Ships in the Night

K-pop info and glossary
Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            “Rrrmmm.”  Groaning, Kris backed Suho against the tiled bathroom wall, kissing him, tongue thrusting slickly into his mouth.  The tile had to be cold but Suho didn’t flinch, just made that “you have pleased me” moaning-purring sound that always lit Kris up like fire.  One of his hands was on Kris’ chest, rubbing, stroking, and the other was on Kris’ thigh, gripping, pulling.  The way he was kissing already had Kris so turned on that pushing up against him felt like the best sensation in the world, but the way he was encouraging it had Kris humping against him mindlessly, groaning, feeling so good that every happy, breathless, panting sound from Suho’s mouth sounded like an invitation to fuck.

            “Mmm…  Water,” Suho moaned.  The way Suho’s hand slid up to his neck, fingers skimming over his nape, sent electricity sparking and skittering across his skin, and he shuddered, pushing closer.  Without conscious thought, he put a hand out, fumbling sightlessly for the knob to turn the shower off.  Having one less hand on Suho felt like the most wrong thing in the world, so he twisted knobs until the water stopped, and then he was right back on Suho, caressing and stroking and trying to make up for his transgression.

            Touching Suho, rubbing up against Suho, always felt incredible.  It was so good that it drew all of Kris’ attention until all other thoughts faded away, until the stresses and complaints of the day were meaningless and forgotten, until there was nothing but Suho, the gorgeously sensual way Suho kissed, the happy and encouraging ways Suho moaned, the irresistible lure of Suho’s body, the throbbing of need and intensity of pleasure that he’d only found in Suho.

            Droplets from their shower still beaded their skin, and Kris found the damp slipperiness of Suho’s skin an erotic pleasure.  He had a hand fisted in Suho’s thick, wet hair, tilting Suho’s face up to his, keeping Suho’s mouth right where he wanted it.  His other hand was cupping Suho’s ass, lifting Suho against him, trying to pull Suho upward against his body.  Their bodies were pressed together, grinding against each other, rocking, sliding, and Kris was so turned on that he could have fucked a hole right through the wall.  Suho’s creamy skin was so soft and smooth that he couldn’t touch enough of it, the hand on Suho’s ass rubbing obsessively, his body pushing insistently against Suho for more, more, more.  Suho’s body was fit, firm with muscle, and the way Suho was grinding against him was only more of a turn-on as he felt how strong Suho was, how confidently Suho moved with his rhythm.

            Their cocks were sliding against each other, and the feel of the hard length of Suho’s erection against him was only firing up Kris’ feverish desire to fuck.  He was so turned on that his hips were moving on their own, his erection pushing against Suho like it had never felt anything better, like it couldn’t get close enough.  Growling with need, he tightened his grip on Suho’s hair, pulling a little, and Suho laughed breathlessly into his mouth, the end of the laughter thickening into a low, delighted moan as he bit Suho’s neck.

            They had to fuck, they had to do it now, it had been too long, they both needed it.  Kris had been on edge with it for weeks, and god, Suho, he knew how badly Suho needed it, he’d seen-

            A thousand spears of ice struck Kris’ bare skin.  Yelping, he jerked away, his feet slipping, one hand flying out to smack the wall for balance.  What the fuck?!

            The shower.  Someone had turned the shower back on.  Xiumin, Lay.  Kris blinked, then glared death at them.  “Fuck!”

            “Sorry,” Lay said, wincing.

            “Didn’t want to interrupt,” Xiumin said.  “But we have to wash up, and the manager-”

            “It’s okay,” Suho said, tugging Kris farther along the wall.  “Here, here.”

            Shaking his head, Kris brushed off the interruption. Looking down into Suho’s face, he refocused his attention, his gaze drifting from Suho’s reassuring, warm, pretty eyes to Suho’s red-lipped, well-kissed mouth.  Right, yes, “Mmm…”  Easing back into Suho’s embrace, into Suho’s kiss, he moaned with pleasure, his hormones kicking right back into gear.  The slickness between their bodies wasn’t only water anymore; the added slipperiness of pre-cum made for a nice ride, and Kris thrust against Suho’s stomach, grunting with pleasure.

            “Ya!  That’s my toothbrush!” Chanyeol exclaimed.

            “It’s mine!” Kai protested.  “Yours is red!”

            “It’s never been red!”

