Show It to Me

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This story is part of a series.
Set immediately after L.Joe and Sehun’s first time together.
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Changjo sat on L.Joe’s bed, his knees pulled up to his chin.  “What was it like?”

            “Amazing,” L.Joe said.  He was on his back on the floor, his forearm across his eyes.

            “Did he get you off?”

            L.Joe grinned.  “Maybe.”

            That grin.  Changjo smiled, enjoying it.  L.Joe was trying to seem normal but kept lapsing into giddy little moments of pure joy.  Whatever he and Sehun had done, Changjo was glad for it.  This was the happy L.Joe he liked the best.

            C.A.P. leaned in the doorway.  “I guess you aren’t going to need to get laid again for another week.”

            L.Joe laughed, lowering his arm from his face.  “Are you kidding?  I’m so horny right now.  I want to suck all of the cock in the world.”

            Changjo sat forward with interest.

            “Really,” C.A.P. said.  He gestured to Changjo.  “Maknae, out.”

            Sehun could have danced through the next few days.  He had his pet and life was great.  His mind was always on L.Joe, and what they’d done last time, and what they might do next time.  He was contented, he was cheerful, and he was filled with so much sexual energy that he kept his hyungs busy.  On his night with Suho, he couldn’t stop kissing Suho out of love and gratitude.  By the end of their time together, he had Suho wailing into a pillow and pulling the sheets off of the bed.  It was the least he could do to thank his leader.

            He didn’t see L.Joe, but he knew that Suho would arrange another meeting.  He was burning to be with his pet again, but he had to wait; he had to trust Suho.

            In the meantime, he had to find a collar for his pet.  His sexy, needy pet had asked for one, and if any pet was obedient enough and brave enough to deserve a good collar, L.Joe was.  He couldn’t go to a leather store and buy one, and Suho would personally kill him if he went on-line and tried to order one.

            Although maybe he could get away with it.  Anything too obvious would cause a scandal, but maybe there were other options.  He scoured the internet until he found the perfect thing.

            He liked the idea of buying something new, not just something he’d swiped from wardrobe.  Something just for them.  Happy with his choice, he sat back and fantasized about slipping it around L.Joe’s neck.

            One night, he was crawling out of Baekhyun’s bed when his phone buzzed.  He had a text.

            It was from L.Joe.

            Good night, Sehun-ah.

            Humming with pleasure, he texted back, Sleep well, L.Joe hyung.

            He was in the bathroom one morning, fighting Chen for space at the sink, when Suho said to him, “We’ll have a little time after practice tonight.  Chunji’s invited us over to Teen Top’s dorm.  Should we go?”

            What?  “Yes!  Yes.  Yes, hyung, yes, yes,” he said insistently, happily.  “Yes!”

            “Do you want to go?” Chen asked, laughing.  “I can’t tell.  Be more clear, maknae.”

            L.Joe had been on edge all day.  Nervous, distracted, horny.  He felt loopy and anxious, and he was hyped up on so much anticipatory glee that he knocked over five different drinks in three hours.

            He’d been thinking about Sehun all of the time, ever since Sehun had walked out of the dorm.  He’d wanted things, before; he’d fantasized about behaviors.  He’d wanted an abstract, nebulous someone who would do things to him and treat him in certain ways.

            Now there actually was someone.  A real someone with a face and a name.  It was surreal to know that there was one specific guy who could give him everything that he needed.  Confident, sexy Oh Sehun.

            The things that Sehun had said and done to him, the things that Sehun had talked about, were what he’d dreamt of.  He couldn’t believe that he finally knew someone who wanted the same things that he wanted, from the other side.  Someone who talked about wanting his obedience.  Someone who talked about owning him.  Owning him.  He’d agreed to be some hoobae’s pet, and he felt like that should freak him out, but instead it made him feel…

            …happy.  Excited.  Hopeful.  He wanted everything to go well between the two of them, wanted this to work out, because that first taste of what Sehun had to give him, that first night together, had been cathartic, fulfilling, the kind of experience he’d thought he’d never know beyond his own fantasies.

            He needed this thing between them to keep happening.  He needed Sehun to keep coming back for more.  If he was Sehun’s pet, then Sehun was his owner, and just the idea of that made him feel like he’d won something.

            When Suho and Sehun arrived that night, he didn’t waste time in getting Sehun into his room.  While he locked the door, Sehun laughed and asked, “You’re eager?  How has it been for you?”

            “I’m okay.”  Yes, he was eager, and he was embarrassed, but he wanted to start.  “How are you?”

            Sehun smiled.  “I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”

            That pleased smile flustered him.  He didn’t remember how to talk to Sehun, how to hold a normal conversation.  It seemed like it would be easier if he were on his knees with his hands behind his back.  Augh, that was such a weird thought.

            Sehun touched the door, touched the lock, and smiled at him in a way that made him feel like Sehun knew him, like Sehun could read him.  “Should we start?”

            “Yes,” he said, grateful, relieved.

