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Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
This story is set during “EXO Showtime” episode 8 where Suho, Kris, Chanyeol, and Tao try martial arts training.
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            The ride back to the dorm was silent.  Energetic and horny, Chanyeol found it impossible to sit still, so he put his earbuds in and tapped his fingers and shifted his legs and tried his hardest not to touch himself, not to close his eyes and rub himself and moan, not to talk about it, he had to talk about it, how could they not want to talk about it?!  He checked on the hyungs, couldn’t stop himself from looking, but Suho’s face was turned to the window and Kris was looking down, shades on.

            As soon as they got to the dorm, he and Tao both followed Kris so closely that they bumped into each other, jostling each other along the way.  Reaching Kris’ room, Chanyeol locked the door; Tao was already pulling off clothes.  Turning, Kris gave them a startled look and said, “Ya,” in a tone of mild surprise.

            Had he not expected that they were going to want to screw?  It was all that Chanyeol could think about.  It was all that Chanyeol’s body was capable of, at that moment.  “Oh my god, hyung,” was how he started the conversation.

            “Do you think they know?” Tao asked, shirtless, unbuttoning his jeans, laughing at the thought but looking like he could use some reassurance.  “Do you think they did it on purpose?”

            “I think the writer noonas have some naughty imaginations,” Chanyeol said.  “They don’t know, they can’t know, not for sure.”  Ah, fuck, he was so keyed up, so turned on.  Grabbing Tao’s wrist, he pulled Tao in front of him.  “Do the, do it.”

            Tao gave him a “you have to be kidding me” look but knelt down and yanked his fly open.  Already moaning, he slid his feet farther apart, his temperature going up fast as Tao peeled his underpants down, exposing his ass, his hard-on popping up.

            “I can’t believe we did that,” Tao said, sounding excited, breathless.  “Right in front of the cameras.  Everybody was watching.  I thought they were going to hand us lube.”

            As Tao bent his head and mouthed the head of Chanyeol’s cock, Chanyeol groaned, rising up onto his toes, rocking back onto his heels, grip tightening on Tao’s hair.  “Ahhhh, fuck, yes.”  So wet, so good, “Uuuhh,” Tao always got right into it, head bobbing, lips dragging up and down the shaft, suction quick and rhythmic.  “I, god, I thought, I, when Suho hyung was pinning us down, he was so calm, his voice was so soft and firm, fuck, I just wanted to, wanted to, to, uuuhh, oooh…”  Groaning, aching, he closed his eyes, remembering it, remembering how disciplined Suho had been.  He’d wanted to pull Suho closer, wanted, yes.  He remembered looking up and seeing Suho above him, holding him in place, pinning his arms, unflustered, unflappable, in control.  He’d wanted to nuzzle between Suho’s spread thighs, wanted Suho to sit on his face, smother him.  Wanted to push Suho’s shirt up and bare those firm abs-

            “Ya,” Kris said, sounding disapproving, and Chanyeol’s eyes flew open.  “Come on, we can’t talk about Suho like that.  He’s not a part of this, let’s leave him out of it.”

            But today it had felt like he was a part of it, almost.  It had given Chanyeol the best glimpse yet into what it might be like if Suho were involved in their games.  They had practice, now; they had fucking footage of what it would look like if they held Suho down, held Suho open.  How he’d breathe through it, how calm he’d be.  How coolly he’d stay in charge of himself, of them.  That firmness underlying his reassuring tone.  “I can’t stop thinking about it,” Chanyeol moaned, stroking Tao’s ears.  “I want him to hold me down again, I want him to hold me open while you fuck me, I need it.”  He was panting now, his cock throbbing in Tao’s steadily sucking mouth.  He remembered fighting it, pulling on Suho, pushing Suho away; Suho had overcome him, restrained him, soothed him into submission.  “Fuck, I want him.”

            Tao mumbled something in Mandarin around the head of Chanyeol’s erection, then made a needy, aching sound and sucked so hard that Chanyeol whimpered with pleasure.

            “No!” Kris protested, exasperated.  “We can’t talk about this!  He’s not part of it.  He doesn’t want to be included.”  He dragged his hand through his hair, shifting his weight, looking flustered.  “It’s not about him.  We can’t talk about him.”

            “Can we think about him?” Tao asked.

            “Do your job,” Chanyeol said, tugging on Tao’s hair until Tao got back to sucking.  “Uhh, aaahh,” yeah, that was it.  Shit, he’d needed this.  It looked like Kris did, too, judging by the massive tent in Kris’ pants.  “Do you think about him, hyung?”

            Kris kind of shuddered and looked away, his cheeks turning red, his hand fumbling over his mouth, over his hair, like he didn’t know what to do with himself.