            Growling with frustration, Kris tuned them out.  All he cared about (“His isn’t red, Chen and Baekhyun’s are red.”) was the way Suho was grinding insistently (“I don’t care!  That’s my toothbrush!”) against him, gripping at his ass, panting (“You said his is red, and it’s not.”) raggedly into his (“It’s mine!  I’ve been using it all month!”) mouth, rock-hard.  So good, right there, yes, he could almost-

            “What?!  All month!  I’ve been brushing my teeth with this!”

            “SHUT!  UP!” Kris roared, whipping around to glare at them.  “Shut up!  Throw it away!  Get a new one!  Just shut!  Up!”

            “Hyung, hyung,” Suho said, pulling on his arm.

            “I, uh, sorry,” Chanyeol said.

            He was so hot with need and frustration that he wanted to punch somebody.  He glared around the bathroom, daring anyone to piss him off.

            “Ignore them,” Suho said, kissing his cheek, hands in his hair guiding his face down.  Appeased by Suho’s affection, he moved obediently, remembering his priorities, kissing Suho’s mouth.  “Ignore them,” Suho repeated, and he cupped Suho’s ass in both hands, lifting Suho against his cock.  Groaning, Suho licked into his mouth, hands sliding up his ribcage.  “Ahhh, hyung.”

            “Ow!  Shit!”

            “What the hell?”

            Kris growled, tension knotting in his back.  “Ignore them,” Suho whispered.  “Hyung, please.”

            “I cut myself.”

            “I told you to get rid of that stupid fifth-century razor!  I thought that you threw it away!”

            “Yes, ah,” Suho breathed, kissing him.  (“Let me see, let me see.”)  The smooth, sensitive skin along the side of Suho’s neck smelled like soap (“What are you fussing about?  You’re fine!  There’s barely anything!”) but tasted sweet, and Kris kissed him there, making him moan.  (“It hurts!”)

            Suho was gripping his hips, his (“Why are you shaving, anyway?  You have as much stubble as an eight-year-old.”) back, his thighs, trying to compel him closer.  (“Less, he has less.”)  The flexing of Suho’s ass against his palms only encouraged him to grip more firmly as Suho ground against him.  “More,” Suho panted.  “Close, so close.”  (“What are you doing?  Stop watching!  It’s so awkward when you stare.”)  “Hyung, please,” Suho moaned, arching (“I can’t see anything at this angle, anyway.”) against the wall, fingers digging into his thighs.  “I’m close, it’s close, so close.”

            Hearing Suho plead like that, the needful desperation in Suho’s normally smooth voice, flashed new fire through Kris’ veins.  He had an imperative now, and nothing could stop him.  Rocking his hips with feverish determination, he muttered against the side of Suho’s neck, panting endearments and encouragement as Suho bucked against him.  Feeling the splash of Suho’s cum against his chest, he groaned in echo of Suho’s relief.

            “Get your elbow out of my way!”

            Ignoring the chaos behind him, he buried his face in Suho’s neck, humping, thrusting, as Suho’s arms curled around his neck.  “Mmm, come on,” Suho murmured, fingers caressing his scalp as he thrust against Suho’s firm, warm, slippery stomach.  Wrapped in Suho’s embrace, in Suho’s affection, he was lost to the world again, breathing in Suho’s clean, musky scent, groaning as pleasure expanded within him.  The friction, the intimacy, Suho, it was so good, this was all he needed, this was it.  “Yes, hyung, that’s it, yes.”  Thrusting, rocking, he nuzzled up to Suho’s ear, his tongue questing for the spot that made Suho, yes, shiver, just like that.

            Held off for so long, the sharp burst of climax was a shocking explosion, and he grunted in thankful relief as he came.  As bliss, wicked and wild, corkscrewed through him, he panted against Suho’s neck, moaning enthusiastically, smiling foolishly, his satisfied body going weak.

            “Mmm.”  Suho’s purr of contentment hummed through him as Suho’s fingers threaded through his hair.  “Thank you.  I needed that.”

            With a slow, happy sigh, Kris straightened.  He thought that he felt fulfilled, but then he looked down into Suho’s beautiful face and affectionate smile, and he felt even better.  Kissing Suho’s mouth, he indulged in just one more moment.

            “Stop hogging the mirror!”  “Has anyone seen my phone?”  “Ah!  Whose blood is all over the sink?!”  “Don’t put that in the toilet!”

            Raising his head, Kris grinned.  “Thanks for the shower.”

