Sleep with You

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Debut: 2012, SM Entertainment
Name Real name Birth date Sub-unit Role
Xiumin Kim Minseok March 26, 1990 EXO-M mat-hyung
Luhan Lu Han April 20, 1990 EXO-M lead vocal
Suho Kim Joonmyun May 22, 1991 EXO-K leader
Lay Zhang Yixing October 7, 1991 EXO-M main dancer
Baekhyun Byun Baekhyun May 6, 1992 EXO-K main vocal
Chen Kim Jongdae September 21, 1992 EXO-M main vocal
Chanyeol Park Chanyeol November 27, 1992 EXO-K main rapper
D.O. Do Kyungsoo January 12, 1993 EXO-K lead vocal
Tao Huang Zitao May 2, 1993 EXO-M main rapper
Kai Kim Jongin January 14, 1994 EXO-K main dancer
Sehun Oh Sehun April 12, 1994 EXO-K maknae
Kris (former member) Wu Yifan November 6, 1990 EXO-M leader of EXO-M
I write about men having sex with other men.  You must be eighteen or older to read my fiction.  This site is for consenting, responsible adults only.

            Tap tap.  Tap tap.  Tap tap.

            Nnnnngh.  Kris squeezed his eyes shut.  It couldn’t be time to get up yet, it couldn’t.

            Tap tap.  Tap tap.  Tap tap.

            That tapping sound suddenly registered as way too familiar.  It wasn’t the heavy knocking of their manager.  It was light and rhythmic.  Tao.

            If it wasn’t their manager, then maybe it wasn’t time to get up?

            Slowly, hoping, dreading, wishing, he opened his eyes and looked around.

            The hotel room was still dark.  There wasn’t even a hint of light peeking from behind the curtains.  It was still nighttime.  It wasn’t time to get up.

            Thank god.  Immensely relieved, Kris rubbed his cheek against the cool, smooth pillow.  Sleep seemed like the most beautiful thing in the world at the moment, and-

            Tap tap.  Tap tap.  Tap tap.

            Groaning, Kris realized that he was going to have to do something about that.  Staring at the back of Lay’s head and the unmoving lump of Lay’s body in bed beside him, he asked, “You gonna get that?”  It was a pointless question.  Nothing knocked Lay out like getting laid, and after what Kris had done to him that night, he’d be dead to the world for hours.

            Feeling pretty good about that, Kris chuckled to himself and got up.  Switching on a lamp to give himself just enough light to see, he found his shorts on the floor.

            Tap tap.  Tap tap.  Tap tap.

            “I’m coming, I’m coming,” Kris muttered under his breath, pulling his shorts up.  That kid had single-minded focus when he wanted to, and he’d probably stand out there tapping until the sun came up if Kris didn’t stop him.  “What?” Kris asked, swinging the door open.

            Tao blinked at him as if surprised that he’d actually come to the door.  Then Tao’s eyes widened slightly.  “Can I sleep with you?”

            “Where’s Chen?”

            Tao’s gaze kept searching Kris’ face; he wasn’t going to be content until he had a direct answer.  “On the phone with Suho hyung.  Can I-”

            “Yeah, yeah, come on in.”  Kris stepped aside to let him in, then locked the door behind him.  He’d hoped that if Tao and Chen roomed together, they’d turn to each other, but apparently he’d been a little too optimistic about that.  Tomorrow he’d have to pull out his leader voice and handle it, but for now.  Well.  Sleep was a beautiful thing, but fucking his needy, flexible maknae wasn’t bad, either.

            Leaving Lay in the first bed, Kris crawled into the second.  He decided to be a good guy and not assume that Tao had come to him for sex.  Maybe - - for once - - Tao just wanted to sleep.  After all, “Can I sleep with you?” and “Will you please mount my ass?” sounded pretty different.

            His head had barely touched the pillow before Tao was crawling in beside him.  Tao didn’t stop at just “beside” him, though, but slid up against him and squirmed closer until they were pressed together from chest to knee with emphasis on everything in between.  “I couldn’t sleep,” Tao muttered, trailing lean fingers across his shoulder and down his arm.  “I felt so lonely.  It’s stupid, we’re in China and I’m finally back in a place where I understand everything people are saying to me, and I still feel homesick.”

