Suho’s Dongsaengs

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            Baekhyun thought that it was weird to wake up and move around the dorm without Suho there.  Suho was always there.  He wondered what Suho was doing, but his imagination couldn’t come up with much.  It was Suho, so probably nothing was happening at all; the lazy bum was probably still in bed.

            Whose bed?  If Baekhyun had spent the night at Infinite’s dorm, he would’ve bounced from one bed to another, having a little party in each one.  But Suho?  EXO’s upstanding, respectable leader had probably slept fully clothed on the floor like a good boy.

            He wondered how long Suho would be gone, and how much time he had to rustle up some wild shenanigans.  Their leader was away; shouldn’t they make the most of it?

            “…different sheets.”


            Ungh.  Nnnn.  Suho didn’t want to wake up.  He didn’t hear his members; was it early?  Unh, this wasn’t his bed.  Was he in a hotel?  Yawning, he rubbed at his eyes, forcing them open.

            L.  The person in bed with him was not a member of EXO he was too sleepy to identify.  It was L.  Infinite’s L.  Handsome, fast asleep, practically naked, Infinite’s L.

            He’d had sex last night.

            He’d had sex with L.

            That was…a good thing.  Right?  He felt embarrassed, but he could face what he’d done.  Even in the light of day, it still seemed like the right thing to have done.  He accepted it; he was even glad for it.  He actually wanted to do it again.  He wondered if it could be a regular thing, an ongoing part of their relationship.  If he had sex with his members all of the time, why not with L, too?

            Liking that thought, he caressed L’s cheek.  So handsome.  It wasn’t right to care too much about looks, but he really loved gazing at L’s face.  He was going to have to get up soon - - he really needed to get as far as possible from Kim Sunggyu’s bed - - but even asleep, his beautiful dongsaeng pulled on his heart, and he stayed there, running his fingertips over L’s cheekbone and along L’s jaw.

            “Why is everybody standing here?”

            The sound of Dongwoo’s voice startled him, and he jumped.  That was when he realized that the door was open, and every single Infinite member was standing there, in the doorway, watching him.

            “Hyung!” Sungyeol complained, looking at Dongwoo.  “You ruined it!  I was waiting for them to kiss!”

            “Good morning,” Woohyun said, waving.  “You slept well?”

            “L likes oral first thing in the morning,” Dongwoo said.  “Giving or receiving, it doesn’t matter, as long as there’s some good sucky-sucky.”

            Sungjong smiled, crossing his arms over his chest.  “I think we know whose turn it is to give.”

            Oh, god.  It was his worst nightmare; his sex life was public knowledge.

            No, this was Infinite, they were close, it was okay.

            But they knew everything, they’d heard him, they were joking about it, they were mocking him, they’d never respect him, what if they told-

            He trusted Infinite, he had to trust, it would be okay.


            Enough, don’t tease,” Sunggyu said.  “Out, out, members, go, this isn’t a zoo exhibit.”

            The members broke apart, Woohyun herding the younger ones away.  “I don’t get it,” Sungyeol said, moving out of sight.  “L said a hundred times that Suho doesn’t do that, Suho doesn’t have sex, Suho isn’t like that.  That’s not what it sounded like to me!”

            Sunggyu was still there.  Looking at him.  Looking rumpled and sleepy and grumpy and perfect.  He tried to smile.  He really needed to get out of this bed and out of this room, but he didn’t want to leave L; it didn’t seem right to jump up without saying good morning and making sure that L was okay with what had happened last night.

            “Made yourself comfortable?” Sunggyu guessed.

            “I’m sorry, we should have gone to L’s room.”  There were so many embarrassing things that he had to say to Sunggyu.  “We changed your sheets.  I’m sorry if it was disrespectful.  And I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable last night, with what I said.  It was inappropriate and I shouldn’t have,” he had to be specific, “come on to you.”  He plowed ahead.  “Either time.  I behaved very badly.”

            “Are you going to stop running around jumping into bed with strange men?”

            “Yes.”  Definitely.  “Thank you for.”  He wanted to be vague, but that would be cowardly, so he came out with it.  “Turning me down.”

            Sunggyu nodded.  “I’m going to eat breakfast.  When I get back, you’ll be out of my room?”

            “Yes, hyung, I’ll be out,” he promised.  “Thank you.”

            Sunggyu walked a couple of steps away, turned around, came back, and pulled the door shut.  “Nobody wants to see the sucky-sucky,” he said before the door clicked.

            Suho hated being teased, but he knew permission when he heard it.

            “L-ah.  L-ah.  It’s time to wake up.”

            It couldn’t be.  L rolled away.

            Someone shook his shoulder.  “L-ah.”  Why did he hear Suho’s voice?  “Dongsaeng-ah, it’s time to get up.  You can’t be like this, Sunggyu hyung’s going to want his bedroom back.”

            What?  Rolling onto his back, L squinted.  Seeing Suho, he smiled.  “You didn’t run away.”

            Suho smiled back at him.  “Where would I go when my favorite dongsaeng is right here?”

            Laughing at that, he pulled Suho in.  They kissed, and it felt as right and sexy and good as it had last night.  “You don’t have regrets?” he asked, sliding Suho’s shorts down.

            “No, I don’t.  What are you doing?” Suho asked, looking down at himself.

            “You need it twice a day, and Chen’s not here.”

            “It’s Chanyeol’s day.  The door’s not locked.”

            “So go and lock it,” he suggested, sliding his hand down the front of Suho’s underwear.  Immediately, Suho moaned, clutching at him, and he grinned, kissing Suho again.  “I love your cock, and Chanyeol’s not here, so I’ll have to do it myself.”

            “I can’t, we can’t, they’ll hear.”

            “That’s what the pillow’s for, to muffle the sound.”  Suho’s cock was hardening fast, and he jacked it loosely, toying with it.  “I know all of your tricks, hyung, you’ve told me everything.”

            Aahhhhh, ahhhh, L.  Oohhh, we sh-sh-shouldn’t, ooo-hhahh, do this.”

            He kissed Suho again.  “Why not?”

            Suho kissed him, still moaning, writhing against his hand.  Breathless, pink-cheeked, Suho said, “I’ll lock the door.”

            Sunggyu was slumped over the kitchen table, eating cereal.  From the doorway, Sungyeol studied his face.  Was he sleepy, irritated, or just bored?  Why couldn’t he be easier to read?  Sungyeol edged forward.  “Hyung.”

            Sunggyu grunted and spooned up some more cereal without looking up.

            Maybe he could put Sunggyu in a good mood first.  “Do you, uh, have anything for me?”

            Instead of pushing down his waistband and saying, “You know where it is,” Sunggyu scowled at the bowl.  “Don’t be weird, we have a guest.”

            Shit.  Maybe he should ask about this later.  But he really wanted to know.  “So, with Suho and L.  Does this mean that we’re close with EXO again?  Is it all settled?”

            “Why is everybody so worried about sex all of the damned time?” Sunggyu demanded, finally looking up, exasperated.  “Fine, yes, okay, I don’t care.  Go on dates, bring them over five at a time, screw them in my bed, do what you want.”

            He had to push his luck, he had to.  “Are you going to arrange MTs?”

            “Yes!  Yes!  I’ll schedule an orgy for you!  Is that enough?”

            That was perfect, actually.  Grinning, Sungyeol said, “Yes.  Thanks, hyung!”

            Suho had to get back to his regular life, and he really wanted to get away from L’s members’ knowing smirks, so after he’d made sure that L was okay, he left.  In the cab, he reflected.  He felt great about last night.  He and L had made up in the right way.  His old doubts tried to surface and shame him, but he batted them away.  It was okay to have sex.  He could trust L.  He could trust Infinite.  That was what everything had been about, wasn’t it?  The blind item, going on MT, being close, it was all about whether he was willing to trust other people or not.  If he could trust Infinite with his members, then he could trust them when it came to him, too.

            L really, really gave great head.  Even better than - - well, he shouldn’t compare, that was wrong.  This morning, with all of that nuzzling and licking.  Oooohhh, how could they have started the day off that way?  He wasn’t going to be able to think about anything else.

            He had a text message from Kai, asking if he was okay.  He really should reply to it, but he wanted to show up without any warning.  It was good for his members to be surprised once in a while.  Not that he expected to catch them doing anything they shouldn’t be, but he had to keep them on their toes.

            He had a few texts from Changjo, full of questions and an absurd number of question marks.  He texted back: I talked to that good-looking idol.  It’ll be okay.  The three of us should meet sometime.  I’ll call you later.

            Changjo texted right back.  Good good good okay.  Then he got a string of hearts.  He smiled and texted back the same number, plus one.

            As he walked toward his front door, he wondered how to tell his members about L.  Technically, he didn’t have to tell them anything, but he felt like he should.  He wanted to be open.  Even if it was embarrassing.  He rubbed his nose, then opened the door.

            And immediately popped inside and yanked it shut, locking it.