            Cupping his face in both hands, Suho kissed him.  “Any time.”  Running both hands over his chest, Suho looked over his shoulder and sighed.  “These kids are hooligans.”  Stepping away, Suho said, “Baekhyun, clean up the sink.  D.O., help him find his phone.  Tao, you’ve been in here longer than I have.  Go and get dressed.”

            Turning toward the shower spray, Kris nudged Chen out of the way and washed away the cum on his chest.  What a great start to the day.

            The room was dark, and the dorm was - - well, not quiet, but not exploding around them, either: good enough.  When Kris worked his hand beneath the soft cotton of Suho’s boxer-briefs, Suho moaned, already hard for him.  Dragging his shirt upward, Suho stroked his back, kissing him with unhurried eroticism.  Luhan’s bed - - Sehun’s bed - - whoever the hell this bed belonged to, it was small and it smelled like sweat, but this was the only unoccupied room at the moment, and Kris couldn’t afford to be picky.

            Sitting up, he yanked his shirt off.  The appreciative gleam in Suho’s eyes was so flattering that he grinned, flexing, before he leaned down and kissed-

            “Oh!  Sorry!” Sehun’s voice said.

            “What - - oh,” Luhan’s voice said.  “Um.”

            Damn it damn it god damn it.  Kris would have turned and vaporized them, but Suho caught his chin in one hand, looking over his shoulder.  “You need the room?”

            “We need the bed,” Sehun said.  Luhan laughed.

            Suho met Kris’ eyes and winced.  “Sorry.”

            God damn it.  Someday Kris was going to learn not to start things he couldn’t finish.  But it was impossible not to start, not to try.  As painfully frustrating as it was to have to step away early, those few minutes of warm-up and anticipation were always worth it.  Always better than nothing.  Even though it only made him want more, only made the craving sharper, he couldn’t resist the momentary pleasure of Suho’s kiss, Suho’s touch, Suho’s body under his hands.

            “Later,” Suho promised, rubbing his back.

            Yeah.  His least favorite word in any language, these days.  “Later.”

            They were like two ships in the night, if that meant what he thought that it meant.  He was on his way to break up a fight; Suho was taking vitamins and tissues to one of the members with a cold.  For a moment, they hugged.  Kris knew that he couldn’t get anything else, not at the moment, but he needed the contact.  He needed to remind himself that he actually could have this.  Lately, it felt like he was pining over some unrequited love, for all of the action he got.

            “Three days,” Suho said.

            Three days?  They’d be in Thailand in three days.  “The hotel?”

            “We can room together.”

            A hotel room.  All to themselves.  Privacy.  All night.  “Yes,” Kris groaned, squeezing Suho and lifting him off of his feet for a moment.  “Yes, thank god.”

            Laughing, Suho kissed his cheek.  “I’ll tell the kids not to bother us.”

            “I will lock the door,” Kris said.  “I will set up booby traps.  I will put a fucking bear trap in the doorway.  If these fools can’t do without their precious Suho for one goddamned night, I’m sending them home to their parents.”

            Still laughing, looking so handsome and so happy that Kris’ heart was instantly soothed, Suho kissed him.  “Pack lots of lube.”

            “I’ll have a whole extra suitcase full of it,” Kris promised.

            The argument in the next room all of a sudden exploded with more voices.  Suho winced, glancing in that direction, already pulling away.  “Later?”

            Kris sighed, letting him go.  “Later.”

            The airport was a chaotic mess, but nothing could ruffle Kris now.  Every time he glanced over and saw Suho smiling at fans or coordinating with the manager or counting members to make sure that they had everybody, he smiled, relishing the sense of anticipation.  All of Suho’s smiles, all of Suho’s attention, were going to be his tonight.

            When they were preparing to board, Suho came to his side, squeezing his hand.  “Ready for a good trip?”

            He grinned, already planning how to get Suho out of those clothes.  “Oh, I’m ready.”

            Suho’s smile was flirtatious as his thumb rubbed over Kris’ knuckles.  “I wonder what the rooms will look like.”

            Kris shook his head, gazing into Suho’s eyes.  “I won’t be looking at the décor.”

            Suho laughed.

            “No!  I gave it to you!” one of the members exclaimed, sounding panicked.

            “I don’t have it!  I never saw it!” someone replied.

            “Never saw it?!”

            Kris sighed, releasing Suho’s hand.  “Later.”