            “I know, buddy,” Kris said, propping himself up on an elbow and running his hand over Tao’s waist.  “It’s rough.”  He was looking forward to the day when he felt at home everywhere, and not slightly out of place everywhere.

            Tao was giving him a familiar look of curiosity, amusement, and acceptance.  Belatedly, he realized that he’d been speaking in English.  Before he could correct himself, Tao asked, in English, “Do you want to fuck me?”

            That phrase was not part of their language lessons.  “I want to sleep,” Kris said, switching to Mandarin.  “Didn’t you come here to sleep?”

            Tao nodded.  “Are you too old to get it up?”

            Surprised, laughing, Kris pinched him.  “No, I’m not too old to get it up, you jerk.  You woke me up and I’m trying to get back to sleep.”

            Tao was grinning.  “If you’re too old to fuck, maybe I could fuck you.  I’ll be gentle.”

            “You’ll be what?” Kris demanded, laughing.  Rolling forward, crouching over Tao, he pinned Tao’s arms to the bed.  “What are you going to be?”

            Laughing, Tao wrapped his legs around Kris’ waist.  The kid was like a monkey.  “I’ll be gentle.  Is it your first time?”

            Kris chuckled, raising an eyebrow.  “I know it’s not yours.”

            “Nope.”  Tao tightened his legs around Kris’ waist and started rolling his hips, grinding right against Kris’ cock.  “And don’t be gentle with me.”  His lips were parted and he was looking right into Kris’ eyes like nothing was going on, while his body was undulating and his thighs were clenching around Kris’ waist and his cock was nudging and sliding and rubbing right against the sudden, aching urge in Kris’ shorts.

            Going back to sleep suddenly sounded like the stupidest idea Kris had ever had.  Yanking up Tao’s T-shirt, he ran his hand over Tao’s hot, taut skin.  “Take this off.  I’ll get the lube.”

            “Hyung.  Hyung.”  An insistent shake at his shoulder.  “Hyung.”

            Coming awake with a start, Suho stared straight ahead at the pale wall of their hotel room until he’d oriented himself.  Once he remembered where he was and why, he winced and hurriedly put the phone in his hand to his ear.

            Silence.  Silence.  A soft, breathy snore.  Chen was sleeping.

            Smiling, Suho ended the call and pushed himself up a little.  A quick glance to the other bed told him that D.O was asleep, and he turned his attention to Baekhyun, who was standing awkwardly beside his bed.  “What?”  D.O must have let Baekhyun into their room, but was back asleep already.  How long had Baekhyun been there?

            “You fell asleep on the phone,” Baekhyun explained.

            Suho began to laugh, then caught himself, not wanting to make Baekhyun feel bad.  Still, he couldn’t help but smile.  “You got up and came in here for that?”

            Baekhyun blushed, twisting the ring on his finger.  “No.  I wanted to see if I could sleep with you.”

            “Ah, dongsaeng.”  Shifting over, Suho made room.  “You don’t have to ask.  You can get in hyung’s bed whenever you want.”

            Baekhyun climbed in beside him.  Baekhyun was all corners and elbows, but their bodies fit together perfectly when Suho spooned up behind him.  They breathed together for a while, Suho holding him close and sliding a hand under his shirt to rub his chest.

            It was nice, it felt good, and Suho was starting to feel sleepy again, his eyelids heavy.  But he knew his dongsaeng, and Baekhyun had only relaxed so far.  Rubbing his nose against the back of Baekhyun’s neck, he smiled.  “Dongsaeng-ah.”


            Suho’s hand slid over Baekhyun’s abdomen.  “Sex?”

            “Yes,” Baekhyun said immediately, already turning in his arms.  “Yes,” Baekhyun insisted, while Suho laughed and kissed him.

            “Ah, aahhh, aaaahhhaahhhhaahh.”  Panting, groaning, Tao rubbed his face into the mattress, his hands clawing at the sheet beneath him.  It was good, it felt so good he couldn’t believe it, but he felt like he was being stretched so much farther than he could take, like his body couldn’t possibly open up this wide.  “What is this, unh, unh, what are you doing to me?” he wailed.  On his knees with his thighs spread wide and his ass in the air, he couldn’t possibly hold still, so he kept squirming, fighting it, trying to push back for more so that Kris would finally be in, trying to resist a little so Kris would smack his ass again.