            Chen was on his knees, giving messy, noisy head to Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun, who were jostling each other and being kind of aggressive about getting to his mouth.  Standing over Chen, Xiumin was spraying whipped cream onto their cocks and Chen’s face.  On the couch, Baekhyun was on his back with his feet in the air, moaning and masturbating and red-faced, while Lay fucked him with a - - “Members!” Suho exclaimed.  Sehun jumped; Xiumin glanced over; Baekhyun said, “Oh, shit.”

            “Lay!  Get that out of him!  And wash it off.  Or throw it away.  You’re both grounded.”

            “It’s safe, I’m being careful,” Lay said.  “We’re using a lot of lube.”

            “You both know that’s off-limits,” Suho said firmly.  He’d ruled out object insertion entirely, almost immediately after debut.  The last thing he needed was for one of his members to end up in the hospital with any kind of anal problem.  And judging from Xiumin’s dirty talk and the objects Sehun got fascinated with, his members had some very creative ideas about what might fit.

            “Infinite does it,” Baekhyun said.

            Fine.  “Then maybe they can do it to you on MT.  I’ll think about it.”

            “MT?  Shit, hyung, hold on,” Kai said, easing his cock out of Chen’s mouth.  Chanyeol and Sehun both moved to replace him, and Chen groaned happily, mouthing at the head of Chanyeol’s cock, the shaft messy with spit and pre-cum and dripping white cream.  Sehun nudged Chanyeol out of the way, pushing insistently at Chen’s mouth, and Chen moaned, swallowing Sehun’s cock down.  That hard, beautiful cock and that sweet, slippery cream.  Was Kai talking?  Suho blinked, trying to remember what Kai wanted.  “Is everything okay with Infinite?”  He got the impression that wasn’t the first time Kai had asked.

            He smoothed down his hair, trying to find something to look at that didn’t make him want to drop on his knees and take over for Chen.  “Yes, it’s okay.  Sunggyu hyung and I agreed.”

            Whoo-hoo!” Baekhyun exclaimed.

            “We’re grounded,” Lay reminded him.

            “No!”  Baekhyun stared at Suho.  “Suho hyung!”  He tried to smile winningly.  “Suho hyung.”

            “You’ll only be grounded for two weeks,” Suho said.  “No dates, no friends, no sex.  The MT won’t be until later.”

            Whoo-hoo!” Baekhyun exclaimed again.  As Suho turned to go, he asked, “Can we negotiate on the ‘no sex’ thing?”

            “No.  Throw that away,” Suho said.  He went into his room to change, and found D.O. asleep on his bed.  It was so cute, he stood there for a moment, just watching.  Pleased, he stroked D.O.’s hair a little, and then he changed clothes.  Lay came in to apologize to him.  After that, Baekhyun came in, wrapped in a towel and edging around him nervously.  Suspicious, he stayed in the room, waiting.  Baekhyun messed around picking out clothes, stalling, finding things to do on the phone, even cleaning up a little.  Never taking off the towel, and never sitting down.  “Not going to get dressed?” Suho asked.

            “Oh?”  Baekhyun smiled at him.  It wasn’t at all convincing.  “Sure, in a minute.”

            He put his hands on his hips and stared Baekhyun down.

            Baekhyun cleared his throat, his gaze wandering the room.

            “Take off the towel, Baekhyun.”

            “Hyung!” Baekhyun exclaimed, covering his chest with false modesty.

            He raised his eyebrows and waited.

            Baekhyun made a face, fidgeting with the edge of the towel where it was wrapped around his waist.  “Don’t be such a prude,” he muttered under his breath.

            “Want to be grounded for three weeks?” Suho asked.  “Do you think I’ll be upset if it’s four?”

            Baekhyun grimaced and dropped his towel.

            Suho gestured.  “Turn around and bend over.”

            “I’m fine!” Baekhyun insisted.  “It’s fine!”

            Suho stared at him, waiting.

            With a dramatically fed-up sigh, Baekhyun turned around, bending over and bracing his hands on the bed.

            Whoa.  Exasperated, Suho moved closer for a better look.  Only Baekhyun!  He had nasty red marks all over his ass and down onto the tops of his thighs.  From the position he’d been in on the couch, Suho hadn’t noticed.  To be fair, Suho hadn’t looked very closely; taking too good a look at what he and Lay were doing would have given Suho’s imagination some very distracting ideas.  “Did Xiumin hyung do this to you?”

            “Yeah,” Baekhyun mumbled guiltily.

            Another member to punish.  Suho would get to that in a minute.  “I’m going to touch,” he warned.

            “Hyung!” Baekhyun complained, squirming.

            Gently, Suho spread the cleft of his ass.  “Ah, Baekhyun-ah,” he said, disappointed, sighing.  So red and sore.  “Stay there, I’ll get the ointment.”

            “No, hyung!  It’s okay, I don’t need anything.”

            Ignoring that, Suho went to his first aid kit and got the ointment.  He closed the door, and then he squatted behind Baekhyun, squeezing the ointment onto a fingertip.  “Why are you like this?” he asked.  “Is this what you do when your leader’s not around?”

            “We were just having fun,” he mumbled.

            “Is being punished fun?  Hold still.”  Gently, he applied the ointment, until Baekhyun’s tender, reddened hole was shiny with a generous coating.  He had to penetrate a little, and despite what he’d said, Baekhyun squirmed a lot, making uncomfortable noises.  “I’ll check it again tonight,” Suho said, getting up.  “Put some cream on the rest of that, I can’t have a vocal who can’t sit down anywhere.”

            He went to wash his hands, and then he punished Xiumin, who was not happy about it.  Sighing, wondering why he couldn’t leave these members alone for even one short night, he went back to his room.

            D.O. was awake, sitting up in bed, texting.  Baekhyun was still leaning over the bed, and masturbating.  Suho left again.

            In the van, Sunggyu glanced back.  L was gazing at the window with a happy, satisfied smile.  Good.

            Suho decided to treat his members and order a nice lunch to the dorm.  He still wasn’t happy with Lay, Baekhyun, or Xiumin, but things were finally settled with Teen Top and Infinite again, and he wanted to celebrate.

            Once everyone was settled in the living room, busily eating, he said, “There’s something I want you to know about last night.”

            “With Infinite?” Chanyeol asked.

            He nodded.  “I talked with L, and he’s willing to give me a second chance.  I apologized to him, and we discussed some things.”  He was stalling; he couldn’t be a coward about this.  “And we had sex.”

            Sehun dropped his bowl.

            “Maknae!” Xiumin exclaimed, grabbing for the napkins.

            “Sorry, what?” Sehun asked, looking from Suho to the mess and back.

            “You and L?” Baekhyun asked.

            “Did you say ‘sex?’” Chanyeol asked.

            “Are you okay?” Chen asked.

            “Wow,” Lay said.  “Really, are you okay?  How was it?”

            They all looked worried and fascinated.  He licked his lips, embarrassed and touched.  “I’m okay, it was the right thing to do.  I want to be close to L like that.  Even if he’s not one of my members, he’s still my dongsaeng, like you and Changjo are.”

            “You have to give us details,” Baekhyun said.

            “No, he doesn’t,” Kai said.

            “Some things are private,” Suho said.  His members looked disappointed and resigned.  “But he’s very, very good,” he admitted, smiling.

            Chen laughed; Chanyeol leaned forward eagerly.  “I knew it,” Xiumin said.

            “How big is it?” Lay asked.

            “Things like that don’t matter,” Suho chided.

            “What did you do?  What did he do?” Chanyeol asked.

            “You don’t have to say it,” Baekhyun said.  Scrounging in the delivery bags, he came up with utensils.  “Show us on the fork and spoon how things went.”

            “Put that away,” Suho said, pushing his hand down.  “What matters is that we shared something nice together, and we’re growing closer again.”

            “We’re happy for you,” Chen said.

            “Aw, our little leader’s growing up,” Xiumin said, patting Suho’s shoulder.

            “L,” Chanyeol said, shaking his head.  “Shit, I mean, you never have sex with anyone, and when you do, you actually get L?”

            “Suho hyung does have expensive tastes,” D.O. said.

            “I have expensive tastes!” Chanyeol exclaimed.  “I’ve never had L!”

            “Do you think he’ll do more on MT, now?” Lay asked.

            “Yes, he will,” Sehun said.  “With Suho hyung.”

            Suho blushed.  “I don’t know about that.”  But it wasn’t impossible, was it?  Could he do that?  While everyone else bounced from room to room, could he and L slip away behind a locked door and do something, too?

            “You masturbated in front of Ricky,” Baekhyun said, counting off on his fingers.  “You rammed L like a rutting stallion, and as long as you won’t tell us what really happened, I get to pretend that’s exactly how it went.  Who’s next, what else is going to happen?”

            Leaders gone wild,” Chen said, grinning.

            Suho gave Baekhyun a warning look to get him to watch his mouth, then said, “I have to talk to Changjo.”

            “Changjo,” D.O. repeated, widening his eyes.

            Chanyeol coughed.  “You’re kidding.”

            “Wow,” Lay breathed.  “Suho, that’s going to be so hot.”

            “Hold on, I need a minute,” Chanyeol said, putting his bowl aside and stretching out on the floor.

            “Hyung, really,” Chen said.  “You’re going to like it a lot.”