            In the air, Kris closed his eyes, tuning out Luhan’s humming, and let his thoughts drift to a more pleasant place: Suho.

            It wasn’t that they never accomplished anything.  They didn’t get off together nearly as often as Kris wanted to, but it happened.  It was just that it was always rushed, like they were a pair of guilty kids and not adults in their own home.  They were always in a hurry, catching a moment between other activities, on the verge of interruption.  They always had somewhere to be, or someone needed something.  Kris roomed with Lay and their managers, and there was no way that Kris wanted their managers to walk in on them screwing.  They already had no privacy whatsoever; he wanted sex with Suho, at least, not to be a part of his life that the managers had access to and opinions on.  Suho roomed with Chen and Kai, but Suho’s room seemed like the most popular place in the dorm.  Someone always needed Suho for something.  It was a goddamned hangout spot.  No matter how many times Kris kicked everyone out, as soon as the door was closed, someone else popped up needing Suho’s help right that very moment.  Kris tried to appoint other members to handle shit while Suho was busy, but everyone who wanted Suho’s attention refused to accept substitutes.  Kris couldn’t argue too much, since he felt the same way.  When he wanted Suho, nothing and no one else could satisfy him.

            They stole moments in the bathroom, but a door with a broken lock was meaningless, and there were so many people in the dorm that at any given moment, someone had to pee.  They made out on the sofa, but that could only go so far.  When the managers weren’t around, Kris didn’t mind doing stuff in front of the other members, at least to a certain point, but it was weird how everyone stared.  When he saw guys making out on the sofa, he kept walking, but no one else in the dorm seemed to have that capability.  Whenever he and Suho were on the couch, any time he happened to glance up, he found random members loosely grouped around, staring.  He tried to explain that he wasn’t putting on a show for their benefit, and he told them to get lost, but nothing dissuaded them.

            He would have privacy tonight, though.  No managers.  No horny, ogling members.  Just Suho.  All to himself.  No interruptions.  Hours to spend together.  They could sleep together, in the same bed, without anyone crawling in with them.  It was the most luxurious fantasy he had, these days.

            When they got to the hotel, they all gathered in the hallway while Suho passed out keys.  Kris pulled everyone in and said, quietly, “Suho is off-duty tonight.  I am off-duty tonight.”  He made sure to meet every pair of eyes.  “If you need anything, ask Xiumin and Luhan.  They’re in charge.  They will take care of anything and everything.  I don’t want to hear from any of you until we meet up again in the morning.  Whoever knocks on this door and bothers Suho will die.  You will die a terrible, painful death, and I will be happy about it.  Got it?”

            “That’s kind of mean,” Tao said.  “What if I need something?”

            “I’ll help you,” Luhan said.

            “You have five minutes, and he’s gone,” Kris said.  “Tell Suho good-bye.”

            Everyone clustered around Suho.  Laughing, he hugged them and promised them that he’d see them in the morning.  “It’s only a few hours!” he protested.  They hugged Kris, too, a few of them whispering fairly raunchy advice.

            While Suho was hugging Tao, Kris slipped the key from Suho’s pocket and went into the room.  After he found the lube, he shoved their luggage into a corner, took off his shoes, washed his face, and ordered food.  Stepping into the hallway, he found Suho still talking with Chen and Tao.  “Say good-bye,” he said firmly, grasping Suho’s wrist.

            “Good night,” Suho said.  “Relax, get some rest.”

            Pulling Suho into the room, he closed the door.  “Give me your phone.”

            Suho handed it over.  “Nice room.”

            He turned off Suho’s phone and set it aside.

            Smiling up at him, Suho put both hands on his waist, leaning in, eyes gleaming with affection.  “Am I all yours, now?”

            “Yes.”  He said it so firmly that Suho laughed, and he liked the fact of it so much that he said it again, emphatically: “Yes.”  Cupping Suho’s beautiful, happy face in both hands, he stared down into Suho’s eyes.  “No distractions.  No interruptions.  Can you focus on just me for a few hours?”

            Taking a deep breath, Suho relaxed against him, arms curling around his neck.  “I don’t want to think about anybody else.”

            Good.  Lowering his head, he brushed a kiss over Suho’s smiling mouth.  With a pleased sound, Suho kissed him back.  Immediately, titillation and anticipation zinged through him as the knowledge that Suho wanted him brought warmth to his skin.  Parting Suho’s lips with his tongue, he licked in to taste the sweetness of Suho’s mouth, and Suho sighed happily into his kiss, hands slipping under his shirt.