            “Television.”  Sehun’s smile disappeared; cool nothingness replaced it.  It was eerie, how distant Sehun’s handsome face could look.  “Down,” he said without interest.

            It was embarrassing, how immediately L.Joe went down on his knees, but he deliberately refused to let his embarrassment stop him.  Carefully, he brought his arms behind his back, crossing his wrists.  He remembered Sehun telling him, “It would be good for you if you do that without being told next time.”  He remembered everything about that night.

            Taking something - - a small black plastic bag - - from his pocket, Sehun set it on Chunji’s bed.  He moved with relaxed carelessness, like he was alone.  Slipping off his hoodie, he ruffled his hand through his hair like he didn’t give a fuck how it looked, then pulled something out of the pocket of his jeans.

            It looked like a tie.  Red-striped.

            “Neckties are so convenient, aren’t they?”  Sehun held it up, giving it an admiring glance.  “So handy.  When I was in school, I used to fantasize about taking mine off and using it on the other guys in the class.  Tying it over their mouths.  Tying their hands.  Gagging them.  So many uses.”

            Sehun was going to tie him up.  Sehun was going to tie him up.  L.Joe felt rooted, frozen to the spot.  He didn’t know whether to get out, protest, escape, or to celebrate.  It was scary-exciting, and the excitement was starting to outweigh the fear.  His cock was already trying to push its way out of his pants in enthusiastic glee.

            “What is my pet thinking?” Sehun asked, finally looking at him, expression mildly curious.  “Are you wondering what I’m going to do with it?”  He nodded, captivated as Sehun walked towards him slowly, sliding the fabric through slim fingers.  Oh god, what was Sehun going to do with it?  Not knowing made him feel vulnerable, made him hopeful and fearful and so turned on that he had to chew on his lips to hold back a moan.  “Do you hope that I’ll use it on you?”  Sehun pulled the ends until the fabric was taut between his fists.  “Are you eager to feel it tied tight against your skin, holding you, binding you?”

            Sehun was standing right in front of him now, and he had to tilt his head back far to gaze at Sehun’s beautiful face as Sehun stared down at him expectantly.

            “Yes,” L.Joe breathed.  This was one of the very many things he’d fantasized about but assumed that he’d never really have - - the threat, the vulnerability, the bondage, being tied up, being at a true dom’s mercy - - and he was trembling, panting, having trouble holding still.  “Yes, please-”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  Like he was instructing a child.

            Flinching, chastised, L.Joe quickly replied, “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            Sehun let one end dangle close to his face, the soft fabric lightly brushing against his cheek.  “Are you thinking about how it might feel over your mouth?”  Eagerly, wanting it, L.Joe turned toward the tie, but before his lips touched it Sehun pulled it away.  While he whimpered in disappointment, Sehun gestured carelessly, a flick of a finger.  “Turn your back to me.”

            If he did what Sehun wanted, Sehun might tie him up.  On his knees, keeping his hands together, L.Joe turned around.  Hoping to feel the tie against his skin, hoping to feel Sehun’s hands on him, he breathed deeply, waiting for it, tense with desire.

            Then he felt breath on the back of his neck.  Startled, he gasped, bowing his head.  He treasured each sensation as he felt Sehun’s hands on him, firm touch, soft skin, and then smooth, cool fabric snaking around his wrists.  His wrists were bound now, lashed behind his back.  His head down, he panted, trying to catch his breath as nervous excitement jittered through him.

            Sehun was still behind him.  How close?  Doing what?  Looking at him?  Ignoring him?  Still directly behind him, close enough to breathe on him?  Still in the room, right, he would have heard if Sehun left.  He couldn’t use his hands, couldn’t move his arms, he was caught, at Sehun’s mercy, and he didn’t even know what Sehun was doing.  Biting his upper lip, L.Joe twisted around, craning his neck, wanting to see.

            He saw jeans, Sehun’s legs.  Still right behind him, close.  Blushing, embarrassed to have been caught looking, L.Joe quickly faced forward again, lowering his head.  He hadn’t expected Sehun to be so near to him.  Suddenly, it seemed like Sehun was an enormous presence behind him, looming over him.  What might Sehun do to him?  He couldn’t begin to guess, and that both excited him and made him anxious.

            “I’ve been thinking about you.”  Sehun’s voice was low and mild.  “Thinking about that sexy little fuckhole you call a mouth.”

            God.  Shuddering, L.Joe felt like every word was branded across his back.  That sexy little fuckhole you call a mouth.  It echoed in his mind, spinning, obliterating all other thought, taunting him.

            “Such a greedy fuckhole.”  He felt fingers walking across his scalp, over the crown of his head.  His body yearned for physical contact, for Sehun’s attention, and he shifted uneasily, breathing hard.  Reaching his forehead, Sehun’s fingers pulled his hair, tilting his head back.  Gasping, he looked up, up, back, until his neck hurt.  Sehun was looking down at him calmly, with bland interest.  Not at his eyes, but at his mouth.  Slowly, Sehun’s fingers stroked down his face, over his nose, and circled his open mouth.