            “Oh, god, I can see it in my head,” Baekhyun said, rubbing his eyes.  “Our guardian leader and that big, hot cock.  I think my brain is melting.”

            Ya, members, this is no way to talk during a meal,” Suho scolded.  He burned with embarrassment.  His own members were picturing him having sex!  “Eat.  Maknae, finish cleaning that up, now.”

            “It’s my turn tonight,” Chanyeol said suddenly.  “I have to follow L?!”

            “Hey,” Chen said, poking him.  “You never have trouble following me.”

            “You don’t do anything,” Chanyeol said.

            Chen laughed, smacking at him.  “I do plenty!  What do you know about it?”

            Suho really wanted to move the conversation to any other topic in the world, but as long as they were on the subject now, he wouldn’t have to find a way to bring it up later.  “Ah, members.”  Everyone looked at him.  “We.”  He bit his lip, feeling self-conscious, and then plowed forward.  “The arrangement.  How do you feel about it?  Is it better the way it is, every eight days, no matter what?  Or when things happen, if I have to be away from you, should we pick up where we left off?”

            “You mean, is tonight Chen hyung’s night or Chanyeol hyung’s night?” Sehun asked.

            He nodded.

            “My night!” Chen said, at the exact same moment that Chanyeol said, “Mine!”  They turned to each other.  “Mine!”  “Mine!”

            “Which way is more fair?” Kai asked.  “The rules have to be clear.  If we drive overnight and sleep in the van, does that count or not?  If we’re at the dorm but we only have a couple of hours to wash up and sleep and get up again, does that count or not?”

            “Look, it’s already not fair that EXO-K gets more opportunities than EXO-M does,” Xiumin said.  “I’ve had to miss a lot of nights anyway.  I don’t want to miss even more because of someone from Infinite.”

            “We could just drop the rotation, and Suho hyung can sleep with whoever he wants,” Sehun said.

            Chanyeol frowned.  “Why does the maknae assume that Suho hyung would pick him over the rest of us?”

            Sehun smiled to himself, touching lightly at his bangs.

            “I don’t want to choose,” Suho said.  “I don’t want to play favorites.  I think that the rotation is the best way, and anyone can skip a night at any time.  But do you want to stick to every eight days no matter what, or should tonight be Chen’s night?”

            “If you’re going to be out with L and Changjo, this might come up a lot,” Chen said.  “I think that we should all get a night, so if it’s D.O.’s turn on Monday, and you’re with L on Tuesday and Changjo on Wednesday, then it’s Kai’s turn on Thursday.”

            “I won’t be out that often,” Suho objected, embarrassed.

            “It’s L and Changjo,” Baekhyun said.  “I would be.”

            “L might not be that good,” Chanyeol said.  “Maybe Suho hyung liked it, but he doesn’t ever have sex.”

            Kai looked at Chanyeol.  “Suho hyung has sex with all of us.”

            Mmm, but I don’t know if all of you really know what you’re doing,” Chen said.

            Ya,” Xiumin said, looking up from his food.

            “We could take classes,” Lay said with a dreamy smile.  “Sex classes.  With live demonstrations and lots of hands-on workshops and lots and lots of homework.  And the instructor could whip us in front of everybody if we’re bad.”

            Suho set down his bowl, getting up.  “Come to an agreement about the rotation and let me know,” he said, leaving the room.

            Chunji was bored.  So bored.  And horny.  Everything annoyed him.  Not being allowed to have sex was irritating.  Super irritating.  At first it had been fun to taunt Niel, getting Niel interested and then denying him cock at the last second.  But he didn’t want to play games anymore; he wanted to get laid.  He’d tried to seduce C.A.P., to get out of his punishment, but C.A.P. had just gotten turned on and drilled the other members so hard Ricky had ended up stumbling around the dorm bumping into things with a dazed look.

            The fact that L.Joe couldn’t have sex either only made things worse.  It was good not to have to suffer alone, but L.Joe was really horny, and L.Joe’s nervous frustration only made him want to push L.Joe down and get at it.  They’d been together for so long now, and they’d been such a constant part of each other’s sex lives, that L.Joe’s sexual ups and downs were something that he responded to.  He could brush Changjo off if he wanted to - - he’d had to train himself to ignore Changjo’s sexual potential - - but L.Joe got under his skin.

            Being trapped in the same room at night was hell.  He kept trying to make L.Joe sleep in the living room, but L.Joe was too stubborn to do it.  He tried sleeping in the maknaes’ room, but C.A.P. sent him back to his own bed; C.A.P. didn’t trust the other members to keep their hands off of him.  Ah, so difficult, being irresistible.

            Bored, he wandered around the dorm, looking for someone to bother.  Changjo was on the floor, watching something on a tablet.  He crawled onto Changjo’s back and deliberately messed up Changjo’s hair.  Then, snuggling in, he dug his chin in hard against Changjo’s shoulder.  “What are you watching?”


            What was that, Infinite?  It looked like “Ranking King.”  Ugh.  “You’re really embarrassing.  Having such a big crush on another idol.”

            Changjo paused while Dongwoo was onscreen, then lifted the tablet toward him.  “Who’s embarrassing?”

            He punched Changjo in the ribs a few times.

            Ow, ow, okay, okay.”  Changjo moved around, trying to turn over.  He lifted up just enough to let that happen, then settled back down, crossing his arms over Changjo’s chest and looking down into Changjo’s face.  “Hyung.”  Changjo tapped lightly at his lips, and he bit Changjo’s finger.  Changjo grinned and did it again, so he bit harder.  “Did you ever apologize to Dongwoo hyung?”

            What?  He sniffed, not liking this conversation already.  “Apologize for what?”

            Changjo looked upward, rolling his eyes too slowly to be called on it.  “Didn’t you break his heart?”

            “No!  Why, is that what L hyung said?”

            “Isn’t that what you did?” Changjo asked.

            He thought about punching Changjo for taking such a challenging tone with a hyung.  “Dongwoo hyung’s too sensitive about little things.  He takes things too seriously, sometimes.”

            “It sounds like he cried a lot.”

            Chunji had cried, too, so what did that prove?  “He’s too old to act like that.”

            “If we’re close with EXO, and so is Infinite, we’re going to be around each other.  Not just at shows and festivals and work, like normal, but outside of that, too.  It’s really awkward for everyone if you’re, you know, if things are tense.  I think that it would be good if maybe you apologized.  Or talked to him.”

            Chunji frowned.  “Why are you like this all of a sudden?  Suho hyung’s a bad influence on you.  Don’t see him anymore.”

            Mmm, he’s kind of in love with me.  I should probably keep seeing him, for his sake.  He’d be too sad if he couldn’t spoil me anymore.”

            Hunh.  Chunji poked at Changjo’s face, petting his eyebrows and tickling his ears.  “Why do you have a sugar daddy?  I want one, too.  I’m already better-looking and more experienced than you, I should have one.”

            Changjo laughed, his hands coming to rest on Chunji’s sides.  “I don’t know, hyung, you should get one.”

            “Not doing anything, are you?” C.A.P. asked, standing over them.

            Chunji snorted.  “Right, I’m sucking his cock right now, can’t you tell?”

            “Who should Chunji hyung’s sugar daddy be?” Changjo asked.  “I already have Suho hyung, and he wants one, too.”

            C.A.P. shrugged, scratching his temple.  “If we’re talking about other idols, I’ve always wanted to see him with Key sunbae.  That would be some sexy shit.”

            Chunji laughed.  “Don’t bring me into your weird fantasies.”

            C.A.P.’s grin was unrepentant.  “Too late.”

            Chen won the argument about taking turns.  It was easy to get the others on his side, because no one wanted to miss a night, especially since all of a sudden Suho might start sleeping over at Infinite’s dorm.  Chanyeol tried to argue, but eventually they got Chanyeol to agree, too, since being postponed for a night was better than missing a night altogether.

            Chen was lounging on his own bed that night, reading, when Suho checked on Baekhyun’s rear again.  He knew that it was supposed to be clinical, but he never, ever got to see Suho touch anyone there, and it really turned him on.  Especially when Baekhyun started writhing around, cock perking up.

            After Baekhyun left, when he and Suho were alone, he asked if he could lock the door.  Suho blushed and said yes, so he did.  They made out for a while, and it was really good.  As soon as he took his underwear off, Suho pulled the sheet up and went down on him.  It was a long, intense blowjob; he kept wanting to come, but Suho kept toying with him, licking him, teasing his cock.  He wasn’t used to Suho taking so long down there, and it was fantastic.  When he finally came, he hit a high note and practically clawed a hole in the sheet.

            He couldn’t get Suho and Baekhyun out of his mind, so he asked Suho to finger him.  On his back, with a pillow pushed under his hips and his legs spread, he moaned, sizzling and simmering, while Suho whispered his name and kissed his stomach and tenderly, slowly, finger-fucked him.

            “Chen-ah.  Chen-ah.”

            Mmm.  Aahhhh, ooooohh,” so good, it was so good like this.

            “Do you remember that time, that time when.  Around debut, when.  When Sehun penetrated you with that thing?”

