost touching.

            “Oh,” Baekhyun said, “suddenly.”  And then, with a mischievous, hopeful look, he deliberately shifted his weight, touching his bare shoulder to Kai’s chest.

            The combination of wanting and being wanted back intoxicated Kai with lust, with the urge to move, to fuck.  Just as the sound of music, of the beat, beckoned his feet, the sight of desire, of arousal, beckoned his hips.  Undulating right against Baekhyun’s side, he cupped Baekhyun’s chin in one hand and kissed Baekhyun’s mouth.

            “Oh-hhh-hh.”  Breathing out in a shudder, Baekhyun shifted against him, leaning back against the sink, hands on his waist.  The feel of Baekhyun’s arousal prodding him turned him on, and he rolled his hips, sliding against it.  “Ooooohh, ah,” Baekhyun moaned.  Their mouths connected and reconnected in short, urgent kisses as he ran his hands over Baekhyun’s sexy, naked body, turned on by the familiar smooth planes and subtle contours.

            “This is great, but can I use the sink?” Xiumin’s voice asked.

            “Sorry, hyung,” Baekhyun mumbled breathlessly while Kai pivoted, nudging Baekhyun back against the wall.  “Cold!” Baekhyun yelped, squirming away from the wall and right up against Kai’s body.  The familiar feel of Baekhyun writhing against him turned him on, and he moaned as he laughed, tugging Baekhyun forward again.

            “The floor, then,” he suggested.

            Brushing his teeth with one hand, Xiumin passed over the lube.

            “Thanks, hyung,” Kai said, uncapping it as Baekhyun, touching himself, crouched down on the floor.  When Kai knelt down, he was already on hands and knees, ass pointed in Kai’s direction.

            Kai grinned, loving it, running his hand over Baekhyun’s smooth little ass.  Moving in behind Baekhyun like this was so familiar to him that it pushed his buttons, reminding him of all of the pleasure he’d found here before.  Turned on, he cupped Baekhyun’s balls in his left hand, tugging a little just to watch Baekhyun squirm.  His right hand was already moving, fingers stroking the puckered rim of Baekhyun’s asshole before sliding in.  The familiar hot fit around his fingers made him moan.  He couldn’t wait to feel that around his cock.  “Can’t wait to get inside you.”

            “Ohhhh, do it,” Baekhyun moaned, rocking back against his hand, pushing his fingers deeper.  “Ahhhh, I’m ready for it.”

            “You sure are,” Xiumin said from behind Kai.  “Stretch him like that again.  All of that pink is turning me on.”

            “Uh, oh god, hyung,” Baekhyun moaned.

            Chuckling, Kai scissored his fingers, leaning back a little to give Xiumin a good look.  “Pretty, isn’t it?” he asked, licking his lips as he eyed Baekhyun’s greased, pink hole.

            “Love it,” Xiumin said appreciatively.

            “Nnnnhh, Kai-ah, come on,” Baekhyun moaned, wiggling his ass.  “Stop looking and start doing.”

            Kai loved how ready for it Baekhyun always was.  “I’ve got it, hyung,” he promised, lubing up his cock.  No reason to take it slow; he thrust in quickly, burying himself deep, before backing up and doing it again, giving a quick tug on Baekhyun’s hips to ensure that he was in as far as he could go.  Being inside Baekhyun’s contracting heat felt incredible, it always did, and he groaned, rocking his hips in a steady thrust.  His blood was pumping hot and quick, his hips were in enthusiastic motion, and he felt so good, so high on lust and arousal and pleasure, that he moaned, picking up the pace.  As his head rolled forward and came back up, he caught Lay’s eye.  Standing close, towel forgotten in one hand, Lay was out of the shower and watching avidly.  Turned on by Lay’s interest, he flashed a smile, and Lay smiled back, starting to fondle himself, hand moving slowly over his rising cock.

            “Ah, ah, ah, right there, just like that, yes,” Baekhyun moaned.

            Lured by the satin smoothness of Baekhyun’s naked back, Kai leaned in, covering him.  Kissing his bare shoulders, Kai slid a hand over his chest, lightly plucking at his nipples, before reaching down for his cock.  “Unh, oh, hyung.”

            His erection was hard, and when Kai began to stroke it, he squirmed, moaning, his ass pushing back against Kai’s groin.  “That’s it, don’t stop, don’t stop, ah, ah, yes.”