            Fuck, yes.  “What were you thinking about when we were holding him down and he was just taking it, letting us do it, breathing hard?  Did you want to get on top of him?  Climb on and touch him, see how much else he could take?”  Chanyeol was panting so hard his words were half air, and Tao was moaning around his cock, humming, making the kind of noisy, needy sounds that meant Tao was moments away from demanding a hard fuck.  Kris was looking down, one hand in his hair, grimacing and rubbing the back of his own head and not denying anything.  “He’s so flexible, you can fuck him any way you want him.  Did you think about that?  Is that what you were fantasizing about when you were spreading his legs?  He just took it, he let you.  What else would he let you do, what else can he take?”

            With a desperate, wailing sound, Tao sucked hard, taking Chanyeol’s erection down his throat as his nails scratched Chanyeol’s bare thighs.  Shocked into orgasm, Chanyeol cried out, almost overbalancing, cupping the back of Tao’s head.  Pleasure bolted through him, hot and electric.  Eyes rolling, mouth open, he came, moaning, gasping, unloading down Tao’s swallowing throat.  Yes, yes, ah, “I, I, I, oooohhh…”

            “Fuck,” Kris muttered, yanking open a drawer and getting the lube.

            Not all of the members were involved in the sex thing.  It was like anything else they did, like basketball or shopping or gaming; some of them were always up for it, and some of them joined in occasionally, and some of them would rather do other things.

            Personally, Tao was always ready for sex with the members.  It was one of his favorite things about being in EXO, the fact that he had eleven hot guys on hand whenever he got horny.  Except that it wasn’t exactly eleven, since not all of them participated.  Like D.O., who watched once in a while but never let Tao get farther than kissing.  Or like Suho, who’d given them rules about only doing it in the dorm and not getting caught buying condoms, but never joined in.

            Suho wouldn’t let Tao touch his cock.  He wouldn’t even let Tao kiss him on the mouth.  Tao had asked him for sex about thirty million times, and he always said no.  He didn’t do it with any of the members.

            Because there were so many members, it was easy for sex to get intense.  The stretching they’d done in the gym was a lot like how the members fucked Tao, sometimes.  Holding him down, spreading his legs, that was how it started.  Then someone climbed on top of him and slid into him, fucking him.  The other members watched, maybe jacking themselves off, maybe pushing their cocks into his hands.  Whoever was by his face dangled a cock in front of his mouth, and they’d take turns in his ass, take turns in his mouth, humping each other, crowding around him, their cum landing in sticky stripes across his bare skin.  How many times had it happened, how many times had it gone just like that, Luhan and Chen pinning and spreading him, Xiumin mounting him, Chanyeol starting to jack off, Luhan straddling his face.  On his back, moaning, wailing with ecstasy, Xiumin and Luhan pounding him from both ends, Chanyeol’s excited groaning, Chen’s happy laughter, Lay moaning and sliding in beside Luhan, making him work to take care of both of them at once.  Xiumin would finish and Kris would take a turn, and Baekhyun would kneel down with Lay and Luhan, cock nudging his nose and smearing precum on his cheek as he drooled and gasped and tried to satisfy all of them at once, his body shaking and jolting as Kris hammered his ass.

            They almost never got him off - - that was part of the game, what made it so much fun for them, the way he wailed and begged in tormented desperation - - so when it was over, he’d track down Kai or Sehun and get what he needed.  Some of the hyungs would come along to watch or join in, fucking the maknae again once Tao was finished.

            It was intense and exciting and rewarding.  Tao could have any kind of sex any time he wanted it.  Long, lazy blowjobs with Lay.  Happy, fun, laughing sex with Baekhyun.  Slow, deep, hard fucking with Kris.  Cheerful, cuddling sex with Chen.  Experimental sex with Chanyeol.  Rough quickies with Luhan against the wall in the shower.  It was constant and it was amazing and he’d never been happier.

            But he also wanted Suho.  He wanted Suho to be a part of it.  He wanted to do it all with Suho, to know what it was like, to share that fun and that ecstasy.  He wanted to walk in on Suho and Kai the way he walked in on Xiumin and Luhan.  He wanted to roll over in bed, exhausted and sore and aching with the world’s happiest smile on his face, and know that it was because of Suho.

            The more he thought about it, he realized that it wasn’t true that D.O. didn’t participate.  D.O. joined in to the extent that D.O. wanted to join in: kissing sometimes, watching sometimes, listening sometimes.  Suho avoided it altogether.  Had nothing to do with it.  Wouldn’t participate, wouldn’t talk about it, had left the room often enough to send the message; now they only brought it up when he wasn’t around.