            His eyes fluttered open.  What in the world was Suho talking about?  That?  Suho was asking him about that?!  “The hairbrush?  Not the brush, the handle.  That?”

            Suho licked his lips.  “What was it like?”

            Suho was still caressing him, and he shifted, loving it, wanting more.  “It, ah, it was hard, it felt really hard.”  Remembering it, he rubbed his balls, letting his eyes drift shut again.  “It was so good.  Not as good as when Sehun did me himself, there’s nothing as good as real cock, but it turned me on so much.  It was so hard and so smooth, and he kept moving it around, telling me how sexy I looked and how hot I was making him.  He was so into it, it seemed like the sexiest thing I’d ever done.”

            Suho’s fingers slid deeper, all the way in, knuckles pressing against him, and he groaned, arching his back.  “Would you do it again, if you could?”

            Mmm, yes, I’d like that.”  Suho knew just how to please him; his breath was coming faster now, his body humming.  “Oh-oohhh, hyung, keep going.”

            “What if it was okay to do that with Infinite once in a while?”

            “Ah!”  He thought of Woohyun stretching him open, thought of Sunggyu filling him up with a toy, and he came, suddenly overcome, a hot burst of ecstasy shaking him.  Surprised, he cried out again, his knees rising higher as he spurted onto his stomach.  “Oh, oh, oh, hyung.”  Amazed, laughing, he relaxed.  “Wow, you’re too good at that.”

            Suho’s fingers slipped out of him.  “I thought that your members didn’t know what we were doing.”

            He laughed again, sitting up.  “I didn’t mean you.”

            They kissed, and they cleaned up.  They were spooned up together and he was halfway to sleep when Suho said, “Chen-ah.  Can I ask you about something private?”

            “More private than this?” he wondered, opening his eyes.  “Sure, hyung, I’ll tell you anything.”

            “You.  And Kim Sunggyu.”

            “Kim Sunggyu?” he repeated, laughing.  “He’s Sunggyu hyung, isn’t he?”

            “Ah.”  Suho sounded embarrassed and uneasy.  “You and Sunggyu hyung.  But I shouldn’t ask.”

            “Ask, ask,” Chen insisted, reaching back and prodding his thigh.  “I’ll tell you all about it.”

            “It’s none of my business,” Suho said.  Then, before Chen could insist, he asked, “When he was on top of you.  Did he look pretty?”

            That had not been what Chen had expected for Suho to ask.  Surprised, he wondered what in the world Suho was thinking.  “Yes,” he admitted.  “Yes, he looked gorgeous.  He was so sexy, I didn’t know what to do, and when I did things that pleased him, he smiled at me, and I thought that I was going to have to fall in love with him.”

            Suho burrowed in more tightly against his back, cheek against his shoulder.  “Then that’s what it’s like,” Suho said so softly he almost didn’t hear it.

            Chen was too curious.  “Why do you want to know about Sunggyu hyung?”

            Instead of answering that, Suho asked, “What was the best part?”

            He’d tried to describe it to Lay.  The other members wanted to hear about the mechanics, and Baekhyun only wanted to hear over and over and over all about Sunggyu’s cock, but Lay had wanted to know every single detail about all of it.  “The best part was the way it felt.  It seemed like everything I felt, all of that pleasure, like it wasn’t something he was doing to me or giving to me.  It was like it was something that was already living inside of me, and he was helping me to find it.”

            Suho didn’t say anything.


            “Don’t tell anybody that I asked.”

            What was going on with this hyung?  “I promise I won’t.  But, hyung, why are you asking?”

            “It’s late,” Suho said.  “Go to sleep.”

            Changjo wanted to get ready to go out, but L.Joe kept kicking him out of the bathroom.  At the last minute, Suho and C.A.P. had decided that L.Joe and Sehun had enough time for a playdate, so L.Joe was in some sort of weird, frantic state of ecstasy, dashing around the dorm and spending forever in the shower and changing clothes eighty times and ordering special food and starting fights with Chunji over cleaning their room and whispering, “Oh Sehun, Oh Sehun,” over and over to himself like some creepy sasaeng.

            Since Sehun had time, that meant that Suho had time, so Suho and Changjo were going out.  L might be able to meet them.  It had been so long since the three of them had actually gone out together, Changjo wanted to look good.  Remind them what they’d been missing.  Suho and L were so handsome, they had a natural advantage.  Plus, everywhere the three of them went, someone took photos and posted them on-line, and his antis had a field day pointing out how he didn’t measure up.  It was embarrassing to look like some average citizen photobombing their date.

            He asked C.A.P. what he should wear, but before C.A.P. could answer, Chunji told him to wear a really tight shirt to show off his pecs, and then Niel said that he should wear really tight pants to show off his package.  C.A.P. shrugged and said, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”  That was when he remembered that all of his members were embarrassingly stupid, and just put on jeans and a button-down.

            C.A.P. took Niel and Ricky out.  The doorbell rang, and when Chunji opened the door, Sehun bowed and handed him a gift bag.  “Hi, hyung.”

            “Presents?” Chunji asked.

            “I brought one for C.A.P. hyung, too,” Sehun said, holding it up.

            Chunji took that one from him, too.  “I’ll give it to him.”  Looking appeased, Chunji gave Sehun an interested once-over, then got out of the way so he could come in.  Ya, you, that maknae’s here.”

            Brushing his bangs out of his eyes, L.Joe came out of his room in a bouncing jog.  Spotting Sehun, he blushed.

            Sehun’s eyes ran over L.Joe like he liked what he saw, and like he had plans for every inch.  “Hi, sunbae.”

            “Oh Sehun,” he said, like a breathless, star-struck fan.

            “So embarrassing,” Chunji said.  “Just go.”

            L.Joe didn’t seem to remember that anyone else was around; he just gazed into Sehun’s eyes.  Looking thrilled, his lips parted, he reached out.  When Sehun took his hand, he made an excited, laughing sound, and then he backed up, pulling Sehun into his room.

            The door closed, and then it locked, and Changjo strategized the best way to spy on them.

            “You’re not Xiumin hyung,” Chunji said.  Setting that question aside for another time, Changjo turned to see Chen coming into the dorm.

            “No, sorry,” Chen said.  “The mat-hyung is grounded.  So is Lay hyung, and Baekhyun, so I’m next.”

            “Then we’re hanging out tonight, just the two of us?” Chunji asked.  He smiled, licking the corner of his mouth.  “This’ll be fun.”

            Oh, that would be hot.  Changjo loved watching Chunji top hyungs.  He wondered if he should stay.

            “Ah, sorry, I’m here,” Suho said, coming in.

            “He was down there talking to your fans,” Chen said.  Chunji’s eyebrows went up in his “you’d better explain yourself” look.

            “No, don’t say things like that, you’ll cause misunderstandings,” Suho said quickly.  “The Angel who runs Changjo’s fan site wanted to know if I had photos of him.  I showed her some, and she wanted them, but I didn’t know if I should text them, so she gave me a log-in to the site, so I can post them.”

            Embarrassed, Changjo said, “You don’t have to do things like that.”

            “You know she just wants to be able to brag that EXO’s Suho is Changjo’s fan,” Chunji said.

            “It’s okay,” Suho said.  “I’m already a member of the other three big ones, anyway.”

            Changjo laughed.  He couldn’t believe it.  “Seriously, hyung?”

            “They have all of the best photos and fan cams,” Suho said.  “When you call and tell me that the performance went well, or that something happened onstage, I want to see it for myself, so I go and look it up.  It’s unfortunate that I’m too busy to come and sit in the audience, so I have to catch everything on-line.”

            “That’s nice,” Chunji said.  “Should we sing a duet at their wedding?” he asked Chen.

            Chen laughed.  “I’d like that!”

            In the van, Changjo went through Suho’s phone, deciding which photos should go up.  Personally, Suho thought that they were all cute, but Changjo hated some of them.  “I look like a rat,” he said, swiping from one photo to the next.  “I look like an elementary school kid.  I look dirty.  Rat, rat, pumpkin, jerk.  Do you only take bad photos?”

            “Half of those are selcas,” Suho said, laughing.  “You took them!”

            “Maybe your phone is bad,” Changjo said, looking it over.

            “We’ll ask L to take one.”

            “Oh, he’s a singer, dancer, actor, model, and photographer,” Changjo said.  “Wow, that’s really obnoxious.  Oooohh, I like this one, who’s this hot hyung?”

            Leaning over, Suho looked at the screen, then laughed.  “That’s me!”

            Mmm, sexy,” Changjo said appreciatively.

            “I shouldn’t have so many photos of you,” Suho said, watching as Changjo flipped through some more.  “I’m breaking my own rules.  There shouldn’t be so much evidence.”

            “It’s okay, those are the sex rules, not the hyung-dongsaeng rules,” Changjo said.

            “Right.”  He licked his lips.  He didn’t know how to tell Changjo that he’d had sex with L, but he had to bring it up.  It seemed dishonest not to say anything about it.

            But telling Changjo would mean asking if Changjo wanted to do it, too.  With L, that had happened naturally, but with Changjo, he’d had too much time to think about it.  Too much time to second-guess every approach and reject every explanation and realize how awkward and embarrassing the conversation was going to be.