            “It’s my cock,” Kris said impatiently.  “I’m fucking you with it.  Do you want me to stop?”

            Stop?!  “Don’t stop!  Put it in, put it in!”  He loved the wild, blunt things Kris said during sex, loved how shocking and direct they were, loved how in control Kris always was while Tao himself felt more and more out of control.

            “Then-”  A sharp slap on his ass brought a bright sting to his flesh, and Tao moaned, his shoulders sagging as pleasure and gratitude flooded him.  Oh, he loved it when Kris did that.  “Hold still and stop whimpering.”  Kris yanked on his hips, slipping in deeper, and there was a miniature explosion of fireworks inside his body, colors popping everywhere.  Moaning, he tried to hitch his hips, wanting more of that feeling, but he felt like he was so open and so full, Kris so huge inside him, that he could hardly move.  “Why the fuck are you always so tight?” Kris demanded, drizzling more slippery lube down the crack of his ass.

            Like it was his fault!  “It’s your fault,” Tao muttered, gasping a little and shuddering as his body sheathed the base of Kris’ cock.  He could feel Kris against him now, Kris’ bare thighs snug against his own, and he made a soft, desperate, mewling noise because it felt so good and he needed this so badly.  “Luhan never does this to me.”

            “Luhan has a tiny prick,” Kris said.

            Astonished, Tao stared at Kris over his shoulder.  He would have started laughing if he hadn’t already been moaning and whimpering.  “He does not!  I’m going to tell him you said that!”

            “All right, it’s time for you to shut up,” Kris said, leaning over him, covering his back, face suddenly so close that he lowered his head again, feeling shy.  He felt Kris’ chest against his back, hot and smooth, felt Kris’ cock rocking into him, and even while he was moaning at the intimacy he was rubbing back into it, wanting more.  Sex with Kris was intense, too intense, and Kris liked to get him off fast the first time, early, making him come in a wild, addictive, amazing, too-hot rush that left him feeling intoxicated.  Kris’ hand was sliding over his thigh, confident and sensual, and he was still moaning, he couldn’t stop moaning, his body squirming and arching, his thighs aching, everything inside of him feverish and pulsing as Kris’ hand grasped his cock.  Kris was thrusting into him over and over, spiking heat through him on every jolt.  “Nnnhh.”  Kris’ quiet groan of pure pleasure sent ecstasy skittering down Tao’s neck from his ear, and he shivered, groaning in soft echo of the sound.  “Mmm-unh, your ass feels incredible right now.” 

            Gasping, Tao ducked his head.  Kris’ huge cock was buried deep inside him, Kris’ chest was slick with sweat against his back, Kris’ voice was deep and quiet right in his ear, and Kris’ hand was between his legs, on his balls, on his cock, fondling and squeezing and pulling and making his whole body knot up with need.  He was surrounded, invaded, every inch of him captivated by Kris.  It was so unbearably intimate, so personal, like every intensely private thing about him belonged to Kris now, that he was shivering in thrilled delight and panting with ecstasy and wishing that there were more of Kris to share himself with.  He loved it when Kris fucked him and he loved it when Kris overwhelmed him and he loved it when Kris said things to him that Kris would never, ever say at any point in the rest of their life.  When he was spread open and squirming with need and begging for more, Kris told him things he couldn’t even respond to, things that resonated for hours and stayed with him later, things he heard echoing inside his mind and almost couldn’t believe Kris had ever said.

            “Yeah.”  The thick plunge of Kris’ cock was sharper now, rougher, speeding up, and Kris’ finger was behind his balls, rubbing, and he whimpered, pleasure thrumming through his body like getting him off was some old trick Kris had learned years ago and didn’t even have to put any effort into anymore.  “That’s it, baby.  Come for me, that’s it, let it go.”