            “Uuuunnh, uuunhh, uuuuuhh.”  Low moans worked their way out of L.Joe’s throat.  He loved that Sehun was touching him, and he wanted more of it, more contact.  Wanting to suck on Sehun’s fingers, wanting to taste, he licked out, trying in vain to connect.  No matter how close he came, Sehun dodged him, skirting his tongue, and he moaned in frustration, tipping his chin up, chasing Sehun’s hand.

            “Look at you,” Sehun said.  His lips curved slightly in a smile, and L.Joe blushed.  “Greedy little fuckhole, you’re starving for it.”

            Caught, humiliated, L.Joe whimpered, turning his face away.  He really was starving for it.  He’d been fantasizing about Sehun every day, dreaming about Sehun’s cock every night.  It was all he could think about sometimes, that long, smooth erection sliding between his lips.  Finally feeling Sehun’s cock in his mouth had been a moment of pure joy, different from anything else in his experience.  How could he not crave it again?

            “But then there’s that other fuckhole.”

            Other, other, “Oh, god,” L.Joe breathed.  There?  Was Sehun going to touch him there?  He couldn’t take that, he couldn’t, but he was already moving, squirming, spreading his knees, moaning with anticipation.

            Sehun’s voice was hard.  “Show it to me.”

            Show - - yes - - how?  With his hands tied behind his back, he couldn’t do anything.  Confused, eager to please, L.Joe straightened, lifting his ass, and leaned forward a little, going as far as he dared, nervous about overbalancing.

            “This is how you dress for me?” Sehun asked.  “We’ll have to do something about that.  But for now,” his hand slid through L.Joe’s hair, and L.Joe moaned in pleasure, nuzzling back into it, “when I say show it to me, you show it to me.

            Sehun pushed his head forward, down, and his knees spread further as he tried to maintain his balance.  Gasping, struggling not to fall, he moaned, “Wait, wait,” as Sehun forced his head down.  He pulled at his silky bonds, trying to free his hands, but Sehun had tied him too well.  Helpless to protect himself, he tipped over, landing on his face.  Humiliated, powerless, he whimpered, facedown on his knees, his arms caught behind his back.  It was embarrassing and uncomfortable and he couldn’t believe that Sehun was doing this to him.  Couldn’t believe how much it turned him on, how intense it felt, how intense everything felt, the chaotic storm of his emotions, the heat shuddering through his body, his helplessness, his need.

            A swift, hard smack on his ass startled him, made him jerk.  “Show it to me,” Sehun ordered.

            Embarrassed but eager to please, L.Joe raised his hips, pushing up his ass.  The motion rolled him forward, putting more pressure on his forehead, and he felt incredibly, painfully vulnerable.

            With a sharp tug, Sehun yanked down his pants, exposing his underwear.  “Who dressed you?”

            What?  “I…  I did,” L.Joe said.

            “You dressed yourself.”

            Somehow that had been the wrong answer.  But he couldn’t lie.  “Y-y-yes, Sehun-ah,” he confessed, unsure of what he’d done wrong or how to fix it.

            “Did you know that you’d see me tonight?”

            He hadn’t been sure, at first, but then C.A.P. had told him, and - - but a simple answer would be best, right?  He’d keep it simple.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            “You knew that you would see me.  And you wore this.”

            What the hell did he have on?  It was just underwear, gray boxer-briefs.  Sehun didn’t like gray?  Sehun didn’t like boxer-briefs?  Sehun had worn boxer-briefs last time!  Blue ones.  L.Joe was going to remember that deep shade of blue for the rest of his life.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”

            “Where do you keep your underwear?  Where’s the rest of it?”

            “In the, in the,” he couldn’t think of what to call it, its name, how to describe it, “the drawers, the second - - third, third, the third drawer.”  Was that right?  The first drawer was socks, the second drawer was Chunji’s underwear, the third drawer was his.  It felt incredibly important that he get this right, that he answer Sehun correctly.

            “Stay.”  Sehun’s voice was firm.  “You do not move unless I tell you to move.  I expect you to remember that.”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  The thought of displeasing Sehun made him anxious.  If he was going to have to stay here, he was going to have to figure out how to deal with it.  He tried to relax into it.

            The room was quiet.  Too quiet.  What was Sehun doing?  Standing behind him, watching, waiting?  Going through his underwear?  Mentally, he tried to remember what was in that drawer, what was clean.  It was all ordinary, boring, a bunch of boxer-briefs.  The most interesting stuff was striped instead of a solid color, but that was it.  Except for-


            L.Joe cringed.  Except for the underwear that fans had given him.  It was stuffed in the back corner.  He wore it, but only once in a while, for fun, on days he wouldn’t have to change in front of anyone but his own members.  There were pairs with angel wings and pairs with halos and black pairs that said “Byung-honey” across the rear in silver thread.  There was a lot of lavender.  And some g-strings.  “Yes, Sehun-ah?” he asked, squeezing his eyes shut.

            “From now on, I want to see you in these.”  Something dropped to the floor beside him; Sehun’s toes pushed it under his face.  “Get some in different colors.  I like stripes.”