            “L hyung’s texting you,” Changjo said.

            He leaned against Changjo’s arm, reading.  L could definitely come and wanted to know which café to meet them at.  “Tell him it’s that one with the silver awnings.”

            “Okay.”  Instead of doing that, Changjo texted back, Send me a selca.

            L texted back, Hi, Changjo.  Suho smiled.  Then a photo popped up, one of L with his hair tousled and his eyes closed and his tongue sticking out.  He looked cute and happy, and Suho felt good to see him in such a cheerful mood.

            Taking the phone from Changjo, Suho texted about the café.  He and Changjo arrived there first and got a table.  Suho decided to order, and sent Changjo to the counter to get everything.  While he waited, he texted his members.  Changjo came back with food and drinks, and they talked.

            “Where are we going tonight?” Changjo asked.  “Shopping?  Movies?”

            “Ah, let’s go somewhere we can talk,” Suho said.

            Changjo sipped his drink.  “Talk about what?  You’re not going to start apologizing and making promises again, are you?  Let’s do something fun.”

            “There’s something that hyung needs to tell you.”

            His elbow on the table, Changjo toyed with his straw.  “About what?  If it’s bad news, I don’t want to hear it, and if it’s good news, just tell me now.”

            “I hope that it’s good.”  He couldn’t go into detail in public.  “Let’s talk about it privately.”

            Changjo looked exasperated.  “Why did we come out here if you can’t tell me?  Why didn’t you just tell me at the dorm?”

            “It’s not an easy thing to say.”

            Changjo studied him.  “But it’s good.”

            He blushed, fidgeting with his plate, moving it an inch to the left and then rotating it a little.  “I hope so.  I think so.”

            A smile spread over Changjo’s face.  “You’re blushing.”

            “It’s warm in here.  Don’t tease your hyung.”  Noticing movement out of the corner of his eye, he looked over.  L was walking toward them.  A rush of happiness overcame Suho, a rush of affection, and he smiled.  “L-ah.”

            L’s dimples were on full display.  “Hyung.”  Dropping into a chair, he pushed his hood back and ruffled his hair, then dropped his sunglasses on the table.  Long legs sprawling, he grinned at Changjo.  “Hey, brat.”

            Suho pushed plates and a drink in his direction.  Changjo said, “Hi, pretty boy.”

            L shot Changjo an amused, warning look, then turned his affectionate, sparkling smile on Suho.  “Did you tell him yet?”

            “Yes, I know all about it,” Changjo said.

            “No, I haven’t figured out how,” Suho admitted, feeling bashful and delighted.  He couldn’t believe that he’d actually had sex with L.  It seemed like it had all been one intense wet dream.  “I thought that we should go somewhere to talk about it.”

            L nodded, starting to eat.  “Come to my dorm.”

            Where Kim Sunggyu was?  Where L’s knowing, smirking members were?  But they couldn’t go to Teen Top’s dorm; he didn’t want to intrude on L.Joe and Sehun.  That left his dorm, but his members were there, and their teasing and curiosity would be too much.  “Maybe we should discuss it another time.”

            Changjo nodded.  “That’s okay.  You can tell me next month or next year.  If we’re not going to talk about it, I’ll go back to my dorm, now.  I have a video to work on, it’s almost finished and I can’t wait to post it on-line.  The editing’s been a lot of fun.”

            L smiled at him.  “Text me the link so I can watch it.”

            “What video?” Suho asked, sure that he was missing something interesting.

            “A fan video,” L said.

            “An anti-fan video,” Changjo said.

            Mmm.”  L chewed.  “Either way, you’re spending time thinking about me.”

            Suho smiled.  “That’s a good attitude.  I have a lot to learn from my sunbaes.”

            L chuckled.  One plate was already empty; he started on the second.  “Come to my dorm.”  Then he shot Suho a speculative smile.  “Or are you afraid to see Sunggyu hyung?”

            “It’s nothing like that.”

            “What about Sunggyu hyung?” Changjo asked.

            “Aw, you haven’t told him anything?” L asked.

            “There’s nothing to tell!”

            Changjo leaned forward, bright-eyed.  “Hyung!  Did you do that thing in front of Sunggyu hyung that you did with Ricky?”

            Suho choked on his coffee.  While L laughed at him, Changjo smacked him between the shoulder blades.  Coughing, he wiped his mouth with a napkin.  “Let’s go to EXO’s dorm for a little while.”  Then, “No, no,” he told Changjo.  “Nothing like that happened.”

            “Don’t be disappointed,” L told Changjo, cleaning the second plate.  “Suho hyung’s going to tell you a fun story.”

            Being grounded was bad enough, but not being allowed to have sex was worse.  It was really frustrating and embarrassing not to be allowed to get laid just because Suho said so.

            Fortunately for Baekhyun, Suho wasn’t around tonight.  All of the not-grounded members had gone out, too, on dates, because they were disloyal selfish jerks who wouldn’t stay home with him in the spirit of solidarity.  Lay had gone back to the SM building to practice.  So Baekhyun and Xiumin were at the dorm alone.  All on their own.  With no one to scold them or tell on them or give them disappointed looks.

            They did some naughty stuff in the bathroom and some hot stuff in his room, and then they went to the kitchen.  He was on his back on the table, and Xiumin was on top of him, and he was having the time of his life.  He had a finger up Xiumin’s ass, and Xiumin’s cock was in his mouth, and while he sucked on it and squirmed around feeling super turned on, Xiumin squirted whipped cream on his face, in his mouth, on that hot cock.  It made everything sweet and messy, and the way the melting cream dripped off of Xiumin’s hard-on only made him want it more.  Moaning, he pushed a second finger up inside Xiumin, and Xiumin groaned, giving him a wicked, sexy look and squirting cream around his mouth.



            “Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” Xiumin shouted.  Jerking away, grabbing at his cock, he fell and flailed and landed on the floor.  “Fuck, fuck!”

            Horrified, Baekhyun sat up in complete panic.  Suho had caught them and he was pretty sure that he’d just bitten Xiumin.  Wiping at his face, he hopped down from the table.  “Hyung, are you okay?”

            “Fuck!” Xiumin said again, cupping his cock and curling in on himself.  “No!  How could I be okay?  Why the hell did you bite me?!”

            “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said, feeling awful.  “I didn’t mean to, Suho hyung scared me.”

            “This is what happens when you do things you shouldn’t be doing,” Suho said.  Byun Baekhyun, clean yourself up, then clean up this kitchen.  Then I want you to sit alone in the maknaes’ room and reflect.  Xiumin hyung, let me see.”  He crouched down, rubbing Xiumin’s arm, trying to coax Xiumin’s hands out of the way.

            “I’m sorry,” Baekhyun said, wracked with guilt.  Shifting his weight, he peered down, terrified that he’d see blood or something.

            “Be gentle,” Xiumin grumbled, gradually letting go of it.

            Suho, wow.  Baekhyun had never seen him handle another guy’s cock before.  His pale, perfectly manicured hands looked so sexy and capable on Xiumin’s cock.  He was leaning in real close, getting a nice, good look at it, putting his face right next to Xiumin’s cock, fingers gliding all over it, cupping it and raising it, the soft head inches from his mouth, god, it was incredibly obscene and weirdly chaste, like the most frustrating porn ever.  There was even still a little whipped cream here and there, white and slippery on Xiumin’s cock.  Baekhyun was going to be jacking off to this for months.

            “Ah, is it just this?” Suho asked.

            “Just what?” Xiumin demanded.  “He bit me!”

            Suho gave Xiumin’s cock another thorough, concerned examination, then let go, sitting back and smiling with paternal affection.  “It’s fine, hyung.  Since you won’t be having sex for a month anyway, it’ll be able to heal nicely.”

            “A month?” Xiumin asked.  “Suho!”

            “A month from today, for both of you,” Suho said, getting up.  His expression turned stern.  “L and Changjo are in the hall, waiting.  What if your sunbaes had walked in and found you like this?  I can’t bring my dongsaengs over to visit?  I can’t even go out at all, because my members can’t be trusted on their own for as much as an hour?  Do I have to stay with you all month long?  Is it time to start hiring baby-sitters?”

            God, lectures and guilt?  Uncomfortable, Baekhyun said, “I’m sorry, hyung.”  Suho had left them for a night, and had come home to find him breaking the rules.  He’d been punished and needing medical attention.  Then Suho had come home again tonight to find him breaking the rules again, and now he was being punished and he’d almost sent Xiumin to the doctor.  He could kind of see the pattern.  “I’ll try harder in the future.”

            “I’ll have to ask Changjo and L to leave,” Suho said.  “I’ll stay home tonight.”

            Xiumin sighed, getting up.  “You don’t have to do that.”

            “It seems like I do,” Suho said.  “Baekhyun-ah, do what I said.  Xiumin hyung, I want you to spend the rest of the night in your room, reflecting.”

            “At least let Changjo and L come in,” Xiumin said.  “It’s not fair to ruin everybody’s night.”

            “I’ll consider it.  Leave your phones and tablets and everything on Chen’s bed.  I want you to reflect, not text your friends to complain.”

