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Short Stories


Original fiction, written by me.  Short stories, not long enough to be published as a novel, but still good old-fashioned smut.  This page will be updated somewhere between "sporadically" and "whenever the mood strikes me."


Stories on this site include explicit male-male sex.
This website and its fiction are for consenting adults only.


(Short stories set in the novels' universes can be found in the Exclusives section of this site.)


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Next Step New!
Interested in this information, Tyler looked up, gazing into Jackson’s light blue eyes.
“You don’t fold socks?”
"Next Step" is the sequel to "While Wearing Jeans."

Big Idea
“I almost forgot!  Did I ever tell you about my idea for the trunk extender?”

"Affair in Paradise"
available through Torquere

"Affair in Paradise" is the story of Adam, whose friend Stacy has dragged him along on a tropical vacation, where he meets Brett. Brett is friendly, hot, and recently single. When Brett won't respond to Adam's advances, Adam sets him up for a night of seduction. In their tropical paradise, will Brett finally make this a vacation to remember?

The Adventures of Jonathan Jackmore
Author's note: a short series of short stories; fun and parody.  Fortunately or otherwise, this is not my usual work; please scroll down this page for more short stories in my regular style.

"A Thief and a Killer"
available through Alyson Books
in the anthology
Best Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings.

"Hot Weather"
available through Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

First excerpt  |  Second excerpt

"Hot Weather" reviews
TwoLips Reviews: 4.5

"Hot Weather is an awesome read along the lines of a summer-time romance movie that is about more than sex, about growing up and finding the magic of a real relationship, which of course includes lava hot sex! Matthew Haldeman-Time’s debut novel is explosive and will be sure to create a legion of fans who will be eagerly awaiting his next release. His characters are funny, charming, lovable but most of all super hot. ... Keith is charming, funny and has surprising depths that will leave the reader wanting for more. As with all great books Hot Weather will leave you clamouring for more and sighing wistfully for summers gone by!"
Literary Nymphs Reviews: 4.5

"Hot Weather is a sweet romance filled with hopes, longing and sweaty summer days. Mr. Haldeman-Time pens a playful tale where his delightfully realistic characters spark a sizzling chemistry the moment they first meet. This is a well-written and sexy story that readers will quickly devour."
Elisa Rolle says that she's a fangirl.

"I absolutely love every book written by Matthew Haldeman-Time. His characters are real, hot, romantic, great.
Please Matthew, please... give us more, I will read it!"
Joyfully Reviewed: 5 stars!

"Hot Weather was my first foray into M/M romances and I was very pleasantly surprised. The story was very well written with characters the author made became real as life in my mind. You could easily imagine this story happening during a summer heat wave. I found it interesting to see the dynamic play out between John and Keith and I found myself rooting for Keith to get what he wanted in the end, and bring John around to his way of thinking. There was at least one super hot scene involving M/M erotica but it was so well written any lover of heterosexual romances as well M/M or F/F will enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoyed this authors writing and will look for other works by him in the future."
Louisa Clark calls "Hot Weather" indulgent and romantic.

"Hot Weather" is a sexy, fun read evoking memories of those carefree days of my youth when I would spread out a quilt on the cool grass under the shade of an ancient oak tree and I would stretch out on the quilt with my paperback, indulging myself with an afternoon of romance and sweet kisses.

From their very first meeting, there is a simmering passion between Keith and John with their flirty conversation, teasing smiles and casual touching. When there's an innocent kiss on the check, we treated to (in my opinion) one of the most erotic moments in the story. I love authors that slowly build the sexual tension between the lovers, creating a sensual, arousing mood that pleasantly warms my body and gently elevates my heart rate. Then when the lovers finally jump into bed and when we're finally treated to the sizzling sex, there's a strong sense of connection and falling in love.

The story reminds us why it's important in our adult lives, to slow down and savor life, to appreciate the simpler things like a sweet smile or a colorful sunset. Because it's those simple, little pleasures that enriches our lives, making all our frustration and other negative emotions just melt away and become insignificant. And when they finally happen, those bigger momentous events in our lives - like meeting a green-eyed waiter - we recognize and appreciate them for what they are. Something special and precious.

This is a beautiful story of patience and frustration, of love and passion. "Hot Weather" delivers exactly what I crave from my books, enthusiastically satisfying my romantic heart.

Highly recommended.

The Hitchhiker
“One look from those big brown eyes and I was defenseless.”

Stupid Question
If Trent dated someone who wore make-up, it should be a girl, a girl with shell-pink lipstick that smudged when she licked his lollipop.
"Stupid Question" is the sequel to "Incredible."

Third and Madison
“You’re sexy when I’m happy.”

While Wearing Jeans
“No one should fall in love and get a zit on the same day, it just shouldn’t be done.”

The List
Waking up that first morning and smelling Robert on his sheets instead of Michael…

Customer Service
“You’re a customer, did he service you?”

...maybe there was something down that road, calling to him.

I Dare You
It was about sex, it was all about sex, but there was much, much more to it than that.

Have You Met Lucas?
“Lucas is fascinating, but he can never get a date,” Hayden said.

Cruel, Cruel World

“They must have spent the last few years doing something
together in that small town, and it wasn’t cow-tipping.”

Perfect on Paper
His mouth wanted him to go back for at least one more kiss.
His dick wanted to go back for a lot more than that.

Who Knew
He was being emotional and irrational and hormone-driven
but he couldn’t imagine how he’d ever been different.

Teaching Sunflower
Jimmy had this weird, irritating way of always being right.
"Teaching Sunflower" is the sequel to "Still Sunflower."
Read "Still" first and "Teaching" second.  Thanks.

Still Sunflower
...he’s stubborn, he’s gorgeous, he’s persuasive, and he knows that I can’t live without him...

Purple and Magenta
“Are you this friendly with everyone?”

“You’re the only guy I’ve ever respected enough to keep my hands off of.
You’re the only person I’ve ever loved for more than three days.”

“Apparently, Bryan and Bryce have never dated the same guy before,
so this is all new territory for them.”

That simple glimpse of love and happiness was more powerful than any forceful thrust.

“Tell me why I can’t stop needing to be with someone I’ve never met.”

“I don’t remember ever sitting down and deciding that we were boyfriends,” Anderson said.
“I don’t remember making that decision.  It just…happened.”

The Forever Time
Alec runs into someone from his past.


My Last Boyfriend Was a Swimmer
Jamie's afraid of commitment, and Carson loves being a boyfriend,
but they have more in common than they realize.

Two Bodies
Bruce and Cory study the laws of physics.

Blind Date
Ryan begins to reconsider his first date rules.

Taking Inventory
Troi and Jix are on a quest.

John's a workaholic.  Derek has handcuffs.

Jason's not a swimmer, but he never misses practice.

Fantasy, meet reality.

Danny is early.  Ryan comes right on time.

Ten Weird Things
Charles is vegisexual.  Shana licks pizza.  Eric's new roommate David may be the most normal thing in his life.