            “Fuck him on his back,” Xiumin said.  “I want to see him come.”

            “Hyung, please,” Baekhyun moaned, shuddering back against Kai’s chest.  “I’m already close, I’m so, it’s so, oh…”

            “Do it,” Xiumin ordered, his foot pushing against Kai’s ass.

            “All right, hold on,” Kai said.  His hips didn’t want to interrupt their tempo, but he held the base of his erection, promising himself that he’d get right back to it.  Sliding out, he rubbed Baekhyun’s back.  “Let’s give Xiumin hyung something good to dream about tonight.”  Lay was still watching; as his gaze wandered Lay’s limber body and creamy skin, he bit his lip, feeling a hard kick of lust.  Yeah, he wanted that next.

            “If you want to see so much, just do me yourself,” Baekhyun muttered, shoving a towel under himself and rolling onto his back.

            “Okay,” Xiumin said.  “I will, when Kai’s finished.”

            Baekhyun laughed, his smile aroused and delighted.  “Okay,” he said, his hand on the back of his thigh, pulling his knee up.  Wanting to be inside of him again, hot with the need to fuck, Kai cupped his balls, thrusting back into him.  As Kai’s erection disappeared into his body, Baekhyun moaned, his face going tense then slack then tense with pleasure.  “Ah, ahh, ah, oh, that’s it, like that, do it like that.”

            “Yeah, unh, I’ve got it for you,” Kai promised.  Pleasure throbbed through him, pulling his hips into rhythm, and he rocked in a steady thrust, pushing deep into Baekhyun’s arching body.  The motion of sex, Baekhyun’s familiar heat and wavering moans, the mounting pulse of pleasure, combined to intoxicate him, lighting him up.  Ecstasy ruled him like the thumping of a bass beat, and he jacked Baekhyun’s cock to the same rhythm as his driving hips.  It was almost over now, he was almost there, the urge to come so intense that he was panting, moaning, pushing the beat, starting to lose control, his muscles working on their own, his erection leading the rest of his body in deep, powerful thrusts.  “Come on, hyung, do it, give it up, come on.”

            “Ahh, ah!  Yes!  Yes, Kai-ah, yes, yes!”  Baekhyun writhed against him, and the cock in his hand twitched, cum shooting in white, runny spurts onto Baekhyun’s stomach.  “Aahhh, hhhuhhh, that’s it, that’s all, oh, ahhh…”

            It was time, it was here, yes, yes, “Unn, yeah, unnh, fuck,” Kai groaned, shoving deep and coming hard, ecstasy sparking up his spine like wildfire, his hips pushing forward insistently, helpless against pleasure’s thrall.  The intense sensations of sexual release bombarded him with bliss, satisfaction, and relief.  “Unh, hunnnh, oh.”  Incredible, it felt incredible, and he moaned it all out, hips forward, head thrown back.

            “Ah, oh, god.”  Baekhyun sounded thrilled and exhausted.  “Shit, that was good.”

            “Hhhmmmh.”  With an undulation, Kai relaxed, rolling his head down again.  Smiling, he squeezed Baekhyun’s relaxing thighs.  “It’s always good with you, hyung.”

            “You’re damned right it is.”  Baekhyun started to push himself up, then collapsed with a moan and blinked at the ceiling.  “Maybe I’ll just stay here for a while.  I don’t think that my body remembers any of those complicated things like moving yet.”

            “Nnnn, come on,” Xiumin said, stepping forward.  “I’m doing you on my bed, not the floor.”

            Moaning pitifully, Baekhyun cooperated as Xiumin dragged him upward.  “Can I suck your cock first?”

            “Sure,” Xiumin said, an arm around his waist.  “As much as you want.”

            Humming to himself, Lay followed.

            Grinning, Kai relaxed.  Running his hands through his damp hair, he caught his breath.  Alone in the bathroom, he got up slowly, enjoying the post-fuck sensation of satiation, his muscles loose, his legs shaky.  He rinsed off in the shower, then dried off, his energy starting to pick back up.  His body wasn’t finished yet, and his thoughts were turning from a low hum of “yeah, that felt good” to a more focused interest in sexual possibility.  He wanted it again, wanted to get off again, and his mind turned to where he’d most recently seen sexual potential: Lay.

            As images of Lay flickered through his thoughts, he smiled.  Yeah.  Lay.  Slipping down the hallway, dancing more than walking, he went to Lay’s room.