            Relief made him sag.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.”  It wasn’t a g-string.  It was a pair of briefs.  Chunji called them low-rise, Changjo called them micro briefs, and Niel called them sexy ladies’ panties, but it wasn’t a g-string and it didn’t have sequins.

            Sehun smacked his ass.  Gasping, he raised his hips again, pushing his ass up into the air.  He’d forgotten; he’d been lazy.  “I’m sorry, Sehun-ah.”

            “Let’s see what you’ve been hiding back here,” Sehun said, sliding his underwear down his thighs.  Suddenly free, his cock sprang up, and he grunted, trying to keep his back arched, trying to ignore his body’s demands.  He was in a ludicrous position, a completely undignified pose, nothing but an ass on display.  Oh, god, it turned him on.  When he felt Sehun’s hand rub over his skin, kneading his ass, cupping and squeezing, he groaned, so aroused by the attention that pleading, desperate sounds started burning in his throat.  “Oh, hyung.”  Sehun’s voice was conversational, as if they were making small talk over a commercial.  “You have a cute little fuckhole.”

            Hot with embarrassment, hot with need, L.Joe squirmed, panting at the floor.  He liked the compliment more than he’d expected.  It made him feel good, made him feel sexy, made him feel proud of himself for having pleased Sehun.

            “Very nice,” Sehun murmured, spreading his ass cheeks, rubbing a thumb over the pucker, opening him up.  “Oh, your cum chute is so pink.”

            “God, oh, god, oh, god.”  He’d never been examined so openly like this before, so frankly.  Shame and embarrassment warred with lust and desire, mixing with a dozen other unnamed emotions, leaving him confused and desperate for more.  “Please,” he whispered, unsure of what he was even asking for, flexing his arms against the silk tie.

            He heard a soft, familiar sound, felt Sehun rubbing wetness around the rim of his asshole.  He lifted his hips higher, seeking more of Sehun’s touch.  Then, belatedly recognizing the sound, he froze.  Sehun had just spat on him.  Spat on his ass.  It happened again; he felt it land, wet against his asshole, felt it dripping down his balls.  It was like something out of a porn movie, and Sehun was actually doing it to him.  Doing it to him because he belonged to Sehun, because Sehun could do anything to him.  The thought of that was too much all of a sudden, hit him hard.  Everything, every instant, had been one turn-on after another since Sehun had walked in, heating up his body and messing with his head, and now he was on his knees, vulnerable, helpless, degraded, his cock rock-hard, and he was so humiliated and so desperately aroused that he felt like he couldn’t take another second of this.  “I can’t, I can’t,” he chanted to himself, sure that he was about to lose it.  He really needed to get off, and he responded so strongly to every little thing Sehun did, and he couldn’t think, couldn’t keep his emotions from spiraling, it was too much, he couldn’t do this, he’d never be able to hold it all in.  Sehun was still thumbing the rim of his asshole and squeezing his ass cheeks when he started squirming.  “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.”

            Pulling and tugging, trying to free his bound hands, he tried to crawl away, but his motions were so limited, he couldn’t go anywhere, couldn’t do anything, could only squirm and scoot like an injured bug.

            This time, when Sehun smacked his ass, there was no clothing in the way.  It landed hard, with a bright sting of pain, and L.Joe yelped, astonished.  “That is your last warning.  You can, you can because I’ve told you that you will.”  Sehun’s voice was cold, firm.  L.Joe moaned, hurt and confused and aching everywhere, so overwhelmed and desperate for sexual relief that he just wanted to give up and cry.  “If I have to remind you one more time to keep that fuckhole on display, you will spend the rest of the night down there, practicing.  Do you understand?”

            “I understand, Sehun-ah,” he said quickly.  Sehun was upset with him, warning him, and he sniffled, whimpering, the coolly instructional displeasure in Sehun’s voice making him anxious.

            “Good.  Then show me you can do it.  Show me your ass, hyung.”

            Eager to prove himself, eager to please, he strained upward, tilting his hips, presenting himself again.  It was so much easier to do this, to pose and submit, when he focused on Sehun, on doing what Sehun wanted.  He’d been thinking too much about how he felt, but that left him tormented and confused.  He should concentrate on obeying Sehun; Sehun was in control.  It surprised him how much that idea calmed him.

            “Very nice.”  The approval in Sehun’s voice flooded L.Joe with relief, with pleasure, and he hoped that Sehun would fuck him now.  “When I tell you to relax, you can stop displaying.  Relax.”

            Moaning in gratitude, he relaxed, dropping his hips.  His body was tired, and he was starting to confuse the sexual ache of his need, of his throbbing erection, of his heavy balls, with the physical ache of his uncomfortable position.  It all blended together in erotic agony, until he felt like the pressure on his forehead and the burn between his shoulders would go away if Sehun fucked him.

            Sehun snapped his fingers.  “Dance.”