            Turned on by the feel of Suho’s hands against his bare skin, by Suho’s desire for him, Kris slid his hands down Suho’s body, urging Suho closer against himself, against his cock.  With a breathless laugh, Suho nudged against his hard-on, hands sliding higher under his shirt, stroking him.

            He loved how often Suho smiled, how easily Suho laughed, how happily Suho faced life.  He was so glad to be the one Suho wanted, the one Suho turned to for this, the one invited to bring Suho sexual pleasure.  “I love the fuck out of you,” he mumbled against Suho’s mouth.

            Warm, cheerful laughter.  “I love you, too,” Suho said, smiling up at him with shining eyes.  Then Suho’s expression turned thoughtful.  “Was it okay to put Tao and Chanyeol together?  The way they’ve been bickering-”

            “Suho!”  Kris couldn’t believe this.  “Stop being our leader.  Let it go.”

            “Right, sorry.”  Giving himself a quick shake, Suho blinked, refocusing his gaze on Kris’ face.  “Yes.”

            He was going to have to do more to build the mood, but what?  He sure as hell wasn’t scattering rose petals on the bed.  He glanced around the room for inspiration but didn’t find much.  “You want to take a bath or something?”

            Chuckling, Suho raised his eyebrows.  “Am I dirty?”  Lifting one arm, he sniffed.

            “Stupid,” Kris said, laughing, pushing Suho’s arm back down.  “I’m trying to be romantic.  Play along.”

            “Romantic.”  Suho licked his lips and nodded, looking like he was trying not to laugh.  “Yes.”  He broke into an irrepressible smile.  “Or I could go down on you.”

            “Yes,” Kris said immediately, his cock twitching enthusiastically.  Oh, god, it had been so long.  “Yes, okay.  Let’s do that.”

            Teasing, Suho made a concerned face, tapping a finger against his lips.  “Maybe it’s not romantic enough.”

            “It’s romantic,” Kris insisted, pulling off his T-shirt, his socks.  “It’s perfect.”

            “Should you seduce me?” Suho asked.

            “Okay, yeah.  Seduce you.  Got it.”  Kris gave Suho his sexy photo shoot expression as he unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, giving it a quick grope, grunting as it stiffened.  “Look down.”

            Suho laughed, then looked at Kris’ hard-on and flushed pink.  “Okay,” he admitted, rubbing his hand across his mouth.  “I’m seduced.”  With a sigh, he walked over to the couch and sat down.  “Come here.”

            Yes!  Kicking off his underwear and jeans, Kris knelt astride Suho on the sofa, facing the wall, hands on the back of the couch.  This was the position Suho preferred for oral, so it was Kris’ favorite position these days, too.

            Rubbing Kris’s thighs, Suho squirmed down a little to get level with his cock, then glanced up.  Then came the inevitable words: “Close your eyes.”

            Suho always said it, and Kris always hated it.  He rolled them first, but he closed them, sliding his hand into Suho’s hair to orient himself.  Feeling the stroke of Suho’s hand over his cock, he moaned, mouth falling open.  Pleasure throbbed between his thighs as Suho caressed his hard-on.  The confidence of Suho’s grip and the smoothness of Suho’s hand had him quickly erect, and he groaned in bliss at the first wet stroke of Suho’s tongue.

            Threading his fingers through Suho’s thick hair, he clenched his teeth, trying to hold back.  The wet heat of Suho’s mouth surrounded his cock, and he felt Suho’s hand between his thighs, fondling his balls.  The subtle, testing suction as Suho slid lightly up and down the shaft lured his hips forward, and as he shifted in helpless obedience, Suho’s fingers skimmed back farther, slipping along the cleft of his ass, stroking his asshole.  Hot, shuddering, Kris shifted, too turned on to hold still, horny and skittish.  Being touched like that, the hint of penetration, made him restless with desire, and the way Suho’s tongue was snaking around his cock was already making him ache.  “Unh, yeah,” he groaned, spreading his thighs further, and Suho’s lips rubbed over the head of his erection.

            “Come on.”  Suho’s voice was breathless, coaxing.  “Now, deeper.”