            Xiumin and Luhan were on Xiumin’s bed, making out, Luhan fondling Xiumin’s cock.  Sucking Xiumin’s hard-on, Baekhyun also sucked on Luhan’s fingers, moaning happily.

            Lay stood beside the bed, watching.  Running a hand down his back, resting it at the base of his spine, at the curve of his ass, Kai moved in beside him.  The sexual energy in the room felt great, and Kai shifted restlessly, eager to get started again.

            Lay’s smile was happy to see him.  “Are you going to fuck Xiumin hyung?”

            Kai laughed, his hand sliding over Lay’s ass, squeezing lightly.  “No, I want to fuck you.”

            “Oh!”  For a moment, Lay looked surprised, and then he looked pleased.  Very pleased.  “Okay.”

            Kai kissed him, cupping the back of his neck, and he kissed back slowly, deeply, humming into Kai’s mouth and sliding his hand right in between Kai’s legs.  Sensitive to the touch, Kai shuddered, pressing closer, and he moaned, fondling Kai’s cock.  “Mmm, I love your cock,” Lay breathed between long, sensual kisses.  “Love it so much.”

            His cock was already rising, stiffening, stirring back to life.  As pleasure tingled between his thighs and sparked in his blood, he moaned, pushing forward, walking Lay back toward the nearest bed.  “Wanted you all night,” he said, and he tightened his grip on the back of Lay’s neck, guiding Lay downward.

            “Oh, oh, yeah,” Lay said, easily going down, sitting on the edge of the bed.  “Give it to me.”  Before Kai could say another word, Lay had a hand around his cock and was mouthing the head.  The wet, sucking heat of Lay’s mouth, the tight ring of Lay’s lips, felt incredible on Kai’s sensitive cock, and he groaned as pleasure unraveled up his spine.

            When Lay said that he loved Kai’s cock, he meant it, and his enthusiasm was evident in long, worshipful licks.  His tongue moved slowly over Kai’s hard-on, not out of sluggish disinterest but with ardent desire, his passion for dick causing him to be thorough in his attention, lingering over every inch.  With the night’s first orgasm out of the way, Kai’s need to fuck wasn’t brutally urgent yet, and Lay’s slow licking and devoted suction felt like some hedonistic luxury.

            The other sounds in the room were changing; Xiumin was fucking Baekhyun, and Luhan was urging him on.  “Yeah, give it to him, give him all of it, he needs it.  You’re a beast, give him that cock, you have everything he’s looking for.”

            Lust quickened in Kai as if Luhan were talking to him, and he groaned, rolling his hips, thrusting shallowly in Lay’s mouth.  Lay looked up at him, lips red and wet around the shaft of his cock, and he felt a slow burn of need start inside.  “It’s time, hyung.  Have to fuck you.”

            “Oh, now?” Lay asked.  Dropping back on the bed, he raised his legs.  “Here, like this.  Fold me in half and come all over my balls, okay?”

            “Got it,” Kai agreed, already in motion.  Doubling a pillow under Lay’s ass, he reached for a bottle of lube.  He squirted it directly onto the pucker of Lay’s asshole, just the way Lay liked it, making Lay moan, and then he pushed his fingers in.

            Lay’s gaze flickered between Kai and the action on the other bed.  Biting his lip, he made an excited sound, pulling his legs up.

            Xiumin’s rhythmic moaning and Baekhyun’s excited cries made a perfect backdrop for Luhan’s insistent, “That’s right, you love his cock, get on it, ride it, make him feel good.”  Kai slicked Lay’s hole quickly, crudely, in a hurry to get in, lust rushing him onward.  Screwing his fingers deep, he twisted them back out and grabbed his cock.

            Guiding the head of his erection in, Kai groaned, loving the sucking grip of Lay’s ass.  His hips were already moving, rolling, and he shifted his grip, holding Lay’s hips, Lay’s thighs.  He surged deep, breathing hard, his thrusts already falling into rhythm.

            Crowding forward onto the bed, Kai bent Lay in half, pressing him into the mattress.  His weight on his shoulders, his ass in the air, Lay groaned, his noises low and fervent, his hand pumping rapidly over his cock.  Kai loved giving him what he wanted, loved making him happy and getting him off, and he was glowing with happiness now, face flushed, bouncing in rhythm with Kai’s thrusts.