            Dance?  “Oh, god.”  He couldn’t - - he wouldn’t - - did Sehun really expect him to dance like this?  And then he remembered Sehun’s warning.  “If I have to remind you one more time to keep that fuckhole on display…”  Lifting his ass higher, he shook his hips, wiggling his ass from side to side, grunting with effort, feeling overwhelmed with shame.  “Oooohh, hhh-hhuuuhhh, oh, god.”  He could do this, he could, Sehun had told him to.  Sehun was in control.  All he had to do was obey Sehun.

            After a few minutes, Sehun spoke again, sounding perfectly calm, wonderfully firm, completely in command.  “Relax.”

            God, it couldn’t have come soon enough.  L.Joe practically collapsed, huddling on the floor.  He was sweating now; it trickled up the sides of his face, dripped from his chin.

            “Your fuckhole looks so hungry, bouncing around like that,” Sehun said.  “Maybe I’ll feed it.”  Then he snapped his fingers.  “Dance.”

            Instantly his body was in motion.  His humiliation was real, but so was his need.  He had to be touched again, he yearned for it, “Please, please, please.”  He felt like he would do anything to get Sehun to touch him again.  If he’d moved energetically before, he outdid himself now.  Snorting and grunting with effort, panting and moaning in reckless abandon, he wiggled vigorously, shoving his hips into the air and twitching his ass with wild enthusiasm.  His cock bobbed around as he moved, smacking against his stomach and bumping his thighs, wagging in the air.  He cringed, but maybe it was good, maybe it was what Sehun wanted.  Did Sehun like it?  He shook his ass harder just in case.

            “Good boy, you dance so well, hyung.  Relax, roll onto your side.”

            “Aaaahh, oh, oh, uuuuuuuhhh.”  He didn’t roll so much as collapse, falling onto one shoulder, his legs in a loose sprawl.  “Unh, unh, oh.”  He felt exhausted, dizzy.  When Sehun crouched astride his body, all he could do was moan, “Please, please, please,” and arch his back in feeble plea.

            Cool, slim fingers stroked his sweaty hair from his forehead, clearing his vision.  “Hyung did so well,” Sehun murmured.  The sound of Sehun’s approval was like a drug; L.Joe smiled, basking in it, getting new energy from it, richly rewarded.  He felt a tug at his wrists, and then the fabric was slipping across his skin, pulled away.  As his arms went slack, he groaned in relief that was as much emotional as physical.  Sehun’s palm slid over his back, rubbing, and he whimpered happily, grateful for the affection.  “You displayed yourself so well for me.”  Sehun’s voice was quiet, calm, pleased.  Soothing to his frayed nerves.  “I like to see you show off like that.”  Sehun was rubbing his back, massaging his shoulders, stroking his arms.  Limp with pleasure, he let Sehun nudge him forward onto his chest.  He was humming, purring, in his own kind of bliss.  “It was difficult for you, but you worked hard to obey me.”

            Sehun’s hands slid down his back, down to his hips, and he moaned, loving it, needing it, raising his ass again, spreading his thighs.  Sehun’s soft chuckle made his cheeks burn, but that only turned him on more, only made him more keenly aware of how far he’d gone tonight, of how desperately he wanted it.  “Please,” he whispered, closing his eyes, burning with shame, pushing up against Sehun’s stroking hands.  “Please, please, please.”

            “Mmm, I do love to hear you beg.”  Proud that he’d pleased his owner, L.Joe reminded himself to focus on that.  From the beginning, Sehun had claimed to want someone who really, truly needed it.   L.Joe had tons of need.  Sometimes it overwhelmed him, threatened to drown him, but now he had Sehun.  His strong, dominant, controlling Sehun.  Even now Sehun’s hands were confident on his body, sure.  “All right, I’m only going to finger one fuckhole tonight.  I’ll let you decide.  Do you want my fingers in your mouth, or your ass?”

            Excitement zipped through him, opening his eyes wide and sizzling over his skin.  “Please, please, my ass, please, fuck me,” he begged, rubbing eagerly into Sehun’s hands, squirming backwards and pushing his ass upward.

            “All right.  Display yourself.  You can use your arms this time.”

            Immediately, L.Joe scrambled into position, braced on his knees and forearms.  Arching his back, he spread his knees.  It was much more comfortable this way, and he shoved his ass into the air with a happy hum.  His embarrassment dissipated; he focused on pleasing Sehun and getting Sehun inside him.  Dick, fingers, anything, the anticipation was almost unbearable.

            L.Joe watched avidly over one shoulder as Sehun squatted.  Taking something from his pocket, he bit off one end of it and spat it aside.  It was a little packet, a packet of lube.  Unable to hold still, L.Joe wriggled, mewling joyfully.  Calm and businesslike, Sehun slicked up his fingers.  Eager for it, L.Joe scooted back a little, whimpering hopefully.  “Please, Sehun-ah, please?”

            “You can masturbate if you want to,” Sehun said like it didn’t matter.  “But don’t come until I tell you to.”