            Oh, god, he could never have resisted Suho’s desire, the intimate encouragement in Suho’s voice.  His hand on the back of Suho’s head, he tilted Suho back, his own eyes still closed as he carefully eased his erection between Suho’s soft lips again into the moist heat of Suho’s mouth.  As Suho’s lips closed around the shaft, he nudged forward again, and Suho moaned happily at the subtle thrust of his engorged cock.  That joyful sound turned him on so much that his next thrust was sharp, aggressive, as he kept rocking into Suho’s mouth.  Moaning thickly around his cock, Suho rubbed a hand over the back of his thigh, pulling him forward, guiding him onward.

            The teasing pressure of Suho’s fingers flirting with his asshole was making him squirm, sending shivering waves of arousal through his body, and as he bucked, he pushed into Suho’s mouth.  His hips rolled in slow, shallow thrusts, and the steady suction of Suho’s mouth was such an incredible pleasure that he pressed forward, the hand on the back of Suho’s head denting the back of the sofa.  Purring with pleasure, Suho sucked harder, finger pressing up inside of him.

            The sense of penetration sent a pulse of fire through Kris’ body and he groaned, rocking backward and then forward, unable to adjust to the eroticism of it, shaking with arousal and need.  Bucking, shuddering with pleasure, he pressed Suho deeper into the sofa, riding forward until his own forehead was against the wall behind the sofa, his body curved over Suho, his hand pulling Suho’s head back.

            “Aahhh, ahh, mmm.”  Moaning, Suho slid his hand up to Kris’ waist, Kris’ abs.

            God, Kris wanted to look, to see those happy, red lips wrapped around his erection, to see his shaft sliding in and out of Suho’s mouth, to see Suho’s beautiful face in his crotch.  “Unnh, suck it,” he moaned, thrusting between Suho’s lips, pleasure reverberating through him.  He didn’t know what turned him on more, the way Suho’s finger was probing him, the way Suho was so enthusiastically sucking his cock, or the way Suho was so cheerfully panting around the crude slide of his erection like this was the best fuck ever.  “I need it, unh, I need you.”  So hot, so wet, the irresistible pull of suction drawing pleasure from an endless well.  “Suho, yes…”

            Suho’s finger stroked inside of him and set off an explosion so powerful, Kris gasped and was sent tumbling through its shockwaves.  His body jerking at the burst of ecstasy, he came, filling the air with his deep groans and filling Suho’s mouth with his cum.  “Fuck.  Oh god,” he panted, amazed.  “Oh, god.”  Sagging against the wall, he rested both hands uncertainly on the wall as the bliss of erotic gratification stole through him.  “Oh, my god.”

            “Mmm.”  Suho nuzzled against his abs, stroking his sides.  “It’s so much better without someone knocking at the door demanding to use the toilet.”

            Kris chuckled, finally opening his eyes and looking down to see Suho’s smile.  Suho’s lips were red and wet, and he ducked his head, settling onto Suho’s lap, running the tip of his tongue along the curve of Suho’s lower lip, licking into Suho’s mouth.  With a pleased, insistent sound, Suho kissed him back.  He knew what Suho needed now, and as his hand slid down Suho’s chest, he felt Suho arch, felt Suho’s body rise for his touch.

            “Yes, hyung,” Suho panted, hands sliding up Kris’ thighs as he worked open Suho’s fly.  Ah, Suho’s cock was hard, and they moaned together as his hand closed around it.  It was so smooth, so silky, he loved the way it felt against his palm, and as Suho breathed, “Yes, please,” he looked down, wanting to see it.  The length of the shaft was thick and straight, pointing rigidly upward, the reddened flesh a contrast to the paleness of his hand.  The smoothness of the head, a puffy mushroom cap, was a luxury to his fingers, and he slowed his fondling to enjoy the sensation.  “That’s, ah.”  Suho made an impatient noise, moving restlessly, kissing his neck.  “Come on, please.”

            He couldn’t believe how beautiful Suho was.  Everywhere, all over, even here.  Picking up the pace, unable to resist Suho’s pleading, he jacked Suho’s cock with long, quick strokes.  The slippery glide of Suho’s pre-cum wet his palm, and even as he closed his eyes and kissed Suho’s mouth, the image stayed with him: the long, slick shaft; the plump, shiny head.

            Suho’s pleading, rapturous moans were as gorgeous and smooth as his gleaming cockhead, and as Kris kissed him, he slid his hands over Kris’ bare chest.  “Yes, so close.  So close, ah, hyung.”

            “Give it up for me,” Kris urged, loving the feel of him, the sound of him, the color in his cheeks, the desperate fluttering of his black lashes.  “Come for me, show me how good it feels.”