            It wasn’t right for eleven of the members to share something without the twelfth.  It wasn’t right for them to do this without their leader.  Closing his eyes, Tao remembered Suho’s smooth, confident hands settling onto his shoulders and pushing him down, holding him in place.  Remembered Suho’s quiet, firm, “It’s okay, it’s all right.”  Whimpering with desire, he opened his eyes again, sliding his hand between his thighs.

            “Shush,” Lay mumbled, spooning up behind him in bed, curling an arm around his waist.

            Wondering, Tao licked his lips.  “Do you want to fuck Suho hyung?”

            “Mmm.  Of course,” Lay mumbled.  “Don’t all of the members?  Go to sleep.”

            There were a lot of perks to being M’s leader.  This was not one of them.

            Kris had tried to explain to the members that Suho didn’t want to join in their sex games.  That Suho deserved privacy.  That they had to respect Suho’s choices.  But they’d insisted that he had to talk to Suho anyway.  Did they think that Suho was itching to join in but was simply waiting for an engraved invitation?  This conversation wasn’t going to result in anything except Kris’ humiliation.

            Kris had tried to explain that he wasn’t the best person for the job.  That someone chattier and more persuasive would be better.  Chanyeol, maybe, or Baekhyun.  Or Lay, someone Suho’s own age, someone Suho could speak comfortably with.  But they’d insisted that it had to be Kris, that it was a leader-to-leader moment.

            As soon as they were all back in the dorm for the night, suddenly all of the members took off.  They spontaneously all had some important errand to run.  Shopping to do, friends to see, bikes to ride.  In mere minutes, the dorm cleared out.

            Kris hid in his room.

            Suho poked his head in.  “Oh, you’re still here?  I thought that everybody was gone.  They all disappeared on me.”

            “Uh.”  Rolling over in bed, Kris sat up.  “Yeah, they, uh, had stuff to do.”

            Suho gave him a friendly smile and came into the room.  “Taking advantage of the quiet?”

            “It’s kind of nice,” he admitted, and Suho chuckled warmly.  They talked for another few minutes, Suho sitting on Lay’s bed, and he decided to put off the conversation for some other time.  The moment was so nice, he didn’t want to ruin it with humiliating questions like, “So, how come you don’t want to have sex with us?”  Then he realized that if he didn’t talk to Suho himself, Tao was likely to do it instead, and he couldn’t imagine that going well.  Tao would probably end up crying in his bed, and he hated soggy pillows.  So, when there was a break in the conversation, he cleared his throat and said, “Uh.”

            Relaxed on Lay’s bed, leaning back on both elbows, Suho gave him a patient, interested look.  “Yeah?”

            “The members, uh, were wondering.  Why you don’t do stuff with them.  Like last night,” he added, in case Suho didn’t get his point.

            Suho’s eyes widened, his eyebrows going up.  “Why I don’t?”

            “Yeah.  They’d like it if you did.  I know it’s not for everybody, it’s not something everybody likes.  They just, they wish you’d join in sometimes.”

            “Join in,” Suho repeated, pushing himself upright.  He looked stunned, confused.  “What are you talking about?”

            “Sex,” he said, nervous, laughing.  “What else?”

            “Join in,” Suho said again, shaking his head.  “Does it seem that simple to you?”

            “Yes?” he guessed.  “Why wouldn’t it be?”

            “I’m your leader!” Suho exclaimed.  “I can’t just join in!  I have to keep the balance!  What’s it going to be like when we have a rough practice and everyone’s upset and I ask Baekhyun to suck my cock?  What about when I have to scold Sehun, and then an hour later you’re all climbing on top of him, giving it to him from every direction, and I walk in the room and want to join in?  You have sex to have fun, to relax, to release energy, to relieve stress.  If I’m a part of it, it’s too complicated.  You’re going to want to say no to me more, and you’re going to feel like you can’t say no as often, and that adds up to a really bad situation.”

            Kris had never thought about it that way.  Not deliberately, not consciously.  Maybe because the person he had to scold the most often, Tao, was also the most eager for his cock, so there wasn’t a lot of conflict.  Tao didn’t hold grudges very long when Kris’ cock was hard.  “I don’t know.  Maybe you’re right,” he admitted.  It was more complicated than he’d realized.  “It doesn’t seem fair, though.  That you can’t do anything while we’re coming all over the walls.”

            “Yeah.”  Suho chuckled, drawing his legs up.  “It’s not fun.”

            A lot of aspects of being the leader weren’t fun.  This seemed like a crappy thing for Suho to have to be excluded from.  “We could set up rules or something.  About when or how we can fuck you.”

            “Nnn, it’s not - - ya!”  Suho laughed, throwing Lay’s pillow at him.  “You fuck me?  What if I want to fuck you?”