            Passion had its spurs in Kai, riding him hard, and he pressed closer, fucking deeper, feeling the harsh need to pound his cock as far into Lay as he could.  Lay’s breathless, rapturous groans and the wild delight in Lay’s eyes egged him on as much as the tight clenching of Lay’s ass, and Kai thrust without reserve now, holding nothing back, his hips popping in steady aggression.

            “Yes, yes, like this, harder, harder,” Lay chanted, masturbating with quick, light tugs, his hand flying over his cock.

            “That’s it, rock his world,” Luhan ordered.  “You’re a beast, he loves it.”

            Beast, god, yes, he was a beast, felt like one, animal, primal.  With a feral snarl, Kai thrust harder, pleasure sending a fresh jolt of sexual energy through him.

            “Ah, ah, oh, Xiumin hyung, Xiumin hyung, god, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Baekhyun begged, and Kai kept thrusting, wanting to satisfy those pleading cries, wanting to deliver the pleasure Baekhyun was asking for.

            “I, I, I,” Lay gasped.  “I’m going to come, you’re doing it, you’re making me come.”

            “Do it,” Kai urged.

            “Get off on it, get off on his cock, I want to see you lose control,” Luhan demanded.

            “I am, I am, oh, god,” Lay moaned.

            “Like this, like this, ahh, ahh, hyung, please,” Baekhyun cried.

            Between Luhan’s orders and Baekhyun’s begging and Lay’s orgasmic moaning and Xiumin’s rhythmic grunting, Kai felt pleasure as a compulsion, a force.  He wanted to satisfy their desires, wanted to serve their needs.  He was hammering deep into Lay on every stroke, his thrusts intense, forceful, as Baekhyun wailed and Lay came.

            “Yes, yes, that’s it, oh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” Baekhyun cried, as Lay moaned in excited gasps, squirting onto his own muscular chest.

            The sound of Baekhyun’s orgasm, the sight of Lay’s cum, was so satisfying, such a reward, that Kai was coming moments later.  He barely had time to pop his cock out before he was jetting thick ropes of cum onto Lay’s balls while ecstasy flooded his brain and Xiumin moaned, “Unngh, that’s it, I came, I came.”

            Rocked by pleasure, Kai staggered back from the bed, moaning.  Shaking himself, he blinked sweat from his eyes and smiled at Lay.  “You were so great.”

            “You’re the hottest,” Luhan was murmuring, “you’re the sexiest, I love you.”

            “Oh.”  Looking thrilled but also kind of shell-shocked, Lay slowly relaxed his legs, lowering his hips, smearing Kai’s cum over his balls as he unfolded himself.  “That was perfect.  You came so much, it was such a great cum shot.”

            “You felt so great, I had to come hard,” Kai said, kneeling on the bed again and kissing him.  Lay made a happy, pleasure-drugged sound and kissed him back, one hand cupping his ass.

            Satisfaction was a warm hum, a subtle simmer.  The fire of lust going out, Kai relaxed again, crawling onto the bed and tugging Lay against his body.  The rub and slide of skin on skin felt good, was an easy, sensual pleasure, and he sighed into Lay’s kiss, feeling drowsy contentment steal through him.

            D.O. wouldn’t need him tonight.  “Can I stay with you?” he asked, gazing into Lay’s sleepy, happy eyes.

            “Mmm.”  With a languid stretch, Lay nodded.  “I want to be the big spoon.”

            “Okay, hyung.”  Chuckling, Kai rolled over.  As Lay snuggled in behind him, arms hugging him close, he smiled, feeling lazy and loved and good all over.

            “Ya, don’t kick me,” Baekhyun protested.

            “Why are you still here?” Luhan laughed.  “Go to your room.”

            “What do you mean, why am I still here?” Baekhyun asked.  “What kind of question is that?  Your boyfriend just fucked me through the mattress and now I can’t move.”

            “Still awake in here?” Suho’s voice asked.  “Everyone, let’s go to sleep.”

            “I’m asleep,” Lay mumbled against the back of Kai’s neck.

            “Take this one with you,” Luhan said.

            “We’re finished with him,” Xiumin added.

            “Ah, our Baekhyun,” Suho sighed.  Kai’s eyes were closing; the sound of Baekhyun’s tired whimper made him smile.  “Come, I’ll put you to bed,” Suho said.

            Comfortable in Lay’s embrace, Kai stretched his legs, yawning.  He felt sleepy and sated and great.  Tomorrow was going to be a terrific day.

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