            “Ah, ahh-hh, yes!”  With a sudden cry, Suho tensed against him, fingers digging into his ribcage.  As Suho’s head went back with another soft wail, Kris looked down in time to see thick spurts of cum jetting upward, splattering Suho’s T-shirt.  It wasn’t even his own orgasm, but getting Suho off was so fulfilling that he smiled, his whole body relaxing in satisfaction of a job well done.

            Kissing Suho’s cheek, he murmured, “How was it?”

            With an exhausted, dazed blink, Suho smiled up at him.  “Perfect.”

            He smoothed a lock of black hair away from Suho’s forehead, enjoying Suho’s pleasant afterglow.  “We have to find a way to do this more often.”

            “Mmm.  Yes,” Suho agreed, going boneless against the couch, eyes slipping half-shut.  “Yes, we do.”

            A few drops of cum had landed on Kris’ wrist, and he raised his hand in front of Suho’s face.  Fingers curling through his, Suho licked at his wrist, sucking lightly.

            Sighing with pleasure, Kris melted against him, nuzzling into his hair, and for a moment everything in Kris’ heart was at ease.  “Are you thinking about the members?” Kris asked lazily.

            Suho stroked the side of Kris’ neck, his voice blissfully calm as if he were being recalled from a wonderful dream.  “Who?”

            Knock, knock!

            Oh, hell, no.  Kris’s hand was already balled in a fist as his head whipped around to stare at the door.  There was no goddamned way-

            “Room service?” someone called.


            Suho snickered, squeezing his thigh.  “Your face!”

            “I thought that I was going to have to fight someone,” Kris admitted, sliding off of the couch.  His knees were weak, and he hesitated, looking for his pants.

            “I’ll get it,” Suho said easily, pushing himself up.  “Put on your underwear or hide in the bathroom or something.”  Rubbing his hand over his mouth, he adjusted his clothes and headed for the door.

            Grabbing his underpants from the floor, Kris took Suho’s advice and hid in the bathroom.  He heard Suho speaking cheerfully despite the language barrier and smiled, shaking his head.  Suho was so effortlessly charming it bordered on embarrassing.

            The bathroom door opened, and Suho gestured him onward.  “Let’s eat.  This looks delicious, and there’s no one around demanding that we share.”

            They ate at the polished table, dishes dotting its surface.  Kris didn’t know why he liked feeding Suho so much, but he kept doing it, feeling contentment curl in his stomach every time Suho accepted the food from his chopsticks.  As they ate, they talked about their trip, and what their families were up to, and what they’d like to do if they were in Thailand as tourists and not working.

            When the dishes were empty, Kris was full and sated and didn’t want to go anywhere.  Getting up, Suho settled in his lap, kissing his ear.  Pleased, he wrapped his arms around Suho, and Suho purred in contentment.  “Mmm, hyung.”

            After kissing Suho’s mouth, he ran his knuckles along the curve of Suho’s bottom lip.  “When are you going to let me watch?”

            “Watch what?” Suho asked innocently.

            Kris licked his lips, then pushed his tongue into his cheek, making a bulge, giving Suho his best sexy look.

            Turning red, Suho laughed.  “Don’t!  Augh.”

            “When can I see it?”

            “Not now!  Later,” Suho promised.  “When I’m better at it.  I need more practice.”

            “You’re already incredible,” Kris protested.  “Come on, I love everything you do to me.”

            “I love what you do to me, too,” Suho admitted with an embarrassed smile.  Leaning snugly against Kris’ shoulder, he ran his fingers through Kris’ hair.  “Let’s play a game.”

            “Oh?”  Kris raised his eyebrows.  “Which game?”

            Suho’s smile was bright.  “Kiss the leader?”

            “Mmm.  I like that one,” Kris admitted.  “We don’t play that one often enough.”  It was so good to have Suho all to himself like this.  No pressure, no demands, no schedules, just a quiet room and Suho’s contentment.  He felt relaxed and satisfied.  Peaceful, if peace included enjoyment of the moment and a sense of shimmering anticipation.

            With a soft, breathy sound, Suho leaned closer, lashes lowering.  “There are so many games,” he murmured, “that I want to play with you.”

            “Yeah,” Kris said, half-moaning it, his gaze on Suho’s mouth as his hands curved over Suho’s ass.  “And we’ve got all night.”

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Copyright August 12, 2013
by Matthew Haldeman-Time