            “That’s good, too.  Whatever works for you.”  He had preferences, but he was willing to go with whatever got Suho into his bed.  Details didn’t matter if he could rub up against Suho’s smooth, firm, muscular body and feel Suho’s hands hot against his bare skin.  “Maybe it could be a thing where we come to you.  Instead of you coming to us for sex, we go to you.  That way nobody feels pressured to go along with it, because they’d have to want it enough to ask for it.”

            Suho chuckled again and touched at his shirt collar.  “If I have to wait for them to want it enough to ask me, I might be waiting a long time.”

            “No, believe me, they’ll ask.  Tao will ask more often than D.O. will, but you can’t take that personally.”  They’d all agreed, when they’d started screwing around, not to take anything personally.  Not to keep score of who did what with whom how often.  Certain members were more sexually compatible and gravitated toward each other more often, certain members were more aggressive, certain members liked different sexual acts.  Tao liked being piled on more than Kai or Sehun, so they tackled Tao more often.  Xiumin and Luhan had sex with everyone else sometimes, and alone behind locked doors sometimes, and nobody minded.

            Suho nodded and hugged his knees, looking thoughtful.  He held Kris’ gaze.  “How often do you think that you’d ask?”

            Whoa.  Um.  Kris’ brain had stopped functioning; all of his energy was now centered in his cock, which was twitching and straining like a wild animal trying to get free.  “Do you want me to ask?”

            Relaxing, lowering his legs, leaning back a little, posture open now, Suho didn’t say yes or no.  Instead, he asked, “Do you want to fuck me?  Is that how you think about it?  Getting your cock in me, pounding my ass?”

            Oh, god, Kris had waited for Suho to give him that calm, level, come-and-get-it look for years.  “Yes,” he said, already up and crossing the room.  “Yes, I want it, yes.”  He was pushing Suho down and crawling on top, and Suho was laughing at him, smiling up at him, pulling him closer.  He kissed Suho hard and Suho moaned, arms winding around his shoulders, leg hooking around his thigh and drawing him in.  “Gotta fuck you,” he panted, pulling Suho’s clothes in every direction.  “Fuck you so hard.”

            “Yeah,” Suho said, and he could feel Suho’s hand between his thighs, cupping, rubbing, opening his fly, finding his cock, yes, god, Suho was fondling his cock.  The reality was even better than the fantasy; Suho’s hand was so much more bold, more confident, than he’d guessed.  “Ah, hyung, do it, fuck me.”

            Kris didn’t have to be told twice.

            “How was it, hyung?” Baekhyun asked.  “In the gym, for the cameras.  Was it like this?”

            Panting, Suho closed his eyes, trying to bear it.  He was on his back, a pillow under his hips.  While Kris fucked him with hard, hammering strokes, Baekhyun and Kai were holding his legs apart, trying to spread him wider.  The intensity of Kris’ erection working his ass like a piston was enough to bring him to the edge, but the tension and test of the extra stretch was tormenting and confusing his body.  He wanted to beg for relief, but he loved it, too, and he wasn’t ready to give in yet.

            “Ah, don’t close your eyes,” Lay warned.  He felt fingers skim over his lips, and when he opened his mouth, Lay’s fingers slid in.  He sucked, raising his chin, moaning a little, and Kris grunted, pinching his nipple on the next thrust.  “Open your eyes, our Suho.  I have a present for you.”

            Present, yes.  Opening his eyes, he saw the bloated, red shaft of Lay’s erection bobbing in his face.  Licking his lips, he lifted his head, straining toward it.

            Laughing, Baekhyun asked, “Is that how it is, hyung?  As long as you get that, you don’t care what we do?”

            “Ya, be careful with him,” Tao warned.  “He promised to fuck me when Kris hyung’s finished with him, and I don’t want him all worn out.”

            “You?” Chen asked.

            “Uh-oh,” Kai said, laughing.  “I think Chen hyung’s going to fight you for it, Tao hyung.”

            Tipping his head back, Suho licked Lay’s round, pink balls into his mouth.  Moaning around his prize, he took advantage of Lay’s suddenly lax grip to free his hands, reaching down to jack his own throbbing cock.

            Just as his fingers touched his swollen flesh, Kris brushed his hand aside.  “Not yet.  Chen and Tao need it.”

            “Lay hyung, you’re supposed to be holding him,” Baekhyun pointed out.

            “I…oh, oh…  What?” Lay asked breathlessly, moaning as Suho mouthed his balls.

            “‘EXO’s Showtime,’” the reporter said.  “How has the show affected you?”

            “It’s brought us closer to the fans,” Suho said.  “It lets them see more sides of us, so they get to know us when we aren’t performing.”  He glanced at the members on either side of himself, smiling.  “And I think that it’s shown us new sides of each other, too.  I think that it’s made us even closer.”

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