            “Yes, hyung.”  Feeling guilty, Baekhyun shuffled out of the kitchen.  Xiumin followed him, and he glanced over his shoulder, wincing.  “I’m sorry about that.  I didn’t mean to do it, Suho hyung startled me.”

            “It’ll be okay,” Xiumin said begrudgingly.  Then he grinned.  “Once the month is up, maybe the members should get together and give you blowjob lessons.”

            “Yes,” he said immediately, loving the idea.  “I’ll practice hard, hyung.”

            In the hallway, Changjo rested his back against the wall.  Crossing his arms over his chest, he studied L.

            Staring unblinking at the bottom of the door, his hood up, L held his sunglasses in one hand.  He was gnawing on the end of one of the stems.  He was so weird sometimes.  Why did he space out like this?  He looked adorable.  What was he thinking about?  Changjo’s theory had used to be that he wasn’t thinking about anything, that he went blank.  But maybe he was deep in thought, pondering something.  Changjo wanted to ask, but it was more interesting to leave him alone and see how long his fugue lasted.

            The door opened.  L stared unmoving at Suho’s feet for a moment, like nothing had changed, and then abruptly he blinked and came to, lowering his sunglasses and closing his mouth.

            Instead of letting them in, Suho came out into the hallway with them, pulling the door shut.  He was texting, and Changjo leaned in, reading over his shoulder.  He was texting Chen.  I can’t leave the dorm.  Bring Sehun back when he’s finished.  Uh-oh.  “Something’s wrong?” Changjo guessed.

            “Yes.”  Suho whispered, “I need to wait five minutes, and then check on them again, and then we’ll go in.”

            “What are they doing?” Changjo whispered, curious, giving the door a look.

            “Some of my members have more trouble remembering why they should follow the rules than other members do,” Suho whispered.

            Heh.  Changjo grinned, checking his cuffs and adjusting his collar.  “There’s no one like that in Teen Top.”  L laughed at him.

            They waited quietly.  They couldn’t talk about anything out in the hallway.  Suho messed with his phone.  L leaned half against the wall and half against Suho and closed his eyes, taking a nap.  Changjo tried to guess what Suho had found in EXO’s dorm and what everyone was in trouble for.  After a while, Suho tucked his phone away and rubbed L’s chest.  “I’ll go check on my members.”

            L didn’t say anything, just turned and rested against Changjo’s shoulder instead.

            Suho slipped back inside.  Changjo sucked his cheeks in and eyed L.  He really liked this; it was giving him warm, fuzzy feelings.  He liked how comfortable L was with him.  He put his arm around L, just because he could.

            The door opened, and Suho gestured at them.  “It’s all right, come in.”

            Blinking, L straightened.  Rubbing at his eye, he went inside.  Changjo followed.  As they took off their shoes and set their phones by the door, Changjo asked, “Who’s here?”  He wanted to know who was in trouble.

            “Xiumin hyung and Baekhyun, but they won’t bother us.”

            Xiumin and Baekhyun?  What could Suho have walked in to find the two of them doing, that would get them in trouble?  Chen had said that they were grounded; maybe while they were being punished, they couldn’t do things like play videogames, and Suho had found them doing that?  How boring.  Then again, if Xiumin and Baekhyun were left alone, Changjo was pretty sure that videogames weren’t the first thing they went for.  Oh, maybe Suho had walked in on them doing it, and they weren’t allowed to have sex while they were grounded.  Aw, that was their fault, for getting caught.  And Suho’s fault, too; why had he thought that he could leave them alone?  Leaving Baekhyun alone with a sexy hyung with a good-looking cock was begging for trouble.

            Suho took them into his room and closed the door.  Changjo sat right on Suho’s bed, leaning his back against the headboard.  L sat near the foot of the bed, and Suho sat tucked in between them.  Changjo eyed the two of them.  “What’s this news?”

            Suho bit his lip.  “I’ll start at the beginning.”

            “Way back in 1991?” Changjo asked.

            Suho laughed.  “I’ll start with this week, then.”

            “Aw, I wanted to hear about the dinosaurs and the cavemen.”

            Suho smacked Changjo’s thigh.  “I’m not that old!”

            L leaned forward, too close, studying the side of Suho’s face.  “Your wrinkle cream works okay.”

            “Just because you’re ageless,” Suho muttered.  L smiled at him and kissed his cheek.  He blushed and smiled back.

            Wait.  Wait, wait.  Hold everything.

            L had just kissed Suho’s cheek.

            Suho hadn’t frozen up.  Hadn’t gotten flustered.  Hadn’t made up some reason to leave the room.  Hadn’t pulled away or gotten up or changed the subject.  He’d smiled like he liked it.

            What the hell.  “What happened?” Changjo demanded, sitting forward.  “What did you do?”  L looked at him.  Suho looked at him with a guilty expression.  He felt like the room was tilting.  “Are you screwing?!”

            “It’s not like that,” Suho said, putting both hands on Changjo’s leg.  “Yes, we did, but it’s okay.”

            They’d had sex.  They’d had sex with each other.  That was how they’d made up.  That was why they were suddenly so close again.  That was why they seemed so comfortable with each other.  They were doing it.

            What did it mean?  Were they in love, dating, boyfriends?  They wouldn’t do it with him, they weren’t willing to go that far, not with him.  But with each other, sure, why not.  He was too young, they’d never taken him seriously, they’d never seen him as more than a little bit of passing temptation.  But with each other, it was different.  “Suho hyung loves you more,” L said.  “He wants me more.  He wants to cuddle you and kiss you and tell you how cute you are.  He wants me to fuck him through the mattress.”

            So it was like that.  It was going to be this way from now on.  He’d thought - - he’d thought that he had a shot, too.  Had he ever had a chance?  Hadn’t Suho liked him, first?

            Had either one of them given him a thought while they’d been ripping each other’s clothes off?  Suho had been in Infinite’s dorm and L had called him, and he’d told L to give Suho another chance, he’d sent L straight to Suho.  Had it happened that night?  Had L talked to him and hung up and taken Suho to bed?

            He’d given up on ever having sex with Suho.  He’d accepted, really accepted, that it wasn’t going to happen.  It still made a nice fantasy, he was still attracted to Suho, but he knew how to want things he was never going to have.  But he’d thought that L might - - that he and L - - that there might be a way.  That at least the possibility was out there, somewhere.

            He wanted to be angry, but he was finished being angry with Suho; he’d done enough of that lately.  He just felt hurt and sad.  He felt betrayed.  He’d thought that the three of them were close together, that they were all in the same relationship.  And they’d moved on together and left him behind.  He couldn’t even blame them; he got it, he understood, they were close and they were hot and they loved each other, and if Suho was miraculously actually willing to have sex, what was L supposed to do, say no?  But he hated feeling left out like this, left behind.  He was just a kid in their eyes, and he’d been stupid to think that they saw him as anything else.

            What a goddamned fool he’d been, to think that he and L were the same.  Obviously neither Suho nor L saw things that way.  He was just some dongsaeng Suho had picked up; he was nowhere near L’s level.  Not in their eyes.

            Suho was starting to look concerned.  He was finished being angry with Suho, but he wasn’t finished crying over Suho, apparently, because he had hot tears in his eyes.  He couldn’t hide it, so he let them fall.  “Oh, maknae,” Suho said, crawling closer and putting an arm around him.

            Maknae.  Fucking perfect.  Suho had never called him that before.  He laughed, turning his face away and wiping his nose.  “So I’ll go back to my dorm so you two can fuck,” he said, starting to get up.

            “No, don’t misunderstand,” Suho said, pulling him back down.  “Changjo-ah, you jumped ahead.  You should have let me start at the beginning.”

            “Skip to the end and tell him that you want to have sex with him, too,” L said.

            What?  Not trusting that, Changjo wiped at his eyes and looked at Suho.

            Ooooohhh.  His stomach felt funny.  He knew that embarrassed, turned on, guilty look.  Suho couldn’t even meet his eyes and was trying to be subtle about pulling away from him.  Immediately, he wanted to know more.  “What did I misunderstand?”

            Suho fixed his hair.  He wasn’t touching Changjo anywhere anymore, and his cheeks were pink.  “Let me explain.”

            “You’re too sensitive,” L said, crawling up the bed.  Crowding in against them, he took a tissue from the nightstand and wiped at Changjo’s cheeks.

            “Not dead inside?” Changjo asked, letting him finish.

            “Stop saying things like ‘dead inside,’” Suho said.  “Changjo cares about us, and we should have been more careful about how we broke the news.”

            “We didn’t break anything, he guessed,” L said.  He tossed the tissue aside and brushed his fingers through Changjo’s bangs, smiling.  The stars in his eyes were beautiful.  “You’re too clever for your own good.”

            L and Suho had really, really done it?  As L sat back, Changjo’s gaze slid from one of them to the other.  Really?  Wow.  It still seemed impossible - - Suho?! - - but if it was true, then it was the hottest thing he’d ever heard.  Grinning, he slid his hand between his thighs.  “Tell me all about it.”

            “Don’t - - maknae!  Get your hand away from there,” Suho chided, slapping at his hand until he moved it.