            Oh, god.  In sudden agony, L.Joe curled his hands into fists.  If he was allowed to touch himself, he had to touch himself.  His cock was painfully hard, rigid and swollen, furiously red.  He needed to touch it, needed the relief of orgasm.  But he couldn’t come without permission.  He had to hold back.  With his palm, he pressed his cock against his stomach, rubbing slowly down the shaft and back up again.  He wouldn’t be able to last if he used his regular grip, but it felt great to have anything touching his cock right now.  God, he really, really needed to get off.

            Sehun’s wet fingertips circled his asshole.  The firm, deliberate touch made his spine arch, made heat shoot through him like someone had lit a fire under his skin.  “Such a pretty little fuckhole,” Sehun murmured, and then there was pressure, and Sehun’s fingers were sliding in.

            “Ahhhhh, hh-ha-ahhhhh, ah, Sehun-ah.”  His back arching, L.Joe squeezed his eyes shut.  Delirious with sexual pleasure, he spread his thighs further, rolling his hips as Sehun stroked deeper.  “Yes, yes, yes, Sehun-ah, please, please.”  The slow, easy penetration felt incredible, and he melted, his upper body going slack.  Being entered like this, being penetrated, was what he’d wanted, exactly what he needed, and he moaned in heartfelt joy as Sehun’s fingers stretched him.

            “That’s right,” Sehun murmured, fucking him slowly, fingers rubbing in and out of him.  “Let your hungry little fuckhole eat it all up.  I want my greedy little pet to dance for me again.”

            Oh god, the dance he’d just done?  With Sehun’s fingers inside of him?  Electric wildfire surged through L.Joe, searing his skin, and instantly he began to move.  As he howled in helpless ecstasy, his hips bucked hard, driving Sehun’s fingers deeper into him.  “Aahhh, aahh-hha-hha-huuuuhh, ooohh, yes, yes, ah!”  Pleasure exploded through him again, and his body jerked frantically, beyond his control.  Wailing rapturously, fucking himself feverishly on Sehun’s probing fingers, he felt ecstasy rage through him like a storm.  His hand twisted on his cock, pinching just beneath the head.  “I can’t, I need to come, please, Sehun-ah ah ah, fuck, please let me come, just once.”  Sehun’s hand was magic, working him like a puppet, and he writhed in animal abandon, crying out, letting Sehun hear how much he loved it.

            “I like to see how badly you need it.  You’ve been a good hyung tonight.  You can come.”

            Before the last syllable dropped from Sehun’s calm voice, L.Joe’s hand gripped his erection, jerking frantically.  He came, letting everything that had built up, everything that he’d been holding back crash through him in glorious waves, his cum spilling across the floor.

            “Hands off of your cock. I’ll tell you when you can come again.”  Sehun’s fingers were still in him, owning him, working him, and he whimpered, pawing ineffectually at the floor, still trying to push himself back, hips pumping energetically, seeking more.  More pleasure, more Sehun, more of this amazing, fantastical feeling.

            “L.Joe hyung.”  Sehun’s voice was pleased, knowing.  “I think you like it.”

            “Yes, yes, yes, I love it,” he moaned, rubbing his sweaty face against his forearm, tormented.

            “L.Joe hyung.  When’s the last time anybody slipped a nice, hard cock up your sexy pink cum chute?”

            He could hardly think, could hardly imagine a world beyond this moment.  “This morning.”

            Sehun was chuckling, his free hand caressing L.Joe’s thigh.  “How many times have you been fucked in the past twenty-four hours?”

            What?  He didn’t know, couldn’t remember, couldn’t count.  Twenty-four hours?  So hard to think back that far.  “Ah, uh, five?”  Sehun’s fingers crooked and shot off fireworks inside his body, and he moaned, loving it, shuddering happily.  “Mmm, yes, Sehun-ah, please, I need to come again, I need it.”  He was trapped in that weird state between orgasms where everything felt too good and he’d never be able to calm down if he didn’t get another one.  He needed to come, needed Sehun to help him get off, to keep touching him, to allow him to come.  He needed, he just, ooohh, there was so much need, he was shaking with it.  “Please, oh, god, Sehun-ah, please, oh, god.”

            “Mmm, so greedy,” Sehun said approvingly.  “All right.  Come one more time.  You can touch it.”

            “Ah, yes, yes, shit, oh god, oh god, ooooh, aaah.”  L.Joe quickly milked himself dry, coming hard, overcome with relief, shuddering and moaning, loving it.

            Sehun’s fingers slipped out of him.

            “Ummmm.”  His eyebrows twitched together, but he couldn’t summon a genuine frown.  He felt far, far too good for that.  Purring as residual ecstasy shook him in tiny quakes, he sank across the floor again, his hips hitching drunkenly.  He felt absolutely amazing.  No self-consciousness, no shame, nothing but pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.  Boneless, humming, he closed his eyes and basked.

            “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” Sehun prompted.

            “Mmmmmm.  Thank you, Sehun-ah,” he murmured, smiling, feeling sated, really satisfied.  Was he glowing?  It felt like he was glowing.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” he breathed again.

            “On your knees,” Sehun instructed, patting his ass.