            Whimpering, choking on need, Tao fumbled his hand down Kris’ arm, covering Kris’ hand, wanting to feel Kris’ fingers working, wanting to feel the flex and shift of muscle as Kris pleasured him.  Fucking him in long, deep thrusts that made him agonize over the steady drag of every inch, Kris jacked his cock.  The way Kris’ hand stroked and pumped his erection was nothing like the way he typically handled himself, and it fascinated him to be manipulated so differently, so directly, so crudely.  The rocking of Kris’ hips and the heavy slide of Kris’ cock moved his body in rhythm, but there was no pace to the movements of Kris’ hand.  The unpredictability of Kris’ grip kept him guessing and hoping, kept him on edge, and so when orgasm hit it was a surprise, a sudden explosive blast of ecstasy that he couldn’t control.  “Aaaiie, aaaiie, oh,” he was coming, he was coming, “oh, ah-ah-ah,” cum was spurting over his hand, a slippery mess as his fingers tangled with Kris’, “unh, oh, duizhang, please, oh!”  He would’ve collapsed in a helpless, glowing puddle of bliss, but Kris’ arm circled him, holding him up.

            “Okay,” Kris said.  Tao needed to stop the world for a while and just exist in a still void while he tried to process and comprehend the amazing, intense, freakishly good thing that had just happened to him, but Kris was already moving, moving him.  When Kris started to pull out of him, he would have fought it to get it back, but he knew what Kris was doing, and he knew that Kris’ cock would be back, that this was only the beginning.  “Okay, over,” Kris said, rolling him onto his back.  Feeling loose and relaxed and easy all over, he let his arms go slack and he lifted his leg over Kris’ shoulder as Kris covered him again, face-to-face this time.  The deep, thick slide of Kris’ cock taking up residence in his ass again created such a scalding shock of pleasure that his eyes rolled back in his head.

            And then the real fucking began.

            Spitting a mouthful of cum into a napkin, Baekhyun sat up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.  Even now that they’d done this so many times, he still felt a little embarrassed afterward, and his instinct was to avoid eye contact for a while.  But Suho, as always, smiled and pulled him close and looked at him with bright, affectionate eyes.  “Mmm, dongsaeng-ah,” Suho murmured, looking delighted by what they’d just done.

            Baekhyun was feeling pretty delighted, too, but he didn’t want to talk about it.  Hoping to avoid conversation, he kissed Suho’s happy mouth.  Suho’s body was warm and smooth and relaxed against him, and when he ran his hands down the gentle glide of sweat on Suho’s back to cup Suho’s ass, his leader moaned with trusting satisfaction into his kiss.

            Something soft hit Baekhyun in the back of the head.  Startled, he twisted around to see D.O glaring at them from the other bed.  “Hyungs!  Sleep!”

            “Sorry,” Suho said, laughing quietly.  “Sorry.”  His hands slid up the back of Baekhyun’s neck and he stole a sweet, clinging kiss.  His eyes were still smiling and affectionate when he whispered, “Sleep well, pretty Byun Baekhyun.”

            Kris felt like he could sleep for days.  His body was so satisfied he felt like he wouldn’t be able to get it up for a week.  Fuck, it had been a good night.

            Beside him, against him, Tao was poking at him and squirming around and whispering at him.  It was like trying to sleep with a restless, chatty monkey.  He tried to put up with it, but his mood was going from a “yeah, we fucked hard” glow to an irritated “can I get some sleep or what?”  By the eighty-ninth time Tao prodded him and said, “Duizhang, why-” he’d decided that it was time to make some changes.  “You’re sleeping with Lay,” he said, and pushed Tao halfway out of his bed.

            “Lay?” Tao asked.  As he tried to balance himself, one flailing arm almost whacked Kris in the face.

            “Go,” Kris insisted, shoving him up and smacking his ass.

            “Oh,” Tao said, sounding happy about it and lightly touching the spot Kris had spanked.  Obedient now, he crawled into bed with Lay, who muttered something nonsensical and sleepily shared the covers.

            Rolling over, Kris stretched out with a satisfied smirk.  His life was in an excellent place.  Lazily rubbing his hand over his chest, he took a moment to enjoy the pleasant lassitude of sexual exhaustion.  What a fantastic way to finish the night.

            As his eyes were closing, he heard a muted ping! from his phone.  Fishing it out from under the pillows, he found a text message.  Suho, in English: Good night, Kris.

            Smiling, he replied in Korean.  Sleep well, our leader.

Sequel: "Homesick and Horny"

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