            “Oh, oh, tell him about Sunggyu hyung, too,” L said.  “You’re going to help me to figure this out,” L told Changjo.

            “If you had a three-way, I want photos,” Changjo said immediately.

            “A three-way!  Why do you talk like this?”  Clearing his throat, Suho got up.  He walked over to Chen’s bed and started messing with things.  “There’s nothing like that.”

Changjo didn’t know why there was a pile of electronic devices on Chen’s bed, but he’d put that on the backburner.  He shared a look with L, who looked as amused and mystified as he felt.  “Okay, hyung, start from the beginning,” he said, tucking his hands under his thighs.  “What kind of lube did you use?”

L grinned, watching Suho so intently that Changjo watched, too.  “We used Sunggyu hyung’s lube.”

Suho turned bright red and squatted down with his back to them.

Was he trying to keep them from seeing his face?  Or was he trying to conceal a hard-on?  This was wild!  L and Suho and lube.  Suho and L and sex.

Suho coughed.  “I went to Infinite’s dorm.  I told you that.  To apologize.  While I was there, I thought - - it seemed like I should offer to make a commitment to Infinite, like I’d made to Teen Top.  I talked to Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim, and-”

“Since when is he Kim Sunggyu sunbaenim?” Changjo asked.  “Hasn’t he been Sunggyu hyung for a while now?”

“I talked to Sunggyu hyung,” Suho said.  Putting a cell phone down, he got up.  Sitting on the very edge of Chen’s bed, like the mattress might make a grab for him and he’d have to bolt away, he rubbed his hands over his thighs.  “I tried to offer him a commitment-”

Changjo interpreted that to mean that he’d tried to put his body and his reputation on the line, like he had in Teen Top’s practice room.

“-but he wouldn’t listen, so I undressed.  I got completely naked in his bed.”  What the hell!?  Shit, when Suho committed to something, he went too far!  “He wouldn’t, um, he didn’t do anything.  We talked.  Anyway, I, some other things happened, things I told you about, L getting upset.  I talked to Sunggyu hyung again, privately, and I told him how scared I get.  How much I want to be like everybody else when it comes to sex.”

That was stupid.  Everybody else?  Who was everybody else?  He wanted to be like Chen, a romantic bottom?  He wanted to be like C.A.P., a matter-of-fact top?  He wanted to be into porn like Lay, or into BDSM like Sehun?  He wanted to be like D.O.?  Like L.Joe?  Everybody was different.

“He told me to take charge of my life,” Suho said.  He licked his lips, looking embarrassed.  “So I locked the door and took off my clothes and asked him to have sex with me.”

What the hell?!  Twice in one night?  “Why?” Changjo asked, shocked.  He’d thought that he knew Suho well, but things had changed.

“I thought that was what I wanted,” Suho said with a guilty blush.  He cringed, rubbing the back of his neck.  “He didn’t want me back.  So I left, and L saw me coming out of Sunggyu hyung’s room in my underwear.  It looked bad, and L got upset, and I was upset, but we talked about it.  He was so kind to me.  I know that you were still angry,” he told L.  “But you took care of me anyway, and I’m grateful.”

“I thought that things had to be bad, for you to be like that,” L said.

Changjo had questions about the stuff with Sunggyu, but if they were about to get to the part about sex with L, he didn’t want to interrupt.

“L and I talked,” Suho explained.  “Things weren’t perfect.  I hurt L a lot, and it’s hard for him to forgive me.  But it felt like we could be close again.  It seemed like.”  He chewed on his lip, looking thoughtful.  “I have a special relationship with my members.  But you’re both my dongsaengs, too.  You have your own leaders, you don’t need me for that, but I still want to take care of you like you’re mine.  All of the ways that I’m close with my members, the things that I share with them, my heart and my time and my food and everything else, I want to share that with the two of you, too.  It seemed right to be, uh,” he blushed, “to have sex with L.  I asked him if he wanted to, and he did, so we, um, did that.”  He looked bashful and really proud of himself.  “It was nice, he took good care of me.”

“We made out,” L told Changjo.  “I gave him head, and then he rolled over and I fucked him.  And in the morning I went down on him again.”

“I don’t understand,” Changjo said.  “I think that you should show me.”

“Don’t tease,” Suho said.

“His cock’s good-looking,” L said.  “He never stops moaning.  He really, really wanted it, all of it, and he has a massive load.  Everything he ever told us is true, he wasn’t even exaggerating.”

“Was there anything else, anything that surprised you, that he forgot to tell us?” Changjo asked.  He had to know everything.

“He likes dirty talk,” L said.  “I tried a little, and he got so hot for it I thought he was going to come.  But I didn’t do a lot of it, because I didn’t know what would be too much.”

“He said that embarrassed him too much!”

“The stuff that embarrasses him is the stuff he likes,” L said.

Ooohh, like L.Joe.  “What’d you say?”

“I don’t know, basic stuff, like, ‘I can’t wait to spread your hot ass on this fat knob.’”

Groaning, Suho fell backward on the bed, his hands over his face.

Whoa.  “Come closer and say it again,” Changjo said, loving it.  “I want to be sure that I heard you right, whisper it in my ear.”

Grinning, L crawled toward Changjo.  Oh, shit, was he really going to do it?  A shiver of anticipation ran through Changjo.  Leaning close, he put his lips right by Changjo’s ear.  “Changjo-ah.”  God, his voice sounded so sexy.  Mmm, Changjo-ah,” L breathed, and this was the biggest turn-on ever, seriously.  “Suho hyung wants you to hold him down and drill his sweet, insatiable ass.”

Oh, damn.  Changjo moaned and wrapped his arms around L, holding on, needing this moment to last just a little bit longer.  “Lick my ear and say it again.”  Laughing at him, L bit his earlobe and rubbed his thigh.  Their faces were so close that L’s smile and the stars in L’s eyes dazzled him.  “Seriously,” he said, undoing his fly.  “I think that we should do it tonight.  I’m ready.  Is it just me and Suho hyung, or all three of us together?”

Ya, don’t be in such a rush,” L said, still laughing.  L actually brushed his hands out of the way and did his fly up again.  Holy shit, were they that friendly, now?  Taking it as a challenge, he started to unzip again.  Ya, Changjo!”  L tugged the zipper back up.  “Don’t you have to ask C.A.P. for permission?”

Shit.  Shit, shit.  “No,” he lied.  “It’s okay, let’s do it now.”

Suho came over, sitting really close to him and right on L’s thigh.  Wow, things really were changing.  Suho was still shy and private, but it seemed like reflecting on everything after the blind item and recommitting to Teen Top and Infinite had made a difference.  “You should take some time to think about it.  You have to talk to C.A.P. anyway, but you should make sure that this is something you want.  I don’t want you to feel obligated.  The idea of sex might be fun, but you might not be ready for everything you think you are.”

L was laughing again.  “Suho hyung, you’re talking like this is a new idea.  He’s wanted to do you for a long time now.  He’s put enough thought into it, I think he has it figured out.”

“I’ve hurt you a lot since then,” Suho told Changjo.  “If you want to rethink things, it’s okay.”

            Changjo nodded at Suho.  “I thought that you wanted to be close to me like you are with L hyung and Sehun hyung, but if you don’t want to, I understand.  Do you want to take back the watch?” he asked, pretending like he was about to unclasp it.

            “You know that’s not it!” Suho said, pushing his hands down.  “I only want you to be sure.”

            “I’m sure.”  Hey!  “I don’t need permission!  I mean, I have permission!”  This was great!  “You’re in EXO, I’m allowed to have sex with EXO.  Okay, let’s start now.”  He began to unbutton his shirt.

            “You move so fast!” Suho exclaimed, buttoning him back up.  “We don’t have to rush.”

            “Where do you want to do it?” L asked.

            “In his ass,” Changjo said.  That should be obvious.

            Suho walked away from the bed, and L burst into laughter.  “No!  I meant, do you want to do it here in Suho hyung’s room or at your dorm?”

            Grinning, Changjo eyed Suho’s back.  “I don’t know, it seems like Sunggyu hyung has the best lube.”

            Suho opened the closet door and started digging into the back.  Wow, he was trying to get as far away from them as possible.  Something weird was definitely going on.

            “I wish that we could get a hotel room,” Changjo said.  If they did it here, though, then Suho would have memories of him.  Memories of how great he’d been and how hot the sex had been.  He liked the idea of Suho looking at this bed and thinking about him.  “Here is good.”

            “Talk to C.A.P. and think it over,” Suho said, finally turning around again.  “When our schedules are both open, you can come here and we’ll talk about it.”

            “Talk about it?” Changjo asked.  “Or do it?”

            Suho blushed.  “Do it, if you’re sure.”

            L shifted closer, stroking Changjo’s hair.  “You’re going to be nice, aren’t you?  You’ll remember that this is the Suho hyung you love, and you’ll take care of him?”

            He nodded.  He knew how to be respectful.  Different partners needed and liked different things.  He cared enough about Suho to want Suho to feel good and happy and safe.  Besides, the better Suho felt about doing it, the more likely it was to happen again.  And if their relationship was at a place where they could have sex and still stay close, then he wanted that.  Could he really have that?  Both sex and their relationship?  He could be Suho’s favorite dongsaeng and get laid?  He’d been sure that those things couldn’t coexist.  “When are you and I going to do it?”