            His body was exhausted but he was emotionally willing to do anything Sehun asked, so he dragged himself upward, on his knees, sitting back on his heels.  Feeling sleepy but so, so happy, he smiled, wriggling a little and crossing his wrists behind his back.

            “Hyung did very well today.”  Sehun was taking something from the black plastic bag.  Curious, interested, L.Joe watched, waking up a little.

            When Sehun stepped in front of him, he wanted to touch, to run his hands over Sehun’s thighs, to rest his face in the warmth between Sehun’s legs.  He felt good, and he wanted to share this good feeling with Sehun, the one who’d brought this ecstasy, this tremendous sense of relief and release, to him.  “Sehun-ah,” he murmured, gazing upward at Sehun’s calm, handsome face.

            Sehun smiled down at him, cupping his chin in one hand.  “I like seeing you so happy.”

            Closing his eyes, he nuzzled into Sehun’s palm.  When Sehun chuckled and caressed his jaw, he rubbed his forehead against Sehun’s stomach, breathing in the scent of Sehun’s musk.  There was fabric in his way, Sehun’s T-shirt and pants, but this intimacy between them, this affection, made him feel like he was glowing again.

            Sehun was hard, very obviously erect behind his fly, but L.Joe didn’t feel rabidly greedy for it.  Didn’t feel that familiar rush of overpowering need.  Yes, L.Joe wanted it, wanted to see it and touch it and taste it and feel it inside of him, but it was a different kind of desire.  He wanted it because it was Sehun’s, not just because it existed right in front of him.  He wanted it in a way that felt good, that felt sexy and fun, not in a way that made him ashamed and confused and guilty and desperate.

            Licking his lips, he raised his head, gazing up at Sehun.  “I want to suck it.”

            “I know,” Sehun said calmly.  “Not tonight.”

            He blinked a little in consternation.  Sehun didn’t want to use his mouth?  Was Sehun not going to get off at all?  “Please?” he tried.  “I want to make you come.”

            “Not tonight.  But.”  Sehun caressed the side of his face, rubbed a thumb over his mouth.  “You’ve been a very good pet tonight.  And good pets should be treated well.”

            Pet.  Yes.  He was Sehun’s pet.  It made him blush a little, flustering him, but he liked it.  He wondered if he could get used to it, or if it would always make him a little shy, a little turned on.

            “I brought you a present.”  Sehun held out the object from the bag.  It was a collar.

            A collar.  Sehun was giving him a collar.  It was made of black leather with a cloth lining.  Sehun dropped it into his hands and he turned it over, staring at it in wonder.  The lining was soft.  Soft to protect his skin from marks.  He could barely breathe through the desire to feel it around his neck.

            There was a small strap sewn onto the side away from the buckle.  L.Joe had no idea if it was a spot to hang decorations or if the strap had a purpose, until he remembered his childhood neighbor’s dog.  It had been one of those big, dangerous dogs with huge muscles. When his neighbor took it on walks and it tried to attack other dogs, she would hold onto the strap at the back of its collar.  This was a handle, then.  He was Sehun’s pet now, and no matter how much he lost control of himself, no matter how much he let go, Sehun could handle it, could handle him.

            “I love it.  It’s perfect.”  He realized that he loved it not just because of what it was and what it represented, but because it came from Sehun, because it was being presented as a reward, because whatever Sehun gave him to was special, and that was kind of awkward, but he couldn’t help it.  Couldn’t create any emotional distance, couldn’t gain any perspective.  Sehun wanted him to have it, so he wanted to have it.  “Can I keep it?”

            “Yes.  You’ll wear it for me.  I’ll expect you to have it on the next time we’re together like this.”

            He could keep it.  It would be with him even when Sehun wasn’t.  When he thought about Sehun, when he remembered their night together, when he fantasized about next time, he could look at it.  Maybe even put it on.  “Yes, Sehun-ah,” he promised, staring at it, wondering what it would feel like around his neck.

            “Let’s see how it looks.”  Sehun put it on, pushing his chin up a little and fastening the buckle in the front.  As Sehun tipped his chin down again, he resisted the urge to lift a hand and touch it.  The cloth lining was soft against his skin; the collar was close around the base of his neck but not tight.  He couldn’t see a mirror, so he watched Sehun’s expression.  “Oh, hyung, that’s nice.”  Smiling, Sehun stroked his neck, and he smiled back, feeling warm, glad that Sehun was pleased with him.  “You’re the sexiest pet I could have asked for.”

            Proud, he blushed, licking his lips, dropping his gaze.  “Thank you, Sehun-ah,” he mumbled, feeling bashful, feeling happy.

            Caressing his neck, testing the handle with a light tug, Sehun made a pleased sound.  “I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but this and a face full of my jizz.  It’s perfect.”

            Aroused, excited, L.Joe shifted on his knees, biting at his lips.

            “Hyung, I hope that your time with me is special to you.  I hope that you care about our time together and look forward to seeing me.”

            Astonished, L.Joe hurriedly looked up.  “Yes, Sehun-ah.  Yes, it’s just like that.  You’re all I think about.”