            Mmm.  I like you too much to have sex with you,” L said, sitting back again.

            What?  “What does that mean?”

            “I like the way things are,” L said.  “Let’s not ruin it.”

            “But you had sex with Suho hyung.”

            “Hey, can we do that again?” L asked, turning to Suho.

            Suho knelt on the bed.  “I’d like to.”


            Changjo hadn’t been finished getting L to agree to have sex with him, but this was a really good conversation, so he didn’t interrupt.

            Suho blushed.  “I don’t know, would that be okay?”

            “I’m already here,” L said.  “Let’s send the kid home and do it.”

            “That’s not fair,” Suho said.

            “Right, I’ll have to stay,” Changjo said.

            “I can stay until, mmm, I have to be at my dorm at five in the morning,” L said.  “But I can stay until then.  Is that okay?”

            L got to sleep over?  Changjo was so freaking jealous and so freaking turned on.  They were at least going to make out in front of him, right?

            Suho looked pleased.  “It’s okay.”

            Changjo held very still.  Maybe they’d start now.

            “Okay, bye,” L said, patting Changjo’s leg.

            No, nope, not leaving.  He tried to find an excuse to stay.  Oh!  “You have to take my picture.  For Suho hyung, on his phone, he needs a good photo of me.  And you’re a photographer, right?”

            “No, I’m not.  A photo of you?” L asked.  He glanced around.  “We can’t do it here, in Suho hyung’s room.”

            “It’s for my fan sites,” Changjo said.  “Suho hyung’s an Angel, you know, he’s one of my fans.”

            “If it’s for your fans, then you should give them good photos,” L said.

            “Oh, not one you take, then?” Changjo asked.

            L laughed.  “At least let me use a real camera and not a phone.”

            “Okay, Suho hyung and I will wait here while you go get one.  We can make out, right?” he asked Suho.  “Kissing’s okay.”

            Suho just laughed at him.  L reached out and touched the side of his face, caressing his cheek.  He raised his eyebrows, wondering what this was about.  It felt nice.  It would probably be too obvious if he slid his hands between his legs again.

            “Hmm.”  L touched Changjo’s sideburn.  “I’d like to take photos of you.  You have an interesting face.”

            He rubbed his nose, wondering what was so interesting about it.  “Are you insulting me?”

            “No,” L said, laughing, his hand dropping.  “I like your face.  You make such interesting expressions.”

            “Let’s have a photography date,” Suho suggested.  “You can bring your camera and we can go out somewhere.  Changjo can be the model and I’ll assist you.”

            That might be fun.  “I know a lot of poses.  I can do aegyo, sexy, nude, all kinds of things.”

            “Good.”  L grasped Changjo’s shoulders with both hands and smiled into his face.  “Now go away so I can get laid.”

            Sex.  L sex.  Suho sex.  L-and-Suho sex.  Suho-and-L sex.  It was unbelievably hot.  L was sensual and tactile, and Suho was horny and insatiable.  Suho was enthusiastic and responsive, and L was experienced and completely unselfconscious.  Plus Suho had told them so many details, L had gone into it knowing all of Suho’s turn-ons and quirks.  And on top of that, Suho was beautiful and L could melt hearts with one look.  Damn.  “I’ll go, after you tell me everything about last time and promise to tell me all about this time, too.  Is L hyung as good at giving head as he says that he is?”

            Suho blushed.  “Better.”

            It only took a little prodding, and then Suho opened right up and told him everything.  He’d heard Suho talk about sex before, and it was always one of his favorite things, but this was Suho talking about L specifically, about the things that L said and did, and how handsome L looked, and how fantastic everything felt.

            Self-reporting was one thing, but hearing about L from someone who’d actually seen and done everything personally gave him insight.  And L confirmed that all of Suho’s former stories had been true; Suho really did get just that excited and really did come just that heavily and really did respond to every little thing.  He wasn’t even jealous anymore, he was just happy and turned on.  These two hyungs were some of his favorite people in the world, and he’d been fantasizing about both of them for a while, and now they were having sex and he got to be a part of it.

            It was obvious that they were even closer now than they had been before.  L touched Suho a lot more, and Suho was way more comfortable with it, and they smiled at each other like they’d shared something special.  After all of the anger and frustration they’d gone through, it felt really good to see them so happy and connected.

            After they promised again to tell him all about any other sex that ever happened, Suho walked him to the door.  He hugged Suho good-bye, and Suho hugged him back and said, “I love you.  And if you’re really sure about it, and if C.A.P. hyung is okay with it, let’s meet again.”

            “I’m sure,” he said, laughing, exasperated.  “I’m super sure, hyung, I’m extra totally sure.”

            “Okay.”  Suho smiled.  “But only if you’re sure.”

            He laughed, and they hugged again.  And then Suho caressed the side of his face, gazing at him, looking proud of him.  Wondering, testing, he did something he’d never done before.  He leaned in, moving toward Suho’s mouth.  And then he held still, and waited.

            And Suho kissed him.  Lips pressing against his, Suho slid a hand to the back of his neck, and Suho’s eyes closed.  Kind of amazed, super turned on, he kissed back, gently, not escalating too much but making it clear that this was not a chaste little peck.  Suho’s other hand gripped the front of his shirt, and Suho moaned, just like that, like this one kiss was orgasmically erotic.  Oohh-oh-oooooh, maknae,” Suho breathed, and then Suho’s tongue caressed over his lips and his tongue snaked into Suho’s mouth and whoa, holy shit, this was how Suho kissed?  Groaning, he wrapped his arm around Suho’s waist, needing Suho to stay right there and keep kissing him, and Suho moaned again and kissed him deeper, giving him everything.  Suho’s kiss was so generous, so sexy, making him feel wanted, making him feel like he could get anything that he needed right here, in Suho’s arms.

            Ohhhh, Changjo-ah,” Suho moaned, arms wrapping around him more tightly.  He could feel Suho’s hard-on, he could actually feel it, poking against him.  Cupping the backs of Suho’s thighs, he lifted, setting Suho right on the table beside the door.  Groaning, Suho leaned back against the wall, dragging him forward, thighs hugging his hips.  If Suho was this into it, then he didn’t have to hold back.  He kissed Suho harder, getting aggressive, and Suho shuddered, making a hot sound of anguished pleasure and grinding against his cock.

            The door opened.  “What about the - - whoa whoa shit holy shit!  Ah, I didn’t see anything, we didn’t see, we’re not here, bye!”  The door closed.

            Breaking away from Changjo’s mouth with a gasp, Suho was bright red.  Hiding his forehead against Changjo’s chest, he balled his hands into fists.

            Aw, this poor hyung.  Changjo rested his cheek against Suho’s hair and just held him for a moment.

            While he waited for Suho to get through it, he smiled to himself.  Hot damn.  It was one thing to guess what Suho might be like, and it was something else to hear about it, but wow.  Nothing compared to the real thing.  If Suho burned up like this over a kiss, what would actual sex be like?  He’d been with some demanding partners before, but Suho was unique.

            He was going to have to be careful.  And he was going to have to take charge.  L was definitely right; he’d have to be kind.  Suho was responsive and needy, but not like Niel.  This didn’t seem like something that Suho was in control of, or something that the two of them were equals in.  It was more like L.Joe, when L.Joe was in that defenseless, vulnerable mental place; Suho was helpless, not just giving him everything but completely unable to hold back.  And he knew how cruel it would be to take advantage of that.  So he’d have to be considerate and responsible, and make sure that Suho got all of the right things out of it.  But he could do that.  He kissed the top of Suho’s head.  “You okay?”

            Suho sighed.  “I live with too many people.”

            Chuckling, Changjo patted Suho’s back.  He wasn’t very sympathetic; he lived with too many people, too, and they were all hyungs.  At least around here, Suho was in charge.

            Politely, Suho nudged him backward, so he stepped away, giving Suho room.

            Suho eased down from the table, touching his hair and glancing at the door.  “I think that I’m starting to lose it.  I’ve never done that before.  My members are going to think that I’m a - - that I’m becoming easy or something.”

            “You’re not easy, hyung.”  And he understood why, now, better than ever.  Suho had to keep a tight leash on himself and rein in that libido, or risk getting hurt.  If he was that responsive and that vulnerable, it was too easy for someone to take advantage.  “You’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re making smart choices and you’re opening up to people you trust.  That’s good, right?  It’s okay to kiss your own favorite dongsaeng in your own dorm.”

            Ya, who’s his favorite?” L called.

            Suho smiled.  “We’ll talk later.”

            “Okay.”  Suho’s pulling had untucked the front of his shirt; he untucked the rest of it to match.  Suho blushed, and he grinned.  “Bye, hyung.  Have fun tonight.  Think about me a lot.”

            “Always teasing,” Suho complained, opening the door.  Then he said, “I will.”

            Ooo.  Changjo backed through the open doorway, still grinning.  “Which one?”

            Suho pushed him into the hallway.  “Both.”

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