            “Then I expect you to act like it.”  Sehun’s tone was firm; L.Joe flinched, feeling chastised.  “The next time I come, I expect to see you wearing this collar.  And I want you to have on some decent underwear.  And I want you to have lube.  Not whatever crap you use with other people, something just for me.  Understand?”

            “Yes, Sehun-ah.  I understand.  I’ll do it.”

            “Good.”  Sehun’s hand cupped the back of his head before sliding down to squeeze his nape.  It was a firm touch, but it felt affectionate, and L.Joe hummed with pleasure, eyelids heavy.  They stayed that way for a long moment, happiness whispering quietly through L.Joe’s body, his eyes slowly closing.  And then Sehun said, quietly, “Television.”

            L.Joe didn’t move.  He wasn’t ready to move.  He understood that it was over, but he wasn’t ready to break away from it just yet.  When he opened his eyes, Sehun squatted down in front of him, rubbing the side of his neck, and he hugged Sehun.  He didn’t really know why he was hugging Sehun, he just knew that he had to.  Sehun hugged him back, and he tightened his embrace.  He felt really happy and really raw at the same time, incredibly fragile but sort of high.

            “God, I want to fuck you so badly,” Sehun muttered.

            Surprised, he laughed, and all of a sudden everything felt much more ordinary, much more manageable.  “You can,” he said.  “You can do it right now, I want you to.”

            “No, I want to do it when we’re in a scene, I want the first time to be with L.Joe hyung, not L.Joe sunbaenim.  And today wasn’t about me getting off, I wanted it to be about you.  You’re still training.  God, you’re learning so well.”  Sehun’s hands stroked his sides, and he shivered, enjoying the glide of Sehun’s palms over his bare skin.  “But fuck, I want you.”

            Everything that Sehun said made him feel aroused and happy, and he could feel shame tinging every one of those emotions.  Sehun was training him.  Sehun wanted him.  “I don’t - - god, I can’t - - what did you do to me?  I’m going to need to stay in here alone for a week before I’m ready to be around anyone else again.”  His emotions were swinging like a pendulum.  One second he was fine, and then he wanted to hide, and then he felt amazing, and then he wanted to dance across the world.

            “It’s okay.”  Sehun was still hugging him, and he didn’t at all feel like letting go.  “It’s okay.  You were great, you were so great.”  Sehun shifted back a little, hands rubbing up and down his arms.  “That collar?  Don’t let anybody besides your members see you with it.  People take pictures of everything.”

            “I won’t.”  In a perfect world, he’d keep it entirely to himself, but there was no privacy in their dorm.  He’d never be able to hide it from Chunji, who shared every inch of the room, or from sneaky-ass Changjo, or from C.A.P., who went through their stuff on a regular basis to make sure that Changjo wasn’t hiding anything.  “I won’t take it out of this room.”

            “Okay.”  Sehun smiled at him, a warm and happy smile.  “Really, you were fantastic tonight.  I can’t wait until next time.  I have so many ideas.”

            “It makes me hot just hearing that you have ideas,” L.Joe said, rubbing his forehead.  “Can I - - oh, god, why am I asking this?” he asked, rubbing his hands over his face, and Sehun laughed.  Keeping his eyes covered, he mumbled, “CanIkeepthetie?”

            “The tie?” Sehun repeated, and laughed again.  “Yes, sure, you can keep it.  I have a hundred of them.  I’ve been ‘collecting’ them from wardrobe.”


            “Yeah.  I wore it in one of our videos.  One of the ‘Growl’ videos.”

            L.Joe’s hands rested on Sehun’s thighs.  “Are you joking?  You can’t give me something you wore in a video!  Millions of people have seen you with it!”

            “It looks like a hundred other ties,” Sehun argued.  “No one’s going to recognize it.”

            What?  This had to be a joke.  “Do you know anything about fans?”

            “Who’s going to know, if you only have it in private?” Sehun asked.  “Besides, it’s not the only one in the world.  You could have bought it, or gotten it from a stylist.  We’re close, maybe I gave it to you.  It doesn’t say ‘Oh Sehun’s pet’ on it.”  Sehun’s hand rubbed over his.  “You have to keep it.  Don’t get nervous.  I don’t want to use any old tie anyone can pick up, I want to use something special, something that was mine.”

            “God, you foolish kid,” L.Joe said, marveling.  But of course he would keep it, and keep the collar, and wear it, and treasure it, because his owner, his Sehun-ah, had given it to him.  “I’ll keep them both.  I love them.”

            Sehun’s eyes practically sparkled with happiness.  “Thank you, sunbae.”

            After Sehun and Suho left, as soon as he had a moment alone, L.Joe put his collar back on.  Gazing at himself in the mirror, he saw the same ordinary face he saw every day.  But the expression on that face wasn’t tired or stressed out or ashamed.  It was happy, smiling, and in moments, it was laughing.

            He’d never been anyone’s pet before.  But he was starting to understand exactly how amazing having the right owner could be.

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